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The Girl Who Can See Smells

The Girl Who Can See Smells 04

Title: 냄새를 보는 소녀 / The Girl Who Can See Smells
Chinese Title: 看見味道的少女
Previously known as: 감각남녀 / Sensory Couple
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Thriller
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2015-April-01 to 2015-May-21
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Based on the webcomic “Naemsaereul Boneun Sonyeo” by Man Chwi which was first published from 2013-July-23 via cartoon.media.olleh.com.

3 years ago, Choi Moo Gak (Yoochun) lost his younger sister in the “BarCode Murder Case”. Since then he has become cold and insensible. Meanwhile, Oh Cho Rim (Shin Se kyung) miraculously survived in the same incident. Since then she had an amnesia, but also gained the ability to see smells.


Main Cast

Yoochun as Choi Moo Gak
Shin Se kyung as Choi Eun Sul / Oh Cho Rim
Nam Goong Min as Kwon Jae Hee
Yoon Jin Seo as Yum Mi

People around Oh Cho Rim

Jung In Ki as Oh Jae Pyo
Park Jin Joo as Ma Ae Ri (Cho Rim’s friend)

People at Frog Troupe Theatre

Nam Chang Hee as Jo In Bae
Oh Cho Hee as Comedian Uh Woo Ya
Jung Chan Woo as Wang Ja Bang (President of Frog Troupe)

People at Police Station

Lee Won Jong as Kang Hyuk
Choi Tae Joon as Ye Sang Gil (Detective)
Jo Hee Bong as Ki Choong Do (Detective)
Kim Byung Ok as Sa Joon (Subsection chief of investigation)
Choi Jae Hwan as Tak Ji Suk (ep 2-6)
Jung Hyun Suk (정현석) as Detective Kim


Song Jong Ho as Doctor Chun Baek Kyung
Kim Ki Chun as Kim Joong In
Shin Soo Ho as Detective
Heo Dong Won


Bang Eun Hee as Yang Mi Yun (Ep 1, Eun Sul’s mother)
Kim So Hyun as Choi Eun Sul (ep 1-2, ep 5, Moo Gak’s younger sister)
Kim Dong Gyoon as Park Hyung Jin (ep 1)
Heo Joon Suk as Kang Sang Moon (ep 1, fugitive)
Kim Bo Mi as convenience store employee (ep 1)
Kim Il Joong (김일중) as One Night Entertainment TV MC (ep 1)
Jang Ye Won (장예원) as One Night Entertainment TV MC (ep 1)
Yoo Jae Suk as Running Man member (ep 1)
Ji Suk Jin (지석진) as Running Man member (ep 1)
Kim Jong Kook as Running Man member (ep 1)
Haha as Running Man member (ep 1)
Kang Gae Ri (강개리) as Running Man member (ep 1)
Song Ji Hyo as Running Man member (ep 1)
Lee Kwang Soo as Running Man member (ep 1)
Oh Jung Tae as car center employee (ep 2)
Park Young Soo as a man that took Joo Ma Ri’s credit card (ep 2)
Dan Woo as a driver that hit a car in the mountain (ep 2-3)
Son Se Bin as driver girlfriend (ep 2-3)
Park Han Byul as Joo Ma Ri (ep 2-3)
Ha Soo Ho as Hwang Ki Soo (ep 4)
Kim Min Chan as Tak Min Suk / Andy (ep 4)
Oh Tae Kyung as Yang Suk Jin (ep 5)
Nam Jung Hee as illegal gambling owner (ep 6)
Lee Jung Shin as idol star (ep 6)
Julian Quintart as English student (ep 10)
Min Joon Hyun as pervert (ep 10)
Seo Hyo Myung (서효명) as fake Choi Eun Sul (ep 12) photo only
Go In Bum as Ye Chang Gook (ep 15, Ye Sang Gil’s father)

Production Credits

Director: Baek Soo Chan
ScriptWriter: Lee Hee Myung


Bae Suzy was first offered the lead female role, but declined due to scheduling conflicts with her Kpop group Miss A.


2015 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Awards – Yoochun (The Girl Who Sees Smells)
2015 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Awards – Shin Se Kyung (Six Flying Dragons & The Girl Who Sees Smells)
2015 SBS Drama Awards: Special Actor (Mini-Series): Nam Goong Min (The Girl Who Can See Smells)
2015 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor (Mini Series) – Yoochun (The Girl Who Sees Smells)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2015-04-01 1 5.6 7.1 5.6 6.1
2015-04-02 2 6.0 6.6 6.1 6.6
2015-04-08 3 6.6 7.6 7.0 (19th) 7.9 (15th)
2015-04-09 4 7.8 8.8 (18th) 7.8 (19th) 8.0 (18th)
2015-04-15 5 7.4 8.4 (17th) 7.1 7.5 (19th)
2015-04-16 6 8.5 (16th) 9.8 (13th) 7.5 (16th) 7.7 (16th)
2015-04-22 7 7.3 8.0 (17th) 8.1 (14th) 8.4 (14th)
2015-04-23 8 9.2 (15th) 10.5 (9th) 8.3 (17th) 8.5 (16th)
2015-04-29 9 7.9 8.5 (18th) 6.8 7.0
2015-04-30 10 9.3 (12th) 10.7 (10th) 8.0 (14th) 8.4 (13th)
2015-05-06 11 8.0 (19th) 9.4 (13th) 7.5 (17th) 8.1 (13th)
2015-05-07 12 8.6 (18th) 9.8 (13th) 6.9 6.7
2015-05-13 13 9.1 (13th) 10.6 (10th) 8.7 (13th) 9.2 (12th)
2015-05-14 14 10.1 (10th) 11.4 (9th) 9.5 (11th) 9.7 (10th)
2015-05-20 15 10.9 (9th) 13.5 (3rd) 9.6 (10th) 9.5 (10th)
2015-05-21 16 11.9 (7th) 14.4 (3rd) 10.8 (7th) 11.4 (7th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


The Girl Who Can See Smells Poster1 The Girl Who Can See Smells Poster2 The Girl Who Can See Smells Poster3 The Girl Who Can See Smells Poster4

Photo of Main Character

The Girl Who Can See Smells Cast1 The Girl Who Can See Smells Cast2 The Girl Who Can See Smells Cast3 The Girl Who Can See Smells Cast4

Related Photo

(Other Photo from Official Site)

The Girl Who Can See Smells1 The Girl Who Can See Smells2

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  1. 1 : jaejae Says:

    “Girl who can SEE smell”. Well, i’m curious about how they visualize the smell… hahaha

  2. 2 : dongrim Says:

    ditunggu Yucun

  3. 3 : kimmy Says:

    Wew, finally. I hope this drama will be good. Pls writer-nim and also to all our casts, please act well. kkk

  4. 4 : chuna Says:

    yeyyy…finally available here..
    Hi Kimmy..lets chit and chat..lol
    really miss this moments.

  5. 5 : kimmy Says:

    @chuna , hi chuna. Nice to see you here. Let’s chat and have fun. So excited really.

    @rory @shizaoka @tigerb, hello there!!!

  6. 6 : amel Says:

    so saddddddddd… i’m waiting for long suzy play on dramaaaaa
    so sadd

  7. 7 : starry Says:

    excited about yoochun but for shin se kyung not really desirable bcos she has poor acting skills

  8. 8 : Lykajen Says:

    I love yoochun I can see his smile and face again

  9. 9 : Deyim Says:

    Let’s chat and have fun. So excited really.

  10. 10 : sahel Says:

    I do n t like shin se kyung I think no body like her acting why dose she should be act with yoochun

  11. 11 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    “she become amnesia” hahaha should have been she had amnesia? right admin?

    “ability to see smells” hahaha which is which ?

  12. 12 : kimmy Says:

    @admin, kindly correct this last sentence ‘Since then SHE BECOME AMNESIA???

    Supposedly, Since then she had an amnesia.

  13. 13 : chuna Says:

    lets talk about now and future for the sake of this drama. don’t blame Shin Se Kyung since we never know what will she do in this drama.

    honestly I dislike her too. don wanna see her with YC. but, because of YC here, I try to accept her and like her. so, I don dislike her right now.

    I support for both of them.

  14. 14 : park jun sung Says:

    wow just posted today it has hit 1500 like, ithink its will be a big hit in 2015.
    huft, webcomic, i really hope that it doesnt make me dissapointed again like hyde jekyll and i, such a trash drama.

  15. 15 : Finnyana Says:

    shin se kyung ?? -_-

  16. 16 : tigerb Says:

    @kimmy, rory, chuna and shizaoka: hello ladies! here we go, hoping that this drama will be entertaining and not frustrating if you don’t like the leading female actor. i watched ‘queen seon duk’ but don’t remember her there at all (truth is i did not finish the series) so maybe i never watched her at all. for the love of pyc, we rally to see success of this series. i wonder how they are going to depict the girl ‘to see smells’?

  17. 17 : che Says:

    I’m waiting for you drama….your the best Mr. Yoo Chun….can’t get enough and can’t wait to watch it..

  18. 18 : kim Says:

    shin se kyung?again?-__- but i’ll watch this one cause Yoochun kkkkk

  19. 19 : ez Says:

    Dont like shin se kyung..

  20. 20 : rory Says:

    LOL! I cant believe this drama got 1.8K likes already since his last drama only got 600++ likes..hahaha..well, ppl surely love rom-com more compare to action..but that’s not important coz I need new cracks drama once KMHM & SOGC ended.

    1st teaser looks cute & fun tho..thank goodness! SSK looks so cute & bubbly + senseless YC is funny..

    “Because he can’t feel pain, when he fights with criminal, he always subdues them until the end eventhough he was beaten much. If he exceeds limit of pain, he could pass out, but doesnt feel pain. But becoz of this,he has been misunderstood as a quite manly man!” HAHAHA! you can read the character description here: http://pkmsue.blog.me/220297428354?spi_ref=m_blog_twitter

    well, seems many new dramas should be check next month..Let’s Eat, Missing Noir M and THIS!

    AND hi @kimmy, chuna & tigerb!!! also love to see other familiar names here likes Park Jun Sung, Kurayuzaki666. I wish this drama will bring a good smells to us. Fighting Team Smells! 😆

  21. 21 : kimmy Says:

    Hoahh, it already belong to the top30 most shared dramas just from posting it today. Kkk, I can smell something good and I hope it will be a success

  22. 22 : Lysa Says:

    As usual, every tima Shin Se Kyung start new drama, most people will say bad comment about her acting, etc…
    Me too… i don’t like her, so far she has yet to prove herself as an actress with good acting skills and satisfying, at least for me.
    But…since my Yoochun here, i’ll be waiting this one.

  23. 23 : chuna Says:

    @lysa. yeah. I already realize that. lol

    @rory..really miss you. hehehe
    yeah. you’re right. although Choi Mu Gak is senseless man, but cos of it he will look funny and make us laugh with his acts. eat till he feels full. fight till he will collapse. don feel pain. can imagine all of that with Chunface. lol

    I think this drama gonna be big hit.

  24. 24 : chuna Says:

    dear admin, I think the genre isn’t only romance and fantasy, there is comedy and mistery drama. please correct it. thanks.

  25. 25 : hiravee Says:

    Is it true that Shin Se kyung as the woman who will become the main female cast in this story??
    I don’t believe it….
    her skills in acting are poor,,,i’m going to skip this drama as my favorite drama list in a 2015 year. sorry yochun…..

  26. 26 : kdramamaniaid Says:

    yoochunie opppaaa hwating!!! TGWSS fighting!!!

  27. 27 : kimkayzin Says:

    after i watch teaser i can release my stress about this drama.i like actors their acting.micky is only one my idol for his acting,manner,talent,hardwork and his luck.this comment is my first.but i like micky since i watch his drama.
    exceptionally kimmy,chuna,tigerb,rory,shizaoka…. l will always thank you all.i always read your commments first. i always like yours commment. i want to my friends all.Thank u all.

  28. 28 : kimkayzin Says:

    oh my god! i am wrong write especially because my emotion.now i will only read other comment.

  29. 29 : che Says:

    Can’t wait to watch it…miss you Mr. Yoo Chun.

  30. 30 : park jun sung Says:

    dont u notice that people blame n hate shin se kyung, but i curious why all drama that she cast there always got thousand likers, instead the lead actor not so popular like yoochun, such as man in love, iron man, fashion king, bla bla

  31. 31 : rory Says:

    @park jun sung
    she probably has huge fanbase too especially fanboys..some of my male colleagues like her so much. so dont underestimate her popularity 😀 anyway she looks cute & the char matched her well in the teaser at least. Nice start I guess..

  32. 32 : KDCraze Says:

    I love YooChun acting but I don’t like Shin Se Kyung acting. I’ve been watching some of Shin Se Kyung drama is ended up bad and the acting is poor. I will wait until few episodes and read comments from here before watching this drama.

  33. 33 : Anna Says:

    It’s gonna be a big hit..already in top 8 on most shared drama ( kdrama.org ) Micky is back !!!

  34. 34 : chuna Says:

    @Anna. yes An. I’m really surprised to see that drama already in top 8. wow. yesterday post here and now so much like for this drama.

  35. 35 : Hossein Says:

    Shin Se kyung ❤

  36. 36 : tigerb Says:

    i don’t understand how this series is already among the top shared when it has not even started yet. the power of pyc and his fans?

  37. 37 : tigerb Says:

    @kimkayzin: thank you for your kind words regarding our comments. please join in, the more, the merrier!

  38. 38 : trea Says:

    Yoo chun oppaa… hurrayy…
    i wish my oppa brings luck for this drama and also brings luck to Se Kyung
    actually she is pretty, really hope oppa can make her better this time

  39. 39 : koreandramalover Says:

    Shin Se Kyung so “NOT”!! hmmmm… seems like korea has no other good actress to play the role.. why always SSK take the lead? She can’t express herself well in every drama which she was in! Expression always flat like white paper! she smiled, drunken/hangover, angry all out in same expression! i think she still need learn how to act. I am not a professional, or good act either but i can tell bout her expression! She is NOT a good actress!!

  40. 40 : Mikai Says:

    To all who don’t like SSK. FYI, she doesn’t like you too nor knows you. How would she has been offered lead roles if in the first place she doesn’t know how to act? I dont defend her or like her but its irritating to hear always fans complaining. She maybe is not a very good actress but is also an actress who tries hard to act at the best of her capabilities. More projects means more chances of improving her acting career.

  41. 41 : Autumn Grace Says:

    Sorry for SYK, I am not fond of her. I don’t like her on screen. She usually destroy the good atmosphere of the drama.

  42. 42 : rory Says:

    the power of PYC and his fans? I think it’s depend on genre..3Days didnt even surpass 1K likes 😀
    NO campaign as well from his fans on twitter to like this page etc..etc since usually we will announce all his activities/campaigns on twitter 1st. I’m a bit surprised too despite many negatives here & there. Let’s hope the story won over us than the amount of likes 😉

  43. 43 : kimmy Says:

    @rory I definitely agree with you. many would be so interested with the drama bcoz of SSk. They will try to watch if she had improved. How i wish, she will. But tbh, i dont have complains in her acting, tho only a bit but almost negligible.

    For Yoochun, i dont have worries with you with regards to ur acting, bcoz i know you are an awesome and versatile actor. You can do as much as u can. I just hope you take care of yourself. dont take too much action scenes that will endanger you.. We support you chunnie.

  44. 44 : KDCraze Says:

    @tigerb#36, I agree with you. I think top most shares drama in Koreandrama.org is base on fans not the drama story. I’ve watched all the drama in the top most drama shares and there are 4 of the drama that the story is not so good like : Pretty Man, You’ve fallen For Me, Dream High 2 and Hyde, Jekyll and I. But because of the leads character have a lot of fans so a lot of people will watched it but it’s not necessary because of a good story. Yoo Chun have a lot of fans all over the world If he’s not in the drama I also wouldn’t bother to watch it also. I like him best with Park Min Young in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Rooftop Prince with Han Ji Min. I hope Shin Se Kyung acting doesn’t disappointed me again.

  45. 45 : Ha Ji Won Says:

    I do not know why I do not like it when heroine shin se kyung, I was MickyYoochun fans, I really like all of Yoochun, Yoochun yesterday .i hope to play as long as it is not the same drama shin se kyung, I do not hate shinsekyung but I do not like it at acting not as aktingya not good but it feels weird clay he played drama than ever before, do not know why I worry that shin se kyung rating drama heroine will not be good, but Yoochun plays good rating,. later if the ratings are low I can be sad and I think it’s because of shin se kyung.,

  46. 46 : koreandramalover Says:

    who don’t like the complaining comment bout SSK.. i’m so sad for you. Complaining means push her to improve her act.. bad comment can give a best result! If people always compliment her while her acting so bad, she will always on threadmill. i’m not hatred. i never dislike her! just her acting need to be improved. Hope she willnot disappointed me in this drama.. pity yoochun

  47. 47 : Shin Se Gi Says:

    She seems good in the trailer.

  48. 48 : tigerb Says:

    @ rory and KDCraze: i don’t know exactly how the ‘most shared drama’ tally works in this web site except that you are telling me it’s from the ‘likes’ from the fans. at facebook, there are 6 pages of this series, and one page has more than 5,000 likes. so add the rest of the ‘likes’ from the other similar pages, that’s more than 7,000 from what i saw last. i guess they gather more info from other social media websites. well, if it helps in advertising the series, well and good, but like what rory says hopefully the story will win us over. i’ll watch it because of pyc, and as to ssk, i’ll give her the benefit of the doubt since i’ve never watched her before. i agree with KDCraze, there are dramas in the shared list which were not that interesting to me. i always go back to the saying: ‘to each his own’! April 1st, don’t make me a fool!

  49. 49 : rory Says:

    it counts from this site only..I mean the amount of ppl come & like this page..the total is not including from other FB fansites. *correct me if I’m wrong 😉 so that’s why my guess is, they are interested because of the genre, not because of PYC alone although I admit PYC has huge fanbase too

  50. 50 : kimmy Says:

    @tigerb its from the likes and shares on tweets & gmail only of this site. If you used facebook app and open this link, you can see that this drama has 2.7K+ shares, the top 1 drama which is City Hunter has 7k + shares

  51. 51 : park jun sung Says:

    yess its so strange how can shin se kyung always blamed while her drama always on top shared/liked… seriously, man in love or iron mas is ordinary drama in storyline, the actors also not as populas as yoochun, but drama has hit many likers rate and comment instead people always blamed her. is only ladies fans who dont like her so much while there are thousand silent reader who are addicted with her but didnt want appear? its make me sooo curiousss

  52. 52 : park jun sung Says:

    and yesss hallyu stars and rom com genre usually determine how many drama got its like or share…

  53. 53 : min min Says:

    gonna watch this with an open mind since so many comments

    tbh, I don’t really agree with SSk’s acting in When a Man Loves and Blade Man, just me, nothing personal.

