Garrison Michael Farquharson-Keener

Garrison Keener is a British/American actor living and working in Seoul, South Korea. In early 2019, in debuted in first major film role the Korean production, Yu Gwan Sun, in which he had his fully speaking Korean role and character. Then in late 2019, he starred in his first major Korean drama series, Never Twice. After that his career excelled and he went on to star in many other Korea drama series and film productions. He biggest movie role to date is a cast member of Woo Seok Yang’s highly anticipated movie sequel Steel Rain 2. Apart from just drama and film, Garrison has acted and appeared in adverts for Korean companies such as Genesis, Hyundai, Samsung, KIA, LG, and many other large Korean brands. As well as, for international brands like Mini and Maserati to name a few.

Garrison was born in Northern Ireland and was raised and grew up in the United States of America. He studied Political Science at Montana State University and graduated in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree and studied Environmental Science at London South Bank University in 2007. He moved back to the London, United Kingdom permanently in 2004 and moved to Seoul in 2012 and has been living there ever since that time. He was a part-time model in London in 2008 – 2009 and then started his full-time modeling and acting career in Korea in 2018. Is involved in several acting programmes and online acting institutes in South Korea and the United Kingdom.

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Garrison Michael Farquharson-Keener Facts

Native Name: Garrison Michael Farquharson-Keener

Birth Name: Garrison Michael Keener

Nationality:  British

Birth Date:

Gender: Male

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