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Monster (MBC)

Monster (MBC) 05

Title: 몬스터 / Monster
Previously known as: 폭군 / Tyrant
Genre: Melodrama
Episodes: 50
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2016-March-28 to 2016-Sep-20
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00


The story of a man who fights against greed, and experiences every hardship and adversity known to man in order to make something of himself and find love.


Main Cast

Kang Ji Hwan as Lee Kook Chul / Kang Ki Tan
Lee Ki Kwang as Lee Kook Chul (young)
Sung Yoo Ri as Oh Soo Yun / Cha Jung Eun
Lee Yul Eum as Cha Jung Eun (young)
Park Ki Woong as Do Gun Woo
Kim Soo Hyun as Yoo Sung Ae

Dodo Group

Jung Bo Suk as Byun Il Jae
Park Young Kyu as Chairman Do Choong
Jo Bo Ah as Do Shin Young
Jin Tae Hyun as Do Kwang Woo
Lee Duk Hwa as Hwang Jae Man
Kim Bo Yun as Hwang Gwi Ja
Kim Hye Eun as Hwang Ji Soo
Jung Woong In as Moon Tae Gwang
Cha Kwang Soo as Go Hae Sool
Kim Se Ah as Mo Kyung Shin (Moon Tae Kwang’s assistant)

Secret Defense Organization

Choi Jong Won as Jo Ki Ryang
Lee El as Ok Chae Ryung
Go Yoon as Cha Woo

Dodo Group Interns

Kim Dong Hee as Lee Soo Tak
Jin Ye Sol as Park So Hee
Shin Joo Hwan as Kim Hae Il
Lee Moon Jung (이문정) as Hong Nan Jung

Supporting Cast

Kim Won Hae as Min Byung Ho
Kim Myung Soo as Jung Eun’s father (ep 1-2)
Joo Suk Tae (주석태) as Attorney Kang
Song Kyung Chul as Kong Bok Shin
Lee Ah Hyun as Choi Ji Hye
Nam Myung Ryul as Gook Chul’s father (ep 1)
Park Hoon as Oh Choong Dong
Lee Seung Hyung as Secretary Ahn
Nam Ki Ae as Gook Chul’s mother
Shin Seung Hwan as Yang Dong Yi
Lee Chae Mi as Park Ye Bin (Choi Ji Hye’s daughter)
Jung Soon Won (정순원) as Oh Jin Chul / Cha Dong Soo (adult)
– Jung Soo Hwan (정수환) as Cha Dong Soo (teen)
Go In Bum as Kim Dae Woo
Jung Kyu Soo as So Gil Doo


Kim Ji Sung (2006) as child from the shop
Kang Dong Yup
Joey Albright (죠이 알브라이트)
Park Pal Young
Kim Gun (2006)
Kim Kwang In
Yang Hyun Min
Lee Chang
Lee Kyu Sub
Yoon Yong Joon as Do Chi


Sung Ji Roo as Go Joo Tae
Bae Jong Ok as Jung Man Ok
Chen Bolin as Michael Chang
Lee Won Jong as Na Do Kwang

Production Credits

Production Company: Lee Kim Production
Chief Producer: Lee Joo Hwan
Producer: Jo Yoon Jung
Director: Joo Sung Woo
Screenwriters: Jang Young Chul and Jung Kyung Soon


Actor Seo Kang Joon and actress Hwang Jung Eum were first offered the lead roles, but declined.


