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KangChi, The Beginning

Title: 구가의서 (九家의 書) / KangChi, The Beginning
Chinese Title: 九家之書
Also Known as: Gu Family Book
Genre: Fantasy, human, melodrama, historical, romance
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2013-April-08 to 2013-June-25
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


A melodrama epic about the great deal of trouble Choi Kang Chi (Lee Seung Ki), born as a half-human-half-mythical-creature, who goes through in order to become human and a story of Choi Kang Chi’s journey of struggling in order to live more like a human than anyone else despite not being able to become human.

Yoon Seo Hwa (Lee Yeon Hee ) and the guardian god of Jiri mountains, Gu Wal Ryung (Choi Jin Hyuk) fell in love but due to the trap of their enemies, the Yoon family status fell into ruins. While Seo Hwa was on the run with her maid, she received news that Wal Ryung had disappeared after a mishap. Feeling unable to raise her son while escaping, she sent him down the river in a basket hoping that someone could take him in.

Choi Kang Chi (Lee Seung Ki) was raised by the Choi family after having been picked up from the river. Meanwhile, Dam Yeo Wool (Bae Suzy) is a master of martial arts and archery. Yeo Wool is an upright character who really values the Three Bonds and Five Relationships in Confucianism, and becomes an instructor at a martial arts center at a young age.


Main Cast

Lee Seung Ki as Choi Kang Chi
Jung Joon Won as Kang Chi (child)
Bae Suzy as Dam Yeo Wool
Jo Min Ah as Yeo Wool (child)
Lee Sung Jae as Jo Gwan Woong
Jo Sung Ha as Dam Pyung Joon
Yoo Yun Suk as Park Tae Seo
Lee Yoo Bi as Park Chung Jo
Kim So Yun as Chung Jo (child)
Sung Joon as GonYi

Kang Chi’s Biological Parents

Choi Jin Hyuk as Gu Wol Ryung (Kang Chi’s father)
Yoon Se Ah as Ja Hong Myung / middle age Yoon Seo Hwa (Kang Chi’s mother)
Lee Yeon Hee as Yoon Seo Hwa

Supporting Cast

Kim Hee Won as Monk So Jung
Uhm Hyo Sup as Park Moo Sol (Chung Jo’s father)
Jung Hye Young as Chun Soo Ryun (head gisaeng)
Son Ga Young as Wol Sun
Yoo Dong Geun as Lee Soon Shin
Jo Jae Yoon as Ma Bong Chool
Lee Do Kyung as Gong Dal
Kim Hee Jung as Lady Yoon (Kang Chi’s adoptive mom)
Nam Hyun Joo as gisaeng house’s chief maid
Park Joo Hyung as Han Noh
Kim Ki Bang as Eok Man
Kim Bo Mi as Dam Yi (Seo Hwa’s maid) (ep1)
Lee David as Yoon Jung Yoon (Seo Hwa’s brother) (ep1)
David McInnis as Kageshima
Kim Dong Kyoon as Choi Ma Reum
Song Young Kyu as Pil Mok
Kim Sung Hoon as Wol Dae
Jin Kyung as Yeo Wool’s teacher
Lee Hye In as Gob Dan
Otani Ryohei as best ninja master
Yum Dong Hun

Production Credits

Production Company: Samhwa Networks
Chief Producer: Lee Chang Sub
Director: Shin Woo Chul, Kim Jung Hyun
Screenwriter: Kang Eun Kyung


2013 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards – Lee Seung Gi and Suzy (Gu Family Book)
2013 MBC Drama Awards: Popularity Actor Awards – Lee Seung Gi (Gu Family Book)
2013 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actress (Mini Series) – Suzy (Gu Family Book)
2013 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor (Mini Series) – Lee Seung Gi (Gu Family Book)
2013 Apan Star Awards – Best Action Award (Gu Family Book)
2013 Apan Star Awards – Best Rookie Actor: Choi Jin Hyuk (Gu Family Book)
2013 Apan Star Awards – Best Rookie Actress: Lee Yoo Bi (Gu Family Book)
2013 Korea Drama Festival Award 2013 : Best OST: 4Men (Only You – Gu Family Book)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-04-08 1 11.5 (9th) 13.1 (5th) 11.2 (11th) 12.2 (7th)
2013-04-09 2 12.4 (8th) 13.4 (6th) 12.2 (7th) 13.4 (4th)
2013-04-15 3 13.6 (6th) 15.2 (5th) 13.6 (6th) 15.5 (5th)
2013-04-16 4 14.1 (5th) 15.7 (5th) 15.1 (5th) 17.1 (4th)
2013-04-22 5 13.3 (6th) 15.4 (5th) 14.4 (5th) 17.0 (5th)
2013-04-23 6 14.2 (5th) 16.5 (4th) 15.8 (5th) 18.3 (4th)
2013-04-29 7 14.0 (5th) 16.2 (3rd) 16.3 (5th) 19.3 (3rd)
2013-04-30 8 14.2 (5th) 16.2 (3rd) 16.4 (5th) 19.0 (2nd)
2013-05-06 9 13.8 (4th) 15.5 (4th) 15.4 (4th) 18.0 (4th)
2013-05-07 10 14.3 (4th) 16.2 (3rd) 14.4 (4th) 16.9 (4th)
2013-05-13 11 14.1 (4th) 16.3 (4th) 14.5 (5th) 16.9 (4th)
2013-05-14 12 15.1 (4th) 18.2 (2nd) 15.9 (4th) 18.7 (3rd)
2013-05-20 13 14.9 (3rd) 17.2 (2nd) 14.8 (4th) 17.2 (3rd)
2013-05-21 14 14.4 (3rd) 16.9 (2nd) 15.9 (3rd) 18.0 (2nd)
2013-05-27 15 15.3 (3rd) 18.3 (1st) 16.4 (4th) 19.3 (3rd)
2013-05-28 16 16.6 (3rd) 20.1 (1st) 18.2 (3rd) 21.7 (1st)
2013-06-03 17 15.8 (3rd) 18.3 (1st) 17.5 (3rd) 21.0 (2nd)
2013-06-04 18 16.0 (3rd) 18.9 (1st) 18.8 (3rd) 22.4 (1st)
2013-06-10 19 17.3 (3rd) 21.0 (1st) 18.3 (2nd) 21.5 (1st)
2013-06-11 20 18.2 (2nd) 21.7 (2nd) 19.1 (2nd) 22.3 (1st)
2013-06-17 21 18.5 (2nd) 21.8 (1st) 18.6 (3rd) 21.8 (1st)
2013-06-18 22 15.3 (4th) 17.5 (3rd) 16.3 (4th) 18.9 (3rd)
2013-06-24 23 17.7 (3rd) 20.2 (1st) 17.8 (3rd) 21.1 (1st)
2013-06-25 24 18.7 (2nd) 22.1 (1st) 19.5 (3rd) 22.9 (1st)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


Related Photo

(Other Photo from Official Site)

Official Site

Official Wallpaper

Trailer I & Trailer II & Trailer III & Trailer IV (5 minutes)

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  1. 1 : zero Says:

    The only drama I am looking forward to. Meanwhile., I don’t have any dramas to watch.

  2. 2 : Lilly Merlin Says:

    i can’t wait to watch it <3 it looks great ^_^

  3. 3 : GSJ Says:

    Eagerly waiting ^_^

  4. 4 : kiran Says:

    Wooooooww…..can’t wait……..

  5. 5 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    LSG is back again! Excited to see how will he act again. But what with Suzy? I don’t know. Her expression are solidly with ONE REACTION. From Dream High to BIG, I don’t know if I can dream high and big for her acting prowess to evolve.

  6. 6 : erafi Says:

    I’m going to watch this one…….. 🙂

  7. 7 : lusy Says:

    Ido I love K Drama,exspecialy k drama history.
    Love all the Cast,I hope this drama has a good story,good ending and has a good rating too,I’am going to watch this drama FIGHTING^^

  8. 8 : emerald Says:

    im going to watch it,, because of LSG… sounds complicated but interesting…

  9. 9 : KDaddict Says:

    It finally appears on this site!!! Yeah!

  10. 10 : LilyAiren Says:

    can’t wait !!! Seunggi-Suzy ! <3

  11. 11 : haruhi28 Says:

    really excited for this one! 🙂

  12. 12 : jhing Says:

    seung gi……can’t wait for him…..gonna watch it for sure!!!

  13. 13 : Park Says:

    no romance??

  14. 14 : mayumi Says:

    i can’t wait for this drama……..

  15. 15 : Hajar Says:

    G sabar nee
    Suzy I Love You

  16. 16 : saraSJS Says:

    My Seung ki is back. I’m already half excited that they cast Suzy as his co-star. So please NO ROMANCE. Let us just see more and more of Seung ki.

  17. 17 : 사낭해 Says:

    I will surely watch this drama! I hope it will be aired in the Philippines. . .

  18. 18 : Emily Dnghf Says:

    I can’t wait for this drama.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suzy ♥♥♥♥♥

  19. 19 : ezra86 Says:

    one of the drama which I want to watch… ^^
    suzy and seung gi.. will be a funny couple

  20. 20 : MoMo Says:

    can’t wait….>_<
    love Suzy so much….if the hero changed to Kim Soo Hyun is better…=p

  21. 21 : nn Says:

    where’s suzy?
    anyway, april please come fastaaaaa!

