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The Kingdom of The Winds

Title: 바람의 나라 / The Kingdom of The Winds
Also known as: Country of Wind / The Land of Wind
Chines title : 风之国
Genre: Period Drama, Fantasy
Episodes: 36
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2008-Sept-04 to 2009-Jan-15
Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)


The drama about the life of Jumong’s grandson, Moo Hyul, who later became Daemusin.


Song Il Gook as Prince Moo Hyul / Daemusin
Choi Jung Won as Princess Yeon
Park Gun Hyung as Prince Do Jin
Jung Jin Young as King Yuri

Extended Cast

Kim Hye Ri as Lady Mi Yoo (Yeo Jin’s mother)
Lee Jong Won as Prince Hae Myeong (Moo Hyul’s brother)
Kim Hye Sung as Prince Yeo Jin
Oh Yoon Ah as Hye Ap
Kim Jae Wook as Chu Bal So
Jang Tae Sung as Ma Ro (Moo Hyul’s friend)
Kim Sang Ho as Ma Hwang
Park Sang Wook as Gwi Yoo
Han Jin Hee as King Daeso
Park Jung Hak as Sa Goo
Im Jung Eun as Princess Se Ryu
Kim Byung Gi as Sang Ga
Kim Gyu Chul as Myung Jin
Kim Won Hyo as Gong Chan
Kim Myung Soo as Goo Chu
Jung Sung Mo as Bae Geuk
Jung Da Bin as young Princess Se Ryu
Lee Sul Goo

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2008-09-04 Special 9.3 (12th) 9.1 (13th)
2008-09-10 1 14.7 (7th) 15.1 (6th)
2008-09-11 2 15.1 (6th) 15.1 (6th)
2008-09-17 3 15.8 (4th) 16.0 (4th)
2008-09-18 4 16.2 (3rd) 16.6 (2nd)
2008-09-24 5 16.1 (5th) 16.1 (4th)
2008-09-25 6 16.2 (5th) 15.7 (5th)
2008-10-01 7 15.5 (5th) 15.0 (5th)
2008-10-02 8 14.9 (6th) 14.6 (6th)
2008-10-08 9 13.6 (6th) 13.2 (7th)
2008-10-09 10 14.2 (8th) 13.9 (7th)
2008-10-15 11 18.4 (3rd) 18.2 (3rd)
2008-10-16 12 18.1 (3rd) 17.1 (4th)
2008-10-22 13 15.5 (7th) 15.0 (6th)
2008-10-23 14 16.5 (4th) 16.5 (4th)
2008-10-29 15 15.1 (4th) 14.2 (7th)
2008-10-30 16 15.7 (4th) 14.9 (6th)
2008-11-05 17 13.2 (6th) 12.7 (6th)
2008-11-06 18 15.9 (6th) 15.4 (6th)
2008-11-12 19 13.9 (7th) 13.3 (7th)
2008-11-13 20 17.0 (5th) 16.4 (5th)
2008-11-19 21 15.1 (5th) 14.6 (7th)
2008-11-20 22 16.9 (4th) 16.1 (7th)
2008-11-26 23 14.3 (8th) 13.4 (9th)
2008-11-27 24 15.9 (8th) 14.7 (9th)
2008-12-03 25 15.0 (7th) 14.3 (7th)
2008-12-04 26 15.7 (8th) 14.4 (9th)
2008-12-10 27 17.5 (4th) 17.4 (5th)
2008-12-11 28 19.2 (3rd) 18.5 (2nd)
2008-12-17 29 18.4 (5th) 18.1 (4th)
2008-12-18 30 18.5 (3rd) 18.7 (3rd)
2008-12-24 31 15.6 (5th) 15.4 (6th)
2008-12-25 32 19.2 (4th) 18.4 (4th)
2009-01-07 33 17.4 (4th) 16.7 (5th)
2009-01-08 34 18.1 (4th) 17.7 (3rd)
2009-01-14 35 18.8 (3rd) 18.0 (4th)
2009-01-15 36 20.7 (4th) 19.9 (4th)

Source: TNS Media Korea

Production Credits

Original Work: Comic by Kim Jin
Director: Kang Il Soo
Screenwriter: Choi Wan Kyu, Park Jin Woo, Jung Jin Ok


2008 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Song Il Gook and Choi Jung Won
2008 KBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor (Song Il Gook)
2008 KBS Drama Awards: Mini Drama Excellence Award – Actor (Jung Jin Young)
2008 KBS Drama Awards: Mini Drama Excellence Award – Actress (Choi Jung Won)


– This drama is a remake of a comic by Kim Jin.
– One of the filming sites included a 45 day shoot in China.
– Song Il Gook will be portraying Jumong’s grandson. He also portrayed Jumong in ‘Jumong-Prince of The Legend‘ in 2006.


Official Site

Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : devin Says:

    cool new drama. but 36 episodes is a bit strange…o.O

  2. 2 : snowangel Says:

    whaa. il gook is in…

  3. 3 : rimajol Says:

    Jumong was and still the best korean drama here in the Marshall Islands. We felt sorry and it ended and we would like to know what happen next. Fortunately, Kingdom of the Wind, can gives us the chance to see what happen next. Hope this movie gets here soon!

  4. 4 : Katherine Says:

    Saw the 6 episodes of KOW preview. WOW! Every SIGers should watch it. Found them on YouTube.

  5. 5 : koei Says:

    the special episode of KOTW is uploaded on youtube

  6. 6 : yara Says:

    I can’t wait to watch this……

    love you SIG

  7. 7 : JungWon Says:

    Wow! Can’t wait to watch this KOW. But how come it’s only for 36 episodes.. Jumong was for 81 episodes and I felt like it wasn’t enough.. Well I hope they could make it a bit longer like say, 50 episodes.
    Thanks Katherine and Koei for the tip.. I’ll check it out in the you tube link you’ve provided. For sure it’s a pleasure watching the special episodes!

  8. 8 : starz12 Says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. i cannot wait for this.. i love SIG.. he is really awesome actor… i wanna seee him again kicking some bastard’s ass…

  9. 9 : lwiza 2000 Says:

    me too i can’t wait our prince
    he kill me all time

  10. 10 : zee21 Says:

    omg!!!! how attractive man u r my love!!!

  11. 11 : Glory Says:

    Hi Sigers,
    i’ve watched the special show kotw in youtube …great !!Sig’s so cool with that bandana 😀 Btw ,can somebody gv me some information,what exactly time & date kotw will be aired on NHK ?will be it’s the same date with kbs2?? B’coz in indonesia we can’t get the kbs2 ,only kbs world or nhk(japan)
    hope somebody help me ….plz :-)! Thx a lot !! Bless u all

  12. 12 : Bebz Says:

    Wow…wow !!!
    the prince of legend comeback again as moohyul ,
    couldn’t wait to see my prince charming in action :-):-):-)!!
    love u my prince ….big hug from ur fans 🙂
    Song il gook the best !!

  13. 13 : marie Says:

    hello… only a couple of days left before the show starts… ‘would like to request for you guys who would get to watch it first to post a synopsis of each episodes since guys like us (I’m from Manila) won’t get to see it yet… Thanks…

  14. 14 : JungWon Says:

    Wow, learned that Japan paid top dollar for this Kingdom of the Wind of Song Il Guk eventhough The Legend of Bae Yong Joon did not do well in TV ratings in the said country.
    Yes, nobody beats SIG as the historic drama king, fighting SIG!

  15. 15 : Sunny Says:

    Hello 😀 !!
    i’m from jakarta ,is there a way that i can watch ‘land of the winds?’on air ?,i nearly getting frustated looking NHK’s daily schedule but couldn’t get any clue when this drama will be aired on nhk ???

  16. 16 : lwiza 2000 Says:

    i hate u sig
    i love love u
    u are our prince
    specially in this picture
    u are so so beautiful actor in all world
    hi fan’s where are u ?

  17. 17 : hope Says:

    Hi all sigers,
    congratulation ! sig’s fan for this new drama, we missed you a lot SIG, but I can’t wait to watch it hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  18. 18 : lwiza 2000 Says:

    Broadcast period: 2008-Sept-04 to 2009-Jan-08
    Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)
    gmt+9=korean time
    it’s21.55-8=13.55 algerian time

  19. 19 : selva Says:

    episode one of KOTW is available at youtube in 6 parts


    and this s a summary for the episode (until subs come out)
    these are not my summarie BTW… all credits goes to the remarkable dramaok from soompi thread:

    In Gogoryeo’s Guknae Castle, a young princess Se-Ryu asks her brother, Crown Prince Hae-Myeong why the Queen is in so much pain, and Hae-Myeong tells her all mothers go through pain when giving birth. While in battlefield, King Yuri who is about to conquer the Kisan people, tells his troops he intends to return to Guknae Castle soon since they have been away for nearly a year. However, a messenger from Goguryeo’s royal tribes arrives at army camp and asks King Yuri if he will be returning to the castle soon. When Yuri says yes and that he will stir a reform the man stabs King Yuri and Yuri is presumed dead.

    Back in Goguryeo, a royal tribe leader, Myeong-Jin tells Sang-Ga, the leader among the royal tribe leads, news that Yuri has been killed and time is ripe for a revolt to overthrow the monarchy, however Sang-Ga is doubtful about Yuri’s death.The royal tribal leaders of Goguryeo hold a secret meeting and plan their strategies for seizing power and deposing Prince Hae-Myeong.

    However, Haemyeong is told by his faithful that the tribe leaders held an unplanned meeting and Haemyeong wonders what’s going on.That night he visits Mahwang and instructs him to find out about the meeting. Mahwang tries to persuade him not to alarm the tribe leads but Haemyeong insists. Thus Mahwang shows a beautiful woman to Sang-Ga and says the woman will be serving Haemyeong who will be future King, but Sang-Ga keeps the woman and scoffs Haemyeong may or maynot be king afterall. Mahwang then lures a tribe leader w/ royal silk and brings him to the place where Haemyeong awaits. Under threat of death, the man confesses the tribal leaders have been planning a revolt. Haemyeong leaves, and Mahwang then kills the man and packs his goods to flee Goguryeo before chaos erupts.

    Prince Haemyeong orders all gates to the castle closed, and sends a messenger to the king. A soldier from the royal tribes tells Haemyeong he has until tomorrow to open the gates and surrender or else. Haemyeong says when the king returns he will kill all those who are conspiring but the soldier replies King Yuri is alrady dead. Then, Haemyeong evacuates the women and children, and prepares to kill himself but Princess Se-Ryu wanders into his room and asks why the castle is so empty. Haemyeong then goes out and tells his bodyguard to help with Princess Seryu and the Queen’s evacuation, even though the Queen is still in hard labor. But in route Haemyeong sees a group of troops heading toward Guknae castle.

    At daylight. the first tribal troops arrive in centercourt but are ambushed by the king’s soldiers. Then King Yuri appears and beheads the tribal leader.
    Next, Sang-Ga is summoned by King Yuri, who asks him what the punishment for conspiracy should be. Sang-Ga tells Yuri the previous king (Jumong) forgave the tribes when they plotted a treason and Yuri agrees to do the same but wants control over the tribes from now on. Prince Haemyeong tries to dissuade the King saying the tribes would revolt again, but Yuri doesn’t listen.

    Then, the Queen finally delivers and gives birth to a new prince. However, the head oracle of Goguryeo’s Shrine kidnaps the newborn prince. King Yuri tells his men not to let anyone find out about the kidnap and goes to see the oracle. Yuri tells the oracle to kill him instead but the oracle says she is merely carrying out the heaven’s will, and that the young prince is born with a curse for Goguryeo, for its destruction and death of the royal family. Yuri becomes angry and the oracle says the newborn must be killed in order to stop the curse, but she cannot kill the baby w/ her own hands thus she kills herself instead and begs the king to end the baby’s life for Goguryeo’s sake.

  20. 20 : selva Says:

    dear lwiza
    thanks for the GMT-korean time-algerian time equation 🙂

    to download episode one in HD (medium quality isn’t available yet):

  21. 21 : mayra Says:

    Hi siger’s! Why have you unscrew the reply for sig into 4: SIG 3933 counterparts, Jumong 658, Lobbyist: 54, The Kingdom off The Winds: 18, the total is: 4633

  22. 22 : The kingdom of the winds Subtitle Says:

    Hey, we just started to sub this drama. Come and participate!


  23. 23 : selva Says:

    thanks (the kingdom of the wind subtitle) for you effort
    I watched the part you subbed… and you did a fantastic job in it.
    please keep subbing
    we really do appreciate it 🙂

  24. 24 : selva Says:

    hello again
    episode 2 was sooooooooooo good

    this is a simple summary I made (but don’t rely on it 100%… because I was watching without subs… and I have no clue about korean language, especially the historical ones 😉 :

    (1) from the last episode… yuri couldn’t kill his baby boy… so he threw the sword on the floor and stormed out of the room with muhyul.

    (2) the next day… bad omens are spreading all over the kingdom: blood in the water and dead birds every where… above all this, the royal doctor told yuri that the queen died… he went to her room and found seryu crying on her bed… so he looked in anger and frustration at baby muhyul in his cradle.

    (3) when haemyung’s men were dissecting the dead birds… they found something in it… one of them tasted it and then smiled… but soon he passed out on the floor… they brought the doctor who (I think) said that this stuff could kill birds and hurt human.

    (4) in anger, haemyung headed to yuntabal guy (still don’t know his name in KOTW) and threw this stuff on the floor and let couple of chickens eat it… shortly, the chicken died… haemyung started threatening yuntabal (I don’t know korean, so I don’t know the exact conversation).

    (5) in the palace, yuri is sitting infront of his wife’s body… memorizing what the oracle told him about muhyul, the blood in the water and the dead birds… he set up a meeting… (again I have no clue in korean… so this is my guess)… he told them that he will kill baby muhyul because he will be a curse for koguryeo… everyone was astonished, especially haemyung, he tried to convince yuri otherwise… but yuri was so determinate that he ordered his men to take haemyung to prison until he finishes killing baby muhyul.

    (6) in a cortege, with yuri in the front holding sleeping baby muhyul in his arms… he headed into a coffin, put muhyul in it and then closed the coffin… he ordered his man to gve him the sword but the man hesitated… so yuri shouts at him and take the sword… (again my guess) yuri faces the crowd and say that he’s doing this for the sake of koguryeo and its people… then yuri raised up his sword and thrust the sword in the coffin and blood goes down from the coffin.

    (7) soon after in his room, yur was sitting and grieving the loss of his baby and wife… he sends his men to kill the guards guarding the coffin… he goes there and open it, just to find baby muhyul safe and sound with a wound on his leg… and the baby was smiling too… everyone was surprised.

    (8) then yuri summons haemyung… (I think) he told him to take muhyul outside of the palace… back in his room, haemyung began preparing muhyul to leave the palace… little seryu came into the room and started crying that her brother is leaving her… she put a necklace in muhyul’s clothes.

    (9) riding a boat, haemyung headed to a hideout in the river… he met a woman there (we didn’t see her face) and left baby muhyul with her.

    (10) years pass and we found grown up muhyul with his friend (maro) in a bar betting… some bad boys chase them and they fight in a backyard… one of these men (I think he knows muhyul and muhyul knows him) started frisking muhyul and tried to take the necklace but muhyul storms at him and they fight again… but then a girl shows up (hye ap) and fights the bad boys and chases them out… she looked at muhyul angrily… they talked (but I don’t know what they said).

    (11) back in the hideout, hye ap’s men were torturing muhyul and maro badly and then she threw them in prison… but they managedto escape through the river… in their way out, they found men attacking the hideout… muhyul wanted to leave but maro convinced him to go back and save hye ap (that’s what I think… again I’m not a pro in korean).

    (12) they go inside and finds hye ap fighting the men… but they were so many… then muhyul joins the fight… but soon he’s surrounded with men too along with hye ap.

  25. 25 : hope Says:

    selva !!! u r fantastic oh my god thanks a lot for your work, but really i can’t wait to watch also ” the KOTW sub ” please make a good subtitle for us not korean language natives …

  26. 26 : julieee Says:

    do you know i can watch this drama?
    plz &thanx =]

  27. 27 : Blue2607 Says:

    I think everyone knew that Song Il Gook, the actor in Jumong,also acted in this drama. He acted as the Jumong’s grandson.Wow, he acted as his own grandson.( because he act as Jumong and now Mu Hyul. I didn’t watch this drama yet and the synopsis didn’t really explain so much. Anyways thanks to everyone for writing the comments for this drama because it really sounds interesting

  28. 28 : jessica Says:


    Thank you so much for the English sub under the following website:


    Could someone help to translate to chinese subtitle because for history drama with a chinese subtitle can be more easily to understand.

    Once against still want to THANKS those who had upload the drama and provide with English Subtile.

  29. 29 : selva Says:

    hello everyone
    if you haven’t joined in the group of soompi yet… then you should
    there is a thread for KOTW there… with plenty of pics, news, links to download and summaries for each episode.

    this is the link:

    you have to register….

    WITH S2 team decided to take the project of subbing KOTW to english, and they already subbed the 1st episode….

    1st and 2nd episode are already hardsubbed in chinese at sendfiles

    check this site:

    it has links for the special, episode one (and its sub) and episode two…
    it also has the opening theme of the drama… watch it… it’s soooo beautiful….

  30. 30 : dramacrazy.net has them Says:

    has The Kingdom of the winds and will update them like they usually do as soon as it comes out.

  31. 31 : The kingdom of the winds Ep.1 (English Subtitle) Says:

    English subtitle for “The kingdom of the winds” Episode1 have been just completed. Come and enjoy!


  32. 32 : yodasword Says:

    does anyone know of a website where the 2nd episode is 100% english subbed? i watched the first 6 parts of ep2 on viikii.net, but part 7 has not yet been translated. thanks to whoever translated ep1!

  33. 33 : JungWon Says:

    Thanks LAND OF THE WINDS SUBTITLE for giving us the site to watch the first 2 episodes of this series.
    It’s so great and can’t wait for the next ones. It’s getting more exciting and for sure it will rate good.

  34. 34 : selva Says:

    to my arabic fellows 🙂
    I’m thinking about joining the team at VIKI and subbing the drama into arabic… what do you think?!!!!

  35. 35 : selva Says:

    watch the opening theme of KOTW at youtube:

    and to download the opening theme song from megaupload:

  36. 36 : The kingdom of the winds Ep.2 (English Subtitle) Says:

    English subtitle for “The kingdom of the winds” Episode2 has been completed. Come and enjoy!


  37. 37 : jaja Says:

    song il gook fanatic! i hope there’s already episodes w/ english subtitles. im so excited to watch this!

    I love Jumong! and i know we’ll this one too!

  38. 38 : hope Says:

    HI ALL,
    It make me sick bcz i’can’t watch KOTW at this web site the first time all was right and I enjoyed the first part of the the first episode after that no video !!!!!!!!! can any one explaine pls I watch this drama on http://www.viikii.net/channels/goto/thekingdomofthewindsen
    The kingdom of the winds Ep.2 (English Subtitle) please give me an answer why the video doesn’t run since tow days now pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

  39. 39 : selva Says:

    to hope
    the episodes are working just fine
    try refreshing the page… or wait few hours (maybe there’s a load on the big)

  40. 40 : selva Says:

    arabic translation of episode one is completted

  41. 41 : jaja Says:

    tnx guys!

    i’ve watched the 2 episode w/ english subs. This is really great! I hope you can upload the following episodes soon. Thanks so much for the efforts of those who made this video be possible to watch for us that are not koreans!

    Keep up the good work!

  42. 42 : hope Says:

    to selva;
    thanx for the explanation but I just can’t watch on viikki, I ‘ve completed the first episode on dramacrazy the sub are great but there are just episode 1 I really can’t wait, the drama seems great great great, can you tell me if the sub in aigoo is in english? so I will downlaod it

  43. 43 : selva Says:

    dramacrazy adds the hard-subbed episodes done WITH S2 team for subbing.
    so they wont add the new episodes until WITH S2 finishes subbing,
    and they took KOTW as a side project now.. as they are sooo busy.

    but in Vikii the episodes will be uploaded without subs as soon as they are available, and then the subs will be added soon after.

    so, the episodes will be available on vikii before dramacrazy.

    anyway… about aigoo… they changed their site… and they only have sub of episode one (ep. 2 not yet)

    if you need anyhelp, tell me

  44. 44 : yara Says:

    such a great drama

    I’ve watched eps 1 and 2 and can’t wait to watch the next ep

  45. 45 : hope Says:

    to selva;
    thanx a lot my dear, all is right now I have a little problem in my computer but now its OK, thanx, and really its a great drama, its hard to wait till january to finish it ^^

  46. 46 : shyblue Says:

    I already watch the two episodes of kotw. This must be good like Jumong. let’s pary for the good rating of our beloved sig. continue your suport

  47. 47 : shyblue Says:

    hi everyone! hope to see more videos of kotw. It’s a nice drama too like Jumong. Waiting to be aired in our local channel here in the Phils. waiting for more latest news..

  48. 48 : shyblue Says:

    post more comments about kotw…

  49. 49 : selva Says:

    hello everyone
    ratings of episode 3 is (16%) 🙂

    the summary of Ep.3 (made by the remarkable dramaok):
    – Muhyul is beaten by the assasin, and the assasin tells Hye-Ap if she doesn’t reveal the location of Jumong’s tomb then Muhyul will be killed. Hyeap replies the king’s tomb is in a dangerous place and they could all die if they are careless. the man replies dead or alive, it is his issue to deal with and her job is to simply lead him to the tomb. thus, Hye-ap leads them to an opening in the cave. the leader of the assasin orders his men to go into the opening and bring out Jumong’s sword, but the opening is full of traps and the men who are sent in are killed. Hye-Ap tells the assasin leader she already told him they could easily die if not careful. the leader orders Hye-Ap to go inside to fetch the sword but Hye-Ap says it is useless for she will die in there as well. Hye-Ap doesn’t respond and she is about to be killed, when Muhyul speaks up and volunteers to go inside. Hye-Ap tries to dissaude him but Muhyul says if he’ll die regardless he’d rather go inside and risk his life for the chance to live. Muhyul goes into the passageway and remembers coming here as a child with Maro and how they met the old man who created the deadly contraptions and traps. Muhyul moves in further, passing the spear trap and onto the suspending rope bridge, just as Haemyeong and his bodyguard Goeyu arrive outside the secret cave, killing the masked assassins and saving Hye-Ap.

    – The rope bridge breaks and Muhyul falls off but grabs onto the cliff, and Muhyul suddenly sees the murals on the walls, and a shinning round object planted on the wall. Muhyul drops it in his attempt to grab it but Muhyul realizes it’s something important and goes to look for it in the shallow water between the cave cliffs. Muhyul then discovers the sacred sword of Jumong and takes the sword and goes out to the outer cave, where Haemyeong and Hyeap are. Haemyeong’s men discover suicide powder on the bodies of the assasins and the men appear to be sent by King Daeso of Buyeo.

    – In Buyeo, King Daeso wrestles one of his men and the man wins Daeso laughs and says he will promote the man immediately. But Daeso’s laughter turns anger as a messenger comes with news that the assasin’s attempt failed. Daeso goes to meet the assasin captain and beheads him at once. Daeso then vows if they don’t find Jumong’s sacred sword Buyeo will soon go to war with Goguryeo. Meanwhile in Goguryeo, King Yuri tries out a new arrow and asks his righthand man Guchu how long it will take to make enough of these to outfit the army and Guchu says 2 years at the fastest. Prince Yeojin and his mother Lady Miyu are watching as well and afterwards Yuri tells Yeojin to fetch the sword he gave him and to showcase his swordmanship, but Yeojin says he doesn’t have the sword anymore because he traded it for something else he prefers. Yuri gets mad and asks what he traded for, and Yeojin replies he gave the sword to the shopmaster who taught him how to make personal ornaments. King Yuri takes a look at the accessory Yeojin made w/ his skills and Yuri laughs that is a good skill just as well and tells Yeojin to go work in the shop and to see what kind of weapon he can make. Yeojin is happy by this but later, Lady Miyu scolds Yeojin and warns him not to waste his time in such insignificant activities, since Haemyeong is a crown prince w/ many foes, and Yeojin should set his eyes on becoming the next king instead.

    – Goeyu asks about Hye-ap and Prince Haemyeong’s relationship and learns Hye-Ap used to be Prince Dojeol’s attendant, but when Prince Dojeol died, Hye-Ap was about to be killed, but Prince Haemyeong saved her, and afterwards Haemyeong was accused of taking his brother’s woman. Haemyeong talks to Hye-Ap alone and Haemyeong says he has been too careless and from now on he will look after her better, for he was wrong to think that keeping himself away from her would be best for her, but Hye-Ap tells him to just leave her alone instead. Haemyeong complains but Hye-Ap tells him not to forget the ridicule and pain he went through, for she does not want to block his future path. Hye-Ap then asks Haemyeong about Muhyul’s identity, for she is puzzled that Muhyul was able to go through the traps alive and bring out the sacred sword, something she herself could not even accomplish. Hye-Ap asks again who Muhyul is and how he is related to Haemyeong. However, Haemyeong replies at current he cannot tell her anything but when the time comes she will know thus she should not ask anymore. Hye-Ap says she can no longer stop Muhyul, for Muhyul wants to go experience the outside world and she is unsuccessful in stopping him. Hye-ap tells Haemyeong to watch Muhyul from now on. Thus, Hye-Ap sends Muhyul and Maro away, and the two arrive in Haemyeong’s fortress. Haemyeong tells his bodyguard the two will become guard soldiers of Jolbon fortress and Haemyeong assigns Goeyu to be their teacher.

    – Goeyu hands Muhyul and Maro swords and tells them to fight him and when Goeyu wins he assigns hard chores to them, like cleaning lean horse droppings and washing laundry by the river. Maro complains and tells Muhyul they should go back to painting walls in the cave, but Muhyul says he’s not leaving and his goal is to beat Goeyu.
    On the way back from doing laundry Muhyul spots Chubalso and his band of thugs and Muhyul goes after them to get his necklace back. Maro is scared but Muhyul shows him Goeyu is there to help. However Goeyu never helps while Muhyul and Maro get badly beaten by Chubalso’s men. Muhyul goes after Goeyu out of anger but he is still unable to beat Goeyu who is a superior fighter.

    – Meanwhile Prince Haemyeong goes to Goguryeo’s capital and passes by Princess Seryu as he enters the capital. Seryu is dressed as a man and looking to buy a bow from the street merchant when Haemyeong calls for her attention. They go to the palace together and Seryu says she’s bored in the palace and Haemyeong says it’s time to marry her off then. Seryu says she fancies the Jolbon fortress governor (Haemyeong) and they both laugh.

    – Then Haemyeong goes to see Yuri and tells him King Daeso sent masked soldiers to the cave of Jumong’s tomb. Yuri then summons his tactician, Baegeuk for advice, but Haemyeong is upset to learn Baegeuk is Biryu Sangga’s adoptive son. Baegeuk tells Yuri Buyeo is much stronger than them at present, and a messenger from King Daeso comes with an invitation for Yuri to go to Buyeo and proclaim Buyeo as a superior nation, for which Baegeuk says Yuri must do. Haemyeong meets with Baegeuk and tells him he does not trust someone from Biryu clan despite the King’s trust. Then Baegeuk meets with Sangga, who tells him it is not advantageous to Biryu for Yuri to go kneel before Daeso, and when Baegeuk leaves, Myeongjin asks Sangga if he trusts Baegeuk, for which Sangga replies the reason why he is so fond of Baegeuk is because he does not show his cards and that is why he won the trust of the king as well.

    – King Yuri arrives in nation of Buyeo, and brings with him gifts, including a jade statue which signifies longetivity. Then Daeso invites Yuri to soak in the bath together and Daeso tells Yuri Goguryeo is Buyeo’s younger brother, and since he grew up with Jumong like brothers, Yuri is like a nephew to him. Daeso then asks about the legend that the day Jumong died a heavenly creature came down and Jumong rode on it to rise to the heavens, and Yuri says that is just a folklore made up by the people. Daeso laughs then asks Yuri if he will really acknowledge Buyeo as a superior nation in order to avoid a war and Yuri says yes, however Daeso says he cannot believe the mere words of Jumong’s offspring. Yuri then formally kneels and bows before Daeso to signify Buyeo’s superiority over Goguryeo.

    – In Jolbon fortress training camp, Muhyul beats Goeyu by throwing dust in Goeyu’s eyes before throwing fists at him and Haemyeong watches and laughs. But Goeyu is not amused and punishes Muhyul and Maro by sending them up and down the mountain by the Jolbon border. Muhyul sees Chubalso and his bandit group doing something by the Goguryeo and Buyeo border and Muhyul confronts Chubalso and asks him for his necklace back again. Chubalso orders his men to have Muhyul killed, while Maro hurries and runs up to tell Goeyu about the happening. However both Muhyul and Chubalso, and his thugs are soon surrounded by Buyeo border guards.

    – Inside Buyeo border camp, Muhyul is tortured and asked if Haemyeong sent him, but Muhyul doesn’t confess to such thing. That night while Muhyl is unconscious but still tied up, the girl Yeon comes into the room and looks at Muhyul just as Muhyul opens his eyes.

  50. 50 : devin Says:

    i’ll check it out if all the hype is for real.

  51. 51 : selva Says:

    to devin:
    you can watch it online with english subs at:

    then see for yourself if the hype is for real

  52. 52 : selva Says:

    hey guys
    watch that scene… it’s soooooooooooo beautiful

  53. 53 : selva Says:

    hey guys watch this:

    it has some cute scenes between muhyul and yeon from episode 4

  54. 54 : hope Says:

    WOOOOOOOOW, its a great great drama, it make me in a great mood my god I miss JUMONG when I watch it , why YOURI is so weak he isn’t like his legendary father,I became nervous when I see him like an useless king his father was like a lion !!!!
    please korean user in this website tell me if the history was like that?, king dea-so tremble vs JUMONG and his son kneel down for him !!!!! it make me sick .
    the great drama always cause a reaction
    I love u SIG

  55. 55 : selva Says:

    hey guys… watch this:

    cute scene from Ep.4

  56. 56 : helena21a Says:

    hi selva, please post a summary for episode 4. thank u!

  57. 57 : shyblue Says:

    Some part in epi 3 has no subtitle. I can’t understant it. But as i go on watching it becomes more interesting especially now that Muhyul is now going on training. It seems the drama is quite good.

  58. 58 : shyblue Says:

    Hi Tess thanks for your response even your a kapamilya still try to look on how to contact GMA for the airing of KOTW. thank you again.

  59. 59 : selva Says:

    Episode 4 summaries (done by dramaok):

    Yeon attends to Muhyul’s wounds and Muhyul is barely conscious but notices the girl who is dressing his wounds. Meanwhile Haemyeong’s general tells Haemyeong once they cross the border there’s no going back and the general advices Haemyeong not to cross the line because the Buyeo ppl are trying to set up a trap for him. In Buyeo camp the captain of border guards tells Yeon it is useless to waste her attention of an enemy who is about to die but Yeon is firm and teaches the man a lesson, that the King of Goguryeo is visiting their Buyeo fortress at present and they can’t risk being reckless. Yeon leaves and the general who is upset orders Muhyul and Chubalso and the men to be kiled.

    Inside the prison tent, Chubalso’s men panic about their fate, and Chubalso blame their fatal fate on Muhyul, who remains silent. Just then the soldiers come in to drag the group outside. Muhyul stops the general from slashing them and shouts out he is a spy and the others are just commoners who have no relations to him, thus the men should be spared while he should be killed. The general says they should all be killed regardless but just then Prince Haemyeong and his men arrive and admist the chaos, Muhyul and Chubalso escape death. Chubalso gives Muhyul his necklace back and says he was wrong to think Muhyul was just a crazy man.

    Chubalso and his men leave while Muhyul helps Prince Haemyeong fight the Buyeo border guards. Meanwhile in Buyeo Palace, King Daeso says Yuri is his nephew and Daeso offers Yuri wine for the new beginning of the two nation’s new alliance. Daeso then tells Yuri to fight together and Yuri agrees to it and chooses swords as the weapon. The two exchange swords adn Daeso wins then bursts into laughter saying Yuri is letting him win, but Yuri says he did not. However the Buyeo prime minster (or oracle not sure but he’s sinister looking) Sagu comes w/ news about Haemyeong’s attack on the border, and Daeso angrily puts Yuri and all his entourage under confinement. Sagu advices Daeso to kill Yuri and take over Goguryeo, but Daeso’s newphew and advisor, Tarok (Yeon’s father), tells Daeso King Yuri is not a fool who would orchestra that kind of attack while he’s in the palace and this must be something Yuri himself isn’t aware of.

    In Jolbon fortress, Haemyeong tells Goeyu to send Muhyul and Maro back to the mural cave, and Goeyu is surprised at Haemyeong’s kind treatment toward the the two. Muhyul tells Goeyu he wants to stay, and Goeyu says Muhyul caused such chaos that a war could break between Buyeo and Goguryeo and yet he is still so clueless and Goeyu wonders why the crown prince is so kind to them.

    Daeso goes to talk to Yuri alone and Daeso says he will forgive Yuri and Yuri is grateful, but Daeso tells Yuri he did not raised his son well, and Daeso casts doubt in Yuri’s mind about Haemyeong’s loyalty, saying perhaps Haemyeong wishes Yuri dead to take over the throne. Yuri is puzzled by it and Daeso says he can relate to Yuri’s sentiment because he too felt betrayed before by Jumong whom he trusted like a real brother, and Daeso warns Yuri if Haemyeong repeats same kind of mistake, then Haemyeong will die infront of Yuri.

    Back at the cave, Muhyul asks Hyeap why the prince saved him time after time, and Hyeap says prince is gracious so who defends his troops. But Muhyul is unconvinced and asks why the special treatment toward him when he caused so much trouble, and Hyeap says to ask him himself when the time comes. On his way back to Goguryeo, Yuri stops by Jolbon fortress and shows his fury by slapping Haemyeong repeatedly for his grave mistake, and Haemyeong says he has no excuse and accepts his punishment. Yuri then strips Haemyeong of all his powers, including the governor of Jolbon fortress, and Yuri promotes Baegeuk as the new governor, and assigns Haemyeong to work under him as a subordinate from now on. Guchu says the punishment is too harsh but Haemyeong says he accepts the verdict, and Haemyeong later tells Goeyu he is relieved actually because he has many things he wanted to do like traveling and so forth but before he couldn’t and now finally he can.

    Yuri also wants to visit Jumong’s tomb before returning to Guknae castle, and Haemyeong leads him to the cave where Hyeap is in charge. Muhyul paints a drawing of Yeon the mysterious girl who helped him, and Maro wants to see what the drawing is but Muhyul hides it. Then maro says the king is here. Yuri looks at the murals and takes special interest in a particular one and asks Hyeap who the painter is. Muhyul stands up to indicate he is the one and Yuri comments he is very talented especially for being so young, and Yuri says he willl reward him and all the painters for their hard work. When Yuri leaves the cave, Guchu asks if he will visit the queen’s burial and Yuri says that will only bring up painful memory. Then Yuri asks Haemyeong about the baby from then, and Haemyeong asks if he means Muhyul, and Haemyeong tells Yuri he gave the baby to a farming couple who lives in the mountains, back when he first came to Jolbon area.

    Yuri asks if he ever looked for him, and Haemyeong says when he went back again they were gone, and Haemyeong says if Yuri wishes to look for the child he will try again. Yuri says nevermind since his fate with the child has already ended. Yuri then says he wants to make Haemyeong king and his intention is to protect him by the punishment.

    Yuri’s concubine Lady Miyu brings her son Yeojin and visits Biryu Sangga. Miyu asks sangga’s help to have the tribe leaders forgive Haemyeong for his past mistakes, that though the prince is not her biological son she regards him so. They leave, and Myeongjin asks Sangga what is Miyu’s real motive and Sangga says indeed she is an ambitious woman who wants to put her own son Yeojin on the throne, and Sangga says it may not be a bad idea to put that prince, who is weak-hearted on the throne, for that will give their tribe more power.

    Haemyeong goes hunting w/ Baegeuk the new governor of Jolbon fortress, and Haemyeong tells Baegeuk to him Buyeo will always be a foe, not an allie. Baegeuk suggests Haemyeong should be closer to the king if he wishes to seize the king’s fury, and Haemyeong asks Baegeuk if his presence in Jolbon makes him uncomfortable. When Baegeuk says no, Haemyeong tells him he likes Jolbon, the place he was born and the place that holds his good memories from youthhood. Baegeuk says fine but Haemyeong should not forget that now Baegeuk is the one in charge. Haemyeong says ok but asks for permission to travel. Haemyeong brings Goeyu and visits Muhyul at the cave. Goeyu is angry at Muhyul for causing the prince his power and Maro wonders if the prince will put them to death then, and at that Goeyu says they deserve death 100 times. However, Haemyeong talks to Hye-Ap and tells her he will take Muhyul on a journey. She asks if that will increase his baggage more, but he replies Muhyul has made his baggage lighter, to shed his power gives him less responsibiilty, and now he wishes to show the world to Muhyul which he believes will be a greatest gift to Muhyul.

    Haemyeong tells others that they will be going to Han nation and Hwangnyeong nation, however Haemyeong plans to take Muhyul, Maro, and Goeyu to Buyeo nation instead, to spy on Buyeo’s activities against Goguryeo. Goeyu says that’s too dangerous but Haemyeong insists they must go into the heart of the enemy in order to understand it, and he asks Muhyul if he will come and Muhyul says yes. The two then talk alone, and Muhyul asks him why he saved him so many times and Haemyeong says he is Goguryeo’s crown prince and the people are all his children and to save them is natural. Haemyeong then says Buyeo has an alliance with Han, but King Jumong always regreted that he was not able to get Buyeo back to the way it’s supposed to be. Haemyeong explains to Muhyul Buyeo is the world’s beginning place and his dream is to finish Jumong’s dream. Muhyul says his life was saved by the crown prince and if he could in small way help him achieve his dream then he would be honored.

    Thus the foursome arrive in Buyeo and look for Mahwang, the merchant for help. but as they enter Buyeo town, Muhyul spots Yeon walking pass by and he starts to run after her trail. Muhyul loses sight of her, and returns to the others, and Goeyu scolds him for acting reckless to attract attention that they don’t want. They find Mahwang who is trying to buy virgin slaves and Maro is instructed to enter the bid making the selling price very high which angers Mahwang, but Haemyeong shows up to tell him he was just playing a joke on him. Haemyeong asks him to help them hide their identity and to find a way to enter the camp of the secret assasins that Daeso is raising. Mahwang says he’d rather die, but when Haemyeong entices him with all the commerce rights of Goguryeo once he becomes king the deal is on. Mahwang notices Muhyul’s necklace and pendant and asks where he got it. Muhyul says his parents left it for him and Mahwang has a puzzled look.

    Haemyeong and Goeyu successfully gets into the secret army camp as men working to bring supplies in and the two watch as the leader trains the assassins on how to use odorless poison to kill ppl w/out leaving a trace. Among the assasins is Dojin who is highly intelligent and ruthless. When one of Mahwang’s slave girl is ill a doctor is called and Yeon arrives as the nurse. They determine it’s poison and gets the girl to vomit using pressure needles. Muhyul watches and follows her to the street clinic where she helps poor ppl who are ill. He goes up to her and she is surprised to see him but asks what his illness is and he replies his chest hurts but before she can say more a man comes with guards to escort Yeon away. Muhyul goes after the soliders and grabs Yeon away by the hand, however Yeon slaps him and leaves. Yeon then proceeds to the palace where she lives as a princess, daughter of King Daeso’s nephew.

    Daeso summons Yeon and asks her if she is still helping ppl on the streets and she replies since the king doesn’t care after them she does. Tarok is nervous by the remark but Daeso laughs and says that is why he is so fond of Yeon because she is straight talker who is brave. Meanwhile out in town, the guards are out looking for Muhyul for beating the soliders earlier and they soon surround him from both sides.

    sorry I didn’t bring the summary earlier

  60. 60 : JungWon Says:

    Hi Selva and thanks a lot for the summary of episode 4,at least now I know what I watched coz it was kinda frustrating to watch without knowing what they were talking about.
    Hope you always stay healthy and happy so that you could help us by giving us summary for the upcoming episodes. AJA.

  61. 61 : selva Says:

    to JungWon
    thanks for your nice words
    these are not my summaries BTW, these are summaries done by an amazing girl at soompi thread… actually she’s the one who wrote the summaries of Jumong series that you can find everywhere in the internet 🙂
    BTW, you can watch KOTW with Eng. subs at:
    it has all the four episodes with the eng. subs

    there’s this site too:
    but it only has up to episode 3

    take care everyone

  62. 62 : JungWon Says:

    Hi Selva. Though the subtiltles are done by an amazing girl from soompi, I still have to thank you coz you shared it with us here at Korean Drama. ^^. It’s fortunate for me that you could share it here coz I can’t access soompi.. I don’t really know why my computer can’t so I grateful you did trouble yourself to post here.

  63. 63 : selva Says:

    it’s my pleasure to share these summaries with you everyone 😉

    Episode 5 summary:

    – Muhyul is caught by Takrok’s men and thrown into jail, while Takrok and Yeon are in the Buyeo palace, dining w/ King Daeso. Takrok says the king has made Buyeo flourish but he should look after his own health now. Yeon also says Daeso looks ill. Daeso laughs at Yeon’s bluntness, then tells Takrok he will promote him to be the head of all the royal families to direct the imperial family. In jail, Muhyul meets with a badly injured captive who gives Muhyul a piece of cloth w/ a message written on it, and the man asks Muhyul to give it to a man named Seongbaek who can be found in the streets of Buyeo towncenter. Yeon and Takrok return to their home, and Takrok is told by his subordinate that the jailed spy from Hwangryeong nation has died. Takrok is upset that the man died w/out them finding out the information they needed. The subordinate then tells Yeon they caught the man who tried to take her away previously.

    – Thus Yeon talks to Muhyul alone and Yeon asks him if he’s a spy from Goguryeo since he wore a Goguryeo soldier attire last time she saw him.
    Muhyul says he’s not, and that he has since been kicked out of Goguryeo army, so now he fled to Buyeo. Yeon then asks him if he has a place to stay and she could help him find a place if he needed it but Muhyul says he’s staying at a merchant’s, but Yeon says in the future if he needs her help he should come ask her. Muhyul says he just needs her to let him go free and Yeon agrees. Muhyul returns to Mahwang’s residence, where Haemyeong tells Mahwang he saw w/ his very own eyes the dark shadow soldiers training, using live human beings as targets and guinea pigs. Mahwang says indeed the secret troop is ruthless and powerful and that rumor has it they were used by the king against Hwangryeong nation when King Daeso got rid of the old king to put a puppet king on the throne there. Haemyeong comments they must kill King Daeso now. That night, Muhyul looks at the message cloth again and tries to understand what the encrypted characters mean. Muhyul goes to the market and Maro helps him find the man named Seongbaek, but before Muhyul can give the cloth to him Buyeo soldiers arrive and takes Seongbaek away, and the soldiers soon chase after Muhyul as well.

    – Meanwhile inside Daeso’s palace, a bath maid readies the bath water for Daeso, but Takrok discovers she is pouring poison into the water and confronts her but the maid eats the poison and kills herself instead. When Daeso learns of it he yells at Sagu for not knowning about it, and Sagu gives Takrok a sinister look. King Daeso realizes he is the target of assasination and orders all the foreign men and women to be taken into custody. Thus when the soldiers go around town capturing foreigners, Mahwang hurries and tells Haemyeong he must flee at once. As Muhyul flees with the crown prince, he sees Yeon pass by again but he is unable to trail her this time. While Haemyeong, Maro, Muhyul and Goeyu try to return to Jolbon via Seolryeong mountain they discover a group of tortued Goguryeo captives being dragged away by Buyeo soldiers. Muhyul is upset by it and wants to save them, but Goeyu stops him. Then, Haemyeong says they have to save them from becoming slaves even though it endangers their own lives, and Muhyul is impressed by it.

    – Yeon watches as some foreigners are taken away, and when her father tells her these captives are from Goguryeo or Hwangryeong, Yeon looks for Muhyul among the captives but when her father asks her if she’s looking for someone Yeon says no. That night, Haemeyong and his men arrive in captive camp, and they ambush the soldiers, and start a fire at the camp to save Goguryeo captives. Then Haemyeong tells them he is Goguryeo’s crown prince and the men and women kneel to thank him, but Haemyeong says he cant receive their bow, because he may be causing more pain in their lives, for he cannot take them back to Goguryeo, and that there’s nothing else he can do for them, but he swears he will avenge the humiliation for them so they can return their hometowns where their families are, and at that the men and women cry, while Haemyeong urges them to flee at once.

    – Afterwards, Haemyeong decides to go to Guknae castle instead of Jolbon to see King Yuri. At the Guguryeo palace Haemyeong brings Muhyul w/ him to see the king, while Goeyu gives Maro a tour of the palace. Haemyeong and the king eats, with the rest of the family, and when Yeojin tells Haemyeong he should come back for good, Haemyeong says Yeojin needs to hold the fort down for him, but Seryu says Yeojin knows nothing. Lady Miyu objects and says Yeojin is learning a lot. Seryu says she heard he’s going to see the Biryu sangga a lot and Miyu objects again saying that is groundless rumor. King Yuri asks about the trip to Han nation, but Haemyeong says he didnt go to Han, then calls Muhyul to appear w/ a scroll for the king about Daeso’s armies. Then in private, Haemyeong tells Yuri anout Daeso’s “dark shadow troop” who use live ppl to test and train. Haemyeong says the current Hwangryeong king is Daeso’spuppet, and same will happen to them if they sit idlely, so Haemyeong asks for soldiers to kill Daeso. Yuri questions their ability to kill Daeso, but Haemyeong says once a month Daeso leaves palace and they could do it then, however Yuri says to wait like he knelt before Daeso patiently, for the right time to come. Lady Miyu evesdrops and summons to see sangga.
    Meanwhile Muhyul looks at the cloth again, when Maro comes and reads it aloud and helps Muhyul solve it, saying it says on the 10th day of the 10th month, King Daeso will be at the location of Jipaemyeol.

    – Next day Goeyu runs into Princess Seryu who is practicing her fight skills and she challenges him to a duel. Goeyu easily wins and says Seryu is pretty and skilled and flirts w/ her not knowing she is a princess. Then Muhyul comes and reveals Seryu is a princess and Goeyu drops to his knees for his offense, but Seryu laughs and leaves. Then, Maro suggests they should go find something yummy in the palace town, and in the market Maro looks to buy something for Hye-Ap. Muhyul finds out the merchant is from Hwangryeong and asks about Jipaehyeol. The merchant says Jipaehyeol is where Hwangryeong palace used to be. At this Muhyul runs to Prince Haemyeong to show him the cloth and about King Daeso being at Jipaehyeol soon.

    – In Buyeo, Takrok advises King Daeso not to go to Hwangryeong nation because it’s too dangerous, but Sagu says it’s already something the king has agreed to do. Takrok and Sagu go into an argument about the king’s safety, but Daeso says he’s not afraid and he’s going as planned because he needs Hwangryeong’s alliance if Buyeo is to be up against Han nation. That night, Yeon notices her father looking worried and Yeon asks what’s wrong. Takrok tells her about the king’s upcoming trip, and how he couldnt’ disuade the king, yet he’s feeling uneasy about it. Yeon then says she needs to go make a trip to where Dojin is because many soldiers are injured there and her help is needed.

    – Maro brings a trinket for Hye-Ap from Guknae fortress, and Hye-Ap asks how their trip was. Muhyul said it was wonderful especially being able to serve the crown prince, and he thought it would be nice to have a brother or father like the crown prince. Hye-Ap smiles and says Muhyul should continue to serve Haemyeong so. Haemyeong gathers his few faithfuls and tells them he will attack King Daeso in Hwangryeong. Haemyeong’s advisor tells Haemyeong he doesn’t have any troops right now and he could easily lose his life for such risky activity. The advisor says he should wait and become a king first then go attack Buyeo. Haemyeong says that is correct, however he must do something now before more lives are lost. Goeyu is worried that they are too few of them even with a small private army, but Haemyeong says as long as they fight w/ their life they should be okay.

    – Muhyul goes to look for Chubalso hoping to recruit him and his men, in the attack against King daeso. Muhyul asks Chubalso to go fight and Chubalso says he’s not crazy, but Muhyul says if Chubalso agrees he will win the trust of the crown prince, which will change Chubalso’s life one day, when the crown prince becomes king. Chubalso says he doesn’t need that kind of future, and he’s content w/ life as is. Muhyul leaves but says he has til tomorrow morning to change his mind. Maro tells Muhyul he knew Chubalso wouldnt’ go for it, but Muhyul says to wait and see.

    – Prince Haemyeong starts to train a small army but a spy from Baegeuk watches and goes back to to Jolbon fortress w/ the finding, and Baeguek goes toward Haemyeong’s training camp to see for himself what the crown prince is up to. Muhyul and Maro are waiting for Chubalso when they see Baegeuk and his guards passing by, and Muhyul tells Maro to hurry and alert the crown prince, while he goes and distracts Baegeuk. Maro tells Haemyeong about the Jolbon governor’s visit and Haemyeong quickly tells his men to hide. Meanwhile, Muhyul is about to be caught by Baegeuk’s soldiers, when Chubalso and his bandits arrive to save Muhyul. When Baegeuk arrives at the training camp, there are no soldiers left, except for some equipments and firepits still burning, and Baegeuk wonders what Haemyeong is up to and orders his men to go find Haemyeong at once.
    Haemyeong’s advisor says Baegeuk must suspect something but Haemyeong says he can’t lose this chance to kill Daeso and goes forward w/ their plan and traininig.

    – Meanwhile Yeon nurses the injured men at the soldier camp where Dojin is training. Dojin says he regretted calling Yeon here, because he didn’t know if she’d come and it was torturous to wait and see if she’d come, not knowning she’d come so soon. Yeon says of course she’d come when he called for her, and Yeon asks Dojin how he’s doing. Dojin says everyday that he is alive is like a miracle. Yeon tells Dojin the King went to Hwangryeong nation, and the trip is a secret to most ppl.

    – Then the night before Haemyeong and his men will attack King Daeso in Hwangryeong, Muhyul tells Haemyeong he has given him a dream in life. Before he was just painting in the cave w/out knowning why and now he knows what he has to live for. Muhyul says when he saw the Goguryeo captives taken into Buyeo he felt fury and courage for the first time. Haemyeong tells Muhyul there’s something greater than fury and when Muhyul asks what that is, Haemyeong says Muhyul will find that out himself in time. Haemyeong then takes off his necklace and gives it to Muhyul, saying the pendant is a tool which will help him in shooting an arrow. The tool was given to him by the king and Muhyul says it’s too precious for him to keep, but Haemyeong insists, and tells Muhyul he must stay alive, so he can teach him how to use it.

  64. 64 : daisy Says:

    on 24 sept the rating droped to 16.1 (5th) what should be the causes? Because the korean viewers’ve already seen from the web or because they already know what’s going on in the drama or other dramas have better publicized?

  65. 65 : selva Says:

    to daisy
    it’s common for any drama to drop a little bit in the ratings from time to time…
    if never seen any drama that goes right up all the way in th ratings…

    let’s wait and have some faith in KOTW 🙂

  66. 66 : selva Says:

    Episdoe 6 summary (by dramaok):

    Takrok tells King Daeso they must stop their trip because the men they sent yesterday ahead of them never returned, but Daeso says they will go as planned. Takrok insists it is too dangerous, however Daeso says he will be a humiliation if he doesn’t go just cuz he’s scared. Sagu also assures he will be responsible for the King’s safety. Haemyeong, Muhyul and their small army prepare themselves to attack King Daeso. When Daeso and the Buyeo army pass through the mountain, Chubalso and Maro spot them and run back to Goeyu to report Daeso’s arrival. Goeyu leads the first group who launches an attack by shooting arrows toward Daeso’s group, then the Goguryeo men attack the Buyeo men using swords. During the attack Maro shoots up a signal arrow with fire into the skies, and the second group with Haemyeong and Muhyul arrive to attack Daeso’s troop. Haemyeong gets in danger and Muhyul saves him, then the two go after Daeso in his carriage. Daeso escapes and gets on a horse, but Muhyul throws a spear at him and Daeso gets shot and falls off the horse.

    Haemyeong who is severely injured is taken to Hye-Ap in Jolbon and Haemyeong sends Muhyul to Guknae castle to tell King Yuri about Daeso dead. Muhyul arrives in Goguryeo palace and informs King Yuri in private about the death of King Daeso. Yuri is shocked by it and Muhyul says he himself saw Daeso die. Yuri calls for a urgent meeting and informs his top generals the death of Daeso, but when the chief general Guchu says they should then go attack Goguryeo border but Yuri says they can’t move recklessly and sends a general to confirm Daeso’s death first. The royal tribe leads find out about this and Myeongjin tells Sangga if Daeso is really dead, then Biryu will not get to declare itself as a sovereign nation anytime soon, however Sangga says his calculation is wrong. Princess Seryu summmons Muhyul and asks where Haemyeong is. Muhyul replies the crown prince is gravely injured and Seryu wants to go see Haemyeong with Muhyul, but Muhyul says he can’t go anywhere w/out the King’s order.

    Buyeo prepares itself to attack Goguryeo and Dojin tells Yeon her father was with King Daeso when they were attacked by Goguryeo’s Prince Haemyeong. Hye-Ap helps Haemyeong recover and asks about Muhyul, and Haemyeong replies he is Goguryeo’s prince, but because of the dark omen he was born under Hye-Ap ended up raising him, but Haemyeong says he will resurrect Muhyul’s rights and that day is near. Muhyul gets impatient waiting and goes to King Yuri and say sit’s been 5 days already since he’s been here and asks the king why he’s so calm. Guchu scolds Muhyul for speaking rudely to the king, but Yuri tells Muhyul to come closer, and explains he does not yet believe Daeso is dead. Muhyul argues he saw it w/ his own eyes, but Yuri replies as the king he cannot risk lives of ppl recklessly. Muhyul leaves and Guchu comments to King Yuri, Muhyul is like Yuri in his young days, fearless and blunt.

    Yuri’s messenger returns to tell Yuri the Buyeo troops are moving toward Goguryeo border. Yuri calls for an urgent meeting with the tribal leads and Yuri says he’s going to war with Goguryeo even though the tribal leaders have said they are against it in the past. Yuri announces Daeso is dead so they have a good chance against Buyeo, and Biryu sangga agrees and tells Yuri Biryu will send 30,000 army men to fight. Yuri’s bodyguard tells Muhyul Goguryeo will go to war with Buyeo and Muhyul is happy by the news. However Baegeuk the Jolbon fort governor spies on Buyeo camp and sees Daeso alive, and Baegeuk rushes toward Guknae castle to see King Yuri. Meanwhile in Buyeo camp, Daeso announces he wants Haemyeong captured and to die infront of him. Just then Yeon and Dojin arrive and Daeso tells Dojin they don’t need the dark shadow army this time against Buyeo. After the meeting, Takrok tells Dojin and Yeon about Sagu used a Daeso look-alike to fool Haemyeong, and Takrok tells Dojin to beware of Sagu who is a scary man.

    In Guknae castle, Prince Yeojin wants to go fight too and Seryu wants to see his skills, and assigns Muhyul to a duel against Yeojin. Muhyul beats him easily but Lady Miyu who passes by sees it and gets angry adn calls a halt to it and slaps Muhyul for it. Yeojin argues he volunteered to fight but Lady Miyu scolds Seryu instead for it. Muhyul apologizes to Seryu but Seryu says it’s not his fault.
    Baegeuk arrives in Guknae castle and tells Yuri Daeso is still alive. Next Buyeo’s Sagu arrives in Guknae castle and informs Yuri about Daeso being alive too, and that he wants Haemyeong killed infront of him or else all of Goguryeo will suffer.

    Mahwang the merchant is attacked by Buyeo army and all his men are kileld and riches destroyed. The Buyeo army continues its rampage through the villages near Goguryeo’s border, killing the Goguryeo ppl and burning the villages. Baegeuk tells Yuri they must capture Haemyeong and send him to Daeso in order to stop the destruction. Baegeuk’s soldiers try to catch Muhyul to get to Haemyeong but Seryu wears a disguise and saves Muhyul, then tells Muhyul to hurry and go to Haemyeong to tell him to go into hiding, because Haemyeong is getting blamed for everything.
    So Muhyul rushes toward Jolbon and informs Haemyeong that the Daeso they killed is a fake Daeso and Haemyeong is dismayed. Haemyeong says he must go to Guknae castle then, but Muhyul and Hye-Ap argue Haemeyong must remain hidden or else he will die. Muhyul pleads saying if something happens to Haemyeong he will be guilty for the rest of his life, since it was he who informed Haemyeong about Daeso going to Hwangryong.

    Desperate, Mahwang goes to see Biryu Sangga for money and help, and Biryu Sangga gives him 500 nyang, and tells him to capture Haemyeong..Thus Mahwang goes to see Hye-Ap and asks to see the crown prince, but Hye-Ap discovers Haemyeong already left, leaving behind a scroll for her. Hye-Ap reads the letter left by him, saying he cannot let his father bear all the responsibilities while he lives pathetically in hiding. Haemyeong asks Hye-Ap to look after Muhyul should something happen, and that Muhyul will one day become the sun of Goguryeo. Haemyeong finishes off his letter by telling Hye-Ap he is sorry and that she has always been the only one in his heart all these years and Hye-Ap tears up. Next, Haemyeong appears before Yuri and begs Yuri to send him to Daeso, but Yuri says he already threw away one son he won’t do it again, and Yuri tells Haemyeong a crown prince can’t die just because he wants to, and Haemyeong must live. Yuri says he will bear all the responsibilities and asks Haemyeong to avenge for him in the future. At this Haemyeong wails and kneels before Yuri, calling him as father. Yuri puts his hand on Haemyeong and Yuri looks at Haemyeong who continues to wail.

  67. 67 : selva Says:

    watch this guys… the preview of Episode 7 (OMG… amazing preview)

  68. 68 : emanuelle Says:

    episode 6 is now showing at viikii.net, please try to watch it

  69. 69 : selva Says:

    happy birthday my dearest oppa
    wish you all the luck, happiness, health and success in your life

  70. 70 : selva Says:

    today’s episode was teary…
    OMG… I cried like I’ve never cried before

  71. 71 : JungWon Says:

    Belated Happy Birthday to Song Il Guk. Hope for more success in career and love life.

    Hi Selva, I’m really looking forward to episode 7 coz I believe it’s really gonna be a heartbreaking one. I’m kinda sad coz Haemyung is planning to take his life to save the King. Muhyul’s gonna be devasted for sure. I wished that his Hyong would stay and teach Muhyul more things about this big world w/c are still so new to him but it seems Muhyul’s gonna explore and overcome everything on his own from this time onwards..

  72. 72 : JungWon Says:

    to Selva:

    Btw, hope to know the summary of episode 7.. if it’s not too much for you. ^^

  73. 73 : JungWon Says:

    Hope Korean Drama could let us know the latest rating of this series.. would really appreciate it.^^

  74. 74 : selva Says:

    hi dear Jun woo
    I’m sorry… but dramaok won’t make summaries any more…
    she lost interest in the drama hehehe
    anyway… vikii already uploaded episode 7 with the subs…

    I just finished watching episode 8… OMG I just love this drama…
    muhyul character is so dark and bitter…

    I’ll try to write a summary for it… but forgive me… I don’t understand korean… so I’ll say what I understood…

    after the last episode, Muhyul and Maro joined the Black Shadows army… he’s so bitter and angry at Yuri right now… and he’s blaming him for the death of Haemyung… maybe that’s why he joined the Black Shadows army… to take revenge…

    anyway… the leader of the army (I think he’s Tarok, Yeon’s father) assigned each one of them with a companion… and Muhyul was assigned with Dojin… those two companions should go through everything together, such as practicing and also taking punishments…

    so, they are training all day together…
    there’s that day when Maro was training with his companion (don’t know his name yet… but he’s Mukgo… the guy from Jumon)… Mukgo unintentionally hurted Maro… so Muhyul fought with him… then Tarok came and set a punishment for both: Muhyul and Dojin… the punishment is they shall be hanged from their feet all day lone (it was a very harsh punishment BTW)… while they were hanging, Yeon was looking at them sadly (BTW… Yeon is constantly at the camp… I think her job there is to treat the injured soldiers and teach Chinese… there was a very cute scene were she was teaching them, while Muhyul was looking at her and smiling ^__^)…

    anyway… I think Yeon went to her father and asked him to forgive Muhyul and Dojin… so he did…
    she prepared a bag of food and stuff and went to them smiling… all of them went to the river… it was a very cute scene… they were talking… but of course I didn’t know what they were saying…

    I think months has passed since the death of Haemyung… and I think YeoJin already became the crown prince… I also think that he has an interest in the made (maybe they will fall in love in the future)…

    Yuri with his soldiers went out of the fortress(I don’t know where they were going) and were attacked by to masked people… and guess what; they were Hye-ap and Goyo…
    they are also blaming Yuri for what happened to Haemyung…
    Yuri soldiers easily defeated them and un-masked them… Yuri was astonished to see Hye-ap and Goyo, and to know that they were trying to kill him…
    they talked for a while (again… I don’t know what they said) but I think they agreed to join forces with Yuri…

    anyway, back at the camp, I think Tarok gave Muhyul, Yeon, Dojin, Maro and Mukgo a mission… I think the mission is to go to Koguryeo and kill Yuri…
    (OMG.. Muhyul looks totally angry and frustrated toward Yuri… I can definitely say that Muhyul hates Yuri so much right now)…

    so they went to Koguryreo as merchants… and in the last scene of the episode… we see Muhyul wearing a mask and looking angrily at Yuri from a far away, then he grab a dagger and point it toward Yuri preparing to shoot him…

    sorry if my summary sucks… LOL

    the ratings for episode 7 went down (15.6) I think…

    I have no idea why people hate this drama… I think it’s soooo good and emotional….

    I can’t wait to see what will Muhyul do when he knows that the person who hates him so much, is actually his father??!!!!!

    take care everybody

  75. 75 : starz12 Says:

    i kinda not like Mohyul in episode 7.. why the hell did he hate King Yuri, and why did he blamed Yuri for the death of Prince Hamyeong…i dont get it really..

  76. 76 : JungWon Says:

    Thanks alot Selva for the summary.. at least I had know something already about episode 7 coz I’m so curious as to what would transpire.
    So the story gets more interesting.. btw, did the director do everything as how it was in the comics?, this is an adaptation of a popular comics, right? Hope someone could comment about this.. I’d really appreciate it.
    Eager to watch episode 7 already.. I check it out then. ^^

  77. 77 : selva Says:

    to starz12
    Muhyul does’t know that Yuri tried to stop Haemyung from killing himslef…
    he thinks that Yuri sent Haemyung to Boyo as a sacrifice, to stop the war between Koguryeo and Boyo… >__

  78. 78 : selva Says:

    and also thinks that Yuri sent those soldiers to kill Goyo, Hye-ap and Muhyul as well…

    he totally misunderstood Yuri…

    to Jung woo
    the writers aren’t following neither the history nor the comics LOL
    there are lot of differences between them…
    I think it’s for the best…
    so we can watch the drama w/out spoilers

  79. 79 : selva Says:

    hi guys…
    I just finished watching Ep.8 with the subs..
    LOL… my summary sucks big time…

    I’ll try to correct what I misunderstood…

    Muhyul and maro joined the seret army of Boyo… Takrok assigned Dojin to be Muhyul’s mentor (not companion)…
    they train really hard…
    anyhow… one year past after the death of Haemyung… and the queen in complaining that until now, the spot of the crown prince of Koguryeo is still empty… so she asks the Yuri to assign YeJin the crown prince as soon as possible, but he says he will when the right time comes…

    the trip that Yuri went out when he was attacked by Hye-ap and Goyo, was during the anniversary of Haemyung…
    anyway… he assigned Hye-Ap to be his special envoy (a very important position BTW)…

    after the death of Haemyung, Yuri was expanding koguryeo territory by making alliances with the neighbouring tribes…
    the last alliance was done when his daughter Seryu agreed to marry someone from a nearby tribe…
    so Sangga is fear that Yuri’s powers are growing day after day… and that they should think of a way to limit his power..

    back at the camp… it’s been a year, and after many trials and hard training, Muhyul and Maro are officially in the secret army…
    Takrok gave them an assignment…
    after a week there’s a ceremony held in Koguryeo to celebrate YeoJin as the new crown prince of Koguryeo… so there will be many envoys from different countries and tribes…
    so the assignment was to kill Shin’s envoy (not what I said before… sorry)…
    Yeon insisted to join the group so her father agreed…

    so they went to Koguryeo as special envoys from a nearby clan… and according to the traditions, all of the envoys should stay in the fortress…

    and the last scene I already told you about…

    take care guys

  80. 80 : NANA Says:

    Hello SIG’s supporters,Ii like the fact the the writer changed some of the original storyline, because if we know everything then we will never enjoy the story, but the thing we would be enjoying is the great acting og our great SIG and the the others.. So I like that and I am so exited abut this serie and lookingforward to the coming episots…

  81. 81 : selva Says:

    you’re right NANA…
    I was watching episode 7 (again)… and OMG… what a remarkable and an amazing actor he is…
    every single thing he does on the screen is just amazing…
    the part when he was alf concious and the soldiers were dragging him infront of Yeon… and when she did that operation on him to detox him…
    I’ve never seen in my whole life an actor like him…
    he’s absoutely one of a kind…
    you rock oppa 😀

  82. 82 : lwiza 2000 Says:



  83. 83 : yara Says:

    episode 7!!! Oh my…
    those with weak hearts or emotional distress should never watch it. they will just collapse.
    God my eyes became a pool of tears while watching haemyung stabbing himself. :tears: :tears:

    I just want daesu dead, isn’t it enough that he tortured jumong??? now he tortures his son and grandsons too!!!!!!

    anyway… things are getting much better, and I don’t care about the rating. people will regain interest in the storyline very soon.
    let’s trust our beloved oppa.

    oppa ti amo ti amo ti amo.

  84. 84 : selva Says:

    hi dear yara…
    you’re absolutely right…
    Episode 7 was just amazing…
    I was crying the whole time…
    not just for Haemyung, but also for Muhyul…
    those freaking soldiers tested poisons on him 10 times??????
    WTH… OMG… I can’t believe all what he have been through…
    I just found myself crying when Yeon spotted Muhyul and the soldiers are dragging him…
    and when they thought he died in his cell a they were trying to through his body out and Maro protecting him… OMG…
    and the operation… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…
    I couldn’t look at him…
    his screams were just enough for me…
    IMO Muhyul character is much much better and stronger than Jumong…
    and IMO too that the storyline in KOTW is better than Jumong…
    in Jumong they were dragging and dragging…
    but in KOTW it’s fast paced and you’ll never get bored for even a second… and there’s always something new in each episode…

    did you watch episode 8 yet??!!!
    I think episode 8 will make you cheer up a little bit after all the crying in Episode 7…
    there were many funny scenes as well as cute scenes between Muhyul and Yeon…

    I’m absolutely loving the drama… and I don’t care about the ratings…
    the only reason why I wanted to get better ratings is just for my oppa… I don’t want him to feel sad or depressed…
    and also I don’t want people o miss such an amazing drama…

  85. 85 : hope Says:

    this drama is amazing and SIG is great, but i’m frustrated about the rating, i don’care about any one in this world i want him n° one on the list I WANT HIM N° ONE IN THE WWWWWWWWOOORLD

  86. 86 : devin Says:

    don’t worry about the rating. if it’s as good as everyone says, korean viewers will eventually catch on. i’m gonna watch this drama.

  87. 87 : selva Says:

    to devin:
    I’m happy that you decided to give the drama a chance
    and trust me, it’s really worth it

    to hope:
    you’re not the only one who’s frustrated…
    I hope other people just give it a try and watch it… they wil be hooked for sure 😀

    tak care everybody

  88. 88 : JungWon Says:

    I totally agree with all your comments. I only care about the ratings juz because it would make SIG happier if such were higher..
    This drama is the best coz it has action, suspense and some light and romantic scenes to give the drama variety.
    I juz wished I’m in Korea with many houses so that I could tune in all TVs on this drama juz to give it higher ratings. ^^

  89. 89 : selva Says:

    you’re right JungWon
    I wish too that I was in Korea…
    anyway.. I hope they count the people who watch the drama online (I’m one of them) to the ratings…
    totally we alone will count for 30% atleast 😀

    BTW dramaok will do summaries again…
    when I have the time I’ll post ep.7 and 8 summaries…
    because her summaries are way better than mine (mine just sucks hehehe)

  90. 90 : yara Says:

    hi people…
    alright.. I’m happy that nobody cares much about the rating.
    just be patient, it will get better.

    dear selva…
    you’re right honey, my eyes were teary throughout ep 7, but I watched ep 8 and I felt more at ease 🙂

    I agree with you, muhyul is just so strong and stubborn. unlike jumong who was weak and (much of a coward) in the beginning, muhyul made a big entrance from the very first scene.

    I remember the scene when king kumaw was angry at jumong and attacked him with his sword. jumong was so afraid and hid his head with his hands. but muhyul is different, when daeso’s soldiers attacked the tomb of jumong and threaten all those who worked there, he was so brave and didn’t show even the slightest bit of fear or weakness.

    go oppa go
    we love you and love all the characters you play.

