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Love is Drop by Drop


Title: 사랑은 방울방울 / Love is Drop by Drop
Chinese Title: 一滴一滴的愛
Also Known as: Love Bubbles
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 120
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2016-Nov-28 to 2017-June-02
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:20


Eun Bang Wool (Wang Ji Hye) falls in love with Park Woo Hyuk (Kang Eun Tak) who received a heart transplant from her ex-boyfriend.


Main Cast

Wang Ji Hye as Eun Bang Wool
Kang Eun Tak as Park Woo Hyuk
Gong Hyun Joo as Han Chae Rin
Kim Min Soo as Kang Sang Chul
Kang Dong Ho as Yoon Dong Jun

People around Eun Bang Wool

Kim Myung Soo as Eun Jang Ho
Lee Jong Soo as Yoon Dong Min
Lee Sang In as Shin Ji Yeon
Sun Woo Eun Sook as Im Soon Bok
Kim Ha Kyoon as Yoon Ye Neung
Seo Eun Yul as Yoon Byung sun

People around Han Chae Rin

Kil Yong Woo as Han Young Mok
Jung Chan as Sun Woo
Kim Hye Ri as Na Young Sook

People around Park Woo Hyuk

Kim Ye Ryung as Oh Hae Won
Kim Yoon Kyung as Park Woo Kyung
Choi Wan Jung (최완정) as Chun Kang Ja

Production Credits

Production Company: C-JeS Production
Chief Producer: Hong Chang Wook
Producer: Lee Hee Soo
Director: Kim Jung Min
Screenwriter: Kim Young In


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  1. 1 : Love is Drop by Drop Says:

    this is very looongg episode..

  2. 2 : belinda c.billones Says:

    Another kang eun tak drama. I hope it’s good.

  3. 3 : sylvia Says:

    ye kang eun tak drama must like apgujeong midnight sun….

  4. 4 : tigerb Says:

    @#1: it’s a very long series because ‘love is drop by drop”! it can’t come in a whopping rain?

  5. 5 : ziba Says:

    woooooow… i love wang ji hye

  6. 6 : LY Says:

    I’m been a fan of Kang Eun Tak since Apgujeong Midnight Sun and Beautiful You. The title of this drama is so funny.

  7. 7 : belinda c.billones Says:

    @sylvia. Hi sylvia it’s you again. So glad to know that kang eun tak has another drama. Hope it’s good!!

  8. 8 : sylvia Says:

    hi how are you? yes its me…
    hope that this time kang eun tak drama like apgujeong midnight sun yeee hwatting kang eun tak…
    have you watch other drama now Belinda?

  9. 9 : Freedomdemon Says:

    exciting for the story of “who received a heart transplant from her ex-boyfriend.”~!!!!! (>v <)
    In end of November, much drama release, and all the dramas are 100++ episodes, exciting for all the dramas release~!!!!!
    Monday to Friday can straight watch few dramas release~!!!!! (~v ~)
    look forward to this drama~!!!!!

  10. 10 : belinda c.billones Says:

    @sylvia…yes i’m currently into watching on going dramas. But this one is aleeady on my list. So far, im hooked in 1percent if something and romantic doctor coz I really like another ms.oh. how about you?

  11. 11 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching up to episode 14 and realised that Kang Sang Chul is very suitable to match and pair up as a couple with Eun Bang Wool . The character of Kang Sang Chul is a kind nice guy, but, the character of Park Woo Hyuk, he’s a horrible guy.

    A little strange that why the screenwriter has arranged Eun Bang Wool to fall in love with the horrible guy Park Woo Hyuk ? I guess Park Woo Hyuk will not fall in love with Eun Bang Wool because family background really not match, a lot of trouble and problem will come in, at subsequent episodes .

    I hope the romance for Eun Bang Wool will be better in future ,cos it’s really very sad to see her trying to earn a living and struggling to bring up her small child in a very difficult life she’s having right now.

  12. 12 : aaron barrientos Says:

    can’t wait wait to watch this drama.. i love this drama i have finish watching up to episode 8.. but now the website where am i watching is close.. huhuhuhu.. i hope i will watch again..

  13. 13 : doddee Says:

    I love this drama, but there is no subtitle, where can I watch this drama with subtitle pleeeezzz

  14. 14 : Yuling Says:

    I love this daily Family drama, very addicted to it.

    @doddee, you should try dramacool. Up-to-date and very quick subbed website.

  15. 15 : Sui Says:

    I do not understand why so few people come to know this drama? I highly recommended this daily family drama who just come across it. The writer is good and the storylines is well-written all the connections among the casts. I love it very much.

  16. 16 : Kai Says:

    At the beginning episodes, I really feel annoyed by Bang Wool’s mother-in-law ‘s characters but slowly, I like her very much. I love her understanding and caring for Bang Wool. Yes, it’s so hurt and sad when she knew that her daughter-in-law found someone in love with. Who won’t hurt to see her daughter-in-law falls in love again and the grandson will leaves with them? As a good mother-in-law herself letting Bang Wool have happy life with Woo Hyuk is wonderful.

  17. 17 : doddee Says:

    @ yuling thank you so much

  18. 18 : Maggie Says:

    Why Woo-hyuk getting so sweet and kind in every episodes? My dream man.

  19. 19 : 💕 Says:

    Must watch! Such a good drama that kept me up. I almost miss this gem as I was put off by WJH look in Ep 1. But I saw many comments in Soo pictures & dramanice, which is an indication it’s good.
    So glad to watch this. Like FITCOY, good script!

