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Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo


Title: 달의 연인 – 보보경심: 려 / Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo
Chinese Title: 月之戀人-步步驚心:麗
Early Title: 달의 연인 / Moon Lovers
Previously known as: 보보경심 : 려 / Scarlet Heart: Ryeo
Genre: Historical, Romance, Time-travel
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2016-Aug-29 to 2016-Nov-01
Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00


This drama is based on Chinese novel “Bu Bu Jing Xin” by Tong Hua which was originally published online in 2005 on Jinjiang Original Network. The novel also adapted into the chinese television series “Scarlet Heart” which was aired in Hunan Broadcasting System (HBS) from 2011-Sep-10 to 2011-Sep-29 and also “Scarlet Heart 2” which was aired in Zhejiang STV (ZJTV) from 2014-Apr-22 to 2014-May-07.

This drama was fully pre-produced before airing which is a departure from the live-shoot production format that characterizes most Korean dramas. The Filming Began on 2016-Jan and Completed on 2016-June-30. The series will be simulcast in China, Japan and Hong Kong.

The story set up in the early of Goryeo regime. Hae Soo (IU), a 25 year old girl from modern era got transported back to Goryeo dynasty and got trapped in the conflicts and struggles between princes of Wang’s House. There, she falls in love with Wang So (Lee Joon Ki) who makes other people tremble with fear.


Main Cast

Lee Joon Ki as Wang So (4th Prince)
– Choi Hyun Jin (최현진) as Wang So (young)
Hong Dong Young as Wang So (child)
IU as Hae Soo
Kang Ha Neul as Wang Wook (8th Prince)
Hong Jong Hyun as Wang Yo (3rd Prince)


Kim San Ho as Wang Mu (Crown Prince)
Yoon Sun Woo as Wang Won (9th Prince)
Byun Baek Hyun as Wang Hyun (10th Prince)
Nam Joo Hyuk as Wang Yoo (13th Prince)
Ji Soo as Wang Jung (14th Prince)

Royal Family

Jo Min Ki as Wang Geon (King Taejo of Goryeo)
Park Ji Young as Queen Sinmyeongsunseong
Jung Kyung Soon as Queen Shin Jung
Kim Kang Il (김강일) as Lady Kang (King’s 22nd consort and Wang So’s adoptive mother)
Park Jung Hak as Wang Shik Ryum (The King’s brother)

Princes’ Lovers

Kang Han Na as Hwangbo Yeonhwa (later Queen Daemok)
Park Shi Eun as Lady Hae (principal wife of Wang Wook)
Z.Hera as Park Soon Duk (Park Soo Kyung’s daughter)
Jin Ki Joo as Chae Ryung
Seo Hyun as Woo Hee (last Princess of Baekje)

Goryeo Officials

Kim Sung Kyun as Choi Ji Mong
Sung Dong Il as General Park Soo kyung
Choi Byung Mo as Park Young Kyu (Wang Yo’s father-in-law)


Woo Hee Jin as court lady Oh Soo Yun
Nam Sung Joon
Lee Chae Mi
Seo Ga Eun as Hae Soo’s daughter
Kim Jin Seo
Lee Ho Jung as Hae Soo’s friend at present day
Byun Woo Suk as Hae Soo’s ex-boyfriend at present day

Production Credits

Production Company: NBC Universal, YG Entertainment
Chief Producer: Han Jung Hwan
Executive Producers: Jo Jung Ho, Yang Min Suk, Kim Kyu Tae
Producer: Baek Choong Hwa
Director: Kim Kyu Tae
Screenwriter: Jo Yoon Young


Early working title was “Moon Lovers” then changed to “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo” on 2016-Jan-04 before picking up title of “Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo” on 2016-July-04.


2016 SBS Drama Awards: Idol Academy Award (Best “Drudge”) – IU (Lee Ji Eun) (Moon Lovers-Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
2016 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Awards – Baekhyun (Scarlet Heart: Goryeo)
2016 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Award – Lee Joon Ki (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
2016 SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards – Lee Joon Ki and IU (Lee Ji Eun) (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
2016 SBS Drama Awards: Hallyu Star Award – Lee Joon Ki (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
2016 SBS Drama Awards: Special Actress (Fantasy) – Seo Hyun (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
2016 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Fantasy) – Kang Ha Neul (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo)
2016 koreandrama.org Awards : The Best Korean Drama of 2016

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2016-08-29 1 7.9 9.1 (13th) 7.4 (18th) 8.0 (18th)
2016-08-29 2 8.9 (18th) 10.0 (10th) 9.3 (12th) 10.4 (11th)
2016-08-30 3 7.1 (18th) 7.8 (19th) 7.0 (19th) 8.0 (15th)
2016-09-05 4 6.1 7.3 5.7 6.9
2016-09-06 5 6.2 6.8 6.0 7.3 (18th)
2016-09-12 6 5.1 7.7 5.7 6.8
2016-09-13 7 5.2 6.4 5.8 6.6
2016-09-19 8 5.3 5.8 6.9 8.6 (13th)
2016-09-20 9 6.1 6.4 6.2 7.9 (15th)
2016-09-26 10 6.4 7.4 (19th) 7.1 8.2 (16th)
2016-09-27 11 6.5 (20th) 6.7 (19th) 7.5 (19th) 8.5 (15th)
2016-10-03 12 6.8 7.1 7.9 (20th) 8.8 (15th)
2016-10-04 13 7.3 (18th) 7.5 (15th) 8.2 (18th) 9.3 (9th)
2016-10-10 14 6.5 7.0 6.8 7.5 (19th)
2016-10-11 15 8.7 (15th) 9.2 (10th) 8.2 (13th) 9.2 (9th)
2016-10-17 x Postponed Because Baseball Games
2016-10-18 16 5.8 6.2 5.9 6.8 (19th)
2016-10-24 17 9.9 (11th) 10.6 (6th) 9.8 (8th) 10.6 (6th)
2016-10-25 18 10.7 (7th) 10.6 (7th) 10.1 (8th) 11.2 (5th)
2016-10-31 19 9.0 (15th) 10.1 (6th) 9.0 (9th) 9.8 (7th)
2016-11-01 20 10.8 (5th) 11.8 (5th) 11.3 (5th) 12.2 (4th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


Scarlet-Heart-Ryeo-Poster-1 Scarlet-Heart-Ryeo-Poster-2 Scarlet-Heart-Ryeo-Poster-3 Scarlet-Heart-Ryeo-Poster-4 Scarlet-Heart-Ryeo-Poster-5

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Official Site

Official Trailer
Trailer I
Trailer II
Trailer III
5 minutes Preview

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  1. 1 : admin Says:

    The first teaser will be released on 2016-Aug-01 @ 9am K.S.T!

  2. 2 : Neon Says:

    IU and her seven flower boy princes


  3. 3 : demaple Says:

    Wow… In one month…
    So many prince…

  4. 4 : tigerb Says:

    pre-produced drama series i think are better so editing is thorough, hopefully! lee joon ki, sure, why not, but series time set again centuries ago?

  5. 5 : Safa_JG Says:

    Lee Joon Gi Ma real actor ♡ best actor for me ♡
    oppa fighting ^^

  6. 6 : Shiva Says:

    Cant wait, to see Lee joon Ki. excellent casting, I hope is going to be a hit.

  7. 7 : iLy Says:

    WoW, another pre – produced drama. Lee Joon Ki in Historical drama (again), but IU? Sure can’t wait to see her role in this drama.
    Lee Joon Ki had many experience in action & historical drama, and I hope his role here will awesome too.

    Maybe if all Korean Drama have pre – produced before airing, it’ll make greater quality of this drama itself.

  8. 8 : Oversea Says:

    I’m waiting for this drama since I have read the information in a magazine.
    Just with the actors the drama seems interesting to watch.
    I look forward now. I hope this film will attract the attention of all.

  9. 9 : Oversea Says:

    I write “film” istead of “drama”

    I hope this drama will attract the attention of all.

  10. 10 : Iman HajunSe Says:

    Lee Jun Kiiiiiiiiiii fighting wish all the best for this drama <3

  11. 11 : Lee Joon Gi Lover Says:

    Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighting our real actooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor Joon GI

  12. 12 : tarja pihlaja Says:

    I´ve seen the chinese version a couple of times and I loved it. This one going to be even greater…

  13. 13 : sallimohamed Says:

    بالتوفيق لي جوون غي
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  14. 14 : Maddy Says:

    Ugh another historical/sageuk drama…oh well. Hope it is a good drama but I think I will skip it as I don’t like a historical drama :'(

  15. 15 : lulu Says:

    omg can’t wait to see the Drama

    love YOU so much Baekhyun oppa can’t wait

  16. 16 : admin Says:

    Trailer I

  17. 17 : Patoi Says:

    Looking forward to this drama

  18. 18 : Tulip Says:

    Yay!! Lee Jun Ki is back….waiting…

  19. 19 : claudia Says:

    can’t wait i’m counting the days , i want to see Lee Jun Ki in another drama , he is my favorite actor , i saw all his drama and movie , can’t get enough

  20. 20 : khala Says:

    Lee Joon Ki Fighting !

  21. 21 : lulu Says:


  22. 22 : grasha Says:

    I’ve been waiting for this. Lee Joon Ki my number 1

  23. 23 : Zehra Says:

    Lee joon ki , fighting 👍

  24. 24 : Sinopsis Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 1 - Terakhir « Kdramastory Says:

    […] Lihat pemeran selengkapnya di sini […]

  25. 25 : elok Says:

    akhirnya, tinggal nunggu doctors tamat dannn…. ketemu lg ama Ji Soo ^^

  26. 26 : OK OK OK Says:

    I like Lee Joon Ki, IU & kang Ha Neul 🙂

  27. 27 : Emmy Says:

    the Trailer is daebaaaaaaaaaak amazing lee jun ki’S actiiiiiiiing waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw i can’t wait

  28. 28 : Nina Says:

    Lee joon ki & kang ha neul 😉 can’t wait

  29. 29 : Melchidec Says:

    I watched chinese vers. 4th, 8th, 13th, and 14th they fell in love to Rohui.
    Thumbs up for their vers, but the love story is some kinda. . . . . .8th prince was married to her sister(2nd wife) then she fell in loved with him, 4th prince is very villanous, 13th prince is kind to the point that he will take all the blame for the sake of 4th prince, but in the end Rohui was in loved to 4th and marry 14th prince and die his arms.
    Sad love story for Rohui and 4th prince, CDRAMA made SCARLET HEART 2 to continue their love, and they also film a movie SCARLET HEART MOVIE.

  30. 30 : mybabyd Says:

    i don’t know if this was a really good thing for the lead. Because the lead main is Lee JunKi and he will over lap all the other actors in this series. I don’t know if IU is able to play the main lead in this kind of series. But I don’t have much hope for it. I Like JunKi and all the others, but I don’t know if having a main lead Lee JunKi and all the other great actor in a drama series together. they will all just overlap one another in playing the leads themselves.

  31. 31 : yoona Says:

    I have watch the original.hope this will be better.cause that actor is so young.the original series,use actor at the middle age.so they acting is really amazing

  32. 32 : asd Says:


  33. 33 : bigeye Says:

    i think good drama but this rate drop down maybe..i dun like the lady call iu i forget her name

  34. 34 : Yeni Says:

    R u sure just 20 episode?
    Because real scarlet chinese is 35 episode
    I dont think will maximal this drama

  35. 35 : Dory Says:

    The writers are awesome…wrong cast….Good Luck!

  36. 36 : paras Says:

    I like Lee JK for kolosal drama😍😍 but for the female lead I like more Moon Geun Yong then IU. Moon GY more fretty and ‘strong acting then IU . But still cant wait for this drama too 😸😸

  37. 37 : Raymond Says:

    Joon ki & IU wow. I think nothing will be better than soo hyun & IU but, joon ki & IU is seriously not bad at all. Can’t wait

  38. 38 : bigeye Says:

    i think low rating maybe i can support them n no choice

  39. 39 : mila Says:

    I hope to see Lee Jun Ki with Han Ji Min in one of the historical drama. I know that there one the best actor and actress in south korea.

  40. 40 : erins Says:

    cant wait,,,,,,,,,,,,

  41. 41 : Moon Lovers–Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Episode 01 Says:

    Can’t wait for ep 01………….

  42. 42 : Era Says:

    The story looks like similar with lee min ho drama, Faith(the great doctor)

  43. 43 : zzzzzz Says:

    if i’m not mistaken, the characters appear in this drama is similiar with jang hyuk’s drama “Shine or Go Crazy”,
    spoiler allert, wang soo is 4th or 5th King of Goryo

  44. 44 : jnxdoe Says:

    Lee Jun Ki, fighting!!!
    Hope this drama will get awesome rating! 🙂

  45. 45 : May Says:

    Can’t wait for this..i hope it will worth the wait and get high rating fighting! 🙂

  46. 46 : claudia Says:

    still a week , i’m thrilled , can’t wait Jun Ki hope rating skyrocketing
    many luck , love you

  47. 47 : Hannah Says:

    I’m excited to watch Jisoo, Nam Joo Hyuk and Kang Ha Neul!!!!

  48. 48 : bigeye Says:

    get iu out..bec not suitable..for iu bec she not match with other actor..

  49. 49 : Rr Says:

    I agree #48 I also don’t like iu for leading lady and the role is not a princess but maid or stranger.iu must cameo not leading lady for any drama.

  50. 50 : Rr Says:

    I hate iu cameo must suit for her.

  51. 51 : Go_Blue Says:

    The story is quite interesting but..I am wondering why I’m not interested nor curiosity.. Hopefully IU’s did her best in this drama, because when I watch her dramas before I stopped in ep 3 or 6. IU is quited talented, I love her songs..truly deeply hehehe, I owned all her albums, she has a beautiful voice indeed! All the best to IU,.. move on and grow stronger in your acting..;-)

  52. 52 : Rr Says:

    IU is a good singer not a good actress .she must focus on her career on singing .she not suitable for acting…pacute,flat nose,ugly,small,pabebe

  53. 53 : PEARLLY Says:

    I wonder why people say IU is not a good actress…i have watched all her dramas so far and i wasnt disappointed…she can only improve and get better…the producers of SCARLET HEART must have seen her potentials and picked her for this drama…a great actor or actress is not born in a day but developed through hardwork and experience….so please give IU a break….i just watched the trailers for SCARLET HEART and i tell that its WOWWWW…..this will be the drama of 2016….

  54. 54 : deer Says:

    يييييع وزغه مقرفه 🙁 iu

  55. 55 : PEARLLY... Says:

    And for those of you that say IU Ugly, flat nose, small and so on….i am indeed laughing t such notions as i type this….what is your definition of beauty i wonder? who indeed will look at IU and say she is not beautiful? Rr, have you ever created human being before? infact you sound jealous to me…please get over it….imagine acting with 7 hunky flower boys…tell me who wouldnt be jealous or envious of her? and lets not forget the main lead actor LEE JOON KI…..ahhh! i am so looking forward to this drama….and i know lots of people all over the world are also….

  56. 56 : :) Says:

    Yayyyy! it’s airing tomorrowww..^^ I am really looking forward to this drama and hope many would support it as well.. to those who says IU is ugly..okay, i get how all of us have different perspectives in terms of beauty, but i juz think it’s not necessary to tell ur negative opinions cuz who u wouldn’t like someone else calling u ugly, would u? Let’s keep our ugly thoughts to ourselves. I think IU is pretty just the way she is and there is no need of others to judge her just because she is a well-known celebrity. and okay, maybe her acting may look like it’s lacking for you. then, you can juz ignore the drama and watch other movies that interest u. it’s juz as easy as that. there is no point in saying how she should juz stick to her singing. i, personally, encourage her to do what she likes, whether its acting or singing, cuz it’s her life and she has the right to choose what she wants to do with it. i have watched “The Best Lee Soon Shin”, “Producer”, and “Dream High”and have to say that although she may not be the best actress, she is improving each year and I am proud of her for trying her best. Please don’t insult the drama because I am sure all of the actors, actresses, staff, producers, and scriptwriters put extra effort in making it. I am not being bias because I personally like IU and all the other casts in the movie, but I just feel like I need to point out the fact that it’s better to stay silent when what’s coming out of mouth or what you type in this case, are all negativity that would hurt someone else. PEACE OUT. 🙂 have a good day everyonnee.. and to all those supporting the drama, I’m soooo exciteeddd… Have you guys listened “For You”, the OST sung by Baekhyun, Chen, and Xiumin??? It’s damnnn gooodddd. I hope this drama was a successssss^^
    – a 16 years old teenager fangirl <3

  57. 57 : jayseeen Says:

    where can i watch this ?

  58. 58 : korean fashion Says:

    how nice! i can’t wait for it.

  59. 59 : kaien Says:

    it’s airing tomorrow, looking forward to it….

  60. 60 : kaien Says:

    life of those who wait for subs has 8-12 hours delay than the actual airing….

