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Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music (Season 1)

Title: 결혼작사 이혼작곡 / Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music
Previously known as: 결혼이야기 / Marriage Story
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: CSTV
Broadcast period: 2021-Jan-23 to 2021-March-14
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:00
Related Series: Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music


The drama will tell the stories of three charming female protagonists in their 30s, 40s, and 50s who face unpredictable misfortunes, and it also deals with the trouble of married couples as they try to find true love.

30’s Bu Hye Ryeong (Lee Ga Ryung) used to work as an announcer and she now she works as a radio DJ. She pursues a work–life balance for herself and her husband Pan Sa Hyun (Sung Hoon). Her husband works as a judge. They have been married for 3 years and they don’t plan to have children.

40’s Sa Pi Young (Park Joo Mi) works as a radio program producer. She is competent at her work and also a good mother and wife at home. Her husband Shin Yoo Shin (Lee Tae Kon) works as a doctor in neuropsychiatry and runs his own clinic. He is a romantic husband.

50’s Lee Shi Eun (Jeon Soo Kyung) is the main writer of a radio program. During her 30 years of marriage, she has endured many difficulties with her job and taking care of her husband and child. Her husband is Park Hae Ryun (Jeon No Min). He became a professor thanks to the love and support given by Lee Shi Eun.


Pan Sa Hyun & Bu Hye Ryung’s Family

Sung Hoon as Pan Sa Hyun
Lee Ga Ryung as Bu Hye Ryung
Kim Eung Soo as Pan Moon Ho
Lee Jong Nam as So Ye Jung

Shin Yoo Shin & Sa Pi Young’s Family

Lee Tae Kon as Shin Yoo Shin
Park Joo Mi as Sa Pi Young
Kim Bo Yeon as Kim Dong Mi
Noh Joo Hyun as Shin Ki Rim
Lee Hyo Chun as Mo Seo Hyang
Park Seo Kyung (박서경) as Shin Ji Ah

Park Hae Ryun & Lee Shi Eun’s Family

Jeon No Min as Park Hae Ryun
Jeon Soo Kyung as Lee Shi Eun
Jeon Hye Won as Park Hyang Ki
Im Han Bin (임한빈) as Park Woo Ram


Lee Min Young as Song Won
Moon Sung Ho as Seo Ban
Song Ji In as Ah Mi
Im Hye Young as Nam Ga Bin
Yoon Seo Hyun as Jo Woong

Production Credits

Production Companies: Chorokbaem Media, Jidam
Director: Yoo Jung Joon, Lee Seung Hoon
Scriptwriter: Im Sung Han

Episode Ratings

Date Episode AGB TNmS
2021-01-23 1-1 5.708 -
2021-01-23 1-2 6.864 -
2021-01-24 2-1 5.838 -
2021-01-24 2-2 7.178 -
2021-01-30 3-1 7.257 -
2021-01-30 3-2 8.899 -
2021-01-31 4-1 6.417 -
2021-01-31 4-2 7.582 -
2021-02-06 5-1 7.869 -
2021-02-06 5-2 9.062 -
2021-02-07 6-1 5.849 -
2021-02-07 6-2 8.138 -
2021-02-13 7-1 7.521 -
2021-02-13 7-2 8.034 -
2021-02-14 8-1 8.171 -
2021-02-14 8-2 9.656 -
2021-02-20 9-1 7.562 -
2021-02-20 9-2 7.671 -
2021-02-21 10-1 8.002 -
2021-02-21 10-2 8.664 -
2021-02-27 11-1 7.047 -
2021-02-27 11-2 8.171 -
2021-02-28 12-1 7.637 -
2021-02-28 12-2 8.656 -
2021-03-06 13-1 6.516 -
2021-03-06 13-2 8.288 -
2021-03-07 14-1 7.573 -
2021-03-07 14-2 8.328 -
2021-03-13 15-1 5.708 -
2021-03-13 15-2 8.434 -
2021-03-14 16-1 7.130 -
2021-03-14 16-2 8.751 -

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


Official Site

Official Trailer
Trailer I
Trailer II

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  1. 1 : Playlist LIVE Says:

    I knew this show would be big the second I saw Im Sung Han was writing it. Morbid curiosity if nothing else.

  2. 2 : Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music Ep 3 Says:


  3. 3 : kissasian Says:

    at least I have find it

  4. 4 : Hearts Says:

    Do anybody bother to spend time watching and be entertained by the miseries of other peoples’ marriages and relationships in trouble?? Yes. There are. Eeww .. !!

    This drama is targetting the self appointed marriage and relationship experts and busybodies to view. By the amount of comments (some cringeing ones) left in some forums it looks like the drama got its target. Eewww!

    As the saying goes, if there is such a product (drama), there is such a buyer (targetted audience). This marketing notion works every time.

    Go try selling pieces of the moon…

  5. 5 : annmasae Says:

    @Hearts #4
    You are correct in your analysis. However I enjoy watching this drama despite all the marriage problems.
    The writer provides meaningful dialogue and has many interesting story lines.
    I am glad that the ratings are good despite the drama not following the normal kdrama formula – love triangles, mean mother-in-law.
    It is sometimes painful to see the hurt and anger in the marriages but I hope in the end things work out for everybody.
    This drama is a refreshing change from the normal kdrama. I hope to see the characters learn and grow from their pain.
    I wish this writer will write more dramas. She is very good.

  6. 6 : bobbybrown Says:

    #5 annmasae

    I hope you are not one of those commenters whom I’ve come across who leave opposing sets of comments at two different places. Positive and negative.

    They cant make up their mind. Which is their bias. For or against?

  7. 7 : annmasae Says:

    #6 bobbybrown Definitely FOR. I don’t comment on other sites only this one.

  8. 8 : MN2021 Says:

    #This Story can really GIVE YOU A LESSON, about one of God’s 10 Commandments which is “Do Not Covet Your Neighbors Wife.” Since it not only an ORIGINAL SIN but can be a Venial+Mortal Sin. Yes! in Marriage REMEMBER is a PROMISE to made God you should love one another is couple.

  9. 9 : Kdramafan Says:

    That’s a way to shutdown an interesting dialog and comments on this really good kdrama. This kdrama is very refreshing. It has storylines about real lives and interesting plot. I love the dialogues of the sister and the brother to their cheating dad. Just wow! Not your typical kdrama. 😊

  10. 10 : annmasae Says:

    #9 kdramafan I agree that the dialogue with the sister and her brother with their dad was so great. Really enjoyed what they had to say. I loved the beginning episodes but now I am bored with the backstories of the mistresses. I am interested in the relationship between the professor’s mistress and Mr. Seo’s brother. Mr. Seo (the sound engineer) seems very interesting. I like his straight forward manner. Not sure why Season 2 is scheduled. This means a lot of the stories will not get resolved this season. So disappointing.

  11. 11 : Scorpio1023 Says:

    BORING !!!

  12. 12 : layarkaca21.today Says:

    https://layarkaca21.today Nonton Film Streaming Movie Online Layarkaca21 Cinema21XXI adalah situs Nonton Movie Terlengkap

  13. 13 : OK OK OK Says:

    No ending after episode 16. Will be continued right?
    Looking forward 🙂

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