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Powerful Opponents

Title: 강적들 / Powerful Opponents
Also known as: Rivals / Adversaries
Chinese title : 强敌
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2008-Apr-14 to 2008-June-3
Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)


Cha Young Jin is the first female to ever work as a bodyguard in the Presidential resident, Chungwadae. Young Jin and Ryu Gwan Pil work as bodyguards assigned to watch over the president’s son, Kang Soo Ho. They are assigned to guard Soo Ho for 15 months.


Chae Rim as Cha Young Jin
Lee Jin Wook as Kang Soo Ho
Lee Jong Hyuk as Yoo Gwang Pil
Choi Ja Hye as Jung Yoo Min

Extended Cast

Lee Duk Hwa as President Kang / Kang Min Gook
Lee Kyung Jin as First Lady Shin Ok Hee
Shin Eun Jung as Kang Soo Ri (Soo Ho’s sister)
Yim Hyun Sik as Cha Il Sang (Young Jin’s grandfather)
Oh Kwang Rok as Cha Gwang Soo (Young Jin’s father)
Kim Si Hoo as Cha Young Gu (Young Jin’s brother)
Kim Hye Ok as Mrs Oh Mi Ja
Kim Yoo Jung as Yoo Kkot Nim
Park Ha Sun as Seo Eun Young
Go Myung Hwan as Kim Byung Wook
Ma Dong Seok as Pyo Chul Ho
Lee Keon as Nam Do Woo
Kim Sung Kyung

Production Credits

Producer: Han Joon Suh
Scriptwriter: Kang Eun Kyung

Official Site


  1. 1 : wow Says:

    wow new

  2. 2 : sany Says:

    sound good movie…

  3. 3 : Rika Says:

    I love chaerim, i hope this film is good and happy ending….

  4. 4 : Yeun Ju Says:

    ooh~ another drama C:
    sounds fun.

  5. 5 : Tala Says:

    Is this drama in English Subtitles already…..love to know… and check
    it out

  6. 6 : Bob? o.o Says:

    omg! ahhhhhh!! i love Chae Rim, too! & i love Lee Jin Wook! he’s a cutie 😛
    cant wait to watch this moviee. drama is airing today in korea time though. and WITHS2 is subbing this drama :]

  7. 7 : furnaces Says:

    Love Chaerim! Watched the first episode. Seems quite nice!

  8. 8 : nicole Says:

    Anyone pls help where can i watch powerful opponents w/ eng. subs

  9. 9 : juhina-sujufan Says:

    CHAE RIM!!!! i loved her in dal ja spring! she was just amazing. and also the guy from air city and before and after plastic surgery! wow i can’t wait for this till it is subbed.

    for whoever is wondering, WITH S2 fansubbing group have already confirmed they will sub this drama. just check them out at http://www.d-addicts.com


  10. 10 : jessy Says:

    can’t wait to watch it..love chae rim..

  11. 11 : Rowena Says:

    Another series for Chae Rim. Regardless of storyline, if it stars Chae Rim, always go for it.

  12. 12 : Koreandramafan Says:

    Me too, I am a Chae Rim fan since “All about Eve”. Really enjoyed watching the first few episodes. Can’t wait to catch the rest.

  13. 13 : bee Says:

    watch 1 episode already. thumbs up!!!

  14. 14 : Eka-Jkt Says:

    Watched already until episode 2…cool,fun, and I love it! Can’t wait to see the next episodes:) Recommended to watch…

  15. 15 : zayra Says:

    This drama looks great..looking forward for this..
    Does anyone know the wallpaper for this drama?or the link for it?

  16. 16 : nicole Says:

    Does anyone kow where i can watch PO with eng subs already? pls i really want to watch it already

  17. 17 : Rowena Says:

    There are two leading men, wonder whom she would end up with…Does someone know?

  18. 18 : salma Says:


    i love korean drama……..i hope this drama like

    autumn in my heart and sad love story…..

    i like chae rim……i saw oh pil seung

    its lovely drama ^_^

    uae girl……………….

  19. 19 : sany Says:

    I’ve been wacthed for 4 epsd..looks so comedy and romance…
    i think it’s nice movie after who are u…
    it hard to tell that mostly the actor not to handsome but its cool..and kharisma…
    So its makes me want to get korean boy friend hahahah….
    is that to crazy ha?

  20. 20 : ahjussi Says:

    Is the summary correct? I noticed that in Episode 2 there is another female bodyguard with the president and the first lady. So is she really the first one?

  21. 21 : Yong S Jackson Says:

    what is wrong with my e-mail add

  22. 22 : Yong Sun Jackson Says:

    give me hint what is wrong ?

  23. 23 : Unni Says:

    To ahjussi:

    Yup i saw it too. I guess that is the bodyguard of the first lady, so maybe there is something wrong with the summary? Going to watch episode 6 later when i’m free. =D

  24. 24 : Eka-Jkt Says:

    I love this drama…:) Chae Rim is very sweet and good acting. Can’t wait to watch the next episodes..hope its happy end…:)

  25. 25 : C_slim Says:

    This is another great series from Korea. Two thumbs up again for Korean writers and directors!!!! I can already tell that this series is nice even if i just watched the 2 episodes of it. Job well done. I can’t wait to see the next episodes… pls upload the next episodes soon…
    Thank you!!!!

  26. 26 : Eka-Jkt Says:

    watched already until episodes 4..I love it. can’t wait to see the next one. Hmm..I hope chan young Jin will be end up with Ryu Gwan Pil:)

  27. 27 : Goong Ju Says:

    Wow another nice drama to watch. Good work

  28. 28 : C_slim Says:

    Thank you for uploading episodes 3 and 4…I really appreciate it.
    I agree with u Eka- Jkt..I’m also hoping that Chan Young Jin will end up with Ryu Gwan Pil. But it looks like it will be Young Jin and Kang Soo Ho in the end.

  29. 29 : Eka-Jkt Says:

    Hope it will be happy end drama…whoever chan young jin end up with as long as it is happy for both, I Agree:)

  30. 30 : kojonup07 Says:

    hi everybody…annyeong..i really agreed witheka-Jkt…very hope chan yong jin end together with ryu gwan pil…i know that guy love her..in whatever situation…it’s okey as long as happy ending….

  31. 31 : Sang Hee Says:

    i’ve been enjoying this series from the start and have been following it! i think the President’s son is cute, not sure if his name is choi ja hye? K-dramas rock!!!

  32. 32 : KOREAN Says:

    this kdrama is unlike all other dramas its very exciting in the fact that it is a love triangle story, however what the writers have tried to do here is very good and should be recognised by other writers they created a very loveable bunch of supporting cast. that means that the drama is not so focused on just the obviuos love triangle but lets you escape from that and make you laugh at times and really caters for the person watching. the family of young jin for me are absolutely hilarious and keep the drama from sinking. and lastly i would just like to say that i’ve noticed a lot of you are really for gwang pil winning young jin, however what you must realise is that kand su ho has suffered a lot in this drama and has a lot of pain he is still carrying from past wounds so to say that he will get involved in a love triangle for young jin and come out short is just beyond me. what that would do to the drama is murder in broad daylight becoz i for one know that he will never accept that if he gets in to a race for a women from the same person who abandoned him.

    just my 2 cents.

  33. 33 : Koreandramafan Says:

    I have watched till Episode 8 & can’t wait to catch the rest. What I don’t understand is why the episode ratings in Korea is below expectation. I thought this drama should rank in the top ten !

  34. 34 : hollywoodc Says:

    Now this is an interesting and intriguing piece of drama. Chae Rim looking very good as compare to her previous looks in the other dramas. Like her better than a lot of other over-rated Korean actress.
    It’s only ep. 8 and I wonder what the writers have in store for us, hope they do not end slopply and boring like those other dramas. No death please. A lot of viewers are hoping Young Jin end up with Gwang Pil. It does not matter to me who YJ end up with, both the guys are alright too. However, Kang Su Ho need to grow up along the way as Young Jin is more mature than him. Love is one matter, living with an inmature man is tough.
    I also am pondering when will they reveal the entire truth about the past between Eun Young, Su Ho and Gwang Pil.
    What’s the story behind the daughter of Gwang Phil?
    I am curious to know.
    I am so looking forward to upcoming ep. Recommend to watch.

  35. 35 : Leilani Says:

    I’m looking forward to watch Powerful Opponents. I hope it will be a happy ending.

  36. 36 : simone Says:

    i would to see gwan pil and young jin have a happy ending…he’s so great in fighting

  37. 37 : Kimberly Sarreal Says:

    Thanks for the critique, Hollywood, always trust you… I’ve been looking forward to this one. Will start soon, let us know how you like the ending.

  38. 38 : roi Says:

    to hollywoodc and koreandramafan,pls. may i know where did you watched ep.5-8 coz i’m eagerly to know where will i watch it.i’m waiting to death to know or watch the next ep.so, pls….. tell me.thanks in advance……

  39. 39 : hollywoodc Says:

    Hello Roi, go to veoh.com. they have up to ep. 10 released now. however it’s in korean only, no eng. sub. yet. I have watched up to ep. 10 and can let you guys know that it is very exciting. Kimberly, I will do not want to reveal the story so far and you have to watch it yourself. It would not be fun to know the ending, that would kill one joy and excitement. Oh! Mysoju.com have it eng. sub. up till ep. 4 only.

  40. 40 : hollywoodc Says:

    guys on second thought this drama sucks becoz chae rim is gonna end up with the old ugly guy which is kind of a lost cause, becoz everyone i knew wanted kang su ho to end up with young jin. but seeing as that is not the case here flop from me, so everyone dont waste ur time and sorry about my earlier analysis i was saddly mistaken to believe that the korean film industry has surpassed that decade of old cliches and plots.
    best regards ur trust worthy friend.

  41. 41 : hollywoodc Says:

    Hey, No. 40 (hollywoodc) my twin. Why do you also wanted to use my name to?

  42. 42 : amelia Says:

    this drama is really awesome ..
    i dun understand korean language n eng Subtitle only till eps 4 haiya…
    i cant wait to watch the rest..

    where can i find the rest of eps with ENG subtitle???
    i really addict with this drama..

    what i do is watch preview of eps 5,6,7,8,9,10,11..haiya…

    really dun understand what they are talking…
    i just can see their expression..

    Hope, veoh and mysoju will quickly uploud this drama with ENG subtitle…

    Pls support this drama..
    this drama reallly NICE and GOOD..
    u Guys cant miss it Ok…
    HIgh recommend to watch…

  43. 43 : May Says:

    i like chae rim and I enjoyed this drama. But frankly speaking, I can’t stand the idea of her character ending up with the ugly guan ping. Sorry guys as I know that many of you are hoping that they will end up together and after watching 9 episodes, I have a feeling that they will end up together. So, like Hollywoodc, I don’t even feel like watching the drama anymore. But I do hope that there will be a twist of plot…. and yong jin will end up with the president’s son.

