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Myung Wol the Spy

Title: 스파이 명월 / Spy Myung Wol / Myung Wol the Spy
Chinese Title: 间谍明月
Also Known as: Beautiful Spy
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 18 + 1 Special
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2011-July-11 to 2011-Sep-06
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


An elite North Korean spy, Han Myung Wol, and her partner, Choi Ryu, infiltrates South Korea on a mission to disrupt the Hallyu Wave by kidnapping one of their top stars, Kang Woo. Despite her proficiency at her job, Myung Wol’s one weakness is her uncontrollable curiosity. Hijinks ensue when she falls in love with Kang Woo instead.


Han Ye Seul as Han Myung Wol
Eric as Kang Woo
Lee Jin Wook as Choi Ryu
Jang Hee Jin as Joo In Ah
Lee Duk Hwa as Chairman Joo
Yoo Ji In as Ri Soon Ok

Extended Cast

Jo Hyung Ki as Han Hee Bok
Lee Kyun as Lee Dae Kang
Park Hyun Sook as Kyung Jae In
Shin Seung Hwan as Bang Geuk Bong
Son Eun Seo as Yoo Da Hae
Lee Byung Joon as Yoo Jung Shik
Lee Ji Hoon as Kwak Ji Tae
Cha Seung Joon as Jang Han Soo
Kim Ha Kyoon as Kim Young Tak
Jung Da Hye (정다혜) as Kim Eun Joo
Kim Ga Young as Joo Kyung Joo
Min Song Ah as reporter
Kim Sung Oh (cameo)
Ahn Il Kwon

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Jung Sung Hyo
Producer: Im Kyu Yong (임규용), Kim Jin Woo (김진우)
Director: Hwang In Hyuk, Kim Young Kyoon (김영균)
Screenwriter: Kim Eun Young (김은영), Kim Jung Ah

Han Ye Seul’s Incident

On August 14th, lead actress Han Ye Seul did not appear for filming. She also did not appear on August 15th. According to her publicist the shooting on August 13th was supposed to end at 2AM, but finished at 5AM and the next day’s shooting was scheduled to start at 7am. Episode 11 and 12, scheduled to air August 15th and 16th, is only 40% complete. She has also complained of this drama series’ director. Because of the filming delay, KBS2 only air a Myung Wol the Spy (special) instead of episode 11 on August 15th. She has left South Korea to Los Angeles (where her parents live) by Korean Air flight KE0017 at 3pm on August 15th. On August 16, her management company Sidus HQ announced that shewill come back to South Korea on August 17th. Her management company released a statement that she was exhausted by the tight shooting schedule and her mind was less than clear because of this. On August 18th, She come back to South Korea together with her mother and film the remainder of this drama. She was reported to have given a press conference at the airport apologizing on her sudden absence citing difficulties and hardships she had. She also remarked that she firmly believes that what she did was right despite criticism from the public and other media sources that pointed out her unexpected sudden absence from shooting. (Source)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2011-07-11 1 9.6 (18th) 10.6 (13th)
2011-07-12 2 7.6 7.8 (19th)
2011-07-18 3 5.9 (<7.7)
2011-07-19 4 6.4 (<6.5)
2011-07-25 5 8.3 (16th) 10.0 (11th)
2011-07-26 6 7.6 8.7 (17th)
2011-08-01 7 7.3 (20th) 8.4 (14th)
2011-08-02 8 7.3 7.3 (20th)
2011-08-08 9 6.8 (<8.8)
2011-08-09 10 8.1 (20th) 10.1 (11th)
2011-08-15 Special 5.6 (<9.1)
2011-08-16 11 5.9 (<9.2)
2011-08-22 12 5.8 7.7 (19th)
2011-08-23 13 6.6 7.8 (19th)
2011-08-29 14 5.3 (<8.8)
2011-08-30 15 6.3 (<8.1)
2011-09-05 16 5.6 (<7.6)
2011-09-06 17 6.1 (<7.6)
2011-09-06 18 6.0 (<7.6)

Source: TNmS Media Korea

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  1. 1 : jh Says:

    Han Ye Seul! i like!!!!!!

  2. 2 : jh Says:

    Wanna see the hilarious performance again… like in Couple or Trouble!!

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  4. 4 : luvyluna Says:

    hi eric-ssi.. long time no see! waiting his hillarious act.. 🙂

  5. 5 : wynn demon Says:

    wow~ (*0 *) add on a new drama d~!!! (#o #)
    i m interested to this drama~! (@v @)
    cnt wait, hope tht it will appear immediately~! (>0

  6. 6 : andre Says:

    can,t wait to see this drama..

  7. 7 : wee Says:

    yes….this is the show that they film in Singapore…cant wait to see it

  8. 8 : 52drama Says:

    The story and cast of this drama seem very attractive for viewing. Looking forward to the first episode on July 11!

  9. 9 : drama freak Says:

    hhahaa…it seems interesting…gona watch this… hope it is a good one =)

  10. 10 : jangerr Says:

    Oooo, love Han Ye Seul, especially in romcom. Look forward to this drama!

  11. 11 : esther Says:

    Count me in, I keep waiting that the day will come to see this drama. And when it is out in the market, I will buy 10 dvd for my friends so that they will know why I;m crazy about Eric Mun, not only a good actor, leader singer, but also a very handsome man.
    I would like to thank the staff of KBS for being so nice to me, hehehe i got some group photo of them with me and my friend especially the director Mr. Hwang In Hyuk. One day i will post it in my facebook, hope it’s ok director Hwang. Fighting

  12. 12 : AjUmmani Says:

    Yeah yeh another entertaining drama I love them all good or not so good love all the actors actress, love Kdrama love all the comments.

  13. 13 : IFANGURRL Says:

    I am dying to watch this because Eric and Han YeSeul’s in it. I hope this drama will turn out a success, definitely cannot wait to see this one! 🙂

  14. 14 : rose Says:

    cant wait this drama!!!!!!)

  15. 15 : susu Says:

    This looks like fun, fun, fun! Can’t wait!!!

  16. 16 : crazyme Says:

    waiting for this…

  17. 17 : irons Says:

    drama of the year !

  18. 18 : chaimoon Says:


  19. 19 : ซีรี่ย์เกาหลี Says:

    Omg! Thank you! I really was waiting for this drama

  20. 20 : Eugena Noseff Says:

    Excellent info over again! I am looking forward for more updates!

  21. 21 : wynn demon Says:

    yeah~!!! (~v ~) today gonna appear~!!! (*v *)

  22. 22 : homa Says:

    I wanted to be airing the series now in Paris

  23. 23 : Myung Wol the Spy « Robiahadawiyah's Blog Says:

    […] Hwang In Hyuk Screenwriter: Kim Eun Young (김은영), Kim Jung Ah koreandrama.org […]

  24. 24 : banTai Says:

    i love han ye seul voice….
    n her acting always great..!!

  25. 25 : takgu99 Says:

    im just watch the trailer at kbsworld….looks interesting!!!
    look forward to this drama…

  26. 26 : zashee Says:

    ohh,i just realize tht this drama is interesting than i thought

  27. 27 : masal dinle Says:

    i like really this movies

  28. 28 : kdramanatics Says:

    waaaaaaahhh!!! i really like this drama!!! must watch.. cant wait for the next episode..!!!

  29. 29 : Mizrilla Says:

    Omg.. Eric ahjussi is so charming.. I end up wacthing QSS and this drama at the same time.. Now my mind is sorrounded my this ahjussi.. Hiksss ottoke…

  30. 30 : hanna Says:

    what happen to the 2nd episode no rating ? Y o Y

  31. 31 : Lorem Says:

    Surely the writers could do more with the capable Han Ye Seul’s character in this drama. I’ve only come to watch the show after seeing her in Overboard. What an enigmatic beauty.

    There’s not a lot of depth with her character. Nevertheless I will be watching the show.

  32. 32 : Lorem Says:

    woops.. my bad with the reference to Overboard. I meant “Couple in Trouble”

  33. 33 : jangerr Says:

    @31 lorem

    I know what you mean. Love HYS in Couple of Trouble. She is a competent actress, especially in comedy as she has excellent comic timing. So hopefully they will flesh out her character here to have more depth that we can see more of her versatility and capability…

  34. 34 : maya Says:

    to whom may concern ( admin )

    i just want to ask,where is the rest of the rating above..? im so curious..

    thank you..

  35. 35 : Kdramalovers Says:

    What a great drama,must watch!!!
    Both lead actor n actress act so well..Eric+HYS,another lovely couple..
    the story are really interesting,I’m in love with lee jin woo’s character too
    ,he’s so charming..hehe..
    Anyway,I’m so excited about next episode,can’t wait to watch….!!!

  36. 36 : Exlier Says:

    Awesoomee dramma!!!!

  37. 37 : Charlie Says:

    Interesting drama, funny, even showing sone culture differences between North Korea and South Korea.
    I like the leading lady. First time seeing the #2 leading man, he is very handsome and has nice charisma.

  38. 38 : fan Says:

    Like this drama, very entertaining, first time seeing the lead actors, they’re very good, till now the story is good hope it’ll not disappoint us.
    But I think it must be categorised as a fantasy rom-com 😉
    The OST is very good, I love both songs.

  39. 39 : loona Says:

    This drama getting better and better but the rating doesnt seem like that..this is a good drama to watch after secret garden and the greatest love..