  61. 61 : Lily_shinki Says:

    tonight OMG! i can’t wait ><

  62. 62 : sara Says:

    omg baekhyun you are killing me

    love you baekhyun

  63. 63 : OK OK OK Says:

    In my opinion, IU is a good actress and she has a lovable adorable face.
    I am happy she is the lead actress here, at least I can enjoy this drama – my watching list. he he 😛

    And she is pairing with my favourite actors Lee Joon Ki & Kang Ha Neul

  64. 64 : freedomdemon Says:

    finally has release both episode with subtitles~!!!!!
    so exciting, for people cross over to other year~!!!!! ^^Y
    love this type of story~!!!!!
    just worry the end, hope that its good ending~!!!!!

    thank you!!!!!

  65. 65 : OK OK OK Says:

    Love the first 2 episodes already. Very exciting. All acted well.
    I enjoy it very much.
    Don’t worry its good ending 🙂

  66. 66 : OK OK OK Says:

    Lee Joon Ki, even face with scars – still very very suave and handsome. Looks artistic. ha ha 😛

  67. 67 : tigerb Says:

    at ep 1, there’s a disclaimer: ‘…..creative license in history’. should be, the astronomer seems like ala da vinci, the books are in binders, the lady’s shoes have 1 inch heels. am not sure about how shoes were during those times, still i think this is just another period drama. the comments i read in another website are about ‘eye candy’, good looking princes, etc. i hope the story is more interesting than the eye candy!

  68. 68 : Ann Says:

    Been watched until eps 3 and I think this drama is good enough. Since I haven’t watched the original version so I can’t compare this to the original one. But I heard that the character and story line were made up just like the original one. Many korean nitizens are criticizinyg IU’s and Baek’s acting, but I personally think they are doing just fine. I’ve watched four of IU’s drama and I think her acting skill has improved, maybe I’m being a lil bit biased here lol, but srsly I don’t think her acting was bad at all. And for Baek, I heard that this is his first drama. He was a little bit awkward tho but I think that was okay since he potrayed the character well in here. I could feel prince Wang Hyun’s childish and funny vibes from him. Oh yeah, does anyone here also feels that Hong Jong Hyun doesn’t potrayed his character well in this drama? He is supposed to be the bad guy but I don’t feel that evil side from him.. I mean, I’ve watched Remember and Vampire Prosecutor, I could feel that evil vibes from Nam Goong Min and Yeon Jeong HUn. At first, I thought Hong Jong Hyun was a newbie until I looked up into his profile and found out that he has been acted since 7 years ago…

  69. 69 : kez Says:

    please someone answer ma as soon as you see this. What is the airing schedule? like seriously It started on monday and there are 3 eps already!!!!

  70. 70 : Negin Says:

    @69 the airing time for this drama is on Monday and Tuesday, but just this week they air two episode of this drama on Monday and one on Tuesday. I’m not sure why they did it but so happy to watch three part of it for a week:)

  71. 71 : kez Says:

    @70 exactly my point. bless them for what they did for the drama fans. I had to watch the episode 3 without subs and it was written the next ep is airing next week. Thanks.

  72. 72 : lulu Says:

    so amazing the drama all of them did very Good so in love with the Drama can’t wait for ep 4

  73. 73 : Hannah Says:

    I’ve watched all 3 eps. To me, IU is just doing okay, meaning average. I’d be more excited to watch this drama if the main heroin is more talented actresss. As for Baek Hyun, I’m sorry, I have nothing against him in person, but the way he’s acting, annoys me so much. Yes, I know the 10th prince should be childish, but the way he acts is way too awkward. This drama has potential to have high ratings without the popularity of all the idols here, but somehow, it seems like the idols are making the flaws for this drama. And for those who said, “give him a chance since it’s his first acting” well, I’ve seen other idols who act for the first time, and they’re doing well. Acting for the first time is not an excuse for him to act really bad in this drama. Either he should work harder, or do not act at all.

  74. 74 : bigeye Says:

    To me all princes are equal and give chance act each other..please understand they are newbie except lee joon ki. Not for bad comments..i think they hurt their for bad acting..please give them strength n confidence on them.thank you..

  75. 75 : osheen88 Says:

    This is literally one of the best dramas ever! I saw a video clip of it on instagram and instantly researched about it. Watched all three episodes in one night. Lovin’ all their chemistry. Can’t wait for the upcoming episodes. This is just DAEBAK! hehe 😀

  76. 76 : ryry Says:

    Hi, I have watched 3 eps and this drama was interesting. I have some questions:
    1. I wonder Why Queen Yoo don’t like Wang So (4th prince) ? Is she his real mother? Queen Yoo only want Wang Yo (3rd prince) become the next Crown Prince, so she and Yo want to kill Wang Mu (Crown Prince). I saw that Wang So was very love her mother, although his scratch on his face due to his mother.

    2. I don’t understand Why Wang Wook (8th prince) fall in love to Hae Soo (IU) ?? How about with his wife, Lady Hae? Did Lady Hae brought Hae Soo to become the 2nd wife ? Maybe because Lady Hae don’t have children and she is very ill ??

  77. 77 : niez Says:

    love this drama ,highly recommended to watch👍🏻👍🏻

  78. 78 : Maddy Says:

    There was so many hyped and big promoted by SBS for this drama before airing but it turned out with the lowest ratings. I haven’t watched it yet and also I don’t like the female lead….well I will wait and see later.

  79. 79 : WarmAndCozy Says:

    well.i’ve watched the 3 episodes so far and it’s so good. it airs in the same time with doctors, that explains the low rating, but starting next week and with the conclusion of doctors i think moon lovers will get 4th place at least.
    i have i question please, is there a website for online ratings cauz the rating in koreandrama.org is based only on TV.?

  80. 80 : WP Says:

    Hi all

    I have the same Qs with 76. Can anyone help to give some logical explaination on these confusing situation 😭😭

  81. 81 : kdrama gh luv Says:

    hahahahha hahahahha am lafin @ those commenting about beauty here oooo. must an actress be beautiful b4 she can act or what? those with negativity about themselves always have negative comments. I may not be a fully dedicated fun of IU but am a dedicated fun of Lee joon ki oppa , so since he s d lead /hero in this drama I wont sit back to read all these insult about the drama. haters u can stop watching this drama. in fact u r not welcome to watch this drama. all the other actors n actresses, directors PD nim n all d crew fighting !!!!! I pray that by the end of epi 5 we wil reach ratings of 15%nationwide. hwaiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! saranghae oppa deul

  82. 82 : Simon K Says:

    The story background is the same as “shine or go crazy”. Some of the story line must be based on real history. It is very odd that Wang So really married his half sister in history, I thought I must have mixed up the relationship when I watch that drama. If you search Wikipedia, one of his wife is half sister and the other is his niece. I guess people in ancient time don’t follow the same rules. This story so far is quite interesting. I don’t see any reason to criticize IU. I watch and like all of her dramas (may be Pretty Man is an exception but I just don’t like her role there).

  83. 83 : Hannah Says:

    @76 and @80,
    After the queen scratched Wang Soo’s face, it seems to the queen and king, and from fortune teller that he’s considered as bad luck. That’s why they sent him away from their life and also to make an ally with their enemy. That’s from what I understand, I might be wrong though.
    As for Hae Soo and 8th Prince, it’s still too early to say what’s their real relationship. Lets just wait and see if they’d explain it in later episode

  84. 84 : Unknown Says:

    IU, You’re great and I simply love your acting.
    I watched almost all of your dramas.
    The people who say you’re not good at acting are just jealous because now you’re performing with a lot of hot actors…so don’t take it to heart.
    Keep going and I’m supporting you!

  85. 85 : Oyabun Says:

    First ep was horrendous. Chippendales contest with a very dumb heroine and a pace too slow. IU acting was below average. It is like she was trying to act. ep 2 and 3 a lot better. The plot starts to take place and hides some flaws of acting. Becomes interesting.

  86. 86 : ryry Says:

    Yups I hope there’s more explanation in the next episodes. My feeling that Wang So is not real Queen’s son. Haha. Cmiiw. But I read the chinese version that 4th prince will mary ……. ( I don’t give spoiler) Haha

    I always watch korean dramas based on the story line, not because of the actress/actor. So far this story line makes me want more more watch it again. So Keep Calm and Eat Kimchi !! 😀 😀 🙂

  87. 87 : WP Says:

    Dear Hannah @83
    Thank you for the explaination 🙂

  88. 88 : WP Says:

    lee joon ki is handsome 🙂 his jaw line wow!

  89. 89 : Lamouch Says:

    This drama is just amazing, it is one of the dramas that makes you wait desperately for it. I am already addicted to it. Hopefully the rate will get higher. Fighting

  90. 90 : Gildong Says:

    I.U is the most natural looked korean/singer actress..for those who said she has flat nose that’s because she hadn’t done surgery..while most other actors/singers did. But i don’t think she’s good at acting.

  91. 91 : kiki Says:

    Waahh! Kang HaNeul! rooting for the 8th Prince… >>>2nd lead syndrome

  92. 92 : bobo Says:

    IU good in singing but acting is not perfect her smile are ugly….

  93. 93 : Shay Says:

    It’s amazing the range of reviews here. I realize everyone will get something different out of a drama. Personally, I got goosebumps (in a good way) watching ep 1. I think all the characters were portrayed perfectly. IU is doing a great job as a perky, modern girl thrown back in time. I also love the chemistry between the three leads. After watching all three episodes I’m anxious to see what will happen next. only complaint i have are the hairstyles but I’m not letting that effect my view of the drama. Ive always been a fan of old Chinese fantasies such as Storm Riders. You just can’t be too critical if you want to enjoy it. Just sit back and try not to nitpick.

  94. 94 : Mariz Says:

    I agree with the others. One of the excellent drama of 2016! All casts portrayed their character really well. Already rooting for 4th prince and Hae Soo but the 8th prince gives me wavering heart omo! *2nd lead syndrome* 😍 IU’s acting is great! I’ve watched all of her dramas and she did a great job unlike Suzy’s so-so acting if you want her to compare in other Kpop doing also dramas.😌

  95. 95 : Sirk Says:

    Hoping and wishing in all 21 epsiodes of Korean version they will also adapt the sequel of chinese version which is Scarlet Heart 2. I read the whole plot in Chinese version and I think the viewers really need to prepare theirs hearts for the ending! 💔 Please make it happen for the sequel so that it will lead to happy ending for the 4th prince and Hae Soo!

  96. 96 : lisa Says:

    love this drama
    hae soo and wang so

  97. 97 : Lamouch Says:

    Best drama ever keep going ouri lee joon gi oppaa. Love youuuu😙😙😙😍😍😍😍

  98. 98 : Dramalover Says:

    Omg!!! Love this drama…getting more n more excited, Lee Joongi’s acting and his actions in this drama…especially with one side of his face being covered, his acting…. Bravo 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  99. 99 : DramaLOVER Says:

    The sooner they take the ratings voting boxes out of the hands of the people in Korea who are not watching this, then, good shows like this one can get respect. I don’t know why this show has the mediocre ratings when I grind my teeth waiting for subs, so, I can pick up on every word. THIS IS AWESOME PEOPLE!

  100. 100 : Selkie Says:

    I did not like how the story started with UI being in debt. The original version was better in this aspect. The 8th prince he is not bad; he just want the power butnin the original version he was loyal to his followers and a gentlemen.

    Anyhow I am here for the 4th prince.

  101. 101 : Reem Says:

    Omg love the Drama so amazing can’t wait for ep 5 !!
    You are killing me Baekhyun (Wang Hyun ) I really enjoy seeing you in the drama your so cute that you made me speechless!! How can you be this cute
    I didn’t know I will fell in love with you now I’m really looking forward to seeing you
    Wish next time in a drama you would act in school as a student in the drama or rich man with bad personality
    wish I would see you again in a drama Baekhyun

  102. 102 : نسرين Says:

    Deaaaaaabak…..but we cant wait until tomorrow episode…….ottokajjeaaa

  103. 103 : Lovelygirl Says:

    I really do not care about the rating of this drama . I know I’m more happy to see the episode after episode , it’s something exciting , refreshing and romantic . portraying the leading lady was very precise . I am always touched to see her cry.
    I hope that this drama aired to completion . Great job to all involved in this drama .

  104. 104 : liah Says:

    Great cast member, great storyline. IU is a really lucky girl, both as Hae Soo and herself. I think whoever hates this drama because of her, was only jelouse of her. To me, this is the best historical drama ever.

  105. 105 : lola Says:

    I dont hate IU, but I just dont like her acting sorrry

  106. 106 : kiki Says:

    this is co-produced by YG Entertainment? wow, daebak! Baekhyun & Seohyun working under YGE! nice!

  107. 107 : Lea Says:

    I dont know why there are people who says IU acting is bad, but I think IU acting is good and suitable in this drama, and the story line so far so good. Make me anxious with the next episode..

  108. 108 : Abigail Says:

    Why the rating was low?
    i think this drama so great
    All genre in this drama
    Funny, sad, romance, politic and specially all cast is so good
    I hope the rating will be high
    I enjoyed to watching this drama 😍

  109. 109 : Idhakeyk Says:

    Dont care about ratings and i really dont know korean people don’t like this drama. The international viewers love this drama very much. I’ll be watching this til the end. Fighting!!!

  110. 110 : tigerb Says:

    the direct time slot competition of this drama stars younger actors that i bet the s.k. younger viewers prefer to watch than the ‘eye candy’ this drama boasts, thus lower ratings, although i don’t know what other programs during the day have higher ratings than this one.
    international viewers have different taste than s.k. viewers, so let’s enjoy what we can! cheers!

  111. 111 : tigerb Says:

    @admin: i’ve seen comments in this web site regarding ratings and they cannot understand why some dramas have lower ratings than others, etc. etc. etc. much as you have the article on the difference between TNMS and AGB, that does not really give international viewers a good explanation how ratings are being done in s.k. i don’t know if either tnms or agb has a standard article in their website explaining how ratings are gathered, and if so, it would probably be in s.k. language and not in english to be understood by us. if you can post such article in english, i and the rest of your faithful visitors in this web site would appreciate that.

  112. 112 : aniN Says:

    This is the first drama about dinasty that i watch, i love the actors, joon gi and ha neul sure does know how to steal my heart and iu ! I love her acting, she looks clumsy and cute !! All the prince are

  113. 113 : iLy Says:

    Well, IU’s act get better on 4th episode. I don’t hate IU, but I think she’s not very good on expression. The director did A LOT zoom when shoot them, so it’s not IU’s fault for not have a good face expression.

    Still want to watch it every week, though.

    It’s just Korean rating, not worldwide. people love this drama, and searching for Goryeo history in Google, so it’s good for Korea too….

    Well, I hope this drama get better rating tonight, and next week, until the end.

  114. 114 : Simon K Says:

    reply to 110. The drama at the same time slot is “Moonlight drawn by cloud”, a very entertaining historical romantic drama. That drama start 1 week earlier and the rating is about double of “Moon lovers”. Both dramas are good but if I can only choose to watch one drama, I probably will choose “Moonlight drawn by cloud”. Watch it too and you can decide which one you like better 🙂

  115. 115 : tigerb Says:

    @Simon K #114: thanks for your suggestion, mdbc. I watched a portion of ep. 1, that’s why i knew this drama’s competition. honestly? i’m getting tired of period dramas, there’s one i have paused to watch, 5 more episodes i think. now, i’m starting two more, this and mdbc. i’ll watch both. meantime, there are a lot to watch, including documentaries, so i’m biding my time. cheers!

  116. 116 : Happy Says:

    Ep5 is hilarious… 👏👏👍👍👍

  117. 117 : نسرين Says:

    I cant understund that low rating, when im going crazy waiting for ep 5

  118. 118 : fIo Says:

    happy ending please.. I hope Soo and So be a happy couple in the end.

  119. 119 : aron Says:


  120. 120 : sk8 Says:

    I don’t know is it just me or there are other people who thinks the same way or sees this kinda connection. In one scene, soo was doing makeup for her cousin when she told her, her story about doing makeup for her friend in the modern world to make her pretty in the end she saw them dating from inside the cosmetic shop she works. Ironically, she is now applying makeup to her cousin to make her pretty, being all nice like her modern day friend to her. Yet, behind her back there seems to be something special going on with her husband -_-” i dont like this kinda plot, it seems they portray her in an angelic looks/innocent light, but the storyline of falling for someone else husband somewhat conflicts with that. Like that, she is just like her friend in the modern world when she herself detests it… she’s also like that huhuhu…

    Another thing not nicely written is… given her modern world bf should know ahe works at the cosmetic shop, why choose to date with her friend ‘just’ outside her shop’s window. Hahaa, how ironuc. Better storyline please to story how she realise the betrayal -_-“…

    All that said, i still enjoy watching the drama… 😉

  121. 121 : Ellen Says:

    I love the drama and IU’s acting.

