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Reset 03

Title: 리셋 / Reset
Chinese Title: 人生重启
Previously known as: 텐데이즈 어 고 (Ten Days Ago) / 크라잉게임 (Crying Game)
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Melodrama
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: OCN
Broadcast period: 2014-Aug-24 to 2014-Oct-26
Air time: Sunday 23:00


A crime-thriller drama about the relentless pursuit of a Prosecutor toward the man who murdered his first love, while the statute of limitations is getting closer.

Prosecutor Cha Woo Jin (Chun Jung Myung) lost his first love, Kim Seung Hee (Kim So Hyun) 15 years ago. He then meets a high school girl, Jo Eun Bi (Kim So Hyun), who looks like his first love. Their meeting unleashed secrets and chain of events between Cha Woo Jin, Seung Hee, Jo Eun Bi, and the criminal.


Main Cast

Chun Jung Myung as Cha Woo Jin
Choi Soo Han as Cha Woo Jin (young)
Kim So Hyun as Jo Eun Bi / Kim Seung Hee
Park Won Sang as Chief Investigator Han
Shin Eun Jung as Cha Woo Jin’s Assistant Prosecutor


Song Ha Yoon as Choi Yoon Hee
Jung Kyu Soo as Director of Inspection
Choi Jae Woong as Kim Dong Soo
Kim Hak Chul as Kim Hoi Jang
Yum Ji Young as Lee Young Na
Choi Hyo Eun as Miss Jang
Shin Chul Jin as Kim Man Chul
Yoon Park as Kim In Suk
Joo Young Ho as bodyguard
Kim Min Jae as Detective Park
Jang Hyuk Jin as Jo Bong Hak
Kang Ki Young as section chief
Park Noh Shik as So Ji
Ki Joo Bong as Department Head Choi
Kim Young Jae as psychiatrist
Lee Doo Suk as Pyo Il Soo
Jo Duk Je
Kim Tae Hwan
Yang Jae Young
Ri Min
Kwon Bum Taek
Park Dong Bin
Yoon Yong Hyun
Choi Byung Mo
Woo Jung Won as Police

Production Credits

Producer: Han Ji Sung
Director: Kim Yong Kyun, Kim Pyung Joong
Screenwriter: Jang Hyuk Rin


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Official Site

Trailer I & Trailer II & Trailer III & Trailer IV

Watch Online in Viki.com


  1. 1 : KDCraze Says:

    Omo Kim So Hyun is a young lady now not playing child character anymore. She’s the lead now. I love her in I Miss You. But the story here looks like a thriller drama, not sure whether to watch it or not.

  2. 2 : cherry luz rafio Says:

    i am going to watch it that’s for sure! when this will be played in philippines???? i’ve been waiting a long time for CJM’s comeback!! and i like his leading lady too, they’re cute together. more K-drama for CJM please!! i have made a support group just for him, to those who wants to join please visit us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/789422644425040/ and his official FB page https://www.facebook.com/akmajogyo see you there guys! aja for CJM, saranghae oppa! i wish you all the best, career and lovelife! <3

  3. 3 : Bella Says:

    I was waiting for this drama and hopefully this drama nice 🙂

  4. 4 : niczej Says:

    song ha yoon! <3

  5. 5 : snt89 Says:

    They are 19 yrs apart. Crazy.

  6. 6 : silhoutte Says:

    I like the actor (if he is the right one) in Cinderella’s Sister. Thot he is quite good in his acting…..it should be a crime plus romance not only crime……too bad

  7. 7 : floricia Says:

    yeah that’s right. 19 years apart that’s crazyy! thought she just play as the child version of the lead female. but what?? she was the lead female O_o shock. but gonna watch this drama for sure <3

  8. 8 : drakorholic Says:

    the genre isn’t romance, so they won’t be a couple 🙂 i think the drama will show up more mystery reveal. so excited to see “Reset” 😀

  9. 9 : sahel Says:

    Is it air today???!!!

  10. 10 : Gaby81 Says:

    It’s says the 10th but I read on a different site it starts August 24th now, but I’m confused??