  22. 22 : Jennie Says:

    Choi Jin Hyuk – yay,looking forward to seeing him and LSG and Suzy too, of course:-D

  23. 23 : andy Says:

    actually I wanna see lee seung ki can play with shin min ah again in this drama, but I still watch this drama.. can’t wait 🙂

  24. 24 : bella Says:

    two actress and actor favorite aaaaaaaaaa im so happy

  25. 25 : CUTIE Says:

    LSH is back .. he is so cute in this drama (i think) on the cover page of this drama intro .. so looking forward for this drama .. Cheers~

  26. 26 : kimber2x Says:

    Finally!!! It’s here now!!! Can’t wait for this drama! SeungZy fighting!!! <3

  27. 27 : rm018 Says:

    He’s back lee seung ki 😀

  28. 28 : Hwan-Hye Fan Says:

    Have been hoping to see Lee Seung Gi star in another drama since The King 2hearts. Much-awaited 😍

  29. 29 : Pongsan Says:

    oh no… fantasy genre… i wish LSK will make a realistic drama. i miss him. i think i will watch king 2 hearts again

  30. 30 : GSJ Says:

    15 days

  31. 31 : LSG Says:

    Waiting to see the chemistry between Choi Kang Chi and Dam Yeo Wool

  32. 32 : crys1524 Says:

    omg yessss! really can’t wait ^^
    really anticipating with the leads of seung gi and suzy~ 🙂

  33. 33 : Life without Dramas Says:

    Lee Seung Gi is back.
    Seung Gi/ Suzy couple
    Can’t wait

  34. 34 : jardeus Says:

    Definitely suites Lee Seungi’s role… lee seungi;s face really does look in-human.. his too ugly to be human but too gorgeous to be an animal.. all of his acting in dramas are all de same.. monotonous voice ugly face.. cant stand watching him…

  35. 35 : nyarnick Says:

    for the 1st time i will definitely watch the historical just want to see suzy’s charm.

  36. 36 : I love drama Says:

    Hope your comment no use ward”ugly” for someone’s face. Are you are feel no embarrassed? Your teacher or parent tech you use this ward to someone ‘s face.graduated school? If you envy someone that more charm than your favorit. Hurt his fan! I think ugly so easy for you and you should think maybe your friend can said behind you ‘ you ‘re so ugly. My country ward of ugly for things or someone no manner, bad character. So rude, hard believe can like you.hope Gu family secret so good. Wait so excited

  37. 37 : Miss.Lee.Angel.22 Says:

    Suzy Unnie fighting !!! And to all the cast of this drama. I really waited this drama. Let’s all watch and support this drama everyone ! Thank you … Please don’t leave a negative comment here 🙂

  38. 38 : Paul Says:

    Like it.

  39. 39 : Seung Gi fan Says:

    Seung Gi + Suzy = SeuZy Drama

  40. 40 : Suzy ^_^ Says:

    Suzy back in a leading role, and with non other than Lee Seung Gi.


  41. 41 : lalala Says:

    erk…how come the “like button” increase rapidly today?last night I saw it’s only 300++…
    GFB vs JOJ..which 1 should I watch..

  42. 42 : misskrisel Says:

    OMG! Lee Seung Gi you’re back. I will never miss a single episode of this drama. love it much.

  43. 43 : hny Says:

    look to the poster of this …. lucu banget LSK , kaya lagi main ‘ petak umpet ‘…. hehe hey ..cilukkkk…Baaa;)))
    read the synopsis I’m interest to Kan chi parents char that would play by LYH and Jin hyuk ..waiting !!

  44. 44 : Thanda Says:

    Can’t wait. Seung Gi fighting!!!!

  45. 45 : myeon Says:

    HAHAHA This is most aticipated drama i’m waiting for !!!!!!!!!! yess palli airing~~

  46. 46 : kimber2x Says:

    Woah!!! 15 days!!! April 8. 🙂

  47. 47 : sahel Says:

    why the new dramas are period i think most of the people like modern drama no period

  48. 48 : princesspanda Says:

    somehow the story seems si familiar, it ses like inuyasha…

  49. 49 : Si Says:

    I seriously can’t wait to watch this drama. Yaaaaaaaay. Seung Gi is back! <3

  50. 50 : Si Says:

    For you who haven’t watched the trailers, here you go.
    Enjoy. ^^

  51. 51 : Si Says:

    Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot the 3rd one. 🙂
    Here you go. Enjoy. ^^

  52. 52 : Lee Seung Gi ROCKS Says:

    Finally, he is back in a drama.
    I was waiting.

  53. 53 : Lee Seung Gi ROCKS Says:

    Shining Inheritance
    My Girlfriend is A Gumiho
    King 2 Hearts

    Gu Family Book

  54. 54 : Lee Seung Gi ROCKS Says:

    His first historical drama
    His first action drama
    First time pairing with Suzy
    A great cast
    Interesting plot

    Anticipating a daebak

  55. 55 : LSGFB Says:


  56. 56 : Si Says:

    Here’s the third trailer with Eng Sub. Enjoy. ^^

  57. 57 : kimber2x Says:

    Official Suzy still cuts

  58. 58 : kimber2x Says:

    Woah! 13 days to go!!! Fighting!

  59. 59 : kimber2x Says:

    Please include my submitted still cut mod, thanks!

  60. 60 : Rumput Hijau Says:

    I hope I can watch this drama.

  61. 61 : hny Says:

    @princesspanda …. rite!! inuyasha the anime series .

  62. 62 : Shynreigh Says:

    Can’t wait for my oppa seung gi’s New Korean series.. ^_^

  63. 63 : myeon Says:

    kind of confusing.. mm is suzy will play a role as ‘boy’ in here? i mean, girl dressed up like a boy?? 😀

  64. 64 : *0*** Says:

    can’t waitttt!!!

  65. 65 : Joyce Says:

    looks interesting can’t wait~!!!

  66. 66 : senahPotato Says:

    LSG~~~can’t wait !!!

  67. 67 : sweet Says:

    watch the preview, the fighting scene is exactly the same in my girlfriend is gumiho…i wish he paired with shin ah again in this drama.

  68. 68 : nadal Says:

    ^ 11 days ^

  69. 69 : DJ Gi Says:

    2 weeks.
    I can’t wait.
    Seung Gi, surprise us

  70. 70 : LilyAiren Says:

    well, this is Lee Seung Gi new photo poster shoot . So handsome 🙂

  71. 71 : Minho Says:

    10 days, then I can enjoy.
    I think the first episode may be about Kang Chi father and mother.
    Still, I wanna watch it.

  72. 72 : Rosi Says:

    Can’t wait to watch this drama.. It must be great!!! Seunggi jjang!!

  73. 73 : anne belle Says:

    Hwaaaa… I’m really excited to watch this drama. I’ll add it to my drama list

  74. 74 : urieee Says:

    can’t wait for you opppaaaa =)

  75. 75 : Joon Says:

    I do not know why do I watch Korean dramas, I just LOVE it.
    This one will be my April drama.
    Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy Couple

  76. 76 : Mhie Says:

    OMG another great t.v series of Bae Suzy.. I hope I can watch it completely during my buzy schedule. I really like Bae Suzy very much.

  77. 77 : carl Says:

    A week and two days left
    I am toooooooooooo excited

  78. 78 : Kim Leo Says:

    I stopped watching dramas for a while due to work.
    I think this drama will mark my comeback into dramas world.
    I like the cast and the story sounds interesting.
    Hope it fulfill my expectations.
    Waiting for it.

  79. 79 : Vampire Says:

    I like fantasy dramas. Especially the ones which involves Vampires, Wolves and Zombies.
    As I read about this drama, Lee Seung Gi will play a half human/ half Gumiho role.

  80. 80 : chimi Says:

    i think i will watch this drama in the beginning part..too bad leeyeonhee just playing as cameo..but still looking forward for this drama..

  81. 81 : Sena Says:

    the drama hasnt aired yet, but there are more then 1k people like this drama on fb. wooow, I’m eager to watch this drama 😀

  82. 82 : Choko Says:

    Lee Yeon Hee as Lee Seung Gi mother
    Lee Seung Gi & Bae Suzy couple
    Lee Yoo Bi as Lee Seung Gi first love
    Sung Joon as Bae Suzy Bodygaurd

    What more do we need?!

  83. 83 : myeon Says:

    one week one week xD i can’t waaaaaittt

  84. 84 : nadal Says:

    7 days more and then: PARTY TIME

  85. 85 : clarisselovesyou Says:

    Woohaa seungi gi have a new drama must watch this!!!!

  86. 86 : armin Says:

    وای بازم عشقم میخواد گل بکاره ……….. سوزی عزیز دلم

  87. 87 : Si Says:

    Just realized Admin has also uploaded Seung Gi’s pic I asked admin to upload in Seung Gi’s thread ( http://star.koreandrama.org/?p=518 ).
    Thank you admin.^^

    Can’t wait to watch this drama. 🙂

  88. 88 : Si Says:

    The teaser poster is out!

  89. 89 : Jennie Says:

    @Choko You forgot Choi Jin Hyuk as LSG’s father. He’s pretty charismatic too 😀

  90. 90 : fikryan Says:

    i think this best drama for this month

  91. 91 : saffradika Says:

    thank for this info

  92. 92 : kimber2x Says:

    So excited. 04-08-2013 though subbed version will be available after 2days. LOL.

    Looking forward. Fighting Bae Suji and Lee Seunggi!

  93. 93 : loveseunggi Says:

    i love everthing about lee seung gi. can’t wait to see his new drama. fighting!!

  94. 94 : MKD Says:

    http://www.facebook.com/minikd4u please like the page, we are currently constructing a site for subbed korean shows specifically designed for smartphones, our 1st project will be Gu Family Books and SBS’ Running man thanks!

  95. 95 : wynn 윈 Says:

    방성준 Bang Sung Joon act in this drama too~!!! (*0 *)
    i am more happy d~! many of my favorite actors are act in this drama~ (~v ~)
    happy so much~!!! keep waiting this drama appearance~!!! ^^
    still left a week~!!! (>v <)

  96. 96 : Sena Says:

    1.1k people like this drama, wuaah this drama may be on the most shared drama list even hasnt been aired yet. daebaaak 🙂

  97. 97 : jardeus Says:

    will waTCH this because of bae Suzy… i’ll try my best to endure looking at Lee seungi’s face, eventhough I hate his acting so much..

  98. 98 : jardeus Says:

    another Lee seunki drama.. would have been better if Song Jongki played the role of the gumiho… if its another gumiho mythical creature, it doesnt fit leeseunki, i think its more like a half human half frog creature.. coz leseunki’s face looks more like a frog….

  99. 99 : LSGi Says:

    5 days

  100. 100 : Anyo Says:

    I love it

    Can’t wait

    If Lee Seung Gi & Bae Suzy sing a song for this drama, it would be even more lovely.

  101. 101 : byn Says:

    Not high expecting about suzy’s skill acting (hard to see suzy’s stone/plain face), but I will not complain if her surprised me later. Hope my opinion about her could changed 🙂

    And I’ve like to be witness to (maybe) ‘amazing’ teamworks and project together with PD Shin and SW Kang also all actors. Please, set the bar for this drama to high!

