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Title: 첫키스만 일곱번째 / Seven First Kisses
Chinese Title: 七次初吻
Genre: Web drama
Episodes: 8
Broadcast network: NAVER tvcast
Broadcast period: 2016-Dec-05 to 2017-Jan-05
Air time: Monday & Thursday 10:00am


A romantic drama of a “LOTTE DUTY FREE” worker meeting seven different men.

Min Soo Jin (Lee Cho Hee) meets a goddess (Choi Ji Woo). Later she got a chance from the goddess to choose one guy among seven guys, as her first kiss.


Main Cast

Lee Cho Hee as Min Soo Jin (1-8)
Choi Ji Woo as Goddess (1&7)
Lee Joon Ki as Church oppa (1-2)
Park Hae Jin as Romantic Boss (2-3)
Ji Chang Wook as Sexy secret agent (3-4)
Kai as Charming Student (4-5)
Taecyeon as Sweet rich guy (5-6)
Lee Jong Suk as Famous Actor (6-7)
Lee Min Ho as Free Spirit Traveler (8)


Kim Hyun Jung as Sun Yeong (fellow worker 1)
Lee Chung Mi as Ji Yeong (fellow worker 2)
Lee Hyo Joo (이효주) as Girfriend (Ep. 1)
Seo Yeong Sam (서영삼) as Manager
Noh Woo Jin as pervert (Ep. 3)
Lee Cha Yeon (이차윤) as police 1
Kim Yong Tae (김용태) as police 2


Kim Ji Hoon as Man in the mall (Ep.1)

Production Credits

Production Company: LOTTE DUTY FREE
Director: Jeong Jeong Hwa

Episode Title

Ep Date Title
1 2016-12-05 Her Present
2 2016-12-08 First Kiss?
3 2016-12-12 Dangerous Boss
4 2016-12-15 Till the End of the World
5 2016-12-19 I'm your teacher. You’re my student
6 2016-12-22 Too much to handle
7 2016-12-26 How to fall in love with a celebrity
8 2017-01-05 Last gift


Official Site


Trailer (Korea Sub)
Trailer (ENG Sub)

Watch Online in LOTTE DUTY FREE (YouTube Channel)
Episode #1 (ENG Sub)
Episode #2 (ENG Sub)
Episode #3 (ENG Sub)
Episode #4 (ENG Sub)
Episode #5 (ENG Sub)
Episode #6 (ENG Sub)
Episode #7 (ENG Sub)
Episode #8 (ENG Sub)

Watch Online in LOTTE DUTY FREE (YouTube Channel) – Ending
Choi Ji Woo Ending
Lee Joon Ki Ending
Park Hae Jin Ending
Ji Chang Wook Ending
Kai Ending
Taecyeon Ending
Lee Jong Suk Ending

92 Responses to “Seven First Kisses”

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  1. 51
    Hannah Says:

    10 mins aint enough! Can’t wait for tomorrow’/ episode of LJG oppa! Ahhh.

    But I’m really looking forward to Sexy Secret Agent, Rich Family’s Innocent Son and Nation Most Beloved Actor episodes!!!!

  2. 52
    abi Says:

    Damn…this drama make accute delution…

  3. 53
    BIKI Says:

    Lee Min Ho!!!

  4. 54
    Carolina Says:

    Have watched the 1st episode yesterday, nice but pretty short web series. However, I prefer 8 minutes to 1 hour episodes.

    If someone from the management or producers of Seven First Kisses would add these tv series on http://www.imdb.com, that’d be cool. I tried yesterday, but completing the form for a new movie or tv series got pretty complicated on their website & they just did not accept it.

    Waiting for the episode 2!!

  5. 55
    Miner🎶 Says:

    What?! Really 10 mins… please.make it regular 1 hour episode. The pilot episode is sooo nice and i think its promising since top a-lister actors are in it.
    Goodluck…. cant wait for the next episode!!!

  6. 56
    phina Says:

    7 cute guys,come on 10mins is too short

  7. 57
    n00na Says:

    is it really a 10 min. episode?

  8. 58
    Queens Says:

    Main actress is played lucky romance. She was 2nd lead actress

  9. 59
    neni Says:

    It should be perfect if included : song joong ki, kim so hyun and park bogum for replacing : taecyon, park hae jin and kai. Hahaha…just my opinion.

  10. 60
    Hannah Says:

    Told ya 10 mins aint enough! LJG played a perfect church oppa 😍 and next ep preview Park Hae Jin looks so hot as romantic boss. 😍😍😍

  11. 61
    Hannah Says:

    I’d agree with you replacing Kai with Park Bo Gum. But I understand that they’d like to attract more viewers especially from EXO fans. Their fanclub is huge! As for Taecyeon and Park Hae Jin, they seem perfect to me.

  12. 62
    German Shepherd Says:

    I feel jealous with the main lead actress :)) So many flower boys and all of them love her. Before accepting the character, she must be very worry, all of the men have many many many fans, and who knows what will happen to her :/ Now I feel worry for her.
    Remembering the time Park Shin Hye was bashed because she cooperated with many handsome and famous actor, she proved herself with talent and now she is top actress, hope you would do well Lee Cho Hee.
    But 7 great guys like this is too much! I still jealous!!!!!
    9 mins is enough! 1 hour of jealousy? could you?