2016 MBC Drama Awards: Best New Actress: Jo Bo Ah (Monster)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2016-03-28 1 7.4 8.1 (18th) 7.3 7.8 (20th)
2016-03-29 2 7.7 (19th) 8.3 (14th) 7.0 (20th) 7.8 (17th)
2016-04-04 3 9.0 10.3 (9th) 9.5 (14th) 10.6 (10th)
2016-04-05 4 9.1 (13th) 9.7 (8th) 8.9 (13th) 9.5 (10th)
2016-04-11 5 7.5 8.2 (17th) 8.2 9.3 (14th)
2016-04-12 6 7.3 (20th) 7.3 (18th) 8.7 (13th) 9.7 (10th)
2016-04-18 7 7.4 8.4 (17th) 8.5 9.5 (15th)
2016-04-19 8 7.8 (17th) 8.4 (14th) 8.1 (19th) 9.1 (14th)
2016-04-25 9 7.7 9.2 (15th) 8.1 8.7 (17th)
2016-04-26 10 8.2 (17th) 8.8 (11th) 8.2 (17th) 9.0 (15th)
2016-05-02 11 6.9 7.7 7.5 8.2 (20th)
2016-05-03 12 7.1 8.5 (17th) 8.4 9.3 (18th)
2016-05-09 13 7.1 8.2 (16th) 7.5 8.4 (20th)
2016-05-10 14 8.4 (18th) 9.0 (12th) 9.3 (16th) 10.2 (10th)
2016-05-16 15 7.4 7.8 (19th) 8.0 (20th) 8.9 (16th)
2016-05-17 16 8.0 (19th) 8.5 (16th) 9.5 (10th) 10.3 (8th)
2016-05-23 17 7.2 8.2 (16th) 8.1 8.8 (15th)
2016-05-24 18 8.4 (14th) 9.5 (8th) 8.6 (15th) 9.4 (9th)
2016-05-30 19 7.7 7.6 (18th) 8.0 (19th) 8.7 (14th)
2016-05-31 20 7.8 (17th) 8.1 (12th) 7.7 (14th) 8.3 (13th)
2016-06-06 21 8.4 (17th) 10.4 (6th) 10.3 (6th) 11.4 (5th)
2016-06-07 22 9.6 (9th) 10.2 (6th) 10.7 (5th) 11.7 (4th)
2016-06-13 23 8.8 (12th) 10.5 (5th) 10.4 (10th) 11.4 (4th)
2016-06-14 24 9.6 (9th) 10.7 (5th) 10.7 (6th) 11.5 (5th)
2016-06-20 25 9.4 (11th) 10.7 (5th) 9.7 (12th) 10.4 (8th)
2016-06-21 26 10.4 (8th) 11.7 (5th) 11.1 (6th) 11.9 (5th)
2016-06-27 27 9.7 (9th) 10.7 (5th) 10.6 (8th) 11.7 (5th)
2016-06-28 28 10.2 (8th) 10.7 (5th) 11.1 (6th) 11.9 (5th)
2016-07-04 29 9.8 (15th) 10.8 (5th) 11.1 (8th) 12.2 (6th)
2016-07-05 30 11.6 (9th) 12.0 (5th) 11.0 (10th) 11.8 (9th)
2016-07-11 31 9.8 (14th) 10.3 (9th) 10.5 (11th) 10.5 (12th)
2016-07-12 32 11.3 (10th) 11.9 (7th) 11.2 (8th) 11.8 (7th)
2016-07-18 33 10.1 (11th) 10.7 (8th) 9.9 (12th) 9.7 (11th)
2016-07-19 34 12.3 (6th) 13.6 (5th) 11.1 (7th) 11.2 (5th)
2016-07-25 35 10.9 (11th) 12.3 (5th) 10.7 (8th) 11.5 (8th)
2016-07-26 36 11.7 (7th) 12.6 (5th) 11.3 (8th) 11.0 (7th)
2016-08-01 37 11.2 (9th) 11.6 (7th) 10.7 (7th) 10.9 (6th)
2016-08-02 38 12.8 (6th) 12.9 (5th) 11.9 (6th) 12.2 (5th)
2016-08-08 x postponed Because Olympic games
2016-08-09 39 11.4 (7th) 11.4 (6th) 9.8 (6th) 10.0 (6th)
2016-08-15 x postponed Because Olympic games
2016-08-16 x postponed Because Olympic games
2016-08-22 40 9.2 (15th) 8.9 (15th) 8.9 (12th) 9.2 (13th)
2016-08-23 41 9.7 (12th) 10.0 (11th) 9.7 (10th) 9.5 (11th)
2016-08-29 42 9.2 (16th) 9.7 (12th) 10.0 (11th) 10.3 (12th)
2016-08-30 43 10.6 (10th) 11.4 (6th) 10.8 (8th) 11.0 (7th)
2016-09-05 44 10.1 (11th) 11.0 (9th) 9.4 (11th) 9.7 (10th)
2016-09-06 45 10.9 (8th) 11.7 (7th) 10.3 (8th) 10.3 (8th)
2016-09-12 46 10.1 (16th) 11.4 (8th) 10.6 (12th) 10.9 (8th)
2016-09-13 47 11.0 (8th) 10.7 (6th) 10.3 (7th) 10.4 (8th)
2016-09-19 48 12.6 (8th) 13.1 (6th) 11.4 (9th) 11.7 (6th)
2016-09-20 49 12.9 (7th) 12.9 (6th) 12.1 (6th) 12.7 (6th)
2016-09-20 50 13.8 (5th) 14.0 (5th) 14.1 (5th) 15.1 (5th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : Chon Says:

