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The Lawyers of The Great Republic Korea

Title: 대한민국 변호사 / The Lawyers of The Great Republic Korea
Also known as: South Korean Lawyers / Lawyers of Korea / Great ~ Han Min Gook Attorney
Chinese title : 大韓民國律師
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2008-July-09 to 2008-Sep-04
Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)


“LOVE & LAW” is a tale about a man involved in a divorce lawsuit, and his lawyer’s attempt to salvage his money and love. The story includes an exciting turn of events when romance is found during the process of the lawsuit.

Woo Lee-kyung worked at a major law firm as a secretary when she fell head-over-heels in love with Byun-hyuk, a rising star attorney in the firm. They fell madly in love with each other and ended up living together for three years. However, one day, Byun-hyuk decided to leave her, and all she had left were his law school books. The despaired Lee-kyung studied day and night with Byun-hyuk’s books, and soon passed the bar exam herself. Lee-kyung ends up opening her own tiny office with no employees. Her first task is to represent Han Min-kook, who winds up in a huge divorce lawsuit that could cost him an incredible sum of $100 million dollars. This case also lands Lee-kyung in a funny, cute tale of romance. Meanwhile, the story takes an odd twist when it is discovered that Han Min-kook’s ex-wife, Lee Ae-ri, is Lee-kyung’s good friend, and the lawyer representing Ae-ri is none other than Byun-hyuk himself. At the end of the day, Lee-kyung is left with the challenge of facing a showdown with her friend, Ae-ri, as well as her first love, Byun-hyuk. — taken from MBC Global Media

Lee Sung Jae as Han Min Gook
Lee Soo Kyung as Woo Yi Kyung
Ryu Soo Young as Byun Hyuk
Han Eun Jung as Lee Ae Ri

Extended Cast

Kang Sung Jin as Reporter Bae Soo Jin
Park Won Sook as Go Kyung Hee (Min Gook’s mother)
Sung Dong Il as Oh Ryu Dong (Min Gook’s assistant/driver)
Lee Hui Do as Woo Suk Ho (Yi Kyung’s father)
Im Ye Jin as Oh Ok Hee (Yi Kyung’s secretary)
Jung Ho Geun as Oh Young Tak (Byun Hyuk’s senior colleague)
Lee Ho Jae as Choi Go Su (Byun Hyuk’s boss)
Jeon Joon Hong as Kim Ddong Gae (Coffee Guy)
Lee Se Na as Ms. Lim (Byun Hyuk’s secretary)
Kim Byung Man as Jeon Yi Man (Jjajangmyun delivery guy)
Kim Sung Kyum as school principal
Shin Shin Ae as Bu Dong San Ajummah
Jung Eun Pyo as President Moon
Park Yong Gi

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Oh Kyung Hoon
Director: Yoon Jae Moon
Screenwriter: Seo Suk Hyang


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  1. 1 : Tzenny Says:

    WOW… New drama to replace Spotlight. Look Great!!!

  2. 2 : meirav Says:

    looking forward for to watch it. looks great

  3. 3 : kuyah Says:

    how can i watch this drama with english subtitles?

  4. 4 : Jane Says:

    this drama will show on 9 July as indicated above.

  5. 5 : sakura Says:

    i hope it will on air on KBS so i can watch it…….hope..hope..hope..plez..

  6. 6 : Joanne Says:

    Sakura, this drama is MBC drama, so it will not showing in KBS!!!!

  7. 7 : askwhat Says:

    this drama looks good and looks funny..
    waiting for this drama to come over to malaysia..

  8. 8 : tbmr Says:

    looks funny… i can’t wait to watch

    Regrads…. IMDb

  9. 9 : Fine Says:

    This looks great,hope is popular and the DVD come to Singapore after PSLE.

  10. 10 : a Says:

    To 9(FINE) are you a student that watch korean drama,
    me too!!!!!!!!

  11. 11 : k Says:

    i didn’t expect it much but it happened to be very funny.
    it’s really nice to kill the time.
    it’s strongly recommended~

  12. 12 : kelly Says:

    the drama is good, it’s very funny to watching and I love the music too.

  13. 13 : e Says:

    I am a woman here looking for a male for pating or heavy pating i would also like man to go into my one.

  14. 14 : Fine Says:

    To a(10),may i know how old are you?This year I`m 12 years old.

  15. 15 : stellar Says:

    Have just watched episode 1. It’s one of the rare few that I’m looking forward to the next episode. I’m hopeful that this will be one of the better shows…

  16. 16 : kell Says:

    Watched up to epi 4. So far so good…

  17. 17 : kimchi gal Says:

    beentrying but have problems loading epi 5 and 6. anyone else with same problem ??