  40. 40 : Sharellh Says:

    Great drama soooo funny. What’s wrong with the ratings though people need to watch this and support the show.

  41. 41 : KDaddict Says:

    This Story is completely nuts! But who’s to say that a nutty story can’t be enjoyable?
    The show itself is also nuts! She is a N Korean spy, but speaks v good American English! How many of those are there? She steals the dress of a woman twice her size, n it fits perfectly! Like magic!
    This can be classified as a magic show.
    If u expect any amt of logic, you won’t get it.
    If you find Eric n Lee Jin Wook handsome, you’d like it a gt deal more.

  42. 42 : fan Says:

    Because she’s a spy you can expect her to speak american very well.
    if you look closely you can see that it was a sundress, it’s made by wraping oncelf in a piece of fabric, so it can be fitted to any size easily.

    If you keep in mind that’s a surreal show (fantasy), every thing will be logic and you’ll enjoy it , if not at least you can learn how to make a hallyu star fall for you 😉

  43. 43 : kel Says:

    I still havent give this drama a watch. Been looking at some of the good dramas. I notice that Jap drama has chart for the character relationship.
    But korea drama doesnt have it, if they can put it, i believe it will give the fans a better understanding of all the relationship in the drama.

  44. 44 : KDaddict Says:

    Like I said in #41,
    “Who’s to say that a nutty show can’t be enjoyable?” 🙂

  45. 45 : fan Says:

    You’re right ! 😀

  46. 46 : mizzlol Says:

    after watch d 1rst epi,i’m fllin in luv with kang woo n ths drma,daebbak. . .always watch n wait 4 d nxt episode.
    Gidaryo oppa. .^^

  47. 47 : suju Says:

    OMG!! I love this drama…am seriously hooked!! can’t wait for the nxt ep!! daebak!! han ye seul and eric hwaiting!! seriously falling in love with eric more and more while watching this awesome and unique drama!!

  48. 48 : loona Says:

    come on guys watching this awesome chemistry kissing scene..that was so cute and adorable that makes my heart fluttered when watching this..love eric and ye seul..

  49. 49 : KDaddict Says:

    I just watched ep 2. This drama is a SPOOF, and it is hilarious!
    It is a bonus that the girl is really pretty. However, I don’t think the guys are. Eric looks like a bad ass, perhaps as he is meant to be here; no offense to his fans. I find most Korean actors handsome beyond reason, but not Lee Jin Wook — perhaps due to Bushy eyebrows set too close to his eyes.

  50. 50 : fan Says:

    You don’t like Kang Woo for now, but when you’ll come to ep.5 you’ll love him, he’s really good and he portrayed his character very well not over acting as he said before, he kept it simple and it works, at first you hate him then you’ll love him.
    Lee Jin Wook is not that bad, you’ll get used to him and you’ll find him more attractive 😉
    This drama is getting more and more interesting !

  51. 51 : [email protected] Says:

    I like this drama!!! It’s interesting more than I expect!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. 52 : Charlie Says:

    Up to ep. 5, still very funny. I like this drama.

  53. 53 : KDaddict Says:

    I’ve fallen in love, with this drama n with Han Yi Seul! Boy, is she ever lovely to behold.
    I really really like the first 3 eps of this drama. It’s weird and farcical, n it keeps you guessing, which makes it so different from all the other KDs out there. Then in eps 3 onwards, it becomes a rom-com, concerned w making the girl get the guy! It is still funny, but we r now in familiar territory.

    Eric’s char does become more likable when he begins to shed his icy exterior.

  54. 54 : lydia Says:

    i think this drama is too boring… no comedy at alllll…

  55. 55 : [email protected] Says:

    I love you both!!!!!

  56. 56 : KDaddict Says:

    This director is way too fond of flashbacks. Those r boring. Ep 6 is slow n less funny.
    Kang Woo looks gt w camouflage on his face. Don’t like it that he slaps her, even for show!
    Lee JW’s eye brows r so bushy they almost meet over the bridge of his nose.
    In every KD, I’m goo goo eyes over the guys. This time, I can admire the actress.

  57. 57 : [email protected] Says:

    Why did you slap? Kang Woo!!!!!!! I’m so saddddddddddd

  58. 58 : fan Says:

    You’re too harsh with LJW hehehehe !

    May be KW slapped MW, to make people sympathise with her and accept her. I expect him falling for her this time, and becoming jaleous of bushy eyebrow 😉

  59. 59 : [email protected] Says:

    Myung Wol the Spy is a good drama.

  60. 60 : KDaddict Says:

    Re LJW’s eye brows, I only state what is there on screen for every one to see. How is that being harsh? Tell me if you don’t see them 1 cm away from meeting over the bridge of his nose. I don’t have a problem w it if u happen to like that, my friend. 🙂

    I knew that KW slapped MW to help her in that tight spot, but I still don’t like to see a hero slap a girl, n think it isn’t absolutely nece. The writer could have found another way.
    I love eps 1-5 to pieces for being wacky n offbeat. 🙂

  61. 61 : bebet Says:

    It’s a good drama, don’t care about the ratings.

  62. 62 : fan Says:

    Thank you for your comment, you made me burst into laughter.
    You’re right about flashbacks, there is too much in this serie especially in ep. 6, it’s annoying, hope the next time they’ll be less.

  63. 63 : cheng Says:

    Liking this so much!!! Really ansious for the next episode airing today!!! How I wish right now that the day passes as fast as it can…

  64. 64 : wynn demon Says:

    yeah~!!! add on episode 08 will appear tomorrow~!!!

  65. 65 : wynn demon Says:

    oh~!!! n thanks for the ost~!!! haha~

  66. 66 : alica Says:

    nice drama i love it ..keep going…

  67. 67 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 7:
    is wacko again. It is “roaring in the aisles” funny, esp where her “parents” are putting up a show for Kang Woo re how down n out they are. LOL till tears streams down my face.
    Ep 8:
    has you lamenting over the ineptness of these so-called spies: The “father” who reveals all that he isn’t supposed to when Chairman Joo comes checking up on Ryu, and also when Ryu n Myung Wol talk on the bench right after they were found by KW to be kissing. Right then, I thought “Wouldn’t KW be on their tail?”
    I find quality of the show to be uneven fr ep to ep.

  68. 68 : alica Says:

    i love it ..awesome drama ..like city hunter ..fighting ,,
    i love ost

  69. 69 : wynn demon Says:

    when can we download the full episode of this drama? (o. 0) or now already can download? (@- @)
    cst im really love this drama..! (^- ^) n cnt wait for the appearance of the nxt episode~!!! (>o

  70. 70 : kimmyyx333 Says:

    this drama is so funny. i really dont even care about the ratings. lol

  71. 71 : alixa Says:

    more exited ..keep going ..i love it .. it my favorite drama ever ..

  72. 72 : anne Says:

    I don’t understand, does 7.3 (e.g. episode 8) mean it is in the 7th position for ranking? If that’s the case, why is the ranking so low for such a great show?

  73. 73 : anne Says:

    oops , i mean episode 8 ranking

  74. 74 : peter Says:

    don’t be swayed with its low ratings, its nice drama and fun to watch.

  75. 75 : alixa Says:

    Im in love with this drama…

  76. 76 : lixa Says:

    it is not far the rating ,, its the best drama ,more lovely and exited ..i love it you most watch it ..

  77. 77 : viesa Says:

    Myung-wol Hwaiting!

  78. 78 : viesa Says:

    Han Ye Seul and Eric are one of drama perfect couple (if not in real life), their chemistry is great!

  79. 79 : KDaddict Says:

    To ans your Q:
    “7.3” means this show has 7.3% of the viewers during its time slot, i.e. 92.7% of viewers are watching sth else. “20th” means it ranks 20th among all shows during its time slot in terms of percentage of viewers, i.e. 19 other shows has more viewers.

  80. 80 : cindrella Says:

    i cannot wait .. the next ep ..ahhhhhh

    i love it

  81. 81 : joan Says:

    this story is lovely, mixed with suspense,action and romance..luv it…

  82. 82 : fan Says:

    What I like about this drama is that it keeps you guessing, you don’t know what will happen next. But I’m pretty sure all of them will end miserable. MW and KW will fall for each other but I don’t think that they’ll end together. CR will loose MW and IA won’t have KW neither CR.
    Maybe I’m guessing wrong and we’ll have a happy ending after all it’s a fiction every thing is possible 😉

  83. 83 : Jesamae Espineli Says:

    one of the best . Im so hooked with this korean drama.
    super cute love triangle….”Eric;Myong Wol;Choi

  84. 84 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 9:
    Kang Woo is torturing MW now that he thinks she has been deceiving him. He pretends of train her in acting, only to make her suffer. Only I think, from here she succeeds, while he is being kept fr circulation by Chairman Joo. So the tables will be turned.
    I find it irritating that these so called spies r so careless abt their cover. They talk abt their secrets out in the open, like Ryu n MW did end of ep 8, n call each other Comrade! Ya, that’s the way to keep your identity secret, bumbling idiots!

  85. 85 : cindrella Says:

    i canot wait for next .. so exited .one of my best drama ever ..

