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Never Twice

Title: 두 번은 없다 / Never Twice
alson known as: No Second Chances
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 72
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2019-Nov-02 to 2020-March-07
Air time: Saturday 21:05 (4 episodes back-to-back)


This drama tells the story of guests who stay for a long period of time at Paradise Inn, located in the heart of Seoul. From the first room to the sixth room, all the guests are different in age, gender, and even where they grew up.

Bok Mak Rye (Yoon Yeo Jung) is the owner of Paradise Inn. Gam Poong Ki (Oh Ji Ho) stays in room 5 at the Paradise Inn. He has an attractive appearance and a good sense of humor. Bang Eun Ji (Ye Ji Won) stays in room 6. She is single and with a beautiful appearance. She is honest and has warm heart. Geum Bak Ha (Park Se Wan) stays in room 4. She came from a small village by the sea. She has a bright personality. Meanwhile Na Hae Joon (Kwak Dong Yun) is the successor of the Koosung Hotel, a five-star hotel. He is the grandson of the hotel’s chairman. Koosung Hotel is located across the street from the Paradise Inn.


Main Cast

Yoon Yeo Jung as Bok Mak Rye
Park Se Wan as Geum Bak Ha
Kwak Dong Yun as Na Hae Joon
Oh Ji Ho as Gam Poong Ki
Ye Ji Won as Bang Eun Ji

Nakwon Inn people

Joo Hyun as Choi Keo Bok
Song Won Suk as Kim Woo Jae
Jung Suk Yong as Choi Man Ho
Go Soo Hee as Yang Geum Hee

People around Na Hae Joon

Han Jin Hee as Na Wang Sam
Park Joon Geum as Do Do Hee
Hwang Young Hee as On In Suk
Park Ah In as Na Hae Ri

Production Credits

Production Company: Pan Entertainment
Producer: Kim Hee Yul
Director: Choi Won Suk
Screenwriter: Goo Hyun Sook


2019 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actress (Weekend Drama) – Ye Ji Won (Never Twice)
2019 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Actress (Weekend Drama) – Park Se Wan (Never Twice)


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  1. 1 : Sundance Says:

    Does any one know the name of the actor who played Kang Jin Gu who was set up in Episode One?

    Several of the actors are not listed above.

  2. 2 : Sky Light Says:

    They have extended this drama from 32 episodes to 100!!!!!!

  3. 3 : aznative Says:

    He is musical/drama actor Lee Seo-jun

  4. 4 : Sundance Says:

    @ aznative — Thank you for the info.

    Jae Woo is so sweet and caring. Why doesn’t he break up with the selfish brat.???? They are not communicating on the same level. Hae Ri never listens to what he wants to say. She always cuts him off, is selfish and manipulative. Can’t imagine why he continues to stay with her?? He wants to make it on his own without Hae Ri’s help, but he always gives in to her. I would like to see Jae Woo with Bak Ha, but Hae-Joon and Bak Ha are so good together.

    I love the way every one supports each other in the inn.

  5. 5 : aznative Says:

    @sundance — You’re very welcome. : )

  6. 6 : George C Says:

    This is the first time I have seen Ye Ji-Won (Eun-Ji). I love her character. She is so funny. I loved the reactions of the 2 daughter-in-laws when Wang-Sam invited Eun-Ji to his house to meet the family. She had a pretty black outfit on.

    This is such a great drama. Love every episode.

    Great cast.

  7. 7 : Diana Says:

    Never Twice was not shown in Redlands, CA. I watch it on Sat/Sun at 9 PM on MBC (18-3). What’s going on?! Does anyone look at a comments and I don’t mean the fans I know they do but the people that run MBC. Will this drama continue or go off the air?

  8. 8 : Rose Says:

    @ Diana — I live in the Midwest and this drama airs at 10:00 p.m on Saturday and Sunday night on MBC. Where I live, Episode 17 just aired on Sat. Feb. 1.

    From what I see on Dramanice, the 24th episode just aired.

    I don’t know anything about cancelling it or going off the air. Haven’t heard anything, but there was to be 72 episodes.

  9. 9 : Rob W Says:

    What world is Do Hee saying “she trained her daughter to be the CEO of the company????” Hae-Ri is incapable of running the company She blamed her 2 assistants when something went wrong when they both told her twice “that they were not allowed to contact the higher executives directly.” Did she not understand what they were saying??? So stupid. Woo Jae needs to see that side of Hae-Ri. I can’t understand why he is so in love with her, he is way too good for her. And idiot Do-Hee thinks WJ is not good enough for her daughter. Oh really, Hae-Ri is not good enough for WJ.

    Happy to see Hae-Joon stick up for Bak-Ha to his mother. Very unusual for a boy to stand up to his mother for a girl in K-Drama world. Good for him.

  10. 10 : Angeline Says:

    Song Won-Seok is a very good looking young man.

