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Title: 강적들 / Powerful Opponents
Also known as: Rivals / Adversaries
Chinese title : 强敌
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2008-Apr-14 to 2008-June-3
Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)


Cha Young Jin is the first female to ever work as a bodyguard in the Presidential resident, Chungwadae. Young Jin and Ryu Gwan Pil work as bodyguards assigned to watch over the president’s son, Kang Soo Ho. They are assigned to guard Soo Ho for 15 months.


Chae Rim as Cha Young Jin
Lee Jin Wook as Kang Soo Ho
Lee Jong Hyuk as Yoo Gwang Pil
Choi Ja Hye as Jung Yoo Min

Extended Cast

Lee Duk Hwa as President Kang / Kang Min Gook
Lee Kyung Jin as First Lady Shin Ok Hee
Shin Eun Jung as Kang Soo Ri (Soo Ho’s sister)
Yim Hyun Sik as Cha Il Sang (Young Jin’s grandfather)
Oh Kwang Rok as Cha Gwang Soo (Young Jin’s father)
Kim Si Hoo as Cha Young Gu (Young Jin’s brother)
Kim Hye Ok as Mrs Oh Mi Ja
Kim Yoo Jung as Yoo Kkot Nim
Park Ha Sun as Seo Eun Young
Go Myung Hwan as Kim Byung Wook
Ma Dong Seok as Pyo Chul Ho
Lee Keon as Nam Do Woo
Kim Sung Kyung

Production Credits

Producer: Han Joon Suh
Scriptwriter: Kang Eun Kyung

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298 Responses to “Powerful Opponents”

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  1. 251
    anne Says:

    love this series but the ending was quite disappointing… wish young jin ended up with gwang pil coz he deserve her more than soo ho… but in all fairness to soo ho, he exerted effort to get the attention of young jin but still,when it comes to EFFORTS, young jin should choose gwang pil over soo ho.

  2. 252
    ilovesongilkook Says:

    I agree with Anne.

  3. 253
    Miss Ashley Says:

    wow… that drama was… extremely.. DISAPPOINTING.
    not enough ROMANCE!! D: i mean… 1 kiss scene? and what? a hug? wtf?
    she didn’t even seem like she liked either of the guys!! “romance” genre?
    I DON’T THINK SO! omg i feel like i just wasted my time watching this..
    so many annoying ass characters too.. and a not hard core enough plot..
    out of a rating of 1 to 10…. 3… for effort……..

  4. 254
    idril Says:

    yup… hate the ending too….
    i waste my time to watch this… but interesting collaboration between chae rim, jin wook and jong hyuk. love them.

  5. 255
    inda Says:

    love the plot, but hate the ending. but i still crazy in love with LJW and congrat u’r date with choi ji woo. great couple and marry soon

  6. 256
    Heather Says:

    does anyone know who played the younger yoo gwan pil(i think he is) in ep. 9 in the beginning yoo gwan pil was thinking about the past and yeah… the guy was wearing a black shirt he’s hot 😉 hahahha

  7. 257
    SUGARPOP Says:

    will there be a part2 of this drama? because the ending was quite interesting, young jin guarding the president… gwan pil instructors of the incoming guards and su ho good relation with the daughter but will be proposing to the girl he will marry after 3 years, (who will it be?).
    i hope there will be a part 2, but i want young jin ang gwan pil to end up together….

  8. 258
    Victoria Says:

    I love this series, but the ending is bad don’t know why it was ended like that young jin and gwang pil should be together

  9. 259
    Daisy Says:

    I enjoyed this drama very much. I thought the ending was OK. It is refreshing when things turn up not has the audience wants but has another outcome. Remember that the character Chae Rim plays is more interested in doing her job well and not in finding romance, something I feel it is normal for people in certain lines of work. Specially for women, who, because of motherhood, have to give up their careers for the benefit of their family.

    The ending was a happy one for Chae Rim because she was able to continue doing what she wanted and finding new challenges in her job. If there were a second part, would it focus more on romance and she’ll end up getting married and changing jobs or staying home? It would be interesting to see what the writers would come up with. Unfortunaely, this series did not have high ratings in Korea, so ther’s little chance of that happening.