  54. 54 : chuna Says:

    MuRim look good together.
    although I don like SSK, but I’m already shipping that couple. lol

  55. 55 : kim hyun joo Says:

    i just dont like SSk cant help it. but looooove the main actor such a shame that i wont watch it cuse of her. and u hwo gets angry about this coment iam sorry not every one is a faan of her. it just dosnt click.

  56. 56 : Rainbow Says:

    This could be another failure drama from SBS, you will see….mark my word 🙂

  57. 57 : Shinji Says:

    I’m just so excited to see Park Yuchun doing a drama series again. Couldn’t wait any longer.. ‘though it would have been so much better if he’ll be paired with Han Ji Min again. Their chemistry in Rooftop Prince is superb!

  58. 58 : park jun sung Says:

    waaaaa PYC is soooo cute in the teaser. i really like his hair short style. welll urg, shin se kyung is not too pretty, its would be better if bae suzy there… aaa why not suzy… i will so addict if suzy paired with yoochun 😥 huft…

  59. 59 : tigerb Says:

    @kimmy and rory: thank you for the info on how ‘most shared’ list in this web site is achieved. i did not pay attention, i think it was explained to me sometime last year or two years ago. dummy, huh? i feel bad on the negative comments about ssk, no offense to anyone!!! it’s just that i’ve read similar comments in other pages/forums regarding female co-stars of loved male idols by their female fans, and the thing is the female co-stars are being blamed when the series do not go well. there are other major factors in the whole production, and a huge one is genre (like what rory says), thus, the plot, storyline, etc. and not just the leading actors. and, casting negotiation is waaaayyyyy out of the viewers control!

  60. 60 : sahel Says:

    I won’t watch this drama because ssk I hate of her

  61. 61 : rory Says:

    HEAR HEAR HEAR what @tigerb says!

    I too, getting tired sometimes to read SAME negative comments while the drama is not even airing yet. Let’s judging them at least after the first 2 episodes okay everyone 😉

    anyway, judging on this still, see how bright is PYC’s smile 😀 he seems enjoying the filming so much there eventho he needs to eat 6 cups of ramyeon and vomits right after the director says cut!


    also SSK looks cute in a high school uniform


    anyway, it’s up to you if u decide not to watch this drama..no one is forcing you here LOL

  62. 62 : BEAUTIFUL Says:


  63. 63 : kimkayzin Says:

    All my favorite drama not include my favorite actor/actress.
    All my favorite actor/actress can’t give same emotion on me by all their dramas.All drama i watch again&again,had good story and cast who can peform to fit their role,pleasant scenes,OST match with plot.some dramas,I think i can’t like because of actors/actress, after I try to watch few minute i attracted go on. became my favorite drama. although lead actress in this drama can’t act well before.she may can do act well to fit her role in this drama by work with (excellence actor,director,cinematography,screenplay,music)Come on! Let we watch.!ple give a chance her how to act this drama.it will justice for our micky too.only after we watched few episode.let decide!.

  64. 64 : chuna Says:

    @rory.. calm down sista..
    hater go be hate. ignore them. and don care if they won’t watch this drama cos of her.
    and for Us..lets enjoy and talk about Yc and MuRim couple.

  65. 65 : park jun sung Says:

    why people keep hate shin see kyung while because of her here is one of reason this drama got many share n like, huh, minor anti fans of SSK is appear more time than major fans

  66. 66 : Reece Says:

    Ugh this is gonna be another a disaster drama…I don’t think this drama could compete against Unkind Women (KBS) and Angry Mom (MBC) as they air at the same time…

  67. 67 : tigerb Says:

    @rory: thanks for the link on pyc’s still picture – i love that smile. i’d like to think that he is smiling because his female fans are going crazy anticipating the start of the series!!!

    @hi chuna! how have you been? you’re right, we just need to enjoy what we can and don’t get affected by others! cheers!

  68. 68 : tigerb Says:

    @kimkayzin #63: you have a better attitude watching dramas and you are right!

  69. 69 : maida Says:

    I am not mickey fan but he is a good actor can’t be denied , after I knew about his co star I was aware what kind of storm his drama will be facing 🙂 blade man series had gone through the same beforehand .
    SSK has improved a lot yet still not perfect but she is on the right way so don’t be pre judgmental and give her a chance
    lead actress of KMHM was overreacted but it passed coz she is popular .

  70. 70 : Anzu Says:

    Again …… most of them are here to blame shin se kyung…. Yeah i agree she lack acting skill..but there are other actress too who can’t act ..but always people blame her only….i don’t think Yoo Chul is best not actor either…..just becuz he is idol…people here are praising him only…

    Give shin se kyung a break plz…she has improve her acting …..she gonna give her best in this drama too…..

  71. 71 : Anzu Says:

    Again …… most of them are here to blame shin se kyung…. Yeah i agree she lack acting skill..but there are other actress too who can’t act ..but always people blame her only….i don’t think Yoo Chul is best actor either…..just becuz he is idol…people here are praising him only…

    Give shin se kyung a break plz…she has improve her acting …..she gonna give her best in this drama too…..

  72. 72 : Anonymous Says:

    I wonder if smells can be seen,, T.T
    weird title,, T.T
    but since it staring Park Yoo Chun, I decide to follow this drama,,
    well, Shin Se Kyung is not suit for Yoochun’s couple, but I still want to see this drama..

  73. 73 : me-anne Says:

    Sbs has confirmed 16 episodes for this drama, nevertheless, I’m smelling Yoochun winning for this mini series drama at year end 2015 Sbs drama awards.

  74. 74 : me-anne Says:

    Best Actor , Top 10 star, Popularity ,couple , PD award. Yoochun fighting!!! Choi moogak fighting!!!

  75. 75 : OK OK OK Says:

    I have the same opinion with some of the commenters here.

    How i wish Shin Se Kyung can act in a comedy to change my opinion on her.

    Her facial expression is like a block wood. I only watch her in FASHION.
    I didn’t continue in Blade or When a Man loves a women (even i like Lee Dong Wook & Song Seung Hoon very much) because of her poor acting – her lack of facial expression…… always looks the same throughout the drama. 🙁

    I wish Lee Dong Wook can put on some weight – he is too thin for now. I prefer his looks & physic when he act along with Eugene, Park Yong Ha & another drama with Lee Da Hae

  76. 76 : OK OK OK Says:

    Yoochun has good acting skills.
    He won’t be so popular & many followers if his acting has no souls.
    Many new fans are won by his acting skills, not just by his looks because we are not blind.

  77. 77 : iin Says:

    SSK again? no other? borring……..

  78. 78 : OK OK OK Says:

    shin se kyung is a lucky actress becoz she has a good manager to help her clinch the deal acting opposite A list male actor.

    Jang Hyuk, Lee Dong Wook, Song Seung Hoon, Now Micky Yoochun…….

    But her facial expressions, acting skills is not up to A list standards….. – needs lots of improvement.

    I am just a korean drama fans.
    If more actors, actress can act well, then I have more dramas to enjoy.
    I don’t hate her. Just my opinions 🙂

  79. 79 : chuna Says:

    I’m fine..hehehe. nice to meet you here..
    chunsa already supportif for this drama. they ever make fanpic and fanvid for MuRim couple.

    The real Chunsas (Yuchun fans) always support him and his co-star. I know their sincerity toward Yoochun for give him fan support and make the couple look good together toward fanpic. they try to accept his co-star and not blame her. I know it.
    as a chunsa, I know they like yuchun as an actor or a singer. yeah..they always give support for him.

  80. 80 : OK OK OK Says:

    After watching this drama the girl who can smells trailer, I like SSK smiles & expression.

    I went to search for her in youtube to look how she behave in real life.

    Wow, another side of Shin Se Kyung – spontaneous, full of smiles and cuteness in real life that I like her and her character very much.

    If she acts in a comedy or happy drama – sure many people will starts to like her & I will definitely enjoying watching. 😛

  81. 81 : chuna Says:

    @Ok Ok Ok..yeah. I watch that too. she really suit with Roncom.

  82. 82 : juliana p. Says:

    I really like yuuchun park. But I hope this one is not boring for me

  83. 83 : Exotic Says:

    interesting title.

  84. 84 : kimkayzin Says:

    @tigerb THANK YOU
    when i know lead actress with yoochun
    first Ah! She!
    then have a little worry.
    but not thought(to not watch).
    why?I watch dramas to relax for my daily’stress. I believe, will get relax from “the girl who can see smell” because of Genre:Fntasy,Ronance,Comedy(Like rooftop prince)i don’t look on actress.I look this drama Genre.

  85. 85 : ginny Says:

    Wtf???Ohh no…..ssk again,pls don’t make spoil a famous actor value,ur acting r so shitty….

  86. 86 : anna Says:

    i CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS DRAMA NO AIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. 87 : park jun sung Says:

    the scripwriter is from rooftop prince

  88. 88 : sahel Says:

    I think ssk has good a manage for this she act with good actor

  89. 89 : da fan Says:

    Kinda dissapointed ssk is in this show. Most of the dramas shes in (my Opinion) could have been more ‘interesting’ if the female lead were to differ. Don’t dislike her but somehow I tend to get tired of the dramas shes in even though the lead actors are good. Chemistry mismatched or ice queen ?? Can’t fill in the missing link. Feel sorry for the drama crew though.

  90. 90 : Jyenie Says:

    Haha SSK is in this drama? That means there will be at least thousand of comments on this thread.

  91. 91 : Logan1707 Says:

    Someone commented before that this drama would be fail…yes I agree with that. I wish Yoochun could have gone to MBC as they have ton of better drama plots and good ratings lately. All of SBS dramas were suck these days.

  92. 92 : wee Says:

    Another drama rating to be drop from SBS….why again that lady actor..she to totally can’t act at all..face expression is through out the,same

  93. 93 : erika Says:

    Finally new drama of PYC.yoochun ssi has a really good acting n he’s one of my fav actor.but SSK???😐.i wish bae suzy be the lead female.it will be perfect drama.but thats ok.i still wait for this drama bcoz yoochun ssi.FIGHTING Yoochun ssi!!!

  94. 94 : amy Says:

    I have a question: is it true that Yoochun and Shin Sekyung don’t talk much outside shooting? I’ve seen some BTS pics and there is no interaction between them when they are not filming for the drama…it’s like they ignore each other. Tbh, from the moment Shin Sekyung was casted as the female lead i feared that this will happen…not only her acting is very awkward, but she’s also awkward with people she’s working with. I think she’s the type that is hard to approach and this will affect their chemistry as a couple. I just hope her acting won’t ruin this drama because i really like Yoochun, he’s a good actor and he deserves a successful drama before he enlists in the army.

  95. 95 : kimmy Says:

    I agree. Yoochun deserves a good drama bcoz he will enlist soon. Too bad that I’m reading such negative comments that this drama will be a flop bcoz of SSK. Oh well, let’s leave the burden of ratings to SBS, the production staffs (writer, director & etc.,) after all, they have reasons why they cast these actors/actresses.

    As Yoochun fan, Im here to support him no matter how will the drama goes, tho good or bad, but it seems the latter one prevails bcoz of prejudgement. But on the brighter side of this, let’s enjoy ourselves and most importantly if you love the drama support for it and if you negate with the storyline/casts you can simply go out from here and have yourself watch other dramas instead.

  96. 96 : kimmy Says:

    I thank everyone acknowledging Yoochun’s potential in acting. Truly, he’s one those idol turned actors that deserves a great appreciation to anyone. He deserves more compared to what he has right now, and as a fan, I will give that support to him in all his activities/projects.

    Yoochun~ah, I know you will do well in your drama despite negative criticisms and I wish the writer can impress us in how will the drama unfolds it mystery towards the barcode murder case. Kudos to all the production staffs, I’m really excited on how to visualize the ‘smells’ and to our new couple please show us more your chemistry. Fighting!!!

  97. 97 : Mama MJ Says:

    SSK really one lucky actress, she acted with the most HOT male lead but unfortunately ALL of the drama don’t have good rating….WHY????????

  98. 98 : tigerb Says:

    i get tired of reading negative comments about ssk. i’ve never watched her before, but curiosity made me check on her page in this web site. she had leading female roles in only three dramas prior to this series and the only series which had lower ratings than the others is ‘blade man’ so much so that the number of episodes was shortened by 2. i never watched that series as i did not like the plot, much as i like ldw. the other series ratings were not that bad, so why do people blame her? am not defending her, i just think that sometimes people hear or read things and take it as the gospel truth and spread it. like i said previously, i’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, in fairness to her. this comment is not intended to offend anyone.

  99. 99 : trea Says:

    Im not yoo chun or SSk fans either
    but pls dont judge before the show airing
    who knows, if yoo chun and SSK do a good job at this moment
    lets hope for the best guys….
    Everybody deserves a chance, so does SSK, rite?

  100. 100 : amy Says:


    SMELLS..???? really SBS..??


  101. 101 : amy Says:

    lol It seems there’s another person who’s using the same username as me. I’m the girl who talked about Shin Sekyung’s awkward acting. I just hope that she will improve her acting and surprise us in a good way…the plot seems interesting and I’m really curious to see how she “sees” smells. For the other @amy: i don’t understand what’s so funny about seeing smells…are you trying to say that ‘seeing smells’ is a stupid thing? fyi, there’s a condition for this called synesthesia which involve an overlap of the senses. I think it’s pretty awesome!

  102. 102 : chuna Says:

    the 2nd teaser is so cute..
    I found Lee Gak, Han Jung Woo, and Han Tae Kyung on Choi Mu Gak. lol
    can’t wait to this drama

  103. 103 : kimmy Says:

    2nd teaser thumbs up :)))

  104. 104 : Big fan Says:

    Very cute teasers! I am looking forward to this drama!

  105. 105 : rory Says:

    2nd teaser is so cute! SSK’s laugh is so LOL! Bring it on girl, u can do it 😀
    I think if based on teaser, she just fits the role! Good luck team Smells!!!

  106. 106 : sahel Says:

    This time yoo chun will go out with acting with ssk

  107. 107 : OK OK OK Says:

    i am looking forward to this drama too. Shin Se Kyung change entirely from her previous “sad” story drama. this one she is so cute, sunny & happy.

    She should have changed it long ago to the present comedy romance drama. ha ha.

    Micky & SSK ;  fighting!!! 😛

  108. 108 : kimkayzin Says:

    2nd teaser give wish to watch this drama.
    come on!let curious this drama.!

  109. 109 : Numtal Says:

    i love this drama

  110. 110 : chuna Says:

    bring the trendsetter again Chun..something new about ‘Smell’ in K-Drama history.
    cos no theme like this before. lol

  111. 111 : park jun sung Says:

    sorry OOT..
    @admin reply my email please, thank u 😀

  112. 112 : kimmy Says:

    April 1 please come soon. Hahaha

  113. 113 : crisi hom Says:

    I wish suzy was the main actress

  114. 114 : chuna Says:

    @crisi hom. I wish too. but..yeah..she is better doing her best for MissA. maybe next time when Suzy is more mature about age and acting skill, she can act with YC. with the story about love and comedy. lol

  115. 115 : rory Says:

    It’s okay @crisi hom..I hope Suzy’s fans can move on now. Who knows they will get a chance again to act together. But at least it’s good that I feel like, this role is definitely for SSK since she looks adorable on both teasers so I’m happy 🙂 Also thank you so much SBS for inviting them on SBS Midnight TV Entertainment red carpet last Thursday! Both look comfortable & having so much fun there. I hope they will carry their chemistry on filming set too^^

  116. 116 : rory Says:

    *in both teasers 😛

  117. 117 : me-anne Says:

    What happened to 2.8K Facebook likes?

  118. 118 : koreandramalover Says:

    after watching this drama trailer why i still got the same felling about SSK? and just now i figured out its answer. in my opinion actually SSK can act! in her previous dramas she can act cry. angry, funny, stress. all she did it “fine”. But why people always judge her lack of acting skill? answer only one! “Her eyes never fall in love when she loved someone” and she couldn’t express her feeling thru her eyes! that’s why ppl think she lacks acting skill.

    in this drama trailer she still couln’t catch my eyes tho she acted cute. i wish i can change my mind after watching the whole drama ^^

    good job and working hard SSK ^^

  119. 119 : >, Says:

    When I read the plot I was like, Huh? See smells? That is so unrealistic. But it’s a korean drama, that explains it.

  120. 120 : phoesceia Says:

    I’ll definitely watch this! my ultimate bias’ drama comeback! ^^ though I dunno ’bout the female lead.. I just don’t like her acting in Blade Man (honestly).. I really hope she will do great!

  121. 121 : rory Says:

    @>, 119
    I think you should read comment by @amy 101
    this is definitely not a nonsense genre or maybe u can google about ‘Synesthesia’ to understand more 😉

  122. 122 : kiko Says:

    I can not imagine Shin Se Kyung play this drama ??? genre comedy ??? hmmmmm

  123. 123 : iin Says:

    but why the A actor decide to play wit SSK? i think the A actor know the expression of SSK.

  124. 124 : sahel Says:

    All of actors that they acting with ssk they went go out

  125. 125 : rory Says:


  126. 126 : rory Says:

    Watch The Preview of Episode 1 here!


    looks funny! I can’t hardly wait now 😆

  127. 127 : kimmy Says:

    too bad why did they reset the likes and no more top30 popular kdramas. tsk

  128. 128 : kimmy Says:

    the new upcoming kdramas has huge number of likes bcoz it is newly posted. hahaha.. anyways, im so excited on this. Gotta see more chemistry between our Murim couple.

  129. 129 : David Says:

    Watch This drama Engsub on Kgag.net Thanks:)

  130. 130 : lamia24 Says:

    i love you park yoochun and i desprately want to see you in this drama. fighting

  131. 131 : fran Says:

    thank you SSK….i am skipping this drama….you were the second choice, it was offered to Bae Suzy first…. i watched your dramas before and it was a complete was of my time…also due to low ratings, the drama was cut short…not anymore…to the rests of you, enjoy!

  132. 132 : fireking6002 Says:

    I think everybody deserves a chance right.. just because SSK didn’t do well in her previous dramas , that may not mean that she will also not do well in this drama. She looks so friendly and lively in the teasers and i can already see good chemistry between them. If u don’t like it , then don’t watch it.. Many people are already looking forward to it after seeing the trailers and teasers and for all you know, this might be a turning point for SSK. I have never heard a storyline like that before which makes it more interesting and mysterious to watch. The 1st episode is not even aired yet and there is already so many negative comments about SSK. Let’s just look forward to it and enjoy it. It will do well.

