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Reply 1988

Reply 1988 03

Title: 응답하라 1988 / Reply 1988
Chinese Title: 請回答1988
Also known as: Answer to 1988 / Answer Me 1988
Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2015-Nov-06 to 2016-Jan-16
Air time: Friday & Saturday 19:50
Related Series: Reply Series


A heartwarming family drama set in the year of 1988. The story will focus on five families live on the same alley road.

1988 was a big year in South Korea. It was the year of the Seoul Olympics, the 1988 College Festival and for the first time in many years, Koreans could travel outside of South Korea. Not only was 1988 a big year in the world of news, education and sports, it was a big year for music in general and K-Pop in particular. In fact, 1988 was the year that Lee Soo Man achieved his dream of giving South Korea a taste of MTV style dance and music through the creation of SM Entertainment. Cho Yong Pil (“Mona Lisa”), Kim Wan Sun (“Too Lonely to Dance Alone”) and Lee Moon Se (“Sunset Glow”) were riding high in the music world. So it’s no surprise that Reply’s third season would focus in on such a monumental year as 1988.


Main Cast

Hyeri as Sung Duk Sun
Go Kyung Pyo as Sun Woo
Park Bo Geum as Taek
Ryu Joon Yul as Kim Jung Hwan
Lee Dong Hwi as Dong Ryong

Sung Dong Il’ Family

Sung Dong Il as Sung Dong Il
Lee Il Hwa as Lee Il Hwa
Hyeri as Sung Duk Sun
Lee Mi Yeon as Duk Sun (adult)
Ryu Hye Young as Sung Bo Ra (Duk Sun’s older sister)
Jun Mi Sun as Bo Ra (adult)
Choi Sung Won as Sung No Eul (Deok Sun’s younger brother)
Woo Hyun as No Eul (adult)

Kim Sung Kyun’s Family

Kim Sung Kyun as Kim Sung Kyun
Ra Mi Ran as Ra Mi Ran
Ryu Joon Yul as Kim Jung Hwan
Ahn Jae Hong as Kim Jung Bong

Sun Young’s family

Kim Sun Young as Kim Sun Young (Sun Woo’s mother)
Go Kyung Pyo as Sun Woo
Kim Seul (김설) as Jin Joo (Sun Woo’s younger sister)

Moo Sung’s family

Choi Moo Sung as Choi Moo Sung (Taek’s father)
Park Bo Geum as Taek

Jae Myung’s family

Yoo Jae Myung as Ryu Jae Myung (Dong Ryong’s father)
Yoo Ji Soo as Dong Ryong’s mother
Lee Dong Hwi as Ryu Dong Ryong
Hoon Ki as Ryu Dae Ryong


Kim Joo Hyuk as Deok Sun’s husband in 2015
Lee Se Young as Wang Ja Hyun
Lee Min Ji as Jang Mi Ok
Song Young Jae as Baduk Department Head Mr Lee
Bae Yoo Ram as Assistant Manager Mr Yoo
Son Eun Seo as Deoksun’s flight attendant coworker
Song Young Kyu as Baduk Department Head Mr Lee
Shin Bi as Jin Joo (elementary school student)
Son San as Duk Sun’s Homeroom Teacher
Cha Yub as High School Senior
Lee Chung Mi as Namgung Neul Bo
Kim Joong Ki as Micol
Kwon Eun Soo as Chief
Go Chang Suk as Mi Ok’s father (ep 20)
Lee Jong Hyuk as Bora’s husband in 2015 (voice)
Lee Jin Kwon as Bad Student
Kim Chang Hwan as reporter
Park Seung Tae as Sun Woo’s grandma
Oh Dong Min as Bo Ra’s friend
Shim Hye Yun


Kim Young Ok as Duk Sun’s grandmother (ep 2)
Jung Won Joong as Dong Il’s older brother (ep 2)
Kim Soo Ro as Mart owner (ep 3)
Lee Jae Kyoon as university student (ep.5)
Jo Chang Geun as detective (ep 5)
Lee Moon Se as himself (voice only) (ep 6)
Park Ji Yoon as KBS reporter Park Ji Yoon (ep 7)
Kim Tae Hoon as Jung Bong’s doctor (ep 8)
Park Jung Min as Bo Ra’s boyfriend (ep 8)
Lee Soo Kyung as No Eul’s friend (ep 8)
Lee Moon Jung as Soo Kyung’s Older Sister (ep.8)
Jung Yoo Min as Bo Ra’s friend (ep 8)
Jung Hae In as Ho Young (ep 13)
Jung Woo as Kim Jae Joon (ep 18)
Go Ara as Sung Na Jung (ep 18)
Yeo Hoe Hyun as Duk Sun’s blind date

Production Credits

Director: Shin Won Ho
ScriptWriter: Lee Woo Jung


2016 tvN10 Awards: Special Acting Award – Sung Dong Il (Answer Me series)
2016 tvN10 Awards: Content Award (Drama)
2016 tvN10 Awards: Scene-Stealer (Actress) – Ra Mi Ran (Answer Me 1988)
2016 tvN10 Awards: Scene-Stealer (Actor) – Kim Sung Kyun (Answer Me 1988)
2016 tvN10 Awards: Rising Actor – Ryu Joon Yul (Answer Me 1988)
2016 tvN10 Awards: Rising Actress – Hyeri (Answer Me 1988)
2016 tvN10 Awards: Asia Star Award – Park Bo Gum (Answer Me 1988)
2016 tvN10 Awards: Daesang (Drama)
2016 52nd Paeksang Arts Awards : Director Awards (Shin Won Ho, Answer Me 1988)
2016 52nd Paeksang Arts Awards : New Actor Award (Ryu Joon Yeol, Answer Me 1988)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode AGB TNmS
2015-11-06 1 6.118 6.474
2015-11-07 2 6.836 6.7
2015-11-13 3 7.777 8.6
2015-11-14 4 8.251 8.0
2015-11-20 5 10.145 9.6
2015-11-21 6 9.263 8.8
2015-11-27 7 11.035 10.2
2015-11-28 8 11.293 10.7
2015-12-04 9 11.563 10.2
2015-12-05 10 13.365 12.5
2015-12-11 11 12.228 12.3
2015-12-12 12 13.060 11.8
2015-12-18 13 12.858 12.2
2015-12-19 14 15.133 13.2
2015-12-25 15 15.192 13.6
2015-12-26 16 15.372 12.6
2016-01-02 Behind 7.021 6.732
2016-01-08 17 15.472 15.5
2016-01-09 18 17.191 16.2
2016-01-15 19 17.597 17.9
2016-01-16 20 18.803 18.4
Average (1-20) 12.428 11.78

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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  1. 1 : Anna Says:

    YESS !!! my favorite REPLY is back…..

  2. 2 : Seoingukwife Says:

    This is it! The most anticipated tvn drama series REPLY is back!

  3. 3 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Daebak can’t waittttt 😆❤️

  4. 4 : Mimi Says:

    Cant wait to see Park Bo Geum in this drama! I hope he will play the male lead role! <3

  5. 5 : Hayyu Says:

    Park Bo Geum 👍👍

  6. 6 : CarloExoBana Says:

    Woah~ Can’t Wait about this ~
    Hyeri Short Hair.. Jjang!

  7. 7 : pricill Says:

    Yech…. Reply comeback again..
    Can’t waittttt…..

  8. 8 : AlbAmA Says:

    as big fan of reply 1997&1994, i hope hyeri will not dissapoined me.

  9. 9 : ristizona Says:

    cant wait

  10. 10 : waf.s Says:

    omg im so freaking excited to see Go Kyung Pyo in a new drama <3

  11. 11 : chanyeollie61 Says:

    Kyaah! ^^V Another Reply series. I can’t really wait to watch this drama.
    November,please come immediately!


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  13. 13 : waf.s Says:

    i cant wait for this to air!!!