  122. 122 : Ehhh Says:

    I hope it won’t end up like the chinese version of scarlet heart *fingers crossed*

  123. 123 : Liah Says:

    Addicted to this drama. Sageuk usually makes me bored to watch it. But this one makes me laugh a lot. Especially ep. 5. It was hilarious. Thanks to Hae Soo. IU portray Hae Soo’s character perfectly. Good job IU. Love you more. I really miss those handsome princes, prince Wang Wook especially.

  124. 124 : DramFan Says:

    Love the plot. Love IUs acting. And all the actors are really eye candy.
    And the plot is addictive. 🙂

  125. 125 : Love Love Says:

    Low rating is probably because a lot of people in korea may have watch the original version.

  126. 126 : Andrea Says:

    I don’t mind the ratings! This drama excites me every episodes, I am fond of watching both Moon lovers scarlet heart ryeo and moonlight drawn by clouds but I am enjoying Moon lovers more… sometimes I wondered why there are so many IU bashers, she is a real talent for both singing and acting… I have watched a lot of asian dramas and I can really compare which of those idols who can act and those who can’t.
    If you are watching it just enjoy every episodes! #loveNohate 😊

  127. 127 : paras Says:

    Surprise for the rating. But dont care bout it whenever for view searching this drama first for the popular not moonlight drawn b cloud. For m, female lead and male lead of drama moonlight dbc not good enough pretty and handsome n also famouse, so not interesting to watch the drama even actually I like the story. For Moon lovers, Kang Ha Neul goods as handsome prince to kill heart of a women 😄
    Hope he become a lead male on a drama romantic or comedy romantic in every genre drama. He ‘ve eyes, smile ,and face can killing a heart 😄😍
    Cant wait for new2 ep. soon.. ,dying for wait😵
    Hope the ep. not until 20, but 24 ep.😸😸

  128. 128 : bunga Says:

    Surprise for the rating. But dont care bout it whenever for view searching this drama first for the popular not moonlight drawn b cloud. For m, female lead and male lead of drama moonlight dbc not good enough pretty and handsome n also famouse, so not interesting to watch the drama even actually I like the story. For Moon lovers, Kang Ha Neul goods as handsome prince to kill heart of a women 😄
    Hope he become a lead male on a drama romantic or comedy romantic in every genre drama. He ‘ve eyes, smile ,and face can killing a heart 😄😍
    Cant wait for new2 ep. soon.. ,dying for wait😵
    Hope the ep. not until 20, but 24 ep.😸😸

  129. 129 : bobo Says:

    now IU acting more better than esp1 Fighting

  130. 130 : moonloversever Says:

    Why the rating so low, its so sad to see my new favorite drama like this, I thought people would really enjoy this drama its a really good drama and great casting too, moon lovers casting and crew hwaiting!!! many love and support for u guys <333

  131. 131 : Vinchanyoung Says:

    I really love this drama.. this drama has lots of viewer in other country than korea.. i wonder why korean viewer less than in other countries??
    This drama is “all in”, the plot, casts, even soundtracks was wonderful…
    I hope the rating get better..
    I love iU, joonki, haneul…!!!

  132. 132 : Vinchanyoung Says:

    I really love this drama.. this drama has lots of viewer in other country than korea.. i wonder why korean viewer less than in other countries??
    This drama is “all in”, the plot, casts, even soundtracks was wonderful…
    I hope the rating get better..
    I love iU, joonki, haneul…!!! <3

  133. 133 : نسرين Says:

    Im confused….what is younhwa to the 4t prince……i tough she was his sister from the father…

  134. 134 : Renna Says:

    Wang wook really make my heart so hurt. So sad watching it. And now i got second lead syndrome… omaigot. 😭😭

  135. 135 : Ryoseum Says:

    Maybe the plot can be guesssed by the previous chinese series the movie gets low ratings which it doesnt deserve at all… Whatever i will enjoy scarlet heart till the end… In love with Lee Joon Gi

  136. 136 : Gugu Says:

    I m bit confused. 8th prince younger sister will marry 4th prince eventually. Aren’t they having same father? Can someone explains this. The queen mother is different but the dad is the king.

  137. 137 : shinta Says:

    @paras 127
    i read ur comment on mdbc. 😂
    still laughing read ur comment on mdbc. 😁

  138. 138 : Liah Says:

    That is why I’m dying waiting for the next episode until the end. Wang Wook and Hae Soo, what will happen to them? I hope the ending will be happy ending for them. Kang Ha Neul ssi, really makes my heart melted. Wang Wook is Kang Ha Neul. Handsome, smart, caring, sweet, less ambitious, gentle person.

  139. 139 : -Autumn- Says:

    Ya, can anyone explain how come princess younhwa would want to marry to 4th prince as isn’t she the princes’ blood sister???? aren’t they having the same father (King)?? I am curious on this part. The only explanation I come up with is princess younhwa might be a cousin to the princes which is why she calls the princes “brother”. Am I right?

  140. 140 : tigerb Says:

    @133: i also think that the princess is a half sister of the 4th prince. she is a full sister of the eighth prince as they have the same mother and same father. why she seemed to be flirting with the 4th prince, maybe they want to depict that royalty has to remain in the same family, so half siblings can be together. in history, i think cleopatra had unions with her brothers. the depiction in this drama may look scandalous in this modern time and age, but things were much different eras ago.

  141. 141 : -Autumn- Says:

    I did a bit research on Goryeo period. It seems like princess younhwa is really the half sister of 4th prince and she did become his Queen. Oh my oh my, now I am confused with Korea history. How come they can married their own sister/brother even it is half blood but still the same dad right?!

  142. 142 : let it go Says:

    I just started watching this drama , now i finished the 2nd episode , nd it’s a reallly good drama , i loved it , nd i’m so excited to the next episodes !!

  143. 143 : letitgo Says:

    I just started watching this drama , now i finished the 2nd episode , nd it’s a reallly good drama , i loved it , nd i’m so excited to the next episodes !!

  144. 144 : tigerb Says:

    @Autumn#141: i checked and found what you mentioned about wang so. two of the comments above mentioned the ‘wang so’ of ‘shine or go crazy’ wherein he got married to his half sister. so it’s the same historical personality, interesting enough that writers create dramas about them, although altered to their pens whim. so let’s see what this drama comes up with.

  145. 145 : letitgo Says:

    ommmmggg i can’t stop watching this dramaaa ♥♥
    just finished watching episode 5 !! i started it today nd i’m like whaat there’s no more episodes to watch !!
    can’t wait to the next episodes!!

  146. 146 : didi Says:

    it just too good??

    why the rating have very a big difference w/ moonlight??
    a bit upsad, I waching both of the drama, but I can Lie “the scarlet heart” really have a good plot. and desserved become “A first place” for the ratting

  147. 147 : moon Says:

    the best historical drama i keep replaying trailer damnnn this drama drive me crazy ! i keep watching again and again …I’m in love with this drama!


  148. 148 : PeeCee Says:

    I am sooooo loving it! i don’t why the ratings are at it worst. I am korean drama lover to which i can claim that this is one among my top list best drama. Its very rare for people to like Monday but all i wait for is Monday to come faster. 😀

  149. 149 : Gidy Says:

    Ha??? How can the rating be that low?? Its good drama, love the story plot. And the cast also good and do their best! Fighting!!

  150. 150 : Sharon Says:

    Where is ep 6?

  151. 151 : Regine Says:

    My prince charming…. 8th prince!!!

  152. 152 : Patricia Says:

    This storyline is first published by a chinese author and the original storyline was based on Chinese history (Emperor Kangxi and the rivalries amonng his sons). It would be unnatural for S.K. to copy the same unless they are able to understand the same history itself. On top of it, I am of the view that they focused too much of looks rather than the acting skills of all the other princes. In addition, the directing of the show plays a big role. It needs to focus on the content rather than just playing skin ship. Historical drama is as such. In modern dramas you can have more skinship and people are acceptable to it. But in historical drama, if drama shows the shallowness of content, it is as good as a sub-standard drama. I think it is because viewers have mature in their expectation of a good piece of historical drama.

  153. 153 : yvonne9410 Says:

    I’m waiting for monday and tuesday since this drama is airing .. never thought that monday is so precious .. oppa fightingg <3

  154. 154 : REEM Says:

    IU and lee Joon Ki have taken my heart T_T
    It’s a great drama the story, acting, and actors and IU \o/


    and I must say that Joon Ki made me cry with him in this drama and the previous drama Two Weeks thank you for being such a good actor. I am writing as if he would read my comment to make him feel proud.

  155. 155 : ryry Says:

    I love this drama and the storyline is more interesting than MDBC.

  156. 156 : jum Says:

    omg not meet my expectation. haisssshhh ep 1 only..then i stop watchg tis. Im so sorry and bbjx still the best

  157. 157 : Alika Says:

    I am the only here did not like the leading actress, so that’s why this drama has failed to attract South Korean viewers. Poor SBS they have been put some big budget, big promoted, some much hyped and so many flowers boys into this drama.

  158. 158 : Kpopfan Says:

    They’ve got some spark (IU and the 4th prince)
    Cant wait any longer for the nxt episodes..
    Let us not compare this to the Chinese story, consider it as a new/different story.
    Dont hate IU, she got the female lead for nothing. Maybe u just wanted other female lead thats why but dont easily judge her.
    Shes not new to acting.
    I accepted her as the female lead thats why i came to continue watching and liking the story.

  159. 159 : Gugu Says:

    I follow and watch this and MOonlight Drawn By Clouds diligently. Love both drama as they hv their plus points. Am just waiting for the twist here on how she change her crush from 8th prince to loving 4th prince and how the hell the half sister became the wife for 4th prince. But if there must be a winner between both drama, i will give my point to Moonlight Drawn By Clouds.

  160. 160 : Rhe Says:

    Come On this drama were so good, the scenes were so excellent too
    Then why it has only few rating ?
    Even my heart was fluttered when i watch Kang Ha neul and IU scenes..even they didn’t do much skinship, the romance still can be showing from their eyes, really love it!

  161. 161 : Rhe Says:

    Keep Fighting Scarlet Heart Team, Your Drama is Good..Daebak!
    Maybe u just unlucky, wrong placed airtime drama..
    But for jungki oppa, IU noona, and Ha Neul Oppa your acting was amazing as ever!
    Please send my Cherish for them

  162. 162 : piti Says:

    can’t wait when Hae Soo falls in love with Prince So…
    Until now ep 6…the focus only to prince wook and hae soo.
    Prince So as the lead character is not too stand out yet…

  163. 163 : Merlita Says:

    A very disappointing drama series of lee jun ki, when it comes to rating!
    Iljimae/time between the dog and wolf/arang and magistrate/joseon gunman and many more….

  164. 164 : Susy indrayanti Says:

    Oh ya ampuuun.critanya tdk ke mana2! Bukan salah artisnya.salah sutradara dan penulis skenario!

  165. 165 : iin Says:

    i think i knew why the rating going down, because audience doesn’t want hae soo got relationship with wang wook …. including me. Almost all wishes hae soo got deep relationship with prince wang yo

  166. 166 : Simon K Says:

    Many people comment on the low rating, I think part of the reason is strong competition from similar historic drama, and the other part is the fact that Korean audience probably familiar with the history and already know how the story will go and probably don’t like it. The production company choose to change a Chinese novel into Korean history as background, the brothers kill each other, marry half sister and based on the Chinese novel, there won’t be a happy ending. Just like another drama Uncontrollably Fond, if you know the story will have a sad ending from the beginning, a lot of people will not watch it.

  167. 167 : randomguy Says:

    This is getting out of hand.. it’s been 6 episodes but I still can’t feel that Lee Joon Ki is the male lead in this drama!!! No wonder it has a low rating. Come On! 6 episodes have gone but still nothing remarkable scene or even a moment for the main lead! I swear I’m going to stop watching this if there is still no development in the coming episode… Sorry! But because of the poor flow of story, I prefer Moonlight Drawn By Clouds more than this

  168. 168 : LuvK Says:

    Not watching this cos IU
    She’s ugly and when I read of how she used a singer to draw attention, I turned off her.
    I cannot associate lead actress with her.
    Pity for Junki.
    Many would choose Bogummy&Yoon over this couple

  169. 169 : tigerb Says:

    what the heck, it’s only ep. 6 and i read all these negative comments. i have not watched the chinese version, and if i read again that it will have a bad ending, gee, STOP IT! dang, i don’t know why am i even reading the comments. i should be the one to stop reading them so i can continue to be interested in what i watch. sorry! but i’m still posting this to let people know what i think!

  170. 170 : Anastacia Says:

    Я каждый день с нетерпением жду понедельника, чтобы узнать что будет дальше. Я за 1 день пересматриваю каждую серию по 2-5 раз. Я безумно влюблена в этот сериал. Спасибо Вам огромное за Вашу работу, за то что вы дарите счастливое настроение, за то что дарите эмоции, хочется ждать. Испытывать это чувство ожидания, оно того стоит. И Спасибо отдельно Lee Jun Ki за его игру. Он потрясающий актер. Может в Южной Корее не очень понимают его талант. Но в России он один из самых лучших. Не только у меня одной появляется чувство потребности смотреть на его игру. Именно на его эмоции, его игру в сериале. Даже сюжет может быть не так интересен, но его игра бесподобна!

  171. 171 : -Autumn- Says:

    Got to agree with comments #166. I myself wont watch the drama if i knew that it will be a sad ending. But this drama is exceptional. As for comment #167, the drama is based on Chinese version Bu Bu Jing Xin so from the beginning, Hae Soo falls in love with Wang Wook first and then after heartbreak, only Hae Soo turns to Wang So and fell in love with him thereafter. But ya, got to admit that I am also looking forward to Hae Soo and Wang So. I like Ha Neul but I reli want to see Hae Soo with Wang So scenes.

  172. 172 : Mony Says:

    i love this drama!! it is so much better than Love in moonlight, dunno why the ratings are so low 🙁

  173. 173 : Vana Says:

    This drama attracted me. I like this story n acting more than Moonlight~ It’s conformity with my style :3

  174. 174 : Moon Says:

    Even if you hate her, it’s still their good drama. Stop thinking like this please.

  175. 175 : Ryoseum Says:

    That moment lee joon ki took off his mask…😭😭😭 poor So… But i still love his face even with scars 😍

  176. 176 : paras Says:

    Lee Jun Ki best actor then others, he’s senior 😘
    Just story diff with ussually historical romantic drama korea, I think thats why Korea more interest watching MDBC, but for International more interest watching Scartlet Heart. Until ep.7 still story not so strong for show up Lee Jun Ki as a lead. Meanwhile others prince not enough good acting for they character. Nothing wrong with IU, she’s pretty then female lead in MDBC. Yes female lead MDBC already in drama from children, but IU good also in acting (she just so thin making her like highschool girl). Drama moonlight drw… if people know just same like others story romantic. For scarlet heart is new story coz here many prince will show up, just these actors not good enough in acting, just Lee Jun Ki a best one, and coz till ep.7 story still not about him, making rating more bad. Different like in scholar who walk in the nite, or sarang and the magistrate for beginning ep. already klimaks and more more klimaks also all the actors senior for acting 😄
    But believe,, from the story and the actors that moon lovers/ scarlet heart is moree good then moonlight drown by cloud 😄😄
    Im not try watching MDBC coz the actors. Why Korea think that male lead and female lead of the drama handsome and pretty?😱😵😴

  177. 177 : Dramafanatic Says:

    I was a great fan of Bu Bu Jing Xing when they showed in 2011 and was equally drawn to part 2 in 2014. The storyline and cast were so good that I had a sever hangover thereafter. I did not stop searching for subsitute from other drama(korean/hk/taiwanese/china) but cannot find another period drama as good.

    When I first heard about moon lover, I did not think much of it and no intention of watching. I did not like any of the casts to start with. But I decided to give it a go one sleepless night and wow…..I am stuck. I love the story, the artists and most importantly the chemistry between them. I am feeling the exact same way as I felt before. They both do equally well. Korean drama never fail to impress. Touch the right note but in a different era and culture altogether. Just brilliant!

    Keep up the good work and I am so looking forward to mondays and tuesdays….

  178. 178 : randomguy Says:

    @ #171 – Yeah, I know she will fall in love with prince wook first, but don’t you feel it wasted a lot of episode for that? I mean.. there must be something going on right now for the main leads.. hehe.. Anyway, hope it will not be a sad ending

  179. 179 : love.l.j.k. Says:

    This is a really good period drama! I watched Bu Bu Jing Xin and loved it. Decided not to compare that one with this. Korean dramas are so good at taking a popular drama from another country and making it their own while still keeping the basic story. I love seeing how they change it up…. So I enjoy each version in different way. Also..I think Moon Lovers is moving into the story, and you see more character development as it goes along. All the actors/actresses are doing a great job! Two thumbs up for Moon Lovers from an American fan who loves K-Dramas!!! and loves Lee Jun Ki!!!