  18. 18 : 0ink0ink Says:

    Kimchi: I faced the same problem too!! They should be uploading episode 7 and 8 by last week but I can’t seem to find both of the episodes 🙁

    Anyway, it’s really a funny and quite a romantic drama… but I really hope that Byun Hyuk and Woo Lee Kyung will be together in the end 😛

  19. 19 : jangerr Says:

    Wow!!! I’ve seen up to episode 6. It’s really good & funny!!! Especially the female lawyer & her client…

  20. 20 : chimmy Says:

    oh, this drama is SO good!
    the cast are all very good!!
    such a delight to watch…highly recommended!

  21. 21 : alws Says:

    Thoroughly enjoyable!!! The chemistry between Lee Kyung & Min Gook is just superb!!! Really love seeing them together…

  22. 22 : yeoh Says:

    This show rocks!!! It may have the usual love square but the way the different characters are put together is quite unique. The pacing is also very good, you are always looking forward to the next episode each time one ends. What really pulls it off is the cast. The leads & supporting are all superb – not only they can act well but have superb comic timing especially Lee Soo Kyung & Lee Sung Jae. And they have such incredible chemistry…

  23. 23 : zaira Says:

    why i can’t open http://www.soju.com please help me with this matter
    i love this site,www.koreandrama.org – im addicted to all korean dramas

  24. 24 : Ivy Says:

    zaira, you can watch here – http://www.mysoju.com/lawyers-of-korea/

  25. 25 : ct Says:

    Thoroughly enjoyable show!!! So much so that I’m watching it twice concurrently – once with the chinese subs & the second time with the eng subs…

  26. 26 : kimchi gal Says:

    totally agree !!!!!! I can’t wait for the upload of new episodes !!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one of the best dramas !!!!!!!!!!! Go … Han Min Gook !

  27. 27 : zaira Says:

    thanks ivy…nice to hear something from you…i really appreciate it

  28. 28 : zaira Says:

    can’t wait for the next episode -LAWYERS OF KOREA….pls,pls pls

  29. 29 : albany Says:

    This is SOOOOOO good!!! I’m like checking every hour to see if there’s new upload….

  30. 30 : Zealousy Says:

    I’d hope you all would support my group, the group thats subbing this, instead of mysoju.

  31. 31 : zaira Says:

    ….gosh i can’t really wait lots of episode coming.i can even stay awake 24hours just to watch this!!!more upload pls of the next and next episode

  32. 32 : zaira Says:

    zealousy – how can we extend support?we all know you work hard subbing all great korean drama and any asian films – i knew groups working with it – d-addicts,s2 subs,dramabeans etc….you become known to all of us,we really wanted to extend our gratitude towards this.i got a problem downloading from your sites i can’t open it for some reason…the programs or files not compatible and i’m not a nerd to do everything about it!!!thanks and million thanks…

  33. 33 : albany Says:

    Zealously, pls adv how we can support your group. Some of us are totally clueless about all these. And like me, I believe, there are some of us who are not tech savvy…

  34. 34 : Zealousy Says:

    All you have to do is download the video file along with my subtitles, download vobsub(making sure they have the same title) and watch the video in any media player.

  35. 35 : Zealousy Says:

    Really, I spend hours on creating subs for this drama and all I ask is that they don’t get hardsubbed or streamed but yet people take my goodwill(and my staffs) for advantage and post them anyways, ignoring my ONE little request.

  36. 36 : jo Says:

    the drama is dunny & romance. it is very drama series. i love the couple and they are full of chemistry for the acts.

  37. 37 : jo Says:

    the drama is funny and very good. i can’t wait for the next episode (10). i wondering why it is only 1 episode for 1 week.

  38. 38 : Hanna Says:

    I have read many synopsis and think the last line is wrong. The ex-couple will not fall back in love but the people who they are presenting.

  39. 39 : jennn Says:

    dudee i knew something was wrong about the sypnosis! its strange that they were focusing more on yi kyung and min gook instead of the former couple…so i kept looking around for a better explanation. Now i know! thanks Hanna! ..although im kinda disappointed now…i actually wanted them to get back together :[[[[[[ buttt, besides that, very good acting!

  40. 40 : jo Says:

    anyone can tell me is it any episode 10?
    i can’t wait for the next episode……

  41. 41 : Agus Says:

    A W E S O M E…. a must watch

  42. 42 : karylle Says:

    This drama is worth watching. Its funny and entertaining. Can absolutely relieved stress. Thanks to all the staff/person involved in subbing this drama. I may not know/mention each of you but you definitely made my day. Thanks a lot!!
    Btw. does anyone know the title of the song used in this drama? Please and thanks..