  91. 91 : selva Says:

    Ep.7 summary (by dramaok):

    While Muhyul lays unconscious at the hideout, King Yuri instructs Guchu and bodyguard captain not to let the tribe leads know about Haemyeong and to keep Haemyeong confined. Yuri then makes a stern decision, however Haemyeong sneaks out somehow and prepares to turn himself to Buyeo.
    A furious Daeso wants to kill off all the 300 Goguryeo captives they have but Yeon says if Daeso wants to annex Goguryeo someday, he must win the hearts of the ppl, therefore he shouldn’t slaughter them right now, and Daeso says Yeon is indeed bright and what a pity that she is a woman not a man.
    Daeso’s prime minister Sagu goes to see Dojin and addresses him as prince, but Dojin asks him why he still calls him a prince, and Dojin says since the age 12 he joined to be an assasin, and now his only focus in life is to follow King Daeso’s order. Dojin leaves, and Sagu tells his subordinate they must either make Dojin one of them, or kill Dojin.

    So Daeso spares the lives of Goguryeo commoners but he slaughters the Goguryeo POW’s cruely and when Yuri hears of it he announces he will go to war with the central army. Biryu sangga tells Yuri that is foolish and asks Yuri to send Prince Haemyeong to Buyeo instead to satisfy Daeso’s request therefore a war would be avoided, but Yuri refuses and asks Sangga for tribal troops, saying he cannot sacrifice his child again, but Sannga is also firm saying Yuri is instead putting the people of Goguryeo to death. Muhyul is awake and Chubalso says Yuri should just send Haemyeong to Buyeo, and Muhyul gets upset at Chubalso but Maro calms him down.

    Then, Yeonbi and Hye-Ap both agree with Muhyul that they must save Haemyeong prince and just then Seryu also comes to ask them to save Haemyeong. So the group sneak into the palace to rescue Haemyeong however they learn the prince already left. Yuri is shocked to learn about Haemyeong’s departure, while Haemyeong stops his horse for a moment and bow toward the palace and vows to his father saying he will still be w/ him even if his blood is dried up by Daeso. Both Muhyul and his group, and King Yuri and his group leave Guknae fortress toward Buyeo border to look for Haemyeong.

    But Haemyeong is already in Jolbon fortress and tells Baegeuk he wants to turn himself in to Buyeo. Baegeuk acts surprised and Haemyeong says that is what he wanted too. Baegeuk denies but says he will escort Haemyeong to Buyeo camp if that is what he wants. Then quietly, Baegeuk instructs his men to kill off anyone who comes for Haemyeong. When Muhyul and the group arrive near Jolbon fortress, Muhyul gets shot with arrow by Baegeuk’s subordinate and Muhyul falls unconscious.

    At Buyeo camp, Daeso is told Haemyeong has arrived and Sagu tells Daeso Baeguek the Jolbon governor came with Haemyeong. Daeso goes outside and sees Haemyeong and tells him he didnt think Yuri would send Haemyeong to him but he was wrong. Then Daeso says he will give them another chance that if Haemyeong bows to serve Buyeo then he will spare his pitiful life. However Haemyeong says Daeso is pitiful w/ no child and Daeso is pitiful for he will not unerstand the unbreakable bond between father and son ever. Daeso is angered and says Haemyeong has touched his wound, but he will give him yet another chance and asks Haemeyong to announce his loyalty to Buyeo. But Haemeyong again says not to mock him or his farher. At this Daeso announces he will keep his promise to back out of Goguryeo before Haemeyong’s blood dries up, and Haemyeong is given a dagger to end his life.

    Haemyeong takes off his battle gear and prepares to stab himself, as Yeon and Dojin watch on the sideline. Haemeyong is about to stab himself, but Yuri arrives and yells a halt. Daeso scoffs and says Yuri is a fool, but just then Haemyeong stabs himself anyway and when Yuri runs to his side, Haemyeong asks Yuri for forgiveness as he stops breathing.

    With Haemyeong dead, Buyeo troop withdraws, and when the news reach Seryu and Hye-ap both women weep for their loss. Muhyul finally awakes from his arrow wound and he is told the pendant on his necklace saved his life because it blocked the arrow from penetrating his heart. Muhyul looks at the pendant from Haemyeong and asks about the crown prince’s fate but finds out Haemyeong is dead. Muhyul is beyond upset and says Goguryeo is the one that killed Haemyeong and King Yuri is the one who killed Haemyeong, not Buyeo nor Daeso. Muhyul vows he will seek revenge for Haemyeong against Goguryeo and King Yuri for sending his son to death.

    In Guknae palace, Yuri stays by Haemyeong’s body in the shrine, while Lady Miyu celebrates the death and calling her own son, Yeojin, the new crown prince. Yeojin says she shouldn’t be joyful at a sad time, but Lady Miyu says she finally got rid of Haemyeong and now her son will be next king.
    When Yeojin say he’s not fit to be a king, Miyu tells him she will help him he just needs to follow her instructions.

    While Muhyul thinks about Haemyeong as he looks at the pendant/apparatus, Hye-Ap talks to Yeonbi and suggests they should reveal Muhyul’s identity to him. However Yeonbi says time isn’t ripe yet, that right now they need to flee and save Muhyul’s life first, and Hye-Ap agrees but says she fears Muhyul is resentful toward King Yuri. Mahwang goes to see Sangga and wants credit for Haemyeong’s death but Baegeuk who is there says Mahwang’s job is not done yet and finds about Haemyeong faithfuls’ whereabout. Thus Mahwang leads Baegeuk’s men to the hideout, and Mahwang looks up to the sky and asks Haemyeong for forgivenss for he is merely trying to survive. Baegeuk tells Yeonbi, Muhyul and Hye-Ap they are here to take them to the King who has summoned them and Yeonbi agrees to go saying he wants to see the king too. But before they get to Guknae, Baegeuk calls his men to ambush Yeonbi et all, and Baegeuk says the king wants them dead.

    Yeonbi dies after saving Muhyul, and Hye-Ap also gets badly injured, but orders Maro to hurry and take Muhyul away. Muhyul and Maro escape, and Muhyul vows to seek Yuri for revenge, but the two are soon captured by Buyeo’s dark shadow assassins. Meanwhile, Daeso is upset about Palran and Hwangryong nation developments, and Takrok says he’ll take care of it and asks time from the king. In Goguryeo, King Yuri meets with Mahwang, and gives Mahwang food and goods to take to Hwangryong nation. Then in Buyeo, Takrok reports to Daeso about Yuri’s activity and Daeso gets angry.

    1 year later..

    Muhyul is used by the dark assassins in human testing, and an assasin comments Muhyul has already survived through 10 poison tests, when others died in just 1 or 2 tests. Yeon who is there with Dojin looks at Muhyul and realized she knows him. Muhyul is taken to the prison cell and Maro is happy to see him still alive, but Muhyul appears not to breath and the guard announces Muhyul is dead and orders men to take the corpse out, but Yeon stops them and checks Muhyul’s pulse and says he’s still alive and Yeon orders him to be taken to the nursing ward. Yeon spends the next days and nights nursing Muhyul back to life, by getting ride of the poison that is wiped all over his body, and Yeon even extracts the poison in Muhyul’s arm by sucking it out herself with her mouth, and Dojin watches silently.

    Then when Muhyul seems to be getting better, Dojin gives Yeon some medicine to help, and Dojin says Yeon is doing too much for a slave they use for testing, but Yeon says it is too cruel to test the slaves while they are still alive. However Dojin replies Yeon is more cruel for saving him, because he will only be used for testing again after he is awake. Muhyul finally awakes and looks at Yeon as if recognizing her, but just then Yeon is called away by her father. Takrok learns about Muhyul who survived 10 rounds of poison testing, when no other man ever survived more than 2 times.
    Takrok goes to see Muhyul and says he is a miracle to be alive, but tomorrow he will die because he will be injected with poison again. However Muhyul firmly states he will not die because he has unfinished business. Takrok asks what that is and Muhyul says he must take revenge against King Yuri first.

  92. 92 : selva Says:

    Ep.8 summary (by dramaok)

    Takrok is surprised to hear Muhyul wants to kill King Yuri, when Muhyul is a Goguryeo citizen, but Muhyul replies King Yuri killed the one who raised him, and the one who is his brother, therefore King Yuri is no longer his king. Takrok pauses, then orders Muhyul to be dragged away. When Muhyul is taken to jail he smiles and Maro asks how he can smile when he thought Muhyul died. Muhyul says he won’t die as he still has unfinished business and Maro asks him if he’s okay. Muhyul replies he’s fine. That night Muhyul thinks about Yeon, and her identity as princess and daughter of Buyeo foreign minister. In the same cell a fellow Goguryeo captive asks Muhyul and Maro to escape together. Thus Muhyul pretends to be deathly ill to draw the ward’s attention. Then the three kill the ward and start their escape.

    They escape and the man says he’s King Yuri’s spy and asks Muhyul to join him to see Yuri for a reward. However Muhyul says no angrily and that Yuri is not his king. The spy then goes after Muhyul and Maro because they know his identity, and the three get into a fight. Muhyul overpowers him and starts to beat the spy brutally but the dark shadow assasins arrive and it turns out the self-proclaimed spy is actually working for the assassins, who used him to test Muhyul’s loyalty. Muhyul and Maro are then given food to eat and Maro is suspicious but Muhyul eats and tells Maro to eat so they can live. Afterwards the maid comes and gives them uniforms to change into and Maro is really wondering what’s going on. Takrok meets w/ the two and says they will begin training as assasins. If they don’t pass the tests then they will die from poison testing again.

    Meanwhile in Guknae fortress, Yuri calls for Seryu but Yuri is unable to say what he wants to her. Seryu understands and says she will follow his will. Yuri thanks her for understanding him. Then Seryu prepares herself to be sent to Kisan tribe for marriage in order to strengthen Yuri’s allies. Biryu sangga is worried that King Yuri is becoming too strong, but Baegeuk says there’s a way for them to be stronger even which is to marry Prince Yeojin off to a Biryu tribeswoman. Once Yeojin becomes crown prince they will have a royal member in the imperial family. Myeongjin says he has just the right girl in mind.

    At assasin training camp, Maro and Muhyul are paired to others, and the begin their training at night. During training Muhyul asks his pair Dojin about something but Dojin tells him not to talk or else he will lose energy. Maro is paired with someone else who is a good fighter but looks down at Maro. The trainees run for 4 days, and they have to go back in 1 day’s time the distance they traveled thus far, and Yeon wonders if that is possible, but Takrok says an assasin must have that strengh and mindset. Dojin and Muhyul are the first to come back among all the trainees. Next, Yeon is introduced to the trainees as their language teacher. Yeon says she will teach them Han language among others and begins her teaching. Muhyul practices along but gazes at her in between each practice.

    Lady Miyu is getting impatient and asks King Yuri why he hasn’t set Yeojin as crown prince yet, but Yuri ignores her then says when it’s time he will so she is not to bring it up again. After Yuri leaves, Miyu scolds Yeojin for not being aggressive but Yeojin says today is Haemyeong’s death anniversary. On this anniversary day, King Yuri goes out to a shrine outside the palace to remember Haemyeong. Meanwhile Lady Miyu meets with Biryu Sangga and complains about King Yuri. Sangga says he will help them but proposes marriage between Yeojin and Biryu tribe, saying the crown prince should have a crown princess.

    Out in the field, Hye-Ap and Goeyu in masks are waiting for King Yuri to pass by. When he does they attack Yuri and his entourage. Yuri’s bodyguard captain seizes control over Hye-Ap and Goeyu and is about to order the two to be beheaded, when Yuri says to stop and approaches them asking who they are and who sent them. Hye-Ap replies Crown Prince Haemyeong sent them to avenge his death. Yuri is shocked, and next Guchu meets with Hye-Ap and Goeyu and ask them what’s going on. Goeyu says the king sent Jolbon fortress governor to kill them, after Haemyeong died, and Guchu says they should know that Haemyeong went to Buyeo king on his own accord, and that the king wouldn’t order such massacre.
    Yuri thinks about what happened adn summons Baegeuk to court. Yuri asks Baegeuk what happened to Haemyeong’s faithfuls back then, and Baegeuk is taken back by the question but answers he killed them in order to protect the King and Goguryeo. Yuri angerly states the one Baegeuk tried to protect was Biryu, not Goguryeo, and orders Baegeuk to leave.

    During training, Maro gets hurt, and Maro’s partner mocks him, but Muhyul talks back at him and the two get into a fight. The assasin captain comes and decides to punish Muhyul and his partner Dojin for the behavior, thus Dojin and Muhyul are hung upside town by rope overnight. At night, Muhyul apologizes to Dojin for causing this, but Dojin simply tells Muhyul to be stronger, if he wants to protect those he cherish, or else he will only be met with pain and dispair. Yeon watches the two men hung upside down from a distance away. Next morning, the captain frees the two men and orders them to get their physical checked and afterwards resume training. Yeon checks on Muhyul and Dojin and determine both are fine, but when the captain comes Yeon lies and says the two men need to rest today or else their body will be in danger. The captain leaves and Dojin asks Yeon why she did that and a playful Yeon replies she wanted them to rest and also she wants them to be her companion today.

    The three rest by the river and Dojin asks Muhyul what he did in Goguryeo before, and Muhyul answers he used to be a cave mural painter. Yeon asks him to draw her a picture, and when Muhyul says he has no skill yet, Yeon pouts saying she made them rest but he hasn’t repay her. Dojin joins in and tells Muhyul he should. Thus Muhyul starts to draw a portrait of Yeon, and Yeon asks about his name saying it’s special and asks if it was given to him by his mom or dad. Muhyul says he hasn’t met his parents yet.

    Daeso is mad that Shin nation rejected their envoy and Sagu calms him down and reminds him Yuri could attack them if they go to war with Shin, now that Yuri is stronger through alliance w/ the princess. Daeso wonders how Buyeo has weakened so much. King Yuri decides to announce Yeojin as crown prince, and Mahwang rejoices at the opportunity to restore his wealth when envoys from all the nations come to Goguryeo, and Mahwang goes to see King Yuri for trade rights, but Yuri rejects him, saying he only wants to deal with a businessman he can trust, not someone like Mahwang who trades w/ anyone and works with Biryu sangga.

    Yuri then summons Hye-Ap and Goeyu to enter, and Mahwang is startled to see the two. Yuri asks if he’s seen a ghost and dimisses Mahwang. Afterwards Yuri tells Hye-Ap and Goeyu he needs their help for an assignment. Meanwhile Yeojin confides in Eunha he dreads to be a crown prince. Yeojin says all the crown princes of this nation died. His eldest brother Dojeol whom he’s never met, then Haemyeong, both crown princes, died. Yeojin says he is not afraid of death but the weight of that position, and he wishes he were born a trinket maker instead. Just then Lady Miyu comes and scolds Yeojin for nonsense and slaps Eunha for it saying if she ever said what Yeojin said to anyone else she would be killed.

    Dojin, Muhyul, Maro and Maro’s partner are given an assignment with Dojin as the leader among them. The foursome are told to go to Yonggeol fortress to kill the governor and take over the fort. They follow the assignment but are instead ambushed when they arrive at the fortress. Locked up, Dojin says they should now kill themselves with poison since they failed their mission. Dojin eats a poison, then Muhyul and Maro follow as well. But sometime later Muhyul awakes and sees Yeon who says they ate anesthetic pill instead, and now they’ve passed their last trial.

    Takrok then tells them they will be sent to Goguryeo to kill the Shin envoy. Yeon asks to go too and Takrok is reluctant saying it’s too dangerous but Yeon says her help is needed and she wants to help because the situation for Takrok is dire in Buyeo palace with Sagu pushing Daeso to lose trust in Takrok. So Yeon gets sent with Dojin, Muhyul and Maro, and when they arrive in Goguryeo they are met by their spy in Buyeo, a woman named Panyang who arranges for Yeon to be a court maid.

    On the celebration of Goguryeo naming crown prince, Princess Seryu returns with the Kisan tribe. King Yuri is happy see her visiting from faraway Kisan and asks how she is. Seryu says not to worry about her and congrats Yeojin for becoming crown prince. The Shin nation envoy arrives and King Yuri greets him personally, then introduces Yeojin as crown prince. Next, it is announced that the envoy from Yangmaek nation arrived. They enter, and it’s Dojin, Muhyul and Maro in disguise as Yangmaek people. Yeojin wants to be alone but Guchu finds him and tells him to go welcome the Yangmaek enjoy. Yeojin follows order and invites Dojin and Muhyul to rest in the palace. As Muhyul walks through the palace, he passes by Yeon who is disguised as a court maid. The two exchange a gaze. That night, Muhyul spots King Yuri standing by the corridor and Muhyul pulls out his knife and looks toward Yuri.

  93. 93 : selva Says:

    hi dear yara…
    you’re right…
    I just feel that Jumong in the begining was a totally comical person… I think the writers wanted him to be like this so the viewers would love and pity him, then they cheer up for him in the following episodes…
    but my oppa Muhyul (I’ll call him that from now on :D) was strong and tough from the very first beginning (the fight he had with Chubalso over the necklace proves what I say)…

    I loved Jumong, but I think I’ll love this series when It’s done more than I did with Jumong…
    there are scenes in Jumong where you just can skip them and it’s not gonna hurt the story… But KOTW I can’t… not a single scene is putter there to fill spaces or anything…. all the scenes are important for the flow of events…

    I like the acting too… of course Juem-wa was extraordinary in Jumong… but Yuri also is amazing… I’ll decide latter who’s better than the other when the story proceeds…

    I’m still waiting to love Yeon… as I waited before to love Sosoeno…
    can you believe that I started loving Soseono from Episode 21…
    I just couldn’t stand here in the previous episodes (I don’t know why)…

    DoJin… oh man… obviously he loves Yeon, but she thinks he loves her as a sister…
    I don’t really hate him until now… but I’m curious and eager to see this solid man turns into in angry and vicious person…

    Seryu… I just love her… and I loved her few scenes with oppa Muhyul… they really look like brother and sister…

    Goyo… go… go… go… AJA baby… he’s so cute ^__^

    Hye-ap… not yet… I’m still waiting to like her… I don’t actually know what she’s gonna do latter in the story… but the position of the king’s special envoy is definitely important… and lot of stuff can happen…

    Daeso… ^__^ he was stupid before and he’ll remain stupid…
    I hated him in Jumong but I can’t stand him in KOTW…
    die you **** 😉

    Chubalso and Maro… I just wait for there scenes… both of them are amazing and funny… add a little bit of humor here… AJA

    whose else?!?!?!

    yeah… YeoJin 🙂
    that cutie pie… actually I like him…
    and his character is really interesting… the boy is really good and soft but he has an evil mother… I waiting for the scene when he just explode in her face and tell her to leave him alone 😉

    about following history or comic…. this is better… I wanna explore the story in each episode, not knowing what’s gonna happen next…

    but there’s something I’m realy disappointed in… Yuri’s character in the comic was more charismatic and evil in the comic… I would like it more if he was like that in the drama…
    but I’m getting this feeling that the writers are gonna leave this character to Muhyul when he becomes a king… maybe he’s gonna kill his father to become the new king… I don’t know, but Muhyul isn’t a nice or good-hearted person… he’s really dark and kina cold-blooded… so I’ll expect anything from him

    until now, oppa Muhyul fulfilled half of the oracle’s prophecy: kill his mother and sibling (not directly but he was responsible for their death)…

    I should stop babbling now 😀 … take care everyone

  94. 94 : JungWon Says:

    Hi Selva and thank goodness dramaok is going to continue doing the summary for this series. Thanks also for keeping us posted on this item. Hope to read from you the summaries of episodes 9 and 10 soon.^^
    I agree with you that this is really an unpredictably interesting series.. I was hooked up on Jumong before and I’m more hooked up on this series now.. can’t wait for the days to just fastly flee till the day I could watch the episodes to come.. can’t wait what would happen and how love would blossom for these two beautiful beings. I like Yeon already for Muhyul bcoz she watches over him in secret and supports and takes care of her all these times.

  95. 95 : yara Says:

    hi dear selva…

    I love making these analyses for SIG’s characters. we did it for EOTS too before few months 😉

    well, let me start…

    about Muhyul…
    honey our oppa is by no means a good man. I discovered this in episode 8 when he hit the man whom he thought was a spy of Koguryeo. he would kill him if the soldiers didn’t stop him.
    but I will always love him. in EOTS, Yeom Moon was a cold-blooded killer and yet I loved him.

    now, when comparing Yeon to Se Seo No:

    I’m at episode 18 in Jumong (I can’t watch it so fast as my college has started and you know: study and blah blah blah).
    anyway, I haven’t loved So Seo No yet. in episode 17, I started to stop hating her -I hated her in the beginning for being too arrogant- but yet, I haven’t started loving her either.

    I don’t love her yet, but I don’t hate her either as I hated So Seo No in the beginning. Yeon is kind and has a mild personality (but she hasn’t showed her complete self yet)

    as for Yuri and Kumwa:
    till now I love Kumwa better. he is one of my favorite characters in Jumong (loyal, kind, warm-hearted but yet majestic).

    but Yuri; although not cold-hearted, but he’s not much of a warm-hearted man either. for example, when Se Ryu came back to the palace in episode 8. Yuri just sat there so calmly and I was like: come on man, she’s your daughter and you haven’t seen her for a long time. how can you just sit back??? go and embrace her. but then again; he’s a king and might not be able to show his sentiments like a common man.

    Se Ryu:
    I like her. but I got quite disappointed when she got married. she’s brave and smart; she should have her share in the political life (but she’s a woman; so 🙁 ). it’s too soon though, maybe she comes back to Koguryeo and becomes a great person.

    Do Jin:
    I’m absolutely falling in love with that guy 😀
    mysterious guys with eyes full of pain and suffering attract me (blushing)

    I started loving him in episode 7, when Yeon was detoxifying Muhyul and he was standing behind looking at her. ( he kind of reminded me of Yeom Moon, he used to stand behind and look at Jung Wha while she was looking at that jang bogo…. ugh

  96. 96 : yara Says:

    I don’t know what’s happened. my comment isn’t fully posted.

    anyway, we’ll continue our analysis when further episodes come out. 🙂

    take care everyone.

    we love you SIG, you’re our prince charming

  97. 97 : . Says:

    how come english subs slow as shit

  98. 98 : hope Says:

    Hi sigers;
    To yara:
    if you don’t like Se Seo No till the begening in Jumong you will not like here after, I don’t liked here at all, i ve watched JUOMNG three times she is so arrogant but I think that you will love Yesoya, she is pretty and kind and very warm, i love here, for me the most attractive figure is jang-hwa even she never loved youm-moon but there was some thing between them some chemestry, even in real life I think that SO-EA and my lovely SIG are very nice together, you say that you hope to be in KOREA, OH my god its my obssetion now to be in korea to breath the same air like him and to be under the same sun…aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  99. 99 : SIG ROCKS Says:

    I can’t wait to watch the next episodes..^^ Chapter 8 ended like a cliff hanger. Hope to read some summaries already coz it takes a while to be able to watch it in Vikii.. (*.^)

  100. 100 : yara Says:

    Hi everyone…

    to hope…
    it’s too soon for me to decide whom I’m going to like and whom to hate in Jumong. I’m still in the beginning. but this doesn’t matter so much, I enjoy watching it.

    to SIG ROCKS
    you’re so right. episode 8 ended in a very critical moment. I can’t wait to watch what happens

    take care everyone

  101. 101 : selva Says:

    Hi guys

    click the link to see episode 9 preview… it’s awesome
    there is very cute scene between Muhyul and Yeon (keep ’em coming 😀 )

    I enjoyed reading your analysis Yara…
    I also started college… I came back home today from the college at 6:30 pm… it was a very long day *sigh*
    you actualy have my same impression over the characters in Jumong…
    regarding Kuem-wa… I don’t want to spoil you… but this man is crazy 😉
    and you’ll later not sooner know this 😀

    oh my… DoJin… he’s so cute…
    I wonder what will make him hate Muhyul later… I think Yeon is gonna be the reason… I see that she’s interested in Muhyul more than DoJin…
    his character is indeed a bit like Yeum Moon… so I’ll see if he can make us love him as we did with Yeum Moon…
    (although I doubt it… SIG was just remarkable in that role 😀 )

    dear hope
    I missed your comments
    I hope you can watch KOTW along with us and share us your opinion 😀
    about Yesoya…
    I don’t know why… but I don’t like her hehehe
    I pitied her alot of course… for all of the suffering she had… but when I started loving SSN, I’ve never stopped till the very ending…

    I hope nobody complains about the subs anymore…
    it’s just inappropriate..
    when everyone there is working so hard to provide us with the subs ASAP… we should thank them…
    and BTW… the subs at Vikii comes out maximum the day after the airing of the episode… it can’t get any faster…

  102. 102 : selva Says:

    hey again

    there’s a scene in E.9 preview… where Yeon was giving Muhyul something and then they heard the voice of a soldier… so Muhyul pushed Yeon on the floor and he was on top of her literally LOL
    these are the pics of this scene:



    I wonder what she’s gonna do to him after this behaviour…
    she already slapped him once for dragging her hand and running ROFL

    I can’t wait for tonight’s episode (particularly for this part… GOD I’m so naughty 😉

  103. 103 : hope Says:

    Hi sigers;
    To selva :
    thanks for your kind words, I already fellow KOTW on viikii.com and i’m amazed by our great star, I also like your comments and videos in youtube, you and tess and glory and yara and all sigers are a goldmine for this page I just love your words and comments…go selva you are great

  104. 104 : yara Says:

    hello lovely SIGers…

    dear selva…
    I watched the video on youtube and I can’t wait to watch episode 9.

    AIGOO, It seems full of important events.
    I think few minutes have remained for episode 9 to be broadcasted on KBS. but we might have to wait until tomorrow 🙁
    people in viikii are absolutely outstanding and are trying very hard to provide us with the subtitles as soon a possible.
    I’m really grateful to them, and I believe all the SIGers should be grateful. 😀

    BTW.. thanks for not spoiling Jumong for me. 😉

    actually I spoiled EOTS for myself. while I was watching it. I searched the web, watched every single video on youtube and dailymotion and read every single word written about it. thus, I knew what would happen beforehand (that my belove villain -Yeom Moon- was gonna die, Jung Wha would survive,.. etc). I ruined all the surprises. 😛
    so, I promised myself not to do the same with Jumong. I will not read or watch any spoiler (although spoilers are very tempting) but I’m firm on that.

    dear hope…
    you’re so sweet 🙂
    I agree with you, selva is really stunning. all the SIGers are amazing. I’m glad to get to know so many nice people.
    I love you all SIGers.

    take care everyone

  105. 105 : selva Says:

    to hope and yara
    thanks for all of your sweet talks *blushing*

    anyway… I don’t wanna be the one to deliver the bad news here, but I got the ratings from TNS media:
    – Beethoven virus: 18.4 (Seol), 19.8 (nationwide)———-> 2nd place.
    – KOTW: 13.6 (Seol), 13.2 (nationwide)———————-> 6th place.
    – Painter Of The Winds: 12.7 (Seol), 12.7 (nationwide)—–> 9th place.

    C’mon people… let’s pray for the ratings to improve a little bit… I really don’t care about it anymore, but I don’t want my oppa to feel sad or anything 🙁

    my stupid internet connection was dead the whole day… so I couldn’t watch it online… but I saw some pics at DCinside and it look amazing…

    to yara
    I did the same thing when I was watchoing EOTS and also Jumong…
    I knew major spoilers about Jumong before even I start watching it…
    the story was still interesting to me though, but ofcourse it would be much better not knowing about the flow of events before I watch it…
    so you go girl… fight your own temptation…

    anyway, you already know two spoilers from KOTW:
    (1) Daeso won’t die *hitting my head to the wall*
    (2) Jumong had a son named Yuri 😉

    so take everybody

  106. 106 : selva Says:

    dear hope you’re so sweat… thanks dear
    I just love SIG and KOTW, so I try my best to spread my love to them every where…
    BTW, all of my video at Youtube (except maybe for one or two) aren’t mine…
    I get them from DCinside… it has amazing talents there…
    I wish I have this kind of talent someday 😉

    take care everyone

  107. 107 : cris Says:

    what happen the rating of KOTW it is not good unlike in jumong!!

  108. 108 : selva Says:

    Ep.10 preview

  109. 109 : yara Says:

    Just what’s wrong with people???!!
    it’s right that the drama started slowly. but episodes 7 and 8 were phenomenal. why didn’t the rating get higher then???

    I feel so down right now 🙁
    it’s not that I care. I will always adore and support SIG come hell or high water. but I’m afraid this little decline will afflict him. the mere thought of him being distressed causes me to tremble.

    BUT…. It’s too soon yet, I still have hope 🙂
    I’ll watch episode 9 tonight and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it so much 😉

    GO SIG GO… we all love you and will always support you 😀

  110. 110 : selva Says:

    hey yara
    about the ratings… I’m more depressed than you are
    I actually skipped college today… I just couldn’t go
    I was so mad and frustrated… so there was no way I go and be able to understand a thing… so I stayed home and cried hehehe

    the only explanation I have now for the ratings is that people in Korea are bored from all of the saeguk (historical) dramas they’ve seen this year (Ilijimae and Hong Gil Dong)…
    so they’re looking for something from the modern life, fresh and new… and this is what Beethoven virus provided.

    it’s funny really… because when Beethoven virus finishes airing, MBC will air another historical drama (another Ilijimae)… so it will be absolutely the war between 3 historical dramas in Wed. and Thu.: Kingdom of the winds (KBS2), painter of the wind (SBS) and Ilijimae (MBC) :LOL:

    anyway I saw Ep9
    I think it was really good… loved that hug scene between Muhyul and Yeon (although it was for few seconds… but totally YAY 😀 )

    I felt sooooooooooooooo sorry for DoJin… poor hottie guy 😉
    and my oppa Muhyul he’s just smoking hot… I don’t know how he can do this…
    I know I said this zillions of times, but he looks maximum 25 (maximum)…
    and his facial expressions… ahhhhhhhhhhhh
    he’s always sad… poor oppa

    BTW… excuse me Mr. Muhyul, why are you hating so much on Yuri while Daeso was also responsible for the death of Haemyung…
    I really want to get this,
    I think Muhyul despises Daeso, but he doesn’t hate him as much as he hates Yuri…
    the only thing I can think of now is that maybe because you saw how much Haemyung loved and adored his father.

    another explanation (just crossed my mind right now):
    I remember in Ep.7 when Chubalso told Muhyul that maybe Yuri will send Haemyung to Buyeo, and then Muhyul burst out and said:
    how can a father send his son to his death? how can a father do this to his son?

    Muhyul is bitter because he doesn’t know his parents… he knows that his parents abandoned him when he was a baby
    maybe that’s why he hates Yuri so much… because he reminded him of the father who abandoned him (which in fact is true, because Yuri did abandon Muhyul LOL… but ofcourse Muhyul doesn’t know that… YET)

    GOD I have a horrible headache now…
    so I’ll stop babbling and get some sleep

    take care people

  111. 111 : selva Says:

    Episode 9 summary (by dramaok)

    Lady Miyu looks over the palace maids and gives Yeon (who is disguised as a maid) ceremony duty for tomorrow’s event. Lady Miyu then tells the maids not to make any mistakes tomorrow or else they will be killed. Next, Yeon meets up with Muhyul and gives him a map, but just then a guard passes by and Muhyul pushes Yeon down to hide, and lands on top of her. After the guard passes, Muhyul apologizes and the two share an awkward moment. Muhyul then watchs as King Yuri is alone for a moment by the balcony, and Muhyul is about to go up to him to kill him, but Dojin arrives and stops Muhyul, telling Muhyul there’s no way he would succeed and if he rushes he will have all of them killed.

    Hye-Ap returns from her special mission to Buyeo, and reports to Yuri about the happenings, including Takrok being the new leader of the dark assassins. Yuri states Takrok must be trying to win back King Daeso’s favor and trust through the assassins, and Yuri tells Guchu to be watchful at the ceremony tomorrow. Dojin warns Muhyul if he tries again to kill Yuri during their mission he will have them all killed. Muhyul apologizes for risking their safety over his own personal feelings, and Maro asks Dojin to forgive Muhyul. Dojin then asks Muhyul if Yeon sent them anything and Muhyul hands over the map to Dojin.

    In the palace kitchen, Yeon and Il-Haeng the Goguryeo spy are preparing food with the palace maids, when suddenly Goeyu and Chubalso arrive. Goeyu asks to see the new maids and orders them not to participate in the ceremony preparations. Il-Haeng speaks up and says the kitchen supervisor said Yeon should do the work and if Goeyu wants to change he must take it up to the supervisor first. Chubalso looks at Yeon and says she looks familiar but Yeon says they never met before. Goeyu and Chubalso leave but as they leave they see Princess Seryu pass by. Chubalso comments King Yuri must be so cold-blooded to send his only daughter to marry to the barbarians. Goeyu scolds him and says Prince Haemyeong cherished her thus they are to serve and protect her too.

    That night, Dojin and Muhyul sneak into the wine cellar to put an odorless, harmless poison into the wine barrels. The poison only reacts if another type of poison is applied and then the two poisons combined would kill a person. Hye-Ap, Chubalso and Goeyu pass by the cellar and notice the guards fallen and rush to them. Goeyu thinks they are asleep on the job and slaps them to awake them, but Hye-Ap notcies puncture wounds on the guards necks and becomes suspicious. However, when they enter the cellar no one is there and everything looks normal. Hye-Ap then sends the guards to the doctor to check their puncture wounds to see what it is.

    Yeon who is in the kitchen area looks for an opportunity to apply poison on the cup that will be used for the Shin envoy and after she succeeds she runs into Chubalso, who wants to befriend her and asks her name. Yeon says her name is Yoseon, and Chubalso becomes flirty touching her face, and just then Goeyu comes to scold Chubalso and Yeon escapes. Meanwhile Mahwang runs to see Biryu Sangga w/ an important news that the Buyeo secret assasins are active in Guknae fortress, and Mahwang suggests Daeso may be plotting to kill Yuri, but the Sangga and Baegeuk discount it and dismisses Mahwang.

    Hye-Ap is told by the medical examiner the poison used on the cellar guards is a type of poison that puts the person unconscious temporarily, and it’s poison used by Buyeo clans. Hye-Ap is alarmed by the news and advises King Yuri to cancel tomorrow’s celeration for safety, since Buyeo assasins have penetrated their palace, but Yuri says too many envoys are already here thus they will hold the celebration as planned, and orders Guchu to be on the extra look out.

    Next day, during the ceremony, Yeon brings wine cups for the Shin envoy who is seated next to King Yuri, and Shin envoy’s cup has poison applied on it, but just as she is about to pour wine into the cups, Prince Yeojin presents ornate cups he made for the Shin envoy and for King Yuri, as a token of joy over their nations alliance, and King Yuri orders Yeon to switch the cups. Dojin and Muhyul who are watching as disguised Yangmaek envoys watch in nervously, as does Yeon, but Yeon obeys and switches the cups, then proceeds to pour the wine into the ornate cups.

    King Yuri asks the attendees to toast to their joy of new crown prince, but Shin envoy bleeds from his mouth upon drinking and falls to death. The attendees are shocked, and Yuri’s bodyguard quickly closes all the doors and surrounds the hall to see who is the culprit, but Maro and his partner throw smoke bombs into the hall from above the roof, and the ceremony hall is quickly filled with smoke, which allowed Dojin and Muhyul to quickly escape. Dojin and Muhyul unite with Maro and the partner but they realize Yeon and Il-Haeng have not escaped yet. Dojin says to leave first while he goes to save Yeon, but Muhyul goes after him as well.
    The two find Yeon and Il-Haeng who are surrouded by palace guards, and Yeon gets slashed by in the shoulder. Then Muhyul tells Dojin to take Yeon away while he fights the guards. Afterwards Muhyul reunites with them, and Dojin watches as Yeon nurses Muhyul’s shoulder wound, but Dojin is upset because Yeon’s shoulder wound remains untreated. Dojin goes up to her and tells her to come with him, and Dojin treats her wound, telling her she is good at seeing other ppl’s wound, but not her own. Dojin then tells Yeon she should never hide her wound from him, whether it is wound on her body or in her heart. Muhyul watches from afar and wonders about Dojin and Yeon’s relationship.

    Back in Goguryeo, Lady Miyu is dismayed that the naming of crown prince will be delayed due to the death, but Yeojin says that is not the problem right now since their alliance with Shin nation is about to be broken by the happening. The assasins return to Buyeo, and Maro asks Muhyul why he’s so down when they were successful in their mission, and Maro asks if Dojin and Yeon are lovers, but Muhyul says he wouldn’t no. Maro then asks Muhyul if he likes Lady Yeon too, and if so he should just forget it now, since they are slaves, even though they are assasins, while Dojin used to be a royal clansman. Muhyul then runs into Yeon and he asks her about her injury. Yeon thanks him for saving her, but Muhyul says he should thank her for saving him time after time in the past. Yeon playfully says in that case he owes her more saves and Muhyul says though he wouldn’t wish on her meeting such fate, he would save her again and again if she ever needed it. Maro comes and asks Yeon how it is that the Shin envoy died even though they switched cups, and Yeon recounts about her wiping poison on one side of the pitcher last minutely, in order to kill the envoy.
    Takrok is elated at the successfuly mission and tells them he will bring them to see King Daeso tomorrow. Dojin comments what Yeon did was too dangerous.

    Next day, King Daeso is impressed by what Takrok did, and when Sagu says Takrok should’ve asked for Daeso’s permission first, Daeso says no, because secrecy is important to such mission. Sagu is unhappy by the happening and goes to his subordinate to scheme something against Takrok. Takrok introduces the assassins to Daeso, but Daeso scoffs at Dojin’s presence. Daeso learns Muhyul and Maro used to be Goguryeo mural painters and Daeso tells them he will help them avenge against Daeso soon. Daeso then pours wine for them, but when it’s Dojin’s turn Daeso refused and Dojin has to toast w/ an empty cup. Afterwards Takrok gives the men some money to go drink, but Dojin wants to be alone and Muhyul and Maro decide they don’t want to go w/out Dojin. The fourth assasin scoffs at them for thinking assasins could have friends and goes to drink alone, but the man is approached by Sagu who offers him gold for his service.

    Daeso invites Dojin to a meeting and Daeso tells there are two things he regret in life, one is letting Jumong live, and ther other is killing Dojin’s father, but Daeso tells Dojin he could not fill Dojin’s cup because Dojin’s father rebelled against him, but Daeso says he kept Dojin alive to see Dojin reclaim their family’s honor, and Daeso says until then, he will share wine from his cup with him, and Daeso pous some of the wine from his cup into Dojin’s. Meanwhile Yeon put together a small feast of wine for Dojin to cheer him up, and Maro and Muhyul are there as well.

    In Goguryeo, Yuri learns about the poison on the pitcher, and Yuri vows he will not sit idle and he will give Daeso revenge. Lady Miyu meets with the Sangga again and complains about Yeojin not being crown prince yet, but Baegeuk tells her there’s no rush as there are no competition, and Baegeuk says what’s more important is for Yeojin to win Yuri’s trust, and the way to do it is to mend Goguryeo’s alliance with Shin. In assasin camp, Takrok summons Dojin and tells him not to be too upset over King Daeso’s treatment of him, and that one day the king will see Dojin’s skills again, and when that day comes, he wishes Yeon to marry him. Takrok tells Dojin he wants him to make Yeon happy.

    Just then news comes that King Daeso was attacked during hunting trip, and Takrok rushes to the palace. At the palace, Sagu tells Daeso they found out the attacker is sent by Takrok, because the attacker used a weapon that is used by the dark assasins. Next, Daeso summons Muhyul, Maro, Dojin and the fourth man and Daeso tells them he wants them to kill someone.

  112. 112 : JungWon Says:

    My goodness, I saw the preview of chapter 10 on You Tube from the link provided by Selva and my gosh! Dojin got the nerve to slay his beloved Yeon’s father?!?! How could he do such thing that could surely break Yeon’s heart?
    This drama is really getting intense and interesting. Can’t wait to watch chapter 10.

  113. 113 : JungWon Says:

    Aja Song Il Guk! Hope everyone in South Korea could catch up and get their eyes glued on this series! Very unpredictable and interesting. ^^
    Thanks to Selva for the summary of Chapter 9. Hope to have that of Chapter 10 soon coz I juz can’t wait. ^^

  114. 114 : shyblue Says:

    I’m so upset about the rating of KOTW in Seoul as well as in Korea nationwide. Why it did not make much in the rating? This is a beautiful drama and i keep on thinking what’s gonna be the problem. how can we help tomake it a higher rating. Let’s pary hard to make the rating high. What’s that Beethoven virus all about? why did he surpass the rating of KOTW? Some of the videos in you tube are no longer available. who can help me to view some of them. And also anyone can upload again the video o SIG in lobbyist when he is singing I’m in the mood for Love. Ilove that video. Where can i find it? Please help!!

  115. 115 : daisy Says:

    About KOTW rating, let’s think positive. The Korean may have less interest in historical drama because they know their history very well. The outsiders like us appreciate these kinds of drama (especially the ones performed by SIG) because we could learn and know more about Korea. Thanks to our SIG for relating us to Korea. And as SIG has many fans worldwide, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon should appoint him a UN Goodwill Ambassador.

  116. 116 : yara Says:

    hello selva…

    yeah… this thing is destroying the SIGers. however, we must keep our chins up and our fingers crossed.
    I still have hopes, I trust people’s love for SIG. where are his loyal Korean fans anyway???!!!!!!!!!

    episode 9 was soooooooooo wonderful. I enjoyed it so much.
    this drama is getting more and more interesting.

    regarding Muhyul’s behaviors..

    I think he works for Daeso because he thinks that although Daeso demanded Haemyung’s death, his demand is somehow justified (he’s the enemy king after all). but Yuri on the other hand abandoned his own son selfishly so that he would save himself, his deed can’t be justified by any means. that doesn’t mean Muhyul likes Daeso, I think he hates him intensely.

    your other theory (that Muhyul hates Yuri because he reminds him of the father who abandoned him): maybe

    but in my opinion, Muhyul doesn’t hate his father. he fought too hard for the necklace and when Yeon asked him who had named him that name; he said he had never met his parents. when he said that; his expressions showed sadness and yearning, not hatred or hard feelings

    anyway… everything will be unfold in the due time.

    and Yeon…
    OMG.. the other time, she slapped Muhyul because he dragge her. but this time he was holding her but she didn’t say a word. I think she liked it (hehehe… nasty girl ;))

    and the scene of the love triangle (Muhyul, Yeon and Dojin)..
    although it was grave and serious, but I couldn’t help laughing at it.
    while Yeon was treating Muhyul’s wound, Dojin was burning with jealousy behind.
    and while Dojin was treating Yeon’s wound, Muhyul was standing behind so sadly and looking like: I don’t stand the slightest chance with her. she’s in love with a guy who is head and shoulders above me.
    it was a funny scene but in a gloomy manner

    people, this drama is so good, come back to your senses and start watching it 😀

  117. 117 : selva Says:

    hey there guys
    I was tired today and wasn’t able to watch Ep.10 online
    but it’s already available at Vikii… so I’ll wait for the subs and then watch and tell you what I think.

    you know what?!
    I actually screamed when I saw the ratings of the 10th episode
    it rose a little bit… but YAY
    at last it rising not declining anymore
    I hope it just keeps rising until it hits the roof 😉

    dear shyblue
    as I said before… maybe the viewers got bored from all of the historical dramas they saw this year…
    they don’t wanna see something tragic or sad anymore
    and this is what Beethoven virus provided
    no offense to the makers of Beethoven virus, but I watched Ep.1
    I couldn’t bear to finish the 1st episode really. I didn’t also care to finish it
    it was somehow draggy and cheesy
    I’m a musician myself (used to join the musical team in competition in my school and played the wooden xylophone and accordion)
    so to watch those actors PRETENDING to play the music gave me the creeps.
    it was so obvious they’re not actually playing
    the only one that caught my attention was KMM as maestro Kang.
    he’s just remarkable
    too bad he was partnered by those amateurs actors and actresses
    but it looks like people are enjoying it so far *wondering*

    dear daisy
    maybe you’re right
    but Jumong got phenomenal ratings when it was aired
    I think the writers and the director did a fantastic job to this drama… showing us the history in a good way (not boring… but catchy)
    let’s hope for the ratings to skyrocket 😀

  118. 118 : selva Says:

    dear yara
    about our nasty yeon hehehe
    this scene made me giggle and blush *blushing*
    when he got up he said I’m sorry
    it was like he’s telling her: look, I had to do this… so please don’t slap 😉
    I wish I have a guy with such fast reflexes LOL

    and that taking-turns-in-curing scene… hmmmm… didn’t make me laugh that much
    but I had this huge ridiculous smile all over my face 😀
    the two guys are desperately in love with her (Dojin already knows this, but Muhyul is still in denial)
    and both of them had to see the other with yeon 🙂

    did you see Dojin’s face expressions when Takrok told him he wants him to marry Yeon?!
    he was happy like a little baby
    do you remember Yeum Moon’s face expression when he new he will marry that stupid girl?!
    I think the writers are trying to make Dojin character as Yeum Moon’s…
    they’ve done well so far
    because I really like Dojin so much (but of course not as much as I adore my oppa muhyul)

    I can’t wait to watch Ep.10

    take care dear

  119. 119 : selva Says:

    hey guys
    did you watch the ne opening credits for KOTW?
    here’s the link:

  120. 120 : selva Says:

    I read a very interesting point of view at Vikii, about why Muhyul hates Yuri that much and not Daeso:
    she says that in the circumstances that Muhyul was brought up in, made him the person he is now.
    he tried to escape the cave (which you can consider it as his him) plenty of times… when he finally managed to escape, he didn’t even bother to return back and warn his fellows, the people he grew up with… until Maro finally convinced him… he trusted nobody in his whole life…
    until he met Haemyung… he’s the only person he trusted and considered him as his brother…
    so when Haemyung died, he returned back to where he was before; alone and not trusting anybody…
    that’s why he hates Yuri that much… and that’s why he’s cooperating with the enemy (Daeso) to take revenge.
    just finished watching Ep.10
    I enjoyed it sooooooooooo much
    time just flew by when I was watching
    I cried many times today: Takrok’s death… Muhyul and Yeon’s farewell 🙁
    and also laughed many times… that scene between chubalso and YeoJin was hilarious 😀

    I laughed out loud by Chubalso… he’s just so cute… and his smile totally lighten up the screen for me… I can’t help but laugh everytime I see his smirk 😀

    and YeoJin this cutie pie 😀 😀 😀
    when he saw those girls LOL… I mean how old is he anyway?!?!?!?!?

    what’s up with this evil queen?
    does she always wander around slapping everybody on the face?!

    I felt so sorry for Seryu today 🙁
    poor girl….
    and that scene between her and Goyo was cute…
    when he asked her: you still remember my name?!?!?
    CUTE 😀

    DoJin… he was totally in dilemma today… he had to kill the person who raised him as his own son… the father of the girl he loves… he had to because he wanted to show his loyalty to Daeso… show him that he’s not unfaithful as his father… poor guy 🙁

    and Muhyul
    did you see the way he held the sword in his hands?!
    OMG he’s so bitter and angry at him

    now let’s come to the part when Muhyul gave Dojin his becklace and Dojin ran away…
    I’m about to explode right now.
    because I couldn’t watch this part at vikii… the video isn’t working 🙁
    dunno why… I knew what’s gonna happen from the pics I saw at DC

  121. 121 : selva Says:

    I’m babbling alot today 😀
    maybe because I’m soooo happy 😉

    Ep.10 summary (done by the remarkable dramaok… God bless her 😀 )

    Dojin asks King Daeso whom he wants them to kill, and Sagu says they will know when the time comes. Afterwards, Dojin asks the chief assasin if he knows anything and the fourth assasin Maenggwang says it must be the person who tried to attack King Daeso. Muhyul says it is strange that Takrok doesn’t know about it and hasn’t spoken to them about the new mission. Takrok tries to go see the king again, after being refused to be seen by him yesterday, and this time Takrok brings Yeon along. When they arrive Sagu says the king already sent for him and Takrok happily goes to see the king, leaving Yeon to wait outside. Takrok asks King Daeso about his health and expresses his joy in seeing him alive safely. Takrok asks if it was King Yuri who sent the attacker and Daeso replies it was Mobaek instead. Takrok is surprised to hear that and asks if Daeso is sure that it was Mobaek, and Sagu says they already got a confession to confirm it. Takrok offers to go to war with Palrang nation, but Daeso says he will sent Sagu instead and Takrok should stay in Buyeo instead. Daeso says he will need Takrok’s army and Takrok says he will send them immediately and Daeso looks at Takrok with a weary look.

    Meanwhile, Muhyul and the assasins are given food to eat, but Dojin looks troubled and says he wants to go see Takrok, but Sagu’s guards won’t allow it saying it was Sagu’s order. Takrok goes home and tells his general to take all the army towards Palrang. When Takrok’s troops leave Buyeo, Sagu goes to Dojin and Muhyul and tells them the one they should kill is Takrok. Sagu says Takrok’s troops are gone and their mission is to go there and kill everyone in Takrok’s household. Muhyul asks if Takrok is really the one who tried to attack the king, and Sagu says yes. Dojin says that’s impossible and Sagu yells at the chief of assasins for questioning the king’s order. Dojin insists to see the king first, saying without it he can’t complete the missions. Sagu agrees reluctantly and Dojin comes before Daeso to ask if Takrok really tried to kill him. Daeso replies yes, and Dojin says that is not possible, that the heavens and the people of Buyeo all know about Takrok’s loyalty toward the king. Daeso tells Sagu to bring out the weapon head, and Daeso says he couldn’t believe it either at first but the assasin confessed and they even found Takrok’s letter to kill Daeso on the assasin’s body. Daeso asks Dojin if he believes now, and Daeso approaches Dojin and tells Dojin to go kill Takrok, even though Takrok treats Dojin like a son. Daeso says Dojin must go kill Takrok to prove his loyalty to the king. Maro asks Muhyul what they should do and the assasin chief says they have no choice but to follow the mission given to them. Maro says Lady Yeon and Takrok are Muhyul and Maro’s savior, but Muhyul states he will follow mission as given. Maro talks to Muhyul alone outside and Maro asks why Muhyul has become so frighteningly cold, but Muhyul says he will save Yeon.

    Takrok’s faithful runs to Takrok and tells him Sagu has schemed and convinced the King to target Takrok’s household, and the attack during hunting troop, the sending of the troops to Palrang are all a plot to organize the assasins to kill Takrok. Takrok says that is impossible, but the faithful says Dojin, Maro, Muhyul, Maenggwang, and the assasin captain are summoned by the king to complete the task. Next, Dojin tells Muhyul to keep track of Yeon before they enter the Takrok household. Meanwhile Takrok summons Yeon and gives her a mission to complete, and hands her a box to take to the governor of Daegam fortress at once. Yeon asks what it is and Takrok simply tells her it is urgent and she must leave now. Yeon agrees and leaves, with a big smile for him, as he tells her to go carefully. After she leaves, Takrok tears up as he awaits the arrival of the dark assasins. Muhyul and the men arrive, and Takrok asks to speak to Dojin alone for a moment. Takrok calls out Dojin’s name, and Dojin drops his sword.

    Takrok: Dojin, I understand well how you must feel right now, however I already lost the King’s trust, thus you should obey the King’s order. I regret leaving without restoring your status, and your father who suffered a wronged death. May you restore your family’s honor. And lastly I have a plead for you, please take care of Yeon for me. That child must live. You must find her and protect her, that is my wish.
    Dojin: I shall do so. I will protect Yeon no matter.
    Takrok: Thank you, now do what you must do.

    Takrok closes his eye and kneels to prepare for death, and Dojin raises his sword. Dojin slashes Takrok, as he utters ‘forgive me’ and Takrok is soon killed. Dojin is shaken by what he’s done and breaks into tears kneeling by the deceased Takrok who was like a father to him. Meanwhile Muhyul and Maro search throughout the compound and fail to find Yeon, but they overhear a maid confessing to Sagu about Yeon leaving not long ago. Sagu orders the men to go after her, and Muhyul tries to look for Yeon before Sagu can get to her. Meanwhile, Yeon who is going on horse with a servant realizes they are not going toward Daegam fortress and Yeon asks why they are going this way. The servant replies they are heading south away from Buyeo, and Yeon is puzzled. The servant then hands Yeon a letter from Takrok:

    “Dear Yeon, when you read this I am already dead. I’m sorry for failing to stay alive. The King has sent assasins to kill me. Yeon, you must live. As soon as you leave Buyeo, forget everything. Do not hold resentment toward Buyeo nor the King. Resentment and hatred will destroy you. You must live well. For failing to watch over you, I’m sorry.”

    Yeon reads the letter as she wails silently and the servant says they must leave at once, but Yeon says she must go see the king to clear the truth, but the servant says they mustn’t, that no one will believe them. Just then soldiers arrive and kill off the servant who tried to protect Yeon, and the soldiers are about to kill off Yeon, when Muhyul and Maro arrive to stop them. Muhyul rushes to Yeon and tells her she must escape at once but Yeon says she must go see the king to undo the misunderstanding. Muhyul says it’s too late, and Maro states her father is already dead. Yeon is in shock and weeps in despair. Muhyul watches her and promises her no matter where she goes he will surely find her, but for now she must escape. Yeon is still in shock, so Muhyul picks her up and puts her on the horse and slaps the horse and the horse carries Yeon away into the dark forest. Muhyul watches her leave and thinks about the moments he shared w/ her in the past from the time she first met her. Next morning Muhyul goes back to the assasins, and nods lightly toward Dojin to tell him Yeon has left. Meanwhile Sagu arrives before Daeso and tells Daeso about Dojin killing Takrok. Sagu says unfortunately Yeon escaped but they already sent troops to go after her, but Daeso says to stop the troops, and that he is not to look for Yeon anymore.

    In Goguryeo, Hye-Ap, Goeyu, and Chubalso locate the Buyeo spy hideout but Il-Haeng and her men already killed themselves. King Yuri learns about Takrok’s death and wonders why. Hye-Ap says since all the spies killed themselves she hasn’t learned why, but now that only Sagu remains close to King Daeso, Buyeo’s troubled relationship with Goguryeo will only increase. Yuri says her insight is correct and Hye-Ap begins to send her men to keep a close eye on all the clans in Goguryeo. Baegeuk tells the Sangga about Hye-Ap and how she used to serve Haemyeong and Sangga says Haemyeong is tormenting him even after his death. Baegeuk says he will take care of Hye-Ap, and goes to see Mahwang. Mahwang tells Baegeuk he’s lucky he never told the king about how he dismissed the news about assasins in Goguryeo beforehand previously, and Baegeuk gets angry and grabs him by the collar asking him if he dares to threaten him. Mahwang says of course not, and Baegeuk says he will do business w/ him if he gets him the girl he wants. Mahwang asks who and Baegeuk says Hye-Ap. At the palace, Prince Yeojin asks to see Chubalso and asks Balso to accompany him outside the palace. Balso says if something goes wrong he will have to be responsible and Yeojin promises he will take all the blame and Balso helps Yeojin sneak outside the palace to go around the town and the shops.

    Balso tries to show Yeojin more fun by taking him to see girls but Yeojin is uncomfortable and leaves. Mahwang and his man see the prince and sees it as an opportunity. Lady Miyu gets angry that Yeojin went out and slaps his attendant Yeonna. Afterwards Yeojin apologizes but Yeonna says as long as the prince got to have some fun her sacrifice is nothing. Princess Seryu sends a message to Yuri, that the Kisan chief suddenly died, and Yuri is regretful that he sent her off to marriage for his own gain, and Yuri orders Guchu to go see her.

    At the assasin camp, Maro’s partner Maenggwang sneaks out but Dojin, Muhyul, and Maro follow him and confront him if one who betrayed them and who is the mastermind, but Maenggwang won’t confess even after badly beaten by Dojin. Dojin who is pushed to the edge after Takrok’s death, says he will kill Maenggwang if he doesn’t talk. Muhyul says even if they get a confession Daeso may not listen but Dojin says he doesn’t care he has to do something, fter killing Takrok who was like father to him. But Sagu takes over the assasins and orders Dojin to go to Shin nation for a task that will last for a year. Muhyul tells Dojin it’s so sudden, and Dojin says Sagu always disliked him and even though he says a year, Sagu will never call him back.

    As a farewell present, Dojin gives Muhyul a cloth that has some notes about weapons and numbers to him to help him as an assasin. Muhyul is touched and takes off his necklace from Seryu to give to Dojin, saying the necklace is from his parents but he gives to Dojin because Dojin is like a brother, and the two men smile together. Dojin leaves with a few men, and they camp in the wild overnight but while they were asleep Dojin awakes and kills off his men one by one, but one of them escapes and returns to Buyeo assasin camp.

    Next Seryu comes to Goguryeo and apologizes to her father for unable to show him her happiness. Yuri apologizes too and hugs her and welcomes her back. Guchu tells Yuri the princess secured Kisan’s alliance w/ them during the chaos of chief’s death, and rise of new chief. Yuri says Seryu takes on his yolk and he’s broken-hearted that she has suffered. Goeyu goes to Seryu’s chamber to take a look and is surprised when she comes up to him and remembres his name. Seryu says she remembers him because he used to serve her dear brother. Then Seryu asks him to bring Hye-Ap to her and Seryu gives Hye-Ap a map of Buyeo assasin campout that she got through Kisan spy and Seryu tells them to go meet the spy who can help Goguryeo so they leave for Buyeo. In the assasin camp the Kisan spy sneaks out at night but he is trailed by Muhyul and Maro. When the spy realizes he’s being followed the three of them get in a fight and Muhyul and Maro kill him. Thus Hye-Ap, Goeyu and Balso who are waiting some distance away never get to meet the spy.

    Daeso is angry that a spy got into the assasins, and Sagu blames it on Goguryeo, so Daeso gives a big task to Maro and Muhyul. Daeso hands them precious swords and tells them to go to Goguryeo and kill Yuri, and if they succeed he will make them noble clans of Buyeo for generations to come.


    just reading the summary done by dramaok I’m so touched.
    ahhhhhhhhhhhh. it was an amazing episode…
    I really can’t wait for Ep.11.

  122. 122 : JungWon Says:

    Thanks Selva for the summary of episode 10.
    I have juz one thing to ask.. why is it that I can’t watch Episode 9-2 on Vikiii? and when I read the summary you posted.. I couldn’t find the part wherein episode 9-2 is tackled.. Were you able to watch episode9-2? Tonight I did try watching it but I still couldn’t do so. Why is it like that.. can anybody tell me..

  123. 123 : selva Says:

    hi Jung-won
    I just checked on Ep.9 part 2 and it’s working fine with me
    this is what happened in this part:
    – muhyul, dojin, maro and the other assassin decided to make the operation at dinner…

    – Goyo was walking with Chubalso when he saw Seryu… he stood there and looked at her with yearning in his eyes and started remembering the fight they had before… Chubalso said that the king is a cold-blooded person to make his daughter marry someone she doesn’t love just for alliance with another tribe… but Goyo told him to watch his mouth, and that they should protect her because Haemyung loved her so much.

    – at KGR palace at night, Muhyul and Dojin threw arrow poisons toward the two soldiers guarding the wine store… the two soldiers fell on the ground unconscious, so Muhyul and Dojin entered the store.

    – their plan was to add a non-reactive poison to all of the wine… this wine can only be activated when another poison is added (and this was Yeon’s part of the operation BTW)… so they started adding that non-reactive poison to all of the wine jars… at that time, Hye-ap, Goyo and Chubalso were patrolling when they saw the two unconscious soldiers… Goyo thought they had fallen asleep so he scolded them, but hye-ap saw a strange mark on their necks (the site of the arrow poison)… she was suspicious, so she entered the wine store but didn’t find anything.

    – meanwhile, Yeon was preparing the dinner with the other maids… when she found the chance to add the other poison to the cups which were prepared to be served to the king and the envoy they want to kill… when she was returning to her place, Chubalso spotted her and tried to flirt w/ her… but Goyo saw him and scolded him.

    – later, Hye-ap took the soldiers to the doctor, who took samples from their necks and said it would take a day to find out what is this.

    – in the end of this part, Mahwang went to meet Sangga to tell him that the king is in danger.

  124. 124 : mimi Says:

    2 ol sig fans….want to knw why kotw is lowrate?ok i frnkly 2tell u. coz sig is already married….sigs admirer 95percnt is girl!!!so i think the 60prcnt sig fan quit2 idolized him thats why sig loss the highrate accrding 2 survey.im one of the billion fan of song ill guk kya lang honest lang talaga ako.when song ill guk announce the wedding so much sad talaga ako,biruin nio hindi pa nga kami nagkikita BUSTED agad ako!!(joke)i think sig needs a comedy drama dun medyo makikiliti nia ulit ang mga girls kahit na my special smeone pa cya….wish ko lang na makausap ko ang producer ng mbc 2 say sig next movie. 4 sure magrrate yan ng over pa sa 100prcnt….imagine tataas pa ang lebel nia sa hollywood!!!!sana mag dilang angle ako….un lang po ang comments ko.keep it up sig kaya mo yan!!! dnt wori! me and ur billion followrs never say die!!!!!!gudluck and more power.

  125. 125 : hope Says:

    Hi all sigers,
    Episode 9 and 10 was amazing , i hear my heart beatting , it was very exciting episodes, every single second i wait to the meeting of Muhyul and Heape, till this time Yeon don’t catch my interest I don’t know why but its the truth, Dojin is lovely he remind me youm-moon we can’t hate him, I don’t know why Muhyul give his necklace to Dojin? I think that drama will be more and more exciting in the future( the problem that i can’t be patient to wait a week to watch the rest I finished JUMONG in just 15 days lol).
    To mimi;
    I don’t agree with you that because SIG is married now the rating is not good, If we love a star we can’t wait that he lost his personal life to his fans, in this case fans are so selfish, is his femal fans wait him to marry eatch one of them or what?, personaly even if he has a dozen of children and 2 wifes my love for him can’t change, because we like his look and his talent, his charecter is very special, a man like him respect his wife’s privacy till now we don’t know any thing about here, he is a man full of talent and good sens when I watch his vedos with his family and friends and even his fans I just say: men like him don’t exist any more.

  126. 126 : sig4ever... Says:

    to ol SIG followrs dnt change…continue 2support him 4better or 4worse!!i hope our heart belongs 2 song il guk only..

  127. 127 : gaby Says:

    why the rating of KOTW is very low unlike jumong became no.1!!

  128. 128 : selva Says:

    hey Yara
    I hope you’re ok dear

  129. 129 : JungWon Says:

    Hi Selva, thanks for the post about part 2 of chapter 9 that I couldn’t watch on Vikii. Bcoz I still can’t view it on Vikii so I decided to view it on Xiaoli.. I’ve juz finished viewing it though it’s with chinese subtitle. At least I’ve read the summary you posted so I can understand what I’m watching..^^

  130. 130 : selva Says:

    episode 11 preview

  131. 131 : NANA Says:

    Hi to all SIG’s friends and supporters.. I am still watching the KOTW and it is really a great serie, amazing one, I don’t know why the rating is low, however, I don’t care about that. SIG is amazing in this serie, he is really something else is here “complete change of acting” he is really a great actor and I wish him the best and will always love to support a superior actor like him… love you all

  132. 132 : olive Says:

    can u send me via email the summary of Kingdom in the Wind from the first episode until the 10th. thanks

  133. 133 : selva Says:

    Ep. 11:

    Muhyul and Maro are about to reach Goguryeo’s Guknae fortress, but Muhyul stops and visits the field where Haemyeog died. Muhyul mutters time has passed but his heart has not changed, and vows to kill Yuri to avenge. In the Guknae palace, King Yuri has a nightmare and goes to see Hye-Ap in the middle of the night, asking about Buyeo’s happening and whether the spies from Buyeo have sent any news. Hye-Ap is alarmed by the kings unsettleness and consoles him, but Yuri says he saw Haemyeong in his dream, and Haemyeong was crying while looking at him, asking him why he hasn’t attacked Buyeo yet. Hye-Ap replies the crown prince would understand the king’s heart more than anything else.

    Next morning, Yeojin and Balso go around town again and Yeojin says he wants to visit Bunmoon today, and Balso says that’s a dangerous place full of low class ppl, but Yeojin insists and Balso goes to get ready, while Yeojin is left alone. Then, Yeojin runs into Muhyul and Maro who are just arriving and Yeojin accidently knocks Muhyul’s bag off. Yeojin apologizes but then asks if they’ve met before. Muhyul and Maro are alarmed but remain calm and states this is the first time they’ve met and leave Balso catches up to Yeojin next, and Mahwang’s right-hand man is watching the happening. Maro asks Muhyul why Yeojin is going around town w/out any bodyguards and Muhyul says to keep going. The two arrive at a house where a man opens the door and Maro shows the man a Buyeo symbol and the two are led inside. However Muhyul looks at the man walking away and Muhyul says the man is a Goguryeon. Before they can escape they are surrounded by Goguryeo troops. Then, Muhyul and Maro ignite dust bomb and disappears from their attackers.

    Meanwhile, Balso and Yeojin are caught by Goeyu when the two return to the palace at night. Goeyu brings Balso before Hye-Ap, who scolds him and tells him not to escort the prince out again. Balso says Yeojin is addicted to going outside, but Goeyu slaps Balso in the head and Hye-Ap says no matter what just don’t do it. Just then a man arrives to tell Hye-Ap that the Dark Shadow assassins were seen in Guknae fortress.
    Next day, Maro watches as troops run about the fortress and Maro urges Muhyul they should return to Buyeo because all their help in Buyeo are already dead.

    Somewhere in the fields, Yeon stands, thinking about the last words of her father, of not holding grudge and to forget everything. However Yeon continues to be chased by soldiers, and as she tries to escape she trips over a branch and falls and rolls off a hill. Meanwhile Muhyul and Maro hide outside Mahwang’s home to seek his help, but they watch as Baegeuk walks in and they wonder if Mahwang has betrayed them too. Inside, Mahwang tells Baegeuk about Prince Yeojin going out to town, and Baegeuk doesn’t believe him, but Mahwang insists he saw it w/ his own eyes. Next, Yeojin wants to sneak out again, and Balso pleads and says they will both get in trouble if they go again. Yeojin says fine and dismisses Balso, but Yeojin asks his attendant Yeonha to sneak out w/ him instead. Yeonha is shocked and scared, and Yeojin says if she doesn’t go w/ him then he’ll go alone so Yeonha has no choice but to go w/ him. BaeGeuk’s man sees it and goes to tell Sanggu and Baegeuk. Sanggu’s subordinate MyeongJin says they should use the opporunity to pretend to save Yeojin, to win King Yuri favor, but Baegeuk says they should just kill Yeojin instead, since Yeojin is weakhearted but he could be a threat later on. Sanggu agrees and orders the killing.

    In town, Yeojin buys a floral hairpin for Yeonha and promises he will make her a prettier one later on, and Yeojin soon realizes they are being trailed by someone and he grabs Yeonha to run but just as Yeojin thinks they’ve escaped they are soon ambushed by Baegeuk’s men. However Maro and Muhyul arrive w/ masks on their face and the two save Yeojin and Yeonha from the Biryu troops. Yeojin thanks Muhyul for saving him, but just then Muhyul draws a sword over Yeojn’s neck. Baegeuk learns the mission failed and wonders who the masked attackers are. Next morning King Yuri and Lady Miyu are baffled and upset by Yeojin’s missing, and Yuri orders Hye-Ap and Guchu to search for Yeojin. Thus Hye-AP brings Goeyu and Balso outside the palace to begin a search and Balso panics about his future since he might be blamed. During the search Goeyu finds Yeojin’s jewelry at a street corner and Hye-Ap finds daggers stuck on the wall nearby. Mahwang’s man watches the happening and runs to tell Mahwang about it.

    Mahwang who thinks the Biryu clan were successful at their mission goes to Sangga and asks to be rewarded with rights to the silk trade, for tipping off about Yeojin, but Baegeuk scolds him and says Yeojin is missing. Sangga warns Mahwang if King Yuri should ever find out about their scheme Mahwang will be dead w/out a trace. Mahwang runs off and Baegeuk tells Sangga they must kill Mahwang, but Sangga says not now since Mahwang is still useful. Seryu brings some tonic for Lady Miyu who is ill in bed from worrying and Miyu begs Seryu to help her find Yeojin because she can’t live w/out her son. Goeyu reports to Hye-Ap the origin of the daggers are the Biryu clan, and Hye-Ap leads a force to the Biryu house and orders a search for Yeojin. Baegeuk watches Hye-Ap and states she is digging herself into her own grave. Hye-Ap’s men find nothing there, and they return to see King Yuri. Sangga and Baegeuk also arrive, and Baegeuk says Hye-Ap must be punished for offending the Biryu clan, the very clan that help the founding of Goguryeo, and Sangga also voices his complain about being spied on all the time. King Yuri says he will announce the punishments after Yeojin is found, and assigns the Biryu clan the task of finding Yeojin. Sannga is taken back by it and Yuri says if Biryu clan doesn’t find Yeojin it too will be punished gravely.

    Meanwhile Muhyul takes a moment to remember Haemyeong by looking at the bow apparatus Haemyeong gave him, and Muhyul remembers Haemyeong’s words, that there is a force greater than wrath, and Muhyul asks what that is. Maro returns from his scoping trip and tells Muhyul there are soldiers everywhere looking for Yeojin. Muhyul says it is time then, and tells Maro to go bring Yeojin and Yeonha. Muhyul tells Yeonha he is sending her back to the palace, and she is to go see the king alone, to tell him where Yeojin is, and if Yuri wants him alive he must come claim him alone, and if there are troops then Yeojin will be killed immediately. Thus Maro brings Yeonha to town, and orders Yeonha not to be caught or seen by anyone. Yeonha begs for Yeojin’s life and Maro says he wants him to live too thus she must succeed.