  102. 102 : Emily Dnghf Says:

    Cant wait for this drama.!!!!!!!!!! Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy.♥♡♥♡♥

  103. 103 : jessie han Says:

    I like LSG and i Pray that this drama was successful & i wanna see personally LSG fighting and saranghea…….May God Bless you always.

  104. 104 : GFM Says:

    Better quality Trailer [5.32 Mins] from Press Press Conference


  105. 105 : Seung Ji Says:

    The 5 minutes trailer shows a lot of dramas scenes. Still we haven’t seen Choi Kang Chi as Gumiho.

  106. 106 : Si Says:

    More official posters.

  107. 107 : leedaaaa Says:

    agree with @byn gak terlalu berharap lebih sama akting suxy 😀

  108. 108 : leedaaaa Says:

    typo suzy

  109. 109 : Seung Ji Says:

    3 days.
    Lee Seung Gi. When will you appear?!
    I think he will appear after episode 3. I am not sure though.

  110. 110 : Hajar Says:

    Udah ngga’ sabar nee.
    Going crazy waiting.

  111. 111 : misskrisel Says:

    i miss lee seung gi in small screen… i will finally get to see him 3 days from now… lee seung gi nomu nomu nomu bogo shipeo…

  112. 112 : misskrisel Says:

    lee seung gi, miss na kita…

  113. 113 : rory Says:

    ops..they changed the name?why?I prefer “Gu Family Book” title than “KangChi, The Beginning”..
    btw, will looking forward this drama…

  114. 114 : K_Holic Says:

    Bae Suzy’s acting skill in Big make me suprised
    I like her in that Drama. I Hope her acting will’be
    Greater than before.

    I’m Happy hear that the director from the famous
    Awesome KDrama ever ( City Hall, SeGa and AGD)
    And The Sriptwriter from Kim Tak Goo, Man of Honor.
    Hope they will be create a great coloboration together.

  115. 115 : SATARUPA Says:

    i love LSG,so definitely have high expectation about his acting.
    so looking forward to this drama.hope it will be a good drama.

  116. 116 : Vea Says:

    Hahaha. A day to go and you’re on my lappy, Gu Family Book! Just wait. 🙂

  117. 117 : LEE SEUNG GI | Diceu Suhartono Says:

    […] KangChi, The Beginning (MBC, 2013)The King 2hearts (MBC, 2012)The Greatest Love (MBC, 2011) cameoMy Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox (SBS, 2010)Shining Inheritance (SBS, 2009)Famous Princesses (KBS2, 2006)Nonstop 5 (MBC, 2005) […]

  118. 118 : KDaddict Says:

    It starts today! Been waiting forever! So excited!

  119. 119 : kimber2x Says:

    OK!!! Today is the first airing. Fighting! <3

  120. 120 : Joyce Says:

    Today is the day!I’m so excited 🙂 I love LSG and SUZY!!! and most of all I like historical genre!

  121. 121 : haruhi28 Says:

    the day has come!!!! 🙂

  122. 122 : Si Says:

    These are the official wallpapers and the relationship chart.^^

  123. 123 : japs Says:

    Lee Seung Gi fighting!!

  124. 124 : kimber2x Says:

    I’ve read that episode 2 will mark Seunggi and Suzy’s appearance.

    Who watched the live stream? How was the first episode?

  125. 125 : Joyce Says:

    Just watched the raw ep and I love it! same with Jang Ok Jung!!!hope to watch it with subbed later 🙂

  126. 126 : lry20 Says:

    Yeah the first one was good i’m impatiently waiting for tmrw lol

  127. 127 : kimber2x Says:

    Wow. I’ll just wait for subbed version 😀

  128. 128 : DramaLover Says:

    I don’t understand how this drama has a rating of only 11 something and You’re the best, Lee Soon Shin has 20 something. Frankly, I got hooked on the first episode. YTBLSS did not buy my attention as much as this one did. I think it is only because IU is in it. Whoop to doo!….I am rooting for this drama and I hope this drama gets higher ratings. Can’t wait for the next one. Great Acting so far. Only criticism is that I hope the supernatural effects become more credible not saying that it is too far off the mark. but a bit of improvement would still be appreciated and welcomed. On that note! Fighting Gu Family Book cast!

  129. 129 : Si Says:

    Recaps from Koala and Dramabeans:

  130. 130 : Miracle Says:

    So excited for another episodes!! Can’t wait :DD ^_^
    Fighting Bae Suzy and Lee Seung Gi

  131. 131 : Tae Joon Says:

    Yays! After Missing You I’m gonna watch this one! :))
    Hope it gets higher ratings XDD

  132. 132 : KDaddict Says:

    For me, Ep 1 is a bit hard to swallow on acct of the pain that the 3 innocent youngsters have to suffer at the hands of the baddie, who is utter Evil. Their naive n useless attempt at escape is so pathetic that it is painful to watch.
    The saving grace is found in the magical moments of the Gumiho’s presence, his Fairy-dust, his fairy lights n superhuman powers that wash over that world of menacing evil. He may look too old for her, but he is after all thousands of years old, n she is 16 or 17, n he is plenty attractive. He is the 1st girl to capture his heart in over a thousand years!

  133. 133 : myeon Says:

    @KAddict aww, i love how u explained the eps .< too bad he have to die in the end huhu.

  134. 134 : myeon Says:

    @KAddict aww, i love how u explained the eps ! <3 a thousand years, it feels soo romantic and magical. i already fall in love with this drama~~ too bad Gu Wal Ryung have to die :'(

  135. 135 : Joyce Says:

    Just done watching ep1 w/subbed..it’s a heart shattering ep!Good script and directing!made me cry! I love Kangchi’s parents story!The scriptwriters of this drama also the writer of Baker King and Man of Honor and the PDs from Secret Garden and Gentleman’s Dignity!No wonder ep1 is totally captivating!I luv it!

    Can’t wait for ep2!

  136. 136 : Park jun sung Says:

    becoz YTBLSR is airing in 19.55 time slot. That timeslot is offer to asemble family. Both parents and kids allow to watch tv show that time. But in 21.55 timeslot, its offer for adult and teenagers, thats why although how bad a drama, if its put on 19.55 timeslot. Its will hit high rating. Seem like in my country, family drama genre is got higher rating than teen adult drama.

  137. 137 : Joyce Says:

    Just done watching ep1 w/subbed..it’s a heart shattering ep!Good script and directing!made me cry! I love Kangchi’s parents story!The scriptwriter of this drama also the writer of Baker King and Man of Honor and the PDs from Secret Garden and Gentleman’s Dignity!No wonder ep1 is totally captivating!I luv it!

    Can’t wait for ep2!

  138. 138 : Joyce Says:

    I was thinking the head of gisaeng and Seo Hwa has blood relation?maybe the head of giaseng is the mother of Seo Hwa?^^

  139. 139 : KDaddict Says:

    Oh, an English song as the OST in a saguek! The song could be v beautiful, but it is just So out of place, so weird, so distracting.

  140. 140 : Joyce Says:

    haha!I love the song tho… it sounds like a religious song !

  141. 141 : Alice Says:

    I just watch the trailer and it looks interesting. Im looking for a good drama to watch, is this series good? 🙂 i know Both of the main cast are very popular, but im not really a fan of them. I just watch Kdramas for entertainment.

  142. 142 : kimber2x Says:

    I’m so excited to watch this. And excited for the lead characters though they will be appearing in 3rd episode. Anyway, still fighting!

  143. 143 : Cassie Says:

    Great cinematography and good acting too. WHy is this not a weekend drama? If it were the ratings would have been better. I will watch this only because of Lee Seung Ki. IS Suzy a good actress? I haven’t seen her after Dream High so I am not sure if she is a good lead here. Good Luck Gu Family cast and crew. Ratings should have been 20 at least.

  144. 144 : saraSJS Says:

    Okay, let’s be calm and rational in the first part.
    Ep 1 was great. Everything seems to be good. The story, acting, cinematography, OST, storytelling style and feeling. Although watching the characters suffering is a bit hard and you already want to kill that evil officer Jo, i attached to characters easily. Just 20 minutes passed and i fully fell for Gu Wol ryung. Miho was a cute Gumiho, the other Gumiho was a suffering mom. I didn’t feel their super natural power. They didn’t seem to be mythical creatures. But Wol Ryung has that mythical feeling. You feel he’s come from the heart of the history. So when i saw they caught him in ep 2 preview, i felt so sad. He’s been with me just for one ep. But i feel I’ve been watching him for weeks.

    Now fangirling: OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. My Seung ki. I wanted to jump into monitor and hug him tight when he appeared in ep 2 preview. He’s just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… No word. I’m too emotional to continue.

  145. 145 : Kdrama Lovers Says:

    i watch this drama because of LYH and LSG, im bit dissapointed with the leading actress.. her acting was really bad but people always said shes great… after ep 3 ended i will not watch it online until the whole episode was ended…. for suzy fans im sorry to said things like this but i havent see suzy doing really great on her movie or drama…

  146. 146 : Joyce Says:

    watching ep2 raw is epic~!even I don’t understand what they’re saying LOL!but it made me cry!I love this drama!hope the impact wud still be the same in the later eps! 🙂

  147. 147 : Joyce Says:

    Btw, does anyone knows the english song? Ty! I love the voice of Gu Wal Ryung…snd most of all I love their lovestory! The kiss scene so touching and love the song in the background 🙂

  148. 148 : chimi Says:

    Lee Yeon Hee ♥♥
    but why she just a guest star T.T her acting is so touching..i want to see her in the whole drama..too bad..i think i will be watching this drama until lee yeon hee disappear..lol..

  149. 149 : Si Says:

    Hello everyone,
    Here are the OSTs so far.^^
    In the second link, there’s also an MV (potential spoiler alert). 🙂

  150. 150 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 2:
    Lee Sung Jae is doing a great job as the bad guy. If you’ve seen him in Rascal Sons, playing a timid, gentle, shy man, you wouldn’t recognize that it’s the same man! That’s what great acting should be like. (Compared to e.g. Han Ji Hye, who is fine in any one of her dramas, but is quite similar fr drama to drama). But I’d feel better if the story tells me why the bad guy is so very determined to kill every one in the girl’s family. As it is his evil is meaningless.
    Oppa Gumiho is certainly enchanting. Who wouldn’t want to marry a guy who brings you peaches by the tree, butterflies by the sack and flowers by the armful, just bcos you cast a sideway glance at them?
    But I wish the girl would be less forgetful than to feel that it is safe to wander around the forest w no thought of the baddie’s army! She is the death of her loving husband.

