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Men Are Men

Title: 그놈이 그놈이다 / Men Are Men
Also Known as: That Guy Is The Guy / To All The Guys Who Loved Me
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy
Episodes: 32 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2020-July-06 to 2020-Aug-25
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:30 (2 episodes back-to-back)


This drama is about a woman who chooses to remain single after getting hurt from past relationships and a man who wants to change his relationship with this woman through love. The story will combine the theme of a past life with realistic topics such as marriage and remaining single.

Seo Hyun Joo (Hwang Jung Eum) works as the leader of a webcomic planning team. She declares that she plans to remain single, but she receives confessions from two men: Hwang Ji Woo (Yoon Hyun Min) and Park Do Kyum (Seo Ji Hoon). Hwang Ji Woo is the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. He has a cold personality and excellent business ability. Park Do Kyum is a popular webcomic writer. He is a sociable person. He and Seo Hyun Joo grew up like siblings, but he has held a crush on Seo Hyun Joo for a long time.


Main Cast

Yoon Hyun Min as Hwang Ji Woo
Hwang Jung Eum as Seo Hyun Joo
Seo Ji Hoon as Park Do Kyum
Jo Woo Ri as Han Seo Yoon

Supporting Cast

Choi Myung Gil as Kim Sun Hee
Seo Hyun Chul as Hyun Joo’s father
Noh Susanna as Oh Young Eun
Lee Hwang Ui as Hwang Ji Woo`s secretary
Hwang Young Hee
Kim Kyu Sun
Song Sang Eun

Production Credits

Production Company: iWill Media
Director: Choi Yoon Suk
Scriptwriter: Lee Eun Young

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2020-07-06 1 - - 2.7 -
2020-07-06 2 - - 3.9 -
2020-07-07 3 - - 2.7 -
2020-07-07 4 - - 4.4 -
2020-07-13 5        
2020-07-13 6        
2020-07-14 7        
2020-07-14 8        
2020-07-20 9        
2020-07-20 10        
2020-07-21 11        
2020-07-21 12        
2020-07-27 13        
2020-07-27 14        
2020-07-28 15        
2020-07-28 16        
2020-08-03 17        
2020-08-03 18        
2020-08-04 19        
2020-08-04 20        
2020-08-10 21        
2020-08-10 22        
2020-08-11 23        
2020-08-11 24        
2020-08-17 25        
2020-08-17 26        
2020-08-18 27        
2020-08-18 28        
2020-08-24 29        
2020-08-24 30        
2020-08-25 31        
2020-08-25 32        

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea


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  1. 1 : pocahontas11 Says:

    Love this Hwang Jung Eum and Yoon Hyun Min.

  2. 2 : I'm jimin's missing jams Says:

    Seo Ji Hoon and Yoon Hyun Min for the second time 😍 so love the bromance they have👍

  3. 3 : Su Says:

    Love both of lead actor/actress

  4. 4 : Yana Ong Says:

    why same men over one woman again? lol
    I hope hyun min get the lady this time

  5. 5 : yoori Says:

    hwang jun eum is good in acting…so pretty….

  6. 6 : kim bong Says:

    i already like this drama…all lead are good.

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