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The Road Home

Title: 집으로 가는 길 / The Road Home
Chinese title : 回家的路上
Also known as: On The Way Home
Genre: Romance, family
Episodes: 120
Broadcast Network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2009-Jan-12 to 2009-June-26
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:25


Yoo Min Soo (Shim Hyung Tak) is the eldest son of a hospital’s CEO. His wife, Jang Mi Ryung (Jo Yeo Jung), bore a child out of wedlock but raises it with maternal love.


Yoo family

Lee Sang Woo as Yoo Hyun Soo
Park Hye Won as Yoo Ji Soo (sister)
Shim Hyung Tak as Yoo Min Soo (brother, doctor)
Jang Yong as Yoo Yong Joon (father, doctor)
Yoon Yeo Jung as Bam Soon Jung (mother, doctor)
Park Geun Hyung as Yoo Keon Young (the great grandfather)
Jo Yeo Jung as Jang Mi Ryung (Min Soo’s wife)
Yoo Yeon Mi as Yoo Eun Ji (Min Soo and Mi Ryung’s daughter)
Cha Jae Dol as Yoo Hyun (Min Soo and Mi Ryung’s son)

Park family

Im Ye Jin as Yoo Yong Sun (Hyun Soo’s aunt)
Lee Dae Yeon as Park Chil Nam (husband)
Chae So Young as Park Shin Ae (daughter)

Han family

Jang Shin Young as Han Soo In
Kim Yoo Ri as Han Soo Mi (sister)
Choi Min Hwan as Han Joo Ho (brother)
Han Jin Hee as Han Dae Hoon (father)
Lee Bo Hee as Oh Seon Young (mother)

other people

Ban Hyo Jung as Gook Hyo Soon (Yoo Keon Young’s friend)
Otani Ryohei as Hero
Jung Jae Soon as Jang Yoon Joo
Kim Byung Sun as Song Jin Kyung
Yang Hee Kyung as Mi Ryung’s mother
Yoo Hyung Kwan (유형관) as Oh Young Kil
Jung Soo Young as Kim Min Kyung
Seo Hoo as Bae Hyung Tae
Lee Jin Wook as himself (Cameo ep21-22)

Production Credits

Director: Moon Bo Hyun
Screenwriter: Lee Geum Rim
Producer: Han Chul Kyung

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  1. 1 : Jes Says:

    so many episode!!! 100+. Anyway, i like Jang Shin Young in winter bird, I will watch it.

  2. 2 : chantal Says:

    whats the role minhwan will play??!
    i heard he’s one of the main character ,right? XD
    and hongki will appear too XD………im so waiting for this ^^
    Jan.12….its come close XD

  3. 3 : chantal Says:

    Choi Min-hwan will be acting out the role of Han Jinhee and Lee Bohee’s youngest troublesome son, Han Junho, in KBS 1’s daily drama “On the Way Home”, the drama that will follow “You Are My Destiny”

  4. 4 : amktsy Says:

    Another typical family drama…sian.

  5. 5 : cath_kevin Says:

    i saw minhwan in the ep 1

  6. 6 : cath_kevin Says:

    thanks a lot for the cast….

    i want to see minhwan and lee hong ki to act…
    go ft island…

  7. 7 : NINA Says:

    I’m watching it but not everyday based.

    quite interesting…

    i’m living in S.KOREA…

    if u want to know korean drama more~

    contact me!! (in mailing…)

    I’ll help u-!

  8. 8 : fidela Says:

    again , i don’t know when this drama will be shown in new york but if there will be i have no choice but to wait.LEE SANG WOO is one of my favorites actor and also my love. can’t wait to see this drama. i’m sure this will be a very good one. good luck to all and i hpoe to see lsw soon. Bye!

  9. 9 : dianne Says:

    i dont like this drama

  10. 10 : moba Says:

    looking forward for the relationship of Hyun Soo and Soo In.for the first two weeks watching this series, i kinda of luv it.hope it won’t turn out like you’re my destiny.really tiring to see it ends.hope the eng sub will be available as soon as possible.