    Over at Mahwang’s a new group of slave girls arrive, and among them is Yeon. Mahwang sees her and recognizes her as the nurse at Buyeo fortress who saved the slave who was poisoned, and Mahwang laughs at his good fortune for landing such a great catch. Yeon is taken alone into a storage room and is ordered not to leave the compound.

    Muhyul goes to see Yeojin who is kept in the barn and Yeojin voices his anger as he recognizes Muhyul as Haemyeong’s man, but Muhyul is even angrier and tells Yeojin King Yuri has no right to be a father, because he forsake his own son to die, and even animals don’t do that. Yeojin tries to defend the king, but Muhyul caughts him off and says Yeojin has no right to be a brother either because he did nothing when Haemyeong was bleeding to death. Muhyul says they will see if King Yuri will come for Yeojin afterall, and if he does he will be killed, as revenge for Haemyeong’s death.

  134. 134 : selva Says:

    Ep.11 ratings:

    – Seol: 18.4
    – nationwide: 18.2

    it was expected, because today there was no beethoven virus (replaced by a soccer game) and there was no painter of the wind (replaced it with special becuase the main actress was injured)

  135. 135 : selva Says:

    Episode 12 preview:

  136. 136 : gaby Says:

    wow!!! amazing it turns to 3rd place!!! i hope it will no.1!!!

  137. 137 : gaby Says:

    song il guk gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  138. 138 : isang Says:

    Hello to all the fans of Song Il Gook, Its so nice to here that KOTW is in the 3rd slot. I’m getting more excited when i saw ep11 and i can’t wait to see the next ep.SIG has a very good acting in this ep. So guys don’t forget to watch next episode its really exciting King Yuri & Mhuyul will meet face to face and Mhuyul is so cute evn when he’s mad

  139. 139 : yara Says:

    Hello everybody…

    I’m glad that the rating is finally up.. I hope it continues getting higher and higher.

    I’ll watch episode 11 if I can find an hour to skip study 🙁

    hey selva…
    I’m ok dear, *well not really ok*. but thanks for asking anyway 😀

    I love you so so so soooooo much oppa
    take care everyone

  140. 140 : shyblue Says:

    I’m quite dissappointed though the rating became high to place it on the third bec selva said that there is no beethoven virus and painter of the wind. It seems that there is no real competition tha’s why it became third. Hope to see the rating on high position even the competitors are on air on the next few weeks. Waht is beethoven virus all about and it overcomes the rating of KOTW? How good this drama is? and who is the lead actor? Is he popular as SIG?

  141. 141 : selva Says:

    Ep. 12 summary (by dramaok)
    Sangga calls Biryu troop to look for Prince Yeojin, while the maid Yeonha sneaks into the palace, and asks Balso to help her see the king w/out anyone knowing. King Yuri is told about Muhyul’s condition, and Yuri asks Yeonha if Yeojin will live if he goes and Yeonha says yes. As Muhyul waits by the field he starts to carve a piece of wood, and Yeojin watches. Maro comes back and says Yuri hasn’t arrived and Yeojin asks if Maro used to serve Haemyeong too. Muhyul says yes, and Yeojin says he is envious of his deceased brother, who still has followers even after his death, while Yeojin has no follower even alive. Muhyul replies it is not that Yeojin has no follower, he simply hasn’t met them yet and Yeojin is surprised by these words. Yeojin looks at the carving and says it looks like a woman and comments Muhyul must like someone. Muhyul accidently cuts his hand, and Yeojin says he should shave the wood in a different direction if he doesn’t want to get hurt. Yeojin then says just like the wood which will soon turn into something else, Muhyul will become a different person once the wrath in his eyes are gone.

    Meanwhile Dojin sneaks into Baegeuk’s chamber while he’s asleep, and Dojin puts a sword by Baegeuks’ neck. King Yuri decides he will go save Yeojin alone and gets on a face horse toward the field where Haemyeong died. After some time passes, Balso finally tells Hye-Ap and Goeyu about it. Hye-Ap says they can’t move the army or else they’d alarm the Biryu clan. So they decide to go after Yuri’s trail alone.

    Yeojin continues to watch Muhyul carving and says it is beautiful and asks what the woman’s name is. Muhyul dosn’t answer and Yeojin continues by saying before Muhyul kidnapped him, he was going round town and thinking how nice it would be to run away with Yeonha and live a life away from the world, raising children together. Yeojin asks Muhyul if he thought of doing that too and Muhyul says once he finishes his revenge that is what he intends to do. Yeojin apologizes to Muhyul about not doing anything to save Haemyeong then, and Muhyul says he needn’t apologize to him. Yeojin says King Yuri is also heart-broken by Haemyeong’s death, but Muhyul disagrees and says a guy who is heartbroken wouldn’t kill his own son and the son’s follower. Yeojin tries to argue otherwise but Muhyul says to wait and see.

    Muhyul prepares to point his arrow toward Yuri and as he approaches he shoots an arrow toward Yuri barely missing his head. Yuri looks up and gets off his horse and sees that it is the boy who used to serve Haemyeong and Yuri asks why he’s doing this. Muhyul lowers his bow and yells Yuri is the one who made him do this, for killing Haemyeong and his followers. Muhyul says he became a Buyeo dog and lived through life of slave and used as poison testing, but he survived in order to avenge for Haemyeong against Yuri who breaks his own promise and sacrifices his own children in order to secure his own throne. Yuri replies if he can’t have the faith of a Goguryeo citizen like Muhyul then he doesn’t deserve to be king and Yuri says to go ahead and kill him, and that may his blood wash away Muhyul’s grudge. Muhyul shakes and Yuri shouts at him telling him to go ahead and kill him, and Muhyul is about to pull the trigger on the bow, when he gets shot from the back instead.

    Muhyul falls from the arrows, and it is Hye-Ap, Goeyu, and Chubalso who came to save the king in time. Hye-Aps orders the two men to go save Yeojin, and she goes up to Muhyul laying on the ground and Hye-Ap is shocked to realize it is Muhyul she’s shot. Yuri hears Hye-Ap calling the boy the name Muhyul and he’s also shocked, and rushes toward Muhyul’s body and asks Hye-Ap if she called him Muhyul. At the hideout Maro puts his sword on Yeojin and orders him to walk outside when Goeyu and Chubalso arrive. Maro is shocked by it as are Goeyu and Chubalso. Back at the palace Seryu asks Guchu to send out an army to look for the king and Guchu says they should wait a little bit in order to avoid news going outside, and just then the chief of bodyguards arrive to tell them the king is on his way back to the palace, and so is Prince Yeojin.

    When Yuri comes back with Yeojin, Guchu asks what happened but Yuri says nothing and dismissed Yeojin. Lady Miyu welcomes her son back and scolds him for going out to the palace. Then Yeojin goes to Yeonha his maid and apologizes to her, and promises he won’t let her suffer the same fate again, as he embraces her. Hye-Ap, Goeyu and Chubalso successfully sneak Muhyul and Maro into the palace using a wagon and Hye-Ap gets the doctor to treat Muhyul immediately. Maro resents Goeyu and Chubalso for working for King Yuri, as he laments all the suffering he and Muhyul went through in order to seek revenge for Haemyeong’s death, and Goeyu consoles him by hugging him.

    Left alone, Yuri thinks about what Muhyul said, but Hye-Ap interrupts him and tells him the doctor is looking after Muhyul so he should recover fine. Yuri asks Hye-Ap if she raised Muhyul and she replies yes, and at first she didn’t know he was a prince, but she saw his ambition for the world and his skills when retrieving the sacred sword of Chumong, and she became weary thus sending him back to Haemyeong. Hye-Ap asks Yuri if he wants to see Muhyul but Yuri replies when Muhyul is recovered he is to be sent away again. Hye-Ap asks to reconsider but Yuri says Muhyul is not a prince, and for his own sake they should not reveal Muhyul’s identity to him, because of the oracle’s prediction. Hye-Ap still tries to dissuade the king, but Yuri is firm and says Muhyul does not exist in the world.

    Seryu summons Goeyu to ask what happend but Goeyu says he can’t say anything. Meanwhile Baegeuk finds out Yeojin has returned and was saved by the king himself and Baegeuk thinks about his meeting with Dojin last night, how Dojin asked to work from him from now on. Muhyul awakes and sees Hye-Ap and asks where they are. Hye-Ap says it’s the palace and Muhyul is startled by it and asks why they would be here. She replies she is now working for Yuri as are Goeyu and Chubalso and Muhyul becomes upset asking how that could be possible. Hye-Ap explains it wasn’t King Yuri’s will to send Haemyeong to death, but rather Haemyeong turned himself agasint Yuri’s wish, because the crown prince loved his nation and his people. Muhyul is traumatized by this and begs Hye-Ap to tell him that’s not true, that he didn’t make the mistake of pointing his sword against the nation Haemyeong loved, but Hye-Ap says nothing but weeps.

    Mahwang summons Yeon and tells Yeon he is her master and she is his slave but he is not going to treat her like a slave because she has special skills and Mahwang prepares to show her off to the Biryu Sangga. As Mahwang brings Yeon to the Biryu compound, she crosses path with Dojin who is taken to Baegeuk, but the two do not see each other. Yeon is introduced to the Sangga who wants to buy her for a thousand nyang, but Mahwang insists she is not for sale, but she is here to treat Sangga. Baegeuk who has kept Dojin in the prison overnight decides he wants to keep Dojin around and asks Dojin to show him his skills by fighting the best Biryu fighter, and Dojin easily kills off his opponent and Baegeuk grins. Yeon finishes doing needle pressure on Sangga to improve his weak health and Sangga who is satisfied comments Yeon has a rare skill indeed.

    Next, Hye-Ap goes to think alone but Goeyu comes to tell her Maro and Muhyul have disappeared. Hye-Ap asks Chubalso what’s going on and he says they disappeared while he stepped away just for a minute. Hye-AP says they have to look for them because Muhyul is still gravely injured. Maro helps Muhyul walk away and Maro says it’s too hard on Muhyul, but Muhyul says they must leave in order not to bring trouble to Hye-Ap. However as they walk over a hill Muhyul trips and rolls off a hill. Hye-AP paints a picture of Muhyul and Maro and hands them to Goeyu to show to the troops to look for the two. Muhyul and Maro settle to rest in a cave and Muhyul remains solemn and refuses to eat. Maro says they should go back to Hye-Ap since they can’t go back to Buyeo either, but Muhyul says nothing.

    In Buyeo, Sagu asks Maenggwang about Dojins’ whereabout and says he must be caught or else he will bring them big trouble. Sagu tells King Daeso their spies in Goguryeo are all dead, and seeing that Muhyul and Maro has no news they must be dead too so Sagu says they should send more assasins, but Daeso says to wait longer. While Maro sleeps in a cave, Muhyul thinks about Yuri willing to die to wash his grudge away, and the words of Hye-Ap, that Haemyeong went against King Yuri’s will to kill himself for Goguryeo and its people. Muhyul weeps silently and regrets how he’s pointed his sword against Goguryeo, the love of Haemyeong. Confused and lost, Muhyul asks Haemyeong what he is supposed to do now.

    When daylight breaks, Maro goes to check on Muhyul and realizes he’s passed out from a fever. Maro runs to seek help, leaving behind Muhyul unconscious in the cave, and Maro runs to Mahwang’s. Mahwang’s man brings Maro to Mahwang and Maro begs Mahwang to save Muhyul. Mahwang says he should go ask Hye-Ap for help instead since he used to serve Haemyeong, and Maro says he can’t due to a reason he can’t say, and Mahwang dismisses Maro, and tells his man he dreamed of Haemyeong many times in his dream for his betrayal and Mahwang says he will do Maro his favor in order not to see Haemyeong again in his sleep. Yeon is called and Yeon is shocked to see Maro as is Maro, but soon the two rush to Muhyul’s cave. Yeon goes inside the cave, and upon seeing it is Muhyul passed out from pain, Yeon sheds tear as she stands there.

  142. 142 : selva Says:

    to shyblue
    as a start, I want to remind everyone that the ratings ARE NOT the indicator of how good the drama is…
    lot of amazing dramas got low ratings…
    WHY??!! because this is what people want…
    as I said before thousands of times, people in korea must have gotten bored from all of the seaguk (historical) they saw this year…

    about your question regarding Beethoven Virus:
    the lead actor is Kim Myung Min… not as famous as SIG, but he’s such an amazing and top-notch actor…
    he got lot of awards for his phenomenal performance in lot of his dramas… he’s 36 years old now (younger than SIG by one year, but SIG looks much much hotter of course 😆 )

    I also wanted to see what the hype is all about on Beethoven Virus before I say my opinion… so I watched the 1st episode…
    ok, no offense for anybody watching this drama, but OMG I didn’t even bother to finish the 1st episode… I didn’t feel drawn to the story at all…
    Kim Myung Min -as always- was phenomenal… his acting is just superior to any other actor (but IMO not like SIG 😀 )

    the story is simply about a Meastro who’s gonna turn some immatures musicians into an experts orchestra…
    the quality of the drama is really good… but the other two lead actors (they are famous actor and actress BTW in Korea,they are young and both are very good-looking and have lot of fans there) were so annoying… I feel that they can’t act, SORRY 🙁

    so, IMO KOTW is much much better than BV… even the characters in KOTW are different… I’ve never see the main character in a drama to be so dark, bitter and kinda evil (like Muhyul character here)…

    but the characters in BV are so so…
    even Kim Myung Min character (as the obnoxious Maestro) is not this new… I’ve seen other actors perform the same character before, even better than KMM (I don’t know if you watch the american drama House MD starring: Huge Laurie… his character is kinda similar to the Maestro… but OMG Huge Laurie was a GOD there… no one can beat him IMO… that’s why I wasn’t this impressed by KMM acting here, sorry).

    so, please let’s stop talking about the ratings anymore… because it really makes me sad… what matters to me now is that KOTW is an awesome drama, of a very high caliber and phenomenal acting from all the cast…

    and I hope people will recognize this drama later on and give it some credits…

    as for me, I’m sticking like a glue to it, because I love it…
    I actually skipped college today so I can watch Ep.12 online 😉

    take care everyone

  143. 143 : leehyehyun Says:

    Hey, I’ve just watched kotw a few days ago.
    And now, I’m so addicted to it.
    I’ve just finished ep11, and is just waiting for ep12 to be subbed.
    The show is relly nice.
    I watched this partly bcos of sig and the other reason is bcos this show is abt jumong’s grandson.
    Jumong is my fav drama so i thot kotw wld be nice and its true!
    sig is a great actor, (he’s hot too ^^) i knew him from jumong.
    I relly like this drama :PP

    And to selva. I agree!! I dont relly like Beethoven Virus.
    I watched the first episode and nearly fell asleep. (well..sorry)
    I only watched it bcos of Jang Geunsuk.
    I relly like his acting in HongGilDong, so i tried watching that show..
    So.. i guess.. maybe beethoven virus is not my taste ..
    I love korean drama.. but i think i only like historical ones..
    Thats why I watched honggildong too~

    And thanks for summary. :3

  144. 144 : hope Says:

    Hi all SIGERS,
    I really don’t care about the rating, but i’m glade that KOTW is third, eps 11 was very emotional, OMG sig is amazing i adore him i can’t wait to watch the eps 12 and the meeting of Muhyul and Yuri, Historical korean drama is really the best and SIG is n° one in the world, selva you are ” sublime” you made a great work and you are the soul of this page

  145. 145 : selva Says:

    Episode 13 preview

    hi dear hope *waves*
    missed you alot sweetie
    OMG I’m blushing now :blush:
    I’m totally in love with this drama and can’t wait until next week to watch it :phew:

    hi leehyehyun
    welcome here
    I hope you keep coming and join our discussions here 😀

  146. 146 : cris Says:

    you’re selva!!!

  147. 147 : cris Says:

    sory, i mean you’re right selva!!!

  148. 148 : cris Says:

    itoang pinakahihintay ko dito sa pilipinas!!!sana kunin ito ng GMA!!!

  149. 149 : NANA Says:

    Hi everyone, I watched episot 12 and what can I say OMG SIG is really great he amazed with his acting. Also for Beethoven Virus, I am really not interested , I am not saying it is a bad drama, no it a good one but sometimes just boaring, I like actor Kim Myung Min, first time watching him, he is good, but he looks older the SIG I was surprised that he is one year younger than him. In addition SIG is way too handsom and hot.

    I also want to tell you that soompi website is not going through.. do you know why?

  150. 150 : hope Says:

    Hi all sigers;
    Eps 12 was WOW WOW? Yuri looks very pityful, this guy pass his entier life to endure a lot of pains and can’t even huge his son when he reconize him after years of separation…sad…sad…sad story, My lovely Sig attract me more and more and more with his excellent talent I wish for him the top excellence acting award and its not enough for our amazing actor…

  151. 151 : selva Says:

    hope dear *waves*
    missed you tons 😀

    OMG episode 12 was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome
    I downloaded it in my pc and I watch it over and over 😉

    I’m also surprised by SIG performance here
    I know he’s awesome, but OMG now he’s simply perfect…

    when he was talking to Yuri and holding that bow… his voice, his eyes, his sighs OMG… what a srong and solid performance oppa…

    and when he cried in the cave 🙁

    oppa simply you rock

  152. 152 : peachy Says:

    kotw is d one perfect drama 2 giving song il guk’s a lot of awards for sure…..keep going 2 ur good work sig!!!! u r the greatest HERO. ur d BEST!! WE LOV U OPPA!

  153. 153 : sigheart Says:

    kingdom of winds best drama of 2009 cause song ll gook great actor

  154. 154 : sigheart Says:

    kingdom of winds best drama
    kingdom of winds best drama
    kingdom of winds best drama
    kingdom of winds best drama

  155. 155 : cris Says:

    jumong was aired here in philippines, i hope the GMAnetwork will get this kdrama bec. i’m very addict with jumong.

  156. 156 : JungWon Says:

    Wow, reading your posts here makes me more excited to watch episode 12! I’m really hoping this series would be the #1 series in Korea soon! It’s going there, I can sense it. Aja SIG! Love this series!

  157. 157 : lerance Says:

    what’s up with this title kingdom of the wind, and there’s one the painter of the wind…? hehehe…i really thought this drama KOTW will be a good one, but after the royal prince died the story started to get boring and kinda lost. No doubt Song-Il’s acting and the rest of the cast were great, but it seems that this drama is just gonna be average. It’s weird that when i watched the first few episodes of the KOTW i liked it, but then later on it came to the point where u already know what’s gonna happen next…and here’s the Painter of the Wind, watching first episode i can’t stand so i skip to episode 2 which is actually a good one, and it turned out that the story is done better than KOTW. sorry to all the KOTW’s fan, but it came to the point that i have to say it’s a little bit lame..i still like Song-Il, he captured my heart when i watched him on EMperor of the SEA…

  158. 158 : sousou Says:

    all episods of korean drama kingdom of winds woooooooooooooooow couse is acting by king of actors called song ll gook

  159. 159 : koigirl Says:

    KOTW has restored my faith in the high quality of historical KDramas. IMO, this program challenges the viewer to look beyond the superficial glamour and become deeply involved in the characters, ala Dae Jang Geum and Jumong. Credit the writers and all the actor and actresses for making each episode so provocative. Muhyul has morphed from an undisciplined “punk” to a ruthless assasin to one whose lost his reason to live. Will the noble and endearing qualities that we love in a hero finally come out? Each episode reveals a little, but who knows?? SIG is fully capable of portraying an admirable hero, but we also know he can take his character down a path to ruin and tragedy.

  160. 160 : selva Says:

    to lerance
    it’s your opinion if you didn’t like KOTW
    but IMO if I didn’t like a drama, I wouldn’t even bother to search and look for its page here and write this comment about it… WHY?! because I already don’t like it, then why bother myself…

    in that case I should go to Beethoven virus page and Painter Of The Wind page and do as you did… and say that I didn’t like both of them… I already watched both of them, and guess what?! they’re both boring and predictable IMO…

    but I didn’t do what you just did…
    if you don’t like the drama then fine… but please don’t disturb the mood here…

    if you find it boring then it’s because you never really paid much attention to the details… you didn’t look beneath what you see….

    I totally agree with what koigirl said… the storyline is totally amazing, the characters (all of them) are awesome (even the youngest one in the cast Yeojin, he totally amazed me by his character and acting)…

    and what do you mean the story is lost?!
    the story is about Muhyul who will be later daemosin and roles Koguryeo… so where’s the lost part honey?!

    anyway… I’m totally amazed by this drama… and really can’t wait to see how Muhyul is gonna be king daemosin later in the drama 😀

  161. 161 : selva Says:

    episode 13 preview


    omo omo… seryu is gonna see Dojin wearing the necklace

  162. 162 : JungWon Says:

    OMG seeing the preview for ep 13 makes me so excited and anxious to watch it already! Seryu’s gonna notice the necklace being worn by Dojin and Muhuyl’s gonna meet with King Yuri.. what’s gonna happen?, will there be any confrontations??
    And the best part is Yeon in the loving arms of Muhyul! Really can’t wait for this! Love’s really in the air for these two lonely persons.. they’re make a lovely couple. Just wished Muhyul reserved the necklace for a beloved maiden rather than giving it in exchange for the notes Dojin handed him in the earlier episodes.. could have been lovelier, though.. like when Jumong gave the jade ring to Seo Sio No.. Well, I understand that the story warrants such to happen, so AJA Muhyul.

  163. 163 : JungWon Says:

    This series is getting greater and greater by each episode. One can’t predict what would happen next..it always ends like a cliff hanger. I started watching this bcoz of SIG but now I’ve really grown to love the series itself. Everyone does their role so well and the story is very interesting.
    That’s why I really appreciate Selva for all those previews she links to us so that we could at least have a clue for the coming episode. Thanks a lot!
    A few more days waiting and we could watch yet another splendid performance of SIG.

  164. 164 : isabella Says:

    Hi to all SIG fans, ano nagulat kyo sa rating ng KOTW? Top 3 na sya ang laki ng tinalon nya kasi naman paganda na ng paganda ang story nya at exciting ang muli nilang pag kikita ng love of his life nya si Yeon,OMG aabangan ko talaga sya sa wednesday PROMISE. At si SIG excellent ang acting nya ng magka harap sila ni King Yuri siguro naman lahat mag aagree sa kin sinabi, hay CUTE talaga sya kahit saan anggulo kunan sya…….More Power to You SIG………..I REALLY ADMIRE AND LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEE YYYOUUUUUUU

  165. 165 : peachy Says:

    ur acting in kotw is really good!! u know sig, everytime i see ur picture,my mood everyday is so well…u r my inspiration..we love you as long us our hearbeat’s go on!!!

  166. 166 : peachy Says:

    i wish u more success on ur career’s to come….

  167. 167 : hope Says:

    I still under the shock by what Lerance wrote till this morning-bcz the 1est thing I do whene i weak up is opening this page and say good morning to my lovely SIG and all the fans here- yes the shock was very strong because realy i can’t understand how you can pretand that you are a big fan and don’t suport your favorate actor in the same time, KOTW is a very great drama and SIG never choose any performance if this one is not good for him and for his fan either…so think before and let us finish the show and give your judjment after please

  168. 168 : koigirl Says:

    Aloha all,
    If you haven’t discovered it yet, take a look at the “official” KOTW site for 25 behind the scenes shots. Look for the English word “new” in the title page and click on it. You’ll get a site with the 25 scenes. It’s worth a chuckle to see SIG, Park Gun Hyung (Do Jin), Jang Tae Sung (Ma Ro) playing around (water fights, horse head pranks, etc.) and SIG’s birthday on the film set. The latest is how they filmed Sang Ga’s acupuncture (ouch!) This site also has the latest previews. Enjoy.

  169. 169 : lerance Says:

    wow some avid fans of Song-Il here…i really admire that loyalty towards ur favorite actor…i just miss Song-Il’s acting like in Emperor of the Sea, he was one of the villain but my heart goes to him…I just don’t understand what the writer thinks about Muhyul blaming everything to the King, they got into buyeos, and now doijin and yeon are in koguryeo just all of a sudden…they could have done a better way on putting those two on the enemy land…and then muhyul giving the necklace to one of the best assassin in buyeo (dojin), were it is the only thing that left to him by his family, it’s like his identity…and siryu’s gonna think that dojin is her brother..bla bla bla bla…then muhyul and doijin is gonna be fighting as doijin working with the bad guys of koguryeo….the love story of muhyul and yeon just doesn’t connect for some reason…i like the love story of the young prince and that maid better, it’s convincing eventhough we all know it’s gonna happen coz of their status…it just didn’t convince me that this will be a great one, i know its too early to tell but base on what i’ve seen it is an average drama, unless there’s gonna be a good twist at the middle of the story…i’m hoping…peace out..

  170. 170 : lerance Says:

    wow some avid fans of Song-Il here…i really admire that loyalty towards ur favorite actor…i just miss Song-Il’s acting like in Emperor of the Sea, he was one of the villain but my heart goes to him…I just don’t understand what the writer thinks about Muhyul blaming everything to the King, they got into buyeos, and now doijin and yeon are in koguryeo just all of a sudden…they could have done a better way on putting those two on the enemy land…and then muhyul giving the necklace to one of the best assassin in buyeo (dojin), were it is the only thing that left to him by his family, it’s like his identity…and siryu’s gonna think that dojin is her brother..bla bla bla bla…then muhyul and doijin is gonna be fighting as doijin working with the bad guys of koguryeo….the love story of muhyul and yeon just doesn’t connect for some reason…i like the love story of the young prince and that maid better, it’s convincing eventhough we all know it’s not gonna happen coz of their status…it just didn’t convince me that this will be a great one, i know its too early to tell but base on what i’ve seen it is an average drama, unless there’s gonna be a good twist at the middle of the story…i’m hoping…peace out..

  171. 171 : cris Says:

    i can’t wait to see this drama here in the philippines!!!

  172. 172 : cris Says:

    song il guk is the best korean actor…..god bless!!!

  173. 173 : selva Says:

    Dear lerance
    it looks like you’re still watching KOTW although you said it’s boring.
    (BTW his name is Il-Gook… the family name is Song).

    I’m not arguing with you or anything… but I just want to say my opinion in some points you mentioned in your post… so peace dear… we’re all are SIGers here… so no hatred or anything between us, ok 😉

    – I think SIG’s acting here is as remarkable as Emperor of The Sea… they’re both different characters, but SIG totally nailed ’em perfectly.

    – about why the writers made Muhyul blames Yuri for everything, is simply because after Muhyul escape from the palace, Haemyung was the only one who trusted and loved him. he gave him a goal in life (which is defeating Boyeo and restoring the old Joeson territory). but after he died, Muhyul became purposeless again… that’s why he worked for the enemy (boyeo) so he can take revenge from Yuri… he blames Yuri for killing Haemyung and taking his purpose and belonging away, and also for all the suffers he had to endure in the Black Shadows camp… he blames him because he (Muhyul) turned into an assassin because of him…
    it pretty crazy for Muhyul to blames Yuri for all that… but Muhyul isn’t perfect… and nobody taught him any life lessons… do you expect him to grow up and think straight and wisely toward anything he faces in his life?!
    If I were him, and grew up in such circumstances, I would be an extreme person too and blame everybody for everything…
    this is why I love his character here… it’s so different from any character he did before… so kudos for him.

    – and the reason for Dojin and Yeon to go to Buyeo is because this is the nearest land to them… Yeon already was escaping, do you expect her to go to the most far land and hide?!
    she’s still a princess who didn’t suffer that much in her life, and was under the protection of her father and Dojin… she’s still fragile.
    the same with Dojin… and there’s another reason for him heading to Koguryeo, maybe because he’s mad at what happened in Buyeo… mad that Daeso forced him to kill Yeon’s father, the man who raised him… and also because of what Daeso’s right hand man did when he sent him into a mission that could take a year to accomplish… he already knew they are willing to kill him… so the reasonable thing for him to do now is to go to the enemy land and take revenge from them.
    and again Dojin isn’t perfect either… the man is an assassin, so he would do whatever he wants without considering what others may think…

    – now, why did Muhyul give Dojin the necklace?! I think it’s pretty obvious that Muhyul was lonely all of his life (except for Maro)… he didn’t feel that he belongs to someone, or that he can befriend anyone from outside the cave… so when he met Dojin… it’s like he finally found what he’s looking for… a friend and a family.
    (of course you know that Muhyul now is longing for this feeling after the death of Haemyung). so he gave him the most precious thing in his life (the necklace).
    Muhyul already lost the hope of meeting his family after all of those years… I think the reason why he kept the necklace all of this time is because he was still hanging and longing to the feel of the family… so when he found Dojin and Yeon, it’s like he finally found what he’s looking for… he doesn’t need a necklace to belong… he already found true people he can be with.
    and of course Muhyul and Dojin gonna fight later… we already know that… in each historical drama there has to be a hero and his rival.

    – concerning the love story between Muhyuland Yeon, we can’t even call it a love story YET. we know that Muhyul and Yeon are gonna love each other insanely later… but now, we can’t tell if what Muhyul feels toward Yeon is love, or just gratitude for saving his life… let’s not forget the Yeon is the 1st woman he sees after his escape from the cave (I don’t consider hye-ap a woman… because she’s already older than him in the drama).
    the same with Yeon… what they feel toward each other is still not love… maybe a mutual crush… they like being with each other… and this liking eventually will progress into love later…
    atleast here we now why would Muhyul love Yeon, but in EOTS we just saw him looking at her from the beginning and opppsss he loves her.

    I’m really thankful for you that you allowed me to finally say what I really think about this drama…

    the reason why I love it so much is because it made me think below the surface… any other drama I feel that everything is forced… all the situation are explained… every move is described… it’s like they are feeding me the story by a spoon… I don’t want that… I wanna think about the story more… I wanna analyse what I see… and this is what KOTW provided to me…

    I hope you don’t give up on KOTW now… I hope you continue watching it… and I hope you come here more often so wean talk more about it… and I’m sure, eventually you’ll love it as much as we all do…

    take care dear… you’re a true SIGers now because you decided to give the drama another chance and watch it…

    bye bye everybody.

  174. 174 : selva Says:

    dear koigirl
    thanks alot for the info.
    I used to watch those videos at Daum and DCinside… I didn’t they were available at the official websie.
    thanks again 😀

  175. 175 : JungWon Says:

    Hi Selva, thanks for your latest post/comment regarding KOTW bcoz it is juz as what I had in mind posting.
    Moreover, as I have seen in the episode 13 preview, it’s as if Muhyul has come to his senses already and seemingly would meet up King Yuri most probably to clear everything up and ask for apologies should there be a need to do so. Here we could see Muhyul maturing and taking responsibility. And of course, with anger out of his chest.. love would surely blossom. ^^ juz like what Haemyong told him before.. that there is one thing greater than anger which moves people..and that is LOVE. Haemyong said that it is for him to find out coz only at the right time can a person experience it and it’s after one has matured and has taken responsibility.
    I love this series very much. Hope days fly fast so that it would be Wednesday and Thursday soon. *.^

  176. 176 : selva Says:

    hi dear jungwoon
    I love reading your comments so much 😉
    absolutely an amazing point of view…
    finally we can see Muhyul growing up and learning more about the real world…
    after he lived all of his life in that cave, we should be patient on the boy a little bit… he’s like a baby and still learning to adapt to the world…
    I feel so sorry for him… he faced so many bad things since he left the cave…
    my heart is aching for him… sometimes I feel like I wanna jump into the screen and hug and comfort him…and tell him that the real world isn’t that bad… that there are other beautiful things he will see and live…

    I’m totally in love with this drama and can’t wait until tomorrow to see what’s gonna happen.

    bye bye people 😀

  177. 177 : jared Says:

    lerance, i think i kinda understand what you mean…it seems like you’re used to watch complicated historical drama that makes you think hard who’s who, why and what’s going to happend next. Selva did a good interpretation about the drama. i saw KOTW last night, and looking if i could find the rest of the espisodes, and here i am reading your comments.

    we all have different taste about korean dramas, we are entitled to our opinions, and my opinion is that KOTW is okay…simple because the lead actor has been acting superb from his last two epic movies and i’m expecting more of him, something i haven’t seen, unfortunately i haven’t seen it yet so far.

    i am gonna wait until the battle comes, maybe i can see something interesting that makes my heart beats so fast that i can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen next.

  178. 178 : Glory Says:

    Hi Sigers,
    after watched till eps 10 kotw
    i become more n more adore Sig ,he plays great as muhyul.

    To: selva,
    i like so much read how u described muhyul character very nice.
    for me i don’t like other korean actor like i adore Sig
    i watch BV ,painter of the wind but can’t compare with kotw , kotw more interesting for me n so that’s exactly my fam’s opinion
    my fam like hollywood actors b’coz their acting so good !for korean they choose Sig ,according to my fam he’s good in acting

    luv u dear SIG 😀 !

  179. 179 : lerance Says:

    hello hello again…i’m hoping that the episode 13 synopsis will be posted here coz i’m curious about something.
    selva, you are absolutely right with ur explanation but that’s the problem, you interpreted the story so simple and easy which i can’t accept, i want something more…something juicy and meaty…hehehe you were saying that the other epic drama was spoon feeding, which exactly this drama is all about (maybe too early to say) specially the episdes 9-11. the minute muhyul gave the necklace (which he treasured and protected so much) to dojin i already knew what’s going to happen, when the royal prince died, it’s obvious that muhyul is gonna hate the king and take revenge (disappointed on how it was done) coz the royal was his only family and he deared so much…i understand how muhyul and maro got to buyeo’s territory and became and assassin coz they were kidnapped and forced to do things that they are against with….about koguryeo is the only close country to buyeo…heheh that’s funny, i never thought u would interpret it that way…it’s simple, because they have to be there to koguryeo or else they will be out of the picture coz muhyul is gonna realize he was wrong and he wanted to straight things out, correct what he did wrong which is serving the king and koguryeo people…it will be interesting if yeon got caught by a merchant from wherever she is, and then brought to koguryeo and sold to that opportunist merchant as a slave, isn’t that how it was on that era?..instead she just pop out in koguryeo and went to mahwang of all the places..then she didn’t become a slave but a doctor…that itself so obvious that she’s going to meet muhyul…about the love story with muhyul and yeon, come on we all know that it’s gonna happen…can’t u feel how muhyul feel when he look and think about yeon? i’m sure u can see it in his eyes how he feels…but that’s how u interpret the story, u r entitled to that…i said it is lost coz i was so excited watching the first episode, there’s excitement, suspense..and eventhough muhyuls characteristic of being immature was annoying, it’s ok coz that’s how they want him to be… being secluded from the cave and no experience or idea about the real world, it’s understanding he will act that way..i still like it…it was all great until i saw episodes 9-11..uggghh..what the heck…i was searching something that might change my mind of how i feel about this drama coz i might miss something, that’s how i got here but couldn’t find one…i didn’t say this drama is bad…it is just not great…maybe i will change my mind when the battle begins or maybe at the middle of this drama..i’m really really hoping there will be a good twist, heart pounding espisodes coming…i like king yuri, i think he was good on the Bichunmoo movie, then goo chu and kim gyu chul they were in dae jo yeong, yeon from that famous princesses (i actually like her role here), gwi yoo who is also good in hong gil dong..they are a lot of actors i like here, and they’re doing a great job so far…just don’t like how the story is going…
    selva it’s a good thing you let it out….

  180. 180 : hope Says:

    Do you watch how Muhyul was raised and how much pains he endured, he lost all hope in life after losing the crown prince, the necklace don’t mean anything for him now because as he told the young prince the crown prince was his father and brother, he passed more than a year as a « cobay » to experiment different kinds of poison and life doesn’t mean anything for him Yeon and doijin was his only friends they support him and save his life.
    Also doijin gives him the secret of Heakyoung killers and he has nothing to give him in return except this necklace.
    You said that who Yeon and doijin was in kogoryu suddenly, are you sure that you watched all the 12 eps, doijin never forgive king deaso who kills his father and his anger become greater when he forced him to kill the man who raised him and saved his life and also the father of the woman he loves « Yeon», after all that he try to kill him and send him into a trap, he hasn’t a choice so he escaped to the nearest enemy to boyuo « kogoryou , he have a good idea about what happen in this country and about the real king it wasn’t yuri but the saga and his son the governor of julborn, Yeon also was betrayed by deaso who kills his father she hasn’t any place where to go except kogoryo and the merchant group, she was a doctor and knows that here talent will be appreciated there.
    The governor of julborn will infiltrate doijin in the royal palace as a spy because he want yuri’s throne and he heat Heape, donjin was his solution, because of that donjin will meet syri.
    You said that you love SIG better in the role of the evil youm-moon, it’s not true, for me youm-moon wasn’t evil he was a charismatic guy with a nice heart he teaches to jang-bojo who to protect himself, he gives him the opportunity to be one of madam jami’s guard and meet lady jang-hwa there, he tried to save his life from the frontiers and saved his life many times when he was attacked by the poisoned knives and from YI-SA DO camp, and refused to attack him when he was the weakest, twice: the first time when master Seul was injured when they return to yangs-hoo and the second time when they became friends and inter to the imperial city, when jang-bjo return to Shang-hai and he want prepare a trap for him , he said that he will kill him face to face, even when he kills him it will be for stopping the war it wasn’t a revenge at all.
    Dear lerance, you don’t like yuom-moon the evil you like youm-moon the lover as all the sigers here you love his eyes when he stares to jang-hwa with passion, you love when he suffer for her and his heart burn for here, the prayer in his words and his face when he meet here, the fact that he is always here when she needs him, you love what everyone here loves: the passion and wonderful love of this great guy, you love when he protect here when madam jami decide to give here like a mistress, and how he kills this inspector, you love his pain when he was injured and want to return to the enemy land and research here, you love his tears for here this tears was like a heart’s tears…youm-moon wasn’t evil he was an instrument in the hand of evils » Master yi-and kim yang after »…

  181. 181 : hope Says:

    Dear lerance,:
    You don’t like yuom-moon the evil you like youm-moon the lover as all the sigers here you love his eyes when he stares to jang-hwa with passion, you love when he suffer for her and his heart burn for here, the prayer in his words and his face when he meet here, the fact that he is always here when she needs him, you love what everyone here loves: the passion and wonderful love of this great guy, you love when he protect here when madam jami decide to give here like a mistress, and how he kills this inspector, you love his pain when he was injured and want to return to the enemy land and research here, you love his tears for here this tears was like a heart’s tears…youm-moon wasn’t evil he was an instrument in the hand of evils » Master yi-and kim yang after »…I wanna’ cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  182. 182 : selva Says:

    dear lerance

    – you said that I simply interpreted the story, and that you want some thing more juicy and meaty…
    ok, even the juiciest and the meatiest story can be simply interpreted and understood… because if I wasn’t able to interpret and understand what I’m watching, then what’s the point, because this simply means that the people behind this thing were not able to make me understand the story…

    – you made me Laugh Out Loud when you said my interpretation about the reason why Muhyul, Dojin, Yeon and Maro went to KGR is funny, just because if they didn’t go there they will be out of the picture…
    OK I’m thinking about the story as if it’s really happening not as it’s a drama…
    their presence in KGR is essential to the storyline… if Dojin and Yeon didn’t go there, then they wouldn’t affect Muhyul’s life by any way, and then they wouldn’t be in the main cast in this drama, and we would find other characters instead of them who also would go to KGR to take a part in the storyline…
    the story is focusing on these people because they are what matter to us… the writers can make the story more branching if they want to… they could have concentrate on that 4th assassin who was the reason behind Yeon’s father’s death… but they didn’t… they got directly to the point because this drama will not air forever… it’s just 36 episodes.

    – you said you already knew what’s gonna happen when Haemyung died… we all knew what’s gonna happen because we think… we are human beings and we have brains… if we knew what’s gonna happen next, this means this drama was successful in making us live with it and try to guess what’s gonna happen…

    you also said that you knew what’s gonna happen next when Muhyul gave Dojin the necklace… well that’s very good… because until now I can’t figure what’s gonna happen… we will find out in tonight’s episode, whether seryu is gonna think that Dojin is her brother, or whether Muhyul is gonna find out that he’s a KGR prince, or… or…
    lot of questions that will be answered tonight…
    so I hope you tell us what you think is gonna happen before you watch the episode.

    – about Yeon and Mahwang… I think you got it wrong… because Yeon was indeed caught be a merchant… she didn’t go to Mahwang by herself… he saw her with the other slaves and he bought her…
    and the reason why Mahwang made her a doctor and not a slave, is because he’s smart… yes she’s pretty and all that, but he doesn’t wanna waste her talent in medicine… he think that her ability and talent in being a doctor could lead him to the superiors and nobles in KGR… that would benefit him more than if he just made her a (sorry for the word) prostitute or even a maid.

    – and about the love story between Muhyul and Yeon…you already said in your 1st post that their love story doesn’t connect for some reason… and now you said that it’s obvious that he loves her… I really don’t know what do you wanna say…
    in history, Muhyul is gonna love Yeon and they’re gonna get married and they’re gonna have a boy named Hodong.

    – so as we all said it’s your opinion and we all respect it so much… but to me it’s enough that you’re still connected and hanging to the drama, and still trying to find some answers and explanation for it… I hope you continue to be that way until the very ending 😉

  183. 183 : JungWon Says:

    Hi Selva, juz let me add one more thing in your post..(though in my opinion, you have elaborated well enough on the topic *.^)
    It is still unpredictable how things would turn out once Seryu sees the necklace in Dojin’s neck.. coz Hyeap has already told King Yuri that Muhyul is the son he abandoned; and even if Seryu would inform or introduce Dojin as her younger brother to her father- King Yuri, the king would still hesitate to acknowledge him as a prince.. juz like how he rejected Muhyul in front of Hyeap for the reason that he cannot disobey the deceased priestess.
    That’s why tonight’s episode is very interesting and important.. Many things might unfold and the story could take any turns we may not have imagined.. looking forward to tonight’s episode. Aja KOTW!

  184. 184 : Seryu Says:


    Now Dojin knows that Muhyul is a prince!
    Muhyul is all better now!
    Boo King Yuri..you make your abandoned son feel bad…
    I feel sorry for Muhyul, born with that fate…T_T
    Cliffhanger! I wonder what will happen when maro and muhyul are
    found out by the guards that they were the one who set the hut with info on fire!
    I still don’t understand how Yeon is a princess. She is not the daughter of the King of Buyeo and still is the princess of buyeo… And also, isnt Dojin her brother? So why does Dojin like Yeon? Isn’t he supposed to be a prince? Can someone pls answer my questions?

  185. 185 : hope Says:

    To Seryu;
    Dojin and yeon has the title of prince and princess of Boyuo, bcz Dea-so haven’t any child either his brother yong-po, so he gives the title of princes for his lowyal fellows, Dojin was raised by yeon’s father after the death of his real father he was killed by Dea-so and consideared like threater for that she calls him brother its a sort of respect…

  186. 186 : cris Says:

    is kingdom of the wind is great as jumong?

  187. 187 : selva Says:

    OMG seryu
    I also watched the episode… omo omo omo
    I love Muhyul and Yeon’s scenes… my heart starts beating so fast every time they look at each other…
    and did you see when Muhyul cried and Yeon embraced him (
    and the preview… when he hugged her and Dojin was watching them from afar… omo omo
    the episode was awesome…
    and I’m really happy that all of our theories about what will happen next didn’t come true…

    I can already sense the beginning of the hatred between Muhyul and Dojin from the look on Dojin’s eyes… and also when he knew that Muhyul is the prince…
    omo omo…
    I gotta go and upload the review on youtube.

  188. 188 : lerance Says:

    wow base of what i read what will happen next, i think this is what i’ve been waiting for, to see something unexpected…selva, i guess i didn’t explain well what i wanted from this drama coz of how u understand what i posted..as what jung won said it is predicteble that’s why it bores me…parts that i like so far on this drama…when king yuri was actually alive and able to save his family, and killed that bad ass villain, on top of that he died on the first episode…(still wondering how he get away with that another bad ass villain)…and when the royal prince found out what sangga’s been doing with the rumor about the bad omen…and also i like it what the king did about saving the baby muhyul, i didn’t predict it that way, i thought he would have put an animal or something…then the royal prince wanting to kill king daeso (i was hoping, and still in doubt that they would’ve killded him coz of what sagu said)…
    if i will think outside the box that’s what it came out from my head that YES they have to be in koguryeo as they’re one of the main cast, which the write could have done a better way of putiing them there…i laugh too thinking about this explanation, but that’s how it is…
    about the love between muhyul and yeon, i said i feel muhyul’s love to yeon but i don’t feel the connection between the two..u know how they drag on to the scene when they’re staring each other…it takes long, and i wish they will cut it short, show something important like kicking some a$$…hehehe
    well the real challenge now is that if king yuri is going to let muhyul stay in koguryeo and accept him (not as a prince yet), how is king yuri gonna protect him this time, as you all know the sangga’s waiting for king yuri to do just a little mistake..
    Hope, i like everything about him aside from yeom moon killing jang bogo..you know how korean drama sometimes gave us frustrations, like that part were jang bogo and jung wa finally meet each other, all they did was just stare at each other, no hugs or kissing even just a 2 secs. kiss, but still you can feel how they miss and love each other so much by just looking at their eyes….about yeom moon, i love it how he can actually make me feel how he felt inside when he stares at jung hwa, how he love her..i feel his pain when he was branded and tied up, oh i cried for him, he was awesome..i kinda wish that jung hwa will accept his love, but unfortunately she didn’t..heartbreaking…i set a high standard on song il gook, that i’m expecting more of him, but it frustrates that i might not see it in KOTW…
    by the way HopE, thanks for clearing about why yeon and dojin called princess and prince, that actually puzzled me before…

  189. 189 : lerance Says:

    ooppss sorry jung won, i misread ur unpredictable, predictable…HUH??

  190. 190 : selva Says:

    Episode 13 summary (by the remarkable dramaok):

    Upon seeing Muhyul hurt and unconscious, Yeon starts to cry silently, then she quickly treats his wound with powder medicine and puts bandage on him. Mahwang asks Maro how Muhyul got so badly injured and Maro lies and says he was bitten by animals while hunting. Mahwang won’t buy it and says the wound doesn’t look like its from animals. Just then Yeon says she needs more medicine and asks Mahwang to go get it since she has to stay with the patient. Mahwang says okay but warns Yeon not to think about running away. Yeon says of course she won’t abandon her patient. Mahwang leaves and Yeon asks Maro what happened to them and Maro asks the same. Yeon says she was trying to escape but was caught by Mahwang’s men. Maro comments everyone that are linked to them meet such bad fates including Dojin. Yeon asks what about Dojin with a worried look, and Maro says he was about to be sent away when he killed his fellow assasins and ran away.

    Out by the river Dojin stands, looking out to the farway mountain and water, when Baegeuk walks up to him and asks Dojin if he’s thinking about the dark assasins. Baegeuk tells him from now on Dojin is his shadow and his job is to bring him what he wants, but one day, Dojin will come out of Baegeuk’s shadow to be shown to the world, and that is when Dojin will undo the grudge against him. Meanwhile Maro helps Yeon who praises Maro for his skills, and Yeon compliments him and asks him to go fetch some more herbs. Maro leaves, and Yeon continues to stay by Muhyul’s side, wiping away his cold sweat.

    Back at the palace, Hye-Ap tells Yuri she hasn’t found Muhyul as she tries to persuade him again about Muhyul’s identity, but Yuri turns his head and says it is better that they don’t find him. Muhyul finally awakes and is shocked to see Yeon there, smiling at him. Yeon says they always meet this way. Muhyul asks how this can be and Maro explains she was caught by Mahwang. Muhyul looks alarmed and Yeon says not to worry since Mahwang doesn’t treat her like a slave girl. Muhyul feels his pain again and Yeon helps him lie comfortably. When Mahwang goes back home, his men tells him Hye-Ap and Goeyu were looking for someone, and Mahwang remembers Myeongjin telling him a couple of masked men kidnapped Yeojin from the Biryu soldiers, and Mahwang puts the two and two together and realize who Muhyul and Maro are. Meanwhile, Baegeuk looks at the drawings that Hye-Ap drew of Muhyul and Maro for her soldiers to use and Baegeuk remembers having seen Muhyul as Haemyeong’s follower. Baegeuk then calls Dojin in, and asks him if he knows the men in the drawings. Dojin is surprised and tells Baegeuk the two men used to be assasins with him. Baegeuk says the two once kidnapped Prince Yeojin, and the two must still be in Guknae fortress area, and Baegeuk orders Dojin to go catch the two.

    Next morning, Muhyul thinks about things out in the field, and Yeon goes up to him and says he shouldnt’ move about yet. Muhyul says he’s okay, and Yeon asks him if it’s true he used to be Crown Prince Haemyeong’s follower. Muhyul nods, and Yeon then asks why he hates King Yuri so much if he used to be Haemyeong’s man, and Muhyul explains he used to live in a cave with nothing but a life of painting ahead of him, without knowing even who his parents are and what the world is, but Prince Haemyeong saved him from that place and took him out to the world and gave him a dream. Muhyul says he thought King Yuri killed Prince Haemyeong in order to protect his throne. Yeon says he was there when Prince Haemyeong killed himself, and even til the last minute King Yuri tried to stop Haemeyong, and Yuri was with the prince when the prince bled to death. Muhyul is taken back to hear it, and he becomes emotional and says he thought wrong and lived from then til now trying to avenge for the prince only he was pointing his knife at the wrong person. Yeon watches Muhyul as he tears up at his own torment and Yeon tears up as well, and goes up to him putting her head on his shoulder, then her arm around him. At her touch, Muhyul becomes even more emotional.

    Back at the cave, Mahwang comes back with more medicines and when he sees Maro startled he asks him why he looks so startled and asks him if he’s got some secret from him. Mahwang looks around and sees Muhyul and Yeon missing and becomes worried, but soon the two arrive. Mahwang tells Yeon to leave with him right away, and Yeon says she needs to stay with the patient more but Mahwang says it’s enough seeing that Muhyul is already walking. Muhyul also says he’s fine and thanks Mahwang, who says he is doing this as a favor to the deceased prince, but he wishes to never meet again. Yeon reluctantly leaves but gives Maro some instructions on treating Muhyul’s wounds.

    Dojin continues to look at the drawings of Muhyul and Maro, when Baegeuk comes and asks if Dojin has a plan yet. Dojin replies yes, and mentions all dark assasins move around with some sort of network already established, and Baegeuk says the spies of Buyeo are all dead, but Dojin says those are not the only ones there will be new ones. Despite the danger, Muhyul wants go back to Guknae fortress in order to meet w/ spies and Maro helps Muhyul return to the fortress streets, where they spot the new spy who is disgusised as a peddler, but just as they are about to approach the man, the spy gets attacked by Biryu troops. Muhyul and Maro retract, but they don’t realize Dojin is there as well watching the happening. Dojin ends up killing the spy and when a Biryu troop asks Dojin why he needed to kill the spy when they could’ve kept him alive for interrogation Dojin simply says the man is too dangerous since he is a trained assasin. Dojin then leads the troops to the hideout cave but Muhyul and Maro are already gone. Dojin returns to Baegeuk and says the men Baegeuk wants must have suffered bad injury because they found some leftover medicines in the cave hideout, and he will look for the ppl who supplied the medicine in order to catch them.

    Muhyul sneaks into the Goguryeo palace and sees Hye-Ap asking for help to meet with the king. Hye-Ap asks King Yuri to go see Muhyul, and Yuri agrees. When Muhyul meets with Yuri alone, Yuri asks why he wants to see him, and Muhyul says he’s caused a great offense against the king and the nation, but Yuri says he too caused a great offense by not saving Haemyeong and he’s already forgiven Muhyul. However Muhyul says he wants to wash away his own sins and asks Yuri to allow him to return to Buyeo as a spy for Goguryeo from now on. Next Yuri meets with Hye-Ap and she pleads the king to allow it saying Muhyul needs the chance to wash away his guilt so he can stand proudly and Yuri says what he wants is to end his ties with Muhyul but he doesn’t want Muhyul to die, and Hye-Ap says Muhyul is a smart person who will stay alive, and Yuri finally agrees. Hye-Ap then meets with Muhyul to say the king allowed it, and Chubalso who is there says Muhyul and Maro are nuts, but Maro shows how brave he is by saying in no time they will bring back Daeso’s head.

    Next day Baegeuk comes to the palace with Dojin to meet with Lady Miyu and Prince Yeojin, and Guchu wonders who Dojin is. During the meeting, Baegeuk introduced Dojin to Miyu and Yeojin and says from now on Dojin can protect Yeojin whenever he wants to go out, and Baegeuk says Dojin will find the men who kidnapped Yeojin, but once he does he will give the creidt to Yeojin so he can win the king’s favor. Miyu thanks Baegeuk but Yeojin looks troubled by it. Afterwards Dojin asks Baegeuk why he wants to give the credit to Prince Yeojin, and Baegeuk says a long time ago there’s a legend about a bird called Gongmyeongju, which was a foolish creature that had two heads. One of the head wanted to kill the other so it fed him poison, but it ended up killing them both because they shared a body. Baegeuk says that is how it is with Buyeo and Goguryeo, and he wants to see the two nations kill each other, so in the end he can build a new nation with the Biryu clan, and Yeojin is simply his puppet to get there.

    Then Baegeuk brings Dojin to meet Princess Seryu who is practicing her martial arts skill again and Baegeuk says she can practice with Dojin who is their best fighter in the clan. Seryu welcomes the challenge and the two are in a duel. Goeyu and Chubalso pass by and watch, Balso says the man Seryu is up against is a very good fighter who looks like he’s trying hard not to hit Princess Seryu. Balso then notices Goeyu watching instensely and Balso says Goeyu is jealoused. But after a few exchanges, Seryu notices the pendant necklace on Dojin and asks Dojin where he got it. Dojin says he received it from a friend, and Seryu asks where the friend is. Dojin replies he doesn’t know, and Seryu asks Baegeuk if she can go talk to Dojin alone. Goeyu and Balso watch as Dojin leaves with Seryu, and Goeyu becomes unsettled. Balso whispers Seryu must fancy the man, and Goeyu says if Balso says something like that again he’s dead.

    Seryu talks to Dojin alone and asks about the details about the necklace. Dojin says the man who gave it to him used to be a Biryu soldier but he went missing. Seryu says she once gave the necklace to her younger brother and Dojin asks if she means Prince Yeojin. Seryu replies no, but another brother who died as soon as he was born. Seryu wonders why Dojin has it now, and Dojin is also perplexed. Meanwhile Prince Yeojin is troubled in thoughts, and Yeojin tells Yeonha he is thinking about the man who kidnapped them. Yeonha says Yeojin should just forget about them and the bad thing that happened, but Yeojin says he can’t get the man out of his mind, and Yeojin wonders why Baegeuk is looking for them. Yeojin tells Hye-Ap about it, and Hye-Ap is alarmed, and tells Yeojin not to ask about the matter anymore and to let her handle it. Yeojin says okay but if she finds them he wants to see them because he wants to talk to them. Hye-Ap agrees.

    That night, Yeon wants to go check on Muhyul’s wounds and Mahwang says Yeon is not allowed to go anywhere. Yeon asks why, and Mahwang tells Yeon Muhyul and Maro are dark assasins of Buyeo, and the Biryu troops are looking everywhere for the ppl who helped them, and if they are caught, both Mahwang and Yeon are dead meat. Hye-Ap meets with Muhyul and Maro and warns them about Baegeuk searching for them. Hye-Ap urges the two to leave immediately, and Goeyu says they will meet again in one month’s time by the place where Haemyeong used to be. Next, Muhyul sneaks into Mahwang’s compound to bid farewell to Yeon, and Yeon asks about Muhyul’s safety. Muhyul says he came to see her before leaving and Yeon is surprised. Muhyul says he’s going back to Buyeo as a Goguryeo spy, and when the time comes he will avenge for Yeon too. Yeon says she is also tormented by what happened, but her father told her not to hold a grudge against King Daeso or Buyeo. Yeon then tells Muhyul not to engage in anything dangerous. Muhyul then gives Yeon the wood carving.

    Muhyul: “I made this during my most troubled times. You always came to watch over me when I was in danger. When I erase the things I did wrong, I will come back to watch over you.”

    Yeon and Muhyul exchange longing looks, and Muhyul leaves, with Yeon tearing up as she watches him leave. Muhyul turns and looks at her once more before leaving for good, and Yeon is left to look at the statue in her hand from Muhyul. Next day, Muhyul and Maro return to Buyeo and meet with King Daeso to tell him they failed their mission. King Daeso is furious and Sagu tells the King even though the two didn’t kill Yuri, they caused a big chaos in Goguryeo by kidnapping Prince Yeojin and showing Goguryeo the threat of Buyeo. King Daeso says he will give them another chance, and Maro asks Muhyul why Sagu was on their side, and Muhyul tells Maro it must be because their mission was Sagu’s first mission as head of assasins. Maro asks what their plan is now, and Muhyul says first they should go back to the assasin camp and set up their next move.

    Meanwhile, Dojin thinks about the pendant necklace and what it means about Muhyul. Next, Mahwang takes Yeon to Biryu Sangga to treat him again with needle pressure and Mahwang asks about the rumor around town that the Kisan troops with guard their border. Sangga is surprised by it and just then Myeongjin and Baegeuk come. Sangga dismisses Mahwang and Yeon and find out from Myeongjin about King Yuri dismissing all their troops around the border, and replacing the posts with the Kisan troops. Baegeuk says the king is trying to undermine their power and they can’t back down or else they will suffer greater loss in the future. Yeon who is left to wander around the Biryu compound sees Dojin practicing his skills and both are shocked to see each other, but just as they’re about to talk Mahwang comes and whisks Yeon away saying the Sangga wishes to see them again now. After treating the sannga, Yeon tells Mahwang she wants to fetch some herbs for Sangga at the herbal shop and leaves alone. Dojin is waiting for her in the corner and the two finally get to talk. Dojin asks what happened and Yeon explains about how she got caught as a slave but came to work for Mahwang. Dojin asks her to be patient saying he will soon save her, and Yeon mentions she met Muhyul here in Goguryeo and Dojin is surprised then asks about Muhyul’s whereabout. Yeon replies Muhyul already went back to Buyeo but he will work for Goguryeo from now on, and he even said he will avenge for her father’s death, which startles Dojin.

    Muhyul and Maro are back in Buyeo and they decide to sneak into the library where secret documents are kept and the two find the scroll with the imprint ‘deer’ on it and they realize that’s the one they’re looking for, and after they find it they burn the whole library on fire. When they sneak back into the assasin sleeping chamber, they are soon awaken by the assasin captain who tells about the fire and says one of the assasins must have done it, and begins to pour a liquid on the assasins’ boots to reveal if any of their boots are tainted by the powder from the library, in order to find the culprits. Maro begins to look nervous as the liquid is about to be poured on his boots, but Muhyul remains composed.


  191. 191 : selva Says:

    episode 14 preview

  192. 192 : selva Says:

    dear lerance
    I really wait for your comments here 😉
    cause it gives me the chance to babble about this drama (which already became one of my favourites drama).

    – you said that they drag in the scenes where Muhyul and Yeon stare at each other… ok, what?!?!?!
    every time they look at each other, I find my self sighing and smiling…
    of course I wanna see some a$$ kicking too 😉 but let me live this romantic moment a little bit…

    – and I really agree with you about how Yuri is gonna react later?! how Muhyul is gonna be the crown prince?! and how Sangga will react to that?!… I hope the writers make it in a clever and smart way…
    I have faith in them.

    – I think we are being a little bit harsh on SIG here…
    you say you loved him in EOTS… when did you exactly started loving him?!
    to me, I started loving him from that scene when he was in the camp and told Jan-hwa that if he can’t have her heart, he will accept her body (I think this was episode 20 something)… but here in KOTW I already fell for Muhyul from Episode 4…
    so what does that mean?!?!
    maybe it’s just me… maybe I love SIG so much that I fall for him every time I see him… but I’m not the only one who said that SIG acting her is remarkable and even better than all of his previous performances…

    so, anyway… I’m looking forward for more of your juicy comments…
    I hope you watch Episode 13 today and tell us what you think 😉

  193. 193 : hope Says:

    Hi all sigers;
    I don’t watch eps 13 yet I will watch it withe eps14 together for passing more time with Sig ” Muhyul”.
    I felt in SIG’s love in EOTS sinece the generic even before the begening of eps1 I was hypnotized with his satre, OMG like I was charmed, even before to know what the drama is about, I decidede to watch it because of him.
    and whene he stares to Jang-haw when she playes with the little girls I just couln’t sleep this night I was and I ‘m crazy about him…

  194. 194 : Seryu Says:


    I can’t believe the show ended with the two of them hugging!
    Plus now, Dojin wants to kill Muhyul and Maro…with double intensity on Muhyul since he saw Yeon with him!
    I feel sorry for Yeon…
    Thank you for answering my question.

  195. 195 : JungWon Says:

    Thanks a lot Selva for posting the summary made by the remarkable Dramaok. It really helped a lot coz I watch episode 13 on Vikii without any subs yet.. it’d have been really hard for me to know what I’ve watched without your help. ^^.
    Looking forward to summary of episode 14.. Thanks in advance.

  196. 196 : shiva Says:

    Thank you selva for the ep13 summary.

  197. 197 : shiva Says:


    could any one tell me what oppa means? beacause they use it lot in korean dramas.

  198. 198 : selva Says:

    omo episode 14 was sooooooooooooo good.

    dear shiva
    oppa means sweetie or dear, and its a word the girls use to call their beloved ones… as we all call Song Il Gook oppa 😀

  199. 199 : shiva Says:

    thank you selva, now I know what does it mean.

    well I’m waiting for ep14 to be uploaded.

  200. 200 : selva Says:

    episode 14 summary (by dramaok):

    ep. 14:

    Muhyul and Maro find the scrolls with the imprint ‘deer’ which means Buyeo, and the two return to the assasin corridors. The chief assasin begins a search for who among the assasins set the library on fire, but he gets distracted by the revelation that Maenggwang is missing. The assasins begin to search for Maenggwang instead. Meanwhile Dojin is still thinking about Yeon and her words about Muhyul avenging for her. When the chief assasin finds Maenggwang and starts to beat him, Muhyul and Maro watch and Muhyul tells Maro they should go kill King Daeso next. Maro is frightened by it and says he was only joking to Goeyu when he bragged about getting Daeso’s head, but Muhyul says it’s time they return their swords to Daeso who gave them to them. During the beating of Maenggwang, Sagu comes and puts a halt to it saying Maenggwang is his man. Muhyul and the rest of the assasins are assigned a secret task of protecting King Daeso during an envoy but Sagu won’t tell them the details just that it’s their task and they will find out their job in the last minute.

    Back in Goguryeo, Guchu informs King Yuri about the tribe leads meeting, and Guchu fears they will be planning a revolt, but Yuri says he wishes they would, so he can seize the chance to get rid of them for good, since it’s time they seek revenge for Haemyeong’s death. During the meeting the Hanna tribe leader doesn’t show up and Baegeuk is angry that the Hanna man is scared of yuri, but Sangga says they have to be weary of Yuri and his true motive before doing anything rash. Baegeuk goes home and he’s angry that everyone’s scared of Yuri, and he airs out his frustration at Dojin, who tells him he has an idea to scare Yuri without actually going to war with him. Dojin says he will go to Kisan tribe and bring back the new chief’s head. At the palace, Lady Miyu gets a visit from her brother who says things are chaotic between the king and the tribe leads, and he fears something might happen before Yeojin gets named crown prince. Lady Miyu gets upset by it too and her brother tells her to go and ask the king to summon for his help. However, on the way there, Dojin kills the two men and takes a detour to go to Buyeo before heading off to Kisan for the task.

    Maro and Muhyul meet with Hye-Ap, Balso and Goeyu as agreed previously in their secret location, and Muhyul hands Hye-Ap the stolen secret scrolls. Hye-Aps says they did great and they should go back to Goguryeo now, but Muhyul says he wants to stay and kill King Daeso since an opportunity has presented itself. Goeyu says not to act recklessly and Balso says Muhyul is nuts, but Muhyul says it’s the only chance and Hye-Ap reluctantly agrees, however after she leaves she gets a bad vibe and decides to go back to protect Muhyul. Muhyul and Maro head back to the assasin camp, but their movement is being watched by Maenggwang who tips off to Sagu about it. Next, King Daeso is about to go out to the streets as a disguised merchant to see what the ppl are saying about their country, and the assassins are assigned the task of protecting the king, with the exception of Muhyul and Maro who are ordered to stay at the palace by Sagu. Muhyul complains but Sagu shuts him up and the king goes out with the entourage, all disguised as merchants.

    King Daeso then arrives at a inn in an area that’s suffering financially, and Daeso buys drinks for everyone at the inn, saying he’s happy because he just sold all his silk from Shin nation. A man says Daeso is lucky, unlike him who had to sell his own daughter today in order to make a living, and he’s a lucky one not like his neighbor who not only sold his children he’s about to sell himself too in order to stay alive. Daeso says surely things aren’t that bad, but the man is outraged and ridicultes King Daeso and his policies that are starving the ppl of Buyeo. The man goes on to say things are better in Goguryeo, because their king won’t let his citizens starve. Sagu is angered by the remark and he’s about to kill the man, when King Daeso stops him and says these are the things he came out to hear. Daeso then prepares to return to the palace, when Muhyul and Maro arrive and prepare their attack on the king. Not far away, Dojin is arriving in the gates of Buyeo as well. Muhyul waits for the right timing and shoots an arrow toward King Daeso, piercing Daeso’s heart. The king’s men are startled and the assasins begin searching for the shooter. Maenggwang finds Muhyul and Maro, who are soon fighting for their lives against the assasins, and Dojin arrives as well, wearing a mask and fighting against Muhyul. Maro gets injured and Muhyul quickly escapes with him by slashing down ropes and lowering an awning on top of the assasins. Then, Muhyul and Maro are able to escape when Hye-Ap, Goeyu and Balso arrive with horses for Muhyul and Maro to ride out.

    King Daeso is unconscious and Sagu is told by the doctor that he can’t guarantee the king will live. Sagu gets furious and threatens the doctor he must save the king, that without King Daeso there’s no Buyeo. The Buyeo ministers are all worried about what’s happened and Sagu warns them not to rumor around about a possible death. Dojin comes to Daeso’s bed, and Dojin remembers the king’s mission for him, for Dojin to go to Goguryeo and become a Goguryeo person, a mission that is top secret, only known to Daeso and Dojin. Dojin remembers how Daeso promised him if Dojin completes his mission he could become the next heir to the Buyeo throne. Dojin stands there watching Daeso, and Dojin asks King Daeso to hurry and awake, to fill his empty cup and erase his pains. Daeso remains unconscious, and Dojin vows he will now return to Goguryeo and return Daeso’s pain to those who caused it. As Dojin leaves, Sagu is surprised to see him and says Dojin should’ve at least told him about going to Goguryeo in the first place, but Dojin replies the King said so himself that one needs to fool himself in order to fool the enemy.

    Meanwhile, Hye-Ap stops by the river and treats Maro’s wounds with Maro yelping. Hye-Ap then goes up to Muhyul and Muhyul calls her ‘chief painter’ and Hye-Ap says she likes the way he calls her because it reminds her of the times when there were no troubles when Prince Haemyeong was still alive. Muhyul says he thought if he stabbed Daeso’s heart his torment would disappear but now he still feels frustrated and suffocated. Next, Hye-Ap and the group return to Goguryeo and King Yuri talks to Hye-Ap, who tells Yuri about Daeso getting badly injured and possibly dead. Hye-Ap then says it’s all due to Prince Muhyul’s great deed, and that Muhyul even got ahold of the secret scrolls that they’ve been trying to get for years and years. Hye-Ap urges King Yuri to summon the prince and reward him, but Yuri says nothing about it and dismisses her.

    Hye-Ap goes out and runs into Lady Miyu’s brother, who says with a crazy woman like her in a general position, no wonder Goguryeo is so pathetic. Princess Seryu comes and scolds him for belittling Hye-Ap. Seryu then asks Hye-Ap to go find out more about the man called Dojin who is among the Biryu soldiers. Guchu tells King Yuri something’s happened in Buyeo, and King Daeso has not been seen. King Yuri says he already knows about it from Hye-Ap. Yuri then sends Guchu on a mission to Shin nation and Yangmaek nation to deliver some important messages. Meanwhile, Maro and Muhyul are shown their place to live, and Maro is upset that they don’t get to stay in the palace. Chubalso says it’s pathetic that they get this kind of low treatment from the king after doing something so great, but Goeyu says it’s for safety reason and tells the two not to get upset about it. Hye-Ap comes and tells Maro and Muhyul the king will acknowledge their contribution in a grand way, however Hye-Ap seems heavy-hearted and she tells the two to rest for now, and not to go outside.

    Yeon goes to see Mahwang and asks for a favor, of allowing her to treat poor citizens in the streets, but Mahwang says she should just treat the nobles, and Yeon gives him a sweet smile and Mahwang melts and allows it right away. Mahwang’s man Gongchang says Mahwang is treating Yeon too good, and Mahwang says when Yeon gives him a glance he can’t seem to control himself. In the palace, Prince Yeojin goes to see Princess Seryu because he’s bored from not being allowed outside the palace. Seryu says they are just protecting him, and Yeojin then notices the necklace Seryu is holding, and Seryu tells Yeojin he has an older brother who died as soon as he was born. Yeojin says he never heard of such, and Seryu says indeed the world has forgotten about him, and the necklace was the last present she gave to the baby. Yeojin asks why she has the nedklace then, and Seryu says she doesn’t know either.