  133. 133 : chuna Says:

    watch the ep 1 teaser and Hanbam red carpet..their chemistry…make me ship them.

  134. 134 : KDrama: Falling For Innocence e The Girl Who Can See Smells Says:

    […] Fonte: KoreanDrama, KoreanDrama […]

  135. 135 : amy Says:

    Ugh, i want to see how she ‘sees’ smells. When are they going to show us? Anyway, the preview looks funny! Yoochun looks adorable in the teaser.

  136. 136 : Helma Says:

    Ugh another a failure drama from SBS and I don’t think this drama could compete and beat Unkind Women (KBS) out for ratings as they will be airing at the same time and day….you will see!

  137. 137 : kimmy Says:

    Highly anticipated drama of the year. After seeing the 9-min video I was really amazed on the story. It started as dark (bar code murder thingy) but the transition is so good as it goes romcom then. We’ll I couldn’t say more I just hope for the storyline and ratings also to be good.

    I found SSK acting here good enough. I hope this will be her turning point and Yuchun he’s a versatile actor so I don’t worry much on him. Fighting team 냄새를 보는 소녀….

  138. 138 : chuna Says:

    its okay this drama is failure cos can’t beat unkind woman and angry mom. i don care..
    for the good thing is..there are Yoochun (my bias), good script writer, good director, good cinematographer, and interesting story too..

    and we aren’t god. so don judge if you dunno at all about behind the scene of this drama from the teaser till the red carpet. and importantly, we don watch ep 1 yet. so, lets judge after we watch ep 1. good or failure. get good rating or low rating.

  139. 139 : chuna Says:

    btw after watch long teaser..I found that Cho Rim name same as YC’s sister name before his amnesia. really like the Ost when Mugak hear someone call Cho rim, Eun Seol.
    and I think the guy who wear blackjacket is Nam Gong Min. see the shillouate looks like him

  140. 140 : rory Says:

    sharing this! watch the 9minutes highlight here:

    I know good ratings are important too sometimes but I wish plot & acting win over the rating at least. but nowadays it’s hard to surpass 10% so I dont think we need to worry about ratings much. Helma says, “you will see!” I say, I will see this drama for sure..haha..I know what u mean tho, it just I choose to relax & enjoy the show 😉

  141. 141 : rory Says:

    yes, it seems Cho Rim’s previous name was same with Moo Gak’s sister; Choi Eun Seol and mistook by killing the wrong person..owh!
    I feel suspicious about NGM’s role too..chef, handsome, perfect, must be something fishy tho I wish to get bromance moments between CMG and him than the psycho role or triangle love but let’s see how^^

  142. 142 : sue Says:

    This drama has not even started and here we have plenty of soothsayers who say its going to fail. Need not take these views seriously though. Many of them might just be supporting other dramas but are here to be killjoys. If it has low ratings, its okay. Even dramas with low ratings have their own story to tell. Its all about personal taste.

  143. 143 : key Says:

    i’m waiting this drama

  144. 144 : download The Girl Who Sees Smells Says:

    park yoochun and shi se kyung is my idol.i like drama it

  145. 145 : Scorpio23 Says:

    What the Hell is the writer thinking about hiring SSK again. An actress with a flat affect that every Drama she’s in is always a flop. I feel bad for Yoochun. Such a great actor acting with a poor actress. I guess the producer as well as the writer don’t know the history of this actress. Seen most of Drama she was in. Her acting never improved as well as her facial expression. The last Drama she was in was a total failure. Just thinking her being in this Drama makes me wonder … are there any other choice except her ??? What a disaster !!!

  146. 146 : Scorpio23 Says:

    Has anyone seen the film Tazza 2 ? I just saw it. Was it really SSK who was almost naked in that film or was it a double ??? She took everything off except her bra. If anyone happen to watch this, check it out ‘coz I’m not quite sure if it was her or a body double. I thought she only does the naive innocent roles she portrayed in her Dramas !!!

  147. 147 : pamz Says:

    Wow amazing!!!!The girl who sees smells so nice..I’ve done watching ep 1 raw..Waiting for eng sub tom and ep 2…I really like ep 1 already something new story and not boring.. Park yoochun and Shen si kyung fighting..

  148. 148 : chuna Says:

    nice episode.
    btw, I found the similarity between SSK and Park Shin Hye. their voice a bit similar.

  149. 149 : chuna Says:

    @sue. yeah. agree with yu…its about personal taste. I dun care about the ratings.
    even now, TGWSS rating is on last. its not becoz SSK in it, her acying was amazing. she portray her role to be good. its just becos this drama air after prev drama. so, TGWSS need solid viewer and need amazing mouth to mouth to promote this drama. especially in Ahjumma..lol

    cos I know this drama was in Top search at Daum, Naver, and many kind of korean situs

  150. 150 : pamz Says:

    Ssk haters you must watch this drama..She act here so well,her acting is great unlike her previous drama…She really amazing!!!

  151. 151 : myrna Says:

    Thanks Viki for the eng sub. You rock!!

  152. 152 : kimmy Says:

    They started 5.6% ratings for the 1st episode. Sounds sad but if you really think of it, it was a good start coz it even surpass finale ratings of Hyde,Jekyll & I. Honestly, Im not really into ratings thingy but of course criticisms comes first about it and next is to the storyline inc. the casts. Oh well, it was really a very good episode and yes Sekyung did well. I like her character here as well as Chunnie’s char. too.

    Really had laughed in some of the few scenes LOL esp when Yuchun sleeping while catching the robbery and was it Choi-TaeJoon getting hit by a box? ouch that sounds so painful.. kkkk poor detectives. and mostly, the visualization of smells kyaa!!!! it was awesome.. I really love how it was displayed. And lastly, felt bad about Eun Sol. Her oppa is so hurt seeing her dead. I know we’ll get few moments of flashback between the two.

    I’m so excited for 2nd episode. I hope ratings increase also. It was really promising. I was not being bias here. I just find the drama interesting, entertaining and most of all eye-captivating drama.

  153. 153 : OK OK OK Says:

    finished watching ep 1.

    Though some parts i find SSK is too exaggerating and too “rush” to act (not too natural) – hope she will be more and more natural after mingles with all the actors….

    It starts with Micky is a low rank police who wanted to join crime investigation team so much that he work super hard but not too successful until he meets SSK who help him.
    He wanted to join that team so that he can investigate who murdered his younger sister who had the same name as SSK.

    Micky meets SSK in an accident & she helps Micky in his investigation with seeing the smell through her right eye.
    I will still continue to watch bc overall its still an entertaining drama bc I love police and thief story.

    I like Micky 😛

  154. 154 : henry Says:

    I like the story, Mickey improved his acting skills.

  155. 155 : OK OK OK Says:

    ha ha – its the left green eye that can smells 🙂

  156. 156 : tigerb Says:

    @kimmy and chuna: have not watched ep 1 yet, just reading the comments above. looks positive and very promising!

    @henry #154: have you watched pyc in the movie ‘haemoo’ (or ‘seafog’)? it’s not a fun movie, but very well produced and pyc was really good in it.

  157. 157 : kimmy Says:

    @tigerb I guarantee its so good…

  158. 158 : trea Says:

    Amnesia again, the story is the same… both leads had hurt in past, and then destiny meet them and then knows eachother about the pain, they related to the past, fall in love and then blah blah blah…
    Not interesting

  159. 159 : tigerb Says:

    @kimmy: at this writing i have to look for a version with english subs! let me get back to you after i have watched it! cheers!

  160. 160 : kimmy Says:

    @trea Then don’t watch. Haven’t you seen already yet the drama? This is not an ordinary drama bcoz tho she had an amnesia she had gain extra sensory senses and that she can see the smells. I never known dramas before with that kind of plot. So with that, I’ll leave it as your choice as not interesting. Its OK.

    @tigerb: hey dear, it was really good. Can’t wait for the next episode then. I hope they could catch up esp the ratings that’s been long so low since January. Hmmm.

  161. 161 : iin Says:

    iam still confused why the producer n tv station in korea placed SSK to be lead female. we know none of her drama can gained high rating. why?why?

  162. 162 : mml Says:

    After watching ep 1, I really agree that it’s a nice and interesting drama. Shin Se Kyung is very suitable to pair up with Micky YooChun as a Sensory Couple. More to expect and getting happy and excited to watch this drama.

  163. 163 : park jun sung Says:

    omwooo, trust me, this drama is much better than hyde jekyll and I, far far away better. well i bored watch drama about poor woman and rich melankolist man felt in love like HJI, there is no part to waiting for. BUT this drama is totally different. both of main lead are common person, and ordinary, there isnt too much fantasy story bhere, like in HJI, urg that drama is totally to much.
    i like this drama story, there serious problem on focus pf the story, and they covered it with comedy in every part. really good, for anybody who not yet watch it, give chance to try watch this 1st drama episode. and 9 from 10 of you will no regret and agree with me. seriously, its much better than HJ,I. so dont worry.

  164. 164 : park jun sung Says:

    and i really like this couple, yoochun and shin se kyung. in 1st episode i have felt their good chemistry. i dont think that Ssk act us too much n not natural. as far as i watch, her acting is good and cute, especially compared with cold personality of moo gak here. match couple (y)

  165. 165 : barbar Says:

    so sad when moo gak was denigrates as a lower police and he get underestimated from another police

  166. 166 : Big fan Says:

    Great start! I love the way SSK’s ability to see smell is portrayed. Very cute couple.

  167. 167 : chuna Says:

    2nd episode is more hillarious…I like it.
    btw hi @kimmy, @rory, and @tigerb

    and yeah..SSK is okay so far, although I’m agree that her acting isn’t so natural.but…give her a try..she can improve..

    and for someone who dislike this drama, decision to watch or not are depend on you. so, I don wanna promote this drama to you. hahaha

    once again..I dun care about the korean rating.

  168. 168 : pamz Says:

    @chuna ,I agree with you i also don’t care about the korean ratings as long as this drama is so great..Ep 2 so funny even thought i can’t understand hangul..Waiting for eng sub tom and ep 3 & 4 next week..Yoochun and si kyung fighting…Thank u TGWSS team for this amazing drama…Park yoochun as always…

  169. 169 : me-anne Says:

    This drama is daebak! Excellent production, Ep 1 & 2 is so enjoyable. Yoochun – return
    of rom com king

  170. 170 : lovatic Says:

    i liked the story , their acting !! it seems funny nd it’s really intersting !! keep going ♥

  171. 171 : OK OK OK Says:

    just finish ep 2 – niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😛

    very funny when Micky play hide and seek with SSK when she says she can see smells.

    Hide and seek bc SSK wants to persuade Micky to be her partner in stage play and she can help him to solve crimes. ha ha.

    I don’t really like Micky role here bc he is not too smart as a police – when Jay the chef ask Micky how come he knows ……
    Micky look around for SSK though she already ask M to keep it a secret…

  172. 172 : OK OK OK Says:

    my sister says this drama reminds her of
    I CAN HEAR YOUR VOICE by Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young 🙂

  173. 173 : Fullheart5 Says:

    Love it already. We are in for the next 15 episodes. Laughed through the first episode. And ratings……………………….do they ever include those of us, not Korean, who wait diligently for the wonderful subbers to get the next episodes to us.

  174. 174 : barbar Says:

    @ok oK OK
    so what if it reminds your sister to i can hear your voice?

    lets don judge because the drama has the same case has same plot too, just like HJM and KMHM

  175. 175 : kdqueenx Says:

    Yoochun and SSK are doing a great job of being their webtoon characters. She is so expressive in voice and actions. Yoochun is stoic and expresses himself very little except when doing the skits, I really SSK in this drama; bouncy and cheerful, sometimes petulant, better than the two dark dramas she was in before. This drama has already got me and I know it will get better.

  176. 176 : Adeul Says:

    What’s not to like. Mickey’s great Se Kyung’s hot and the story premise is intriguing.

  177. 177 : aya Says:

    love it so funny <3

  178. 178 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    This would be the first flop series of Yoochun. Oh God why Shin Se kyung? She may be a good actress, but she seems to be an unlucky charm for every series she is in.

  179. 179 : park jun sung Says:

    wow the rating of eps 2 increase. great….. hope keep increase next week :D.
    why should doubt with it? lee hee myung is one who wrote Rooftop prince which is drama who spread around the world.. got many awards.. and yoochun there too. so dont worry…
    hmm i waiting for momment when moo gak and cho rim felt their feeling each other. omwooooo

  180. 180 : sylvia soo Says:

    SSK improve a lot the acting….. good for her …..
    this drama is look no boring

  181. 181 : kimmy Says:

    I don’t agree with the term ‘flop’. This drama is slightly recovering from a 3-4% dilemma which has been for almost 3 months. If the drama continues to have low ratings then that’s the time I have to say it does. The story is good, really good. Just need time for SBS viewers to go back. And now they Korea have this kdrama ratings crisis. Even popular dramas only rate 9-10% like Healer as much as I know its famous also KMHM does also similar ratings. And for Girl who sees smell it succeeds Hyde Jekyll & I with a finale of 4.3% but gladly the ratings rose up to 5.6% for its pilot. So it was not an easy situation. Let’s wait I know it will improve.

  182. 182 : Gracy Says:

    This drama is so cute. SSK is look good together with my Yoochon hahahahah

  183. 183 : me-anne Says:

    Yoochun – you’re the best!

  184. 184 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 174 barbar

    pls read all my comments before so eager to “judge” with your personal conclusion
    does it bother you if i say “i can hear your voice’ who use ear to investigate crime which my family enjoyed this drama very much and
    “i can see your smells” who use eye to investigate crime – it also keep me entertain.

    So what??

  185. 185 : park jun sung Says:

    this drama so far is not too bad. so plese dont accuse SSK ruin all the way. there is nothing wrong with her… i like her. yoochun and shin se kyung are cute couple… omwoooo

  186. 186 : chuna Says:

    even the original webtoon of this drama praised of SSK acting.
    why can’t we? we must give her chance. I know some of her acting look not so natural. when she move, behave, and talk, but..she is okay. and in ep 2, she looks get feeling for her role. she improve in ep 2. I know that.

    so..lets enjoy the story. don blame her cos of the low rating. this drama still in last coa of previous drama while competitor dramas already have solid viewer for ahjumma korea. if the story is good and interesting, I bet everyone will watch this drama.

    I see a lot of praise for thia drama. not only the funny story and yuhun acting, but everyone who doubt of SSK before already change their mind to her. they said to SSK, ‘SSK found the character who suit with her young image and voice’. although I’m not fan of her and not follow all of her drama, I’m shocked too with her acting in TGWSS. the way she acts..its remind me of Park Shin Hye. yeah..I know they are different. but their voice a bit similar. if you all notice it..you will agree with my opinion. haha

  187. 187 : the truth Says:

    This drama is fun and cute. The lead actor, Park Yoochun is always great in most dramas. Nice to see him back. He looks great. I like the lead actress too. She is as cute as a button, also delivers good performance. First time I have watched her performance and find NOTHING WRONG WITH HER ACTING BUT GOOD. IT IS ALL GOOD! She and Park Yoochun have good chemistry. They make a cute couple. I like them together in this drama. I am cheering for them. All the best. Keep fighting. I am sure this show will take off. Yeah!

  188. 188 : rory Says:

    I think you will like it! It is a rom-com but also mystery & thriller! sometimes it’s like watching Han Tae Kyung & Bowon version 2 but this couple is more cuter & funny! Surely I love them both couples tho. I adore them in a different ways! Go try watching it tigerb^^

    Ep.1 starts with a dark scene. I feel sad coz the murder has been mistook by killing a wrong person & Moo Gak lost her sister just too sad to see. I’m not sure when Moo Gak starts being insensitive but I guess it will reveal soon. The CG for Cho Rim’s smells are sooooo beautiful! Thumbs up for this!
    CR is really a nice girl, she’s willing to help MG to investigate the cases since she can smell! And MG has no choice but to help CR to be her gag partner! But who knows MG’s slapstick is really work with his clueless face! I was LOL when he almost slips & how he hops on detective car all of a sudden 😆 also his satoori is cute!

    I can’t wait for ep.3! I love the mystery elements but at the same time it’s cute & adorable! Perfect for spring!

  189. 189 : rory Says:

    while waiting for ep.3, let me share some ‘the making’ videos from SBS.

    Murim at the Sauna

    Murim’s 1st meeting scene

    Murim = Moo Gak + Cho Rim..Murim’s name is actually given by SBS lol, not by their fans^^

  190. 190 : Lucian Says:

    Fun and cute full of mystery…A good thriller overall.

    A perfect movie, for a perfect night 🙂

  191. 191 : me-anne Says:

    This is Micky Yoochun ‘s showtime !! Let’s meet gagman Micky Choi Moo Gak!

  192. 192 : sandy Says:

    So far this drama has been able to keep my interest throughout the first two episodes. The script lines for both lead actors are not boring and are developing at a good pace.
    I have to say that Se Kyung performance in comedies is by far so much better, she is cute and charming on this one…Personally I am not suffering as I did with her other performances especially in When a Man Loves a Woman and Fashion King. Yochoon cute and handsome as always! I am looking forward to the upcoming episodes that I am sure will be filled with suspense, especially with that evil and psychopath doctor and his serial codes murders! I can’t wait now till next Wednesday!

  193. 193 : liaa Says:

    agree with @kurayuzaki666 … SSK NOT SUITABLE PARTNER WITH My Mickey :'(

  194. 194 : lina Says:

    shit the rating so low. this is 1st yoochun drama flop. i feel sorry for him because this drama didn’t doing well before he heading to army.

  195. 195 : kimmy Says:

    The ratings are still recovering from the trail of Hyde Jekyll & me ratings so please dont say yet it’s flop. Let’s see more on the next episodes if the ratings increase, but if not so then that’s the time you conclude.

  196. 196 : chuna Says:

    yeah. its too early to make conclution if this drama flop.
    if you are YC’s fans, you will know his drama record before. YC drama didn’t start with good rating, but as the story growing, tge rating was increasing. like SKKS (yoochun 1st drama), the rating was low at early episode but increase in 10+ episodes.

  197. 197 : marika Says:

    not a fan of the leading girl but I think so far she does a good job in this drama.And if I like her that usually I can not stand her then hmmm, that means she worked her [email protected]#$ off !.
    So far I like the plot and the chemistry with Mickey.

  198. 198 : lamia24 Says:

    in fact i never liked the lead actress in her previous dramas, but after watching the 2 eps of this drama and seeing the amazing chemistry between her and park yoo chun,i eventually liked her and beleived her acting, she really made beleive that she really sees smells. and about my lovelyyy PYC am a big fan of him since rooftop prince; fightingg

  199. 199 : lina Says:

    i don’t think the rating will increase. ahjumma prefer to choose watching unkind women or angry mom.