  11. 11 : Veronica Says:

    I am still going through withdrawal from You are my Destiny. However, it is wonderful that Saebyok’s father is in this. I like the theme song, and there is definitely a verisimilitude with this show and YAMD. I quite liked that short series My father likes trouble, wish that went on a bit longer. But this one is already compelling enough. It really helps me as I am studying Korean, I am learning alot through watching these series. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do.
    Veronica 😉

  12. 12 : MONICA Says:

    i really like this drama it incourage single mothers no

  13. 13 : JANG NARA Says:


  14. 14 : kirsten Says:

    this is a nice drama especially for single mothers. I just hate mothers who control their children especially if they were the one to choose for their children so disgusting. i just hope that hyeonsu and suin will have a happy ending and fight for their love no matter what the obstacle are.

  15. 15 : Jackie Says:

    I wonder what happened after the 50th episode?

  16. 16 : May Says:

    I am Africa America I just happen to browse my TV and came upon the show you are my destiny which was a fabulous show to watch the way the show end was sad I needed more. I am now following the way home which seems to have my attention.

  17. 17 : Sona Says:

    I love this drama! It’s a mature love story.

    They have covered so many social issues. It’s not typical K-drama.

  18. 18 : Mike Seery Says:

    I am american,but i have watched the korean dramas now for 15 years.I missed last nights the road home.I am so mad at myself.These dramas are the best thing on T.V. i cant stand american t.v. its for people with marshmellows for brains.Keep going.

  19. 19 : Randy Summers Says:

    I’m a single american guy in his 50’s. I’m really hooked on this show. It really bothers me if I miss a single episode. It makes me want to travel to Korea and get an asian girlfriend. Great show!!!

  20. 20 : Denali Says:

    I’m a mom with 5 sons and we all watch this show. My 16 year old is particularly interested. I understand what Randy (the comment above) means when he says that he misses a day when it is not on. I love that all of the families’ stories are so intertwined.

    I think my favorite characters are Jiro and Jisu. I love their theme music. it is so happy! If they do not get together I will be very disappointed. All men should be as devoted to the women they love in this way. He has been so patient, gentle and kind.

  21. 21 : Mike4asianwoman Says:

    Well this show has been great.I almost missed episode 64 so i got a back up vcr.I really laugh and cry at this show,the koreans really know how to make a drama.I like all the carecters in this show.They all work so well together.I live in new jersey,so i go to new york at least 2 times a week for pleasure.I always go to 32nd st first.I dont understand american movies or music anymore.I am listening to Teresa Teng(even though she was tawianese)I have been to busan and ge ju island.I will go and stay their forever as soon as my passport is approved.I love you suin!

  22. 22 : nayuki Says:

    thumb up to the production staffs…impressive storyline

  23. 23 : burberry Says:

    To be honest, and I’m sure some people will disagree with me on this, but I cannot find the sense on Hyeonsu & Suin’s relationship.

    I also cannot understand on why it’s always being said that Suin is not Seonyoung’s daughter. It’s right to say that she is not her biological daughter but as the person who has raised her and is married to her own father, then she is her daughter.

    Seonyoung is also the aunt of Hyeonsu having married his uncle.

    Jisu and Suin are considered sisters, and therefore Hyeonsung is marrying his sister ie Suin.

    It is understandable that both families are totally against the marriage.

    I am not familiar with Korean laws but thinking that Koreans are very traditional & conservative in their ways & thinking, I would presume that such kind of union is not allowed.

    Please enlighten me to help me understand if there is sense in this drama at all.

  24. 24 : Larry Says:

    Are Korean families really THIS dysfunctional? Are parents that controlling?

    The “children” (Hyun Soo and Soo In) are adults. They are related incidentally by marriage, not blood. They are NOT bro and sis. They love each other. They have my blessing. MARRY ALREADY!

    There are so many excellent Korean dramas. Unfortunately, this is not one of them. The acting is first-rate, but the writer needs a long time-out.

  25. 25 : Jennifer Says:

    I like to watch Korea tv series sometimes but I really want to comment about this one because I think the story doesnt make sense and so bored. One simple problem made bigger and more complicated and it seems that all characters really enjoy living with problems. What they do everyday is just think, talk, and argue about one same problem and finally (after almost 100 episodes) the solution is just like that…

    I hope these series will be over soon.

  26. 26 : Grace Says:

    What kind of dog do they have in this show?