    Afterwards Yeojin tells Yeonhwa about his brother who died as a baby, and Yeojin wonders if it’s the fate of a Goguryeo prince to meet death. Yeonhwa says not to say such and reminds him not to sneak outside of the palace either. Just then Balso passes by, and Yeojin calls him and tells him how bored he is w/out him. Balso sighs and says from now on no matter what he’s never going outside w/ the prince. Yeojin asks about the men who kidnapped him, and Balso says he knows nothing but Yeojin can tell he’s lying and insists he wants to meet them. Balso asks why he’d want to see him, and Yeojin says he holds no grudge to them he just wants to meet them. Yeonhwa complains he shouldn’t go see such scary ppl, and Balso says they are not scary. Then Yeojin insists on Balso taking him to go see them, as an order from the prince.

    Meanwhile, Maro brings delicious pig feet to share with Muhyul who seems restless. Maro says Muhyul must be missing Yeon, and Maro tells Muhyul to go and visit her, while he covers for him. Muhyul happily goes, and Maro is left to enjoy the food alone, even citing the famous song of yellow bird written by King Yuri, that a pair of orioles are showing each other love through play but he is alone and going home alone. Yeon starts to treat the poor ppl on the streets and she asks the next patient where his pain is but when she looks up she’s shocked to see it’s Muhyul staring at her with a grin. Yeon smiles and asks again where his pain is and Muhyul touches his heart and says ‘here’… and the two smile at each other more.

    Prince Yeojin comes to visit Muhyul and Maro, and Maro begs for forgiveness and Yeojin smiles as he says he’s already forgiven them. Yeojin asks where the other man is and Maro says Muhyul isn’t here. Yeojin says the name Muhyul is quite peculiar, meaning no blood and no heart. Chubalso says Hye-Ap told them not to leave and Maro begs him not to tell her about it. Hye-Ap and Goeyu stand outside of the Biryu corridors and watch as Dojin goes in. Dojin returns with Kisan chief’s head, and Baegeuk says he did well. Dojin says he lost the men who went with him and apologizes, but Baegeuk says that’s only a small sacrifice for a great mission. Dojin then decides to go visit Yeon next.

    Meanwhile, Yeon and Muhyul talk alone and Yeon says she was worried but she’s happy to see him, and Muhyul smiles then gives her the jade jewelry that used to belong to her father. Muhyul says he went to visit her old home which is in shambles but he found the jewelry. Yeon tears up and says because she left in a rush she had nothing to remember her father by and she thanks him. Muhyul says he avenged her grudge partly. Muhyul says he doesn’t know if he’s alive or dead, but he saw Daeso get shot by arrow. At this Yeon weeps silently, and Muhyul watches her, then apologizes for making her cry, and for not being sensitive to realize Buyeo was her nation and Daeso was her king, despite all the tragedy that’s occurred. Yeon wipes away her tears, and says she will forget, both Buyeo and King Daeso. However Yeon tears up more and begins to weep. Muhyul watches then rests her head in his shoulder, saying he wishes he could take away her pain and vows to help her like she’s helped him. Muhyul says he will tend to her wounds and pains, and Yeon weeps more. Just then Dojin arrives and sees the two embrace, and Dojin is consumed by emotions of jealousy and anger.

  201. 201 : lerance Says:

    hi selva, i haven’t had a chance to watch episode 13 yet, i’m curious if it’s gonna impress me or not. i watch kotw on the net and they haven’t downloaded the whole episode so i’m waiting.
    i’m not really sure what episode i started liking song il gook, i was flipping the channel and saw jang bogo fighting for his life as a gladiator in AZN..that’s how i started watching EOTS, i was amazed with Choi soo jung’s acting, the scenery, the culture (how they lived)…that’s how i got hooked up watching historical korean drama.
    i just felt like those long staring moments isn’t necessary anymore til this far, we already know that he loves her and vice versa, i just wish they could just get over with it and go on with what’s really important, how muhyul can overcome the obstacles to be a daemusin.
    i remember when i saw song il gook on EOTS with his long hair, fierce eyes when he gets angry, the tears, and the love/pain he conflicted on me, i immediately search about him on the net, printed his picture, tried to convince my friends to like him as he is a good actor…hahaha those were the days…i don’t feel that way towards him anymore..it shifted down when i saw his movie red eye and the art of seduction…they were just a so so movie to me….but i still like him…
    i will post my comment about the episode after i’ve seen it, i hope i will not be disappointed this time…

  202. 202 : peachy Says:

    i have no any worries about the rate of kotw….b’coz i trust sig’s a lot. sigs do all d best that he can… i BELIEVE n TRUST that sigs performance here in kotw is GOOD!!!!dnt worry about d rate friends…he can do it!!!slowly but surely. juzt cont.to support n love ,this is d best for him….

  203. 203 : peachy Says:

    to:sig,we can TRUST N BELIEVE to ur performance what kind of drama did u have….stay as sigs as u are. we support and we love u with all our hearts. take care and god bless

  204. 204 : peachy Says:


  205. 205 : hope Says:

    Hey lerance;
    I think taht you are so arrogant and have too much selfistim, for me your opinion don’t means any thing, if you like this drama or not or if you like SIG’s movies or not don’t change the fact that our SIG is the best, to be a GOOD FAN means to suport and belive in your favorite atrist, I thing that you give this kind of comments just for be more intersting like the chines journalist hwo acusate our sig in the begining of this year…if you are really “just giving your opinion” than you will not be angry when you read this comment… and please take this advise don’t loose your time, and watch an other drama, I think SELVA is so kind to try to explane why this drama is so good and give you the very deep soul of the story…selva you also loose your time with lerance…

  206. 206 : selva Says:

    hi dear hope

    I was like you before, when I see someone bashing SIG or KOTW and I used to get so upset and mad… but now after I think about it, if we tried really calmly to explain why do we love this drama to other people, they might understand and give this drama a chance.

    I read lot of bad comments about KOTW in other forums, and it really breaks my heart… these comments are from other fans of POTW and BV… but when I think about it, the only reason they have to bash KOTW is because they’re jealous of it… because deep inside they know that KOTW is amazing.

    as for lerance… it’s her opinion to love the drama or not… in fact I think it’s really nice from her that she’s trying to give the drama a chance and watch it again.

    maybe she and I don’t agree on certain points, but at least we both are trying to understand each other.

    as for me, I love KOTW… and I won’t consider the time I spend in making other people understand and love this drama as a wasted time…
    I consider it a must, because I’m a SIG fan and I have to support him whatever he does (and that doesn’t mean that I’m only supporting this drama because of SIG… NO I’m supporting this drama because it DESERVES.)

    bye bye everybody

    BTW episode 14 is soooooooooooooooooooooo amazing.
    it was so mysterious and I feel that lot of awesome things are gonna happen in the next episodes… Dojin already started hating Muhyul.

  207. 207 : shiva Says:

    I’m persian and big fan of Song il Gook and korean dramas. I love Song il gook, his acting is so great that makes me to watch this drama over and over. his acting and his face impression is superb. the ratings don’t matter to me, I have watched so many great kdramas with low rating, from my point of view ratings don’t matter to the viewer. just one thing I want to say about this drama is I wished it didn’t have long previews in the beging of each episode. the reason is I’m curious what happens next. but I still love this drama. god I can’t wait til next week, and I wish they extend this drama.

  208. 208 : shiva Says:

    one this I forgot to say is I want thank selva for the episode summaries,
    makes me understand what they are saying to each other. thank you my

  209. 209 : JungWon Says:

    Wow, juz finished watching episode 14.
    Poor Maro got injured in the fight.. I’m beginning to really appreciate him and I’m growing more fond of him in each episodes. He’s a true friend of Muhyul: in sickness and in danger.
    I was surprised to know that Dojin has begun being a double agent ahead of Muhyul. Just was disappointed Yeon had to spill the beans of Muhyul’s going back to Buyeo.. she should have juz kept it for herself since it was the first time she saw Dojin after they left Buyeo.
    But overall I still love Yeon in this episode coz she was so sweet to Muhyul when he visited her in the clinic.
    Now the story begins to be very exciting as we don’t know what would happen next.. would King Daeso recover soon? what would be the counter measure of King Yuri? what would Dojin do next now that he is jealous of Muhyul and at the same time get even with Muhyul who tried to kill his king..
    There was no preview yet for the upcoming episode so this week really ended with a cliffhanger. Can’t wait for next week. AJA KOTW!

  210. 210 : selva Says:

    dear jung won
    how I wish you join us at soompi thread.
    I just love reading your opinion and thoughts on each episode 😀
    please please please, try again to register there.
    and I hope you succeed this time 😉

    there are lot of goodies there and awesome pics for all of the cast.
    please please please try 😀

  211. 211 : Poohs Says:

    anyone knows what is the ending of this drama?

  212. 212 : metaltiger Says:

    Ep 13 and 14 are amazing! At last, we see the vulnerable and tender side of Muhyul overcoming his previous cold, tormented personality. It was so painful to watch him in previous episodes, but all the more sweeter now that it’s happened. BTW, Dojin reminds me of Yeum Moon, doomed to love someone he can never have. After all, he killed her father.
    Thank you all who work to put in the subs. Your efforts are a true “gift” to the rest of us and I humbly want to express my gratitude.

  213. 213 : hope Says:

    Really the eps 13 and 14 was fantastic, I like King Youri more and more his charecter is amazing so generous feelings, try to protect his son even if he make a huge sacrefice : the special feelings of a father, Dojin reminde me Youm Moon very much- in this cas I love the main hero In EOTS I hated jang-bojo a lot- we can’t hate him and this give to this drama a goode taste you love the good guy and the bad guy either so the feelings will be very strange when we watch both of them, the tender Muhyul is ” sublim” WOW his eyes shins when he stares to Yoen… Its very hard to wait the next episods……….

  214. 214 : JungWon Says:

    Hi Selva. In as much as I want , I really do not know how to post in Soompi. I juz could read all your postings but I’m not allowed to reply. I tried reading the rules but to no avail, therefore I juz satisfy myself to reading all your posts.
    I saw your post of the pictures of CJW’s commercial. She’s like a fairy , so beautiful and enchanting. She’s one of my favorite actress now.
    Anyways, thanks for the Soompi invitation.. I’ll juz keep on reading from there also but post here.
    Do study on weekends coz you get distracted on Wednesdays and Thursdays (that’s what I read on your Soompi posts) Juz a friendly care.*.^

  215. 215 : annmasae Says:

    i am enjoying this drama on viiki.com. thanks to all the people who are downloading the episodes and subtitling them.
    it’s so exciting to be in hawaii and enjoying a drama that’s currently playing in korea.
    i am a sig fan but i really really like do jin in this drama too.
    his intensity and seriousness is really appealing.
    i just saw a movie he was in (Innocent Steps) on mysoju.
    he was great in that too. i have become a real fan of his.
    another of my favorite characters is hyeap (who was also in Someday).

  216. 216 : MULAN JAMEELA Says:





  217. 217 : joy Says:

    sa wakas napanood ko na rin ang episode 13 & 14 ng KOTW, alam nyo ba na ilan araw din inabangan ito?kasi naman nasira internet connection namin.Kinilig ako sa scene between mhuyul & yeon ay naku na inlove ako sa kanila i can’t wait to watch next episode

  218. 218 : yara Says:

    hey girls….

    it’s been a long time. I’m a little behind now with KOTW (college is just striking me down)- so sad 🙁

    anyway, I might be able to watch episode 14 tonight. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that.

    as for the negative comments that I’ve just read:

    just ignore them. when someone doesn’t like something, he/she should just keep it for himself/herself. he/she doesn’t need to come and argue about it with those who like this particular thing.

    this kind of arguments are better avoided. they’ll never convince us that this drama is bad or boring, whatever their argumentation might be. we on the other hand can’t make them love it, we shouldn’t try to do it either, as each one of us looks at things from a different angle 😉

    cheer up people, let’s just enjoy loving SIG and his dramas 😀

    take care everyone

  219. 219 : Dheza of Makati Says:

    I just hope ABS CBN Channel 2 will get the Rights to air these excellent Historical Drama. Coz they have only the power to bring the main cast of the character. Imagine makikita din natin sa wakas si Song IL Gook. At mas magaling ang promo sa 2 dba? Pero pag korean novela mas magaganda ang rights na nakukuha ng 7. Well I just want him to visit us here in the Philippines especially ang hari ng Jumong.

  220. 220 : selva Says:

    you’re right Yara
    the best thing to do with these people is to ignore them
    I actually feel sorry that I started to convince lerance from the beginning.
    anyway, we can never make them change their minds… so we should leave them write whatever they want… if nobody responds, they will give up and go to another forum and bash another thing.

  221. 221 : lerance Says:

    hahahaha, HoPe, you are a trip..i really don’t know where and how u end up thinking about me as arrogant and having so much self esteem ( i take that as a compliment)..u really misunderstood what you have read…what the heck r u talking about changing facts..hehehehe oh man, thank u for making me laugh,coz i had such a long day today…i didn’t use such harsh or mean words to provoke u or other readers…i’ve been careful of the words i used, as i have so much respect to SOng il…
    selva maybe a kind person, but i don’t think she explained it to me coz she’s kind…what she did was defending the drama she loves, and a little convincing that i might change what i thought about KOTW, which she doesn’t really have to coz the story is crystal clear…it is just the drama didn’t wow me, as i said i set a high stand on song il-gook, so everytime he has a new movie or teleseries it has to be better than the last one he did, like this KOTW has to be better than jumong…
    we have different taste, different views and different opinion in different things, just like some people like britney spears, and some hate her…you might like vanilla ice cream and i don’t, coz i like chocolate ice cream…ehehheheh..or when taking a math exam, you might the answer exam to be multiple choice, and i don’t, coz i want a problem solving question…
    selva, good thing u said that u didn’t just watch kotw coz of song il gook coz that’s what i had in my mind. actually, one of the reason why i am still watching kotw is because of him (song il), and the curiousity of how muhyul is gonna fight off the obstacles in becoming a daemusin…right now, i just can’t get the time to watch the episodes 13-14…

  222. 222 : hope Says:

    MULAN JAMEELA treat us : the lovers of this drama, like a stupid people, its very strange the stupid people think that all other people are like them, treating others with a harsh wordes shows how low is the thinking of this person, we are from different countries and we are here for one reason supporting our favorate actor so if you don’t like this drama or SIG, just keep your opinion for yourself we don’t need to change this page to a verbal war ” its so impolite” all the fan here – and also the one hwo don’t support this drama- are intelligent and brillent, so don’t make yourself like a jock…

  223. 223 : shyblue Says:

    KOTW is a very interesting hictorical drama just like Jumong. I want to see the drama in a full lenght dvd. I’m having a had time watching it online. I keep on waiting to air this drama in KBS cable but until now it’s not yet airing. I thought it will be air this October? How come that Hong gil Dong is now on KBS channel? Hope KOTW will air soon in tv as many of us are waiting for it to be seen on wide screen. We missed you so much SIG… any updates on SIG?

  224. 224 : sigheart Says:

    kingdom of winds exellent drama made by exellent actor song ll gook .

  225. 225 : my angel sig Says:

    kingdom of winds best drama made by star of this century song ll gook

  226. 226 : my angel sig Says:

    i hope kingdom of the winds win this year best drama & exellent actor
    for song ll gook

  227. 227 : cris Says:


  228. 228 : selva Says:

    episode 15 preview

  229. 229 : JungWon Says:

    Hi Selva and THANKS a lot for the YouTube link of the Epi15 preview.
    OMG it’s really getting very interesting and on what I saw in the preview it seems that Muhyul would find out that Dojin is a really a spy for Buyeo as he saw him talking in secret with Menggwang. But poor Maro got caught and Muhyul can’t fight back coz Maro would definitely be hurt.
    Can’t wait for epi 15 and 16 this Wed and Thursday!

  230. 230 : jumongers Says:

    now i have to say something…kotw is never near jumong, story wise…there’s gotta be wrong with ur eyes or head if u say kotw is like jumong…we can say it’s connected to jumong but not how they’ve done this drama/fantasy. kotw drama is going back and forth to buyeo and koguryeo, like muhyul going there, coming back to koguryeo and then going back there and then coming back to koguryeo and then going to back to buyeo to revenge and kill king daeso, then here comes dojin who is doing the same thing as muhyul. kotw maybe a good drama but forgettable unlike jumong. there’s not even one scene that makes you smile or laugh, or makes u nervous or mad when something stupid happen. the scenery and the musicality isn’t so great, compare to jumong. some of you here probably just like this drama becuz of the actor and not the story, you like the actor coz he is handsome and hot..the rating speak itself, it may not important to some of you, but it is very important to the broadcasting company, the producers and the cast specially to your beloved Song. they might thought that this will be big cause jumong was a successful drama, i guess they are wrong. i’ve seen so many korean movies and soaps that i have to be fair in giving opinion to a certain movie or to an actor/actress. Song maybe one of the best, but he is DEFINITELY not the only one and there are way more better than him.

  231. 231 : Glory Says:

    Hi SIGers!!
    how r u ??
    don’t be mad at negative comments ’bout kotw ,we cant push others to like something b’coz we’re different
    plz don’t let negative comments annoying us(lol):-D

    To:mulan-jameela ,i’m indonesian just like u ,don’t be rude n plz don’t gv comment if u not finish yet watching the films ,still 22 eps till the end
    Btw i just curious ,hv u watched from 1-14 ?or u just watched 1 eps n u didn’t understand the story…he he (lol) 😉

  232. 232 : metaltiger Says:

    I can understand how some viewers may feel kotw is not as “good” as jumong. Like in all series, the first is usually judged the best because the cast is new, the storyline is fresh, and there’s nothing to compare it to (i.e., Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, etc). I consider kotw a separate program good enough to stand alone without jumong. So far, it is dark, with action taking place in caves and shadows, and without the elegance of jumong’s palaces and court. But the plot is just as complex, the cast is evenly matched, there’s exciting swordfighting with horseback riding (my favorite), and, best of all, an intriguing love story.

  233. 233 : selva Says:

    to jumongers
    I’m one of the people who saw Jumong and loved it…
    and I’m a big fan of Song Il kook…
    that’s for a start…

    for you to say that there’s something wrong w/ our eyes or heads to see that KOTW is good is a very ignorant and rude thing from you to say…
    honey you’re not talking to bunch of children in here…
    I’m a grown up, 21 years, and studying in faculty of medicine… I may be older than you… so kiddo, please learn some manners before you talk to people who are older than you.

    2nd, nobody from the producing company or even the staff who worked in the drama said that it’s Jumong two or even related to Jumong drama…
    we (fans) who said it’s Jumong 2…

    the story isn’t even related… this story talks about Muhyul who will become King Daemosin… we (fans) who called him Jumong’s grandson…
    seriously, how many times they mentioned Jumong in this drama?!?!
    not so much… so get over the idea that KOTW was originally made just to ride on the success of Jumong.

    about the story that’s going back and forth…
    since you’re comparing Jumong to KOTW… when did Jumong drama started to show us other places than Buyeo, Jolbon and the Han?!?!?!
    it was all back and forth and the first few episodes… and then you can say starting from episode 50 or something, when Jumong started building his nation, we started to see other places than those three…

    I don’t really know why don’t you love the music of the drama… it’s your opinion… but to me (who is a big fan of Jumong), I love KOTW music way more than Jumong… and also I love the music of Emperor Of The Sea way more than Jumong and KOTW…

    It’s also you’re opinion if you’re not feeling this drama… that you’re not crying or laughing or even feeling nervous about the events…
    maybe you should pay more attention when you’re watching.

    about the ratings… OMG what an ignorant thing from you to say…
    I know the ratings are important to the producing company and that’s it… but for you to judge the drama from it’s ratings is totally messed up kiddo… for a drama to earn high ratings (30%+) the other dramas that are airing at the same time slot have to suck big time… and that what really happened when Jumong was airing… the other two dramas were not this great… so most of people were watching Jumong.

    but in this case… there is Beethoven Virus and Painter Of The Winds that are competing w/ KOTW at the same time slot… all of these dramas are great… so you have to expect that the ratings will be divided between those 3 dramas… and I’m not gonna even say anything more than that.

    and what you said about us only watching this drama because of the hot and handsome actor song Il kook… thanks for making me laugh… I had a long day at the hospital dealing w/ lot of patients, so I really needed to laugh a little bit…

    honey, it looks like from your comment, that you read what we previously wrote about this drama… I don’t know how you missed what we said: that in the beginning, SIG was the only reason for us to watch this drama… but now, I would watch the drama even if SIG wasn’t the hero…

    didn’t you read this sentence?!?!
    that’s why I wrote it again for you kiddo…

    and as I said, we’re not teenagers in here who drool over some hot and handsome guy…
    if SIG was only hot and handsome, he wouldn’t take lot of award for his acting…
    I know there are other actors out there… but to me, SIG has an advantage over them all… he lives so much in his character, that you can’t help but to feel him…

    if you don’t feel that way, then fine…

    in the end… say whatever you want kiddo, we don’t care… the drama speaks about itself… and all the critics praised it a lot… some of them even said that it’s better than Jumong…

    peace kiddo… and go eat your lunch

  234. 234 : selva Says:

    and thanks to metaltiger for speaking up about her opinion.
    what you said is so true…

    and it reminds me of what happened to Goong and Goong S…

    everybody hated Goong S and said that Goong is better…

    to me, Goong S was 100% better, more interesing, better acted and not boring as Goong…

  235. 235 : hope Says:

    I watched jumong three time and really was amzed by this drama, and SONG IL GOOK was the reason, because he preforme the role with excellence, and if any other actor was in this role, I doubet that the drama will be succeful, all the actors in this drama was amazing but because sig was the main actor “jumong” – its my opinion- in EOTS there are a minority who support the main actor he was great but bcz of SIG a lot of peopl even fall in love with ” the bad guy” so the actor has 70% of resposability to make any drama succeful, you said that “Song maybe one of the best, but he is DEFINITELY not the only one and there are way more better than him.” but infortunatly for you, he is the BEST FOR US. KOTW is an other story but because SIG play the role of ” MUHYUL” every one compar him with jumong, but every one forget a principal thing here :this is HISTORY and even if the writers changes some facts they can’t change the esence of the story because its realy happened…

  236. 236 : metaltiger Says:

    I admit that I’m a fan of SIG and will watch anything he does. But this is because he is unique. No other actor is so transparent that, through expression and voice, can display tenderness, pity, shyness, confusion, panic, and rage with ease. No other actor can shred his enemies by a look in his eyes. This is what kotw offers.
    Selva, I agree with you in that SIG owns his characters to the point that viewers cannot imagine any one else playing his role. I’m feeling that with Muhyul.

  237. 237 : shiva Says:

    thanks selva for ep15 preview, omg can’t wait

  238. 238 : selva Says:

    once and for all
    if someone has something nice to say about this drama, or want to praise it, you’re free to write here whatever you want…

    if you’re not interested in this drama, why bother yourself to come here and write bad comments??…

    go to the forum of the drama you like and write whatever you want.

    I went to other forums here, and I’m amazed that we are the only forum that has those weird, spamming and bashing comments… obviously all of them are spammers, who just wants to get attention.

    so please, go away… and you know who I mean by my words…

    and please, do login in a single name in here, and don’t use multiple names to write your comments… if you don’t have the enough guts to say what do you wanna say, then don’t say anything.

  239. 239 : peachy Says:

    will u pls..stop any bad comment about kotw or sig!!!! DAMM IT!!!!

  240. 240 : peachy Says:

    to you damm it,
    don’t say anything bad words or bad comment to SIG or SIG’S series….i think ur life is boaring…why dont u try to put some knife in ur house and kill ur self huh!!!! i think this is the best way for you to be happy…juzt put some knife and u make rest in peace(R.I.P) DAMM IT!!!and condolence in advance

  241. 241 : selva Says:

    peachy dear
    you made me laugh so hard 😀

    yes you spammers… go kill yourselves 😛

    and RIP in advance 😀

  242. 242 : peachy Says:

    to the one against sig,
    if ur life is already bored ,i suggest u to commit suicide!!!!this is the way u make u happy….if there’s something wrong 2 ur brain,juzt go to the mental hospital(crazy) and leave this site alone huh!!! and to you damn it,r you already DEAD??!!! tnx god,the devil are gone….

  243. 243 : peachy Says:

    i dont wanna fight 2 anyone but….if song ill guk is involve the bad issue i will fight for him!

  244. 244 : peachy Says:

    gud am sig,

  245. 245 : peachy Says:

    sorry..im out of control to do this 4 damn it!! to you damn it!!!

  246. 246 : hope Says:

    Hey selva and peachy:clam down what is going on u r so upset ! never mind, in this world there are some peopl with some darkness in their thinking so they definitly don’t like any light in their life i really pety them… don’t give them the chance to make you angry, like the frensh people say” les chiens aboient et la caravane passe” that means ” dogs are barking and the caravan is crossing” …but realy you make me laught hhhhhhhhhhh

  247. 247 : peachy Says:

    im feel betternow coz i revenge4 sig..i think the damn it not appeard to this collum anymore coz shes already DEAD!! juzt say rest in peace 4 her…(R.I.P)

  248. 248 : peachy Says:

    i hate the person whos trying to putdown SIG OR SIG’S SERIES…

  249. 249 : jumongers Says:

    What a bunch of idiots. Getting so mad about a comment. I know the truth hurts sometimes but don’t you think you are over reacting? I wonder how you can survive in real world. At least some of you here is being honest, and optimistic about how they feel, just like hope & metalgiter.

  250. 250 : selva Says:

    OMG episode 15 was sooooooooooooooooooo good.
    I’m still waiting for the subs to understand what really happened.
    but I think Yuri will finally acknowledge Muhyul as his own son (but I’m not sure though)…
    and I think that Dojin proposed to yeon today… he told her something and she looked pretty shocked…

    and that Daeso woke up again… GOD why he just can’t die?!?!?!!?

  251. 251 : peachy Says:

    if someone who make sig and sigers feel sad ur not feeling better ryt!?hw could u say that!?i want to depence sig even sigers coz i lov them.what’s wrong with that!!?im one of the”REAL”diehard ,avid fan and willing to support “SIG”,that’s why im acting lyk that u know!!i’m not over! crrection…nothing damn it or spamers go to this site to say the drma is boaring or sig is not good bla bla bla etc…the drma is not yet finsh, how could 2 say boaring! r u real jumongers??? or spamers????smething wrong with u honey….

  252. 252 : peachy Says:

    if someone who make’s sig or sigers feel sad,ur not feeling better ryt!?how could u say that!im one of the “DIEHARD,AVID” and willing 2 support”SIG” thats why im acting lyk that u know….im not over!crrection…nothing damn it or spamers go to this site and say the drma is boaring or sig is not good!!if u r real jumongers,nothing imposble if with all ur heart to depence sig 2 the damn it’s or spamer’s….nothing wrong with me! i think something wrong with u honey….

  253. 253 : selva Says:

    dear peachy
    just gnore her
    she’s just a kiddo who’s getting fun by upsetting others.

    episode 15 summary (by the amazing dramaok):

    Episode 15:

    Muhyul hugs Yeon and promises Yeon he will help her and protect her, just as Dojin arrives and angrily watches the happening. Dojin then leaves quietly and when he returns to the Biryu compund, Dojin thinks about Muhyul’s assasination attempt at King Daeso.Meanwhile Muhyul takes Yeon back and tells her he may not be able to see her for a while and Yeon says not to worry and how safe she feels now that Dojin is around too. Muhyul is surprised to hear about it and Yeon says Dojin is at the Biryu compound. Muhyul goes home and tells Maro the good news about Dojin being near, and Maro says too bad it has to be the Biryu place of all places, because they wouldnt’ be able to go and see him there. Seryu comes to King Yuri and asks the king where her deceased baby brother’s tomb is. Yuri and Guchu are both startled by the question and Seryu asks to know so she can go visit the baby and pray for its soul, but Yuri tells her to never mention it again.

    Seryu leaves, and Guchu goes after her and asks her why she’s bringing up the issue that the entire nation of Goguryeo fears. Guchu says she should know better than anyone that the issue is a painful memory for the king. Seryu says she found the necklace that she gave to the baby and now she wonders if the baby might be alive. Guchu asks for more details, and Seryu says a man named Dojin who lives at Biryu sangga’s home had the necklace and says he got it from a comrade. Guchu and the chief bodyguard appear alarmed, and Guchu states the prince already died back then so it’s not possible that he’s alive. Seryu leaves, and the chief bodyguard asks Guchu if the baby prince became a Biryu soldier. Balso leads Muhyul and Maro with a map and they arrive at the secret distant field and meet up with Goeyu who tells Maro and Muhyul that Hye-Ap has given them the task of training the secret team of soldiers. Balso is upset that Goeyu kept it a secret from him but Goeyu scoffs at him. Maro raises his head up in the air and goes around proudly laughing and repeating what Goeyu used to say to them when they were new soldiers at Jolbon. Goeyu gives him a dirty look, and Muhyul takes over and tells the armymen if they have to beat the secret assasins of Buyeo they must be one body.

    Muhyul and Maro begin instensive training w/ the group of soldiers, and one of them falls, Muhyul gets upset and yells at them to be stronger in mind and body, or else they will never be able to take on the black shadow soldiers. Muhyul tells the fallen man he is bringing down the team, and he should kill himself instead if he’s weak. Seryu and a Kisan envoy report to King Yuri about the assasination of the new Kisan chief, and how Kisan tribe is unsettled by it. King Yuri apologizes to the Kisan man and promises to help them. Meanwhile, Baegeuk summons Dojin and tells him King Daeso is in danger, and if he dies, no one will be able to stop Yuri. Baegeuk says before that, he will unite the tribe leads and if any of them betrays them Dojin is to go after them. Hye-Ap checks on the progress at the secret camp, and gives Muhyul and Maro a new task, of handing a message from the king to one of Goguryeo’s 5 founding tribes, the Hwanna tribe’s leader, and to get the chief’s answer back to the king. So Muhyul and Maro travel to the Hwanna compound, only to find the chief is already getting kidnapped by some masked men. Muhyul and Maro trail them and are led to Baegeuk at the Biryu compound. However Dojin who is one of the masked men catches glimpse of Muhyul and Maro spying from above the fence walls, and Dojin’s group tries to catch the two, but Maro and Muhyul get away.

    The Biryu sannga acuses the Hwanna chief of betraying the council, by siding with King Yuri and Sangga gives the Hwanna chief one more chance and the chief kneels and pledges his alligence to the council, instead of Yuri. Meanwhile Hye-Ap meets with King Yuri again and she tries to persuade the king to acknowledge Muhyul as a prince, for all the great deeds he’s done for Goguryeo, and since Muhyul tried to kill Daeso his life is also in danger and needs the king’s protection. Yuri listens but denies and says not to mention it again. Just then Goeyu comes in w/ news about Hwanna chief’s capture by Biryu. Maro and Muhyul return home and Maro tells Muhyul the masked man looked like Dojin and Muhyul says he’s right, and the two wonder if Dojin saw them too. Gongchang shows his master Mahwang the street clinic Yeon is working at, and Mahwang is surrounded by men and women, and children, who are all grateful to Mahwang for saving their lives. Mahwang is annoyed that Yeon is doing all this work for free and he’s even more annoyed to be surrounded by all these raggedy ppl. Yeon comes and smiles as she tells all the people that Mahwang will be happy to help them in the future too and they are to come whenever they are sick.

    Yeon continues to work and Dojin comes by and watches Yeon with a heavy heart. Next the two talk in a field, and Yeon asks Dojin why he seems weary and Dojin replies he’s fine and he’s earning the trust of Baegeuk too. Dojin says Yeon is the one who seems pale and wonders if she’s working too hard. Yeon says when she treats patients, they actually ease her pain. Yeon mentions Muhyul has returned from Buyeo and when she told him about Dojin being in Goguryeo Muhyul was elated, and smiled the biggest smile she’s seen. Dojin says he wants to meet Muhyul too because Muhyul is the only one he wants to keep contact with among all the ppl from the assasin camp, but Dojin then stares at her and asks her why she won’t share her pain with him when he wants to take away her pain, and Yeon seems surprised. Dojin goes on to say when he lost his family and came to live with hers under her father’s care, she was the one who extended a hand to him, and it was her father’s wish for her to marry Dojin, and Dojin says her father entrusted her in his care before he died, thus he will spend the rest of his life trying to make her happy and to protect her. Yeon listens and is speechless. Then that night Yeon thinks about the words of Muhyul and Dojin both, of their promises to watch over her from now on, and Yeon is heavy-hearted.

    In Buyeo, King Daeso awakes and Sagu begs to be forgiven for not ridding of traitors. Daeso asks who they are and Sagu says it was Maro and Muhyul who betrayed them. Back in Goguryeo Maro makes some bow and arrow and Muhyul says they are too weak and intrusts him to do again, when Prince Yeojin arrives aided by Chubalso. Maro scolds Balso outside but Balso says he had no choice. Inside, Muhyul and Yeojin talk alone and Muhyul asks for forgiveness but Yeojin says he’s already forgiven them because he did it for Haemyeong. Yeojin then asks for forgiveness instead and Muhyul says he dares not to do so. Yeojin then says he knew Muhyul had a different look to him once he got rid of the wrath in his eyes, and Yeojin asks Muhyul to help him from now on, not just as following the prince order, but with sincerity, and to fill any lackings that Yeojin might have, and Muhyul agrees.

    Back at the palace, Lady Miyu discovers Yeojin is missing and slaps Yeonhwa harshly for not confessing about Yeojin’s whereabout. Miyu’s brother helps in the interrogation and when Miyu threatens to cut off Yeonhwa’s limbs, Yeonhwa cries and says Prince Yeojin went to see the ppl who kidnapped him from before, because those men used to be Prince Haemyeong’s follower. Lady Miyu and her brother are puzzled by it and Miyu remembers her meeting with Muhyul from a while back and they wonder why Hye-Ap has hired him when he tried to kill the king and harm the prince. Next, Balso tries to tail Dojin who is smarter and quicker and before Balso realizes, Dojin has his sword on him instead. Just then Muhyul and Maro appear and apologize and Dojin frees Balso. Maro and Muhyul are happy to see Dojin and suggest they go and have a drink. Balso wants to come along for alchohol but Maro tells him to go home.

    Then the three of them catch up and Maro asks Dojin why he came to GOguryeo, to which Dojin replies he hated Buyeo because Buyeo killed Takrok. Then Maro who seems drunk laugh about how Muhyul likes Yeon so much and Muhyul is embarrassed. But Dojin thanks Muhyul for helping Yeon, and says from now on he will take over the care of Yeon, because her father entrusted her to him, and since he was little, Yeon has always been the only woman in his heart. Muhyul is speechless and weary by it and changes the topic to something else. Muhyul tells Dojin the man he’s serving, Baegeuk of Biryu, is someone whom they have a grudge against from a long time ago. Then when they return home, Muhyul thinks about Dojin’s words, of shouldering Yeon’s protection from now on, and Dojin also thinks about his bittersweet meeting with Muhyul. Then, Muhyul goes to watch Yeon from a distance, and Yeon who is working late into the night senses someone watching her but when she looks up there’s no one there.

    Sagu mentions to King Daeso about Dojin being here the other day and if it hadn’t been Dojin things may have gotten worse with the assasins who attacked them. Daeso is alarmed by this and tells Sagu to kill everyone who saw Dojin because Dojin’s identity must be protected until Dojin can complete his mission and return. Daeso then says he has something to tell Dojin, and orders Sagu to send a black assasin to Goguryeo to send a message. Baegeuk introduced Dojin to the Sangga, who senses Dojin will bring trouble, but Baegeuk says he believes otherwise, and Sangga says fine. Princess Seryu asks Goeyu about Dojin, and Goeyu says the ppl at Biryu don’t know much about Dojin either since he came recently but no one knows from where. Goeyu asks Seryu why she wants to know about Dojin and Seryu shows him and Hye-Ap the pendant necklace that she once gave to her baby brother who was killed. Seryu says because she has it now she thinks her brother may be alive. Afterwards, Goeyu tells Hye-Ap the necklace used to be Muhyul’s and Goeyu says he always wondered why Prince Haemyeong was so protective of Muhyul, and oeyu asks if Muhyul is a prince and Hye-Ap replies yes, but that’s a truth only known to her and the king, and Muhyul doesn’t know either. Next, Seryu summons Dojin to the palace and she says she knows he lied about being a Biryu soldier and asks again about the man who gave him the necklace. Dojin insists he didn’t lie and he’s never seen the man again. Dojin leaves, and Hye-Ap orders Dojin to be taken away and confined. Hye-Ap and Goeyu interrogate Dojin saying they need to know the background identity of everyone who comes into the palace, but Dojin won’t say anything and asks to bring Baegeuk here if they want to know. Goeyu gets frustrated and puts a sword at him, but Hye-Ap tells him to put it away and Hye-Ap dismisses Dojin but warns him they are keeping a close eye on him.

    Dojin returns to Biryu corridors, and Baegeuk wants to know why the princess wanted to see him and what the necklace was all about. Dojin says the princess said she gave it to her baby brother who was killed as soon as he was born. Baegeuk then tells Dojin indeed Prince Yeojin is not the King’s 3rd prince, but 4th, and that there was another prince born before Yeojin but he was born under the curse of bringing destruction to Goguryeo so King Yuri killed the baby himself infront of everyone. Dojin is worried that Hye-Ap might learn about his background as assasin and Baegeuk agrees it’s best for Dojin to go in hiding and lay low for now.
    Dojin then receives a signal that a black assasin is here, and Dojin goes to meet Maenggwang who tells him Daeso wants Dojin to kill Muhyul and Maro. Dojin tells Maenggwang he can’t complete that mission right now because he is being watched and needs to leave for a while. Then Dojin hands a scroll with spy information to Maenggwang and tells him to give it to King Daeso. Afterwards Dojin goes to see Yeon and tells her he’ll be gone for a while even though he didnt want to leave her again. Yeon says dont worry and be careful, and Dojin leaves. Meanwhile Miyu’s brother has drinks with Baegeuk and butters him about how he should be in charge of Biryu instead with his great skills and the brother says her sister will support Baegeuk if he ever needs it. Then the brother asks Baegeuk to lend him some armymen.

    Next, Muhyul returns home and senses something’s not right, and soon he is ambushed by Baegeuk’s men. Muhyul is about to beat him but Maro is under their knives and Muhyul has no choice but surrender. Muhyul and Maro are hung by ropes and Baegeuk and the queen’s brother come and interrogate the two about Hye-Ap’s ties to Buyeo. When they say nothing the brother threatens to pierce Muhyul with a sharp tool. Meanwhile King Yuri thinks about Hye-AP’s warning that if the king doesn’t reveal Muhyul’s identity soon he may be in danger by Daeso’s men. Hye-Ap learns about Muhyul and Maro’s capture and she heads to the Biryu tribe with Goeyu. When they arrive, Miyu’s brother and Baegeuk order for their capture as well, but just then King Yuri arrives and calls a halt, and Muhyul looks up and watches the king’s arrival.

  254. 254 : peachy Says:

    dear selva,frst of all i wanna tnk you 4 the infrmation about kotw..im really so xcited to watch this episode and more….and
    tnks olso 4 the advice to ignore the person who trying hard to being jumongers…more power to u to SIG and sigers and god bless…..

  255. 255 : lerance Says:

    woahhhh…finally done watching episodes 13-14…there’s a good turn to it, feeling the intensity of the drama. i thought Maro is gonna pee on his pants when they poured water on their shoes, hahahah save by maegwang’s disappearance.

    isn’t muhyul, jumongs grandson that will kill king daeso?

    until next episode…HAPPY TRICK OR TREATING guys…

  256. 256 : sig my angel Says:

    song ll gook confirmed in drama kingdom of the winds that he is king of historical dram wooooooooooooooow song ll gook go u are the best

  257. 257 : peachy Says:

    sig is not only king for the series sig is olso king of the skorea king in our hearts and king in the whole world…

  258. 258 : honey b Says:

    is the story related with Jumong? coz I have’t watch Jumong yet.

  259. 259 : selva Says:

    to honey b
    you don’t have to watch Jumong to understand Kingdom Of The Winds.

    to lerance
    yes… Muhyul (who will later becomes daemosin) is the one who will kill Daeso.

  260. 260 : laimily Says:

    yehey!!its kotw day again!!

  261. 261 : vian Says:

    at last natapos ko rin ang trms of endrmnt.sobrang touch ako!hanggang ngaun di pa rin tumitgil ang luha ko kahit nag ddner ako tgether with my parents and young brod..my dad told me wats my problm n i’ve said nothing,but my young brod laugh so hard and he said”dad its v’coz of the drama entitle toe,see…how nauthy is he!ibuking ba ko,kutusan ko nga…ngaun dalawa na kming umiiyak hehe…nkktouch talaga kz sobra ang toe,panuorin nio pra mlaman nio na kahit nagddner or nag eexam kau cont.prin ang pag luha nio nonstop na yun..hehe..seriously nkka touch tlaga lalo na c sigs sobrang lov nia un girl!!

  262. 262 : shiva Says:

    god I loved it. loved ep15. loved the whole episode especially the last scene when king yuri arived. god I can’t wait for ep16. thanks to selva and dramaok for ep15 summaries.

  263. 263 : selva Says:

    OMG episode 16…

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. I’m screaming right now…
    poor poor poor poor poor Muhyul…
    poor poor poor poor poor Yuri…
    Dojin… I hate you!!!!!!!!!!
    did someone else saw it?!?!?!?!

    the last part was intermittent online…
    did Yuri tell Muhyul that he’s his son?!?!?!?!!??!!?!?!?

  264. 264 : Glory Says:

    Aargh!!i can’t wait when will muhyul become daemusin n kill daeso……that’s jumong’s unfinished job(lol)
    i was getting excited everytime muhyul appear
    ,Sig’s really awesome ,he makes our heart beating faster with his charisma

    aja aja !!
    keep on fighting oppa !

  265. 265 : JungWon Says:

    Hi Selva, I’ve juz finished ep 15 on Viikii. Can’t watch ep 16 yet as it’s not yet uploaded there.
    I’m kinda sad coz I can’t get to Soompi..I always get the IPS Driver Error message whenever I try to go to Soompi since yesterday, huhu.
    I’ll juz be counting on you for more updates here in KoreanDrama postings.
    Cant wait to watch ep 16.. will it be revelation time for Muhyul’s true identity?

  266. 266 : selva Says:

    dear Jung won
    I also habe been getting that IPS driver error for the last 6 hours…
    it happens a lot at soompi… hopefully it will retyrn back soon 😀

    and regarding episode 16… the last part was a little bit intermittent, so I didn’t know exactly what happened… but I think he will finally know about his true identity (judging from the preview)…

    I’ll put the link here as soon as I upload it..

    and I think starting from this episode, Muhyul and Dojin are officially enemies… that’s what I felt 🙁

    take care

  267. 267 : selva Says:

    Episode 17 preview
    (it wasn’t actually a preview… it was more like Yuri’s memories about Muhyul).. the official preview will come out next week 😀

  268. 268 : selva Says:

    Episode. 16 summary (by the super amazing dramaok)

    Hye-Ap is accused as a spy for Buyeo by Lady Miyu’s brother and Baegeuk of Biryu, but King Yuri arrives just as she and the others are about to be captured, and King Yuri looks up to Muhyul who is hung by the ropes, and Yuri orders for Muhyul to be freed. Baegeuk argues Muhyul is the guy who kinapped Prince Yeojin and tried to assasinate the king, and has ties as a Buyeo assasin, therefore traitors, but Yuri states it was his order that Muhyul and Maro went to Buyeo as assasins. Yuri then tells Hye-Ap to reveal the great accomplishments Muhyul and Maro have done for Goguryeo, including the assasination attempt of King Daeso. Yuri then firmly states the two men will continue to work for him, and if something should go wrong with them, he will hold Baegeuk and Miyu’s brother accountable, now that the secret identifications have been spoiled.

    Then back in the palace, Yuri speaks to Muhyul and Maro and ask about their health to which they reply fine. Yuri then says he has not forgotten all the things they did for him, and all the sufferings they endured for Goguryeo. Yuri thus promotes the two as official king’s guards and Maro leaves giddy thinking they are finally acknowledged and free to roam around. Maro also teases Muhyul he can go visit his beloved Yeon anytime he wants now because they are officially Goguryeons, and Muhyul punches him in the stomach jokingly for the tease. Prince Yeojin comes and says sorry for the troubles he’s caused them, but Muhyul says no, and in fact things are better this way with their freedom restored. Yeojin is happy and says they can meet often then, and Yeonhwa cringes. Hye-Ap continues to persuade Yuri to restore Muhyul as a prince, but Yuri insists the time has not come yet, but he will not reject it, and he will continue to watch Muhyul to see if he can outwin the curse he’s born under.

    Miyu’s brother complains to Baegeuk about what’s happened, and Baegeuk says they dont’ need to believe Yuri, and he must get rid of Muhyul and Maro who hold grudges against him and will surely bring more trouble to them, as well as Prince Yeojin. Lady Miyu pleads with Baegeuk to rid of the men as well. Goeyu wonders why the king won’t acknowledge Muhyul as his son, and Hye-Ap tells him about the curse told by the oracle at the time Muhyul was born and Goeyu is shocked. Hye-Ap then explains the king is watching Muhyul before he will acknowledge him as prince, and their job is to help the king see Muhyul’s skills and strengths. That night, Muhyul holds his neck apparatus from Haemyeong and Muhyul tells the deceased prince he became a citizen of Goguryeo and now he will use his life to protect the beloved nation that Haemyeong loved so much, in order to help the nation achieve the state of utopia that Haemyeong dreamed of.

    Yanggi the merchant lord from Buyeo pays Mahwang a visit and Yanggi is startled to see Yeon at Mahwang’s, and Yanggi tells Mahwang why. Next, Mahwang goes to ask Yeon if it’s true that she is the daughter of Takrok, therefore a Buyeo princess, and Yeon replies indeed she is but she came to be sold as a slave after her father was killed for accusation of being a traitor, and Mahwang’s frazzled by the revelation. Meanwhile, Goeyu is uncomfortable in Muhyul’s presence after knowing the truth but Goeyu tries to pull a straight face and orders Muhyul to bring Maro and go see Hye-Ap together. Hye-Ap tells the two now that they are rightful soldiers of the king, they have to begin more training to learn the history, the politics and geography of Goguryeo and its neighbors and Maro is dismayed that he has to study and wonders if Muhyul could just study while he sits back and Balso scoffs at him saying the studies are just basic. Hye-Ap also tells Maro it’ll be useful for him to learn so he should, and Maro reluctantly agrees. Then, Princess Seryu summons for Muhyul afterwards, and Seryu tells Muhyul she remembers him because he was such a faithful follower of Haemyeong, and she says she learned from Goeyu about all the suffering Muhyul and Maro went through, and Seryu comments on how Muhyul reminds her of her deceased brother Haemyeong and she asks him to come visit often because it cheers her to feel her brother’s presence.

    In Buyeo, King Daeso is recovering and Maenggwang comes back from his trip to Goguryeo and reports to Daeso about Dojin not able to complete the task of killing Muhyul and Maro for the time being but he sent a message to Daeso, and Daeso reads it and laughs aloud at the prospect of the events to come. Sagu asks what it’s about and Daeso just say he’ll find out in time. Afterwards Sagu’s man wonders if Daeso is preparing to hand the throne to Dojin as successor, and Sagu says it’s impossible since Dojin is a son of an enemy. Maenggwang then talks to Sagu in private and reveals he saw Yeon in Goguryeo meeting with Dojin and Sagu tells Maenggwang to keep it a secret and Sagu smirks. Back in Goguryeo, Dojin sneaks out at night and commits two brutal murders. Next morning, Guchu alerts King Yuri about the death of his top 2 ministers, Daesaja and Daejubu, who are loyal to the king’s cause.

    Maro gets bored from the studies when Hye-Ap brings more to study, and Maro whines but Muhyul is studious and asks Hye-Ap if the nation of Nangnyang is in the south, and Hye-Ap says indeed and it’s a nation that they wish to acquire in the future. The king’s dismayed at the death of Daejubu and Daesaja and orders Yeojin to pay respect to the households, while Hye-Ap does an investigation of what happened. Muhyul looks at the body wound of the murdered soldiers and Muhyul determines it is not done by the Black assasins of Buyeo, because the wounds don’t look like the weapons they use in Buyeo. Hye-Ap wonders if they can look more and Muhyul goes to see Daejubu’s body next. Upon examining, Muhyul deterines the killer was aiming for instant death and begins to think more about it. There, he runs into Prince Yeojin who wants to go wander around town again, but Muhyul pulls him aside, and explains the reason Haemyeong had so many faithfuls even after his death is due to Haemyeong’s deep attachment to his men, and Haemyeong shared their pain and sorrow with them, and that is why the bond is so strong. Muhyul says Yeojin should grieve with the king’s followers, because one day they will be Yeojin’s follower and if he wishes for their sincere loyalty. Yeojin is humbled by it and when Muhyul apologizes for steppimg over his bound, Yeojin says no, thx him for the advice. Hye-Ap reports to King Yuri they didn’t find any proof to show it was done by Buyeo ppl. Yuri states the only ppl he can think of who would do such in Goguryeo, are the ppl of Biryu tribe. Hye-Ap disagrees saying the tribes would not risk adding more tension at this point, however Yuri insists the tribes are challenging him to battle. Biryu Sangga asks Baegeuk if he was the one behind the murders, and Baegeuk says no. Sangga wonders what this means, and just then a messenger comes to tell the Sangga King Yuri has summoned a meeting with the council of tribe leads.

    During the meeting, Yuri tells the council Daejubu and Daesaja were murdered last night, and it was not done by Buyeo according to their investigation. Yuri states he believes someone who is here committed the crime and Yuri asks the offender to step out. The Biryu ppl protest saying there’s no proof, and Yuri then asks Baegeuk who would do such crime then. Baegeuk reminds King Yuri he is the one who put a stop to their investigation previously when they interrogated the kidnappers of Yeojin and Baegeuk says they are the founding tribes of Goguryeo, and if the king insists on blaming them without justifaction they will not sit idle. The king is furious and says how dare he threatens him, and reminds the council he is a king who forgave them when they rebelled against him, and Yuri says he did it for the good of the nation and as respect to deceased king, but they continue to undermine his power time after time. Yuri appears very upset and Guchu asks the king to stay calm. Muhyul wants to get to the bottom of his investigation and looks through books about weapons and remembers the drawings of weapon Dojin gave him when they bid farewell in Buyeo. Muhyul then looks through it and goes to see Prince Yeojin, asking for his help to use the shop to make something. Yeojin agrees and watches as Muhyul spends the night making a flat sword. Yeojin says he didn’t know Muhyul could make weapons and Muhyul says it’s from his days as assasin in Buyeo. Yeojin is impressed but says Muhyul could order other ppl to make the sword instead of laboring at it himself but Muhyul asks Yeojin to keep the happening a secret between them two, and Yeojin is excited about having a secret and agrees. Muhyul then tests the sword with Maro and Maro asks if he suspect Dojin as the killer and Muhyul says to keep it a secret, and he will meet w/ Dojin first.

    Mahwang is troubled by Yeon’s identity, and sighs heavily as he watches her work. Gongchang thinks Mahwang must be lusting for her and offers to bring her to his bedroom all dolled up, but Mahwang’s annoyed. Then, Mahwang talks to Yeon and tells her to go to Sangga for he cannot keep her anymore, but Yeon pleads for her stay saying she will bring him benefits.’ Baegeuk tells Dojin the Biryu tribe is innocent but the king thinks they killed the ministers and he’s not afraid to hide his hatred of Biryu. Baegeuk asks Dojin to do something and Dojin asks if it means it’s ok to kill Yuri. Next, Dojin visits Yeon and tries to help her carry her basket of medicine, but Yeon says she can do it alone. So Dojin follows her into the medicine shed, and Yeon says she’s glad to see him and was worried. Dojin says he went to Jolbon and thx her for worrying about him. Yeon then gives him some tonic for his health and Dojin is touched, and tells her he missed her. Yeon who has her back to him pauses for a moment and says nothing, as she puts the statue from Muhyul sideways facedown.

    When they step out they run into Muhyul, who tells Yeon he came to talk to Dojin today. Muhyul and Dojin talk alone and Muhyul asks Dojn if he did the murdering. Dojin says he knows thing of it, and Muhyul says they both know he did. Muhyul then says Dojin must leave the Biryu ppl, but Dojin says Biryu is the tribe that accepted him when he left Buyeo, so he won’t leave. Muhyul says if he stays he would have to do more killings, and one day the two of them could be pointing swords at each other. Dojin says even so there’s nothing he can do. Dojin says ppl can walk on the same road, but have different destinations, and even though he and Muhyul shared the same path once, now they have different roads to travel, and Muhyul is despaired. Afterwards Dojin thinks alone about Muhyul’s words, then about Daeso’s mission for him to kill Muhyul. Dojin then decides to tell Baegeuk about Muhyul, and shows him the pendant, and says it was Muhyul’s. Baegeuk is surprised by it and Dojin says it’s possible that Muhyul is King Yuri’s 3rd son, who never died. Baegeuk goes to Sangga with the shocking revelation and Myeongjin says it all makes sense, why Haemyeong was so protective of Muhyul, and even went to war with Buyeo border over Muhyul’s capture once, and how Yuri is so protective of Muhyul just the same now.
    Baegeuk says this is a good opportunity for them to plot against Yuri.

    Maro wants Muhyul to tell Hye-Ap about what Dojin did but Muhyul still wants to keep it a secret for now. Meanwhile, Dojin leads a group of Biryu soldiers and at night they go around Goguryeo to spread red ash into the waterways, and commit verious happenings. During the night, King Yuri awakes suddenly with a bad premonition and goes out to the courtyard to see it littered by dead crows, like it was years ago when Muhyul was born.
    Yuri is then told by Guchu that there are strange phenomenon happening all over the nation, outside the fort. Thus, Hye-Ap summons her team to start the investigations. Muhyul asks what’s happened, and Balso says the people are talking about ghosts and curses, and Hye-Ap says there are reasons behind the happenings and orders the men to go find out at once. Muhyul and Maro investigate the water and Muhyul even climbs into a well and takes some of the tainted water, and shows the people the water is not cursed, and Goguryeo is not doomed to destruction, and the king will soon catch the culprits. Maro smilingly says to Goeyu Muhyul is such a smart punk, but Goeyu scolds him for saying Muhyul is a punk and Maro is perplexed. Dojin watches the investigation from afar and looks weary.

    Mahwang also watches the happening and remembers the same strange phenomenon happened before. Just then Yeon comes up to him and asks him to lend a hand in helping the ill and Mahwang says he’s busy but Yeon grabs him saying there’s nothing more important than saving lives and Mahwang doesn’t argue. Next, Muhyul comes by and sees how busy Yeon is and tells Maro to go get some doctors to come. Yeon says thanks and Muhyul says she should rest once the medical ppl come but Yeon says she can’t there are too many ppl ill, all sick from the unknown illness that’s spreading. Muhyul then notices boys drawing on walls, and Muhyul goes to them and asks them why they’re drawing crows dying and water turning red. The boys say a man told them to and he even told them ghost stories. Muhyul then asks about the stories and goes back to the palace to see the king. Hye-Ap tells Yuri about how great Muhyul is doing in his investigation, and Muhyul comes and tells the king there’s something more urgent than finding the culprits and Yuri asks what. Muhyul says the ppl are talking about ghost stories, and they have to settled the ppl’s fear first and calm their hearts before anything else, and asks Yuri to set the record straight. Yuri asks what stories, and Muhyul says everyone in town is talking about the ghost.. who is the prince who died 20 years ago, and now everyone says the prince either never died, or he died but came back as a ghost to haunt them. Yuri is startled to hear this, as are Hye-Ap and Goeyu who are there, and Yuri stares at Muhyul.

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    describe it, the sadness of Muhyul when Dojin inform him that he is taken by the love of Yeon was a manipulation to keep him far from her, it was very villan, and beautiful in the same time, bcz even Dojin become officialy Muhyul’s enemy, but he is great, yeon is between them tow its hard for her… And finaly King Yuri he is just awsome OMG any one have watched this drama can feel the atmosphere full of tendress and feelings between the father and son…SIG every time you prove for your fans and all the world hwo handsome and talented and brillent you are I can’t even exprime myself …

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    OMG for more than tow hours I was taken by all this events, some times :when Muhyul was taken by the soldiers of Birbyu and king Yuri arrived and saved him I just can’t breath every moment I wait for the annocment : MUHYUL IS MY SON…OMG and when Dojin decided to revelate for the WOOBY that the dead prince still alive… my heart was broken when he tell King Yuri about the rumor of the ghost ..poor poor Muhyul he even don’t know the he is the pretended ghost

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    the last two episodes this week were just WOW…
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    Guess Muhyul’s gonna know his true identity already coz the enemies are really trying hard to reveal it. What would be his reaction ifever?
    Whoah, so many questions, juz hope time flies and it’s Wed already, hmmn.

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    I juz hope he’ll be able to take everything with grace and not hold grudge towards his father coz it was the best way King Yuri thought way back then.

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    poor Muhyul was crying like a baby today 🙁

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    Ep. 17 (by the super awesome dramaok)

    Muhyul tells King Yuri the most urgent task before them is clearing of the rumor around the streets, about the prince who died 20 years ago coming back as a ghost. Shocked, Yuri turns his gaze on Muhyul and leaves, without saying anything. Then when he returns to his chamber, Yuri appears traumatized and Hye-Ap urges the king not to pay attention to the words in the streets, and that the bad events aren’t related to the prince, but merely orchestrated purposedly by someone. Yuri says in that case it means someone knows about Muhyul’s identity and Hye-Ap agrees. Next, Maro asks Balso if he knows anything about the rumors about the deceased prince, and Balso sighs, as he explains he only heard about it recently too, and it’s a top secret among imperial family. Balso says Prince Yeojin isn’t King Yuri’s 3rd prince, but his 4th, and that there was a baby prince who was killed right after his birth. Maro is shocked by it and Balso says the 3rd prince was born under a curse of destruction and the king himself killed the baby to stop the prophecy and so it was stopped, after the baby cursed its own mother, the queen to death. Muhyul listens cautiously and Maro asks about the ghost story and Balso says he doesn’t know either, and Maro wonders if the 3rd prince is really alive.

    Just then Princess Seryu comes and asks the three men to help her find the 3rd prince, before the royal tribes can find him first, for the council would not let the prince stay alive. Maro tells Seryu to ask Hye-Ap about it, but Seryu says Hye-Ap is being tailed by the council and if she finds the prince the prince’s whereabouts would be exposed dangerously. Maro says he wants to help but they know nothing about the prince. Seryu says in the shrine, there are memorial plaques of the late queen and of Haemyeong, and there must be one of the 3rd prince as well. Maro asks if she wants them to go into the shrine and Seryu says yes, and to go find anything about the 3rd prince. Balso says no one is allowed into the shrine w/out the king’s permission and Seryu says indeed she knows it’s a difficult task but she needs them to try. Afterwards Maro asks Balso and Muhyul what they should do and Balso says they should forget it, but Muhyul says they have to help her because she is the only one who wants to protect the prince’s existence, while everyone else fears it. Balso says they’re not in any position to help anyone and Maro agrees, but Muhyul says if Haemyeong were alive he would want to protect the prince as well, and they are already dead ppl had the king not saved them. Balso calls Muhyul a nutcase who will be dead if caught, and Muhyul tells Balso that’s why he needs his help, and Balso scratches his head.

    Meanwhile, Myeongjin and Baegeuk report to Sangga about the people’s loss of faith in King Yuri and Sangga says Yuri deserves it for tricking the council and the people, and Sangga says indeed the current event will dim Yuri’s powers. Then Sangga warns they must never allow it be known that the Biryu tribe had anything to do w/ the happenings or else they will pay the price in double and Baegeuk says he already made certain it won’t. Myeongjin asks Baegeuk if he really believes Haemyeong’s follower is the 3rd prince and Baegeuk says only Yuri can let them know and he too is curious about it. Baegeuk goes to see Dojin next, and Baegeuk tells Dojin he must cut his ties w/ the past relationships clean if he wishes to succeed. Dojin asks what his next mission is, and Baegeuk says to continue the spread of strange phenomenon and illness. Then Miyu’s brother Anseong comes see Baegeuk and Mahwang’s man Gongchan sees the two leave together, then goes to Mahwang to report it. Mahwang says it’s strange that all is quiet in Biryu when there are in the middle of chaos and tells Gongchan to continue spying on the clan. Mahwang then checks in with Yeon who says what’s more disconcerning than the illness itself is the people’s fear of curse.

    Muhyul and Maro arrive before the shrine temple and realizes the daunting task ahead of them, and the two go to look for Balso, who is full of tricks, but Maro is angry when he sees Balso flirting with a maid instead, but Balso scoffs and says the maid he was talking to happens to serve the shrine maids, and he found out from her about the secret tunnel to the shrine, so the three set out to the cave where the tunnel is. Meanwhile Guchu tells Yuri about the spread of the rumors and asks the king to do something soon, and Yuri wonders if it’s because he didn’t kill Muhyul back then. Lady Miyu summons Baegeuk and asks him angrily if Biryu is behind the spread of rumors and disease and Anseong tries to stop her but Miyu tells him to stay out of it. Baegeuk grins and says everything is done for the sake of Prince Yeojin who will be at threat if the 3rd prince is still alive. Miyu scoffs at Baegeuk who would believe such nonsense but Baegeuk reveals indeed it’s very possible that the 3rd prince is still alive and it’s likely that he is Muhyul, the follower of Haemyeong. Lady Miyu is upset by this and her brother says they should just kill Muhyul even if he’s not the 3rd prince, just to make sure.

    Meanwhile the trio arrive by the cave to the tunnel, and Balso is scared to go in saying they may be punished thus Muhyul goes in alone while the other two stay watchful. Muhyul goes into the shrine temple where the templates are held, and finds the template of the 3rd prince, in a chest of other items that belonged to the ill-fated baby and Muhyul reads the template that says the baby’s name is Muhyul, meaning without warm blood or heart, and Muhyul is shocked. Just then the noise of door opening happens, and Muhyul goes to hide, as he watches Yuri coming in with Guchu. Yuri comes before the chest, and kneels, and reveals to Guchu, Muhyul is his 3rd son, whom he tried to save but now he realizes it’s his greed that has brought greater pain for Muhyul. Guchu is startled to learn this, but Muhyul is even more shocked and begins to sob, barely containing himself from letting his wailing be heard. Guchu tells Yuri if that’s true they must expose Muhyul’s status right away and protect him before he can be harmed, but Yuri says he can’t because the ill prophecy is still alive, and Muhyul’s curse of bringing death to his family is still coming true, the way Haemyeong died, and Muhyul sobs more.

    Balso gets antsy waiting but Muhyul finally comes out from the tunnel, looking like a zombie without a soul and Muhyul walks away ignoring the calls of Maro and Balso. Muhyul then goes to wail alone as he remembers Haemyeong who asked him to call him ‘older brother’ and the present Haemyeong gave him before his death, and about Muhyul’s curse of killing his own family. Maro is perplexed by Muhyul’s behavior but Balso says maybe Muhyul turned into a real ghost and Maro gets disgusted at him. Meanwhile Anseong brings Miyu’s letter to Baegeuk and Baegeuk is happy at the prospect that Miyu will take a woman from Biryu clan to make her the future crown princess. Baegeuk asks Anseong what Miyu wants in exchange and Anseong replies her sister wants Muhyul dead. At this, Baegeuk replies everything will turn out the way she wants. Next, Baegeuk tells Dojin the queen wants Muhyul dead, for fear he is really the 3rd prince, which means Yeojin couldn’t be king. Dojin asks if he really wants him to go kill Muhyul, and Baegeuk says not yet, but when the time comes, Dojin should do it at once w/out reservation.

    Muhyul disappears, and Hye-Ap and Goeyu demand Maro and Balso to explain why. Balso says they were trying to find out about the 3rd prince, as a favor for Princess Seryu, and Muhyul went into the shrine alone last night, but afterwards Muhyul was deeply tormented alone and wouldn’t talk. Goeyu yells at them for keeping that secret til now and Hye-Ap who is dismayed orders the men to hurry and go look for Muhyul. After leaving the palace, Muhyul arrives at the field where Haemyeong died. Muhyul looks around then falls to his knees, as he weeps more, calling out to Haemyeong as crown prince. Muhyul asks the crown prince if he is really his brother, and if that’s why Haemyeong tried to protect him, knowing well he would lose everything in doing so. Muhyul cries and shouts, asking why Haemyeong didn’t tell him and what he’s supposed to do now. Back at the palace, Hye-Ap reports to Yuri about Muhyul being at the shrine and now Muhyul knows everything and due to the shock he is now missing. Hye-Ap says they have to hurry and look for him w/ the army force, before the others find him first, but Yuri says to look for Muhyul quietly w/out alarming the tribes. Guchu then comes and reports to Yuri about the illness which has spread from east and west.

    Outside the palace, Mahwang asks Yeon if she’s found a cure yet for the contagious disease, and Yeon says no, but just then Mahwang is about to collaspe. Yeon treats him right away, and Gongchan begs Yeon to spare his master from death, and Mahwang scolds Gongchan for mentioning death. Yeon says Mahwang has caught the disease too but his condition is mild. But then Yeon notices Mahwang’s nails bleeding and Yeon then checks the other patients’ nails too and sees theirs bleeding too. Back at the palace, Yeojin’s attendant Yeonhwa is disease-stricken too and Yeojin tends to her personally bringing her medicine and cheering her on, and Yeonhwa is touched. Meanwhile in Buyeo, King Daeso has a nightmare and awakes from it. Next morning Daeso asks Sagu to find Yeon, and Sagu asks why. Daeso says everynight he sees Taknok in his sleep and now he wants to talk to Yeon. Sagu says the king must be tired and suggest putting a shrine offering instead, but Daeso is angered by it and states he is not senile. Daeso says he regrets killing Taknok so hastly back then, just by listeing to Sagu, and Sagu who is upset by it asks the king if he is suspicious of him, and Daeso tells him to just bring Yeon here.

    Back in Goguryeo, Yeon waits for Dojin outside Biryu compounds and Dojin takes her somewhere else to talk. Yeon tells Dojin she believes the Buyeo black assasins are here and have used poison on the ppl to get the Goguryeo ppl sick. Yeon says if that’s the case she is worried about Dojin and Muhyul’s safety and Dojin brushes her off by saying he and Muhyul are fine. At night in the palace, Yuri looks out as he thinks about the happenings when Guchu comes and informs the king about the illness spreading everywhere. Yuri tells Guchu to send envoys to their allied nations for help and Yuri then asks about Muhyul and finds out he’s not yet found. Yuri then thinks alone more, but Muhyul is watching him from behind with tearful eyes. Yuri then senses something and turns around but Muhyul is already gone.

    Muhyul walks out to the streets and sees the disease everywhere and gets frigtened by the drawings on the wall about the prophecy and Muhyul panics as he tries to erase it w/ his hands, causing blood to stain the walls. Next, Maro goes to see Yeon and tells her about Muhyul’s missing and Yeon tells Maro about the poison she’s discovered. Maro goes back to Hye-Ap to inform her about it and her team sets out looking for the culprits. They arrive at the river and spot some men spreading yellow ash into the river and her team ambushes the men demanding them to say who is behind them, but Dojin kills those men by shooting daggers from far distance to silence the men, and Dojin returns to Biryu clan to tell Baegeuk about Hye-Ap discovering the poisoning of water. Baegeuk asks Dojin if she knwos they are behind it, and Dojin says he already erased any trace that links to them. Next, when Yeon is treating patients, she suddenly senses something and looks up to see Muhyul standing there watching her. The two talk in the medicine shed and Yeon starts to treat Muhyul’s bleeding hands and shows her concern for him, asking him what’s happened. Muhyul who is pale-looking tells her he will leave Goguryeo and asks her if she will go with him.

    Then, Hye-Ap arrives to see Mahwang and asks him to show her to the doctor who is treating the patients on the streets, because the king wishes to see her. Thus, Yeon is escorted to the palace by Hye-Ap, and Muhyul watches as he reflects on her words to him earlier, that she will go anywhere and everywhere with him, but first she must treat the patients who are suffering from the illness spreading, and how he asked her if she knows how and she said she needed the medicine that can only be found in Buyeo. Thus, Muhyul leaves for Buyeo that night, while Yeon is brought before King Yuri, accompanied by Mahwang. Yuri asks Yeon what the poison is that’s causing the disease, and Yeon says it’s the mushroom poison. Yuri asks if there’s a cure and Mahwang says there is, but they haven’t located it yet. Yuri tells Yeon if she finds a cure she will save Goguryeo, and asks her to do so. Mahwang then says 20 years ago, when similar events happened, he and Prince Haemyeong traced it to the Biryu clan. Hye-Ap asks what about the connection to Buyeo assasin this time around, and Mahwang says indeed the poison is different, and it’s peculiar that a Buyeo poison is being used by the Biryu clan. Yuri asks if he means Biryu is tied to Buyeo, and Mahwang says surely nothing is confirmed but from what he noticed, no one in the Biryu clan has fallen ill to the poison when everyone else is sick by it.

    Mahwang and Yeon leave, and Mahwang is giddy that he’s so smart, but his laughing only makes his head hurt. King Yuri instructs Hye-Ap to check if it’s true what Mahwang said, and orders Guchu to hurry and find the cure for the poison. Yuri then asks about Muhyul but he’s not yet found. In Buyeo palace, Muhyul sneaks around and kills off a couple of guards, then locates the medicine he is looking for, and sets to leave, but more guards arrive and start chasing after Muhyul. The chase continues til daylight, and just as Muhyul is distancing, he is soon surrounded by more Buyeo troops.

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    open google in song ll gook korean actor management in last page song ll gook reportage an amaaaaaaaaaaaaaizing anterviewwwwwwwwwww

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    to mr.song

    i love u more than you’ve ever know…a tym when i think of u a little tears fall in my eyes coz i really miss u…many times i z you in my dreams.every our every minute even seconds thinking of u! never change my lov 4 u….goodluck to u and to all the cast of kotw! FIGHT MY HERRRRRRO!!!