  86. 86 : fan Says:

    i am in love with this drama it’s smart and funny and Eric is just awesome. i am glad i pick up this drama this summer

  87. 87 : Cheese Says:

    Can’t wait to see,,,

  88. 88 : fan Says:

    Gone to SK to bring with her a hallyu star, now she’s planning to become a hallyu star herself, unbelievable !!!!!!!!!!

    as you said, I’ve never seen so careless spies, CR wandering with the tablet containing his mission secrets, hehehe !!!! according to this drama NK spies are nuts !

  89. 89 : Charlie Says:

    I love this drama; funny, leading actors and actresses are playing very well, and there is good chemistry between Myung Wol and Kang Woo.

    I especially love the ending of episode 10. All the sudden I forgot if this is the story in the drama within drama or this drama itself. Well done.

    How is the drama going to end? As long as the North and South are divided, there wouldn’t be good ending… unless they all fled their own countries and hide in a third country, in that case, would they be safe from North?

    I can’t wait for next Monday.

  90. 90 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 10:
    Sh_t! Ep 10 is so cheesy it is g-o-o-d! The drama within a drama, laid heavy with all the cliches, have me lol. I love their making relentless fun of melodramatic KDs. heehee.
    Then at the end, even tho it is tacky, I can’t help being drawn in n cry tears, of I don’t know what! I think I couldn’t decide if I wanted to laugh or cry! Boy, no KD has ever made me feel like that!
    Via Rich girl, KW will find out that MW is the girl who rescued him n the booklet in SG. He will completely go nuts over her. By foiling the assignment, MW gets banned by the N to ever enter the country. She will defect to the S, marry KW n live happily ever after! 🙂
    Becos I don’t suffer fools gladly, I find the parent spies’ attempts to help annoying, rather than funny. MW is a lousy actress if she can’t even act the part of the conceited chaebol 2nd generation. I guess that’s the pt, that MW is innocent n guileless.
    What else r u watching?

  91. 91 : june Says:

    i really love this drama coz i like Eric n Han Ye Seul.Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. 92 : irrish Says:

    wow it’s kind of amusing drama, it makes me laugh unpredictably hahahaha and I’m in gaga mode on when I watched 10th episode

  93. 93 : fan Says:

    Me too I loved ep 10, dramas within the drama, even I didn’t understand what they were saying , I couldn’t help laughing. The last part was really good, filming their own story, the writers wanted to give us a possible ending which could cross our minds “will it be a sad ending ?!!!!!!!”

    For now I’m just watching Myung Wol and Scent of a Woman, each episode twice, first time without sub then with it. I started Princess’ Man only ep. 1, I don’t find time to watch the rest of episodes, and maybe I’m not too interested in it because the ending is known before or because it ‘s sad.
    I wanted to watch Protect the Boss but I think the story isn’t new “a bodyguard, a chaebol son …” I find it similiar to what I’m watching now.
    I’m also watching a J-drama “Zenkai Girl” which I find quite interesting. But I still find K-drama better !

  94. 94 : wynn demon Says:

    正期待下一级的到来~!!!!!(>v . ^)

  95. 95 : chaos Says:

    love love love ep 10. can’t wait till Monday

  96. 96 : che Says:

    I love watching myung wol the spy drama I cant help but keep on laughing while watching its just enjoyable

  97. 97 : zari Says:

    both leading actors are portraying their roles excellently thats why i cant wait to see d nxt episode

  98. 98 : viesa Says:

    Myung-wol FIGHTING!

  99. 99 : [email protected] Says:

    Love this drama!!

  100. 100 : imee Says:

    The plot is getting better. I love Episode 10 the most and I can’t seem to wait for the next episodes. The lead actors and actress do have a great chemistry. I just don’t understand why they’re having a low rating when it was indeed an exciting and nice drama.

  101. 101 : KDaddict Says:

    Watching it raw b4 subs is the true sign of a fan. U deserve your name. 😉
    I think Princess Man is hauntingly beautiful n fantastically moving, in ways that rom-coms can’t be. Besides, it’s Park Shi Hoo at his most handsome in historical custom. It’s not the ending, but the process that matters, my dear.

  102. 102 : fan Says:

    You’re right ! I’m fan, even MWS story started not that good but I was curious to know how they’ll end it. Since they added other writers I think it’s getting surprisingly better and better. I got attached to the characters too, the unreachable top star and the ingenuous spy.
    For Scent of a woman, what I like most is how the story is dealing with the human feelings, I love KSA way of acting I never got disappointed. LDW first seeing him, and he’s really good, no doubt KSA partners are always the best.
    I’ll give Princess Man a try, but first I have to erase its ending from my memory 😉
    Is it a true story ?

  103. 103 : ChaSheRyi Says:

    OMG!!! I LOVE Episode 10 so much!!!!! The Ending is perfect T_T

  104. 104 : drama craze Says:

    me too…i really love the ending of 10ep!! daebak…keep repeating the last 5 minute..

  105. 105 : Chomel Says:

    Absolutely love the last episode. Dying to watch the next one. Arghhh. Have to wait until next week. I kept rewinding the last 5 minutes as well.

  106. 106 : Hana Says:

    This drama should get more rating!

  107. 107 : KiM NaNa Says:

    I love the episode 10 espacially the end ….. I love it love it love it love it .
    I’m very exited for next episode … very nice movie .

  108. 108 : lydia Says:

    the story is getting better..anyway are they kiss on 9th or 10th episode?

  109. 109 : Chomel Says:

    I wonder how it’s going to end. KW shouted her actual name in the end, not her role name.

  110. 110 : KiM NaNa Says:

    Yes its right KW shouted her reall name …. not her role name I think she really kill her self ….. maybe its not …… but the gun was reall ,,,, what if she dy? I will never watch this drama again if she dy …. I like KW married to MW …. I don’t know what will happen…. Please make it fast ..
    thanks alot .

  111. 111 : nana Says:

    this drama is the best drama ever . i am so curious and Excited about ep 11 .
    also i loved the ending of ep 10 . i cried so much and i wich that i will have somone hwo love me like kang woo

  112. 112 : Chomel Says:

    I watched the last bit again. There seemed to be a sign of blood on the side of her right temple where she “shot” herself. The suspense is killing me.

  113. 113 : yulkimn Says:

    im nervous waiting for ep11 tonite…is it will be air or not??coz i read sum news the leading actress cannot cum filming coz of health issue..i like HYS…pls dun make her die jus bcoz she canot cum filming…

  114. 114 : mizzlola Says:

    HYS unni,quick return.
    do not make the fans disappointed
    I’m very sad T.T to think the other cast. n eric too, because this was the first drama after his military srvce.
    We always look forward to the next episode of spy Myung wol.fightiingg!!!!♥♥

  115. 115 : crazyme Says:

    despite all the rumors about her..i still love her and still waiting for her to come back. MWS its not the same w/out her..

  116. 116 : Mic Says:

    I feel sorry for Eric. Never liked Han, she doesn’t even know how to act and apparently has no code of conduct as well!

  117. 117 : KDaddict Says:

    I read that Han Ye Seul n a PD do not get along. She wants to fire that PD n hasn’t shown up for filming since 8/14; Eric n crew have been waiting. It’s rare to hear of such behavior in the Korean entertainment industry.
    Well, since this show has poor ratings, and at the end of ep 10, she shot herself, they can just kill her off, n bring the series to an early end. Or else, they can change PD.

  118. 118 : Mic Says:

    Yeah, KDaddict, seems like she went to LA yesterday, rumor is to get married. The show would probably be cancelled, but I totally agreed with you, change the script and find another actress to replace her. I am pretty sure she doesn’t care about her career anymore otherwise she wouldn’t have done this. The marriage rumor could be true.

  119. 119 : Addicted to this movie Says:

    Omg, i luv this drama… However, i dont believe any rumor that says this show will be cancelled, which really is unbeleviable and does not make sense for the ones who love them…i am crazy waiting ep 11 to be aired… But, there is special ep which is unnecessary instead of airing new one… Hopefully, they gonna finish up nicely n smoothly :DDD…

  120. 120 : fan Says:

    I was disappointed to find a special episode instead of the 11th. Maybe all this tralala is happening because they’re not happy with the rating.
    If HYS was really given just 2 hours to rest, it’s all her right to not show up especially if they agreed originally to let her work only 5 days a week.
    Now that I get attached to the characters and want extremely to know how all of them will end up, I’m really afraid that the show will be cancelled 🙁

  121. 121 : John Says:

    Worst drama I’ve ever seen

  122. 122 : fan Says:

    If MW die it means the end of the show, it all depends on the lead actress. Leaving to LA is maybe her last attempt to get what she wants.
    Hope all will be settled soon and they’ll resume filming.

  123. 123 : Exlier Says:

    John leave your stupid opinions to yourself. No one cares what you think anyway, and if you dont like the drama dont watch it period. This is drama is the bomb no one needs to hear your stupid opinions about it.

  124. 124 : yulkimn Says:

    the lead actress had left…how dis drama end???HYS pls cumback and do the drama till the end…after dat u can go where ever u want to go….!

  125. 125 : bebet Says:

    It is really unfortunate that HYS is not profesional, no matter the rating , I love this drama so much… 🙁 …. sad :(( no MWS this week …. Hope they manage to solve the problem … i amlooking forward to see the end. Eric and other actors … Fighting !!!