  180. 180 : -Autumn- Says:

    @#178 – Agree Agree!! It really dragged too long for Hae Soo and Wang Wook as korean version only got 20 episodes while Chinese version are about 40++ episodes, if not wrong. So ya, the korean version should quickly made Hae Soo to fall for Wang So. It is already episode 7 and still about Hae Soo and Wang Wook!

  181. 181 : nadya Says:

    i hope hurry up haesoo can falling love with wangsoo …. prince wangso remarkable aura….

  182. 182 : randomguy Says:

    @# 180 – I guess we’re on the same boat.. ^^ I hope we get to watch what we hope for on the coming episodes.. I’m really curious now how will hae soo fall in love with wang so. Right now its really obvious that she’s really into prince wook..

    P.S.: I’m an avid korean drama fan and just saying my thoughts on this one.. I hope none of you got offended because like everyone else here, I love kdrama and I will always will ^^

  183. 183 : Zeez Says:

    I’ve just finished ep 7 and I have to say this story is getting better and better!! The initial 2 eps were a little slow and i carried on cos I have nothing better to watch. I am so happy that I continued! It just gets better and better!!!! As for moonlight, initially it was so so good and I immediately got hooked on but the story is kind of getting slow now. I really hope that the ratings of this drama can go higher!

  184. 184 : Lobna Says:

    I don’t really understand the low rate of this drama. Sometimes I don’t understand korean people. The acting is good, the custums are good, the music is good, the story is fantastic ( I don’t think it will have the same endind as the original one cause many things and facts have changed anyway). No need even to compare it to the chineese version. I saw it cause the comments were like the chinese version is the best, and I was horrified (the coherence of events and the acting were bad compared to moon lovers, I don’t even to go further comparing other point). As for IU, I used to hate her acting but her acting skills have improved a lot in this drama. Lee Joon Ki is awesome like always. And the other lead actor are just perfect, they did a great work.
    I will continue to watch the drama as it is my favorite drama. I started watching a lot of drama like love in the moonlight, it is good but it gets less interesing after watching moon lovers.
    Fighting Moon lovers actors and staff!!!! You are the best !!!

  185. 185 : hanji Says:

    I love it everything perfect locations, actors, plot, better than chineese version

  186. 186 : Ramoo Says:

    Lee joon gi alone is enough reason for me to watch this drama. After watched 5 episodes i don’t have high expectation, since it makes me so much dissapointed,
    but 6th and 7th episode really really really worth to watch everybody, just give it a try.
    Hae so and 4th prince’s romance just about to start.

  187. 187 : Janice Says:

    I LOVE this drama. I like Moonlight Drawn by Clouds but this one is my favorite. The main actress is fantastic with both Wook and So. The love story with Wook is sweet and endearing. The love story with So is exciting and fiery. Her relationship with all of the brothers is heartwarming. She is also very attractive to me. I really don’t understand why the ratings are so low. People really don’t know what they are missing.

  188. 188 : lana Says:

    i love this drama so much the casting is brilliant I just cant wait to the next episode love you lee joon ki

  189. 189 : zzzzz Says:

    if you think the first 2 episode didn’t feel right to you. just try to jump in to 6th episode.
    the story just keep getting better, give it a go, and you’ll find this drama is worth.
    in my oppinion those who used to love heroic anime like rurouni kenshin, will enjoy this drama as well.

    talking about rating, it just represent south korean viewer’s preference, nothing more than that. Love in the moonlight started a week before scarlet heart, that might be another factor why south korean viewer choose love in the moonlight over scarlet heart.

  190. 190 : -Autumn- Says:

    I just found out that there are some scenes being cut off from the version I watched. No wonder some scenes are like not connected to one another. For example, in episode 6, how come suddenly 13th prince and Hae Soo become a good friend and in episode 7, 13th prince and 4th prince become good too. And there is another scene that Yeon Hwa is telling 8th prince that he must become a king or marry a lady from a powerful family who can assist him and strengthen his position in the palace and she also mentioned that she herself will marry to anyone who has the strong desire to become a king. I saw the uncut scenes from Youtube.

    Did anyone here is watching the uncut version??

  191. 191 : RR Says:

    Im not shocked in this drama and the rating is also similar to “pretty man” because of the “IU girl” poor ratings like “pretty man drama ‘Iu must be “CAMEO” IN ALL KDRAMAS.

  192. 192 : Reply to RR Says:

    Hi comment number 191.
    You might have not heard about another IU’s drama, “dream high”, “lee son shin is the best”, and “the producer.”

  193. 193 : RR Says:

    i know all dramas of IU. and so what ? i don’t care.
    dream high she’s not leading lady there, her acting in lee soon shin,pretty man and producer is boring. IU you dont know how to act anymore.she better rest in peace. focus your singing career.ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!! tsk tsk not improving.

  194. 194 : gotdlookz Says:

    191, you sounds a hater dud

  195. 195 : Mariz Says:

    I dont know why it has a low ratings well definitely it is one of the BEST korean dramas of 2016! It is popular to international fans like me. Im also a fan of period drama and this one is daebak! It brings unique storyline and the characters of the casts are so refreshing. Most of period drama are always full of revenge, tactics and hatred towards other royal bloodlines atleast this one has a cute and funny side. love how their brotherly affection towards each other. And why bashing Baekhyun and IU well infact they are excellent in their acting! They portrays it really good. Baekhyun is a childish prince and i find it cute and adorable and IU’ character is also great she interacts to other casts really well and deliver her emotions in all scences. I’am not a fan of IU but I alreay watched al her drama and it is all damn good! She is one of the kpop idol doing a good drama unlike Suzy who is known bcoz she’s just the gf of LMH poor acting and always have the same facial expression *face palm*

  196. 196 : Another Reply to RR Says:

    So what?
    So you can compare the rating by yourself to see wether your judgement is true or false. None of (three of) them have poor rating. She’s sure the main lead of “lee soon shin is the best” and “the producer”. Even though she’s not main lead of dream high, she’s not cameo either.
    you just traped in your mindset, your judgment wasn’t objective.

  197. 197 : Misswabbitz Says:

    They are playing their best. Give support and I love all actress and actors who play in this drama 🙂

  198. 198 : Malak Says:

    the drama is awasome and Le Joon Gi is the best actor , Love you

  199. 199 : fartie Says:

    last preview released looks promising.
    Rise some hope, viewership ratings for next episode might be increase.

  200. 200 : fartie Says:

    i mean lates preview released. it look promising.
    skinship detected

  201. 201 : Felix Says:

    Very good movie. I think IU act very good either. Can’t wait to see next episode. 4th prince already fall with Hae Soo. I curious to see how Hae Soo start falling for him and forget the 8th prince.

    \ ^o^ /

  202. 202 : cassie Says:

    Just wondering why this is not popular in Korea. It is such a good drama with good actors and the acting is on point. It is a bit bloody but overall it is comparable if not better than Moonlight. I love both lead actorsin the 2 draMAS so GOOD Luck my Jongki and UI Thank you for bringing us such good drama.

  203. 203 : DramaLOVER Says:

    The drama is good, but, not as great as Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. So, being in the time slot with MDBC is where the low ratings come from. Park Bo Gum has a strong fan base of all ages and no negative press hanging over him. IU has issues that are casting a bad light onto the show. That’s how netizens are in Asia. They are fierce and vocal. Lee Joon Ki is doing a great job. His character is more interesting than the original version. But, he can’t carry the whole drama. Also, the lack of targets for the ahjummas to love or hate, such as older people drama and rude daughter-in-laws, means ahjummas are watching this either. I will keep watching because of Lee Joon Ki.

  204. 204 : Liah Says:

    IU is not only a good singer,but also a song writer,good actress. Nothing is wrong with her,why does people say negative things about her? I think this drama is the best drama production, and she is part of it. Look at the actors lineup as the princess, they are all talented,both in musical and acting skills. The storyline is getting more interesting with conflick to win both throne and Hae Soo’s heart. So, people,just enjoy the drama please and stop mouthing the actors and IU. I’m not IU’s fans,but I don’t hate her either. I’m enjoyed watcing those beautiful people in this drama. They do really work hard to bring the drama worth to watch.

  205. 205 : Simon K Says:

    If you think more carefully, there are some weirdness in the story line and perhaps people don’t like that, and hence the lower rating in South Korea. Hae Soo has been lived with Wong Wook family before she changed her personality. From the point of view of Wong Wook, he suddenly become interested in someone who was like her little sister? Then Wong So will marry his half sister, it is just a weird story. If I don’t think about it, SH is very enjoyable but whenever I try to figure out what is going on, my head spin and sigh, it is just not right. May be I am using modern standard to judge people that live a few hundred years ago. I just can’t get the feeling off my head.

  206. 206 : kirsten Says:

    to #205
    Janghyuk’s Drama “Shine or Go Crazy” has same plot with scarlet heart, jang hyuk (as wang so) married his half sister too. as written in the history.
    I think korean people familiar with that fact as well, they won’t find it weird.
    Don’t think about it and enjoy the drama, it all written in the history. I felt that annoying feeling too when i’m watching Shine or go crazy. But luckily i found out it all written in the history. It wasn’t taboo at that time.

    In the very first 2 episode wang wook said that he wasn’t that close to hae soo. even though he can feel that hae soo completely changed. not like she used to be. So their relationship wasn’t that deep before hae soo hurt her head.

  207. 207 : Ailec Says:

    A very low rating of this drama is the result of the unconvincing character of hae soo(iu). I’am not against her, but i think she have to stick with her singing career. Better yet, workshop more!

  208. 208 : icun Says:

    the story of this drama is good..I like it…

  209. 209 : history lover Says:

    low raiting? very surprised .
    on Russian servers output of each series are waiting for almost a few hours before the beginning of the broadcast . original. without English subtitles .
    without the knowledge of the Korean language .
    I think this is the success of the dorama. for 2 years, this is the first dorama that caused such a stir among fans of the genre.
    after the show each series is hot discussion action drama characters . characters , not the actors.

  210. 210 : Abigail Says:

    Happy ending ga si?

  211. 211 : Sarah Says:

    I love this drama

  212. 212 : Macon Says:

    I love this drama!!! Hoping for a happy ending!

    To all the cast, FIGHTING!!!

  213. 213 : Az Says:

    IU is such a good actress and singer too! For the people who are keep saying that UI is not a good actress are all just crazyy. I like this drama alot. Plus: if you do not like the drama just dont watch and dont comment omggg.

  214. 214 : Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, o novo drama da SBS Says:

    […] KoreanDrama, […]

  215. 215 : QRYumna Says:

    I like this drama and i will support it.

  216. 216 : نسرين Says:

    This drama is a real success outside korea……never been that affected …wwoooo lee joun ki ‘s eyes expression tell everything without word…such a great actor…..fiighting

  217. 217 : نسرين Says:

    I never watch dramas with sad ending…but this one is deaaaaabak

  218. 218 : Alaala Says:

    I like this drama…

  219. 219 : Moon Says:

    I love this drama…… I hope not sad ending….

  220. 220 : dindun Says:

    Super love this drama
    I hope happy ending
    Wang wook so adorable <3 <3

  221. 221 : Gugu Says:

    This is getting annoying. While patiently waiting for Hae Soo to be liking Wang So. Its getting worst. Epi 9 sucks!

  222. 222 : DontHaveOne😱😱 Says:

    I don’t understand why his own mother hates him so much 😢😢

  223. 223 : Era Says:

    @222: bcoz he has scar on his face

  224. 224 : flo Says:

    I do love monday nite just because you….4th prince

  225. 225 : Kylie Says:

    Though it has low ratings in korea, THIS EPIC DRAMA IS POPULAR INTERNATIONAL. “Scarlet Heart Ryeo has been watched over 1 BILLION TIMES in the chinese streaming site Youko , the largest streaming site in asia”. (Read soompi.com) Such a great news indeed! It is only in china what more in other countries right. By the way PROUD INTERNATIONAL FAN HERE! 😉

  226. 226 : Leila Says:

    I never comment but for the first time ever in my K-drama watching life, I was forced to come here and comment. Ah, where should I begin? Lee Joon-gi has completely, utterly, fully and devastatingly captured my heart in all it’s entirety. I’M SPELL BOUND. This guy is just meant for ancient/historical dramas, the long hair and bangs with that half mask/scarred face makes him appear as a mysteriously tragic hero. I love him…did I mention I love him? Yeah I did but let me emphasize on this again, I LOVE the 4th price with my heart, soul & mind. Not sure when this love spell will wear off but I’m in this drama as an international fan till the end. To all you haters out there in South Korea about IU’s acting, give that hating a break! Not only is she a great singer like everyone else on here have said, but she is an awesome actress. She has infact been one of my favourite actresses for a long time. Her face is adorable and expressions are great too!

    I like the 8th prince somewhat but he has to back off now before my angry fangirl inside starts screaming in anger. I want to see Hae So & the 4th prince carrying out some smexy scenes to feed my 4th prince-horny tigress. He’s just toooo freakin’ hot! Loved him in Scholar who walks the night too but this drama is on a whole different level! I don’t like moon light as much, the cast in there is just not appealing to the eye. Yes, I’m picky when it comes to my K-dramas so Moon Lovers has gained my 100% full approval.


  227. 227 : tayba Says:

    I am very impressed with IU’s acting. Beautiful spontaneity and very convincing expression. I am not an idol follower nor do I listen to K music/ pop unless it is part of a drama I am watching. So I simply render my judgement based on what I see and I believe strongly that her acting is up to par with the other leads. She will go far with her acting.

  228. 228 : YooHan Says:

    ..I want Hae Soo end up with Wang So. And I am so crazy about them. I hope when the time Go Han Jin wakes up, she will be with Wang So’s reincarnation. HUHUHU. I WANT TO WATCH SOME MORE!! Some more scenes with lee joon gi. I dont want him marry yeon hwa. I would just hope for a happy ending to satisfy my thirst for kiligness overload. Pinay fan here!!!

  229. 229 : tumisk Says:

    hoho …. this is the first korean drama series which i saw it get booming in every countries that broadcast. The story line that straightforward and amazing acting of the actors are very support of this drama. I like this Korean version because more haing international flavor …. I love Lee Joon Gi, go oppa go ….

  230. 230 : tumisk Says:

    as an usual, LJG always acts totally but in this series, he’s so damn hot ….

  231. 231 : Elizabeth Mary Says:

    I think IU improve a lot in her acting. Her eyes speaks..you can see if she was worried, happy, sad or terrified. Do’nt blame her for the low rating. It’s just happened that they have same airtime with the Moonlight.

  232. 232 : Ailec Says:

    Is it really 1Billion viewers? I can’t i amagine who we’re they! Is lee joon gi not exaggerating the figure?

  233. 233 : Snow Says:

    I haven’t mustered the energy to watch this drama because I am not a fan of IU. I haven’t seen her in a drama yet where I liked her. Looking at the ratings, it appears that people are dropping it instead of sticking with it. I may try watching it later when I have nothing else to do.

  234. 234 : beth Says:

    to 232
    it’s true, you can check here, it’s been over billion now.

  235. 235 : Shirley Soo Says:

    This movie is attractive and I really like it all. especially Lee Jun Ki have performed as Wang So very well. But get the low rating At Korea is very hard to believe. The Drama theme song also pleasant to hear. Must happy ending – Wang So and Hae Soo must together.

  236. 236 : PeeCee Says:

    The ratings are seriously In JUSTICE 🙁 … people who are hesitating to watch this drama plz DONOT hesitate to do so cuz u r seriously going to regret it…i have been watching kdrama for 9 yrs n m recommending u guys to watch it! Fighting!!

  237. 237 : indah Says:

    I think this drama is well worth the wait story every week, although in this drama korea less attractive but I’m going to keep watching this drama until the end, I liked the acting of the players love story any way the story ends, passion for actors and actresses !! fighting !!

  238. 238 : Vanila Says:

    Perfect drama!!I love Koreq!

  239. 239 : leeminjung Says:

    ahhhhh realy when i look at the rating i think korean are realy psycho and racist there some dramas that not worth watching but have high rating and when it come to SHR what’s the hell they are watching instead psycho psycho psycho 😡😡😡

  240. 240 : lysa Says:

    i am quite surprise by the low rating. IU improved her acting a lot from what I’ve seen from her previous drama. LJK and KHN’s acting makes up for what she lacks…

  241. 241 : justsaying Says:

    To Leila on comment 226;

    It has been a while since I’ve made my comments here but I just can’t help it…. U took the words right out of my mouth. 4th prince fever – cant wait to see LJk and IU and their moments together.

    And just gotta add in, IU acted very well in this drama as compared to her other dramas. She’s all grown up i guess…

  242. 242 : mei mei Says:

    it she really a two timer…Hee Soo… yah make up your mind…. but seriously they are all very good in acting specially IU…

  243. 243 : timestealer Says:

    Nice story. Is Hae Soo dead? Is it time for her to return in the future? The story is getting more exciting. Its a good drama.