  43. 43 : Afro Goddess Says:

    I’m glad to know that it looks like Min Gook and Lee Kyung will get together. I love their chemistry more and I never did understand why she’d take back a guy who dumped her like 6 years ago. Also, while Min Gook and his ex-wife have some unresolved issues, she doesn’t have the right temperament for him. Maybe the characters will change as the show continues in order to make Min Gook go back to his ex-wife, but I hope that doesn’t happen.

  44. 44 : de2 Says:

    me too!!! lee kyung & min good are not just more suitable for each other, they also look so good together…

  45. 45 : anna marie Says:

    am watching this on the internet. i find the drama very amusing. different from the other dramas. i am dying to find out who will end up with who but you are too slow in uploading the episodes.

  46. 46 : Daisy Says:

    I Love this comedy. Han Min Gook is the best and most endearing character. Can’t wait for episode 10 (and the rest) to be uploaded. Thanks to the people working hard on subbing it.

  47. 47 : Afro Goddess Says:

    Dang, yall, the tide is turning yet again. They are keeping the who’s getting with whom a well kept secret. In most dramas you can tell almost right away who’s going to be together, but this show (and How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor) makes it hard to tell.

    Min Gook’s ex-wife went through so much with him that I almost feel that they should be together, but he isn’t as carefree with her as he is with his lawyer. And honestly I can’t picture the four of them being friends if Min Gook gets back together with his wife. I could better picture Min Gook ending up with the lawyer and his ex-wife ended up with her lawyer.

  48. 48 : valerie Says:

    it’s a super gd show. cant wait for the staffs to create the subs for ep11n 12. thanks a million for those staffs that make it hapen

  49. 49 : Zealousy Says:

    I’m seriously pissed off that people are waiting to watch it on mysoju. I feel like my work is taken for granted; none on you appreciate it. I don’t feel like working on this anymore, really.

  50. 50 : Afro Goddess Says:

    Zealousy, please don’t be pissed. I’m trying to understand what you want. If its about providing this valuable service and getting credit for it, believe me, everyone knows you all are doing the subs, and everyone appreciates it.

    If its about people going to your site, then stream your subs. I am new to the whole sub/drama thing, so I don’t know how to download and affix your subs.

    From what I’m seeing, you’ve basically created a piece of art (that’s what I consider your work to be) and you’re telling folks how they should enjoy it, which seems a little unfair on both sides.

    Please educate me if I’m getting it completely wrong (which I may be). What do you get out of us downloading from your site? What do you lose if its hardsubbed, especially if no one can come along, watch the video and you not get credit for your work?

    I saw your explanation above and am more than willing to get the “vobsub” but I don’t know what that is. Is it a program, a pay site? Where can I download it? I mean, I don’t want to run all over the internet downloading programs I barely understand just b/c I found it off a google search. That’s just not safe.

    I’ll go to your website to get additional information because I, for one, want to be completely fair to you and your team for their hard work.

    Peace and thanks!

  51. 51 : lovethedramagirl Says:

    Hi Zealousy.

    Please don’t punish everyone for the few people who have yet learned to take advantage of soft subs. It took me over a year before I another die hard kdrama fan took the time to explain how to down load GOMP player and link the subs. It took a few tries and extreme patience on her part to show me.

    Before having access to GOMP player, I had to watch the RAWS and read the comments in the forum to get the gist of everything. Once I was able to take advantage of the subs, a whole new world was opened up to me.

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the amount of work you have contributed to subbing. I check the site daily and I read the forum for you kind updates. I have been going threw withdrawel since there aren’t that many great shows airing right now. It was a blessing to find Lawyers of the Great Republic and it was even greater bleassing that you were turning out the subs so quickly.

    How to View SubSofts

    For those who want to view soft subs here is how it works. Once you get it is is very simple:

    1. Download GOMP player from gomplayer.com.

    2. Save the Raw file in a folder.

    3. Download the subs which is in a SRT format.

    4. Save it in the same folder. Make sure the name of the video file and the sub file are the same. i.s. Video file: lawyers01.avi Sub File: lawyers01.srt.

    5. Open Gomp Player and pull up the Video file. The subs will be displayed. If you don’t wish to rename the files, GOMP Player allows you to use their control panel to pull of the subs as well.

    When you open the video file on gomp player, right click the mouse, select open, click subtitles and locate the sub file and click ok.

    If you need more instructions, let me know and I will try to detail it again.

  52. 52 : Zealousy Says:

    Don’t worry, I never said I was going to stop, I just don’t feel like it. I want to watch this drama myself. I’m just annoyed that mysoju won’t even credit any fansubber.

  53. 53 : Basuha Says:

    I totally agree with you Afro Goddess on the reason why many viewer don’t use soft sub. As for “lovethedramagirl” you are totally correct. That how I use soft sub Gom player is the easiest to use, in my opinion.