  44. 44 : McJayJay Says:

    i love this! im on episode 5 right now and i just love all the actors
    lee jin wook looks really good with this hairstyle
    and i love Chae rim, that was one of the reasons why i started this drama
    i love it

  45. 45 : sonnu Says:

    i love this serialll

  46. 46 : sonnu Says:

    i love to watch korean movies n serials saranghea

  47. 47 : sany Says:

    i’m so curious want to know at the end Cha young jin with Kang soo ho or with Ryu gwan pil coz both of guys so intersting…
    One is cool and the other is so wild …

  48. 48 : jamjam Says:

    ei guys pls help where can i watch episodes 5 onwards with english subs. im really eager to watch this drama. thanks very much

  49. 49 : Fasiris Fay Says:

    Hi, does anyone know where I can watch after episode 4 with english subtitles of this drama? And I mean hard subbed, cause I know that the rest of episodes are up but you have to open a separate box to read the subtitles since it’s just text.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

  50. 50 : hollywoodc Says:

    May (no.43) you embody everything am for thank you, for actually being on the same page as me on this one. having that ugly old guy ending up with young jin is like committing daylight robbery for one and any one hoping for that is really in need of some assistance from their medical practitioner fast. becoz that would mean split personality might be effecting your judgment. never liked love triangle dramas but ones like these just make me boil so much inside i feel like as if am aging just seeing that old guys face (yuck).
    run people run if the first ten episodes are to believed then dont turn back.

  51. 51 : Kim Says:

    hollywoodc you make a great statement here because i feel like that too, i cant even stand that ugly gwang phil ending up with chae rim it will feel so awkward seeing them too together.
    i’m losing hope fast but like you and May am hoping that the plot has a twist at the end, i feel that would ease the swelling on my head a little from a drama that has been up till now unbearable.
    thanks again hollywoodc for that hope to see ur response on the nest episode.

  52. 52 : kk Says:

    I agree, vote for KSH! Fingers crossed…

  53. 53 : Cyndi Says:

    No way! That’s just crazy then if Suho loses to Gwan Pil again. If that happens then this story wouldn’t make sense. As how things appear now, Suho suppose to be the leading guy. Why’d they put him in a competition with Gwan Phil for another girl and him losing again. I think he’s been in pain for long enough. Gosh spare him the pain ppl. lol

    I’m totally mad out about Smile Again cause of how the main girl treats Lee Jin wook in there (who’s such a sweety!) and I had to ditch that drama for this one. If this one isn’t turning out good, I’m just gonna quit it too.

    Really recommend Someday, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. lol

  54. 54 : Eka-Jkt Says:

    Hi guys..do you all already watch ep.11-12? it will explained alot about the past of gwan pil and so hoo. Well..let’s see how’s the ending goes…as long as Cha young jin is happy…with whom she might end up with I’ll be satisfied:)

  55. 55 : Ashley Says:

    it seems like most of u guys prefer Kang Soo Ho…
    BUT I PREFER Ryu Gwan Pil!!
    i dont think he is ugly.

  56. 56 : kk Says:

    Hi guys, I am totally won over by Kang Su Ho in esp 13. Loved what he did for Yong Jin, but why there is a twist? 7 eps to go…I am hoping to see a good ending.

  57. 57 : Han Says:

    Who will Young Jin end up with in the end? Ryu Gwan Pil on the left or Kang Soo Ho on the right? I think this is the question on many viewer’s mind since the drama is going to end soon and it still doesn’t give a very clear indication of this.

    However, after watching episode 14 yesterday, I can sorta predict that Young Jin may end up with Gwan Pil in the end. Well its just a prediction. I was “tricked” by a news report from Korea yesterday that there will be a 2nd kiss scene between Young Jin and Soo Ho, so I had decided to watch the live telecast watching for that scene. But to my disappointment, the kiss scene was weak and its a “forced” one. On the other hand, the scene that Gwan Pil hugged Young Jin yesterday gave quite a clear indication of how the ending is going to be.

    As much as I support Soo Ho, i really think the screenwriter is going to Gwan Pil and Young Jin together or at best, none of them ends up together. It will be a disappointment to many Soo Ho supporters. I seriously hope that I am wrong and Young Jin ends up with Soo Ho. Gwan Pil is too perfect except for his appearance, which is kind of unrealistic. Soo Ho will be better, don’t ask me why. Remember to watch the continue watching if you want to know the ending.

    The left or the Right

  58. 58 : Sharon Ng Says:

    I so wanted her to be with KANG SU HO as well!! Please please please if anyone know the ending, do post that cos’ we are only at esp 6 now …

  59. 59 : Goong Ju Says:

    Please continue uploading the rest of the episodes, i am depending on this link to watch. Many thanks

  60. 60 : angel Says:

    hi! do u know u could watch at our website till Ep 14?

  61. 61 : Hollywoodc Says:

    Well this is not a surprise as i predicted b4 this drama is very painful to watch because you know the writers are just gonna leave you with a wound because they are obviously favoring a guy who i thinks is nothing but ugly and ruins the whole picture of a family that could consists of kang su ho nong jim and young jin. The perfect picture of a happy family will be ruined if you know what i mean Kim brace yourself as this is the turning point for this drama i predict she will end up with gwang pil aaaaaaaaaaaaaah i hate to say it though lets please all pray and hope for a late late very late twist.

  62. 62 : maniez jkt Says:

    I love this drama very much.. I watch this drama through KBS world however it’s still on episode 6. I also hope that Cha Youngjin will end up with Kang Su Ho. Are there anyone know that Lily is the real daughter of Yu Gwanpil? My opinion that Lily is the daughter of Kang Su Ho with Eunyoung, don’t you think?

  63. 63 : viper1 Says:

    hi, can som1 plz tell me wer i can watch ep 5?

  64. 64 : fazHOLIC Says:

    angel, u said that we could watch this series untill ep 14 but what is ur site link?

  65. 65 : maniez jkt Says:

    I think the link that Angel talking about is the “Watch online with Chinese Subtitle” http://www.xiaoli.cc/video/detail/1770
    because when I open the link “Watch online with English Subtitle” is only until episode 4.

  66. 66 : fazHOLIC Says:

    ohh, but i need the eng subtitles

  67. 67 : kdalhee Says:

    anneyounghaseyo everybody… bet me okey…sure that young ji together with gwan phil…coz…ksh have kid already…

    i hope and wish that…..gwan phil more gentlement that ksh…means he is more suitable wiith young ji…

    any way…hope every body happy with the ending then…

  68. 68 : sany Says:

    4 some reason …i think i like chae rim with the cool gwang phil for the end,coz u you know ,thats why the reason why i keep wacthed this drama….
    Yes u right ashley he is not ugly buts is cool and gentleman..
    It is identity for all the cool korean drama….cool guys…
    cant wait to see 14 epds i saw gwan pil hug chae rim…..

  69. 69 : carpetfibers Says:

    Hi all!

    So I’ve watched up to episode 11 of Powerful Opponents, and I absolutely love it. I think the pacing has been really well done so far; the romance is very nicely balanced with character development and storyline challenges. Lee Jin Wook’s character, KSH, has been a tad aggravating at times, but his progression has still been nicely played. Overall, Powerful Opponents has been such a nice change to all the extreme angst and *boring* lush that the past year has provided in general.

    WITH S2 has subbed in English up to episode 11, and you can find the subs along with a batched file of the raws at d-addicts.com. If you’re a less patient person (like myself), you can download the links and the subs from megaupload by using the jdramas community at livejournal.com. You will need a livejournal account, but as it is free, that shouldn’t be a problem. The direct link to the community is: community.livejournal.com/jdramas. Once you’re logged in and you’ve joined the community, you’ll find the tag on the left side of the page for Powerful Opponents and can download it that way.

    Another handy website to use as well, but insanely full of ads, is idols-unlimited.com. Their community page is slightly less prolific with the ads, so that’s another avenue. Good luck- and can’t wait to see more of this drama.

  70. 70 : angel Says:

    try http://www.56.com

  71. 71 : angel Says:

    can also use VeohTV if u don need subtitle

  72. 72 : Sammy Says:

    i dont know which one to download to watch with eng subs. is it Ental? or Shiniwa? i have window xp, i am addicted to watching this drama please help me? :] thanks(=

  73. 73 : angel Says:

    sorry, they don have subtitle. i watched with chinese sub. can watch at youtube n 56 until Ep 14 with chinese sub.

  74. 74 : Caroline Says:

    I read the comments from various Chinese and English websites and it seems that in this particular website, more people are for CR with KSH. It is not so in the Chinese websites, the support are equal or more for Gwanpil.

    KSH may look very ‘appealing’ or trendy but if I choose my lifelong partner I will pick Gwanpil for his sacrificial, unselfish personality. The type that will stand by you for good or worse in life. I’m really touched. One vote for Gwanpil.

  75. 75 : maniez jkt Says:

    I thought the episodes are until 20 but now only until 16, so there are 2 episode left? Is someone have watched the episode 15 yesterday? is that mean tonight is the last episode? I’m so curious about the result, is it KSH or Gwanpil?

  76. 76 : warmsunnysun Says:

    me prefer GP… but from the trailer for ep 16…can she make it after ?

  77. 77 : warmsunnysun Says:

    Oh…I watch it from youtube with Chinese sub….uploaded by user vincent57, http://www.youtube.com/user/vincet57 the episodes are up to 14… I watched the previews from another user http://www.youtube.com/user/dejavupacino … select the ones you want to watch directly from their account, you can find them all at one go. :))

  78. 78 : 07 Says:

    wa…i really love this drama.its drive me nuts..
    the story is so good.im waiting fot the vcd to come out here in malaysia..
    rght nw, im just watching at KBS world in astro..huhu..

  79. 79 : Chev Says:

    Heard that in the end she didn’t choose either guys?! OMG, that is the worst ending! ARgh

  80. 80 : han Says:

    Just saw the live telecast of the final episode. Shouldn’t say what happen in the end but the ending was… really bad…

  81. 81 : Bebe7017 Says:

    can someone please tell me what happend at the end? who did she end up with?

  82. 82 : warmsunnysun Says:

    Orhhh…no good huh? well…can guess then :`(

  83. 83 : Bebe7017 Says:

    That’s too bad…I really love Gwan Pil and expected her to be with him at the end….that’s not fair…:((((((((….

  84. 84 : sany Says:

    Hi no 80 u already wacthed till the end epsd… u sad that is not nice ending..to bad…..
    i’m so curious to wacthed the next epsd but now…hu..
    why they made movie like that?dissapointed….i wish ch with gp…
    but any way thank u 4 information no 8o…
    so i dont have to expected to wacthed next epsd
    i think i change another movie..women in the sun look so nice

  85. 85 : arfatha Says:

    hye guys
    is it true dat the ending was so bad??
    wat actually happnd??
    i really wanna know please………………

  86. 86 : warmsunnysun Says:

    Juz my 2 cents worth….I had a quick glance at the last episode…(din see the whole thing) but thought it looks like there’s room for imagination… too bad the source i am watching took the segments off, so i can’t view it for now….

  87. 87 : JC Says:

    Hi all, for those who don’t intend to watch the last ep yup she chose no one and think the ending is done in a very ‘weak’ way-quite a dissapointment..thought the front part of the show was good, but the plot and style of delivery gets ‘weaker’ towards the end. Too bad..I’m a supporter of Gwan Pil too…

  88. 88 : han Says:

    To those who wish to know the ending, you can click on the link below so that i won’t spoil for those who do not wish to know.

    Does it have a powerful ending?