  14. 14 : Diantika Irawadi Says:

    I’m anticipating Park Bo-gum’s new drama~ I hope Hyeri’s acting and role are okay. So does the plot. ^^

  15. 15 : maknaee Says:

    another ‘finding husband’ trope. I wish there isn’t another chilbong T_T

  16. 16 : Rizal Says:

    Dramaa daebakkk……

  17. 17 : yoon jang mi Says:

    really love this one

  18. 18 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Welcome back Reply Series 😆❤️

  19. 19 : antsypants Says:


  20. 20 : Kirana Says:

    i got feeling that guy who will be the husband is seon woo or maybe tae hyun(?) but, really, i want it to be taek… but it’s still 2 episode, too early to make decision.
    maybe it’s okay if only shipper, hehe^^

  21. 21 : maknaee Says:


    Hahahahaha it isn’t just you, I wish it will be Taek too 😀 *highfive~
    Well, yaah it’s too early to decide / guess who’s the husband. I’m too afraid to jump to a ship. I’m still traumatic with Reply 1994 -_- It’s been two years since Reply 1994. but I still feel for Chilbong. LOL, kinda ‘the woman who can’t be moved’ feels. Did you watch Reply 1994?

  22. 22 : maknaee Says:


    Taek? Amen. hahahahaha 😀

  23. 23 : aisyah Says:

    I have a feeling that the husband gonna be Junghwan.

  24. 24 : kirana Says:


    Yes, i watch reply 1994.. And i’m in chilbong team, i’m very sure that the husband is chilbong that time. But i’m wrong.. Until now, i still imagine if chilbong is the husband wkwkwk

    *sorry for bad english

  25. 25 : me_nina Says:

    @aisyah me too~ i think jung hwan is the first candidate to be Duk Sun’s Husband. WHY? try to see duksun’s husband in the present time.. seems like Jung Hwan not Sun Woo. but i love both of them (Junng Hwan n Sun Woo). i think for taek..he’s too far to be Duk Sun’ husband. but don’t know in the next ep.. is he make a move or not?

  26. 26 : me_nina Says:

    but why the subtitle for reply ’88 is so late? i watch ep 3 n 4 without sub~ >,<
    please subbers help me~

  27. 27 : yoon jang mi Says:

    @me_nina , the drama did’t allow Viki to upload it, it just have legal upload on dramafever, meanwhile dramafever has no fast subber like viki. so , what we can do is just waiting for the sub.

  28. 28 : Priicill Says:

    Kim Jun Hwan♡ so sweet love ♡ you…
    Can’t waktu next eps…. Come to me friday…

  29. 29 : baba Says:


  30. 30 : maknaee Says:

    @kirana #24

    Ok, so we’re chilbong Team :’D
    I just have finished watching eps 4. Taek is such a baby. I think it still not the time for baby Taek knowing about love kkk, wanna give him a big hug for him in eps 4. The way their console him is unique, teaching him to curse? LOL, so damn cute.

    I change my mind when I said I want Taek be the husband. He still need to learn about ‘world’. He needs to learn to use chopsticks, to make ramyun, to experience an overnight trip with schoolmates, to know that it’s okay to lose, etc. I wish I was there for Taek, but I’m relieved that the neighborhood is there for Taek 😉

  31. 31 : maknaee Says:

    And then… I fall so hard for Junghwan. He’s so adorable and full of charm. He looks cold, yet so warm inside. It touched me when he wonders what’s wrong with his father, accepts and do the same joke as his father’s. Now, I wish he will be the husband. His crush on Deoksun while Deoksun crushes for Sunwoo. Don’t break Junghwan’s heart, show ;_;

    Aigoo, Kim-sajang, I’m on your ship! #JunghwanTeam

  32. 32 : kirana Says:


    I finished watching ep 4, and now i support jung hwan.
    He is romantic in ‘stay cool’ way(?). He is cool but warm indise. And i think, he has fall in love with duk sun, captured in him eye…
    But, i’m wonderred if junghwan is ‘chilbong’ in this series(reply’88), and yeah, i’m still traumatic.

  33. 33 : Chan Says:

    Aigoo this serie really a hit 😀 10.1 % for the 5th episode.

  34. 34 : maknaee Says:


    NOPE! PLEASE… NO! *cried* I don’t want him to be another Chilbong -_-
    hmm.. okay, I don’t want anybody on this show be another Chilbong, neither Taek, haha. Don’t break the boys heart shooowww.
    Sunwoo’s good, his heart is gold, perfect, but I don’t fall for him :’D kinda boring type? kk. Wish Sunwoo really falls for Bora, not Deoksun ^^-
    I’ve downloaded eps 5, and still waiting for the subs kkk

  35. 35 : maknaee Says:


    The show worth the ratings kkk. Reply series is always wonderful. I can relate to them even though I was 96′ lines :’D

  36. 36 : kirana Says:

    Check reply 1988 in asianwiki(in coments) there are spoilersss…

  37. 37 : koreadaebak.com Says:

    I really love this drama so much .. Please join me updating this thread too: http://koreadaebak.com/k/?id=201 for Reply1988 thanks

  38. 38 : waf.s Says:

    im disappointed in this drama!!!!! i thought Go PYo was the MAIN LEAD and Par bo gum was the second!!!! i like jung but i dont know why i cant ship him! this is just going to be like Reply 1994 🙁

  39. 39 : Chan Says:

    Hahaha I know 😀

  40. 40 : kirana Says:

    Check the colour theory in soompi! It’s truee! (Untill now)

  41. 41 : maknaee Says:

    ok, finally ep 5-6 subs are out. gotta go to watch fully kkk

  42. 42 : maknaee Says:

    as Junghwan team and former taek team … I’m torn, show -_-
    I love all of the casts, but especially for Junghwan and Taek T_T
    I don’t want any of them be a Chilbong 2.0 -_-

  43. 43 : supplexplorer Says:

    I was dissappointed with Reply 1994 when my ship for Chilbong and Go Ahra didnt materialize.I didnt watched the final eoisode because spoiler said its not Chilbong:(

    Team JungHwan here Fighting! Hes the one that make me kilig moreeeee hahahha

  44. 44 : zhian Says:

    Waiting for next episode..

    but why subs so late???

    Junhwan Team…. fighting …!!!11

  45. 45 : Incha Says:

    finished watching ep 7,, Jung Hwan was very romantic ,,,, vote for Jung Hwan team,,

  46. 46 : wafa Says:

    am i the only one in Teak’s Team?? next time please dont make hot guys as the second lead or else ill murder you!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

  47. 47 : kirana Says:

    I’m in taek team in the beginning. But niw, i fall in love with junghwan. But, if the husband is taek, i will happy too. I like junghwan and taek. I support both of them

    Sorry for bad english

  48. 48 : I wanna Says:

    I think JungHyun is Duksun‘s husband,let we see the husband’s character,it prove that he is JungHyun。but Teak is also my like kkk

  49. 49 : 2ndzist.ann Says:

    I’m in taek team in the beginning too.. his character is very cool..
    taeksi please show your love to her..
    can’t wait too long..
    I suport you.. fighting taeksi..

  50. 50 : Tosca Says:

    Me, Junghwan team. Yeaaay! Fighting!

  51. 51 : wafa Says:

    we all know who is going to be the husband and who is going to be next chilbong! i want to stop watching this i dont want to get hurt :'( but since pyo and bora are tooo cute i cant stop ^-^

  52. 52 : hsy_siglove Says:

    want to watch her drama rich what? but still good reply deh 1997 because there seo in guk. then players also memorized all.

  53. 53 : Nam Says:

    Answer Me 1988: Episode 8
    by girlfriday | November 28, 2015 | 172 Comments | 2,577 votes, average: 4.67 out of 52,577 votes, average: 4.67 out of 52,577 votes, average: 4.67 out of 52,577 votes, average: 4.67 out of 52,577 votes, average: 4.67 out of 5 4.67 out of 5 stars (2,577 votes)

    Today’s episode is about brothers, the kind who’re weird and drive you crazy most days, and are kind of embarrassing. But put them in danger, and suddenly it reveals so much about everyone around them, and what they’d do to protect someone they love.

    Episode 8 logged the highest average ratings for the entire Answer Me franchise, coming in at 12.2% and beating out Answer Me 1994’s finale.


    Deulgukhwa – “사랑한 후에” (After Love) [ Download ]

    EPISODE 8: “One warm word”

    It’s two days after Christmas in 1988, and like clockwork, Taek’s dad wakes up at the crack of dawn to go make Taek a warm breakfast. He then goes outside to sweep the street like usual, but this time the other parents stop when they see him wearing his new pink mittens. He proudly tells them that they’re a birthday gift from Taek, and everybody finds it adorable.

