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Neighborhood Hero 04

Title: 동네의 영웅 / Neighborhood Hero
Chinese Title: 鄰家英雄
Also Known as: Local Hero
Genre: Action, Thriller, Crime, Mystery
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: OCN
Broadcast period: 2016-Jan-23 to 2016-March-20
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 23:00


Former secret agent Baek Shi Yoon (Park Shi Hoo) is a well-trained human weapon. Hiding his past, he buys the bar “Neighborhood” and runs it is as the owner. He gets close to the neighborhood regulars at his bar and sympathizes with their pain. He then meets a young man, Choi Chan Kyoo (Lee Soo Hyuk) who works as a temporary employee. Choi Chan Kyoo wants to become a police officer. Baek Shi Yoon trains him as a secret agent and they fight together against evil.


Main Cast

Park Shi Hoo as Baek Shi Yoon
Jo Sung Ha as Im Tae Ho
Lee Soo Hyuk as Choi Chan Kyoo
Kwon Yu Ri as Bae Jung Yeon
Yoon Tae Young as Yoon Sang Min
Jung Man Shik as Jung Soo Hyuk

People Around Baek Shi Yoon

Song Jae Ho as President Hwang
Park Soon Chun as Joo Hee
Choi Yoon So as Seo Ahn
Ji Il Joo as Jin Woo

People Around Im Tae Ho

Jin Kyung as Seon Yeong
Lee Soon Won as Han Joon Hee

People Around Choi Chan Kyoo

Ji So Yun as Yee Joon

People Around Bae Jung Yeon

Kim Bo Mi as So Mi

People Around Yoon Sang Min

Lee Chul Min as Jo Bong Chul

People Around Jung Soo Hyuk

Ahn Suk Hwan as Park Sun Hoo


Cha Soon Bae as Hong Gyoo Man
Lee Han Wie as Team Leader Song
Kim Hyuk
Yoo Hye In as Im Soo Bin
Go In Bum as Park Ki Ho
Choi Duk Moon as Department Head Min
Kang Kyung Hun
Yun Woon Kyung as Jin Woo’s Mother
Kim Ik Tae
Choi Byung Mo as Jung Yoon Chan
Ryu Han Bee as Da Bin
Nam Myung Ryul as Jang Myung Joon
Kim Ji Hyang
Oh Dae Hwan
Kim Yong Woon as Executive Park
Kim Wook as Je Cheol
Han Jung Hoon as Han Gyeol


Kang Nam Kil as Seo Joon Suk
Lee Hae Woo

Production Credits

Director: Kwak Jung Hwan
ScriptWriter: Kim Kwan Hoo

Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
2016-01-23 1 1.4 0.980
2016-01-24 2 1.2 1.368
2016-01-30 3 - 1.100
2016-01-31 4 1.2 1.435
2016-02-06 x postponed postponed
2016-02-07 x postponed postponed
2016-02-13 5 1.2 1.371
2016-02-14 6 1.2 1.798
2016-02-20 7 0.8 1.141
2016-02-21 8 1.1 0.966
2016-02-27 9 0.7 0.893
2016-02-28 10 1.1 1.351
2016-03-05 11 0.9 -
2016-03-06 12 0.9 0.792
2016-03-12 13 1.0 0.859
2016-03-13 14 1.0 0.878
2016-03-19 15 0.9 1.012
2016-03-20 16 0.9 1.733

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


Neighborhood Hero Poster 1 Neighborhood Hero Poster 2

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Official Poster

Official Trailer
Trailer I
Trailer II
Trailer (Park Shi Hoo)
Trailer (Jo Sung Ha)
Trailer (Lee Soo Hyuk)
Trailer (Kwon Yu Ri)
3 Minutes Highlight
Trailer III

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143 Responses to “Neighborhood Hero”

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  1. 101
    kate Says:

    very nie show thank you very much

  2. 102
    putri andini Says:

    When park shi hoo oppa and kim so yeon unni play action drama?
    It’s nice couple in action drama
    I hope they are playing action drama next soon
    And then it’s chemistry very2 interesting

  3. 103
    SueLynn Says:

    Excellent drama ! Full of suspense and mystery. The plot gets more and more intruiging by the day. Just like peeling an onion layer by layer ….. with each layer revealing a deeper web of conspiracy and deceit. Love it ! Can’t wait to watch Episode 9 !