  89. 89 : angel Says:

    i jus finished watching the last ep 16 in tudou. ending is not good 🙁
    i thot she will choose KSH. don like this kind of ending.. sob sob…

  90. 90 : Goong Ju Says:

    Can someone tell me where else i can watch this drama with english subtitle, PLEASE……..I’ve been waiting for it. It seems that the english subtitle are not being downloaded in this website anymore. I am so sad. I am very lost now. Sob…sob….

  91. 91 : Basusha Says:

    I want Cha to be Gwon Pil so bad, SH is too childish for me. I loved this drama up untill 15. I think she should have stake her claim for Pil with a kiss in esp 15, but instead it leave you with nothing. This suppose to be a romance but it fail miseable. I don’t know what going on with these screen writer with these weak drama they are producting lately. They really need to take a hint from some Tdrama such as Fated to Love, that a drama that have romance and act on it….Going off track “sorry” It just so sad that Kdrama can never really deliver a good ending. I can only name a hand full that have successed. What a disappointment!!!!!!

  92. 92 : Taber Says:

    The worst ending ever, she should have just die! The screenwriter for this drama should be band until she/he get some respect for the viewer. I’m so mad I really want her with Gwon Pil! I wonder if I can sue for my wasted 16 hours lol. You are so right “Basuha” about Fated to Love” the one thing Tdrama do have over Kdrama is they ablity to have they actor/actess embrace intimacy I hate how Kdrama have a great storyline, talent actor/actress but totally lacking when it comes to physical contact, if I see another close mouth , arm pinned to the side kiss I will scream!!!! Did I menation I have lost my voice. There would never be a kiss like Princess Hour in this lifetime and it SAD because Kdrama have a way of making feel the love between the character, but always fall short due to the lack of emotion. There is nothing more disappointment then too grown adult deeply in love standing there with they mouth press together like a statue. I not talking tongue down her/his mouth but can’t she wrap her arms around his neck? There are was to kiss with you mouth open with tongue contact, I don’t know how but I heard it can be done. Tdrama “They Kiss again” had it down to a science… Going off track again…….I’m done.

  93. 93 : HOLLYWOODC Says:

    Not that disappointing an ending, maybe they are vying for a sequel???
    Maybe not.
    Anyway, it up to individual view and imagination then. The additional 2 other new characters seem pretty interesting.

    Anyone for a romance, comedy and good ending. Watch The Last Scandal of my Life. Highly, recommended.

  94. 94 : C_slim Says:

    whew~~~ i’ve been waiting for the next episodes to be uploaded but it seems that there’s nobody updating this site.. oh pls where are the next episodes???? can’t wait to see it!!

  95. 95 : C_slim Says:

    I agree with u Goong Ju~~~ until now i’m still waiting for the next episodes to come~~ huhuhu

  96. 96 : kdalhee Says:

    oh no..how’s the ending sooo bad…i HATE and very MAD with script writer….why those people agreed with the ending.,aigo…please lah….dont’t make me and all kdrama fan mad…I agreed with Taber, the screenwriter for this drama should be band until she/he get some respect for the viewer.

    BTW 5 tumbs to GWAN PHILL..have a good health and hope to see you in next project…..sarangheyo….

  97. 97 : C_slim Says:

    I agree with u Taber and kdalhee~~ I also want Chae rim to end up with Gwan Phil!!!!

  98. 98 : Parker Says:

    I agree with (Basuha, Taber, C-slim and Kdulhee) about the ending of Powerful. I also agree with (Hollywood) about Last Scandal is on my top 5 list and my favorite K-drama so far. It’s a must see drama they did everything right from the Beginning to the best ending ever fabulous drama.

  99. 99 : simone Says:

    such a waste…

  100. 100 : C_slim Says:

    To hollywood and Parker..Many times had I try to buy “Last Scandal” but I’m always having a second thought of buying it bcoz i’m not so sure whether it’s a good poject or not. Now that you have recommended it, I might as well watch it.


  101. 101 : Kimberly Sarreal Says:

    Hopefull the ending is not quite what this GREAT screenwriter had in mind, if so it would be a departure. The screenwriter Kang Eun Kyung is responsible for really good dramas (with good clean endings) like Hotelier, Oh Dal Ja’s Sping & Oh Pil Seung. There were a couple of sad endings; Hello God, etc… Perhaps the Director or Production company wanted to leave the drama open ended, as Hollywood says, for a sequel???

    Anyway the drama was worth watching and, yes there does seem to be a habit recently of leaving the ending to the viewers imagination. Right on as usual Hollywood!

  102. 102 : Yen - Jkt Says:

    I have already seen until finish.. and it leaved A BIG QUESTION MARK.. I hope she can end up with Gwang Pil or else something remarkable with him..

  103. 103 : Hollywoodc Says:

    Thanks Kimberly Sarreal for agreeing with me. To those who expected a perfect ending, it’s it too boring. Don’t you think that the unexpected is more exciting than the expected, especially in real life?
    No disappointment then, right.

  104. 104 : Parker Says:

    Holly wood, I wasn’t expecting a perfect ending but I was expecting closure. There is nothing exciting about an open ending drama. It really disappointed that Powerful Opponents finished this way. As for the comment Kimberly made about a sequel. I would have enjoyed seeing a sequel of this drama but with this kind of ended it just not logical. Who in they right mind would watch another 16 episode of the same drama? In Hollywood that is not a sequel ending this is what we call a remake. If she would have made the choice preferable Gwang Pil I could see where a sequel could be thought of in some viewer mind. The screen writer have a lot of angle to work with, even is she would have let Cha Young chose. For example So Hoo working on his relationship with his daughter at the same time adjusting to the woman he loves being with Gwang Pil. The lady trying out for the bodyguard could be a threat to Gwang Pil and Cha young newfound love there a lot the screen writer could have done with a proper ending, but as it stands now this is a good drama that has one of the worst K-drama ending.

  105. 105 : Barbara Says:

    I have read most of the review and the one person that stay in my mind is “Hollywood” since there a two people using the same name I referring to the one that stated that this drama is not worth watching because Cha Young end up with the ugly old man. Are you in elementary school? I complete this drama and the old ugly guy is the one that made this drama good. I don’t think any one with they own mind would chose not to watch a drama base on your shallow comment, but the way I balance the universe is by addressing those kind of shallow comments. Now for my opinion on Powerful Opponents, I have to agree with Taber, Basha and I think Parker that the ending was awful, this wasn’t the kind of drama that should have be open-end it really need closure regardless of thought of a sequel which I believe wasn’t the reason behind this ending. Even if that was the thought process Cha Young making a choice would have not had taking away from that plan.

  106. 106 : Hollywoodc Says:

    I absolutely agree with Barbara, the other Hollywood, don’t use my name since we are years apart. You are definite elementary compare to me and has yet to live life to understand some of those mature dramas.
    Be yourself.

    As to Parker, yes, a closure would be good as most would expect. However, you are at the very moment finishing the story the way you wanted it. That’s imagination on your part. Parker, from your comments, I can tell that you are one sincere and loyal person.

    For me, I am Young Jin, young, pretty and would love to take the opportunity to meet others before I settle down with one true love?
    We are the same type of people who love romance and will watch it over and over again regardless who acted them and any senerio, with great, lousy or even open ending like this one. Trust me, if they, I mean the writers and producers come up with another sequel or remake, we will watch it. I would. It is purely out of curiosity and we will want to find out the story. Hell, I am one of those K-drama addicts and will watch any K-dramas when it is capitivating enough to hold my interest. I believe these Korean actors and actress are better in their craft as compared to some of the other asian actors. They can pull off a similar storyline and capture an audience. That’s why, we are still watching their dramas.

  107. 107 : askwhat07 Says:

    i had watch this drama until what episodes i dunno coz im busy doing other things..
    but, so far, the story is good..
    but the love triangle between suho,gwanpil and yeongjin is getting excited..huhu..

  108. 108 : Goong Ju Says:

    To whoever that has downloaded the rest of the episode with english subtitle, THANKS a millions. At last im able to continue watching & enjoying the drama. Bravo

  109. 109 : jarenz Says:

    Powerful opponents is such a very nice and unique drama story. Based on the ending ive watched( ep.16) i guess, Yeongjin will end up with Soo Ho. Why? because it is Yeongjin whom Soo Ho is telling Kknot Nim he’s going to propose in 3 yrs time after the end of his father term as President.

    It was stated in the letter written on the little notebook of YJ how SH truly love YJ. That he wanted to become a better person for her. How? by attending in a Graduate School. You can also predict that YJ already have feelings for SH when she smiles after reading what SH had written in her notebook.

    Also, in every hardship SH faced, YJ is always at his side helping him. The same does to YJ as well. So this only mean that Soo Ho and Yeongjin might end up together.

    Anyway, to me, the drama was worth watching. The only problem is the writer leaves the viewers with a room full of imagination. Which i think make other viewers so upset.

  110. 110 : blackroze Says:

    hi everyone i began to see the korean drama recently at the end of last year ,its wonderful ,lovely ,warm and new.anyaway i see it on kbs world on arab satellite if you have this satellite try to open on addounia channal there is awonderful drama called (big dreams ) so warm amazing kind of drama but unfortunatly its not translat it into english .
    but i know for sure you will like it if you understand arabic try to see it
    for addicated drama viwer the syrian drama is wonderful

  111. 111 : Imuyachan Says:

    i like Lee Jinwook since Air City…. recently lotsa question marked ending in korean dramas 🙂 but that’s ok.. leave the viewers with their own imagination 🙂 Jinwook oppa fighting 🙂

  112. 112 : oznblu Says:

    I’m still watching this drama & it gets better each epis. however based from what i’m seeing from postings here it looks like it’s an open-ending again so typical of some kdrama series — i don’t know why the screenwriters seem to have that kind of passion for ending their dramas in something like that, for example Lovers in Paris it had a confusing ending as well! I believe we all can agree that they should leave us with at least an ending that would suffice our minds & not be second-guessing! However, I’m loving this series, it’s unique & l just love Lee Jin Wook as Su Ho and i hope Chae Rim ends up with him as he likes her very much! Gwan Phil also wld be good for her! LJW you’re as cute as a button! Sarang

  113. 113 : Parker Says:

    I just finished watching this drama I was upset with the terrible open-ending, but now that I clam down I realize that the open ending wasn’t so bad. First I fell in love with Gwan Pil in this drama. His strength, intelligence, compassionate, passion and love he display in this drama captivated me. I really wanted him with Cha Young Jin in the beginning but after watching this drama again I realize that Kang Soo Ho is a better fit for her. Kang Soo Ho needs some one to help him grown into a man and help him be a good man. Yoo Gwang Pil is that already. The reason I wanted Gwan Pil with Chan Young Jin was due to her strength and Gwan Pil and her has a very intense chemistry. When I watch this drama a second time I notice Cha Young Jin only seem strong when she beside the weak Kang Soo Ho. When she next to Gwan Pil she became indecisive little girl that don’t know what she want. It was cute in the beginning but it gets tiresome really fast. Looking at this from this point of view is why I think the open-ending isn’t so bad.

    The one thing I couldn’t accepted if Ggot Nim start calling Kang Soo Hoo dad, since her in Gwan Pil relationship was what really completed this drama. The screen writer understood that and respected it by having her call kang Soo Hoo uncle and Gwan Pil dad in the end. I wouldn’t put too much on that comment about the 3 years. In that short encounter with the new chief I saw good chemistry. Gwan Pil look good with that new female bodyguard she seem more mature.