  200. 200 : Tira Says:

    I like this drama because of Yoochun but never like Shin Se Kyung facial expression………….

  201. 201 : chuna Says:


    nice recaps from DB. MUST WATCH IT!

  202. 202 : tigerb Says:

    @kimmy, rory and chuna: hi ladies! yes, yes, YES, YES!!! i agree with all your comments. the start of the series is really great, should negate the negative comments stated before April 1st. ssk is doing so well and has good rapport with pyc. story line is not boring and i think they can keep the upbeat atmosphere, it will do well till the end!

    in general, as to the ratings, please, let’s not even bother to look at it because we cannot do anything about it. am not sure, but i think most of the comments in this web site come from outside s.korea, so how the s.koreans like or dislike the series, we cannot persuade or dissuade them. likes and dislikes are relative to each person, so let’s get entertained and enjoy pyc and this series!

  203. 203 : tigerb Says:

    admin has presented the comments differently this time that whoever visits this page can read the comments from the start, giving the viewer to scan or read through. i like it.

  204. 204 : tigerb Says:

    @kimkayzin: where are you? have you watched the first two episodes yet? what do you think?

  205. 205 : tigerb Says:

    co-stars should not be blamed if a movie or drama series fail because if an actor thinks his co-star is not that good, he can always say no to a project. looking at it another way, it should be challenge to the actor if he can bring out the best of his co- stars as it is team work. and really, there are so many other factors to consider so don’t put the blame on one person.

  206. 206 : kimmy Says:

    @tigerb The admins really had made several changes in this site. Like the top30 most shared, even the likes are reset and the comment section urghhh really made you scroll up to the bottom part.

    This drama really has a good pacing. I agree with some of you. I never had a bad judgment about SSK at first, but I was also hesitant on her bcoz of the negative feedbacks I was glad seeing people who underestimate her, praise her bcoz of his acting. She nailed the character of Cho-rim really. I love everything about the show not mentioning how much I love the lead actor. But it’s really entertaining and you will never get bored on the scenes. There’s only one thing that I almost feel like stoooopppp haha whenever Mugak eats too much. Gosh, I was holding my tummy while watching and I felt like ‘wow, you ate all of those Mugak-shiii? Hahaha .

  207. 207 : kimkayzin Says:

    @tigerb;i am busy this days.but i always read all comments&news about this drama.but i can’t watch episodes 1&2.i am glad,a lot of audience like this drama.i think i will like this drama too.

  208. 208 : rory Says:

    1st of all I was so shocked to see this new setting..what if the comments up to 1000? it will be so looooooong journey 😆

    welcome to the club^^
    Glad that u like it..About ratings, YES, let’s not even bother to look at it..and we should know, teenagers probably watching drama via online & let their moms watching from TV instead..for me as long as the writer-nim, our leads giving their good job & chemistry, I’m satisfied enough! Good ratings are bonus 😉

    Now, I cant wait for ep.3 & 4! I forgot to say that I cant wait to see CMG joins ‘Special Investigation Team’. I think I’m going to like profiler Yeom Mi, she looks badass but tolerable! I can sense, she loves CMG’s attitude! also am hoping no more smacking head scene from his seniors..Poor him LOL eventho he cant feel anything but still he dont deserve that

  209. 209 : chuna Says:

    finally I can meet 3 of you guys…
    yes..I really like positive respons for this drama. not only from YC fans but also non fans and maybe everyone who doubt about SSK before. I’m really glad to hear that.

    btw, I think the scriptwriter is Yoochun’s fanboy. he know everything about him. so we can see YC real side on MuGak. LOL

    maybe, I can let Han Jung Woo image to MuGak. hahahah
    I really like dorky and adorable Chun.

  210. 210 : mei Says:

    This is totally unexpected. I didn’t thought I will like this drama.
    So far, good job to the casts…

  211. 211 : park jun sung Says:

    l really curious who s the one who fall in love for the first time? moo gak or cho rim? what do u think all? 😀
    omwooo cant wait to see their love story begin… ashhhh miss yoochun scene fall in love since in Missing You. fiuhhhhh…

    why the comment must appear without part of page? i mean its more comfort if those thousand comment separate into some of part.. just my opinion. and is it only me who cant see popular list, or drama now airing, via mobile phone? i use opera mini on android froyo, and i cant see those menu, anyone has same condition with me?

  212. 212 : chuna Says:

    @park jun sung. I think CR will fall in love first. then MuGak.
    although he is senseless, he still feel something when CR get closer to him. He still feel to cry when he reminds of his sister.
    yeah..he is senseless just for pain. but he can fall in love too. maybe we don need to wait MuGak find his sense back to love CR. hahahah

  213. 213 : Shirrot Says:

    Hi All! Im new here… I found this site through searching Yoochun’s new drama rating. After first episode airing i was dying to know the rating i kept on waiting on my FB account but no one yet posted it, so i was searching until i come across with this site. Thanks!! Finally i found it. Anyways, i am a big fan of Yoochun guys..As i go through reading all the comments here, i have noticed that ratings were blame to Ahjummas… Why blaming the Ahjummas? Why is it when it comes to Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun’s dramas rating are always high. Does it means ahjummas likes LMH and KSH more than PYC? OR are they lee min hoo and kim soo hyun more famous in South Korean than park yoo chun?

  214. 214 : rory Says:

    @park jun sung
    I’m with @chuna, I guess OCR will fall in love 1st eventho I dont know what happened once they know the truth..I guess I will enjoy their cuteness & dorkiness at this moment. I feel like to squeeze these two coz they are so adorable & cute! 😀

  215. 215 : chuna Says:

    @shirrot. about KSH and LMH. I think yes. they are more popular than PYC. but, as we know that PYC’s background is from boygruop. and when he becomes JYJ member, they rarely appear in broadcast TV except drama.
    KSH and LMH are more popular in oversea.

    but..YC still has a power from his loyal fans. as we can see, he always won for popularity with using by vote from fans. maybe just last year he lose from KSH for Baeksang. but…we know his fans still hard work to support him.

    and for ahjumma, I think yes, if most of the viewer from TV are ahjumma. and the young people or worker watch it with streaming from phone.
    the rating from AGB and TNMS are based on viewer from TV. and the rating in internet was high for TGWSS. its 20% (if not mistake).
    so, don worry…just belive if the drama’s rating will increase.

  216. 216 : me-anne Says:

    4月3日讯 2日播出的SBS水木剧《看见味道的少女》中,朴有天饰演的男主角崔武阁时而可爱,时而搞笑,时而又让观众们心动不已。他成功地让搭档申世京(又译申世景)多了一大批“情敌”。



  217. 217 : me-anne Says:

    Credit to :人民网-韩国频道

  218. 218 : kimmy Says:

    Ahh this long dragging comment made me so lazy checking the comments. Lol. Anyway, I’m so excited tomorrow and I just wished something will increase? (Ratings)

    I couldn’t speak much bcoz I’m really very excited to watch tomorrow’s episode and I just hope writer-nim will continue his first episodes to be good and entertaining. More powers to the team.

  219. 219 : kurayuzaki666 Says:

    I really have bad feeling towards SSK. Her, being leading lady of A-lister actors resulted to a not so favorable and moderate ratings. For example:

    When A Man Loves with Song Seung Hun
    Iron Man with Lee Dong Wook.

    I just wish, this drama will break it.

    and admins please return to your original layout! This is so tiresome! And where’s the Most Shared Dramas by the way. Thanks! More Power!

  220. 220 : pamz Says:

    Actually,Iron man is really boring drama…No story line and ssk rule in iron man is different than TGWSS..But, because i’m a fan off Lee dong wook so I’ve done wathed until the end..And,I don’t think that ssk acting is really that bad..Maybe because that is her rule in some previous drama…Now, in TGWSS you can say that she really a good actress but I’m not fan of her either…So,pls. let’s support her in this drama…PYC and SSK fighting…


  221. 221 : Shirrot Says:

    @chuna… Thanks for enlightening me.. Ill just crossed my fingers that it would go high…

  222. 222 : Henry Says:

    Hi @tigerb 156: Yes you’re right, there’s no doubt that pyc is a great actor that’s why i watch his dramas including this one (girl who sees smells), he’s so funny here. Have fun watching TGWCSS and have a great day!

  223. 223 : nicole co Says:

    Title “The Girl Who Smells?” 😀

  224. 224 : devy Says:

    i watched for 2 episode, and so far is so good, both main leads act so funny.. and i will always watch over it..
    actually it’s from webtoon like hyde, jekill, i was disapointed when watch it, it was so boring -__-, but for sensory couple, i think i will like it, the story line also good.. ^^

  225. 225 : Dramalover Says:

    To all of SSK haters:- I love this drama as well as all characters playing the major role.They are just entertaining us with new plots and crazy presentations ..why just not sit and watch and enjoy instead of judging people and making yourself unhappy..so let’s cheer up and hope every episode will be of so entertaining and amazing.. SSK & team :FIGHTINGGG..

  226. 226 : rory Says:

    dear admin, please add Actor Song Jong Ho to the list as Doctor Chun Baek Kyung..Thank you^^

  227. 227 : pamz Says:

    Wow,I’ve just done wacthed in live streaming…I can’t stop laughing with PYC acting!!!If you want to watch this drama live just download OLWEB tv…

  228. 228 : pamz Says:

    Let’s congratulates TGWSS for having 200 millions views in china from ep 1 & 2 and also have 400 thousands plus comments..And it’s also # 1 ranked in weibo..Congrats TGWSS..FIGHTING!!!!!

  229. 229 : rory Says:

    me too!!! OMG! I’m dying of laughing last night watching ep.3 eventhough it has sad scene but I enjoyed it so much! what an episode! Two thumbs up!

  230. 230 : Logan1707 Says:

    Wow…surprisingly I like SSK’s acting in this drama and I think she nails it very good. I like watching her in this drama. I am sure the ratings will be raising in the next episodes as the story is getting more more interesting and also moving fast. I recommend the people to watch this and you will be liking it afterward 😉

  231. 231 : pamz Says:

    Ep 3 ratings 7.0..I just read to TGWSS fb page..

  232. 232 : pamz Says:

    Congrats TGWSS the ratings is up to 7.0 now…fighting!!!!

  233. 233 : chuna Says:

    yeyyy..the rating increase again..
    and I’m so surprised with the fast story. didn’t believe that MuGak tell his past to ChoRim. and he said he is Monster too. Lol

    and YM already know that CR was included in Barcode murderer too. very nice and maybe we will get twist story from this drama. haha

  234. 234 : park jun sung Says:

    yeay greatttt.. rating keep increase… i smell something good… haha
    @admin plis back the comment template view, aigooo its a bit annoying show all comment into one page

  235. 235 : download The Girl Who Sees Smells Says:

    yeahh…rating this drama is increase.this story drama is very interesting and funny ..hahaha..:D

  236. 236 : yukari Says:

    Hi all, I watched 3eps so far. Pls note, i`m not YC fans either SSK fans, and I watched eps 1 with no reasons, just curiousity becoz lots of SSK haters. So I decided to watch it to proof how bad SSK act is… and I think, SSK doin good. Shes even better, no, much better than han ji min in HJI. I think in this drama, CR character fits well with SSK.. Her facial expression is not flat. Until now, I feel that this drama still interesting eps by eps is getting better and better
    I believe the low rating started bcoz many people dont wanna see SSK act. But trust me.. the story is good and SSK act improves a lot

  237. 237 : Dramalover Says:

    definitely supporting what “yukari” said….

  238. 238 : Artie Says:

    @Logan1707 #230 – yes I agree with you SSK’s acting was sooo good in this drama. She is doing amazing job in here. Soo I guess the haters are gonna hate…..because SSK is amazing in this drama. I believe this drama are doing so great in the next episodes as the ratings keep increasing in every episodes.

  239. 239 : kimmy Says:

    Keep pushing #GirlWhoSeesSmell ! I know you can soar up. There are still lots of questions in my mind right now but i have to get hold of those coz i know my questions will be solved with the coming episodes. cheers!!!!

  240. 240 : kimmy Says:

    @admin could you place ranks on episode 3 ratings it rank 19th (nationwide) and rank 15th (seoul)

  241. 241 : kimmy Says:

    I’m into questions like

    1st: ‘why carve barcodes into the victims wrist’? for what purpose? i mean he just killed people randomly

    2nd: what was Cho Rim’s now known father’s reason why he adapt chorim? since he’s a cop in the past years i bet he musn’t hide chorim’s identity esp. to those investigation theme since she was the only witness.

    3rd: Chef Jaehee is really suspicious, i don’t see in her eyes that he loved Joo Mari, not mentioning he quite cry seeing her dead. lols.

    lastly, how destined Mugak & ChoRim are both on that same hospital fighting life-to-death situation. kyaa. i really appreciate every detail of this drama. Thumbs up writer-nim. I hope you won’t be out of ideas on how to make this drama lovely. And also to the actors and other staffs!!!

  242. 242 : chuna Says:

    @kimmy..yeah..a lot of question and we must hold it. hahaha

    @yukari. the low ratings aren’t cos of SSK haters dun wanna watch this drama. I think most of the reason is cos of TGWSS previous drama has low rating and effect to TGWSS. beside that, Unkind women has stable viewer and ratings, then Angry Mom has advantages cos of it appear after KMHM (which so popular) and the story was good too. so it will be difficult to get high rating.
    but..I’m still believe that this drama will deserve good rating cos of the story was good too.

  243. 243 : Chrissy Says:

    I love watching SSK in this drama, she is such a cutie and adorable in here. Her chemistry with Yoochun was so amazing. They looked so great as a couple. I can’t wait to see romance between both of them.

  244. 244 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 3

    Micky Yoochun – U are the only one that can make me laugh

    Cher, Cher, Cherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 😛

  245. 245 : Chrissy Says:

    Done watching ep 4 and it was really funny especially for SSK when she was drunk and then she woke up at the police station. She also has done amazing job at ep 3 when she laughed so hard while crying….damn it was so good. She is really nailing her acting in this drama. For SSK’s haters I suggest you to watch her in this drama. You are gonna love her like I do 😉

  246. 246 : rory Says:

    I’m under Choi Moo Gak’s spell now! Churl..churrrrrrrrl~ 😆 😆 😆

  247. 247 : rory Says:

    I thrilled everytime Dr.Chun appeared & is it only me that Dr.Chun & Chef Jae Hee’s relationship seems suspicious. And I agree, Chef JH’s tears look quite fake

    Well, It gives me everything in ep 3!
    I laughed, I cried, I thrilled!
    And I love our couple so so much!!!
    OCR is perfect combined for CMG..she brings life & smile to CMG. And OCR feels secure with CMG tho I’m worried when she’s getting closer with Dr.Chun & Chef JH now..creeps the hell outta me!!! But thanx to Murim, they give us lots of laughs! I was sad that CMG unable to help OCR during the audition but we know he didnt mean to do that..well, he is a cop, which is requires him to standby 24hours so I understand but at least he practiced the ‘churl’ line in the interrogation room so it means he really wants to help OCR! well, that scene just cracked me up! with his dead pan face + he didnt know that Profiler YM is watching him! hahaha!!! he just ruined her perception LOL! Also when CMG thoughts she was safely in the taxi but the truth is she jumps out from the other side is just GOLD! 😆

    Agree! They shouldnt judge from her previous works..she’s shining here!

  248. 248 : rory Says:

    anyway congrats! The ratings for Ep.4 are increased again to 7.8%! Good job writernim, cast & all crews..well deserved!

  249. 249 : pamz Says:

    Good job TGWSS..see u nxt week…no preview!!!Love murim couple…

  250. 250 : mic Says:

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh 🙂 The ratings for Ep.4 are increased again 🙂 Love Yuchun and all cast. GO GO GO

  251. 251 : kimmy Says:

    Wooh, congrats smell girl team. I hope you could cope with the ratings soon and eventually get double-digit ratings. Aja!!!

  252. 252 : mei Says:

    WOW! The rating is going UP, UP, Up!

  253. 253 : Simon Says:

    Very funny and interesting. Shin Se kyung may not be a very good actress but this character suit her well and she is lovely. I believe the rating will keep going up, “Angry Mom” is not nearly as good as this show so I think TGWCSS will keep getting viewers from that show.

  254. 254 : Audra12 Says:

    Shin Se Kyung suits really well with her role in here. She is doing excellent job and she is freaking funny and also adorable as I like her so so much. She and Yoochun are so good together and this is my favorite OTP at the moment.

  255. 255 : moogak Says:

    It is been great so far guys let’s give a chance for SSK she is trying her best on this drama and it shows on the rating already. It is a drama where all of us viewers can have fun and help us relaxed. Keep up the good job smell team.

  256. 256 : rory Says:

    Oh dear Wed & Thurs..I need both of u to come faster! haha..after done with Shine Or Go Crazy & Ho Goo’s Love, I dont really have many drama to follow right now. Still waiting patiently for Let’s Eat & Missing Noir M subs tho.

    Let’s watch this then: TMO Murim’s ‘Seoul’s Moon’ skit. eee..why so funny & adorbs?! They look playful and comfortable each other..love them!

  257. 257 : You two Says:

    I don’t like shin se kyung’s character in other drama.. but in this drama she play good.

  258. 258 : tigerb Says:

    @ the chunsas rory, kimmy and chuna! happy sunday! but wish tonite is wednesday and thursday! i’ve read all your comments and nothing more i can add except to say that the last 4 episodes sure proved that pyc and ssk are doing well, and i am laughing at their antics at the comedy skit. @ rory: maybe you can do a dance to spin the world faster, ha! ha!
    there’s a mention as to who falls for whom first. i think they will both fall for each other at the same time without knowing it. we’ll see!

  259. 259 : tigerb Says:

    @ rory: try gooddrama.net for ‘missing noir m’

  260. 260 : tigerb Says:

    @rory, kimmy and chuna: you probably know of this already, read somewhere that pyc is starting to shoot in a movie about ‘dream whispering’ something. good luck to his new role!

  261. 261 : kimmy Says:

    @tigerb yah i heard about it tho he just do a cameo? i hope a longer cameo lol. GWSS team fighting!!!!

    @rory i hope too its wednesday-thursday today sigh i really miss mugak.

  262. 262 : rory Says:

    thanx! I’ve DL ep1 & 2 already, so I only need softsub files and just found it but only managed to watch ep.1, I’m working far from my workplace this week..so, quite busy but bad bad bad! My mind is thinking of this drama so badly! it’s really bad that I cant hide my smiling when some cute/funny scenes were playing in my mind all of a sudden..I hope no one will notice my sudden smiles tho..hahaha

    and YES, heard the news about his cameo part for ‘Lucid Dream’. His character is still mystery tho..I know he’s not playing a big role like in Haemoo but I hope it’s still a memorable one.