    Many series who did not have high ratings on Korean TV have been very much appreciated by audiences outside of Korea and had more success abroad. As it happens in American TV, if a series is cancelled because of low viewership, the rest of the world is affected by not being able to see it, even though it is a good program.

  10. 260
    LuoXiaoLing Says:

    I liked this drama but….I disagree.

    It kinda sucks that Soo Ho was the real father of the little girl, not Gwang Pil. And I like Young Jin and Soo Ho together.

    I still can’t get over the shock of him shaving and cutting his hair!

    The beginning of this drama was great. But the ending was terrible. This wasn’t really all that romantic.. Young Jin and Gwang Pil fighting in the beginning was cute… then Soo Ho making things difficult for Young Jin was also cute. But at the end??? Daisy you are right, she didn’t want to let go of her job. But she doesn’t exactly work 24/7 right? She does have some free time – what does she do in her free time then? That’s what I want to know.

  11. 261
    MIss AsoOoM Says:

    Hi every body
    I like watching this drama all the time online
    although the end was desappointing but i like this drama very much
    its different than arab drama.
    i like korean drama and their actores and actreeses
    love *****

  12. 262
    Liarosa Says:

    I love the series….
    Although the ending was kind of hanging, but the storyline was well built and touching enough and the characters were strong and well developed as were the stories and characters of the other two projects of Chae Rim – Kang Eun Kyung tandem, Dalja’s Spring and Oh Pil Seung – Bong Soon Young. Eventhough this one is bad rated in Korea, I hope it won’t stop them from doing another project together in the future.

  13. 263
    Haruka Says:

    I started watching the drama yesterday but unfortunately on mysoju only the episodes 1 to 4 are working ._. could anyone tell me were the following episodes are working?? Please help me I really wish to finish watching this drama!!

  14. 264
    alicia Says:

    can anybody tell mii the ending ?
    i had not catch the drama

  15. 265
    anon Says:

    Haruka, you might wanna try watching it in dramaclick.com

  16. 266
    hannah kim Says:

    hey!! ive been watching this drama and i can find ep.5!! plz giv me a link!!

  17. 267
    Lydia Says:

    I like this drama! but the ending isnt clear…

  18. 268
    Bausha Says:

    @ hannah kim: http://aznv.tv/?p=login

  19. 269
    USA Says:

    I’ve been watching this drama and it is absolutely excellent. BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!! ENCORE!!! Now to find the missing episodes, so that there aren’t continual gaps. Would like to see a sequel, starting with what happened the next three years…who actually gets proposed to by the president’s son.

  20. 270
    elisa Says:

    hi everyone…

    I have looked everywhere and i cant find ep 16 to watch (with english subs) or to download. I’ve tried crunchyroll.com, mysuju.com, Asianrice, along with the youtube. can anyone help. I really want to see the ending.

  21. 271
    elisa Says:

    hi everyone…

    I have looked everywhere and i cant find ep 16 to watch (with english subs) or to download. I’ve tried crunchyroll.com, mysuju.com, Asianrice, along with the youtube. can anyone help. I really want to see the ending.

    my email is

  22. 272
    janz (manila) Says:

    can anyone please tell me where can i watch episode 9, last part of episode 11 & episode 16 with english subtitle, the one in http://www.mysoju.com is not working…

    the drama is good, only that the ending is hanging…but still over-all it is good…

  23. 273
    Rhai Says:

    I love this Kdrama… But I know the spoilers… Soo Hoo is the real father of the little girl?1 And I want Young Jin and Gwang Phil together.

    Anyway, it’s worth watching, especially if you want to see Chae Rim in a tough girl role.