  114. 114 : Re Says:

    Yes.. There is a BIG question mark in the ended episode. But at least, the producer has tried to make the Gwang Pil’s character more stronger especially for his love case with Young Jin. In episode 15, when he hold Young Jin so tied… oohh..cool… and other scenes.

    I hope this forum able to make the korean producers more realized about the imaginary movie that they wants to see…

  115. 115 : Rowena Says:

    Me too, I don’t want a hanging ending. It’s a series, and you follow the episode day by day, just to leave you gasping for it’s appropriate ending. Well, anyway, I will give this one a try…let me see why the writer could not make up his mind where to hand in Chae Rim at the end of the series..

  116. 116 : kdramaholic Says:

    anyonghaseyo…to me, this drama is fair…i watched till the end…..what i got is so dispointted…made me mad…i aspected gwan phil will together with young jin…but….very2 bad ending…

    btw I agreed with Re,,, hope the korean producers make more realized about the imaginary movie that they wants to see…

  117. 117 : aks Says:

    i enjoyed this drama right from d start. i feel its one of the coolest drama series till now. truly d best of all. i enjoyed every bit of it, but i was quite unhappy with the ending… i mean der shud have been at least a hint whether cha younggin likes suho or gwanpil!! such an ending was quite disappointing… but overall i give it a ****1/2 star rating out of 5. in my opinion if the ending wasnt left suspended it wud hav been much better or is it that theres goin to b a second season???!!!

  118. 118 : Goong Ju Says:

    Thanks to the producer for such a beautiful drama. I enjoyed it so much. It was awesome. The casts were great. CHAE RIM’s acting was excellent, she acted something really different from her past acting & she delivered it well. Eventhough the ending wasn’t well receive by most viewers but that was ok for me. Highly recommand. Love to see you again CHAE RIM with more outstanding character in future. Bravo

  119. 119 : starz12 Says:

    this drama, i dont like.. the plot is messy and very ordinary. the acting is average. nothing special in this drama. chae rim however did a good job. the ending,?? dont even ask…

    what’s up with korean dramas lately..? they make very nice beginning with speechless ending.., but i didnt like this drama from the start anyway, so i didnt expect much of it..
    thanks for the drama though, appriciate your effort.

  120. 120 : isho Says:

    i liked Gwang Pil in the begin of the show and still did in the end, to me it seem the female star was going into his way in which case she was going to Suho because she felt sorry for him and the other hand it look like she wanted to be with Gwang Pil, him been all manly and all and having a huge responsibilities that he want through to protect his best friend Suho and that is why i think that Suho should let it least ones have Gwang pil his way instead of being self and he should think for a minute

    (am talking about Suho, i didn’t like him from the begin of the stroy becacse he was a grown men that was acting as a teenager, What is that? if you don’t like the way you live that just leave his a grown man)

  121. 121 : Emilza Says:

    I just watched the first episode, and i think this drama was funny.
    For Chae Rim, she is a talanted artist…
    Keep the good work.

  122. 122 : jarenz Says:

    Thank you so much for the person who uploaded this video here. Ive enjoyed it so much. Honestly, i dont even get tired of watching this beautiful drama here over and over again. As far as i know, many people here get disappointed cuz they say that it wasn’t revealed whom CJY might end-up with. But to their surprise, the drama itself shows whom Cha Yeongjin might end up with. And its clearly Suho.

    Try to watch episode 16 again and again=)

  123. 123 : HannyBae Says:

    did Chae Rim play in “all about eve” too? Something different about her. Is it her hairstyle? Or maybe, they’re not the same person?

  124. 124 : Lumi Says:

    Hi HannyBae.
    Yes, Chae Rim was in ALL ABOUT EVE. You can see her filmography in the ACTRESS section of this website. She is one of my favorites. Not only is she pretty but good in drama and comedy. I liked Dalja’s Spring and Oh Pil Seung very much, too.

    Powerful Opponents is also very good. I saw it in two days. Did you notice Ryu Jin as her new boss (the guy she bumps into towards the end of episode 16))?

  125. 125 : Luna Says:

    I think the ending is fine. Not all romantic dramas need to end with the girl choosing a certain guy. The ending is consistent and respectuful of what the female character’s goal in life is and what she really wants in this point in her life: to be respected for her prefessionalism and rise through the ranks with her hard work. She is not looking for romance nor does she show any affection to the guys other than friendship and solidarity. She knows that once she becomes emotionally involved, she is sabotaging her dreams. Some time in the future she might want to fall in love and a family, but not now.

  126. 126 : Kimora Says:

    I don’t normally respond to viewer comment because it a opinion and everyone is entitled to have one but “Jarenz”, I think you need to watch the whole drama again and not just one episode (16) to base your fact on. Throughout this drama Gwon Pil has been the man who had Chan emotion on a roll coaster. Sho and her relationship were pretty much defined as older sister and annoying brother kind of way. Sho on the other hand care for her as a woman, so I can see where you are confused because you are looking at it from his point of view. If you look at it from Cha I think you see the only person in her eye range is Gwon Pil. I think she chose not to be with Gwon Pil due to her career and there are a lot of woman that do that now days, but regret it later in life when they are alone. Cha could have stay focus on her career without sacrificing her heart. To think otherwise is a little demeaning to us as woman. Man in the same position could have a career and life and to think that Chae as a woman would be too emotional to balance both is crazy. Sho comment in the car about asking someone to married him in three years doesn’t mean Chae going to accept his heart. If you really want to stay focus on episode 16 watch the brief inter action between her and her new chief. This is an open ending drama so there are many ways this drama can go it up to your interpretation nothing was clearly stated.

    The best part of the drama for me was Gwon Pil and his daughter (Nim)relationship, the storyline and the chemistry between them was excellent. I applause the screen writer for maintaining 8 years of love and hardship they had to go through together. Every time I watch the scene when Gwon Pil explained to Chan about why she don’t cry out loud I tear up and how she kept unpacking her stuff when she felt he was over packing for an weekend trip. How she couldn’t sleep till she spoke to him and I especially love the part when he was sick and she told him that why she can’t leave him because there will be no one to take care of him, love it all. The relationship between Sho and her is good as while but she acknowledge Gwon Pil as her father and Sho as an uncle is the only thing that was clear in episode 16.

    I personally would have like her to have made a chose due to her being careear minded, it would have be great to show that a woman is able to balance a personal life and a demand career, men do it everyday. Since I wanted to see that happen I wanted her with Gwon Pil because I think he the one person that understand how important her job is to her and know her as a woman. I can see them growing together but with Sho I see her raising him.

    As for the comment about an sequel, this not Hollywood this is a K-drama I would love to know what K-drama that has a sequel? I know Princess Hour fail through and Full house is still on hold. I know that there was a sequel to It Started With A Kiss but that is a tw-drama not K-drama. Viewer be realitic you might never see a K-drama sequel most of the time the person dies……

  127. 127 : Kelly Says:

    Throughout this drama Gwon Pil and Chae related to each other as man and woman. In espisode 15 she basically acknowledge his feeling for her and admited that she feel has feeling for for him. I think she is scary of her feeling for Gwon Pil because having them would make it hard or her to work and that very important to her right now. She told him it wouldnt take long, his responds was I know. She said be it love or detest what they feel for each other is very deep, his respond I know. Right now I need time and I want to focus on my job, his respond I know. Chan has never acknowledge any feeling for Sho other then him being the the president son. I think she like him but not a a man, and not the same intensity that she had with Gwon Pil, that just my opinion on the matter.

    I also agree with Kirmora about the relationship between Gwon and his Gnot Nim it was beautiful………..

  128. 128 : jun Says:

    i already finish..my comment “i hate it”! when i had to choose either gwang phil or su ho..
    the ending..dont ask! why the storyline make the viewer had to choose..
    its good if its had the real ending..right????!!! coz i like both..so im crazy to think who will win.so, i hate this story.

  129. 129 : Sue Says:

    (Luna) I agree with you to a certain point. The female lead doesn’t always have to pick a guy in a romantic drama but if she doesn’t then she should die….. that the Korean drama way…..lol

  130. 130 : Tammy Says:

    loved this show and i like it thourout

  131. 131 : Tammy Says:

    ow, i forget to recommite it to other views to this show. so watch it if you have a free time.

  132. 132 : ma Says:

    i just loved watching this show and i liked Gwangi more than i did with Suho^^

  133. 133 : emi Says:

    hey, do you guys know where i can watch this drama?

  134. 134 : jarenz Says:

    hello kimora! i did watch the whole drama that’s why i come up with that analization. I know CYJ never chose in any between Suho and Gwanpil. Because of her dream in becoming a Chief Bodyguard someday. BUT if you watch over and over episode 16. It is clearly shown that CYJ is starting to like Suho( d notebook of CYJ given by Suho wherein his love declaration 4 CYJ was written, d part where CYJ smile while picking-up his notebook cuzshe remembers Suho and when she was shot and in the hospital wherein she had dream)..in those scene u can see that they MIGHT end up with each other. Im not saying that Cha Yeongjin actually end up with Kang Suho. Because it was not stated/shown in the drama. Im just making possibilities of what MIGHT happened after the ending.

    Nweiz, thank you so much for your comment..Im surprised that you recognized me through that. God bless=)

  135. 135 : Kimora Says:

    My apologies “Jarenz” I shouldn’t have ask to watch episode 16 again but to read your review again. I attached it below for you can see why I made my comment. If you get a chance also read 127 Kelly I think she put it perfectly.

    “As far as I know, many people here get disappointed cuz they say that it wasn’t revealed whom CJY might end-up with. But to their surprise, the drama itself shows whom Cha Yeongjin might end up with. And its clearly Suho.”

    Looking foreward to reading your reveiw on the new drama coming out 🙂

  136. 136 : jarenz Says:

    hi kimora! its ok. People have different opinion. Im hoping(cross fingers) that this drama series will have a sequel in the near future. It is indeed a very beautiful drama series with a perfect cast of characters portraying the roles and not to forget the OST. Eventhough i don’t understand a single korean word, still i downloaded the songs used in this series. Honestly, i always watched korean drama series(as long as it has english subtitles) rather than watching our own drama series here in the Philippines. Most korean drama series have a unique storyline which is very interesting to watch for.

  137. 137 : Tiramisu Says:

    I like this drama in the beginning but the ending is really really not satisfy with ending. It is like not sure ending. You pretty much have to guess. This writer must be undecided who is marry who. I like Chae Rim, Lee Jon Hyuk and Lee Jin Wook in these drama. They were doing such a good drama. I prefer the ending that Chae Rim and Lee Jon Hyuk are together.

  138. 138 : greatgal Says:

    There is a new trend in K-dramas with open endings. They leave it up to you to make the endings. Recent dramas I’ve seen so far with open endings like Three Daddies with one mom, The Legend and Single daddy in love. It’s okay for me. Why does there have to be an ending. I mean life goes on anything can happen.

  139. 139 : Shane Says:

    (Greatgal) you are correct there is nothing wrong with an open ending but in Power Opponents case it should have been some kind of closure. Three Dads in One Mom open ending was perfect for that storyline. The main actress being with any of her husband best friend would be too much. Single Dad in Love that had an ending the father die and Legend I haven’t seen so I can’t comment.