  126. 126 : bebet Says:

    It is really unfortunate that the lead actress is not professional and disappointing . Regardless the low rating …I love this drama so much. NO MYS this week 🙁 so sad . To other cast and crew … fighting!

  127. 127 : ken Says:

    ur crazy she can act good, watch Couple Fantasy was not to bad at all.

    know the facts first jokers

  128. 128 : KDaddict Says:

    Her behavior is being said to be “unprecedented”. They sent an ultimatum for her to return by the afternoon of 8/16. If she doesn’t, she is probably ready for the coming lawsuit and retirement.
    What a waste of an interesting series and beautiful actress!

    Article on Han YS’s absence fr filming:

    See related articles listed at the end for more info.

  129. 129 : KDaddict Says:

    @ ken–#127,
    Yes, know the facts first before you call ppl “jokers”. It’s clear that you’ve no b___dy idea what ppl r talking abt.

  130. 130 : lengskee Says:

    what happened to the lead actress? Did she become a spy now? hehe….
    anyways, even with a low rating… im still enjoying this series perhaps because I take it very lightly. Looking at ERIC, think he is one of those actors with a “perfect nose”. Just love his role here.

    I’ll be watching the 6th epi tonight, so Ill be able to catch up when the filming resumes hopefully it will still be her, if not someone much better.

  131. 131 : Aiushta Says:

    Han Ye Seul will not continue filming Spy Myung Wol anymore. Here is the article.


  132. 132 : Aiushta Says:

    I would like to express my disappointment to Han Ye Seul. After I watched this drama, I became her fan. Every week, I always wait for the new episodes of this drama to be uploaded in the net. The last scene of episode 10 made more excited to watch this drama and I even wished that it will also be aired in the Philippines soon. Then when I heard about the news that she left the drama irreasonably while it’s not yet finished, I felt really disappointed to her and I was so sad for not seeing this drama ended well with both her and Eric Mun as the lead.

    I hope Han Ye Seul will regret what she did.

  133. 133 : Argue Says:

    Im from the phil im watchng my bittersweet life in kbs world and later im curious in ths kdrama so ill watch spy… 😀 hope i like it.

  134. 134 : jellmine Says:

    tsk ! tsk! tsk ! OMG … very bad ,,, why suddenly change her mind ….

  135. 135 : june Says:

    what’s wrong wth her?so pity for eric n others.so sad for me.

  136. 136 : Argue Says:

    Watchn spy n0w..

  137. 137 : Charlie Says:


    I’m sure there are stories from both sides. We should not simply blame Han. Although I am sad that the show got interrupted likes this, because I loved the show. I have heard also saw it thru various drama that it was really touch to be a Korean actor or actress. Although they look glamorous on screen, but there are also the endless work days, both day and night, lack of sleep, and constant of changing scripts, etc.; at end of a drama, most of the leading actors and actresses are near physical exhaustion. I don’t know what kind of labor law the country has to protect their people.
    Han is from US. She probably is demanding her rights based on the standards in her part of the world. If one sees things from her side, she probably shouldn’t be blamed for the whole, who knows. Who can stand or survive having only 2 hours of sleep every day, for weeks straight. Maybe it’s time for South Korean Entertainment Industry to straighten out their labor rules and set out a reasonable working hours to protect their beautiful and talented actors and actresses. We all know that South Korean workers are working very hard, a lot of overtime, partly due to the competition in the labor market. That’s also one of the reason the South Korean Economy is rising drastically these days. But still, basic worker’s rights should be still maintained.
    Just my two cents, no need to hammer me if you don’t agree.

  138. 138 : bebet Says:

    If there is a job that has no pressure and paid well .. humm I want to have that job  … that is why actor and actress were paid well. If they do not like the pressure , then don’t choose entertainment Industry. Every job has the pressure, and the level surely depends on how well you are paid and how important your position is.

  139. 139 : Bones Says:

    She is back BITCHES. Yahhhhhhh, I am so happy

  140. 140 : Charlie Says:

    Well, I’m sure every job has its pressure, at certain degree. I don’t know how well the Korean actors are paid, but it doesn’t mean they can be pushed to the level of breakdown. I’m not saying suddenly leaving was a right thing to do for her, there may be other ways to work things out; but I believe she had a breakdown and didn’t think too much of the consequences.
    Would the viewers forgive her? We’ll have to see.

  141. 141 : KDaddict Says:

    The Production company and her own talent agency announced that they’d sue her in a joint lawsuit. It never looks good when your own agency, which is supposed to protect you, sues you. The tv station, kbs2 also said they’d bring a criminal and civil suit against her. If that is not enough pressure for her to back down, then the outbreak of strong negative sentiments against her in Korea might add to it.
    Their live-shoot system is notoriously tough, n many a lead actor have been carried away in an ambulance at the end of shooting or left barely standing. It’s not like she didn’t know such were the working conditions when she signed on. So it’s puzzling.

    What is more puzzling are ppl like @ken n @Bones, who r calling us “jokers” n “BITCHES”, for what? We follow these developments becos we love the show; no one has insulted HYS.

  142. 142 : anggi Says:

    i sad when read the article if han ye seul left korea and uncontinue her responsibility as Myung wol in this drama.:(
    i really love Han and eric,i alays waiting their act every week.crazy in love with them:*

  143. 143 : KDaddict Says:

    CNN.com reported on an OECD study. In it, S Korea is the 2nd hardest-working country in the world (i.e. longest working hours). Every country has its own norms. U.S. norms don’t apply internationally.
    The other side of the coin is that S Korean actors/resses are the 2nd highest paid, after Hollywood.
    Can one choose to be among the 2nd highest paid in the world without choosing to work the 2nd longest hours? Be nice if one could, huh.
    The U.S. is also much more permissive in behavioral norms than elsewhere. Having a breakdown may not go down as well in Asian countries.

  144. 144 : wee Says:

    SHE DESERVED TO SUE…such for being not a professional actress….Love is needed too but please completed all those and go for your marriage not half way thru’..her career is FINISHED and GONE…No one will look for her anymore if she fail her love and marriage when she wanted to come back….

  145. 145 : Lier Says:

    I hoped she will not return coz its embarrassing on her part awwwww..

  146. 146 : Lier Says:

    SEOUL: Korean actress Han Ye Seul has been mired in controversy after she failed to turn up on Sunday to shoot an episode of Korean broadcaster Korean Broadcasting System’s (KBS) currently airing drama”Spy Myung Wol”.
    The popular actress, who has appeared in dramas like “Couple of Fantasy” and “Will it Snow at Christmas”, suddenly stopped turning up for shoots for “Spy Myung Wol” and travelled to Los Angeles on Monday, reported Korean media.
    Han, the show’s female lead, still had some scenes for an episode scheduled to air on Monday night.
    KBS eventually had no choice but to air a highlight reel that night instead of a new episode of the drama due to insufficient footage.
    This is the first time in Korean entertainment history that a performer had left midway through the production of a currently airing series and affected the show’s broadcast schedule.
    A KBS spokesperson said that Han’s actions are “unacceptable”.
    “A plan to produce a drama is a promise to the people of the country.
    “Whatever reasons she may have, Han Ye Seul must prevent this problem from degenerating any further and partake in this production with sincerity,” said the KBS spokesperson on Monday.
    KBS has since threatened to sue Han for holding up the production of”Spy Myung Wol”, while her co-stars languished at home for two days, unable to return to work.
    Han’s management agency Sidus HQ, however, had claimed that it was the gruelling schedule the producers of the show had thrust upon her, that pushed Han to act this way.
    The agency pointed out that there was too little time for the actress to rest and that it had affected her health.
    This was corroborated by Han’s statements to the Korean media in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning.
    “The production process for the drama was very difficult. I have droppedeverything now,” Han told Korean media, before insisting that the reports claiming she had dropped out of the show because of conflicts with its producer are untrue.
    “I want to rest,” said Han.
    “I hope my juniors (younger actors) will be able to shoot dramas in a good environment.”
    KBS has announced that it will hold an emergency press conference on Tuesday to reveal how it intends to deal with this problem.

  147. 147 : Kanshou Says:

    i was sad after reading the news (she fly to L.A and the reason of doing this because of marriage planning) yesterday as i like to watch this drama..>.

  148. 148 : Kanshou Says:

    BUt still, i hope she coming back on set and complete the series..
    Im not a huge fans of HYS, but, plz just dont listen/look on one side, and keep criticize HYS..
    we never know what the real reason behind all those news..=D

  149. 149 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 11:
    The drama within a drama in ep 10, and the ongoing drama around this drama break my concentration so I can’t remember what they are supposed to be agonizing over in ep 11! 🙁 MW is trying to protect KW, and vice versa, but what’s that about????
    Eric’s face is much thinner in ep 11. Definitely looks like he has lost wt. LJW too.
    KW says these lines to MW who is now a rising star: Are you the only actor here? Are you the only one who works long hours? You think anyone can be a professional actor? Ougch!
    KW’s public declaration of love at the end of ep 11 is down rt moving.