  151. 151 : Hajar Says:


  152. 152 : Joyce Says:

    I agree with you KDaddict! Lee Sung Jae is quite different in here…I don’t even know he was the guy in Lawyers of Republic Korea until you mentioned him lol I just loved his role in Lawyers he’s very lovable and funny!

    I’ve fallen inlove with Wal Ryung and Seo Hwa’s story that’s why I made a video with their love story with the OST MY EDEN in the background~!

    check it out 🙂

  153. 153 : emerald Says:

    its really great…

  154. 154 : Joyce Says:

    I guess Wal Ryung will be back as villain?in the later eps!

  155. 155 : kimber2x Says:

    I’ve watched it already, and I cried, and cried… T.T huhu. That’s so sad, and the story, it seems not the end for the parents, ah, can’t wait for for the next episode…

    And the OST, it’s great, it fits the mood. 🙁

  156. 156 : mini.giny Says:

    hmmm… just already watching ep 1-2..
    is quite interesting ..
    i hope suzy acting will be more impprove..

  157. 157 : jardeus Says:

    Ill watch this because of suzy… ill just skip lee seungi’s scenes coz i cant stand looking at his annoying face and nose..

  158. 158 : jardeus Says:

    I think song joonki will fit the role rather than lee seunki… grr im really annoyed of his face and acting.. would if it be great if the film editor could blur lee seungi’s face in the entire episode.. why in the world would they want to cast lee seungi as the lead actor?? doesnt fit him at all…

  159. 159 : Ly Says:

    So I was really into the first two eps and then realizing that he’s not the main charactor ruin it for me. The dad is looks better then the son in this drama so that’s lame. Sorry I’m not of fan of LSK he doesn’t look like he matches the part, he looks wimpy and not that good looking. Just saying!

  160. 160 : Ly Says:

    Cjh should’ve been the main lead he matches the look better.

  161. 161 : saraSJS Says:

    “Why did you do that, you stupid arrogant noble girl or to not be polite you b**?. What he did wrong but loving you? You deserved to spend the night with that evil instead. why?” It was my first reaction after seeing her betrayal. Her sudden change of heart and reckless behavior was surprising. Specially when daddy Gumiho was more human than any other human beings.

    But come to think of it, what would you do if you were SH? How it feels to live and fall in love with a mythical creature who hides his real identity? I get chills even with the though of it. So i give her credit to be scared. But betraying that innocent creature without thinking is not forgivable.

    I’m curious about sheriff character too. At first he seemed to be another Javert. But he saved the girl knowing she carries gumiho’s child. Will he become KC’s enemy?

    The real story will begin in next ep. I really hope Suzy won’t ruin the mood. Neither a hater nor a kid who foolishly wishes they blur the actor’s face or just is concerned with the looks. Just a lover of this drama and a big fan of Seung ki who wants to enjoy the drama.

    Fangirling part: Didn’t know pretty, pure, adorable, humble, wonderful angels have haters too. Makes me love him even more.

  162. 162 : Ttuk Says:

    I tried to search a particular site for “Kangchi”, but nothing came up. Searched for “Gu Family” and got a hit. Yet another site had it in reverse. Quite frustrating.

    I wonder why Korean cars don’t have many names as well? Like: Hyundae Sonata a.k.a. Hyundae GTX a.k.a Hyundae Ajhussi.

  163. 163 : Ttuk Says:

    A few interesting dramas popping up. I look forward to this one.

    Great opening. Engaging. And a good balance of mood setters. Good screenplay and directing in its first installment. I was captivated.

  164. 164 : Seung Ji Says:

    Enjoyed watching the first two episodes.
    Waiting for Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy appearance.

  165. 165 : Ttuk Says:

    #161 I believe we are to look upon her union with the handsome gumiho/warlock, over that of a life as a state sanctioned slut, as “destined”.

    The casual Wal Ryung’s happened to see her arrival at the gisaeng house, and his more than normal interest in her situation was an indicator. His fate assisted (killing snake) refutation of Sojung Monk’s non-interference directive is another strong indicator, that opened the way to their union and consummation. Then of course there’s the escape from gisaeng penitentiary 🙂 leading our heroine directly to Wal Ryung.

    The heart will love whom it chooses I guess. The hand of fate merely assists. 🙂

  166. 166 : Mushu Says:

    What is wrong with LSG? Are u guys really basing it on a preview which in my opinion he dont look bad in. LSG is adorable. Let his acting in the upcoming episodes speak for itself and not dissuade ppl from watching it. This is so far an awesome drama and those who don’t like it has the choice of moving on to another drama. Stop wasting your time posting B.S to bash another’s hard work. Smh. Ppl these days. Seriously!

  167. 167 : Nicole Says:

    The first 2 episodes were just amazing. Like literally amazing! 🙂 It was really tragic but beautifully made at the same time. I love it already.. Can’t wait for the next episodes! A MUST WATCH EVERYONE! 🙂 The actors/actresses are great as well… Choi Jin Hyuk was sooo handsome and Lee Yeon Hee was beautiful. I kinda feel sad that they’re not the main characters but nevertheless, I’m pretty sure Lee Seung Gi and Suzy will do great as well.

  168. 168 : BARBARA Says:


  169. 169 : mini.giny Says:

    can i ask, and please answer me…

    why kangchi father first love is a man???? 0.o

  170. 170 : Joyce Says:

    Oh, NO! Let’s not ruin this thread over nonsense stuff! Hehe! This drama is epic!!! The storyline is superb! I personally don’t watch a drama because of the looks of the actors…I’m not a big fan of Lee Seung Gi but I DO love all his dramas starting from Brilliant Legacy, Gf is a gumiho, King2hearts and now this one! Though, haven’t see him yet in the last 2 eps but for sure his character as Kangchi will captures the heart of all the viewers! There are loads of not so goodlooking K-actors but eventually captured my heart LOL!their character in the drama truly hit me!

    Chillax and let’s enjoy the show~^^

  171. 171 : Seung Ji Says:

    Can’t wait for the 3rd episode.
    I have exams next week.
    I won’t be able to watch it till 18th of April.

  172. 172 : Aga Says:

    I like Bae Suzy. 🙂 from DH1

  173. 173 : hny Says:

    2 eps… is mine…wal ryung is a touche character so loveble n great potraying by choi jin hyuk..I wonder is that his real voice !! soo immature n different accent… good ! HHHHH… is too bad his not the real lead… his a lovey dovey guminho. .so long wal ryung `_´

  174. 174 : jhing Says:

    my love lee seung gi…a gentleman,humble and down to earth man..

  175. 175 : K_Holic Says:

    Lee Sung gi is’nt a handsome actor but he’s adorable one.
    It’s doesn’t matter if u don’t like the actor or the actrees. Just holding ur self till the end, if u enjoy the show.

    Jardeus: 157-158
    Ur comment makes me laugh #ROTF
    But it’s going to far. How can u say LSG’s face must
    be edited “blur”? Ckckckck
    Just imagine SJK if u like SJK take a role in this drama.

  176. 176 : sm1 Says:

    i love lsk and the storyline of this drama

  177. 177 : I love drama Says:

    Some of you alway don’t like his face, he is bad look? No another more? Because you can’t find his fault else. Maybe his charm bother your supperstars.why he lead?why my star? You don’t know him all everything. Why he have alot fan love him, if he bad look? He also handsome and bright smile. Good too that you watch his drama. If he alway bad guy in drama but people still like him. Your favorite good guy in drama but not sure people like in real. Because you know them. Good Look only feel when they ‘re kind .sorry , some star only good face but real them also make they to bad. Seunggi alway lead if he in real. Now he not only lead in drama and also lead in novel book that writter to write special for real him to model.Drama only drama.but seunggi is seunggi. No change. I hope you stop bad comment to him.i think you love your idol also hear to hurt your idol. Happy watch drama together. Fighting gu family book. I love this name.

  178. 178 : saraSJS Says:

    Nothing wrong with adorable Seung ki. They should fix their eyes which are wrong.

  179. 179 : Mushu Says:

    Sarajsj. I totally agree with you!

  180. 180 : Mushu Says:


  181. 181 : Si Says:

    Is WR dead? He was magically closed by the leaves. Does it to cure him as what the blue lights cure his wounds? Does he become a thousand-year demon, instead, because he hasn’t finished the 100-day prayer, and he couldn’t stab the one who betrayed him using that special knife on her heart. What if he didn’t die, and later for some reasons, he fights with his own son, Kang Chi, without knowing each other.
    What will Kang Chi do when he knows that he is half-human-half-beast, when he knows that his mother tried to kill him even before he was born, when he knows that it’s his loved one’s father who stabbed his father?
    Not to forget, he also have to face the evil GW, who killed his grandfather, his uncle, his mother’s maid, and tried to rape his mother.
    Oh there are also park tae so and chung jo as the second characters whom I believe won’t make his life easy.
    Oh, Kang Chi, so many works to do. Do you still have time for romance? For me, a little romance is okay, Kang Chi yaa. Hehe. So looking forward to your action. Starting next week. Yay.
    Is it wrong if I have my eyes only on you actor Lee Seung Gi because you’re so great and adorable. Hehe.

  182. 182 : Si Says:

    Is it wrong if I have my eyes only on you actor Lee Seung Gi because you’re so great and adorable? Hehe.

    The sentence should be ended by a question mark. Sorry.^^

  183. 183 : az Says:

    whaaattt thats it????? what about Gu Wol Ryung?? so sad for him, poor him 🙁 he died??? or still alive??? i hope that he is still alive and found his
    only son, and about seo hwa let her died with extreem death, i hate her so much. how can se betrayed the one that protected her, cherries her and loved her so much.i still feel sad for GWR

  184. 184 : Joyce Says:

    I understand Seo Hwa’s reactions…tho I hate her when she choose to betrayed Wal Ryung.But who wouldn’t be shocked seeing the guy you love is a gumiho? Isn’t it so scary?