    Zealousy. you are appreciated but “PLEASE” understand everyone can’t show it and the same way. Thanks you and your team for the subbing this drama. You have made subbing history, you are current with the airing of this drama beating out 3 dads 1 mom and “Who are you” They have been the fastest release sub so far this year, and you blew them out the water….congrats and Thanks You……

  54. 54 : hotshothoney Says:

    I disagree. I like this drama but don’t wan tmin gook and yi kyung to get together. I like yi kyung with byun and think if they focused more on their chemistry, it’d be more better. I want the ex husband and wife back together as I think they suit better and obviously do still love eachother, but lost sight of their love on the way. If the lawyers get with their clients, it’s gonna be soo mismatched and awkward, especially as ae ri and yi kyung are supposed to be childhood friends. It wouldn’t be right for yi kyung to get with her best friend’s exhusband. I love the laughs between min gook and yi kyung but am now starting to go off this drama because it seems like they’re trying to put them together and have forgotten about byun and yi kyung and min gook and ae ri’s relationships, which is a shame…

  55. 55 : lovethedramagirl Says:

    I have to disagree hotshothoney. Lawyer Woo and Ham Mik Gook total suite each other. Ham Mink Gook requires someone with a strong hand to keep him in line. Ae Ri has no backbone which is why she couldn’t stand up to her mother in law and often gave into Ham Mink Gook. Honestly I think the divorce and court case was an ploy on her part to get him to notice her and try to win her back. Unfortunately it backfired on her.

    I love Ryu but his character although funny hasn’t shown himself to be deserving of Woo. In fact everything he has done so far shows that she should not take him back. He left her for no reason and now wants to apartment for the money. He oh so conveniently dropped the phone in the soud where he gave her his half of the house which was still in debt. She had to work to pay off the debt herself. If he really loved her he would sign over the apartment.

    It is sad that they were friends although if they were truly best friends Ae Ri would have known about Woo’s relationship with Byun and Woo would have know what Ae Ri went through. Actually they are more commerical friends – friends when it is convenient and seeing how both are in love with the same man it is not convenient. Normally I would be saying hands off but the chemistry between Lawyer Woo and Ham Mink Goo make be want to cheer for them no matter what.

    I also can’t look past the fact that Ae Ri totally played Ham Mink Goo. He signed that paper out of love for her and she used it to stab him in the back. Plus this whole case is totally destroying his business. She is well aware how important reputation and appearances are in Korea and yet she still made this case so public trying to play the victim. She needs to get over it and realized she has burned her bridges. The time to take a stand was when she was married not after the divorce.

  56. 56 : zaira Says:

    thanks for your instructions,but still i can’t go through whole of it…after i downloaded the gomplayer i was stacked with the whole process can you help me get trough with it.thank you can you please send the whole instructions with my email account maybe much better with my youtube account – zaira0902.

    thanks and more power!!!

  57. 57 : kayy Says:

    I agree with lovethedramagirl. Woo Kyung & Han Min Gook are better as a couple. Not just because they look compatible but more because they really love one another.

    Han Min Gook was ready to give up his money (which is his all) for Woo Kyung. Something he can’t do for Ae Ri. I think he likes & admire Ae Ri which was why he married her but it definitely wasn’t love. Han Min Gook was willingly to lose the court case so that he can end his relationship with Ae Ri completely. Also he doesn’t want to feel that he still owe her something… And he’s doing all these for Woo Kyung. If not for Woo Kyung, he would have fought tooth & nail for his money!

    As for Ae Ri, maybe she does love Han Min Gook but she loves herself more than she loves him. In all her actions, she thinks more for herself. As for her friendship with Woo Kyung, she also uses it to her advantage. Woo Kyung put in much more into their relationship than her. She always make herself available to Ae Ri & readily does things for her without asking for anything in return. Ae Ri knows that and she makes full use of that fact. When she realises Han Min Gook loves Woo Kyung, she used Woo Kyung’s love for her to make her give up Han Min Gook.

    Byun definitely doesn’t deserve Woo Kyung. I’m not sure if he really loves her (at least six years ago when they were together). If it’s a love you want to run away, a love you want to abandon, it can’t be true love…
    Even now that he comes back, he may think that he truly love her but his actions show otherwise. His fighting for the apartment which he said he’s giving to her when he left her as a compensation just goes to show that. Besides, as what lovethedramagirl pointed out, Woo Kyung was the one who paid off the loans for the apartment!