    Also fighting team Smells, I think they are starting to live shooting right now since no preview for ep.5 after ep.4 ended. I wish all the cast & crews will stay healthy & working in a good mood till the end of the show..Fighting!!! 😉

  263. 263 : Keys Says:

    I love this drama, the chemistry between Yoochun and SSK was amazing. They are so funny, cute and romantic together. SSK so fits in rom-com dramas. And soooo excited for next episodes!

  264. 264 : Dy.K Says:

    Greetings for SSK haters n Yoochun lovers…, i came in peace. I never watch Yoochun drama before but i watched SSK in BM (only 8 ep by the way) which i think was a failure due to lousy storyline. I agree for those who think its about personal taste never mind the ratings.
    Sooo after 4 eps and 250+ comments later i’m curious to watch this drama 😀 And i think this drama turn out to be a good one…a good funny one. There is a good chemistry between the lead cast, and many comical scene (the drunk scene LOL) and purely my opinion our female lead acts well (i notice she always play an innocent and joyfull character,can’t help with face stereotipe i guess) but yes the male lead acts superb.
    So yes i’m going to wait for the next episode. Happy watching for those who same with me!

  265. 265 : chuna Says:

    long time no visit here. LOL

    see the BTS in TL make me more curious abour next episode. hhhaha

    and the cherry blossom tree…kyaaa…my wish come true for YC drama. next..can I see a back hug? heheh

  266. 266 : Audra12 Says:

    I’m so excited for new episode tonight as I can’t wait for MooRim couple for their interaction again. I believe it’s gonna be freaking awesome. Keep up the good work TGWCSS’s team!!!

  267. 267 : icha Says:

    I haven’t watched Shin Se Kyung’s series yet. To me, she’s doing great here. or, she’s trying hard to be great as her partner is Yoochun. The story is much interesting with its unique thing –seeing smells– hahaaha

    I always wait for Weds & Thus …. 🙂

  268. 268 : lyn Says:

    hey guys pls. give shin se gyung a chance to show her acting. i think she is doing great in her role.

  269. 269 : lyn Says:

    can’t wait for the next episode..

  270. 270 : acel Says:

    i was a fan of kdrama way back 2010. just last week i miss watching kdrama ..so i started again.. i finished Hogus Love .. then i found this one.. omg im speechless.. best kdrama for 2015 maybe.. most recommended one.. very cute, suspensing, very romcom 🙂 .. i love it.. i finished ep 5.. its very good.. now im waiting for ep 6 ^^

  271. 271 : pamz Says:

    What happened to the ratings?But,still im inlove and enjoying wacthing this drama…See u ep 6 tonight…TGWSS fighting!!!

  272. 272 : tigerb Says:

    ep. 5 is funny! cmg is snoring with his eyes open in the midst of dinner! sorry, could he have narcolepsy?

  273. 273 : OK OK OK Says:


    Micky Yoochun ssi

    1st 5 mins, you really make me laugh alot while eating fried chicken in the restaurant.
    You are really a talented actor and a natural comedian. 🙂

  274. 274 : rory Says:

    EP.5 is simply amazing!

    “Someone else already paid your bill..”
    “the countryside isn’t a bad place to live”

    hahaha..they need to stop practicing in the restaurant, others will misunderstanding their conversations are real LOL! but it’s so funny 😆

    This show succeed to bring us laughter, sadness & thrilled! Choi Moo Gak continues to give us laughter with his natural gag & I was actually cried at the Det. Tae Jae Suk scene! then the way he told his sunbae’s car touched the line is just precious..haha too cute this moo gak!

    I also glad we got another scene for Moo Gak and his sister! sad but cute..

    I think Doctor Chun is kind and knows what happened to OCR coz now my suspicious more to Chef JH, even his lawyer looks something fishy too..he even asked Dr.Chun to hide his document which is I think those are Mari’s missing diaries. This show keeps the mystery till now, I just love it!

    What can I say, this is another great episode imo! two thumbs up!

  275. 275 : Sinopsis The Girl Who Sees Smells Episode 1 - Terakhir « Kdramastory Says:

    […] Lihat pemeran selengkapnya di sini. […]

  276. 276 : cc Says:

    Love them!! Love YooChoon and Love Shin Se kyung .. Pls guys give her a break. She is working hard…. Fighting!!

  277. 277 : hydepy Says:

    I know that the doctor is a good person! The chef is really fishy, he looked sad about his girlfriend’s death for ONLY ONE EPISODE, the next episode he’s all cheerful! It means that he didn’t love his gf right?! Hope the doctor will be OK.. But isn’t 6 ep to reveal the chef as the murderer is a bit early? What mistery gonna happen next?? Omo..maybe the scriptwriter has something surprising next, hopefully! Btw, love the romance so much! Cha you PYCxSSK!!

  278. 278 : pamz Says:

    PYC and SSK is the best couple they really cute together..Espially when they playing cards..I like the puched and the dream hug daebak..

  279. 279 : kimmy Says:

    Now that we know Chef kwon is the killer and in order for him to do it easily, he must befriend his victims. Now, it will be hard for ChoRim to stay away from her since I guess Jaehee already knew ChoRim was the daughter of the fisherman couple. Now I only want is, for me to know why was he doing that in the first place? I mean for what reason? Or he’s just a pyscopath. Omo, I’m so scared. Please protect Chorim Mugak~shiii. She’s the sole witness to the crime tho I really don’t think she remembered the face.
    But I have to agree that I already suspected Jaehee during Ep.1. His face looks the same without showing his upper face due to the hood.

    I’m really loving this drama so much better each episode. How the drama proves me wrong at first glance. The quick pacing from suspence to romantic one/ comedy part until it ends each episodes with so many underlying questions like what? Omo, poor Dr.Chun, I almost like him now knowing his side of story. Didn’t expect it to end this way for him. But there’s no way for him to escape from Jaehee’s acts of killing.

  280. 280 : tigerb Says:

    as of this writing (have not watched ep. 6 yet) i don’t think dr. chun is off the hook as he is the one who went to jeju island and he got the medical records, comparing the leg bones x-ray of ocr. the little dog barking outside the door that the chef said is his store room is suspicious to me (can’t remember which episode was that). the doctor and the chef are probably in cahoots?

  281. 281 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 6

    Micky is getting smarter to guest the barcode of the book.
    Never know that bar code is read like this – thick, thick, thin thin, thin thick ……….. ????

    I like SSK white sweater long sleeve shirt she is wearing when she is asking “male star” to sign autograph.

    So clean & fresh feeling …….. beautiful 🙂

    has the chef kills the male doctor or is going to kill even he has get ready the barcode & dates on the book for the docto??

    bc chef stills prepare 2 sets of same dish (for 2 persons)

    Getting more exciting…. ha ha

  282. 282 : tigerb Says:

    dang, i commented too fast too soon. ep. 6: the chef killed the doctor. i thought the doctor planned to escape to senegal because he was going to hide regarding ocr. writing a letter and leaving it on the table like that? this drama gets more interesting! and cmg gets smarter!

  283. 283 : Dy.K Says:

    Uoooo finish watch ep 5-6 and i agree with #277 hydepy. I think its to early to reveal the killer. They should make the doctor just dissapear and let the viewer guess when he will be back assuming he was the killer.
    Another thumbs up for NGM as the chef/the nice guy/the psycopath.
    Writer-nimmmm keep up the good work. I hope there still more pieces of puzzle to solve. Like in the “Criminal Minds” give us a reason why the chef has another hobby. Oh and other funny scene of course.

  284. 284 : Jackie Says:

    I love all the elements of this drama! The combination of comedy, romance and suspense is thrilling.
    Some thoughts after watching ep6:
    – Loved the scene ‘So this is your taste?’ *rofl*
    – If I understand it correctly, Dr. Chun should be alive till March 7, 2015, which is some time away considering the recent Joo Ma Ri’s death on February 11, 2014. So there is some hope for the doc.
    – The police is probably missing the real first victim as the chef has ‘death’ books with 7 bar codes and the first book has the number 00 not 01 (the killed professor).

  285. 285 : Jenny taw Says:

    Can’t wait for the next ep ! The show is getting exciting – hope doc will survive …and hope the love line will developing at good pace with lots of cute moments ha ha I like the part the male lead woke up from the female lead’s lap … Ha ha he was like half blur half awkward, cute 🙂

  286. 286 : rory Says:

    heol! My guess is right about Chef JH tho it might be have another plot twist for the upcoming eps! But for now, poor Dr.Chun, deep inside in my heart I wish he’s still alive since Chef JH even prepared two meals everytime he cooks! Dont kill his char yet dear writernim, I just want Song Jong Ho on my screen more!

    One minute u feel thrilled and the next minute it brings u laughter, this drama is really something 😆 Dont u love now how close their relationship between Mog Gak, chief & the other two detectives? I guess it starts after Detective Tak’s case. The scene at chicken soup restaurant is so funny! Remember how MG deals alone to fight in ep.5 but in ep.6, he knew it already so he pushed Det.Yeh & Det.Ki to ambush inside the gambling room hahaha!

    What I like more about this drama, every scenes have the meaning or clue like the sudden cameo from Lee Jung Shin CNBLUE, I tot it just to entertain viewers but there’s clue behind it! that’s cool & smart!

    Now I just can’t wait for the next episode!

  287. 287 : Pooh Says:

    Before you all dont watch this drama just bec of shin se kyung (btw i didnt like her before too haha), i think u should all try it out first. I just tried cos korean netizens had such positive comments about the drama so i ended up watching it despite me not liking shin se kyung. And guess what! Shin se kyung rly improved on her acting like 100x better than before!!! Yes she’s not the best or one of the bests yet but she really improved so much 🙂 i’m starting to like her now too to be honest.

    So guys before you go rant about why shin se kyung’s the lead girl, watch first. As the say, don’t judge a book by it’s cover right? It won’t hurt to try. If you tried one ep and didnt like it, then stop. No one’s stopping you. You’ll never know, you might end up liking her too!

    This drama is rly good so far, the plot is very solid and all the actors are good!!! Even the supporting cast 🙂 ost and cgs are perfect as well @-) plus it’s really funny!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Hope the ratings continue to increase~

  288. 288 : park jun sung Says:

    omwooo… the rating of eps 6 hit its highest rating so far…. hope next week its hit top 10 in korea. waaaa the story become more and more interesting, story if moorim couple, also about bacrcode killer. well well well im glad that this drama is better than previous drama, HJI… i really hope the rating can up to >15%… becoz it deserve to gain it. do you agree with me all??? 😀

  289. 289 : park jun sung Says:

    just watch ep 6 and so surpriza that the barcode killer is chef kwon… aigooo his face is innoncent, doctor chur mor suspicious before, but the situation is change drastic. well i start to paid attention to doctor chun. he is good person. chef kwon always serve meal for him, its mean hr is still alive. cho rim and moogak, plis save doctor chun as soon as possible before the bastard killer kill him. im sorry with doctor chun, everybody accuse him before.
    well, im so curious why chef kwon kill them, is there any reason to kill them, and what reason he leave barcode every he done kill someone? is it important to leave it, or there is puzzle with those barcode? the big problem in mh mind is ehat the relation story between chef kwon and his murder victim? is there pain reason until he kill them?

  290. 290 : chuna Says:

    I think ep 6 is the best so far..
    Yuchun face really adorable and cute..
    wanna pinch his cheeks.
    remind me of Manse. Lol

  291. 291 : tigerb Says:

    @rory: you’re sharp! no doctor’s body found can mean a twist in future episodes!

  292. 292 : Chrissy Says:

    This drama gets better and better and I can’t get enough with this adorable couple Yoochun and SSK. I think for me they are the cutest OTP at the moment. Everything about this couple in this drama was so lovely and freaking amazing. I’m sooo excited for next episodes.

  293. 293 : Carmen Says:

    I do not know but at the begining of this drama they show the doctor as the killer…and now is a diff person, how they did that?

  294. 294 : rory Says:

    Preview of episode 7

    I wish Moo Gak is able to save him but if the writernim wants to kill off his character since he will busy for Orange Marmalade drama, maybe just send him off to Senegal so we wont feel hurt that much 😀 coz I’ve read webtoon spoiler and if the writernim followed this plot[coz I heard it will be a bit different] there is a hope that Dr.Chun can survive

  295. 295 : Chrissy Says:

    Just watched ep 7 raw….wow OMG that’s was such a roller coster episode….yay our OTP kissed, well just quick kissed….I hope there will be a passionate kiss next episode….and noooo…. Moogak got stabbed at the end ep 7 and no preview ep 8 :((

  296. 296 : Audra12 Says:

    Done wacthing ep 7 with subs and this ep was really freaking good. So happy to see our couple MooRim have kissed each other eventhough just a quick kiss but it’s sweet and cute. Can’t wait for ep 8 tonight!!!!

  297. 297 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 7
    wow, if the doctor’s container got cctv, then the police can see the chef’s face when he turn his face to look at Micky. ha ha. 🙂

    this episode passes very fast….

  298. 298 : miricia Says:

    Chunface is really cute and adorkable in this drama, never get tired to see him! XD

  299. 299 : kimmy Says:

    @ok ok ok what do you mean by the container? aigooo. its too fast to identify the suspect at this early episode.

    im loving this otp so much. they look so good together and that accidentally ‘kiss’ was really. aigoo, even if its just for compliance to the investigation, its still is true. lol.

  300. 300 : Audra12 Says:

    Hah just realised that Yoochun and SSK both of them were left-handed people….loved this couple 😉

  301. 301 : NKDigoxin Says:

    Ya’ll need to put “**** SPOILERS****” when you post!!!

  302. 302 : usa-mary Says:

    I’m getting ready to watch this drama just because of SSK!!! Yes, my favorite Korean actress!

    All the naysayers can just take a walk on a short cliff’note. I’m going to watch a wonderful actress and actors perform.

  303. 303 : usa-mary Says:

    YESSS! Mickey Yoo Chun is also my favorite actor! I’m now officially watching this drama.

  304. 304 : usa-mary Says:

    Is there any type of significance to people in Korean dramas ALWAYS getting hit by WHITE vehicles? I mean…they’re always WHITE. Just wondering…

  305. 305 : usa-mary Says:

    Hi Admin. I noticed that to view the comments, we have to scroll down the full length, viewing each one, instead of them being placed in sections of 1, 2, 3, etc. by 50-100 or so. Did something happen to cause the change? I hope its not some type of deterrent specifically for us thread commenters. Thank you for your help.

    (@usa-mary from admin: Yes, this is the new format in comment section. Hope you like it. If you have any suggestion, you may e-mail to us. Thanks.)

  306. 306 : tigerb Says:

    @NKDigoxin: am sorry. as one of the people who posted here, indicating a ‘spoiler’ alert has never been done by me. the people posting above are enthused in giving their two cents to the discussion, so it would be difficult to ‘write between the lines’. actually, i don’t mind reading what other people say before watching a series or an episode as it may help me understand as i don’t understand the language and have to watch action and read sub-titles.

  307. 307 : tigerb Says:

    hi usa-mary! fancy seeing you here! as to being hit by white vehicles, what i know from where you are, white or black colored cars are cheaper by $5-600, because they are not customized colors. so maybe it’s the same in s.k. and for production purposes, if they use the white color and if it gets dented, the damage repair is cheaper! or, maybe white color gets seen easily in daytime or nighttime shooting.

  308. 308 : usa-mary Says:

    WOW! I haven’t seen amnesia in a kdrama in a long while. The concept of seeing smells is very interesting and unique. Now, if she can smell winning lottery numbers, I have a new friend! hehehe

    Now, this is definitely going to be a mix of the two dramatic elements, tragedy and comedy.. How long is it going to take the 2 detectives to notice the knife wilding maniac threatening their partner in the convenience store? Shouldn’t MYC’s adrenaline kick in to keep him awake when he sees the culprit? Especially, after 2 cups of scalding hot coffee and about 5 huge containers of piping hot ramyun noodles. Awww…where’s a good WHITE motorcycle food delivery guy to run into the culprit when you need him…LOL! Just like standing in the middle of the street, waiting to get hit by a car, there’s the other detective watching for the metal food container to fall on his head! Not dodge it….noooo, just look up and wait…LOL!

  309. 309 : usa-mary Says:

    Excuse me, the motorcycle is white not the delivery food guy.

  310. 310 : rory Says:

    Episode 7 is just duhhhhh! my heart~
    the last scene + the superb OST, it was so well-matched yet torn my heart to pieces!!! will he regain all his senses after that tragedy? I cant wait to watch ep.8!

    Still I love our OTP fluffiness + cuteness..cant get enough of it! cute, adorable and I want them stay happiness together till the last ep!

    btw hi @usa-mary 😉
    was unable to join KMHM thread but I spazz a lot on twitter instead..haha

  311. 311 : usa-mary Says:

    That spa scene was too funny! Just about every man in the locker room was trying to cover up when they saw CR, except for that lone exhibitionist that purposefully dropped his newspaper…hehehe

    Is the doctor in the orthopedic clinic t a serial killing nut? We’ll find out

    MG can’t feel pain or anything associated with it. While CR see’s smells and everything associated to it. What a combo. Him drinking scalding hot coffee…I bet his insides are screaming from pain!

    That police chief is one crazy masochistic, shin kicking maniac. Maybe he’ll bruise his toe from kicking our MG.

    I get so caught up in the characters of the drama that I forget its SSK and Mickey. That’s how I know this drama is really good.

    I tell y’all…the truth, people really waste a lot of precious energy focusing on belittling SSK’s acting even before the drama started. What a waste of life forces that could be used towards doing something productive and good. Those people should give volunteer work a try to offset those negative vibes. There’s enough negative/toxic oxygen in this world already trying to deplete our ozone. Besides, they’re only ‘blocking’ their own success, not hers. Just watch and see, it never fails that good always triumphs over evil…ALWAYS!!!

  312. 312 : yukari Says:

    Wahh I just finished eps 7. And I cant wait for eps 8……!! !
    OMG what will happen to MG…
    Looove the chef Kwon character, he is very scary and psycho

  313. 313 : rory Says:

    It’s officially now..RIP Dr.Chun! poor him tho..the scene when Moo Gak screams & cried out loud in front of the Dr.Chun’s dead body awww I feel him and I feel deeply sad for Dr.Chun as well..

