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Level 7 Civil Servant

Title: 7급공무원 / Level 7 Civil Servant
Chinese Title: 七級公務員
Also known as: 7th Level Civil Servant / 7th Grade Civil Servant
Genre: Romance, Action, Comedy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2013-Jan-23 to 2013-March-28
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


This drama is an adaptation of the 2009 movie My Girlfriend is an Agent.

This drama is a romantic comedy about a spy couple who hides their true identity from each other and at the same time illustrates about the love, friendship and internal department conflicts between the new generation of national intelligence agents. In the drama, while hiding their true identities from each other, the couple fall in love with each other.

Han Gil Ro (Joo Won) is a man who always wanted to be a spy ever since he watched the 007 series when he was little. He is a kind, affluent and stylish man. He finally makes it into the National Intelligence Service, but is hit with many difficulties soon after. Meanwhile, Kim Seo Won (Choi Kang Hee) is an smart agent with brawn and looks but lacking in wealth. She’s works hard to support her family financially.


Main Cast

Joo Won as Han Gil Ro / Han Pil Hoon
Choi Kang Hee as Kim Seo Won / Kim Kyung Ja
Choo Ye Jin as Kim Seo Won (young)

NIS people

Ahn Nae Sang as Kim Won Suk
Hwang Chan Sung as Kong Do Ha
Jang Young Nam as Jang Young Soon
Son Jin Yeong as Kim Poong Eon
Choi Jong Hwan as Oh Kwang Jae
Kim Min Seo as Shin Sun Mi
Lee El as Park Soo Young
Byun Seung Yoon (변승윤) as NIS academy instructor


Uhm Tae Woong as Choi Woo Hyuk (Cameo)
Kim Soo Hyun as Mi Rae
Im Yoon Ho as JJ / Choi Woo Jin (Woo Hyuk’s younger brother)

Gil Ro’s parents

Dok Go Young Jae as Han Joo Man
Im Ye Jin as Go Soo Ja

Seo Won’s parents

Lee Han Wie as Kim Pan Suk (father)
Kim Mi Kyung as Oh Mak Nae (mother)
No Young Hak as Kim Min Ho


Jung In Ki as Kim Sung Joon
Seo Seung Man as IT&TI manager
Lee Hye Eun as Kim Won Suk’s wife
Kim Choo Wol

Production Credits

Production Company: Apple Pictures, Curtain Call Inc
Chief Producer: Park Hong Gyoon
Directors: Kim Sang Hyup, Oh Hyun Jong
Screenwriter: Chun Sung Il


2013 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Mini Series): Joo Won (Level 7 Civil Servant)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-01-23 1 12.8 (12th) 15.6 (4th) 12.7 (9th) 14.6 (3rd)
2013-01-24 2 14.0 (9th) 16.0 (5th) 14.5 (6th) 16.9 (3rd)
2013-01-30 3 16.0 (4th) 18.1 (3rd) 15.9 (3rd) 18.1 (3rd)
2013-01-31 4 15.8 (4th) 18.8 (3rd) 15.2 (3rd) 17.2 (3rd)
2013-02-06 5 17.1 (4th) 20.1 (3rd) 16.0 (3rd) 17.7 (3rd)
2013-02-07 6 14.9 (6th) 16.8 (3rd) 14.3 (5th) 16.0 (4th)
2013-02-13 7 13.3 (11th) 14.0 (7th) 12.7 (11th) 13.3 (8th)
2013-02-14 8 13.8 (11th) 15.1 (7th) 12.1 (14th) 13.2 (6th)
2013-02-20 9 12.6 (7th) 12.9 (8th) 12.5 (7th) 13.8 (6th)
2013-02-21 10 12.4 (12th) 13.1 (8th) 11.4 (13th) 12.5 (8th)
2013-02-27 11 11.8 (9th) 13.2 (6th) 10.0 (13th) 10.7 (10th)
2013-02-28 12 11.0 (14th) 11.8 (11th) 10.6 (13th) 11.8 (9th)
2013-03-06 13 10.0 (16th) 10.6 (8th) 9.2 (16th) 10.8 (11th)
2013-03-07 14 9.9 (18th) 11.3 (10th) 9.9 (16th) 10.8 (11th)
2013-03-13 15 8.8 (18th) 9.3 (16th) (<8.5) 8.8 (17th)
2013-03-14 16 9.0 (18th) 8.8 (18th) 8.5 (19th) 9.1 (15th)
2013-03-20 17 9.3 (17th) 10.9 (8th) 9.8 (13th) 10.9 (7th)
2013-03-21 18 9.5 (18th) 10.8 (8th) 8.4 (19th) 9.0 (18th)
2013-03-27 19 7.9 (19th) 8.4 (17th) (<7.7) (<8.0)
2013-03-28 20 9.0 (17th) 9.4 (14th) 8.4 (19th) (<8.8)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : misskrisel Says:

    Wow! Another Joo Won’s drama. Love it.

  2. 2 : Ammy Says:

    OMG. JOO WON????
    okay NOW im excited 😀 I hope its licensed with viki so we could watch it xD

  3. 3 : jhing Says:

    can’t wait to see joo woon and choi kang hee act again..i love them both,.and changsung as well..hope this drama make it #1 this 2013..

  4. 4 : 52drama Says:

    Again the age of the leading actress is ten years older than the leading actor? Like “Faith”.

  5. 5 : emerald Says:

    joo woon is back… excited to watch this drama… choi kang hee is good also
    i thtink shes not that old to look at compare to kim hee sun…

  6. 6 : eny Says:

    interesting, the teaser looks good, the cast are good, impatient to watch this drama

  7. 7 : tyarachunnie Says:

    aaahh lu v joo won…n cant wait for this drama…

  8. 8 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    I don’t care about the age gap since CKH looks younger than her age as long as they deliver this drama very well, then i won’t complain. 🙂

  9. 9 : yoan Says:

    YAY..Joo Won is back..looking forward to this drama 😉

  10. 10 : chunlee Says:

    my baby Joo Won is back to rock our worlds yet again!!!!! so excited to see this super talented actor in romantic comedy genre with action…i hope this will be a good drama series…good luck to all the casts and production crews…

  11. 11 : mini Says:

    my baby with another old woman again?? after eugene.. haaaaa.. pleasee

  12. 12 : Ttuk Says:

    #4 @52drama In reading the synopsis there’s good reason for casting Choi Kang Hee in that role, though I would have Kim Tae Hee (7 yrs diff) for the part any day.

    On the topic of spy-coms: I think someone ought to cast Oh Yeon Seo in spy-coms. She’s made for the genre IMHO.

  13. 13 : kawthar Says:

    lets wait and see

  14. 14 : choose me Says:

    Joo Won is back……excited to watch this drama…i hope this drama succes…

  15. 15 : chunlee Says:

    i’m okay with Choi Kang Hee…she’s a good actress… i’m sure my baby could make it work with her… 🙂 excited much!!! i really hope for the success of this drama…

  16. 16 : KDaddict Says:

    The trailer looks interesting. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  17. 17 : Go Seung Ji Says:

    Interesting Drama ^_^

  18. 18 : sheena Says:

    oppa, i totally fall in love w/ you.

  19. 19 : tey Says:

    O ow…my joo won is come back!I’m sure will make good rating again. Absoulotly worry about different age with CKH.is she not too old for him? Dreaming him will play wih yoo en hye !!

  20. 20 : unknown unknown Says:

    I like Joo Won very much in Bridal Mask…a really talented actor. Will definitely watch this drama.

  21. 21 : ade v Says:

    jooWon..LOVE HIM 2 DEATH ^^

  22. 22 : female Says:


  23. 23 : jianpark Says:

    i will definitely going to watch this…

  24. 24 : yoan Says:

    can’t wait to see this 😀 😀

  25. 25 : Ippy Says:

    I would suggest the appropriate and only English title be “Level 7 Civil Servant”, since the word “grade” is mostly associated with K12 education. “Level” is a term often used to indicate status within an organization. If I am not mistaken this drama revolves around such peculiarities in an organizational hierarchy.

    Please end this era of multiple titles that has served to confound us English speaking audiences. If the intent was to befuddle us, it worked. But this silliness has gone on for too long.

  26. 26 : ogrenji Says:

    will definitely watch this for joo won hahaha 😀 hopefully it’s another great drama 🙂

  27. 27 : Hani Says:

    Gonna love this drama for sure! Can’t wait for the airing of this another romantic comedy genre of drama ^_^

  28. 28 : anymous Says:

    chan sung oppa…

  29. 29 : myeon Says:

    moon joo won !!!! you’re here again darling kyaaa xD i’ll, absolutely, watch this drama !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    since Kim Tak Goo, I love Moon Joo Won and Yoon Shi Yoon sooo much !!!!!!!!

  30. 30 : rachma Says:

    fighting oppa joo won =D

  31. 31 : jhing Says:

    a few days to go.. Here they go again,. Can’t wait and so much excited.. I love joo woon superb!!

  32. 32 : eve Says:

    lil bit dissapointed coz i think the lead woman is to old for Joo Won and Chan Sung,is there no one younger than her that suit the image?or th PDnim just remember the tough image that Choi Kang Hee has in protect the boss?

  33. 33 : fadhyla Says:

    will watch this drama because joo won ..

  34. 34 : hunee Says:

    What kind a title is that???? luv the drama but the title jus don fit with it.
    How about like spies in love or sumtin had to relate with spies.

  35. 35 : danaya Says:

    i love joo won so much…but how come CKH as lead actress??? i think she is more suitable for joo won’s mother…she look like ahjuhma!!!i dont like her at Protec the boss too! too old

  36. 36 : sasha Says:

    whatttttt???? Ahjuma Choi Kang Hee play as lead actress with joo won???? is there no other actress ? joo won too Good & young for her!!!

  37. 37 : -Autumn- Says:

    Sigh. CKH as a lead actress spoil the whole drama and make me lost interest to watch this. Why can’t they pair up Joo Won with a better looking young girl? I really want to watch Joo Won’s drama but I just can’t accept CKH as the lead actress so not going to watch this drama as I dont want to feel disappointed like in ‘Protect The Boss’~ I have give her a chance by watching Protect the Boss but sorry, really can’t accept her as the lead actress…

  38. 38 : Thank god for korean drama Says:

    I do love Joo Won from OB because of the chemistry between him and Uee but this time with this new partner who looks comical and not so fitting and way older than him is probably not going to be so hot and most likely not to be enjoyable to watch.It hasn’t started yet but a lot of viewers are already losing their interest because of the chosen female lead.I could already tell with most of the comments.For Joo Won sakes,please if the producers can still change the female lead and hopefully will listen to the plea of the audience.For Joo Won ,i hope next time before accepting any role he should consider the fact that usually the partner does play a big part for the success of the whole drama and should have a voice and say who will be more fitting for his character and persona that includes chemistry and all.

  39. 39 : yoan Says:

    not satisfied with the female lead as well,but i’ll still watch it cause it’s JOO WON!! well,at least to see how the story goes..hope this drama won’t disappoint me..

  40. 40 : MaJA Says:

    I like Choi Kang Hee in Petty Romance.
    I hope the age doesn’t matter in this drama since Kang Hee is a little older with Joo Won.
    I’m looking forward on this since i like the movie MY GF is an AGENT of Kim Ha Neul.


  41. 41 : amanda Says:

    female lead is AHJUMA…..alias nenek nenek!!!!joo won opa…..i feel sorry for you..

  42. 42 : coralou Says:

    So Joo Won is now a contract star of MBC, the last time I saw him is he is doing Bridal Mask with KBS2 World. I’m looking forward to see him do this comedy action drama. Good luck!:-)

  43. 43 : Runput Hijau Says:

    Can’t wait watch this drama. It’s gonna be funny

  44. 44 : eli Says:

    God make me enough strong to bear leading lady !
    i am fine with her but she looks awful beside joo won .

  45. 45 : OhC'monJooWon! Says:



  46. 46 : Hani Says:

    I first saw the lead actress in Protect the Boss. My first impression was ” I don’t think she can make this drama good” but then she really acted well and portrayed the role perfectly. I guess it will work also for this drama . Let’s see wheen its aired ^_^

  47. 47 : 7th Grade Civil Servant Synopsis (2013) Says:

    […] Meanwhile, Kim Seo Won (Choi Kang Hee) is an smart agent with brawn and looks but lacking in wealth. She’s works hard to support her family financially. -source- […]

  48. 48 : hasta Says:

    Sorry guys but I think you are too harsh with Choi Kang Hee ! she’s a good actress and I think the gap between their age doesn’t matter ! I was impressed by her acting in protect the boss so I will give a try to this drama and JOOWON is really talented so I will support them an d watch it !

  49. 49 : kfan jess Says:

    yeah!! finally…welcome back joo won! can’t wait to watch your new drama.. chansung…fighting!! your role make me curious about this drama.

  50. 50 : kfan jess Says:

    agree with hasta.. actor and actress doesn’t have to be beautiful to make the story good. k ent cast a pro n a popular actor and actress for a high level script..and idol artist for medium level script..that’s how they attract fans attention..well..that was a brilliant strategy..

  51. 51 : myeon Says:

    agree with hasta ! 😀 i think choi kang hee is a very great actress, she’s not ugly or old at all in my eyes. Also i’m glad Joo won could improve his acting skill to be partner with a senior actress like her.

    fighting Joo Won, Choi Kang-Hee <3 Please give us a superb acting !

  52. 52 : yoan Says:

    super excited to see this drama!!

  53. 53 : padma Says:

    i know CKH is a great actress but i dont like the pairing in this drama..hmm, she really looks like a noona for JW..

  54. 54 : padma Says:

    btw, in faith, i think the age gap between LMH-KHS isnt really obvious compare to JW-CKH

  55. 55 : Tin Says:

    The Mr. and Mrs. Smith drama version. This one is going to be exciting to watch!

  56. 56 : bblve07 Says:

    i like the leading man,

  57. 57 : Micc Says:

    Choi Kang Hee is great! Not as plastic as most and always demonstrates good chemistry with her opposite leads. Looking forward to this drama!

  58. 58 : tigerb Says:

    @Tin #55: when i read the synopsis above, thought that it would be like ‘mr. and mrs. smith’, but i think it’s going to be waaaayyyy different from that western made movie, it would be lacking as an ‘action’ series, except if they will have scenes like ‘iris’. we’ll see!

  59. 59 : Thank god for korean drama Says:

    Yes ,there maybe a chemistry as siblings but not as love interest.Not only it’s awkward but a bit disturbing and no matter how i look at it ,i dont find and see a common ground for this partnership other than being maybe friends,colleauges or co workers but not as lovers.It just doesn’t feel right.I don’t know.Maybe its just me, but then again i can sense that many feels the same way.What a big disappointment and no matter how big a fan i’am of Joo Won , I don’t think that i will even watch it.So sorry and sad.Hopefully after this Joo Won would follow it up with something better , that he will be remembered and leave a lasting impression like he imparted doing Ojakgyo brothers and Bridal mask .Pray tell,and if can’t revise or make changes anymore with this project ,just hurry up and finish it quick enough to start with a new one.If i am to make a suggestion ,i think he is good making drama and more with serious character than a comedy or better yet i would like to see him doing a historical type but never attempt to do a tiny bop one. I don’t dare to offend others,this is just my honest opinion.

  60. 60 : joowonie Says:

    Well,you can’t judge a book by it’s cover..tbh I don’t really happy with CKH as well..but if they can pull it,why not?I’m going to check on them,and make my decision later..hope it won’t disappoint me,cause I enjoyed all joowon’s drama so far and I’ve been waiting for his new one.. fighting!!

  61. 61 : roxyalso Says:

    I too like CKH, she is a really fine actress, I hope her popularity will steadily grow. She is not only attractive but her comedic timing is good.

  62. 62 : addylovesbwood Says:

    Joo Won’s Drama Stats
    Baker King, Kim Tak Gu – 50%
    Ojakgyo Brothers – 37.7%
    Bridal Mask – 27.3%

    Seeing I Miss You’s ratings…. I’m praying Joo Won’s new drama doesn’t flop ratings wise.

  63. 63 : addylovesbwood Says:


  64. 64 : jhing Says:

    so excited..hope this drama make a big Bang this year..

  65. 65 : myeon Says:

    @thank god for korean drama :

    well, i can understand ur opinion ^^
    HISTORICAL DRAMA ! OMG can’t imagine my joo won act in saeguk drama. it will be aweeesomeee~~ omo omo i want to see it

  66. 66 : yoan Says:

    finally,it’s tomorrow!!!

  67. 67 : French viewer Says:

    I wait for this drama because of Choi Kang Hee and Joo Won.
    I enjoyed a lot of “Protect the boss”. I hope this new drama will put us in a good mood too.
    Joo Won was always in serious drama, I’m curious to watch him this time.
    But the age difference is very big.
    Luckily, Choi Kang Hee seems still young and beautiful.
    Furthermore, in dramas Joo Won has the appearance of a mature man.
    In the 21th century, there are more and more couples of women and younger men. In brief, it’s usual and not important.

  68. 68 : jayne Says:

    While I don’t dislike CKH, I’m not a big fan of hers either. However, I think the main purpose of this pairing is exactly to show the age difference between the 2 leads. A good looking young guy, why would he become attracted to an ahjumma? But this is where this drama should become interesting. Just like Scent of A Woman, the age difference between the 2 leads were also so obvious. That added the attraction -in my opinion- for the drama. Why would a good looking, successful young man attracted to a cancer suffering older woman? True love. None other than that. It’s kind of a dreamy, unrealistic, but hey…that’s why we’re here in dramaland 🙂

  69. 69 : KDaddict Says:

    Ah, it’s started!
    OK, Ep 1 looks pretty good! It looks like a slick production w a big budget in the hands of competent ppl. It looks way better than I expected.
    I think they cast Choi Kang Hee for a gd reason:
    Joowon’s char is this immature, rich, spoilt, rude, playboy who has dreamt of being 007 since he was 12. So he wants to join the secret service, NIS. Whereas CKH’s char is this older woman fr the other side of the tracks, who has to work multiple part-time jobs to make ends meet. They have absolutely nothing in common, and she is certainly Not his type, not that he has a type, mind u.
    In ep 1, he has already managed to piss her off, n he is mad at her, tho it is all his fault. So the pt is: Opposites attract! It should be fun to watch them torture each other, n see them fall for each other. N JW’s char will grow up in the process. If they had cast a young actress of JW’s age, their premise goes out the window.
    But JW is soooo cute while he is being immature n pouty!
    I’m happy for sth good to watch after IMY ends, n School 2013 is abt to.

  70. 70 : yoan Says:

    KDAddict,happy to hear that!! i was so excited to see JooWon in rom-com style..got to wait for the eng sub to release..sigh..

  71. 71 : jhing Says:

    wow so great!..hope it will be good and nice till the end..

  72. 72 : anne Says:

    to padma, comment 54, LMH-KHS, in faith, well I think KHS is really like a ahjuma for him. She’s too old. But, if LMH-KHS in BBF, yes they looked not really diffrent. So, I think Joo won and Choi kang hee is ok 4 me..
    Well, don’t be irritated with my comment, I just share what I thought.

  73. 73 : chunlee Says:

    with KDaddict’s comment, I’m already on high…I value your comments so much and it’s pleasing to hear a positive comment from u…I just hope the next episodes will turn out just as good or even better… Joo Won fighting!!!