    Wal Ryung will be back as villain…I believe that he never died but he will be a demon living in the forest not a guardian anymore since he failed to stab the woman whom he loved that betrays him and he eventually become the enemy of Kangchi.Perhaps they will fight for the Gu Family Book.Maybe when he’s back he wants to be human but only Kangchi can have the Gu Family Book.Omg, just thinking about it made me cry :(the father and son gonna fight!This is by far my most fave in weekdays drama atm I unno in the later eps…let’s see….

    On May 27 there’s a new drama gonna compete with this one under KBS starring Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin the title is “Shark”! Why they have to compete? LOL!

  185. 185 : saraSJS Says:

    Having daddy gumiho back depends on CJH’s schedule and writer. If his role was as short as LYH, he’ll never be back. But if he’s one of the supporting actors, he will be back. But as he’s a divine creature and the one who sacrificed himself for his love, i believe he wouldn’t be a complete demon who fight his own son. Plus, he’s a super natural creature and his son looks like him and his precious SH. So he probably would recognize him immediately. That’s my opinion, though.

    Totally agree with you about romance. I also want less romance in this drama. KC needs to get his revenge, fight for his rights, learn how to live as a half-human-half-gumiho and replace his father and guard the moonlight garden. So no time for romance. Please writernim.

  186. 186 : KDaddict Says:

    I ain’t excited yet. Waiting for adorable n cute as a puppy LSK to appear!
    Will the whole K2H gang be here? 😉
    Long time no see. Your Qn in #181 needs no “?” or Ans. Is it wrong to only have eyes for him? Of course NOT!

  187. 187 : Chong Says:

    I hope there will be alot of romance beetwen Seung Gi and Suzy.
    Big fan of both, I hope the gumiho will appear often that will be so much more better.

  188. 188 : LilyAiren Says:

    well, this drama is totally daebak ! even the 1st and 2nd episode make me cried. I don’t know why,, but the plot is so interesting ! Well, now let move to kang chi’s story that can potray more epic scene~!.

    p/s : i really like the OST song, My Eden, so beautiful <3

  189. 189 : Si Says:

    Hello K, yes long time no see. How are things?
    Oh right, the whole TK2H gang, will they? 🙂
    Hehe, now I won’t feel guilty to only have eyes for the adorable and cute Seung Gi. Hehe.

  190. 190 : seunggi's Says:

    why the PD take Lee yeon Hee cast for this drama….?!! her act was bad…there is nothing expression…….oouuuccchhh

  191. 191 : taylor Says:

    Such a good start! The first two episodes were beautifully done! The cinematography, the back story, the cast – awesome! CJH is sooooo adorable and LYH has this ethereal beauty that is so suitable for a mythical story such as this. I’m so vested in this back story that I’m a bit afraid that the main story is not going to match it…

  192. 192 : bratty Says:

    i only watch this drama because of suzy too.. i hope the drama do well !!! fighting..

  193. 193 : bratty Says:

    i hope someone goona cut and post of suzy’s scene in this drama..

  194. 194 : saraSJS Says:

    Even cameraman will mostly capture him. You know he’s that precious. So don’t feel guilty. Now i’m hardly controlling this fangirl inside me. She’s killing me to write things that I’ve never written on any thread. Haha. I know yours is killing you too.

  195. 195 : kimchilee Says:

    Anyo saraSJS/KDaddict,

    good to see both of you here. I love the way they introduced this story.. Kang Chi’s parents are the most beautiful couple ever to have featured as parents in a k-drama.. why.. even the father, Wul Ryung.. I dare say he looks younger than LSG! good looking too! maybe that is why I felt so much for him when he was betrayed. I hope he will return to the screen later (but unlikely bec he will be old then).. but hope to see more of him as a leading actor in other dramas.

    I love the magical atmosphere setting in the forest and cave.. what a surreal existence .. and so soon.. all that magic lost the moment a human is introduced into it. It goes to show humans can be the worst of all beings to have existed.. ah.. the mood certainly set it that way for me.. I want to love Wul Ryung .. so innocent and pure.. 😛

    I wonder what happened to Kang Chi’s mother after giving birth to him? did she die? did Wul Ryung die? was he cured seeing the vines covering him up? I think he became evil and will eat all humans up esp women bec of betrayal..haha!

    oh well! I certainly look forward to seeing the next episode and the next.

  196. 196 : Si Says:

    You know me so well. Haha.

  197. 197 : KDaddict Says:

    So happy to see you again after your absence. IMY after end of IMY!
    I’m not enarmored w the first 2 eps as much. I like Kang Chi’s parents and the actor playing baddie. I like the surreal setting n magical moments, but they don’t have me line, hook n sinkered.
    I’m waiting for Kang Chi to show his cute puppy face!
    BTW, if you want dramas w gt scripts, I really enjoy: Childless Comfort, End of the World, Cruel Palace–all of them on jTBC, plus Nine on tvN. The cable channels seem to go for the quality of the script rather than the big name stars. I love big stars n beautiful cinematography too, but can’t do w/o a solid script. See u here n there. 😉

  198. 198 : saraSJS Says:

    Hi girl, how have you been?
    I totally loved two first eps. Believe me, it was for the drama itself. Everything was in right place.
    It might be the LSG fangirl inside me. But i hope i can remain rational about this drama to keep the balance between “i love this drama out of my love for Seung ki” and “i love this drama for the whole package”. A bit hard to do. Coz i love Seung ki even more more than KJW and this drama is not MQ either. It’s the saguk that i love.

    But i don’t think daddy gumiho will be old when he appears. He’s a demon now. But still is not a human. So he won’t get old.

  199. 199 : kimchilee Says:

    Hello KDaddict/saraSJS!

    Forgive me but i only watch dramas with actors i like and sometimes, when they pair with the wrong person, i tend to lose interest in the drama. Just as in Nine, or Civil Servant .. somehow, the actresses puts me off. When there are actors/actresses I like, i can get very intensely interested and therefore, have the interests to join in threads like this. Thus, my long absence. But you are so very right about a good solid script.. Yoo Ah In failed in Fashion King just as Kwon Sang Woo failed in poor choice of dramas.

    Coming back to this drama, ah! right. Daddy gumiho wont grow old! I hope he will come back later.. let’s hope the story here is a good but i am having a little niggling doubt about Suzy’s acting.. still the same old facial expression.. a bit stiff.. what do you think?

  200. 200 : KDaddict Says:

    I used to be that way too 😉
    Suzy is fine to me. She is young n has much room n plenty of opportunities for improvement in her acting.

  201. 201 : Mhie Says:

    It’s really good start. I can’t wait to watch the next episode. Specially the love story of lee sueng ki and suzy. It’s so kilig. Hehe

  202. 202 : saraSJS Says:

    Generally, i don’t like when idols take the leads in the dramas. Mostly with behind the scenes dealings and bribery. Only few of them have the taste for acting. The best one is Micky. He proved he had acting talents by getting better drama by drama. But we don’t have the same one among idol girls. Most of them are wooden, just busy showing off their fake beauties and so on -Now some guys want to tell me that she’s not fake. It’s okay. I’m just talking generally- And Suzy is not an exception. As much as excited i was for Seung ki’s comeback, i felt disappointed when they cast her. For me she hasn’t shown much improvement since DH days. Not being biased here. This is only my opinion.

  203. 203 : kimchilee Says:

    A lot of idols do have potential to become actors/actresses besides looking good too! I like the pairings between Suzy and Lee Seung Gi.. both have that cheekiness attitude look. I thought it was great they finally found some compatible pairings and for once .. the girl was not older than the actor.

    So here, while I love Suzy for her boldness and all, I hope she will be more expressive. I already love the fact there are no over exaggerated-acting- cute-kind of expression from her.

    Ep 3.. can’t wait!! 🙂

  204. 204 : limaj Says:

    loved the storyline..it showcases the true colour of jang he bin’s heart…a heart that never fails to love his family and a heart that is sincere yet nbaive…not the cruel heart as being typed cast by other historical drama…

  205. 205 : Seung Ji Says:

    Waiting for the next episodes.
    Will watch it this Thursday.

  206. 206 : Kapatid Asianovelas Says:

    Guga Family Book will be aired soon on TV5 in the Philippines.

  207. 207 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @limaj are you referring to Jang Ok Jong– JANG HE BIN, right? This is KangChi dear. 🙂

  208. 208 : kapams Says:

    @KAPATID Hoy, nabili na kaya ng ABS ang GFB !!!

  209. 209 : Sharon Says:

    I really like this drama,but I resent SH for having no loyalty, even if you found out he is a monster say thank you. I understand, who wants to marry a nonhuman , but still he save your life.

  210. 210 : liina Says:

    yoon eun hye was and still is a singer who turned actress and she is today one of the most payed actress and a brilliant one to and I think of suzy really works with her acting she could go a long way and she isn’t that bad either just needs to work a bit on her face

  211. 211 : Mimi Says:

    Yeah, Yoon Eunhye and Sung Yuri are two of the top actresses today.
    I think Suzy also has a chance to become an excellent actress.
    She is just 18 now and she has many years to learn about acting.

  212. 212 : Joyce Says:

    I want to watch ep3 subbed already 🙂 my wish is finally granted my fave queen of OST Baek Ji Young gonna sing the OST of this drama “Spring Day”~!whoah!

  213. 213 : Si Says:

    Kang Chi, what an adorable boy he is. Act first, think later. 😀

  214. 214 : Pim Says:

    98 Jardeus.

    I agree with you. Lee seunki can act like a Frog-Princess.
    He’s not so handsome just simple, but his character seem friendly and smart. he’s a good singer, right ? I like his father more than him. However,he’s OK for me. I like this story 🙂

  215. 215 : KDaddict Says:

    I deliberately skipped the 2nd half of ep 2. Just don’t have the heart to see Oppa Gumiho be destroyed by his love of a thousand years!
    Then she goes into the crowded market place, armed w a wooden dagger to kill Baddie, who has an entourage of guards in front of a Samurai! Oppa Gumiho, in your next life time, pls pick a girl with a brain. OK, it’s a suicide mission. Pardon me for shedding no tears for her.
    But as soon as Kang Chi appears, I love the show completely. I’m afraid his first love is no good for him. They r not of the same type, n she’ll only bring him ruin, like his mother to his father.
    I like the swordswoman played by Suzy. I think she is badass enough to be a good match for our cutie sweetie Gumiho Jr.