    Wow!! Kangjihwan. He’s good actor and good acting

  2. 2 : OK OK OK Says:

    hope the story is nice and exciting !!! Good pairing 😛

  3. 3 : Logan1707 Says:

    Wow actress Sung Yoo Ri will be back to the small screen….it has been a long time that I haven’t seen her in any drama on tv. It’s so good to see her again in a new drama!!!

  4. 4 : r Says:

    KJH and SYR partner again in this drama after they partner in Hong Gil Dong.

  5. 5 : Allyne Says:

    Its been a long time unni, Finally you’re back!! Ill definitely watch your drama..

  6. 6 : Umunie Says:

    Cant wait for this drama. The drama has a stellar cast, great director n writer… miss kang jihwan very much on small screen.. he is a good actor .also looking forward to his reunion wd Sung Yuri..

  7. 7 : OMG Says:

    welcome back Hong Gil Dong couple

  8. 8 : lilnatie Says:

    Omg!!!! This makes me so happy! KJH and SYR together again? Omo my two favorites together again. Epic casts. I can’t wait to see this drama! Fighting! Thanks and love you all!!!

  9. 9 : lilnatie Says:

    P.S. I’m so glad Hwang Jung Eum and Seo Kang Joon declined the offer as main leads.

  10. 10 : Chalight Says:

    wow.. they are back again together!! I just finished their movie – Runway Cop !!

  11. 11 : anzu Says:

    OMG…..hong gil dong cast are going head to head….same time slot as jackpot…….

  12. 12 : Jin Says:

    Yuri and Jihwan i’ve been looking to see them together again i\m definitely watching it <3

  13. 13 : Florentina Iordachescu Says:

    Actor Kang Ji Hwan * is truly a super star * (my angel-star *).
    He is charismatic, talented, dedicated, smart, has a unique charisma, sensitive, has a big heart, he is really special.
    This drama will be back with him an unforgettable and I hope to enjoy great success (with the whole team).
    Monster-drama.Kang Ji Hwan-, Fighting! <3

  14. 14 : mml Says:

    Is a melodrama again……hope the romance is sweet and good.

  15. 15 : Monster: o Novo kdrama do canal MBC Says:

    […] Koreandrama.org, […]

  16. 16 : star Says:

    I like this drama!!!!!! 😀😀😀😀😀

  17. 17 : Rika Says:

    Melodrama again.well its 50 episodes, i hope theres no dragging plot and keep up the fantastic plot until the end .its has already good actors actresses and best writer (from empress ki if not wrong) plz i love to watch this drama if it had some romance and of course dramatics…

  18. 18 : silvia Says:

    ep 1 and 2 daebak! i like this drama…

  19. 19 : Jyenie Says:

    Ep 1 and 2 are surprisingly good😀

  20. 20 : Rea Says:

    nic drama i love it

  21. 21 : flowers Says:

    Ep 1 & 2 are very promising. Great acting from younger till adult casts !!!

