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Sweet Enemy

Title: 달콤한 원수 / Sweet Enemy
Chinese Tile: 甜蜜的敵人
Also Known as: Sweet Revenge
Genre: Melodrama
Episodes: 124
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2017-June-12 to 2017-Dec-01
Air time: Monday to Friday 08:30


When Oh Dal Nim (Park Eun Hye) is falsely accused of murder, she decides to take revenge on those responsible for her misery.


Main Cast

Park Eun Hye as Oh Dal Nim
Yoo Gun as Choi Sun Ho
Lee Jae Woo as Jung Jae Wook
Park Tae In as Hong Se Na

People around Jung Jae Wook

Lee Bo Hee as Yoon Yi Ran
Choi Ja Hye as Jung Jae Hee

People around Hong Se Na

Kim Hee Jung as Ma Yoo Kyung
Kim Min Chan as Hong Se Kang

People around Choi Sun Ho

Jang Jung Hee as Cha Bok Nam
Lee Jin Ah as Ko Eun Jung
Choi Ryung as Choi Ko Bong
Ok Ji Young as Choi Roo Bi

People around Oh Dal Nim

Kwon Jae Hee as Kang Soon Hee
Lee Chung Mi as Hwang Geum Sook
Hong Hee Won as Lee Han Sung


Ham Sung Min as Lee Kang Min
Park Ji Yeon as Mi Jung

Production Credits

Director: Lee Hyun Jik
ScriptWriter: Baek Young Sook


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  1. 1 : Keke Says:

    Long time no see Yoo Gun, miss him so much!

  2. 2 : Yoo gun Says:

    Pls wish me luck… Pls watch 😍

  3. 3 : mml Says:

    Enemy can never be sweet. Maybe the enemy falls in love with one another and have a good ending then can be considered as Sweet Enemy other enemy can seldom be sweet .

  4. 4 : CoolBeans Says:

    Looking forward too staring at Yoo Gun. Wished he was in another drama, a shorter one. Female lead is average.

  5. 5 : Moon Noona Says:

    Female lead Park Eun Hye is not average, she a senior actress and played many good dramas back then, from Dae JangGeum with Lee YoungAe to drama collaboration with Taiwanese.

    I also surprised to see her back in drama, but yes, she is kinda not suitable with tough (harsh) character woman, and she looks lotsa older compared back then, unlike Lee YoungAe who is age gracefully though older than Park EunHye.

    Seen the rest of the casts, I feel like watching the late 90’s drama, the story also feels totally makjang ‘n every simple scenes goes unnecessary overboard. Well just start ep.1 hope something come out good later.

  6. 6 : Mikey Says:

    wasn’t impressed with ep 1 and decided to quit. the number of episodes concerns me. have a feeling there will be a lot of repetitiveness and frustrating actions by the characters in order to fill out the episode requirements. hopefully yoo gun can pick a shorter project next time.

  7. 7 : Maja Says:

    I like the story and the 2 lead stars…especially yoo gun.. So handsome :)… But I’ll wait till it’s finished before watching again… I hate to wait for next episodes….

  8. 8 : Coolbeans Says:

    Reached ep. 7, barely. Storyline is typical of long dramas…very predictable. Female lead character has crossed the naive line and well into stupid. It is hard to sympathize with her. I will watch every 10th episode to see if the story gets better. Not worth investing too much time into it at this pointl

  9. 9 : Frenz Lovely Says:

    I love this series. makes my heart melt and mind go crazy!!!!!

  10. 10 : Frenz Lovely Says:

    I’m so excited on how will Oh Dal Nim make revenge. I hope she will not give birth of the baby. I hate because of Se Kang!!!

  11. 11 : Maja Says:

    Poor Girl jae hee , she was murdered twice by the same girl…I hope towards the end the real murderer will be charged and put behind bars.. If they get away with it again like in all other Korean dramas then I can say that in South Korea you can get away with murder ? It has always been like that in Korean dramas, forgiveness always wins in the end…. They should also show that evil does not win in the end and that you have to pay for your crimes or else everybody will just commit crime there with the thought of just being forgiven and without the fear of being convicted and imprisoned. … I’m really frustrated with this kind of endings in Korean dramas….

  12. 12 : drama hound Says:

    I am somehow hooked to this drama. Am sure the ending is predictable but somehow I still find myself watching it everyday.

  13. 13 : mml Says:

    How come Oh Dal Nim’s mother is in the hospital for so long ? How can Oh Dal Nim to be able to find out the truth ? And how can Oh Dal Nim takes revenge ?