  24. 274
    lesly Says:

    the drama is good but i’m not satisfied with the ending, it is their relationship takes to another level kahit ma may anak n sya…
    kala k talaga cila n ang nagkatuluyan….
    sana mayron pa silang ibang drama na silang dalawa ang bida…

  25. 275
    cel Says:

    can anyone please tell me where can i watch episode 9, last part of episode 11 & episode 16 with english subtitle, the one in http://www.mysoju.com is not working… plsss….Please help me I really wish to finish watching this drama!!

  26. 276
    sarah garalde Says:

    we’re watching powerful opponents now here in the philippines.. its so nice .. the love triangle between chae rim ,lee jin wook and lee jing hyuk is so good!

  27. 277
    DA Says:

    So YJ chose the president’s son????!!!! 🙁

  28. 278
    mutiara Says:

    waaahh,, Chae Rim! I love chae rim movie…

  29. 279
    mel Says:

    i want to watch this movie..

  30. 280
    joracel Says:

    this is absolutely cute series. i like the tandem of chae rim and lee jin wook.

  31. 281
    nining Says:

    look interesing,, wanna watch it..

  32. 282
    One Indraretnani Says:

    hikssss……the ending is not so good, make me confused!!!!! BUT, I like this movie….good story but once again not good ending!!!!!

  33. 283
    V Says:

    Yes, I agree… The beginning was strong, but then it got boring. The ending was bad, and I was confused too. Anyone care to explain? Was this her dream?!?

  34. 284
    wilma Says:

    Its true.. the start of the series was ride on and then it slows down
    the progression of the story is slow, probably because there’s no distinct issue like there love triangle or the issue about the daughter it only arrives at the end of the story which it could have been the issue on the other half of the story right…. thats why its boring on spots….

    True the ending is so confusing because there’s no distinct or particular scene to who is to whom?I myself want to question you guys?whats ur opinion?

    Correct me if im wrong, i think chaerim and lee jin wook(presidents son) ended up together;there was a scene between presidents son and his daugther in the car at the end, this is the conversation guys…
    ‘she said: when will u get married dad,he said: wait untill 3 years when my fathers term is over,there is a dreamgirl that i love’ i guess thats chaerim… regarding at the very end chaerim is not dreaming at that time thats the time shes recovering with her wound having conversation with his dad….
    Still nice story but it could have been better….aja aja fighting c:

  35. 285
    wilma Says:

    And for the the record i love chaerim fo the first time ive watch her series and lee jin wook as well ….saranghee aja aja fighting c:

  36. 286
    shii Says:

    I’ve watched this series. I really like Chae Rim and I’ve watched most of her shows from All about Eve, Dalja’s Spring, Oh My Lady and this series.

    Upon watching Dalja’s spring, I really admired Chae Rim’s acting skills because she can really make me laugh.

    Powerful Opponents have a bit serious topic but there are still times when Chae Rim injects a bit of humor in it (like the first few episodes). That was really funny. This series made me see another acting prowess of this girl, and she’s not lousy in those action scenes. 😀

    Although the story is a bit dragging when I reached the middle part, but I think the story is really good. Although I am not that satisfied with the ending but it is justifiable.

    It was a bit confusing though. But the way it looks, I think after yungjin was shot she was having a dream while unconscious in the hospital. Then a year later, it should how things are, that is, Gwanpi is already training newbies and Yungjin is assigned to be a guard of the president. Although it wasn’t clear enough, but I think Soo Ho (president’s son) is about to propose to Yungjin after 3 years because he mentioned about marrying to his dreamgirl after 3 years (shown by the conversation of soo ho and his daughter). Then back again, the last scene showed another flashback when yungjin was recovering.

    hope this helps those who are confused of the ending. 😉

  37. 287
    maida Says:

    this drama is a piece of work, it is not only awesome but also different from many korean drama i have seen.
    i highly recommend it to everyone.