    Deok-sun bundles up for the cold day and opens up her drawer… where she’s got a pair of pink gloves (from Jung-hwan) next to a pair of pink mittens (from Taek). Well doesn’t that just sum up her predicament quite nicely? She sits there contemplating them for a moment, then decides on the mittens. One point, Taek.

    Deok-sun meets her friends at the ddukbokki place, where she shouts at them that she’s not stupid. They swear that this time, it’s really for sure—Jung-hwan likes her. Why else would he dash all the way to Gangnam at a moment’s notice for her? Deok-sun snaps that she’s not about to let them make a fool of her twice after being wrong about Sun-woo, and points out that they know nothing about boys anyway. That shuts them up instantly.

    She notices that her friend dyed her hair lighter and wants to do the same, but they warn her that using hydrogen peroxide burns and smells disgusting. Their solution: beer. Deok-sun goes straight home and pours four giant bottles of beer into a basin, then dunks her head in. Oh, the things we do.

    Mom is upset about something and asks Deok-sun where she went earlier today. Bora unni says that some money is missing from Mom’s wallet, and though Deok-sun claims to know nothing about it, Bora goes to check Deok-sun’s wallet anyway.

    Deok-sun bursts into tears and cries that she didn’t take the money, horribly offended that Unni or Mom would suspect her. She wails to Mom, who feels bad and feeds her sweet potatoes while wiping away her tears.

    Deok-sun figures that this only leaves No-eul as the possible thief, and Mom just asks her not to say anything because he’s at a rebellious age. That just hurts Deok-sun’s feelings all over again, and she asks Mom why her feelings weren’t spared when she’s also at a rebellious age. Lol.

    Today’s the day that the college entrance exam results will be announced, and by the heavy silence in Jung-hwan’s house, I’m thinking there was no Christmas miracle for Jung-bong hyung. Dad says maybe he heard wrong and calls again, but this time it’s for sure—he failed, yet again.

    Jung-hwan gives Hyung a silent tap on the shoulder before heading to his room, and Dad plays peacemaker to try and lift Jung-bong’s spirits. Dad reminds him that he has to be admitted into the hospital tomorrow, and it’s important not to be stressed out. Hm, what’s going on with Hyung?

    Mom sighs that if it hadn’t been for the surgery… but Dad says he’s just grateful that Jung-bong grew up well. I wonder if he’s been sick his whole life or something? Dad asks if she’s forgotten, but Mom says she hasn’t.

    Bora talks to her boyfriend on the phone (she’s actually rather sweet when she’s talking to him) and defers meeting up until next week. But then another friend calls to see her today, and she heads out right away.

    Sun-woo is hanging out in the street and greets her less formally than usual, and she corrects him to use jondae with her. Jung-hwan and Dong-ryong come out too, and she says pointedly that she’s heading out to see her boyfriend, and snaps at Dong-ryong for not greeting her formally either. He quickly bows at the waist in apology.

    Jung-hwan asks Sun-woo if he still likes her when she’s like that, and Sun-woo admits that he doesn’t like that part. Jung-hwan feels bad that Bora is going out to meet her boyfriend, but Sun-woo says she’s lying—she always wears skirts when going out with her boyfriend, and lied for his benefit. Jung-hwan stares like he’s gone crazy.

    The three of them hang out in Taek’s room, and when Dong-ryong decides his new favorite star is Lee Ji-yeon, Jung-hwan teases that Sun-woo likes the strong type. They exchange silent looks over Dong-ryong’s head, but Jung-hwan keeps going: “You know, like Bora noona.”

    Dong-ryong says that’s possible, but they shouldn’t assume that Bora is any different in front of her boyfriend. Both boys turn to look at him, and Dong-ryong sighs that they know nothing about girls. He says that no matter how much a girl does silly dances at home, she’ll be totally different and act coy in front of the boy she likes. He points out that the reverse is true too: If a girl dances like that in front of you, she doesn’t see you as a man.

    Cut to: Deok-sun doing that very dance in front of them a few minutes later, as Jung-hwan scowls in the corner. Hahaha. You can practically see it stamped on his forehead: Not a man.

    Taek opens the door and almost runs away scared at the sight, but Deok-sun mime-reels him into the room, and he just smiles SO wide, it kills me.

    The moms have a beauty day when Jung-hwan’s mom has the Amore lady come and give them massages (dude, I totally remember my mom doing this back in the day!), and when the saleslady says that Jung-hwan’s mom looks like she’s never had a day of stress in her life, they laugh.

    The kids play rock-paper-scissors and Jung-hwan is the loser who has to go make ramyun, and no amount of complaining gets him out of the task. They shoo him out, eager to start watching La Bamba.

    Dong-ryong asks Taek if he remembers their group movie date tomorrow, and doesn’t even seem surprised that Taek asked them to go and forgot. He says he has a match tomorrow, and they remind him that they already accounted for that.

    They tell him not to bother trying to find the theater on his own, certain that he’ll get lost, and Deok-sun pats him on the head like a little kid and tells him to wait at the training center until “noona” picks him up. He doesn’t seem to like that very much, though he doesn’t say anything.

    Dong-ryong assumes that Taek hasn’t been to a movie theater in ages, but Deok-sun says the two of them went recently. Aha, so the movie date DID happen! Sun-woo asks what they saw, and Deok-sun says Taek wouldn’t know—he slept the whole time. HA.

    She says Taek had pulled two all-nighters in a row before seeing the movie, and we flash back to the theater, where Deok-sun shoveled popcorn in her mouth and Taek fell asleep on her shoulder. That is tiny and adorable.

    Jung-hwan finally arrives with ramyun, in which everything from the fridge has been thrown into the pot. He calls it his hyung’s style, which sounds about right. They ask about Hyung’s surgery, and he says that this time it’s only an hour-long procedure, so they needn’t come visit in the hospital.

    Deok-sun remembers the surgery taking ten hours the last time, but Sun-woo says last time they were replacing valves; this time they’re just replacing batteries. Taek asks about Hyung’s exam, and Deok-sun quietly tells him that he failed.

    Jung-hwan suddenly gets a bloody nose, which they all seem to be used to. Dong-ryong asks if Jung-hwan isn’t sick too (NoooooooooooOOOOO!), and Sun-woo says he’s already been tested—he’s fine, but both Jung-hwan and Jung-bong are rather weak. Deok-sun jokes that the bloody nose is because he’s seen too many racy things.

    Taek says that Jung-hwan’s mom must be really worried even if it’s a routine procedure, and Jung-hwan scoffs. Mom is currently getting her second massage of the day, and making sure that her friends get a boatload of free samples after buying enough beauty products to fill her entire vanity counter.

    The moms chuckle over how the salesladies all tell Jung-hwan’s mom that she’s likely never touched a drop of water or had any hardship in her life, when they know that she’s had the toughest life of all of them. They remember how hard things were for her back when Jung-bong was sick, and how she ran around doing odd jobs like wallpapering, delivering newspapers, and working in restaurants.

    Deok-sun’s mom says that if her child had a heart condition, she’d likely just collapse. Jung-hwan’s mom says she didn’t really have a choice—Jung-bong needed surgery and she had no money, so she had to go earn it wherever she could. She remembers starving for two days along with her husband, and the other moms chide her for not telling them back then.

    They ask what the procedure is this time, remembering that last year he had a valve replaced because it’d been ten years since the original surgery. They’re amazed that she doesn’t seem worried, but Jung-hwan’s mom says now they have all the money they need and the best doctor possible. In his room, Jung-bong quietly puts away all the things he’s been obsessed with lately—telephone books, Rubick’s cubes, stamp collections—as he cries.

    Bora prods her friend to quit stalling and say whatever it is that she called her here for. Her friend hems and haws, and accidentally refers to Bora’s boyfriend as “oppa” instead of “sunbae,” alerting her to the bomb that’s about to be dropped.

    The friend starts crying as she tells Bora about a drunken “accidental” kiss they shared on a trip when Bora wasn’t around, acting like she was suffering because she felt so guilty all this time and couldn’t look Bora in the eye. Bora remains stone-faced, then finally tells her friend to stop crying because she’s going to stop seeing her boyfriend. She gets up and adds that she’s going to stop seeing her too, because they’re not friends. Yeah, no kidding. Good for you.

