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Terius Behind Me

Title: 내 뒤에 테리우스 / Terius Behind Me
Also known as: My Secret Terrius
Chinese Title: 我身後的陶斯
Genre: Romance, Mystery
Episodes: 32
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2018-Sep-27 to 2018-Nov-15
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 (2 episodes back-to-back)


This drama is about a woman named Go Ae Rin (Jung In Sun) loses her husband. Along with her neighbour Kim Bon (So Ji Sub), who is a NIS agent, they discover the truth behind her husband’s involvement in a huge conspiracy.


Main Cast

So Ji Sub as Kim Bon / Terius
Jung In Sun as Go Ae Rin
Son Ho Joon as Jin Yong Tae
Im Se Mi as Yoo Ji Yeon

Go Ae Rin’s Family

Yang Dong Geun as Cha Jung Il
Kim Gun Woo as Cha Joon Soo
Ok Ye Rin as Cha Joon Hee
Park Soon Chun as Lee Ji Sook (Ae Rin’s mother)

NIS Agents

Uhm Hyo Sup as Shim Woo Cheol
Seo Yi Sook as Kwon Young Sil
Sung Joo as Ra Do Woo

KIS Agents

Kim Yeo Jin as Shim Eun Ha
Hwang Ji Ah (황지하) as Jo Seo Hyun
Lee Joo Won (이주원) as Jo Seung Hyun
Jung Si Ah as Bong Sun Mi
Kim Dan Woo as Han Yoo Ra
Kang Ki Young as Kim Sang Ryeol
Oh Han Kyul as Kim Seung Ki


Cho Tae Kwan as Kay
Lee Hyun Kul as Park Soo Il
Kim Byung Ok as Yoon Choon Sang
Shin Soo Jung as Min Joon’s mom (Ae Rin’s neighbor)
Yoo Joon Ah (유준아) as Sun Hwa’s mom (Ae Rin’s neighbor)
Son San as Hye Sol’s mom (Ae Rin’s neighbor)
Dong Yoon Suk (동윤석) as KingCastle CCTV security guard
Mirosław Zbrojewicz as agent following Candy


Kim Myung Soo as Moon Sung Soo (Director of National Security)
Jung Kyu Soo as Cha Jung Il’s boss
Nam Gyu Ri as Choi Yun Kyung / Candy
Jung Young Joo
Yoon Sang Hyun as Yoo Ji Sub
Jun Soo Kyung as Ahn Da Jung (ep.26)
Park Ji Hyun as Clara Choi / V

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kang Dae Sun
Director: Park Sang Hoon, Park Sang Woo
ScriptWriter: Oh Ji Young


Lee Yoo Young and Yoo In Na were offered the lead female role, but declined.


2018 MBC Drama Awards – Drama of the Year: Terius Behind Me
2018 MBC Drama Awards – Daesang: So Ji Sub (Terius Behind Me)
2018 MBC Drama Awards – Top Excellence Actor (Wed-Thurs Drama): So Ji Sub (Terius Behind Me)
2018 MBC Drama Awards – Excellence Actress (Wed-Thurs Drama): Jung In Sun (Terius Behind Me)
2018 MBC Drama Awards – Best Supporting Actor/Actress (Wed-Thurs Drama): Kang Ki Young (Terius Behind Me)
2018 MBC Drama Awards – Best Child Acting Awards: Kim Gun Woo (Terius Behind Me)
2018 MBC Drama Awards – Best Child Acting Awards: Ok Ye Rin (Terius Behind Me)
2018 MBC Drama Awards – Writer of the Year: Oh Ji Young (Terius Behind Me)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Nationwide Nationwide Nationwide
2018-09-27 1 6.8 - 6.3 (18th) 7.5 (11th)
2018-09-27 2 8.4 - 7.6 (8th) 8.7 (6th)
2018-09-27 3 6.3 - 6.1 (20th) 7.4 (12th)
2018-09-27 4 5.8 - 6.1 (20th) 7.2 (13th)
2018-10-03 5 6.6 - 6.7 (17th) 7.7 (10th)
2018-10-03 6 8.4 - 9.1 (4th) 10.2 (4th)
2018-10-04 7 7.4 - 7.2 (12th) 7.9 (10th)
2018-10-04 8 9.3 - 9.5 (5th) 10.6 (3rd)
2018-10-10 9 7.3 - 6.9 (15th) 7.6 (9th)
2018-10-10 10 9.3 - 9.4 (5th) 10.6 (3rd)
2018-10-11 11 7.4 - 7.4 (12th) 8.2 (9th)
2018-10-11 12 9.1 - 8.8 (7th) 9.9 (4th)
2018-10-17 13 7.7 - 7.1 (11th) 7.7 (9th)
2018-10-17 14 9.2 - 9.5 (5th) 9.8 (4th)
2018-10-18 15 8.2 - 7.9 (13th) 8.8 (8th)
2018-10-18 16 9.3 - 9.5 (6th) 10.7 (5th)
2018-10-24 17 8.0 - 8.2 (8th) 8.5 (8th)
2018-10-24 18 9.8 - 10.0 (5th) 10.6 (4th)
2018-10-25 19 7.9 - 7.9 (10th) 8.2 (8th)
2018-10-25 20 9.2 - 9.7 (6th) 10.2 (5th)
2018-10-30 21 7.8 - 7.9 (12th) 8.4 (9th)
2018-10-30 22 9.3 - 9.7 (5th) 10.1 (3rd)
2018-11-01 23 8.8 - 8.5 (11th) 9.0 (10th)
2018-11-01 24 10.8 - 10.3 (6th) 10.8 (4th)
2018-11-07 25 7.6 - 7.2 (11th) 7.5 (12th)
2018-11-07 26 9.1 - 9.0 (7th) 9.7 (5th)
2018-11-08 27 - - 8.6 (12th) 8.9 (11th)
2018-11-08 28 - - 9.8 (7th) 10.4 (4th)
2018-11-14 29 8.8 - 8.7 (9th) 9.7 (6th)
2018-11-14 30 10.5 - 10.1 (6th) 11.1 (4th)
2018-11-15 31 - - 9.8 (7th) 10.5 (6th)
2018-11-15 32 - - 10.5 (5th) 11.0 (5th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : countrygirl Says:

    YEESSSSSS!!!! 🤗❤ can’t wait… THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2 : OK OK OK Says:

    So Ji Sub ssi = Love 😛

    I don’t know who is the lead actress. Not familiar. Hope she acted well and also attracting like So Ji Sub.

  3. 3 : kpop fans Says:

    awesome… hihhuhuhu

  4. 4 : Terius Behind Me, o novo drama de romance e comédia da MBC Says:

    […] Fonte: KoreanDrama […]

  5. 5 : Rinchae Says:

    so ji sub 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  6. 6 : Sinopsis Drama Korea Terius Behind Me Lengkap - Dailysia Says:

    […] Judul: 내 뒤에 테리우스 / Terius Behind Me […]

  7. 7 : peyutnduy Says:

    When I saw the poster I thought the leading actress was Yoon Se Ah. They are really looked alike. Are they sisters?

  8. 8 : brownie Says:

    WATCH THIS! SJS at his finest! Broody and funny as always.

  9. 9 : Misu Tira Says:

    Amazing, one of my favorite actor, So Ji Sub. Worth a million to watch to this drama.

  10. 10 : BlackPaint18 Says:

    Pretty good so far. Waiting for episode 5-8.

  11. 11 : Runaway_Ryuki Says:

    I love thisssss… 😍😍😍😍

  12. 12 : Chae Won Says:

    Heavens to Murgatroyd!! I barely recognised the female lead who played the maid in “Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup” and was in love with Dal Rae’s brother. She’s had a lot of work done to her face. Looks prettier.

  13. 13 : kulasakurdapya Says:

    I agree with #8. Ji Sub has his own brand of being funny!

  14. 14 : DJ.8786 Says:

    Lope lope lope ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍

  15. 15 : OK OK OK Says:

    finished ep 1. Lead actress Jung In Sun does not attract me at all with her clumsiness, her 2 annoying kids and she is also trying hard to act cute but I find it very unnatural on her – in my opinion she is not adorable 🙁
    Very disappointed she partner with So Ji Sub who is one of my top favorite actor. I have to put on hold first and watch other K-drama 🙁

  16. 16 : OK OK OK Says:

    I don’t find exciting and thrilling about this drama. Some how some where is wrong which I don’t quite enjoy it. Maybe I have to repeat ep 1 or continue ep 2 and see how it goes.

  17. 17 : OK OK OK Says:

    my comment at 15, in fact i watched the full 1st hour (2 episodes) which just so so. But because of So Ji Sup, I am glad that I continue to watch till episodes 6 – it turns out to be an interesting drama so far and will watch till the end 😛

  18. 18 : SINOPSIS Terius Behind Me Says:

    this drama so funny…

  19. 19 : yossie FD (@ochie_yoshee) Says:

    omo..cant wait the next ep 🙁

  20. 20 : kulasakurdapya Says:

    koko scene in Ep 11 is the best!

    I am fascinated on how the writer was able to compare a group of spy to a group of ajummas! Very subtle yet nod worthy.

  21. 21 : Tiaan Says:

    Strange to see So Ji Sub takes comedy role. I get used to see him in serious one. But nice to watch him back in small screen.

  22. 22 : Hyeongnam Says:

    The song Terius listens to: “Sleepless Nights” gives the drama a sad reminiscing tone; yet kinda smoky and beautiful at the same time. Maybe because it says how deeply he feels for lost love.