  38. 288
    maida Says:

    the progression of the drama was as fast as flash except the last four episodes but still i didnt find it boring at all
    and the end was not confusing but creative and different from normals.
    the dream was an encourgement by her family and friends to survive.( sort of telepathy)
    the last scene was while she was recovering.
    i think su hu has to wait 3 years until he finish his study and young jin achieve her dream.
    it was fun i really enjoyed,
    it has been a while since i enjoyed that much

  39. 289
    elaine garcia Says:

    i love this show because the lead role is my fan and my favorite korean actress she’s really good in acting and and the two men are great.
    i watch chae rim in many dramas such as all about eve,dalja’s spring,good job good job,warriors of the yang clan and now in formidable rivals i mean in powerful opponents.
    the two men in the series i watch them before,i watch lee jin wook in city of glass and lee jong hyuk in green rose
    i wish that i watch them all in another drama

  40. 290
    via Says:

    I have watched this drama recently, its quite good actually, but it could have been good if the ending is clear, I think this drama need a sequel, since the last episode we can see Ryu jin play as chae rim new boss, wow..he’s very cool and handsome,and by the time lee jin wook return he already have a new rival because chae rim will get very close with her new boss,hehehe.. and there also new female police, maybe she will be lee jong hyuk partner replacing chae rim? but i think he still love chae rim, this story will get very interesting,hehehe.. SO PLEASEEEEE make the sequel of this drama..

  41. 291
    jh Says:

    nice drama!! ending is not confusing.. the last scene is just showing the part when she was recovering.. which is 1 yr b4…

  42. 292
    Violet Says:

    Hope they elaborate more what happen during/after Young Jin wake up upon the surgery. It will be more touching to see how those people dear to her cope during that time, and how they react when she finally come back to them. I wonder what happen to Su Ho, is he going to do anything to keep his promise to Young Jin to lead a serious life? Did he win in the dancing competition?

    If the writer intent to keep an open ending they shoud at least gives a clear hint from Young Jin’s point of view; what is her actual feelings towards Gwan Pil and Su Ho. All i see is what Gwan Pil and Su Ho feels towards her (though not really from Gwan Pil), but none from Young Jin. This way it’ll be able to satisfy people’s curiosity since there’s no absolute conclusion on their love relationship till end of the story. kind of sad since this is a good drama actually, but not able to wrap up the major plot nicely. Just my personal thought though.

    Anyway i still likes this drama a lot, since i got to know Lee Jin Wook from here..Love his smiling face.. soo sweet melt my heart instantly

  43. 293
    ciz Says:

    argh. Although the whole storyline and excellence of the leading casts made this drama very entertaining and engaging, the ending is utter disappointment as if it cheats all the viewers with very weak, ambiguous and very poor delivery with unclear cronology of the events in the ending episode.
    The intelligence of all the views is insulted with that sloppy, cheesy ending!

  44. 294
    reny Says:

    another version from chae rim.. she’s so amazing on this movie ..i thought she’s only can play on sad story ..but i saw her on the other side … really fantastic ..mostly i love chae rim very much not only on this drama … but oh my lady and ALL ABOUT EVE… and this movie really interest and i dont care about the ending..coz sometimes we need to think about the real life.. if she choose one of them…it’s mean…there will be like and dislike..

  45. 295
    reny Says:

    agree wth @via…… but mostly… i wanna chae rim wth lee jong hyuk..coz young jin asked him about “how’s Yoo Gwang Pil feel” … if a girl asking about the truth of there relationship it’s because she likes the man … and i think young jin like lee jong hyuk (she asked twice) and just because they’re partner so they never show off… for all..i really this drama.. it ‘s really nice about the ending.. we can decide who’s gonna be young jin’s lover hehehe…. goooodddddddddddddddddd

  46. 296
    Xaron Says:

    The whole movie is good except the ending. The director shouldn’t do like 80% bad and 20% good ending. The main anchor actor is Yoo Gwang Pil not that idiot President son with daughter. Now is we chose the main character and end up with unverifiable ending role. So bad, this director lost one of your drama crazy fan.

  47. 297
    funbeat Says:

    i agree that the ending is nt good enough,like we just wasted our time hping and rooting for one of the guys and eventually were thrown into confusion.that is not good enouh.and the drama could av been more interesting but it was as if the film finished even before it actually finished

  48. 298
    Jocelyn Says:

    where is episode 6 to 16

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