    Deok-sun’s dad comes home drunk yet again, and oh noes—he’s bought another useless thing on the subway. This time it’s magical ink-eraser, and he’s gone and bought three bottles of the stuff. Mom is stressed enough as it is with money missing from her wallet, and this time she just snaps and grabs a bottle of ink and pours it on Dad’s white shirt.

    Dad remains calm and says it’s fine because he has ink eraser, and begins to pour the pink liquid on top of the massive stain… which of course only serves to spread the ink around. How can a man be so funny and so infuriating at the same time?

    They launch into a huge fight, and Mom starts throwing random things in front of her at Dad, like a towel, a bag of popcorn. But then she doesn’t realize that she’s picked up a decorative rock until it’s too late and she’s already hurled it at him. She gasps, and the rock slides off Dad’s face, revealing a giant red bruise around his eye.

    Hyung comes into Jung-hwan’s room carrying a giant box of his stuff, and shows him all of his prized possessions one by one. He says solemnly that Jung-hwan can have all of it, and Jung-hwan scoffs that this is going a little overboard for a one-hour routine surgery. He says that he looked it up, and there’s only a 3% failure rate for a surgery like this.

    Hyung turns to him and says that there’s only a 2% chance that a child will have heart disease: “So that 3% really scares me.” Aw, Hyung. Jung-hwan grows quiet at that, but he decides that Hyung is still going overboard and tells him that everything will be fine. Hyung asks hesitantly if Little Bro wants to sleep in the same bed tonight, and Jung-hwan shoots that down right away. Jung-bong pretends to be too old for that too, but he looks a little disappointed as he shuffles away.

    Deok-sun comes home and gasps to see Dad’s bruiser, but is more weirded out when Mom and Dad speak to each other pleasantly and formally in jondae. She asks No-eul what’s going on, and he tells her that Mom threw a rock at Dad, and they’ve decided that speaking to each other in jondae will force them not to call each other names and fight all the time. Deok-sun thinks this is more embarrassing than them fighting, and No-eul agrees.

    It’s the morning of Jung-bong’s surgery, and for Mom it’s business as usual, while Dad and Jung-bong are subdued and have to be coaxed to eat breakfast. Deok-sun’s parents are still speaking in jondae at the breakfast table, though hilariously they’re still arguing about the same old things and pointing out each other’s flaws, just in formal language and pleasant tone. No-eul answers a call for Bora and repeats her brush-off: “She said to say she’s not here,” and Bora retreats to her room for the day to brood.

    Jung-hwan joins his family at the table after another bloody nose (you’re starting to freak me out over here. I will DIE if something happens to you, ya hear me?!), and Mom and Dad tell him not to come to the hospital until tomorrow since there’s no place for him to sleep anyway. Jung-hwan just puts another reassuring hand on Hyung’s shoulder as they eat.

    The kids head out to go pick up Taek at the training center for their movie, and Deok-sun loses the boys on the way there because they’re too busy snacking. They send her to go fetch Taek on her own, reminding her to hold his hand the whole way so they don’t lose him. Hee. He’s not five!

    Deok-sun kills time making funny faces on the glass in the phone booth outside, and sees Taek being led out by his coach. He gets congratulated on another win, and then a bunch of aspiring players line up with stars in their eyes, eager to just shake hands with Taek, trembling nervously as they tell him it’s such an honor.

    He gets to the end of the line and beams to find Deok-sun standing there, and he pats her on the head sweetly. She asks where he left his bag because he was carrying one when he left this morning, and yells at him for being so forgetful.

    It startles everyone else to hear someone talk to the God of Baduk that way, but Taek just goes to fetch his bag like he was ordered. One of his hoobaes raises his hand and offers to do it for him, but Deok-sun says Taek needs the exercise and nags him not to dillydally, and everyone gapes as Taek just smiles and runs off.

    Jung-bong’s doctor (cameo by Kim Tae-hoon) comes in to explain the procedure he’ll be getting in two days, which actually doesn’t sound all that minor. They’re going to replace his artificial pacemaker, and though they usually last five to ten years, in cases like his, they can be positioned in a difficult place and need to be changed out. That… sounds way more serious than a simple battery replacement to me.

    Mom and Dad just want reassurance that it’s a simple procedure that’ll only take an hour, but the doctor refuses to confirm anything, leaving them all on edge.

    Bora’s boyfriend calls again, and this time Bora just hangs up on him and tells Mom that he’s a crazy bastard. She buries herself in schoolwork, which somehow makes it sadder than if she just had a good cry.

    The kids take the bus home after the movie, and Sun-woo is lost in thought over what he heard earlier that day, when Deok-sun and Taek joined them at the street stand. (I love it when Jung-hwan wipes Taek’s face with his own spit like a mom.)

    Dong-ryong asks why Bora noona is extra pissy lately, and Deok-sun tells him that she had a massive fight with her boyfriend and is probably going to break up with him soon. She adds the jab while glancing over at Sun-woo: “He’s probably not in his right mind if he likes Sung Bora.”

    Sun-woo just takes all this in quietly and mulls it over on the bus ride home. A bus seat opens up in the back row and Dong-ryong tells Jung-hwan he can sit down now, but Jung-hwan says he’s fine standing. It’s because he gets to be near Deok-sun that way, though it’s not exactly romantic when she’s fallen asleep with her mouth hanging wide open.

    Once Jung-bong is asleep, Mom heads out to the waiting room to watch some TV, and Dad notes that she’s gotten so much stronger now. Mom scoffs that this is nothing compared to the big surgeries he’s had, though Dad seems a little more worried. He gets emotional and quietly wipes his tears as he watches Jung-bong sleep.

    The boys sleep over at Taek’s and they ask about Jung-bong hyung, remembering how they used to play soccer with him all the time when they were little. Sun-woo remembers that Taek used to be good too, and that Jung-hwan’s dream was to become a soccer player. Jung-hwan doesn’t answer. The night ends with Dong-ryong’s farting shenanigans, as usual.

    Jung-hwan comes to the hospital the next day with a banana and a pineapple from Taek, and Mom insists on asking the doctor if Jung-bong can eat that first, and then start his fast after. The doctor just sighs that she can do whatever.

    When Hyung turns the fruit away, Jung-hwan realizes that he must really be nervous about his surgery to say no to food. Jung-bong sighs that he doesn’t have a good feeling about this one, and Dad snaps at him not to say such things. They notice more dried blood on Jung-hwan’s shirt (eeek), though he doesn’t even remember getting another bloody nose since this morning.

    Deok-sun nags her little brother for hogging the phone, and realizes from his conversation that he has a girlfriend. She threatens to tell Mom, and he swears that it’s not even a girlfriend and he’s going to end things with her today anyway.

    No-eul seems afraid of his girlfriend and her group of friends, and his meek attempt to break up with her doesn’t go very well. It seems less like a relationship and more like a group of gangster girls are bullying him into things, really.

    Deok-sun and her girlfriends head out and happen to see No-eul and the girls down the street, and though No-eul looks like he’s about to piss his pants, Deok-sun seems oblivious and walks on by. Her friends are more observant though, and ask No-eul if he’d rather come with them.

    He looks too terrified to answer, and Deok-sun’s friends ask if he’s crying. It’s as if that’s some kind of trigger word for Deok-sun, because she suddenly turns on a dime and grabs his girlfriend by her hair: “DID YOU MAKE MY BROTHER CRY?!” Hahahaha. Noona to the rescue!

    The most hilarious brawl ensues, with girls everywhere yanking on hair and swatting at each other, while No-eul cries and tries to protect Deok-sun. Police officers come running over and girls scatter, but Deok-sun’s got a death-grip on the girlfriend and refuses to let go.

    She’s quite literally a dog with a bone, and chomps down on the leg like a ferocious beast. This. Is. Awesome. The soundtrack plays cartoon heroine music, and we cut over to Sun-woo and Jin-ju singing along.

    Bora heads out to buy a pack of cigarettes and discovers her boyfriend outside waiting for her (cameo by Park Jung-min). Sun-woo heads out to bring in the laundry and looks stricken to see her with another guy.

    Boyfriend apologizes and asks her to let it go this one time because it was a mistake, but he doesn’t sound all that sorry. She’s the heartbroken one because he cheated on her with her best friend, but because she’s not readily accepting his apology, he starts getting defensive and blaming her for being cold. Ugh.

