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My Fellow Citizens

Title: 국민 여러분 / My Fellow Citizens
Also known as: Dear Citizens / People of the Country
Genre: Crime, Comedy
Episodes: 36
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2019-Apr-01 to 2019-May-28
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00 (2 episodes back-to-back)


This drama tells the story of a con man, who gets involved with unexpected incidents, marries a police officer and somehow ends up running to become a member of the National Assembly.


Main Cast

Choi Shi Won as Yang Jung Kook
Lee Yoo Young as Kim Mi Young
Tae In Ho as Han Sang Jin
Kim Min Jung as Park Hoo Ja

People around Jung Kook

Yang Dong Geun as Charles
Park Kyung Hye as Yang Mi Jin (Jung Kook’s younger sister)
Lee Joo Myung (이주명) as Hwang Seung Yi

People around Mi Young

Kim Eui Sung as Kim Joo Myung

People around Sang Jin

Gil Hae Yeon as Kim Kyung Ae (Sang Jin’s mother)

People around Hoo Ja

Kim Jong Goo as Park Sang Pil (Hoo Ja’s father)
Heo Jae Ho as Choi Pil Joo


Jun Suk Ho as Kang Hyun Tae
Im Ji Hyun as Yoo Hee Jin
Ji Yi Soo as Detective Na
Jung Soo Young as Jo Myung Im
Baek Ji Won as Park Jin Hee
Ahn Eun Jin as Park Gwi Nam
Yum Hye Ran as Park Hoo Ja’s second older sister
Cha Rae Hyung as Detective Goo

Production Credits

Production companies: Monster Union, Contents One
Director: Kim Jung Hyun
Screenwriter: Han Jung Hoon

Episode Ratings

2019-04-0116.7-6.8 (17th)6.3 (16th)
2019-04-0127.1-7.5 (11th)6.9 (13th)
2019-04-0236.2-7.0 (15th)7.2 (13th)
2019-04-0247.4-8.4 (5th)9.0 (6th)
2019-04-0854.8-5.4 (20th)5.2
2019-04-0865.9-6.5 (15th)6.1 (15th)
2019-04-097--6.9 (18th)7.3 (14th)
2019-04-0986.3-7.9 (9th)8.3 (8th)
2019-04-1594.4-5.3 (20th)5.5 (19th)
2019-04-15105.3-6.0 (18th)5.9 (17th)
2019-04-1611--5.4 (20th)-
2019-04-16126.1-6.5 (13th)6.3 (14th)
2019-04-23165.9-6.9 (14th)6.9 (14th)
2019-04-2918--6.6 (15th)6.9 (11th)
2019-04-3019--5.8 (19th)5.6 (20th)
2019-04-30205.9-7.0 (11th)6.5 (15th)
2019-05-0622--6.2 (15th)6.3 (14th)
2019-05-07235.4-6.1 (15th)5.9 (19th)
2019-05-07246.6-7.0 (11th)6.6 (11th)
2019-05-13265.0-5.7 (16th)5.4 (19th)
2019-05-14275.4-5.4 (17th)5.5 (16th)
2019-05-14285.9-6.4 (12th)6.0 (15th)
2019-05-2029--5.0 (20th)4.9 (19th)
2019-05-20305.8-6.0 (15th)5.9 (14th)
2019-05-21315.9-6.5 (9th)6.8 (10th)
2019-05-21326.4-7.5 (7th)7.7 (6th)
2019-05-2734--5.9 (17th)5.5 (20th)
2019-05-28355.5-6.3 (13th)6.0 (13th)
2019-05-28366.7-8.0 (6th)7.8 (8th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : Pjs Says:

    I am boring see Choi Siwon act like a dull. His dull and weird acting in Byun Hyuk Love is enough… and this…. Ugh.

  2. 2 : Mmm Says:

    Kim Min Jung…. I saw her in Mr. Sunshine and she was great.. I can’t wait this drama…

  3. 3 : Flo Says:

    I totally agree with @pjs
    Siwon need something new if he smart enough

  4. 4 : Mei Says:

    So many good upcoming dramas to choose from. The trailers are so funny. Wondering how the story will unfold. Fighting to all the cast and crew! 💙

  5. 5 : Gingercite Says:

    Watch up to episode 4. The chemistry between the 2 lead character is not there. I don’t know it’s because of the story or their lack of acting, but i just felt like something missing here. Still willing to give a chance to watch the next episode tho.

  6. 6 : Peña Says:

    I thought it hilarious the guy running the campaign thought Trump won the presidency because of white nationalism. Lol! He bought into the identity politics of the Democrats tyhe party of the KKK.

    America in 2016 was a long way from her Jim Crow days. Institutionalised racism in America is non-existent, however, it is fomented within universities. The word “racist” is used to silence the dissenting voice. For how long before the country normalises; perhaps in 6 years.

  7. 7 : Kay Says:

    The racism comment on the show was correct.

  8. 8 : Kay Says:

    If confederates are Democrats, we should be able to take down our statues. (Thx PK)

  9. 9 : Lila Says:

    Daebak drama so far. I enjoy it a lot. Great cast, picturesque characters, I like them all.

  10. 10 : Andre Says:

    Indonesia channel TransTV already release this drama

    i watch and this drama rating 2/5
    i just like siwon


  11. 11 : Dramaqueen Says:

    Ya this show totally sucks.. Siwon is always acting the same character.. so silly and dumb. No wonder the rating is so bad

  12. 12 : Bilu Says:

    Stop watching this series on ep 6. Siwon’s acting is not good. And I found the story boring 😒

  13. 13 : Judit Krámli Says:

    No chemistry between the lead actors and whenever Lee Yoo Young needs to play that she cries, she wipes her dry eyes. Her acting is not so good. So bad, because at the beginning, I saw a potential in the drama concept

  14. 14 : Sky Says:

    Siwon’s acting has improved a lot, but no doubt there are always room of improvements. Great story, keeping me on toe and waiting for the next episodes. If you’re expecting lots of romance between the leads, you won’t get it here but if laughters with a little bit thinking are what you’re looking for, you are at the right drama.

  15. 15 : Kay Says:

    The politics and campaigning was a bit heavy for my tastes, but the story was unique and fun. An overall decent watch 🙂

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