    As for Woo Kyung, she is right to give up on Byun. His love (if it can be called that) is too fickle & unreliable. Besides she has fallen in love with Han Min Gook. She just needs to see that Ae Ri is making use of her. That she need not give up Han Min Gook for Ae Ri. That Han Min Gook’s relationship with Ae Ri is completely over. That Han Min Gook not only loves but needs her as well…

  58. 58 : Lejonde Says:

    hi Zealousy,
    Can you please tell me your webpage where I can download the “Lawyers of Korea” with english subs? I’m dying to watch the next episodes…
    Also, if at all possible please walk me through the process. My email addr is [email protected]

  59. 59 : kimchi gal Says:

    yup yup I agree with kayy! also with lovethedramagirl! And for all his singleminded thoughts abt money, Han Min Kook is SO COOL with losing it all when the right lady comes along !!

  60. 60 : zefin Says:

    Hi Zealousy,

    Thanks for all your effort in subbing the series. May I know your website so that I can provide support to your website too?


  61. 61 : k Says:

    today”s episode was the best.
    so lovely!!!!
    i watched” new heart,on air,iljimae and gourmet” but this is way better than any of these.
    i still can’t believe that they kissed.
    and there’s one more surprising thing about coffee maker!

  62. 62 : alws Says:

    This is SOOOOO good!!!

  63. 63 : yay! Says:

    best drama of 2008! im so hooked!!!!!!!
    love the chemistry…

  64. 64 : Meechi Says:

    i really like this drama but reading the synopsis i thought that Byun Hyuk and Lee Kyung would actually get back together even though what he did to her wasn’t the right thing but he seem like he really did love her and was hurt that he left…. but now i seem totally confused with Lee kyung feelings i don’t know who i should hate, like or rooting for i hope this all comes together cause i’m actually getting confused or was the synopsis wrong or right i guess we have to wait.

    p.s would a friend actually fall for some else exhusband? in reality thats wrong but i wonder where this drama leads me.

  65. 65 : anna marie Says:

    i wish you would hurry up and finish uploading the last two episodes i really want to know who is going to end up with who. i hope i do not get disappointed with the ending like other korean dramas. somehow they do not know how to make beautiful endings.

  66. 66 : maomango Says:

    i watched this drama bcoz of the synopsis, but it was totally wrong. i actually stopped watching at episode 10. from ep 7 when they started to like each other i dont like to watch it anymore. who will fall in love with a selfish man who only love himself and one friend (the driver) & her bestfriend’s husband and also her client who is also her first big case. I actually enjoyed the first few episodes but then again when the story focus on lee Kyung & han Mik, then i got bored. that man is abnormal who loves money the most…. so many are telling that bcoz of love he changed…helllooooo… he will go back to his character eventually…. i still love lee kyung & Byun.. I think there’s good reason why he left…. that why their rating are so bad… better stick to the story in the synopsis…then your rating will be better… hehehehe,

  67. 67 : steve Says:

    Someone must win an award from this drama…

    The whole story’s initial ambiguity on the romances was brilliantly woven in to set the stage for a beautifully believable love story between a villain -to-virtue client and auntie-to-sweetie lawyer.

    For all the “right reasons” that drove the wife and ex-boyfriend lawyer to do whatever they did to betray their love, you may sympathise but can’t root for them somehow. Conversely, through the adversities of public scorn and social disapproval, I hope that Han and Woo can really brave it through.

    The last kiss they had was the clumsiest that I had seen in Korean drama..but the most endearing. Han, a man now beaten and unsure if he can hold his love again, clutches Woo in desperate urgency in a kiss that knows no pretences

  68. 68 : k Says:

    it’s done finally now in korea.
    yesterday’s episode was so heartbroken.
    today’s ending is the best ever!
    i can strongly say this is the best show of this year.
    enjoy the rest of the show.

  69. 69 : KG Says:

    I just so love the pacing of each episode ! I have no idea what to expect of the next. Indeed, best drama I’ve seen for a while. MUST WATCH ! Big thanks to the subbing teams who are working so hard.

  70. 70 : Basuha Says:

    First let me address my own personal issue with this drama. I can’t get pass the fact that she dating her best friend husband, I don’t care how they try to portrayed them in episode 09/10 as not being close because that is bull if you look at it from Korea point of view, they were bestfriend. In most Korean drama I find they friendship lack depth but does that mean they also have to lack loyalty.

    My friend’s husband, man, the guy she saw first is off limits, even if the friendship ends we should respect the good time that was shared!.

    Okay now for a bias review, I admit that Woo and Han are funny together but it to the point when it too comical. Lawyer Woo is always bitter and angry and I was frustrated with Han acting like the innocent husband when it come to the divorce.

    I was hook on this drama because I thought the next episode would full in the gap that left me feeling like there MORE. I final realize that this drama is good for the little scenes but as a whole it lacks development, detail and connection. The relationship between Woo and Han happen so fast I didn’t even seen when they connected before they was in a full blown (I stand by your side mode).