    Now the problem is, Oh Dal Nim is working together at Choi Sun Ho’s company, the real misery is Choi Sun Ho is always finding fault and make up quarrel with Oh Dal Nim and how can Oh Dal Nim being able to continue her job ???

  14. 14 : alfie Says:

    Why is the lead actress soo dumb? And why the extended non essential conversations(dialogue)? Jeep dramas like this make me lose liking the actors who are otherwise great playing mediocre stuff.

  15. 15 : Gong Says:

    Oh, no… this is 120 episodes? The first 20-24 episodes were so bad, then the story finally picking up… But 120 episodes? Bet we’re going to have to endure stupid, over the top evil from the Hong family while Oh Dal Nim plays the nice, stupid heroine… don’t they know modern young audiences want smarter heroines? This isn’t the 50s, folks. Get with the times.

  16. 16 : Maja Says:

    I think This drama and it’s story can finish in 50 episodes … Then it won’t be boring and dragging… 100+ episodes I think is too much…

  17. 17 : Mama Says:

    This week’s episodes (26 to 30) are all trash… What a waste … No wonder it is a 120 episode drama … More useless episodes coming…. Sena gets all the exposure it is as if she is the main character of this drama…… I am becoming bored and impatient with this drama

  18. 18 : mml Says:

    Episode 32 , not bad and its quite interesting. It seems that, Dal Nim can help Sun Ho’s work .

    It will be great if, Sun Ho wants to learn how to cook nice delicious meal from Dal Nim at, later subsequent episodes .

  19. 19 : Maja Says:

    Episode 32 is the best ep so far…I thought it would be the start of more scenes between dalnim and sun ho but I was wrong… Episode 33 is nothing but trash again >:/

  20. 20 : dodee Says:

    Okay, I like the long drama, but Dalnim she needs to wake up soon. She still trusting these people that thru her under the bus. Her ex-boyfriends family they’re all evil. They all need to go to prison. JaeWook is little by little figuring out. I hope soon.

  21. 21 : Maja Says:

    So episode 37 is really useless … Just to add to 120 episodes…. It will come out to be dragging already…

  22. 22 : mml Says:

    I have already finished watching up to episode 40 and I still don’t understand how come all the evidence are being destroyed by Hong Se Na’s brother and also her mother then how to arrest Hong Se Na to jail.

    And who is the real mother of Oh Dal Nim ? Why abandoned her daughter Oh Dal Nim ? Jae Wook falls in love with Dal Nim and what if, Sun Ho also falls in love with Dal Nim and who will be the first one to own up telling Dal Nim that, they love her ?

  23. 23 : dodee Says:

    Wow I wished that Oh Dal Nim is a poor little rich girl. I hope the mother of the girl that die finds out soon. Maybe thats her daughter that she gave away long time ago without realizing it. This evil family they all need to go to prison greedy greedy greedy!!!

  24. 24 : mml Says:

    A very impressive scene at episode 44 and a very wonderful episode to catch viewers’ attention . This episode really showed the intelligence of Choi Sun Ho , who’s able to know the difference between the kind and the wicked . And I really liked Oh Dal Nim being brave and smart to tell Sun Ho the truth .

  25. 25 : dodee Says:

    Okay its half way to the last episode, when are we gonna start seen who is Oh Dal Nim real mom???? This is dragging on to long. R they ever gonna catch that evil family n put them to prison? I hope the chairman old lady hires Oh Dal Nim as her assistant in every thing.

  26. 26 : mml Says:

    @25 dodee,
    yes, I strongly agree to your idea that, I hope the chairman old lady will hire Oh Dal Nim.

    Episode 45, really showed viewers that, Hong Se Na she’s extremely wicked evil witch . I hope that, the subsequent episode 46 to episode 50 can show viewers that, Oh Dal Nim can meet up with the chairman old lady to get some important help.

    This drama started to really catch my attention is , every since Oh Dal Nim mistaken the old lady chairman as a cleaner and started to become a good chat friend . Maybe, if the old lady chairman will sit in to do an investigation check to help on Dal Nim or re-employ Dal Nim as her own secretary as nutrition specialist then, Dal Nim will have a job .

    Dal Nim is too pitiful to suffer for unnecessary misery . I really wonder how can Dal Nim can take revenge, how to revenge ? Who can believe that Dal Nim it’s actually a kind innocent person ? Maybe, it will be sweet, if the old lady chairman can believe her …………..