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    i wish you all the luck sig!!!more movie and more drama’s to come…..i will be true to support you! i feel inspired when i see u in kotw! i already dropped my boyfriend coz i waiting for you!!!hehehe….

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    can u air the kingdom of the wind to channel 7 next year month of january!? please………………….

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    episode 18 summary (by dramaok)
    Ep. 18:

    King Daeso is furious to learn another attack incident occurred in Buyeo fortress, not long after his last injury from assasin, and orders Sagu to immediately capture the intruder, however Sagu reports the intruder already escaped the fortress. Daeso is mad and asks what the intuder stole, and Sagu reports it was the antigen for the poison Dojin asked for. Daeso then says to block all the outlets of Buyeo and to capture the intruder no matter what. Thus Muhyul gets chased by Buyeo soldiers who are trailing him closely. Meanwhile in Goguryeo Goeyu is worried that Muhyul is still missing and wonders if he will be gone forever, but Hye-Ap says Muhyul just needs time to get over the shock but he won’t desert them forever. Guchu reports to King Yuri that hundreds have already died from the disease, and there are sick ppl inside the palace as well, but the doctors are looking for neutralizing medicine for the poison thus it shouldnt’ be long. Yuri says he wants to go see the situation himself and orders Guchu to prepare his trip, however Yuri collaspses and the doctor declares to Guchu the king is ill with the poison too.

    Guchu wonders if there’s someone in the palace who wanted to poison the king on purpose, and orders the doctor not to let anyone know about the king’s illness. Guchu then goes to see Yuri and says the doctor said Yuri is just too fatigue and needs rest, thus they should postpone going outside, and Yuri looks solemn. The doctor, however, goes and tells Anseong about the king’s illness, while Guchu tells Hye-Ap to go see Yeon and ask about the cure. Outside Goguryeo the chase continues with Muhyul trailed by many Buyeo soldiers, and Muhyul is forced off his horse and begins to fight the enemy on foot with sword and bat. In Biryu corridors, Baegeuk tells Sangga things are going as planned and Sangga says to call for a council meeting. Myeongjin says it’s time to seek revenge against Yuri and Baegeuk says they will return to Yuri the ridicule he put upon them previously. While Yeon treats the illness among the many, Gongchan gets frustrated and wonders if they will ever find the cure they need. Just then Hye-Ap shows up and asks Yeon if she has found the antigen and Yeon says to wait just a little but she is startled when Hye-Ap reveals the king is also ill by the poison. Inside the palace, Princess Seryu and Prince Yeojin check on their father’s condition, when the chief bodyguard comes w/ news that the council wants to see the king. Yeojin is angry that they’re not letting the king recover and tells the chief to cancel it but King Yuri says he will attend the meeting because he doesn’t want to show them he is weak, and tells Yeojin to come along from now on.

    During the meeting, Sangga comments the king looks awfully pale, and states the things that are happening are result of the prophecy and asks Yuri for an answer, but Yuri firmly states the events are orchestrated the Biryu ppl, and at this Baegeuk gets angry and says the king cannot accuse them of such thing. Yuri however replies he is certain, and Baegeuk demands to know why, when Sangga says it’s all because of the dead prince. Baegeuk says that is what the ppl believe and wonders why the king can refute it and in doing so the king is committing a crime against the ppl. Myeongjin also asks if Yuri saved his son afterall and other tribe leads also demand an answer. Yuri begins to feel dizzy and orders everyone to leave. Sangga shouts they need an answer now, and Guchu steps forward to tell ppl to leave, but Baegeuk shouts too and says the council will not sit still and embrace a king who lies to them. Yuri gets furious and stands up shouting but collaspses. Guchu and Prince Yeojin escort the fallen king back to this palace, while the council members say nothing. Lady Miyu sits by the unconscious king and sighs afterwards when she meets with her brother alone. Anseong tells Lady Miyu it may be hard for the king to recover, since he has contracted the poison that the ppl in the streets have. Miyu is dismayed, but Anseong says this may be a good thing for her and for Yeojin, however Miyu silences him and says the king is her husband, and Yeojin’s father, and not just as the king of their nation, and Anseong backs down relunctantly.
    The council holds a meeting of their own and express different opinions about what they should do. Sangga says he will consider all the suggestions carefully and asks them to follow his lead. Afterwards Baegeuk is upset at how slow things are happening, and asks Dojin to prepare killing Muhyul soon. Dojin follows order and goes outside, and slaps his men for losing track of Muhyul. Dojin tells them Muhyul will surely show up near Mahwang’s doctor and go wait there.

    Yeon begins to feel despair, when Muhyul returns, and brings with him the medicine to cure the poison disease. Yeon is shocked and asks him if he went to Buyeo. Muhyul replies yes and Yeon is startled he put himself in such danger. Muhyul tells her to hurry and use the medicine to heal the ppl, and Yeon says to bring the medicine to the palace, because the king has fallen ill to the poison as well. Thus Muhyul runs to the palace, where he runs into Balso and Maro, and Muhyul asks where Hye-Ap is. Hye-Ap and Guchu are shocked to see Muhyul who says he brought the cure and he heard about the king’s condition. Next, the king is fed the medicine Muhyul found, while Maro tells Muhyul if he deserts him like this again he will never talk to him again. Hye-Ap comes and tells them the king is over the critical stage and Maro tells Muhyul to apologize to Hye-Ap for worrying her sick. Hye-Ap dismisses everyone and talks to Muhyul alone. Outside Maro and Balso ask Goeyu what’s going on but Goeyu says nothing. Inside, Hye-Ap and Muhyul talk alone, and Muhyul apologizes to her, but Hye-Ap kneels before him instead and asks for forgivess from the prince. Hye-Ap says she knew about his identity for a long time but she kept it a secret from him all this time. Muhyul says he wished he never found out, and lived his life in the cave as painter or simply as the crown prince’s follower, then he wouldn’t be in so much torment right now, being the Muhyul who has turned things upside down. Muhyul says he can’t accept these things and live this way, but Hye-Ap is tearful and begs the prince to accept and overcome his fate. Muhyul is tearful as well and asks how he is supposed to accept a fate that curses its own father and mother and nation. Hye-Ap says even if he doesn’t accept it, he can’t return to his old self, and no matter how hard he tries to escape, his duty is to be here, to protect the nation, and that is why he escaped the mural cave, and that is why Haemyeong killed himself. Hye-Ap says their nation will face destruction no matter because Buyeo is on their tail, but Muhyul argues that is not his responsibility, because the king will stand again soon, and there is also Prince Yeojin, thus he will not live with such a fate. Hye-Ap says Muhyul must because it is a duty that Crown Prince Haemyeong has left for him. Hye-Ap explains Haemyeong once told her, once Prince Muhyul escapes his curse, he will be king. Muhyul is stunned and Hye-Ap continues, though Haemyeong died in the field that day, he will continue his legacy through Muhyul, and he would want to see the paradise that he dreamed of, through Muhyul.

    Meanwhile, Maro drinks with Balso and Goeyu, and Maro expresses his sadness that Muhyul is ignoring him these days, and Maro asks Goeyu how Muhyul could treat him so. Balso also chimes in and wonders why Muhyul is changed, and Goeyu states Muhyul is their nation’s 3rd prince. Balso says that’s not a funny joke, and Goeyu says he isn’t joking and from now on they should call Muhyul, Prince Muhyul, instead of Muhyul. Maro is stunned and cries without noise. The Biryu ppl learn about the cure that has been found and Baegeuk yells at Dojin then order him to find out what happened. Dojin then goes to see Yeon, who is happy to see him, and Dojin is upset to learn Muhyul went to Buyeo to find the antigen. Yeon offers some medicine for the Biryu tribe, but Dojin says no one is sick in Biryu and Dojin leaves after telling her to work hard. Dojin goes back and Baegeuk tells him it’s time to kill Muhyul. Dojin thinks about Muhyul’s words, that they could one day crossing swords at each other. Outside Muhyul’s residence, Goeyu gets stabbed when he discovers a spy, and Goeyu then goes to see Muhyul and asks Muhyul why he left the king. Goeyu says Muhyul should be protecting the king when the king is at risk from the council. Muhyul ignores the comment and wants to treat Goeyu’s injury instead, but Goeyu is very upset and asks Muhyul why he risked his life to save Goguryeo and the king if he is just going to back down like a coward, and Goeyu says Muhyul cannot leave, because Haemyeong wouldnt’ allow that. Muhyul says nothing to Goeyu’s shouts, but he stares at him for a while. King Yuri awakes feeling better, and Guchu who is by the king’s side tells the king not to worry about the disease anymore because Prince Muhyul brought the medicine to neutralize the poison, and Prince Muhyul is the one who saved the king.

    Hye-Ap meets with Muhyul and tells him the king has awaken and asks to see him. Seryu and Yeojin learn of the king’s recovering and try to see him, but the chief bodyguard turns them away saying the king is not in his chamber. They ask where he is, but the chief says he cannot tell them.
    Yuri waits at the shrine temple and Hye-Ap comes with Muhyul. Hye-Ap then leaves, so the father and son can talk. Yuri asks Muhyul to come closer, and shows the broken tip of a knife to him. Yuri says it was the proof he took when he fled Buyeo to look for his father in Goguryeo, and the deceased king acknowledged him as his son when he saw the broken tip, and made him the crown prince. Yuri continues, he thought his resentment for his father would disapper and the grudge of growing up abandoned would heal but it was not so, and he still resented his father for leaving him and his mother, even after he was a prince, thus he now understands how Muhyul must feel. Tears gather by Muhyul’s eyes when he hears this and Yuri continues.

    Yuri: Do you know why I brought you here? This is the place where I first heard of your fate, and was about to kill you.
    Muhyul: Why didn’t you kill me? Why did you reject the heaven’s curse and saved me?
    Yuri: —
    Muhyul: Please kill me, even if it’s now. Please stop the prophecy given to me, even if it’s now.
    Yuri: I will accept you as my son, as a prince.
    Muhyul: But I will bring death to you. Will you still accept me as your son? If you accept me, for sure the council of royal tribes, and the people will turn their backs to you. Will you still acknowledge me as prince?
    Yuri: From now on I will not be afraid of any unfortunate omens. No matter what happens, you are my son.

    These words brings more tears to Muhyul and Yuri then approaches Muhyul and puts his hands on his son’s shoulders, and allows Muhyul to sob silently infront of him. Meanwhile, Yeon continues to work relentlessly, when she pauses to think about what’s happened. Next, she hears a noise and walks out, only to be surrounded by the black shadow assasins of Buyeo. The assasin chief tells Yeon the king as summoned her, and Yeon says she won’t go, but the chief orders her to be dragged away. Dojin’s men are watching the happening and one of them goes back to Dojin to report this, while the rest engage in a fight w/ the assasins. The assasins easily kill off the men and continue their departure, when Muhyul arrives and sees the happening. Muhyul kills off a few of the assasins and faces off with the chief assasin and Maenggwang. They exchange swords as Yeon watches nervously, and she gaspes when Muhyul kills them off. Dojin then arrives at the scene and sees the dead bodies. Dojin panics about Yeon’s safety and runs toward the shed, only to see her with Muhyul. Dojin watches as Yeon tells Muhyul this place is dangerous for them and she will leave with him at once no matter where. Muhyul says nothing and stares at her affectionately, then Muhyul pulls her to him as he hugs her, and Dojin grows some horns of envy. (haha sorry can’t help it). Muhyul tells Yeon he realized it’s foolish to run away, and now he doesn’t want to run away anymore. Muhyul grabs her hands, and promises Yeon no matter what happens to him, he will always keep his promise to protect her. Dojin overhears this and leaves despaired, and goes home to drink alone, only to throw the cup against the wall in anger.

    When Muhyul returns to their home, Maro calls him as Muhyul, and Balso nudges him and Maro then addresses Muhyul as prince. Balso apologizes for all the rudeness he’s shown him in the past, and Muhyul gets upset and says not to be like this, and until they die, they will always be comrades. Balso and Maro are touched by it, and Muhyul puts his hands on them as he smiles. In the palace, Anseong goes to look for Lady Miyu and asks why the king has summoned a meeting with everyone. Miyu scolds him for being loud then becomes surprised by the mention of the meeting. The Biryu ppl wonder why the king’s calling a meeting and Baegeuk says not to worry because the ppl are still unsettled over the issue of the 3rd prince, even though the disease has a cure. Seryu and Yeojin wonder what the meeting is about as well, and Seryu stops Hye-Ap who is passing by, and asks her why the king’s calling the soldiers and the tribes. Hye-Ap says Seryu will soon find out and urges her to attend the meeting right away since most ppl are already there. During the meeting, Dojin is there as well, when the king arrives. Yuri sits and announces to everyone should know about the rumors of the 3rd prince by now, and the ppl believe the strange events are tied to the 3rd prince being alive, but that is not true because the events were orchestrated by someone. Sangga asks Yuri to clear if it’s true that the 3rd prince is really dead, and Hye-Ap calls for Muhyul to enter, and Muhyul enters dressed in prince attire. Everyone’s startled, and Yuri then announces Muhyul is his 3rd son, a prince. Yeojin and Seryu smile at this while Dojin holds back, and Sangga scolds Yuri for naming Muhyul a prince when he brings with him the curse for Goguryeo. Baegeuk also says he cannot acknowledge the prince and if the king insists the council will not follow the king’s lead from now on. Muhyul turns to them and tells them he understands why they are not welcoming him and pushing him away, but he wants them to give him a chance. Sangga asks what and Muhyul asks for time to prove his worth and contribution, and if he fails to show them his worth to their satisfaction then he will then kill himself in time. Everyone is startled by this, and Muhyul looks up to Dojin who looks back.

    After the meeting, Lady Miyu is upset over the king naming Muhyul as prince without consulting her first when she is the queen of the nation and Miyu regrets not killing Muhyul sooner. Anseong tries to console her and says she must stay calm at a time like this. Hye-Ap wonders if Muhyul is putting himself in too much danger, but Muhyul says he needed to wager his life in order to shut their mouths, but now he will use his life as his greatest weapon. Meanwhile, Mahwang is fully recovered and asks Yeon what her relations with Muhyul is, and asks her not to forget how he’s (Mahwang) helped her so much. Yeon says ok, just as Gongchan comes in, dismisses Yeon, and tells Mahwang about Muhyul’s identity and Mahwang wonders how this will affect him. Yeon is then approached by Maro and Balso who tell her she is summoned by the palace. Inside the palace, Dojin and Baegeuk pass by with Anseong, when Dojin suddenly sees Prince Muhyul walking toward the arriving Yeon. Yeon is brought before Muhyul and Maro introduces him to Yeon as ‘Prince Muhyul’ and Yeon looks up startled by this while Muhyul smiles at her warmly.


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    Thanks a lot Selva for the episode 18 summary.
    Viikii is having some technical difficulty as of today so I tried streaming through todou.com however, episode 18 is not yet uploaded there still.
    Somehow I’m consoled by your summary and would juz hav to wait for upload on either Viikii or Todou.
    Please extend my thanks to Dramaok when you post at Soompi. I could only view your posts there but I can’t reply. I appreciate the pictures/screen caps you post there. ^.^ Wish I could join you there also..

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    thank you selva for episode summary, god I so loved both episodes especially ep18 and what an ending. I loved the scene when Muhyul entered the hall everyone looked startled. god so loved that scene watched it 20 times. everything was perfect, looking forward next week.

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    dear jung won
    I don’t know why can’t you post anything at soompi?!
    you need to register there, then you can post your comments.

    dear shivah
    was that you who posted a comment at soompi?!
    why did you stop posting there?!

    yes, episode 18 was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo great. the council meeting was awesome… I was literally screaming when he entered the hall and everybody stared at him 😀

    I was cheering him all the episode… AJA prince Muhyul 😀

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    SEEEEEEELLLVAAAAAAAAA HEELP wher is the sub of eps 17 and 18 ooooh gosh why it take a long timmmmmme where can’i watch this tow epsd AAHHHHHHHHHHHHH…

  348. 348 : selva Says:

    dear hope
    all of mgm’s videos at vikii are deleted… so she/he will upload them again and then the subbers can start subbing 😀
    so give it sometime 😀

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    yes it was me. I try my best to comment more at soompi, busy with my dissertation. yeah he was great I loved all the actions especially where buyeo soldiers were taking yeon and Muhyul appeared like a wind, and blow them away. love your pics selva

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    thanks to ms. selvaspeedy for the summary of ep 17 & 18, it touches me so much even if i only reading it my heart tumbled and i’m having my teary eyes when i’m reading ep18, ahhhhhhh i can’t wait to watch it, viikii.net has a technical problem i cannot watch it right now, hope will be fix soon

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    you’re welcome rizz ^^

    BTW guys… for you who didn’t watch episode 17 yet…
    I uploaded the scene when Muhyul found out about his true identity:

    watch it fast, before youtube delete it or something 😛

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    and this is the scene when Yuri announced Muhyul as his son and the crown prince (from episode 18):

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    And I slowly go insane
    I hear your voice, on the line
    But it doesn’t stop the pain
    If I see you next to never
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    Wherever you go, whatever you do
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    Whatever it takes, or how my heart breaks
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    I took for granted, all The times
    That I thought would last somehow
    I hear the laughter, I taste the tears
    But I can’t get near you now
    Oh can’t you see it baby,
    You’ve got me going crazy


    I wonder how we can survive, this romance
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    hi matt matt
    yes… SIG is awesome in horse-riding.
    I still remember this scene when he was riding the horse then he looked back and shot the soldiers following him w/ the arrows 😀

    you can see this scene in the opening credits for the drama in this link:

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    aja… song il gook 😉


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    The man of wisdom is never of two minds;

    the man of benevolence never worries;

    the man of courage is never afraid.

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    “If you love me only in my dreams, let me be asleep forever.”

    “Kiss me and you will see stars; love me and I will give them to you.”

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    SONG IL GOOK’S Quotable Quotes

    “I can feel and sense the fragrance in the air when I am with you,
    it is a love, a love for you, the one I want to be with.

    I can feel and sense the smile on your face when I am with you,
    it is magic, a magical moment that is like rays of sunlight from the sky.

    Looking up a blue clear sky on a bright day, and I can feel and sense your fragrance and smile all around me

    How deep is my love for you! It is uncountable one. You are the one I always want to be with…”

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    episode 20 preview

  399. 399 : selva Says:

    Ep. 19 summary by the super awesome (dramaok):
    King Yuri announces to everyone at the meeting Muhyul is his 3rd son, Prince Muhyul, but the council declares it will denounce the king if he insists on accepting the cursed prince. Muhyul turns to the council and says he will kill himself if he can’t prove to them his worth. Afterwards Baegeuk says they should acknowledge Muhyul for now, and blame all the bad things from now on on the monarchy, on King Yuri and on Muhyul. Sangga tells the council from now on the council must be in one mind and if any of them acts alone he will get rid of them. Next when Yeon is summoned into the palace, Baegeuk, Anseong and Dojin watch, and Anseong critizes Muhyul for summoning in a girl right after becoming prince, while Baegeuk asks Dojin to find out more about the girl, when Dojin says he doesn’t know who she is. Yeon and Muhyul talk alone and Muhyul says she must be really startled, and he knows how she must feel, because it is also hard for him to accept this. Yeon says nothing and Muhyul says now he wishes to accept his role as Goguryeo prince, despite being confused and unsure about what he is supposed to do from now on. Muhyul says the one thing he is grateful for is he can keep her by his side now, and he can protect her. Yeon speaks to say if it becomes known that she once was a Buyeo princess, her identity will bring more danger to his future, but Muhyul says he fears nothing because he’s already faced death before.

    Chubalso asks Maro who Yeon is because Balso remembers her as the woman who killed the Shin envoy then disappeared afterwards. Maro is reluctant to say anything and Hye-Ap is alarmed by it and asks Maro about Muhyul and Yeon’s relationship, and Maro says to ask Muhyul herself. Just then Muhyul comes and asks to speak to Hye-Ap alone, while Balso continues to pester Maro about Yeon as the two walk away. Hye-Ap is shocked to find out Yeon is Taknok’s daughter, and a princess of Buyeo. Muhyul says Taknok was killed for the crime of treason and afterwards Yeon escaped to Goguryeo. Muhyul says he was about to die when he was first captured by Buyeo ppl but Yeon is the person who saved his life, and from now on he wishes to protect Yeon. Hye-Ap says the palace is already full of Muhyul’s enemies, and the council is keeping a tight watch on him as is, and if he brings an enemy princess in next to him, it will cause chaos. Muhyul replies that is why he needs Hye-Ap’s help. Muhyul says the black shadow of Buyeo already know about Yeon being here, so he knows it’s a grave task for Hye-Ap but he really needs her.

    Yeon returns to Mahwang’s and Mahwang asks why Prince Muhyul asked to see her and Yeon replies no reason, but Mahwang says that makes no sense and wonders if Yeon and Muhyul are of some special relationship, then laughs for sure she wouldn’t say it w/ her own lips if that’s the case, but Yeon remains gloomy and weary. Dojin also returns to Baegeuk’s and replays in his mind about the happenings with Muhyul being acknowledged by the king as a prince. Then Baegeuk summons Dojin, and Dojin tells Baegeuk Muhyul is someone to be more feared than Haemyeong, because Muhyul is someone who has overcome the great obstacle of getting acknowledged by the very person who abandoned him, and that is something more powerful than thousands of troops put together. Baegeuk seems alarmed and wonders if he should seek King Daeso of Buyeo for help since the council alone can’t get rid of Yuri. Dojin asks if the council and the Sangga would agree to joining hands with Buyeo, but Baegeuk simply says he will get rid of anyone who comes in his way. In Buyeo Daeso is shocked to learn about Muhyul’s identity and the furious king asks Sagu if he’s been tricked all this time by Muhyul, and Sagu says they don’t know. Daeso then asks where Yeon is and Maenggwang says their mission of bring her here failed due to Muhyul’s interruption and Daeso is even more angry, and orders them to bring Dojin here.

    Muhyul invites Maro to drink alone and Maro comes in looking uncomfortable and addresses Muhyul as the prince. Muhyul says he can see how uncomfortable it is on Maro, but asks Maro not to treat him like this even if the world treats him differently because the two of them have gone through so many things together that is not shared by anyone else and if Maro treats him differently he will be sad by it. Maro says that’s Muhyul’s fault for being a prince all of a sudden. Muhyul says being prince has its good points like being able to get a table of wine and foods w/out any effort. Maro is not amused and says he prefers the old Muhyul still, and Muhyul says he wishes he could forget about it too but they can’t return to their old selves and he needs Maro his most trusted person by his side, and Maro finally lights up and says he will try but he can’t make any promises as he grins. At this Muhyul says for today, he will pretend like he’s not a prince and they can drink to their end.

    Next, Yuri gives Muhyul a task to see the Sangga and collect overdue grains for tax. Muhyul accepts the task, but Hye-Ap looks weary, and afterwardds Guchu wonders if Yuri has given Muhyul too difficult of a task, but Yuri says he doesn’t expect Muhyul to succeed but he wants to see how Muhyul will handle the task. Hye-Ap tells Muhyul as well, that she believes the king is testing him, and Maro wonders how Muhyul can succeed when the council doesn’t even acknowledge him. Muhyul asks Hye-Ap if she has an idea but she replies she is not him so only he can find the answer, and orders Balso and Maro to dispath some troops to protect Muhyul. Thus, Muhyul begins to plan his strategy by studying, and finally thinks of something and goes to see Mahwang, Then afterwards he goes to see the Sangga at Biryu and announces he’s come to collect the overdue grains for tax. Baegeuk says how in the world does the king expect that when the king has done nothing for their tribe or the council, and Myeong-Jin agrees they can’t always sacrifice for nothing. Muhyul then turns to the two and says the king has given the Biryu tribe the rights to administer commerce in Guknae fortress which has profited the tribe greatly, but Baegeuk says that is their given right since they contributed to the founding of their nation, and at this Muhyul says no that is a right that belongs to the king, and the king can take that right away anytime he wants. Baegeuk argues if so the king will be the one who faces loss, and Muhyul says even so that will just be temporary, and Muhyul then turns to sangga and says he will give them 6 days to cough up the grains or else he will take away the rights. Muhyul leaves, and Sangga laughs aloud, then says indeed Muhyul is Yuri’s son, and blood never lies. Myeong-Jin insists the king has more to lose than them, but Sangga says the issue is not so simple.

    Muhyul returns to see Yuri and Yuri asks how it went. Muhyul tells him about what he did, and Yuri asks if he knows how chaotic it will be if the Biryu ppl aren’t in charge of the market and Muhyul says he is already prepared and lined up a merchant to take over should it be necessary. Afterwards Guchu says to Yuri how impressive and brave the prince is when he has no experience. Yuri says Muhyul did better than he thought, but Muhyul doesn’t know how difficult Sangga and Baegeuk are, but he will find out once he faces off w/ them. Hye-Ap goes to see Mahwang and asks him to send Yeon to her so she can instate her as a palace doctor. Mahwang says Yeon is not a doctor but she is his slave, and Hye-Ap offers to buy Yeon in that case, but Mahwang says she is not for sell no matter how much, and at this Hye-Ap says she will forcibly take Yeon away in that case. Mahwang gets mad and wants to see Muhyul to argue about it but Hye-Ap says she already knows about Yeon’s past and promises Mahwang it is to his advantage to let Yeon go now and Mahwang is tormented. Next, Mahwang leads Hye-Ap to Yeon, and Hye-Ap tells Yeon to pack up her stuff to prepare to move to the palace. Yeon says she wants to stay put but Mahwang also says it’s already decided. Yeon then asks to speak to Hye-Ap alone, and asks her if it is Muhyul’s will and Hye-Ap replies yes, and Yeon then says she can’t bring danger to Muhyul, but Hye-Ap says she knows Yeon is a princess but the Buyeo assasins are already on Yeon’s trails so Prince Muhyul is worried and Yeon should go to the palace in order for him not to worry. Hye-Ap then says she will take care of everything else, but asks Yeon to forget about her and Muhyul’s past because as the enemy nation princess, Yeon could never be with Muhyul, and Yeon should let it go for Muhyul’s sake.

    Hye-Ap then brings Yeon to see Muhyul in the palace and Muhyul smiles at Yeon’s presence. Hye-Ap says she has arranged for Yeon to work as a doctor at the palace with the permission to treat poor civilian ppl, and Hye-Ap excuses herself afterwards, while Muhyul tells Yeon how relieved he feels seeing her here by his side. That night Dojin goes to see Yeon at Mahwang’s and is startled to learn from Gong-Chan about Yeon being gone. Gong-Chan says her skills were so good that they summoned her to work in the palace but she will continue to see poor patients there so if Dojin wants to be treated he should go there instead. Dojin leaves and runs into Maenggwang who tells him Daeso wants to see him in Buyeo. Dojin replies it is too difficult for him to go to Buyeo right now but Maenggwang says that’s Dojin’s issue to deal with. Then Dojin goes to see Baegeuk and asks him if he still wants to work with Daeso and if so he will take him to Buyeo to see Daeso. Baegeuk says he thought Dojin was already in trouble with Daeso, but Dojin replies that is why he wants to use this opportunity to restore his ties with Buyeo, and the two set off for Buyeo.

    Meanwhile, Yeon starts her new life in the palace and on occasion feeds some tonic to the ppl who came for help and the palace doctor asks what she’s doing, to which she replies tough the ppl have gotten the cure for the poison they are still weak and the tonic will help restore their heath. Just then King Yuri comes and sees Yeon, asking her where she learned her medical skills if she was a slave before. Muhyul who is behind the king, and Yeon are both caught off guard by the question but Hye-Ap who is with them replies Yeon’s father used to be a doctor in Jolbon. Yuri then asks how she became a slave, and Yeon replies she lost her father in a war. Yuri who is happy about her helping the poor tells her if she should ever need something she can come ask him for it. Muhyul looks at Yeon as he walks away with Yuri, and Yeon looks his way after he passes by. Afterwards Muhyul tells Hye-Ap he can’t keep Yeon’s identity a secret from the king forever, and he wishes to tell the king the truth now, but Hye-Ap says he can’t. Muhyul says even though Yeon used to be a princess in Buyeo she’s already left Buyeo and now she’s working in Goguryeo to help Goguryeo ppl so there shouldn’t be any trouble, but Hye-Ap insists the time isn’t ripe yet due to the prince being in a precarious position still.

    Baegeuk and Dojin have arrived in Buyeo, and Dojin tells Baegeuk to wait while he goes to meet head minister Sagu first. Baegeuk shows Dojin a bottle of poison and states if Dojin doesn’t return before sunset he will understand it as Dojin failed, and he will then eat the poison and kill himself instead of being captured and tortured to death. Dojin assures Baegeuk that will not happen. Dojin comes before Daeso and apologizes for failure to kill Muhyul. Daeso is mad, but Dojin promises he will get rid of Muhyul w/ his own hands soon and asks the king to be patient, and Daeso says not to test his patience anymore. Dojin says he is prepared to give up his life for Daeso anytime, but for now he wants the king to meet Baegeuk, and Daeso is surprised that Baegeuk is in Buyeo. Meanwhile, in Goguryeo the Sangga tells Myeong-Jin according to the Jolbon governor, Baegeuk never went to Jolbon like Baegeuk claimed, and Sangga asks Myeong-Jin where the heck Baegeuk went to. In Buyeo, Dojin brings Sagu with him to Baegeuk and escorts Baegeuk to see Daeso. Daeso seems happy to see Baegeuk, and invites him to sit and drink with him. Baegeuk says before he can take the drink, he wants to tell Daeso he’s not here to promise his loyalty to Daeso. Daeso asks what then, and Baegeuk says he came because he shared the same enemy with Daeso, and he wants to attack King Yuri with the help of Daeso, and if Daeso doesn’t share the same sentitment then he should just kill him right now. Daeso looks at Baegeuk for a while then grins, and laughs, saying indeed Baegeuk is impressive, and pours wine for Baegeuk who accepts. In Goguryeo palace, Yeojin watches as Muhyul practices his martial skills and Muhyul notices Yeojin watching and looks to his way but Yeojin quickly hides behind a wall. Muhyul approaches Yeojin, and Yeojin gathers his courage and comes out to address Muhyul as ‘older brother’ and asks him to teach him how to fight. Muhyul smiles and thanks Yeojin for opening his heart, and Muhyul states from this moment forward he will be Prince Yeojin’s older brother. Yeojin smiles back and says that’s what he wants too. Muhyul then lowers his speech and says before he took it easy on Yeojin because of their status difference, but today since he’s Yeojin’s older brother he will not be easy on him. Yeojin smilingly replies okay.

    Seryu comes and watches as the two brothers fight, and when Yeojin falls to a bloody wound on his hand, Muhyul is concerned as is Seryu who rushes to him saying he should go see the doctor, but Yeojin is still giddy and says he’s fine, asking Muhyul if he will really accept him as his younger brother, to which Muhyul smiles and nods yes, while Seryu smiles as well. Just then Maro and Balso come to say Sagu has come as the Buyeo envoy. Sagu is met by Guchu who welcomes him, and Yeojin who asks about Daeso’s health. Then Sagu introduces himself to Prince Muhyul who says welcome, and Sagu is led to King Yuri who asks why he’s here. Sagu says King Daeso wants to forget about their past mishaps and mend their relationship, and Daeso has invited Goguryeo to an upcoming festival in Goguryeo. When Sagu leaves, Yeon passes by and is startled to see Sagu. Yeon turns away in order to avoid being seen by Sagu. Meanwhile, Yeojin asks Yuri if Daeso is scheming something with the excuse of festival, and Yuri says the festivals are always held and attended by both nations since the time of deceased king Jumong. Yuri instructs Yeojin to attend this time, and Muhyul asks to be sent instead but Yuri says no because he doesn’t want to tick Daeso off.

    Lady Miyu is upset about Yeojin’s mission because it is dangerous and goes to see King Yuri to send Muhyul instead since Yeojin has no faults. Yuri says it’s not about who is at fault and just then Muhyul arrives and asks to be sent instead as well because he fears it will put Yeojin in danger, and he needs the opporunity to show the council. Miyu gets what she wants but when she returns to her chamber she begins to feel upset and tells her brother Anseong it was as if her son Yeojin got pushed over by Muhyul. Anseong asks her to help him go with Muhyul, and he will bring Baegeuk with him and the two of them will get rid of Muhyul. Next, Yeon talks to Muhyul by the river alone and Yeon asks Muhyul why he puts himself in such danger and Muhyul says nothing but looks out to the river. Yeon says the patients she sees always show her where their pain and wounds are, but Muhyul doesn’t show anything. Muhyul says from now on he will show her how he feels, and tell her if he’s scared or in pain. Muhyul says he is afraid and nervous about what Daeso is up to, but he still wants to go for his own good, in order to stand proudly before the world. Muhyul says he will come back safely so she shouldn’t worry. Next, Muhyul takes off for Buyeo, accompanied by Balso, Goeuy, Maro and Hye-Ap, and a group of soldiers, as well as Anseong and Baegeuk, along with Mahwang and Gongchang with their goods. When they arrive in Buyeo, Muhyul bows to Daeso, and Daeso says it’s been a long time and promises Muhyul he will be guarded by Buyeo guards while in Buyeo, and though he has no intention to harm Muhyul, he cannot guarantee what his faithfuls might do against Muhyul. Muhyul looks at Daeso straight and says he wouldn’t have came if he didnt’ trust Daeso, and Muhyul thanks Daeso for the promise of protection. Afterwards Daeso is hysteric about Muhyul being so proud and Daeso’s minister offers to kill Muhyul but Daeso scolds him and says they can’t act recklessly.

    Maro tells Muhyul they are being tightly watched and Balso says the so-called protection is more like spying and confinement, and Goeyu says they should go back to Goguryeo. Hye-Ap asks Muhyul if he really trusts Daeso, and Muhyul says he is scared too but they must never show it. Muhyul says he’s here to find out what’s really going on with Daeso, because the old Daeso would not sit idle like this when faced with the person who tried to kill him, and Muhyul says something else must be going on and he suspects Daeso may be preparing a war against Goguryeo in secret and he wants to get to the bottom of it. Hye-Ap says that is too dangerous, but Muhyul goes to see Daeso alone that night, and asks Daeso for a request. Daeso asks what and Muhyul says he wishes to see the shrine of Habaek, which means tomb of Lady Yoohwa, and Daeso laughs and states at first he couldnt’ believe Muhyul could be Yuri’s son, but now he sees that he is indeed Jumong’s offspring and he is full of tricks like Jumong. Muhyul replies indeed he is Jumong’s blood and just like Jumong who was a big threat to Buyeo, he too will be Buyeo’s big threat and Muhyul warns Daeso to be careful. At this Sagu draws his sword on Muhyul’s neck for daring to say such thing to Daeso.

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    thanks selva for the summaryof ep 19, Prince Muhyul is really fearless and no body can put him down

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    Hi everyone: I really really liked and enjoyed the last three episots, they were great and alot of tounchy moments and great acting from our SIG and every one else.. I so happy that the comments on the KOTW are more know and with my comments we are at 401, so please to all SIG’s continue in spporting the great KOTW and the best ever SIG, god bless you all….

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    Ep. 20 (by dramaok)

    Dojin follows by fast horse a distance away as Muhyul and his group of ppl march towards Buyeo. In Buyeo, Muhyul asks Daeso permission to visit the shrine of Habaek, and warns Daeso like his grandfather Jumong he may become a big threat to Daeso too, and Sagu draws his sword at Muhyul for daring to warn the king, but Daeso orders Sagu to take away the sword. Daeso gives Muhyul the permission and warns Muhyul he will remember his words, but Muhyul should also remember he is being watched, and so Muhyul leaves. Afterwards Sagu asks Daeso why he is tolerating such arrogance, and Daeso says by coming to Buyeo, Muhyul already wagered his life, and he will be testing their patience so he won’t fall to Muhyul’s tricks so easily. Muhyul returns to their place of staying and Hye-Ap is surprised to hear about Muhyul wanting to leave the palace to see Habaek shrine, and Muhyul says he did it so that the attention will be on him, while he’s away, and it will free Goeyu to do a task for him, which is to go see Mahwang and find out about any changes in Buyeo. Goeyu accepts the task, and Muhyul leaves, leaving Balso worried about their safety and Balso urges Maro to change Muhyul’s mind but Maro says Muhyul is determined to win King Yuri’s trust that’s why he’s trying so hard and they can’t stop him. Hye-Ap agrees it will be difficult to stop the prince.

    Anseong tells Baegeuk about Muhyul’s plan to visit Habeak shrine, and Baegeuk says Muhyul’s fearless. Anseong is happy things are going easier than planned, and tells Baegeuk he will kill Muhyul while he’s away from the palace. Anseong says he brought w/ him highly skilled men, and they will kill Muhyul, but the blame will go to King Daeso. Baegeuk tells Dojin afterwards, perhaps he will get rid of Muhyul finally without even dirtying his own hands. Next morning, Muhyul is given a group of troops by Sagu who says they will protect him. Muhyul leaves with Hye-Ap, Maro, and Balso, while Goeyu stays behind. As Muhyul leaves the gates of the palace, Dojin watches with a weary look. Goeyu leaves the palace and seeks Mahwang’s help, and Gongchan says it’s no problem, which angers Mahwang, and Mahwang sends Gongchan away. Then Mahwang tells Goeyu something’s indeed fishy in Buyeo it’s not like before when they held the same festive. Goeyu tells Mahwang to find out the details of the various trades that are going on in the marketplace.

    Dojin tells King Daeso about Anseong’s plan to kill Muhyul, and Daeso says if Anseong is Lady Miyu’s brother, she must behind the plan as well, and Dojin says it’s true because Miyu wants to rid of Muhyul in order to secure the throne for her own son, Prince Yeojin. Sagu says it’s a great opportunity for them, and Daeso says he already said they can’t kill Muhyul on Buyeo land. Sagu says they just need to capture the attackers after they kill Muhyul, so they can prove it was Goguryeo’s fault. Out in the tents where Muhyul and the entourage are staying overnight, Maro urges Balso not to be so scared, and Balso denies being scared but Maro says it’s written on his face that he’s scared. Suddenly Maro sees something and goes to the Buyeo troops and yells at them for resting by the fireplace instead of protecting Prince Muhyul. Maenggwang who is among the Buyeo troops talks back at Maro and says Maro is all grown up and proud just cuz he’s behind a dumb prince. Maro gets angry at him for belittling Muhyul and Maro yanks Maenggwang by the collar and warns him he’s not the same Maro from before. Then Maro hits Maenggwang w/ his head and shoves him to the ground. The other Buyeo troops all stand and point their swords at Maro, as Balso watches in fright. However just then the Buyeo men are shot by flying arrows, and a group of masked men in black appear to fight Balso and Maro. The two shout to warn others and Muhyul and Hye-Ap appear from their tents to join in the fight. After some exchanges, however, the masked men are killed by arrows and Sagu appears with a group of soldiers. Muhyul looks up and Sagu says they received information that someone wants Muhyul dead on Buyeo land so King Daeso dispatched him to come save Muhyul.

    Back at Buyeo palace, Daeso awaits when Sagu brings Muhyul to him. Muhyul thanks Daeso and says he won’t forget it. Daeso says it’s something he ought to do since Muhyul is his guest, but in thinking about his and Muhyul’s past, he doesn’t really want Muhyul to die so easily either. Daeso then tells Muhyul to go back and tell his father to do a better job at housekeeping, because Yuri already lost 2 sons and he would be too pitiful if he lost another one. Muhyul asks who the attackers were, and Daeso says he doesn’t want to get involved in other family’s fights. Goeyu finds out about the attack and asks if Buyeo was behind it, but Maro says it’s not Buyeo because Sagu is the one who came to help them. Goeyu is surprised by this, and Balso says he is puzzled why Daeso wanted to help them. Muhyul comes in and Maro asks Hye-Ap if they found out who is behind it. Hye-Ap says Baegeuk and Anseong are behind it, but Muhyul says to let it go. Maro is upset and says they can’t let them off but Muhyul insists they have to wait til they get to Goguryeo before acting on it. Muhyul says he doesn’t want to show their interior fights infront of King Daeso. Next day, Baegeuk finds out from Anseong about Daeso saving MUhyul and Anseong panics about what they should do next, and Baegeuk says not to worry because they have the queen behind their backs, and Muhyul wouldn’t ruin the imperial family on his own. Just then Muhyul arrives and Baegeuk says he heard about the attack and asks Muhyul if he’s ok. Muhyul looks at him and says he’s fine and Anseong puts on an act and blames Daeso for it. Hye-Ap says Daeso is the one who saved the prince, and they already have proof about who did it and once they get back to Goguryeo they will look into it. Afterwards, Anseong panics and asks Baegeuk what they should do if they really have the proof and Baegeuk says it was Anseong who schemed it and he’s not involved, and Baegeuk leaves leaving Anseong in a gasp.

    Next, Muhyul goes out of the palace to see Mahwang but Maenggwang is after his trails. During the meeting, Mahwang tells Muhyul indeed something’s strange because Buyeo is buying a lot of grains and metals when the prices are high, and Muhyul says as he knows it the raw iron is from Yangmaek nation and asks Mahwang to find out how much weapons Buyeo is making, and to rush the task before the festive is over. Sagu finds out from Maenggwang about Muhyul’s excursion and asks why. Maenggwang says he doesn’t know yet, and Sagu orders him to continue the spying because they have to find out what exactly Muhyul is up to. Next, Baegeuk meets up with Sagu and whispers some scheme to him. It’s the time of the festive, and Hye-Ap says this is a good opportunity for Muhyul to meet the envoys from various nations. During the night vigile, King Daeso introduces Muhyul to the gathered, and offers Muhyul a cup of wine. Muhyul accepts and drinks it while Sagu and Baegeuk watch carefully. Meanwhile, Maro and Balso sneak around with Mahwang to see the Buyeo men making weapons in the factory and Maro says they have to get closer, and Mahwang is reluctant saying they they will be killed if caught. Maro insists since this is their only night to spy but just then Maenggwang appears with a few other Buyeo men and they have their swords around Mahwang’s neck.

    Back at the feast, Daeso offers Muhyul another drink and Muhyul accepts again. Daeso then laughs and says a long time ago when Muhyul’s father came to Buyeo he fought with him, and Daeso asks Muhyul is he will do the same. Muhyul says nothing and Daeso wonders if Muhyul is reluctant to fight against an old man, and Muhyul says he won’t fight Daeso but he will try against someone Daeso picks if Daeso wishes and Daeso orders Sagu to fight with Muhyul, saying Sagu is one of their best warriors in his prime. The two engage in their fight, but just then Daeso is told they found spies in the weapon factory and Maro, Mahwang and Balso are taken before them bound by ropes. A furious Daeso shouts if Muhyul loses he will kill the spies right infront of Muhyul because Muhyul used a trick on him. As Sagu and Muhyul fight Muhyul becomes dizzy and his vision blurry. Goeyu mentions to Hye-Ap something’s strange as if the prince can’t see, and Baegeuk tells Anseong Muhyul drank some poison and soon he will lose his vision. Mahwang desperately cheers for Muhyul to win, but Muhyul is losing his balance and drops his sword and Sagu is about to attack gravely but Muhyul closes his eyes and uses his ears to focus on the sounds of sand, Sagu’s movement and the sound of sword and Muhyul beats Sagu even without seeing, and Daeso is dismayed.

    Back in Goguryeo, Yeon is approached by the chief bodyguard who asks her to go see the queen who is ill, on the king’s order, and Yeon is escorted to Lady Miyu’s chamber with Yeojin already there. Yeojin says to Yeon he heard about her great medical skills and asks her to find out what’s wrong w/ his mom. Yeon says she will check Miyu’s pulse first and Miyu looks at Yeon and asks if they’ve met before to which Yeon replies no. Yeon then says the queen will be okay she’s just suffereing from some torment and she will prescribe some tonic for her. After she leaves, Miyu tells Yeojin she’s seen Yeon somewhere before but she can’t remember where. Yeon realizes she may be in trouble but just then a maid comes to tell her Prince Muhyul is back.

    Muhyul greets King Yuri who asks if everything went well and Muhyul says indeed yes, but he found out Buyeo is preparing for war. Yuri is surprised and Baegeuk looks surprised too. Muhyul then shows Yuri a document that shows Daeso is gearing up on weapon production and grain supply as well as horse counts and Muhyul says he suspects Buyeo will attack Goguryeo soon. Yeon waits for Muhyul and when they meet she asks him about his eyes, Muhyul says he’s seen the poison before when he was an assasin and now he’s fine and asks Yeon about her happenings but Yeon says nothing about her run-in with the queen. Lady Miyu happens to pass by and sees the two together and wonders why Yeon is seeing Muhyul, but suddenly she remembers where she’s seen Yeon before. Baegeuk talks to Dojin about Buyeo’s war plan and Dojin says King Daeso would want Baegeuk’s help, but Baegeuk says it makes no gain to him if Daeso takes over Goguryeo because he will be serving Daeso, while he’s serving Yuri now, and Baegeuk says instead he wants both to lose, while he emerges as the winner. Just then a messenger comes to tell Baegeuk the Sangga has summoned him. Baegeuk informs Sangga about Anseong’s failed attempt to kill Muhyul in Buyeo, but Sangga asks Baegeuk what he’s hiding from him and why he lied to him about going to Jolbon previously when the governor there told him he never did. Baegeuk says he went to Buyeo to ask Daeso for help in toppling over Yuri. Sangga gets furious and asks Baegeuk if he’s out of his mind to join hands with Daeso and Baegeuk insists he’s doing right because they can’t get rid of Yuri on their own. Sangga says joining hands with Daeso is like giving Goguryeo to him but Baegeuk doesn’t care and says he’s just borrowing Daeso’s strength and shouts back then leaves. Myeongjin follows him and asks him to go apologize to Sangga but Baegeuk won’t and declares Myeongjin shoudl think carefully too because he won’t let anyone stop him.

    Dojin thinks about his previous meeting with Daeso when Daeso asked him to bring Yeon to Buyeo, because of his worry for her safety. Meanwhile Muhyul shares his idea to Yuri about how they should prepare for war, and Muhyul also says he wishes to visit the borders and up their morales because he heard about the borders being run down. Yuri says okay and Muhyul prepares to leave. Afterwards Maro tells Muhyul he looks better after his trip from Buyeo, and Muhyul says after meeting Daeso he realized what he should do in life and in thinking he will be able to protect those he cherish by doing the things he ought to do, he feels more eased in his heart. Maro asks if that means Muhyul doesn’t believe in his curse anymore and Muhyul says indeed one’s fate is not predetermined and he believes that’s what Haemyeong believed in that’s why he kept Muhyul close to him.

    Dojin decides to visit Yeon and tells her King Daeso already forgave them both and they should go back to Buyeo, instead of living a life of suffering like this. Yeon says she won’t return to Buyeo, even though she knows Daeso wants her back, and Dojin asks if it’s because of Muhyul that she chooses to stay, and Yeon just looks at him and repeats she won’t return to Buyeo. Dojin leaves looking despaired, but he sees Anseong coming with a group of men and Dojin watches as Anseong orders the men to drag Yeon away. Yeon is taken to Lady Miyu who remembers her as the maid who served wine to Shin envoy on the day Yeojin was about to be named crown prince, and Miyu asks Yeon who she is. When Yeon says nothing Miyu orders her brother to take her away and make her confess.

    Muhyul and his three stooges, along with Hye-Ap arrive in the border town, and sees the border chief general wasting away drinking and entertaining women and Goeyu shouts for the men to recieve Prince Muhyul. The chief begs for his life and Muhyul asks him if he knows what crime he committed. Then Muhyul has the chief tied up with bare torse, and orders the border guards to beat the chief. With the chief bleeding Muhyul faces the troops and announces the blood on the chief is not blood of pain, rather the real painful blood is the blood that will be shed from the parents and the children of the troops, when the enemy slaughters them, and the chief has committed the crime and endangering them to such. Muhyul says he will not stand anyone who subjects them and their loves ones to such danger, and asks the troops to be the same. Muhyul tells the troops they are not here to fight for their lives, but the lives of the ones they love. Then, Muhyul and his group continues to help the border camp shape up, as they prepare to visit other camps along the borders.

    Meanwhile Sagu tells Daeso that they have finished collecting enough grains and building enough weapons and they are ready for war, but Daeso says not yet and goes to the factory to see his secret weapon for war, which is wagon for battlefield. Back in Goguryeo Anseong tells Miyu Yeon won’t confess about her real identity and Miyu scolds Anseong for his inability then warns him they must find out before Muhyul returns. Gongchan finds out about Yeon and goes to tell Mahwang that Yeon may die and Mahwang panics since Muhyul and Hye-Ap aren’t around but Mahwang decides to go see Sangga and ask him to help save Yeon. Next, Dojin goes to see Yeon in the jail and Dojin is traumatized to see her captured and injured and barely contains his emotions. Yeon sees him and calls out to him as brother and tries to stand up but fails due to her injury. Dojin gets furiously upset and orders the guard to leave, and goes into the cell and tells Yeon this is all Muhyul’s fault for insisting on bringing her into the palace and letting her suffer like this, but Yeon denies it and says she came on her own wish and Dojin gets mad even more. Dojin says he experienced his life’s lowest when he saw her suffer like this yet he could do nothing and now he’s had enough and he’s taking her back to Buyeo and orders his men to come in and take Yeon away.

    It’s 6 months away, and Maro goes up to Muhyul who seems much older with a beard and Maro tells Muhyul he must be missing Yeon whom they’ve not seen in 6 months since they came to the borders. Maro says words are already spreading about their presence and all the borders are shaping up on their own already and perhaps they can go back to the palace now, but Muhyul says those border camps are waiting for him because they want to show him how they’ve changed so he needs to go visit each of them. Just then Hye-Ap comes and says Buyeo’s first group of troops has left Buyeo toward Goguryeo and it’s being led by Sagu. At this Muhyul and his group rush towad the frontier as well.


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    Hi KOTWerz
    watching this epic drama made me more loved Sig
    He’s so cool !!
    omg…omg…omg :-(:-(, ur acting so good !
    you are the best !!

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    hello everyone, how have you been??

    God, It’s really been a long time since I last visited this lovely site. I missed this cozy place and missed reading those refreshing comments.
    but above all, I missed my beloved SIG, the way I missed him is by no means describable.

    I’m gonna watch episode 19 now. luckily I had enough time this week and could shake off studying for a few hours to watch the episodes I had missed. and wow, the storyline is getting more complicated and more interesting.

    Oh my Prince Charming Song Il Gook
    I love you, honestly and truly.
    no matter how busy I am, no matter how down I feel; you pass through my mind like a gentle breeze and I find myself smiling even in the most inauspicious times. it has been so painful for me not to be able to watch you or read about you for such a long time.

    please my dearest, always stay healthy and be happy.

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    Tonight we drink to youth
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    Sometimes when I’m alone I wonder
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    Love hurts
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    Love sings
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    I’m fettered and abused
    Stand naked and accused
    Should I surface, this one-man submarine?
    I only want the truth!
    So tonight we drink to youth!
    I’ll never lose what I had as a boy
    Sometimes when I’m alone I wonder
    Is there a spell that I am under
    Keeping me from seeing the real thing?
    Love hurts
    But sometimes it’s a good hurt
    And it feels like I’m alive
    Love sings
    When it transcends the bad things
    Have a heart and try me
    ’cause without love I won’t survive

    Without love I won’t survive

    Love hurts
    But sometimes it’s a good hurt
    And it feels like I’m alive
    Love sings
    When it transcends the bad things
    Have a heart and try me
    ’cause without love I won’t survive

    Love hurts, ohhh-oh ohh
    Love hurts
    Without love I won’t survive
    Love hurts la-la-la-la-la-la oh
    Love hurts
    Without love I won’t survive Tonight we drink to youth
    And holding fast the truth
    Don’t want to lose what I had as a boy
    My heart still has a beat
    But love is now a feat
    As common as a cold day in L.A.
    Sometimes when I’m alone I wonder
    Is there a spell that I am under
    Keeping me from seeing the real thing
    Love hurts
    But sometimes it’s a good hurt
    And it feels like I’m alive
    Love sings
    When it transcends the bad things
    Have a heart and try me
    ’cause without love I won’t survive
    I’m fettered and abused
    Stand naked and accused
    Should I surface, this one-man submarine?
    I only want the truth!
    So tonight we drink to youth!
    I’ll never lose what I had as a boy
    Sometimes when I’m alone I wonder
    Is there a spell that I am under
    Keeping me from seeing the real thing?
    Love hurts
    But sometimes it’s a good hurt
    And it feels like I’m alive
    Love sings
    When it transcends the bad things
    Have a heart and try me
    ’cause without love I won’t survive

    Without love I won’t survive

    Love hurts
    But sometimes it’s a good hurt
    And it feels like I’m alive
    Love sings
    When it transcends the bad things
    Have a heart and try me
    ’cause without love I won’t survive

    Love hurts, ohhh-oh ohh
    Love hurts
    Without love I won’t survive
    Love hurts la-la-la-la-la-la oh
    Love hurts
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    The story of the great King will start …OMG he IS JUMONG’s fresh and blood ….amazing when he talk to deaso with such a proud and even provok him…very brave.. when MUhyul was fighing with DEASO’s guy all my body was trambling …ouf. but i feel empty in my heart and so sad it rest just 16 episodes and KOTW will be over, what we will do after …i really feel that prince Muhuyl is with me in my home and he will leave me soon …OMG i can’t stop thinking about after what we will do…even TOE is not complete on line and ICAN’T STAY WITHOUT WATCHING SOMTHING FOR SIG even i don’t watch anything else now and i won’t …SIG my life is full with you forever…

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    you came along juzt like a song to brighten my days, with u believe that u a part of my dreams now with all seen like u the way…
    u know i can’t smile without u, i can’t laugh and i can’t sing finally hard to do anything… you see , i feel sad when ur sad ,i feel glad when ur glad if u only new what im going through , i juzt can’t smile without you!!!

  412. 412 : sun Says:


  413. 413 : peachy Says:

    i go to hospital and finally we found something in my x-ray check up!! we found a little arrow center in my heart!! and guess what!? the arrow owned by cupid!! my gosssssh cupid!! ur really stupid cupid! why dont you shoot sigs heart and my heart to the same day ,same time ,same minute to see and find each other!! ahhhhhhhh!! its too late….sigs is already married huhuhuhu… anyway..whatever or wherever you are we love you!! “YOUR THE KING AND IM THE QUEEN OF HEARTS” WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  414. 414 : peachy Says:

    im sory sig…i am only human to dreaming u! in fact.. i really want to see you in person and give a occasional hug from you to me..i hope will you visit again here in japan! we like and we really love you!!!!

  415. 415 : sousou Says:

    kingdom of winds best drama
    song llgook tope exellent actor
    choi jung won best actress

  416. 416 : JungWon Says:

    Oh no, Prince Muhyul hasn’t even heard about Yeon being taken back to Buyo by Dojin and they’re gonna engage in war against King Daeso of Buyo already!
    So the next episodes were shot in China, right? At long last we could see how the war would turn out to be.. God be with Prince Muhyul and company.
    Can’t wait for the Wednesday and Thursday! AJA Prince Muhyul! Fighting Kingdom of the Wind!

  417. 417 : baby Says:

    TO PEACHY,,,

    you r really funny..i like you! your love to sigs is head to toe!!! actually same on me ,never keep inside in my heart to say ( i love sig ) too…don’t shout out loud! just go on and go on..to see anyone how much we love our idol !!!! keep it up honey!
    hello lori wer r u?

  418. 418 : peachy Says:

    everytime i see sig’s picture or watch anything sig’s series my whole day will be brighten than sun!! kotw is great!! sigs do best of the best in kotw….keep fighting to be a great king on and off on camera!!!!

  419. 419 : selva Says:

    welcome back Yara ^^ we missed you 😀
    peachy I love you… seriously I love you 😉

  420. 420 : hope Says:

    Hey Peachy;
    Gosh u r in JAPAN, and you write comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if i was you i just JUMP TO pusan AND YOU WILL BE FACE TO FACE WITH SIG HHHHHHHHHHH but realy all of us here love u AJA peachy ^^
    welcome back yara…..
    you know girls i miss Tess where is she…hey Tess

  421. 421 : lorie Says:

    ohhhhhh!!what is the next eps bout kotw? its so nice when muhyul talk to maro one on one! muhyul right to say that words.. nothing different to this word” what are friends are for” if muhyul cannot trust to maro! see….what the beautiful word! trust is important to everyone…FIGHT MY KING IL GOOK!

    to peachy….
    i like all your comment’s! everyday every minute i read all comment’s here.. but your comment’s is unique! you have something diffrnt magic everytime u write the good comment’s here i love it! stay as sweet as you are…..more fantacy’s and good commet here to come!!

  422. 422 : peachy Says:

    to hope,

    yah! ur right my dear hope…one hour and half from here go to busan by plane very near to see him but….not easy for me to leave all my commitments here, japan is the most strickly country in the world that i’ve know… but i really really wish to go and see him personaly! hope someday i will…. where u come fr.my dear hope?

  423. 423 : selva Says:

    hi my dear Jungwon ^^
    yes the war scenes were the scenes they shot in China…
    I’ve seen part from these scenes in the special and they are mind blowing… they made the war scenes really well… but I don’t think we will see these scenes in Ep.21 maybe in Ep22…
    I can’t wait to see how will Yuri meet his son after not seeing him for 6 months… what will he do when he see him w/ the moustache and the beard?!
    and seryu and Yoejn how will they react?!
    and what will Muhyul do when he knows about Yeon?!
    and what Yeon is doing right now in Buyeo?!
    how about Dojin?!
    ahhhhh lot of questions that need to be answered.

  424. 424 : JungWon Says:

    Hi Selva ^.^ So we would not be seeing the war scenes yet, ha? Well, I felt it’ll be kinda akward, too that Prince Muhyul won’t get to know that his beloved is not in Koguryo anymore before the war breaks, right?
    And another thing.. juz my wondering thought, though.. that since Dojin has used force to retrieve Yeon.. he could as well by force, take her as his wife then.. right? well, he’s already been kinda cynical lately.. and has been doing as his heart desires.. be it good or bad things.. so why the hesitation esp with a competition? He’s surely not the man in the heart of Yeon and a mean guy would be pulling anything he desires to his side in order to keep it. Juz want to be able to see this part of the story- how would Yeon refuse Dojin since, as everyone knows, she’s kinda close to her ORABONI- Dojin. *.^
    And about that Lee Jin (I think that’s the name of the character) whom I read about in Soompi, is she really gonna be the wife of Prince Muhyul? It was a surprise for me coz I haven’t notice this character in the casting posted before.. well maybe I overlooked this one..
    Anyways, I juz can’t get enough of Kingdom of the Wind! It’s very addicting *.* I love everything about the series.. well, juz hope the evening scenes were not so dark to watch at, bcoz it’s kinda too uneasy for the eyes .. they need to make it a little bit more brighter, like more torches in the background would do, hehe.. juz a request though.. Well any which way, I would take it as it is if it can’t be helped..
    Thank goodness it’s Monday and two more sleeps and it’s Wednesday again! AJA Kingdom of the Wind. Fly high to the sky!

  425. 425 : selva Says:

    hi my dear JungWon.

    If Dojin really loves Yeon, he wouldn’t force her into marrying him… or maybe he will, but will not consummate their marriage… but if he did marry her and did consummate their marriage, then what he feels toward her isn’t even love…
    (but I will hate it if Dojin gave Yeon the chance to return back to Muhyul… meaning sacrificing his love for her, so she can be happy… I will hate that because this is the same situation that happened in EOTS… and I have this feeling that the writers are trying really hard to make Dojin another Yeum Moon character… the story of KOTW kinda reminds me of EOTS, maybe because of the same director and writer… but I hope my guessing is wrong).
    I don’t really hate Dojin until now… I’m not sympathising w/ him or anything, but I understand why he feels this hatred toward Muhyul.

    and about the evening scenes, it’s indeed difficult to watch if you’re using a non HD version of the episode… I actually download the episodes in HD, so watching the evening scenes isn’t a problem for me… I actually like the fact that it’s dark… it puts me in the mood lol.

    and yeah LeeJin character… we’ve been talking about her… the staff of KOTW are doing auditions to choose the actress who will do the role of LeeJin, Daemosin’s 1st wife.
    LeeJin was portrayed in history as a really evil woman (kinda like Guem-wa’s wife)… she was really evil, and also she was responsible for Hodong’s suicide (Hodong is Daemosin’s son)… she also tried to poison Yeon and Hodong… but we don’t know how will they portray her in the drama… all what we know is that their marriage will be arranged… and we’re guessing that she will be from Biryu clan.

    can you finally post at soompi, or not yet?!?!

  426. 426 : hope Says:

    Hi Peachy;
    really its strange that JAPAN is strickt about the travel of the citezns, really stange!!!!!!!! because its one of the most powerfull and devloped country in the world…I live in Tunisia just 16 hours and i will be in SEOUL hhhhhhhhhhhhh…but all of us here are the citezen of the KINGDOM OF LOVE our heart and loyality is for KING SONG IL GOOK…

  427. 427 : peachy Says:

    to hope,

    wer is tunisia? japan is not strick about the travel, i mean my commitmnt’s here is hectic. no one can substitute my responcibility here..

  428. 428 : hope Says:

    To peachy;
    OK I get it…Tunisia is a small country in the north of Africa its between Algeria and Libya, the nearest Europen caots is Italy its an arabic country…there is just more then 10 million of population and the economy is based on tourism…

  429. 429 : selva Says:

    episode 21 preview:

  430. 430 : Dramamia Says:

    Dear Salva,

    Is it true that there will be a new character, LeeJin, to be Muhyul’s 1st wife? If so, I would be so disappointed. Even though I think Choi Jung Won’s (Yeon) acting is rather weak, I still want her to be Muhyul’s only woman until the end. Their love story is just so sweet.

    By just imaging Muhyul marrying another woman, my heart just aches for Yeon.

    Let’s just wait and see.

    Thanks for the inside scoop.

  431. 431 : JungWon Says:

    Hi Selva ^.^
    I also don’t hate Dojin’s character and can understand his situation in heart matters. However, one is prompt to wonder what’s happened to Yeon since episode 19 showed that it’s been half year that Yeon was forced to return to Buyo. That’s the reason for my raising such question.
    And yes, I’m finally able to post at soompi , my post in Kingdom of the Wind yesterday was my 2nd post (I first attempted to post at the Box Office thread and it turned out a success, so I proceeded to post on KOTW thread. Hope you could answer a question I raised on my posting there. I’ll appreciate it though it’s not compulsary if you’d feel offended somehow by my question. ^.^
    Ill be posting more often there, too especially since the series is getting more and more unpredictably exciting!

  432. 432 : kulit Says:

    Baby, now that I’ve found you
    I won’t let you go
    I built my world around you
    I need you so,
    Baby, even though
    You don’t need me now.

    Baby, now that I’ve found you
    I won’t let you go
    I built my world around you
    I need you so
    Baby even though
    You don’t need me,
    You don’t need me oh, no.

    Baby, baby, when first we met
    I knew in this heart of mine
    That you were someone I couldn’t forget.
    I said right, and abide my time.

    Spent my life looking for that somebody
    To make me feel like new
    Now you tell me that you want to leave me
    But darling, I just can’t let you.

    Baby, baby, when first we met
    I knew in this heart of mine
    That you were someone I couldn’t forget.
    I said right, and abide my time.
    Spent my life looking for that somebody
    To make me feel like new
    Now you tell me that you want to leave me
    But darling, I just can’t let you.
    Now that I found you
    I built my world around you
    I need you so, baby even though
    You don’t need me now.
    Baby, now that I’ve found you
    I won’t let you go
    I built my world around you
    I need you so
    Baby even though
    You don’t need me
    You don’t need me no, no…

  433. 433 : jennifer Says:

    Does anyone know why the Chinese version is not being updated since episode 17?

  434. 434 : peachy Says:

    tnnnnnnnx god its wednesday tomrrow!!

  435. 435 : selva Says:

    to jennifer
    the chinese translators are having exams at the moment so the subs will be a little delayed.

    to dramamia
    wow you’re here too 😀
    I heard about LeeJin character from Dramaok… she said that they are doing auditions for the role of LeeJin who will be Daemosin’s 1st wife.
    my heart also aches for Yeon… I was rewatching some of their moments together and I can say that I really do love Yeon… I was still mesmerized by Soseno’ s character (my favourite from Jumong) so I kept comparing her to Yeon… but when I think about it, Yeon really loves Muhyul… her eyes are beginning to express this love to him… maybe it’s not enough for us, but she really does love him… and I think it’s not that CJW is weak, but I think it’s the requirement of her character…
    so I will really be so sad if Muhyul married that LeeJin… I mean Muhyul is totally in love w/ Yeon and so is Yeon… so to see them getting separated like that is just horrible to me 🙁

    to JungWon
    YAY FINALLY I can talk to you there at soompi 😀
    I haven’t logged to soompi since yesterday, so I will look into your question again 😉

    to peachy the gem of this site
    yeah tomorrow is Wednesday 😀 finally

    to kulit
    WOW I love what you wrote 😀

  436. 436 : Katherine Says:

    BTW, I read somewhere in the history books that Daemusin was only 11 when he was Crown Prince and 15 when he become King. Imagine a young baby (oops I mean boy) become a King of a vast state and going into battle. I shudder to think that young men of that time were made to go into battle in and out of their country. They really mature young.
    I am going crazy waiting for two episodes each week. SIG is fantastically gorgeous in his new costume (blue and high collar)
    I watched all his dramas and movies and each time I am in awe of his acting. He practically role play to the fullest.
    Keep up the fantastic work SIG

  437. 437 : selva Says:

    yes Katherine
    it’s so horrible to think those teenagers going to battle and fighting…
    just thinking about it horrifys me.

    and about the blue uniform and the high collar *sigh* he looks sooooooooooooooo freaking awesome… I thought he looked amazing in red in Jumong, but OMG blue suits him the most.
    and the high collar shows the beautiful lines of his neck.

    omo what am I saying *blushing*

    I actually have his picture in this blue uniform as a wallpaper for my PC.

  438. 438 : hope Says:

    hi all sigers;
    To selva;
    thank you darling thousands of times for waht you write here , you give us all the news at time…big kiss mouah ^^

    about “the high collar shows the beautiful lines of his neck” …OHH YEAH he has the most beautiful neck ever seen i just can’t remove my eyes from him, and he has also the most graceful walk…OMG, OMG, he remid me of a Tiger when he walk…love him

    pls hwo is lee jin its a new charecter or what? …poor Yeon I just start to love her she is so nice and loves MUHUYL so much…

  439. 439 : sun Says:

    hello my love song ……..how are you ………i very ..very .. admire for your choice role hn every drama you appear in showhing very nice really you are terrifice ..success man ,when all people love him also i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu continu my dear ……………….my god with youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  440. 440 : sousou Says:

    song ll gook cut the record in comments this tells that he is number one in korea god bless you my angel song ll gook

  441. 441 : selva Says:

    another preview for episode 21:

  442. 442 : selva Says:

    ahhh sorry guys
    the previous preview is for episode 22 and not 21

  443. 443 : selva Says:

    Ep. 21 preview (by dramaok)

    At the news that Buyeo troops are approaching Goguryeo borders, Muhyul and his group rush back to the palace in Guknae to see King Yuri who is waiting for them. Before Muhyul sees Yuri, Muhyul instructs Maro to bring Yeon. Yuri welcomes his son and Hye-Ap informs the king w/ their borders fortified the Buyeo troops won’t easily cross their borders. However Muhyul says they can’t wait for Buyeo to cross, and instead they should attack first at the pivotal junctions of Sanji, Baekseong, and Dae-an. Yuri is convinced by it and starts their planning, and when Muhyul goes out Maro tells him Yeon can’t be found in the palace. Muhyul then goes to see Mahwang and asks about Yeon, and Mahwang relates all the sufferings Yeon had to endure while Muhyul was away and due to the Queen’s pressing, he had no choice but to seek Sangga for help, and the Sangga who was previously treated by Yeon offered to help and now Yeon is at the Biryu compund. Muhyul is about to go there but Mahwang pleads and asks him not to do so because if Sangga finds out about Muhyul and Yeon’s relationship he won’t help Yeon in the future, and with Muhyul about to go to war no one can protect Yeon in the palace and she will be killed by the queen eventually.

    Dojin talks to Yeon at Biryu compound and Dojin says King Daeso’s army is approaching Goguryeo, and he will soon go to Buyeo and Dojin asks her to go with him, but Yeon says no and she’s not scared to die here, because she wants to use her life to watch the person she cherishes, and Dojin is rendered speechless and furious. At night when Sangga is riding in a wagon in the streets, Muhyul and his group arrive and kill off some guards, then tell Sangga to go see King Yuri. Sangga is angered by the sudden attack and refuses but Muhyul says he will have to force him to go in that case. Dojin asks Baegeuk to help Buyeo and Baegeuk tells Dojin to go back to Buyeo and relate his message to King Daeso. Just then Myeongjin comes in to inform Baegeuk about Sangga’s disappearance and Myeongjin asks Baegeuk if he had anything to do w/ it but Baegeuk becomes angered and states he would never do such.