    He complains that she’s a perfectionist who doesn’t even let him hold her hand whenever he wants, accusing her of not having any feelings at all. He says he felt suffocated while dating her, and might as well have been dating a block of ice. He tells her to fix her personality or else no one will date her: “As a woman, you’re the worst.” No, you’re the worst, asshole.

    He walks away and Bora slumps down on the stairs, her hands balled up into fists so hard that her knuckles turn white as they shake. Droplets fall on her hands as she begins to cry, and as if on cue, rain starts to come down and she lets loose a flood of tears.

    Sun-woo appears before her with an umbrella overhead, and sighs, “That hyung doesn’t know you at all. You’re a warm person. You’re a good person.”

    Flashback to two years ago. Bora arrived at a funeral in her high school uniform, and the dads told her to head inside. But she stopped when she saw Sun-woo sitting outside by himself, hands balled up into fists just like she’s doing now.

    It was the day he’d lost his father, and Bora had sat down next to him and said, “Just cry. At times like this, you’re just supposed to cry, Sun-woo. It’s okay, you can cry.” She hugged him, and he broke down and wailed into her shoulder. Awww. No wonder you love her.

    It had started to rain then too, and she’d taken him by the hand to head inside, urging him along by saying that she hates to get rained on. He’d asked why her hands were so cold, and she’d said that it’s because her heart is warm.

    Back in the present, Sun-woo buys Bora a warm cup of coffee with the last 100 won in his pocket. She notices that he scraped up his hand while going upstairs to pick up the laundry, and chides him like he’s a kid. But she can’t ignore it and takes his hand to look at it, and Sun-woo suddenly kisses her on the cheek and then runs away, leaving Bora stunned.

    Deok-sun, No-eul, and Girlfriend Soo-kyung sit in the police station waiting for their parents to pick them up, and when Mom runs in and fawns over Deok-sun, she immediately starts crying like a little girl to her mommy. Mom is up in arms over someone laying a hand on her precious daughter, and wonders what kind of parents raised a thug like that.

    But Girlfriend’s sister comes to pick her up and explains that their parents died in a car crash last year, and Mom suddenly feels really terrible for the things she said. Both sides apologize, only to have Dad bust in and do the same thing all over again. Mom finally has enough of that and snaps at him in banmal to stop yapping, and Deok-sun mutters, “And that’s the end of jondaemal.”

    And just when you think it’s over, Dong-ryong’s dad busts in as the school representative with a (fake) prosecutor in tow to fight on Deok-sun’s behalf, and everyone shrinks back in embarrassment and Dad regrets having called him. This scene goes on way too long.

    The point of it is, Mom hears Soo-kyung’s stomach growling and invites them over to eat dinner at their house, and Soo-kyung politely declines at first but Deok-sun tells her to hurry up and come over so they can eat.

    Both Soo-kyung and her sister are grateful to have a home-cooked meal, and when Deok-sun asks Soo-kyung how she died her hair that color, Dad snaps that he’ll shave her head if she dyes it. Then he tells Soo-kyung to put her hair back the way it was and stop wearing makeup because he’s going to check on her once a week, and everyone is shocked when she complies readily.

    Deok-sun asks why Soo-kyung likes her brother, and Soo-kyung says it’s because he’s the first person who ever told her not to smoke, and treated her normally after her parents died.

    Jung-bong can’t sleep on the night before his surgery, and Mom tells him that there’s zero chance of things going wrong. He says that Mom is strong while he’s weak, and scared, and she has to force her tears back. She says that he’s strong because he endured much bigger surgeries: “That’s impressive. You’re a much stronger person than I am.”

    She rushes out of the room before the tears come, and Jung-bong reaches over to tuck Jung-hwan in beside him before trying to get some sleep.

    And out in the waiting room, Mom sits in front of the TV by herself, shoulders shaking softly as she cries. The doctor sees her on his way out, and at the sight of her tears, his cold exterior melts and he says all the things she’s been wanting to hear—that it’s an easy surgery and he’ll be done in less than an hour. Mom thanks him and just continues to cry, letting out all the tears she’s been holding back for days. Around the corner, Dad listens with tears in his eyes too.

    In the morning, the family waits nervously in the hallway until the doctor comes out of surgery to say that everything went well, and that they won’t have to come back for another ten years to replace the pacemaker.

    Jung-bong slowly opens his eyes, and Mom tells him that the surgery went well. She breaks down and cries that she’s sorry he was born unhealthy, like it’s her fault, and Dad holds her as he assures Jung-bong that everything is fine.

    Hyung calls Jung-hwan’s name and asks something so softly that Jung-hwan has to lean in, and Hyung repeats, “Is your bloody nose okay?” Aw, you were worried about that? Jung-hwan’s eyes fill with tears and he grouses as he turns his back to cry in private.

    Deok-sun narrates: “Words hold your heart, so words have a temperature too. The thing that makes this cold, malicious world a livable temperature isn’t famous wise sayings, but one warm word filled with your temperature.”

    Deok-sun takes No-eul out for ddukbokki, and wipes his mouth and licks her fingers like a mom. She really does see him as a tiny child, which is doubly adorable because he looks twice her age.

    No-eul wonders who stole Mom’s money and swears it wasn’t him, and Deok-sun goes through the possibilities, which of course only leaves Dad. Cut to: Dad stealing more bills out of Mom’s wallet in the middle of the night.

    In 2015, Deok-sun gets up to answer the door when No-eul comes by, and ha, he still looks way older than everyone (adult No-eul is played by Woo Hyun).

    He’s a 40-something ajusshi now, but still Deok-sun coos at him like he’s a baby, and when she sees that he injured his foot while playing baseball, she gets up and grabs her coat to go give the other guy a piece of her mind. Husband snarks that he’ll have to get surgery on that foot for sure.

    No-eul whines that he’s not 17 anymore, but Deok-sun says he’ll always be a 17-year-old high-schooler in her eyes. That’s so cute. No-eul: “How come you never age, noona?” Deok-sun: “How come you just keep aging?” Husband: “He finally looks his age!”


    This was the first episode this season that felt especially long. Granted, they’re all ACTUALLY long, coming in at a whopping hour and thirty minutes each (guh), but I’ve found that the writing has adapted to the length and the episodes are usually filled with enough story to feel less like they’re stretched thin. I liked the main story in this episode just fine, but there were scenes that went on too long, and today I grew tired of Deok-sun’s parents arguing over and over when I wanted to spend more time on the other characters. We did get some great moments, so it’s not like I didn’t like the episode, but it lagged a little more than usual.

    I was scared that Jung-bong would die, mostly because everyone kept insisting that it was no big deal and he’d be fine, and the more they said it, the more I grew suspicious of getting the rug pulled out from under me. Truthfully Jung-hwan’s bloody nose freaked me out more (I just love him too much, okay?), but that was the kicker, when Hyung woke up after being so freaked out over his own surgery, and the first thing he does is voice concern for Little Bro. I spent the episode thinking it would be about Jung-hwan coming through for his brother, but it was actually more about Jung-bong being a big brother and taking care of him, even when he’s the sick one. His illness finally explains why his parents are so lenient with him when it comes to college and his myriad of weird hobbies, because I’d wondered until now why they’re so indulgent with him. Mom’s tearful outburst in the end was obvious but no less heartbreaking, because she’s the type of character who hides all her emotions under her tough façade and prickly words. Jung-hwan clearly gets his personality from her, but even though he and Mom are prickly and Dad and Hyung are weird, they’re all so warm and squishy on the inside.

    Deok-sun’s fierce love for her little brother was my favorite thing in the whole episode—she’s so immature on most days, and I loved seeing her protective side come out when someone messes with No-eul. We’ve mostly seen her complain about her siblings or feel like she always got the short end of the stick at home, but the way her eyes changed when someone made her brother cry? That was priceless. And the way she babies him is just the icing on the cake, because he looks like he could be her uncle. It’s just nice to see Deok-sun taking charge and being a noona, because that’s an important part of her identity too, even though I get why on most days, Bora out-noonas her and she’s in little sister mode. It also explains why Deok-sun sometimes treats Taek like a little brother (which he doesn’t seem to like very much), because she’s a noona at home and it comes naturally to her.