  244. 244 : vey Says:

    this episod makes me crying out loud (eps 11)

    IU daebak !


  245. 245 : Helena Says:

    If it were adapted 100% from the novel, it will be sad ending. Because the history remained unchanged. How ever it’s a good story. You will never regret to watch until the last episode.

  246. 246 : Violeta Says:

    This drama makes me cry and laugh, feel anger and love…
    All actors are doing great job. I think the low ratings are due to the bloody storyline and the expected sad ending (at least for the part, concerning the past).
    I also hate dramas with a lot of fights and hatred and those with sad ending. But this will not prevent me to watch each episode of this drama at least 3 times (first – live without subtitles and without knowing the language, second with English subtitles and third – with subtitles on my native language). I haven’t done this for other drama and believe me, I’ve seen a lot.
    Thank you to the amazing team of Moon lovers xxx

  247. 247 : Fainsan Says:

    Episode 10 and 11 was soooo intense! I cant stand watching Wang So suffering it makes me cry 😢 Too much evilness in his royal family and I think that’s why he kill everyone. Ugh! I want to kill them also haha! Its time for SoSoo moment! 😍😍😍 Great drama indeed for bringing my emotions upside thumbs up! 👏👏👏👏

  248. 248 : Era Says:

    The story is good, IU is good too, i think there is no problem wirh her acting skills, she is beautiful too. The soundtracks i lovee it… I just dont get it why it has low rating in korea… I had been watching kdrama for 7years and i think this is the one and only low rating kdrama that i adore much haha….
    But nevermind, this drama popular outside korea..fighting scarlet heart team !!!

  249. 249 : MarieFrance Tran Says:

    So Unjust! I would definitely give this TV series a 5 Stars grading. Good story line, good acting, beautiful photography.

  250. 250 : Loren saranghae Says:

    Sukaa bgt ama drama ini…mmmuuuaachhhhhhh

  251. 251 : Susy indrayanti Says:

    The story line and the act of actors and actris are awesome.but why the rating is low.even iu,her acting much better.

  252. 252 : Susy indrayanti Says:

    The act of lee jun ki is so great.he is at different level.the others are stars.he is the sun. And the lady Oh.wow.she can make me cry coz her dead.when iu acting with her.iu can act better.

  253. 253 : Rahayu Pamuji Says:

    So in Love with this Drama, The Storyline is great, the Actors and Actris are Awesome, Especially Lee Jun Ki, He is so Hot. Can’t Wait Monday to Come. Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Fighting

  254. 254 : QRyumna Says:

    this drama is good, don’t know why korean people disslike this drama.
    becouse of iu acting? OMG she is better than suzy’s acting in UF. bunt why much people like UF?

  255. 255 : Violet.viol Says:

    Eps 11 made me cry….good job

  256. 256 : Acen Says:

    Good drama 👍👍👍

  257. 257 : Simon K Says:

    Maybe Korean don’t like this drama because this show is messing with their history. Wang So must be important figure in their history, his wiki page is much longer than others. Also, it is a little gimmick to put a mask on Wang So’s face, he look like Phantom of the Opera but why? A story about a famous Korean King in history that is based on a Chinese novel, if Korean find this drama offensive, I won’t be surprised.
    I am not Korean, I totally treat this as fiction and this is a good one. IU acting is very good. She may not be award winning actress but she certainly suit this role. To me, IU is Hae Soo now, I cannot imagine replace her with anyone else. Ep. 11 is beautifully made. It is sad but the plot move the story, turn it around, explain why Hae Soo turn away from Wang Wook to Wang So.

  258. 258 : pamela Says:

    At first i thought this drama is not good so i didnt watch the 2nd to 7th ep but then i start to watch ep 8 and man i discovered the story is getting better and so forth in ep 11 and wow OMG what an episode it makes my heart ache and the story is so awesome right now i plan to watch what i skip… It’s worth watching for…. Keep it up and congratulations…..

  259. 259 : Era Says:

    I cried.. When lady oh sacrified herself for haesoo, besides..she had been through an unjust life.. The king never ask to married her, lost her baby, had a cancer, and being punished to death by king..someone she loved so much… Omg…

  260. 260 : K_Holic Says:

    IU acting better in every Episode

  261. 261 : -Autumn- Says:

    Ep11 makes me cry too. So sad.

  262. 262 : lamouch Says:

    IU’s acting is getting better, she made me feel her sadness and pain.fighting for the moon lover team

  263. 263 : HELENA Says:

    As always, IU and Joon Ki’s acting never disappoint me. I’m sure the story will bring tears especially in last episodes.
    If this serial was adapted from the original novel then Hae Sool will die first because many intrigues from 4th prince’s brothers in the way to sit on the throne. This will make 4th prince deeply in anger and sadness which make him take revenges and kill his brothers in the end. I don’t like the ending, but the whole story is great to watch.

  264. 264 : beth Says:

    the story is awesome, really intense love story, touch your inner emotional side, not an ordinary love story, not a typical K-Drama.
    Wishing for the sequel, that would be awesome.

  265. 265 : maecy Says:

    It’s popular in the internet and were all been excited in every episode. There’s no boring scene in this drama.

  266. 266 : Gugu Says:

    If 13th prince died after being stabbed by Woo Hee, its one prince down. And hv to be the good looking kind hearted prince. Sighhh…

  267. 267 : Zeez Says:

    I’ve just watched ep13 and I still like this drama a lot!!!! I’ve watched the original version and I find this version just as good!!!

  268. 268 : rhien Says:

    i think wang so become an evil king and kill his own brother is because hae soo died,,,
    ost in this drama is the best,,,all of them,,,im crying a lot when last ost cooming (jung seung hwan – wind),,,

  269. 269 : msvi Says:

    the story become more interesting, can’t wait untill next monday.

  270. 270 : f33za Says:

    cant wait 4 the nxt eps…

  271. 271 : Abigail Says:

    Please tell me..
    What this drama happy ending?
    Soo with so?
    I’m so curious 😞😞

  272. 272 : Era Says:

    All the cast played well. They are talented. ALL of them…

  273. 273 : Jessisca Says:

    Thanks for Moonnlovers cast..such an awesome drama in his for for historical drama..
    Although the ratings get low than the other historical drama,but i am one of international fans who support this drama so much.
    Can’t wait the next episode..OmG kiss from hae soo
    Please writer nim don’t hive us bad ending hope so soo couple get happy ending

  274. 274 : Helena Says:

    @Abigail : if the story was adapted from the original version, yes it’s sad ending. I watched the Chinese version of Scarlet Heart, it really brings much tears especially in last episode (chinese version is 35 episodes). I only hope in Korean version, Hae Soo and 4th Prince meet again in the present world and get a happy ending. The story is great but sad, the happy ending only came to 10th prince

  275. 275 : Helena Says:

    In the last episode of Chinese version, Hae Soo (Ruoxi in chinese version) wake up from her coma in the present world (after she die in past world) and one day she visits a museum, found the painting, the dress of 4th prince, the hair pin that she received from 4th prince etc. My heart ache to watch Haesoo/Ruoxi stand up with tears in her eyes there, I thought she still love the 4th prince even in the present world, because he is her true love forever. The story impressed me very much, even it’s too sad to tell.

  276. 276 : zzzzz Says:

    i don’t care about the ending, i finished watching Six Flying Dragon though i already knew lee bang won will kill sambong in the end.
    This drama just too beautifull to ignore. Love story betwen haeso and wangsoo is the best

  277. 277 : hanna Says:

    I love this drama but I think IU acting does not suit this drama, its kindda shitty makes me want to give up sometimes, the story too good thou and im not korean.

  278. 278 : AmazingK Says:

    Sorry Joon Ki, dislikes IU tremendously. Not gonna watch this. I think she is so ugly and her songs are boring.

  279. 279 : Sakika Says:

    Hey guys,

    I’m so loving this drama and the ost its superb!!!

    Does anyone know if the instrumental ost (background music) has been released??


  280. 280 : Hennie Says:

    Its a good drama…too bad it came out the same time with love in moonlight KBS2…but overall…its storyline is much much better than love moonlight…

  281. 281 : Karen Says:

    I am addicted to this drama, screw the rating .
    I dont know why they ( korean) dont like it . I watched 7 episodes in one day and i am starting getting scared of losing this rollacoster of emotions that this drama give me…..

  282. 282 : Timmy Says:

    It could a good drama… too bad, it’s not well written as I expected. Yea, it’s more complicated, darker, and potentially better than Love in the Moonlight, but it’s not well-executed. Dialogue between characters is quite dull. There’s lack of deep emotional connection between characters. ex: I felt nothing when concubine Oh sentenced to death. it likes watching a teenage idol drama that based on a mixture of history and penny dreadful. It’s not that bad, it’s just okay. If only they hired a better screenwriter… But IU & Lee Joon Ki’s chemistry is pretty good. Wang So & his mother’s relationship is interesting too. I hope the next episode will be better.

  283. 283 : nurul izzah Says:

    i’m addicted to this drama,but i really want hae soo to be with wang wook.they have such a beautiful chemistry.but it won’t happen like that.hae soo will be with wang so and i’m curious what will happen to wang wook,he will die? or who will be the king? can’t wait for the next episode 😘

  284. 284 : Timmy Says:

    Watching scarlet heart tonight (ep 14), and so I know this drama is not worth watching anymore. I don’t who the screenwriter is, but I believe he/she is a teenager or worse than that. Too bad… :p

  285. 285 : Timmy Says:

    *i don’t know who the screnwriter is.. LOL
    uhm.. Jo yoon Young? I’m sorry but I will never be your fan.

  286. 286 : Zista Ann Says:

    Keren 281, hannie 280.. 👍 I agree completely with your opinion ..
    I’m a big fan… IU and Jun ki😱😱😱😱😱
    Funny, sad, happy .. Romance, ambition, betrayal and loyalty .. And one more thing .. The sacrifices .. Omg..
    Love story betwen haesoo and Wang soo is the best.. 😘😘😘😘

  287. 287 : Kpopfan Says:

    Ahaha IU is a good actress, if u hate her then ur just jealous. Very good korean drama.. waiting for the next episodes..
    Some are commenting like theyre gonna be a good writer.too bad for them, this is big time HIT!
    Good thing, many find this drama exciting and impressive!! Let us support this, do away with the chinese version, this is a korean version. Stop watching this and Write ur own story if u keep on commenting bad..yeah right, if u hate this why DO U STILL WATCH IT. HAHAHAH..funny. really

  288. 288 : yeona Says:

    Watched 1st episode and i’m saying goodbye to this drama. if u pair a a newbie with a veteran actor like Jun ki, the difference in acting is just too obvious to ignore, even if u add Kang Ha Neul in the grind.

  289. 289 : Leah Says:

    I love the first 5 eps. I watched it over and over.Funny scenes and soothing. But the rest eps up to 14 makes my heart race as the story growing darker with betrayal, killing and ambitions. I love the drama and the cast member and the team production to bring the drama worth to watch. IU is perfect for the role. IU is like Hae Soo in real life. She has soft tone voice when she talks, calm and sweet girl. I watch the filming bts and realise that she really has a great personality. No wonder Kang Ha Neul was falling head over heels for her. He can’t hide his genuine happy feeling when he’s around her or in the same scene with her. Quite obvious that he admires her so much. I hope to see you two in another romantic drama or movie as couple someday. Or… be a couple for real…

  290. 290 : Vivin Says:

    I hope ending this drama not same like chinese version..it’s to sad for 4th prince..make korean version ending.

  291. 291 : rhien Says:

    i watch preview for next week and i think hae soo will die,,,
    @290 vivin: chinese version have another story when they meet again in the future,,,someone say in korean version that will make until 20 ep for future,,,so i think if in the next eps hae soo die, she maybe comeback again to the future so they will meet again,,,( i hope sooooo )

  292. 292 : نسرين Says:

    Iv been curious about the high rating for MLDBC ….so i start watching it and i get bored so i drop it out at ep 9……a childish drama based on some previous scene of other daramas, like youre beautiful, swang..scandal, cofee prince. some part of the king and the clown…and finally some ideas from iljimea…….just WTF………for me moon lovers cant be compared to others,,,strong story, intense events and mature cast ……fighting..

  293. 293 : An Says:

    Well.. if scarlet heart is remake of bubujinxin.. you can say that mdbc is remake of multiple drama to be mix in.. so the rating surely comes from the accumulation of those drama..lol

  294. 294 : bety Says:

    Best Drama this year. all of the actors and actress work their best. Fighting!!!

  295. 295 : kiki Says:

    Eventhough the cinematography of Scarlet Heart Ryeo is good, and the male & female lead is prettier, I think the chinese version is better. I can see why the rating is low. It’s not that serious as you think, and not that funny too. It’s a so so fusion sageuk, but I watch it anyway just to compare it with the original version lol. To me it’s like watching a reverse-harem anime. pretty boys and pretty girls anywhere but they can’t take my heart away. too much flaws, questionable acting skill and no consistency in characterization except for the queen and Yo. at least scarlet heart ryeo is not bad to kill my time on monday & tuesday. don’t be mad, it’s just my opinion.

  296. 296 : kyu Says:


    i doubt you really watched it, if you still saying it’s so so.

    The rating might be low, but it’s really popular among korean fans too, if you can read hangul you can lurk their forum. Korean viewers prefer watch it on the internet for some reason.

    Viewers rating just showed wich broadcast network win the marketing battle.

  297. 297 : sonia Says:

    cool guys

  298. 298 : sonia Says:

    and guys i want soo to get married plz

  299. 299 : U Says:

    Iu’s acting is just too terrible,. Drop this drama after ep 8. Can’t stand this expression –> O_O and excessive close up on iu’s face. No just no, the story might be good, but casting IU is a terrible mistake.
    If they’re gonna pre produce a drama, make sure to cast a real actress so they will ge their money worth. Learn from suzy for God’s sake!

  300. 300 : twilight13 Says:

    Must admit that iu acting was the worst at beginning. Like any other said. But I keep followng this drama bcz lee jun ki is very appealing in that costume. Also, there are kang ha neul and hong jong hyun. Baek hyun acting was horrible too. Errmmm…when I rewatched, I sensed iu acting get better (i mean bearable too watch hehe). It seems that korean will have 1-2 extra ep, maybe just maybe, it is a future life in which soo and 4th prince have happy end.

  301. 301 : lala Says:

    wow IU has so many haters. Jesus… don’t watch the drama that’s it.

  302. 302 : anomous Says:

    I agree.. leave IU alone.. who is it for someone to say someone is good at acting or bad at acting.. sheesh!

  303. 303 : Syalala Says:

    it’s ridiculous if we miss this wonderful drama just because someone told us to and just because she/he told us IU has many haters. futhermore, she/he don’t have certain proof about it. She/he might be the only one hater for IU. Thats so “many”

  304. 304 : Syalala Says:

    ups Sorry, i missunderstood your post.

  305. 305 : abaddon Says:

    i like the story , lee joon gi acting is superb. while IU and Kang Ha Neul needs to go back to acting workshop 🙁

  306. 306 : HeeBa-ELF Says:

    Lee Joon Gi is so HOT!! I’m watching this only to see him lol! But the story is very good, I don’t want Wang So to have a sad ending 💔
    IU’s acting is fine, not that good but not that bad too, Anyway I have my eyes on Joongi only 😍 lol

  307. 307 : HELENA Says:

    Lee Joon Gi’s performance is very good in this drama, the costume is suitable for him. I noticed, he played in Running Man 231 with Kang Ha Neul and Hong Jong Hyun, but not handsome like Wang So on the screen ha ha ha.

  308. 308 : Bamskie Says:

    I LOVE ALL THE CASTS, THEY ARE ALL GOOD, THEY PLAYED THEIR PART WELL THAT MADE THE PREVIOUS EPISODES EXCITING TO WATCH. KEEP UP THE GOODWORK GUYS. Character of iu complimented the character of 4th prince. 8th prince did a good twist of character. I love all of them 😍😍but my heart bleeds 😢😢with the tragic ending of the 10th prince and his wife, theyre funny and lively, so young and carefree. The story itself have many unexpected twists. Crowned prince a peace lover, what a pitiful ending😢, hes doing great as a big brother to all. 😊😊😊
    I will keep my eyes on you guys(casts), give your best shot 💪💪because we are all dying here to watch the next episode.😎😎😎

  309. 309 : san Says:

    So far there hasn’t been a single boring episode. 🙂 Fighting!