  314. 314 : Audra12 Says:

    Ep 8 was freaking soooo amazing….there was a lot lot lot sweet and cutest moment for our OTP MooRim couple…another kiss…OMG. How can people not be loving for this couple. I give a big applause for writer-nim of this drama. You make a beautiful love story for MooRim couple. How can I survive waiting for another week for this drama…ottoke 🙁

  315. 315 : me-anne Says:

    看见味道的少女 真的很好看,朴有天真的演绎得很自然,不愧为公认的天才演员,加油!

  316. 316 : usa-mary Says:

    Hi Admin! Thank you for your response. My comment is…No, I don’t like it! It was working fine with the divided segments…why change the ‘obvious’ which was working just fine?!!!

    Thank you for listening.

    (@usa-mary from admin: Please don’t write unrelated comment in this thread. If you have any suggestion, you may e-mail to us. Otherwise, we won’t response / deleted unrelated comment in this thread. Thanks.)

  317. 317 : usa-mary Says:

    Hi tigerb-307: It’s good seeing you here. Yes, I do get around…heheh! Thanks for the info re white vehicles. Your summation seems quite logical, yet I haven’t done a vehicle color research in order to make any comparisons. That is, unless they’re used, refurbished vehicles which would be cheaper here in the U.S. So, I’ll let your comment stand.

    Hi rory-310: Hi there… It’s so good seeing you here. KMHM was the BEST so far this year IMHO!

    I’m really enjoying this drama. After reading through the comments and watching this drama. Yes, went all the way to episode 6 in one day…so it must be good in order for me to do that folks! I found that anyone that associates with this crazy doctor, hinting to the ‘chef’ is not just on the same page, but in the same sentence of insanity…IMHO.

  318. 318 : Chrissy Says:

    Another amazing episode of this drama, ep 8 was freaking awesome. Someone said before that Yoochun and SSK were Left-handed couple….that’s true, I just noticed it. It is lovely and cute to see that!!!

  319. 319 : mic Says:

    8.3% 🙂 Soooooooo Happy………. Love Yuchun

  320. 320 : lyn Says:

    what will happen next?….hmmm..can’t wait for the next episode..just hoping SSk to remember her past..i really hate the chef…

  321. 321 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 8

    ha ha – micky’s house is so nice – nbr 1029 😛

    2 – chef activate SSK’s brain – after cooking her favourite seafood soup.

    3- – Did Micky tastebud recover slowly bc he says that this seaweed soup in JEJU is still better….

    So doctor did not kill anyone, even Micky’s young sister.
    All killed by the CHEF??

  322. 322 : usa-mary Says:

    @OKOKOK-321: I’m on episode 6 and will catch up to 8 with in a few hours. That doctor still looks suspicious and the chef looks suspiciously, heinous!

    Hmmm…time to put my Sherlock Holmes, Charlie Chan, Pink Panther’s Inspector Clouseau, Agatha Christie, Miss Marple, and John Shaft crime solving, smarts hat on…hehehe!

  323. 323 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 1 shows that when SSK bump into the killer, the killer is very calm and steady.

    So fast that he went to kill the girl whose name is Oh Cho Rim – I guess chef kill wrong person becoz he can’t differentiate a person’s face. ha ha 🙂

    Timid Doctor panicks after knowing chef kills “human being”….. and got killed himself…..

  324. 324 : usa-mary Says:

    @OK OK OK-321: I believe you’re right. I checked out ep. 4 when the Chef was preparing a ‘thank you’ meal for CR for finding runaway Moonchi; standing side by side, the doc is much taller than chef. Then, I went back to ep. 1 and looked at the body frame (this is where my artistry comes in), comparing the length of his limbs to his body form while dragging the bodies of CR’s parents. A much taller person like the Doctor would have to stoop a little, but not the chef. Plus, when he was standing about 5 feet from CR, even though she was on the lower part of the entry, the killer still wasn’t that much taller than her. So, chef killed her parents. I don’t know if the doctor helped him by killing MG’s sister, but I’ll do some more research.

  325. 325 : hydepy Says:

    I’m not surprised to see how the rating keep increased each episode (eventhough It’s not as high as what i thought It would be, maybe bcs people WERE underestimate SSK’s acting),, This drama is awesome! While I also think that Kill Me, Heal Me is superb, but maybe TGWCSS is more appealing for younger viewer, hehehe.. This is absolutely the best 2015 drama (beside KMHM)! Thanks for giving romance a big portion on ep 8,, love their shyness so much!! More romance please..

  326. 326 : usa-mary Says:

    It’s the chef! In ep. 1, he was the one wearing the white lab coat in ER that had blood on his left hand and up the sleeve just before bumping into MG after killing his sister. I even compared the height and he’s just a little taller than MG. The doctor would really tower over MG height wise.

    Pets don’t usually runaway from the home of the one(s) that feeds them consistently well. No wonder Moongchi runs away every chance he gets. Though he looks well fed, he keeps his little coat on ready for the great escape because there’s not enough food to eat in comparison to living with a crazy man. I’m with you Moongchi-a!

    I wonder what motivated this from the chef? Did he flunk med school in hopes to becoming a surgeon and became a chef instead just to slice and dissect something? Disgruntled with the food expiration dates? His patent to bar code people fell through so he’s taking it upon himself to create his own tracking system on unwilling volunteers? Whatever the case may be, the boy is twisted!!!

  327. 327 : joycee red Says:

    I really love this drama!!!! yoochun is hilarious in that serious face!!! Shin se kyung acting improves a lot….gonna watch this till the end…

  328. 328 : usa-mary Says:

    I also noticed when the chef told Moongchi to be quiet, he put his finger to his lips, the same gesture was made to CR when she found him in her home.

    This is really good writer-nim! Both teenage girls with the same name. Both the doctor and chef wanted to take CES’s life.

    Why would the doctor meet with that psychopath? Okay, writer’s choice, but still WHY?!! The doctor was actually a decent man who loved his wife dearly.

  329. 329 : usa-mary Says:

    Ep. 7: This drama is sooooo good!

    The chef is HEINOUS!!! He fed the doctor before killing him. He always prepared 2 of the same meals at his home.

    What kinds of books could he possibly maintain on each of his victims? From the looks of them, they definitely aren’t short stories.

    Now we see how he was able to pass the CCTV’s going to and from the scenes of the crime with the vehicles never being seen on the videos.

    The Russian nesting dolls clue was ingenious writer-nim!

  330. 330 : usa-mary Says:

    Actually, SSK’s acting is equal to and better than some of the most seasoned actors and actresses who consistently maintain their poker faces in dramas and no one bats an eyelash at them.

  331. 331 : Fullheart5 Says:

    Thoroughly enjoying this drama. It’s funny, etc. I especially like SSK in this drama and am so tired of the critics judging her talent.

  332. 332 : Fullheart5 Says:

    Also, I am already tired of having to scroll down forever to read comments and then scroll back up forever if I want to look at something in the cast. Biggest mistake Korean drama has made.

  333. 333 : rory Says:

    yes, I enjoyed KMHM & Ji SungS a looooot! just too bad I didnt join the thread’s party..

    I found this webtoon spoiler from DB..
    “In the comic, the killer doesn’t cut barcodes into the victim’s wrist but is instead called the “Collector” for hiding the victim in an underground sewage storage and giving the victim 3-6 days to write their whole life of events into a book. When the person is done writing, or if the killer gets bored by the victim’s stories (he sometimes checks on the victim’s writing and even commands them to glorify their stories/use exquisite adjectives for extreme description) then he simply ends their life.”
    euwww..what a psycho killer!

  334. 334 : rory Says:

    I love that how writernim inserts something that we think it’s unnecessary but actually it helps to give them some clues! the piggyback scene, Lee Jung Shin’s cameo and the cute matryoshka doll gift from Elena Vashilivnashivanova 😆

    I cant wait for this barcode case to get solved by our hero & his team like seriously..I know the villain is smart and I understand it’s not about time yet for Chef Kwon to be arrested but I just hope dont make our cops look dumb too much okay dear writernim 😉

    Murim stays cute and adorable and cheeky that is something I always love and want to watch them! Like I have never imagined the writernim still can insert the comic scenes at hospital..that wheelchair scene is hilarious! And about the kissing scene, I swear I screamed when watching their kissing scene, not that this is the 1st time I saw Yoochun’s kissing scenes, he even done more than that but still they make my heart flutters! hahaha..and looks like MG is slowly get his senses back as well as CR starts to get her memories back..aww and the waiting for the next ep is surely a torture!

  335. 335 : park jun sung Says:

    great great great… rating for eps 8 hit top 10. wew, i relief the rating keep increase each week. the story also keep interesting..

  336. 336 : park jun sung Says:

    yoochun is a good kisser. i want more passionate kiss… the warm one

  337. 337 : miricia Says:

    @park jun sung ikr! I squeal so hard when he kissed! Oh God, what a great kissing machine he is, LOL…

  338. 338 : park jun sung Says:

    kisser machine? LOL 😀
    have u ever watch his drama missing u. he has hot passionate kiss with yoon eun hye 😛 .. kiss scene in last eps i think not satisfied for me, he can do mire than that.. haha hope another one..

  339. 339 : miricia Says:

    @park jun sung I haven’t watched it yet. To tell you the truth, even I haven’t done watching rooftop prince, stuck at ep.10, lol. You can say that I am saving his drama to watchlist so that if I miss him during his enlistment, there are still his dramas that I can watch. But I love to see the progress about the lead couple in the drama he has been starring at, and yeah I love that scene so much, really! Either because I am a fan or his kiss is indeed alluring.. lol

  340. 340 : usa-mary Says:

    @rory-333: That’s why there was an excerpt in episode 7 or 8 of CES’s mother writing about the fish soup while that crazy chef was sitting in the room listening to her as she joyfully thought about preparing the soup her daughter enjoyed. How bizarre!

    Also, its interesting how the writer has the chef have short-term memory when it comes to remembering faces. I suppose this is why he keeps his victims close to him. It makes me wonder why he chose Cho Rim’s parents? Were they his sea food purveyors? It seems that he had a good relationship with his victims, but that only lasted so long when he became bored with their existence. What a creepy man!

  341. 341 : hanniekyu Says:

    At first, I didn’t have any enthusiasm to watch this drama, because of SSK. I already watch her drama before, such as WAML and IM, and I’m not impressed with her acting. But then I try to watch this, since my friend told me that SSK act well enough in this drama.

    Wollaaa… She did. I think serious role doesn’t suit her. And her character in SC suit her the best. I can’t stop watching SC (8 ep) til 2 am. I like all the character in this drama, even Chef Kwon. So curious about his motive and how his propagnasia affect his life after.

    The plot run well (not too slow) so you can enjoy it with a smile (and think sometimes). SC is worth to watch. Overall, I enjoy SC so far. Wll written, writer-nim ^^

  342. 342 : MurimCouple Says:

    Ahhh I fell in love with this drama and especially with the OTP – MooRim couple. They are so adorable and cutest couple ever in KDrama I have ever seen. Both PYC and SSK have amazing chemistry. I’m so grateful to the production team on choosing PYC and SSK as a couple in this drama. And who does not fall in love with this couple and I will never tire of seeing them in every scenes. I’m so excited to see the next episodes…can’t wait for that!!!!

  343. 343 : rory Says:

    I love Murim our OTP too! their love progressing is so natural, cute & sweet! Damn I cant stop smiling when thinking of them eventho there is thriller element here but that didnt bother me to feel their love blossoms..haha..thank goodness no triangle love or boring egoist bickering in this drama! keep up the good work writernim^^

  344. 344 : usa-mary Says:

    I look forward to watching episode 9! I’m READY!!!

    Chef is one handsome man and one crazy maniac all rolled into one…and can cook, too! WHY chef…WHY?!!

  345. 345 : usa-mary Says:

    @rory-343: You said it! That’s why I like this drama so much. “No triangle love affairs or boring egoist bickering.” Might I add, no rectangle love affairs, no potential ‘crazy’ in-law’s harassing folks with forced match-making dates, no spoiled bratty chaebols judging others, and no unrequited love!

    Oh there’s the obvious chiding and jealousy of male detectives because of their female superior who obviously is accomplished with a very successful crime solving track record. Those jackasses can’t stand that which is ridiculous. Yet, I must say our Moo Gak respects her and gives her the props she deserves. I like that man; he’s a keeper.

  346. 346 : Carmarie Says:

    I agree with your Rory and USA Mary. The love triangle, and hateful mother-in-law storyline tiresome. It is nice to see the two relationship progress and grow into love without all the other uneccessary forces, other than a murderer, trying to come between them. I love this drama and I think all of the actors are doing a great job.

  347. 347 : yoel Says:

    OMG this is a great drama. for the first time, i like shin sekyung’s role. can’t wait to watching next eps

  348. 348 : yuniar verisa Says:

    i like this drama ,serious but still funny and misterious
    yoo chun caracter very different.
    chef actor very mad and saiko.
    i cant imagine the true code murder is chef actor cz i think the doctor is the code murder case.

  349. 349 : me-anne Says:

    Episode 9 daebak! Choi mugak fighting! Park yoochun fighting!

  350. 350 : OK OK OK Says:


    Funny part – Micky is a natural comedian.
    I laugh when SSK call in to speak to Micky on his HP. The way he answers her call during undercover in the police car while waiting for the murderer to appear is so funny 😛

    I really hope Micky reveal his HP security code & let Chef copy his HP data is on purpose. If not, then he is really a careless detective.

  351. 351 : yen Says:

    i wondered why the rating of the EP 9 is low. it is weird.

  352. 352 : Shirrot Says:

    Me too. Why is it rating is going down..

  353. 353 : Adeul Says:

    Micky’s character is way too dumb sometimes, it’s undermining my faith in this drama. Though I think it is the writer’s failing to make him somewhat smart only to make him stupid.

    Low ratings? Perhaps it’s the Nam Goong Min effect. I’m inclined to think he single-handedly killed “Wild Chives and Soybean Soup” because it started to plummet as soon as he as lead and the rest of the adult cast took over. His character got shorter and NOT fun loving.

    “My Secret Hotel” barely left the tarmac and if it weren’t for Yoo In Ah, the drama would have become a complete Albatross.

    In “Hur Jun” he played a prig. A malevolent wet blanket who later on repented and changed his ways for the better.

  354. 354 : me-anne Says:

    TGWSS is one of Yoochun ‘s best dramas so far, and i really love to watch tbe two lovebirds sweet romance bloom, i just knew that yoochun true valentino in real life!

  355. 355 : Sandy Says:

    OMG….this is such a great drama….Yoochun is funny by nature… I Like roles for him when he can bring that side of him to the screen 🙂 I am surprisingly enchanted with lead actress, as I had not liked her previous roles with the exception of The Blade Man her last project prior this one. I am Glad she is leaning towards this type of roles. Episode 10 had the suspense that I like and enjoy in dramas and I will be dying till next week. Great Job….Daebak!!!

  356. 356 : Chrissy Says:

    Ep. 10 was goood. Finally Chorim was the first finding that letter and I hope she would hide it from the cheft JH and Moogak hasn’t known it yet….oh nooo. I thought Moogak will find it first. Come on writer-nim don’t put Chorim in danger without Moogak beside her. Now I have to wait again until next week…..oh man 🙁

  357. 357 : jj Says:

    @353 : Adeul,
    Seem like you are an anti Nam Goong Min (NGM) fan? You can express your opinion, however, writing something without any base is just pure mean. If you read other sources, you will learn how much NGM has lifted up this drama as a second lead. As to his other dramas, your opinion again is just your own way to belittle and single him out. There are so many factors for a drama rating, one single role is unlikely to be a sole factor to skew the rating as the way you blamed all to him. Every actor/actress has tried to work his/her best, please leaf your negativity to yourself. BTW, rating ep 9 drop so as other dramas, it was a poll night, maybe that was why. Ep 10 is up again.

  358. 358 : Fullheart5 Says:

    If dramas only depend on ratings and this dropped a teeny, tiny little bit, I would venture to guess that it could possibly be when NGM was revealed as the bad guy and the viewers began to see how the drama was heading. Some watch for action and melodrama, others watch for romance, and so and so on. I will say when this drama started to turn from what I thought it was going to be, I considered bailing because of when my mind started projecting to what the writers might make our characters go through. And….since pain and suffering is not what I tune in for, bailing seemed like a good option………………but…………………watching Micky outweighed my choice. That may not have been others choice. So, I would say Micky keep up the good work.

  359. 359 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 10

    Make my heart beat very fast –
    when Micky went into Chef house illegally.
    Chef is going to find out soon that someone had came in because Micky did not adjust the jackets properly in the cabinet after fiddle with it.

    Micky engage a locksmith to open chef’s house lock when chef is not at home. So funny when locksmith ask Micky can police do that?

    Micky answer that police is to catch such locksmith who open locks illegally – ha ha ha 😛

  360. 360 : miricia Says:

    I want mugak as my line sticker please!

  361. 361 : rory Says:

    @OK OK OK
    that locksmith was in ep.2, he is the one who found Joo Mari’s wallet..haha

    ending of ep.10 is sooooo cruel..how could they make us wait for a week now to find out what will happen to OCR! I wish the chef wont find out bout the letter tho I can smell he is already suspicious about OCR’s real identity..but anyway, way to go Murim! the most sweetest & cheesy couple hahaha! love them <3

  362. 362 : tigerb Says:

    shouldn’t a user have an app that alerts a him that his telephone is being hacked?

  363. 363 : victoria Says:

    Vous ne savez pas vraiment comment agir.
    vous savez que vous avez juste à inarte
    Vous avez vraiment gênant SSK

  364. 364 : rian Says:

    You do not really know how to act.
    annoying than even the face.

  365. 365 :  维多利亚 Says:


  366. 366 : zayn Says:

    i can’t believe yuchun choose this flop drama as his last drama. he can do much better than this.

  367. 367 : ery chris Says:

    Really doesnt like Shin Se Kyung…the more i watch her the more i dislike her. She really cant act. Sometimes she didnt have good facial expression..but sometimes her acting is too much. I just watch this drama because of Park Yoo Chun…so bad u have partner with her

  368. 368 : Likka Says:

    This drama is so funny and I like it sooo much. PYC and SSK was the most adorable and sweetest couple I have ever seen in Kdrama. Can’t get enough for this cute couple. I think the writer for this drama was the fan for this couple cause it always has sweet and romantic moments in every episodes. Can’t wait for Wednesday, I wish tomorrow was Wednesday!!!

  369. 369 : Likka Says:

    Comments #363, 364, 365, 366, 377….I think this is just one person. She/he just want to bash this drama, well…do not watch it if you don’t like it….just the simple as that.

  370. 370 : rory Says:

    That spy app is too much! damn, he makes our hero looks so fool! arghh I don’t like that! I hope he will notice that in upcoming ep coz I want our hero & the cops to step forward faster and act a bit smarter than JH. It’s so sick to see the way he fools the cops team. Indeed a psycho! Fighting writernim, u can do it!