  216. 216 : Mhie Says:

    Is there someone who uploaded yet the ep.3.?

  217. 217 : jardeus Says:

    wooooww.. all of Lee seungi’s dramas uses beautiful and top star lead actresses.. and all of his role are the same.. acting like a cool guy in every drama…. tsk-tsk.. probably trying to cover up his face… probably have some strong connections with the showbiz… (Big Nose) Ji Suk jin’s nose is prettier than Lee Seungi.. I admire Lee Seungi’s manager and producer for they’re hard work in manipulating the media and the fans.. probably the reason why you guys are hooked.. I wish Lee Seungi could have a drama were his the villain not the cool guy.. its time to use his ugly face to be a villain….

  218. 218 : jardeus Says:

    Really Baek Ji Young will make an ost for this drama.. daebak!!! wow.. really admire lee seungi’s connections…. they really know how to use prominent people just attract viewers out there..

  219. 219 : Sharon Says:

    Overall, when it comes down to it looks and all Lee Seungi can act. Lee Seungi may not be the cutest guy in acting, but there is something about him a certain jene sais quoi, sex appeal and attractiveness. People who goes by look are superficial I don’t care about that. All I know he got something many girls want. 😊

  220. 220 : Si Says:

    Just finished watching ep 4.
    Kang Chi showed his many expressions. I was laughing, going awww, being serious, and many other expressions. Wow, Seung Gi, you’re seriously DAEBAK!!!
    He’s smiling I was smiling. He’s sad, I was sad. He’s angry, I was angry. Good job dear, my cute and good-looking darling. <3 <3 <3

  221. 221 : Kimchilee Says:

    Seung Gi is the most natural faced actor I’ve seen.. I wasnt attracted to his looks when i first saw him in Shining Inheritance, almost hated his spoilt manners but he eventually won me over with his superb acting.. and his cute dimples! Just like Song Il Gook who acted in Jumong, they dont have pretty faces but they sure can act!

    Oh KDaddict, i just read that End of World drama will be reduced by half of its intended series due to poor ratings. I think there are not many well known actors there inspite of their very good acting skills and the fact that they have passed the age of what the younger actors can bring onto screen and draw in the viewers. So what does it say..? Good script no actors.. no viewership.. good actors lousy script.. less viewership.. good actors.. good script.. most viewership.. like this one.. !! 😉

  222. 222 : Kimchilee Says:

    @KDaddict… aah! how could you skip the first 2 episodes.. ? so the brainless mom died at her own choosing in the most stupid place at last? Good lah.. er..am not sure if the son will be smarter .. look at the father who falls stupidly for the stupid mother.. haha.. sorry.. actually, you shld have watched the first 2 episodes.. they are both wonderful in their own act and scenes.

    Have not watch ep 3 yet.. i want to wait for more episodes to come to avoid pining for more..

  223. 223 : KDaddict Says:

    LSG, the more you know abt him, the more you’ll love him. That’s the way it has been w me. Like you, I saw him in Shining Inheritance and wasn’t immediately taken over. But over time, I saw him in MGFG, saw him on 1N2D, saw his CFs, by the time I reached K2Hs, I was a complete fan. He just grows on you. To me, the love for him is more than abt loving his looks, but abt loving his manners, his personality, his singing, his cuteness, etc.
    As for End of the World, I don’t think it’s fair to discuss it here. I left comments abt it and its termination on its thread. But obviously there r many more viewers who will watch Song SH, YooAI, JoIS, SongKG, n love anything they appear in, than the actor who played John Mayer in K2H. Popularity is sometimes, but not always the measure of quality.

  224. 224 : KDaddict Says:

    No, I did Not skip the first 2 eps. I only skipped the 2nd half of the 2nd ep, when the soldiers caught her in the forest, n Oppa Gumiho was forced to kill them. I stopped right there. And picked up again w ep 3.

  225. 225 : saraSJS Says:

    The Seung ki fangirl inside me is losing her control. I can’t take it anymore. Sorry all.
    Please please please you who insult humble, natural pretty, down to earth, adorable, talented, wonderful Seung ki STFU AND GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE unless you have something to talk about more than that nauseating crap.

  226. 226 : Mimi Says:

    Admin, the ratings for episode 3 are wrong.
    Please reverse national and Seoul ratings.

  227. 227 : Si Says:

    Dear Admin,
    I think you got the ratings for ep 3. They should be reversed. The nationwide’s ratings should be Seoul’s ratings. So, it will be:
    TNmS: Nationwide 13.6 (6th), Seoul 15.2 (5th)
    AGB: Nationwide 13.6 (5th), Seoul 15.5 (5th)
    Here are the list from AGB and TNmS. 🙂

  228. 228 : Si Says:

    Ah @Mimi
    We sent the comment almost at the same time. 🙂
    Telepathy? Hehe.

  229. 229 : redgirl Says:

    This drama suxxxxxxx! booorrrrringggg! lsk and suzy are ugly!??!!!####

  230. 230 : Ki Ki Says:

    @Si, Telepathy? Isn’t it a SNSD’s song????

    ke ke, Just Kidding.

    Nice to meet you Si, let be good friends.

    @redgirl, you called Seunggi and Suzy ugly??? B*tch, you better re-frame your words, I am now judging you.

  231. 231 : Mimi Says:


    yeah, there must be a Telepathy between us.

    Do you love this drama??? I really love this and I will ship Sugi couple


  232. 232 : redgirl Says:

    KIKI in your face hoe! You are ugly too!!!! boring boring

  233. 233 : redgirl Says:

    When A Man Falls In Love WINNER in ratings huwahuwahuwa

  234. 234 : Park jun sung Says:

    Huft, is good? The number of eps is huge, 24 episode. Huft, i gave watch it up :@

  235. 235 : Si Says:

    @KI KI
    Is it? 🙂
    Nice to meet you, too. Let’s be good friends. 🙂
    Just ignore her. I know what you feel. Haters gonna hate. Let’s just spread something positive. Fighting!!!

  236. 236 : Si Says:

    I enjoy it so far.^^ How about you?
    I will ship seung-si (Seung gi – Si) couple. 😀

  237. 237 : Seung Ji Says:

    I like it till now.
    Enjoyable, fun and serious at the same time.

  238. 238 : Mimi Says:

    @ Si,

    you are so funny.

    Yeah, I will also ship Seungi with you ke ke

  239. 239 : zero Says:

    Shu shu go away . Someone will know what I say

  240. 240 : haruhi28 Says:

    LSK is really lovable! can’t get enough of him 🙂 he and suzy makes a cute couple…looking forward to the next episodes 🙂

  241. 241 : Lezbihonest Says:

    I dont like this drama. unrealistic. Will wait for new dramas to come

  242. 242 : koreanaddictee Says:

    Watch till the 2nd episode….i just lost interest….i’ll take a pass as of the moment….sorry LSK….this drama couldnt match Gumiho and King2hearts…

  243. 243 : Nicole Says:

    I’m totally loving this drama!!! 🙂 LSG fighting!! <3

  244. 244 : Syashz Says:

    Hi guys…Luv this drama…to early to deny and make remarks… this drama have along way to go..so don’t make hasting decision right now. This drama have its own strength so just bear with it..I for one luv the couples and so keep fighting..so nicole LSG fighting….

  245. 245 : kimchilee Says:

    KDaddict, yeah.. LSG does grow on us.. he has very good vocals too.. and his dimples makes him all the more adorable.

    saraSJS – dont be among those gumihorrors .. 😉

    just read on with amusement about LSG’s comments good or bad and keep saying nice things about him as you think he is.. never mind those who dont.. beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder so they say and anger only fuels more anger.. so cool it! Everyone usually has their own opinion.. truth be told..he is not exactly a good looking dude.. just a very natural down to earth kinda guy whom you would love to take home to meet mama!! heh! cheers! smile! be happy! watch this drama and enjoy watching him!! 🙂

  246. 246 : KDaddict Says:

    I love this drama. I love ep 4. I love the swordswoman, her body guard, and of course Kang Chi. Love the 3 of them together. Pls be The 3 Musketeers. Pretty Pls. 🙂
    I’m really dreading the killing of Papa Park, n their framing Kang Chi for it. He’s going to be so hurt, so heart-broken when the family believes it. Oh, poor Puppy KC!
    The Evil Lord salivates over the pretty girl. It’s both scary n disgusting. Isn’t it awesome how KC just blocks him? But Evil Lord has access black magic. Afraid it’s going to be a Melo more than anything else. Sob sob.

  247. 247 : daewoon005 Says:

    I’m totally hooked up to this drama .. I really hope it will be consistent … Judgement is too early .. I’ll just enjoy watching Lee Seung Gi and fall in love with him at the same time .. 🙂

  248. 248 : Si Says:

    Don’t you think Kang Chi can easily transform from cute to awesome to adorable to swoon-worthy to cool to serious to aww-worthy to witty? What did I say? Hehe.

  249. 249 : Dramaqueen Says:

    Lee Seung Gi and Suzy fighting ! Both are really adorable in this drama.

  250. 250 : Canail Siren Says:

    so when the gumiho is female it is evil and when it is male it is mythical. wow what gender equality.

  251. 251 : saraSJS Says:

    I love ep 3. A good tragic ending for WR-SH story. SH regrets betraying daddy gumiho. Leaves her child to SJ and dies.

    What we see in rest of the drama is a good introduction of Kang chi character, people around him, how his presence has changed their lives, how that bracelet controls his gumiho side and how he is being treated by them. I love how Seung ki portrays KC. He exactly is a mixture of tough hot tempered SH and innocent, strong and cute daddy gumiho. He’s doing great. Again he’s proving he’s the best singer turned actor ever.

    I also hate showing my angry fangirling side publicly. But I can’t say it here. For a reason Seung ki has a special place in my heart. When it comes to him, i can’t take any bad word. Saying Jaejoong is pretty but Seung ki is not won’t piss me off. Yeah, he’s very handsome but not a flower boy. But using insulting words as if you hate him with your whole heart is not right. Even if you’re not a fan. I’ll try to ignore the haters and just support my bias.