    Bora obviously sees all the boys on the street as her little brothers, which is the obstacle that Sun-woo is desperate to overcome. But I see now that he’s not just blinded by his crush—she was there for him in a formative moment when he lost his father, and is as warm on the inside as Jung-hwan’s mother or Taek’s father. She’s just not very expressive and keeps everything bottled up inside. The way she reacted to her best friend and boyfriend’s betrayal actually helped me identify with her a great deal, because she was obviously heartbroken—she just also wasn’t about to break down in tears in front of them. That kind of stubborn pride feels genuine, and Sun-woo was right about her actually being a good person underneath it all. I think he’s already on his way to getting her to see him as something more than a pipsqueak little brother, especially if he keeps being there for her in her moments of need.

  54. 54 : pc Says:

    It’s Taek for sure!!! cuz i can sense Jung Hwan backing up for taek’s sake. Jung Hwan totally ignoring(I am sure he wld realize that he cant ignore but the time he realize the ship wld hav sailed already) doks so i believe its taek her husband in 2015. Fingers Crossed for taek, totally loving the chemistry btw do-ek.

  55. 55 : jangmi Says:

    so, it’s taek.? wow i thought her husband is jung hwan.

  56. 56 : babanana Says:


  57. 57 : hirmah Says:

    im really sure its junghwan

  58. 58 : saam Says:

    why there is no rating in episode 10 even though its aired in 5/12 ??

  59. 59 : Tosca Says:


  60. 60 : kyukyun Says:


  61. 61 : pc Says:

    if only we could know to whom doksun hearts lies in…doksun keeps on changing her interest, at first it was sunwoo now its jungwan…may b it might b taek later. well i like jungwan with all his aromatic charms. taek is not bad either, he looks stupid but he is “THE” Mr baduk-shi . what we all viewers can do is just wait for doksun to decide which one she will choose as her real love interest.

  62. 62 : maknaee Says:

    The way Deoksun likes Sunwoo is different with the way she likes Jung-hwan.

    I think she matures a bit from before. In Sunwoo case, she likes him because her friends told their opinion. Then, she start thinking of Sunwoo, and fall for him. She never think of Sunwoo’s action to towards her before her friends said it.

    In Junghwan case, her friends told her their opinion again, but she doesn’t believe them like the first time, hahaha. Deoksun-aaah. She’s a bit more serious this time. Her friends ask her to confirm it. Even herself wondering what if Junghwan really likes her, wondering how her feeling to Junghwan. She is become serious :’D

    In my opinion, Deoksun already ‘likes’ Junghwan, but doesn’t realize it. She’s unaware that things Junghwan did or said to her are affecting her feelings for him. For example, waiting for her every morning to go to school together, took care of her in the bus, waiting for her then gave umbrella in the late rainy night, bought her pink gloves even though he wasn’t her secret santa, coming right away after Deoksun called him to accompany her&friends in the McD’s opening and on the way home, he took one of Deoksun earphone to listen the songs together, and sooo many more. And the ‘latest’, in the start of eps 9, when he called her, just to say : “good night” , it makes Deoksun froze for a moment. She feels him but she is just too clueless.

    Seriously, I hold my breath while watching the ‘confirming Junghwan’s feeling’ scene, when Deoksun asked him whether she should go to the blind date or not. Their face are so close.. omg. Then, he said softly, “Don’t go.” , okaay. I’m swooning.

    Both Deoksun-Junghwan & Deoksun-Taek have their own chemistry. In my eyes, Both are adorable T_T
    Unlike, Chilbong in Reply 1994, this time the writer is more fair this time by giving Junghwan & Taek equal chance (and equal adorable moment) to be with Deoksun. Deoksun didn’t like both of them from the start but liking Sunwoo.

    Baby Taek tturned out stronger than I think :’D His blunt remark with his feelings is the thing that Junghwan doesn’t have. He is very open with what he feels. He shows his affection blatantly.

    I really dislike the person that smoke. I never understand why (mostly) men think that smoking is cool, healing, etc. But… Taek did it. The scene when Deoksun (and us) found out Taek’s smoking during the waiting time before the competition… I found it cool, adorable, sexy. Bzzzz -_- Taek is the exception in my hate-for-smoking dictionary. This new side of Taek made him more interesting.

    Precious bae, Kim Junghwan, I just wanna give you a hug. That’s why you should have said you feelings to Deoksun. Deoksun will never know until you say it or do it more explicitly T_T , If you didn’t get Deoksun in the end, it is your own fault by backing down with your own feelings. Yes, your own fault, but I won’t blame you cause I understand your position ^^- . If you get Deoksun in the end… you should thanks her friends :p

    Never expect that I wrote this long essay just for my thought on Reply 1988 when I can hardly write any paragraph for my college essay assignment. Excited for Dec.15 , not because that was my first final exam day, but because subs for eps 11-12 will be out on next Tuesday. LOL. Annyeong~

  63. 63 : baba Says:

    @62 maknaee: that’s a good word. real good opinion.. thx for sharing.. see u next fri-sat day..

  64. 64 : norlela Says:

    sun woo younger sister is extra cute 🙂

  65. 65 : jangerr Says:

    Loving every episode of this drama…

  66. 66 : naudya Says:

    i love this series story over all than others series (reply 98,94), coz not just telling about damn child love story, freaking out to guest who’s gonna be her husband, or how the youth living in 1988.. in this series we talk about whole life (family, neighbourhood relation, friendship, helping the other’s, sad moment, greatfull moment) kinda telling about human reguraly life.. every character so different and filling the story..
    at first time watching the cast line, not sure with the young line, who’s them? i just know bo geum and hyeri, that’s all.. i know that hyeri so perfect with cheerfull character.. park bo gum?? so cute and handsome 🙂
    BUT their chemistry absolutely the BEST.. and absolutely supporting line cast (sung dong il, lee sun kyun, il hwa) not asking, they so perfectly to all series.. thruthly their act so perfect and their character too strong but strong is good.. i’m not dissapointed with the long duration every eps.. i hope more more more air time, long long long duration, and sekuel for this series..

  67. 67 : tera Says:

    Watch ep 15 raw….I got a really bad feeling from this ep. seems like Jh ship is going to sank. I have to prepare my heart for the worst.

  68. 68 : Tosca Says:

    OMO! I start to fall in Taek. I hope Taek will be the husband. Mianhae JH oppa 🙁

  69. 69 : aneane Says:

    u must watch this series, its very recommended.. the story line its very sweet but sometime why its take for long for watching “sweet moment” between junghwan and duek son.. hikss..hiks.. I hope its good happy ending to pay waiting for long.. hehehe

  70. 70 : Maddy Says:

    the last ep was so frustrating argggg. I hope it gets better at the end. thumbs up for Hyeri’s acting!! Unnie fighting! i am in inlove with junhwan # teamjunghwan shpping these two so bad but i like taek too ☺️

  71. 71 : asdasdasdas Says:

    are these ratings that your showing us legit? ffs they’re higher than shows on SBS and such

  72. 72 : asdasdasdas Says:

    that you’re*

  73. 73 : konekosu-chan Says:

    i love the whole drama, the story is lovely and somewhat warm and cozy
    im sooooo in for the dukseon-junghwan couple, looooove u too taek and sorrry ^^’

  74. 74 : Birddybuddy Says:

    This drama is Janggggggggg ❤️❤️❤️ I seriously wanna go back to 1988 where they value their Family, Friendship more then Love because they care and don’t wanna hurt one another 👍 such a heart warming drama that once ü get in ü won’t be able to get out from the Reply series 😘 and this one is my personal Fav ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  75. 75 : Naisy Says:

    Yeah.. The best of all the Reply, this one, Reply 1988!

  76. 76 : Eri Says:

    i soooo want dukson to be with taek at the end!!! ;O

  77. 77 : gea Says:

    episode 17 so awesome ♥

  78. 78 : Tal Says:

    I am going to share some of my opinion about this. Well, i think i am okay if the husband is taek or junghwan. eventhough i hope it is taek, and my mind says it is taek but my heart says it is junghwan, so i decided not to care anymore about the husband. Because whoever the husband is there are people who are getting hurt. If the husband is taek then #teamjunghwan will be sad and that goes the same if the husband is junghwan. The reason i become #teamtaek is because taek’s world is always deoksun, he cant do anything right and deoksun always helps him, but recently after knowing the longing feeling junghwan has for deoksun i became to wonder, did i really become team taek because of he is taek or because he is park bo gum that i like since Hello Monster and Nodame Cantabile. I think that every actors in this film did a great job and let’s just accept whoever the husband is, so that none of us get hurt

  79. 79 : Era Says:

    I think is junghwan still deoksun husband T.T

  80. 80 : maknaee Says:

    The best, yet worst confession ever.
    Whatever… I’m always on your side, fool.