    I didn’t see where any of the relationship in this drama was shown in detail for you to connect and relate to them. I don’t think Woo and Han will be a forever couple. You know that old saying (die laughing) that about all they have together ” jokes”. Han Min mother going to treat her the same way she did his ex-wife and to think other wise is just crazy. Han didn’t step in when his mother was over the top mean to Lee Ae Ri (don’t forget viewer) he once was deeply in love with her! therefore I doubt he stop his mother from giving it to Lawyer Woo.

    As for the ex-wife I think she will be fine, once she get over her linger feeling for a man that don’t give her a second thought.

    I really didn’t understand the whole thing about Lawyer Woo sending Han Min to his ex-wife parent’s memorial. You sent your new man , who use to be your ex best friend husband to her home to be by her side? but what was more pathetic was the ex-wife accepting him. Woo should had attend herself, better yet neither one should have gave it a second thought! I found it fake and below the belt of Lawyer Woo to do that. I really don’t care for Lawyer Woo character but as the drama progress I really started to dislike her! She knew that Ae Ri was still in love with Han Min and didn’t do any thing to stop Han Min advancement! I think she did it because like she said to Ae Ri (“Why do I have to keep losing to you”) But it not really not a lose for Ae Ri because Han Min Just is not the kind of man you cry over or fight for! (just my opinion)

    As for Lawyer Byun he “HOT” he be alright, he will find someone and this time he would go thur everything with that person, I think he the only one that have learn something through out this drama. I glad they didn’t try to force him and Woo together, they didn’t have any chemistry between them. When he was HOT she was ICE cold! they just didn’t have it!

    All in all I’m just glad they come to a agreement about that damn HOUSE! Oh, as rich as Han was why did his right hand man live like a poor man? Hello? ( Oprah and Gail)

  71. 71 : KG Says:

    I somewhat disagree with basuha abt the “right-hand” man living poorly. That was his bloody driver ! His entire jobscope in the drama seems to be driving Han Ming Gook around and taking care of the cleanliness of HMG’s cars. How can he possibly live at the same standards as the CEO of a company … ?

    While I have no issues with lawyer Woo hooking up with HMG, I also think the relationship wont last in reality. Not bec he’s the ex of a “friend”. But bec that poor man was on a rebound! He almost has no time to reflect on what really went wrong with his marriage , what his role was in all that mess (well, takes two hands to clap right?), and he has no time to grieve and mourn and bury the relationship properly before starting a new one. Most females in her right mind would tread carefully with such men. …

  72. 72 : Basuha Says:

    KG; No, disrespect but that man wasn’t just a driver that was his best friend, most likely his only friend! I don’t think I mention he should have been living as a CEO I simple comment that he should have been living better and gave a similar example. When I give my opinion on this drama I knew that I will get feedback from other viewer and they view point might not be the same as mines. That the part I enjoy the most reading other viewer view point because it enable me to look at it from a different aspect. I enjoy and respect other viewer opinion, but I feel compel to response to that comment about the “BLOODY DRIVER” because the only relationship that was detail and development through out this drama was “the bloody driver and Han Min.

    Bloody driver? He carried that man with no shoe on when he collapses. In the hospital he called out to him in concern to make sure he as okay and feel instantly better when he seen him across the room on the cot. When Han Min was down and out, he could have turned to his mother but instead he move in with his driver and his children. Just a Bloody driver? I think not!

    Now let me comment on the “driver” contribution to this best friend relationship. When he arranges a meeting between Ae RI and Han Min in hope they get back together. The way he try to delay Han Min from going to Lawyer Woo apartment when he knew that she and Lawyer Byun lives together. The fight in the garage when he tries to protect Han Min and the most important letting that man and his woman stay at his home! So again he wasn’t just a bloody driver he was a damm good friend! The only real friendship that was shown in this drama.

    Maybe you took my comment as me stating that Han Min didn’t take care of him or didn’t care about him? But that wasn’t what I wrote; it could be many reasons why he lives like that I was making a simple observation. To bring this to an end, I like your view point on Han Min and Lawyer Woo you are right on point with your comment about healing and being on the rebound. It sums it up perfectly and efficiently why they might not make it. After reading your view point I look at the ending in a totally different light, Thank You

  73. 73 : defook Says:

    I found this title ” The Lawyers of The Great Republic Korea ” at http://www.kimook.com This website, http://www.kimook.com, is so fast to get new korean titles.. iits unbelievable.