  310. 310 : fadila Says:

    et ben que dire pour cette perle rien vraiment parfaite l image les personnages l’histoire les sentiments, tout est parfait je vous remercie pour le moment que j ai passé a regarder chaque épisode merci et vous êtes les meilleurs peu importe ce que les gens dise

  311. 311 : نسرين Says:

    I learn that i should never refere to the rating before starting a new drama….coz moonlovers is really a g,oooooooood drama

  312. 312 : Evaf Says:

    I agree with san, every episode always made me stunning, i’m not move from my chair until it finish, ha…ha…ha…

  313. 313 : lamouch Says:

    One of the best historical dramas i have ever watched indeed. keep going lee joon gi oppa

  314. 314 : flo Says:

    I love this drama very much, Lee joon gi,iu and kang Han eul they are do great job
    I desperately every week just for wait they acting

  315. 315 : Dedels Says:

    Huaaaa cry a river at 16th episode.. wang eun n his wife so pitiful😢😢

  316. 316 : nguyensers Says:

    I don’t understand why people would dislike the drama because of IU. I think the drama was pretty good. It a remake of a Chinese drama.

  317. 317 : Jessisca Says:

    Whatever for ratings..I just love this drama
    Great job for all crews and actors.
    Yes, sometime good drama always get low ratings..but in international viewers..we really love and always wait for this drama..So don’t be sad for all actors..all of you did very well for the drama.

  318. 318 : meimei Says:

    You are all superb… no one left behind in terms of acting 2 thumbs up… Good drama, good acting and of course good actors…. but most specially a big applause to the directors and staff… fighting!!! 4 episode still remaining…don’t miss it….

  319. 319 : esujunsu Says:

    good drama Lee joon Ki iu superb every episode worth to watch.

  320. 320 : Lin Says:

    LOVE this drama. Lee Joon Ki is perfect as the 4th Prince. Actually, I like the work of all the actors. Great story, wonderful screenplay, cinematography and sound track. Never a dull moment…can’t wait for each episode. Recommend.

  321. 321 : tarja pihlaja Says:

    Oh my Wang So, he´s so lonely, sad and misunderstood by everyone. I hope he will recive more love and happiness. I´m afraid of the end,what´s gonna happen to him, because I´ve seen the chinese version, even this Korean version is different. I think both Iu and Lee Joon Ki is doing great.

  322. 322 : Gugu Says:

    There is still hope for a happy ending. What I and everyone else feared in MDBC did not happened. We get a beautiful and happy ending. So maybe SHR too will get a happy ending. Hoping for difference.

  323. 323 : Tiffany Says:

    We love this drama! It’s our family affairs to sit down in front of TV every Monday and Tuesday to watch them!! Love everyone inside this drama… But don’t like the bad princess… Fighting!! We love you!!

  324. 324 : sue Says:

    yeah..love it too..i love that fact the Wong Soo love Hae Soo so much..the feeling ..😘

  325. 325 : jnxdoe Says:

    This series is really good. Maybe the best from LJG so far i know (btw i really love his work in two weeks) and this is the first drama that i can watch over and over again from the very first episode, and idk why. I just want to say thank you for the genius behind this drama, crews and all actors. You really have done a GREAT job. and keep up your spirit for your all next creative projects!

  326. 326 : wendys Says:

    This drama is very nice. Actresses acting very total. Why ratings are ugly? Outside korea is very popular and so warm conversation. IU n Lee Joon Ki oppa fighting 💪we love you and we are waiting for further work 😙This is not the end of everything 😃

  327. 327 : Schumi Says:

    Absolutely in love with this drama. Rewatching over and over again. And yes, it is the most popular drama in Russia nowadays, nothing can be compaired with its popularity.

  328. 328 : mei mei Says:

    Hope that the ending will suit with our waiting… regardless of happy and sad… still this is the drama that can be recommend… exciting ending will awaits for us… cannot be predicted.. and yet anticipated…that’s the drama were actual asking for… keep up the good works guys(actors, directors & staff)…you deserve all the credits…

  329. 329 : HELENA Says:

    It’s better to watch full episodes than bother with the ending, in Chinese version last episode, the 8th prince and 9th prince die by drink poison in the jail, the 14th prince got broken heart because ruoxi (hae soo) die, the 4th prince was so sad and lonely, and I’m curious what happended in Korea version. Korea version is much much better in cinematography, but the dialoque and characters in Chinese version was more impressive, that’s my self opinion

  330. 330 : randomguy Says:


    This will be a SAD ending… I’m sure about that, cause it is in the novel and chinese series… Hae Soo will be back in the future and will wake up in the hospital after a weeks of being coma.. she will later research about the history and will find out that nothing has changed.. then she will go to a museum and will see a portrait that resembles her. She will meet someone who resembles Wang so but doesn’t recognize her.. the drama will end as the guy walks away and hae soo’s tears fall

  331. 331 : Hannah Says:

    I just hope that his korean version doesn’t follow the same route as chinese version. I hope for better ending. I’ll be mad if all of those things happened are just Ha Jin’s dream when she was in coma.

  332. 332 : Tatiana Says:

    The plot of the drama is very cruel. I can not bear to see the suffering of the protagonists. Very good acting! Lee Joon Ki well done!!!

  333. 333 : Misu Tira Says:

    This drama is stupid drama that I ever watch because the Prince and Princess marry together. Hae Soo is stupid enough to be betray by her so called sister or the maid. Very childish stories.

    In the beginning, it is pretty good and getting worse stories toward the end. Who the hell is this writer that write crazy stories????????????

  334. 334 : yuri Says:

    I’m so tired of reading stupid comment. Back then at Goryeo’s Dinasty, married to their half sibling was not a taboo. Maybe it was their way to keep royal blood running in the royal heirs. In real history, Wang So really married to Yeon Hwa, and she became a queen. I don’t know much either, because I’m not Korean, and I don’t learn their history, but please don’t mock on their Dinasty history by caling it stupid. MLSH is just a drama license to Goryeo Dinasty history, but the storyline i believe is different as some character in this drama is not real. Just appreciate their creativity and hardwork of the staffs and actors/actress they put on, and enjoy the drama. Or, just don’t watch it.

  335. 335 : Sue Says:

    Yup..agree with yuri. According to history, WS did marry Yeon Hwa. Just take this show as pure entertainment.Can see that all the crew has put in a lot effort in this drama. Its already very pressurizing for the crew, as this drama was always being compared with the Chinese version.
    We left with 3 episode..just enjoyed, support the ratings and hope that there is twist to the plot when they meet at modern days with a happy ending.

    And Lee Joon Ki did a really good job displaying different emotions at different stages.

    Kudos to him! If LJK is reading this, well done to you! You have done great! Keep up the good job!

  336. 336 : mattalie77 Says:

    I’m watching this drama because IU. I don’t care other people who said her act is bad or something, I think in thi movie is her 2nd best act after Lee Soon Shin is The Best. The only thing makes this drama’s rating not too good i think because this is remake version, lots people know the sad ending and don’t want to watch or choose another drama in the same time.

  337. 337 : unima Says:

    It is sad that time is coming to say “Good bye” to this amazing drama and its characters, the evil ones and the virtuous ones, and say “Thank you” to every person from the team. I’ve enjoyed watching it, it’s a brilliant job.

  338. 338 : CJaedyn Says:

    I’ve been a fan of LJK since My Girl… Have watched most of his drama and I can say that he did a great job on this drama… Second to Iljimae that I don’t know how many times I’ve watched, I knew that Scarlet Heart will be 1 of my all time favorite also.

    I’ll wait for his next masterpiece and won’t forget his upcoming movie… Resident Evil on 2017….

    LJK fighting….

  339. 339 : lala Says:

    @ CJaedyn you should watch Scholar Who Walks the Night one of the best dramas LJG is amazing

  340. 340 : CJaedyn Says:

    @ lala … I’ve watched it… hahaha… from My Girl up to present… I’ve watched all his drama… lol

  341. 341 : Madel1n3 Says:

    Love this Awesome Drama!!! LJK , IU and all other casts have done a wonderful job.
    LJK was born to play the role of Wang So. I couldn’t see any other actress to play Hae Soo. IU , You are great!!!
    Kudos guys!!!!
    thank you for presenting this amazing drama !!!!

    Hope to see Moon Lover: Scarlet Heart : Ryeo Season 2!!!

  342. 342 : Susy indrayanti Says:

    20 is not enough….season 2 please…

  343. 343 : Era Says:

    Ljg always never disappoint me. He is very total, esp when crying scene. Omg he is crying like real!! The same when i saw him at iljimae, he was also drooling and have runny nose when crying LOL.. omg… He is very total..!!!!!

  344. 344 : lala Says:

    A second season would be nice, as long as it’s completely different from the Chinese version (which in my opinion was terrible)

  345. 345 : yuhuu Says:

    I think the drama is very good. You guys should watch it! At first i honestly don’t want to watch the drama because of many bad comment. But when I start to watch, i can’t stop myself to watch it more and I want more of this drama. The cast are very good, their acting are very touching. Just start to watch it, you wont regret it. Its not a bad drama just because you all hate IU, its a really good one, it will be worse if the drama labelled bad eventough its not bad at all.

  346. 346 : gledy Says:


    Trust me, you guys should watch this drama!! Watching the drama will make yourself feels the character real. Love the actor and the actress!! Love the plot! Just hoping it will end with very happy ending!!💕💕

  347. 347 : pitalisa Says:

    Sosoo couple LJK , IU acting amazing prefect the best best 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 👌👌😍😍😍😍I waiting acting LJK,IU in scarlet heart Ryeo season 2 era modern waiting waiting I hope scarlet heart Ryeo season 2😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💓💓💓💓💓💓💓😍😍😍😍drama th best

  348. 348 : pitalisa Says:

    I HOPE HAPPY ENDING SOSOO COUPLE 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘DRAMA THE BEST💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓👌👌👌👌👌💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  349. 349 : ryry Says:

    This is good drama. Poor Hae Soo… Poor IU

  350. 350 : lisa Says:

    i love this drama. hope best ending for hae soo n so
    really love with soundtrack

  351. 351 : cassie Says:

    will they come back to modern times. If not then it is a sad story altogether. I can’t bear to watch it to the end love this drama.

  352. 352 : kay Says:

    It’s an amazing drama…i dont know why people hate UIs acting..its so not cool criticizing her just because her acting doesnt suit your standards..lee jun ki and UI fighting😍

  353. 353 : Susy indrayanti Says:

    Why wang so angry? So n wook…but it was

  354. 354 : Manel Says:

    I can’t sleep After watching the 19th épisode this is really My favorit and i don’t want it to end but i want to know what is gonna happen with them. And if it gonna end with hae soo going back to the futur and Wang soo Will stay with that evil Yeonhwa i really Will be disappointed with that kind of ending and i Will be even disappointed if one of them die ( hae soo and Wang soo)

  355. 355 : sue Says:

    this is the first drama after watching, I felt so heart pain 🙁
    WS n HS so in love yet cant be together due to circumstances.
    The acting is superb!
    Last episode already..hope there is a twist! But hope against hope..it will be very sad :….((

  356. 356 : d14hbaeks Says:

    I know this drama will be sad ending, but I still want to watch it. Usually i dont watch sad end drama, but i cant avoid LJK acting, he is so stunning.

  357. 357 : j Says:

    I am so disappointed in this drama.. seriously.. i want that evil witch to at least die or something happen to her.. but this drama is also following the korean history so far and the chinese version as well.. which i don’t like.. because i think that Hae Soo is going to die and also she is going to go back and they are not going to know her… hate this ending.. which i am predicting to happen..
    darn it!!

  358. 358 : jenny j Says:

    I am so disappointed in this drama.. seriously.. i want that evil witch to at least die or something happen to her.. but this drama is also following the korean history so far and the chinese version as well.. which i don’t like.. because i think that Hae Soo is going to die and also she is going to go back and they are not going to know her… hate this ending.. which i am predicting to happen..
    darn it!!

  359. 359 : sushi Says:

    Just finished this drama and i concluded it’s even worse than the Chinese version of Scarlet heart! I hopefully watched the korean version thinking the ending would be different but it turns out the same! This whole time i was like no it can’t end like this and yes, IT DID. OH MY GOD writers, HAVE SOME CREATIVITY… I’ve really enjoyed my 11 weeks of watching but i can’t accept this ending! ;( AND THEY DIDNT EVEN MET. ZZZ…

  360. 360 : Vivin Says:

    I don’t like this ending..why they didnt meet again..????

  361. 361 : Susy indrayanti Says:

    Very bad ending

  362. 362 : Sirk Says:

    Agree. Im soo frustrated right the drama still great for me but the ending is really sucks.. geez..

  363. 363 : KimSoo Says:

    Wang Soo and Hae So had a child and he didnt know that the baby girl is his. No closure for the father-daughter-moments. Hae Soo and Wang So didnt meet in the present time. REALLY A HAPPY ENDING. *insert sarcasm* 😒

  364. 364 : sakthi Says:

    i need loveable ending…

  365. 365 : Susy indrayanti Says:

    Why….why….why….the ending so sad!

  366. 366 : Hikmi's Says:

    HeartBreaking… but i cant stop love this Drama… sad ending … give 1 more episode please.. or just 5 minutes.. like man from another star…. pleaseeeeeee…..

  367. 367 : Hikmi's Says:

    I think thats the best choice that hae soo child is not life in the palace.. for the child future… remember yoon hwa is really evil queen…. love story they are both very lovely … love sacrificially .. sincere hearts … too full of love until the end …. but unfortunately … why the story ended so painful for them .. at least give a second chance… Pleaseeee.. just 5 minute.. ok … for us… for me that always watch or months…. For All Actor n actress n crew.. thanks for the drama.. love Wang so n Hae soo….

  368. 368 : نسرين Says:

    The most worst ending iv ever watch

  369. 369 : lamouch Says:

    I am really disappointed because of this lame sad ending. I hoped for hae soo and wang so to happilly end together but in vain. Sigh

  370. 370 : jenny j Says:

    KimSoo: He knew that was his daughter.. with the pin in her hair and her actions.. and plus the prince, who she called dad… automatically got defensive and was doing all that he can to protect her.. he even said.. she didnt want this child in the kingdom because she knew that the child will be lonely and will suffer.. to prevent.. he gave allowances to that prince to come and go and to come for her to come see him.. So wanted to protect that child… remembering his promise to hae su…

  371. 371 : jenny Joung Says:

    KimSoo: He knew that was his daughter.. with the pin in her hair and her actions.. and plus the prince, who she called dad… automatically got defensive and was doing all that he can to protect her.. he even said.. she didnt want this child in the kingdom because she knew that the child will be lonely and will suffer.. to prevent.. he gave allowances to that prince to come and go and to come for her to come see him.. So wanted to protect that child… remembering his promise to hae su…

  372. 372 : wendys Says:

    Sad ending 😭😭😭 I’m hope for season 2 with the main character of the same (IU n Joon Ki oppa) n happy ending 😍😍😍. I really like this drama, must be hard to move on after this. Salute to everything👍👍 IU n JOON Ki oppa, i 💕u so much 😚😚😚

  373. 373 : ruby placheta Says:

    after moonlight drawn by clouds i can’t move on because im in love with park bo gum. but here comes scarlet heart ryeo and i didn’t yet finish watching this but i feel like i don’t want to finished it because i want more more more more. OMG! this is great. i love it. i love all the cast. there character/role suits them all. nice work. i love lee joon ki, hong jong hyun, kang ha neul, nam joo hyuk, baekhyun, ji soo and IU. congratulations to all and hope to see more tv series of yours.. saranghae

  374. 374 : cassie Says:

    It really was a sad ending they did not meet in modern times. ARe they going to have a follow up in modern times. She is back but where is wang so oh come on what were the writers thinking,

  375. 375 : Shiva Says:

    Loved it loved it. Great drama. I’m glad it didn’t copycat other historical dramas that was made similar to this but they met in another world. I think the ending was perfect. What joon ki said at the end summarise everything. Last episode was hurtful as well as heartwarming. Well done to cast & crew

  376. 376 : justsaying Says:

    @Shiva 375. In a way, you are rite but after investing like 20 hours of my watching time (not to mention countless hours of waiting time), we deserve sth solid. At least in the Chinese version – they met in the 21st century.

    Why can’t it be that way in this drama since they are sticking to like 90% of the original version anyway. HS died without WS by his side after ALL they’ve gone through. Others have actual closure to their stories – even that sneaky Won who realize what CR actually did for him. Wook became a father and died while ‘looking’ at his wife Lady Hae.

    The least they can do for WS and HS is let them meet at the 21st century with both remembering what they had from the past – then The End. It is more than enough to satisfy us (well me, at least) that we know they will have a better life ahead… They should have taken that opportunity when WS said ‘I’ll find you wherever you are…’

  377. 377 : cha Says:

    THis DRAMA IS CRAP!!!! Wasting so much of my time and don’t even have a little twist! We’re watching drama in order to be entertained and to be satisfied, (at least in our fantasies..) Well, having an ending telling the audience “i’ll find wherever you are…….is a whole lot of CRAPPPPPP! don’t say it DO IT!