  74. 74 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 1:
    He bets a fancy Mercedes on a race w/o blinking. She is maxed out on her student loan. He has spent 3 years after univ graduation learning to scuba dive, shoot, race cars. She takes leave fr college to work for tuition. His mother bribes him w a fancier car to go on arranged dates w 5 women of her choice, twice each. Her parents r literally flat out on their back in the country side. He hates women fr good families, who only get a degree to marry well. She hates guys w no sense of what reality is.
    But they both want to be NIS agents. He thinks it is cool. She probably thinks it pays well n has job security.
    His father owns a large corporation. Sb is out to harm him n precious son!
    Besides the polished look of the drama, I like it that they’ve taken care to layer the bkgd of these leads. It gives u some confidence in the writing. I also like the supporting cast. Uhm Tae Woong, playing the bad guy, is supposed to be a cameo. I hope it is of the more extended kind. Ahn Nae Sang usually nails whatever role he has. I’m sure he’ll do interesting things as a training officer w a deep wound n a past w UhmTW, the opponent.
    He ha skills that’d make him a good field agent. She is a good student, who has memorized the whole book. Together, they’ll be ONE good agent! Ho ho ho.

  75. 75 : jhing Says:

    thank u KDaddict for ur updated in this drama,glad to hear the summarize of ep1,i can’t watch it coz im here in the philippines,bcoz of u im m0re n m0re interesting and xcited..im a big fan of joowoon n choi kanghee,.hope ur here till last ep of this drama..thanks a lot KDaddict..

  76. 76 : Jennie Says:

    @Thank god for korean drama You’re not alone. When this drama was first announced I was very excited to know that JW was the male lead and in a rom-com too. I saw bits of JW’s comical side in Gaksital and Ojak Bro and I was ecstatic to be able to see him in one. For weeks, I followed news about this drama in another website eagerly and together with other posters we were all hoping and keeping our fingers crossed that the female lead whom we all like would be cast. Let’s see we hoped for Ha Ji Won, Moon Chae Won, Yoon Eun Hye, Kim Tae Hee etc so imagine our “disappointment” when we heard that it was going to be Choi KH!!! Of course she’s a fantastic actress but we can hardly describe her to be a gorgeous spy, can we? We had really high expectations, and had imagined a coupling like Mr & Mrs Smith (Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt!!!!!!!!). So the thread in that website died a sudden death becos we all decided to abandon the drama, even though we all love JW very much. Like you, I’m giving this drama a miss eventhough I know it will probably do well because they are good actors. Guess we both just have to wait longer to see JW in another drama 😀

  77. 77 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 2:
    I like the ways in which the conflict between Boy/Girl is set up. In ep 1, she meets him on a blind date as a diplomat’s daughter, pushed by her friend who operates a dating service, n hires women to masquerade as eligible potential mates. While on their 2nd ‘date’, she causes him to lose his bet, n thereby his expensive sports car. So he is after her ass to ‘pay him back’ for it. He tries to track her down; finds out that the family that she pretends to be fr has No daughter! When he runs into her on the bus n at the NIS Training School, all he wants to do is pester her abt his loss. I suspect that he also simply enjoys pestering her. lol.
    I’m loving 2PM’s Chan Sung as a new entrant along side our 2 leads. He’s seriously handsome n looks great in his role as an ex-army guy. I also love the hard core n intelligent female training officer.
    They go thru a demonstration of a lie-detector test, to show how it is almost always accurate, except w psychopaths n serial killers, n the training officer played by Ahn Nae Sang, who knows how to trick it. What it reveals abt our leads is a real gem.

    I think there is a lot of good going on in this series.

    Preview to ep 3 looks even more enticing:
    With him playing James Bond at the gambling table, n the two of them waltzing at a ball!

  78. 78 : KDaddict Says:

    @yoan, @jhing,
    You r welcome.
    It’s a fun show. Hope u get to see it soon.

  79. 79 : yoan Says:

    woahh..you’re so fasttt..i haven’t even watch ep 1 yet,still no sub..read ur recaps make me so excited,at least i know this drama wouldn’t disappoint me..

  80. 80 : commentator Says:

    Please give this actress a chance. I have watched over 150 k dramas and I think she is a great actress. Check her out in my sweet city drama and you will appreciate her work. Nevertheless, I’m mean when did age ever be a requirement to ACT??? She is ACTING with Joo Won not really dating him (not that it should be a problem if that was true). If you ask, she looks better than even some 24 year old girls.

  81. 81 : nacha Says:

    Once again Joo Woon approves that he is “the king of rating”.

  82. 82 : chelona Says:

    i enjoyed the movie. i hope this drama is entertaining as well 🙂

  83. 83 : jhing Says:

    thanks for the recap KDaddict..im enjoying this although i can’t watch it..but hearing frm u,im so glad that this drama is so good and more fun..and the ratings was so exciting to wait..
    Thanks a lot KDaddict,.till next eps..

  84. 84 : Micc Says:

    Only the second episode and I’m already feeling sad the drama will end at 20 episodes!!! AKA love it!!!

  85. 85 : KDaddict Says:

    Movie vs KD – 7th GCS:
    The movie version starring KangJH n KimHN was great. But this isn’t quite like the movie. Joo Won brings sth to the table that is entirely diff fr KJH. So far, JW’s char is entirely childish, willful n self-centered. The show seems to be playing up that angle. Fr this, lots of misunderstandings will ensue. There is also Dong Ha, the earnest ex-soldier turned spy wanna be. And Uhm TW the assassin. They’ll spice up the story n make it richer.
    I’m not a fan of Choi KH. I wasn’t thrilled w her in Protect the Boss. But in this show, she seems to fit her char to a T, sb rather crude n desperate.
    To enjoy this KD, it’s best to go in w less preconceptions, the less the better.

  86. 86 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Ratings are impressive. What will happen if IRIS 2 will air with same sched as this one? Aigoo hard to choose between the two!

  87. 87 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    I know Choi Kang Hee is too old for Joo Won, but she’s a very respectable actress. And she really tried her best to act so well. I don’t like her in protect the Boss but I dont dislike her either. All I know is it’s not good to give up with this drama just because an older ajhumma is being paired to a cutie handsome Joo Won. Let’s focus with the script, story, background, music and the acting of the the whole cast particularly JW and CKH

  88. 88 : haruhi28 Says:

    wow! this drama looks good especially with @Kdaddict’s recommendation 🙂 well, i guess i will start watching this now and will try to post comments later 🙂

    @Kurayuzaki666 i also checked the ratings first and it’s indeed impressive 🙂 this must be really good 🙂

  89. 89 : feedmysoul Says:

    Looks like you have found a new show to watch after IMY! After reading your positive review, I’m debating if I should watch this concurrently with TPM or after I’m done with TPM. There is simply too many good KD than I have time for!

  90. 90 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Episode 1- FINISHED

    It started with CKH being a workaholic with three jobs in one day. And all I can reminisce about this kind of set-up is Go Eun Chan character played by YEH on CP. Even the way she blows her bangs, the martial arts thing where she’s the teacher. There are sort of similarities at the beginning. But then I found out how her character is beautifully distinct with YEH’s character. CKH displays a much intelligent case here.

    then here’s Joo Won who seemingly getting handsome each day I look at him. He fit the role perfectly, cool-extreme-good-looking-funny but HOT! When he says I GOT YOU the moment he saw CKH was way too cute to handle. ayieeeh and before that I was amused with their so called fate and how Joo Won thinks of her after their first meet-up.

    First episode is entertaining for me if I compare this to Cheongdamdong Alice. This one is way BETTER! The car racing is intense and fast-moving. I really feel CKH nervousness during the race. I love CKH parents esp. her daddy as well as Joo Won’s mother. I love the dating agency thing. This one evolves in not just single situation but numbers of locations and this is a good sign of having a good RomCom drama of 2013.

    Happy watching. Excited for Episode 2!

  91. 91 : haruhi28 Says:

    done watching the first two episodes and so far i think its good…honestly, this is my first time watching kdrama of the two lead stars…can’t wait for ep 3 🙂

  92. 92 : run_san Says:

    I am really like this drama until now episode 2

  93. 93 : unknown unknown Says:

    So far so good. Joo Won rocks! I thought he was so good in Bridal Mask.

    Odd pairing with Choi Kang Hee though. However, I can’t think of another actress who could fit this nerdy/wacky role except for Lee Si Young of Wild Romance.

  94. 94 : Says:

    joo won oppaaaa…♡

  95. 95 : KDaddict Says:

    Watching a current show like this one takes 2 hours a week. (That’s why I like them.) An old show is much more flexible. I’ve the tendency to want to marathon one over a weekend! (That’s why I try to avoid them). The other diff is that current shows have active threads.
    So u r new to KD? The more stars, including the supporting cast, u know, the more you’ll enjoy the shows. Takes a while to build up a stock of stars u love. And Joon Won is Definitely one to LOVE!
    Heaven forbid! If it was her that was cast, I’d have to skip this show Altogether!!! Have u known all the complaints vs her on the WR thread?

  96. 96 : haruhi28 Says:

    hi! i’m not new in watching KD but it’s just that most of the time i watch KD based on the actor and actresses and if i’m not familiar with them i don’t watch it…but now, i’m trying to watch KD even if i don’t really know the actors as long as it has an interesting story :)…and maybe you’re right, Joo Won is really cute in this drama…i’m beginning to like him 🙂

  97. 97 : unknown unknown Says:

    Hi @KDaddict #95
    Hee hee hee….me trying to be funny on nerdy/wacky actress. How about Shin Min Ah of Arang/Gumiho fame? Just discussing for fun only…to see which other actress could fit Joo Won for this drama, if not Choi Kang Hee 🙂

  98. 98 : KDaddict Says:

    Which other actress could be cast in this drama? Remember the Legend? There was a BIG bruhaha during its broadcast: The actress Moon SR looked sooooo old next to Bae YJ, like his Mother NOT his wife! Korean netizens were up in arms! V Nasty things were said. The Director had to come out n explain why she was cast.
    He said: “She was the one who was available, n she is healthy. We need sb who won’t fall sick bcos it is a difficult shoot”.
    Sometimes it is as simple as that! And that’s one Extremely EXPENSIVE production.
    Ha Ji Won would look way too cool to be desperate, n too intimidating to the spoilt brat; it’d also look like her role in K2Hs. Kim Tae Hee n Moon Chae Won have aristocrat-looks; no one would believe they come fr poor farmer parents. KimTH is too busy dating Rain n trying to escape the paparazzi all the way to Thailand anyway! LOL. YEH was shooting IMY = schedule conflict. ShinMA was involved w Arang while this script was going around.
    In the case of Choi KH, since I neither love nor hate her, I’m willing to yield that maybe the PDs know some things I don’t.
    However, if it were the woman who shall remain unnamed, I’d be banging my head against the wall while swearing up n down for having to miss a drama featuring the lovely Joo Won!

  99. 99 : zashee Says:

    this is it !!
    the drama that I’m looking for
    my heart has been fluttered
    the storyline is smart, its not like a mellow boring story

  100. 100 : French viewer Says:

    J’ai adoré les deux premiers épisodes.
    Vivement la suite…
    Les acteurs & actrices sont splendides et sont agréables à voir. Surtout Hwang Chan Sung : il joue bien son rôle d’ancien soldat (très jeune pourtant) ! Bravo à toute l’équipe, bonne continuation !

  101. 101 : hunee Says:

    This drama is cute, it reminds me of Mr. & Mrs Smiths movie. Keep up the
    good work

  102. 102 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict #98 You may find it interesting to know that it took some time for the female lead to be announced after JW agreed to take on the role. When Choi KH was cast, the writer made some changes to the female lead character to fit in Choi KH. Not sure if this is accurate but this is what I read when I was following the developments of the casting for this drama. 😀

  103. 103 : ptsh836 Says:

    hi, i believe d casting director for this drama must be playing safe n going by a true n tried formula for success in casting CKH as female lead…however, he has overlooked d fact that viewers can get tired of watching d same faces over n over again n CKH is not exactly that appealing to some of us here…that is why we do not understand why certain actors/actresses are constantly been recycled eventho they are not that popular.

    joo woon, i understand is outstanding in ‘gaksital’? n him acting as male lead here is like going backwards instead of forwards?? know what i mean?? this drama is basically abt a group of rookie/wannabe secret agents in training, thus casting fresh faces should be d way to go?? joo won is already a very accomplished actor in a variety of roles so far…so watching him here is a bit awkward, for me, that is. n casting CKH beside him is like watching an ahjumma in action, sorry…

    since you gals are imagining some other actresses who might be more suitable…..may i suggest Suzy of ‘miss A’?? i find her very fresh faced, energetic, slim, tall, attractive n exciting beside joo won, *swoon* i can imagine instant attraction between them both, hehe!

  104. 104 : KDaddict Says:

    I feel your pain. If it was the woman @unknown2 named, I’d be the one writing #76.
    I wasn’t at all excited when I heard abt CKH being cast, but after watching 2 eps, find that she fits the role, n doesn’t spoil this drama for me. Good thing the writer did some re-writes to tailor the role to her.

    B4 this KD, Joo Won had only done serious roles/ dramas. So he has the intention of diversifying into comedy. Hence this role.
    Even an actress as famous, as established as Choi Ji Woo, who is known as Melo Queen, wanted to try her hand at comedy at 35, w Can’t lose. Too bad that script was so bad It Lost.
    So it is definitely Not going backward for Joo Won. He is so young, 25, diversification is bound to happen.

    As for using new faces for the rookies, that’s a risky proposition fr an investment pt of view. They did bring in Chan Sung, who is a new face as an actor. 🙂

  105. 105 : tyarachunnie Says:

    like joowoon here….choikanghee too…fit to her caracter here…

  106. 106 : eny Says:

    I like the cast, I think they choose the right cast. May be some people wanna see young n pretty face in CKH role but I doubt about their acting, some people couldn’t enjoy this drama because they hate the actress.
    I think Joo won move forward by choosing this role, good actor could express various emotion not stay in the same role. Suzy even she’s cute n pretty I have big doubt she can portray this role

  107. 107 : addylovesbwood Says:

    I didn’t want ckh to be lead for obvious reasons but now that the show is setting up, I honestly don’t think her characters causing any damage to the show. I sense a little chemistry between them and I’m starting to like ckh as an actress. Casting a younger actress like suzy would make the show weird and too fluffy.

    I also think its refreshing to see a different side to Joo Won. He’s character here seems believeble not forced.
    Very happy with the ratings and I hope they can keep it up when IRIS 2 starrs.

  108. 108 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Episode 2 levels up and I can see CKH great composure and acting here. She deserves this role.

    I kinda afraid of the ratings since another potential good melodrama is about to start and also the much anticipated part 2 of no. 1 action K-drama series.

    And it’s quite amusing that Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung come back afterso many years That Winter, The Wind Blows is up to battle in TV ratings against 7th Grade Level Civil Servant which is now the no. 1 Wed-Thurs drama according to AGB, the anticipated IRIS 2 headlining the comeback as onscreen couple of Jang Hyuk and Lee Dae Ha which is expected to hit BIG due to IRIS 1 high popularity before. and now another potential good melo-drama is about to compete in this same sched. It totally gives me a headache! lols

    MBC- 7th Grade CivilServant
    KBS- IRIS 2
    SBS- The Winter The Wind Blows

    Have you pick which is the best out of these 3 same-scheduled dramas?!

  109. 109 : myeon Says:

    omg i started fall in love with this drama. this is the first time i saw joo won became a jerk-stupid character haha. usually he always became jerk-cool, or jerk-charming, or cool-charming character, but now he became stupid hahaha. but i’m sure just 4 eps again and he’ll turn to be jerk-cool-charismatic character again. because he is :p

    and choi kang hee ! she’s perfect to become joo won partner in here <3 haha they have a lot of chemistry, love it !!!!!!!!!! it's better than his partner on bridal mask, doesn't have chemistry at all.

  110. 110 : myeon Says:

    pretty faces doesn’t guaranty to provide quality of the drama. so, if suzy cast in here, i can’t guarantee that this drama will be better. and according to my opinion, suzy presence could actually give a bad impact on the drama. This drama will look like teenage love drama, and it’s a big no no for me. *sorry, no offence*
    and well, still, i think choi kang hee is perfect to became main role in this drama, together with joo won <3 I don't care if she looks old or less pretty, the important thing is she fits her character well, and she have a chemistry with joo won.

    fighting, choi kang hee !

  111. 111 : myeon Says:

    pretty faces doesn’t guarantee to provide quality of the drama. so, if suzy cast in here, i can’t guarantee that this drama will be better. and according to my opinion, suzy presence could actually give a bad impact on the drama. This drama will look like teenage love drama, and it’s a big no no for me. *sorry, no offence*
    and well, still, i think choi kang hee is perfect to became main role in this drama, together with joo won <3 I don't care if she looks old or less pretty, the important thing is she fits her character well, and she have a chemistry with joo won.

    fighting, choi kang hee !

  112. 112 : feedmysoul Says:

    Lol…I’m the same. When I’m watching old KDs, I get lost in KD land. People around will complain that I’m obsessive! I’m almost done with TPM. I’m now on tenterhooks! I hope the ending will not disappoint!

  113. 113 : haruhi28 Says:

    among those 3, i think i’d only watch 7th Grade Civil Servant and The Winter The Wind Blows….which is the best??? i don’t know yet 🙂 let’s wait and see…

  114. 114 : reza Says:

    i think story of yamato nadeshiko anime is very good for drama i hope a good director work on this story

  115. 115 : Nana9vip Says:

    I love Joo won ^^

  116. 116 : saraSJS Says:

    Finally i watched 2 first episodes. I have to confess that it was better than what i expected. JW is good in creating comic moments and his chemistry with CKH is promising. I don’t like dramas with patriotic theme. But when it’s mixed with a character like 007, you can expect more than usual i-will-die-for-my-country drama. One of the officers told in ep 2 “James Bond was a patriot”. To be honest, i always have been attracted to him because of his cars, his bright player side and quick reactions. I’ve never thought of him as a patriot. So i’m looking forward to a Korean patriot James Bond. Don’t forget his player side writernim. Don’t make PH so romantic. Seeing JW seducing women would be interesting.

  117. 117 : nyarnick Says:

    i absolutely enjoying this drama because of chansung!

  118. 118 : yoan Says:

    i like episode 1 and i loveeeee episode 2..hopefully it will continue to get better each episode..fighting!!

  119. 119 : Nana Says:

    Hahaha… im so glade to see choi kang hee again.. im like her acting, so natural n funny. can not wait to watch this drama. >_<

  120. 120 : zizi Says:

    oopa chan sung fighting . i love 2pm

  121. 121 : yoan Says:

    any news for eps 3?

  122. 122 : Micc Says:

    Sorry to see so many people don’t like CKH as I understand how frustrated it is to want to fully enjoy a drama but couldn’t because you don’t like one of the leads. I happen to love CKH, she is one of the few actresses I really adore. I think her acting is great and her comical timing is superb. Plus I really like her chemistry with her drama partners. So I’m really enjoying 7GCS.

    Just a side note, anybody thinks Kim Min Seo looks totally different from her last few dramas? Must have gone through a “make-over”.