  140. 140 : smileyac Says:

    I usually don’t have much interest in watching Korean dramas due to its predictability and unrealistic plot and over-dramatization of acting. However, Powerful Opponents have changed my casual perception of Korean dramas being nonsubstanstial. Finally, this is one drama for the more mature audiences (30+) with its interesting plot, wonderful dialogues, great acting, and beautiful actors/actresses. The writer, director, cast and crews have done a wonderful job with this series. Hope to see more of these types of series in the near future.

  141. 141 : smileyac Says:

    regarding the open-ending … I can sympathize with the writer’s predicament over which guy CYJ should choose … considering how wonderful both of them are to her… 😉 and she probably has good feelings toward both of them … however … she seems to promise WP that there maybe a future with him once she has reached the point of satisfaction with her career. BTW — I wonder if in real life … are Korean men as sensitive, caring and romantic as those portrayed in each and everyone of these Korean dramas ???

  142. 142 : si Says:

    I totally agree with you (smileyac) on it being a 30+ and the comment about Gwon Pil, I got the same overview from watching this drama. As for the comment about what Korean man, I think there is no different when it come to (MEN) the GOOD one are GOOD because they have a GOOD woman beside them, the BAD one are BAD because they have a GOOD woman behind them and if you want to be a happy woman just stay in front of them…

    Good Man quote is from my grandmother Barbara Ann Starks LOL

  143. 143 : smileyac Says:

    Hi Si,

    I just finished with the last episode of this series … not quite ready to part with the pure enjoyment of a well written series … but i guess the producers and writers have to go on to other projects … and probably they did not have enough viewers and popularity to propel this series any further … .. Who knows … they might have a sequel in store?

    Anyway, I appreciate your comment on GOOD MAN … but not all GOOD Women are fortunate to meet a good man to support or to stay in front of them … ??? 😉

    BTW— for those who appreciate this series …. any other good ones to recommend ?? since we seem to have the same taste ? 😉

    One more thing … why does Chae Rim in all the dramas written by this writer Kang Eun Kyung ?? Oh Pil Seung, OhDalja’s Spring and this one ??

  144. 144 : si Says:

    Hi (smileyac) I highly recommend Last Scandal it on my top 5 list and I enjoyed Hyena it different from the the normal Korean drama but I enjoyed it greatly. On Air is another drama I enjoyed fail short toward the end but the knowledge you get about the making of a Korean drama in unbelieveable and I thought Park Young Ha was hot in this.

  145. 145 : smileyac Says:

    Thanks Si! I have heard about On Air and very interested to see how things behind the scenes. Have a great day! 😉

  146. 146 : emkay Says:

    okey….drama quiet interesting…but the ending little bit upset…

  147. 147 : smileyac Says:

    Hi Emkay, you are not the only one feeling disappointed with the ending … hopefully they will do a sequel … maybe some interest with Ruy Jin (the new boss ??) … 😉

  148. 148 : emkay Says:

    Hi smileyac, i hope so…

    btw thanks and hv a good day…

  149. 149 : emkay Says:

    hi smileyac, i come again….

    Highly recommend u….The Legend(The Story of the first king four God)…wow…..amazing….esp the King Jooshin and the kind lady always beside him….to me i still keep going watching again, again, again, and again….

    until then…..hope c u with good/bad comment there….

    have a happy watching…

  150. 150 : HannyBae Says:

    Hi Lumi!
    Thx for the info. Yes, Chae Rim is a talented actress. I watch her also in all about eve, but haven’t watched Dalja’s spring and Oh phil seung. Hope to watch those dramas soon.

  151. 151 : smileyac Says:

    thanks EmKay … I’ll watch for it … 😉

    Make it a Happy Day! 😉

  152. 152 : michiko Says:

    i don’t get it! bout the last part which chae rim is on the wheelchair talking to her dad while the recent part is she bump w ryu jin whhich is which?! did she got shot again or its just the continuation of the shoot in the dance contest… can you give me same hit bout this open ending drama… its little disturbing… yeah i agreed with you bout the drama of eugene very cute!

  153. 153 : jarenz Says:

    hello michiko! this is how the story goes, In episode 16 While Suho is competing ,Yeongjin was shot in the abdomen. Then in the hospital at the ICU, Yeongjin dreams of her family, Gwanpil, Suho, Ggnot nim and her colleagues waving at her in a particular place. It was also shown in where Yeongjin read the love declaration of Suho to her which was written in her adress notebk. In that scene, you can already analyze that Yeongjin escapes death.

    The episode where she bumps into Ryu Jin, was after a year the incident happened. Wherein, you can see YJ met a new officer who is most likely of Gwanpil’s character. then she picked the notebk she drops(it was the notebk given by Suho a yr ago to her) and smiles after remembering the content inside that address notebk.

    And the last episode, where Yeongjin is talking to her father while in a wheelchair, was after she escapes death. She’s telling her father that while she’s fighting for her life, she dreams of the following people. And that’s where the story ends.

  154. 154 : jarenz Says:

    i know, you’ll say that you feel dissapointed with the ending because its an open ending. But for me it’s not. Because i can say that Yeongjin is not yet ready to fall in love. Due to the fact that she has a goal of becoming a chief bodyguard someday. So after 4 yrs( as she told her father in the previous episode) she might give it a try to give priority to her feellings. But for the moment she want to pursue her career first.

    I can also say, that Yeongjin might end up with Suho(if this drama will have a 2nd season) Y? because when she(yeongjin) picked-up the notebook she drops after bumping into Ryu Jin, she smiles remembering the content of that notebook.

    Although, in episode 15 wherein Gwanpil tells Yeongjin her true feelings for her, i don’t think that he will pursue his feelings for her. He(Gwanpil) might give way to Suho. Because of the trauma(mentally and emotionally) he causes Suho. Which was not telling Suho that he has a child to Eun Young to think that they considered each other as brothers due to the fact that Gwanpil also has feelings for Eun Young. Sad to say, Eun Young doesn’t have especial feelings for Gwanpil. She’s genuinely in love with Suho. Eun Yong is always talking about Suho whenever she and Gwanpil are together( As Gwanpil is telling Suho in episode 13 )

  155. 155 : jarenz Says:

    To top it all, base on my analization, i think it will be Suho and Yeongjin in the end. The two of them still has things to be settled first before giving priorities to their feelings. For Suho ( he plans of finishing his studies first and wants to become somebody in Korea like his father)..as for Yeongjin ( she’s still pursuing her career of becoming a President’s Chief Bodyguard someday)..as for Gwanpil( i think, he’s interested with his new colleague he met in the training which is most likely of Yeongjin’s character).

    Not to forget Ggnot nim( i guess she already accepted Suho but not as her father, only his uncle for the meantime) She still considers Gwanpil as her real father.

    So that’s my analization of the ending of this drama. Honestly, i enjoyed watching it because of its unique storyline and many intense moments. Hopefully, michiko i was able AT LEAST to answer all your questions regarding the possible ending of this drama. Have a nice day!

  156. 156 : miza Says:

    i like this drama but the ending a bit upset. Hopefully they will do a sequel.

  157. 157 : AD Says:


    quiet interesting k drama right now…just watching to fiil up my free time…

    i like that manly main gwan phill…

  158. 158 : omg! Says:

    very good soap opera but the last episode freaking sucked!!!

    the president’s son, su-ho, was annoying as heck. he’s the only good guy on this show whose fate i really didn’t care for. i just wanted him to die or something.

    the other characters were great. you can’t help falling in love with cha and her family, gwon phil, the other bodyguards and their boss are so cute, and the little girl what a great actress for a young age!

    gwon phil–the first time i saw him i thought not leading man material. i didn’t think he’s that cute but by episode 2 i wanted to marry gwan phil!! he’s sooo hot!! he’s like the strong silent type.

    so i would recommend this soap coz it’s well-written, good actors, it’ll make you laugh and cry, just don’t watch episode 16.

  159. 159 : aznblonde Says:

    I agree with miza that hopefully they’ll make a sequel. I mean it was a good show but she didn’t end up with no one. I was hoping she would end up with gwan pil. I feel bad for the guy. He had to hold the burden for 8 years all by himself.

  160. 160 : tulip Says:

    gwan phill is soo hot…i noticed that in ep 2….young jin supposed to choose gwan phill….he is very caring man….and i fall in love with gwan phill smile…

  161. 161 : JungWon Says:

    I just finished watching this series last night and I must say that this is a really great romance/action k-drama.
    It is an open ending kind of a drama but one must not feel disappointed as it leaves the ending to our interpretation and imagination.
    For me, I believe that Kang Su Ho is deserving to be Cha Young Jin’s husband bcoz he changed his life 180 degrees for his beloved. And he did fight for her love and expressed it to her explicitly. That’s why in the brink of death- the time when everything significant flashes in one’s mind.. she remembered Kang Su Ho’s “love letter” for her (written in her ID notebook. And even during her talk with her father while she was in the wheelchair.. she mentioned Kang Su Ho, lastly.. as if to give improtance ( though it is really Kang Su Ho she saw first in her dream)
    And as Gwan Pil told her.. that in matters regarding love.. if the other one is to be aggressive.. it would only be a matter of time , for the love and the relationship to consumate. Being understanding, Kang Su Ho is willing to wait for 3 years before he would propose to Yong Jin w/c is about to reach her dream of becoming a top bodyguard.

  162. 162 : JungWon Says:

    .. not that I don’t like Yong Jin to end up with Gwan Pil, coz his character in the series is very admirable and he’s everything a woman desires for as a husband. But I believe he would give way to Kang Su Ho coz he can see that the guy is a changed man because of Yong Jin. What a way to manifest one’s love .. like being transformed from within.
    And looking at Gwan Pil.. he is someone who is a mind over heart kind of a man. He wouldn’t want to see Su Ho brokenhearted again.. he is really a great Hyoung (older brother) to Su Ho . Their brotherhood is brought back by a woman, Yong Jin.. so he wouldn’t want it to be destroyed by a woman again, in case.
    So that’s my conclusion of this series.

  163. 163 : chickengay Says:

    I totally agree with what Jungwon said, this is a great drama one of my favorite, i’m kinda wish that chae rim and lee jung hyeok date in real life not in the drama.

    Jungwon i think you get what the writer of the drama wants us to understand thanks.

  164. 164 : jarenz Says:

    im glad that we have the same conclusion JungWon regarding the possible ending of this uniquely beautiful kdrama series. I hope they make a second season of this. To answers all our questions about the ending. But i guess, they won’t do anymore because of the low rating the drama received(i’m really confused why?!)….

  165. 165 : jamy Says:

    very cool k drama…..i like the way gwan phill acting….also i can’t forget when he smile…..

  166. 166 : yizhon Says:

    i like this drama….worth to watch…

  167. 167 : dang Says:

    good drama

  168. 168 : BiBaY Says:

    i really love this drama…
    i’m really curious about who’s going to be his love team…
    but it came out niether of them was the love team…
    i think it’s really cute…
    it’s unique in other ways…

  169. 169 : BiBaY Says:

    can you give me the lyrics of…


    i really like the song…
    specially when it was played at the ending…

  170. 170 : hana yoori Says:

    The movie was good, but the ending was confusing. The question still lingered whether or not she wanted Soo Ho. I feel so bad for Gwang Pil when he was the one forced to sacrifice everything.