    If Junghwan really isn’t the husband, then I got triple crown from reply series.
    R97 – oppa.
    R94 – Chilbong!
    R88 – Kim Junghwaaaaaan *cried*

    I cried a river for eps 16-17.
    eps 16 – Junghwan and Jungbong scene T_T
    eps 17 – Junghwan’s timing… Junghwan’s confession…

    I hate you but I love you, show! -_-

  81. 81 : maknaee Says:

    @Tal #78

    Hahaha I wonder the same. Maybe if the one played as Taek wasn’t Park Bogum … I would hate Taek. Really really gonna hate Taek.
    But, Park Bogum made me love Taek. He made Taek as amazing and bearable character.

  82. 82 : maknaee Says:

    Do I regret watching this show?
    I found Ryu Jun-yeol here! *hugging Kim Jung-hwan*

    … and beside the love story, this show has a great family and life story.

  83. 83 : Joe Says:

    Really hoping its junghwan

  84. 84 : Annaducle014 Says:

    Episode 18 is 😢😭💔 I’m rooting for jung hwan…

  85. 85 : maknaee Says:

    ok, my mistakes wkwk

    I mean :

    I cried a river for eps 17-18
    eps 17 – Junghwan and Jungbong scene T_T
    eps 18 – Junghwan’s timing… Junghwan’s confession…

  86. 86 : Ping Chong Says:

    It’s so difficult to guess who is deoksun’s husband. Looking back the “deoksun’s hubby in 2015 ” screen play – characteristics such as drinks coffee, smokes, hates interview, read comics ( taek’s comics are in serial in his room and photo in the photo frame ( junghwa & deoksun’s photo already cut into wallet size) looks Taek will be her husband. However, characteristic such as knowing deoksun’s first love song dedication to sun woo and talk sarcasticly to deoksun as if not caring, sounds like junghwa will be deoksun’s hubby…….anyway, I like both guys …

  87. 87 : marialucy Says:

    Sequel drama isn’t always success, but this drama breaks that stigma. Reach almost 17% in weekend ratings, for cable tv , what an accomplishment. I have watched the first two Reply series. It was a fun, deep, and smart one. I haven’t watch this one, but until it finish, I’ll make sure to watch.

    For weekenders and prime time weekdays, all of you should be careful and be ashamed of what happens. Don’t underestimate cable tv dramas. Because, what happens at Baeksang (jTBC and tvN almost dominated in actors and entertainment program) maybe will happen in 2016.

  88. 88 : yoon jang mi Says:


    it so difficult to guess ds husband, eventhough i am in team jung hwan , there are many hint that shows it will not be junghwan.

    1. when i replay episode 2 , taek read comic alot , he has many comic in his room , he even lend it to his friends. while ds husband also like comic
    2. again at episode 2 , ds husband is left-handed as well as taek.
    3. Her husband smoking, and just taek who smoke. as we know that Jh never smoke
    4. i think ds’s husband gesture is look like taek’s father
    5. so far Ds seems to be interesting to taek, we can see her gesture in episode 18 while JH confessing but it seems that she waiting for Taek to come. ( is she change her feeling toward taek?, i don’t like JH in this episode he look like a coward, why he make his confessing become a joke?)
    6. in episode 18 , she said that she remember the song that she always heard with her husband at home. it’s like a refresh her memory. she went to the concert with Taek not Jh.

    so many hints that i got directly said that it’s taek, but since this series is reply as we know that reply series usually never make female lead end up with popular guy. i believe that pdnim or writernim just playing viewers heart and mind. i think this is the best reply series rather than another series.

  89. 89 : maknaee Says:

    I can’t handle this well ….. Lafyaaa, Kim Junghwaaan

  90. 90 : soel Says:

    the husband is Taek!!!!.. now this is the best Reply series ever. I love Taek, omg!.. was wondering why the husband was most at times available for the interview and was not going to work or anything.. and the 19 reveals it all…aigooo, am on the moon now..its Taek. their kiss was daebak!

  91. 91 : Sindy Says:

    I glad is Taek, yeah~~ He is sooo cute. Can’t wait the final series.

  92. 92 : yoon jang mi Says:

    i knew it’s him

  93. 93 : yoon jang mi Says:

    this the best reply series that i ever watched , not because i ship for taek or Junghwan, but overall this drama really good, from the plot , theme. the writer really genius put many hints so people argue with their own theory. but i am so sure that the obvious hints is left handed and smoker.

    overall i think this is the best drama funny , heartwarming, nostalgic. it’s about family. love, and friendship. Good Job for writer

  94. 94 : lila Says:

    i’m sad cause it’s not jung hwan.. the sad ending.. for me..

  95. 95 : diana Says:

    the sad ending for me

  96. 96 : gr Says:

    sad ending for jung hwan…how poor uri jung hwan

  97. 97 : aneaneane Ristrian Says:

    Many many many big question..? Why not junghwan??!! Realy sad!! Its so so sad
    ending.. wasting time.. hiks.hiks.hiks. so the best reply i think reply 97..

  98. 98 : lila Says:

    the ending scenario is too bad…
    jung hwan where are you…….

  99. 99 : Tosca Says:

    Best Reply Series Ever!! Reply 1988 Jjang!!!

  100. 100 : mako Says:

    I love jung hwan ….so sad…..

  101. 101 : norlela Says:

    enough with ep 18th. I dont want to watch until final.
    Give me my Jung Hwan cry.. cryy

  102. 102 : SS Says:

    Sadly but happy, is that a good way to express how i feel… This is the best reply that i ever watch..

    Really rooting for JH but Teac took big initiatives to show his love for her in eps 18.. If not bcuz of the traffic light the history of this drama would be different. Fair enough…

    I waited for a full eng sub eps after reading that Taec is the husband & really hope there’s website will upload behind the scene fully subbed.. Is great to watch how the casts interact with each other as now they are like one big happy family.. hihi

    Off tomorrow for Cheese in Trap ep6.. 🙂

  103. 103 : Isra Says:

    It was very interesting drama ever I laughed and cried a lot but what was not right here is the relation between the two Taek and Deoksun, it seems as a sympathy more than love! I don’t know any body noticed that Taek is a sort of a sick boy!! it’s what they call it othisim (I really knew it very well because my son has that sickness). If any one remember the movie in the 80’s (Rain Man) Raymond (Dustin Hoffman), and Tom Cruise, Raymond is an autistic savant so he was very intelligent in some kind of maters and he was lagging in fine things such as he can’t tie his shoelace. Then I think the writer played a game with us and the drama’s Characters by attracting us to like Taek and sympathy him. In the end of the drama he seemed as if he is cured in some way, and that is impossible to be cured from this sickness because he was born with it, and things like marriage is a confusing matter for these people it was very clear in the scene when he got angry when he saw her dancing with laud music it’s really confuse them so how can he live as a normal person. I admire these people but not to play with their feeling and ours.

  104. 104 : Nami Says:

    Worst ending ever! Taek’s role wasn’t even that strong compared to Jung Hwan, so seriously, Why Taek?????? why not Jung Hwan????? And what happened to Dong Ryong in the end??? Also, why was the wedding of Bora and Sun Woo shown?? Nobody was interested to see that!!! Why do I feel stupid for watching that ending????? Really DISAPPOINTED!

  105. 105 : aruna Says:

    what a fun n emotional ending.. happy for doekson n taeki..
    sweet and warm story about neighborhood, friends and family
    very like this drama

  106. 106 : Arn Says:

    I’m glad that it’s Taek! I don’t hate Jung Hwan but I think Taek deserved Duk Seon at its best! Hyeri and Park Bo Gum chemistry is no joke! They’re so cute together!

  107. 107 : jangerr Says:

    For me, this is THE best of the Reply series! Love it!!!