  378. 378 : joy Says:

    I just love the drama. the finale for me is quite perfect… being in a different era, it’s an expected ending. the last words of wang so (4th prince) is powerful, he will look for her…. the love between them never died, it is still seeking for a continuity…Congratulations to the casts especially of course Lee Joon Ki and IU (she can act):)

  379. 379 : Nolie Says:


  380. 380 : tigerb Says:

    it’s a good watch. it’s a remake, and with all the spoiler comments that it will have a sad ending, the korean version should have had a little twist that the modern time ending will have hae soo and so meet again and be happy. how hard was it to do that, except if there were contract limits to the remake production.
    what is the exact meaning of the word: ryeo?

  381. 381 : justsaying Says:

    @378 joy

    I get what you meant abt ;

    ‘the finale for me is quite perfect… being in a different era, it’s an expected ending.’

    But the thing is, this drama is supposed to be ‘fiction like’ in the first place when Hae Soo time traveled. As such, why not stick to it by giving us some..thing… real/solid. I’m not asking for too much. The least they could show us is WS and HS met in the museum/exhibition and both remembered everything and both shed a tear or two and then smile the happy smile and that’s it. Is that really too much, I bet it’ll only take a minute or two? Top.

    With the current ending, I’m lost. Though WS ends up saying ‘Wherever you go, I’ll find you… BUT… then, they show WS/HS flashback’s piggy ride while HS commented that in another time, another world, she could have loved WS with all her heart… So, are they meeting up in the future? See… It’s kind of a lose end… the end is ‘tooo lose’ (is there even such an expression?) they could have tied it a little bit tighter…

  382. 382 : -Autumn- Says:

    Agree with #370. Wang So knew that she is his daughter as he had un-banned 14th Prince from entering the palace. Means he is allowing 14th Prince to come and visit him with his daughter so that at least he can has a look at the daughter while hide the daughter’s existence from the evil queen as request by Hae Soo to protect her daughter and keep her away from palace.

    The ending is kinda disappointed because like everyone wish, we want them to meet in the modern days but no. Anyway, it is still a good drama. I love to see hae soo and wang so together. There might not be a big chemistry btw them but at least it is touching too, their love.

  383. 383 : Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo: This Masked Hero Steals The Show With A Stellar Performance | AlphaGirl Says:

    […] Feature Image Courtesy […]

  384. 384 : Liah Says:

    Sad but beautiful drama. Not even single episode was boring. The storyline move fast each episode, makes me wonder and waited what happened next. Elegant love story. The throne eventully makes them all whose fought for it, ends up lonely and miserable. This is the best historical drama I’ve ever watch. Thanks for the screenwriter, crew, actors, actresses who brought this drama worth to watch. The show is ended now, but still makes me want to know Goryeo Dinasty for more. I realy Love this drama .

  385. 385 : danga Says:

    i quite disappoint with the ending because i though hae soo will meet wang so in the real world.. but I think if soo meet so in the real world maybe there will be scarlet heart 2. btw i really love LJK and IU acting. very good!!

  386. 386 : History Lover Says:

    Hey! I dont understand – where special ending ep?
    We are waiting for the second part of the drama with all their favorite characters.
    Thank you for your hard work

  387. 387 : Meteo Says:

    The best I have watched thus far! Excellent piece of work! The casts were great! The team behind the drama did wonderfully. I hope there is a sequel to it and please keep the casts as they are. It will lose its flair and essence if the casts are changed. I look forward to more wonderful pieces of work from the team. Cheers!

  388. 388 : iresha Says:

    the best best best drama i have ever watched. heart touching story.not even a single episode were boring.i have no words to say how beautiful this drama.good work.

  389. 389 : Susy indrayanti Says:

    Please join the petition for season 2…
    I hope SBS will make it

  390. 390 : f33za Says:

    i’ve cried my heart out… hope there will be MLSHR S2…

  391. 391 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 20 ending….

    If Lee Jun Ki came to the cosmetics counter where IU is working instead of another man for the ending,
    that will be perfect ending bc at least this shows that Lee Jun Ki has keep his word…. I WILL COME LOOKING FOR YOU (IU) WHEREVER YOU GO…… ha ha 😛

  392. 392 : Liah Says:

    I can’t move on from this drama yet. I keep searching for Goryeo Dynasty, and it was really scary living in that era. King Taejo’s sons were really fights for the throne by conspiracy and treason amongst them. They were died at young age, soon after they had become the king. For me, this drama seemed to dragged my fantasy back to that era. The scriptwriter was trying to describe the era as close as possible, but mix it with fiction. It wasn’t an easy thing to do. They did a great job. I love this drama so much. I’ve never seen any historical drama better than MLSH. The MLSH team and cast member were very lucky person to be in this production. I guess it will take a while for me to forget this drama.

  393. 393 : tigerbr Says:

    the king’s astrologist, ji mong, was the one the modern day hae soo met at the cosmetics counter. he recognized her, but she didn’t recognize him. i think he also knew who she was in her previous life when they first met at ep. 1. like the comment above, the viewers would have been happy if the modern day wang so stopped by the cosmetics counter, a little twist for a better ending. the piggy ride ending was like, “huh”?

  394. 394 : Riadini Says:

    Sad ending..makes me cried a lot..
    I strongly agree with Liah (384 & 392) .. I also feel and do the same as what you do ..

  395. 395 : Manel Says:

    Very very very Bad ending solo sad 🙁

  396. 396 : Yuu Says:

    I hope there is a season 2 as Chinese version. It’s a good drama and a sad one. I cried alot while watching Chinese version and i have to wait too long for season 2. Luckily, it is a happy ending. I hope Korean version also release scarlet heart ryeo 2. It’s unfair to let her travel back and did not return. Also, IU acting in historical drama is improving. Fighting Joon Ki oppa nad IU! Hope i will see them in a modern time.

  397. 397 : Paige Says:

    My heart broke watching the end, even till the last moment i hoped that maybe she would meet him in the future, even a glimpse of him.

  398. 398 : infinity3 Says:

    season 2!!!!! 4th prince should meet hae soo in the future… and have their happily ever afte ending…

  399. 399 : Cynthia Madu Says:

    what a sad ending!!!!! please is there season 2?

  400. 400 : Wabbitz Says:

    Please….give more episode ….don’t be so cruel with us😞…just finish it this year….so we all can move on from SH😊

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    ….having fun watching this kdrama…
    …hoping for the season 2…

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  406. 406 : videosviki.com Says:

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    First of all I like to thanks the whole unit for this wonderful kdrama….. not even a single boring episode and beautifully done.I really enjoyed it….. I wish there were more dialogues in the script but no harm done,,,,, looking forward for next step…. good luck !!!!!!

  408. 408 : Kingtez64 Says:

    I don’t think there will be more sequel.. first there was no hae soo in history since the plot was during king taejo reigns.. they only put hae soo character to make it romantic then later on they kill her so how can u expect more.. they should end the story with hae soo meet wang so in the present time in a different role to satisfy the viewers it’s only the astronomer was back there..nevertheless it was done good and touching..

  409. 409 : zizi Says:

    still can’t move on from this show.
    trying to watch other drama but after wang so-hae soo couple, other pairing feel sooo flat. It’s hard not to compare the leads with wangso and haesoo.
    Wangso-haesoo, i wish they get best couple award from SBS.

  410. 410 : jojo Says:

    season 2 pls!!! this can’t end like that..

  411. 411 : kenzoismyhachiko Says:

    They will meet again in 21st century…waiting for the 2nd season!!

  412. 412 : Eula Marie Says:

    Im crying right now. i just finished watching this yesterday night and i until now i cant get over the feels. It’s super duper awesome!! i want season 2 please!!? im being positive that there will a season because of that sincere and determine line of Wang So , he said he will find Hae So even if she’s from the other world. Im hoping for a season2 because of that!! please make another sequel?! this time make Wang So cross to the present time.. and if you will to make a sequel it would be great if its still the same actors especialy IU and Lee Joon Ki. I love them both!!

  413. 413 : sisca Says:

    season 2 pleaseeeeee….i’m so sad watched the ending T.T

  414. 414 : sylvia Says:

    hopefully the writer will read all the request of the fan of the drama and will make the season 2 like the versi in chinese

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    Pleaseee….we want more episode in season 2…
    Wangsoo 💛💙💜💚❤

  416. 416 : mee Says:

    i don’t want to high my hope for second season, learned for my last experience “waiting forever” for “Samchongsa-Three Musketeer” season 2 that never happened.

  417. 417 : Susy indrayanti Says:

    I miss u wang so….

  418. 418 : Nitz87 Says:

    The best drama for this year! Love it! Daebak!

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    Moon Lover is the best for me.

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    The best drama for this year….

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  423. 423 : Josephine Zheng Says:

    voting for best drama of the year, Scarlet Heart, Ryeo , periodic drama .

    best swordfight by Leading actor, Lee Jun Ki, 2nd in place , IU, 3rd Kang Han Neul as Wong Wook

  424. 424 : SUphitchaya Says:

    I love moon lover. It’s the best movie for me.

  425. 425 : Dulce inusaomy Says:

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    I love this drama..so far this is the only drama that I always looking forward for it to air on every Monday and Tuesday.. No other drama made me feel this way 😍

  427. 427 : Ruth Says:

    Loved this drama! especially Lee Jun Ki, such a wonderful actor and IU was so sweet as Hae Soo. We NEED A SEASON 2 AND A HAPPY ENDING FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL COUPLE!! Thank you.

  428. 428 : Marlene V. Rogers Says:

    Season 2-MHR,Please

  429. 429 : Jade Says:


  430. 430 : Mabel Gimenez Says:

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    I like this Darma so much

  432. 432 : shia Says:


  433. 433 : patricia velazquez Says:

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    MoonLovers season 2 please.

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    We always support u, forever..👍😉
    I miss u, season 2 pleasee oppa..
    Daebaak 😘😊

  440. 440 : Joan Robles Says:

    we need season 2

  441. 441 : mika Says:

    The best drama of 2016. Though the rating is low in Korea, many international fans are still deeply in love with this drama. Almost everyone is waiting for the sequel, or at least a knot of happiness in some special episodes. Thank you for producing this drama. A really really amazing job by the actors and the whole team. Congratulations~ I really hope this drama could gain more recognition and awards.

  442. 442 : Marlene V. Rogers Says:

    Season 2 Please! 👍😘👏

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    ..plz wanna c season 2
    Hopefull this drama winz lotz of awards😀😀😀😀😀

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    There was never a boring episode. Hae Soo is a bit harsh on Wang so in the last few episodes. She should have tolerated him. That’s what’s love. She should have understand him. But she isn’t wrong either.
    A beautiful love story. The last scene where Wang so was alone in front of the castle was epic. Very well done.
    Hope there’s a second season. 🙂

  448. 448 : [email protected] legend Says:

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  449. 449 : Maszy Says:

    I watched again and again the the last episodes still there are tears in my eyes…it is so sad and Im heartbroken…hope there will be season 2 with the same main casts….

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    Oppa Lee joong ki and iu is a very great actor and actresses..
    They give justice to there rules. They make us love them very much 💕💘… Although there story not a happy ending we still love them… That’s why we want a special episode!

  457. 457 : Phan Hằng Says:

    I love this drama

  458. 458 : ajmkDiaz Says:

    me encanta este dramaaa no habia visto un drama que dejara en mi estas espectativas, esta sensación, de amor ternura y ansias de mas y mas … amo a Lee Joon Gi es excelente actor mientras mas pasa el tiempo se vuelve increiblemente bueno.. sarangahe oppaaaaaa…

  459. 459 : Marlene V. Rogers Says:

    SHR – Season 2 – PLEASE 🙏💖👍
    The best drama ever!

  460. 460 : Yuya Says:


  461. 461 : baranak Says:

    It was best historical Korean drama i have ever seen.#JG fan from Iran#

  462. 462 : Lina ascencion Says:

    Me encanto solo estoy triste porque no se quedaron juntos …. plisss una segunda parte

  463. 463 : shiva Says:

    watched the final episode more than 5 times, and every single time it brought tears to my eyes. one of the best best dramas. I admire so many of the korean dramas that I have watched and liked but since stairway to heaven & Jumong this is the only drama that had great impact on me. I felt lost for about a week & felt emptiness. miss it, perfect perfect and definitely deserve the DRAMA OF THE YEAR, well done all the cast especially #JG (Big fan) & IU.
    and if they decide on season 2 will make it super perfect 🙂

  464. 464 : Marina Says:

    The best drama of 2016! All caracters, all cast and ost’s is fabulose.

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    Moon Lover is the best for me.

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  475. 475 : aska Says:


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    Lee joong ki melhor ator ! ❤️Sem dúvida 👏👏adoro ver seus papéis quando está atuando 😍E quando faz os dramas histórical então nossa ! Muito show 🙌😘

  478. 478 : claudia Says:

    me encanta este dorama, ojala tengamos la segunda fase

  479. 479 : maria Says:

    Adoro este dorama es de los mejores que eh visto ,,,espero con ansia la segunda temporada lee Latino América te ama y a iu también y a todos los actores los amamos

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    Season 2 Please

  481. 481 : Marlene Rogers Says:

    Please, Season 2 – Moonlovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo
    The Best Drama ever! 👍😘👏

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  487. 487 : Maria Says:

    The petition for Scarlet Heart Ryeo Season 2 is on fire. Hope they’ll notice it. Fighting!!! Still anticipating for season 2. PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!

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  491. 491 : Snow Says:

    This drama leading in the voting on Koreandrama.org is ridiculous. There weren’t that many people even watching the drama–which is shown by the ratings. Whereas Doctors and DOTS had much better ratings. Just a bunch of people voting 5 or 6 times–which isn’t giving a fair depiction of anything–just false illusions. In the end, ratings do matter when trying to attract investors….no matter how many ‘fake’ votes they may receive.

  492. 492 : Vipfin Says:

    Season II PLEASE…..

  493. 493 : Aicha Says:

    i seriously dnt knw why every body is in love with this drama,, it’s really not that great !!

  494. 494 : bebi Says:

    Love this drama…good joob guys….all of u

  495. 495 : Liah Says:

    I love this drama, not only because of So-Soo couple. But since the drama was license to Korean History, it draws my curiosity about Goryeo Dynasty for more. Goryeo Dynasty was the first Korean Empire. Silla, Baekjae, and Balhae palace was still exist up to today, which was amazing that we could see it through this MLSH fantasy story. I think this drama storyline was the first ever drama closes to Goryeo Dynasty back then. I can see how scary it must be living in that era, witnessing royal princes were fighting to win the throne. Killing and betraying were for real. I’m just glad that i witnesses the history for 20 eps only, represent by MLSH. Amazing drama ever.

  496. 496 : pjs Says:

    Totally agree with @snow and @Aicha….
    Why this drama lead the poll while the rating is poor, the story is not bad but “emm ordinary”. DotS has receive thousand awards. And its deserve win the polling. Look, Dots has collect 23 awards so far.
    Maybe i know, its because moon lovers is aired at fall season, near periodof voting, while DotS airing on early of the year. So people has forgot about DotS because it has take long time since its ended.

  497. 497 : N Says:

    This drama is sooo good! But we just can’t get enough of it!

    So everyone please sign the below petition for a season 2!! Let’s all hope for a season 2!


  498. 498 : Divine Moises Says:

    Season 2 pleaseeeee.FIGTHING

  499. 499 : MaxT Says:

    I’m not a fan Korean ancient drama and I find this drama pretty boring. The plot is almost identical to most CAD, so that’s why I couldn’t finish the first episode. Not commend it unless you’re a die fan of the cast members.

    I’ll skip this drama.

  500. 500 : MaxT Says:

    ^^ I meant you’re a die heart fan of the cast members.

  501. 501 : NISRIN Says:

    well iv watched since DOTS Becoz of the high rating and all i can see is song joon ki is an awsome actor , song hyo kyo is a beautiful talented actress and about the drama was cute not that strong storyline but it satisfied the large adolescent viewrs………..As for MoonLovers for me its a high level drama that shooldnt be compared too a commun story like DOTS

  502. 502 : Eun Bi Says:


  503. 503 : Nishamani Says:

    Dear Max T….. please finish watching the whole drama and then comment… because this drama is not an ordinary drama…. its about the true love, living and loving the family and do the right thing…..thank you…

  504. 504 : Shiva Says:

    the great dramas is always not about rating, plus I don’t know what people seen in DOTS, part from the cast, I even didn’t finish watching it was that boring. I must add on I am big fan of Song Joong Ki, but I loved him in his other drams. plus Dots wasn’t in a competition with other top dramas and in the slot of wed & thurs this was the only drama that had famous cast. but moon lovers was aired at the same time as Moonlight Drawn By Clouds & at the same time. I if you read the small prints at the end of the polling vote page. it says you can’t vote more than once with same ip address. moon lovers’s fans are not only Korean fans but international fans looking at the petition for season 2 its was raised by an Italian fan. so voting comes from around the world. and I hope it wins drama of the year truly deserve it.