  27. 27 : Yooying Says:

    The poster look so different from the synopsis. Gonna watch this drama.

  28. 28 : dodee Says:

    Thank you [email protected] Okay what happen to the romance on this drama????
    Its all about work work work boring!!!!! no romance!!!! I hope Sun Ho falls in love with Dal Nim soon and they should get marry and have a baby soon!!!! Wow thats gonna be hell break loose for Se Na all war for her lol! That will be nice to see. Cuz she is all crazy over Sun Ho lol!!!

  29. 29 : mml Says:

    @28 dodee,

    episode 46 to episode 50 , a lot of things happened that surprised me . My guess to the chairwoman old lady who will help Oh Dal Nim was totally wrong. Glad that, Choi Sun Ho started to suspect the evil witch Hong Se Na.

    Episode 50, viewers noted that Choi Sun Ho will get married to Hong Se Na to a sooner date than expected. As the Choi family wanted Sun Ho to quickly get married to Se Na . And I have noticed at episode 50 that, Jae Wook loved Dal Nim very much . And maybe, Dal Nim will love Jae Wook instead of Sun Ho or maybe, there will be some unforeseen circumstances that will change Dal Nim.

    Am not sure in my guessing, but I will continue to watch episode 51 to episode 55 to find out what’s the big change in Dal Nim ???

  30. 30 : dodee Says:

    Hi the thing I don’t get is that Su Ho is sooooo blind about Se Na and his family. Rumors are flying around the company that they are getting married but his doesn’t realize it. His always getting on Dal Nim about getting slam by people. He should check himself. Did he say yes to the marry Se Na???
    His the one thats clueless!!!!!

  31. 31 : dodee Says:

    I hope the romance is coming soon for Sun Ho and Dal Nim. The green monster is about to come out of Se Na lol lol lol yayyy. Who is her real mother?????? Please reveal soon!!! I hope some rich rich family that would make Se Na and her family jealous with their mouth wide open yipeee. Thank you.

  32. 32 : mml Says:

    @31 dodee,

    episode 51 to episode 55 really made viewers a lot of shocking surprised. And looking at episode 56 preview, I have noted that Yoon Yi Ran missed her abandoned child. Is it that, Yi Ran abandoned her child it’s actually Oh Dal Nim ? I have a feeling that, maybe Yi Ran abandoned her child it’s really Oh Dal Nim.

    Now looking at, all the wicked things that Yoon Yi Ran was trying to punish Oh Dal Nim. What if, Dal Nim it’s really the abandoned daughter of Yi Ran ? I guess Yi Ran will regret and Yi Ran will have difficulty to fix her problem.

    Now am looking forward to watch episode 56 to episode 60 and to find out on what will happen to Oh Dal Nim ? Is it in big danger or is it Yi Ran trying to plot danger to her abandoned daughter ???

  33. 33 : dodee Says:


  34. 34 : dodee Says:

    Thank you, yes yes it sounds like a great big puzzle yayyy! Wow she really gonna have a big guilt if she finds out about Oh Dal Nim if hopefully thats her abandoned child!!! I like the fact that Oh Dal Nim is having a spy working for her lol!!. The 2 evil mother and daughter are focusing on finding
    the abandoned child. Se Na just walking around like she didn’t kill anybody. no kind of guilt in her part wowwww!!!

  35. 35 : mml Says:

    @34 dodee,
    episode 56 to episode 60 viewers can really see the facial expressions of Hong Se Na that, she’s really fear of Oh Dal Nim that , Oh Dal Nim will soon replace her job position . And by watching episode 60, I can tell that, the old lady chairwoman liked Oh Dal Nim very much.

    Maybe, in the later episodes, the old lady chairwoman will prefer her grandson Sun Ho to go after Oh Dal Nim . Sun Ho did not realise that, he starts to fall in love with Oh Dal Nim . And maybe, when Jae Wook tells Sun Ho that, he has already given the proposal wedding ring, things like that, then Sun Ho will realise his true love.

    I will continue to watch episode 61 to episode 65 to find out on , what I guess is it correct a not ?

  36. 36 : dodee Says:

    Wowwww this is great, I hope I hope. Sun Ho is too slow, wake up man, do something. Dal Nim needs to shine cuz shes the real daughter. I hope her real mom finds out before the evil mother and daughter do!!!!! Yesssss the grandmother hopefully can do something and tell her grandson thats moving like molasses right now to go for Dal Nim soon pleeezzzzz. The drama is boring without any type of romance right now, its all work work work, no romance and play!!!