    Sangga is brought before King Yuri, and next, a council meeting is held, where Yuri announces the war with Buyeo is inevitable, and it’s time they get rid of Buyeo’s arrogrance for dominance. Yuri asks the council for support, but Baegeuk and Myeongjin say they need time to think about it. Muhyul says the Buyeo troops will cross their borders in just a few days there’s no time to think about it, however Myeongjin insists they have the right to do so. Yuri says the Shin army is moving toward Buyeo, and nations Yangmaek and Hwangnyeong are also sending troops, as well as tribe of Kisan. Then Yuri asks Sangga if he has his support, and Yuri says if the council doesn’t support him he will still go to war. Sangga looks at Yuri then announces the council will provide army and supplies to serve the King’s army. Afterwards Baegeuk is furious with Sangga and says he did an irresponsible commitment, but Sangga won’t listen and says they have no choice. Baegeuk argues if they wait they could find the opportunity to get rid of both Daeso and Yuri, but Sangga shuts him by saying it’s his order and he won’t hear anymore of it.

    Dojin rushes to Buyeo and informs King Daeso Baegeuk sent him, but Dojin says Baegeuk can’t be trusted or depended on because he is working for himself with the hopes to ruin both Yuri and Daeso. King Daeso says Baegeuk is a greedy man but for now he is content w/ him going against Yuri. Then Dojin asks Daeso to allow him to join the battle but Daeso says they can’t risk exposing Dojin’s identity yet and at this Dojin says he will fight anonymously and pleads.
    Next, Muhyul plans his strategy with Goeyu and Hye-Ap and Muhyul is told the Buyeo army is moving faster than expected and if they keep up their speed they will reach the border in 4 days. Muhyul then sends Hye-Ap and Balso to find out more about the enemy force. Hye-Ap and Balso spy on the Buyeo camp, while Muhyul and King Yuri attend a shrine w/ the oracle who blesses them before their deployment. During the prayer, Muhyul silently vows he will not be afraid of his fate, and he will use his warm blood to protect his nation and his beloved.

    Yuri and Muhyul prepare to depart and Yeojin greets Yuri and asks the king to allow him to fight too but Yuri says Yeojin’s job is to protect the palace and the people in the Guknae fort, and Yeojin agrees. Lady Miyu asks the king to be safe and Yuri asks her to safeguard the imperial family. Dojin joins Sagu at the Buyeo army camp and Sagu greets Dojin and says he’s surprised that Dojin wants to fight and asks about risking his identity exposed. Dojin says not to worry about that and Dojin asks Sagu to let him spearhead the battle and Sagu agrees.

    Yuri and the Goguryeo army arrive near the border and Yuri thinks about the day he kneeled before King Daeso, then shows Muhyul an arrow whistle, and Muhyul says he already got one from Haemyeong who wanted to teach him how to use it but he never got to. Yuri pauses, then says he will teach him now and explains how it can be used to signal attack and retreat during battle, and both father and son practice a shoot at a tree. Hye-Ap and Balso return from their scouting trip and report to Yuri the Buyeo has over 30,000 infantry and an additional 5,000 calvary, and some wagons that they are not sure about the usage. Muhyul says surely the Buyeo army knows about their allies coming to support them and he wants to make sure Buyeo doesn’t attack their support troops. Then Muhyul orders an attack on Buyeo supply army. Hye-Ap scouts it first and says the guards are greater in number than expected. Next, Balso and Maro dress as Buyeo soldiers and approach the Buyeo supply guards who are passing, and Maro says they are black shadow assasins sent by Sagu to protect them. The guard chief says he never got message about it, but Maro shoots a fast knife to showcase his skills and announces they will protect the guards and if they resist they will be killed. Thus Maro and Balso lead the group of Buyeo guards, but soon Hye-Ap and Goeyu appear with their men and ambush the Buyeo guards. Meanwhile Sagu plans a way to block the Kisan tribe with Dojin, and Dojin asks about the Shin army and Sagu says he needn’t worry about that. But just then a messenger comes in w/ news that their supply guards were attacked. The Buyeo head general wants to attack back but Dojin says they mustn’t be careless and Sagu is impressed.

    In Guknae palace, Queen Miyu watches her son Yeojin wander around and Miyu then tells her brother she is worried that Muhyul will set a great merit through the war and in doing so the king may name Muhyul as crown prince instead, and Anseong replies the queen should’ve sent Yeojin to war too, but it doesn’t matter anymore because Muhyul will not return to Guknae palace no matter what. Back at Goguryeo camp, Yuri declares he and Muhyul will be in charge of central army, and instructs for Shin and Kisan troops to be on the side. However, Guchu runs in w/ news that Shin army has retracted, and even more startling, is the news that Shin and Buyeo have joined alliance instead. Baegeuk and Myeongjin talk over it as well and Myeongjin says they have to stop the war or else they will lose for sure, and Guchu then tells Yuri the tribe leads wish to see the king. Yuri says nothing and Guchu says he will dismiss them but Yuri says to let them in. The tribe leads, headed by Baegeuk demand an answer from Yuri about what’s happened with Shin nation, and Yuri says to go and prepare for battle. Myeongjin says they can’t fight a losing war and Baegeuk says Yuri should’ve never came to fight and it’s not so late to give Daeso what he wants to avoid war. Yuri asks Baegeuk how he can be a Goguryeo faithful when he is suggesting giving their nation to Daeso, but Baegeuk argues if not their people will all die at the weapons of Buyeo. Yuri says they are at the frontier and he will behead anyone who doesn’t follow his order. Baegeuk says he would rather die than to follow a wrong order. Baegeuk then looks to Muhyul and says Muhyul said he wanted the acknowledgment of the council and the opportunity is here. Daeso would want Muhyul’s life to undo his grudge from Muhyul’s previous assasination attempt. Baegeuk declares if Yuri doesn’t surrend Muhyul to Daeso the council will retreat.

    Next, Sagu’s camp receives a message and he prepares his troops for attack. Meanwhile, Muhyul finds Yuri thinking alone, and Muhyul says Buyeo has already began attack. Yuri says he will face them in battle but Muhyul says he will instead. Yuri says he understands Muhyul’s heart but it’s too big of a battle for Muhyul to handle as his first battle, and Muhyul insists to go as a battle to prove himself. Yuri says he won’t send his son to face death, and Muhyul pleads saying he too cannot send his father to face death as he begs Yuri to approve his going. Muhyul gets the approval and prepares his group, by giving them instructions, and Muhyul tells Goeyu to head the center and remind him that is the most important group they can’t lose. Then, Muhyul and his group bow to Yuri and leave. Muhyul and Goeyu lead the main army against Buyeo’s army led by Sagu and Dojin with his face covered up, while Hye-Ap and Balso fight on the sideline. During the battle, Muhyul is shocked to see chariots coming from the Buyeo army. Soon the Buyeo army is wining over Muhyul’s army, and Muhyul fights and watches his men fall. Maro tells Muhyul they must retreat but Muhyul is relunctant. Nearby Balso hears the sound of whistling arrow and tells Hye-Ap their army is retreating, however Hye-Ap says their group must fight more while Muhyul’s group retreats.

    Yuri’s bodyguard rushes to inform Yuri about Prince Muhyul’s defeat and Yuri asks about Muhyul. The bodyguard says the prince is not returning back, and he seems to be waiting to attack again after regrouping. Princess Seryu comes and asks Yuri to order for Muhyul’s withdraw or else Muhyul will sacrifice himself in the battleground, and Guchu also urges Yuri to order for the withdraw.

    Myeongjin happily reports Muhyul’s defeat to Baegeuk but Baegeuk says even if Muhyul is dead it’s not over. Goeyu tells Muhyul they only have 300 troops left and of them half are severely injured. Hye-Ap and Balso come and Hye-Ap says they never expected Buyeo to come up with the chariots and they must return to the king in order not to suffer more loss, but Muhyul says he won’t go back just to flee over the corpses of his armymen.
    But Hye-Ap says if they try to fight again w/out any plans they will just lose all their armymen and Hye-Ap says retreating now is the wise thing to do. Meanwhile the Buyeo camp cheers at their victory, and the head general gives Dojin a present, and invites the man named Mobaek in. Dojin is moved to see Mobaek and the two walk out. Sagu asks the general who the man is, and is told Mobaek used to serve Dojin as a prince before Dojin’s family came to ruin.
    Sagu says the general is awarding Dojin too soon, and the general accuses Sagu of being scared that Dojin might inherit the Buyeo throne, but Sagu denies saying he is only following the king’s order and even though it’s true Dojin set a merit, he is still the son of an enemy.

    Muhyul finally withdraws and returns to face Yuri. Muhyul kneels as he sees Yuri and asks Yuri for punishment saying it’s his fault they lost because he failed to estimate the enemy’s strength.

  444. 444 : hannah Says:

    i really love this drama.SIG is really handsome.and i’m also watching all of his drama…i just hope that people will realize how good this drama is…and how i wish that the ratings will soar high…..

  445. 445 : selva Says:

    GOD I can’t believe Muhyul lost the war 🙁
    how come 🙁
    I’m so frustrated right now 🙁

  446. 446 : sun Says:

    SONG………………I LOVE YOU………………..
    to day i very ………very ……..very…….. sad, only i cry..never i can believe that undauted man losse in field ………..my god i very sorry…………………………………………………………………………………..

  447. 447 : peachy Says:

    yah! muhyul or sig lost the war for awhile bcoz were going to hawaii for are honeymoon!! we got married today right! we will enjoy our honeymoon first then he will comeback soon to cont. the war ok! hahahahahahahha funny!!!!!!!!

    to selva,

    wher r you honey? can i call u a longdistance phone call? pls reply to my email add

  448. 448 : peachy Says:


  449. 449 : peachy Says:

    how nice when yuri says he wont send his son to face death..and muhyul pleads saying he too cannot send his father to face death….GREAT! being father and son.


  450. 450 : hope Says:

    I havn’t finish eps 21 yet and start to be frustrated bcz of what you have wrote about losing the ware…I will wait for eps 22 and watch 2 eps together …it will be better for my mood!!

    To peachy;
    I will be the 6th wife or even the 90th if you want becz i know the way to let him to forget all of YOU…hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

  451. 451 : shiva Says:

    god I couldn’t watch my kotw last week because of my exams now that I watched all three episode I’m going crazy. so much has happened. I think everything is moving very fast. looks like they really going to end this series at 36 episode. if the ratings ware little bit high they would have extend this series. I don’t understand why beethoven virus was so high. to me that drama was rubbish. wasted my time watching it. I can’t believe such a great drama like kotw is got a low rating. I hate it so much I want to scream. please please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee support KOTW. I don’t want this series to end so soon. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  452. 452 : shiva Says:

    I thought daemusin’s first wife was yeon. oh great same as jumong and soseono. I was really happy his love was going to be his queen. but now I know lee jin is his first wife. can’t believe yeon become his concubine. any idea who is going to be playing his queen?
    I hope she is not going to be as cruel as yeo jin’s mother. I hope she’ll be like muhyul’s mother.
    omg yeon gets shot, I think that’s how they depart. god I hate dojin he is really really ugly with beard and mustuche. no one looks better than song il gook with beard and mustache. god everything suits him.:):)

  453. 453 : shiva Says:

    Maybe he lost the first round but the real war has just begun. his fate is his most powerful weapon. the reason Daeso couldn’t be victorious in his battles because he didn’t have any fate. he just waste his life to make strongets weapons. that was his weakness. that’s how jumong became powerful. Started from only hundred men to thousands. he gave his soldiers hope and fate. and that’s how our Prince is going to win this war and other wars. like grandfather like grandson. yes Daeso our Prince Muhyul has definitely got his grandfather’s blood. 🙂 🙂

  454. 454 : kulit Says:

    according to the KOTW website Kim Jung Hwa will play as Leejin his first wife

  455. 455 : selva Says:

    Ep. 22:

    Muhyul asks Yuri for punishment for losing the battle, but Yuri scolds Muhyul for being weak and asks him what punishment is just for it. Then Baegeuk comes in w/ Myeongjin and some soldiers and announces he will name the punishment, however Guchu shouts at him for entering w/out permission, and Myeongjin argues they have every right to come. Yuri then stares at Baegeuk who asks if they must leave. Outside Maro senses something’s wrong and tells Goeyu he is worried the council chieves might revolt. Inside, Baegeuk asks Yuri if he intends to continue the foolish war, and Yuri firmly states the war is not yet finished, and the only way to end the war is to fight til the end. Baegeuk scoffs and states Yuri lost Shin’s alliance, and Muhyul lost the battle, and the only way is to surrender to Daeso now, but Yuri tells him to leave as he says he will guarantee their victory. Baegeuk replies he now has no choice but to take away the tribal troops from the king who insists on a reckless war, and at this Yuri is infuriated and pulls a sword then puts it on Baegeuk’s throat and warns Baegeuk if he should move the troops w/out his permission it will be a crime of revolt, and afterwards Yuri throws the sword on the ground.

    Muhyul and Hye-Ap remain kneeling after the councilmen are gone, and Yuri looks at Muhyul and tells him to prepare for what is to come and Muhyul w/ tears in his eyes says yess. Afterwards Goeyu asks Muhyul if it’s true that Baegeuk asked the king to surrender and if it’s true that the council troops are boycotting the war, and Hye-Ap asks how he found out so soon, and Maro replies everyone’s talking about it as if the council is spreading the news on purpose, and Goeyu also says the army morale is very weak now. Yuri thinks over things alone, as does Muhyul, and Hye-Ap goes up to Muhyul and says the council is blaming Muhyul for their losses and if Buyeo wins the war they will punish Muhyul for it, and Muhyul replies he is not afraid of death, and if his death will resolve everything he is happy to die, but his death won’t change anything, because the council and the tribes will continue to push Yuri to the end. Hye-Ap then consoles the prince, and says she has faith that the prince will overcome the hardships, and she doesn’t believe King Yuri made a mistake for entrusting the war in Muhyul’s hands.

    Buyeo camp continues their celebration with Sagu and the head general getting drunk, but Dojin remains gloomy. Sagu asks him why, and just then King Daeso arrives w/out prior notice, and King Daeso laughs aloud at their victory, then goes to Dojin and says he’s done well, but Dojin still needs to go fetch Muhyul’s head. Daeso then gives Dojin a wine cup and reminds him of his promise to him, that if Dojin lives up to his expectation he would fill his cup, and Daeso then fills Dojin’s cup and Dojin drinks from it with Daeso nodding in approval. Myeongjin tells Baegeuk all the tribe chieves agree w/ them, and Myeongjin asks Baegeuk if he should go talk to Yuri again, and Baegeuk says Yuri wouldn’t listen even if he did, but it’s working his way anyway and it’s time to pull the knife.

    Back in Goguryeo capital, Gongchan scolds Mahwang who is unsure whether he should go send supplies to the army camp for fear of dying. Gongchan says they can’t wait around when their nation is getting ruined. Just then Yeon comes and asks what’s happening and Gongchan says Prince Muhyul may be dead, and Yeon gets emotional and cries as she begs Mahwang to take her w/ them, because she needs to see for herself if the prince is alive. Mahwang then says actually not long ago before the war, Prince Muhyul came to see him and wanted to take Yeon away but he stopped him pleadingly promising him that he would protect her instead, but if he now brings her to battlefield that would be too dangerous, and Mahwang tells Yeon to go back to Sangga’s home and to wait there for that is the safest place for her, and for him, and for Muhyul.

    So Yeon leaves dismayed but as she arrives at Sangga’s she sees Myeongjin arriving w/ a group of soldiers and Yeon watches in hiding as Myeongjin puts Sangga under arrest. Myeongjin tells Sangga he has no choice and Sangga laughs and says Baegeuk and them are all pathetic fools who engage in an interior war right before the enemy eyes. Myeongjin says the council will join hands with Buyeo and Sangga laughs more before getting taken away. Meanwhile inside the palace, Yeojin pleads with Miyu to allow him to go join in on the war, but Miyu tells him his job is to stay here and safeguard the palace, and Miyu tells Yeojin this may be an opportunity for Yeojin to secure his position. Yeojin asks what she means and Miyu says he’s dumb and surely he should know that Muhyul is blocking his future, thus if Muhyul is in trouble it is good news for Yeojin. Just then Anseong comes w/ news of Biryu’s crisis and the Sangga being under house arrest. Yeon rushes to Mahwang and tells him what’s happened, and how Baegeuk is trying to kill Muhyul and the king, and Yeon says she must rush to the frontier to tell Muhyul about this, and Mahwang agrees as he runs off w/ her. On the way there Mahwang gets exhausted and asks Gongchan for water, but Gongchan says Yeon drank all the water already and Mahwang is rendered speechless. However just then some arrows fly by and the group is frightened.

    Muhyul makes a decision, and asks Maro to go to enemy camp together to find out what the weakness of the chariots are. Goguryeo camp finds out Daeso went to Buyeo camp and Goguryeo camp realizes Daeso is about to strike again with full force. Balso wonders if they should surrender but Goeyu scolds him. In Buyeo camp, Sagu and Dojin both urge Daeso to strike full force again to finish the war while they have the upper hand, and Daeso agrees and orders his generals to prepare for battle, and orders Sagu to find the fastest route to Guknae fortress, saying after they win he will go all the way to Guknae fort and seize Goguryeo capital. In Goguryeo camp, Guchu tells Yuri to make a decision and Yuri asks him if he is asking him to surrender, to relive the painful times he has thus endured, but Guchu sees no other way. Meanwhile Myeongjin tells Baegeuk the Sangga has been arrested, and Myeongjin and Baegeuk tell the chieves it’s time for them to die or for Yuri to die. Baegeuk asks the tribe chieves to join the Biryu clan, and a chief ask when the revolt will happen, and Baegeuk says when Buyeo attacks is when they will strike as well. The chief asks if they have enough supplies to handle it and Baegeuk says they will be responsible for that and the chieves just have to prepare to move. Dojin gets a message to deliver to Daeso, and Sagu asks what it is as Daeso laughs, and states Baegeuk is planning to revolt. Daeso says their first attack will match Baegeuk’s attack and orders Sagu to prepare. Daeso then tells Dojin once they defeat Goguryeo, Dojin’s first mission is to kill Baegeuk because if they keep Baegeuk alive he will put his knife on Daeso’s neck sooner or later.
    Yeon and Mahwang’s group are taken hostage by Buyeo camp and Yeon passes by as Sagu talks to some soldiers, but Sagu doesn’t see her. Back in Goguryeo camp, Seryu asks Hye-Ap where Muhyul is for the king is looking for him, and Hye-Ap says Muhyul isn’t around, and Seryu asks where he went.

    Muhyul and Maro have disguised as Buyeo soldiers and arrive in Buyeo camp. The two see a group of captured civilians and Maro says they must be Goguryeo hostage, but they don’t realize Yeon adn Mahwang are among them. The two sneak into the storage where the chariots are held and begin to study them. Baegeuk tells his group to kill Yuri and Muhyul first when the strikes start, so that w/ them dead, the central army has no choice but to follow his lead. Muhyul meets with Yuri and tells him he went to enemy camp to find what the weakness of chariots and Yuri asks if he did, and Muhyul replies yes. Back in council camp, Myeongjin tells the generals to kill anyone who disobeys them. In the king’s tent, Yuri tells Muhyul if he let’s Muhyul lead the army again the council will surely rebell, but Muhyul says they are already opposing them anyway.
    Then Yuri tells Muhyul he will give all the powers to Muhyul from now on, and Yuri tells Muhyul to remember if they fail, only death is left for them. Thus, Muhyul goes toward the council camp where he is stopped by the guard general who says no one can enter w/out the council’s permission, but Muhyul makes a statement:

    “I am Goguryeo’s prince Muhyul. If you are Goguryeo soldiers, throw away your weapons and kneel before me”

    and at his powerful statement the tribal soldiers begin to kneel, casting away their weapons, but Baegeuk comes out, and Muhyul states he is now in charge of all, and orders the chieves under house arrest. Baegeuk denounces it saying they can’t fight the powerful Buyeo calvary w/ their steel chariots, but Muhyul firmly replies the only way to fight is to fight w/ the spirit of win or die.

    Next at the battlescene, Dojin wears his iron mask and leads the Buyeo army, and from his chariot he shouts “attack” to start the battle. On the other side, Muhyul gives Maro the ok, and Maro mobilizes a team of armor clad soldiers to form groups all w/ heavy shields infront of them, and when the Buyeo chariots approach the Goguryeo soldiers stop them w/ the heavy armor shields and topple the chariots over w/ the shields put together. Then w/ the chariots ruined, Muhyul raises his sword and shouts “attack” as the sound of arrow whistle pierces the air. Dojin and Sagu who are both fighting on foot after being thrown out from their chariots start fighting the Goguryeo army, but they soon realize they are losing gravely. Dojin gets his mask knocked off and he hurries to get on a horse to leave, and Sagu also shouts ‘retreat’ and the Buyeo troops begin to flee.

    Then, Hye-Ap rushes to tell King Yuri the good news that Prince Muhyul won the battle. Seryu asks where Muhyul is and Hye-Ap replies he is going after the remnant enemy troops. Then, both Guchu and Yuri are overcome with elation. Sagu and Dojin kneel before King Daeso on the Buyeo end, and Sagu asks for another chance, while Dojin asks to be killed. Daeso announces they will withdraw but Sagu argues they can’t w/out another chance, and Daeso says they must retreat from the war while they still have a chance and orders for all Buyeo troops to withdraw and return to Buyeo fort. With the war won, Yuri goes to see Baegeuk who angrily asks when he will be freed, and Yuri says there’s no need for the house arrest anymore since Muhyul has defeated Buyeo, and on the account of their victory he will forgive Baegeuk and the council and Yuri leaves with Baegeuk furiously upset.

    Meanwhile Mahwang and Yeon, and the group of captives are taken toward Buyeo fort, and Mahwang says Goguryeo already won they can’t go to Buyeo like this and plots an escape. Thus, Gongchan pretends to fall and grabs a stone, then throws the stone to distract the soldiers, and just then Mahwang, Gongchan and Yeon begin to flee, but the soldiers soon catch up to them and Yeon gets shot by arrow on her back. Yeon tells Mahwang and Gongchan to go w/out her or else they will all be killed and Mahwang relunctantly flees leaving Yeon behind. Next, King Yuri and the army return to Guknae palace and are greeted by the queen and Prince Yeojin, who congratulate the king on the victory. Yuri says Yeojin did a great job safeguarding the palace and the fort, and Yeojin says compare to those who went to war it is nothing, but Yuri argues otherwise saying it is precisely for the ppl of the fort that they went to war. Then Yeojin congrats Muhyul but Miyu cringes, and afterwards scolds Yeojin for publicly announcing Muhyul’s merit. Yeojin says he doesn’t want to compete with Muhyul and he has no desire or skill to be crown prince, and the queen should just accept it too, but Miyu gets mad and says he’s asking her to die, and Anseong also joins in and pleads Yeojin to think about his mother’s sacrifices.

    Yuri then summons Muhyul alone and gives him a task to reinstate the Biryu Sangga, and Muhyul goes to the Biryu compound. Meanwhile, Baegeuk and Myeongjin return and tell Sangga he needs him to convince the tribal chieves, but Baegeuk tells Sangga he is no longer one to make any decisions. Sangga asks Baegeuk if he’s telling him to be a puppet and Baegeuk says that is the only way for Sangga to live. Sangga replies he fears not death, and Baegeuk warns him he’s never failed to get what he wants in life. Baegeuk and Myeongjin go outside and are faced with Muhyul and his group of men and Muhyul orders for Baegeuk and Myeongjin’s arrest. Sangga comes out and says Muhyul misunderstood, and there’s no trouble at Biryu tribe at all, and Baegeuk never did anything against him, and Muhyul is left w/ no choice but to return to the king. Yuri says indeed Sangga is a wise politician who would protect the man who tries to kill him for the sake of power for Biryu clan. Back in Biryu compound, Sangga tells Baegeuk and Myeongjin he will forgive them but he won’t forget it, and Sangga tells Baegeuk he’s still far from ready to rule and Sangga tells him to think hard about why Yuri wants to reinstate him.

    Maro and Balso are sent to look for Yeon but to no avail and return to tell Muhyul no one has seen Yeon since Sangga was put to house arrest by Baegeuk, but Balso says not to worry too much, and Muhyul can’t help but to worry about Yeon’s fate. In Buyeo the captives arrive and the general orders for all the injured prisoners to be killed and Yeon is taken w/ the group of ppl who will soon be killed, and Yeon watches as a man tries to flee only to be slashed cruely, and Yeon asks to meet with King Daeso, and the guard general scoffs and orders for her to be killed, but just then Dojin arrives and saves her.

    Muhyul grows more weary over Yeon’s fate, and just then Mahwang returns and comes before Muhyul to tell him what happened, and how Yeon wanted to go to the frontier to meet the prince but alas she was taken by the Buyeo ppl and became injured. In Buyeo Dojin brings a doctor to treat Yeon, and Dojin tells Yeon he’s relieved that she is back in Buyeo, and w/ her here, he will come back to Buyeo for good soon, but Yeon pleads him to send her back to Goguryeo.

    Yeon: “My heart is already filled by him alone, and from the time I first treated his wound and our fate began til now after I treated him many times, I’ve realized that when I’m with him my wounds are closed, and now, I can’t be without him; I can’t live apart from him. So please send me back.”
    Dojin: “STOP!”
    Yeon: “Please send me back… ”
    Dojin: “You watch! See how I destroy Muhyul! I will ruin him until all traces of him disappear from your heart!”

    Then Dojin leaves and meets with King Daeso who tells him to remain in Buyeo but Dojin vows he will go to Goguryeo and finish his task, and Daeso doesn’t even need to go to war anymore, for he will kill both Yuri and Muhyul and hand Goguryeo over to Daeso. Dojin travels on fast horse to Goguryeo, and when he arrives at night, he runs into Muhyul and the two men stare down at each other.

  456. 456 : selva Says:

    shiva you exactly said what was in mind… I’m just so frustrated about the ratings… why it’s not that high 🙁
    the ratings of Ep.21 was 15% something and Ep.22 was 16% something… I hope it just gets 18 or surpass the 20% barrier soon 🙁
    and I don’t want it to end too… I will miss everyone in this drama *crying*

    shiva didn’t you watch ep.21 and 22 yet?!
    he won the war and his 1st wife will start appearing from next week’s episode.

    anyway…. I LOVED EPISODE 22 SO MUCH.

    Yeon finally confronts Dojin and tells him that the only person she loves is Muhyul YES YES YES.
    and the last scene: Muhyul and Dojin face to face WOW

  457. 457 : shiva Says:

    god loved ep22. Poor yeon, it will be interesting to see how yeon becomes muhyul’s wife. god I so much want to kill dojin. he killed yeon’s father now he wants to have her. ohh poor our prince how much is he going to suffer. 🙁

  458. 458 : hope Says:

    In This tow eps my heart was cryng for king Yuri, I really cried for him this man seems so loonly… all this pressure on him , I’m very sad for Youri…the strenght of MuhYUl is the single thing witch can help this man he has endure a lot of pain a long of his life …OMG believe me my heart cry for him…till now I can’t forget How this Beaguk with his ugly smile make pressur on him and talk with him without any respect …I want That Muhyul behead him …AHHHH..I hate him!!!Yeon POOR Yeon her sadness just start …But dojin brock my heart also ..he loves her too ..the truth of her love for Muhyul make him so crual he even don’t hear what he says for her I think…this tow eps are for truth and faith…we love KOTW all the world is supporting u Muhyul…

  459. 459 : hope Says:

    believe me the most handsome man with beard and mustache is SONG IL GOOK I really hope that he thinks to change he look and become with beard and mustache it make him more vigoros and give to his stare a kind of power ever seen WWWWWWWOWWWW…u r the moste handsome man baby

  460. 460 : sun Says:


    I LOVE YOU…………………my prince ..my wish i see always in prosperity and your success in increasing …special who see your drama showing in every ch love you my god bless youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  461. 461 : sun Says:

    صباح الخير بنات كيف احواكم انشاء اللة بخير يارب يوفقكم على هذه المتابعة الراءعة على هذا الموقع لهذه الدراما الجميلة حبيبتى سيلفا اشكرك جدا جدا جدا على هذا التعب وكم اتمنا ان تكونى قريبة حتى اقبل خدك الجميل شاكره جهودك يارب لايحرمنا منك وكذلك سلامي الخاص والحار الى حبيبتي نوال وحبيبتي بيجى وحبيبتى هوبي وحبيبتى شيفا وجميع الحبايب من كل الاصدقاء في كل المواقع الى حبيبي سونك حبايبى لا تلوموني فانا افرح جدا با الحديث معاكم والله العظيم احس بالراحة ارجوكم اتحملونى ولا تحسون بالملل مني فانا ا حب الامير سونك واحب كل من يحبه واحس براحة غريبة حين ادخل الموقع اما هذه الدراما انا اتابعها على اون لاين هى مدهشة ما اعرف لماذا لان بطلها سونك احس بلذة غريبة لااحس بهذا الشعور حين ارى اى دراما اخرى يارب يحفظكم ويحفظ حبيبنا سونك اللى جامعنا من غير ميعاد رغم بعد المسافة اللة معاكم وانشا ء اللة نجاح داءم فى كل اموركم مع الف الف الف سلامة

  462. 462 : naouel Says:

    يا جماعة انا عاملة موقع منتدى لكوريا والجزائر اللي تحب تشارك فيه او اللي عاوزة تاخذ اشراف او شي تخبرني لكني من دون دراما في المنتدي هاهاه
    لانها مدوخانا
    انا كمان بفرح فيكم حبايبي وسيلفا شاغلة كثير يعطيها العافية روعة

  463. 463 : sun Says:

    yom moon
    this men i see their in my dream they enter pleasure in my heart and in my life every thing around me is shine loveing gide me in beautiful way nfull with red flower exchange with all sigers chating in love ..this is very good ..my life has been meening ican not believe their is some feelling change me o my god what that image ? i can not touch it ..chivalrous men charming me where i found like him imposible that only in drama…………..i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu song

  464. 464 : rizz Says:

    i can’t wait to watch ep23, ms. selva pls. upload ep23 preview on your youtube account

  465. 465 : selva Says:

    you’re welcome sun and lwiza ^^
    dear rizz: the preview isn’t out yet… I’ll post the link when it’s out 😀

  466. 466 : lorie Says:

    hi sig! hi sigers! after kotw ,anyone who knows sig latest movies or tv series?

  467. 467 : lorie Says:

    sig you are looking great to the new blue costume!!! i like it…..

  468. 468 : cris Says:

    we will wait you and your series kotw here in phil.!! hope gma will be aired this fantastic sig’s latest series….we love you forever forever forever!!! fight my prince oppa!!

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    yah! we will never forget you sig! your supporters here in philippines waiting for your new drama kotw! pls…visit just once here in phil. we will be waiting for you sig!!! go! go! go! go! go! and kill king deiso!

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    hey! mga siger’s jumonger’s jan!! muzta na kau? danan nio nman minsan tong kotw site…wish ko lang i palabas ng gma ito nx yr! nakakakilig nnman c sig oppa, malalaglag nnman panty nio rito promise……cge kita kits nlang let tau bye! i love you song il guk!

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    hay naku ang lakas kaya ng ulan dto! yaan mo janice papasyal talaga ako dto..dadami lalo ang commnt’s dto kapag pinalabas to ng gma!! hay naku wish klang makita ko ng personal c fafa sig…tignan klang kung hindi lumuwa ang mga eyes ko!! mahal na mahal ka nmin fafa sig sa true lang……babayu!

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    dn’t u worry sigers! ive heard that kotw will be aire to gma next year month of march or may!! and sig will be visit here in phil. next year april to promote kotw…

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    is it true gma!? hope….paki aired lang po ito maganda kc!!

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    to too ba yan!!!?? baka charing lang yan ate roxy..wala pa kc kming balita about kotw! pero sana ngaaaaaaaaa! hey mga guys! buhayin nnman ntin ang mga natutulog jan na supporters! hoy! gcing!!! the king will be come here!!!

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    hello my sweet sig….hi to all sig’rs! oppa! i want to see your new look in kotw esp. when u wearing blue costme! it is true!? u look great in blue costume here in kotw than jumong red costume!?

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    to lorie
    there has been some talk that SIG will star in a modern drama called (A man called GOD)… but until this moment there are no more news, so we are waiting 😀

    to baby
    you’re not watching KOTW?!! yes he looks awesome in blue… I love his outfit here more than Jumong… blue suits him very well 😛

    wow you girls in the philippines are so lucky that he’s visiting you next year… have fun.

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    i realy like song il gook. he is a famous acter here in istanbul turkey! all people in istanbul idolizes and dreaming you song il gook! hope your heart will never change to your fans all over the world…

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    hoy!kung sino kamang bruha ka! magtigil ka sa pinagsasabi mo baka kotongan kita jan makita mo! i give u a name..from now on ur name is monkey ok! hay naku makatulog na nga baka makurot pa kita sa singet ineng…gudnight everybods see yah! gudnight my honeybunch sig….

  494. 494 : candy Says:

    we love my oppa and we proud of him!!!! get it!! no name!?

  495. 495 : frezz Says:

    i hope gma 7 air kotw drama soon….

  496. 496 : frezz Says:

    hey no name! dn’t disturb this site ok! r u out of you mind darling….

  497. 497 : no name Says:

    shhhhit! all of you here…..everyone looks like crazy! your idol is not a good actor corection! he’s a dirty old man….he’s look like a virus or wills! KINGDOM OF THE WILLS NOT KINGDOM OF THE WIND!! stop comments here!

  498. 498 : frezz Says:

    song you are one of the most handsome and great looking in tha world!! we luv you so much!!

  499. 499 : ANGEL Says:

    for you NO NAME,are you CRAZY can’t you see that KOTW is on top 6 commented site and Song Il Gook is no.1 actor that means he has many fans and supporters around the world not only in korea and please don’t ever ever visit here people like you are not welcome here (you MORON)

  500. 500 : ANGEL Says:

    to no name: you’re such a looser looser looser looser kanino ka ba fans Ha?Di ba kasing dami namin ang supporters ng idol mo?baka 3 lang kayo nagcocoment sa kanya kung sino naman malas na idol mo yun

  501. 501 : tootsie Says:

    yehey!! gogogo sig! as long as inaapi ka much more ka nming minamahal!! no one can compare our lov for you! your fans in all over the world willing to support you forever!! hey! you no name u are ugly duckling…..hhhhhhhhhhhh!

  502. 502 : tootsie Says:

    hoy inday naliligaw ka ng site!! will u pls go to your own site and write wht u want!! you are not invited to this collum ok…this site is for beautiful and honest person only..understand no name!?

  503. 503 : lily Says:

    u r poor ms. no name…love u oppa!

  504. 504 : tootsie Says:

    excited na ko mpanood ang kotw here in phil!!wait ka nmin oppa! i alreadyy watched all your movies terffic amazing fantastic wonderful goergous what else!! no other song il guk anywhere nag iisa lang yan no!! we realy xcited to see your drama again here!! of course much more xcited all of here to see u in person. my god!! were dreams will come true soon…blushing!

  505. 505 : darna Says:

    you are the king of the wind…cge dalhin ako ng kaharian ng yong hangin para lumipad bcoz im DARNA!( sig ang bato)!

  506. 506 : lily Says:

    we never giv r lov to anyone b’coz r lov is only for you il guk! i lov u more than youv ever know….

  507. 507 : vivian Says:

    i wake up in early morning when i see my pc and make pasyal to kotw site, gossh! air daw ng gma ang kotw!! trulili ba tong nakita ko o nananaginip lang ako? at last!! hoohoo! puyatan nnman to mga pars and mars..! ready nnman tayo ng icebag for the eyebaghahahahahaahahaha!!!!

  508. 508 : tita rose Says:

    hey! kid’os why dnt u try to sleep first bfore to comments here! what time is it now mga darling! tommrow wil be go to the work and school right!? go to your bed right now and sleep sleep sleep!!

  509. 509 : vivian Says:


  510. 510 : joan Says:

    i mis u and i lov u oppa!

  511. 511 : vivian Says:

    pag dating ng panahon baka ikaw rin at ako baka tibok ng puso koy maging tibok ng puso mo sana ngay mangyri yon khit di plang ngaun sana ay mahalin mo rin pag dting ng panahon…..hay naku oppa sana nga dumating ang panahon na yon dahil susunggaban agad kita hhhhhhhhhhh!! kaloka xa true lang..

  512. 512 : tootsie Says:


  513. 513 : jun Says:

    mga tol’bagong news to ah! ipapalbas ng gma7 ang bagong drama ni pareng jumong? wow! kainip nman! sana nga….gma tnx ng marami! kau talaga ang no1 sa puso nmin..mabuhay kau gma kapuso!

  514. 514 : riza Says:

    owssssss..talaga! gma ang nkakuha sa kotw!hhh!sb ko na nga ba..iba talaga ang kapuso,haaaaay sig mabubulabog mo nnman ang mundo ko!!iiyakan nnman kita everyday every night….sig ikaw lang ang nag iisang minamahal nmin…wait ka nmin here ha! alwyz tc and lov u muahhhh!

  515. 515 : jun Says:

    pareng jumong! ur d best talaga..galing mo!!!

  516. 516 : clair Says:


  517. 517 : joan Says:

    ang guapo mo jumong!! i love you

  518. 518 : tita rose Says:

    hoy!m2log nmen kau no! anong tym na kaya….nlamn nio lang ipalabas ng gma ang kingdom hndi na kau nagcpagtulugan….next year pa yon kaya marami pa taung days na i22log ok! gudbye ang gudnyt mga frndz..peace!

  519. 519 : joan Says:

    mabuhay kau gma7! mabuhay ka oppa! mabuhay tayong lahat!!

  520. 520 : peachy Says:

    hey! hey! hey! what’s going on here!

    hi sig! hello to evryone! yes! tom is wednesday again its kotw day!!!! big hug and million kiss to all of u there in philippines…..hello angle!

  521. 521 : peachy Says:

    to you no name,

    can i give u a name!? ok! your name is devil!! b’coz were all of here is angle…where do you space come from!? are you E.T? or you come from planet of the zombie? we d’nt need your comments here ok! this collum is for sig angle’s only! u are a devil, so your not qualified here! go to hell!

  522. 522 : angel Says:

    o mga jumongers try to visit:

  523. 523 : angel Says:

    i love you SIG, more power to all SIG fans ingit lang yan no name na yan
    wala syang supporters na tulad natin handang ipag tanggol ang IDOL, love you all

  524. 524 : selva Says:

    episode 23 preview


    weeee guys yes keep bashing this person who has no name hahaha
    he/she deserves this…. go away no name!!!! pooooooooooooooo.

  525. 525 : peachy Says:

    to sina,

    i dn’t know yet what is ur home add! your dvd is already finish…tomrow i will go to p.o to send your dvd! reply plss…tnx.

  526. 526 : joan Says:


  527. 527 : susi Says:

    mga kapatid, kapuso, kaibigan, pati nrin kapitbahay! mabuhay tayong lahat dahil ipapalabas ang drama ng hari ng industria na walang iba kundi c HARING SONG IL GOOK!! yahoooooo!

  528. 528 : ryan Says:

    yesssss mga kafatid mabubuhay nnman ang natutulog kong puso…wish klang bukas na ipalabas ang kotw! hahaahahah! ganon…..meryenda muna ako.

  529. 529 : cindy Says:

    sssshhhhhh….ma22log muna ako hanggang march pra pagkagicing ko kotw na yehhey!! mag feeling sleeping beauty daw oh!

  530. 530 : frezz Says:


  531. 531 : jela Says:

    no ba yan! i nanounce agad ang kotw naiinip na tuloy ako! gma kapuso bkit next year pa bukas nlang pls….lov u sig

  532. 532 : rosana philippine Says:

    we very proud of u! ur the one and only KING!you will be the first and the last king!! misssssssssss u here in phil!

  533. 533 : ryan Says:

    tagal ng kingdom of the wind! kainip!

  534. 534 : jun Says:

    GO!GO! pareng jumong! hihintayin ka nmin dito.

  535. 535 : kingdom of sig Says:

    song ll gook you will rest number one in acting good luck my angel song ll gook

  536. 536 : tootsie Says:

    mga ate mga kuya! malapit na pong dumating ang hari natin!! love you oppa!

  537. 537 : ryan Says:

    i lov you rin

  538. 538 : jun Says:

    jumong mahal na rin kita!!! nababakla na ako sayo sa totoo lang! ang ganda mo kacing lalake ____ina!

  539. 539 : cindy Says:

    gma thanks a lot po!! hope kotw air as soon as posible!! we lov song il guk so much!! and tnx olso for inviting him to visit here in phil..i wish to see him closer! mabuhay po kau gma7!!!!!!

  540. 540 : suzeth Says:

    tabi tabi po….napadaan lang…i just want lang kac to greet song oppa..hellow sig! how r u? hope evrythings fine, take care of yourself always…and eat well for your gud condition…we miss u and lov u so muuuuuuuuuuch! hug and kiss for u muahhhh!

  541. 541 : suzeth Says:

    hahabol lang po sayang ang oras eh! all here waiting for u and your drama kotw..goodluck and god bless…hi to all jumongers and sigers!

  542. 542 : hope Says:

    hey guys
    hhhh hwo is this no name ? I add to you an other quallity …no brain …no tast…no thing in the head no chance to be a good person what else …is this girl/guy in her/his mind when she/he say all this selly things about all the ” angels” here …go out of here selly person and don’think o visit this page an other time…

    to all phillipinos here we love u and are verry happy that sig will visit u …aja phillipin…

  543. 543 : rizz Says:

    Hangsang ne gyutte nama itsul tenikan
    My hearth will always by your side

  544. 544 : rizz Says:

    nawindang ako ng malaman ko ipapalabas sa GMA7 ang KOTW, oh no anong gagawin ko excited na ko parang lalong bumagal ang takbo ng buhay ko kay tagal hintayin ang mga araw iyon

  545. 545 : rizz Says:

    You light up my life
    You give me hope
    To carry on
    You light up my days
    and fill my nights with you SONG IL GOOK

  546. 546 : rizz Says:

    Thanks to Ms. Selva for the preview of ep23,so we gonna see the other woman of Muhyul (Kim Jung Hwa) shes very pretty

  547. 547 : vivian Says:

    hahatiin ko ang dagat ng sa ganon makadaan at mapuntahan kami rito sa pinas! hhhhhhhhh! mag feeling moises daw ba! basta ang alam ko mahal na mahal kita song il guk higit pa sa aking buhay….(ang corney ko na ata!) ahh! basta mahal kita! period…

  548. 548 : kaila Says:

    yah! your ryt mga sis!! lam nio ba ng mabasa ko rin kamuntik ng tumigil ang pintig ng puso ko!! GMA7 thank u so much!!! more power to gma at kay sig!! kita kits nlang tau sa march…lov u song!

  549. 549 : tootsie Says:

    sa sobrang tuwa naiyak ako promise! mapapanood ulit nmin c sig without subtitle..kac nman mahirap manood ng may sub hindi totally makikita un picture kc nakatingin ka sa baba kainis….at last hooooohoooo!! andyan kananaman tinutuksotukso ang aking puso..hhhhhhhh! gma mabuhay kau!mamatay ang dos! hehehe jowk..luv u sig!

  550. 550 : cyntia Says:

    gma tumatanaw po kami ng malaking utang na loob sa inyo marami pong salamat at mabuhay kau!

  551. 551 : robert Says:


  552. 552 : melishim Says:

    i am from malaysia…i hope song il guk will be visit here too..all of your movie is good! so many malaysians here love you so much…godluck to you mr.song!

  553. 553 : frezz Says:

    ang tagal naman ng march! kung ped lang hatakin ang araw ginawa ko na….no.1 nnman kau gma! congrats!!wooooo…. luv u sig!

  554. 554 : 愛好 Says:

    ジュモン見た時に 貴方の事好きになった! すごくかくいかっただよ!ソング イル グク 頑張って下さい。。。日本から 応援するからね!

  555. 555 : 愛好 Says:


  556. 556 : joan Says:

    la lang….lov u sig! fight kotw!

  557. 557 : vivian Says:

    u better watch out you better not cry you better not found im telling you why SONG IL GUK IS COMING TO TOWN!!! (aga ng pasko ko no!) gudluck sa gma! love u sig!

  558. 558 : vivian Says:

    gudnight sig!

  559. 559 : joan Says:

    b4 i go to bed i just want you to say gudnyt and sweetdreams….gudnyt kiss muahh!

  560. 560 : jumongers Says:

    i’ve seen kotw in youtube with the help of ms selva..kotw is really good! other song il guk will you see here! coz he’s acting here is more on jumong…the blue outfit he’s wearing look great than red in jumong! althought red and blue is really ggod for him.. he do a lot of excellent scene here! don’t miss it! try and go to youtube co’z all kotw eps. are there….and see how’s fab’lous and goodlooking he’s wear!

    by the way tnx a lot gma 7 for choosing kotw! mabuhay po kayo!

  561. 561 : KULIT Says:

    QTV please paki Replay Emperor of The Sea pagka tapos ng JUMONG

  562. 562 : KULIT Says:

    paano ba yan ayaw ko ng matulog lagi kasi nasa isip ko mukha ni SIG
    na star struck na ko sa kanya baka pag nakita ko siya sa personal himatayin na ko, bakit kasi nag asawa ka agad pero infairness sexy mrs. mo nakita ko sa mydaily.com exclusive video nyo take note ha, naka 2piece cya at ang bida natin si SIG very sweet sa honey nya

  563. 563 : cris Says:

    paalala lang po…pagdting ni haring sig ako muna ang unang hahalik ha! un lang po salamat….lov u my prince sig! goodnyt…

  564. 564 : dennis Says:

    naki post lang ako ke pare pra masabi ko sa gma thank u!! hhintayin nmin ang bagong drama ni jumong…

  565. 565 : abi Says:

    yehey!!! kotw will be air in gma!! and oppa will visit here too!! my god! the king of movie industry wil come here! i cn’t imagine! is it true or im dreaming!?

  566. 566 : jumongers Says:

    im really so excited to see him promise..i can’t imagine too abi!! para akong hihimatayin gosssh….

  567. 567 : sandra Says:

    i just want 2 say hello lang…

  568. 568 : sandra Says:

    believe it or not im going crazy to you sig!!! i love u so mucccchhhhhhhhhhhh!

  569. 569 : jumongers Says:

    d me mkatulog iniicip ko kc c sig at kelan ipapalabas ang kotw…kainip kc!

  570. 570 : 5star Says:

    sig just to let you know my love and support to you is never ending….i love you with all my hearts…you’re amazing in kotw we proud of u!!!!

  571. 571 : joan Says:

    gud am oppa! i always open my pc when im wake up in the morning ,coz i want to see ur picture!! wen i see u im feeling better in a whole day!! its time to go to school now..bye oppa!

  572. 572 : cindy Says:

    gud morning! school tym again…..beautiful morning for me and handsome face for sig….bye bye

  573. 573 : frezz Says:

    bfore i go to my work i just want you to know sig ,you are the sunshine and ill be a sunlight!! you r the twilight and ill be a starlight! you r my man and ill be your woman…..in other words lets get married!?hahahahaahhahahhhah peace!

  574. 574 : hope Says:

    hi guys;
    really phillipinos…l envy u …you have the big chance to meet our sweet heart SONG IL GOOK… OMG …even in my most crazy dreams he will never visit my country…i think that i should move to Asia…hhhhhhhh
    today is KOTW day …

  575. 575 : glory Says:

    join to the world mga kababayan!! co’z our king song il gook appeard again sa ating country!!we be’l over you forever sig…we love you and we love gma too! goodluck to all of us…sarangheyo sig weeeeeeeeee!!!!!!wooooohoooooo!!!!! fight kotw ako ang papatay kay king daeso para sayo sig! pahiram nga ng espada mo!

  576. 576 : glory Says:

    can i barrow your sword sig..coz i kill king daeso for you!!! i will fight for u…..lov u..

  577. 577 : kingdom of sig Says:

    charisma talent cute glamour elegance beauty humbleness in song lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll gooooooooooooooooook i love you

  578. 578 : cyntia Says:

    cnong lov mo don..? cyempre c song il gook lang!!!

  579. 579 : tootsie Says:

    gud evening oppa! no matter what just remember we love you so much here in phil!! gudluck kotw! i hope u will come here soon oppa!

  580. 580 : peachy Says:

    to sina,

    i’ll sent the dvd already…just wait and will u recieve after one week! if the postman comes to ur house ,you need to show ur i.d coz i’ll sending you in e.m.s means express mail service this is not a ordinary mail thats why u need to show ur i,d ok!

  581. 581 : angel Says:

    to all the JUMONGERS keep on supporting our hero SONG IL GOOK 🙂

    aja!!! FIGHTING!!!!!!

    SELVA; i’ll be waiting for the summary of episode 23, see you tommorow i’ll be watching KOTW on viikii.net Bye………..

  582. 582 : peachy Says:

    to sina,

    i recieve ur mail a little while ago..your welcome anytime dear, so dnt u worry everythings fine ok! i copy olso sig movies art of seduction and other k drama, hope u like it! enjoy and watch dvd that i’ll sent u… keep smiling and god will be bless you….

  583. 583 : vivian Says:

    hey! yo! mga brod and sis…

    mga kababayan ko dapat lang malaman nio bilib ako sa idol ko siya ay koreano ohhh… c song il gook yon!

  584. 584 : peachy Says:

    to angle,

    u r the angle of this site….and sig is god of the sea…wait! what about me? hmmmm…well i’m queen of sigs heart!!

  585. 585 : melishim Says:

    from here in malaysia! we so much love you song il gook!

  586. 586 : melishim Says:

    your very handsome, fisrt when i see u in jumong i fallin love with you! you are hot very hot…then after jumong here u are again more looking good in kotw, wow! not only hot suuuuuuuuuper hot!!! outch! your so really hot than volcano!! i love you…

  587. 587 : vivian Says:

    glory patay na c king daeso! kc nilason ko cya! hhhhhhhhhhhh!

  588. 588 : lovely Says:

    kotw will be air in gma!? gosssh…mga ate sampalin nio nga ako baka nananaginip lang ako! kung totoong pupunta c sig at ipalalabs ang drama nya at kung panaginp man to ayoko ng magicing! ok lang sakin khit dn ko magicing magkikta pa kami ni sig sa kabilang buhay duon kami magkakatuluyan no!

  589. 589 : cris Says:

    its hard nman to reach this site always error! anyway…hope sig more movies and series to come.. we dnt wanna miss anything for you! lov you lang talaga sobra!

  590. 590 : ryan Says:

    i hav a exam tommrw, so i need more rest to past it…all i can say is lov u fafa sig!! thats ol…babu!

  591. 591 : jela Says:

    i want to follow up lang, kung sig will be visit here GMA??? ngayon plang gusto ko umiyak…

  592. 592 : jumongers Says:

    we love you song il guk!!

  593. 593 : ryan Says:

    i lose my concentrate to study! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! the truth is…i want to concentrate more on fafa sig! my god! wish klang sana maging kami someday…

  594. 594 : frezz Says:

    near far wherever you are i believe that our loves for you is going on…

  595. 595 : baby Says:

    hello! to ol jumongers and ol of u here!! we cant denied that the king is only you SIG!!! keep fighting oppa!jumongers hope never ending message na to ok!

  596. 596 : aida Says:

    aida fr marikina..i just want to thanks lang to gma..god bless to all!

  597. 597 : rose from caloocan Says:

    im one of d avid fan ni jumong…me and my family always watching song il gook’s drama…we really love it! hope more great drama pa ang magawa mo..mabuhay ka jumong!
    to gma so many tyms to dream that song il guk will be visit here. finally! you’ve got it! we love gma so much…thanks in a million!

  598. 598 : nora Says:

    did you think gma7 can do that!? wrong.. all of u here looks idiot and crazy! gma canno’t losing any of time even minute to the non active person song il guk!! i dare ol of u..i will cut my head if the non activ person sig came and visit here…he dont any care to ol of u ! just stop to support him and enough to being idiot ok! shit!

  599. 599 : frezz Says:

    hey! who are u ? are u mother of matet? what r u talking about? will u plsss..get out on this site! OUT!!!

  600. 600 : hope Says:

    To nora;
    do you know what is the meaning of ur nick name? its ” light” but I will call u DARCKNESS”…so ms DARCKNESS GET OUT of here and don’t let ur poison frustrat us bcz our love and support for SIG is without any conditions …OK!!! even if will never hear about us we still supporting him forever…selly girl…

  601. 601 : shiva Says:

    Dear Hope

    don’t bother what other people say about our gorgeous SIG. let them be. who cares what they say. you are just losing your energy on some losers. we all know what SIG means to us. today is one of my happiest days because I see we have beaten drama legend. ohh yes. thanks for everyone’s support. aja aja fighting

  602. 602 : shiva Says:

    I want to thank our lovely selva for ep23 preview. looks like yuri announcing the crown prince. wow Muhyul’s wife is pretty and fierce. like the scene between dojin and her. poor poor poor our lovely yeon looks like she wants to escape but she get caught. ohhhhhhhhhhhh.
    looking forward tonight’s episode.

  603. 603 : peachy Says:

    heeeeey!! what are the nonesense you talking about nora!????? hahaha! you wanna dare!? ok! im one to be dare you!! but before that cut your head first!!!! if u can’t, i’ll do it for you then say it! BANZAI!!! LIVE LONG FOR SONG IL GOOK!! i will cut and bring your head to the people of han! after that ,me and sig’s angle will prepared for our victory party…get it! so now, you’ll know how much we love sig!! so will you pls get out of this site….get out before i kill you! out out out out!

  604. 604 : peachy Says:

    hey nora! you really dn’t care if not or he read our message and you really don’t need to say it that he don’t any care for us coz is not in your bussiness!! pls mine your own ok!!! we know him so well you know….

  605. 605 : peachy Says:

    nora…dn’t mentioned or say it again if you dont want a world war 3 !

  606. 606 : peachy Says:

    hey! nora clean ur dirty heart first, before you judge sig’s personality!

  607. 607 : selva Says:

    episode 23 preview

    lol another hate called NORA… GTFU kiddo

    hey shiva, missed you a lot muah…

    dear peachy, I love you 😀 keep rocking girl 😉

    Yara and JungWon, where are you 🙁

  608. 608 : peachy Says:

    nora..go to your idol site..i think he needs your more comment’s , i dn’t know who is he but i’m begging you.. dn’t do or go again to this site anymore…WE LOVE SONG IL GOOK SO MUCH!! you much better to do is love more to ur idol and write more comment’s in his site! the things that he feels ur faith for him is true! (thats what all sig’s fans to do)..go to other site and leave a bad comment is not the prove to show your sympathy for him is true! tsk.tsk.tsk…u know, if ur idol read your bad comment maybe he is hurting too…all you need to do the best is SUPPORT! support all his drama, support his site( like what i do!hehehe..) and most important one is.. LOVE HIM FOR THE LEGAL WAY OK! anyway i just want to say sorry for being emotional….co’z i really lov sig as a big brother! hope you’ll understand…i frankly to tell u everytime i see the bad comment for sig , i cried a lot! its a corney to say that but this is true!! just calm down nora and give the best for your idol ok!

  609. 609 : peachy Says:

    hey! selva im still waiting for your response! i can wait forever! even if im going to old enough..even if my hair being white..even if my flawless skin going bad skin..even if i’ll take and seat to wheelchair…even if all my teeth are gone…even if i’ll go to home for the aged still waiting for ur reply!!! hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

  610. 610 : selva Says:

    hi peachy dear… what reply you are waiting from me????

  611. 611 : peachy Says:

    your homeeeeeeee addddddress….u cant see yet my mail? i send you mess. with pic the things that i want to send…

  612. 612 : tootsie Says:



  613. 613 : vivian Says:

    good am. to ol of u..gud am sig! after my class i watch kotw…school muna ako..

    mabuhay ang bagong bayani na c heneral peachy!! banzai! banzai!

  614. 614 : frezz Says:

    good mrning sig! who’s heneral? heneral heimosu?hhhhh…

    to peachy..


  615. 615 : selva Says:

    ah lol sorry I forgot about it 🙁
    I’m so sorry to disturb you my dear… but I really don’t know the exact address, as I’ve never got anything from the box office before… can you please please wait until tomorrow and I will write to you the eact address 😀

    BTW I didn’t get any message from you… my email is:
    [email protected]

    thank you thank you thank you… love you muah.

  616. 616 : selva Says:

    ah lol sorry I forgot about it 🙁
    I’m so sorry to disturb you my dear… but I really don’t know the exact address, as I’ve never got anything from the box office before… can you please please wait until tomorrow and I will write to you the exact address 😀

    BTW I didn’t get any message from you… my email is:
    [email protected]

    thank you thank you thank you… love you muah.

  617. 617 : jela Says:

    gud morning oppa…have a beautiful morning today..keep fighting to ur drama kotw! keep ur good looking…and i keep my beatiful smile! lov u oppa..see yah later bye!

  618. 618 : aida Says:

    hi oppa sig…kotw fioght! fight! fight! no matter wat happend we hear to guide you sig! lov u..

  619. 619 : glory Says:

    we r the champion my friends, and will keep on fighting to the air, we r the champion we r the champion of the world!!!

    to vivian….

    so no need ko na plang hiramin espada ni jumong! cya nlang hihiramin ko sa asawa nia. hahahahahaha!!!!

    AJA! FIGHT!!

  620. 620 : 5star Says:


  621. 621 : jumongers Says:

    bkit ba pang tumataas ang rate ng comment o dumadami ang mga cmment kay sig eh lumalabas ang mga basura sa mundo.. hay naku! mamatay kau sa inggit no!!! we love sig! mabuhay kau gma!mabuhay ka din general peachy! at mamatay ka nora!

  622. 622 : kaila Says:

    kainis ka nora,promise…apihin ba ang daddy sig ko!

    sig! we alwys here to support you! just keep on going to your great drama kotw we proud of you and we love you!

  623. 623 : siger's Says:


  624. 624 : stars Says:

    I saw the preview ep23, and muhyuls future wife is revealed, it’s played by kim Jung wa. Correct me if I’m wrong, but why does it have to her??? Why does it have to be the biryu clan??? I haVe a question, how did princess yeon became his the second wife? Is the first wife going to die, I hope she will coz she really does look evil!!!

  625. 625 : Glory Says:

    Hi Sigerz !!
    how r u friends? OMG…there r so many new Sigers in this site ,luv u all 😀 !
    we’ll never getting bored or tired talking ’bout our beloved Sig
    coz he’s really really….awesome !!
    selva …bravo honey .
    keep ur high spirit always !

  626. 626 : tootsie Says:

    im back! hello oppa! really lov u oppa! gud luck to kotw and to all the cast…gma thanks again!

  627. 627 : clair Says:

    to my honey sig, 2day is kotw day….poor yeon,huhuhu…i thought muhyul first wife is yeon!

    siger’s keep support to our honey sig!

    to u nora’

    i dont know what is your totally intention to sig… r you jelous or something wrong in your head!?

  628. 628 : cyntia Says:

    fight mga jumonger’s!!! lov u sig!

  629. 629 : lorie Says:


  630. 630 : jing Says:

    wow! gma air kotw great!!!! sig’s act is good…kotw is d best! gma tnx again to cchoosing kotw to airing nx yr…goodluck kotw and gma!

  631. 631 : peachy Says:

    i can’t say how much life changed b’coz of you, but all i can say is I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SIG! i feel that i can do anything just to show how much I LOVE YOU!

  632. 632 : peachy Says:

    juzt remember sig ,we always love you and our love is alwys be with you!

  633. 633 : shiva Says:

    Loved last night episode god I so much want to kill dojin. yeah we are going to see our Muhyul tejanim tonight. what a scene between yeon and Muhyul ohh I don’t think I ‘ll be able to watch that. also loved the scene between Yuri and Muhyul by the river and it made me sad. but I got to say this no one ride horse better than sig even yuri. I so much love Sig’s charecter in Kotw, his looks fits in with historical dramas. I love to see him with beard and mustache in real life it really suits him. makes him more attractive. god love you SIG you got the looks to die for, voice, charisma, and on top of that you are the best. common guys we nearly there to beat coffee prince and taking first place. Aja Aja Fighting KOTW

  634. 634 : jumongers Says:

    i want to see u in person, so pls visit philippine.

  635. 635 : jela Says:

    goodnYt oppA…sweet Dreams..muaah!

  636. 636 : lovely Says:

    i dont like kim jang wa for you! i like pretty yeon! i like her face, she looks like angle…

  637. 637 : rashhim Says:

    song il gook is handsome. i watch sea god he is good but he’s role is bad! im fallin for you. great performance in jumeng…

  638. 638 : susi Says:

    helo sig! long time no write!

    jumongers sana hindi kau nagkakamli ng balita! gma totoo ba ipalabas nio ang kotw at papasyal c sig dto?

  639. 639 : ruth Says:

    gustong gusto ko talaga mkita si sig!! muntik ng malalag ang mga eyes ko ng mabasa ko na go siya dito and ilalabas sa chanel7! wooooooooo!! komopsahamnida gma7! ilove you sig!

  640. 640 : frezz Says:

    i cant wait to watch all kotw eps!!! looking good for the blue outfit sig! lov u, gudnight…

  641. 641 : ali Says:

    i wannasub eng for The Kingdom of The Winds
    pelease send to emil:[email protected]

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  643. 643 : hamirul Says:

    nned to see yor jumong good..kingdom of the wind want to see no subtitlli pls ..i am from malaysia

  644. 644 : baby Says:

    i heard that our king sig visit to phil! and kotw will be air next year!? yahoooooooooooooooooooo! great news waaaaa! pls come and visit here my dear sig!!

  645. 645 : rashim Says:

    . . .

  646. 646 : cindy Says:

    is it true that muhyul die to the last episode!? and yeon commit suicide?

  647. 647 : joan Says:

    goodnyt oppa, lov u

  648. 648 : trixie Says:

    hooooooooooope he will visit here….gma air kotw nx year?? hope so…i like u sig! i wnt 2 see you in person!!

  649. 649 : trixie Says:

    hey donna wer r you? did u heard that! sig visit here wooo! donna pls wer r u? pls..reply to my email!

  650. 650 : gina Says:

    want to see you too in person song il guk! many people here waiting for you?

  651. 651 : rose Says:

    hi! nice to see you again siger’s!

  652. 652 : suzeth Says:

    gma ipalabas nio na kaya ang kotw ni sig sa jan. wag na sa march nakakainip eh!

  653. 653 : りえちゃん Says:

    貴方の事本当忘れません! 日本にまた遊びに来てね!ジュモンかくかったよ!

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  655. 655 : sonia Says:

    nakita ko kotw, ang pogi ni sig sa blue costume nia! ang guapo mo talaga sig i love you!

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    peste a nora! wag na wag ka ng papasok sa site nato!!!!! kotw best kaung lahat pero i hate dojin,..sig really do the best pabolous!

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    love you sig!

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    donna reply plssssssssssssssssssss…

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    oppa we lov u! gma pls air kotw asap…siger’s hello! nagulat me sa narinig ko kaya nnagpunta agad me xa intrnet…kagulat din no!nang huli kong makita ang kotw nasa pang 9 sa commnt ngaun nasa baba na sia ng jumong!hahaha! supporters are still there pa rin wooo ka touch naman….

  660. 660 : ann Says:

    im so glad to see you here again mga siger’s! kotw fight!!!!!!!nothing else to do the historical drama it is only you sig! keep going honey….lov yah……

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    go go go! siger’s! weeeeee!!! time to come back! don’t u worry sig, were all here forEVER , rain or shine!! SERANGHE…..

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    eu gosto de voze song il guk……

  663. 663 : peachy Says:

    we never gonna let you down promise! supersig up! up and awaaaaay!!!!!!!!

  664. 664 : peachy Says:

    everything bout this series is good! the artist, location , even the costume! esp. sig’s outfit ,he is looking great than jumong i really love it! hope more excitng scene for muhyul and yeon..start from now for sure ,the girl who’s name jung wa has appered more scene than yeon. it’s sad to say but i dont like jung wa’s appered earlier.. anyway i love all the cast of kotw keep it up the great perfomance guys! we love you all…

  665. 665 : peachy Says:

    song il gook is the great actor of the NEW DECADE!!

  666. 666 : peachy Says:

    the star have a wonderful light is only you SIG! cross my heart i will love and support you forever!

  667. 667 : peachy Says:

    we will still love you for the rest of our life, we dont wanna go to reach another star co’z the star is only you….

  668. 668 : peachy Says:

    come on guys! come and let us adore song il gook!! come and let us support kotw! come and give love to everyone

  669. 669 : hope Says:

    To Peachy;
    good morning my angel peachy …thank you..thank you..thank you…i’ve rceived the DVDs ” TOE” yesterdat morning a,d i was so so sooo happy thank uuuuuuuuuu…i love u dear…

  670. 670 : hope Says:

    To shiva;
    I have not a hot temper, but really i was so angry when i read the comment of this selly nora ” darckness” …we are SIG’s fan here and don’t accept any selly comments about him or about his drama …gosh why people around the world become more and more impolit…

  671. 671 : peachy Says:

    to hope,

    its my pleasure hope…and you are welcome anytime… hope you enjoy it!

  672. 672 : peachy Says:

    wait…i will check to my room.

  673. 673 : peachy Says:

    yes..hope! the eps that has lost is still here! im so sorry i cannot check twice before i send really sorry….. i will send the other one tomorrow morning promise….. just enjoy the dvd’s that you have now first and i will send you immiditely eps 40 to 54, again im so sorry…

  674. 674 : janice Says:

    wow! sigs have beautiful angle’s in this site! accutually i’m the one sig’s angle..hhhhhhhhh! lov u oppa.

  675. 675 : jumongers Says:

    i came by if i will see some interesting comment that will persuade me to continue watching KOTW as i have stop ’til ep. 21..but what i have read made me feel disappointed..it makes me feel that most of the KOTW viewers are high schools, who adores their handsome korean actor so much and doesn’t care much about the drama or the story. what happend to lerance or selva, who makes this thread interesting. some of the comment (if we can call it a comment) gives me shivers..for real, there are some weirdo, psycho and obsessed fans here. I hope you guys have a better life than dreaming about Song Il gok…

  676. 676 : totpu Says:

    i love kotw too…i’m just curious…why it didn’t rate high? for me,,, it’s good naman

  677. 677 : selva Says:

    @ jumongers.
    it’s not a bad thing to love an actor and express your love to him… some people are more opened about their feelings and others just feel a little bit shy to let it all out… I really love reading these comments about SIG, because I love him too.

    and isn’t it a little bit weird that there’s someone, with the exact same name as you, who comes here and announces her love toward SIG and KOTW?! maybe it’s you and you’re feeling a little bit bored, so you want to do anything to help you pass your time…

    you said before that you stopped watching KOTW, and now you say that you are in episode 21 LOL…

    I seriously don’t know what to say to you… I’m not in the mood for you honey… and seriously, I don’t care whether you continue watching KOTW or not… after all it will be your loss…

    and you’re saying that you still need a reason to continue watching?! so you’re saying that the last episodes didn’t affect you at all??!?!! when Muhyul knew about his identity and when he was stated as Yuri’s son and the war didn’t impress you?!!
    then allow me to say that this isn’t a drama for you… go watch a modern drama instead, or a HAPPY EVER AFTER story.

    why don’t you visit KOTW thread at soompi.com?!

  678. 678 : selva Says:

    or maybe you should also visit viikii if you’re looking for the conviction you need

  679. 679 : hope Says:

    Hi all SIG’s angels here;
    To peachy;
    once again…mouah mouah and a big hug…love u.
    To Jumongers;
    I don’t know why but i feel that u and Lorance are the same person!!!and please son’t make any jujment …we are not a scholers, i’m a respectabl commercial secretary…selva is medcine student and will become a doctor soon ( god be with her) i think peachy is a functioner too…we have a tetcher here also and even a mum with a teenager girls…so there are diffrent persons here …
    YES AND YES …I love the handsom and talented SIG and i support all his choices bcz he never choose some artificial story to play…all his roles in any Historical drama are ” fabulos” bez he looks like a warrior he has the look of a king or a prince…and he has the skills…
    i’m not shumful of my feelings …so if u don’t like him and u think that u have the right to critic the story i offer you this advice please please don’t watch KOTW and don’t be to harsh against us …SIG’s fan…do some thing else more important ” like u”….

  680. 680 : hope Says:

    To Jumongers;
    i read ur comment again and i feel so angry…are u sure that u r Ok …u r so harsh and vilan how dare u say all this horrible things :”there are some weirdo, psycho and obsessed fans here. I hope you guys have a better life than dreaming about Song Il gok……” we have the best life that any one can imagine we r adult and intelegent .and most of us is graduated how dare u make this very bad comment u even don’t know any one here…and u say that u can’t call our comments like a comment …hwo are u? and hwo gives u the right to insult hundreds of fan just bcz they express their love and support to the actor they love…Oh gosh i think that my english must be better for this kind of verbal war…

  681. 681 : Glory Says:

    I don’t understand why u named us weird n psycho just b’coz we expressed our love to Sig??
    do u think it’s a crime ?or ur life was really boring n maybe ur lover leaving u so u got mad read our comments to Sig??,many of us are educated ,what was wrong with adoring someone that we loved n honour.
    We feel pity on u jumonger or who ever u r ,u r not fit wearing that name (jumonger???)
    hv a nice day ,hope ur days fill with joy so u don’t need to make other ppls disliked u :-P:-P

  682. 682 : yara Says:

    Hello ladies…

    how are you everyone??
    dears selva, Glory, hope and all the beautiful SIGers: I missed you soooooo much. But most of all, I missed my beloved one indescribably, but my study keeps me away from him 🙁

    I watched episode 23 today, and I want to scream right now, thing are literally on fire. wow wow woooooooooow.
    I hope the wonderful super subbers at viikii will finish subbing episode 24 so that I’ll be able to watch it tonight.