  11. 11 : Naima Says:

    Hi guys.. Im a newbie here! 😉 i curious and wanting to know where u guys watch all korean drama.. From which website?? Can anyone help me pls.

  12. 12 : aznative Says:

    @ Naima

    A lot depends are where you live. In the USA I watch from DramaFever, KDrama, and Viki, and KBS World YouTube channel. Hope some of these work for you. Happy viewing!

  13. 13 : tigerb Says:

    in one website, the first episode has very poor subs. anyone knows of a website showing this drama in intelligible subs? thanks!

  14. 14 : Gaby81 Says:

    @tigerb what website is that? No I haven’t been able to find one with that drama sadly :'(

  15. 15 : tigerb Says:

    @Gaby81: gooddrama.net

  16. 16 : Omeghan Says:

    Sorry but it is not available at all @ Viki.com They do not have any license for it.

    Also the mechanical subs on 2 different sites caused me to stop watching it. Very poorly subbed in English! It certainly looks like a great drama but as I mentioned the subbing was terrible. (incomplete sentences and words out of context, jumbled thoughts)

  17. 17 : KDCraze Says:

    @tigerb#13, Go to dramacool.com

  18. 18 : tigerb Says:

    #KDCraze: thank you!

  19. 19 : tigerb Says:

    @KDCraze: at dramacool.com, few lines are in good english, most are unintelligible ones, i had to quit watching.

  20. 20 : KDCraze Says:

    @tigerb#19, They usually do a good sub. I don’t know if the sub for this drama is bad because I don’t watch this drama. I don’t like thriller drama.

  21. 21 : tigerb Says:

    thanks KDCraze. it’s okay, maybe in the very near future i can find a web site with good subs for this drama.

  22. 22 : hanniekyu Says:

    Those who want to watch/DL in eng sub, try myasiantv.com.
    If you looking for sub only (soft sub) try subscene.com.

    May it help you, happy watching ^^

  23. 23 : tigerb Says:

    @hanniekyu: thanks for the info! will try both.

  24. 24 : tigerb Says:

    first episode is really interesting. i just wonder if it is legal for a prosecutor to hypnotize a suspect to get a positive confession. will follow through. by the way, at myasiantv.com, the english subs were a lot better for this series!

  25. 25 : Iris Says:

    Viki does not have this drama subbed.

  26. 26 : bha_lala Says:

    What’s the role of Song Ha Yoon? I saw her picture & I think she’s cute…

  27. 27 : revlow Says:

    Hi tigerb. It’s also available at myasiantv.com. Don’t know the quality of the Eng subs for this, I haven’t watched it yet. But usually their subs are very good. I think similar to DramaFever. They also have HD.

  28. 28 : tigerb Says:

    ep 4 towards the end: i am liking this drama but i really find it so dumb that the prosecutor after chasing the stabbing suspect was exchanging blows with the suspect and five police men on the other side supposedly to help catch the suspect just stood there doing nothing! then the suspect jumped over the rail, the prosecutor holding on the suspect’s arm, and none of the policemen came to help the prosecutor. at the end of the episode, the five police men with the prosecutor and the high school girl watched over the railing when the suspect jumped over and landed on the passing truck. this kind of scene i cannot stand and i’ve seen many similar scenes in the past that i find frustrating to watch. there’s no finesse and needs a looottttt of improvement.

  29. 29 : tigerb Says:

    thanks, revlow! i was able to watch ep. 1 and 2, and ep 3 took more than a week. then buffering was slow, so i just finished ep 3 at gooddrama.net. it is interesting but there are scenes that are lame and do not hold up the thrill that frustrate me. but i will follow through. thanks again!

  30. 30 : tigerb Says:

    correction #28: i meant episode 3.

  31. 31 : momO Says:

    Interesting story!! Kim so hyun is so adorable…

  32. 32 : Krisbf Says:

    Kim so hyun is so cute ><
    I like this drama!

  33. 33 : icegirl Says:

    after watching this is felt dazed and confused…the storyline and most of the scenarios are unrealistic… plus the poor subs adds to much of the confusion…i cant understand half of it…=(

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