  252. 252 : salo Says:

    OMG i love it but im still waiting for ep 4 to be subbed. I watch it on dramacrazy.net and gooddrama.net. Does anyone know another website that uploads and subs episodes fast?

  253. 253 : KDaddict Says:

    That’s so well put. Kang Chi, Kang Chi, Kang Chi!
    I think our SK has lost some weight, probably due to his heavy schedule, incl. recent concert. His face looks so taunt. And the drama is only just starting for him. So many more weeks of no-sleep ahead. 🙁

    In My GF is a Gumiho, she is not evil at all. In this drama, when Papa Gumiho was wronged, he turned plenty scary. What gender inequality?

    Haters want to throw a monkey wrench into the thread just to disrupt the flow n the joy. I’ve wised up to their trick.

  254. 254 : Si Says:

    He purposely loses his weight for this role. He’s on diet now.
    Agree with you. So many more weeks of no-sleep and more actions scenes. 🙁

  255. 255 : Sharon Says:

    Watch ep 3 & 4 it getting better by the ep and the rating is just increasing with each ep. SK is doing a wonderful job and this drama is getting better with time.

  256. 256 : myeon Says:

    I can’t help myself to know about KC’s future 🙁 is park moo sol will be died because of those jerk joo gwan woong???? and is kang chi will be blame because of it? :'( aaaa curious to the dead

  257. 257 : myeon Says:

    so i read this on wikipedia, about tae soo..

    “.. Park Tae-soo who was friend turned enemy of Choi Kang-chi (Lee Seung-ki)”

    OMG, tae soo will become kang-chi enemy? WHY? I don’t like it, at all 🙁 seriously.. it reminds me of Princess’s Man tragedy, friends become enemy…. I like their bromance, though 🙁 poor kang chi

  258. 258 : purplelab Says:

    I stopped watching becoz too long for a historical-fantasy drama
    and i slept on some scenes no more excitement. sorry

  259. 259 : aozorazizaw Says:

    I really like lee seunggi..he’s talented..and My beloved brother. so I’m shouldn’t compared to my other brother. I really like both of them. they are daebakk and I love them very much

  260. 260 : haruhi28 Says:

    am loving this drama!!! 🙂

  261. 261 : saraSJS Says:

    Yeah. You’re right. I won’t let them ruin this thread. Thank you for the advice.

  262. 262 : KDaddict Says:

    Why does he need to purposely lose wt for this role? It’s not like he was overwt to begin with?

  263. 263 : Si Says:

    I guess it’s to make him move easily for his action scenes. In his show in Japan last March, he said he’s already lost 3 kg for his role in this drama.

  264. 264 : saraSJS Says:

    Love ep 4 very much. The story is proceeding in a very interesting and unpredictable way. Action scenes and acting are convincing. OST is beautiful. Specially BJY’s song. Her voice is mesmerizing and befitting saguk well.

    I admire Seung ki for great acting. His humor is still there. (I missed it like crazy) Exactly when you think everything is serious. He with that killer smile of his make you laugh in one moment. But his eyes become fierce a moment later. A quick transformation without using CG. Even his voice changes. His face expression changes. He’s greatly showing KC’s half human, half gumiho features.

    Fangirling: Seung ki is sooo cute and adorable with this hairstyle. I can’t help but smiling every time he appears on the screen. Although he lost so much weight and the baby fat on his cheeks is not like before. But how much i love those cheeks and those cute dimples, i don’t know. I can’t take my eyes off him. Practically, i can’t see anything but him. Want to go into my monitor and…

  265. 265 : Si Says:

    and…and WHAT??!! Hehe
    I couldn’t say better than what you said about ep 4 and Seung Gi. ^^
    His smile is to die for. <3 I'm afraid when the story gets heavier and more serious, and Kang Chi has to go through all the pain, we won't see that special smile of his very often. 🙁 Please be strong Kang Chi yaaa.

  266. 266 : Mhie Says:

    I’ve finally watched ep.3 and 4. Thanks for the eng.subtitle It may help me to understand the story very well.

  267. 267 : saraSJS Says:

    Haha…and +18…hahaha

  268. 268 : saraSJS Says:

    Haha…and +18…hahaha

  269. 269 : I love drama Says:

    Love this drama. So fantastic! Playmedia so good. It’s rock me with romantic,power, heartbreak, funny, fear. Last part 2 , like feel short romance but wave me heartbeat. At first , only read story but after try it. Oh rating so good. I’m hope understant korean why they keep watch it.story really reclationship all casts. Good product. I read some comment said it’s not good. Maybe tast by self. Feel so movie. If story to easy understant but rock by great start. Awesome since first part .this story no big plot but excited and good prepare . They said this story similar hong gi dong but i’m no .it maybe melon fantastic drama and heartwarm. What’s next? Can’t wait. Fighting !

  270. 270 : Bryant Says:

    Please tell me this drama is going to have a happy ending!!! Cant wait!!! >.<

  271. 271 : tiwi Says:

    It’s interesting drama ^^,, i’m so excited waiting what’s happen in the next episodes XD

  272. 272 : Hikmi's Says:

    jeongmal love3x this drama….. my heart still hurt about wol ryung and seo hwa :(…. I hope will be a happy ending for SG and Suzy…. They both have characteristic, no matter handsome or beautiful, but they are so :)… And even though this drama is not real, but i’m the type who really like stories like this..Fighting 4 SG – Suzy…

  273. 273 : anzu Says:

    watch it thru dramaload.com….they upload Korean drama fast with eng sub

  274. 274 : Joyce Says:

    I just love ep3 and 4!Suzy and LSG has great chemistry in their first meeting…I love LSG’s acting.He can really act!Some people might not find LSG so handsome but he’s so charming! You’re goin to fall for his character…cos I did fall for him in K2H!So far I like Suzy’s acting…she may not be that good enuf but I just like her since BIG :)and I love Baek Ji Young’s “Spring Rain”…

    This drama is daebak~!hope this drama will continue to rock!this is my most fave weekdays drama atm!

  275. 275 : MAY Says:

    When I see this drama I always have the feeling that is comedy romance because of suzy and lee seung ki but it’s meleodrama! is there some fynny moments….

  276. 276 : Joyce Says:

    Lee Seung and Suzy~Spring Rain OST by Baek Ji Young

  277. 277 : florie Says:

    you can watch on youtube. u can watch the 4 episodes there. the video was uploaded by sm1 named ‘guzzylady’. i watch there too with eng sub.

  278. 278 : florie Says:

    so far the best drama of 2013

  279. 279 : kimchilee Says:

    Great chemistry here between LSG and Suzy.. wow! can’t wait for next episode!

  280. 280 : Mary Says:

    Great drama, so excited on what will happen next!! I just saw one of the posters and saw Gu Wal Ryung wearing black, I guess he turnes into an evil demon after all!!! If what I said is right, then it’s so sad because he might fight his son!!!

  281. 281 : vic Says:

    If you want to watch the latest episode with english subtitle. you can visit http://www.dramacrazy.net … very fast upload!!

  282. 282 : vic Says:

    this is the link..


  283. 283 : dian Says:

    realy² crzy coz this drama!!! ==a

  284. 284 : honey Says:

    I really love this drama. Can’t wait for episode 5.

  285. 285 : French viewer Says:

    For information, this drama is classified in “Most Shared Drama in KoreanDrama.org (Top 30)”.
    But it’s still airing on TV…

  286. 286 : LEE SEUNG GI | Catatan Harian Says:

    […] KangChi, The Beginning (MBC, 2013)The King 2hearts (MBC, 2012)The Greatest Love (MBC, 2011) cameoMy Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox (SBS, 2010)Shining Inheritance (SBS, 2009)Famous Princesses (KBS2, 2006)Nonstop 5 (MBC, 2005) […]

  287. 287 : Sharon Says:

    This drama is growing on me. FIGHTING !!!!!!!

  288. 288 : haruhi28 Says:

    the last part of episode 5 is heartbreaking :(…. nice to see that suzy’s acting has improved 🙂

  289. 289 : Suzy Says:

    🙂 this drama is quite entertaining… i think from now on Kang Chi will be indepted to Lord Park family because he died just to save him. What will happen to YW if he keep clinging on CJ… it seems like their love story will take some time to improve. KC and CJ had mutual feelings for each other. how are they going to break?

  290. 290 : emerald Says:

    Daebak!!! cant for tonights episodes…

  291. 291 : jules Says:

    Yow! How’s this drama?!
    My sister loves lee seung gi so much. Hahaha!
    Gonna watch the 1st 4ep tonight.

  292. 292 : Si Says:

    Just watched ep 6. What an emotional ride…DAEBAK!

  293. 293 : Joyce Says:


    I thought it’s you who loves LSG?you haven’t watch this one yet?You shud watch!download mo na sa dramaheaven haha tapos na namin dl ang 4eps… un nga lang aabot ng ilang days bago upload nila ang next ep lol kelangan q pang manood sa dramacrazy before q mapanood ang HD copy lol

  294. 294 : jules Says:

    hi Joyce!,
    yes, i love lee seung gi too but my sister is much crazier than me over lsg. haha! sya lang ata kilala ng kafatid ko na Kactor kaya pagbigyan na. hahaha!
    i already downloaded it but not in dramaheaven. tagal ng hd eh. LoLs.

    its nice to be back here. hahaha!

  295. 295 : Ttuk Says:

    Lee Seung Ki lifts this drama. I’m no fan, and didn’t like him at all in his previous drama, but he shines here. Bae Suzy is great also.

  296. 296 : Joyce Says:


    haha!natawa namn aq c LSG lng kilala nya na actor?lol cge pagbigyan mo na kaadikan nya ky lsg!magaling like q nga rin c lsg kahit di tlaga aq big fan nya lol

    this drama continue to shine!I love each ep…no boring scenes…I just love this drama!LSG is really great in here!his acting is really good!

  297. 297 : Winda rahayu (@winda_rahayu) Says:

    i hope watch this drama

  298. 298 : Kapatid Asianovelas Says:

    Talagang nasa TV5 pa rin si Lee Seung Gi dahil ipapalabas dito sa Pilipinas ang ” The King 2 Hearts at Guga Medical Book.