  150. 150 : fan Says:

    Good news !!!! HYS is back to seoul and she’ll resume filming this evening. I’m very happy because without her the show wasn’ t great. I didn’t like ep. 11 because of her absence

  151. 151 : iammee Says:

    I got into panic mode when a special instead of episode 11 was aired. I browsed the internet and learned that it was because of Han Ye Sul’s sudden decision not to shoot. I was really disappointed, frustrated and even afraid that the drama will not end smoothly. I have read that Han Ye Sul was being tormented by problems on unjustly working schedule by the producers and she has been demanding a shorter working hours, if this were all true, I believe that her demands must be given consideration and she even said that she made that move so as not to victimize other actors and actress with regards to that kind of treatment. My big question is that do korean actors really work like horses.? Han Ye Sul has never done this before, probably there was really some truth as to why she had that kind of attitude. Anyway, I just read recently that she was back and she has some plans of finishing the drama, well I hope that both Han Ye Sul and the production team of the drama could actually have a reasonable agreement just for the sake of finishing the drama and finally relieving the problems the has been affecting the crew, the production team and the actors and actresses as well.

    I really feel sorry for the other lead actor, I only got interested watching this drama because of Eric, it was very seldom that he appears on tv dramas and I feel really disappointed that things turned out this way.

    I hope and pray that everything will be settled in a few days and that both parties would make amends and just finish the drama.

  152. 152 : chichaloca Says:

    I still respect Han Ye Seul unnie. I can’t just hate her. I don’t wanna bash her because I know, she has her own reasons. HEALTH first before anything else! Spy Wyung Wol Fighting! Wonder why the ratings were low..but i don’t mind

  153. 153 : bebet Says:

    Drama production with a lot of drama happening … strike , escaping , return then reconcile with tears hik hik . Look forward for next week episodes….

  154. 154 : Barry Johnson Says:

    To be honest I just heard about the problems regarding Han Ye Seul taking a break. I don’t know all the details, but it does no one good if those doing the work are exhausted to the point that their health is compromised. I hope she has had the opportunity to rest sufficiently, as I am looking forward to finishing this DRAMA. It has been a very good drama and I believe her work and the work of the other actors has been superb. Excellence comes from recognizing one’s weaknesses and addressing them appropriately. Now that she has had the oppertunity to rest I know that this DRAMA will be even better in the long run.

  155. 155 : jellmine Says:

    finished watching ep 11 nice ….. waiting for ep 12

  156. 156 : sylvia Says:

    Thank God, the shooting of the drama resumed smoothly. I read that Han Ye Sul reconciled with the staff and the actors and actresses. Thank goodness, I am sure that Han Ye Sul’s sincere apology was enough for them to forgive her. I hope that there will be no more problem that will arise. I also hope that Han Ye Sul’s exposure of unjust treatment will also be given attention. I like to see a happy and romantic ending for this drama. To all the staff, crew and the actors/actresses….FIGHTING!!!!!

  157. 157 : yuukichan Says:

    wat means of special ep???is it relate to the main scenario or it just behind the scene or something lyk that??

  158. 158 : chicaloca Says:

    she’s back to the drama location today and continue the shooting and also apologize to all actors and crew.they received with open hand…Ya..that my myong wol..happy to cont watching dis drama

  159. 159 : chicaloca Says:

    Eric reveal his though about the case…


    hehe..let make this drama most commented drama…my the spy.fighting!!

  160. 160 : jh Says:

    Myung Wol fighting!!!! its ok… DOnt worry we still love u!!

  161. 161 : josen1136 Says:

    Im loving this drama, looking forward for the next epi.

  162. 162 : Margarita Says:

    I can’t just wait de next cap. please “hurry’

  163. 163 : Judy Says:

    I dont understand why the rating is sooo low. Did they take into consideration of worldwide or even Asia ratings? There are many followers of this film in Malaysia and I, for one, waits for it eagerly every week!! I too followed the news that Ye Seul went to LA. I dont blame her for what she did. No one wants to do silly things if not being pushed to the very end. I believe she repent and I too, believe the whole Korean Entertainment industry learn something about it. IF it is not her who did it, someone may be doing that in the future. This time, it’s Han Ye Seul alone. Next time, who knows? the whole drama team??

    Im sad to hear that Eric quoted that the ratings are low and I am suprised! there are just so many followers, how can it be low??

  164. 164 : chaos Says:

    I feel so bad for Han Ye Sul… I am so torn, one hand I am so glad that she return b/c i can’t imagine Myung WOl the spy without her. but on the other hand it must be so hard for her ever than before.

    Han Ye Sul Fighting !!!

  165. 165 : Aiushta Says:

    For those who haven’t read it yet, this is a very nice news. I think it will give a relief for all the fans of SMW.


  166. 166 : Miki Says:

    Though I am not her fan, I find Han Ye Seul as really good and talented actress. She excellently conveyed delicate parts of story line from her facial expression and acting skill. Great job!! Overall, it has nice story line, quality production and all three lead actors did good job (Han Ye Seul, Eric Mun & Lee Jin Wook).

    I believe that everybody deserves second chance, so is Han Ye Seul. I sincerely do not want her great talent to go wasted as she has much more to contribute to Korean entertainment industry. Thank you.

  167. 167 : Hana Says:


  168. 168 : Lorem Says:

    I thought the premise of this show was okay, and the actors are cast well enough. But I feel like it doesn’t move fast enough for a romantic spy-thriller-drama.

    Eric’s character is not all too clear, though I feel he’s doing a tremendous job. I hadn’t seen him in any other show, but dig his on screen persona..heh. Keep it comin’ dude!

    Ye Seul is simply gorgeous, though I prefer her playing the beautiful and feisty don’t-f**k-with-me rich girl who under the surface is tender-hearted. The ratings would probably go through the roof.. haha.

  169. 169 : Razinfa Says:

    I am exhilirated and glad that the shooting is back in bussiness.. I love all the songs although they were just in the background. Regardless, i can’t understand what it means, they are all great songs!! But, is there a set of compilation available at all? Please make it available…….

  170. 170 : fan Says:

    You can download the songs from the link just above “OST here or here”

  171. 171 : Jennie Says:

    Am glad that filming has resumed. The storyline is good but I guess ratings are low becos of the pace of the story. Nothing much has happened since the very first episode. I guess most of us enjoy it nevertheless becos of the performance of the cast. Both the leads have strong screen personas n are lovable and that’s why most of us are still watching. Fighting!

  172. 172 : swift Says:

    i have watched many k drama, but found this to be more matured, with the lead actor slowly developed feelings that he denies having it from pity to love, hahahahaha….. the premise is very touching

  173. 173 : Nah Robin Says:

    Im always looking forward to the next episode i cant wait to air it in tv i have to watch online… its a nice drama and i really love it!!!

  174. 174 : Nah Robin Says:

    IM looking forward to the next episode!!!

  175. 175 : KDaddict Says:

    This series has really good cliffhangers, I’ll give it that. Now that KW has outed his feelings for MW, the rest of the hour is much less interesting. All the pandemonium caused by HYS going AWOL has taken away the essence of make-belief of the show, like a magic trick exposed.
    Their acting is really good tho. In this ep that is filmed right after HYS’s return, there is no hint of any discord when they act as lovers. I’ve gained new respect for Eric thru this incident n wish him better luck w his next project.

  176. 176 : KDaddict Says:

    #175 refers to Ep 12.
    Another thing: It is no longer strange n off-the-wall, which was what I really liked abt it. Now it’s just tying up loose ends abt the 4-part ancient text and KW’s father’s murder, committed by Chairman Joo, and then MW staying in the South. The end.
    Don’t know if Comrade Ryu will stay in S, n don’t care.

  177. 177 : mimy Says:


    the drama vere vere nies

  178. 178 : kimmyy Says:

    omg. this drama is so good it kills me inside. =(

  179. 179 : fan Says:

    You’re right about the make-belief of the show, I felt the same when I watched ep. 11 and was sceptic about the future of the show. But ep. 12 gave me hope, the cast did a good job, espacially HYS and Eric and made me forget about the hurly-burly.
    The story is going good, away from deja vu. The last scene was sad, poor KW ! hurt twice :'(

  180. 180 : fan Says:

    Poor Ryu ! You still don’t like him hehe !!!

  181. 181 : fan Says:

    @KDaddict Poor Ryu ! You still don’t like him hehe !!!

  182. 182 : KDaddict Says:

    @fan, hi,
    I hope I didn’t offend you. 1, I don’t care abt Ryu cos he seems such a cardbd char. 2, Most guys in KD get better looking the longer you stare at them over more eps, but somehow, that effect doesn’t apply to KJW 4 me. That’s rare. Sorry.
    I got quite impatient watching ep 12, fast forwd a lot, which meant it didn’t hold my attn. I’ll dutifully check out ep 13 to see how good/bad it is. When Can’t Lose starts tonite, n if I’m pressed for time, I’m ready to let this one go.
    PTB is good; so is your recent comment there. TQ.

  183. 183 : fan Says:

    Poor Ryu, I was so sad for him in ep. 13 hehe 😀

    I think ep. 13 is good even I watched it without sub. I guess it’s more exciting because what was hidden starts to be revealed. It’s the beginning of the conclusion. Three more episodes, don’t give up now !

  184. 184 : kimmyy Says:

    this show just gets better and better. ep 13, they what? >.

  185. 185 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 13:
    Oh, I feel sorry for KW, who has fallen so much in love w her; Only to see her steal his portion of the old text, even tho she knows full well what it means to him!
    I don’t feel sorry for Ryu at all, cos it is only a one-sided affair on his part. I mean, if I say I am heart-broken that Lee MH has a gf now, does it mean I’ve been hurt? Same difference.
    Well, it is good to finally see for once that ppl actually have sex in a KD. For all the 100 KDs I’ve watched, babies might as well spring from armpits becos they kissed!