  123. 123 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 3:
    I’m loving this show, n this Spy school!
    They train you to beat the lie detector, pick locks, fight, shoot, gamble well, drink anything fr soju to red wine, dance into the night with hunks! So much fun n games. When is their next student in-take? We should go enroll!
    Seo Won beats the lie detector, n the instructors know it. She is put in a special category for enhanced mgt. So is Dong Ha. If I was her, I’d pick Dong Ha too. But then w this guy’s patriotism, there is a big chance of ending up his widow.
    Gilro overhears SW’s conversation w her parents n finds out that she is poor. We don’t know why he is so attracted to poor girls who try to make good, but he is. So her attractiveness escalates in his estimation, so much so that he puts his job at NIS on the line in an effort to win back her salary for her, when she has lost it to their instructor (Ahn), becos Gilroy can’t stand to see her cry over money. He tells her to never cry over money again.
    It is fun to watch Gilro stealing confused looks at her. Joo Won’s acting is really to be commended. I don’t know how it is that he manages to make you see that he is attracted yet pissed (cos she obviously admires Dong Ha Not him), n perplexed (by his own feelings) simultaneously, all w/o saying a word.
    I like ChoiKH much better in this show than in Protect TB. I thought she overacted in PTB, w a narrow range. But here she does it just rt.
    Kim Min Seo, who stole scenes fr HanGI in METS, is cast again as the bad girl. So far, she doesn’t have much material to work w, besides being a pain in the ass. We’ll see what her role amts to.
    Gilro’s father is in negotiation w the Evil Spy (played by UhmTW) to acquire some proprietary ship-making technology (for war-ships?). Spy means to sell it to the highest bidder on the international mkt. Only Gilro’s father doesn’t know the last part.
    They r out to kidnap Gilro, as ‘insurance’, in order to keep his father in line.
    I also like Ahn NS’s performance. He is this cool, experienced agent, who knows it all, n is trying to dole out what he knows to the kids a bit at a time. He doesn’t yet have a chance to show his soft, v much hurt under belly yet! I love n root for him to recover fr the guilt over the death of his partner/instructor.

  124. 124 : jhing Says:

    Great! Im loving it too.. Thanks again KDaddict,.and
    the ratings is up.. Very well done,.it more fun and enjoyablle,. Thanks for the recap,. Loving it till the end..

  125. 125 : haruhi28 Says:

    thanks for the recap KDaddict! can’t wait to watch ep 3…still waiting for english subs…

  126. 126 : jarlieuy Says:

    omg….. thanks @kaddict for the episode 3 story plot………excited and looking forward on joo wons another side of character…….i love that boy…… whoever his partner is……he has the ability to bring out or pull out his partners ability in acting….

    in regards with kbs iris2…… after years…but i still like the cast in part 1..
    good to see jo in sung and kho hye sun in drama again…….but as per the story….nothing interest me…

  127. 127 : jarlieuy Says:

    in this drama, it brings out the coy character of joo won….. lets say hes one of the versatile actor in this generation……. but i really really appreciate that he can able to cry in 3 secs with fierce look…. good job joo won

    thanks to joo wonies international for the very updated website…….
    even here in gcc, i can able to follow news and watch variety/drama of joo won……

  128. 128 : KDaddict Says:

    Seo Won’s poor farmer parents r such simpletons. They so delight in their daughter’s “success” as a new hire in the NIS that they threw a party to announce it to the whole village! Consequently, they r asked to be village representatives. Is it a good idea to tell everyone u know that your daughter is a SPY (in training)? SW is pulled aside by her instructor to tell her folks to stop it!
    While Gilro is told to have his parents cancel the Missing Person Report on him! Ha ha.
    I’m puzzled by Dong Ha. What is he doing here at Spy school? I feel he is beyond their level.

    The Hi-lite of ep 3 for me is a short 1 sec scene:
    Gilro mimics SW’s song-n-dance performance to make fun of her. Only Joo Won is sooo good at it it completely steals the show. First Gakistal, now this. What range!

  129. 129 : KDaddict Says:

    You r welcome. Where is gcc? Pray tell.
    BTW, my name is KDaddict (not kaddict). 😉

  130. 130 : jarlieuy Says:

    thinking……..think…… im imagining to see joo won in traditional drama………..

    is it suited for him?….
    joo won has joseons dynasty character/behavior…..

  131. 131 : jarlieuy Says:

    owss… @KDaddict im sorry…….. im not really active in leaving comments but im curious especially netizens reaction is somewhat important in Korea…..i observe that most of the celebrities are cautious……

    gcc…..im here in uae… part of gulf countries….
    im thankful also to those taking their time translating kdramas and variety……..

  132. 132 : KDaddict Says:

    I enjoyed Ep 3 so much, I’m giddy w silliness!
    They r evaluated on all their exercises. Gilro thinks he tops the class in target shooting. But then it’s Dong Ha who does. Gilro actually is immature n petty enough to take his target sheet to argue over a pt w his instructor, that he should get a perfect score bcos that shot ON the line should count. The boy is far fr grown up. That’s why I said if I were her, I’d take Dong Ha AT This Pt of his maturity, or lack thereof.
    Dong Ha is a puzzle to me. Love to find out what’s making him tic.
    And Uhm TW’s back story. He hates Korea so much; he said the mention of the name makes him want to puke. Why?

    Welcome. UAE, GCC, I see. Gulf Cooperation Council. Is Korean drama popular there too?
    There r ppl fr everywhere on this site. The other day, there is sb fr Zimbabwe here. Let’s enjoy the show together!

  133. 133 : Goo Na-ri Says:

    Haha .. Episode 2 ?? The wackiest !! Hahaha ..

  134. 134 : jarlieuy Says:

    @KDaddict……im here for work but im fr philippines……coz of homesickness i need to vary my attention…..watching kdramas/kvariety (2days 1night) makes me feel home…….even im not from korea hehehehhe…

    joo won is immature in this drama…. hes just focus to be like james bond (007) without realizing the cruelty of the world…. in time being he will be a true nis agent and live its nature……im confuse on changsungs character….
    who really is he…..he want revenge? or fight for the country that he didnt do it in ep 2…..

    at first i didnt recognize taewoong coz of different hairstyle… hahahaha. but i appreciated his appearance/participation in joo wons drama…..big difference age gap but they get along well (brothers)….

  135. 135 : jarlieuy Says:

    @KDaddict……korean drama is popular all over the world….. im communicating my relatives overseas through dramas…. whatever we watch or which one is good etc….. maybe i can consider myself as KDaddict too…… joowonies pyong……

  136. 136 : yoan Says:

    exactly..our prince of ratings, Joo Won!!

    KDaddict,thanks for the recaps..now waiting for the subs 😀

  137. 137 : jarlieuy Says:

    @yoan 136 who is the king of ratings?

    for me hes the one……..joo won heheheheheh

  138. 138 : KDaddict Says:

    I have to agree w those who say that young actresses are not guaranteed to be better than Choi KH, n take it a step further:
    I’d rather watch 10 rom-coms w ChoiKH than one episode of anything w that girl who plays Joo Won’s gf in Gakistal. She is young, sure, so young n green that she can’t act at all. She gives me the feeling that I’m watching a high school play! She’ll probably get better, for I don’t think it is possible to be any worse.

  139. 139 : yoan Says:

    @jarlieuy, yup prince of ratings because he’s still so young loll..

  140. 140 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 4:
    Don’t read if u don’t want to know.

    This ep gives us a gt deal of development:
    Gilro is betting his job, in an effort to win back the money that SW, n others lost to their instructor. GR actually loses, but Instr. folds, so that GR won’t have to leave NIS. GR finds out, n is officially ‘in love’ w Instr. KimWS.

    Director n team r trying to catch Uhm. Team Leader n Uhm meet at close range m shoot each other. TL dies, so does Uhm’s char! We get a bit of a flashback b4 he dies: All the NIS ahjussis who we’ve met seem to have a hand in Uhm’s father’s death. He is seeking revenge for it. Uhm dies leaving the tall girl, Mirae, in charge of their ‘project’.

    GR n SW become friendly after his self-sacrificing behavior. He talks to her at night, using 2 paper cup tied w a string! How cute is that?

    He says: All the women who met me on arranged dates left. I said to myself, the 1st one who didn’t leave would be the one. U didn’t leave.

    Spy training takes them sky diving! GR sings Happy BD to her in mid-air, n he has also painted the same on his parachute, to show her, becos it is KimSW’s fake BD. She looks moved. He asks her for her real name, real info.

    Instr. kicks GR out on some trumped up charge. 2 mins. later, we see Instr. giving GR his 1st real assignment, which is to trail n protect his own father. So he is now GR’s handler. Ha.
    GR goes home to his parents’ delight, n starts working at the company, where Mirae is a hi level exec, supervising GR n much that goes on there.
    1 year later, out of the blue, SW shows up at his company for a job interview.

    So with this: Spy school comes to an end, Uhm’s char dies, GR confesses to SW, n becomes a real spy!

  141. 141 : DreXam Says:

    Joo Won Is the KING of Ratings ^^

    ROCK JOo Won ;D

  142. 142 : jhing Says:

    you’re fast KDaddict thank u..so this is it,.the real acti0n begin..can’t wait for it!

  143. 143 : Micc Says:

    One year has passed! That was quick! LOL!

  144. 144 : ogrenji Says:

    OMG this drama is soo funnyy..love ep 3 where GR mimic SW dancing+singing :))))

    agree with @KDaddict, CKH fits the role well,and the chemistry with joo won is great ^^ btw thank u for the quick recap 😀

  145. 145 : Nancy Woo Says:

    I like Joon Woon but I cannot stand her! He’s in his twenties and she’s 36! A virtual old lady in Asian years. Why did they give her the role? Why would he even be interested in her? She’s not even pretty! And that lipstick! It’s all smudged on her mouth… Z

  146. 146 : saraSJS Says:

    Oh, i loved ep 3. The pace is fast. The plot is developing smoothly. What i get from this drama is ‘have you ever thought how James Bond could become a wonderful spy?’ My answer is ‘no.never’. Now that i’m taking a brief look at the behind the scene of spying world, yeah, it’s fascinating. And adding the comic spice to the mixture makes this food more delicious.

    I haven’t come to like the heroine yet. I can’t get why she hates PH so much, when as a viewer i find him very adorable. And the second hero doesn’t have anything more than good looks. Although CKH’s character is supposed to be different than her character in PTB, but it’s no the case. I can’t see any difference. On the top of that, it’s true that she is good in comic scenes but she’s not feminine enough to make you fall with her at the first sight. She wasn’t pretty in that white dress.

  147. 147 : jianpark Says:

    after watching MAY QUEEN last year, now i’m watching this… like the two episodes already…. it’s so funny… choi kang hee is one of my favorite korean actress. actually i actually have two favorite one is kim sun ah…
    hope we enjoy watching this… thank you… 🙂

  148. 148 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 4:
    It’s a year later for it takes a yr to complete training n for SW to be dispatched to field work, in this case, Gilro/Pil Hoon’s father’s company, IT&TI. GR’s a special case; he skips training cos they need sb to shadow his father 24/7, w/o arousing suspicion. Who better for the job than his only son!
    Also, every drama needs a nay-sayer. Here it is the Director of NIS. He wants GR fired n observed along w his father. Instr. Kim thinks there is a better way–so instead of firing GR, he puts him to good use.
    Director thinks Pil Hoon’s father has set the trap that led to Team Leader being killed. I don’t see any evidence of that. PH’s dad is a businessman who is attracted by big money. That doesn’t mean he is prepared to kill NIS agents.
    Sounds like Uhm’s father was also an NIS agent. He was hurt (shot?) on the job, n Uhm blames NIS for letting his father die. I suspect the ahjussis all shook him off when approached by the boy bcos they were all undercover at the time.
    This drama is weakest when it comes to the cloak n dagger stuff, e.g. the scene of the 3 agents following PH’s dad, n the subsequent shooting in the park in darkness. It is so amateurish. The NIS Director is likewise too rash in his groundless suspicions. How did he get to that position w that kind of childish thinking?
    But this is a rom-com Not a spy story. So that’s fine.

    I forgot abt that bully of a girl played by Kim Min Seo. Her 180 degree turn in the shower room is totally unexpected. It’s there, but it doesn’t resonate.
    To me Chan Sung is more than a pretty face. He is good a good job so far.

  149. 149 : hny Says:

    hmm…I skip ep 1 go to ep 2 then I find …Kong Do Ha …he attractive me !!!he like a sugar 🙂 Hwang Chan Sung never know u at 2PM…but I’ll start to know u in this drama although ur not the main cast coz I like ur char in ep 2… fighting !!!!

  150. 150 : haruhi28 Says:

    i just finished watching ep 3 and i really liked it….am beginning to see that SW and Gilro looks good together :)…so like the part that Gilro is starting to really understand SW situation…i also find SW pretty during their dance execise..loved her eyes!…can’t wait to watch ep 4…thanks @KDaddict for the ep 4 recap…you’re really fast… 🙂

  151. 151 : hny Says:

    the story going interesting ..I like to see Gum JanDi oma act again as GR oma , she look gorgeous also madam choi /ahjuma in IMY …
    I know the main cast will be partners in dance session but…OMG why Do Ha must get partners a fake PSY

    wakakaka ;))) funny buangetttt

  152. 152 : hohohaha2006 Says:

    Joo Won is my favorite korean actor since King of Baking and I will continue to support my baby. His character in this drama was very immature in a cute way and Choi Kang Hee might be older than him but they have a good chemistry. Anyways, if the drama that have Joo Won then the ratings would be high. This is his era.

  153. 153 : hny Says:

    ep.4… not too good for me coz the main cast act not attractive my emotions even in romance or sad situation they make, the biggest thing b’coz I can’t see Kong Do Ha more acting..too bad he just like an ‘advertising !!! hope next eps the writer give him more role more scene…wahhhh it seem I fall to whang Chan Sung ! his eyes ^-^

  154. 154 : korean viewer Says:

    felt weird that some of u thought that CKH was a bad choice. Actually she is one of the most beloved actresses in korea. U guys will see why

  155. 155 : French viewer Says:

    Episode 3 : brilliant success ! I really enjoy it. I hope the theme will always be attractive until the end. Continue in this way…

  156. 156 : zashee Says:

    i really really enjoy this drama
    jo won is such an adorable

  157. 157 : KDaddict Says:

    I enjoy watching scenes of Pil Hoon w his parents. I get to see his “aigoo” ways, n see his mom cuddle his cheeks between her palms. Lovely!

  158. 158 : KDaddict Says:

    Oh, and I think Chan Sang provides gt contrast n balance. He is tall n stoic to Joo Won’s sweet n cute. Kinda like Kim Won Bin’s cool n masculine to Lee Jong Suk’s cute n gentle (in School 2013)!

    I’m afraid the show u r looking for hasn’t been made yet! Chan Sang is the 2nd lead here, and is great in it.

  159. 159 : jhing Says:

    what will happen in the next eps.? No previews?

  160. 160 : jahaleel Says:

    i luv this drama. i found my next series to watch. it has been awhile since i committed to watch a drama series on a weekly basis. hoping it is as much fun and more of the movie it was based on. 🙂

  161. 161 : hny Says:

    @KDaddict… ya I guess so.. that’s why I still keep watch this 😀

  162. 162 : HAnhy0j0o Says:

    Han hyo joo queen of rating. .F

  163. 163 : anni Says:

    ahh… this drama is really good. but the female lead… haizz she looks too old. but she sure cute in some way. hwaiting! ps. I love Joo Won x3

  164. 164 : lusy Says:

    Ep 3 The story going more interesting …I like the dance session is very funny.J W look handsome, and CKH look pretty^^

  165. 165 : KDaddict Says:

    There was no Preview at the end of Ep 4.
    They r already filming thru the night. When they r cutting it real close, they don’t yet have a preview to show. Looks like that might be it. Perhaps it’ll come out in 1-2 days.
    What will happen next?
    If they stay close to the movie, the next stage should be their trying to hide fr each other that they r still working for NIS. It makes their jobs more difficult, but more funny.

  166. 166 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    EPISODE 3-4 Now I can say that the chemistry between Joo Won and Choi Kang Hee is already strong enough to make the viewers hooked up!

    I myself was a bit dissatisfied at the start with CKH as the female lead but I have high respect for her as an actress but as what I have seen so far, this one is the BEST Opening K-drama for 2013! and CKH and JW compliment with each other!

    This drama makes me puzzled, then it gives me answer on the later part. It’s UNPREDICTABLE! Good job writer!

    The music background are amazingly great to hear. Can anyone tell me the song title nd the singer during JW and CKH’s telephone toy conversation and the song when JW left NIS.

    And one year later, they encounter for an interview! It seemed AWKWARD but EXCITING!

  167. 167 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @admin can you kindly add in Spy Section the younger brother there. Can anyone tell me who’s he?!

  168. 168 : jarlieuy Says:

    ohhh woooowww. im late…… as i waited for subtitles…. here i go again.. eps 3 and 4…….will satisfy my day

  169. 169 : Aurelly Says:

    @kurayusaki666 the OST title Path Towards you by 2PM member Junho feat Taecheon.

  170. 170 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @aurelly thanks 🙂

  171. 171 : yoan Says:

    finish watched ep 4!! i think the story is going to be more n more interseting from now on..but i get confused for something here..is Kim Mi Rae work there because she joined hand with Gil Ro’s father?? so father is the badboy here?or JJ just used him for whatever reason?? sorry for my lack understanding lol

  172. 172 : saraSJS Says:

    Ep 4 is the best one so far. More romance, more emotional scenes and less comedy. I love how this drama can keep the balance between comedy and romance. Everything is its right place. Now i even like the heroine. I wonder what happened to me just in one episode. But they have undeniable chemistry and it will be wonderful if we can see bi-romance too…..

  173. 173 : KDaddict Says:

    What is with her hair at the interview? It is every bit as awful as the head of cauliflower her mother wears in the countryside. I’m loving ChoiKH in the first 4 eps. But if that hair doesn’t change, it’s going to be painful looking at her! 🙂

    So she’ll assume that he has been kicked out of NIS, and he’ll be lied to abt her having left NIS to go to that interview at the broadcast station? While both r actually ‘spies’ under cover? That should be fun, but pray, change that hair!

  174. 174 : Poohs Says:

    anyone knows where the OST of this drama is available anywhere?

  175. 175 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    I am kinda off abut thinking of Chan Sung lately. He acts stiff. I also encounter this weird feeling with other Idol turned actors like Jaejong. They seem not masculine. Ayiyieeehh

  176. 176 : HAnhy0j0o Says:


  177. 177 : emerald Says:

    Ajussi makes me cry…

  178. 178 : HAnhy0j0oO Says:


  179. 179 : saraSJS Says:

    Agree with about her hair. The first thing i said after she appeared with that terrible hair style was ” WTF”.

  180. 180 : French viewer Says:

    The 4th episode was super interesting ! Well done !
    I look forward to the next episode. All the actors are excellents, and the storyline is very good. Continuez ainsi…

  181. 181 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Choi Kang Hee’s hair is a disaster in episode 4 Interview portion! She looks POOR! Aigoo

    She should be back with bangs! 🙂

  182. 182 : zashee Says:

    is it too fast for gil ro to fall in love with soe won?
    but.. i really2 enjoy this show

  183. 183 : zashee Says:

    wowww,its getting more and more interesting

  184. 184 : CJ Says:

    She’s too old for Jon Woo

  185. 185 : Ana Says:

    lol….i like Choi Kang Hee’s “Shy Dance” in ep.3

  186. 186 : beauty ^ــــــ^ Says:

    I love joo won …
    he is really wonderful actor and handsomes …
    i realy love him ..
    all the best for him ^^

  187. 187 : unknown unknown Says:

    I think Joo Won is really cute in this drama…such a joy to watch him. 🙂

  188. 188 : fie Says:

    CJ, I agree with u.
    I like choice kang hae but… Joo won is younger that her.