  74. 74 : stellar Says:

    Oh no!!! It’s ending soon… I’m enjoying this too much! This is one of the very rare 2008 dramas that I truly enjoyed… Hopefully the one that replace this is good…

  75. 75 : jo Says:

    at last, i have already finished the last episode of this dama. it is very good drama, humours and romance. the couple is full of chemistry and funny. recommend to watch and u won’t regret by watching it.

  76. 76 : audeo Says:

    The ending sucks big time!!!! The show is slow and the emotions are conflicting. Misled the audience!! I highly recommend that you DON’T waste your time watching it.

  77. 77 : jangerr Says:

    This is such a good show! I’m going to miss it… Aanyong Woo Kyung! Aanyong Han Min Gook!

  78. 78 : Taber Says:

    Gosh, I don’t need to write a review it has been done for me. Thanks “KG” I totally agree about the rebound and Han Min not having time to reflect on what went wrong in his relationship with Ae Ri. I know he post dated they wedding invitation three years out, but dating someone while you try to comes to grip with a fail relationship just isn’t going to work. You can set it for 200 years in the future but if you don’t take time for yourself by yourself the other person becomes a bandaid for a wound that need stiches…..

    Thanks “Maomango” I agree that a woman can’t change a man, men like to think we can because we are GREAT! but there will also be one thing standing in the way, DNA haha. TOTALLY agree with you on this one, I have never read a Korean synopsis that was EVER correct!

    Last but not least Thanks “Basuha” we share the same point of view regarding the Driver in Han Min relationship and the general overview of everyone relationship….

    Looking forward to reading everyone review on the up coming drama! As for me I just completed Gourment, love it. In the process of watching East of Eden and Love Marriage. I’m downloading Scale of Providence but will wait to watch that one. I really looking forward to “My Precious Child” starting Kim Sung Soo from the drama “Bad Love and the movie Sweet Sex and Lee Tae Ran from “Famous Princesses. I think they will have unbelieveable chemistry. I hope this 50 episode drama have a great storyline like ( GOLDEN BRIDE)

    Sadly I can’t continue with Chil Woo due to the sudden death of Lee Un, at this time it hurt me even to think about him. I will completed Chil Woo when I’m able to give his last drama the proper respect it deserve.
    RIP Lee Un

  79. 79 : tlk Says:

    Wow!!! Fantastic drama!!! Best in 2008!!!

  80. 80 : arcy Says:

    From the debates & extensive comments made for this drama, one can tell that viewers are really ‘involved’ in this show. This just goes to show that the drama is able to engage viewers unlike many other recent dramas that you watch & forget soon after…

  81. 81 : albany Says:

    Great show!!! One of the rare shows that I thoroughly enjoyed every single episode… Really sorry that it has ended…

  82. 82 : gurl Says:

    Really love Han Min Gook & Woo Kyung!!! Great drama, great story, superb acting & excellent chemistry… Totally enjoyable!!!

  83. 83 : zefin Says:

    I think this is a great drama. Didn’t miss a single episode of it. 🙂 worth watching…

    By the way, does anybody know where I can download the OST?


  84. 84 : rox Says:

    Dae Han Min Gook!!!!!!!!!!!!he’s so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwdddd…:):):):)

  85. 85 : apple Says:

    Wow!!! I love this!!! I simply adore Dae Han Min Gook & Woo Kyung!!!

  86. 86 : PiNeAppLe Says:

    Can anyone tell me why Byun left Woo ??

  87. 87 : lucy Says:

    hi, i’am new to wacthing this drama, currency at ep 2 and loving it.
    i was wondering if someone can help me find the skate the delivery guy is using at ep 2 part 4 time 6:25-6:36 on mysoju.com
    if you have any imformation please e-mail me at [email protected]
    thank you so much
    i try to do the research but couldn’t find anything. ahaha

  88. 88 : apple Says:

    PiNeAppLe, you’re right in thinking there’s a reason why Byun left Woo Kyung. But I suggest you watch on and find out for yourself. It’s much more interesting that way. It’s definitely worth your while to watch on… Besides we don’t want to put a ‘spoiler’ here for other viewers…

  89. 89 : aigoo Says:

    So glad that mysoju has the complete drama with eng subs… Previously I’ve been watching it with chinese subs. I’m now enjoying the show once again with the eng subs… Hooray!

  90. 90 : JoyS Says:

    Another highly recommended Korean drama for 2008! The actors and actresses have acted excellently well! Especially, the main actor, Lee Sung Jae who acted as Han Min Gook. A fun show to follow through!

  91. 91 : mia Says:

    Highly recommended! A must-watch!

  92. 92 : zara Says:

    So sweet… Love it! Love it! Love it!!!

  93. 93 : seetee Says:

    Highly recommended! Must watch!