    Thank you [email protected]

  37. 37 : Bolding Says:

    When do you think the truth about Dal Nim’s real mother will come out. I agree writers should include a little bit of romance. Sun Ho
    should know Se Na is a devil lady.

  38. 38 : Meitje61 Says:

    Why they must keep about old relationship Se Kang and Dal Nim.

    I didn’t understand about relationship between families.
    If Se Kang (brother) already married with his auntie (Ruby), how come the sister evil Se Na can married with the niece (Sun Ho)

    Tired to saw all the devil people acts especially Se Na have many trick to do something dirty thing and all people around her never realize.

    Until last week still no romance at all.
    Hope next week already included a little bit romance.

  39. 39 : Phang Hoi Ing Says:

    Scriptwritter must be so obessed with the character Se Na and her mum that the story is all focus on their evil deed. It made the viewer get bored as we know these 2 will be up with tricks every epsiode ant the damsel in distress Dal Nim always quote to Se Na, I will get evidence on all your dirty deeds and it will drag and drag every epsiode. Can the writter at least give an epsiode where Da Nim has an upper hand?

  40. 40 : N Barton Says:

    I am a little confused here. I swear I have seen this drama before. Is this a remake?

  41. 41 : Ginger Que Says:

    The obsession of the writer to focus on recycled evil plots has turned off a lot of the audience. It has become a fact finding drama for the most part.

    The drama started with a lot of hoopla and started to go downhill after 50 episodes. It has become a fact finding drama where filler episodes became the main event. What the writer conceived she could not deliver. What a mess.

  42. 42 : Miffy Says:

    Very disappointing. Started watching with my mom. Soon was curious, by 80eps was looking for development & progress in love and retribution. Now, at 112, not looking forward to it at all anymore. Anti- Climax. Waste time. Give up on the show.

  43. 43 : scarlettmoira Says:

    I dont think she is paired with goo yun..which makes the poster misleading.

  44. 44 : Mana Says:

    Such a waste of time… I hate this writer…giving the viewers false hope… DN ang JW are siblings one way or the other so this really makes me puke eeeewwwww….

  45. 45 : Jessica Says:

    waste time… I angry this writer giving the viewers false hope…All trailer show us DN and SH are enemy and then became lover, I am disappointed for this drama ending, cheating audience.
    DN and SH Should be together, because they are enemy.Why DN and JW became lover, they are slibling not enemy . Do not what the writers means for this drama,wasted my time to watch.

  46. 46 : Pikdo Says:

    The poster look so different from the synopsis. Gonna watch this drama.

  47. 47 : Yang Says:

    Most of the korean wasted time. I don’t like to watch. Boring, almost same story, turtle drama. I prefer hong kong, China, english drama !

  48. 48 : jj Says:

    I like revenge

  49. 49 : Noor24 Says:

    I love watching this drama especially the wickedness of Se Nah.All away from Africa-Uganda,can’t wait for episode 124 en the rest.keep it up

  50. 50 : dodee Says:


  51. 51 : kimberly Says:

    I’ve finished this drama and im very dissapointed . How come the siblings by law will be together . I thought the main lead character will be together until the end unfortunately this drama is not recommended to watch. Sorry. I really do not like the ending . Thumbs 👎.

  52. 52 : Chuchi Says:

    Jae wook and dal min deserved each other. They are not actually siblings by blood. Jae wook was the one who from the start was good and defended dal min.

  53. 53 : Terri M Says:

    I’m with many of the responses about Sweet Enemy. To have 124 episodes is way to much for this storyline. It’s your basic K-drama with the lead who’s poor and dumb, the evil people the Hong’s, how they set up DalNim for JaeHee’s death and the whole show so far is ongoing about how Sena keeps trying to put DalNim back in prison. Too much redundancies (repeat) of Sena undermining DalNim at every turn. Dalnim is lucky to have SunHo helping her, but even with that Sena is getting away with way too much stuff. I’m having a hard time trying to keep watching because I know already how this drama is going to play out. Boring and repetitive and lacks “action or romance”. It would have been better to have 50 episodes or less.

  54. 54 : SwallowSG Says:

    Can not stand it! think Korean polices a useless! Every time something happen, just go to find the bad guys to quarrel but not police! 😰😰
    All actors n actresses a all no common sense !

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