  23. 23 : kulasakurdapya Says:

    I agree with #22

  24. 24 : Coleen Kabasa Says:

    Dont stop after watching 1st episode , Trust Ji sub ! He is amazing and you’ll get glued to the drama . Thats a promised! So Ji Sub is So Ji Sub !!!

  25. 25 : Shy Sheila Navarro Mohillo Says:

    Oh My Terius 😍 Saragheee Oppa.


  26. 26 : Yolly wang Says:

    Like much this drama….season 2 please

  27. 27 : Yolly wang Says:

    So Ji Sub is such fine actor, he can take comedic father roles in the future…..

  28. 28 : Anjanette sacasac Says:

    So ji sub for best actor for 2018 comedy, action, love story, its daebak 👌❤❤❤waiting for season 2 hoping waiting for married operation nxt 👫🔫🎒👓💻

  29. 29 : Eka Says:

    Ceritanya bagus,selalu suka kalau yang main So Ji Sub 😊

  30. 30 : Ade Irma Says:

    Bagus banget dramanya beda dari drama yg lain, ga ketebak jalan ceritanya, para pemainnya the best 🙂

  31. 31 : kalpani Says:

    best drama 2018! so jisub

  32. 32 : Remedios Jamanila Acuram Says:

    this drama series is far better than his movie BATTLESHIP ISLAND. I love how he acts, how he babysit the two. I think in the future once he settle down, he will become a good father. I will surely watch it again

  33. 33 : Remedios Jamanila Acuram Says:

    Also hoping my vote count .. this is a good drama series indeed

  34. 34 : Ta Says:

    So Ji Sub is a wonderful actor – love to watch his movie and drama. Hopefully as soon as … like the Raylights he is going to make another drama.. please vote for Super Super star So Ji Sub. I know the links here please vote

  35. 35 : yessi Says:

    Can’t wait season 2 ❤❤

  36. 36 : Manuelisa dasco jalapan Says:

    I love soji sub so much.He’s really cool. It’s a nice drama & find it entertaining! Good luck & congratulations to all! God bless you all…👍👈👄❤🌟👏👏👏👏

  37. 37 : Ika indriyanti Says:

    So ji sub, soganzi .. Ahjussi saranghae ❤❤

  38. 38 : VivianTsai Says:

    Love So Ji sub forever! He is best actor 👍👍👍

  39. 39 : Rini Says:

    I like so ji sub 😍😍😍😍😍

  40. 40 : Doaa Hamdy Says:

    Terrius behind me is the best
    so Ji Sub is the best

  41. 41 : Chaty mae Ondangan Says:

    Hi!i’m a big fan of su ji sub and his leading lady!!!😊😊you two were so cute!!luv yah!!!

  42. 42 : Su lin Says:

    I like So Ji Sub 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  43. 43 : Рина Моргун Says:

    Greetings from Russia we for Terius

  44. 44 : Evelia Says:

    Terius the best!

  45. 45 : Autumn Grace Says:

    As always SJS is so debonaire. Loved this drama, hoping for season 2.

  46. 46 : Charles Ephiong Says:

    Big ups to you . hyung sjs

  47. 47 : Jacquiline garcia Says:

    This drama made me envious how terius acts like a true father and how the mother trains the kids. I like so ji sub even more.

  48. 48 : cw Says:

    Love the script,which is saying a lot compared to some of the other dramas currently being aired. Drama part, straight forward; comedy part, funny as all get out. Well worth the watching. So refreshing not to see selfish families selling themselves for profit, killing each other off to “get it all”. All that back stabbing turns me off. Wish more scripts like this; romance comedy, “friendly” family situations. Too much bad things happening in the world at this time, would like something to lift my spirits, not drag them down. Thank you again to the writer(s) of this script.

  49. 49 : Rose Says:

    @ CW

    You said it all — wonderful post.

    Loved the neighborhood friends of AR. Loved the entire show and the two children did a great job also. Had a great cast. Kudos to the screen writer.

  50. 50 : Rose Says:

    They received 7 awards. Well done and they deserved it!! Congratulations to the entire team.

  51. 51 : Patti Says:

    Love love this drama! So Ji Sub is one of my favorite actors. The show is funny, although I would have preferred the kids to be less spoiled…all the supporting actors did a great job. I thoroughly enjoyed this show, all the awards were well deserved. Congratulations!

  52. 52 : Vannie Says:

    The kids in this drama were annoying, they were impossible, too messy, undisciplined, not realistic anymore.

  53. 53 : Kay Says:

    The spy story was very weak, but the cute & funny family stuff makes the drama pretty enjoyable 🙂

  54. 54 : Melanie Says:

    Why why why is there no season 2 for Terrius and Alice? There probably is no more scope now, but I have a glimmer of hope. Luv u Jung Insun!

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