    I gotta go now, I have a (networking) exam tomorrow.. ugh
    It was so nice to come here again and read your lovely comments.

    as for the negative comments; I have neither the time nor the desire to read them, reply them or even think about them. Just get over yourselves people and stop being so annoying, nobody gives the slightest damn about what you think.

    well then, bye for now

  683. 683 : selva Says:

    gahh yara this is so unfair… you come here and drop your greetings and then leave so fast 🙁
    stay a little bit cause we all missed you so much 😉
    when does your exams finish anyway?! they’re taking so long…

    study hard and rock those exams dear 😀

  684. 684 : jumongers Says:

    i only base my comment on what i have read, nothing personal….my apologies if it hurts your feelings. about the war episode, i haven’t got in there yet.
    i’m sure some of you here are probably matured, educated, that’s why i used the word “some”, i did not use “ALL”.

  685. 685 : hope Says:

    hi all Sigers here;
    Jumongers …i accept ur apologies and i’m sorry too for all wat i have wrote to u…but i was really upset …never mind …i just hope that avery one can share his feelings without hurting others…its just that…have a nice day

  686. 686 : joan Says:

    gosh…another basura na naman name lerance!

  687. 687 : vivian Says:

    hey you immitation @jumongers! i dn’t wanna accept ur apologies co’z every one here you make hurting so much! ____ you!!!!!!

  688. 688 : tootsie Says:

    yes!!! i agree vivian.. she say “some” even some or all, she have no right to judge anyone here! i hate her…

    hi to all sigers , lov u oppa!

  689. 689 : baby Says:

    i just wanna say PEACE!

  690. 690 : kaila Says:

    to @jumongers.,

    we’re all here are young ang fresh! yes i am a highschool student ,anything wrong!?

  691. 691 : kaila Says:

    hello ate frezz..follow up ko lang po ung number ni tito james tnx…

  692. 692 : jumongers Says:

    hope thank you for accepting my apologies. i really appreciate how u try hard to write your comment in english, at least i can understand it unlike the others. nOtHiNg tO be SoRrY About coz it wouldn’t bother me what negative comment i will read. i said what i have observe, and nothing else.

    this thread should be named Song il-goks’ fan base not KOTW. People who want to know if this drama is worth to watch by reading comments, not how the viewers feel about the lead actor. 70% of the comments here are stupid and useless, it’s not helping the drama to get more viewers.

  693. 693 : vivian Says:

    you are bad spirit @jumonger’s!!

  694. 694 : vivian Says:

    to @jumonger’s…i am not good in english but i try my best to write my comment’s here its because i want to share my feeling’s to everyone and most of all i love sig! any question!?

  695. 695 : susan Says:

    to @jumongr’s
    sobrang yabang mo! iniwan ka ba ng boyfrind mo kaya ka nagkakaganyan!!? o baka naman namatay ang nanay at tatay mo kaya wala ng nagmamahal sayo! o baka naman na rafe ka kahapon kaya ka nababaliw!!? wag mong sabihing hindi mo naintindihan to bakekang!!? at tsaka wag ka ngang mag panggap ang baduy mo no! sa totoo lang…

  696. 696 : cindy Says:

    hhhhhhhhhhhhh! cguro nga na rape ng pitong lalake kaya luray luray na ang katawan nadamay pati ugali! hoy impakta lumayas ka nga dito isa ka pa nmang filipina..kung gano kabaho ang ugali mo kasing baho rin ng bunganga mo!

  697. 697 : ryan Says:

    hay naku wag nio pansinin yan nasasapian lang yan! magaling ako mag english kc dentist ang kinukuha ko at sa ceu ang paaralan ko ayokong mag english kc alam ko naiintindihan mo ko panget! na rape ka pala!hahahaha..losyang ka na badbreath ka pa! condolnce nga pala sayo namatay pala ang mga magulang mo pagkatapos mong ma rape..kawawa ka nman……

  698. 698 : jolie Says:

    isinusumpa kita @fake jumonger’s! ang baho ng bunganga mo pati na ek ek mo!

  699. 699 : chui Says:

    to @jumonger’s

    before you comment here, learn more about good manner and right conduct…

  700. 700 : chui Says:

    to @jumonger’s

    before you comment here learn more about good manner and right conduct first!

  701. 701 : ryan Says:

    to @jmonger’s

    hhhhhhhhhhhh..hindi ka maka comment no! maskit ba? dapat lang yan sayo ang yabang mo kc impostora!

  702. 702 : jungwon Says:

    Episode 24 is such a cliff hanger coz we don’t even get to see a little bit longer the scene of Muhyul seeing Yeon again.
    It’ll be very heartbreaking for Yeon from this episode onwards. Poor Yeon, she’ll get to witness the wedding of Prince Muhyul to another girl.. My heart goes out for her..

  703. 703 : sousou Says:

    song ll gook great actor i love you my angellll song god blessing you

  704. 704 : isabelita Says:

    To @jumongers:
    sa pagiging impostora mo yan tuloy malapit na lampasan ng mga comment nmin ang coffee prince. Nabuhay tuloy lahat natutulog ng mga taga subaybay ni SONG IL GOOK. Kaya bago ka mag comment ng di maganda eh mag isip-isip ka muna pati tuloy mga taga ibang bansa nagagalit sa iyo alam mo nman around the world ang fans ng IDOL nmin.
    Mga kabayan paki translate na lng sa english sinabi ko di kc ako magaling dyan eh sensia na tao lang

  705. 705 : hope Says:

    Hi all SIG’s angeles;
    Eps 23 for me was OMG…OMG…WWWWWWWWowwww…king yuri brok my heart when he talk to muhuyl about his wakness comparing to his great father”jumong”…. from the begining i feel that king yuri was sooo lonly!!! OMG ..my heart even hurt me when i was watching this tender scene between father and son…i think that Muhyul is the uniq person who make Yuri feeling good…the sad music when king yuri is thinking aloone kill me OMG …its a fantastic classical music …terrrrefic..
    EPs 24 I haven’t finished yet …but OMG hwo is this vilan woman choosen for Muhuyl ???? I hate her …ppppppppppoooor Yeon…she is like a witch ..she remind me Deaso’s wife in Jumong…sooo evil…i’m so frustrated …really a pss all this day in such a horrible mood bcz of this woman …life is crual and politic is the moste worse thing …poor Muhyul he must marry this witch for the nation …OMG its unfair…….hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i want to screeeeeeeam…

  706. 706 : sousou Says:

    to jumongers: if you not like our comments no one forced you to comment & this page like a garden every fan of angel song ll gook say what they like no one force us to say what you like okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy stupid girl!

  707. 707 : hope Says:

    I already Miss KOTW it rest just..12epsds…OMG u leave us Muhyul after such a short time…

  708. 708 : hope Says:

    hey sousou;
    la fille à déja présenter ses excuses.. alors il faut que nois soyont plus gentilles…laisse tomber il faut commenter l just la serie…ok alors…bisou…

  709. 709 : selva Says:

    hope my same thought too.
    I think Yuri until now doubts his fatherhood abilities… I think he’s still remembering what happened to Haemyung and that he couldn’t help his son who took of his own life in front of him and yet he couldn’t do anything 🙁

    (you didn’t watch ep.24 yet? so don’t read the following until you watch it 😛 )

    so when Yeojin tried to kill himself, Yuri tried to protect him by all the means… he even installed Muhyul as the crown prince, which is considered dangerous for Muhyul… Yuri knows that the tribal chiefs won’t agree on that decision, and he knows that they hate Muhyul and are waiting for the right moment to strike back… I think Yuri was a little bit unfair toward Muhyul in this situation… yes he wants to protect his Yeojin, but what about Muhyul who’s already surrounded by evil people who still remember his ominous prophecy 🙁

    I’m feeling so sorry for Yuri right now that he was forced to choose between his two sons, but I’m even more sorry for Muhyul… it’s like his torture in the past wasn’t enough, and yet he has to endure more pain!!!!

    all of episode 24 was awesome… but there are two scenes that touched me the most:

    (1) when Maro got injured during that battle… I saw how much Muhyul loves Maro in that precise moment… many people were doubting that love, and said that this friendship was only one-sided, but now I can say that Muhyul loves Maro more than anything in the world (well, not more than Yeon of course 😛 )… their friendship is so touchy 😀

    (2) the last scene when Muhyul saw Yeon among the people of Buyeo 🙁 ok, can be there any more torture than that 🙁 it’s just so unfair… 1st he was instated as the crown prince (although he didn’t want to), then he met that girl LeeJi, and his continual trials to befriend that jerk Dojin, and now he sees Yeon in such circumstances 🙁 that was too much 🙁 to see the woman you have been yearning for, for almost half a year now, couples of steps away from you, and yet you can’t hold her or hug her or even show that you love her 🙁 I think I’m getting too emotional now hahaha but this is what I felt.

    and of course, Goyo and Seryu scene was he top on the cake… they are so cute together 😀 aja aja

    OMG can’t wait for the next episodes 😀

  710. 710 : shiva Says:

    omg ep24, sanga chose the most evil person for Muhyul’s wife. I don’t like dojin but her behaviour towards him was abit harsh. I am fed up with yuri. poor Muhyul, yuri thinks about everone except him. ohhh god my poor muhyul he had a poor childhood, looks like he is going to have a hard time for the rest of his life. thats why he dies early. I hope they don’t show his death because I can’t bear it. looking forward next week. poor yeon has to watch Muhyul’s wedding. looks like history will be repeated again. same with seseono and jumong. ohhhhh aja aja fighting Muhyul Tejanim

  711. 711 : hope Says:

    what is the matter with this guy ,he becomes more and more handsome!!!…
    To shiva;
    I agree with u dear…this woman is too evil …gosh i start to regreat watching KOTW bcz I know …I will pass more then a week sick in the ending, and if the end is like EOTS…i will preaper myself to cry my soul out…in JUMOG Yesoya was kind and pretty ” i love her” but with MUHUYL its diffrent …OMG i’m soo sad…

  712. 712 : LERANCE Says:

    i don’t get it, why is everyone wanting muhyul to be yeon? yes, they love each other, but you are forgetting that muhyul is the crown prince of Koguryeo and yeon is a princess of Buyeo, which is the arch nemesis of Koguryeo. Yeon probably doesn’t exist in real story. Even romeo and juliet can’t be together coz their parents hate each other, what more with the two nations which involves the people of each nation and the royal family. one thing, why are the pair ups (love team) impossible to happen, the young prince and the maid, the princess and the soldier, muhyul and yeon, isn’t it a little bit of a fairy tale? is this one of the reason why this drama is under the genre of Fantasy?

  713. 713 : selva Says:

    lol yeah he looks hotter every day 😛
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man who looks good w/ a moustache and a beard, but surprisingly, oppa looks awesome 😉

  714. 714 : ryan Says:

    hhhhhhhhhhh natauhan ang bruha biglang sumulpot at nag commen’t pa ng maganda! hoy! buking na buking ka na!

  715. 715 : darling Says:

    kotw GO!GO! keep fighting oppa! keep fighting siger’s! we love you all

  716. 716 : peachy Says:

    to @jumonger’s

    i have no anything comment for you b’coz i don’t wanna make you feel happy!!! i feel pity for you..you know why? co’z the character that you show us ,probably you became menopausal!! don’t abuse anyone’s personality here..

  717. 717 : peachy Says:

    to siger’s,

    hello! really sad when i read the menopause girl comment’s maybe she’s a litlle bit jeleous to us, coz were all here is sweet, young, intelligent, kind, fresh, beautiful,bright, sexy, most esp.loving each other. i think she’s not a 100% sig’s fan she’s have a double face! feel pity for her girls! coz she is old enough, she is our grandmother!! hahahahaahhaahhaahhaaahaahah!!!!!!

  718. 718 : jumongers Says:

    it wouldn’t matter to me, i didn’t make a comment just to make anyone upset. as i said, i made my comment base on what i have read, nothing personal. up to you if you want to be a close minded person or a mature one. you get too emotional without even thinking straight, getting mad over for what reason. i don’t have anything against Song, i reacted when someone said that KOTW is better than jumong, but i am not even gonna go further with this topic it’s just a waste of time.

    if you get hurt coz of what i said was right, too bad.

  719. 719 : peachy Says:

    we have no reason to say bad wordrs ok!!!!!buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut… if someone there force me to do anything bad, we have no choice to do this!

  720. 720 : jumongers Says:

    gloria, i said psycho coz some people here when they read something negative they became psycho like wanting to kill someone or cursing, or getting so furious or even put a curse to someone. don’t u think that’s a bit psychotic and weird?

  721. 721 : peachy Says:

    hahaha! i really expect that you are waiting for my comment’s before, like i’ve said i have no time to make you feel HAPPY!

  722. 722 : peachy Says:

    siger’s ignore the pity and menopausal person..she have a lot of time to abuse someone feelings here! his life so very bored, not like us here, im busy co’z i have many client ! and other sig’s angles have many commitment’s too…we are all busy and we have a respectfully job! unlike the grandmother outhere life so bored!

  723. 723 : tootsie Says:

    woooooowoooowoooowoooo! go gogogogogogogogogoogo! siger’s!

  724. 724 : kaila Says:

    hhhhha kaya nman pala nag memenopause na c lola…

  725. 725 : ryan Says:

    korek ka jan..kawaawaan ntin si lola.

  726. 726 : gina Says:

    yan ang napapala ng nga taong mahilig magmarunong! yes! siger’s one for all, all for one!

  727. 727 : vivian Says:

    yEs! yEs! yEs! we have strong lawyers here and willing to protect us! to you nastier booooooooooo!!

  728. 728 : frezz Says:

    yes ryan kaawaan natin si lola! maybe she’s hurting so much now hehehe….what’s wrong with the high school student? i can’t see anything wrong being highshcool! don’t let highscl student down @jumonger’s!

  729. 729 : hope Says:

    good morning every sig’s angel here;
    To lorance:
    if we are not emotional its useless to watch a drama – for that i’m a fierce fan of sig- he make me emotional…we can’t accept that this evil woman become the wife of a great king like him bcz he deserve to be happy after his misirabele childhood…maybe the real story is not like that, but we react after watching what the writers give us!!!
    To Jumongers:
    what??? hwo says that KOTW is better then JUMONG…no one !!!the point is there are alot of fans here hwo haven’ watch JUMONG yet …but Jumong is an other story ” for me ” and its the first drama in witch my lovely sig play the main role, and he made it great …i’m one of lovers of this ” magnefique” drama …KOTW is a contunuation for the legend …i love them both…
    about Dojin…i remark Eps after Eps that the writers want the same charcter of YOUM-MOON in EOTS but he don’t looks like him of corse bcz of the charisma and the character of the actor himself…youm-moon win more sympathy then Dojin bcz people loves the actor…try to emagine an other actor playing the role of youm-moon !!!I doubt that the results will be the same…OH YOU ..SIG ur the one !…

  730. 730 : jenny from laguna Says:

    hi! to everyone here except to you @jumongers!

    hello to my dear oppa!we lov you!

    to @jumonger’s

    you’ve say, getting mad over for what reason???ok..try to read your comment again, then you can realized what is the fucking word that you wrote!

    kotw goodluck!! mabuhay kau siger’s angle! mamatay kau mga kampon ni satanas fake jumoner’s!

  731. 731 : jenny from laguna Says:

    we lov you forever oppa!

  732. 732 : hope Says:

    Oh …gosh why they tortur him ??? why Yeon must be present…and the stare that he has for her….OMG he wwwwwwwwwwwill kill me!!!!!!…

  733. 733 : hope Says:

    Mrs SONG ILGOOK…u have the right to be proud when u watch the beautiful face of ur husband and say …HE IS MINE…

  734. 734 : hope Says:

    Mrs SONG ILGOOK …u have the right ro be happy when u hear the splendid voice of ur husband and say…he tell me that he loves me with this voice….

  735. 735 : hope Says:

    Mrs SONG IL GOOK…u have the right to fly hight in the sky when u look to the most gorgeous eyes in the world- ur husband’s eyes-…and say he stare to me with this eyes….

  736. 736 : hope Says:

    Mrs SONG IL GOOK…WE have the right after all that to envy you….

  737. 737 : peachy Says:

    to my dear hope,

    pls wait the other one dvd. have a nice day! muah..

  738. 738 : hope Says:

    To peachy;
    I will wait darling…i waill wait even for my entier life any thing has a relation with him …my angel SONG IL GOOK…WATING IS BEST THEN HOPING HONEY ^*…

  739. 739 : hope Says:


  740. 740 : sousou Says:

    song ll gook i love korea just for your eyes good luck for you in next drama we want see you always in high level love you siggggggggggggggggggggg

  741. 741 : peachy Says:


  742. 742 : jela Says:

    gma! really waiting kotw to air! pls air sooooooooooooon! thank you.

  743. 743 : felice Says:

    veso veso chika chika lang po tau dito mga tol….

  744. 744 : sonia Says:

    what eps.na magiging second wife ni muhyul si yeon?

  745. 745 : peachy Says:

    its good to make a better days for us..no body’s perfect..we have rights to cry, to laugh, to smile, to angry, to hurt, to loving and to giving, normal for human being . promise i will keep loving to all..once again I AM SORRY to all of you for being my emotionally. sigers,jumongers,esp sig REALLY SORRY…

    to siger’s keep loving and support to MR.SONG IL GUK! i LOVE YOU ALL!! thank you…

  746. 746 : peachy Says:

    its good to make a better days for us…we have rights to cry. to laugh, to smile, to angry, to hurt, to giving, to sharing ,esp to loving..nobody’s perfect and normal co’z im just a human being…to all i just want to say sorry for what i’ve done…promise i will keep to loving anyone! once again.. I AM SO SORRY to sigers to jumonger’s eps.to sig REALLY SORRY…

    to siger’s keep loving and support to MR.SONG IL GUK! i love you all! thank you very much….

  747. 747 : hope Says:

    Darling ..peachy;
    for what u r sorry!!! u r the best honey and all of us was a little bit emotional!!!bcz we are in the mood of love…loving sig forever…^^

  748. 748 : suzeth Says:

    cheer up peach!!

  749. 749 : angel Says:

    there were many heart-warming scenes in this episode(24)….gif when Maro got injured and Muhyul screamed his name in the middle of the battle, Yeojin and Yuri, Muhyul talking w/ Yuri after the meeting, Yeojin and Yeonhwa and when Muhyul was looking at them sad.gif , when Muhyul saw LeeJi and the last scene tears.gif

  750. 750 : angel Says:

    paging ms. selva for summary of ep 23 & 24 please……….

  751. 751 : selva Says:

    to peachy…
    my dear you’re the best girl EVER… and we all are proud that we met someone like you 😀

    to ms. angel
    I don’t be mean or anything, but what you wrote about Ep.24 (the heart-warming scenes), was that really your opinion, or you got it from somewhere else?!
    (hint… hint… selvaspeedy… doesn’t that name remind you of anything)!!!!!!

  752. 752 : yara Says:

    Hi lovely friends…

    I hope you’re all doing great.

    sweet selva…
    I know dear, it’s too unfair that I can’t visit this site and participate in the hot topics the way I used to before. But studying 🙁 🙁

    But this is my graduation year in college and I want to get good marks. So I keep studying hard and our subjects are really difficult. keep your fingers crossed for me.

    so, I watched episode 24 today. It was really bittersweet.
    The scene of our naughty princess (LOL) and Goyo and the way Maro and Chubalso chased their captain when he was trying to sneak out from the princess’s room made me laugh from the bottom of my heart.

    But then again, Muhyul and his sufferings made me really sad. The apparent agony on his face whenever someone mentioned his marriage to the bibyuro woman. his poignancy whenever he thought of Yeon, and his fear of the burden of being the crown prince.
    Oh God, those things really broke my heart.

    I can’t wait to watch the next episode, I hope Wednesday will arrive soon.

    take care everyone

  753. 753 : yara Says:

    To Jumongers…

    Although this is a waste of time, but I really can’t stay silent anymore. I must speak my mind and reply some of your comments.

    first of all..

    it’s absolutely your legitimate right to dislike KOTW and Song Il Gook. If you do, then why to bother yourself and come to a place where all the people love KOTW and adore SIG. why would you ever come here and write negative comments????!!!!! I just don’t get it.


    in one of your comments you underestimated the people here and insulted their intelligence.

    Now, let me make this clear dear:

    no one is and imbecile here. We’re not like those stupid girls you’ve seen in the American movies; the girls who have rings on their tongues, who are poorly educated, have a very little amount of vocabulary and know nothing except talking about their idolatrous rock singers.

    we’re not superficial. and I assure you, there are people in this forum who are highly cultured, have serious concerns and high standards in life.

    you seem to have a very proud opinion of your intellectuality that makes you think we’re nothing but a “bunch of idiots” as you liked to address us.

    honey, I study software engineering and (Time) is a luxury I don’t have. But I can handle sparing a couple hours and we can talk about anything you want (books, philosophy, religions, art, operas, music,..).

    Just choose a place (because this is KOTW’s forum and we shouldn’t discuss other things here), choose the time and I’ll show up.
    And I’ll prove to you that we’re not “a bunch of idiots”.


    when a person loves an artist, it doesn’t mean that this person is silly and isn’t serious in life. after all, art is holy and it’s a means to educate and orient people and the artist is a messenger who delivers the holy message of art to people.

    sweetie… you made me lecture, and that’s what I hate doing the most.
    that’s all, I will never speak of this topic again. I just needed to clarify the truth.

    bye… and I hope we will put and end to this unhappy series of negative comments.

  754. 754 : selva Says:

    high five Yara… you said what was in mind exactly (but your english is way better than mine… so yeah, it’s better you said it and not me 😛 )

    omo about episode 24, I downloaded it and kept watching it all the time… Muhyul’s agony is breaking my heart… when he tried to approach Dojin many times and tried to talk to him, but Dojin kept blocking it… I felt Muhyul’s hurt… Muhyul still considers Dojin his friend… I think that he wanted to talk to him and open up to him about what is going on and that he doesn’t want to be a crown prince and marry that woman, but Dojin didn’t listen to him… I can’t imagine what will Muhyul do when he realize that it was all Dojin who did all of these bad things to him… I’m sure he will be devastated…

    anyway, I’m in a bitter-sweet state right now… I will travel on Friday outside the country and will see my parents… it’s been almost 3 months since I last saw them 😀 but unfortunately I won’t be able to watch the coming 4 episodes of KOTW (27, 28, 29, 30) 🙁 … so I will stay away from soompi, viikii and this site cause I don’t want to read any spoilers before I see the episodes myself hehehe 😉 so I’ll miss you all guys…

  755. 755 : selva Says:

    to Jumongers:
    and so what if someone said that KOTW is better than Jumong?!
    what’s the problem in that?!
    everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion… we don’t have to agree on the same thing… I saw Jumong and I’m totally enjoying KOTW… there have been some flaws in Jumong, as well as KOTW, and that doesn’t mean that those series are bad, cause I loved them both.

    so I will say that again, I’m enjoying KOTW now more than Jumong… and the fact that I said I like KOTW more, doesn’t hurt anyone… because this is my own opinion… but you honey said that you started all of this discussion because someone said that KOTW is better… so what if someone said that KOTW is better?!?! it’s not a big deal… and the fact that you love Jumong, doesn’t mean that you have to force your opinion on everybody else and call them IDIOTS because they said they are enjoying KOTW more… if you like Jumong that much, why don’t you go to its thread her and praise it as much as you want and stop coming here to bash us!!!!

  756. 756 : NANA Says:

    Dear Selva:

    I agree with you, if some one think that KOTW is better than jumong or if you are enjoying KOTW more than Jumong, there is no harm with that.. If you really thing about it this is better for our SIG, this mean that he is making the decision when picking his project.. in fact a like hearing that from you SIG’s it is a great complement to our beloved SIG..

  757. 757 : selva Says:

    thank you NANA

    as I said, I enjoyed both Jumong and KOTW… mainly because of the phenomenal performance of SIG in these two dramas… if he wasn’t the hero there, I think I wouldn’t enjoy it that much… and I think that SIG’s performance here in KOTW has surpassed Jumong by many levels… he was awesome in Jumong, but here in KOTW he’s just so perfect… and again, anybody can disagree with me… the most important thing is that we all here are enjoying all of SIG’s dramas. peace 😉

  758. 758 : jumongers Says:

    i didn’t expect that this conversation could get more attention. selva, i am not forcing anyone to think jumong is better than KOTW, i said i reacted and made one comment about it, didn’t even go further or made any arguments, coz yes everyone is entitled in their own opinion.
    yara, obviously you are a smart person, but u seem like u r not reading really well my previous post. i insulted them and underestimated their intelligence coz that’s what their showing to me through their postings. i say idiots coz they just backfire on someone’s negative comment without any justification. example, can’t remember the person’s name who made a comment that KOTW is a stupid drama, well i think that person is stupid for just saying that, but the more stupid thing is how others reacted, they cursed, get too affected over a stupid comment. yes you all love KOTW but do u really have to degrade yourself just to let anyone know how crazy you are over a televison series? they don’t even know if 50% of KOTW they’re showing us are true in real history. if they don’t want to be insulted, then show it to me, don’t just post any trash comment. this is a public thread, EVERYONE can say anything.
    i watch KOTW simply because it is a historical korean drama, i support the korean film industry (movies or teleseries). i am a straight forward person, i will tell you stupid or weird if i see you acting like one. i stop watching the drama on epi. 21, i came back and visit this site hoping to read a good comment about the drama that will convince me to watch it right away, and not next week or next month. i explain why i said those words, coz you probably think that i made a negative comment just to make everyone here miserable, NO, i said it coz that’s what i see.

  759. 759 : selva Says:

    OK honey….

    the 1st time you commented here, you said that: people must be “idiots and crazy” to say that KOTW is better than Jumong”… check back your previous post before you start saying anything.
    (lol what do you call that if it’s not bashing or forcing other people to like Jumong more than KOTW?!)

    People reacted after your very rude comment, calling them idiots and crazy, not vice versa. If you remember what I said to you (although I doubt that you read my very long comment), the 1st thing I said that “you’re not talking to bunch of kids in here… we are grown up and will not accept to be talked to like that”…
    nobody here bashed you because of your comment about the drama, but because of the way you spoke to us!!!

    you just said that everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, but look at what you did? you called some people (crazy) and (idiots) because they expressed their opinion. So what do you call that?!
    this is indeed a public thread, and you can say whatever you want. But at least say it in a good and respectful way.

    you say that you insulted and underestimated some of the people’s intelligence her because this is what they showed from their posts. Well to me, what I see from your post is that you are a very rude person. You just curse everybody else depending on the fact that they can’t see you.

    you said that you didn’t expect your comment would bring this much argument, then why do you keep coming back here if that’s the case?!… you said you came here once to see if you will get convinced to continue watching, and you didn’t, and then you wrote your comment and left. What are you doing here again?! I think you’re laughing right now so hard that we gave you this much of attention (that obviously you don’t get much of it in real life). But surprisingly I’m not angry right now. I’m in fact laughing so hard that there are still people like you who tries to fool others. and BTW you didn’t trick us by the LERANCE comment. I know it was you.That’s not Lerance’s style of writing. You even wrote her name wrong. and I’m sure you will deny that and curse us (or maybe curse me personally) for all what I’ve said to you.

    and from now on, whatever you write here I won’t even bother to respond to it. So go ahead and bash as much as you want, if that gives you the satisfaction.

  760. 760 : selva Says:

    YAY dramaok is back 😀
    she translated the preview of episode 25:

    Muhyul and Yeon meet again as Goguryeo’s crown prince and Buyeo’s princess, and they gaze at each other with broken-hearts. However because they cannot show their true feelings their hearts ache even more.
    The Buyeo envoys congratulate the king, and King Yuri is shocked to learn Yeon’s identity Lady Miyu plots a plan to cancel the crown prince installation by killing Yeon. Hye-Ap finds Muhyul and tells him for Yeon’s sake, he and Yeon must not act like they know each other. Maro and Chubalso are ordered not to allow Muhyul and Yeon meet, but they trick everyone’s eyes and pull Yeon out of the palace. At the medical shed that belonged to Mahwang, Muhyul and Yeon both try hard to hide their shaking hearts, and they share a hug that could be their last. Furthermore, Muhyul’s crowning and wedding happen at last, and that night, Yeon leaves Guknae fortress without a trace. Yiji who has become the crown princess gets deeply hurt by Muhyul’s indifference toward her on their wedding night. However Yiji is consumed by determination to open up Muhyul’s heart toward her, no matter how long it takes. Meanwhile, the Black Shadow assasins begin to infiltrate Goguryeo as part of Dojin and Baegeuk’s plan to revolt. Muhyul feels burdened by his marriage with the Biryu woman, and Muhyul engages in battles of conquest in order to be absent from the palace. Dojin’s assasins are combat-ready and Baegeuk comes forward to eradicate Sangga as the last part of their preparation for treason. Muhyul who is unware that the crisis of destruction is about to come spends his days in the military camp, and follows Maro who asks him to go somewhere, and in a straw hut deep in the forest, Muhyul meets with Yeon again.

  761. 761 : mint0017 Says:

    Thank you for epi 25 translation,,,,Thank selva for taking these summary too,,, and To all of KOTW fan do not concern about person whom had own admiration, We all of KOTW fan must happy and enjoy our place here,,Just ignore and let that go,,,we all know what we like,, so Be happyyy with this drama,, Selva fightinggggggg,,,

  762. 762 : cindy Says:

    hi to all pretty siger’s angles: keep smiling!!

    hi sig:

    you deserving called king of the wind!

    hi everyone:

    have a wonderful day!

  763. 763 : trixie Says:

    many thanks to you ms.selva for your hardworking..thanks for the summary.

  764. 764 : jumongers Says:

    selva, you just don’t get it. i don’t know if you are pretending to be like that, i hope you are coz you just don’t get it. and maybe you should look what the real definition of (force) “forcing” someone.

    don’t know who lerance or lorance is, don’t even know what you are talking about. can’t help you if you can’t just get it. you are not a kid, but you didn’t realize some of your replies are childish. i don’t like to keep on repeating but maybe this will enlighten your brain a little bit. i said idiots to those who replies, i hate you bla bla bla, or die bla bla bla or stay away from this site bla bla bla… idiots, coz you are not reading really well on my post and you exploded like a volcano. i don’t know if you misunderstood the words i am using or you’re just like that. you reply i am ignorant coz of the ratings, but i didn’t budge instead i just laughed at it coz i know i am right. jumong got 50% + viewers no matter who the competitions are.
    you love KOTW that much, good for you. next time read very well and think before you say something, and be open minded sometimes.

  765. 765 : meg Says:

    we love you song il gook!! we love you song il gook! we love you song il gook! we love you song il gook! we love you song il gook!

  766. 766 : selva Says:

    thanks mint0017
    but that’s not the translation of the episode… it’s the translation of the preview 😉

  767. 767 : lerance Says:

    I think everyone or each party already made their point. It should end now, and maybe y’all can pray that there will be no more bombing on Mumbai….All i care right now is i get to watch Song il-gok, though i’m disappointed that he is not on a number one drama, i still enjoy watching him getting mad, smile and fight…somehow muhyul and yeon becomes husband and wife, i don’t know how it will happen but i have read that there’s a game about kotw where moohyul a husband and yeon as a wife….

  768. 768 : ryan Says:

    mint0017 ,lerance, totpu, @jumongers all of you really funny! hhhhhhhh! enjoy!!?

  769. 769 : sousou Says:

    song ll gook i always asks god to blessing you cose the grudgers in increaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee god bless you my angel

  770. 770 : abi Says:

    @jumonger’s tignan mo nga yan kabobohan mo it’s the translation of the preview nga nman not the eps! carefull…..bwahaha bwahaha bwahaha bwahaha!

  771. 771 : frezz Says:

    i pray too no more bombing on mumbai..and i pray also that you never bombing again this peacefully site..god please give her a peacefully life…

  772. 772 : len Says:

    hihihihihihihihihihi…..napahiya cya kay ms.yara….hindi ko mapigilan ang tawa ko! hihihihahahahahihihihahahaha!!!! ano pa kaya ang pede mong gamiting name @jumngr’s? magpakabait ka na! magpapasko na eh! lam mo para kang baliw mag cocomment ka ng pangit tapos mag cocomment ka ng maganda ,anu yun!?

  773. 773 : sun Says:

    سيلفا حبيبتى الف الف الف تحية وتحية وسلام لك على هذا التعب وعلى هذا الحب الصادق وعلى هذا الاخلاص العجيب وعلى هذه المتابعة المتواصلة وعلى هذا الحضور المشرق وعلى هذا النفس الطيب وعلى هذ ه العاطفة والروح الشفافة يارب اكيد اكيد انت رقيقة وناعمة وحلوة احلى من العسل وشوية احلى والا من اين كل هذا الكلام الجميل الى تكتبه اناملك الناعمة والحلوة يابلبل الموقع اى موقع ادخلة واشوف اسمكك واسم الغالية نوال وباقى الصديقات يملا قلبي الفرح يارب يفرحك ويبعد عنك العين غاليتى استمرى باعطاء المعلومات عن حبيبي سونك اللة يخليك وكونى لنا مثل اخبار اخر ساعة او مثل جاء خبر عاجل لنعرف اى شى عن حبيبي سونك وتبقين لنا شمعةةة منورة وكفايا نوركك عليا اللة يحفظك مع السلامة

  774. 774 : sun Says:

    hello….my love song …you are the one and only korean actor i like best you are amazing i watch KOTW in on line its very nice i love it so i love you that very good to any person have ideal and have dream that give him apower to exist in live so i become very prosper and collected when isee y… your picture hn my heart and in front my eyes all days .. really i envy my selfe that charismatic man i love him ….really i love i love i love song ……….. 10000 kiss between your eyes……………………………….

  775. 775 : shiva Says:

    wow what’s going on here looks like I missed the big fight. I agree
    everybody is entitle to their opinion, after all this is a place where
    everyone can express their ideas or thoughts about this drama. I agree
    they are lots of people here who are fan of SIG including myself, and
    they get over reacted. you are just losing yo energy on some stuff that
    is not worth it. but by fighting we are getting no where. and please don’t
    think I’m taking anybody’s side in here. To people who are fan of this
    drama and SIG we all know how great he acts, how wonderful this
    drama is please think about your blood pressure. 🙂

  776. 776 : shiva Says:

    forgot to say this I agree with you selva Sig is playing more stronger in this drama. but the only concern is I think the storyline in Jumong was stronger than KOTW I think that is why the ratings are low. another concern is we have to wait every week for the episode preview until one day before it airs. but in jumong it was at the end of the each episode. preview is another element that makes the drama more intersting. if you think about it what’s the first thing you say when you watch the preview. for me ohh can’t wait, I’m so excited. well that is what I think the reaction of viewers is going to be. the other thing is we can’t compare all the writers or directors to be equal and expect what we see in previous drama, is going to be same or stronger. if anyone else was playing SIG’s charecter in this drama I wouldn’t have watched it. SIG is the main reason. he makes everything believable. one more thing reading Daemusin’s story he achieved so much in his life. he killed daeso and conquered and conquest many places. it will be interesting to see how they going to fit all this including marriage with Yeon in 12 episodes, unless they change the stroy lets wait and see mmmmm 🙂

  777. 777 : selva Says:

    hello shivah… did you get the message at soompi 😀

    I agree w/ you about the preview thing… I also think it’s a big mistake they don’t show the preview of the next episode in the end of Thursdays’ episodes… lol when I read dramaok’s translation of the preview I was literally screaming 😀 imagine what would have happened if they showed that preview in episode 24?!?!?!?!
    I’m so happy that Muhyul is going to ignore Yiji in their wedding night hehehehe…

    (OMG do you think Muhyul and Yeon are really going to be together that night and baby Hodong will be on the way LOL can’t wait for that!!!)
    I’m really feeling very sorry for Muhyul and Yeon gahhhh it’s so frustrating 🙁

    anyhow, just watched few episodes of Jumong awhile ago… brought back wonderful memories 😀 (I don’t think I would have loved Jumong that much if SIG wasn’t the main lead there 😉 he just lightens up the whole screen when he shows up.
    But about KOTW, lol I said before the main reason for me to watch it was SIG, but now I would even watch it if SIG wasn’t in there (JJY as Yuri would have been enough for me 😀 he’s just so amazing)… I really love this drama so much…

    get ready, LOL the preview will be out tomorrow 😀

  778. 778 : joey Says:

    good morning to all!

    you are mint0017 and i am 007 james bond! bang! bang! bang! bang!

  779. 779 : ashley Says:

    to lerance or what ever,,

    do you have any honor or respect commitment’s to god, to your family, to your colleagues, or to your friends!? hmmmm…do this first before you comment’s..something wrong with you doggy! your figure change quickly!! do you have many faces…

  780. 780 : abi Says:

    see…@jumonger’s you look like a doggy!(dog) baw wow wow! they will make you idiot!

  781. 781 : ashley Says:

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    until here have nothing to say for, i know that nobody will spend their times just for you b’coz we don’t want to level ourselve’s to someone who is within our level. that’s all…goodbye to you doggy!!!!!!!

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    oh come on doggy! wag ka masyadong mag over react lalo lang namin nahahalta na ikaw ang salarin! sobra ka nang nasasaktan kya ka nag oover react! hindi mo talaga naintindihan ang mga meaning ng isinulat ko..hindi mo ba nahalata kung bkit ko pinaghiwalay ang lerance at jumonger’s sa commnt ko? kc alam kong ikaw ang magrereact(pasimuno) para protektahan(kuno)ang sarili mo! pro khit protekthan mo pa sarili mo alam nming lahat dito c jumongers at ikaw ay iisa(madami kpang ginamit na name) nagpatibong lang ako ng konti kumagat ka na! at di mo rin ba nahalata na parho ko kaung tinawag DOGGY kc nga alam namin na iisa lang kau ni jumongers!! na get mo DOGGY!? wag ka na ulit gagamit ng ibang pangalan katulad ng mint0017 totpu jumongrs etc. kaya ng cnabi nung una rumispeto ka muna kay god sa magulang mo kaibgan mo kahit sa sarili mo bago ka magsalita ng kung ano ano!!! wala na akong iba pang ssabhin sayo at siguro wala na rin magcocoment ang mga taga dito sayo kc bababa lang ang level namin kapag pinatulan ka yun lang doggy! paalam sayo doggggggy!!!!!!!!!!!tatawa lang ako hahahahahahhaahhahahaaah!!!!

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    Artistic ,classy !
    that’s my opinion ’bout KOTW ,so….enjoy the film 😉 everybody !!hv a great day !

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    gahhhh this is so frustrating… I’m getting teary-eyed just by looking at the preview 🙁
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    I will give you a little bit of satisfaction that you want, i don’t have much of free time like you, though i am off today but i still have a lot of chrismtas shopping to do.

    Oh wait, the ratings went down, i wonder why? maybe karma? and the drama is suffering because of your irrational comment? oh poor kotw

    ashley, what is your standing with this arguments? what is your reason? when you have the answer just let me know.

    before i will forget loranc, fighting and goodluck dealing with these people

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  824. 824 : selva Says:

    a big mwah to dramaok from soompi for the summary of Ep.23:

    Episode 23:

    Muhyul meets with Dojin who has just returned from Buyeo, and Muhyul asks him to help find Yeon, because he is the only one he can trust with the task, but Dojin in an angry voice asks Muhyul what he can do for Yeon when it is obvious that Yeon will only be met with more danger and hardship if she were by Muhyul’s side, and Muhyul is speechless, and Dojin then warns Muhyul to be alert before his enemies who are increasing in number by his side, instead of spending his days wondering about Yeon. Dojin leaves, and Muhyul returns to the palace and ponders on these thoughts, when Maro comes to him. Muhyul confides he thought a war would change things but in reality nothing has changed despite they fought w/ their lives, and Maro says he will do everything he can to find Yeon for him, while the prince focuses on winning the king and the ppl’s trust. Then that night, King Yuri sends a messenger in secret to escort the Biryu sangga and the king drinks with the sangga to ask for his assistance in uniting the royal family and the Biryu tribe as one in harmoney, and Sangga agrees but wagers a condition. Next day, Goeyu and Hye-Ap find out from Maro and Muhyul that Dojin is actually a former assassin like Muhyul and the two are alarmed, but Maro and Muhyul assure them Dojin can be trusted. Afterwards Maro talks to Muhyul alone and says even though he wants to trust Dojin he fears Dojin may be a spy sent by King Daeso, but Muhyul says if Dojin really is a spy of Daeso, they would be dead by now, and Muhyul tells Maro to accept and trust Dojin like he did to them when they first went to Buyeo as Goguryeo captives.

    Next, the king calls for a meeting and announces their nation will be engaging in many wars of conquest soon, and before doing so he will steadfast the monarchy first, and in one month time, he will install the crown prince, and when the new crown prince is installed, the prince shall also marry a woman of Biryu during the crowning. Both Muhyul and Yeojin are heavy-hearted by the announcement, and afterwards Hye-Ap talks to Muhyul alone and says it’s time he let Yeon go from his heart, because Muhyul must embrace the nation in his heart instead, as he and Yeon’s fate’s already crossed. Muhyul replies in the world that he dreamed of, Yeon was always present, and he thought it was okay to keep that ambition if he is willing to fight w/ his life for his nation, but Hye-Ap says for Yeon’s sake, Muhyul must give her up, or else Yeon would live a life of pain and sorrow like she did, for loving a prince is the most painful thing in the world. At this Muhyul looks away as his heart is torn into pieces, and Muhyul then goes out on a horse alone, riding to the open fields with his suffocating heart. Meanwhile, Anseung and Lady Miyu are already celebrating Yeojin being a crown prince, but Yeojin is angered by it. Baegeuk goes to see Sangga and is upset over Sangga joining hands with the king w/out the tribe’s acknowledgement, but Sangga doesn’t care and says he will focus on selecting the crown princess himself.

    In the palace, King Yuri calls both prince, and tells them one of them will be the crown prince, and a crown prince is someone who will soon be the father of all the citizens of their nation, and King Yuri gives both the task of doing something for the people’s lifelines, and afterwards, Lady Miyu tells her brother to gather their tacticians to plan a program that will prove Yeojin as the rightful heir to the throne. Meanwhile, Muhyul goes around town and sees the poverty and starvation among the commoners, and even helps a hungry child by giving his family money, but when he is overwelmed by more ppl wanting his help, Mahwang comes by to escort him away. Afterwards Mahwang says the ppl are starving because prices are high in war time, while jobs are rare, and Muhyul decides to provide jobs and food by gearing up their nations infrastructure. Dojin and Baegeuk meet to plot their next move, and Dojin says no matter what they have to stop Muhyul from becoming the crown prince, even if it’s their last draw. Dojin then brings Baegeuk and Myeongjin to see the assassins that came from Daeso, and Dojin says the men will die for Baegeuk.

    Meanwhile, in Buyeo Yeon tries to visit her father’s grave, when Maenggwang discovers her and trails her. Maenggwang tells Yeon Sagu has sent for her, and Sagu then brings Yeon to see King Daeso, saying Yeon has been in Buyeo under Dojin’s care. Daeso is confused by it and wonders why it has been kept a secret from him. Sagu says Dojin has been in love with Yeon in secret for a long time, and Daeso finally meets with Yeon, who steps out from behind the curtains with tears in her eyes, and Daeso asks her why she refused to return to Buyeo when he called for her. Yeon replies she held a grudge against the king due to her father’s death, but she was trying to forget it, because it was her father’s last wish for her to forget any grudge against the king. Daeso is sadden by this and says after losing Taknok he realized too late how much he needs Taknok, and Daeso says he wishes to reinstate Yeon’s status in order to pay for his guilt. Yeon says that is not what she wants, and asks Daeso to send her to Goguryeo so she can live a normal life as a normal woman. Daeso says he couldn’t’ believe it when he heard about her and Muhyul’s relationship, and Daeso then says everything’s in the past now, and now she will be a princess who will live in Buyeo palace. Yeon tries to complain but Daeso says not to go against him anymore, and Yeon is to forget everything that’s happened and start her new life in Buyeo palace whether she likes it or not..

    Back in Goguryeo, Muhyul continues to work on the task given to him by the king, and Maro tells Hye-Ap Muhyul’s been studying in his library for 4 days w/out rest to devise his plan. Hye-Ap smiles and wonders what Muhyul has prepared for the people. Lady Miyu tries to convince the king that Yeojin is the only one who is qualified to be crown prince, since Muhyul grew up outside the palace but Princess Seryu interrupts as she comes and says by choosing Muhyul the people will be at ease. Miyu scoffs and says if Muhyul becomes crown prince the people will only be scared of the curse, and Seryu tries to argue more that the curse is already proven wrong but Yuri gets impatient and tells both women to leave his chamber, and he won’t forgive anyone who tries to stir up trouble among the royal family. Muhyul finally comes out from his studies and Hye-Ap and Maro ask if he really found the solution. Muhyul hands something to Hye-Ap to bring to the king, and as they head toward the king’s chamber they cross path with Miyu and Yeojin, who are also heading towards the king’s to announce their plan, and Miyu glares at Muhyul while Yeojin looks down, distraught and depressed. Next Yuri looks over the plans, and Yuri tells Muhyul he agrees w/ his plan but they lack the roads needed, and Muhyul replies he plans to build roads that connect the north and the south and the Amnok river, with Guknae fortress as the center of Goguryeo, but Miyu comments they will need the people as slaves to build roads and surely that will not be good for the people, and Muhyul states they will pay the workers, and Anseung is shocked and ridicules how in the world would they afford that, but Muhyul says the Biryu leaders will eat the cost, since they have the commerce rights in Guknae. Yuri looks perplexed and both Miyu and Anseung argue the Biryu is not even paying their grain tax on time why would they eat up more costs, and Yuri looks at Muhyul, who confidently replies the leaders will surely pay for it. Miyu argues more and says the leaders don’t even acknowledge Muhyul yet, but Yuri tells her to stop talking he will make the judgment himself.

    Yuri then says he will look at Yeojin’s plan and is startled to find nothing in Yeojin’s scroll. Miyu is startled too and asks Yeojin what happened, and Yeojin replies he tought and thought hard about the task but alast he came up with nothing, except the realization that he is not fit to be the crown prince, and Yeojin asks Yuri for forgiveness, while Miyu looks dismayed. Afterwards Anseung blames it on Yeojin’s maid Yeonhwa, saying she is causing confusing for the prince, and Miyu listens and punishes Yeonhwa by capturing her then throwing her outside the palace. Yeonhwa begs for forginvess asking the queen to allow her to stay in the palace even if she is never allowed to serve Prince Yeojin, but Miyu won’t listen and orders the men to drag Yeonhwa out. However Anseung says they should just kill Yeonhwa so Yeojin will never suffer confusing in her presence ever again.

    The Biryu tribe panics in anger over Muhyul’s plan but Sangga tells Baegeuk not to get invovlved, as he goes to see the king himself. Sangga asks Yuri to remember Haemyeong in choosing the right prince for crown prince, and Sangga says Muhyul is the same as Haemyeong and if Yuri chooses Muhyul then their nation will go into a crisis again like it is under Haemyeong, and Sangga urges Yuri to pick Yeojin who is not feared by the people. King Yuri asks Sangga if he is backing Yeojin because Yeojin is easier to manipulate but Sangga laughs and says the king should know better, and warns if the king chooses Muhyul then their nation will go into a state of unrest again. Thus Yuri thinks alone over night and next day, he summons Muhyul and leaves the palace alone together to talk by the Amnok river. Yuri says he came here in the past whenever he felt like a failure and hopeless. Yuri says the world always compared him to his father Jumong and saw him the weaker king, but now he wishes to prove to the world he is stronger than his father, and Muhyul asks what he needs to do, and Yuri reveals he plans to install Yeojin as the crown prince, not because he sees Muhyul as inferior, but because he is a king who is not strong enough to move forward w/out the strength of the council of tribes, and Yeojin is the one who can attract the power of the council. Muhyul says nothing, and Yuri asks him if he could help Yeojin realize the dreams Yuri has for their nation, and Muhyul replies yes. Yuri says Muhyul’s presence will add burden to Yeojin thus he will cast Muhyul away from the palace to battle with his life time after time, and Muhyul says even so he will follow it without grudge because he will do whatever it is that is better for their nation, and Yuri is driven to silent tears. That night Muhyul visits the shrine temple and asks the heavens to help him grow a strong heart with no regrets, or greed.

    Meanwhile back in the palace Anseung and Miyu wonder why the king met with Muhyul alone, and Hye-Ap’s group also wonders why, with Balso saying it must be because the king plans to name Muhyul the crown prince. However Muhyul comes and tells them to prepare for departure toward Jolbon. Hye-Ap asks why when the crowning is coming up soon, and Muhyul says Yeojin will be the crown prince, and he will from now on focus on helping Yeojin, and going to Jolbon is part of his plan to help Yeojin. Hye-Ap wants to say something but Muhyul says he’s already made up his mind and in his heart he already erased the thought of crown prince. Afterwards Goeyu, Balso and Maro complain to Hye-Ap about it, but Hye-Ap says they will help Yeojin if he needs help, and it doesn’t matter who is the crown prince as long as they help, and that is what Prince Muhyul is asking them to do. Meanwhile, Yeojin discovers Yeonhwa is missing and goes to ask his mother about it and Miyu yells at him for wasting his time looking for a maid, and Yeojin yells back asking where Yeonhwa is, and Miyu says she did it for Yeojin’s sake. Yeojin shouts more and says it is never for his sake, but for her own sake, and that is why everyone says he will never escape her control, and Yeojin makes it clear that if something wrong happens to Yeonhwa, she will never see him alive either, and Yeojin storms out.

    Dojin makes another journey to Buyeo and Daeso tells him he asked Shin nation to send an army delegation to Buyeo as Dojin suggested and Shin already agreed and Dojin says Shin nation realizes they need Buyeo as an allie, and Dojin says he will leave now to see the delegation with Sagu, but Daeso says to wait and calls Yeon out. Yeon and Dojin are surprised to see each other, and Daeso tells Dojin he should’ve told her sooner about liking Yeon, and Daeso says after Dojin finishes his mission he will marry Dojin and Yeon. The two talk afterwards, and Dojin says Yeon is where she belongs, and Yeon asks Dojin what exactly is Dojin’s mission and Yeon asks Dojin why he is betraying Muhyul, and Dojin says Muhyul is the one who tricked him first, and Dojin warns Yeon for as long as she doesn’t forget Muhyul, his hatred of Muhyul will grow stronger. In Goguryeo, Muhyul’s team learns of the Shin delegation headed for Buyeo, and Muhyul says the only reason Shin and Buyeo army are training together is to plot another war against Goguryeo, and Muhyul is determined to go stop them, despite Hye-Ap trying to take on the burden instead, and Muhyul and the team soon travel on fast horse toward Buyeo border where Dojin and Sagu are also headed, to welcome the Shin military delegation. Muhyul spots the Shin delegation first, and goes up to them to block them, and Muhyul starts to shoot off the men who are riding toward him. Then Hye-Ap and the trio begin their attack of the Shin delegation on foot. Amidst this, Dojin and Sagu arrive and Sagu tells Dojin to go in hiding while he spearheads their group to save the Shin delegation.

  825. 825 : selva Says:

    Episode 24:

    Muhyul’s group is surprised to see Sagu and his group of Buyeo army joining in the fight against Shin delegation, and Maro gets slashed badly when he tries to save Muhyul, who gets his sword knocked off by Sagu, and Muhyul is alarmed by Maro’s condition and heads his group toward Jolbon fortress where Maro can be treated. Fortunately Maro’s life is preserved because the wound did not puncture his vitals, and Maro even jokes to Muhyul he won’t get rid of him so easily and Muhyul is put to ease. Then Goeyu informs Muhyul about his findings about Jolbon fortress, and how the governor Gicheon, who is a Biryu man put in charge by Baegeuk, has been governing the fort with corruption pocketing the revenues into Biryu pockets. Meanwhile, Sagu and Dojin return to Daeoso to report about Muhyul killing off the Shin delegation. Daeso is angered by it, but Sagu says it is for the better because Muhyul dug his own grave and by making Shin an enemy he will be even less popular with Goguryeo. Dojin also says he will join hands with the council and destroy the Goguryeo imperial family. Daeso is assured by this, and orders Sagu to travel to Shin nation to inform them about the happenings. Dojin walks out and sees Yeon standing in the cold looking out somewhere in thought and Dojin watches but says nothing. Meanwhile, Muhyul and his group sneak into the Jolbon governor’s residence, and they put a sword to Gicheon’s throat, and Muhyul says he knows about what he’s done and they have proof, but he is willing to give Gicheon a chance to finally serve Goguryeo instead of the tribe of Biryu and Gicheon agrees. Then Muhyul says all he needs to do is to follow his plan and he will protect him.

    Back in Goguryeo, Anseung runs to Lady Miyu about the news that Yeojin is unconscious. Miyu rushes by his bedside and finds her son pale and the doctor is called to treat him but the doctor says he cannot guarantee Yeojin’s life. Miyu and Anseung are upset by it and threatens to kill the doctor if something happens to Yeojin. Miyu then tells Anseung not to let anyone else know about Yeojin’s suicide attempt, especially not the king. However Yeojin’s condition doesn’t improve and Anseung says they have to let the king know or else they can’t handle the blame later on, and King Yuri is finally told about it. Yuri rushes to Yeojin’s bedside too, and demands to know what happened. Next, Yuri goes out and thinks alone when Seryu comes to console him. Yuri says’ he’s been too indifferent to Yeojin, and Yuri apologizes to Seryu and asks for forgiveness, that he’s an inept father who has brought pain to his childen, and Seryu in a warm voice tells her father not to think such thought. Just then Guchu comes w/ news that Prince Yeojin has awaken. Yeojin opens his eyes and sees Miyu weeping but Yeojin looks away before looking at her more, then when King Yuri comes in Yeojin pulls himself up to sit as he tears up. Yeojin says he has something to say to the king and the king clears the room to speak to Yeojin alone. When they are alone, Yeojin asks Yuri for forgiveness, and Yuri says he understands his heart, because he lived for a long time not knowing he is the son of Jumong, and he never imagined he would be king so he knows how scary and daunting it must be for Yeojin to think that one day he may be king. Yeojin is tearful and says he tried even if he was pretending to be strong but even if he fools everyone he couldn’t fool himself, and he is afraid to disappoint the king, and live a life of failure to handle the responsibilities cast on him, and Yeojin says he is not fit for crown prince or king. Yuri tries to console him but Yeojin looks away and cries quietly.

    Muhyul and his group returns at the summoning of King Yuri, who is holding another meeting with all the subjects and royal members. There infront of everyone including Dojin, King Yuri announces he will make Muhyul the crown prince, and in one months time Muhyul will be crowned and married to a Biryu woman. The tribe leads disagree and demand to meet with Yuri to argue about it but Muhyul goes to see Yuri first, and Muhyul asks Yuri why he’s throwing him into confusion yet again and Guchu says Yeojin tried to commit suicide to escape the unbearable responbility. Muhyul is surprised by it, but Yuri says that is not the only reason why he made Muhyul crown prince. Muhyul argues the king should insist on Yeojin instead and he will help Yeojin but Yuri says the matter is already impossible to change. Muhyul says the people are still afraid of him, and Yuri replies then Muhyul needs to win them over and to prove to them the heavens never forsake him, but instead the heavens have chosen him as the one. Muhyul goes out and Dojin is waiting there for him congratulating him. Muhyul says the tribes are still against him, and Dojin replies that is something that Muhyul already expects. Muhyul asks Dojin to help him, but Dojin replies their paths are different, and now Muhyul should forget Yeon since he will soon marry a woman of Biryu tribe, and that is for the better for Muhyul and for Yeon.

    Yeojin tries to console Lady Miyu but Miyu says life under Muhyul is not living at all and she won’t allow that to happen, no matter what, and she will surely find a way to cast Muhyul away from the throne. Dojin checks in with Baegeuk and Dojin says since Sangga is not going against Yuri the other tribe leads are reluctant to speak up, and Baegeuk says Sangga is a foolish old man, and asks Dojin what other options are left for them. Dojin says the only way is to get rid of the imperial family, and Dojin says they should raise their private army outside of Guknae fortress and when the time comes he will call for them to come and attack the monarchy and its members. Sangga moves forward with selecting the woman who shall be crown princess, and Myeongjin brings in a few women who are all from noble families w/in the tribe and Sangga finds the woman named Yiji more alluring then the others and dismisses the other ones to speak to Yiji alone. When Sangga asks Yiji why she wants to be crown princess, Yiji replies for the sole purpose of becoming the queen, and Sangga is satisfied by her ambitious and clear answer, and orders Myeongjin to prepare Yiji to be crown princess. Yiji goes out and is given a maid to serve her, and Myeongjin says they will grant everything Yiji asks and Yiji is shown her chamber. She crosses path with Dojin and Yiji is angry that Dojin did not acknowledge her and she is about to slap Dojin when Dojin grabs her hand to stop her. The maid tells Dojin Lady Yiji is about to become crown princess, and Dojin finally gives her a slight bow, and Yiji warns her if he forgets to pay respect to her from now on she will not forgive him.

    Muhyul’s group celebrates together and Muhyul tells them becoming crown prince means they’ve gained more enemies and Muhyul asks his followers to help him prove to King Yuri that he didn’t make a mistake by selecting him, and Muhyul also asks them to help him deal with the council in the future. Hye-Ap smiles and states now she finally feels her burden lifted a little, and how she wishes Prince Haemyeong could see this day. Afterwards, Muhyul goes out to the balcony and thinks about his past with Yeon from the time he met her til their parture and Muhyul sighs. Meanwhile Dojin brings Baegeuk to the training camp where the assassins are practing their fight. Dojin goes up to the men and orders them to use real swords to practice from now on, instead of wooden ones, and Baegeuk smiles at Dojin’s determination. Back in the palace, Muhyul calls Yeojin out and takes him to see Yeonhwa. Yeojin is tearful and thanks Muhyul for it, and Muhyul tells him to watch over Yeonhwa carefully so that the queen doesn’t go after Yeonhwa again. Muhyul leaves with Balso and Maro and Muhyul tells the two to help Yeojin if he needs help, and Balso wonders what the crown princess-to-be looks like, and Muhyul walks away saying nothing, and Maro scolds Balso.

    King Yuri gives Muhyul absolute power to carry out the plan Muhyul devised to bring their nation out of economic trouble, and Yuri tells Muhyul to go and prove to everyone he is the rightful heir to throne. Thus Muhyul first meets w/ Sangga and asks him to embrace him as crown prince if he lives up to what they had hoped from Yeojin, and next Muhyul summons a meeting w/ the tribal council and Baegeuk is thoroughly annoyed by it since Muhyul hasn’t even been crowned yet. Then during the meeting Muhyul tells the council to pay for the building of the new infrastructure and Baegeuk is furious by it saying they already paid for the war they won’t pay more, but Muhyul warns him there are leaders among them that have already agreed to work w/ him, and they will benefit greatly from their investment since they will outdo those against him who won’t have access to the new roads. So Muhyul successfully pushes his plan through and Mahwang overseas the workers building the new roads, and Muhyul checks in with him, and tells him the council will pay for the costs so Mahwang should just let it be known if they lack anything. Muhyul asks about the people and Mahwang says the workers are happy because they have jobs and they have food now and Guknae fortress is alive again. Muhyul is about to walk off but Gongchan shows him the wooden sculpture Muhyul made, saying it was found in the herbal shed, and Muhyul looks at it but walks away saying nothing, and Mahwang gives Gongchan dirty looks, but Maro grabs the sculpture as he walks off.

    Baegeuk goes home and expresses his anger over the happenings and Dojin tells him to calm down or else they will both die. Dojin says soon they will be ready and until then they need to hold still. Just then Miyu and Anseung come to sound off their complains and ask Baegeuk to kill Muhyul, but Baegeuk bears in mind Dojin’s urging and Baegeuk tells the visitors there’s nothing he can do right now especially since Muhyul is about to be crown prince. Miyu becomes wrathful at the rejection and warns him she will not forget this as she storms out, but Dojin tells Baegeuk he did well. In the palace, Seryu comes to see Muhyul and urges him to go and meet the woman Sangga chose for him, but Muhyul says nothing. Seryu then goes to prepare the maids for the crowning, when she sees Goeyu watching. Goeyu is about to run off when he realizes he’s been noticed, but Seryu calls him instead and tells him to come visit her tonight because she has a lot to say to him. Goeyu is stunned by this and torments over whether to go or not with Balso and Maro, and Balso says this may be the chance for Goeyu to become the king’s son-in-law. Maro tries to pull a straight face and says it’s just nothing but Maro gives him a strange look which gets Goeyu even more ruffled.

    Finally night time comes, and Goeyu shows up in Seryu’s chamber, and Seryu welcomes him and pours wine for him. He contiues to drink and she continues to pour for him. Then next morning, Goeyu sneaks out holding his leg which is sore and fixes his hair which is messy, but Maro and Balso are already waiting for him, and rush to shout congratulations to Goeyu, who is flustered by all this. Meanwhile, Muhyul arrives in Sangga’s to say everything’s going as planned thx to Sangga, and Sannga calls in Yiji to introduce to Muhyul. Yiji greets him and announces her name as she looks straight into his eyes, but Muhyul appears burdened by it. Then when Muhyul goes out he runs into Dojin, and the two talk alone. Muhyul urges Dojin to work together with him, but Dojin says he already promised to live his life as Baegeuk’s shadow, however Muhyul replies that won’t last forever and if they keep this up one day he may have to point his sword at him, and Dojin says to go ahead, as he will do so as well. Muhyul then goes to see Yuri, and Yuri is surprised that Muhyul wants to send invitation to Buyeo, but Muhyul says they cut their ties after the war, but they need to mend their communication with both Buyeo and Shin to show them their power, and Yuri agrees. Daeso laughs when the invitation arrives and the head minister says there’s no need for them to attend the crowning event since they’re about to fight them again but Daeso disagrees and orders his subjects to prepare an envoy.

    The crowning and wedding day approaches and envoys of various nations arrive to congratulate Muhyul and Yuri, and Muhyul is told the Buyeo envoy has arrived as well and Muhyul goes out to greet Sagu, and Sagu greets him back then steps aside to reveal Yeon has arrived as well, and Muhyul is astounded as Yeon watches him with despair.

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    really i’m so sad …very very sad, the level of the comments become lower and lower, this page i for commenting KOTW and showing our love and respect for our idol SIG…its not for insulting and the degradation of eatch other…i’m so upset that all most of the ladies here lost their degnety with this kind of comments …SIG don’t deserve this kind of behavior…its rediculos to faight about witch drama is better ” JUMONG” or ” KOTW” very rediculos, BOTH OF THEM IS THE PRECIOUS CHILD OF THE LOVELY SIG …both of them is the fruit of a very hard work of our SIG …both of them is fantastic and different for more fame and good reputation for one person that every one here adore and cherich a lot, SIG….SO LADIES be more kind for eatchother and try to make this page a space of love and good attention…the difference of opinion is not a crime but how to express it is…we are a women and we must be more sensetive….please , please no more bad comments and no more harsh words its very shamful…


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    I’m falling in love w/ this drama more and more… it just moves me so much 🙁 Episode 25 has to be the best episode so far… to think that Muhyul, despite all the pressure and burdens on his shoulder, he stayed away from Yiji.. he kept himself for yeon… it may sounds cheesy, but OMG so romantic 😀 they will stay together in that secret hut, away from all of the bad evils, the enemies, despair and agony… finally they will live that moment together…

    so in that night, Yeon will conceive Hodong… well, I can totally understand why Yiji would hate Yeon that much… I mean her husband didn’t even touch her, and he brings another girl to the palace who’s carrying his baby… but I won’t feel sorry for Yiji… she’s such a Biryu’s b**** LOL.

    I wonder what will when the jerks Baeguk and Dojin start the rebellion 🙁 I’m afraid Yuri is going to die or something… and OMG yeojin, he heard them talking about the rebellion… I’m afraid something bad is going to happen to him 🙁

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    you have the right to defend him, but don’t have the right to do it in this shameful manner.

    really, I’m so sad that there are SIGers with this level. you’re humiliating such a respectful man as Song Il Gook by what you’re doing.

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    S said b*t*h to yiji because that’s what she sees on her. yiji has done nothing to her but just doing her role. JUST like when i used the word “idiots” because i read the responsed and the reactions idiotic.

    You have no right to say to those readers/viewers not to come here just because they don’t like the drama or they don’t agree or feel the same way as you feel about the kotw, they absolutely have the right to make a reasonable comment on how they feel about kotw BUT they don’t have the right (as what SASHA said) to trash this thread. If you don’t like others to come here who doesn’t have the same opinion as you do about the drama or if they don’t like the drama, then you should privitize this thread.

    I said “nothing personal” because i did NOT “judge”? people here base on their race, age, culture, gender, color of their skin or their status in life, it’s all base on the comments.

    i felt like some of you here are starting to be that guy on the drama when he was living on the caves, acting stupid when he saw the yeon and did not think about the prince. this is 21st century, and i don’t think you are a member of a gang either.

    well, you should be happy now because i will stop being stupid now by responding some of your comment. i guess i just want some of you here to realize how you are behaving.

  882. 882 : ryan Says:

    we love you fafa sig! i love siger’s! muuuuuuuuuuuaaahhhhh…… happy trip selva

  883. 883 : rose Says:

    i enjoy to watch kotw..fantastic!

  884. 884 : vivian Says:

    respect to god is the reason why…. selva.yara siger’s great! well done…

  885. 885 : tsikoy Says:

    i like selva beter than kotw, coz only selva wrote summary posting a preview so i can undestand the drama,shes great.

  886. 886 : lorie Says:

    yes…selva is GREAT!

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    ms.selva is one of my reason stop playing to doggy…

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    i agree to tsikoy..live long honorable selva!

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    selva is not the moderator in this site.. and we have no reason to trash this beautiful site we love and we support this site forever! again..dont used the other’s name…

  890. 890 : hope Says:

    I watched eps 25 and the blood was boiling n my veins …gosh lijon is not a woman, but a viper …when she passed the “wedding night” aloone i petied her a little but when i remember that she just want to be the queen i say ” well done for her” she has a tongue of viper i think that she can poison any one just by talking with him…OMG why Muhuyl must pass his life with this viper whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…. ” i will wait for u someday u will sleep by my side…” hwo can Muhuyl beleive her …he will sleep with a viper!!!!

  891. 891 : tsikoy Says:

    hello: all sigers fan, sigs is great awesome i like his drama coz with action not boring,but i miss selva summary and preview. i cant wait next epi where are u naaaaaaaaa.

  892. 892 : hope Says:

    Muhyul was awsome when he discover that Yeon was one of Buyo’s envoyes for his weeding ceremony WOWWWWWWWW when he stares to her when he fellow her and just keep watching from a farway….when Heape request that HE MUST forget her what he said ” i can’t ,i missed her alot but when i saw her i felt my heart EXPLOSED”….ohhhhhhhhhh gosh beleive me or not i passed all this day thinking about hwo Muhuyl and Yeon was great together …life has really an ugly side very ugly……SIG I **A LOT BABY…

  893. 893 : yara Says:

    hi SIGers…

    to hope…

    I watched episode 25 and I’ll watch episode 26 (if the subbing is finished) .
    wow, things are really interesting now…

    I liked that scene too, when Muhyul talked about his heart being exploding (such touching words). and his expression!!
    God I love this man

    I also liked the scene when Yeon was searching for the little statue which Muhyul had made for her. Muhyul was standing behind with the statue in his hands and said “are you searching for this”.
    OMG his voice was so… (I don’t know how to describe it: warm, loving, passionate, sad….) I don’t know, a mixture of too many emotions.

    I can’t wait to watch the kissing scene: Hooray, we finally get to watch some real passion.

    take care everyone

  894. 894 : Shiva Says:

    Hi to all Sigers and KOTW fans, here is the episode summary for EP25 by our lovely Dramaok. I know everybody misses Selva. well I thought I giver her a hand until she comes back. lets surprise her with your lovely comments and hopefully by then KOTW is on top of the chart. Aja Aja

    Episode 25:

    Yeon is part of the congratulatory envoy sent to Goguryeo by King Daeso, and Muhyul is shocked and speechless to see her like this. King Yuri is also shocked to find out Yeon is a princess of Buyeo, the daughter of the late Taknok, but Yuri welcomes her and orders for his subjects to treat the visitors graciously. After Yeon leaves, Yuri asks Hye-Ap what happened and Hye-Ap apologizes. Then Yuri tells Hye-Ap to find out more about why Yeon is here, since Daeso must have a reason for doing so. Outside, Muhyul watches from a distance as the Buyeo team moves about and Muhyul’s heart is about to explode, but Hye-Ap catches up to him and reminds him not to be wavered and to think about what is really best for Yeon. Muhyul is dismayed but Hye-Ap says Daeso sent Yeon to cause Muhyul confusion, and it is a trap that Daeso set up for Muhyul to fall into, thus Muhyul must cast away all his emotions for Yeon, and that is what will set Yeon free as well.

    Afterwards Hye-Ap instructs Balso and Maro to watch the prince closely and not to allow him to see anyone and Goeyu also says it is an important for the prince, and they can’t let the council find any weakness in him to use against him later on. Balso asks Maro if they really need to spy on Muhyul and Maro replies it is what’s best for the prince, but Maro is heavy hearted, while Balso realizes Maenggwang is guarding Yeon and wonders if he and Maro can go have a drink instead. Yeon tells Sagu there’s no need to spy on her but Sagu says he’s doing it for her protection, however Yeon in a firm voice states she’s here to set a merit in order to undo her father’s grudge and Sagu says he will look forward to it then. Sagu leaves and goes to see Baegeuk and Dojin to deliver a message from Daeso, and Dojin states Daeso has promised to send the black shadow assassins to them to assist in their rebellion.