  371. 371 : zayn Says:

    but it fact the girl who can see smell inded one of 2015 flop drama

  372. 372 : miricia Says:

    @371 to you it might be a flop drama but to us, the fans of this drama, this drama is the best drama ini 2015. All the actors in it are awesome! The story is entertaining and ofc the lead couple is to die for.. leave is an option, you can stop watching it if you want, spend your time wisely..

  373. 373 : Says:

    好笑, 好看 🙂

  374. 374 : tigerb Says:

    @rory: yeah, that chef is too smooth for cmg. now ocr is in danger. oh well, the thrill continues.

    as to the person(s) who say that this drama is a flop, a zero rating is a flop, but not this one. the fact that people outside s.k. watch this, definitely does not make this series a flop!

  375. 375 : rory Says:

    I just hope MG is actually aware about that spy app but pretending to be clueless and see how far JH will go! I really hope that!

    BTW, this is the “text preview” for EP.11

    The powerful section chief and fellow detectives ask Yeom-mi about why is she suddenly excluding Mugak in their investigation, and Yeom-mi answers that it’s due to Mugak being a family member of a victim in the barcode serial murders. Meanwhile Cho-rim is confused from reading Chun Baek-kyung’s letter and pays a visit to [her father, Oh] Jae-pyo..

    I expected that! she will visit her dad..scaryyyyyy! I just hope JH doesnt plan to follow her..

  376. 376 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 10 and realised that Jae Hee will soon going to kill Cho Rim and I really can’t figure out on how can Cho Rim can escape from being killed by Jae Hee ? The next thing is, the spy what’s app, who and when can be discovered ? The good thing is, in episode 10, Moo Gak has already discovered some CCTVs hidden inside Jae Hee’s wardrobe that means , Moo Gak knew that Jae Hee is actually the suspected person.

    It’s really very interesting to watch this drama, whereby, it consists of mystery, romance, fantasy, sometimes comedy and also a very good action drama.

  377. 377 : tigerb Says:

    @rory: if ocr is clever enough and trust her police bf, she should tell him. and the female lieutenant should tell cmg the reason he is off the case, so he should be aware of what is going on. he might follow up on the case on his own and can make mistakes.

  378. 378 : rory Says:

    Preview of Episode 11:

    right!!! CMG is clearly wanna find the witness too. True that he lost his control sometimes when it comes about Choi Eun Seol but compared to other detectives, he is clearly better & determined to catch the killer. He deserved to know the truth coz I believe he’s not that stupid

  379. 379 : da fan Says:

    wow, this must be one of the most ‘discussed’ dramas. 300+ comments a far cry then most. Although some of the parts are not realistic, however, its still entertaining. The actors are doing a good job so far. For those who haven’t seen much of SSK’s dramas please don’t get sensitive and think that the critics are over reacting to her inabilities. Frankly she was really stiff and was an utter let down in her previous dramas (all of which I have seen). This DRAMA however, has a much improved SSK (more facial expression etc) with occasional exaggeration. Perhaps she has a different acting coach. For that she deserves a pat on the back for trying. DO NOT tick the writers off for commenting on bad acting. It is a sensitive and sometimes hurtful feeling but necessary comments for development and growth. As for Micky – bravo. He has not dissappointed me so far. Perhaps SSK is also more comfortable working with someone closer to her age. Keep up the good work!

  380. 380 : Fullheart5 Says:

    For those who keep calling this a flop drama, sorry but there are a whole lot worse out there than this one, and this is not one of those. If I don’t like a drama, I just don’t watch, try it, it works real well and is painless.

  381. 381 : Adeul Says:

    #357 You are right. My vitriol is due to disappointments with some dramas he appeared in where from my analysis his characters brought a dark unwanted element to the drama. Yes it is my opinion, but you are correct. He’s eeking out a living and I should be careful with my words.

    Thank you for that. I shall take your advice to “leaf” my negative opinions to myself. 😉

  382. 382 : Ahjamma 2012 Says:

    I really like this drama, but Ep. 11’s ending is just plain ridiculous! If my drunk Dad can’t call a cab to go home on his own, and I follow his cell signal to find him, and it leads me to the Chef’s home, wouldn’t you wonder what your dad or his cell phone is doing there? Would you not ring the doorbell before entering someone’s home? Even if the door is open, would you just go in w/o calling out “Hello”? Or “Chef”? Or “Dad, are you here?” If she can see smells, wouldn’t she see her father’s? These are the kinds of things that drive me crazy!!. Just ridiculous!! Writer, please do better. Just those few things would have brought a little more believability. Gotta keep watching tho, in spite of this sloppy writing. Better cliff hangers needed. TU.

  383. 383 : miricia Says:

    Choi Mu Gak is LOVE. He is really adorable.. Can we order 1 Mu Gak please?

  384. 384 : pamz Says:

    Park yoochun to Shin se kyug “We match each other really well in terms of acting” Netizens to Shin se kyung “She really lack in acting”..In my opinion SSK is so lucky to be paired to PYC.Because,It’s not SSK to bring PYC down it’s PYC who bring SSK up..

  385. 385 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 12

    How can SSK be so careless as to leave her HPon the table and not wearing ear piece since already know chef is a dangerous man.

    Now already so modern & Micky house quite big for 2 person, can allow to let Micky sleep on sofa the 1st nite, why wait till 2nd nite???

    Agree with some comments above. SSK facial expression not versatile enough. (eg – eyes too stiff ??)

    Luckily I don’t dislike SSK here because at least this is a comedy drama compare to her previous drama, her looks are pleasant too. – thats why I can carry on watching.

    Now going to watch When a man loves because previously don’t like SSK acting and also I don’t like Yun Woo Jin snatch Song Seung Hoon’s love. (really hope I will enjoy this drama when a man loves)

    AFter watching Yun Woo Jin in Marriage without dating & Divorce women in love. I like him becoz he is a good actor & I find him very charming. (plus i also like the female leads – all with pleasant looks & acts well) 😛

  386. 386 : usa-mary Says:

    What’s with THIS AGAIN!

    What’s with all the SSK acting ability put down over and over again! We get IT!!! But, this doesn’t mean that WE have to ACCEPT IT! For those that don’t like her acting…you’ve used the pot, so just get off of it and go share with those who care about your views along those lines because.. WE DON’T CARE! I’m quite sure that everyone on this thread that likes her acting…is not derived from a FAN based viewpoint! And if it was…SO WHAT! I’m quite sure that many of us KNOW excellent ACTING when we see it. We’re all not that short sighted. I could compare the love for flower boy based plots with their redundant and boring storylines. Guys with a ‘so called pretty face’ (and that’s all they have going for them) with no real acting ability, yet its the writers choice and obviously there’s a viable market for those type dramas. Its not my taste, so therefore I just don’t watch it and don’t spend my time over and over again hacking at their inability to make facial expressions like a trained circus clown mime. Or when it comes to flower boys…oooing and ahhhing over their appearance while overlooking their sad and very bad acting ability.

    The director of this drama knows what he wants to have portrayed on the big screen by an actor/actress to us viewers and is getting PAID to see that its carried out. SSK has shown tremendous improvement over the few years and deserves credit for her hard work. If any of you can’t oblige her efforts, then do us all a favor and take your disapproval of SSK with you and go somewhere else. Thank you very much!

  387. 387 : tigerb Says:

    @usa-mary: ‘you’ve used the xxx, so just xxx xxx of it’!!!! LOL! i did laugh so hard for a full minute! your message should quiet down the bashers.

  388. 388 : OK OK OK Says:

    I laugh it for a minute
    Just because you are unhappy about people’s comment we have to keep quiet???

    some said :
    Write good comments – can watch (FANS)
    Write no good comments – don’t watch, goes else where (ANTI FANS)


    write good comments – read
    Write no good comments – SKIP, DON’T READ,GO ELSEWHERE

    Someone said ; try it, it works for her.

    i won’t ask people to go elsewhere because its rude, its a public blog & VIEWERS CAN DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES.

    comments that you don’t like is bashing, anti fans??? – NOT ALL IF YOU READ IT CAREFULLY

    May I suggest those who want to DICTATE what we can or cannot comment –
    pls go elsewhere and create a blog THAT YOU OWN IT
    so that you can keep those comments that you like and delete comments you are unhappy about it. So easy. LOL

    Thank u very much

  389. 389 : rory Says:

    Episode 13 Preview

    okay, even the BGM sounds serious this time so I hope they manage to put JH in jail already! It’s about time writernim and pls more cuteness of Murim this week pls 😆

    Text preview
    Cho-rim tells Mugak that she sees the same smells from Jae-hee with the smells that she saw on Chun Baek-kyung’s corpse; and wants to be of help in the investigation by letting the detectives of the investigation team know about her ability. The special investigation team verify Cho-rim’s ability and set a plan to search Jae-hee’s house to secure conclusive evidence; but..

  390. 390 : Nadege Says:

    Someone please explain the end of episode 11& beginning of episode 12! It is driving me nut. I guess this is one of the Kdrama lol (lapse of logic).i mean how did she not question when she saw that house? Why was she shock when she saw Evil but handsome serial killer chef in his own house? Also was she not some what earned that there is high probability he is the serial killer so why go into his house like that?

  391. 391 : trea Says:

    I love murim couple, they are interesting and entertaining
    but i think the story getting weird, out of logic
    How come cho rim didnt know the chef’s smells from the start???
    when cho rim pick up her daddy, how come she didnt realize that it is the chef’s house??
    how come cho rim didnt realize that her true name is Eun Sol when so many oldfriends frequently call at her “eun sol-ah…”
    how come mu gak didnt realize when at first he met cho rim (separated in front of cafe) there is an oldfriend of eunsol calling cho rim with her true name “eun sol”, which is his sister’s name too

  392. 392 : OK OK OK Says:

    loop hole??? 🙂

    why chef didn’t recognise that Shin Se kyung as Choi Eun Sul / Oh Cho Rim HP number IS THE SAME when he contact Eun Sul thru her “father’s” mobile??
    bc chef is such a meticulous killer.

  393. 393 : OK OK OK Says:

    I have this question long ago.
    SSK who is not a policewoman or staff working in a police station, its ridiculous to see her moving in and out of police station freely, answer in coming calls, just because her bf is working there + she knows few staffs there or helping in the chef crime – is not appropriate, in my opinion.

    A police station is a government controlled working place, how can this happen in Korea Police station?? No rules, no discipline at all

  394. 394 : usa-mary Says:

    @tigerb-387: Anneyong! LOL…it was kind of funny wasn’t it. You know, even if the ‘bashers’ don’t remain quiet, at least respect those of us who want to watch and enjoy a drama.

    To the butinskis’: When these repeat offensive, naysaying perps choose to make a comment about their disapproval of an actor/actress on a continual basis. I, therefore, choose to provide a rebuttal and will continue to do so. Telling us to overlook them and not telling them to overlook us is a dual DICTATORSHIP.

    I’ve had my say and am done….now back to this wonderful drama.

  395. 395 : OK OK OK Says:

    stop your day dreaming. this blog does not belongs to you only. If we cannot comment whether an actor or actress acting – then don’t act.

    No one says Micky’s acting is bad because we know he is good.
    SSK’s acting need improvement. that’s the fact – we can’t discuss or mention about this just because you are unhappy??? so be it.

    You can’t even respect others peoples opinion – then don’t expect others to respect you. By stopping or want people to comment to your liking, you are spoiling this blog of your nonsense demand.

    No one will speak the truth of what they see, how they feel about a drama if a person like you are around.

  396. 396 : rory Says:

    episode 13 is sooooo good..that cliffhanger, damn nice plot twist but I’m worried for Lt.Yeom safety now! Please stay alive. Just saw preview for ep.14, and gonna have such emotional scenes tonight

  397. 397 : Chrissy Says:

    Just watched ep 14…what an amazing episode…DAEBAK!!! 2 more episodes to go…ohh man…this is the first time in very long time that I’ll be devastating when this drama is over next week. What should I do….I’m going to miss the adorable our MURIM couple. I hardly ship this couple so much…PYC and SSK….the adorable and sweetest couple ever in KDrama history. Can’t get enough for this couple….needs more another sweet and romantic kiss for MURIM couple before this drama is ending next week….come on writer nim don’t dissapoint us!!!!

  398. 398 : Audra12 Says:

    @Chrissy – yes me too it’s sooo sad that this drama will be over next week. This is my top list drama for this year. I just want to thank to the writer for this drama for creating such a lovely story. Bless for writer-nim….there is no triangle love story, annoying woman’s character or a mother who always annoying in every Kdrama. I loved every character in this drama especially our lovely couple Mugak and Chorim. Chemistry between PYC and SSK was freaking amazing. They’re alike a ‘real’ couple. I wish they were dating in real life….haha. And I can’t wait for next week for 2 more episodes left!!!

  399. 399 : kimmy Says:

    Whoah, finaly im back. Wow, will watch later ep.14. All i can say is that i will miss this drama, i haven’t much commented on this site coz i have to say im tired of scrolling the comment section. Well, anyway, kudos to team SMELLS! i really love the detectives, they are unique and smart in their own way.

    Our OTP MuRim, i will be missing them so much. Also, Detective Ye such a handsome/ cute well-dressed Detective and also Det. ki, his love of her Elena ( I hope Elena appears in the last ep. LOL).

    I’m more excited on how will they end the story, i hope they are more twist and more revelations on why chef kwon does this killings mercilessly not mentioning about his frustrations to become a doctor.

    Fighting team SMELLS! Please ratings reach 2 digits next time please?

  400. 400 : Sandy Says:

    Can anyone tell me what is the reason for Chef Serial killer Kwon Jae Hee’s motive behind all these murders? Did I miss something along the way?? Why did he choose Oh Cho Rim’s parents?
    I am lost somehow???

  401. 401 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 14 is the most exciting of all – so far 😛

    makes my heart beat very fast. – same like the episode when Micky engage a locksmith to open chef house lock illegally …. this is more exciting.

    Oh I hope Micky & his police partner will not be fainted with the anaesthesia spraying in the captives room when both barge in to save the lady police chief Yoon Jin Seo as Yum Mi 🙂

  402. 402 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 400 Sandy
    correct me if i am wrong.

    chef is an adopted child and he was torture when he was young that leads him to have a psychol behaviour. he would not want to recognize a person’s face bc of his agony – human face are horror to him.

    1) chef makes the victims write their life story before killing them so that he can own the victim’s life story – their happiness, sadness etc etc as though its his when he reads it … (he wants to kill SSK Choi Eun Sul bc she saw the killer)

    2) chef got to kill the male doctor bc he found out chef is a killer

    chef tells lady detective that he also wants to kill the Micky Moo Gak – no need any reason when ask why….. (thinks his pyschol sickness more serious) 😛

  403. 403 : OK OK OK Says:

    chef kills choi Eun Sul parents don’t know is it just want their life story, like he kills others – hv to wait till the next episodes what he says. choi eun sul yet need to regain her memory……………………..

  404. 404 : rory Says:

    @OK OK OK
    I’m not okay with ep14 until I they give us ep15 and make sure our heroes & heroines are safe! I’m yelling like crazy, cant even blink my eyes watching ep14! That room has been sprayed of anesthetic gas already damn what if MG & YEH fall collapse too? urghhh pls dont make JH managed to escape again writernim!

    I wonder why u didnt come here drop comment like before too honestly but I can guess the reason why so my guess is right..but let’s say goodbye after finale okay^^ @chuna, u too!

  405. 405 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ rory

    don’t worry, 1 more week, everything will be fine by episodes 16. ha ha ha, just joking 🙂

  406. 406 : rory Says:

    @ OK OK OK
    hahaha..we will kill this writernim if anything happened to our OTP & Lt.Yeom especially. Honestly, I didnt enjoy the JH part much in this drama, actually I will enjoy if writernim makes the cops more smarter and move faster so sometimes I hate the way JH outsmarts the cops. And also I wish to see Murim’s lovey dovey scenes more especially this drama is nearing to end. can we have a wedding scene and a life a after wedding? LOL

  407. 407 : tigerb Says:

    @rory: you’re such a romantic! want beautiful mementos before pyc reports to duty?

  408. 408 : rory Says:

    hehehe..coz they are so cute and it’s rare to have this kind of couple in KD, no triangle love, no meddling from family, no evil mother/father, no bickering, so that’s why I hope we can get more doses of romantic scenes from them. writernim, pls hear my wishes! 😆

  409. 409 : tagalog salita Says:


  410. 410 : tigerb Says:

    to the honorable scriptwriter of this series: please make rory’s wish come true or her summer will be ruined with unhappy thoughts while pyc has gone to military service.

    how about that rory? i second your request!

  411. 411 : rory Says:

    TQ, let’s pray for the perfect ending!
    I will surely miss this drama, the couple & the idiot cops hahaha..they are like a family now, so I love & will miss them 😀
    I wonder will Elena Vashilivnashivanova appear in the finale? that’s gonna be epic if she came to meet Det.Ki for real! 😆

  412. 412 : Ahjamma 2012 Says:

    Great job on ep, 14!

  413. 413 : praize...from Nigeria Says:

    Pls Admin…we used to have blue as highlights…now every thing is in black…pls thats not good…either go back to blue or use another colour like red, green or pink…it shouldnt be all black…ann its so tiring to have to scroll all the way down to get current comments on a particular drama…please do something about this…what is this site without its commentaries from users…Thank You!

  414. 414 : Audra12 Says:

    Can’t wait for tonight ep. 15 —- spoiler —– Mugak proposes to Chorim in English “will you marry me” …OMG I’m melted….the most adorable couple eveeerrrrrr in kdrama….loved them so much!!!

  415. 415 : rory Says:

    The preview for ep 15 n OMG his english at the end “would you marry me?”

    YES!!! I DO!!!! I DO!!!! I DO!!!! 😆 😆 😆

  416. 416 : Chrissy Says:

    Rewatching ep 15 for 3rd times and everytime I watch the proposal and wedding of MuRim couple it’s like watching YPC and SSK real wedding….aha…I guess my mind has gone wild for this adorable couple!!! The sweetest couple I have ever seen and the best OTP so far. I’m sure they will still have wedding plus a sweet long kiss at the last episode!!!

  417. 417 : rory Says:

    Ep.15 is so funny, didnt know it will thrill at the same time too eventho I can feel must be something will happen at their wedding day especially after the news about the accident! But still CMG’s dreamy proposal cracks me up big time! I just cant stop replaying that part! 😆 😆 😆 what should we do with this chunface hmm? btw cho rim ah, pls stay safe and I think JH’s life needs to end no matter what coz no one cant stop his evil! he is just a heartless human

  418. 418 : Chrissy Says:

    Just watched last ep. 16 – I was freaking out sooo happy cause it’s happy ending for MooRim couple, eventhough I wanna see a sweet kiss at the end but that’s OK for me as MooRim couple finally lived happily ever after. It’s soo sad cause I can not see this adorable couple in every week now and I’m gonna miss them sooo much. For me PYC and SSK was the best OTP and sweetest couple I have ever seen!!!!