  108. 108 : Grace Says:

    This is the best reply for me….the storyline makes my memory about 1988 back again….the ending is awsome….i love Taek…U are so cute…great story !!! 10 thumbs for the crew…I wish could hugs you guys……Love. U reply 1988 ….

  109. 109 : Greenshine Says:

    Love JW’s emotion showing more than Teak’s

  110. 110 : nadsss Says:

    why is not JungHwan ???? veryyy sad ending for me

  111. 111 : Rosemary Says:

    Best reply! So GLAD for Taek and DS)

  112. 112 : Aicha Says:

    The top serie eveeerr!!! I wiiish theres a 4th replay serie !!! Its just amaaaziiing 😀

  113. 113 : tony Says:

    Another excellent drama. Great casting and story. Hyeri did a wonderful job with her role. Wish you well with your future^^.

  114. 114 : Mia Andriyani Says:

    I finished to watch the drama. More interesting than two squels before. I cried when i watched bora’s wedding and bora n her father gave a love letter each other, it’s so wonderful moment. And giving us about meaning of our family for our life. Good luck, i will always wait the another squel of reply on TVN

  115. 115 : Hawin Says:

    Open PO until 5 mei 2016
    “T-Shirt Reply 1988”
    IDR 75000
    Limited edition.
    Order: Cs 1: 085755997418 (sms/line/wa)
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  116. 116 : rumondang Says:

    love cute taeki.. best of the reply series, makes me wacthing it again n again

  117. 117 : yosuf starship Says:

    I like this drama ☺😀😃😇 gat-eun

  118. 118 : MightyMe Says:

    OMG~ Park Bo Geum acting skill is jjang.

    look forward for your next project.

  119. 119 : tsuyoi_hikari Says:

    Kind of sad that people are so obsessed with who is the husband when in reality the love story is only like 20% of the whole drama — and that includes other characters’ love stories as well.

    The drama is amazing in term of acting and script and no doubt it is the best out of the Reply series.

    Thought since early on that Junghwan gonna be the husband but the writer surprised us all with revealing to us that it is Taek instead. The writer proved to be unpredictable in her writing so I’m anticipating her next drama!

  120. 120 : renna Says:

    I love both.. Jung Hwan or Taekki

  121. 121 : Menyusuri Jalan Kenangan Reply 1988 | immaeverlastingstories Says:

    […] kdrama Reply 1988 telah berlalu beberapa bulan lalu, namun sebagai penggemar drama bertema keluarga dan […]

  122. 122 : Rose T Says:

    Just finished watching the series. I was curious to find out about the brouhaha created by the ending which left many of Jung Kwang and Taek’s shippers bash at each other.

    In my opinion, Taek deserved to get the girl because once he found out that JK has given up on Duk Seon, he did not hesitate on showing his feelings; although at first, he tried to give JK a chance to confess. He kept in feeling hidden for 6 years because he did not want to offend his fried. I loved how he showed that DS is most important person to him when he forfeited his game just to be with her side. They complement each other’s personality. DS is lively, boisterous, happy go luck but a very caring person; while Taek is withdrawn, lonely but very determined, competitive but most importantly – decisive.

    Jung Kwan on the other hand, loves his family more than Duk Seon. He lived
    the dream of his brother and have completely given up on DS. He hesitated so many times to confess and kept his feelings to himself. Being a coward will not get you the girl in the end.

    Finally, AM 1988 is the best in the series. And I will not hesitate to watch it again to experience once more the sweet moments between my favorite characters – DS and Taekki.

  123. 123 : 12 ซีรีย์เกาหลีที่มีเหล่าไอดอลเล่น คุณพลาดเรื่องไหนไปบ้างรึเปล่า?? – AkeruFeed Says:

    […] koreandrama […]

  124. 124 : inna Says:

    Yeaaayy best reply series ever. I even watch for a hundred time! seriously. Thanks god its taeki & deoksun. Coz for me jung hwan not showned his feeling well. his to scared to what happen with they relantiontship meanwhile taeki can take responsible for they relantionship. its best reply series I ever watch!! Cograts to u alll !!!

  125. 125 : anzu Says:

    I watched this drama after being clear about ending so that I don’t get hurt…but throughout the series I got my eyes on jung hwan..even knowing that he is going to be heartbroken .. Is it only me who doesn’t find any emotion in taek..yeah duk seon and taek looks cute couple but taek has no emotion at all….Ending was best for everyone except jung hwan that makes ending a worst here…

  126. 126 : nunu Says:

    i thinked hubby game for this season so easy. just one person who can be interviewed. in the opening adult duksun said “we meet” so just one person that “she meet in sammundong”. etc etc

    i love duksun so much, she so kindness n lovely, she’s not same like sung najung n sung shiwon so no wonder her hubby is different too. duksun so precious for man who called her ugly n just bickering when he saw her. she not strong like reply’s girls before. duksun need person who can showing love for her coz she just insecurity girl, she need certain love. she need man who just happy n smile when saw her.
    and Junghwan, i thinked just god, him and viewers who know his heart, but not duksun. we just viewers not sungduksun.
    i love this pdnim. i think he slapped other drama about noble idiot. and i hate noble idiot. plisss save our ears for bickering.

  127. 127 : mia Says:

    i love scene in ep 18 when duksun alone in leesunghwan concert. that scene explained about two man for duksun.

    JH : he so hesitated, he going when movie near ending.
    TK : he make history for forfeit his match in first time. dont forget he slow when driving and always lost direction.

    and do u still ask who the best man for kindess and lovely duksun???

  128. 128 : ryry Says:

    I really love this drama. Family genre always makes me smile, laugh and then cry. The plot is the best! I can not guess who DukSun’s husband is. I think the sosial life among neighbors like in this drama was very rare to be find at this time. People live in harmony. Sending food among neighbors. Asking to eat food on one table together. Helping each other.

    But IDK that I don’t like BoRa, haha. Sometimes I skip watching BoRa with SunWoo. For me, they don’t have chemistry. What a poor man, Jung Hwan. Yeah a man must be brave to express his feelings, his love. Woman always wait a man. Who first come, he will win. Or Maybe who kiss first, he will win. haha.

    Congrats this drama makes me can not move on for several days , hehe <3

  129. 129 : msvi Says:

    So far, R88 the best drama ever. Although it takes abt 90 minute in each ep, but I think its worth it. I easily get bored with drama which is takes long time in each ep, then I skip some part, but not for R88. R88 teach us many lesson and reason to stop complaining each other, be grateful and appreciate for what you have now.

  130. 130 : N Says:

    This is the best Reply series ever! Never bored the entire show. 😀

  131. 131 : ade kyu Says:


  132. 132 : Niña fe Aquino Says:

    I really love this! Reply 1988 is such a great story regarding love,friendship & family.

  133. 133 : Geanina Says:

    I love this drama . For me is the best drama ever, the cast are awesome,the story, the humor , everything.
    My favorit actress is Hyeri ❤❤❤

  134. 134 : NJ Says:

    This is the best kdrama I’ve watched so far. The plot twist and turns, the story about life, family, love, friends, success and failures and challenges made me cried at least 16 times all throughout the entire drama. It gives much lessons to learn as an individual, family, friend, lover, parent, brothers and sisters, neighbors. All the cast were amazing and talented. If by any chance, I’ll give this drama a 98% rating.

  135. 135 : amber Says:

    nice drama!

  136. 136 : In love with Chicago Typewriter OST | A Transient Wanderer Says:

    […] After survived from a challenging week, I reward myself by watching ongoing kdrama. Currently obsessed with Chicago Typewriter which is very underrated, IMHO. This drama is superb. It definitely will be one of the best drama in my list. So, please bare with me. I’m going to rant a lot over this drama. At first, I was curious about Im Soo Jung (@soojunglim_) who comeback to dramaland after 13 years off. She is so great in I’m Sorry I Love You also …Ing and many other movies. Yoo Ah In (@hongsick) also draws my attention since he always play a challenging character, meaningful if I may say. Just look at his previous work such as Sungkyungkwan Scandal, Fashion King, Jang Ok Jung. There is also Go Kyung Pyo (@kopular) which left good impression on me after Flower Boy Next Door and Reply 1988. […]

  137. 137 : 아데 Says:

    I will now watch episode 20

  138. 138 : Kay Says:

    Reply 1988 is a fun slice of life drama. Excellent cast and very nostalgic. So many great relationships. Nice watch!

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