  22. 22 : Hannah Says:

    Not sure if I want to watch this or not. 50 episodes are quite a lot for me to handle.

  23. 23 : HKS Says:

    I love this drama!!!

  24. 24 : Fourgreenrose Says:

    This drama is so cruel. Jung Bo Suk plies the evil insane jerk like in Giant.

  25. 25 : Sinopsis Monster Episode 1 - Terakhir « Kdramastory Says:

    […] Lihat pemeran selengkapnya di sini. […]

  26. 26 : DeeDee Says:

    they picked such an old actor to replace the main young lead. but im enjoying it so far

  27. 27 : MsMelchidec Says:

    Ep 1 and 2 DAEBAK ! ! ! ! ! KJH and SY again, after 10 years looking forward for this drama. Great casting and all the villains are frm GIANT, except JI TAE YUN, with SY theirs bro/sis in FEAST OF GOD.

  28. 28 : peecee Says:

    i have liked the first 2 eps but what is happening after ep 2!!! suddenly its feels off the road… i hav directly jumped to ep 8. it doesnt excite me to watch it any longer. i have watched snow queen and lie to me but this one i slept half way while watching…lets hope i see good comments in future so that i may continue watching… 😀 😀

  29. 29 : cheo Says:

    Great drama, wonderful cast. Kang Ji Hwan daebak!

  30. 30 : LY Says:

    I didn’t even like the first episode.

  31. 31 : Paphis Says:

    Wow.. they are back again together!! I love it. It’s Great drama.

  32. 32 : HongKPop Says:

    So crap, what a waste of Sung. This drama makes ZERO sense. Gave Up

  33. 33 : sheli Says:

    reduce the episodes,because its very low ratings.

  34. 34 : paras Says:

    So bad whenever on this drama 10 years later the male cast (KJW) and the female cast more getting older then the others (Lee El – Go Yoon), also then the other actor not getting older? What kind of drama this?

  35. 35 : Mur Says:

    Great drama.Kang Ji Hwan and Sung Yoo Ri it’s good pairing.Fighting!

  36. 36 : cheo Says:

    Drama’s getting more and more exciting! Kang Ji Hwan fighting!

  37. 37 : OK OK OK Says:

    my sister says its nice. I will start when i got the time 😛

  38. 38 : Know It All Says:

    Typo error in “What’s showing Now” index page:

    Incorrect text:
    몬스터 / Monster
    Broadcast period: 2016-March-28 to 2016-Sep-13
    Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00

    Should say:
    몬스터 / Monster
    Broadcast period: 2016-March-28 to 2016-Sep-13
    Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00

    This drama airs on Monday and Tuesday

    No need to thank me, I’m never wrong. LOL

  39. 39 : Jerome Heng Says:

    Kang Ji Hwan shows us different crying skills in Episode 16 & 17, he’s really good!

  40. 40 : Rose Says:

    I noticed in the previews of most of the shows, what they show in the preview for the next episode, the scenes are never in the episode. They must cut some of the scenes out while airing the shows. It is strange.

  41. 41 : Jin Says:

    This Drama is so beautiful I always cry while watching <3 I dont like long dramas but because i know the cast im very sure they will do amazing job and they are all of them with no exceptions even the support cast are doing very well im so proud of everyone and defintelly looking forward this is one of my fave another Jinyuri drama <3

  42. 42 : Jessie Says:

    If they turn down the script,That is a good thing because it all came together,it was made for them I really enjoy the actor’s & actress’s who r playing there parts I love it by the pounds.

  43. 43 : kemisola Says:

    please is the final episode out?

  44. 44 : Cheo Says:

    Super like the 2 original soundtracks.
    Kang Ji Hwan fighting 😍

  45. 45 : Jongkie Says:

    I give up to this drama (on episode 26th). I like the actor, but It’s too long and I get bored with the repetition in the storyline.

  46. 46 : shineNlight Says:

    Why the lead actors must be the lead actors in hong gil dong?? I hope the’re twist at the end..something unpredictable and realistic yet interesting.. i dont like a “given” ending..