  171. 171 : floyd Says:

    [hana yoori Says: August 3rd, 2008 at 4:52 am: The movie was good, but the ending was confusing.] ?????? theres a movie? whats it called? oh and awesome show. but still …a movie !… is it true that a movie is made ?????

  172. 172 : mardy Says:

    i enjoyed watch this series… ghwan phill is cool actor…

  173. 173 : Foong Says:

    this is a really really good drama…it had me riveted from beginning till end…too bad it din enjoy good ratings in korea….can’t understand y but well…really wld have wanted young jin to be w gwan pil…but e ending is good in e sense tt its more realistic…not fairy tale..perhaps ryu jin will even come into e picture of young jin’s love life..there seems to be an ever subtle hint there…haha..

  174. 174 : Guess who Says:

    I don’t need to write a review (OMG 158) said it for me 🙂 I haven’t seen a k-drama sequel yet and I have watch too many k-drama to count. It would be nice, but it wishful thinking. They can’t seem to get Full House or Princess Hour off the ground so it very unlikely that this drama would be a sequel. In my opinion K-drama storyline are not made for sequel. If k-drama did sequel you are going to get a death , five year separation or both. It best to leave it alone.

  175. 175 : Nicole Says:

    Really good drama 🙂
    Would have been ever better if there was more romance!

  176. 176 : cicak girlz Says:

    this drama so nice…im from malaysian…i like so much this drama….muahhhh…

  177. 177 : kyeho Says:


    good drama…just finished watch…..

  178. 178 : nuldulset Says:

    cool series….l like gwan phill…

    he has warm smile…

  179. 179 : sheila Says:

    anyone with half a brain would choose gwanphil. cannot compete with destiny…. yeongjin ( ep. 15?) did already admit to feelings for him if work was not in the way. Suho was not even in the running dude….

  180. 180 : JungWon Says:

    Well, for me.. I believe that the heart rules when it comes to matters concerning love.
    And anybody with half a brain would notice that SUHO did everything he could to save Young Jin her job which she so prioritized and worked so hard for. With all sincerity and nothing in reservation, he was able to touch the heart of the reporter and thus cooperated with him. If not for the hard evidence that SUHO presented , Gwan Phil could have only presented an element of doubt on Nam Doo Wo’s claim that he didn’t have anything to do with the article about Suho’s daughter.
    Finally, during the struggle between Young Jin and Nam Doo Wo, Gwan Phil could only stand aside and see her get shot.. I believe that if SUHO was there during that time.. he would have done something to prevent Young Jin from getting hurt. Gwan Phil’s character in the story could have been that he is the best and strongest but he couldn’t even help out like hitting the opponent in the head or whatever.
    Peace, only my sincere and also logical viewpoint.

  181. 181 : nainjung Says:


    to me suho more younger than gwan phill….i choose gwan phill together with yongjin…

  182. 182 : lee wook Says:

    i think chae rim and lee jin wook match acting together…i like tham so much…

  183. 183 : damiaz Says:

    love to see lee jin wook especially when he smile however the ending is a bit upset and boring

  184. 184 : lisa_liss Says:

    the best drama korean in 2008…..i like them so much…i hope chae rim and lee dong wook(my girl) acting together…

  185. 185 : hunkie Says:

    the ending was a bit disappointing..

  186. 186 : tora_rim Says:

    huhuhuhu….wonderful drama…but ending so sad….i dont know who she like….

  187. 187 : JungWon Says:

    Hi tora_rim. I was kinda feeling not so great, too.. when this series ended.. because we were not able to know who Young Jin ended up with.. right?
    For few days, I was also thinking who would it be, Kang Su Ho or Yoo Gwan Phil..( though my vote goes to Kang Su Ho) Well now at least I kinda accept the “open ending” of this story, coz this is the trend of Koreanovelas recently.. and Young Jin can only choose one and loose the other.. Well, what a pity.. I believe she’s wishing she could have both (^^).

  188. 188 : jim ja Says:

    woooow….wonderful drama….i think young jin like su ho than gwan pil…

  189. 189 : chan Says:


    i think so….i noticed that yong jin have choose both….what a big deal…..hahahaa

  190. 190 : lily Says:

    wonderful drama…

  191. 191 : baby sisi Says:

    wow….the best drama in this year….

  192. 192 : JungWon Says:

    Hi Chan. Yeah, it is a big deal so she has to have enough time in order to have a better choice.. But as she told Kang Su Ho (while they were having a conversation the night they were at the beach) that what he needs is time.. time to share joy and pain so as to create memories and then feelings would certainly develop.
    Taking her reply into consideration.. it would mean that since she didn’t choose between the two guys quickly .. she’s giving Suho the chance to share time in order to create more encounters with her.. therefore more feelings would develop and maybe, she might choose him .. say after 3 years.. when Suho is established already and he is not a president’s son anymore.

  193. 193 : kimmy Says:

    I love this drama so much. but yet the ending despair me a bit… still i believe Yeongjin choose Suho.

  194. 194 : baby sisi Says:

    i know it….at ending….when kang su ho and ggot nit in the car….
    kang suho tell ggot nim he want propose someone….i think he want propose cha young jin….but until 3 years….i think cha young jin like kang suho…..

  195. 195 : lala.... Says:

    i like chae rim acting with lee jin wook….hope after this they can acting together again….

  196. 196 : pamela Says:

    best drama in this year…i like it…

  197. 197 : joget lambak Says:

    best gler drama korea nih….best siottt…
    sye peminat no.1 di malaysia….

  198. 198 : ajik Says:

    @joget lambak……over nampak…kehkehkeh…tp mmg best…tak cuba ke tengok cite lain…tgk lah The Legend…best juga…saya tengok byk kali beb,….siap beli dvd original lagi..kat wisma smn(kl)…cubalah…

    till then..c u next meeting…

  199. 199 : JungWon Says:

    I think so, too BABY SISI, that Kang Suho and Cha YoungJin would end up together bcoz she smiled when she picked up the ID notebook of Ryu Jin towards the end of the series.. it’s because she remembers a lovely thought.. of Kang Suho’s love letter to her w/c was written in her ID notebook. That’s what people in love do.. they see a thing and juz smiles.. esp when it has something connected with a person dear to her.

  200. 200 : joget lambak Says:

    ajik….sye dah tgk citer tuh…mmg arr best….ajis,ko mmg peminat citer korea ker????

  201. 201 : ajik Says:

    @joget lambak…sudah tentu….sy baru balik dari korea becoz of korean drama…esp if Bae Yong Joon yg belakon….kecuali cite April Snow dan Untold Scandal….i hate him becoz tak sesuai dengan his personaliti…
    ok lah joget lambak….gembira dapat jumpa awak kat site ini…cuba2lah g kat byj blog..now i watching the legend yang entah ke berapa kali….saja untuk isi masa lapang…puasa2 ni…cuti pulak tu….layan je lah….

    awak banyak ke collection k drama?

    c u then…


  202. 202 : ajik Says:

    @joget lambak….kalau ada masa….g lah kat http:star.koreandrama.org.

  203. 203 : elle Says:

    i just love this drama!!!
    must watch. ^^

  204. 204 : JungWon Says:

    Hi elle, you must watch out for City of Glass, it’s Lee Jin Wook’s latest series.. I can’t wait to watch it and it’ll be shown in Korea this week already!

  205. 205 : joget lambak Says:


  206. 206 : mirae Says:

    so nice drama…

  207. 207 : lora Says:

    wow…..best drama…

  208. 208 : sam son Says:

    love this drama…..i like chae rim…so much…

  209. 209 : JungWon Says:

    Hi sam son. I like Chae Rim also that’s why I watched this series.. I like this series very much, she and Lee Jin Wook have a great chemistry in this series. ^^

  210. 210 : ana Says:

    loved this drama, but the ending was kinda disapointing

  211. 211 : mmtutuy Says:

    Me too, bcz of Chae Rim i watched this drama. Her performance as bodyguard was satisfied and her rivals lovers also did a good acting.
    The whole history was a puzzle, whom will she end up? comparing with others kdrama this one is unique. ??? in the end.

  212. 212 : Luv LJW Says:

    Hi mmtutuy, I also love this series. It didn’t end in a typical way and it made viewers think and wonder who YJ would choose between the two. The ending of the story allowed each viewer to “be in the shoes of YJ” as it is really very hard to choose between the two rivalling for her heart.
    One can’t help but watch it over again so as to get some clues as to who would she most inclinely choose.. Kang Su Ho or Yoo Gwan Phil. The scriptwriter is very good and Chae Rim is very good in these kind of role. Lee Jin Wook and Lee Jong Hyuk are really great as rivals also.
    Would really love for this series to have part 2 but I guess it’s juz a wishful thinking..

  213. 213 : lompat Says:

    yeah….i like this drama…but in the end…a little disappointed…but its ok….

  214. 214 : Kang Su Ho Says:

    Everyone go check out City of Glass, the new series of Lee Jin Wook, it’s already on its 8th episode tonight but I have watched till the 6th episode though. Looking forward for the latest episode coz it’s getting more interesting already. ^^

  215. 215 : maria Says:

    can somebody explain to me the ending…i dont understand the ending…huhu..

  216. 216 : Kang Su Ho Says:

    Hi Maria. This series has an open ending .. meaning : that Cha Young Jin hasn’t chosen any of the two as she needs more time to fulfill her goal in his chosen job.
    We saw that she got shot and in the brink of death she was like having a dream wherein she saw people who love her and are important to her also. After the operation and while recovering in the hospital, she tells her father about the dream and her father tells her that she should always remember it coz that is true happiness.
    After a year has passed, she reports back to work ..but not as Kang Su Ho’s bodyguard but as the President’s bodyguard already. She accidentally bumps into Ryu Jin who is supposed to be her senior at work. She saw the ID notebook of Ryu Jin on the floor and picks up then smiles as she is reminded of a beautiful thought.
    Yoo Gwan Phil is assigned as an instructor for the new bodyguards and Kang Su Ho is slowly winning his daughter’s affection as she allows her biological father to take her in trips (which she won’t allow before)
    This series is sort of letting the viewers draw their own conclusion.. who Cha Young Jin might end up with.. It makes the viewer rewatch the series again to find out or sort of make one believe who the leading lady would choose. It’s a good ending for me though it would have been better if she chose Kang Su Ho whom I like for her.

  217. 217 : adi Says:

    i believe that cha loves the president’s son more, it’s just that it’s such a complicated situation and she really wanted to pursue her career too. if she remains to be a bodyguard then she definitely can’t be the president’s son’s wife… but someday when love will prevail in the end and when she is ready she would definitely go for suho… anyway suho needs to bond first with his daughter whom he has not known for the last 8 years… by suho’s words also, it seemed that he is also bent on waiting for cha.. sure, the ending is really not what we would have wanted, makes your heart want to sink a bit but well, that’s how it ended. 🙂
    this is only my opinion though, hehehe
    just want to say i really admire chae rim and lee jin wook is soooo cute!