  419. 419 : me-anne Says:

    Goodbye choi moo gak, thank you yoo chun, well done! This is the best drama i ever watched packed with humour, thrill and sweet romance. Oh i am going to miss yoo chun

  420. 420 : rory Says:

    start with 5.6%, end with 10.8%! clap..clap..clap! good job team TGWSS! It’s a nice wrap, as I said, JH must die to end his evils. Our Murim stays sweet & cute while the detectives stay hopeless till the end LOL! poor Murim, they keep bothering their honeymoon! I will miss this drama tho, I am sure will watch this again and again especially for Murim’s parts. Thanks everyone..till we meet again! 😉

  421. 421 : deepsy Says:


  422. 422 : tigerb Says:

    @rory: it ended like we want it to!!! based on ratings, s.koreans must have liked it too. happy, happy, happy!!!

    so, to the supporters for this series, your unwavering interest made it happen. to the bashers who thought this is a flop, i’m sorry it’s a disappointment to you. cheers!

  423. 423 : kaika Says:

    akhirnya selesai juga,,,seneng sekaligus sedih yaaa,,,g bisa liat youchun 🙁
    oke,,,i was very happy watching this drama,,,,ditunggu drama terbarunya youchun lagi….

  424. 424 : Pedro Azinhais Mendes - Brasil Says:

    Great Drama…very funny….thank you…congratulations

  425. 425 : rory Says:

    cheers!!! errr..I will change from cheers to “churrrrrr”!!! 😆
    I’m happy! the writer is not lying to give us fantasy, romance, comedy & suspense thriller! So great job dear writer to keep the balancing tho I think the romantic comedy were the best part in this drama but still nice job, I feel thrilled by JH’s evilness as well!

    yes, it is far from flop! it’s a big achievement since it starts pretty low since Hyde’s last rating just about 4% so this drama did pretty awesome even managed to get double digit in the final episode! they better dont predict too early and Yoochun proved us once again that he is brilliant to choose a meaty role! now churrrr to everyone 😀

  426. 426 : RR Says:


  427. 427 : RR Says:


  428. 428 : rr Says:

    The drama will be eligible to vote this year are—
    ”the girl who can see smells”,
    ”kill me heal me”,
    ”tears of heaven”,
    ”the king’s face”,
    ”hyde jekyll and i”

  429. 429 : sahel Says:

    to rr i think healer is first in your list and best korean drama in 2015

  430. 430 : sahel Says:

    i don t think this is good for watch

  431. 431 : OK OK OK Says:

    moving to Let’s eat 2 –
    wow it makes me hungry and want to tour South Korea again asap. drooling with delicious food and great sweet casts 😛

  432. 432 : Audra12 Says:

    Gonna miss MURIM couple soooo much. The best rom-com drama in 2015. Thanks for PYC and SSK for your amazing chemistry between you two. I think I’m like watching the real life or real dating life of PYC and SSK instead Murim couple….hahaha. Both of them were so natural and so cute and adorable between of them. This is the best pairing of Yoochun in Kdrama cause SSK is younger 4 yrs than Yoochun then make them particularly suitable in pairs and looks sooo good. Most of Yoochun’s leading lady were older than him. Gonna have to wait in 2 years later for PYC to see him in Kdrama again 🙁

  433. 433 : panda Says:

    Finally end…this drama is recommended to watch..it has a good good story lin. romance, fun, thriller, mistery complete in one package. YooChun you are still my one of favourite actor..your acting gets better n better. But sorry SSK, after finished this drama, I still don’t like you. it’s true that u act better in comedy than melo drama. But still in somewayi think that u overacts in this drama. You are still young, maybe in next few years you can chance my mind about you and impress me.
    I think Yoo Chun has a better n great chemistry with PMY in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and HJM in rooftop prince than with SSK.
    The other casting, you are all have a great acting. And for the villain, kwon jae hee you are a good actor as villain. Good job everyone..

  434. 434 : Logan1707 Says:

    So sad there is no Murim couple again….miss them already. The best couple, hoping they get the best couple at SBS award. PYC + SSK have a crazy chemistry in this drama. They were so cute and goood together. I ship them in real life 🙂 And I am hoping they would have another project in future.

  435. 435 : Nessa Says:

    This drama was freaking so good. The OTP was brilliant pairing and the entire of the casts were great. I’ve never had seen such storyline that was so lighthearted, funny and also so romantic from start to the end. Moreover the chemistry between Yoochun and SSK was really brilliant and amazing then make this drama was becoming favorite for all of the people who already watched it. The adorable and cuteness of MooRim couple still lingers in me until now. I am hoping all of the Kdramas has the natural chemistry how Yoochun and SSK portrayed it. Also now I became SSK’s fan, she is one of the beautiful and so georges Korean’s actress I have ever seen. Can’t wait for her next drama. Missed MooRim couple sooo much :'(

  436. 436 : PrincessEunHye Says:

    Finally this drama end. I think this is a good and worth to watch. But so sorry Shin Se Kyung couldn’t balanced her acting with other cast, such us MYC, NGM, etc. So sorry, i think SSK better on Blade Man. So her acting was really so so. And also make this drama mood become not good 🙁
    And i really hope that there is a scene of Kwon Jae Hee when he did his murder one by one person. So there still wondering some more thing on my head.
    But overall this drama is worth to watch 🙂

  437. 437 : Brooke Says:

    I love with this drama, it’s so entertaining from start till the end. SSK’s acting was soo good and she was so funny and natural in this drama. I like watching her in here and she was sooo freaking beautiful. Eventhough I’m a girl but I fall in love for her….haha. She and Yoochun was freaking adorable, sweet and so romantic each other. Also all of the other casts were great too. I hope SSK and Yoochun will have another drama together again in future. Miss them so much already 🙁

  438. 438 : Ahjamma 2012 Says:

    Entertaining and enjoyable, but stingy with the passionate kiss(s) in last episode. Will miss it.

  439. 439 : sheli Says:

    the story is good.
    best actor YOOCHUN.
    i love your acting.

  440. 440 : mee Says:

    I miss MooRim couple 🙁

  441. 441 : Lighthouse Says:

    After watching this drama and I become new SSK’s fan. She was so hillarious and cute in this drama. If you watch her BTS this drama she’s sooo funny. She also was the most gorgeous and pretty Korean actress I have ever seen. I have a girl crush on her 🙂 🙂 🙂 Her acting was superb in this drama and she nailed it very good. Her chemistry with Yoochun was crazy amazing. Also I have watched most of Yoochun’s all dramas and I think SSK was the most intimate pairing. Yoochun looked smitten to her….aha. Acting of both of them was very natural and so fresh. I recommed this to the people who haven’t watched this drama cause it’s funny and entertaining.

  442. 442 : 花子パウリナ Says:

    Its not up to my expectation drama. And I dislike NGM to be the murderer as he acts superb in other dramas suddenly in this one as a murderer.
    I do not think this drama is as good as many others.
    So its a pity Yoochun is the main actor in which he was good in many other dramas.
    Anyway I am sure it wont be in the Top Ten as there are ma good dramas
    1. Healer 2. Birth of Beauty 3. Punch 4. Kill me , Heal me 5. Shine or go crazy 6. Blood..these are good dramas but there may be some others I havent watch. Not a good story for this one and very unlogic

  443. 443 : 有天最屌 Says:

    恭喜有天勇夺第9鼎电影最佳男新人奖, chuka!

  444. 444 : Mels Says:

    Great drama and it’s so worth it. The power of Left-handed couple as both Yoochun and SSK were left-handed. Also MURIM couple was funny and adorable. Hopefully there will be Season 2 for Murim couple and both of them will continue to work on police investigation cases.

  445. 445 : NovieAgassi Says:

    I like Nam Goong Min So Much…
    love U Oppaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  446. 446 : Olive Says:

    This is such a good rom-com drama. The OTP have done a good job in here. Yes defnately needs Season 2 they can work on for investigation team. I like the leading lady has ability to see the smells and the leading man has good brain to solve the cases, so this is such a good combination. They’re also sooo romantic 🙂

  447. 447 : tigerb Says:

    @rory, kimmy and chuna: pyc won baeksang awards as best new actor in ‘seafog’!!! congrats to him!!!

  448. 448 : rory Says:

    Yes, he won again! churrrrr!!!! 😆

  449. 449 : Bertha Says:

    This drama is a masterpiece. Lead actor and actress so sweet. Hope to see you guys win an award. Fighting.

  450. 450 : Radi8 Says:

    I thought this drama would be failed but it turned out soooo good and amazing. I like this couple in this drama, they’re so funny, hilarious, and the sweetest couple ever. This is the first time I like the leading lady who worked together with PYC. This couple need to work together again whether in another drama, maybe CF, movie or other project. They are so great together.

  451. 451 : lee Says:

    Best drama 2015

  452. 452 : 有天最屌 Says:

    预祝有天能在2015年底荣获最佳男主角,十大明星,最佳情侣,最佳人气,PD大奖。。最好是演技大赏最高荣誉。崔武袼,gambatek, fighting!

  453. 453 : ビクトリア Says:


  454. 454 : ビクトリア Says:

    the girl who can see smells
    hyde jekyll and i

  455. 455 : OhChorim Says:

    Park Yoochun and SSK were perfect couple, both of them have a lot of common in real life and both of them are left-handed. They were acting in this drama were like in real life couple. That’s why this drama was so great. Miss Murim couple sooo much!!!!

  456. 456 : Chrissy Says:

    Yoochun will be enlisting on August 27th….uhu gonna miss him so badly :'( His last fanmeeting will be on June 23rd and 24th when he will be promoting TGWSS in Japan. I hope he will bring SSK along with him. It’s gonna be lovely to see this adorable couple again….Murim couple 🙂

  457. 457 : raionkisaki Says:

    I have seen a few of Shin Se Kyung’s dramas. I can see that her acting skill get better from one to another. At first I didn’t really like her and think that she was cast just because of her face. I can really say that she is very beautiful.
    But seeing her progress I came to love her. And in this drama she was good.
    I hope she would cast in another interesting and good drama such as this one.
    Fighting Shin Se Kyung!
    Yoo Chun oppa too is very funny here 🙂
    Love you both.

  458. 458 : me-anne Says:

    Happy birthday to Yoochun!

  459. 459 : naisy Says:

    Just finished this drama. My honest opinion.. As expected YooChun is great! The lead actress, SSK, yes her actions and voice are okay when she cries and when she’s happy, but.. I don’t know.. Something is wrong in her, i think it’s her eyes it’s just Blank, i don’t feel the sincerity, sorry… And that scene when she hugs her Dad the one who adopted her, again not so sincere quite aloof embrace too short to think the father is going somewhere. I don’t know what is lacking in her. Yes i think it’s the sincerity…. Sorry am being honest

  460. 460 : naisy Says:

    And i think.. this drama could have been finished at Episode 14.. As usual in K Drama, police idiots came out unexpectedly.. Lol..!

  461. 461 : tagalog salita Says:

    makakapasok sa top 8 itong drama na ito bec. of yoochun.
    ang galing nya umarte. best actor yoochun. congratulations.
    lahat ng drama mo ay maganda. kahit na hindi kilala partner mo nakakapasok ito sa top 8 dahil sayo yoochun. the best!!!!!

  462. 462 : victoria Says:

    yoochun your the best oppa. i like all your dramas starting to sungkyunkwan scandal up to the girl who can see smells. sungkyunkwan scandal is #3 in 2010. miss ripley is #16 in 2011. rooftop prince is #1 in 2012. missing you is #4 in 2013. 3 days is #4 in 2014. and the girl who can see smells is will be enter this year to top 8 poll closed for sure. congratulations. your the best of the best.

  463. 463 : Snow Says:

    I’m just on episode 5 at this point, but it’s pretty obvious that they need to change careers. She’s solving the cases and puts in the legwork to solve. He’s pretty funny doing the comic show that’s her dream job. They need to change jobs.

  464. 464 : Snow Says:

    All I have to say, she’s a much better actress in this drama than she was in When a Man Loves. I really like her character in this drama.

  465. 465 : Korean Drama Review GWCSS | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Girl who can see smells (2015) 看見味道的少女 […]

  466. 466 : Snow Says:

    Although interesting, it showed the police department to be incompetent and narrow-minded at times.

  467. 467 : Hannah Says:

    I’ve watched this drama until ep 11. Yes, the couple scenes are cute though I don’t really like SSK’s acting. Sorry to SSK’s fan, but I’d watched a lot of her drama, (since she always pairs with good actor) I’m always disappointed by her acting. She always seems fake. The supposed-touching scene with her dad is so fake. I don’t feel the father-daughter love at all.

    I know it’s a DRAMA. But I’m disappointed with how oblivious Moo Gak can be when Chef Kwon borrowed his phone. He didn’t feel the suspicious at all, even though he knew he’s a suspect.

    AND if I were Cho Rim, I would feel weird if my dad suddenly ended up at Chef Kwon’s house. The lieutenant had told her Chef Kwon is the suspect. How stupid can you be for not connecting everything into one piece. Duh.

  468. 468 : Hannah Says:

    I ended up stop watching this drama after ep 13, it gets pretty stupid. I just can’t tolerate how naive all those detectives are. I just can’t.

    I’m really disappointed with the writing and SSK’s acting.

  469. 469 : seeshow Says:

    The scriptwriter is responsible for the flaw script play, but i am still happy tgat yuchun is wiling to take the male lead role, and he has indeed , as expected, never disappoint viewers with his outstanding performance as moogak. Kudos! Love you!

  470. 470 : Autumn Grace Says:

    Aigoo, I wonder why did the staff allow this kind of drama to go on. This drama really sucks! It will just ruin the reputation of Yoochun. The lead actress tried her best to improve her acting but sorry to say girl, I think you should switch to another career, acting is not your cup of tea. You’re just making your audience feel disappointed every time they watch you. Please stop doing that huhh.

    I finished watching this only because of Yoochun and Nam Goong Min.

  471. 471 : MaxT Says:

    This drama is very funny. LOL

    I am up to the 4th episode at the moment and laughed more than 20 times. I highly recommend if looking for funny drama.

  472. 472 : Pearl Says:

    Congrats to Yoochun being nominated for Top best actor award at Korea drama awards 2015. Yoochun will win this honor for his excellent acting in the role as Moogak.

  473. 473 : StormDiaboli Says:

    Great show! I love how SSK had a chance to shine for once. The scents also look very cute and well done.

  474. 474 : Hong eun sook Says:

    박유천 화이팅! 영원히 사랑해 ~~~ 무각이 짱!

  475. 475 : Kel Says:

    The TV drama of “The girl who can see smells” is my favourite TV drama in 2015. K-pop singer JYJ Park Yoochun and actress Shin Se-kyung, performed really well especially their eyes contacts and the romantic chemistry created. All perfect interpretation that which also further enhance the audience waiting for them debut expectations. I’ll vote this TV drama for sure. 💕🌈

  476. 476 : Yujin Says:

    What drama, is not good to watch when yuchun is there? There’s none right? Because yuchun is a good actor and no dramas to watch to get bored when park yuchun is a lead actor. ☺

  477. 477 : tigerb Says:

    @rory: are we drumming up for this series to win?

  478. 478 : victoria Says:

    let’s vote this drama The Girl Who Can See Smells

  479. 479 : sara Says:

    Goodbye choi moo gak, thank you yoo chun, well done! This is the best drama i ever watched packed with humour, thrill and sweet romance. Oh i am going to miss yoo chun

  480. 480 : victoria Says:

    Please vote The Girl Who Can See Smells (SBS) for the Best Korean Drama of 2015.

  481. 481 : korea fan Says:

    Yoochun is a warded Top 10 star award and Top Excellence Male actor award for mini series drama TGWSS. Big congratulations to Yoochun

  482. 482 : rory Says:

    Top Excellence Actor (Mini Series): Yoochun (The Girl Who Sees Smells)
    Special Actor (Mini-Series): Nam Goong Min (The Girl Who Can See Smells)
    Top 10 Stars Awards: Shin Se Kyung & Yoochun (The Girl Who Sees Smells)

    Congrats Team Smells! I’m happy for them ^^

    @tigerb, admins and all ‘Happy New Year 2016’ 😀

  483. 483 : Nicole Says:

    Great drama. 😀

    The two leads look good together! Very cute couple! 🙂 Love the entire investigations team too. They can be really funny at times. Two thumbs up on Yoochun’s acting, he truly deserved the top excellence actor award!

    Did not regret watching this drama. Daebak!!! ^^

  484. 484 : Jojo Says:

    Very very bad script. Makes tou feel dumb. No law enforcement function this way, so lacking. I know its just a drama but still. Thr lead actors doesnt have chemistry. The story is just bad. So dis appointing.

  485. 485 : korea fan Says:

    Missing officer Choi moogak, missing Yoochun today

  486. 486 : Korea fan Says:

    Missing Yoochun so much

  487. 487 : Korea fan Says:

    Missing Yoochun so much

  488. 488 : mangolis Says:

    Argghh, i screaming my frustation for the stupidity the character in this movies. This start from ep. 11 until letnan yeom mi being kidnapped. The script is not well written, the plot is rather messy.
    The best acting in here, i think will give to Nam Gon Min. He potrayed really well the physco character. Better than yoon chun.

  489. 489 : Korea fan Says:

    Yoochun is sn excellent actor, missing him so much. Watching TGWSS today.Yoochun, keep the faith. Everything’s going to be fine.

  490. 490 : Ne mai despart doar 22 de zile pana la premiera "Black Knight" - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] in varsta de 27 de ani a mai jucat in drame precum: “Six Flying Dragons” (SBS, 2015), “The Girl Who Can See Smells” (SBS, 2015), “Iron Man” (KBS2, 2014), “When A Man Loves” (MBC, 2013), “Unexpected You” (KBS2, 2012) […]

  491. 491 : Sasa Says:

    Love this drama. I already watched several times. Both leads are great together. Hope to see them in more dramas

  492. 492 : Hally x Says:

    I loved this show, especially the 2 lead actors… I don’t see any negatives in Shin Se Kyung’s work, I think she’s great… and a delight for my eyes..!
    Top quality!

  493. 493 : Kay Says:

    The Girl Who Sees Smells is such a great drama! It’s funny with heart, mystery, and suspense. All of the cast did fantastic. Excellent!

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