  505. 505 : Mths Says:

    The best drama for me! It’s an intense drama, I’m totally in love. Love for WangSo and HaeSoo is strong. The whole team did an impeccable job. Already 4 weeks ended the drama and I miss them!

  506. 506 : AhYoona Says:

    Well for me this is a beautiful drama . and pls can’t compared with others kdramas cause this kdrama is so high level since its all about history (past) Moreove the actors and actress did a great job (the whole team) and make me watched all the eps . Plus tbh, it has lots of good values. Esp,Haesoo and Wangso they were very strong to faced all the problems even its hurts . So what im going to say here is, I love Scarlet Heart’s Drama and it can’t be compared with other kdrama and i hope this drama will win drama of the year as well 🙂

  507. 507 : sathya Says:

    moon lovers is the best for me.I love to watch it again and again.it makes me crazy.specially acting of ljk.he has a great talent.though the end of the drama is little sad it’s the best for me.

  508. 508 : salju Says:

    Moon Lovers is the best ever k-drama, best storyline, best actors, best OST, best cinematography. Good job for all the crew and the actors who made this beauty yet sadly k-drama. 🙂 Bravo!!

  509. 509 : Sela Says:

    I love everything in this drama..I just don’t know how to explain how I feel about this drama that I loved so much
    I vote n vote for wang so&char soo I am totally in luv with them..
    god bless 😘😘😘❤️❤️

  510. 510 : ALEXIS Says:

    Don’t. want to be to rude but the drama wasnt. just base on the past thonk about the same thing is going on somewhete in the world now

  511. 511 : G. Byron Says:

    IU was so sweet. Great performance.

  512. 512 : hyewon Says:

    GO GO GO, vote for DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN. the best drama in 2016…
    GO GO GO!!!

  513. 513 : Mobina Says:

    it was Awsome😳👌🏻

  514. 514 : Ghie-anne Says:

    Wonderful story..Highly recommended!
    No boring episode for me…
    Great actors and actresses!
    Try to watch the beggining till ending..
    For me by judging a person whether he/she
    Is famous doesn’t matter..It is the beauty of the story,and how you portray your role very well,that will lead us (we the viewers)to the satisfaction that we want us to have..,😉

  515. 515 : Pharees Says:

    Enjoy the Drama though I would prefer a different ending….but I believe the actors did very well…a Cape Town fan…

  516. 516 : Angelyn Says:

    We love the beauty of the story
    And the cast’s who portray their role very well.
    Highly recommended..
    Hoping for season 2.

  517. 517 : Angelyn Says:

    Hoping for season 2..
    It will be a great blockbuster if season2
    will be done..
    Beautiful story..

  518. 518 : Ilma Says:

    Wow. I really like this drama, event though the ratings is low, but the story is very good! I love Joon Ki oppa❤️

  519. 519 : dewi Says:

    Best drama ever……loph loph…

  520. 520 : ade Says:

    Best drama ever…. Really love this drama…

  521. 521 : Mozhgan Says:

    بهترین سریالی ک دیدم و عالی بود واقعا 👌👍👍👍👍

  522. 522 : Calla Says:

    I don’t really care about people hating this drama. For me, what really matters is that I loved the story until the end. It was an emotional rollercoaster ride that I’d go all over again. Weeks have passed but I still can’t get over this drama. I love the cast and their great stellar performance. The OST is the best for me and the production was beyond amazing. Moon Lovers will always be my favorite k-drama of all time.

  523. 523 : viet Says:

    Hay lắm đmm

  524. 524 : Celo,Ninfa Says:

    Ireally love this Kdrama but ofcourse you cannot compare to others Kdrama this is really historical which they want to fight for there love and for the family itself it is a heartbreaking story all the cast is all awesome especially Wang So and Hae Soo

  525. 525 : Dr.zana Says:

    Love this drama forever… not only because of the actor LJK but also for its history, first time in my life i’ve been searching for Wang So @ Gwangjong, Goryeo king history…

  526. 526 : Tabarak Says:

    Love 💓

  527. 527 : Lia Says:

    Best drama series this 2016. Superb storyline. Surreal emotions. Amazing acting roles. Chincha daebak!!!

  528. 528 : Tsang Tsz Ching Says:

    This is the best of Korean Drama for these years.

  529. 529 : shinta Says:

    Lets voting girls….make this drama win

  530. 530 : hnyJo Says:

    Wahhh this is so boombastic the power of ‘the cast’ / idol made miracle. the So so drama win the vote . LJK’s fan fingger absolutly go crazy ;))
    but the best drama 2016 in my list is W. I’m not fan of LJS but sometimes his acting SOOOOO GoooD.

  531. 531 : sheera calasang Says:

    It is a very nice story that you will learn about love,how to be love anf sacrifice.

  532. 532 : JG Lovers Says:

    THIS SUCH THE BEST DRAMA EVER!!!!!!!! It tell us how to fight for love with struggle. So everybody just please watch this and vote. It will make you cry ah i really love this one i love all of the actors also IU i love the story it so touched. Dots is also a good drama but Moon lovers is the best drama ever. Indonesia love you guys! Cant wait for season 2. Please season 2!!!

  533. 533 : zzzzz Says:

    @hny Jo.
    If only i could vote two for final round, i will vote this and “W” too, both are great drama. But for me this drama gives so much feels, that’s why it is so memorable for me, maybe for everyone who voted too. (i’m talking about story line, not the casts).
    This vote is fair enough, compare to vote from other site. Where in this site, you can only vote once a day for one IP adress. Even if you have super power figgers, you can’t vote as much as you can. So the result Is prety much represent the reality.
    This drama might be so-so for you, but you can’t jump in to conclusion only based on your personal taste.

  534. 534 : Hae Zel Says:

    hoping for season 2 💕

  535. 535 : Nina Says:

    Mbak nya menang banyak

  536. 536 : K_Holic Says:

    I’m so happy to see Moon Lover be 1st. This is the time to take DOTS’s Dominate. Yipiiiiiii

  537. 537 : 7575 Says:

    While i watching Moon Lovers felt like watching long movie.
    This drama is very different, amazing and nothing could change this fact.

  538. 538 : Tayba Says:

    any word on a sequel??

  539. 539 : hnyJo Says:

    just info to you I also watched Moon lover from start to end every week but coz it’s ” so so ” sometimes i skip :)) ..so my opinion base for what i feel after watch it. and abt role in voting …of coz lahh one IP one time…but maybe there’s some ‘rich’ person with 5 ponsel 5 diff card…can fote happily figger , rite!! ;)) btw there’s no role in make conclusion abt drama…is free . so be happy ur drama is on the top.

  540. 540 : Gwendoline cooney Says:

    I have never been so affected by a tv show. I loved this from start to finish. The characters were amazing. Lee Jun Ki was out of this world amazing. I could watch that face for hours, no days. This may be one of his best characters. the casting was perfect. I don’t think anyone could have carried it off like him.

  541. 541 : Sun Says:

    I really dont know what the ending is about. Did they being together or live in their each world?

  542. 542 : Lorie Says:

    I really love this kdrama.. This is really great! It makes my heart yearn, ache and yearn for more.. I found it hard to move on.. The feeling of knowing how to love and be loved in return but at the end you chose to do the right thing even if you’re heart is breaking because you can never be with the one you love. urggh I can’t control my tears. The OSt is also great.

  543. 543 : Devi Chrestella Says:

    This is the best KDrama I have ever watched. The storyline is standout, the acting is perfect. The sad ending makes me brokenheart though, but it’s also the part that makes this drama stay on ur head like forever.
    Good job. I am satisfied (but also sad because of the ending).

  544. 544 : Iofiel Says:

    MLSHR is a character thing than an acting thing. You could fall in-love and hate the character because it emerged out from the actors, specially LJK. LJK is Wang So. Park Ji-young is Queen Yo. All you can is the character not the actors. Though I am not satisfied with the ending but the whole plot itself is incredible. It was re-written beautifully. Another that makes me sad, it has a lot of uncut scenes that is a must to be seen by the viewers, specifically, who handed th handkerchief to Go Ha-jin/Hae Soo?
    To those who hates this drama, it is your own opinion and i respected that, but don’t say ill words about this drama. Let us respect each other’s opinion, okay? Let us be fair with the actors, crews (specially underdogs crew) of the drama who give their effort to give us a good drama.

  545. 545 : minmin Says:

    Its heart so much….. thats why this drama is the best…

  546. 546 : zzzzz Says:

    Sure, that’s possible.
    But if that’ the case, you can’t denied that it’s possible for other drama too.
    “W” and other drama also can have that “rich person” voter who has more than 5 devices, 5 numbers. Right? (Although it’s impossible in some country to have multiple phone number). but we can’t assume anything, unless we have evidence. We can’t just say one drama has fake voter while others not.
    The fact that this drama is still top in CPI, means many people still search about it online.

  547. 547 : Vana Says:


  548. 548 : айке Says:

    The best dorama. I like Iu and Li djun ki

  549. 549 : hyewon Says:

    I dont know why this drama should peak the top of polling. The story is so so, the rating is worst, and so far it hasnt got any awards. Oh, i know, its becoz this drama is popular. Iu n Lee jun ki is so popular celeb. Thats why this drama is win the poll. The power of cast fandom is so incredible until make this “so so” drama won the best drama 2016. Just enjoy ur victory guys. Although the deadline is still long. 80% this drama will won. The ‘so so’ popular drama 2016.

  550. 550 : tigerb Says:

    you cannot please everyone. just go with the flow. nothing is taken away from you, so nothing is lost.

  551. 551 : Rm Says:

    I got just 1 qns… isnt Hwangbo Yeonhwa and 3rd Prince wang yo siblings? Why did Wang Yo say he will make her the queen?

  552. 552 : silverswan Says:

    The drama was good and with all the well known great actors and actresses. But its kind of sad all the way and not a good ending. It made you cry in most of the episodes. People vote for it I guess of all the grat actors inside there, but I do not like the ending and also why must the King marry the woman he does not love ..kind of following the rules for those who have rankings
    Overall superb story except the ending

  553. 553 : tigerb Says:

    @Rm #551: they are half siblings, same father different mothers. if you read the comments above, apparently unions between siblings was allowed. the third prince then was wanting the support from his half-sister’s family, if they were to be married, so he can become king. they did not get married, but the third prince became king. yeonhwa was very ambitious to become queen and got married to the 4th prince, who was the 3rd prince’s full brother. did i say too much to spoil your viewing? sorry! i hope you finish the series and enjoy it.

  554. 554 : tigerb Says:

    @silverswan #552: i think this korean version could not do much about the ending as it is patterned from the chinese original. as to its popularity to be the first in this poll, i think most votes come from outside s.k. and you maybe right, the fans voted for it because the actors are their idols. as to the king marrying someone he did not love, that is a fact in history, portrayed in this drama but in actuality also happened in many kingdoms in the past. politics, that was how to survive.

  555. 555 : nomadiclurker Says:

    #552 based on your logic, sad ending drama doesn’t deserve a vote. That’s unfair. Drama is a whole package.
    Even though it doesn’t have happy ending, the journey is beautiful.

  556. 556 : Jao Lee Says:

    I am an international fan. Lee Joon Gi might be my forever favorite but I did not like the drama just because I like him though i am a bit biased but his acting should really be applauded. In all his works you can really see his prowess in acting especially when relaying heavy emotions just by the twitch of his eyes or mouth without saying anything. Although I really wanted a happy ending for the drama I guess they couldnt change the ending as it is what happened on the chinese version but in my opinion thats what makes it more alluring for me bcoz the drama is not a clichè one where you already know what is gonna happen and you just get bored when you reach the last couple of episodes. With Moon Lovers hell no i don’t even want it to end like can they get 30episodes or more like the chinese version?lol and i don’t think its popularity is mainly bcoz idols have a wide fan base coz a lot of kpop idols are also in kdramas too and not all get this kind of popularity.

  557. 557 : Kiki Says:

    Any idea how I can get a SHR poster? I really want to buy a poster, but I can’t find them for sale anywhere!

  558. 558 : aron Says:

    Best drama for 2016 and ever

  559. 559 : Vana Says:

    Although the sad ending may make you cry, this drama still good in lots of ways.

  560. 560 : jeannette h.angot Says:

    As for me this is my favorite kdrama of 2016,i’ve watched a lot of kdramas but SHR is different,all the cast did very well in their respective roles specially IU who is a new comer when it comes to historical drama,as a first timer in historical drama she is superb and deserves an acting award for this,although koreans didn’t appreciate it well but internationally it was a huge success and everybody was talking about it all over social media and also there is this petition made by someone requesting the concerned producer for a season 2,and the soundtracks were all good and everybody are loving it,although it has an open ending and still hoping for a closure to it,for me it was a good journey for all the casts and to all of us…

  561. 561 : ella Says:

    Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is the best drama of 2016 and one of the best kdrama I have ever watch along with Healer, God’s Gift: 14 Days, Cruel City, IRIS, The Princess’ Man and so on. Best Couple, Best Scenes, Best Actors, Simply The Best of 2016.

  562. 562 : yhna_dumaua Says:

    woohooo ! leelee SoSoo couple figthing ! 🙂 🙂

  563. 563 : Jesslin Says:

    It’s definitely the best drama of the year! The overall production is excellent. All actors/actresses are well performed, especially Lee Joon Gi Si. Although the ending is very sad, it has a special effect in everyone’s heart, a remark that you will never forget.

  564. 564 : Lovers Says:

    This story was the sad ending i have seen. The sad scene at ending really make me touch. I hope all actor and actress continue their hard work in future. I am looking forward for scarlet heart season 2 in korean drama. Fighting for all.

  565. 565 : Alfi Says:

    I love moon lovers i love Lee jun ki

    Keep fighting for winner JK and friends

  566. 566 : patricia diaz Says:

    the best¡¡¡¡!!!

  567. 567 : Nicki Ng Says:

    This is an amazing story… The best korean drama that I ever watched!
    The actor & the actress all are so good!! I hope can watch her season 2 to see the happy ending. When I watched the drama I imagined myself into the character … OMG!! It was so good! The Music & songs good are so matching too.
    Well done!

  568. 568 : Nicki Ng Says:

    This is an amazing story… The best korean drama that I ever watched!
    The actor & the actress all are so good!! I hope can watch the season 2 to see the happy ending. When I watched the drama I imagined myself into the character … OMG!! It was so good! The Music & songs are so good.
    Well done!

  569. 569 : Paz Says:


    Scarlet Heart 2 petition. Sign Please

  570. 570 : Aeryn Says:

    Damn this story, it has been non stop sorrow and tears watching. You cheer for so many and then learn to hate them, only to feel so much loneliness when they are gone. I loved this show and also hated watching it because it was so painful. The actors were wonderful and the end was the most painful when Hae Soo went back to her life as Go Ha Jin,her loneliness and seeing Wang So alone was almost too much to take.

  571. 571 : Jmar Says:

    Awesome 😍. I like this drama. Really nice that it was played by great and best actors and actresses. Good job to the director and to his/ her companies.
    Looking forward that IU and Lee Jun ki will have another drama in the future playing the leading role as the played this moon lovers.
    Being a lover and fan of this drama, I am waiting that season 2 will be considered.
    Thank you.

  572. 572 : Different Phases of the Moon – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo | PART 1 – a state of reverie Says:

    […] Heart here! The featured picture was taken from here while some of the pictures were taken in this website and finally, the others were my […]

  573. 573 : Chimsamchim Says:

    I really love this drama! Fighting!💞💕

  574. 574 : Riselda Says:

    Damn i really love this drama but i hate this ending scene why Go ha jin doesnt meet Reincarnation of Wang So! Why they can be together????? I hope this drama will be make a season 2!!!!

  575. 575 : Remake-ul “Criminal minds” de la tvN va avea premiera in aceasta seara - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] cum sa nu il recunoasteti din drame, precum: “Seven First Kisses’ (NAVER tvcast, 2016), “Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo” (SBS, 2016), “Scholar Who Walks the Night” (MBC, 2015), “Joseon Gunman” (KBS2, 2014), “Two Weeks” […]

  576. 576 : princecoolio Says:

    Well This is not a movie of Scarlet,Because the Chinese used a dynasty with real people from history. All the princes were real, This Korean Version has only 2. The 4th prince, & The king. Rest are fake. For Chinese version was right by using real people in the drama. This is just part of Korean history with out all the real people. To much made up.

  577. 577 : princecoolio Says:

    Ah I found the sight page for the drama.
    http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Moon_Lovers:_Scarlet_Heart_Ryeo. show the whole list and the names. it’s not not better than the real 1 in Chinese. Korean or any Country that remakes a movie or drama doesn’t make any since to me. I always would not agree with my brother on this. I really dislike remakes from other writer ect ect ect !!!!

  578. 578 : Kay Says:

    Moon Lovers is a phenomenal drama! I love everything about it. Lee Joon Gi and IU gave amazing performances with a love story that will go to straight to your heart. Lots of other great characters along with a wonderful OST and gorgeous cinematography. Must watch!

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