  186. 186 : Haythi Says:

    why this drama so good? I love it a lot. ^_~

  187. 187 : fan Says:

    @KDaddict #185 So funny love it !!!!!

  188. 188 : obelix Says:

    like this drama! the casts have chemistry one each others. i especially glad can see comrade myung wol till the end, thanks for come back girl! this drama is not usual one, it’s because of you, jin wooki and eric. love you guys!

  189. 189 : drama freak Says:

    this drama is nice…i wonder why the rating is so low in Korea…hmm…doesn’t matter…i still love it….=)

  190. 190 : Lorem Says:

    @KDaddict Heh.. Good point on how babies came to be.

    However I do hope the creators and corporate decision makers of these dramas, realise the nobility in preserving an almost extinct entity — traditional values. I hope they don’t eventually go for the “let’s do butt-naked sex” for the sake of realism.

  191. 191 : Lorem Says:

    I’m enjoying the ride. Great show.

  192. 192 : SHEMAE Says:

    Can’t wait to have a dvd copy of this koreanovela.

  193. 193 : KDaddict Says:

    @Lorem, hi–#190:
    I agree w u 100%. We dont want lewd bed scenes in KD at all. I hope my comment 185 didn’t imply that. That wasn’t my meaning. I just thought it weird that all those pairings were so much in love, then the PDs get awkward fr there! The scene in ep 12 seems a good way to handle it. 😉
    But I dont think u need to worry abt KDs getting X-rated. TV is family entertainment, n Korea esp rural K is a pretty conservative society.

  194. 194 : Ti-ban Says:

    I love Han Ye seul. I think it’s a bit of a disgrace that she became the only sinner out of the whole fiasco. Anyways, hwaiting!

  195. 195 : ayechsn Says:

    why is there only till Episode 13?

  196. 196 : desire.ella Says:

    lol KDaddict you are damn right! i’m sick of the kiss scenes…finally a little bit of action. i know the sex scenes are rare in a kdrama but i think the mature actors may add at least something that seams to be a sex scene…like “personal taste’, ‘secret garden’, or ‘coffee prince’.
    anyways i expect more of this drama!!

    BTW! I’m still a City Hunter fan even though we only saw one kis…:)

  197. 197 : KDaddict Says:

    U see, the way they handled sex in Personal Taste esp. bothered me. 2 grown adults in their 20s, deeply in love, who have immense desire n fantasies of each other, embrace in bed n sleep thru the night. Really! I am Not advocating pre-marital sex, I’m just saying: Either u DONT show them to be so hot for each other it’s burning up the screen, or u show or suggest that they take things to their natural conclusion. However, there is much reaction in Korea to the so-called sex scene in MWS already. They seem to take it as a big deal.
    Ti-ban #194:
    Of course Han Ye seul gets a bad wrap for going AWOL on her teammates, supposedly to protest the harsh conditions of production. There r other ways to protest, all of them more acceptable. If there are more serious problems, n she doesn’t say, what r ppl to think of her?

  198. 198 : love love Says:

    lee jin wook is hot here~…he’s always so hot haha…handsome

  199. 199 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 14:
    It is quite funny that:
    1. at 64 min, after a big fight scene with 5-6 men, MW stands up with not a hair out of place;
    2. she is trying to take KW away at gunpoint, to N Korea? LOL.

    I’m sure that Han YS is v tired filming this series. They said she is being used like a slave. Qn: Is Eric also being worked as hard? But the series does bear the name of her char: MW the Spy, not KW the Hallyu Star. Is it not to be expected that the titler actor/ress would have more scenes to shoot, action n otherwise?

  200. 200 : charmie Says:

    I really love this drama… I love Eric!!!

  201. 201 : iammee Says:

    I’ll be really happy to see Eric again in another drama series and I hope that the drama will not have an issue unlike this one. Both the lead actor and actress did well in this drama, I like their professionalism despite of what happened they were able to portray their role well. Eric is one of the few korean actors who could act well

  202. 202 : love love Says:

    I hope to see lee jin wook as leading actor in next drama

  203. 203 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 15:
    MW wavers in her assignment as she only cares abt KW.
    Ryu wavers in his assignment as he only cares abt MW.
    I’m ready for:
    MW n KW get married; Spoiled Brat turns her attn to Ryu n pursues him relentlessly. They find out the secret hidden in the Treasure Map, n use it well to secure their freedom; they all stay in the S of course. The fake parents also get married. KW becms a bigger star n have 9 babies w MW. The end. 🙂

  204. 204 : waiq Says:

    i love this drama so so so so much .. so funny and with beautii romance ..
    i love kang u oppa when he say “hay!!” hhhhhhah so funny .

  205. 205 : beautiful seulgi Says:

    eric est trop beau.

  206. 206 : swift Says:

    i have watched may k drama, it’s true that eric is a very good actor. his expression throughout this drama is very catching. jin wook is somewhat a bit stiff. anyway, i hope eric gets more opportunity to act in k dramas.

  207. 207 : jiminy Says:

    so sad that this drama is not doing well in terms of rating. Story is really interesting and you keep on thinking what happens next. I guess people now a days just follow what’s popular and not what’s really good drama….can’t wait to see the conclusion…

  208. 208 : mercy philippines Says:

    THIS DRAMA IS REALLY AMAZING and CAPTIVATING! I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE LOW RATINGS. When i read the comments and the ratings, i was intrigued, coz they don’t coincide. So i watched this drama instead to know the truth. All i can say is WOW! You have to watch it yourself, all the actors portrayed their role with flying colors. I am already in episode 15. I hope this story will have a happy ending though. My wish! Thank you to Myung Wol and Kang Woo! You made my day! Great acting and Chemistry!

  209. 209 : jamie Says:

    lol out of nowhere, in the end of ep 15, he wants to get married. and live here. but what kind of plan is that when he wants to report that there are north korean spies here to the police? man, he really loves her XDD i love this drama

  210. 210 : mekdes Says:

    it’s z biggest kbs movie i’ve ever like,i don’t care abt z rating but there work is so so great,i don’t have words 2 tell 10x for them.and i wish meyong wol and kang woo wolud b together….

  211. 211 : GP2576 Says:

    I can’t wait for the new uploads…. just want to find out what the ending is…. Hope it is a feel good series. I hope everything works out fine for all the couples. I hope in ha and mr. Choi Ryu can be a couple. Hahaha!

  212. 212 : neda Says:

    this isn’t a gud kdrama bcuz it doesn’t have a rich scripts and 2nd leads r awful,i dont kno thats bcuz of the scripts or their acting skills, but it worthes somehow a better rating!

  213. 213 : -Autumn- Says:

    I love Eric after watched this drama. I also love HYS despite of her ‘unprofessional’ news that had created a chaos. But HYS still did a good job portraying her role after the incident and so did Eric and other cast. Eric and HYS look compatible together and there’s a chemistry between them. Hope that there’s gonna be a happy ending. I felt sad that this drama gonna end soon because I am going to miss Eric and HYS role in the drama.

  214. 214 : ofelia antonio Says:

    I love Eric’s acting. It seems he is seasoned actor. I hope more films and dramas. Fighting!

  215. 215 : sheryl Says:

    interesting story, funny…will make u non stop to watch…haha…Eric & HYS are having great chemistry in this drama , they are playing their roles very well…. should deserve to have better rating ..Myung Wol the Spy..aza aza fighting !!!

  216. 216 : vondutch Says:

    this is drama is super AWESOME!!!!! despite all the drama behind the scenes, this drama is till worth the watch. the actors are really brilliant especially the two lead actors, han ye seul and eric. they have great chemistry together and still professional despite all the drama. this drama is worth the watch!

  217. 217 : kuutie Says:

    ugh~ !!! han myungwol in the beginning of ep 17 made me furious >(
    How could she have blamed Choi Ryu.. dat innocent oppa~
    How could her >(

  218. 218 : omg Says:

    What the heck~ the ending was fake LoL
    Who could ever survive from an explosive car..
    I’m really curious.. what happened? lol

  219. 219 : kdramafan Says:

    Finally..they get married!!
    Another great drama with a happy ending..
    I’m so in love with ‘spy myung wol’..
    But still i’ll miss this drama so much.. TT

  220. 220 : jen Says:

    don’t get me wrong. i love both eric and HYS but the plot is getting soooo stupid that i can’t stand to watch it anymore. starting from epid 16, the scriptwrite is just assuming all the audience brain dead and insult everyone with the stupid plot. if she plans to surrender to south korea anyway, why would they have to wait until honeymoon and everything so that the old guy can threaten to expose her and get the precious book. if she goes right the way, she wouldn’t risk being exposed and more important can seek protection from the south. also, what sniper would shoot a person in the body? when eric got hit, it’s obvious that the shot was aim in the body instead of aiming for the head. i love and watch every single drama of eric but this one is just way way way too stupid to continue.

  221. 221 : KDaddict Says:

    Could sb please tell me what happened to Ryu n the fake parents at the end? And In Ah? Does Ryu also stay in the S? And the fake parents? Does Ryu accept In Ah?