  218. 218 : Kang Su Ho Says:

    hi Adi. I agree with what you commented.
    I like all the dramas of Chae Rim and those of Lee Jin Wook also. I also recommend for you to watch Before and After Plastic Surgery .. Lee Jin Wook’s so great and funny in that series.. but it’s juz a 12 episode drama so it kinda makes you ask for more. ^^

  219. 219 : chelzlovesLJW Says:

    I love Lee Jin Wook..

    But I’m for a Chae Rim Lee Jong Hyuk couple.

  220. 220 : adi Says:

    hi kang su ho! thanks! i’ll check out before and after. 🙂
    i love those funny teleseries.. my favorite is actualy Dalja’s Spring. 🙂
    one of Chae Rim’s tv series. can’t wait for chae’s next one, hope she’ll have a new one soon!

  221. 221 : JungWon Says:

    Hi ADI .^^ I also love Chae Rim and it is becoz of her that I watched Powerful Opponent yet it ended up with me loving Lee Jin Wook also. That’s why I went looking for and watching his series.. His performance in Before and After Plastic Surgery is very good also and I really liked that series .. so I believe you’ll love it too, it’s only 12 episodes and there are a lot of twist in each episodes.. each is funny, lovely and touching also. Please check it out one of these days, it has english subtitle.

  222. 222 : adi Says:

    hi jung! same with me, hehehe… also now i’m both a chae rim and lee jin wook fan! i’ll certainly post a comment once i’ll have the chance to view their other series! thanks for the info… 🙂

  223. 223 : JungWon Says:

    To Adi, you’re welcome. Lee Jin Wook also has a new series CITY OF GLASS. You may also try checking it out. Take a peep at the synopsis of this series here in Korean Drama.. they also have a link for the series but it’s still in chinese subtitle..but i still watch it though i can’t understand .. juz watching him makes my day. ^^

  224. 224 : maria Says:

    Dear kang su ho,

    thanks so much for ur explanation..at last all the dizzy has flown away…is there any drama that u would like 2 recommend??

  225. 225 : Kang Su Ho Says:

    Hello Maria..glad to keep in touch with you.. It’s been a while but still ok coz you dropped by to appreciate my previous post to help you understand this series better.
    Well, if you like a bit of comedy and love story as well, try Before and After Plastic Surgery.. you’ll never get bored for sure! I also loved Dalja’s Spring and Smile Again is not bad also.
    Hope you could check them out and let me know which ones you’d come to like. Till then..

  226. 226 : maria Says:

    hello Kang Su Ho..i already watched all the drama u mentioned above…i like all of it but i like smile again the most…i started to become Lee Jin Wook’s fan after watched that drama…he’s so macho & talented..at this moment i’m watching Air City becoz of hm also..so far nice drama…i’m also looking foward to watch city of glass but did’t find the cd yet..

  227. 227 : lompat Says:

    wonderful dramas….hope chae rim….

  228. 228 : Kang Su Ho Says:

    Hi Maria, sorry to reply lately. I also recommend to you Someday. Many of LJWs fans say that one needs to watch it for one to be a fan of him. I have started it but am a bit hooked up with City of Glass that’s why I wasn’t able to continue Someday.. but i’ll find time to finish it coz so far the episodes i watch were great.
    I also recommend Alone in Love .. he’s with Son Ye Jin though he did not end up with her coz she’s back with her ex-husband.. but he is happy still for her.
    I also liked Secret and another is Gourmet. Check them out also. ^^

  229. 229 : KaNag Says:

    I just done watched this series..It’s very good the beginning til the end..but i didn’t get the ending though..cause i don’t who she chose between those two guys..I want Cha Young Jin to end up with Kang Su Ho…The other guy was soo good too..So, if i was her i think that i might have a hard time chose both of them too..Anyway, i really enjoyed this drama..Hope to see more of their work again in the future..

  230. 230 : Len Says:

    I love this series; just too bad that it didn’t do so well with the viewers in Korea. I thought Chae Rim’s performance was awesome and the story was pretty good.

  231. 231 : Kang Su Ho Says:

    I think this drama was not well promoted so it didn’t really catch the viewers enough to give it a good rating. But it’s really great and a drama that I have come to love.

  232. 232 : doubletrouble Says:

    Watch this drama on http://www.abroadcasting.tv/InternetTV! You can watch HK, Korean, Japnanese, Taiwanese, Mainland drama on here!

    Kinda long but a great view!

  233. 233 : chelz Says:

    Go Chae Rim and Lee Jong Hyuk.


  234. 234 : lompat Says:

    wow….this drama was wonderful….i like chae rim…hopefully she can acting with lee jin wook again…

  235. 235 : emberrin Says:

    wow…this the best drama korean that i watch….love chae rin in this drama…

  236. 236 : Kang Su Ho Says:

    Missed Kang Su Ho a lot that’s why I watched Someday. He’s great in that series too. Hope Korean Drama could have an English subtitle for City of Glass also so that we could enjoy watching it too.

  237. 237 : snowangeL Says:


    one of the kind!!!

    it’s so great! this series!!

    from the actors and actresses who’ve done their role at their best…

    from the scriptwriters: id0L!!!!… who’ve written the story and made the story so interesting…

    from the director and all the staff and crew: c0ngratuLations!

    you’ve done a great job! reaLLy!

    though the ending was quite weird, stiLL it was a great idea to let the audience decide the ending.. for the story itself was so great to have a definite ending…


    so inspiring..

    im inspired reaLLy..

  238. 238 : snowangeL Says:


    i’ve got to admit..

    young-jin and gwan-pil had a greater chemistry..


    i prefer them to be together too…

    i think su-ho is to young for young-jin..



  239. 239 : emberrin Says:

    love this drama so much….

    chae rim….go….go….chayokk…

  240. 240 : lombongguen Says:

    ?????….best or not????

  241. 241 : sandra Says:

    I loved this drama!… but I never got to see the last two episodes because you just say, “to be continued….” WHEN will it be continued? I wanted to see how it ended so much but never did, could you please let me know which man she chose and what happened to the bodyguard’s daughter????
    Please keep up the good work with the English translation, I love Korean dramas. Please let us know what day and what time it is continued.
    Thank you

  242. 242 : tin Says:

    i missed this drama…matagal na rin since nung natapos siya…interesting yung kwento kaso hindi maganda yung ending…parang bitin…hehe…baka may sequel…hehe

  243. 243 : friska Says:

    really really good…

  244. 244 : friska Says:

    wo xihuan ni Lee Jong Hyuk ^_^
    …cia you…..

  245. 245 : marites gerona Says:

    like this drama except for the sloppy ending…dont you get distracted from LHJ colored lips? they put red lipstick in the guy bodygaurd and its so obvious, ha ha ha…but im rooting for him than the the president son for chae rim. love the gladiator shoes on chae rim in the poster above! i hope i can have those sandals too…he he he!

  246. 246 : aoun Says:

    Enjoy the series very much! Like the open-ending –it’s kind of telling that there are many different types of relationships, and we should be more opened.
    Thank you!

  247. 247 : vonny ho Says:

    highly recommended korean drama especially for fans of Chae Rim…. regards. vonny ho

  248. 248 : ... Says:

    i think it would be good if Young Jin ended up with Gwong Pil because he really seems more deserving than Soo Ho. Throughout the show, he’s shown lots of responsibility and care for those around him. He brought up his ‘daughter’ even though he knew he wasn’t biological daughter. He also didn’t blame Soo Ho at all for the troubles he has been through.

    Also, we should empathise with Gwong Pil. This guy hasn’t got many people close around him and since his ‘daughter’ is becoming more attached to Soo Ho as we see in the end, it would really be a bit sad if Young Jin chose Soo Ho instead of him. We’ve already seen his emotional reaction after he sent his daughter away to live with Soo Ho’s family – it really made me cry. And since Gwong Pil has already suffered so much in the past (partly because of Soo Ho), i really think it would make a very happy and somewhat a fair ending if Young Jin and Gwong Pil got together.

    Also wishing for a sequel or something to this drama. Can’t stop watching it, its so good. ^^

  249. 249 : sisca Says:

    So bad and disappointing… hmm… wasting my time..

    Series like ON AIR should get more publicity and positive comments than this series. ON AIR is so good in casting, story, conversation, setting, everything..

    This one.. hmm.. farrrr…. only the son of the president, that made me stay watching til finish… the best actor in this series and presents memorable acting skills…

  250. 250 : lombongguen Says:

    wow….wonderful dramas…

  251. 251 : anne Says:

    love this series but the ending was quite disappointing… wish young jin ended up with gwang pil coz he deserve her more than soo ho… but in all fairness to soo ho, he exerted effort to get the attention of young jin but still,when it comes to EFFORTS, young jin should choose gwang pil over soo ho.

  252. 252 : ilovesongilkook Says:

    I agree with Anne.

  253. 253 : Miss Ashley Says:

    wow… that drama was… extremely.. DISAPPOINTING.
    not enough ROMANCE!! D: i mean… 1 kiss scene? and what? a hug? wtf?
    she didn’t even seem like she liked either of the guys!! “romance” genre?
    I DON’T THINK SO! omg i feel like i just wasted my time watching this..
    so many annoying ass characters too.. and a not hard core enough plot..
    out of a rating of 1 to 10…. 3… for effort……..

  254. 254 : idril Says:

    yup… hate the ending too….
    i waste my time to watch this… but interesting collaboration between chae rim, jin wook and jong hyuk. love them.

  255. 255 : inda Says:

    love the plot, but hate the ending. but i still crazy in love with LJW and congrat u’r date with choi ji woo. great couple and marry soon

  256. 256 : Heather Says:

    does anyone know who played the younger yoo gwan pil(i think he is) in ep. 9 in the beginning yoo gwan pil was thinking about the past and yeah… the guy was wearing a black shirt he’s hot 😉 hahahha

  257. 257 : SUGARPOP Says:

    will there be a part2 of this drama? because the ending was quite interesting, young jin guarding the president… gwan pil instructors of the incoming guards and su ho good relation with the daughter but will be proposing to the girl he will marry after 3 years, (who will it be?).
    i hope there will be a part 2, but i want young jin ang gwan pil to end up together….

  258. 258 : Victoria Says:

    I love this series, but the ending is bad don’t know why it was ended like that young jin and gwang pil should be together

  259. 259 : Daisy Says:

    I enjoyed this drama very much. I thought the ending was OK. It is refreshing when things turn up not has the audience wants but has another outcome. Remember that the character Chae Rim plays is more interested in doing her job well and not in finding romance, something I feel it is normal for people in certain lines of work. Specially for women, who, because of motherhood, have to give up their careers for the benefit of their family.

    The ending was a happy one for Chae Rim because she was able to continue doing what she wanted and finding new challenges in her job. If there were a second part, would it focus more on romance and she’ll end up getting married and changing jobs or staying home? It would be interesting to see what the writers would come up with. Unfortunaely, this series did not have high ratings in Korea, so ther’s little chance of that happening.

    Many series who did not have high ratings on Korean TV have been very much appreciated by audiences outside of Korea and had more success abroad. As it happens in American TV, if a series is cancelled because of low viewership, the rest of the world is affected by not being able to see it, even though it is a good program.

  260. 260 : LuoXiaoLing Says:

    I liked this drama but….I disagree.

    It kinda sucks that Soo Ho was the real father of the little girl, not Gwang Pil. And I like Young Jin and Soo Ho together.