  189. 189 : cj Says:


  190. 190 : meutia Says:

    i love this drama … i’ve already watched 4 eps, but the role of uhm tae woong played as a villain should have stayed alive to make this drama a bit tensed … i might know nothing about how this drama would end .. i am looking forward to watching next ep. “Hwaiting!!!!

  191. 191 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 5:
    makes me laugh out loud many times, n the rest of the time, it makes me grin fr ear to ear!
    He sees SW at the interview, n all he wants to know is whether she has a lover! Hahaha.
    It’s just funny and heart warming, how he is determined to find out more abt her, becos everything he used to know abt her at NIS was false, n he knows that she is a natural liar who beat the lie detector test!
    It obvious that He adores her, tho some viewers don’t. They look cute together, tho she is older. He is gorgeous beyond description, but she does have gt comic timing, for his acting to bounce off of.
    SW is put under cover n under pressure by NIS to make Pil Hoon fall for her. That’s already a done deal, isn’t it?
    Becos he wants to know everything abt her, after she’s hired, he follows her around, n almost blows her cover a couple times in just this 1 ep!
    It’s a gt watch. Have fun guys!

    This is the only KD I’m really watching at the moment. It’s such a slow period. Looking fwd to That Winter, n Gu Family Book (Lee Seung Ki).

  192. 192 : KDaddict Says:

    This is my fav Joo Won drama.
    Have to go watch 1N2D to get myself some additional dose of Joo Won!

  193. 193 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    See the ratings? It’s still increasing! wow!!

  194. 194 : idc Says:

    i really love this drama.. after nice guy i think it will be my drama for this season….
    so nice to see those two pairs…i’m so excited to watch ep 5 and 6….

  195. 195 : haruhi28 Says:

    am also excited to watch Gu Family Book coz of LSK ang Suzy and also THE Winter that wind blows…. 🙂 just read your recap of episode 5 and it sounds fun and exciting…i hope later english subs will be available…can’t wait to see it…

  196. 196 : jarlieuy Says:

    looking forward again for the sub episode 5 and 6…… the story is fast….

  197. 197 : jarlieuy Says:

    hooohooowsss….just finished watching non sub 2 days and 1 night eps 47…… i lab u joo won…. good tandem with cha tae hyun….. any movie offer for joo won this year? anyone

  198. 198 : hny Says:

    ep 5

    I want say tq to writer who give what I want see in this eps !!! it’s really a surprise see Dong Ha act like a stupid spy or intruder in PH house .. really make me LOL .. his acting very Shameful as NIS team he touch the stuff in that house and leave a trail that makes suspicious,OMG but the expression of his acting really funny .. and then scene that made me laugh too, when DH at SW house n then PH comes … I can’t stop look in to DH expression and acting wakakakaka he hiding in the closet and dropped SW’s bra argghhhh very funny .. I’m willing to hide a man like you in my closet: D wahahahaha
    but I’m sorry too writer nim coz not watch this eps till end I just watch till half part 2 ..coz next part NO DH scene… biyane, will wait for DH scene next eps hope u made a good part for him 😀

  199. 199 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Oh my English Sub for episode 5 is still not out. too excited for Joo Won reaction after they meet again! hahaha he’s deeply in love and fascinated by Choi Kang Hee’s personality and beauty in this series!

  200. 200 : Mr. Choi Says:

    I am really enjoying this drama.. Very exited.

  201. 201 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 6:
    If I loved this show any less, I’d ask why NIS turns out such bumbling failures as spies?! 😀 Do Ha did so well in training class, but he certainly botched the job when he has to break into Pil Hoon’s home. Again he and his female partner couldn’t take down 1 assailant between the 2 of them. That’s sad!
    Ep 6 has a bit of everything, some romance, when he cooks for her, some laughs, here n there, some tension, when his father got hurt, some incompetence, when the bad guy is able to do his thing n walk out unscathed….. I love it, except for the last item. The Last 3 mins. of the show r just pure Gold, comedy Gold! I won’t spoil it for you.
    I love this WAY better than the movie, which was entertaining enough, but no more. This drama is hitting all the hi notes for me. Jjang!

    Hello, That Winter premiers next Wed, but I’ll cont to watch this one with interest. Love it!

  202. 202 : phopuji Says:

    I love this the drama …..

    But Can you tell me what the title of the background song when they go to watch at the last minute ep.5?


  203. 203 : Micc Says:

    I was going to comment on that last 3 minutes! Glad I read your post first, KDaddict. 🙂

  204. 204 : Micc Says:


    I think it’s “I’ll be there for you” – Jason Jang Hanbyul from LEDApple.

  205. 205 : KDaddict Says:

    Ah, Pil Hoon ah…..
    I feel sorry for Pil Hoon: He gets rejected by the woman he loves, as well as by his father. Of course he doesn’t know that they do so becos they love him n want to protect him.
    When SW or Jung Won, or Kyung Ja, or whatever name she uses, screams at him n asks him to leave, I can feel that she is agonized. Even her superior Young Soon knows that she is in love w him; that’s why she doesn’t want him hurt when he eventually finds out that she is romanizing him for a purpose. So she doesn’t want to romance him.
    What this show does poorly is the spy stuff. Can’t believe that Pil Hoon/Gilro has been at his dad’s company for a year, n he has found out Nothing! Or that their Team Leader hasn’t asked him to watch out for other senior staff in the company! What a waste of manpower to have PH there only to keep an eye on his father. Wonder how the real NIS feels to be portrayed this way?!
    So his father isn’t a bad guy. As he says in ep 6, he hasn’t ever broken the law b4. N he is mighty unwilling to go along w their evil plan. He’ll only be railroaded into it becos they threaten to hurt to beloved son.
    We’ve to wait another week to find out how SW/JW/KJ explains her way out of this jam, to her parents n to PH/GR! She HAS to be a genius in lying!
    Loving all the OST so far.

  206. 206 : chigengchul Says:

    NO!! they rating drop ..

    IRIS 2 and That Winter will be airing next week , confuse to choose T.T

    They have a good Actor and Actreess (7th grade civil, IRIS 2, That winter)

  207. 207 : hny Says:

    eps 6 part 2-3
    nice drawing and nice object Sun Mi si … is sold ? I willing to buy 😀

  208. 208 : hny Says:

    The last part is amazing crazy … it seem the writer like to put my DH in SW closet again .. wakakaka three of them deserve get punishment from SW parent… hahaha bandel sih main kucing-kucingan dikamar cewek 😀

  209. 209 : haruhi28 Says:

    wow! i just finished watching episode 5 and i agree with KDaddict that it’s so funny…starting from the interview when he asked her if she has a lover…i also find his meeting with his superior in the coffee shop very funny…JW facial expressions are really amazing…i really love his acting! and i super like the last part where PH says sorry because she followed her but she’s not sorry for holding her hand! hahaha 🙂 so sweet…sadly, there’s still no subs for episode 6 so i have to wait 🙁 am excited to see the last 3 minutes of episode 6 🙂

    @KDaddict hi! i think we’ll be busy watching more kdramas starting next week 🙂 i also saw you in IOM thread…i’m still in episode 1 but am not so sure if i continue watching but i’ll try because i also like KJH 🙂

  210. 210 : Diyana Says:

    Is this drama worth watching? But I’ll give it a try! 🙂

  211. 211 : amie Says:

    is ths drama is very worth to watch .ive been choosing in any drama here just for one ? Heheh. What will you recommend to me guys? Thank you.

  212. 212 : phopuji Says:


    You’re right, thank you very much….. 😉

  213. 213 : French viewer Says:

    By means of this drama, I forget my stress and worries. Here all the emotions are good combinated, that’s why it’s a pleasure to watch this drama.

  214. 214 : French viewer Says:

    I would like to add that the background of this website is very nice. Does it symbolize anything special ?

  215. 215 : Som Says:

    @French viewer (214),

    Tomorrow 10/Feb is Seollal (Korean New Year)

  216. 216 : jarlieuy Says:

    just finished watching episode 5 and 6….. waiting for the next episode hehehehehhehehe…

  217. 217 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Episode 5 is much of a love development for the lead actor but I have one issue with this episode. Yes it’s funny and lovely and I can really adore Pil Hoon’s innocent love towards Seo Won whom he thought as a big liar. Despite of that, he still eagerly wants to see her every now and then. That’s what you call MAGIC of LOVE.

    But a number 1 NIS trainee Doha and actually a former soldier makes no sense of being clumsy in operation(s) that he must encounter. Yes, it may be his first time to steal something but apparently they are trained to do some stuffs like that. It’s kinda weird what he has been doing during the stealing scene. Looking for something with those childish acts. Yes, i can understand that the writer wants to make this series hilarious and funny but it did not occur to me in that certain scene. Consequently, it looks foolish to me.

    One thing I can rally appreciate is Joo Won acting here. I can totally praised his variations in handling different characters from serious to stiff to evil to this one funny guy. He’s a damn good actor at a very young age. and about Choi Kang Hee, we’ll I just realize that in this episode, she acts with a resemblance of her performance in Protect The Boss. The gestures, actions and the delivery of lines. Those factors really reflect this time.

    But this episode 5 entertained me so much. Episode 6, will be next tonight! 🙂

  218. 218 : eny Says:

    really funny, it’s really refreshing after the dark intense drama “gaksital” .really like actor who can act in various role. Another actor that could do different role beside Kang ji Hwan and Jae hee, really appreciate it.

  219. 219 : KDaddict Says:

    Happy Lunar New Year, Seollal, one and all!

    May the year of the Snake bring us Good health, happiness, and many damned good Korean Dramas!


  220. 220 : saraSJS Says:

    Well, this drama is funny and enjoyable. But it’s not anything special. It’s just too simple. It’s not challenging. There’s no complicated character. For now i enjoy watching this drama in silence. I wish another drama like IMY will come to us soon.

  221. 221 : Wooshaka Says:

    Its probably the next good kdrama that I’ve watched since secret garden! I really really love the story and ofcourse the acting wahhh hwaiting

  222. 222 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Why ratings drop drastically on episode 6? Is it maybe because of some issues I have in Episode and South Korean people saw it? Or is it because Jeon Woo Chi and The Great Seer finales or is there any special program in that date?

    I have watched episode 6 and it now kinda bore me a bit. just a bit. 🙂

  223. 223 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    #typo error/missed ‘some issues I have in Episode 5.”

  224. 224 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    EPISODE 6: As I can describe this is SLOW!

    It started with the lovey-dovey thing between the two leads in a cinema theater and they seemed fit together with their cat-dog fights.

    and then the other remaining scenes just fade on my mind, they did not stick on my imagination so well and all I can remember are the scenes where Kil Ro’s father got stabbed and the last scene, “the commotion of Seo Won’s parents after finding out that there are two men inside her apartment.

    Why did I described this episode as SLOW. It’s because being in NIS could get information in a fastest way. Doha and Sun Mi have seen the face of the culprit (the one who stabbed Kil Ro’s father) and yet they did not able to send a sketch or report what they have witnesses? If they already send it, then how come that the culprit can still disguise and roam around as a doctor waiting for the right timing to finished his mission?! If they have already reported it to NIS, then there should have been precautions right?! and that man would be too nervous to appear again! Apparently, only Kil Ro managed to tell about the culprit but he did not saw the face clearly so Won Suk now depends on CCTV that has possibilities of being removed since Mi Rae can control such operations in the company? tsk tsk tsk What happen to the physical encounter and face t face incident between the stabber and NIS agents Sun Mi and Doha?! Did the two did not able to send some information via technologies?

    If this was IRIS, then there’s this so called URGENCY on OPERATIONS. and they will manage to show how fastest can this NIS/FBI or whatever called those investigatory agencies are!

    Since next week, IRIS and That Winter, The Wind Blows are schedule to air neck to neck with this drama, then this SLOW 2 episodes might give advantages to them!

    and in this episode ( and I think from all previous episodes), the one that stands out is Young Son played by Jang Young Nam. She can really knock out all the actors there! She’s scary when she screams, she’s so funny when she speaks cutely, she’s so innocent with the match-making thing. She really can do some variations in acting here.

    Looking forward for improvement on this drama on next episode! 🙂

  225. 225 : KDaddict Says:

    Most rom-coms r light and relatively simple, some more so than others. Flower Boy ND is the simplest of them all, yet ppl love it w/o complaints. Rom-coms just can’t be compared to sth like IMY. I try not to compare across genres.
    The rating on ep 6 dropped becos Jeon Woo Ji had its finale same day, same time. Ppl always flock to a finale, even those who aren’t following a show.

    But next week is a whole diff ballgame. W the start of That Winter n Iris II, the ratings war will be on for real. Judging fr SK’s tendency to favor melos, n the reaction to Song HG vs Choi KH, I believe That Winter’s stars will have a built-in stronger draw regardless of the individual merits of the two shows.

  226. 226 : KDaddict Says:

    It is clear that the writer of this show does comedy well, but not spy scenes. Waiting for 7GCS to improve on the latter front will be a waste of your time. No show is good on all fronts. If it’s a good spy story u want, Iris II starts soon. But you say you only love melos, so you’ll be spoilt for choice come Wed. 😉

  227. 227 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @KddaAddict remember the tight competition of wed-thurs drama before namely Rooftop Prince, King 2Hearts and The Equator Man? I think this might happen again this Wednesday with 7th Grde Civil Servant, The Winter, The Wind Blows and IRIS 2. All of them have huge following fan base and supporters. But I think IRIS 2 might have an advantage. But it depends on its performances on its episode 1 & 2. If TWTWB has complicated and complex story/script like IMY then it would also suffer fluctuating ratings but if it carries a simpler storyline like Innocent Man, then it can possible beat those 2 dramas mentioned above. 🙂

  228. 228 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    #Typo “@KDaddict” sorry. kekekekeke

  229. 229 : saraSJS Says:

    Actually, i haven’t compared them. It’s just too simple for me. Maybe it’s because i like you am used to watch k-dramas in a observing way or because i have been watching too much melodramas. That’s why i ‘m like this. Yeah, FBND is really simple, funny and adorable and to me deeper in meaning than this one. I ‘m just enjoying both of them fully. But they are simple. Sometime even rom-com are deep and meaningful.

  230. 230 : tc Says:

    Managed to marathon 5 episodes in one go. Started watching this drama mainly due to Joo Won and he is still the main reason I will continue to watch for a while unless the plot and writing deteriorate further.

    Despite the hue and cry over CKH as the main female lead, I wanted to give this pairing a chance and tried not to be too critical over their age gap. Sorry, I just could not buy into their romance. It happened too fast especially for Joo Won and even Do Ha to just fall for CKH’s character in ep 3-4.

    The editing is so uneven with stories all over the place in the first few episodes. Really liked UTW’s cameo appearance but the abrupt way the writer killed off his character left a bitter taste in my mouth. In addition, the writer could have created a better way for Gil Ro to be dismissed from NIS via a planned trap for him to violate NIS’ rules instead of been abruptly sent off by citing previous minor offences which had been overlooked by his superiors.

    What’s with the one year time jump?Since Gil Ro had supposedly fallen for Seo Won, surely he will miss her and find ways to see her after his dismissal? His shock at seeing her at the interview means that they have not kept in touch at all during the 1yr gap and all of a sudden, he started to actively pursue her again. The writer just glossed over the 1 year gap without adequate explanation on the couple’s feelings of been away from each other especially Gil Ro and what have Gil Ro done in that time to carry out his mission? Just by working in his dad’s company?

    Both Joo Won/CKH are acting well in their individual capacities but I just could not see their chemistry as the OTP but more as noona/dongsaeng relationship.

    I am still interested enough to continue watching the drama for its light comedic scenes but has definitely lower my expectation in terms of romance and spy plot.

  231. 231 : KDaddict Says:

    What you wrote in #220 is applicable to FBND. Actually, I find it inane, but refrain fr saying so on its thread.
    You said u r waiting for sth like IMY to come along. So in reply I said, rom-coms are generally simple, n aren’t comparable to sth like IMY. Truth is when nothing too hazardous is befalling our leads, we don’t have to be too worried abt them, n aren’t as engaged.

  232. 232 : zashee Says:

    daebak !!!
    i really enjoy

  233. 233 : jhing Says:

    im worried this week what will happen…but im still watching 7GCS no matter what happen….the real action begin…..

  234. 234 : tc Says:


    Shared your views on FBND . In terms of casting, FBND has better fit – the leads are so well match but plot wise, so simple, slow pace with no major conflicts. The leads in this drama are not so well matched but I like its plot and pacing better despite its uneven writing.

  235. 235 : KDaddict Says:

    Long time no talk. Wish you a happy healthy prosperous year of the Snake!
    FBND is based on a webtoon, n still retains the feel, tone, n depth of one. I started every ep, but didn’t lasted more than 5 -10 mins each time. Besides YSY being super cute, it just annoys me.
    I try hard not to look rom-coms in the mouth. We haven’t had a good one in a while, since….SeGa?

  236. 236 : addylovesbwood Says:

    I hope this doesn’t drop down any further ratings wise.

  237. 237 : yoan Says:

    been busy for CNY last week,and just finished watch ep 5&6..well,ep 5 is more interesting for me because i actually growing to like CKH..the comedy sense is good,so as the story..but after watch ep 6,my like for CKH is dropping!!dunno why,i just feel that she’s quite annoyed me here and the thought of ‘oh,how i wish they got other actress to play this’ is coming back to me lol..but still,i’m enjoying this show so much..starting next week is the real war for ratings i guess..little bit worried how things will turn up,but i definitely will support this drama till the end..Joo Won fighting!! 😉

  238. 238 : KDaddict Says:

    Tmr night is Wed. Wonder what SW aka JW real name KJ will say to her parents abt the suggestive position that she and PH are assuming in bed! More interestingly, how will she explain having a 2nd guy in the closet?
    I’m sure she’ll give a real simple reason for snooping around his office. Will he buy it? He has to, right, or else how can the drama continue?
    I like JW in Gakistal. Love him in this!

  239. 239 : Park Says:

    Happy birthday Do Ha-yaaaa aka Chansung oppa~~ <3

    I'm afraid the rating of this drama will fall down because IRIS 2 and That Winter The Wind Blows where there's Song Hye Kyo in it.

  240. 240 : Park Says:

    Related this drama:

  241. 241 : Hye Says:

    I’m pretty sure there’s something wrong with the ratings. Because I saw the real time rating and at the end 7th grade civil servant was the top. But in this website, it looks like IRIS 2 got the highest rating.