    Excellent acting from Park SiHoo and all cast.
    And Park SiHoo is soooo gorgeous ! He must have trained really hard to be in such good physical shape for this role . All the best !

  4. 104
    RR Says:

    i love this drama!!! go go go PSH!!!!

  5. 105
    RR Says:

    so handsome love it

  6. 106
    lee shin Says:

    good job PSH . fighting!!!

  7. 107
    su Says:

    love love love PSH!!!!

  8. 108
    OK OK OK Says:

    episode 9
    Don’t like PSH’s gf in this drama who spy on him.
    Wonder PSH’s male agent colleague who died 3 years ago, is his death also cause by PSH’s gf…..

  9. 109
    ruby placheta Says:


  10. 110
    thei salam Says:

    I love you Park Si Hoo Oppa, I’m so happy that your back. I’ve been sad since the day you took a break. You have many supporters so please don’t let other people pull you down. You are a great actor and very handsome. I hope you could visit us here in the PHILIPPINES. I really wish and hope to see you on drama and movie. They should give you many project. I hope you can read all of our message to you. I LOVE YOU AND FIGHTING! May GOD always bless you. Take care and I LOVE U AGAIN.

  11. 111
    Sue Lynn Says:

    Episode 11 tonight ….can’t wait !
    Park SiHoo fighting !!!

  12. 112
    sheli Says:

    best PSH oppa.

  13. 113
    ilknur-Turkey Says:

    this drama really really great but why raiting dope? 🙁 also foreign fans little

  14. 114
    OK OK OK Says:

    *** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***

  15. 115
    flowers Says:

    The ratings still consider low even for cable drama, average only 1-1.1 %. Just compare with the ratings of Signal, CITT or recently Pied Piper.

  16. 116
    black Says:

    Channel tvn and ocn is very different.Ocn the audience is very limited.General happens between the ages of 25-40.Arrays starts too late.I’m sleeping at that time:-)

  17. 117
    flowers Says:

    OCN dramas before like Vampire Prosecutor season 1 & 2, Bad Guys and Detective Cheo Yong season 1 & 2 had better ratings than NH. Those dramas were also aired late night and even only had one episode per week but still can attract the viewers.

  18. 118
    OK OK OK Says:

    ep 13
    so exciting but so worried for Park Shi Hoo
    3 professional killers want to kill PSH and finally they got beaten up by him. PSH really can fight !!!
    So scared that PSH will get hurt…. 😛

  19. 119
    OK OK OK Says:

    as long as you enjoyed the actor or actresses who acted in it. ratings is secondary.

    I watch this drama mainly because of actor Park Shi Hoo ssi. 🙂

    Hope in future Park Shi Hoo will get better scripts.

  20. 120
    Sue Lynn Says:

    Ep 13
    Showdown between Baek SiYoon and JJ.
    Wow …that is one of the best fight scenes !!!

  21. 121
    Sinopsis Neighborhood Hero Episode 1 - Terakhir « Kdramastory Says:

    […] Lihat pemeran selengkapnya di sini […]

  22. 122
    Sue Lynn Says:

    Ep 13

    Love the scene where BSY sent JJ flying through the glass door with his flying kick ! Wow !

    Poor Chan Gyu . Caught between wanting to help his dad and brother and loyalty to his heung (brother) , BSY.
    Which will he choose ? Money or his heung ?