  11. 11 : USA Says:

    This is a great drama. Well written, wonderful acting & directing. True many rich families in SK defy the law believing it doesn’t apply to them. Their 3rd generation sees what is right & wrong, and good to see the battle within these families. This socio-cultural shift is good for the society as it self-corrects the wrong. “Itaewon Class” is another drama that demonstrates such movement. Money was and has been their law since the 60s. Hopefully the younger generations follow & honor their law; the law based on reason, not feelings, emotion or money.

  12. 12 : GeorgiaGirlUSA Says:

    I would love to see a second season of this show.. I love the entire cast and I would love to see what happens with them in the future.

  13. 13 : Andrew F Says:

    When the young pretty girl came to came to the Inn as there was an empty room since Eun Ji moved out, I thought, great, maybe Woo Jae was going to get a new girlfriend. But no such luck, as Eun Ji just happened to be at the front door. Darn.

    I like Geo-Bok’s personality. He speaks slow and soft, but is on top of everything.

    This is a wonderful drama. Screen writer doing a great job.

  14. 14 : Andrew F Says:

    Woo Jae should have reported it to the police the first time the first time Do Hee sent mugs to beat him up. Now it happened again, he needs to call the police and press charges against the dumb broad’s mother. WJ is to dam soft putting up with HR and her stupid whining all the time. I was hoping he would met up with another girl. I hope he doesn’t go back with HR, he will deserve whatever crap he gets then. Do Hee is so low that she can’t accept he fact her daughter is the one who pushed him into getting married, even though he kept pushing her off for some time.

    When In-Sook told Bak-Ha that she stole her son, Ha-Joon, BH should have said to her “my husband is dead because of you, can you bring him back for me!!!” BH puts up w/all of In-Sook’s crap. Stupid.

    Did Man-Ho bring Geum-Hee to a doctor yet???

  15. 15 : Rob W Says:

    So Bak-Ha fell for Hae-Joon pretty soon after her husband died!!!! Ep. 31 – I think, it was only 5 months that her husband died, and she has been having feelings for HJ for quite some time. Wonder how much she really loved her husband.

    Idiot WJ — pleading to go easy on Do Hee after getting beat up twice by he goons. He probably will end up with H-R – the loser. Well, both are losers if he goes back w/her. H-R is all over the place, worries about her “weak” mother being in jail, she deserves to be there. Of all things, they had to put In-Sook w/Do Hee. I was hoping the other prisoners would continue to beat up on Do Hee. She deserves to be beat up and more. Neither are repenting in jail at all.

    Can’t believe Eun Ji saying she “felt bad she didn’t treat Do Hee better. Duh — neither DH or IS treated her with respect at all. They were too stupid to see that Eun Ji was the best thing that happened to their family. They were too afraid they were going to lose money, which was their husbands money to begin with. Out of the whole family, Hae-Joon is the only normal and real person. HY is a nothing.

    Every one living in Nakwon Inn are all great people.

  16. 16 : Vince Says:

    I can’t believe Bak Ha told WJ to go easy on HR. Her mother only messed w/WJ twice. WJ kisses Do Hee’s rear end not to press charges and forgives her!!! How is he going to take care of his mother???? Well, I guess he can live off HR’s money as it looks like they will go back together.

    Do Hee and her temper — always will have it. Do Hee in jail, still ignorant, mouthy and with the same “I am better than you attitude.”

    HR crying as usual that she can’t live without her mother nor do anything!!!! Geezz….that is how her temperamental mother raised her. Now idiot WJ can put up with her crap the rest of his life.

    Looks like Bak Ha is not going to press any charges against Director Oh for what happened to her husband. But then, she is in love w/the Director’s son. Didn’t waste any time after her husband passed away. . And Kang Jin Gu most likely knew what was going on, so he is not 100% innocent.

    Bak Ha stayed with Ha Joon 24/7 when he was in the hospital. What about her baby. She had to stay w/him at the hospital in case he woke up with out her there. But not worried about not seeing her baby for 10 days!!!!! Director Oh came out of prison, let her stay at the hospital w/her son, and go home to see your baby. Now all is forgiven between Director Oh and Bak Ha. Figured that is how this would end.

    Kwak Dong-Yeon was great in this drama and happy he finally got a lead role in a drama.

    I liked Ye Ji-Won in her role — first time I have seen her.

  17. 17 : Diana Says:

    Rose, thanks for the information. Sorry! for not looking at the comments. Episodes: 100 but ended early. Here it was called “No Second Chance”. I always felt 100 ep. is way too long for a drama. Last night was the end of this drama.

    Gal from Redlands, CA

  18. 18 : Lclarakl Says:

    This drama has really some of my absolute favorite actors and actresses. I really liked the drama, but thought the writer wasn’t realistic when it came to human emotions. The girl that liked the golfer was not worthy of him. Even when she appears at his place drunk after what his mother did to him the second time, she only talked about herself and the impact of what happened to her. His life has been changed forever and she’s still looking inward. He’s a stupid fool if he goes back to her.

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