  242. 242 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 7:
    Like so many KDs before this, the cliffhanger is followed by a (too) simple resolution.
    SW kicks the guys out n tells her parents that she is on a special undercover mission, n tells them not to mess w it/her.
    Doha meets GR/PH outside her apt, n tells PH that he likes SW, but SW has told him that she likes GR. That’s DH’s way of helping SW’s mission, in the hope that it’ll be over quickly.
    When GR/PH confronts SW abt her invasion of his office, she denies it. But he shows her the vid. When it is enlarged, it can be seen that SW was looking at Miss Kim’s (Vice-pres) HR file. SW lies that she is curious abt Kim bcos rumor has it that PH will marry her. Of course that explanation doesn’t wash w PH, n he fires her. He is so mad that he says he doesn’t care for her or want to ever see her again.
    Back at the NIS temp office, the 2 senior agents r talking abt the case. She says that GR is NOT a real agent. Will he just be abandoned after being used? OMG! That’s bad.
    Do Ha confesses his love to SW yet again, but is turned down flat.
    The bad guy goes to PH’s dad’s hosp room dressed as a doc, to threaten him some more. PH runs into him in the corridor. Bad guy threatens PH too, saying that he, his parents, n his gf are all in danger. Bad girl drives by, tries to run over PH, n gets away w bad guy. PH is injured n bloodied. He picks up the phone that bad guy dropped. He sees a photo of him n SW together. It dawns on him that they want to hurt SW too. So he limps fwd to find SW to warn her, n make sure she is OK. SW is moved to see him covered in blood, n his concern. They embrace n make up.

    So, GR’s trainer n handler is just conning him into believing that he’s working for the NIS as an agent. That has all kinds of implications for the story. Let’s see what happens next.
    But how does that lie work? If he is not a real agent, then there should be no paychecks fr the NIS. I know he doesn’t need the money, but wouldn’t GR say something abt the lack of pay? It’s been a whole year already.

  243. 243 : jarlieuy Says:

    i just feel that the writer of this drama is very pressured……they have awesome actors and actresses but the flow of the story is kinda….

  244. 244 : joownonie Says:

    @hye, really?? Where did you see that?? I’m sad bcause the ratings drop,but hope for the best for tonight episode.. Fightingg!!

  245. 245 : chigengchul Says:

    no matter about rating … im stiil love this drama JW, CKH, Chansung love them ..

    the story fresh, funny, and cute .. cant wait for engsub and next ep 😀

  246. 246 : sarah Says:

    this drama is romance , action and comedy !!! how can a drama has all these ? unprofessional !!!!!!!

  247. 247 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    See their ratings drop from episode 5 to 6 to now epi 7. My excitement on this drama started to drop on episode 5 where we can totally agree that this drama is more about of a comedic acts not a spy-Detective type. If they just handle it and blended it perfectly then viewers might stick to this but apparently two dramas with high anticipation from fans blew this drama away! I mean Jo In Sung and Shong Hye Kyo and the phenomenal returns of IRIS 1?!

  248. 248 : French viewer Says:

    From the beginning to the 7th episode, I really enjoy watching this drama. Even if any viewers have differents opinions, this drama put me in a good mood. There are scenes of action, romance, comedy and family relationship… The story is coherent and near the reality.
    I’m looking forward the 8th episode. Good cheer (bon courage) to all actors and producers !

  249. 249 : French viewer Says:

    Even if the rating decrease this week, the viewers who like this drama won’t give up watching it. They certainly will watching on the internet. That’s why, rating are insignificants.

  250. 250 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    I strongly disagree about the last point, ” ratings are insignificant”. In Korea, RATINGS are VERY IMPORTANT. In worldwide web, IDOLS and HALLYU ACTORS/ACTRESSES are MUCH IMPORTANT than their respective dramas either with high or low ratings but APPARENTLY these so called TV RATINGS cater you an idea that since KOREAN PEOPLE patronized and enjoyed a certain drama with high ratings, then absolutely it will persuade you to somewhat watch the drama. On the contrary if you see a drama with details of being a flop or having low ratings, it will led you to think twice, is this drama boring or has bad storyline?! That’s why RATINGS are SIGNIFICANT FACTORS for people to watch or not to watch. 🙂

  251. 251 : yoan Says:

    i know ratings is somewhat important, but you can see many successful drama with low ratings..for example “you’re beautiful”, it had very low ratings but the drama is so popular overseas..and the one just recently end “i miss you” also didn’t get that high of ratings,but the drama itself is good..anyway, the ratings for this drama isn’t that low for me,it still manage to sit at 2nd and beat “that winter,the wind blows”..

  252. 252 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @251 do you know why You’re Beautiful and I Miss You are very popular overseas. It’s primarily because of the actors/actress who starred in those dramas you mentioned are so called HALLYU STARS as what I stipulated on my previous comment. To mention are Jang Geun Suk, Park ShinHye, Yoon Eun Hye, Yoo Seung Ho, Park Yoochun, Jung Hwa. Do you know what’s their common factor?! They are ALL HALLYU STARS. Don’t get me wrong, I Miss You is my favorite drama for the 2012 year end. and You’re Beautiful is among my Top 10 in All Time. But lets accept the truth that the half main reason behind watching this drama is because we are fans of these idols. But if we talked about storyline which is basically the MAIN REASON why they got low ratings except IMY (complex, complicated yet appealing) then it’s the other way around, for example, You’re Beautiful isjust a simple story about a woman who covered up as a man for her brother and ended up falling in love with the main vocalist. Another example is Lie To Me which is 2011’s most popular K-drama in China, Philippines and other countries. Can we agree that this drama is very lovely and adoring but one thing is for sure the story lacks substance and deep that’s why The Greatest Love beats them! Ok Greatest Love is not that popular overseas, but hey this drama is well-written and Korean people appreciated it. that’s why we should give credits to the Korean people for viewing those high rated series since it gives us an idea on what certain drama is either good or mediocre.

    7th Level Civil Servant was my favorite opening for 2013 until I have watched episode 5 that kinda off for me. It was foolish to have those some scenes which are funny but dull esp. that this story also revolves in their so called SPY/DETECTIVE WORLD”. This might be the reason why from episode 5 to 6 to 7. The ratings drop drastically. I haven’t watched episode 7 since there’s no sub yet. But based on what KDAddict’s comment, I still look up for developments, but there’s none. As what KDAddict says the writer is much focus to comedy than those spy elements. With that, I can say that this series unfortunately was not able to pull it into another level and lose my interest from bit to some kind of big.

    And I just want to clear things out on what somebody said that RATINGS ARE INSIGNIFICANT for viewers. NO, RATINGS ARE SIGNIFICANT. That’s why I Believe. And if you think, I am wrong. Then something in your mind is wrong as well.

  253. 253 : Hye Says:

    Here’s the real time rating for ep 7

  254. 254 : joownonie Says:

    HATERS = Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success

  255. 255 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Criticizing is not hating! Who have come that the idea when you throw bad comments about certain people or drama are now called haters? Those people are immature! Haters are people who cannot defend their reasoning about a certain issue. Those who just brag about how ugly a certain drama is without a valid reason. Those are called haters.

    Ok. Sorry for those Joo Won’s fans out there if I have some bad comments about this drama. I am just objectively giving my honest opinion towards the script and the story line, not the actors (but recently I just don’t like how CKH is carrying her performance since episode 5, she just act the same (Protect The Boss). and Chan Sung is a little bit of not that masculine for an agent stand)

    On the other hand, I did not criticized Joo Won’s acting here. I even applauded him. You can see it in my previous comments. What I only dislike about this drama is their LACK of SPY/DETECTIVE ELEMENTS. Yes, they got the ACTION but they don’t have the INTELLIGENCE of being an spy drama series yet (proof? their clumsiness/defeats to just ONE BAD GUY). Nevertheless, if you want a series that’s cool, funny and hilarious, this drama will serve you well. Adios! :0

  256. 256 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @Hye what’s the difference between real time rating (you mentioned above) and the ratings of TNS and AGB?!

    I have seen the chart and it looks like 7th Grade Civil Servant is on the top against TWTWB and IRIS 2?! While in TNS and AGB IRIS is on top.

    Can you explain further? I am a bit interested. 🙂

  257. 257 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    I just found out that IRIS 2 drops its ratings on episode 2 and TWTWB just maintains on 3rd place. Therefore, 7th Grade Civil Servant might have good advantage for next week.

    As what I have said before, IRIS’s dominance will depend on the first two or four episodes. If they would not carry out a good starting plot for viewers, then 7th Grade Civil Servant has big chances to reclaim the top spot again.

    But then, I still wanted to have developments with the spy elements in the next episodes. Will watch episode 7 tonight since sub is already out.

  258. 258 : rudy Says:

    on ep8 the guy had a gun on his hand and huging the girl
    what happen to the gun, at the end of ep8
    tell me what happen to the gun did the guy eat it or what
    or maybe he did the magic

  259. 259 : rudy Says:

    i fell a sleep watching
    wake me up with some thing new booooooor

  260. 260 : KDaddict Says:

    This story is basically a simple one:
    The 3 children grow up to engage in industrial espionage, n they want revenge on NIS, which they hold responsible for their fathers’ deaths. Seo Won is made to go undercover in order to get close to Pil Hoon. Pil Hoon is cheated into playing agent in order to keep an eye on his father for the NIS. The rest is trimming if it is good, padding if it is so-so, nonsense if it is bad.
    I love Joo Won’s dimples n love to see him being cute. So I’m willing to overlook much deficiency in the writing.
    Ep 8: What kind of a national spy agency trains agents to MISFIRE their gun, AND proceed to point said gun at her colleague? What if that gun misfires again? It makes me think that the show’s purpose is to INSULT the NIS!
    The writing has made Kim Min Seo’s char to be a complete idiot. 1st she pretends to be a bully; then she becomes a ditzy ‘blonde’ (redhead). I wouldn’t hire such a person to be an office assistant, much less a gun-weilding agent!
    I understand that in KDs, love affairs r carried out while the couple bicker. When they bicker for many mins. over her lousy driving, you know that the writer is out of tricks.
    OK, it is a comedy. When her parents’ country bumpkin ways r milked for comedy ep after ep, u know that the writing is less than mediocre.
    Seo Won has agreed to go on a multi-night trip w him, n uses it as an excuse to meet his parents, so that she can go to their home to open that save. Doesn’t that seem convoluted n unnece to anyone on the production team? A national spy service really has no reason to exist if it can’t even handle a break-in to open a safe w/o using a woman. Besides, PH is on their side. Why not just ask PH to open it n report on the contents to Ahn who plays his superior?
    Ep 8 fells very long to me. I had to grate my teeth to finish it.

  261. 261 : eny Says:

    I’m surprise many bad comment about this drama because I’m personally really like it compare to many rom-com I ever saw this is good comedy.
    1.They hate this drama because they hate the leading lady,If you hate one of the actor/actress you can’t say it good no matter how good it is.
    2. Some people say how come all the agent so stupid or illogical for me, this is comedy doesn’t always logical
    3. they compare the the leading man previouse drama. I thought in 1 or 2 years later it’s hard to get drama that can beat gaksital
    For me this drama is one of good comedy i ever saw, in many drama there’s only one actor/actress do comedic acting and the story is different not only about love.
    And some people compare this drama to FBND, I’m not even interested with the story, it’s like many lovely teenage drama out there, same theme again.

  262. 262 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @evy I kinda agree with your no. 1 and 3 statements but no. 2 is the reason why I begin to have some bit of boredom with this drama. Dong Ha is clumsy when he’s already a pro in investigations, he has background on it. He was the Top Student in NIS. But he was just like a fool during his mission on Kil Ro’s house.

    This series as you can see in the description above is Romance, Action but because of Joo Won the comedy elements filled in the series and it makes it more entertaining. This series is primarily an action drama with a taste of romance and comedy, but unfortunately the writer did not blend the ingredients too well. But still, I am hoping for the spy elements to progress. This is still one of my must watch list presently.

  263. 263 : eny Says:

    Iris vs Level 7 vs TWMB
    i’m interested with this 3 drama, I watch online so it doesn’t matter with me. I’m also interested with Incarnation of money and Yawang. I guess Yawang has similarity theme with Nice Guy but I will check it since I like the cast and even I like the story of NICE GUY but I couldn’t finish it because I think the cast fail to deliver it, Just Park Shi Eun do it good

  264. 264 : feedmysoul Says:

    After reading the initial good reviews posted here, I was looking forward to starting this. It now seems like the drama has fallen victim to too many loopholes in the plot. Oh well, I will save this for when I run out of good KDs to watch! TWTWB seems promising and I hope it will not disappoint!

  265. 265 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    EPISODE 7 is a CONFESSION DAY (belated V-Day kekeke)

    Doha confesses to Kil Ro that he likes Seo Won but the latter likes Kil Ro instead. This is to protect their mission.

    and then Seo Won finally revealed that she actually like Kil Ro face to face but Kil Ro did not believe in her anymore!

    This episode is much of a ROMANCE thingy. Kil Ro was hurt so much after he trusted her AGAIN despite the fact the he knew how capable Seo Won can lie. Geessshhh! That must have been hard.

    Incidentally he got the EYES than Sun Mi and Do Ha and manage to realize that the doctor was the culprit. They run, fight, knock etc. But I just couldn’t why in such a serious fight, there’s still these so called “gap talking”. Why can’t they just fight without pausing or talking. I mean, that was an urgent and serious encounter. Then he found out the bad guy’s cellphone which has no PASSWORD! TOINKS!

    There was photos of him and seo won and realizes that Seo Won might be in danger. This scene makes me believe in TRUE LOVE despite losing trusts despite almost giving in. He just listens to what his heart’s is beating. He just follows what it really feel if Seo Won is indeed in danger.

    The ending part of this episode was very heart warming and moving.

    SPY- BAD

  266. 266 : yoan Says:

    @Hye, thanks for the ratings info.
    i think the reason why this drama get less ratings is because in the beginning, iris kind of took the lead. despite this drama took top spot at the end, maybe it was too much gap in the beginning??
    regardless with the ratings, i enjoy this drama so much 😉

  267. 267 : hny Says:

    ohh …thanks GOD ..I read the comments 1st, it’s seem the story getting down to get a viewer attention.. so I don’t have to waste my time watch this even only to see Dong Ha .!! check it out next time 😀

  268. 268 : Micc Says:

    My understanding is their guns have no real bullets in them. Maybe I’m wrong.

  269. 269 : French viewer Says:

    What’s the real name of the bad guy ? Does anybody know ?

  270. 270 : unknown unknown Says:

    After commenting at episode 2 that I found Joo Won and Choi Kang Hee an odd pairing, I watched episode 3 to episode 8 with an open mind trying to find some merits in CKH’s role/acting. Well, at this point, I think she is totally wrongly casted opposite Joo Won. I don’t disagree that she is a good comedic actress but she cannot even remotely come across as someone that Joo Won could be love struck with.

    To continue watching, because I don’t want to miss a Joo Won drama, I have to take this whole drama as a farce, a slapstick, like watching a Mr. Bean show – then it feels alright that way. In the last two episodes, the production quality is quite bad, the editing is choppy and the actors all look so jaded and just going through the motion. The various loopholes make it feels like the production crew has given up. Like another contributor mentioned before, did I see Do Ha taking out his gun from his pocket twice and then the gun disappeared from his hand while he was hugging Seo Won? 🙂

  271. 271 : Micc Says:

    Interesting view. “CKH can’t remotely come across as someone that Joo Won could be love struck with?” 주원랑 친해?

  272. 272 : Micc Says:

    Finally, I’ll be there for you English version! Yay!

  273. 273 : eny Says:

    I laugh so much when NIS AGENT fire her accidentally, stupid but it funny

  274. 274 : eny Says:

    wrong type “fire her gun accidentally”

  275. 275 : eny Says:

    I see the gun missing too, this kind of mistake happen many time not only in this drama. I read article about mistake in TMETS, Nice Guy and another drama. But I still watch this drama cause it’s funny, it’s COMEDY doesn’t need to take it seriously. I remember I laugh so hard watch the most ilogical, disgusting and silly movie “Shaolin Soccer”. This movie is really popular.

  276. 276 : unknown unknown Says:

    Yes, once I settled on this as a comedy, everything is fine. We can all laugh together. Cheers to all! 🙂

  277. 277 : fanbiker Says:

    i’m kind a new here…but truly i watched a lot of korean drama…and i just want everybody know that this drama is soooooooooo gooood…it makes me laugh all day…and joo won is sooooo adorable…his acting daebak!!!… choi kang hee is good too…even at the first i don’t like her to be the heroine because of 10 years age gap with joo won but everything is good..so far so good……

  278. 278 : clairerosean Says:

    I still haven’t tried this K-Drama yet, at the moment i am following FBND and TWTWB (and some reruns of Vampire Prosecutor)… but reading most of the comments, seems like i would be loving this one too..

    I love funny-romantic dramas… and i think, after seeing the poster (specifically the cute mirror reflection of that guy holding a gun), i think i must start watching this as well…

    hmmm, anticipating!

    Peace to All!! 🙂

  279. 279 : French viewer Says:

    ça fait plaisir de lire des commentaires du même avis…
    C’est une série à voir car on passe un bon moment.

  280. 280 : kyj Says:

    give me link preview ep 9. Pls…

  281. 281 : jhing Says:

    Forget the rating and enjoy the show. Looking at the rating will kills the excitement.. Have fun and enjoy this drama guys!!

  282. 282 : mml Says:

    7th Grade civil servant this drama is a comedy action drama, no fixed rating, sometimes good rating, sometimes poor rating,it depends on every episode whether is attracting in action, but at least i will watch this funny laughing drama……

  283. 283 : jhing Says:

    i agree w/u..this is rom-com drama,.that’s the reason why i enjoy the show,no matter what happen to the ratings and negative c0mments..im still here until end.. Enjoy watching!

  284. 284 : eny Says:

    I thnk the rating drop because there are two good drama airing in the same time since ep 7 and the cast of that drama is really popular. I think this drama still have a good rating because the rating difference isn’t big, there’s no absolut winner yet and the genre itself different

  285. 285 : French viewer Says:

    Unfortunately we can’t take part in the rating because we are abroad ; we can’t watch live feed because we don’t understand Korean language. We must wait until there is english translation. In our esteem, this drama has high rating because it makes us want to watch every episode. It’s a nice change for us in comparison to the european TV series. We prefer this drama.
    Continuez ainsi…

  286. 286 : ruzikie Says:


  287. 287 : gumiho09 Says:

    This is like the best drama ive ever watch in like since secret garden ended… DEABAK HWAITING

  288. 288 : gumiho09 Says:

    I cant believe there just going to be like 10 episodes left 🙁

  289. 289 : Gesti Says:

    I think I’m gonna love Joo Woon since I see his act at this drama.
    I love Choi Kang Hee but she little bit old for Joo Won, but that’s okay since their are completely lovely couple at this drama. Love when their both together.

    I’m sad the rating was down, but just like @jhing saya : just forget the rating and enjoy the show.

  290. 290 : Gesti Says:

    I think I’m gonna love Joo Woon since I see his act at this drama.
    I love Choi Kang Hee but she little bit old for Joo Won, but that’s okay since their are completely lovely couple at this drama. Love when their both together.

    I’m sad the rating was down, but just like @jhing say : just forget the rating and enjoy the show.

  291. 291 : KDaddict Says:

    Joo Won tweeted that he had not slept for days, n that he was surprised at his stamina, i.e. surprised that he was still functioning, filming. Barely! In ep. 9, poor guy could barely keep his eyes open. You can see his eye lids being extremely droopy:
    When he sees SW n DH in an embrace, he can hardly come up w the energy to stare them down in an angry gaze;
    When he n SW sit on the bench, u feel that he can fall over any min.;
    When he drinks w the parents.
    And the poor darling has to sing n dance! When he hasn’t slept for days!
    Despite the make-up, his complexion looks ashen, not his rosy cheeked self.
    They must have been in a terrible hurry when they’d let JW go into a long scene w one side of his collar (standup collar of his sweater) crumbled up. Perhaps the director couldn’t keep his eyes open either n missed it on his monitor, but there simply was no time to re-shoot.
    Others commented on the editing. There is no time to edit.
    I feel sorry for KD actors who must submit to such a crazy live-shoot system. It is not good for their health, n it unfairly affects the quality of their work.
    Joo Won, stay well, n get some sleep! Fighting!