    Anseung meets with Lady Miyu to inform her about Yeon’s identity and Miyu grins and says it’s their opportunity to topple the crowning and orders Anseung to go kill Yeon and cause panic. Sangga meets with Yiji one last time before the wedding tomorrow and Sangga says the crown princesses of Goguryeo before her never made it Queenship, because Dojeol’s crown princess died with him, and Haemyeong’s crown princess died during the civil rebellion, and Sangga says it means he cannot guarantee Yiji will make it to queenship either, and Yiji says she won’t forget where her roots are. Then Dojin brings Yiji into the palace and Dojin informs Muhyul the task of guarding Yiji will be headed by the Biryu tribe until the wedding is done. Muhyul tells Yiji to let it be known should she need something and sends her to her place of stay. But Yiji decides to go visit Lady Miyu first, and Miyu is reluctant to see her at first but Anseung reminds her the eyes of everyone are watching and Miyu agrees, but during the meeting, Miyu says too bad Yiji is so beautiful, yet Muhyul’s heart already belongs to Yeon, the princess of enemy nation, and Yiji is alarmed, but Miyu pretends to console her by saying no matter all men stray at times but in time he will return to her, and Yiji also puts up a brave face and smiles. Then when Yiji leaves she crosses path with the Buyeo envoy including Yeon, and Yiji glares at Yeon who is walking by.

    Balso tells Maro about Yeon leaving the palace to visit Mahwang and Maro realizes it’s an opportunity for Muhyul to bid farewell to Yeon and Maro mobilizes to seek help from Mahwang, while Balso is scared about it. Then when Dojin tries to see Yeon, Sagu stops him and reminds him ppl are watching, and that Yeon is not here anyway she went to see Mahwang, and Dojin is weary. At Mahwang’s, Yeojin arrives to give Yeonhwa a present of hairpin which he made himself by spending 2 days in the shop and getting his hand all bruised up, but Mahwang is upset that Yeojin is breaking his promise to come here often, and shoots him away saying if he keeps this up sooner or later the queen will kill him for keeping Yeonhwa here. Next, Yeon arrives to see Mahwang and Mahwang is bouncing with joy but Gongchan reminds him Yeon is no longer just Yeon, but a princess, but Yeon smiles at him grandly and presents him gifts for him for taking care of her in the past and Mahwang says she didn’t have to but laughs in excitement.

    Back in the palace, Maro seizes an opportunity to be alone with Muhyul, and Muhyul asks where Chubalso went. Maro replies he went to see Mahwang, who is trying to find a way for Muhyul to meet with Yeon. Muhyul is speechless, and Maro says there’s a condition before he can meet, which is to make this their last meeting, and Muhyul has to return by the given hour, and he still has to keep his wedding as planned. Muhyul is driven by anxious nervs as he heads toward the meeting alone, while Mahwang and Gongchan distract Maenggwang and the Buyeo guards with gifts and compliments. Balso watches nervously then sneaks Yeon away, but Anseung arrives to murder Yeon, but he is stopped by Dojin who is masked. Dojin finishes off Anseung’s guards, while Anseung runs away, and Dojin then goes to Maenggwang and alearts him assassins are around and they begin to look for Yeon together. Balso escorts Yeon to the medical shed at last, and Yeon starts to look for the sculpture she left behind, but Muhyul steps out holding it and asks her if that’s what she’s looking for. At this, Yeon turns away and weeps quietly, and Muhyul walks up to her and hugs her tightly as she weeps more. Then the two talk by the river.

    Yeon: My Prince, as you have returned to your rightful place after much pain, I too have returned to my rightful place. I am a Buyeo princess, while you are the crown prince of Goguryeo. Now, there exists no reasons for us to meet again like this and it is also not consented.
    Muhyul: In speaking so, do you think it will ease my heart?
    Yeon: — (tearful)
    Muhyul: Please resent me instead.
    Yeon: The reason our fate ended is not because of your fault. I am the one who chose you, my prince, and now I am erasing my ties with you on my own accord. My prince, please forget me as well.
    Muhyul: My lady.
    Yeon: I will carry with me to my death the affection and care you have thus given me… Please be well. (bows)

    Yeon fights back tears as she gives Muhyul her last smile but as soon as she turns to walk away her tears begin flowing to no end, while Muhyul is left daunted and speechless, and nearby Dojin watches the happening as well and appears heavy-hearted.

    At the palace. Yiji tries to go see Muhyul so they can pay respect to Yuri together but Yiji finds out Muhyul is absent and she then orders her maid not to alert the Sangga about it. The maid is puzzled by it but Yiji says she knows the maid is working for Sangga as a spy but from now on her master is her, not him. Then Princess Seryu comes by and tells Yiji to take good care of Muhyul and Yiji agrees. Next, Muhyul thinks alone over what’s happened, when Maro comes in w/ wedding robe and news that all the preparations for the crowning and for the wedding are finished. Thus Muhyul casts away his broken heart momentarily and dresses in the royal robe to attend his crowning and wedding.

    Muhyul is met by Yiji outside and the two are led to the shrine temple where Yuri and the oracle bless their union. Yuri first gives Muhyul a sword of crown prince, and hands Yiji an iron mirror that is passed down from generations of crown princess ahead of her, and Yuri tells Yiji it symbolizes the crown princess who is a mother to the citizens, who is given the task of looking over them and Yuri tells Yiji to keep good care of it. Then the oracle performs a ceremony of blessing and the newly wed march toward the palace courtyard where the guests await, with Yeon among them. As Muhyul passes by Yeon watches holding back tears, and when Muhyul stands on the podium with his new wife, ready to receive the toast from Yuri, Muhyul watches Yeon and Yiji watches Muhyul looking toward Yeon, and Yiji is burning with anguish.

    Then the wedding night, Yiji waits for Muhyul in the room, but Muhyul remains outside standing, while Yeon watches him froma distance. Dojin also arrives and watches the happening silently. Then finally Hye-Ap approaches Muhyul and reminds him Yiji is waiting for him, and Muhyul says he knows and he knows the Biryu tribe is watching him but he feels suffocated. Muhyul finally goes into Yiji’s room on the night of their wedding but Muhyul keeps away and apologizes to her. Yiji replies a crown princess can withstand such a wait, but Muhyul states he is not apologizing because he kept her waiting, but he’s apologizing because there’s no room for her in his heart, for there is already someone he loves. Muhyul then says he know it hurts her to hear this, but he thought it would be more hurtful if he kept it a secret and Muhyul is about to leave, but Yiji doesn’t take it as an insult and rather she says she already saw the woman he loves and she agrees she’s a beautiful woman who is plenty alluring to captivate the heart of a prince. Yiji then says, however, Muhyul cannot leave her tonight, because the world is watching and if the world must understand it as they spent the night together or else King Yuri and Sangga’s efforts, as well as Muhyul’s intentions would go in vain. Yiji continues, she will not ask Muhyul to love her immediately, nor will she ask him to forget the other woman, because she has time on her side, and she believes one day, Muhyul would come to her.

    Meanwhile, Yeon gets a visit from her old medicine maid, and Yeon passes a message to Maro without Muhyul knowning. Next, Yeon puts sleeping powder inside the drinks of her guards, and Yeon sneaks out. Then Sagu comes by he reprimends Maenggwang for allowing the visit by the maid, and orders Maenggwang to drag Yeon back, alive or dead. Then Dojin comes by and Sagu asks Dojin to help, and soon Dojin and Maeggwang are after Yeon’s trails. On the other side of the fortress, Maro is helping Yeon and the maid escape, and when they are surrounded by some guards Maro fights them off alone and sends Yeon and the maid to safety outside the gates of Guknae fortress. Yeon takes one last lingering look before leaving, and Maro tells her he won’t tell Muhyul about what happened.

    Muhyul continues to stay away from Yiji but Yiji is determined and promises Muhyul no matter how long it takes she believes time is on her side and one day she will find him sound asleep laying next to her, but Muhyul makes up his decision to start a war of conquest against Yangmaek and asks Yuri for permission. Yuri agrees, and Muhyul then asks the council for support and Sangga agrees to send soilders and supplies, and to everyone’s surprise Baegeuk also agrees. Later Myeongjin asks why and Baegeuk says he plans to seize the palace and he wants Muhyul to be absent away from the palace during the topple over.

    In Buyeo, King Daeso is furious that Yeon ran away and Daeso is getting impatient with Dojin’s pace of work and tells Sagu not to put everything in Dojin’s trust. Back in Goguryeo, Yiji visits Sangga and Sangga is appalled that Muhyul refuses to consumate his marriage with her, but Yiji says it is her job to earn the heart of crown prince, and Sangga urges her never to forget when a person is far his heart is far too. Yiji says if the crown prince is away she will go closer to him instead. Next, at the military camp outside of Guknae, Hye-Ap tells Muhyul in three days the council armies will arrive, and Muhyul says that is when they will leave for frontier, and Muhyul says he will stay here with the troops for now. Hye-Ap suggests he should go wait in the palace, because the place he belongs is the chamber of the crown princess, and Hye-Ap says Muhyul looks like he’s avoiding the crown princess, and at this Muhyul says it’s true he’s trying to forget Yeon by keeping himself busy with training instead. Muhyul states it doesn’t matter if Hye-Ap thinks he’s avoiding the crown princess but one thing for certain, when he is with the army he is thinking about their lives and focusing on their task only.

    Muhyul leaves the tent and goes out to watch Goeyu train the men, and Muhyul compliments Goeyu for a job well done, and Goeyu asks Muhyul to engage in a duel and Muhyul complies. Thus the two men start fighting each other, while Seryu watches on the sideline. Muhyul fights with all his heart as if putting all his torment into his fist, and Muhyul easily wins, but Maro watches with an aching heart. Maro then visists Muhyul who is drinking alone afterwards, and Maro asks Muhyul to go somewhere w/ him, but Muhyul says he wants to be alone, and Maro gets frustrated telling Muhyul to just say it if he is upset and to show it if he misses someone. Muhyul looks at Maro perplexed and next, Maro takes Muhyul to the distant straw hut where he meets Yeon again and both are speechless in shock, once again.

  895. 895 : Shiva Says:

    Summary BY Dramaok

    Episode 26:

    Maro leads Muhyul to a hut in the forest and Muhyul is reunited with Yeon. The two hold their breath as they see each other again, and soon Muhyul is saddened to see Yeon’s living condition and Muhyul says Yeon is better off going back to Buyeo as a princess. Yeon smiles to assure him, and Yeon asks why he thinks she is unfortunate, when his heart for her is still the same, in greatness and depth, thus she is not unfortunate. Muhyul is touched by it as he studies her, and Yeon continues to smile and states she is happy just to be under the same skies as him, and now Muhyul must return to his place as crown prince to complete his missions, and that is the road that is best for her. However Muhyul is frustrated and asks how he can leave abandoning her here, but Yeon says that is what he must do, and if Daeso finds her by his side the crisis between the nations will only increase, and Yeon urges him to go back. Muhyul sighs and Yeon looks away, and Muhyul is left not knowing what to say. Meanwhile, Yiji visits the military camp to see Muhyul, and Hye-Ap says she will escort the crown prince here soon. Yiji thx Hye-Ap for saving Muhyul in the past, and Yiji asks Hye-Ap how Muhyul’s been living, and Hye-Ap assures Yiji not to worry too much soon the crown prince will return to the palace after the war if finished. Then, Goeyu comes with news that Muhyul is not in the camp and according to soldiers he left with Maro. Yiji asks where they went and Goeyu replies he’s not sure, and Yiji gets furious and slaps Goeyu ,and Hye-Ap watches appalled. In the forest, night comes, and Yeon tells Muhyul to leave.

    Muhyul: I will do what you asked, but I will not give up on your, nor will I forget you. (grabs her hand)
    Yeon: —
    Muhyul: My lady, please trust me, and wait just a little longer. Your suffering increased as you were by my side, and I am fully aware that I will bring you even more pain in the future, yet I am asking you to stay by my side and I realize it’s shameful of me to ask you, but it won’t take long. After winning the next war and realizing my dream, I will bring you to my side, and when that time comes, no one will be able to stop me from my will.

    Yeon says nothing and weeps, and Muhyul draws her close to him, and Muhyul then touches Yeon’s face to wipe away her tears, and kisses her on the lips. Back in army camp, Yiji waits, as do Hye-Ap and her team, and Goeyu becomes worried and asks Balso if he heard anything from Maro. Balso says no, and Goeyu curses Maro. Then, next morning, Maro escorts Muhyul back toward the camp, and Maro says Muhyul looks like a different person from yesterday. Muhyul asks Maro to watch out for Yeon while he’s gone for battle and Maro assures him he will. Then, finally the two return, and the anxious team ask where they went, with Hye-Ap informing Muhyul about Yiji waiting for him all night here. Muhyul goes into the camp, and Balso and Goeyu interrogate Maro but Maro lies and says they went to see the Hanna chief over an urgent matter. Balso is suspicious and Goeyu is too but Maro runs off. Muhyul meets with Yiji and Yiji asks him if she could stay here w/ him for a few days to look after him at night, but Muhyul says no since it’s not a comfortable place for her, and Yiji then gives some clothes she made for him, and Muhyul says thanks. At this Yiji says she’s happy that she feels a little closer to him, and Yiji smiles and asks him to allow her to be even closer just by a little next time around.
    Yiji returns to the palace and runs into Seryu, who says Yiji is very thoughtful to look after Muhyul at the camp, and Yiji says it’s her duty. Seryu then invites Yiji to stop by her chamber if she is bored. After Yiji leaves, Seryu tells her maid to assign a maid to spy on Yiji’s activities since she is a Biryu woman, afterall. King Yuri visits Miyu and asks about Yeojin but Miyu just sighs, and Yuri asks Miyu to follow his will even if she doesn’t agree, and Yuri asks Miyu to help Muhyul become a powerful king who can protect Yeojin and her in the future. Miyu replies though Muhyul did not come from her he is her child as well and the king mustn’t worry. However, afterwards Miyu shows her wrath infront of her brother and blames Anseung for failing to kill Yeon a mere girl. Anseung says to wait longer then changes the subject and wonders why Muhyul is so eager to leave the crown princess right after the wedding and suggests he may still be after Yeon.

    Yiji paces back and forth after returning to her chamber and summons for Dojin. Meanwhile Dojin escort the various noble tribe chiefs to see Baegeuk’s secret army camp and there, Myeongjin tells the chieves they must be one with Baegeuk if not they will be killed right here and now. One of the chieves asks when the revolt will happen and Baegeuk replies the day Muhyul leaves for war is when they will attack and kill Yuri. When Dojin returns he is told about Yiji’s summon and Dojin visits Yiji who tells him to secretly find out where Muhyul went when she went to see him and he was absent from the camp. Yiji says a woman has instincts that men don’t and she can’t seem to shake her instinct and Dojin leaves, weary and angry. Dojin then sends a spy troop into Muhyul’s army camp to find out about it. In Muhyul’s camp, Muhyul begins to plan his strategy and announces they will attack via Heungnong and he already got their permission and they will get supplies for the war there, instead of having to drag the heavy loads through treacherous paths.

    In Buyeo, Daeso gets a message from Yangmaek asking for support, and the head minister says they should send troops to Yangmaek since it’s their allied nation, but Sagu says there’s no need Dojin will stop Muhyul before he even reaches Yangmaek. Back in Goguryeo army camp, Maro talks to Mahwang in private about Yeon, and in Biryu house, Sangga hears about Baegeuk’s planning a revolt. Sannga then calls his men to confirm about it. In Baegeuk’s secret camp, Dojin says the black shadow assassins will leave in 4 days to come, and Sangga’s men spy on the activites in secret camp. Next, Maro enlists Mahwang’s help to protect Yeon while Muhyul is away and Mahwang is taken to Yeon’s hut and Mahwang is worried about Yeon who sells medicines for a living and Mahwang says he will be responsible for her lifelihood. But Dojin’s spy sees the happening and goes back to report to Dojin about the whereabouts and Dojin tells the spy not to tell Baegeuk about it. Then Sagu comes to Goguryeo to meet Dojin saying Daeso sent him to check on things but Dojin tells him to go back and Sagu says if Dojin is hiding about Yeon again Daeso won’t sit idle about it. Chubalso who is trailing Dojin sees the meeting and runs back to report to Hye-Ap, who then informs Muhyul about it.

    Then when Dojin goes to Yeon’s secret hideout, he is instead met by Hye-Ap, Balso, Maro, and Goeyu, along w/ their group of soldiers and Dojin wants to fight them alone, but Maro asks Dojin if he really intends to bloody up Yeon’s place and Dojin throws his sword away instead to surrender. But when Dojin is taken to army camp and beaten and interrogated, he won’t confess about treason, and states Sagu merely came to persuade him to return to Buyeo, to which he said no. Goeyu asks why Sagu would come all the way just to get Dojin, but Dojin says it is rightfully so since Dojin is an offspring of the imperial family. Muhyul watches the happening from the sideline and is heavy-hearted.
    Meanwhile the spy troop sees Dojin captured and reports to Baegeuk, and Myeongjin is worried that Dojin may betray them but Baegeuk is sure that Dojin won’t.

    Muhyul tells Dojin now everything makes sense and asks Dojin if Baegeuk knows he’s a spy too, and Muhyul asks Dojin why he didn’t kill him when there were plenty of opportunities to do so, and Dojin, who is still hung and littered with bloody wounds, states it is because he is a fool that he didn’t kill Muhyul, and if he were smarter he wouldn’t have lost the opportunities just over some past memories. Muhyul calls Dojin by his name, but Dojin firmly states if the opportunity comes again he will surely kill him, and all those who are linked to Muhyul will all be killed in his hands as well. Muhyul askd Dojin to stop, and to join hands w/ him now and he will forgive him and protect him even if he risks everything. However, Dojin laughs chillingly, and Dojin asks Muhyul if he can give up Yeon. When Muhyul says nothing Dojin asks why he is speechless, and Dojin tells Muhyul until he came to their lives, Yeon’s heart was filled by Dojin, but at some point, Yeon began to embrace Muhyul in her heart instead, and slowly Dojin began to disappear from Yeon’s heart. Dojin says when Yeon told him she wanted to return to Goguryeo when she was confined in Buyeo, and when Yeon only talked about Muhyul, Dojin made up his mind to destroy Muhyul until he disappears from Yeon’s heart forever. Dojin asks Muhyul if he finally understand why they can’t be one. Dojin then asks Muhyul to go ahead and kill him, and if he doesn’t then he will die in his hands instead. Dojin screams asking Muhyul to kill him but Muhyul stares at Dojin traumatized.
    Then Muhyul returns to his tent and remembers his past with Dojin, and with Yeon together, and their innocent days that seem like a lifetime away.

    Yiji tries to go see Sangga only to see Sangga toppled by Baegeuk’s man, and Yiji tells her maid to act like they’ve never saw anything or even left the palace. Then, when Lady Miyu goes to see Baegeuk about the rumors of a revolt, Baegeuk assures her he is doing it for her and for Yeojin and Miyu succombs to the false promise, but Yeojin overhears the conversation and is traumatized by it, and Yeojin goes to tell Yeonhwa about it. Yeojin says he wants to tell Yuri right away but he fears the king will kill his mother, and Yeojin asks Yeonhwa what he’s supposed to do. Myeongjin asks Baegeuk if he really intends to make Yeojin a king, and Baegeuk says he will use him as a puppet king until the country settles then he will kill Yeojin when the time is ripe. Next, the chief guard tells Yuri he is unable to find Sangga because he is told he is ill, and Yuri tells Guchu to send doctor there. The chief guard then says something’s strange in Biryu house, and the Biryu tribe is gearing up in menpower and supplies. Guchu says that is not strange since they are facing war, but the chief guard says Baegeuk is not one who would give so much to their war. Yuri says he won’t forgive anyone who is not one in heart with them. Muhyul is told by Hye-Ap they can’t keep Dojin alive, and Muhyul is reluctant to give the order to kill. Hye-Ap says Baegeuk must be planning to revolt if he is working with Buyeo, and Muhyul says he will meet with the king first. Thus as Muhyul and his team head toward the palace, Goeyu gives his men instructions to keep a close eye on Dojin, but while they are gone, the spy soldier sneaks Dojin out of the camp and returns him to Baegeuk. Baegeuk asks Dojin if he’s alright and Dojin asks Baegeuk what happened to Sangga, and Baegeuk replies Sangga is being confined, but Dojin says he should’ve killed Sangga instead, and Dojin says there’s no time to waste they have to move right away with their plan, and Baegeuk mobilizes his army to march toward the Guknae palace to toppple it. THus, Baegeuk and Dojin lead their group toward the palace, while Muhyul arrives first and gets the news that Baegeuk is headed toward them with intention to revolt. Muhyul hurries and orders the soldiers to shut the gates and moblize the guards at once.

  896. 896 : Shiva Says:

    BY Dramaok

    Preview episode 27

    Yuri who is unware about Baegeuk’s revolt leaves the palace in order to visit Sangga who is ill in bed, however after rescuing Sangga who was confined by Baegeuk, King Yuri learns of the rebellion and becomes traumatized. Dojin and the gang of assassins catch up to Yuri and his group who are rushing to return to the palace, and Sangga loses his life after trying to block Dojin’s blade. Thus King Yuri is taken toward Baegeuk’s rebellion camp, and Baegeuk uses Yuri as a hostage to demand surrender from Muhyul. But ultimately Baegeuk is aiming for both Yuri and Muhyul’s lives, as the Guknae palace becomes completely seized by the rebellion army. Muhyul who is thrown into a difficult dilema tries to moblize the central army reserved for the war of conquest, but Baegeuk gains control over them as well, and Muhyul loses all military power with the exception of the royal guards. The situation looks gloom and Seryu goes to Muhyul and asks him to flee to Jolbon, and it is the duty of the crown prince to flee even at the risk of losing the king’s life in order to preserve the monarchy. However Muhyul declines Princess Seryu’s request and vows to save King Yuri, while the deadline set by Baegeuk nears. Riding under the darkness, Lady Miyu and Anseung draggingly takes Prince Yeojin and escape from the palace together, and Dojin threatens Mahwang in order to kidnap Yeon in her hiding place. The Crown Princess Yiji who knew beforehand about the rebellion now pleads for Muhyul’s forgivenss as she weeps, but her efforts go in vain. King Yuri who is captured inside the prison of the rebellion camp realizes his existence brings too great of a burden to Muhyul, and Yuri grabs the dagger he keeps hidden inside his armor and starts to end his own life…

    Enjoy 🙂

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    To Yara;
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    Korean kungfu more human or natural
    So ,who’s care ’bout the rating ?for me KOTW is great ,just watch n enjoy it !

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    Any drama that SIG plays is great, and the historical Kdramas are good in general, even better than Hollywood’s historical works. So you’re right dear, why on earth should we care about a trifle such as rating?! We are all enjoying KOTW.

    To hope…

    Oh honey, I’ve downloaded the KISSING scene and I just can’t stop watching it. This is so strange, I’m not even a romantic person, but with SIG everything is different and I can’t stop watching his tenderness.

    Did you notice when he held Yeon’s hand?? he was trembling with love, longing and passion. His eyes, his lips and every single expression on his face was just heart-melting.

    To peachy…

    My dear, you’re absolutely right about his voice. Although I don’t understand Korean, but his voice is so unique that it attracts you even if you don’t understand a word of what he says.

    He really knows how to use different tones in different situations.
    Angry, confident, sad, longing, happy….. etc : in each one of these situations, he uses a unique tone of voice.

    God I love that man, really and truly.

    And selva: we miss you sweetie pie, I hope you’re enjoying your trip.

    Take care everyone.

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    EP 27 preview

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  938. 938 : dddd Says:


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    oh my god what a tragic episode. 🙁 Sanga dies, yuri gets captured, then yeon, then yuri stabs himself, then he gets rescued by Muhyul then Ohhh yojin gets injured. this is the most saddest episode I watched so far and that’s not all tomorrow’s Episode is even more tragic. why life can’t get easier for Muhyul. the first person I want to kill right now is dojin love the scene between yeon and dojin when she was being taken by him she said this to him, Muhyul is my nation and my place of death is by his side. oh the rest of it was really sad. oh can’t bare to watch tomorrow’s episode. Why? 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

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    Episode 27 Summary: by Dramaok

    Baegeuk and the rebel army approach the Guknae palace, and Muhyul orders his men to hurry and shut the gates and mobilize the royal guards, and when Muhyul tries to see King Yuri, Guchu tells him the king left the palace to meet Sangga, and Muhyul rushes off in order to find the king before Baegeuk gets to him. Meanwhile, King Yuri arrives at Biryu household and Yuri is shocked to find Sangga is jailed. When Sangga is escorted out, Sangga appears beat and weak, as he tells the king he must return to the palace at once, since Baegeuk has joined hands with Buyeo to stir a revolt. Yuri is furious that Baegeuk would commit treason just to rebel and is about to turn towards the palace, when Dojin and the black shadow army arrive. The assassins with their poison and skills, easily kill off the king’s guards, and Yuri watches in horror as the chief of royal guards is slashed by Dojin. Yuri then joins in the fight, but he is even more horrified to watch Dojin slash Sangga to death as well. As Sangga dies in Yuri’s arms, Sangga apologizes for causing a life of torment for Yuri, but Yuri says he is the one who failed to embrace him. Sangga then remembers Prince Haemyeong and asks the king for forgiveness, as he breathes his last.

    Back in palace, Seryu asks Guchu about the king, and Balso who is with Guchu tells her Baegeuk is revolting but the king who is unaware went to see Sangga. Seryu is dismayed and Guchu says the crown prince went to find the king, thus she needn’t worry too much. However by the time Muhyul arrives, Sangga is already dead and the guard captain who is barely alive utters Yuri has been captured. Muhyul is about to run after the captured king but Hye-Ap and Maro stop him. Yuri is taken before Baegeuk and Baegeuk bows slightly to acknowledge him, but when Yuri shouts at him for committing such unforgiving crime Baegeuk scoffs and tells Yuri to shut up and watch what happens. Anseung watches the happening and afterwards tells Baegeuk they never agreed for Yuri’s capture but Baegeuk tells him he is merely using Yuri to force Muhyul to surrender and Anseung returns to the palce to tell Lady Miyu about all this, and Miyu is second guessing her decision but Anseung reminds her it’s too late to back out now and she should do this for Yeojin. Maro returns to the palace as well and informs Guchu and Seryu about the king’s capture, and Yiji is also shocked to learn about the events and tries to go see Muhyul but Muhyul is rushing off somewhere instead.

    In Baegeuk’s camp, Dojin says before they seize the palace, they have to first control the central army or else their loss will be grave too, and Dojin says he will go into the palace first and make Muhyul open the gates and surrender. In the streets of Guknae fortress, the rebels are disguised as commoners and panic sets in everywhere and Hye-Ap watches as Balso states they can’t tell who is who anymore. Mahwang learns about the happenings and sighs in panic, then tells Gongchan to pack so they can flee, but when they run off, they are met by Maenggwang and Dojin. Dojin asks where Yeon is, and Mahwang says a mere merchant wouldn’t know about the Buyeo princess, and Dojin tells Maeggwang to kill them, so Mahwang gives in, and Yeonhwa watches from behind the house. Next, Dojin arrives in Yeon’s hideout.

    Dojin: Is this place all Muhyul could do to hide you? it was too easy, too easy to find you. Muhyul never ceases to bring you hardship.
    Yeon: He has never brought trouble to me. I am merely sadden at the reality that my existence brings him trouble. But now, he is my nation and my place of death is by his side.
    Dojin: You will never be able to be by him. King Yuri is alredy captured and Guknae palace will soon be toppled. Now you watch, to see how he cruelly dies and how pitiful this nation will become. You watch! Take her away.

    Maeggwang drags Yeon with them, and meanwhile Baegeuk goes before Yuri with a grin, and Yuri asks him to kill him, but Baegeuk says he can’t kill him w/ his own hands yet. Myeongjin says soon Muhyul will be asked to surrender, and Baegeuk states when Muhyul comes to surrender he will kill them, and if Muhyul doesn’t surrender then the people of the nation will turn against him. Baegeuk goes out and is met by Dojin who arrives with Yeon, and Myeongjin asks why she is here, and Dojin says he will send her to Buyeo. In Buyeo, Daeso learns about Yuri’s capture and pounds his chest to say a grudge has been undone. Daeso then says he will head toward Goguryeo, and Sagu says the Guknae fortress has not been seized yet, and Daeso says then he will wait til it’s toppled, to go there and watch as Yuri and Muhyul die infront of him. Back in Goguryeo, Guchu and Hye-Ap return from their trip outside the palace to relate the panic that is happening in the fort, and Muhyul says he will go and fetch the central army next, but Hye-Ap says she will go instead because they can’t risk Muhyul getting captured too. Hye-Ap and Balso reach the central army camp, but Baegeuk and his army are already there, slaughtering the central army troops who refuse to surrender. Muhyul is getting frustrated at the turn of events and just then Maro comes to say Baegeuk’s messenger has arrived. Muhyul goes out to meet Myeongjin, who says they will give them 2 days to open the gates and surrender, or else Yuri will die. At this Goeyu points his sword at him, but Myeongjin is unafraid and states if something happens to him they can just imagine what might happen to the king, and Muhyul orders Goeyu to back off. Muhyul then asks about the king’s health and Myeongjin replies the king is fine, but he can only guarantee that for 2 days, and after that who is to know for sure.

    Afterwards Seryu tells Muhyul the situation is too gloom and Muhyul should retreat to Jolbon to plot their next move, for that is the duty of the crown prince to stay alive in order to preserve the monarchy, but Muhyul rejects the idea saying he can’t run and hide when his father and nation are at risk and Muhyul vows he will save both no matter what. In Baegeuk’s camp, Yuri thinks about his existence posing a threat to Muhyul and Yuri pulls out the dagger hidden inside his robe and with it he stabs himself to die, and as he punctures himself he says a prayer for his son, to be a stronger king than him to protect their nation. Next, Baegeuk finds Yeon and tells her to go and treat Yuri who tried to commit suicide. Myeongjin asks Baegeuk why he wants to keep Yuri alive and Baegeuk says they still need him alive in order to control the nation and Baegeuk orders the suicide news not to be spread to the troops . When Dojin finds out about the suicide attempt, he goes to see Yuri and watches as Yeon treats the unconscious and wounded king. Yeon spends a whole day tending to the king, and when Yuri finally awakes he asks why she saved him, when his life poses a treat to Muhyul, and Yuri asks her to help him die, but Yeon consoles him and says he must keep hope and trust alive, and surely Muhyul will come rescue him as well as their nation.

    Back at Guknae palace, Muhyul goes to see Yiji and tells her not to leave the chamber for the rebels are headed here, and he has assigned guards to protect her, and Yiji kneels before him and says she has to confess she knew about the revolt of Baegeuk beforehand but she failed to tell him about it. Yiji who is tearful is about to say more but Muhyul looks at her coldly and tells her to stop talking and to remmeber they are only married as a contract between the monarchy and her tribe, and as he has promised her before he will secure her position as crown princess but it is up to her not to make any more foolish choices in the future, for her mistakes will ruin her own position and cause harm to their family. Muhyul then leaves and Yiji is disheartened.

    When night time comes, Miyu and Anseung prepare to flee from the palace and Miyu orders Yeojin to leave w/ them but Yeojin is very upset and asks her how she can plot treason like so but Miyu says she is doing it to preserve his life in order for him to be king one day, and Yeojin says he won’t go w/ them, but Miyu orders her brother to force Yeojin to leave w/ them. Thus Miyu, Anseung and Yeojin who is dragged by two soldiers, all leave the palace. Next morning Muhyul is told the queen and Yeojin are missing and Balso wonders if they left to be with Baegeuk but Muhyul tells him not to say anymore, and Muhyul order everyone present to keep it a secret. Next, Guchu comes and begs Muhyul to let him leave the palace to go see the king because he can’t sit idle here waiting and Muhyul at first says no, but Guchu pleads more saying he is the king’s long time friend and Muhyul is unable to say no anymore. Guchu successfully sneaks into the rebel camp and puts his sword at a sleeping chief asking him where the king is and the chief says the king is being guarded by many and tomorrow he will be taken to Buyeo and Guchu is shocked. Just then Myeongjin comes in w/ a group of soldiers to capture Guchu. Meanwhile Yeon talks to Yuri more and about their fate of heading toward Buyeo and Yuri says he would rather die but Yeon consoles him again saying the king must not lose hope in Muhyul. Then when Guchu is taken in, Yuri is shocked once again.

    At their hideout, Anseung tells Miyu about Yuri’s suicide attempt and Yeojin overhears from outside the room, and Yeojin runs away to meet Yeonhwa and Yeojin tells Yeonhwa to hurry and head toward Jolbon and wait for him there. Yeonhwa is scared but Yeojin assures her he will surely come and meet her there alive. Next Yeojin returns to the palace and tells Muhyul about the happenings in rebel camp and Muhyul says he will save Yuri before he can be taken to Buyeo and Hye-Ap wants to stop him, but Seryu agrees with Muhyul that they have to save the king, and Seryu reminds Muhyul about the secret pathway they can use to leave the palace w/out the rebel finding out. Next, Muhyul, Seryu and Yeojin are about to enter the secret pathway to leave the palace in order to save Yuri, and Goeyu is weary about Seryu’s safety, but Seryu tells him not to worry she will meet him in Jolbon as she extends her hand out to hold his, and Goeyu holds her hand, then pulls her to hug her, as he tells her she must stay alive. Meanwhile in Buyeo, Sagu tells Daeso the rebel army will attack the fortress when daylight comes and Daeso is eager to go to Goguryeo but Sagu says Dojin told them to wait in Buyeo and instead, Dojin has arranged for Yeon and Yuri to head to Buyeo tomorrow.

    Morning comes, and Baegeuk orders Yuri and Yeon to be sent to Buyeo. Guchu shouts at him, but Baegeuk reminds them he is no longer Yuri’s servant. Outside Dojin tells the army to be weary of anyone who might try to save the king during the transfer. When Yuri and Yeon are taken by the army toward Buyeo, the sound of whistling arrow pierces the air, and suddenly Muhyul and his group appear to attempt their rescue. Muhyul, Yeojin, and Seryu, together with Guchu and now, Yuri join in the fight against the rebel army, but Yeojin gets slashed badly by multiple men, and both Yuri and Muhyul are horrified. Then Muhyul’s group successfully beats the small group of rebel army, and a badly injured Prince Yeojin is escorted out immediately. Meanwhile, Dojin and a group of special army arrive at the palace while Muhyul is gone, and Goeyu hurries to escort Yiji out of harm’s way. Yiji asks about Muhyul and Goeyu replies the crown prince already left the palace. Dojin’s troops start their attack, and Hye-Ap and Balso stay behind to fight them off, while another group of guards escorts Yiji out, and when Yiji’s group is attacked by rebel troops outside the palace, Muhyul’s group arrives to save Yiji. Muhyul tells his men to escort Yiji to Jolbon, while he goes back to the palace to save Goeyu, Balso and Hye-Ap. After more bloody exchanges, Muhyul and the gang kill off the group of rebel army, but Dojin arrives with more troops, and Hye-Ap says Muhyul must flee the scene, but Muhyul stays and fights with Dojin instead. Next, Baegeuk arrives at the palace and is greeted by Dojin, and Baegeuk laughs at the great achievement. Myeongjin asks Dojin where Muhyul is and Dojin says he fled to Jolbon, but they will soon attack them in Jolbon too.

    In Jolbon, Guchu tells Yuri the bad news that Guknae fortress has been toppled, and a dismayed Yuri asks about Muhyul, but Guchu has no answer. Meanwhile, in Guknae palace, Baegeuk admires the throne, and Myeongjin tells him to try and have a seat since it belongs to him, but Baegeuk says not to be rash. Baegeuk then sends everyone out and grins toward Dojin. The two talk alone, and Baegeuk says Dojin has proven his merit that is greater than anyeone’s and Dojin says they must bring Daeso from Buyeo here now. Baegeuk is reluctant and Dojin warns him if Baegeuk wavers now, Daeso will attack them with Buyeo army, thus Baegeuk must be wise in his decision, and Dojin says they must capture Yuri and Muhyul soon too. Outside the fortress, Muhyul watches the toppled city with teary eyes, and Hye-Ap urges him to go to Jolbon but Muhyul asks how he can flee like this w/ the city ruined, but Hye-Ap consoles him and says the heavens must be testing him right now, and right now Muhyul must go and protect the king and those who are waiting for him in Jolbon. Hye-Ap says they must go to Jolbon now and organize their thoughts and wait for the opportunity to come and reclaim Guknae fortress.

  957. 957 : shiva Says:

    Preview of EP28: By Dramaok

    Baegeuk siezes Guknae fortress, and Muhyul is tormented over his fleeing to Jolbon, where Haemyeong used to be. Hye-Ap consoles Muhyul, while Lady Miyu who lives in hiding is worried over Yeojin whose life she cannot confirm. Miyu goes to see Baegeuk in Guknae palace but Baegeuk ridicules her and tells her to shut up if she wants to stay alive, and Miyu is gravely upset as she feels betrayled, King Yuri greets Muhyul who arrives in Jolbon fortress, but their welcome is short-lived as Prince Yeojin’s life is at a crossroad. Muhyul puts Yeojin’s life in Yeon’s hands, and Crown Princess Yiji is hurt when Muhyul does not come to see her after his arrival in Jolbon. Yiji then goes to see Muhyul instead, but sees Muhyul affectionate with Yeon and Yiji’s face stiffens with chills. Meanwhile, King Daeso of Buyeo arrive in Guknae fortress, and Baegeuk puts on a loyal front to receive him. Daeso is also suspicious of Baegeuk, but both don’t show their true intention. Yeonhwa finally arrives in Jolbon after much trouble and Yeonhwa cries as she calls out to Yeojin, and at this Yeojin opens his eyes for a moment, but at last he is unable to regain consciousness, and Prince Yeojin dies infront of King Yuri. :tears: :tears:

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    The only place I know you could watch KOTW in arabic is viikii and they are behind in arabic traslation they have translated it up to episode 4. here is the link to viikii



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    Episode 28 Summary: By Dramaok

    Lady Miyu is frantic Yeojin’s missing, but Anseung assures her he will find him but she neds to go into the palace to meet Baegeuk or else they will lose everything. When they arrive to see Baegeuk, Miyu is upset to see Baegeuk sitting on the throne, and Miyu reminds him their promise of making Yeojin the king, but Baegeuk asks where Yeojin is. Miyu replies Yeojin is ill but Myeongjin states they already know Yeojin isn’t in Guknae fortress since he fought with Muhyul and company, and Baegeuk says Yeojin may already be dead since he was injured. Miyu shouts at Baegeuk telling him to stop saying such nonesense, but Baegeuk shouts back and tells her to shut up and leave if she wants to stay alive. Miyu then weeps after she returns and Miyu tells Anseung she must go to Jolbon to see Yeojin who is injured. Anseung says the rebel army are heavily guarding the fortress they wouldn’t make it out but Miyu weeps more and cries out Yeojin’s name. Muhyul arrives in Jolbon and learns Yeojin is in critical state. Then Muhyul finds King Yuri who is thinking alone.

    Yuri: I have no place left in my heart to bury any more children..
    Muhyul: He will awake. Surely Yeojin will awake.
    Yuri: I was a fool. I should’ve been more aware. I was thrown inside my own arrogance not to see Baegeuk’s revolt.
    Muhyul: Please forgive me. It was my idea to war, and I’m the one who asked you to grant all powers in my hands. I only focused on trying to win the acknowledgement of the chieves who loooked down on me, and my anger toward them kept me from seeign things that were infront of me. It was I..
    Yuri: Stop. Are you telling me this is all because of your fate? That is useless thought. It is definitely not so. I have not give up. Even after losing everything and forced to be in Jolbon in hiding, I have not abandoned my hope and trust in you.
    Muhyul: Do you really believe in me?
    Yuri: The heavens said I would die because of you, but you have already saved me twice.
    Muhyul: (tearful) Father..
    Yuri: I will not give up, and neither shall you become weak. Do you understand?

    Next, Muhyul sees Yeon and asks about Yeojin but Yeon has no answer and looks down, but Muhyul asks her not to give up or else the king would be in deep trauma. Yeon then goes back to Yeojin to tend to Yeojin more, spoon-feeding him medicine around the clock, and sitting and watching in vigilance. Meanwhile, Crown Princess Yiji finds out Muhyul is in Jolbon, and she tells the maid she knows the crown prince does not have her in his heart that’s why he hasn’t even come to see her. Then Yiji decides she will go see Muhyul first instead. But when she arrives she sees Muhyul affectionate with Yeon, telling her to go rest as he puts his hands on her arm, and Yiji is furious and her maid says they should come next time, but Yiji says she doesn’t need to go hide, and Yiji approaches Muhyul and Yeon. Yiji then puts on a fake smile and thx Yeon for looking after Yeojin so well, and Yiji says since she’s the crown princess she can help Yeon if she needs something. Yeon says thanks and leaves, and Muhyul watches Yeon leave with a weary look and Yiji fixes her look on Muhyul who is watching another woman.

    King Daeso arrives in Goguryeo and Baegeuk thanks Daeso for all his help and Daeso replies he’s happy too. Baegeuk mentions Dojin is the one who set the most merit but Dojin apologizes for failing to kill Yuri and Muhyul. Daeso says no matter since Yuri and Muhyul are in greater pain than death right now and soon they will kill them but a slow death is not bad either. Baegeuk agrees and vows he will bring their heads to Daeso soon. Daeso then asks who is going to be king now, and when Baegeuk says he’s not sure Daeso asks why don’t you be king then, and at this Baegeuk replies he can’t since he is a traitor in the eyes of the ppl at this time, but Baegeuk says he intends to solicite Daeso’s help in naming a new imperial family and Baegeuk asks Daeso to leave one of his subjects from Buyeo in Guknae to assist w/ the process. Everyone’s surprised at this, and Daeso asks Baegeuk if he’s afraid they may rebel against him, but Baegeuk says they’re already one he’s not afraid. Afterwards Daeso tells Dojin indeed Baegeuk is not a simple person. Dojin asks what Daeso intends to do with him, and Daeso says they will kill Baegeuk later, when things are settled, and Dojin says Baegeuk could rebel before that and Daeso says that’s why he needs Dojin to keep an eye on Baegeuk and Daeso promises Dojin after all is done, he will make Yeon Dojin’s, and he will name Dojin the crown prince of Buyeo.

    Next morning, in Jolbon, Guchu and Seryu tell Yuri about Miyu and Anseung’s betrayal and Yuri blames himself instead for failing to win the trust of his wife whom he’s lived for decades, and Yuri wonders how a person like him could rule a nation. Hye-Ap informs Muhyul about Daeso’s arrival in Guknae, and that soon they will probably come to Jolbon with army, and Muhyul decides he will inform all the governors of all the forts about Baegeuk and Daeso’s plots. Muhyul says Baegeuk’s alliance with Daeso has helped him, but soon it will be the poison for him that will ruin him. Meanwhile Yeonhwa arrives outside Jolbon palace and begs to go inside to see Yeojin, but the guards won’t allow it, until Balso and Maro arrive to see her. Next, Yeonhwa is brought before Yeojin and Yeonhwa sobs as she calls out to him. Then Yeojin opens his eyes and calls Yeonhwa by her name, as he extends his hands out to her, telling her how great that she is safe. Muhyul asks King Yuri to permit him to alert all the governors of the forts about Baegeuks’ treason, and Yuri says he will go with Muhyul’s judgment. Just then Hye-Ap comes in w/ news Yeojin is awake. Yuri and Muhyul rush there, and Seryu and Yeon are already there by the bedside. Yuri grabs Yeojin’s hand and Yeojin calls out father.
    Muhyul looks toward Yeon who shakes her head.

    Yeojin: Father, I have something I must say to you.
    Yuri: Go ahead.
    Yeojin: Please forgive my mother, who committed the grave offence for me.
    Yuri: Yeojin..
    Yeojin: Brother, please let my mother live. Father, I always wanted to be the subject of your bragging. But I failed to meet your expectations.
    Yuri: No it’s not so.. it’s not so Yeojin.
    Yeojin: I wanted to ease yor burden and embrace the skies together…
    Yuri: Yeojin…
    Yeojin: Please forgive this son.

    Yuri breaks into a sob and Yeonhwa who is outside hears Muhyul shouting Yeojin’s name in despair and Yeonhwa falls to her kneels in realizing Yeojin has passed. Muhyul thinks alone and remembers his life with the tender-hearted Yeojin and Muhyul also breaks into a quiet sob. Back in Guknae fort, Mahwang is taken before Baegeuk and Mahwang pledges his loyaly to Baegeuk, addressing him as king highness, and Baegeuk laughs and says he needs Mahwang to do a favor for him or else he will confisgate all his riches and kill everyone in his household. Mahwang is appalled and has no choice but to abide by Baegeuk’s demand, of going to Jolbon and be a spy for him to find out how things are there. Anseung catches up to Myeongjin and asks him to permit him and Miyu’s trip to Jolbon but Myeongjin says that’s useless since Yeojin is already dead. Anseung then goes to Miyu and tells her the bad news, and Miyu faints in tears as she calls out Yeojn’s name in pain. In Jolbon, Hye-Ap and Muhyul check on their soldiers and Hye-Ap says they only have 800 capable men to fight now, but just then Muhyul is told many civilian men are outside wanting to fight in the king’s cause. Muhyul goes out to receive the ordinary men, and Muhyul tells them he is ashmed to face them and he was wrong in the past to think he could protect their nation alone, and now he realizes Goguryeo still stands because of its great citizens, and Muhyul vows he will together with the men, reclaim Guknae fortress and the men join in to cheer. Mahwang arrives in Jolbon and tells Muhyul he’s broke because Baegeuk took everything and Muhyul invites him to stay here from now on. Afterwards Mahwang sighs heavily and Gongchan urges him to tell Muhyul the truth but Mahwang says he can’t risk losing everything he has.

    King Yuri continues to drink in sorrow after Yeojin’s death, and Seryu comes to console him asking him to put away his sorrow to regain his strength, but Yuri says he dreamed of Yeojin last night and as well as Dojeol and Haemyeong who bled to death, and Yuri asks how he can put away his sorrow when he is still breathing after three of his children died infront of him, and Seryu weeps along with him. In Guknae, Daeso tells Baegeuk he wants to have the sacred sword of Jumong and afterwards Baegeuk tells Myeongjin he doesn’t understand why Daeso would want the sword that belong to a dead person.

    Mahwang continues to be tormented by his guilt and at last he decides to reveal everything and goes to talk to Muhyul alone. Muhyul is out around the fort checking on their grain supply and Goeyu says they can’t take in more refugees since they only have enough grains to feed the current ppl for less than 2 months but Muhyul says to continue to allow the refugees to come in as he will find a way to gather more food. Then Mahwang is alone with him and Mahwang kneels and tells Muhyul the truth and Mahwang says now his life is in Muhyul’s hands, and Muhyul replies Mahwang won’t regret his decision. Mahwang then acts as a double agent for Muhyul and finds out from Baegeuk’s spy that Daeso wants the saCred sword and Muhyul says this is an opportunity for them, and Muhyul moblizes the most skilled fighters to post outside of the Jolbon shrine. Muhyul then gives Mahwang the message to send back to Baegeuk, and Baegeuk then tells Daeso the finding that the sword is now in the shrine outside Jolbon palace. Daeso then summons Dojin and orders him to go find the sword with the assassins and Daeso tells Dojin the reason why he wants the sword so bad is because the sword had a prophecy, that whoever has it is the owner of all the tribes, and Daeso says he wants to have it in order to conquest the neighboring tribes.

    In Jolbon, Muhyul sees Yeon teaching people about medicine and Muhyul goes up to her and tells her to take care of herself too since she’s gotten so pale, but Yeon says she is fine. Then Yiji arrives and sees them together again and Yiji is furious again. Yiji then summons Yeon into her chamber and tells her she’s feverish. Yeon checks on her pulse and says Yiji must be tired from the trip to Jolbon and Yeon says she will make some tonic for her. Yiji puts on a fake smile and thx her, but when Yeon goes out of the palace to fetch some herbs, Yiji sends some men to kill Yeon’s maid and the men bring Yeon before Yiji who is waiting in an abandoned house. Yiji slaps Yeon harshly and tells Yeon her existence has brought much pain to her, and Yeon apologizes but Yiji says she will make Yeon suffer and orders her men to drag Yeon away. Back in Guknae, Myeongjin tells Baegeuk Dojin left to find the sword in Jolbon and Baegeuk says he must find out why Daeso wants the sword so bad. Next, Dojin and the assassins arrive nearby Jolbon shrine, but they are ambushed by Muhyul and his group who are waiting, and Dojin and Muhyul are finally waging their swords at each other.

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    Hi Sigers and all fans, I hope you all aright, and having a great time. I mentioned before KBS Awards is coming up, for those who wish to vote, here is the link to the website. Please remember in order to vote you need to register first. 🙂

    Official site : http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/2008award/about/about.html

    Voting site : http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/2008award/netizen/index.html

    http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/2008award/couple/index.html (Best Couple)

    well I hope sig wins best actor. 🙂 and also best couple 🙂

    Aja Aja fighting Oppa 🙂

    Aja Aja fighting KOTW 🙂

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    some people asked about where they can watch Jumong because its licensed. here is the link but you need to register and install winamp player to be able to watch.


    Good luck 🙂

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    Episode 29 Preview: By Dramaok

    Muhyul fights off Dojin’s group headed toward the shrine temple in Jolbon fortress, but he doesn’t pursue them til the end and lets them go. Goeyu wonders why Muhyul’s passing on such an opportunity but Muhyul has his plan, and King Yuri orders Muhyul to command their national military, as he officially hands all his royal powers to Muhyul. Amidst a crisis, Muhyul feels heavily burdened by the power handed to him. Meanwhile, Yiji sends Yeon to Guknae palace which has been seized by King Daeso, and threatens Yeon if they meet again she will kill her. Yeon tries to escape en route to Guknae fortress but gets injured gravely, and when the physician who is called to treat Yeon tells Dojin Yeon’s with child, Dojin asks her if she is pregnant with Muhyul’s child. When Yeon affirms his question, Dojin with cold expression states, “from now on you are my woman, and that child will also grow up as my child.” King Daeso who’s toppled Guknae fortress kills of a leader who goes against his wish, and as such King Daeso exercises his tyranny. The leaders are upset over Daeso’s much involvement in their own affairs, and complaints are coming into Baegeuk, and a delicate line begins to form between Baegeuk and Buyeo. Muhyul who is waiting for this hands the sacred sword of Jumong to Mahwang, and tells him to bring it into Guknae fort….

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  1076. 1076 : Shiva Says:

    Episode 29 summary by: Dramaok

    Dojin’s group is ambushed by Muhyul’s group outside Jolbon shrine temple and Muhyul faces off with Dojin, knocking him off his horse. The two engage in a fierce exchange, and soon they knock off their swords and begin a fist fight. Dojin begins to lose to Muhyul, but Maenggwang puts his sword on Chubalso and using him as a hostage, Dojin’s group flees the scene. Goeyu and Hye-Ap are about to run after them, but Muhyul tells them to stop, saying Dojin’s group must stay alive in order for his plan to work. Then Muhyul returns to Jolbon palace, and Yuri finds out Muhyul succeeded at his plan. Yuri asks Muhyul if he really thinks Baegeuk and Daeso will fall to his trick,and Muhyul replies yes. Then Yuri tells Muhyul now he will relinquish all his powers to Muhyul officially, and Muhyul is to command their nation. Muhyul tries to object saying he can’t carry on such responsiblity but Yuri says Muhyul is already in charge and Yuri also says he has other business to tend to and Muhyul accepts the transfer of power, by accepting Yuri’s sword. Afterwards Muhyul is heavy burdened but Hye-Ap consoles him and says Muhyul must believe in himself like the king does.

    Maro discovers Yeon is missing and rushes to tell Muhyul about it, and a search for Yeon begins, with Yiji watching from the sideline. Then Yiji sneaks out from the palace to go see Yeon, who is kept tied up in a shed, suffering from morning sickness. When Yiji arrives, she tells Yeon she will be sent to where she came from, and Yeon begs to allow her to stay in Goguryeo, even if it’s not by Muhyul’s side, but Yiji vows for as long as she’s alive, Yeon will never meet Muhyul again, and Yiji orders her men to send Yeon to Guknae fortress, to King Daeso. Then as Yeon passes by she sees Muhyul looking for her, and Yeon can only sob with the men holding her back. Dojin returns to Guknae and tells King Daeso he failed to get the sacred sword of Jumong, and Dojin asks for another chance, but Daeso is infuriated and yells he will attack Jolbon fortress and seize the sword himself, and Daeso summons a council meeting. Baegeuk is surprised at this, and Myeongjin asks if he will reallly allow Daeso to take over everything and Baegeuk says for now they have no choice. At the council meet, the Goguryeo chieves and ministers are uneasy with Daeso presiding over them, and when Daeso says he will prepare to attack Jolbon, a chief comes forward to complain but Daeso slaughters him infront of everyone, and everyone’s shocked. Afterwards Baegeuk summons Dojin and asks Dojin why Daeso is so eager to get the sword, but Dojin doesn’t answer and warns Dojin to go with Daeso’s wish if he wants to stay alive, and Baegeuk is pissed that Dojin is turning against him now.

    In Jolbon, the guards are looking for Yeon everywhere while Yiji brings some tonic for Muhyul to drink, and Yiji asks Muhyul if he’s alright but Maro arrives outside and Muhyul rushes out to learn the body of Yeon’s maid Monggeum was found outside the fortress, and that Yeon could be in danger. Thus Muhyul asks Mahwang to look into it since Yeon could be headed toward Guknae fortress. Meanwhile Yeon is brought back before Daeso, and Daeso summons Dojin and Daeso tells Dojin to him Yeon is an offender whom he wants to rid of, but since he already promised him, Yeon now belongs to Dojin, if Dojin still wants her. Dojin takes Yeon to his place and Yeon pleads him to let her go but Dojin says she should know well that he can’t do that. Then Yeon collapses and a doctor is fetched, and the doctor tells Dojin Yeon is with child, and Dojin gets furiuos and threatens the doctor he will be killed if he lets the word out.
    Then Dojin goes to Yeon and asks her if Muhyul is the father, and Yeon replies yes. Dojin closes his eyes then reopens them and coldly states from now on Yeon is his woman, and her child is his child too. Yeon is about to say something but Dojin tells her not to say a word, and warns her if she does not obey then she may not be able to protect her child.

    King Yuri prepares to leave Jolbon for a journey and everyone wants to stop him, but Yuri says it’s his long-overdue task to go see the governors of all the forts to turn their hearts toward their cause, and to mend any broken relationships. Seryu pleads him to allow her to go instead but Yuri says he wouldn’t be at ease if she went and Yuri leaves with the chief guard and Guchu along w/ a small group of guards. Yuri stops by the river and reflects for a while, and Guchu says they should stay nearby since night’s coming but Yuri says they will keep going, because he is in no positin to rest, when he already lost what his father worked so hard to gain, and now he even lost their capitol, so now he is willing to do anything to help their nation and help Muhyul.

    Meanwhile in Guknae palace, Lady Miyu is brought before King Daeso, and Miyu asks to be sent to Jolbon, but Daeso scoffs and assures her he will bring scold Yuri for her and Daeso raises his cup for Miyu to pour wine for her. Miyu reluctantly obeys and aftwards Miyu complains to Baegeuk about the humiliation he’s putting her through and asks her if he really rebelled just to give everything to Daeso. Hye-Ap brings a report to Muhyul about Daeso’s tyranny and the Goguryeo heads upset over it, and Hye-Ap says Daeso is preparing to attack Jolbon soon, by mobilizing the council troops and the border troops. Next, Muhyul summons Mahwang and shows him the sacred sword of Jumong, and its prophecy that the beholder shall be king over the nations, and Muhyul tells Mahwang to bring the sword to Guknae to give to Baegeuk. Hye-Ap asks why he’d give away such precious sword and Muhyul says it is not the prophecy that will make a king out of person, but a person’s will to endure through failures is what makes him king in the end, and Muhyul tells Mahwang to bring the sword to Baegeuk to bring out his greed to go against Daeso.

    In Guknae, the common ppl are fleeing the fortress to get away from Daeso and from Baegeuk the traitor, but many of the ppl are killed by Baegeuk’s troops as they try to flee. Myeongjin tells Baegeuk their fortress is desolate w/ so many ppl fleeing and their tribesmen who were sent to other forts have been kicked out due to the governors’ disapproval of alliance with Daeso. Just then, Mahwang comes, and Mahwang presents the sword to Baegeuk, and Myeongjin dismisses it as just a mere sword but Mahwang tells them not to be startled, for it is the sacred sword he seized with much difficulty, putting his own life at the line. Myeongjin asks if it’s really true and Mahwang says if he doesn’t believe it then he should just give it to Daeso. Baegeuk asks why it’s so special, and Mahwang whispers, the owner of the sword has been prophesized to become the owner of all the terriotories, and that is why Jumong became so powerful after he got it, and that is why Daeso wants it now so he can be the new leader among the nations. At this, Baegeuk grabs the sword, grining and beaming with greed. Afterwards, Myeongjin tells Baegeuk it’s their opportunity to seize both Goguryeo and Bueyo, instead of living with heads lowered before King Daeso. Meanwhile Daeso is told their soldiers are almost here from Buyeo, and Daeso prepares to depart for war. Mahwang goes back to meet Muhyul and company, and Mahwang tells them it went well, and now is the perfect time since many in Guknae are upset over Daeso’s tyranny. Maro asks Mahwang afterwards about Yeon, and Mahwang says he can’t find her anywhere either. Maro is dismayed and Mahwang says Gongchan continues to look for her so soon they will find something, and Maro says though the crown prince isn’t showing it he is worried sick about her.

    Muhyul then decides he will gather up support w/in Baegeuk’s camp by going to see a tribal chief alone, and Hye-Ap and Goeyu want to stop him from engaging in such danger but Muhyul says he must put his life on the line in order to win over support and Muhyul goes to see Baegeuks’ right-hand chief alone, and Muhyul asks him to kill him or fight together with him, and the chief says Muhyul is brash to come since he could easily take Muhyul’s head to Baegeuk and Daeso to be rewarded but Muhyul says those merits are meaningless since it can be taken away easily and those who fight together w/ their lives are the ones who will triumpth together at the end. Thus, the chief agrees to work with Muhyul, and he begins to convince Baegeuk to act soon againgst Daeso. Baegeuk then mobilizes the Biryu soldiers to topple Daeso, and Dojin senses something wrong and asks Daeso to vacate the palace for safety but Daeso isn’t worried about Baegeuk and insists he will stay. Dojin then arranges for Yeon to escape the palace and orders the man to escort her to Buyeo. As she leaves, Gongchan sees her, and panics about what to do. Baegeuk brings his sacred sword and his army to arrive in the palace to behead Daeso but Dojin comes to the rescue and Daeso flees.

    Next, Maro rushes to Yuri’s group to inform the king the alliance between Baegeuk and Daeso is broken, and Maro says the crown prince wishes the king to return to Jolbon for safety but Yuri says he wishes to continue his mission. Then, in Jolbon, Seryu and Balso tell their army to prepare for departure for war, and Muhyul arrives above a cliff with Hye-Ap and Goeyu to overlook the fields.

  1077. 1077 : Shiva Says:

    Episode 30 Preview : By dramaok

    Baegeuk successfully drives out King Daeso, then rides on the momentum and heads to the shrine temple to kill the chief oracle, demanding to be proclaimed the new king. King Daeso who escapes to Buyeo becomes engulfed in fury, and orders his army to attack Goguryeo. However upon hearing news that the army of Hwangnyong nation is camped by Buyeo border, Daeso is thrown into a panic. Dojin realizes all these things were orchestrated by Muhyul, and Dojin feels a devasted defeat. Muhyul who is waging the sword of revenge awaits for the troops to gather by Pyeong-cheon plain. The Hwanna chief’s secretly raised private army is short in capacity to drive away Biryu army, thus they await for the right timing. Baegeuk who seized the Guknae fortress summons a meeting with all the governors of all the forts and the chief ministers at the royal palace, with intention to ascend to the throne. King Yuri returns to Jolbon fort and hears about Baegeuk’s plot, and Yuri makes a final decision. In addition, Yuri summons Yiji and asks her not to forget the power and the danger her position holds, despite Biryu tribe’s revolt. Afterwards, Yuri heads toward the royal palace for Baegeuk’s accession to the throne. Muhyul finds out his father left alone, and Muhyul runs out of the military camp in a frightened panic. King Yuri arrives at the royal palace and begins to scold Baegeuk with sternness. In the midst of this, Muhyul wails as he is held back by his staff, and an enraged Baegeuk pulls his sword and deeply stabs Yuri’s abdomen.

  1078. 1078 : tsikoy Says:

    Wow thanks Shiva for the summary,i waited it so much.

  1079. 1079 : Shiva Says:

    To shoya

    please be more specific about your problem, I don’t know what kind of error you getting. can you view the viikii website, if you can and you are not able to play the files you may have not installed flash on your system. in order to watch online videos you need flash. please let me know I’m happy to help. 🙂

    I want to thank all Sigers and fans for your warm wishes and I want to wish you all a happy christmas and new year. Love you all 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1080. 1080 : pokemon2000 Says:

    Hi all, watch Yi San, Painters of the wind, Strongest Chil Woo, DK(?), love all of the old traditions drama. I like to watch Jumong but can’t find any site that have English sub. I heard tha aznv.tv carry it but need invitation code in ord to sign up. Is there anyone out there that have the invitation # that can share? I really appreciate it. My email is ‘[email protected]’…Thank you!! Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all

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    To pokemon2000

    I sent you an invitation for Azntv. please check your email. 🙂

  1083. 1083 : Shiva Says:

    I want to congratulate all sigers and fans of KOTW for the rating of 20%. yes we hit our target. tonight’s rating was 20.2%. that makes KOTW in first place ohhhhhhh yes. 🙂 🙂 🙂 looking forward next week I hope is going to be higher than 20. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    thank you all for your supports. Aja Aja fighting 🙂

  1084. 1084 : Shiva Says:

    Episode 30 summary: By Dramaok

    Muhyul and company survey the plain of Pyeong-cheon, while Baegeuk arrives at the Guknae shrine temple to demand the chief priestness to proclaim him as the God-chosen king. When the priestness objects Baegeuk slaughters her and names a young priestness the new hgh priestness and orders her to proclaim him as the new king. Next, Myeongjin returns and informs Baegeuk they failed to catch Dojin and Daeso who ran away to Buyeo and Baegeuk is upset but Myeongjin says the ministers have gathered to see Baegeuk ascend to the throne.
    Thus infront of all the leaders, Baegeuk proclaims himself as the new king and sits upon the king’s throne. Afterwards Mahwang runs up to Baegeuk to congratulate him and Mahwang promises to go and spread the good news everywhere. Then Gongchan catches up to Mahwang to tell him about Yeon, but Mahwang says not to tell Muhyul who would only be upset by the news.

    Meanwhile Lady Miyu decides she will go meet Baegeuk to ask him to send her to Jolbon or kill her, and Anseung tries to stop her by telling her to wait and Miyu says it’s useless to wait she must go and confirm Yeojin’s death w/ her eyes. King Yuri returns to Jolbon fort, and finds out Muhyul has left Jolbon in his attempt to reclaim Guknae fort, and Yuri becomes worried. Chubalso and Maro watch as Yeonhwa sits on the Jolbon palace ground in a daze and Maro orders the men to escort her into her room to rest and Maro tells her not to think foolish thoughts of following Prince Yeojin’s trail.

    The Hwanna tribe soldiers begin to move toward the central army to help Muhyul reclaim control, while Daeso returns to Buyeo and is furious over the happenings, and orders for his army to attack Goguryeo right away, but Sagu says the Hwangnyeong army is already camped outside their border and they can’t move their army right now. Daeso is infuriated more and Dojin says all this is due to Muhyul who must have told Hwangnyeong about it before the alliance was broken, and it was Muhyul who pushed for Baegeuk to rebel against them as well. Then Yeon arrives in Buyeo and Dojin tells her she will from now on live in a private residence outside the Buyeo palace guarded by assassins and she must forget Goguryeo and Muhyul in order to protect her unborn child.

    Mahwang meets with Muhyul and company to tell them about Baegeuk summoning the governors of all forts to come and watch him ascend the throne officially and Baegeuk is consumed by becoming king these days. Goeyu says he will sneak into the palace and kill Baegeuk at once, but Muhyul says to wait til they seize command over central army first. Guchu tells King Yuri about Baegeuk, and how he already slaughtered the fort governors of Mockcham and Seongsan who refused to acknowledge him as new king, and Yuri says he will go to Guknae palace to face off with Bageeuk, and Guchu says that is too dangerous and pleads the king to reconsider. However Yuri says he caused all this he must fix it. Yuri first summons Yiji and assures her she is not to be blamed for Biryu tribe’s revolt, however Yuri asks her to remember her role as crown princess and bids her notto make the same foolish mistakes that Queen Miyu made, and she must embrace Goguryeo and Muhyul with all her might, and Yiji says she will. Then Yuri leaves with the chief bodyguard when no one’s looking, to head to Guknae palace.

    Muhyul and team attack the Biryu army w/in the central army, and Muhyul seizes control over the army and asks the remnant soldiers if they will die for Baegeuk or if they will serve Goguryeo now and the soldiers vow their loyalty to Muhyul. Afterwards Guchu rushes to the army camp to inform Muhyul about Yuri’s departure and Muhyul rushes out on fast horse to follow the king’s trail, however Goeyu, Balso and Maro run after him to stop Muhyul from going, and asking Muhyul to kill them first if he must go, and Muhyul wails.

    The various governors, chieves and ministers are all gathered in Guknae palace to watch Baegeuk proclaim himself as the chosen one, but just then Yuri shows up and shouts at Baegeuk for the offense. Yuri yells Baegeuk is not qualified to be king, because he stepped over the pride of their nation and dragged them into humiliation by joining together with enemy nation just for his own greed, and Baegeuk shouts back saying he merely used Daeso to gain what he needed. Yuri then curses at him saying the heavens will never forgive Baegeuk for his offense of killing his own father and trying ruining their nation and Yuri says even if he dies here today he is not dead for his spirit and be carried through Muhyul and his children through generations and Baegeuk is engraed and pulls the sacred sword of Jumong and stabs Yuri deeply in the abdomen. The gathered watch in horror and Myeongjin yells to kill Yuri off but Baegeuk shouts for Yuri to be pulled away and treated, and announces he will not Yuri to die so easily and vows he will make Yuri watch Muhyul die infront of him.

    Thus the doctor is called to treat Yuri and Lady Miyu comes to his bedside to sob. When Yuri awakes Miyu asks for forgiveness and death but Yuri who is weak grabs her hand and says he already forgave her and Yeojin did too, and Yeojin was worried about her even to his last breath, and Miyu wails. Mahwang arrives in Muhyul’s army camp to tell them about what’s happend and Muhyul’s men say they will go attack Baegeuk at once, but Muhyul says they have to wait for the right timing or else they will all die w/out saving the King. But afterwards Muhyul is tormented over Yuri’s fate and Maro comes to console him. Muhyul says if something ever happens to the king he would never forgive himself and Maro says for now Muhyul must remain focused to complete the tasks they planned. Baegeuk the new king now assigns new staff and announces he will preside over the council as the new sangga, and now Goguryeo will not have a separation between the monarch and the council tribes. Baegeuk then orders his chief minister to go and send envoys to all the nations to announce the new king. Myeongjin who is also promoted asks Baegeuk if he will attack Jolbon finally and Baegeuk says nothing.

    Meanwhile, the Hwanna chief arrives in Muhyul’s army camp and brings w/ him other chieves who all kneel before Muhyul to beg for forgiveness for failing to save the king when he was stabbed by Baegeuk. Muhyul says he knows how they feel and puts his hand on the chief to say they are in this together. Muhyul then strategizes w/ the chieves over their moves and next, Muhyul’s group and the Hwanna troops moblize to attack Baegeuk in Guknae palace and to reclaim Guknae fort. Muhyul says the key to their attack is secrecy and they must move w/out alerting Baegeuk.

    Thus on a dark night, the group moves forward and launches surprise attack on the Biryu troops guarding the palace, and soon the Guknae fort is reclaimed by Muhyul and company, and Muhyul is eager to find Yuri inside the palace. Finally Muhyul finds Yuri who is gravely ill in bed.
    MH: Your highness.
    YR: Muhyul.. I knew you would come. I knew you would come for sure.
    MH: (holds YR’s hand) Father…
    YR: (grand smile)

    Meanwhile, Baegeuk is on the run w/ a small group of soldiers, and after a while the group rests in the wildnerness. Myeongjin says they should’ve seized Jolbon before when they had the chance and asks Baegeuk what his plans are now. Baegeuk says he still holds the sacred sword in his hand and it means his opportunity to be king over the nations awaits. King Daeso hears about Muhyul reclaiming Guknae, and asks about the sacred sword, and Sagu replies Baegeuk ran off w/ it. Meanwhile Dojin visits Yeon and brings her a tonic to drink, and to inform her Muhyul has reclaimed Guknae and soon Goguryeo will be restored, and though Muhyul would be sad over Yeon’s disappearance, he would get over it and live with his crown princess, just like he moved on to marry her while Yeon was in Buyeo. Dojin continues, but Yeon cuts him off and says he doesn’t need to say these things, and even though she may never meet Muhyul again, she is arleady with Muhyul forever, and with his child in her womb, she feels close to Muhyul no matter how far apart she is physically. Daeso summons Dojin next, and Daeso tells Dojin he will give him a chance to redeem himself, by finding the sacred sword for him. Back in Guknae, Muhyul says he will take back the ministers and generals who worked with Baegeuk if they wish to be on their team again. Just then the chief bodyguard comes w/ news that King Yuri is in critical condition, and Muhyul rushes to Yuri’s side to see Yuri trembling.

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