  94. 94 : lyly Says:

    I’ve just finished watching it with my sister, and we luved it , people who’ll watch it won’t be disapointed 🙂

  95. 95 : doremi Says:

    Absolutely adored the lead characters, especially Han Min Gook!!!

  96. 96 : yen Says:

    this movie is really unique.. i fall in love with the main actor character.. han min guo..

    highly recommended..

  97. 97 : cameron Says:

    Yup, same here…

  98. 98 : young Says:

    Fighting! Woo Kyung & Han Min Gook!

  99. 99 : marites gerona Says:

    LSK is overacting for me. I hate actresses who do facial antics when they say their dialogue. Same as the girl-writer in On Air. Acting like this make it so un natural and irritating….

  100. 100 : shelly Says:

    the girl is so cute…,
    man is so cool~~

    he always try to act calm.., and its like easy…, when at the last he finally come back to his old company..,
    i though he failed in china..,

    he is so cool…~

  101. 101 : Daisy Says:

    This is one of the best comedies of 2008. Han Min Gook is such an interesting and likeable character (good acting by Lee Soon Jae).

    I believe it is the last series Ryu Soo Young did before going to the army. I also recommend 18 vs 29, and Bad Couple. I enjoyed this comedies very much. You can see that RYS is a good, versatile (and very handsome) actor. Love his voice too.

  102. 102 : eLLA_19 Says:

    this drama is good…
    i just finished watching the ist episode and i feel bored…
    i hope it will be good on the next episodes to come…
    love it! HB is so cute…
    love him…

  103. 103 : deanaz Says:

    i just finished watch this drama, it’s still worth to watch. entertaining

  104. 104 : Starice Says:

    It’s great drama!

    anyone know where can i download the OST?

  105. 105 : Mke Says:

    OMG this drama is really good

    i luv han min gook character

    can anyone pls upload episode 10-16..

    i really impatient to see the episode,coz it’s really entertain

  106. 106 : kysha Says:

    Quite a good drama. But didn’t like the ending.

  107. 107 : Angelle Says:

    Hello…just wondering when will episode 10-11 will be fixed????i feel so frustrated…not being able to continue watching…please kindly fixed the missing episode ASAP…thanks:(

  108. 108 : Yndia Says:

    can anyone tell me where can i watch this drama with english sub aside from mysoju.com? i’m getting really frustrated..i’ve been looking for episode 6 with english sub but sadly still no luck..the episode 6 in mysoju is not working..pls help me =(

  109. 109 : Anna Says:

    You guys could watch it at Dramafever.com- they have all the episodes up!

  110. 110 : liverpool Says:

    good drama but im not like last episode

  111. 111 : Arai Says:

    I enjoy watch this drama…it’s good..

  112. 112 : Aimelyn Says:

    i love it!!!!

  113. 113 : raz Says:

    This was such a pleasure drama and I loved evry moments of it !!!

  114. 114 : mutiara Says:

    I like this drama, the story was interesting..

  115. 115 : mel Says:

    i love this drama….

  116. 116 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama..

    i wanna watch it.. ^^

  117. 117 : nining Says:

    it’s so good story,, love it,,

  118. 118 : apriljunkirain Says:

    this is funny but very sweet. I loved watching it.

  119. 119 : diefan Says:

    I watched it. if you want to be entertained for 16hours of your time go watch it.

  120. 120 : Via Says:

    I just watched the drama, its a good drama, but I just think the leading actor should be the lawyer man. because he is so handsome.. ;p

  121. 121 : wella hernandez Says:

    i love it so much, i like korean drama, i watch lot of of series, because of them, i want travel to korea

  122. 122 : koreandramAdiktus Says:


    Woo Yi Kyung & Byun Hyuk didnt end up together. 🙁 sad. i meand Byun hyuk love Yi Kyung but fate went against them 🙁 aarrggghhhh!!!

  123. 123 : Hanako Says:

    Perfect movie, romantic, a little bit of heartache, comedy in some parts, failed in business, etc… I love the story somehow, and it was like fated that the famous rich Han Min Gook fell in love with his lawyer, and I guess they were well matched..and his ex wife do not have such luck I guess , in fact I do not like his ex wife cos she is always a back stabber in other movies and she wont be fit as main actress. I believe in FATE so this story is all about FATE..thanks to the person who create this story worth to watch

  124. 124 : ance Says:

    i’ve encountered this drama in each of the four main leads’ profile and i got really curious…i’m just starting to watch this…hope it will turn out great coz i really like these 4 actors…

  125. 125 : zarima Says:

    curious of this kdrama,, so ill start uploading it…

  126. 126 : Pod Says:

    Binge watched this a couple of weeks ago years after it was first released and I think it still holds up very well – if any series would be ripe for a revisit as to “whatever happened to these characters” this one would be it.

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