  292. 292 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Don’t you worry guys even if the ratings is dropping, 7th Grade Civil Servant is back at no. 1 Wed-thurs drama. TWTWB follows closely at 2nd spot, and IRIS 2 drops drastically and ended last on the wed-thurs drama rating race!

    This is what I explained on my previous posts that the success of IRIS 2 in terms of ratings will depend on the first 2 episodes of their series. and relatively, SK people did not see the quality they see on the phenomenal IRIS 1. Hmmm?

  293. 293 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Opps I was wrong in terms of ratings. The Winter, The Wind Blows is no. 1 in AGB, but 7th Grade is no. 1 in TNS Nationwide.

    Here’s their comparative ratings: Firts Two Ratings are based on TNS Nationwide and Seoul and the last two ratings are from AGB Nationwide and Seoul

    TWTWB- 12.5 (8th) 14.0 (5th) 13.4 (4th) 14.6 (4th)
    7GCS- 12.6 (7th) 12.9 (8th) 12.5 (7th) 13.8 (6th)
    IRIS 2- 12.2 (11th) 13.2 (7th) 10.8 (15th) 10.7 (15th)


  294. 294 : Micc Says:

    The casts are great, the songs are great, the plot has potential, but the script sucks!!! (pardon me for lack of a better word!)

  295. 295 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @Micc I totally agree but on the last part it’s kinda hyperbole. I mean the script on its first 4 episodes are good enough to comprehend and it was good for this kind of series. But on the other hand around episode 4-6, there are so many flaws as for spy elements alone. The action, romance and comedy scenes are still entertaining and intact. It just that since this series is involved in a detective/special enforcement or FBI?, I am expecting for an INTELLIGENT EXECUTION, not a fool acts from top NIS agents and always defeated by a single act culprit.

    If we look at it properly on a detective point of view, I would prefer conan series, why cos Conan himself can solve cases ALONE, while in 7GCS one CULPRIT make it TWO (Mi Rae) can maneuver an investigation, can beat NIS agents, can spy and disguise even if his face was already spotted not ony by Kil Ro but by 2 other agents, Dong Ha and Sun Mi.

    But i still enjoy watching this drama, as what they say it’s ROMCOM after all. 🙂

  296. 296 : mala Says:

    I love this drama soooo much……I enjoy watching it and I don’t care about rating.

  297. 297 : Micc Says:


    You are right! I should change it to “the script is starting to show its weakness”, as if the writer is running out of ideas. I gave up on FBND after a few episodes but I hope this one picks up its momentum cos I like the casts! 🙂

  298. 298 : rudy Says:

    ep 9 i fell a sleep tell me when is over?

  299. 299 : rudy Says:

    are you joking gumiho09 did you ever see a drama in your life or maybe you dont have a tv

  300. 300 : rudy Says:

    its like $0.99 cent store drama

  301. 301 : rudy Says:

    ep 10 same. worst

  302. 302 : rudy Says:

    ep 9 i fell a sleep tell me when is over?
    are you joking gumiho09 did you ever see a drama in your life or maybe you dont have a tv
    its like $0.99 cent store drama

  303. 303 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Secret Garden is way too perfect to compare with this one. I’m still on episode 8 so I will have to hold grip on my harshest comment if this series will disappoint me after i will watch the 3 latest episodes. Hope it will not make me sad or feel dumb. as what Rudy said, the series is becoming boring! Aigoo

  304. 304 : rory Says:

    seriously it’s getting bored?Actually I always came here to read comments & also in other threads but most of the dramas currently becoming worst after 6-10 eps..why oh why??Now I’m waiting for Iris2 & TWTWB airing in my country since I have those channels..Don’t want to waste my time to watch online though 😉

  305. 305 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 8 felt long to me. Ep 9 felt even longer. In it, Joo Won’s fatigue was plain to see. Let your star get some sleep, for goodness sake! It signals a rushed a shoddy production. Ep 10, I don’t yet have the courage to watch.
    Given that the author has had years since the completion of the movie to adapt it for a tv series, the quality of the script is unforgivable. Just bcos it is a comedy, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to make sense to regular folks.
    The ratings? The PD team is shooting themselves in the foot!

  306. 306 : Micc Says:

    Ep 10 is equally bored. I FF most of it. They did manage to have a cliffhanger, but even with the cliffhanger it was boring.

  307. 307 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @rory actually this series started a bit boring on episode 5 where I can see many flaws on the script particularly their NIS Agents and what I have always mentioned, the “lack of intelligence” as a spy drama series. The action is there in some ways, but the execution of intelligence is lacking. I remembered that Won Suk says NIS Agents dont use guns, they used their brain instead. But weewww, did his top NIS agents used their brains in handling a single culprit? Conan can do it just in 10 minutes, hahahahahah

  308. 308 : Cloud Says:

    Sorry to say , I couldn’t even get past the first four episodes coz the rest of the storyline just makes me yawn~!

  309. 309 : W12P Says:

    I just love to see Joo Won … I don’t really care about the storyline…

  310. 310 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Off topic @KDAddict Is Still You a good drama to watch? Hope you can enlighten me. 🙂

  311. 311 : haruhi28 Says:

    sad but true….what’s happening?…maybe they just don’t want to focus on the spy thing anymore…the story becomes boring and lousy…though i still have some good laugh on ep 9 when SW was driving :)….like @KDaddict, i still don’t have the courage to watch ep 10…i will watch Ad Genius, LTB 🙂 first

  312. 312 : KDaddict Says:

    @haruhi28, Hi,
    Actually I’d have abandoned this show much sooner if it were not to watch Joo Won pout! I was trying to be kind w eps 5,6,7,8,9. The whole story is so juvenile, so simplistic, so unrealistic, so unbelievable, it wastes Joo Won’s talents n efforts! And those of the cast as well, notably Kim Min Seo.

    Still you. It is 124 eps! I rarely watch anything longer than 24 to 30 eps. Besides patience, the main reason is that stars r paid by ep. No one can afford to pay A list stars for that many eps, therefore long series always feature 2nd tier stars. Usually they r 2nd tier for good reason: less beauty, less screen presence, less charisma. Shin Eun Kyung and Kim Seung Soo r both really good examples of that. The other reason is that KDs as long as that have really draggy stories. Drive me bonkers!

  313. 313 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Oh my, I feel sorry, it was me who started posting negative feedback in this thread. and now, several netizens also noticed the poor storyline. Am I bad?! Huhuhu Just Kidding.

    Lets just hope for the progress in terms of spy elements. ok?! FIGHTING!

  314. 314 : KDaddict Says:

    If they’d let JW get some sleep, I’d tune in, just to see his cuteness. As it is, it does my heart no good to see him being overworked n tortured by sleep deprivation!

  315. 315 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @KDaddict It is currently being aired in Philippines right now. And I just find the plot of Still You as COMPLICATED. I know it’s a very long drama. Before, I was momentarily hooked up by Two Wives which is also has more than 100 episodes, but unexpectedly I appreciate their script.

    I just thought that you have also indulged yourself in watching this kind of dramas. But more than that, thanks for the reply. 🙂

  316. 316 : haruhi28 Says:

    @KDaddict don’t feel sorry! am sure you know you always enlighten us with your comments :)…like you, am still now closing my doors for this drama..but they really need to work hard for the upcoming episodes 🙂

  317. 317 : eny Says:

    I have to say agree that the story slower now, I hope the story faster after Pil Hoon realize that he is being used by NIS agent, I guess the story slow because they make it to 20 episode, most rom-com only 16 ep

  318. 318 : zashee Says:

    the only reason i watch this drama is because of Jo won
    Jo won fighting

  319. 319 : phopuji Says:

    do not care about the rating, no matter the comentar everyone.I still enjoy watching the drama this.I love this drama, it is……

  320. 320 : ladyhope Says:

    Actually I don’t get bored at all because of Joo Won & Chan Sung ( a good actor for a first timer). Ep 10 is interesting now and I can’t wait to see the next episode. Guys give them a chance 🙂

  321. 321 : eny Says:

    Make popular movie which only two hour become 20 episode drama is not easy, it’s normal if we feel little draggy. So far I still enjoy this drama.

  322. 322 : dude Says:

    i love this drama and itisn’t boring at wall.

  323. 323 : dramafreak Says:

    I love this drama….now i am at ep 10….NOT BORING AT ALL…..it’s interesting…. =)

  324. 324 : Jahaleel Says:

    it was fun and interesting at first but then it spiraled downward. so sad… anyway im still hoping this drama would peak up on this second half of the series. Joo Won fighting!!! luv him in BK 🙂

  325. 325 : Charot Says:

    bored… zzzzzz…. where is the action??? where is the thrill???

  326. 326 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    EPISODE 9 for me is my almost done state. Sorry there’s no romance, action, comedy in this episode. I thought Seo Won’s parents are funny but in this episode they are over-acting. And I can see Joo Won’s tired face. Choi Kang Hee is now a mess and I can now see her acting without variations same what she did on Protect The Boss,- the throwing of bad temper, the action, the hmmmppp. etc!

    Okay one thing that will wake up me in this downfall would probably a jam-pack action thrill from the NIS agents esp. Kil Ro pursuing the culprit(s). Just couldn’t believe that NIS was defeated many times by JUST TWO CULPRITS. They don’t even have back-up, these two after the death of their hyung JJ are just helping out each other committing their revenge against NIS for their father’s death. I mean, WTH with the QUANTITIES?

  327. 327 : Min Says:

    Oh God, I dropped this series coz it just keeps getting boring and tiring..! Sorry Joo Won oppa~ T.T

  328. 328 : Ahjussi2012 Says:

    @ eny
    Did U hafta remind me that this is a 20 ep. series? Lawdy Ms. Clawdy!!! “Interest” don’t fail me now. I knew I could hold on for 16 eps, but 20??? I must be strong.

    I can’t believe that KDaddict & haruhi 28 R going 2 b dropouts after 9 eps. I’ve enjoyed reading UR comments. Sorry to see U go. I guess that leaves me, K..666, ladyhope & the rest of the gang to continue to support the drama.

    I will say that I am not bored yet, except when her parents R on screen. They drive me nuts & R more irritating, than funny (well 2 b fair, they have brought 1-2 moments of laughter). Then to bring the leach of a brother?? Anyway, I am looking forward 2 C how the writers will handle the cliffhanger at ep 10. I wonder if KSW will come up with a brilliant, convincing lie, or if the game is up. Can’t wait to find out. After all, she is a smooth operator, or should I say operative? Fighting..

  329. 329 : eny Says:

    I don’t understand your firs line comment, I think people who already love the movie will be more impatient to see to story goes to mr. and mrs. smith korean version so they are more critical.
    For me i really like this drama but I have to admid that the story slower in ep 9 and 10, but see the ending of ep 10 i guess it signal that the story will be move faster

  330. 330 : 7th Grade Civil Servant | Jessicha Daily Life Says:

    […] 7th Grade Civil Servant […]

  331. 331 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    EPISODE 10: I did not finish it. Just about 15 minutes,, then I dropped it.

    I’m sad that my cravings for this one has come to an end. But I will not throw my harshest comments about this drama so that it will not spoil your drive on watching this.

    I’ll just have to impart my thoughts (2 advise) for foreign viewers who are still assessing if this drama would earn their nods.

    First, Watch this one if you are looking for an entertainment (preferably comedy scenes that would make you smile).

    Second, Don’t watch this if you’re expecting for spy elements on this drama. Cos it will let you go down.

    For now, I’m done with this one.And will be back if I can see some improvements in ratings since I am a Rating Conscious Viewer. 🙂

  332. 332 : noname Says:

    he looks like kang dong won.

  333. 333 : KDaddict Says:

    For years, I watched every drama to the bitter end. The ones which had poor writing just irritated me to no ends. I watched, I complained. Then it irritated those who still loved it. Now I’ve change tactics, to save myself some grief! 🙂
    Pls enjoy the rest of the series n share your thoughts w us!

  334. 334 : tc Says:

    @KDaddict -333

    Me too. Tried to continue watching for Joo Won’s sake but gave up on the writing and the editing. Poor Joo Won – he is so sleep deprived and can see clearly how the quality of the show drops due to live shoot!

  335. 335 : eny Says:

    Thats why I still enjoy this drama, this drama give me the comedy, so far until ep 10 still can make me smile, There’s always funny scene. I’m not genre minded.
    The other rom-com only has little comedy on early episode and the rest is romance.

  336. 336 : awesome micaela Says:

    Everyone feels sad that they’re dropping this show. I myself haven’t started watching it yet, that is, if I get down to it. However, if this show suddenly picks up, I’m pretty sure the loyal viewers and ratings will pull back those who have left, so it’s probably goodbye for now, for those who are leaving. Hopefully it does pick up.

  337. 337 : siska Says:

    well, i just watch until episode 7, and i still waiting for the next episode. still i think this is comedy not movie spy just you are excpected, so just enjoy the movie, and see joo won acting cause i think this film entertain, maybe the story not so good other joo woon movie like before, but still waiting for the progress about the next story, hope joo won can improve his good acting in other korean drama, because this year 2013 still long, and we hope to see his acting in good korean drama.

  338. 338 : Ahjussi2012 Says:

    @ eny @329
    Hello. I was only exclaiming that my memory had once again failed me as I thought it was a 16 ep.drama, but there are 20. The Lawdy Miss Clawdy is the title of a hit rythm & blues song from 1952. I often used that phrase when my memory lets me down. Sorry, no offence intended.

  339. 339 : Micc Says:

    OMG, who is the writer really?! Did they change writer after the first few episodes? The beginning of episode 11 is as bad as it could be, in my opinion.

  340. 340 : Micc Says:

    Sorry for spreading the post into two. The funniest part of episode 11 is actually when Seo Won drives. And the pace seems to have picked up a little bit as well.

  341. 341 : foreigner Says:

    This drama is enough to de-emphasize. Don’t need a lot of action or spy phenomenon. The life is already full of stress, action… Don’t need to add more on TV. Let’s be realistic and human.

  342. 342 : mml Says:

    Although i watch this drama , i still prefer to watch a hundred years inheritance 백년의 유산 .

    7th Grade Civil Servant this drama , sometimes too much action, sometimes very good to watch , sometimes average.

    Sometimes i understand , sometimes i really don’t understand.


  343. 343 : Micc Says:

    Episode 12 is kinda nice. Spy scene 을 빼고.

  344. 344 : eny Says:

    just watch ep 11, with many bad comment i can’t believe i laugh many time in watching this even in the most intense part, this drama really comedy.
    To enjoy this drama you should have sense of humour

  345. 345 : French viewer Says:

    It’s always interesting… And the songs are very good, especially that one sung by Park Ji Heon. (I hope I write correctly his name). Korean music makes dependence…

  346. 346 : JC Says:

    I like the OST of this drama. Can anyone tell me a link to the OSTs?

  347. 347 : siska Says:

    yeah, i support this drama, i think is comedy romance, and for me this drama not bad, other than korean drama example: oh lala couple, i dont like that, or like joen woo chi, or school 2013, i think more interesting to see joo won acting, maybe this movie not so good like joo woo movie bridal mask but this korean drama is better than i mention before. and for those who doesn’t like this 7 grade, stop give bad comment, wasting time to see that comment, actually other people have different opinion,and give the writer, and director change to increase the mood to see this film.oke guys.

  348. 348 : bopha Says:

    Wow So great all of story are sweet I’m very love korea story.

  349. 349 : HCG56 Says:

    this series seems interesting… hmmm.. okay I will watch this later… (after finishing all the requirements in school..) grrr…. can’t wait..

  350. 350 : eny Says:

    yes I agree with you may be this drama not as good as bridal mask but this drama not bad, compare to another rom-com this is good. Compare rom-com to another genre is weird. Bridal mask is hard to beat drama even after 1 or 2 years

  351. 351 : jhing Says:

    im agree to both of u siska and eny..i will support 7gcs til the end,no matter what they say, i still enjoying my self to this drama,.i like this show a lot..fighting!!

  352. 352 : Charot Says:

    toink. decreasing ratings. so sad…

  353. 353 : French viewer Says:

    drama ost :



  354. 354 : French viewer Says:

    The storyline is very realistic, we continue to enjoy watching this drama. We don’t understand why there are hard negative criticism. Where is the respect for the others ? That doesn’t exist in Korea ? The freedom of thought has limits.
    What do they seek in drama ? Surreal ? Evil ? … (ils recherchent certainement des scènes qu’ils ne peuvent pas mettre en oeuvre personnellement dans leur vrai vie.)
    We don’t worry about ratings, every week we wait for the news episodes. Bon courage !

  355. 355 : koreanfeverer Says:

    no matter what…i’ll stick with this drama til the end……just enjoy the show….joo won is really damn good actor….he sing for the ost “dont know how to love” with his soft voice…wowwww……i like..like…like..it sooo much….

  356. 356 : KDaddict Says:

    @French viewer-354,
    I don’t see any “hard negative criticism” on this thread. I don’t know where you do.
    “Where is the respect for the others?” Yes, I’d like to know too. Ppl say what they feel or think abt the drama. Some like it; some don’t. It happens w every damn drama.
    “The freedom of thought has limits.” Hahahahaha……….
    I’m sure all the dictators in the world think that!

  357. 357 : KDaddict Says:

    “..hard negative criticism…”? No, no one has remotely said anything hard, out of love for Joo Won. Just becos you can’t see the flaws, doesn’t mean that others can’t.

    These are the comments from Dramabeans for just ep 12 of this show, and they always try to be diplomatic:
    “I really wish this show didn’t have this fundamental flaw, but it does—the heroine is unsympathetic. I bought it when she was lying to protect her cover, because she had to complete her mission and that was the Big Lie holding together all the little lies. But now that things are out in the open, what would she have to lose by telling the truth? When she lets yet another opportunity to be honest slip by with another excuse, I can’t help but throw my hands in the air. Why should he trust her? He has every reason not to, but she’s still disappointed that he’s somehow not telepathically able to see her true intentions. Here’s a thought: OR YOU COULD TELL HIM.

    I don’t get her confusion and disappointment as to why he doesn’t trust her when she’s given zero explanation for any of it. None whatsoever. From the way she’s acting, I half thought I missed the episode where she tells him about the mission. I accept that this is silly comedy; I’m not asking for intricate foolproof logic here. I just need the bare minimum to watch the show and be with the characters, but I feel like I spent this whole episode asking, “Why?” Why are you still lying? Why are you surprised he thinks you’re the enemy? Why does anyone believe anything Won-seok says anymore? Why are any of these people doing what they’re doing? *hands in air*

    Gil-ro finding out that she’s had ulterior motives all this time should’ve launched us into the Spy vs. Spy part of the story, where the blinders come off and they chase each other and get in each other’s way, not knowing that they’re on the same side. But now they all know everything—that Gil-ro’s a spy, that she’s a spy—and I’m left scratching my head at why we’ve blown those secrets and all that story potential. Where do we go from here? What could the story have to gain by outing Gil-ro at this stage? Why would you throw that away? Aaaaaaaaugh. I’m trying here, I swear. I’ve given up on the show being anything more than fluffy silly fun, but you gotta throw me a bone once in a while. HELP ME, HELP YOU.”
    “What do they seek in drama?” you ask. FYI, some ppl expect a show to make sense. Now can you respect that?