    I watched until ep 15, so I’d like to know, but like jen #220, I dont want to invest another few hours in this thing.

  222. 222 : yoj Says:

    i cant watch the last episode in soju…i cant find also in youtube..what is the real ending?.tnx

  223. 223 : Mic Says:

    To make it short, at the end, well, a little before the end, Ryu and Myung Wol got into a car accident and everybody thought they died. They didn’t, of course, Myung Wol came back a year later and Kang Woo and Myung Wol finally got married. Ryu was injured and he returned a scarf to In Ah but didn’t show his face to her. The fake parents got married and operated a coffee house and a noodle shop. Kang Woo’s assistant became the director of the agency. In Ah’s grandfather was arrested.

  224. 224 : Bubble18 Says:

    I guess being drama as it should, it’s only natural to portray emotions found in real life – funny, intrigue, love, hate, jealousy, revengeful, loyal, betrayal, safe, insecure etc. The actors have surely tried to live the moments live for the audience to see. After all, the director and script writer can only tell a human story.

  225. 225 : josen1136 Says:

    Im gonna miss this drama, and satisfied with the ending.

  226. 226 : Kdrama-lover Says:

    Huhuhu…. i felt so sorry for Choi Ryu. He is so loving and sacrificial. They should have let him at least be together with Joo In Ah and stay handsome.

  227. 227 : iammee Says:

    Congratulations to all the staff, crew and all the actors and actresses. Despite of all the problem that you went through, you were able to finish the story. It’s just too bad the the writer loose some wit in coming up with a good script in the end. Anyway, I will surely miss Eric, I don’t know when will he appear in a drama series again. For Han Ye sul, I hope that you will not quit yet in the industry, you are one of the few korean actresses who could act naturally, i hope after this you could enjoy a much awaited vacation and took that time to rest. For Jin wook, I hope to see you again in a lead role in another drama. Lastly, to the actress who potrayed In Ah, you played your role very well. I hope you won’t get disppointed with the ratings that you got because there are a lot of people who loved your drama, I am sure this will be popular if it will be aired some countries.

  228. 228 : janet Says:

    My husband and I, always watching Myung wol The Spy. But we dont unterstand why the end like this.? They didnt show to the viewers that how come myung wol ang major Ryu’s alive. For me im not really satisfied with the ending. They make a rush script for the ending. anyway, i really like Han Ye Seul as Han Myung Wol
    Eric as Kang Woo
    Lee Jin Wook as Choi Ryu
    Jang Hee Jin as Joo In Ah…

  229. 229 : KDaddict Says:

    EVeryone says the ending is real bad. Why wait for 1 year? What happened during that year? Did MW & Ryu go back N to tie up loose ends? Why is it that now they can come to the S again? Will there still be assassins on their back? None is these matters are dealt. Everything is left unanswered. Of course it is NOT satisfying.
    Poor Eric! He acted so well in this series, pouring his heart n soul into it. In the last stretch, HYS looks like she is just going thru the motions; she looks like the walking dead in many scenes. Poor Eric, it ended up that both his co-star n the writer fail him! Better luck to Eric next time!

  230. 230 : dorie Says:

    After this drama, I am a fan of Eric Moon. He is a good actor indeed. Wish to see him in more meaty projects. He is one of my favourites now, number 1 is still Song II a.k.a. Jumong.

  231. 231 : Kdramafan Says:

    Overall I like this drama in compare with the others. This is one of the few drama I actually watch the entire (complete) episodes. (despite of the low rate) I think it’s a cute romantic comedy drama(a little sad though). I don’t mind the ending…there are certain details don’t need to show…it’s obvious…if the main character Han Myung Wol & Choi Ryu were able to return to the South again…they probably had a deal with the N. …. therefore there will be no assassins after them. But, I do wish Choi Ryu can have better ending. I like most of the actors & actress in the drama too. I wish they do will in the future.

  232. 232 : KDaddict Says:

    If a show spends 16 of its 17 eps building up on the threat of the N, if the show’s whole premise is that if MW doesn’t succeed in her mission, she will be killed, her fake parents will be killed, all her teammates will be killed by powers in the N, then it has better come clean on why and HOW that is suddenly no longer the case in its last episode! That is just the basic in balanced, responsible writing.
    Some things can be assumed to have happened off-screen; some things need to be shown on-screen to give satisfaction. Writers n PDs should know that difference, even if some viewers cannot. Becos there r viewers who r happy as long as there is a wedding. But there r viewers who want things to make sense.

  233. 233 : teazze Says:

    God.. I really love the ending of ep 10 !!

  234. 234 : Rosa Says:

    I like the song in this drama ,what’s the title name and who is the singer ?

  235. 235 : taryn Says:

    i love Eric’s acting. I mean he’s literally GOOD! he should have lots of projects in the future. he has potentials.

  236. 236 : Jennie Says:

    It’s a pity that this drama didn’t work out and things happened the way it did. It had a real talented cast and there were some really good and memorable scenes. The OST was good too. I’ve always liked Eric, HYS and LJW and probably they were the reason why I carried on watching. Overall, I enjoyed the drama, tho frustrating but it had its moments. Could have been one great drama!!

  237. 237 : Chin Wee Says:

    I just fall in love with Choi Ryu (Lee Jin Wook). I feel like i wanna hug him when he discovered Myung Wol and Gang Woo were sleeping together. Poor you. U acted very well indeed. Lee Jin Wook you are indeed good looking, full of persona and huggable.

  238. 238 : Christine Says:

    I don’t care about those who did not like this drama, to each his own. I liked it, I started and finished it, i never missed a single episode. I got hooked to this despite the ups and downs.

    Kudos to the actors especially Eric, he was freakin’ good. He nailed that Kang Woo character, he’s full of heart and emotions. Honestly, I have no idea who he was until I saw this drama, so I thank Spy Myung Wol for introducing me a great actor in Eric. He deserves another project, a good one. Though I’ve read somewhere that he will be focusing on Shinhwa’s comeback album next year.

    To HYS, I hope she continue to be a good actress, she just need to rest and maybe she was going through some problems. Kudos to her also, she was gorgeous.

    I’m going to miss HYS and Eric, as well as LJW. Until your next projects guys. Fighting!

  239. 239 : yojsky Says:

    ur ryt christine..despite of the low rating…i still liked it …i really loved the story and all the characters..comedy,romance,action…han ye seul she’s pretty in watever she looks….good actress …ljw and eric also….

  240. 240 : kyae Says:

    I love this drama no matter what happen with the rate. Comedy, action and romance are welly mixed. drama is good actors are good , script is good, director is good.I love spy myung wol. fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  241. 241 : HYS Fans Says:

    Han Ye Seul ♥ . You are beutiful in this drama ♥♥♥ . I really like you .

  242. 242 : Dragon Says:

    A very very good drama… I like it so much…

  243. 243 : Kdramafan Says:

    songs in this drama: 01. 사랑이 무서워 – 바비 킴 – Love is Terrifying (Bobby Kim), 세상 그 누구보다 (More Than Anyone in the World) – Lena Park, 더 사랑한다면 (If I Love You More) – 려욱 (Ryeo Wook of Super Junior) & 사랑 할 수 있을 때 (To Be Able To Love) – (Lirik Lagu Bobby Kim, Gil Hak Mi)

  244. 244 : Lee Na Says:

    I’d like to give applause to all of the people in this drama, despite of what has happened, they still performed the best. And especially for Eric, I am glad that because of HYS incident I get to know him (I watch this drama due to the news). I agree with the poor rating which in my humble opinion is due to poor story-line / scripts. But as for all the crews and their hard works I really give my two thumbs up. I hope you read all the comments here Eric, we really support you in your acting career. Though it may not come from you (as it’s arranged in the script) but the line that say “acting comes from experience” seems like your own. Because it seems you can vividly bring your character to life as if you experience it yourself!
    Go go go Eric! God be with you.

  245. 245 : Myung Wol The Spy | diary zahidah wahid Says:

    […] Done! Sinopsis boleh baca di Myung Wol The Spy @ Korean Drama. […]

  246. 246 : Catie Says:

    This is a great drama….once I started it, I couldn’t stop. I watched all 18 episodes in 3 seatings:)…saw some comments that the ending was bad. I don’t think so. Sometimes, the scriptwiters let the viewers read between the lines. They are trained spies in this drama…do you think they won’t do anything to save themselves???
    Acting was really good….especially for Eric. This is the first time I watched him and his acting was very believable. His eyes show his emotions. His acting here makes me want to watch his previous dramas.
    HYS was good also.
    TWO THUMBS UP FOR THIS DRAMA!!!!!!!! I watched the ending scenes 3 times:)

  247. 247 : nori Says:

    the Drama ist very..very nice. i like the Drama and the actors and actresses, eric and lee jin wook i love you so much

  248. 248 : S Says:

    thumbs up!!! speechless.. to all the crew members, actor & actress and all the staffs who make these drama success!! i like the songs too… does anyone have the soundtrack? can I have them? pleaseeeeeeee…


  249. 249 : Mary Says:

    One of the WORST Korean dramas ever made! What was with the storyline? Whate was with the oh-so-slow-moving characters? Waste of talent and time and money. Watch if you’ve got time to waste!