  23. 123
    Sue Lynn Says:

    Ep 14

    Our hero Baek Si Yoon … floored by a flying poison dart. Now confined to the hospital bed (under strict orders of writer Bae) … poor baby !

    Chan Gyu fighting !
    Love that hospital chase scene.

    What’s next in Ep 15 ???

  24. 124
    cuity17 Says:

    It’s end already? Details please.. Worth watching or not?

  25. 125
    ilknur-Turkey Says:

    I just watched final ep , really reall :'( OCN Out , PD-nim out ,writer out.. why this like final? why changed ? Yuri Sihoo kiss where? :'(

  26. 126
    OK OK OK Says:

    Finally finished watching ep16.

    The ending is so funny. Park Shi Hoo listen to a lady grievances in a bar about her sister being bullied and he is ready to be HERO again. 😛

  27. 127
    flowers Says:


    This is just my personal taste, no offense to all PSH, LSH, Yuri fans.
    If you ask me about this drama, i find its boring and the plot is very slow and not focus. I only watch till Ep. 4 with FF button, read in another forums also not enthusiactic with this drama.

    Maybe its because i have a very high standard about a good drama. If you have already watched amazing detective dramas like Bad Guys and Signal then you will know what i mean.

  28. 128
    winnie Says:

    I am a big fan and binge watcher of korean tv series and like PSH a lot. But I actually am with @flowers on this one. It is boring and not so exciting to follow the events. I think it is fault of the writer. The same story could be much more with better writing. So I watched till ep6 then FF then watched ep14 to 16. Didn’t miss much. Even when PSH gets sick, the same scene is repeated: he keeps passing out infront of his friends- brought back to hospital- dr says he shouldn’t leave the hospital-he leaves and here we go again from passing out heheee. I mean com’ on… Sad coz I love action/thriller dramas and PSH :(((

  29. 129
    ss Says:


  30. 130
    Daniela Says:

    Congratulations to NH cast for their hard work and remarkable performances.

  31. 131
    cuity17 Says:

    @flowers… Thanks for your opinion. Hhhemm.. I’ll try to watch NH n Signal too… Just finished..all about my mom.. So need another action drama to move me on… 😀

  32. 132
    flowers Says:


    Just let me know your thoughts after watching this drama. Its Lee soo hyuk and Yoon tae young that are the scene stealers for me..

  33. 133
    ruby placheta Says:

    PARK SHI HOO and LEE SOO HYUK were breathtakingly handsome. hope to see more more more tv series of yours. iloveyou guys. saranghae. fighting….good luck. congratulations.

  34. 134
    Priscilla Says:

    @flowers, please check the show time of the dramas that you have mentioned. They are not shown at 11:00 pm – 12:10 am. NH is shown very late at night and people should be sleeping.

  35. 135
    flowers Says:


    OCN week-end dramas like Vampire Prosecutor Detective Cheo Yong etc were also aired at 11 pm, only Bad Guys at 10 pm. Luckily NH has no other dramas competition at the time slot.

    Can you imagine if ever NH was broadcasted earlier and has to competed against tvn, Signal ? Just see what had already happened to jtbc drama, Madame Antoine..its totally flop.

  36. 136
    winnie Says:

    the first ten episodes are quite boring. I’m glad i waited till ep 11, now it’s getting exciting.

  37. 137
    qayyu Says:

    From 11th Episode the drama is getting interesting.

  38. 138
    danial Says:

    All episode is so good

  39. 139
    margo Says:

    I like this drama.

  40. 140
    Ahsan tariq Awan Says:

    nice drama thank for sharing

  41. 141
    Qayyum Says:

    My Favourite Drama. Thanks for Uploading.

  42. 142
    Qayyum Says:

    What is the Real Name Of Heroine?

  43. 143
    BayanKoreli Says:

    Qayyum he name is Park Si Hoo..
    Guyss Let’s voting for drama Neighborhood’s hero ..this site start vote.. hurry

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