  358. 358 : MISA Says:

    Like I said it about IRIS 2 , such bad ratings are a turn off . The main lead actress is so unwatchable, she acts like a child, !I couldn’t stand her in “protect the boss” either. I just saw two episode by the way, couldn’t go any further. How come she is still making drama I do wonder…

    French viewer, je me demande si on a regardé le même drama. Pour moi, l’actrice principale joue comme la majorité des acteurs français à savoir le fait qu’elle surjoue. On se croirait au théatre sérieusement! Bref la critique est bel et bien méritée.

    En tout cas ça fait plaisir de voir de plus en plus de français regarder les dramas! Je te conseille Horse Doctor, Queen Seon Duk et je viens de finir the greatest love j’adore !

  359. 359 : unknown unknown Says:

    I read one comment here (#287) where the contributor said that this drama, 7th Grade Civil Servant, is, quote “…like the best drama I’ve ever watch in like since secret garden ended” unquote.

    This comment best reflects the marvel of Korean dramas and the viewers…

  360. 360 : jhegs Says:

    ang haba nun ah,ndi q kinaya..basta ang alam q gus2 q 2ng dramang 2..bhala n kau kung anu opinyon nyu..pero sna bwasan nyu naman ang mgkomento ng ndi maganda,nkakawalan kau ng gana..if someone’s feel bad of this drama then drop it and go to other that u must enjoy u most,.i’ll accept and respect the others comment and some was true that this drama has many flaws,but please less the negative comments,.im enjoying this show so far,im stop watching it coz i don’t have enough time to watch, but im still reading for the recaps..the 2 other dramas was good and i have no comments to that..yun lang po salamat!!

  361. 361 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Hello again. WHATT? 9.2% Single-digit rating?! Sounds _______? BYE. Mwahhh

  362. 362 : emerald Says:

    i agree with you Jhegs… i enjoy this drama so much… bakit hindi nalang nila e enjoy panoorin… kung ayaw nila d wag panoorin… hahahahahahaha…

  363. 363 : jonas romualdo Says:

    wow what a stupid filipino comment. . .dont watch dis . . I disaappoint.

  364. 364 : juandc Says:

    wagas kung makapagsalita,.kanyang kanyang gusto lang yan tol..wag kang manuod kung ayaw mu..if u feel disappointed, then go don’t watch,.but please RESPECT the others dude!!
    “STUPID?!” where’s the respect?!

  365. 365 : Ahjussi2012 Says:

    Just finished eps. 13 & 14. They were flawed, but still enjoyable, cute, exciting, wacky romantic, & funny. I am becoming a fan of Joo Won. His frowning countenance is cute. He even frowns when he smiles. (That’s very odd, but adorable somehow.) I just have 1 question. How can they let their guard down, when villain girl still hasn’t been caught? I have other questions, but I’ll let them slide for now. Can’t wait for next weeks eps. to see where the writer will take us.

  366. 366 : French viewer Says:

    @KDaddict 357
    You are very tactful when you speak.
    “some ppl expect a show to make sense”, so for you this drama doesn’t make sense ?
    There are so many dramas in a week, the storyline needs to be a little unexpected…

  367. 367 : French viewer Says:

    @ Misa 358
    J’accepte que dans certains épisodes au début, l’actrice principale a eu la même attitude que dans son précédent drama (Protect the boss). Mais il faut prendre en considération que le scénario était très ressemblant : “cacher un fait important à la personne qu’on aime”. Les acteurs ne décident pas du scénario, on ne peut pas leur remettre la faute.
    Autrement l’histoire est plausible, et Choi Kang Hee joue assez bien son rôle.

    J’ai l’intention de regarder “Horse doctor” dès que ce sera terminé (vers fin mars), par contre j’ai regardé “Greatest love” en français et n’ai pas trop apprécié. Il y a bien mieux…
    Il y a une large panoplie de dramas en Corée, on ne peux pas s’ennuyer.

  368. 368 : flo Says:

    I do really love the movie version!
    Love kang ji hwan n kim ha neul..
    Now i’m waiting for the drama version.. although im not really like the main actors but i still trying to watch.. but why not kjh n khn to played on drama ver too…huft..

  369. 369 : bwahaha Says:

    Ibang pinoy mga praning! Hahah! Hayaan nyo na iba diyan! Wag basagan ng tripping if di nila like itong drama irespeto nyo nalang kasi di naman kayo pareho ng taste!!!

  370. 370 : Charot Says:

    ang madaling mapikon talo… ang maglagot pildi… 🙂

  371. 371 : bwahaha Says:

    Ana diay na ang maglagot pildi haha!

  372. 372 : gumiho09 Says:

    I cant wait for the next episode already!!!

  373. 373 : aqil Says:

    Do you know where to watch on phone? Plz help. Reply to [email protected]

  374. 374 : Micc Says:

    Wow, Joo Won sings well, nice voice!

  375. 375 : tessie Says:

    love this drama

  376. 376 : Dxb Says:

    ! Magnificent series ! I’am enjoying it.

  377. 377 : Micc Says:

    Just came across this video uploaded by han1byul


    I think he sings better than KHJ. But what’s with the haircut? 🙂

  378. 378 : Ahjussi2012 Says:


    Thanks 4 the Youtube link. JW sounds good, so I viewed 3 others. I laughed when I saw his hair, but it was 2008; most of us had weird hair back then, so he can be forgiven. His “Grease” was good 2. Watching Bridal Mask until new eps come out. Its good.

  379. 379 : michael jayavo Says:

    very funny !

  380. 380 : wina Says:

    Where is kim won suk parents?

  381. 381 : Micc Says:


    You’re welcome. This drama has so many flaws, but I still want to know how it ends. 🙂

  382. 382 : The painter Says:

    Whhhhhhyyyy the rating is coming down now! Really this drama is soo good it is amazing! The rate has to go up guys !! Even the events are more exciting every episode !!

  383. 383 : dreams Says:

    why the rating is so low???? the last series of joowon “bridal mask” skyrocketed in ratings …. what happened to this one?????

  384. 384 : maest1212 Says:

    I love watching this drama : so entertaining it is that I may never mind finding out that sometimes there are flaws … of where actually the story goes * or I just thought that perhaps it is the main purpose of the writer to make me curious to follow the story unexpectedly* I don’t mind …

    Joo Won, first watching his previous drama Breads Loves and Dreams, pairing with Eugine could see their chemistry on screen, Choi Kang Hee, watching her acting in Protect The Boss … so longing to see them again acting in a new tittle, and found this drama … and I love it, and will watch it till the end …

    @flo 368; now I just understood that SGCS rather similar with the film stared by Kim Ha Neul and Kang Ji Kwan that I watched first before watching this Drama. But I love the facial expression of Joo Won and Choi Kang Hee, in different moment/mood, even a little change ones … looks natural

  385. 385 : French viewer Says:

    Joo Won sings very well “Don’t know how to love”.
    He is talented…

  386. 386 : Micc Says:

    Wow, did he really die? I thought not in the beginning but then the flashback scenes…

  387. 387 : rudy Says:

    drama is getting better now.
    last time i sad drama was worst.
    because of that you are doing better.
    now i am waiting for the ep 17.
    i am giving you #8
    from 1 to 10
    1 bad
    10 very best

  388. 388 : liv Says:

    I don’t care I don’t like the two together she looks wayyyy too old. Grosses me put each time they kiss.:o

  389. 389 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    I don’t know the latest successive ratings turn me off! What happened?!

  390. 390 : laura Says:

    I also think that she doesn’t match with him at all. She is obviously older than him in a way that even make up couldn’t cover it up. She in not such as a good actress as him. I gave up on this drama in 10 ep i couldn’t bear the fact that she went trowing out such a good drama with her lack of skills. I’m so sorry for him but even if the most of time i can’t understand koreans rating in dramas now i’m agree with these ones.

  391. 391 : Ahjussi2012 Says:

    Eps. 15 & 16 dragged a little, but eventually we were given some laughter, action & a little romance. Nice cliffhanger to keep us panting 4 the next 2 installments to the story. I give these eps. a 4/5 rating.

  392. 392 : Jule Says:

    Joo Won… amazing guy but this Drama.OMG
    @Laura: LIKE

  393. 393 : KDaddict Says:

    @French viewer-385,
    Joo Won started out as an understudy in Musical theatre. He go his break as a singer in a musical. He did abt 150 shows straight, before he was sent to the audition for Baker King and the writer fell in love w him, n insisted on casting him, an unknown in KD! The rest is history. So of course he has a great voice. Just listen to him sing Happy Birthday in the air while hanging fr a parachute was enough to clue us in on his singing voice! 😉

  394. 394 : KDaddict Says:

    typo: he “got” his break….

  395. 395 : Charot Says:

    nasugdan humanun ug tanaw bisan nagugtas ko aning dramaha. mmm… i luv Joo Won esp in Ojakgyu Bros 🙂

  396. 396 : Doof Says:

    ngayong kaugtas man? bati dramaha?

  397. 397 : Charot Says:

    @ Doof -396

    dili man tantong bati. depende ra pod sa gatanaw gud. makitan man pod sa decreasing ratings na dili sila ka hold sa viewer’s interest. try to watch this and see if trip nimu ang story and pacing. it was fun for the first few episodes to me though 🙂

  398. 398 : French viewer Says:

    @KDaddict 393
    Thank you for the information.
    You are like a paparazzo : you know everything about actor’s life.

  399. 399 : KDaddict Says:

    You r v generous. If this show warrants a 4/5, then no show would get anything lower than 4. Joo Won is the best thing abt this show. The 1st few (4-6) eps were entertaining. It all went south fr there. Entirely the writer’s fault. This time I agree completely w the ratings, which went fr 17 to 13 to 11 to < 10! Sad.
    I'll just wait till 3/28 to check out the ending.

    @French viewer-398,
    I don't go digging for info on their lives like a paparazzi. I only happened to have watched an ep of Win Win, on which Joo Won was the guest, n he talked abt that backgd extensively.

  400. 400 : leedaaaa Says:

    @KDAddict can i have the link of win win off joowon ? thanks 😀

  401. 401 : Ahjussi2012 Says:

    ROFL. Generous? I guess I wanted to reward the actors as they R working so hard. And I only gave that rating to eps 15 & 16, not the entire drama; otherwise I would have used a different scale. 2 me, there is sth appealing between the leads, His frowning countenance & her Kwipi doll eyes. I like their scenes together; whether they are arguing, being romantic, or trying to catch the villian(s). The end of scene in ep. 15, where he cries about his father was touching. C’mon, admit U at least liked that scene. 🙂 Never mind!!! 🙂 I’m not prepared to read ur scathing comment. 🙂 🙂 ( never realized these threads could be so much fun) Be sure to tune in b4 the last two installments. Peace.

  402. 402 : eny Says:

    I understand your frustation about this drama. After I watch episode 15-16 I have suspicious thinking about this drama. This drama not gonna move to action and spy stuff that we wait. I though it’s not about the writer but may be the production house or MBC give restriction not to move to action because they don’t have confidence to fight with iris 2 blockbuster action drama.
    I’m suspicios because most of the writer masterpiece is in has action content and i ever heard in soompie they add female writer to this drama also I see all joo won drama and movie he’s never choose drama or movie that only talk about love.Even not successfull movie “don’t click” there’s good message in it.
    For rom-com this drama still fine we just need to delete action in the genre n delete statement that this drama is “remake of my girlfriend s an agent”
    I don’t it’s true or just my imagination

  403. 403 : Mui Says:

    Agreed with what eny says. This drama is more like a comedy than action. It would be better if it is something like ‘Mr and Mrs Smith”.

  404. 404 : 7th Grade Civil Servant (MBC)Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  405. 405 : French viewer Says:

    OK 🙂

  406. 406 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Oh it’s finale next week. Weehh i’ll just have to wait 1 more week to see an EXPLOSIVE and ACTION JAMPACKED SCENES! Will there be?! I just hope. AIGOO!

    My views are same with South Korea’s taste. This drama started quite entertaining. After episode 5, spy and actions elements are found to be lacking. As per episode after episode 5, the ratings dropped, and I agree with them (ratings). The story is flawed. The characters are unbelievably CLUMSY despite being in NIS huh.

    Comedy CHECK in so many scenes and ways but it shifted to over acting and it got me bored ex. Kyung Ja’s parents and Kyung Ja herself.

    One thing that keeps me striving on following this drama is bcos of Joo Won. I’m not a fan. I’m just an appreciator of his acting talent. He was versatile. Drama, action, comedy and singing but ended tired and failed. This should have been his first MBC Drama but relatively it would not able to win him an award, maybe there is for popularity’s sake.

    Ok, i don’t wanna spoil the fans and lovers of this drama. I just wish them GOODLUCK! And please step ONE LEVEL. And pls writers Make it 8th Grade Level. OK?! 🙂

  407. 407 : mystisith Says:

    As much as I love the cast (main and secondary), this drama is a failure: No action, no romance and jokes falling flat. I dropped it at ep 12 & I’m only reading the recaps. I don’t know who is/are the writers but I will google their names and add them to my blacklist. Never again… Just look at those ratings: Everyone’s running away.

  408. 408 : eny Says:

    episode 17 make me cry

  409. 409 : Mellisa Says:

    At first this is my most anticipated drama and then it shoots right to the top of the list of the worst dramas i’ve ever watch~! Omgosh I hate the writer and I feel like killing him~Grrrrrr

  410. 410 : Jahaleel Says:

    @ Melissa – 409

    i totally agree with you. this drama is in my worst list. grrrrr…..

    to all who havent watch this drama yet >DONT BOTHERDONT WASTE YOUR TIME< choose another drama to watch instead.

  411. 411 : eny Says:

    @melissa n Jahaleel
    Woow I can’t believe you say this is the worst drama, This drama not the best drama but I guess it’s not categorized to worst drama. I think the worst is mean nothing good in the drama. I see many people really easy say the best or the worst. People easy say the best only watch about 2/3 episode.
    There’s good thing in this drama, the acting n the comedy, they give the comedy almost all of episode which another rom-com just give a little in the beginning.
    The bad thing is there’s no action or spying mission like the movie which we are waiting for
    If only this is not drama that base on the movie version, this drama wouldn’t have many bad comment

  412. 412 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @eny I Disagree. Even if this drama is not an adaptation of the said movie. the fact that it’s genre is action/romcom, people are expecting to witness a BALANCED INGREDIENTS.

    Yes, this cant be categorized to a worst drama, but this one can be classified as one the most anticipated turn most disappointed drama of 2013.

    And I am sorry, BLAME IT TO THE WRITER. 🙁

  413. 413 : Jahaleel Says:

    @ eny – 411

    im not saying it is the worst… it is in MY bad list drama. it has some good points but it didnt cut to be in MY good drama list.

    rating a drama is based on the personal preference of the viewer.

  414. 414 : eny Says:

    no need to sorry with me , that’s why i say if there’s no title of adaptation of that movie n the genre action rom-com people not gonna expect the action n it’s still fine as rom-com.
    If you say the mos anticipated n the most dissappointed may be yes for you but i ‘m surprise i just give up ” TWMB” with only 2 episode why ?????because the similarity with the robber. I like another project of two lead like full house n memories of bali but i really don’t like drama with many similarity

  415. 415 : yujin Says:

    i have just begun watching this drama i find it interesting, but reading some comments and looking at dropping ratings…

  416. 416 : yujin Says:

    i want to give up watching it…

  417. 417 : Pongsan Says:

    FYI… my girlfriend is an agent and this drama HAS THE SAME SCREEN WRITER. blame it on him and not the people who dont like this series. 🙂

  418. 418 : Pongsan Says:

    @ Yujin

    LOL. give it a try maybe u will like it… some do but i didnt. 🙂 it was fun for me first few eps and then it started to slip downward

  419. 419 : eny Says:

    you better watch it first then decided to give up or not, there’s some drama low rating but good, the rating depends on the competitor drama n the theme, for suspense the rating will be low because not much people like it I can’t say this is the best but it’s not the worst

    I wanna watch The Devil, La Dolce Vita n The Lawyer of Kim Sung soo, I heard say it’s good but have low rating whenever i found the link is broken and I can’t find the lawyer anywhere

  420. 420 : yujin Says:

    could not they find any another actress? more younger?as i understand both
    gil ro and seo won are the same age 30…

  421. 421 : Pongsan Says:

    @ yujin

    i believe she was cast as joo won’s partner in this drama because he recommended her. bad choice. they dont have chemistry. she is too old for him. i like her in protect the boss though

  422. 422 : yujin Says:

    what about Kong Do Ha? at first i think that he likes seo won will they be friends? or there is a typical triangle…

  423. 423 : eny Says:

    it’s not typical love triangle, kong do ha like seo won but, he doesn’t become big problem for the leads love story.the problem in their relationship is the lie betwen them

  424. 424 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @eny I only watch 1 episode on TWTWB. IF you say that it’s storyline is kinda the same with Robbers then in conclusion that drama is boring and forgettable. But apparently SK people loved TWTWB as it consistently topping the wed-thurs ratings race. 🙂 So i’ll just have to reserve my judgment after watching it til the end.

    The problem with 7th Grade Level CS is the STORYLINE. Whether its ROMCOM or ROMCOM/ACTION, this drama lacks something, it’s not only the action/spy deficiency but also the bites of reality.

    Notably, the first few episodes of this drama are exquisitely entertaining. 🙂

  425. 425 : eny Says:

    not exactly the same but much similarity i read the comment there, the male lead get brain cancer too, About top of rating SK love melodrama more than other, i mean if only there’s many good drama the firs cathing attention is melodrama.And the competition in wed-thurs drama is different genreall of tree. If judge the rating, the rating of nice guy aroud that too n i give up.

    I like robbber the only part that i don’t like is when the male lead is get brain tumor, it’s done many time in korean drama. Hard to find drama that perfect.I f there’s part no part of brain cancer may be this gonna be one of my favorit drama

  426. 426 : eny Says:

    seem like we have many differencies in enjoying drama. but it’s OK
    for me comedy doesn’t really need much logic it’s fun to watch but it’s not gonna leave deep impression to us n it’s not gonna be the best drama
    The best drama for me is drama that give me deep impression n strong meaning, mostly we got it in melodrama, family drama or suspense i never found it in comedy.but i need comedy to it’s relieve stress n to watch it we must have sense of humour. Not everyone have it. There’s a friend that i give a joke she doesn’t laught or smile but the other is laugh or at least smile

  427. 427 : Yujin Says:

    i finished watching 5th episode,and it has already become boring…i dont understand what NIS wanted?what task all they have?and there fewer funny moments,no any strong feelings…=((i’m sorry but i say it again i really dont like the lead actress… today is dayoff,should i watch it?i had better drop it…

  428. 428 : KDaddict Says:

    *Let me make it clear that I’m not talking abt this show in particular, but is just having a friendly discussion on KDs in general:

    You won’t see me writing any ‘scathing comment’ here. I dropped the show so that I wouldn’t have to.
    “Wanting to reward the actors cos they worked so hard” Is the very essence of being Generous. On that criterion, All shows would be 4/5 or 5/5: Which actors don’t work their butts off on these all day-all night shoots? SK is full of actors who insist on going back to film after serious accidents. But That doesn’t make a show qualitatively good.

