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Blessing of the Sea

Title: 용왕님 보우하사 / Blessing of the Sea
Also known as: Protect the King
Genre: Melodrama
Episodes: 120
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2019-Jan-14
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:15


This drama is the modern version of the story of Shim Chung Yi (Lee So Yun), a woman who sees the world in various colors and she meets Ma Poong Do (Jae Hee), a pianist who sees the world only in black and white and finds out the secret to her lost father.


Main Cast

Lee So Yun as Shim Chung Yi
Jae Hee as Ma Poong Do
Jo An as Yung Ji Na
Kim Hyung Min as Baek Shi Joon

People around Shim Chung Yi

Ahn Nae Sang as Shim Hak Kyu (Chung Yi’s father)
Geum Bo Ra as Bang Duk Hee (Chung Yi’s mother)
Ha Eun Jin as Jo Hun Jung (Shi Joon’s cousin / Chung Yi’s friend)
Jun Ah Min as Lee Woo Yang (Hun Jung’s husband)
Lee El Bin as Lee Tae Yang (Hun Jung & Woo Yang’s son)

People around Ma Poong Do

Oh Mi Yun as Ma Young In (Ma Poong Do’s grandmother)
Im Ji Eun as Ma Jae Ran
Park Jung Hak as Seo Pil Doo
Lee Seul Ah as Oh Kwi Nyeo (Jae Ran’s daughter)

People around Shi Joon

Yoon Bok In as Jung Moo Shim (Shi Joon’s mother)
Kim Do Hye as Jung Yul Mae (Moo Shim’s adopted daughter)


Baek Bo Ram as Ko Yong Jung
Min Chan Ki as Ryan (Poong Do’s manager)
Im Ho as Jo Ji Hwan (Shim Chung’s biological father)
Lee Jung Kil as Baek Moon Soo

Production Credits

Director: Choi Eun Kyung
Screenwriter: Choi Yun Kul


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  1. 1 : Carm Says:

    Seen first episode and it is really good. Nae Sang looks so young here, he never ages.

  2. 2 : meirav Says:

    I love Nae Sang he is so funny I am happy he is in the drama

  3. 3 : Sinopsis Blessing of the Sea Says:

    i love this drama… good acting for lee so yun!

  4. 4 : Chase Says:

    Cannot stand Geum Bo-Ra (Deok-Hee). She is type cast the same in all the shows she is in. She plays a witch and always out for money. Tired of seeing her. And her daughter Ji-Na is just plain trash. Have absolutely no use for her what so ever.

    Of all companies, Ji-Na ends up working for Ma Young-In’s Company and now she is going to work on getting her hands on P-Do. Hope he doesn’t get involved with that piece of trash.

    Is Ryan working for Ma Young-In??? I hope Young-In gets clued in that her side kick Pil-Doo, the creep that he is, is the one who killed her son. What happened to Chung-Yi’s dad??? He was in the car when P-Do’s dad went over the cliff, but it was reported only one male was found dead???

    Interesting Chung-Yi just happened to have the container of seeds in her pocket two different times and out of the blue decided to plant them. Has she been carrying them in her pockets for 8 years???

    Woo-Yang, his wife and child are living with Deok-Hee and family. Is the other child Ji-Na’s??? How did they end up with the child? When Ji-Na had the baby, where did she bring the baby??? To an orphanage or ????

  5. 5 : Night Watch Says:

    I don’t know who is worse — Ji Na or Hwa-Kyung from Secrets and Lies, the previous drama. Ji Na only cars about herself and no one else.

    Maybe Pil-Doo will murder Ja Na. That would be the best. Who needs her in this drama.

  6. 6 : Robert W Says:

    Hak Kyu is so stupid. Why didn’t he hide the picture in a better place after it was removed from the wall???? Now creep Ji Na has it. Another Hwa-Kyung from previous show!!!!!

  7. 7 : Sky Light Says:

    I can’t believe people talk in the hallway where every one can hear what they are saying. Like Ji Na and her witch of a mother. They always are in the right place at the right time. Ji Na put a bug in Pil Jo’s plant that she gave him so she will know everything that is going on. And she will be the first to try and change whatever Pil Jo is trying to do. This show is similar to Secrets and Lies which finished before this show started. I hated that show and the lead lady star. I hope Do Poong doesn’t forget about Chung-Yi due to the accident and get involved with Ji Na!!!!! I don’t like Ji Na at all or her crazy lunatic mother.

    How stupid is all this??? How can a person get into a hospital bed and not one nurse or aide notices it is not the patient that was there first?????? So unreal.

    I hope this whole show is not going to be about Ji Na and her twisted mother and Ji Na gets everything she wants until the last episode The writer is ruining the show.

  8. 8 : Chase Says:

    Was Do Poong’s mother alive all this time and he never knew it???? Did Ma Young-In and Pil-Doo know this????? And Young-In never told DP???????