  20. 20 : maya Says:

    Cant wait to see episode 67!!! Please…

  21. 21 : Christine Says:

    the story line is about the same as ‘Falling for Innocence’.

  22. 22 : doddee Says:

    Wow the mother is really trying to kill her own son, and she doesn’t realize it until its too late. I hope she gets whats coming her way. Keep up the spirit Bang Wool and Woo-hyuk, rooting for yal

  23. 23 : doddee Says:

    Wow, its going to be 120 episodes, and there is no happiness for the main characters, Theyre being tortured left to right by all these evil people. Woo-hyuk just want happiness in his life, because he got a second chance.
    Why mommy dearest why?????? Bang Wool real mom is straight up evil, along with the moms stepdaughter. I hope they both receive happiness get marry and have more children, they deserve it.

  24. 24 : tcat310 Says:

    I can’t wait to see Chae Rim gets what she should deserve – plotting against Bang Wool, the hit & run accident. I hope Bang Wool should get her happiness

  25. 25 : doddee Says:

    Woo-hyuks mom is sooooo mean to Bang Wools boy. Watch that boy is gonna save her son. And I hope she beg and beg.

  26. 26 : doddee Says:

    Okay this too much, where is the happiness, I just hope they do not rush all at the last 15 minutes of the last episode. This is sad. I don’t want to see it anymore. Is it worth watching anymore?????????

  27. 27 : CC Cat Says:

    Not really interested in their loves affair…just want to know how those two idiots Chae Rin and Chae Rins mum getting caught and sit behind bars….love to watch their faces behind bars…good actressess….

  28. 28 : DSant Says:

    Totally in agreement with the comments in this forum, I stop watching this drama cause it is not worth it. Feel sorry for BW and her son.

  29. 29 : deb9526 Says:

    CC CAt .. agree with you..

    i can wait to see chai rin and bang wool mom …what will happen to them.. indeed , that What i thought .chae rin is pretending that she sick and need treatment and lost her memory.

    Can wait ep 102 , i hope chae rin dad will listen the record about conversation between gang ja and chae rin step mother.

    another 1 person so annoyed in this drama is bang wool sister in law.. ‘Oh My God’ issshh…

    ok then..

  30. 30 : doddee Says:

    So I finallly watched ep 102 oh wow, chae rin is faking her sickness, no way. I hope she is not just gonna have a slap on the wrist at the end of the show. She has done so many evil things and shes still getting away it. Whats up????? And that exboyfriend is hiding everything from everybody. His evil too!!! So sad to watch this drama right now!!!!!

  31. 31 : Linda Says:

    I just enjoy the show till the ending as the acting of lead actor and actress are so good. Extra points to see the drama beautiful scenery of autumn, winter, spring and the fashion they wore. total delight and beautiful fashion. Storyline cannot expect too much as already knew its a long story drama. 2 thumbs up for the 2 main lead. I just loved them so much

  32. 32 : LY Says:

    I prefer that Woo Hyuk does not end up with Bang Wool. He deserves someone better. He was not responsible for their breakup. It was Bang Wool’s choice. Through it all, Woo Hyuk continued treating Bang Wool with kindness and lots of love while Bang Wool treated him rather coldly (on a misleading notion that she was being ‘cruel’ in order to be kind) when compared to her treatment towards Sang Chul.

    I am definitely enjoying this show as much as I’m enjoying Golden Pouch.

  33. 33 : DSant Says:

    Hi Chingu’s on this forum, does anyone knows why the ending noted here is May 30? I thought that this will end on May 26, SBS are you going to prolong the agony of this drama? We need to move on, please!!!!

  34. 34 : doddee Says:

    Can we please have a beautiful ending. The 2 main characters deserves happiness. Bang Wools husband died so suddenly and she never had the chance to enjoyed her husband, so now she has this chance with Woo Hyuk who received her husbands heart. Pleez let them enjoy each other n be marry. They deserve happiness, after everybody has put them thru………

  35. 35 : Leigh08 Says:

    Episode 119 did not air on May 26 due to the broadcast of the 2017 FIFA U-20 World Cup match between South Korea and England.
    Episode 119 did not air on May 30 due to the broadcast of the 2017 FIFA U-20 World Cup Round of 16 match between South Korea and Portugal.

  36. 36 : Monica Says:

    HAI…i’m from indonesian. I want to know about this drama. What next drama after this?

  37. 37 : Chelle Says:

    I am not even in 20 episodes yet.
    2nd episode didnot watch after husband died and motherinlaw rejected her.
    I love her. She is innocent yet stands up for herself or anyone else, against all foes, maintaining her position.
    She does not have any revenge in her.
    I know hopefully she will remain within her integrity.
    It is great to see Kang/Woo hyuk find his softer side of himself from being humbled to the point of death, receiving the heart of her dying husband.
    The 1/2 dramas ive seen him in, his character was cold, stuck up, so he did not have much room to act.
    I am hoping for his character to be able to show love, emotion and being able to protect her, NOT BE SEDUCED BY THE WICKED WITCH!
    I know there is going to be the now BORING USELESS sabotage, and GOD FORBID any parents accepted their son or daughter’s choice of whom they love.
    I pray Woo and Byul stay strong together (i hate when the female backs out of the relationship; when adult men remain submissive to parents and never become men!!!
    So i probably will ignore those episodes (like i did with enemies from the past.)
    In the end, i want Woo, Byul & her son be a strong independent loving family

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