  250. 250 : radz1988 Says:

    interesting drama…………

  251. 251 : shafiyah malaysia Says:

    the main actor and actress doesnt seem to have chemistry.. idk, there something wrong somewhere.. but i really love eric act in this drama.. he’s very talented and so much into the character he brings.. the storyline kinda unrealistic especially the ending.. but congrats to the crew and actors who manage to finish the drama. i looking forward to see even more interesting story line from kdrama yet not cliche.

  252. 252 : Dy.k Says:

    Yeay…im glad i read positive comment about this drama at this website that made me watch this drama dispite the rate. And this drama is fun to watch, but i agree that the storyline kind a weak. Choi Ryu n Myung Wol is deathly combination. Like this drama.

  253. 253 : mona Says:

    i just finished this drama… thank god it’s happy ending for the myong wool and kang woo but it’s sad to look the ending for joon in ah n choi ryu….. hope them together in the end 😐

  254. 254 : sarah Says:

    I just begin my Korean drama marathon and now currently is watching
    Myung Wol The Spy… I really like the chemistry between those two actors, i can feel the deep love feeling between each other just by looking at their eyes… (especially Eric eyes!!)…
    I really love the storyline which is interesting and romantic….
    But, the weakness might lies also in the storyline that is kind of weak and not that focused..
    I love the scene where both of them in the final drama , holding guns and expressing their feelings rather than following the script, its the most remebered scene in this drama, of course there are many other scenes that affect me …
    The most important of all, i love all stunts and action thingies,also the OST’s in the drama ….

  255. 255 : instinctive_fans Says:

    at first i was looking forward to see this drama. but after a numerous episodes… this drama begins to make me bored … one word.. Disappointed …

  256. 256 : jayne Says:

    on the 6th episode now. Despite the attractive and talented leads, there is something missing with this drama. Kind of flat, doesn’t stir the emotions, the chemistry between the two doesn’t seem real. Eric has put a better effort. It is so obvious this guy is used to camera and being a star is a part of his life, on and off screen *lol* oh well, anyway, I think I’ll finish it. Eric is just too good to be missed 🙂

  257. 257 : yasasi Says:


    im very curious the music which like mission impossible(but deference). i dont remember where i was heard the music..

    maybe u know the tittle drama?? please info me.. really makes me crazy…


  258. 258 : jayne Says:

    I finally stopped watching at 12th or 13th episode. The main reason is I can’t stand to watch how this drama butchered Eric beyond imagination. He is the only sensible one with the character, the emotion. HYS can’t seem to connect with him. She is so not fit with the character. She is doing ok while still as a cold blooded spy, but then she changed into a cutiepie all of a sudden…omo…what a big no no!

  259. 259 : shinee Says:

    i really want to see this drama, because i love Eric’s act so much. but i am kind of a doubting about the end..seems not a happy ending ones.

  260. 260 : dewi sri Says:

    i really…really.,like this drama.

  261. 261 : titi Says:

    this is the only korean series i’ve watched,and i loved it!!!1
    The whole thing was really fun to watch.
    The guyz r reallly hot!…

  262. 262 : Geg nengah Says:

    speechless,,, Oww,, really really really like this K-drama…

  263. 263 : Geg nengah Says:

    Go go go ERIC,, !! love ur act,,
    love Kang U… Perfect Namja who can loved so deeply, so simple..

  264. 264 : saadiah Says:

    I love eric acting but in this drama i really can’t feel the chemistry between eric n the lead actress. i watch juz to see eric. hope he will star in new drama with better actress. i really hate this drama actress :(v

  265. 265 : jentab Says:

    they d0nt match, but the st0ry and acting is very very nice.
    This is one of my favorite drama. I even had a hangover for h0w many days. Its really nice. Watch it guys! Very much w0rth it. Nice ending! Nice acting!ü

  266. 266 : funny Says:

    i love the sountrack “if i love you more” sing by ryeowook super junior,,what a very romantic song 😀

  267. 267 : Nui Tammy Says:

    I’m still thinking there lots of missing in this drama but I like them. Good people

  268. 268 : diane Says:

    it is an okay drama….not as good as i expected but at least it ha a good ending

  269. 269 : singapore cheap web design Says:

    whoah this weblog is fantastic i like reading your posts. Keep up the great paintings! You realize, many individuals are searching round for this information, you can help them greatly.

  270. 270 : Lina Ariffin Says:

    I love watching this drama. Han Ye Seul’s acting is good. Quite a good combination between Eric and Han Ye Seul.

  271. 271 : Khejel Zed Says:

    Just i finish this drama… I like Eric’s acting most… really…
    There are so many scenes that love to watch again mostly that thy both holding guns n eric cry over , and also when he try to propose myung wol but she open almari… damm!! good expression of Eric… Really i love his acting
    …,also the OST’s in the drama ….

  272. 272 : jessie lou bullecer Says:

    despite of HYS a bit disappointing acting… i like the whole thing… Eric! he is such a hunk!!! love him even moooooooooooooooooreeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  273. 273 : MONA ANGGREINI Says:

    I LIKE YOU …..
    Myung wol the spy….
    love you……

  274. 274 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    i just start watching this drama.. i really don’t care about the ranting and all the rumor about han ye seul cz i like the vibe of this drama so i am gonna watch it ’till end plus everyone said it’s going to be happy ending.. maybe myung wol the spy was not best k.drama in 2011 but at least it had happy end.

  275. 275 : xiahxiu Says:

    i really like this drama..
    every eps really love it..
    high rating for this drama..recommended it!!

  276. 276 : putri Says:

    a complete drama, action romance and comedy all here. I really like this drama, I really like eric acting, she acted very well. all players are also very good acting.

    I love this drama
    I love kang wo …

  277. 277 : Selene Says:

    i love this drama… is relly good.

  278. 278 : [email protected] Says:

    I’m a pure blooded Filipina yet my heart beats only for Korean Dramas. One series I can’t totally get over with is “Myung Wol the Spy”. The casts, plot and everything are almost perfect. It can leave an impression to the viewers. Congratulations to the people behind this successful project. More power and hoping for more great productions in the future 😀

  279. 279 : wiwinzin Says:

    i’m very very like this drama.. ^^

  280. 280 : YusufSyafiq Says:

    i love the drama very much!!
    cant stop laughing like crazy…hehe^^

    love from malaysia 🙂

  281. 281 : wiwinzin Says:

    love this drama too..

  282. 282 : semawit Says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh domo chuwaaaaaaaaaaa

  283. 283 : List of Korean Drama I Have Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] Myung Wol the Spy Rating : 2 out of 5 […]

  284. 284 : ferdinand mamayson Says:

    i love this one…… love all the character

  285. 285 : ericka grace Says:

    like this drama..you must watch it too… 🙂

  286. 286 : kdfan Says:

    best drama ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  287. 287 : shayaan Says:

    i hate this drama………………..

  288. 288 : Al-mumtaz Says:

    it’s fun and enjoying drama

  289. 289 : Mojani Says:

    I love this drama & all of the character specially Eric as “Kang Woo” & Lee Jin Wook as”Choi Ryu”! Eric plays genuine & sensitive! Congratulations for this successful Drama! <3

  290. 290 : Weekend Kemarin.. | Aku dan Dunia Says:

    […] pictures taken from here Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. This entry was posted in […]

  291. 291 : cherry Says:

    i enjoyed watching this drama.. a must see koreanovela.. i love Myung Wol and Kang Woo.. superb acting.. in the end i also tend to love In Ah how he fell in love with Choi Ryu.. it would have been better if they also end up together and also have their special moments. i’ll terribly miss this drama. Hope to see a good drama like this… :))

  292. 292 : awesome micaela Says:

    I feel so sorry for Choi Ryu. I suppose he’d rather be dead. The storyline was too cruel for him. It’s worse that he’s very very good looking and sacrifices much more than Kang Woo. I do love Eric Mun too! Though I think more effort on Kang Woo’s part to save Myung Wol would be nicer. Really, I hope Jin Wook gets a new drama where he is the main actor. Also, although I liked this show in general, it was a bit slow-moving and could have finished up in 14-16 episodes instead of 18. They rushed the end too. All the same, not a bad drama.

  293. 293 : Kapatid Asianovelas Says:

    Spy Myung Wol will be aired soon on TV5 in the Philippines.

  294. 294 : nara Says:

    hope there will be special episodes in addition, the ending really such in a rush 🙁

  295. 295 : yang Says:

    I like all the cast n drama as well..kang wo (Eric) was superb…I like his act…now m searching for his new drama n looking forward to Kang wo (Eric drama… Gomawo^^^^^

  296. 296 : icegirl Says:

    Interesting at the start, but wanes towards the end…the only reason for me to keep watching and finish this drama is Lee Jin Wook! =P

  297. 297 : mei Says:

    i like this drama..very funny..

  298. 298 : nono Says:

    kang wo (eric from shinhwa ) love him so much he is the best 🙂

  299. 299 : Amanda Says:

    Eric…this is the 1st drama that Im currently watching! U looks great & amazing acting with charms! Hope to see you acting again in any new project coming!

  300. 300 : uggie Says:

    Aku suka drama ini, action, romance and comedy ada di drama ini… Dah lama aku tonton drama ini, tp ketika aku tonton lagi skarang masih membuat ku tertawa sendiri….. Eric Mun i’m wating for you in new drama…

  301. 301 : Desmotivaciones Says:

    I like this website very much so much good info .

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