    I wonder who found his mother or how she managed to get out of the house. Or did PD bring her some where???? CY’s father’s is missing some where as only one person was reported in the car accident.

    Pil-Doo took DP’s mother’s bag from her hospital room, but DP was not paying attention, per se, to what the RN was saying about the mother’s bag was missing. Even though Pil-Doo took the bag, fortunately DP’s mother left some info on one of the tapes that luckily PD didn’t get his hands on. But then, instead of waiting for Ma Young’s voice on the phone, DP blurts out to be careful as Pil-Doo is the S.O.B behind everything. How stupid.

    When DP and CY were listening to his mother’s tape, I don’t believe DP told her his mother passed away, did he???

    I can’t understand when some one is lurking around the corner listening to people talking, no one sees them!!!!! The same idiotic scenes are in every drama. So stupid.

    I wonder who is giving Pil-Doo’s secretary all the information all the time on what Ma Young is doing and everything else that he finds out about her and the company???

    Who is Lawyer Choi??? The name is not in the listing but P-D’s secretary referred to the person in Ep 18 or 19.

  9. 9 : Roll Me Over Says:

    “I can’t understand when some one is lurking around the corner listening to people talking, no one sees them!!!!!”


    I finally gave up on this drama cos the plots became ridiculous. The parents and their redhead daughter are without redeeming qualities making it difficult to warm up to them. The hero is going through a double amnesia just cos the writer couldn’t weave a good enough story with his character as is.

    As for Chung Yi, one gets the sense that God has singled her out, this poor orphaned girl just to make her suffer, not so she can grow into a compassionate human being but just cos.

    I feel sorry for the actors for their characters are not fully developed to allow for great performances.

  10. 10 : Rose Says:

    I can’t believe this crap — now do we have to see Ji – Na, the idiot lie and scheme her way w/Do Poong up to Ep 119??? I was hoping DP and CY would be trying to work things out together, but knew this crap would happen. Knew DP would loose his memory, and get close to Ji-Na due to the accident. Ji-Na even has Ma believing her. Why do these writers ruin a good story??????

    Did Ji-Na tell the ambulance drivers that she was hurt with DP????? How did she get in the same hospital with DP and has a hurt leg and arm??? What BS is this??? And the nurse told her “she was a fan of her’s.” What is the nurse talking about??? What has Ji-Na done for her to have fans?? I don’t get it?????

    And whose idea was it for Ryan not be allowed to see DP??? What is that all about??? I would hope Ryan and CY start working together to figure out what is going on. CY sometimes is slow on the up-take. Her conniving mother and wicked Ji-Na are are rotten to the core. Not happy about the direction this show is going. The nice people get more stupid and the villains continue to do more evil.

    Sooo happy that Moo-Sim’s knows the truth about Ji Na. And STUPID S-Joon still loves Ji Na!!!! What a loser. At least Moo-Sim hopefully will fight for the truth to come out.

    Even though Pil Do is on to conniver Ji-Na, she is topping him, same ole, same ole darn theme in this show like Secrets and Lies. Ji-Na has the identical persona that Hwa-Kyung did in the previous show. Both HK and Ji Na are trash. Was happy to see that show end and we get the same story line with this show. Is the writer copying the story from that show or what??? Ick!!!!

  11. 11 : Ryan Says:

    Strange things happen in these dramas. Pil Do took Young-In’s cell phone and did she never miss it???????? PD is always hanging around her office.

    When is CY going to stop defending crazed and lying Ji Na and tell DP the truth. Also SJ could tell DP the truth and this running around in circles like chickens with their heads cut off is nuts and stupid.

    Poor Ryan, he doesn’t know which way is up. He was a well put together guy when he was working for DP, now he doesn’t know which way is up.

    The two normal people in this show are the two children, Tae-Yang and Tae-Yang. They tell it like it is – no BS.

    Ji Na, also knows as Hwa-Kyung, is reigning supreme. Can’t stand that chick.

  12. 12 : Robert W Says:

    I know Ryan needs the money as he has no income, so he got paid to lie to DP about having two phones. This is so stupid as he finally gets a chance to talk to him and doesn’t even ask him why he got fired??? Who fired him or nothing??

    Ryan should stay in that area when DP was staying where idiot Deok-Hee has her stupid seances.

    This drama is not improving at all.

    I was hoping that Young-In would not get killed, but the hateful PD she raised as a son really is an S.O.B.

    SJ and CY wasted so much time and went round and round instead of telling Young-In and DP the truth. Both idiots as is every one in this show.

  13. 13 : Brandy Says:

    How unfortunate, this drama started out so good with a lot of potential, but has consistently gone down hill. What a waste of the actors time. Well, I guess they are getting paid for this stupidity so it is worth it for them.

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