  27. 27 : sailor Moon Says:

    OMG I WISH MINHWAN WAS THE MAIN CHARACTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HIM

  28. 28 : makipoopoo Says:

    I love this show. It’s my favorite show ever!! Go Hyeonsu and Suin!!

  29. 29 : Richard Says:

    i have 2 questions

    1. If Seonyoung annually says prayers for her lost husband, why didn’t she do that for her lost daughter? Why didn’t she ask to see her daughter’s grave?

    2. Why did Jisu’s grandmother, grandfather, uncle, and 2 aunts decide to keep her and not tell Seonyoung? That is the real crime, here.

  30. 30 : Walter Says:

    I had the same thought. Seonyoung said that she thought that her daughter was dead. Since that is clearly not the case, who told her that Jisu was dead ? Who made the decision for the doctors to raise Jisu ? How was Seonyoung convinced that her daughter was dead ? The writers here have left a huge hole.

    Oh yes, what ever happened to grandfathers friend ? She has completely vanished from the show.

  31. 31 : kosuke Says:

    I really, really love this show. I finally finished watching this drama… it’s really touching, especially so when Ji Soo finally called Seonyoung ‘mum’…and it’s wonderful to know that Hyeon Soo and Soo In finally have a happy ending after all this while… All I can say is…. Thank you for producing this show… it’s a refreshing change from the other korean dramas:)

  32. 32 : pepps75 Says:

    I watch alot of korean drama,but have to give the trophy to YOU ARE MY DESTINY i just love it,but now i’m watching THE ROAD HOME,and it do have my attention. i kinda like it.I wish MY FATHER LIKES TROUBLE was longer than the few episodes they show . that was funny.

  33. 33 : XGenD Says:

    How many episodes are really there? I saw sites saying there are 120, but it looks like its only 110. So which is it?

  34. 34 : Ivy Says:

    120 episodes. mysoju not yet upload the rest of the 10 episodes.

  35. 35 : Larry Says:

    One hundred episodes of hatred, one of love. Is this a fair presentation of Korean family life? I pray not. This drama can be summed by the one word its characters so often spoke–sorry. Good riddance.

  36. 36 : zen mia Says:

    Is there anywhere I can purchase this series on line? I missed the first bunch of eposides and really got into it. Is is playing on TV anymore with english subtitles? I also love YOU are my destiny.

  37. 37 : Diane Says:

    Just finished watching the last episode of The Road Home here in New Jersey. Does anyone know what will be replacing it?

  38. 38 : ardhan Says:

    I really, really love this show 🙂

  39. 39 : mutiara Says:

    120 eps? wow, that’s…

  40. 40 : mel Says:

    sound like interesting… i want to watch this movie soon..

  41. 41 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much.. wanna watch this again,,

  42. 42 : louis vuitton outlet Says:

    I really, really love this show 🙂

  43. 43 : paulbg Says:

    Have been watching on wat.tv, got up to episode 42, where I’m stuck because the rest won’t play. Any suggestions for sites where they do play?

    Also, what on earth does the synopsis above have to do with the show? If I were writing it, this is what I’d say:

    “Writer Han Suin (한수인) returns to Korea after an ugly divorce, determined to turn her life around. She meets soul mate Yu Hyeonsu (요현수), who wants her back. But Suin is carrying her ex-husband’s baby and wants to raise it as her own without telling the father.”

    The theme of reunification of estranged family members occurs in several themes (hence the title), but I don’t see Miryeong’s child as central at all, at least in the first 40 eps.

  44. 44 : paulbg Says:

    Wince. I obviously meant to write “Yu Hyeonsu (유현수), … ”


  45. 45 : Janie Says:

    I LOVE this show. I stay up late to see it but sometimes missed an episode. The Korean actors and stories are so much better than American TV. I believe I learn a great deal about the Korean culture as well. Just wish I could pick up some of the Korean language and not be so dependent on the subtitles….

    So glad others love this show too. I will be looking for reruns so I can see the lost episodes.

  46. 46 : htayapril Says:

    I love this drama.love lee sang woo and sister joo soo.I try to watch until ep120.Now I finish ep11.

  47. 47 : CH Says:

    han su yin is so thick skined, pregnant and yet still have the cheek to dating a single man knowing thst it is unacceptable in korea

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