    You seem to think that I’m frustrated w this show for its lack of spy sophistication. No, that’s Kurayuzaki’s beef. I might have felt that way for 2 eps, back in ep 7-9, but that ship sailed after ep 10.
    U and I have v diff tastes n requirements in shows. You watch w the idea that comedy doesn’t have to make sense. I want All shows to make sense. Let’s allow, for the sake of discussion, that slipping on a banana peel is funny. But if there is absolutely no way for the banana peel to be there at that time, I’d still be scratching my head n crying fowl. There is comedy that is intelligently done n comedy that is shody. Actually it is extremely difficult to do comedy well.
    And what you say in #426, that ppl have diff sense of humor is v true. But that doesn’t explain where this show falls short.
    I do Not want to convince you or anyone else that this show has problems, but in case you r curious as to why so many ppl who loved it initially ended up dropping it, you could, if u want, for reference, look at the recapper’s comments (or even some visitors’ comments) on Dramabeans for recent episodes. Or Not at all, as per your preference. 😉

  429. 429 : Charot Says:

    LOL. 😀 LOL 😀 LOL 😀

    im enjoying reading the thread of this drama instead of the drama itself. i dropped watching this already probably 60% past. just have to wait for the end episode for closure.

  430. 430 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @KDaddict Yah I always tackled in this thread about that spy/action deficiencies. But it was not the only reason that I gave up w/ this one. Episode 12 & 13 were my last hopes cos I always look forward for some progress of its storyline.

    After that, I forced myself not to follow with this drama anymore and decided not to indulge in posting my comments in this thread coz I might throw harsh comments.

    But I always visit this thread to see the ratings and the comment box as well but then there are no developments at all. And worse, the drama sinks to even a 1 digit rating. So I asked myself, what happened to this drama?

    Only @Eny and few netizens are defending this drama as a good drama. There are more watchers who were disappointed with this drama. So what’s wrong with this drama?

  431. 431 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @KDaddict Yah I always tackled in this thread about that spy/action deficiencies. But it was not the only reason that I gave up w/ this one. Episode 12 & 13 were my last hopes cos I always look forward for some progress of its storyline.

    After that, I forced myself not to follow with this drama anymore and decided not to indulge in posting my comments in this thread coz I might throw harsh comments.

    But I always visit this thread to see the ratings and the comment box as well but then there are no developments at all. And worse, the drama sinks to even 1 digit ratings (negative rating as well). So I asked myself, what happened to this drama?

    Only @Eny and few netizens are defending this describing this as a good drama. But, there are more watchers who were disappointed with this drama. So what’s wrong with this one?

    @Eny I was actually up for ROMCOM Series. Actually I watched this drama not because it’s an adaptation from one movie or bcos it’s a spy/action drama, but rather I enjoyed this drama because of their comedy scenes. But then that comedy turns out to be irritating as the story progresses. First I found out the lacking in spy elements, then the comedy becomes boring and non sense and then the romance turns out to be unmatched. So why would I waste my time, watching this drama? I’ll just SKIP to the Finale instead! 🙂

  432. 432 : Flower87 Says:

    Officially dropped after wasting my time for 9 episodes.This makes no sense to me at all !!! -.-

  433. 433 : Hanako Says:

    It is a boring drama, I agree. Joo won is lousy in his character with this drama comparing to Bridal Mask, and I also never like the main actress Choi Kang Hee, all the way damn boring. I watched this drama like two episodes then stopped for three days then continue another three episodes then after few days to watch three more episodes , comparing to so many dramas you feel like to continue watching episode after episode.
    The only three characters are I like in this drama are : HWANG CHANG SUNG ( Do Ha ) as well as Kim Soo Hyun as Mi Rae
    Im Yoon Ho (임윤호) as JJ / Choi Woo Jin (Woo Hyuk’s younger brother)
    they are the best in this drama, comparing to the two main characters
    I did not finished and but at least I watched till episode 14 and won’t continue as I do not think I like the ending

  434. 434 : Ahjussi2012 Says:

    @Kdaddict #428

    Ouch!! Did U hafta b so brutal? 🙂 Good response. Take care. C U N another thread. Peace.

  435. 435 : Xhia Says:

    i’don’t know why all stop watching this drama?

  436. 436 : Yujin Says:

    i stoped watching on the 5th ep and now waiting for the last episodes…:-)may be…the end of drama would be so interesting funny as was the beginning !!;-):-D

  437. 437 : keziah Says:

    @ Yujin

    good that you have spared yourself from this drama. if only i knew that it woould be horrible i would have stopped earlier then. what kept me until the tenth was the hope that it would get better. anyway hope you will find another drama that is worth watching

  438. 438 : eny Says:

    @KURUZAKI n KD-addict
    Sorry if you doesn’t agree with my comment
    Actuallty agree that this drama falling from good drama in the beginning to averege, because the story keep slower. I don’t try to convince everyone to agree with me. End of discussion about this drama. Once again I’m sorry, I just try to share my opinion because I’m a fan of korean drama

  439. 439 : K_Holic Says:

    I’m happy cause this drama will be end.
    And I ready to buy it’s DVD. I’ll check and investigate
    All negative comment that you all said.

    I hope that’s not true but if it is true
    Hmmm I’ll will keep moving to watch this Drama till end
    And after that I’ll keep it save in cupboard forever

  440. 440 : KDaddict Says:

    There is no reason to be sorry for having a little friendly discussion. We all love korean drama and we all love Joo Won. I don’t believe that ppl need to have the same opinion or the same tastes, n those who don’t certainly aren’t the enemy.

    @Kurayusaki-431, @eny,
    I can’t tell u how much it pains me that I had to skip this drama. I love Joo Won. He is uber cute n adorable. (Him n LSG). I check various sites, which I don’t normally do, just to look at screen captures of him in 7GCS. Can’t wait for his next drama.

  441. 441 : eny Says:

    i though you’re mad or missunderstanding about my comment so i say sorry
    i usually say still fine or fine it means it’s not really good but it’s not bad. Honestly this year i sill haven’t found drama that I really love from the beginning till the end even i watch some drama.

  442. 442 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    It’s finale tonight! Share your thoughts tonight! 🙂

  443. 443 : purichiro Says:

    This is really the worse korean drama ever. Its so badly written n filmed you’ll watch it to see how much worse it can get. this is totally not korean drama standard. I feel so bad for Joo Won he has to take this role after such a good job done in Bridal Mask. Look at the way they hold their guns, too awkaward. too many badly written scenes. meaningless lying. meaningless storyline. meaningless conversation between the parents. if you cut away all the meaningless scenes, perhaps 5 episodes will do.

  444. 444 : Siska Says:

    I agree with you guys this film is not good story but i love joo won i like his acting maybe he wrong to choosethis film after bridal mask but his acting still good and the reason i still continue to watch this film.so fighting joo won keep your best acting in another film.we will waiting your another korea drama soon.

  445. 445 : Viewer from Singapore Says:

    will continue to watch when i finished with other dramas…. the story doesn’t keep me watching.

  446. 446 : Micc Says:

    How did this go from hi to really really low is beyond me. Glad it’s over. Look forward to their next project.

  447. 447 : nono Says:

    ummmm…i loved the first 2 eps..but then i found it kinda boring…its not my type of dramas :D…but im gonna finish watching it :)…coz of the main actor <3

  448. 448 : maest1212 Says:

    I love the couple of this drama; they are both cute in such a way, moreover when teasing each other lovably; or when angry to each other like a mouse and a cat 🙂 . I think their interaction have successfully eaten the story only for them; letting other be jealous … I can feel it, I am jealous but happy to watch them both.

    It is a comedy drama; although looking serious, every casts has acted their comedy side by using their utterance, or facial or body gesture … and a little bit action for making the story spicy — since they are the agent. But it is, personally think, is quite entertaining – love watching the leading couple, eventually love the supporting actors …

  449. 449 : maest1212 Says:

    Btw, no wonder I got the feeling that the main cast had a good on-screen chemistry, the story line : comedy, romantic and action is purely for both of them … (after seeing the line of casts above). Their acting the characters of having a true love feeling looked so natural …

  450. 450 : Merrily Says:

    I hope this terrible show will not affect Joo Won’s future as an actor too much.

  451. 451 : Mui Says:

    I find it fine with the male role but not the female. Can’t accept her expressionless face. Story line is too weak, no excitement.

  452. 452 : adhe airashii Says:

    so bored

  453. 453 : maest1212 Says:

    I love the scene most : when finally Gil Ro caught Seo Won’s action her NIS’ mission; scrutinizing Han Jo Man’s company document being saved at home, which notifying his involvement in crime, in perfect time measure … both had great facial expression : mixing between disbelieve, painful … it was beyond my expectation; but it was great!

    Gil Ro reveals his being NIS agent though Seo Won not believe him, and the other way around … fast battle utterances … fast movement of tackling to each other … but after finally successfully convinced each other for separation; both cried in deep painful … Gil Ro on set inside the house, Seo Won in the outside of the house …

    although any one may say that this serial has no story line, or say it boring? I personally thought otherwise … because actually it has. Every character has reason to do what they have to do … it related to the past, the crime … although viewers only presented by limited flashback *reasons why there is NIS ? or why the lead couple let unaware of each other being in the same org-NIS? *

    What I love from this story : every body has finally reached their consciousness : reached a good-understanding *from mis-understanding*… even the spy side : melted in the warm heart of the targeted victims …

  454. 454 : rey Says:

    cute !! saranghaee 🙂 I like this action drama because the story not too serious, light and funny. I was laugh so much. Recommended!

  455. 455 : taikeyoh Says:

    yah ha ha ha nice story i love it….. jo woon he is very good in any role tha he portray highly recomended.

  456. 456 : 문주원...여자 진구.... Says:

    the drama is really great…but they fall in love too fast which i didn’t like at all…. and the lead actress wasn’t good for joo won….
    as for joo won he is always good in everything….and everything he performs…….acting, looks…which made me crazy about him….he is so cool and cute plus funny in 1 NIGHT 2DAYS….I hope his another drama would come fast…

  457. 457 : adhe airashii Says:

    i cant watching this ending :'(

  458. 458 : mini Says:

    I think i can’t feel the act chemistry between joo won and choi kang hee..that’s why i can’t enjoy this drama..(⌣́_⌣̀) I prefer choi kang hee acting on “protect the boss”..

  459. 459 : Ghummy Says:

    Nice film! Funny! Love it! ♥♥♥

  460. 460 : taikeyoh Says:

    this is better than yawang promise you can love the actors….

  461. 461 : bitbit Says:

    love it…. i love jo woon opah

  462. 462 : cuity17 Says:

    Even every comment judge the lead actress in Bridal mask, I can still enjoy that drama verymuch. But it’snt work here, Maybe because there s no chemistry between them here (agree #458), Jo woon always good in acting, I love him in baker king, ojakyo bro n bridal mask…but L7CS emmm…I don’t know, there is no chemistry between me n that drama at all ,lol ;)), that’s why I can’t enjoy it, I just watched the first 5 eps n final eps.. I thoughtt this drama has Great story n good actor/actress too…but I can’t excite my interest on that drama… Otoke dong!! gantung bo!! that’s my opinion! 😉

  463. 463 : SYPHON Says:

    i start watching this drama, but i did not finish, because the actress is too old for Joo Won:-(

  464. 464 : marj Says:

    Just finished watchin’ this series. I love it and enjoyed much.. It made my day;)

  465. 465 : hollywood Says:

    I like it, this drama. Initially, I was skeptical whether to watch it or not. Since I have taken a liking to the male lead actor from his past drama and now his fan. I decided to give a shot. It is light, funny, entertaining and romantic. Who said that there were not plot behind it. It’s about revenge by some children who grew up with hatred towards someone misdeed done by the secret services to their parent. Also, I saw the prejudice toward the lead actress looks and her age. She is an actress, she is playing a role, her real age does not matter, it her performance. She played her part. I do admit there there were flaws in the story line. It’s just a story for entertainment purpose only. She did confesses to him and told him that it up to him whether to trust her or not. The truth will be reveal once everything ended and they can take that trip together.
    In the end, they still could not tell each other the truth when they were assign to a mission, it just the nature of their job. Regardless, who she is or was, he love her and accepted her.
    Love this drama.

  466. 466 : novii Says:

    Haha daebak ! Recommended drama ! U must wacthing :))

  467. 467 : cute saranghe Says:

    ..wow this drama was so amazing,dramatic and fantastic..
    ..i love this drama..
    more power guys ..god bless

  468. 468 : Septiana Says:

    fuNNy drama…I liKe it ^_^

  469. 469 : taraJJ Says:

    just starting to watch this drama, I found some flawless in the storyline but its okay I know this drama not as heavy as Iris/City Hunter for examples.. kinda like it coz some scenes make me laugh esp when gil ro and seo won together.. yes there is a age gap between Jo Won and Choi Kang Hee but I find it cute, I like their chemistry, love the way gil ro looking at seo won coz u can see so much love in his eyes.. yuhu love Jo Won acting in here.. now I’m on eps 15 and I’m gonna watch this drama till end for sure 🙂

  470. 470 : echi Says:

    Where can i find the soundtrack of this drama?thankyou

  471. 471 : taraJJ Says:

    maybe you could download in here:


  472. 472 : daryl Says:

    i love this drama….. cute ending!!! love joo won!!!

  473. 473 : Autumn Grace Says:

    I just started watching this drama and i like it at first since the lead actor is so good and the story line at the beginning is quite exciting but in the next few episodes, there are scene that gets me bored. It’s just quite sad that this drama seems to fall in the end. I hope I just got a wrong perception, since I haven’t finished watching it.

  474. 474 : taraJJ Says:

    just finish this drama… dunno about the messy storyline but I find choi kang hee and jo won soo match with their role… love both of them 🙂

  475. 475 : charmy Says:

    it’s kind of funny. joo won is great but the actress is terrible, she needs a lot more training before becoming a lead actress. don’t care for her look either.

  476. 476 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Don’t blame the actress TOTALLY. She may be not appropriate to be Joo Won’s partner in this drama cause of its age gap. But Choi Kang is a very respectable and highly praised actress in Korea. So don’t finger at her alone.

    Look at the STORYLINE, SCRIPT, etc. Find what’s wrong with this drama on that aspects and you will see why this drama ended with a negative ratings from a very high ratings.

    If you can’t see what I am referring too, then it’s your choice. It just means that your viewing habit is for entertainment only.

  477. 477 : モンブラン ボールペン Says:


  478. 478 : izaly Says:

    I am a die hard fan of Jo won. Jo won is so cute in this drama. All the best for you. Hope to see you in anew drama

  479. 479 : shoshlev Says:

    This drama with the largest concentration Of actresses ugly,
    Maybe the reason they are not players that require a lot of money but the player I like very much i trying to see the drama because of him but I could not really bear to see him play alongside her .

  480. 480 : ance Says:

    i’m not really a choi kang hee fan and i only watched this drama b’coz of joo won…but this drama is hilarious! well i would have prefer other actress as the main lead but choi kang hee’s a good actress…loved joo won more…my next drama is gaksital & good doctor!

  481. 481 : Park Hye Mi Says:

    Great drama !!! ♥ i really like Joo Won here. 😀 ♥

  482. 482 : bblve07 Says:

    im watchng it right n0w, its so funny, intertaining, and excting.. To be h0nest at first i hesisate to watch this b-c0z the female lade is older, but she is amazing, im her fan n0w… And also i luv the ladng man, im waitng 4 his new drama w/ m0on chae w0n… This drama is one of my favorite this 2013…

  483. 483 : bblve07 Says:

    what happen 2 the raitings, gettng l0w, im at ep 8… Pls d0nt disapp0intd me at the end…

  484. 484 : Amber Says:

    Joo Won is an EXCEPTIONAL actor! Watched his drama Bridal Master is a legend masterpiece. level 7 civil service the more I deeply in love with him,

  485. 485 : Glenda Says:

    Great drama great actor & actress.

  486. 486 : Glenda Says:

    Please watch Joo Won in 1N2D all his Joo Won cut scene his way to funny LOL!!! this guy is super duper adorkable and you will love him more and more!

  487. 487 : Montse Says:

    wahhhh I love this so bad….so talented in everything he does in acting!

  488. 488 : frances Says:

    i really don’t understand what drama is this, the spy so stupid..
    and the guy, call joo won. what happen to him, don’t know how
    act at all..

  489. 489 : Dianne Says:

    Wow!!! I watched in yt hollywood singer Usher sign a signature on BRIDAL MASK foster! JOO WON http//youtu.be/yHyGSNhri0g….cool!

  490. 490 : Vania Says:

    Now airing on Indonesia TV (B-Channel) everyday @ 7 PM with dubbed Indonesian language

  491. 491 : likingit Says:

    i like this series! not sure why the ratings declined towards the end as it is shown there but to me, nothing’s wrong with this one. perhaps the story got a little bit flat in the middle and perhaps that’s why the ratings were down, maybe the writer tried to make it a bit more complex and thus stretching it a bit longer but then losing the..not sure how to say it, the tension? the thrill? the suspense? – just the sense of “what’s next, what’s next..?” that should have overwhelmed the audience, to always make them wait impatiently for the next scene…
    to me the actresses are not ugly, but they are “made” to be ordinary-looking since they are working as civil servants and i think the real civil servants, in reality, are more “ordinary” looking, even boring hehe.. e.g. I saw Kim Min Seo (Sun Mi) in another series-Baby-Faced Beauty- and she looked very different there, a different person entirely. I also saw Kang Hee in Protect the Boss, she looks younger here of course because she was supposed to be younger. I think she has good chemistry with Joo Won. All in all, I think they all have done a good job – the cast, the director, the writer and of course the crew….

  492. 492 : dika Says:

    very love it this drama…
    love..love…joo won..

  493. 493 : Nii - Naa Says:

    good drama…. but i think choi kang hee is too old for joo won.. 🙁

  494. 494 : Tsegasetegn Yirdaw Says:

    God bless you , I like Level 7 … , but I can’t see it orderly. I am from East Africa-Ethiopia( Lover Of South Koreans) , if you know the history , our forefathers have fought for your liberty. If you can sent me full episodes of =Eun Hui,Level 7…. .P.O.Box 5550. National Bank of Ethiopia, Addiss Ababa

  495. 495 : xoxoch Says:

    Pil hoon is very cute, best actor and seo won is the best actress, very recomended drama. Im very very like this drama, i think they got their chemistry in this series. Thank for all who make this good drama.i m very enjoy it, like it .

  496. 496 : Bisola Says:

    Wateva d criticism abt d leadin actress…i rili dnt care.OMG! cnt stp watchin diz drama>it waz so cool

  497. 497 : Level 7 Civil Servant 7급 공무원 [2013] | My Drama Links Says:

    […] [Global] cast ratings trailer dramafever dramacool hancinema koreandrama daum soompi mydramalist koreandrama.org dramabeans kdramarecaps tumblr blogs shura donnapie paperchan tulipany herdys joowons […]

  498. 498 : praize...from Nigeria Says:

    I havnt watched this drama yet, but i am certain i will like it and learn one ot two things from it…its a pity that MAN is such a vain creature…why so much comment on the looks and the age of the actress…i am looking at the posters for the drama now and the actress looks good to me…not a beauty but stll looks okay…please all learn to appreciate people despite their looks, age or even race…we all will grow older one day and certainly we dont all look like a beauty queen or will remain forever young…cheers!

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