  47. 47 : Tray Noo Says:

    Actor runs like a ponce, though he’s better suited than Seo Kang Joon who is yet to get a hit of testosterone from where ever inside his frail body. I’m watching because I like Sung Yoo Ri and all that melancholy she has about her, makes me wanna hold her and beat off the wolves. lol!

  48. 48 : Brix Lee Says:

    Nice Lee Yeol Eum. Hope to see her. 😭

  49. 49 : Anush Says:

    Wow, It’s GREAT that Hwang Jung Eum declined the offer of the leading role. I am hating her as an actress. I think she can only shout loudly and nothing else. I watched the dramas where she was as a leading actress only for male leading actors…. She is awful as an actress. Thanks God and her for her decline. Nowadays I am enjoying this drama with beautiful, delicate, intelligent and soft actress Sung Yoo Ri and handsome, smart actors Kang Ji Hwan and Sung Yoo Ri. THANKS.

  50. 50 : Hanna Says:

    great drama!! I think it’s better than Doctors (SBS)!!

  51. 51 : Cheo Says:

    Drama is not getting due credit it truly deserves.
    Definitely a good drama worth watching.

  52. 52 : You Pham Says:

    At the beginning this drama was intense but gradually the plots dragged on 2 much. Now I want it 2 end cuz it’s getting boring.

  53. 53 : Jin Says:

    Excuse me Yuri’s character is Cha Jung Eun and Oh Soo Yeon not Cha So yeon
    and Yeul Eum was young Cha Jung Eun

  54. 54 : flower Says:

    I hope KKT and OSY will be together in the end. Always love Kang ji hwan and Sung Yu ri couple..

  55. 55 : Marry Joy P Vego Says:

    Definitely my most awaited drama..Go Kang Ji Wan.I beleive JiWan is a better choice for the Role ang Kang Gitan

  56. 56 : Dauda Nigeria kano Says:

    Aaattt a 0mrraaaaaaaa what a drama

  57. 57 : Mlee Says:

    Monster disappointed it’s fans! The end is not worth all the time invested into watching Monster. At least the writers should have let Kang Gi Tan have his vision and Seo Yeon. Very disappointed with the ending of Monster.

  58. 58 : Gonjeng Says:

    Don’t waste your time watching this .. or you will becoming a real monster ..

  59. 59 : Winnie Says:

    Totally agree with @Mlee what is this ending? We watched 50 episodes for this? We needed 5 min more with a satisfactory ending. It was good than dragged than good than aweful ending :<

  60. 60 : Cheo Says:

    Gonna missed the great cast and their brilliant performance.

  61. 61 : Hlee Says:

    I totally agree with Mlee’s comment. I was very disappointed with the ending. Kang Gi Tan deserves a much better life than losing his vision and his first love after what he had gone through. What was wrong with the writer and producer? Why they had to make their viewers sad and unhappy?

  62. 62 : shiva Says:

    Worst Drama, I have ever watched. 50 episodes for revenge on one person… the drama gone down the hill from episode 19, Kang Ji Hwan is a great actor, but chose a wrong drama.

  63. 63 : Jin Says:

    I think Im the only one that liked the ending even though it made me mad I don’t deny I wanted KT to have soo yeon at the end but I Feel like the drama was worth my time really I did & didn’t want the happy ending but I so loved their last moment Together <3 <3 I enjoyed watching it and I dont think I wasted my time

  64. 64 : Cheo Says:

    @ Jin
    You are definitely not alone. I am an ardent fan of KJH and I enjoyed watching the drama too! 😊😊

  65. 65 : K. Smee Says:

    Really really love this drama!
    It’s a great one and I have enjoyed and learned a lot from it! Seem like it a real story

  66. 66 : Agen Domino99 Online Says:

    this article is very interesting to read

  67. 67 : Agen Domino Online Says:

    Great Drama , I Watch This drama With My Husband, But sometime it’s so funny

  68. 68 : Agen BandarQ Online Says:

    I really like this drama . sometime make me cry when i watch this drama

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