  13. 63
    Yixuan Says:

    a few minutes ain’t enough:( I was hoping that it would be hours:( and THERE IS ONLY 10 EPISODES? omg,the drama is killing me..it is a very good drama yet so short and little episodes.They should made each episode like 10 hours or something and also have lots of seasons.I REALLY HOPE THERES A DRAMA THAT IS LIKE SEVEN FIRST KISSES AND PLEASE INCLUDE Nam Joo Hyuk:) HE IS AWESOME:)🙏

  14. 64
    tigerb Says:

    basically an advertising stunt, but a good one.

  15. 65
    Jin-je Says:

    Lee Joon Gi and Lee Jong Suk!!

  16. 66
    Carolina Says:

    Episode 3 was uploaded on youtube last night.



  17. 67
    Hannah Says:

    OMO, Park Hae Jin played a perfect romantic boss!!

    AND I CANT WAIT FOR NEXT EP!! Finally, it’s my bae’s turn to show up. Ji Chang Wook!! 😍😍 Uri Wookie ❤️❤️❤️

  18. 68
    Tyara Says:

    Is it weird that I’m attracted to Park hae jin’s hand? Gosh he’s a hottie 😍

  19. 69
    Tinyfairy Says:

    Park Hae jin oh my God. He is so manly.

  20. 70
    OXE Says:


  21. 71
    ella Says:

    I love Lee Joon Ki, Ji Chang Wook, Lee Min Ho and kai (even if he is not an actor, yet)…this Korean drama would be perfect if Jang Keun Suk, Kim Soo Hyun, kim Bum and Seo In Gook would be in 7 kisses. They are my favorite korean actors along with Park Si Hoo, Yoon Shi Yoon, Lee Min Ki, So Ji Sub,
    Song Joong Ki, Ko Soo, Yoo Seung Ho, Won Bin, Ji Sung and Lee Byung Hun.

  22. 72
    Hannah Says:

    Ep 4 is the best with JCW in it!!! ❤️❤️

  23. 73
    tigerb Says:

    ep 4 is now out at you tube. couldn’t miss it because of jcw.

  24. 74
    olive Says:

    that girl is too lucky to have all those handsome guys specially lee min ho 😀

  25. 75
    meara Says:

    my sugesstion is make a full episode or drama to every guys..

  26. 76
    iammee Says:

    Lucky girl! I can’t get enough of ji chang wook. Hoping to see him in another kndrama before enlisment.

  27. 77
    Nancy Says:

    I hope Kim Woo Bin was included and yes, Park Bogum also, yay they should’ve have made it to TEN First Kisses since it’s only 8 or 10 minutes, it would be blockbuster.

  28. 78
    Seventeenboom Says:

    I thought there will be a split ending like given in episode 8 viewer’s got to choose who she is gonna end up with.. kkk~

  29. 79
    yeowoo Says:

    all the actors here are lotte’s ambassadors

  30. 80
    Rossy Says:

    where is the kisses? I’m drooling when their lips going to touch n’ “puff”, suddenly she wake-up from her dreams and I’m still dreaming LLOOOOOLLL

  31. 81
    tigerb Says:

    ‘seven first kisses’ without a single one!

  32. 82
    AnCe Says:

    i’ll just think of this as a CF/Commercial on TV so i won’t be disappointed anymore.

  33. 83
    Hannah Says:

    7 first kisses? More like 7 “almost” first kisses. I thought viewers could vote who she would end up with. Kinda disappointed, but thanks Lotte for giving us the dream.

  34. 84
    Chaieee Says:

    Among all guys, I think Lee Cho Hee has sparks/chemistry with Park Hae Jin. Least chemistry for me is with Lee Joon Ki and Kai (my opinion) Overall, I enjoyed this mini series eventhough no kisses happened. How I wish she can choose among the guys who she wants her first kiss to be with and Choi Ji Woo will make it happen. I hope the ending is like that! But since all are Lotte ambassadors, it’s only an impossible scenario.

  35. 85
    Candy Says:

    Does anyone know where to find the 9th episode? There is a secret 9th episode. I cant find it.

  36. 86
    Jo Park Says:

    On YouTube they have the endings for each of the first six almost kisses. Search with Seven First Kisses Ending and you should be able to find them. [LOTTE DUTY FREE] 7 First Kisses (ENG) LEE JOON GI Ending – …

  37. 87
    Aishwarya Jadhav Says:

    Its too cool!!!!! But what is next after episode 8 waiting…..please upload it…..too much curious!!!!!!

  38. 88
    kaushi Says:

    then who will be her real boyfriend. why is it over………………………………………….

  39. 89
    Emma Says:

    Am i blind?! They say ”Kim Woo Bin as ex-crush of Min Soo Jin” buuuut in which episodes?!!!!!

  40. 90
    sanisa Says:

    all cool oppas at a time love a women…………….HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE
    I am jealous with the main lead
    all for it i love LJG ….HE IS THE BEST ALWAYS

  41. 91
    Kpopindo.id Says:

    ooooo Lee Joon Ki………

  42. 92
    Remake-ul “Criminal minds” de la tvN va avea premiera in aceasta seara - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] atat din Asia, cat si din intreaga lume. Nu aveti cum sa nu il recunoasteti din drame, precum: “Seven First Kisses’ (NAVER tvcast, 2016), “Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo” (SBS, 2016), “Scholar Who Walks the Night” (MBC, […]

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