Sung Yu-ri (Fin.K.L)

Sung Yu Ri is a West German-born South Korean singer and actress and was the youngest in the currently inactive K-pop group Fin.K.L.

Sung is the daughter of a prominent professor of theology at the Presbyterian College & Theological Seminary in Seoul, South Korea, and she graduated from Kyung Hee University in February 2005.

Sung first appeared in the miniseries “Bad Girls” which earned her the “Best New Actress” award. She followed it up with the popular series “Thousand Years Of Love” in which she portrayed both a modern woman and an ancient princess. In addition to her dramatic work, she has also co-hosted an entertainment show in 2004 and has been a catalogue model for various companies. Although she briefly returned to music for the Fin.K.L digital single in late 2005, she has returned to acting. In 2006 she played the lead role in two dramas, “One Fine Day” and “Snow Queen” for which she won high praises and awards.

Sung, like all of her Fin.K.L group members, has left DSPent; she is now with Kingkong Entertainment after leaving SidusHQ, suggesting a choice of a permanent acting career and a challenge for acting skill.

In 2014, Sung signed with new management Fantagio, home to actors Ha Jung Woo and Yeom Jeong Ah.

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Sung Yu-ri (Fin.K.L) Facts

Native Name: 성유리

Birth Name: Yoo Ri Sung

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: March 3, 1981

Gender: Female

Height: 168cm

Blood Type: B

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