    I still can’t get over the shock of him shaving and cutting his hair!

    The beginning of this drama was great. But the ending was terrible. This wasn’t really all that romantic.. Young Jin and Gwang Pil fighting in the beginning was cute… then Soo Ho making things difficult for Young Jin was also cute. But at the end??? Daisy you are right, she didn’t want to let go of her job. But she doesn’t exactly work 24/7 right? She does have some free time – what does she do in her free time then? That’s what I want to know.

  261. 261 : MIss AsoOoM Says:

    Hi every body
    I like watching this drama all the time online
    although the end was desappointing but i like this drama very much
    its different than arab drama.
    i like korean drama and their actores and actreeses
    love *****

  262. 262 : Liarosa Says:

    I love the series….
    Although the ending was kind of hanging, but the storyline was well built and touching enough and the characters were strong and well developed as were the stories and characters of the other two projects of Chae Rim – Kang Eun Kyung tandem, Dalja’s Spring and Oh Pil Seung – Bong Soon Young. Eventhough this one is bad rated in Korea, I hope it won’t stop them from doing another project together in the future.

  263. 263 : Haruka Says:

    I started watching the drama yesterday but unfortunately on mysoju only the episodes 1 to 4 are working ._. could anyone tell me were the following episodes are working?? Please help me I really wish to finish watching this drama!!

  264. 264 : alicia Says:

    can anybody tell mii the ending ?
    i had not catch the drama

  265. 265 : anon Says:

    Haruka, you might wanna try watching it in dramaclick.com

  266. 266 : hannah kim Says:

    hey!! ive been watching this drama and i can find ep.5!! plz giv me a link!!

  267. 267 : Lydia Says:

    I like this drama! but the ending isnt clear…

  268. 268 : Bausha Says:

    @ hannah kim: http://aznv.tv/?p=login

  269. 269 : USA Says:

    I’ve been watching this drama and it is absolutely excellent. BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!! ENCORE!!! Now to find the missing episodes, so that there aren’t continual gaps. Would like to see a sequel, starting with what happened the next three years…who actually gets proposed to by the president’s son.

  270. 270 : elisa Says:

    hi everyone…

    I have looked everywhere and i cant find ep 16 to watch (with english subs) or to download. I’ve tried crunchyroll.com, mysuju.com, Asianrice, along with the youtube. can anyone help. I really want to see the ending.

  271. 271 : elisa Says:

    hi everyone…

    I have looked everywhere and i cant find ep 16 to watch (with english subs) or to download. I’ve tried crunchyroll.com, mysuju.com, Asianrice, along with the youtube. can anyone help. I really want to see the ending.

    my email is
    [email protected]

  272. 272 : janz (manila) Says:

    can anyone please tell me where can i watch episode 9, last part of episode 11 & episode 16 with english subtitle, the one in http://www.mysoju.com is not working…

    the drama is good, only that the ending is hanging…but still over-all it is good…

  273. 273 : Rhai Says:

    I love this Kdrama… But I know the spoilers… Soo Hoo is the real father of the little girl?1 And I want Young Jin and Gwang Phil together.

    Anyway, it’s worth watching, especially if you want to see Chae Rim in a tough girl role.

  274. 274 : lesly Says:

    the drama is good but i’m not satisfied with the ending, it is their relationship takes to another level kahit ma may anak n sya…
    kala k talaga cila n ang nagkatuluyan….
    sana mayron pa silang ibang drama na silang dalawa ang bida…

  275. 275 : cel Says:

    can anyone please tell me where can i watch episode 9, last part of episode 11 & episode 16 with english subtitle, the one in http://www.mysoju.com is not working… plsss….Please help me I really wish to finish watching this drama!!

  276. 276 : sarah garalde Says:

    we’re watching powerful opponents now here in the philippines.. its so nice .. the love triangle between chae rim ,lee jin wook and lee jing hyuk is so good!

  277. 277 : DA Says:

    So YJ chose the president’s son????!!!! 🙁

  278. 278 : mutiara Says:

    waaahh,, Chae Rim! I love chae rim movie…

  279. 279 : mel Says:

    i want to watch this movie..

  280. 280 : joracel Says:

    this is absolutely cute series. i like the tandem of chae rim and lee jin wook.

  281. 281 : nining Says:

    look interesing,, wanna watch it..

  282. 282 : One Indraretnani Says:

    hikssss……the ending is not so good, make me confused!!!!! BUT, I like this movie….good story but once again not good ending!!!!!

  283. 283 : V Says:

    Yes, I agree… The beginning was strong, but then it got boring. The ending was bad, and I was confused too. Anyone care to explain? Was this her dream?!?

  284. 284 : wilma Says:

    Its true.. the start of the series was ride on and then it slows down
    the progression of the story is slow, probably because there’s no distinct issue like there love triangle or the issue about the daughter it only arrives at the end of the story which it could have been the issue on the other half of the story right…. thats why its boring on spots….

    True the ending is so confusing because there’s no distinct or particular scene to who is to whom?I myself want to question you guys?whats ur opinion?

    Correct me if im wrong, i think chaerim and lee jin wook(presidents son) ended up together;there was a scene between presidents son and his daugther in the car at the end, this is the conversation guys…
    ‘she said: when will u get married dad,he said: wait untill 3 years when my fathers term is over,there is a dreamgirl that i love’ i guess thats chaerim… regarding at the very end chaerim is not dreaming at that time thats the time shes recovering with her wound having conversation with his dad….
    Still nice story but it could have been better….aja aja fighting c:

  285. 285 : wilma Says:

    And for the the record i love chaerim fo the first time ive watch her series and lee jin wook as well ….saranghee aja aja fighting c:

  286. 286 : shii Says:

    I’ve watched this series. I really like Chae Rim and I’ve watched most of her shows from All about Eve, Dalja’s Spring, Oh My Lady and this series.

    Upon watching Dalja’s spring, I really admired Chae Rim’s acting skills because she can really make me laugh.

    Powerful Opponents have a bit serious topic but there are still times when Chae Rim injects a bit of humor in it (like the first few episodes). That was really funny. This series made me see another acting prowess of this girl, and she’s not lousy in those action scenes. 😀

    Although the story is a bit dragging when I reached the middle part, but I think the story is really good. Although I am not that satisfied with the ending but it is justifiable.

    It was a bit confusing though. But the way it looks, I think after yungjin was shot she was having a dream while unconscious in the hospital. Then a year later, it should how things are, that is, Gwanpi is already training newbies and Yungjin is assigned to be a guard of the president. Although it wasn’t clear enough, but I think Soo Ho (president’s son) is about to propose to Yungjin after 3 years because he mentioned about marrying to his dreamgirl after 3 years (shown by the conversation of soo ho and his daughter). Then back again, the last scene showed another flashback when yungjin was recovering.

    hope this helps those who are confused of the ending. 😉

  287. 287 : maida Says:

    this drama is a piece of work, it is not only awesome but also different from many korean drama i have seen.
    i highly recommend it to everyone.

  288. 288 : maida Says:

    the progression of the drama was as fast as flash except the last four episodes but still i didnt find it boring at all
    and the end was not confusing but creative and different from normals.
    the dream was an encourgement by her family and friends to survive.( sort of telepathy)
    the last scene was while she was recovering.
    i think su hu has to wait 3 years until he finish his study and young jin achieve her dream.
    it was fun i really enjoyed,
    it has been a while since i enjoyed that much

  289. 289 : elaine garcia Says:

    i love this show because the lead role is my fan and my favorite korean actress she’s really good in acting and and the two men are great.
    i watch chae rim in many dramas such as all about eve,dalja’s spring,good job good job,warriors of the yang clan and now in formidable rivals i mean in powerful opponents.
    the two men in the series i watch them before,i watch lee jin wook in city of glass and lee jong hyuk in green rose
    i wish that i watch them all in another drama

  290. 290 : via Says:

    I have watched this drama recently, its quite good actually, but it could have been good if the ending is clear, I think this drama need a sequel, since the last episode we can see Ryu jin play as chae rim new boss, wow..he’s very cool and handsome,and by the time lee jin wook return he already have a new rival because chae rim will get very close with her new boss,hehehe.. and there also new female police, maybe she will be lee jong hyuk partner replacing chae rim? but i think he still love chae rim, this story will get very interesting,hehehe.. SO PLEASEEEEE make the sequel of this drama..

  291. 291 : jh Says:

    nice drama!! ending is not confusing.. the last scene is just showing the part when she was recovering.. which is 1 yr b4…

  292. 292 : Violet Says:

    Hope they elaborate more what happen during/after Young Jin wake up upon the surgery. It will be more touching to see how those people dear to her cope during that time, and how they react when she finally come back to them. I wonder what happen to Su Ho, is he going to do anything to keep his promise to Young Jin to lead a serious life? Did he win in the dancing competition?

    If the writer intent to keep an open ending they shoud at least gives a clear hint from Young Jin’s point of view; what is her actual feelings towards Gwan Pil and Su Ho. All i see is what Gwan Pil and Su Ho feels towards her (though not really from Gwan Pil), but none from Young Jin. This way it’ll be able to satisfy people’s curiosity since there’s no absolute conclusion on their love relationship till end of the story. kind of sad since this is a good drama actually, but not able to wrap up the major plot nicely. Just my personal thought though.

    Anyway i still likes this drama a lot, since i got to know Lee Jin Wook from here..Love his smiling face.. soo sweet melt my heart instantly

  293. 293 : ciz Says:

    argh. Although the whole storyline and excellence of the leading casts made this drama very entertaining and engaging, the ending is utter disappointment as if it cheats all the viewers with very weak, ambiguous and very poor delivery with unclear cronology of the events in the ending episode.
    The intelligence of all the views is insulted with that sloppy, cheesy ending!

  294. 294 : reny Says:

    another version from chae rim.. she’s so amazing on this movie ..i thought she’s only can play on sad story ..but i saw her on the other side … really fantastic ..mostly i love chae rim very much not only on this drama … but oh my lady and ALL ABOUT EVE… and this movie really interest and i dont care about the ending..coz sometimes we need to think about the real life.. if she choose one of them…it’s mean…there will be like and dislike..

  295. 295 : reny Says:

    agree wth @via…… but mostly… i wanna chae rim wth lee jong hyuk..coz young jin asked him about “how’s Yoo Gwang Pil feel” … if a girl asking about the truth of there relationship it’s because she likes the man … and i think young jin like lee jong hyuk (she asked twice) and just because they’re partner so they never show off… for all..i really this drama.. it ‘s really nice about the ending.. we can decide who’s gonna be young jin’s lover hehehe…. goooodddddddddddddddddd

  296. 296 : Xaron Says:

    The whole movie is good except the ending. The director shouldn’t do like 80% bad and 20% good ending. The main anchor actor is Yoo Gwang Pil not that idiot President son with daughter. Now is we chose the main character and end up with unverifiable ending role. So bad, this director lost one of your drama crazy fan.

  297. 297 : funbeat Says:

    i agree that the ending is nt good enough,like we just wasted our time hping and rooting for one of the guys and eventually were thrown into confusion.that is not good enouh.and the drama could av been more interesting but it was as if the film finished even before it actually finished

  298. 298 : Jocelyn Says:

    where is episode 6 to 16

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