  299. 299 : Ruel John Carlo Facundo Says:

    Lee Seung Gi’s dramas were previously aired in the Philippines:

  300. 300 : Animeboyaa Says:

    omg the ending of episode 6 was EPIC, it made me want to watch next episode right away. DAMN need to wait one whole week…
    I admit Lee Seung Gi looked bad ass when he transformed to a gumiho, he fits the role of playing Kang Chi. I wonder how Suzy will react lol.
    Why didn’t they add preview for episode 7 🙁

  301. 301 : tiwi Says:

    kangchi looks cool changes to be gumiho XD

  302. 302 : saraSJS Says:

    Ep5,6 are great. Great enough that don’t leave any place for criticism. I’m just tooooooooooooooooooo in love with KC. Even can’t write rationally here. Seung ki yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa love you like crazy.

  303. 303 : Sam Says:

    I like this drama, it is very funny and action packed, which is a plus for me as I like good martial arts fighting but not so much with the swords.

    I am just curious is this year’s theme all about adoption? This is the third show where the main character is adopted and although Kang Chi knows that he is adopted and his story is sad but it will be full of adventure and magic. However, the other two dramas Lee Soo Shin is the Best and I summon You Gold look kind of sad. They would be more of a tear jerkers if they were half as good as this show.

    I feel like there will be more dramas to follow with similar storyline. Same old same old with Kdramas. I guess, when one drama has an interesting plot the rest all follow.

  304. 304 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, I am speechless…… Ep 5 & 6 leave me speechless, especially ep 6. If the ratings does not go up after this I don’t know what will.
    All I can say is kang chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!

  305. 305 : Zaza Says:

    Hmm i am the fan of Choi Jin Hyuk and action drama. This is the 2nd drama after faith. Sadly the father died in ep 2…huhuhuhu. I want more of Kang Chi’s father ep..

    LSG is not that handsome but he has aura for making people to watch his acting. I love his acting in Shining Inheritance and Gumiho. I am not a fan of Suzy but still watching this drama because i like the storyline and fighting.

  306. 306 : jules Says:

    ayo!… Nice drama you got there at ep.2.. I got teary eyed.

    maniwala ka sakin… walang ibang Kactor yun
    na kilala maliban kay LSG. si Lee Min Ho kilala nia, but
    she never ever give a damn look to him. hahaha!
    ayun nga ngtyatyaga sa buffering mapanood nia
    lang ang pinakamamahal nia… hahaha!

    btw, what other drama that Kang Chi’s father appeared?
    who is he?? LoL! I want to know him more. hahaha!

  307. 307 : Heinz Says:

    Good drama, but im not convinced with the acting of suzy, i dunno why, sorry but i also love yoo ah in in joj, sad to say im loyal to yai just keep up the good work gu family book, nice story!

  308. 308 : haruhi28 Says:

    this is very nice to watch 🙂

  309. 309 : Park Young Rae Says:


  310. 310 : ogrenji Says:

    i don’t know if it’s only me,but i think the lead females (suzy and cast of cheong jo) didn’t really connected (yet) with seung gi,it makes the scenes between seung gi and the girls seemed bland/plain,compared to the first episodes of Kang Chi Mother&Father..

    but i like the storyline,so i’ll tune into this drama,not really into the romance because i don’t think there’s enough chemistry (but hopefully in the end they prove me wrong) 🙂

  311. 311 : Sharon Says:

    @ ogrenji
    The chemistry is not going to be strong because he thinks she is a boy and he has to treat her that way and she has to act like a boy, so the chemistry is not going to be as strong right now. Presently, they are at the friendship stage.

  312. 312 : jen Says:

    i luv the parent’s story,i can’t get enough of their romantic love s2ry and the moonlight garden plssss writer bring them back.they r such a lovely couple amazing chemistry between wolryung and seo hwa.

  313. 313 : Zaza Says:

    @306 Jules, he appears in Panda & Hedgehog, My daughter the flower and Its OK Daddy girl. That is the 3 dramas that i like with him in.

  314. 314 : jules Says:

    wow! I can now breathe!!!

    the last 2eps are DAEBAK. wooahh! A breathtaking episode.
    oh well, history repeats itself. my main question is….
    Who’s gonna die? lol. in history, they were all dead.

    wait, is there any posibility to change the lead actress?
    Suzy isn’t fit for her character… just sayin..
    anyway, her role is to capture the Gumiho like what his father
    did to wal ryung or maybe to payback on what hos father did
    to kang chi’s father… (not yet confirmed) then the love story begins

    so excited for the next episode. :))))

    @zaza thanks for the info. i havent seen any of that drams. :))

  315. 315 : chatime Says:

    oh..so there is a [email protected] behind this story??what was it??

  316. 316 : Syifa Says:

    what a great story!! 1st reason why i’m here is because of LSG but I fall in love with Kang Chi..his makes me speechless with his good acting..he should daebak as a actor than singer!! i love LSG…

    it is not what I say..watch out this link..

  317. 317 : Seung Ji Says:

    I love it

  318. 318 : wynona Says:

    im patiently waiting 4 d comeback of papa gumiho.

  319. 319 : Joyce Says:

    One thing I love about this drama is the storytelling!there’s no boring scenes…each ep really so exciting and the acting of LSG is truly amazing! to think, this is his 1st sageuk.Everytime he was about to cry truly made me cry!just like in ep6 can’t help my tears from falling!I do pity kangchi…now that it’s finally revealed that he’s half human and half beast it wud be very hard for him to show himself for sure Lee Sun Jae’s ppl will chase him hard:( wud he just live in the forest?just like his father?just thinking about it makes my heart aches…

    Kangchi and Cheong Jo has great chemistry…you can truly feel their love for each other ~^^

    I hate Lee Sun Jae!that only mean he’s a good actor to make me hate him :)cos he’s really getting on my nerves!hehe!Kangchi fighting!!!

  320. 320 : Mhie Says:

    I’m looking forward more improvement of bae suzy in her acting skills. Specially when it comes in facial expressions like during heavy scenes, she needs to be more convincing when it comes to that. But still what ever she do i still like her. So much.

  321. 321 : Bae Suzy | Catatan Harian Says:

    […] KangChi, The Beginning (MBC, 2013)Big (KBS2, 2012)I Need a Fairy (KBS2, 2012) cameoHuman Casino (KBS2, 2011)Dream High Season 2 (KBS2, 2012) cameoDream High Season 1 (KBS2, 2011) […]

  322. 322 : Marie Saranghae Says:

    Still have not started watching this drama. I love the main actor but Suzy’s acting does not convince me. 🙁

  323. 323 : japs Says:

    Lee Seung Gi’s drama always make me love him…

  324. 324 : sousou Says:

    Love this show keep going ^^

  325. 325 : cyn Says:

    very2 good …sa rang haeya

  326. 326 : Sharon Says:

    Lee Seung Gi, I knew you would not pick a script that’s not grate. Writers keep up the good work FIGHTING!!!

  327. 327 : Mushu Says:

    I’m laughing at the positive feedbacks that Kanchi (Seung Gi) is now receiving. Before Seungi gi’s character came into play, a bunch of you were trash talking him on how ugly he is and how his acting was poor. Well I guess he shut y’all jaws up by the way you guys are now praising him. His acting is doing all the talking which is how it should’ve been in the first place! Smh! People and their flapping beaks always quick to judge without knowing anything! I think all the cast members are doing amazing. no bad acting here. they are improving in each episode! Go Seung Gi and Team Cast!!!! Show these people how it is done!

  328. 328 : saraSJS Says:

    There are lots of Seung ki fans here. Haters ran off i think and those who are praising him are not the same haters. Haters always hate. Nothing can change them. They just look for a good opportunity to come out and show themselves.

  329. 329 : Mint Says:

    The preview of ep 7! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaK2pgPuBZc

  330. 330 : Sharon Says:

    @ mushu
    You are so correct, but jealousy will get them nowhere . He is a grate actor and as you said it speaks for itself. He will only get better with time.

  331. 331 : SOMEKARENNI Says:


  332. 332 : soo nee rha Says:

    when will other episodes come. please make it fast

  333. 333 : jules Says:

    i can’t get over with Kang Chi’s green eyes….
    pls come faster!!!!!!

  334. 334 : Scrab Says:

    The Reason i watch K-Drama is Lee Seung Gi… \m/ best actor i ever watch..

  335. 335 : tigerb Says:

    @admin: am just curious – this drama is still ongoing in south korea, and it is already listed as one of the shared korean dramas. is that correct? i noticed that the shared dramas are those that finished their telecast in s.korea.

    (@tigerb from admin: The definition of ‘most shared drama’ can be found here – http://www.koreandrama.org/?page_id=323, under FAQ)

  336. 336 : Cris Says:

    I think most shared drama are not base on current or finished dramas. You can check the side bar tab on how many times it’s been shared on twitter, facebook, and google. the number seems to correspond on the ranking of most shared drama list.

  337. 337 : Zaza Says:

    I am not the hater nor the fan but i watch most of his dramas starting from Shining Inheritance, Gumiho, King 2 hearts and now Kang Chi 🙂 He has some quality of attractiveness.. As all of us know that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder 🙂 I may not find him as that handsome among other korean actors but his acting is great. That is why i am still looking forward for all of his dramas.

  338. 338 : Mushu Says:

    @SarahSJS the haters are still here they converted!

    @Sharon.. Amen to that.

  339. 339 : rm018 Says:

    I agree with what @Zaza says, there’s something about him that you could not explain. I also watched all of his drama and I love it all. 😀

  340. 340 : tigerb Says:

    @admin and cris #336. thanks for the response. i’ve always been wondering about ‘shared dramas’. it seems that the production companies can’t do anything about the sharing, but still they can export the dramas to other countries. good for south korea!

  341. 341 : Tiwi Says:

    I’m little disappointment with 7th episodes, hope next episodes better than this

  342. 342 : diiitaam Says:

    suzy i like your act so much! fighting bae suzy…you have many talent although you are still 19 years old

  343. 343 : Sandy Says:

    I’m sorry, LSG may not be a pretty boy but I do think that he is handsome in his own way, he has such an aura when he is performing than in my eyes I think he is handsome, and he is tall, then he sings. Plus he is a great actor and this drama I’m enjoying it soooo much!! At times I feel I’m watching sceneries from The Lord of the Rings with the fairies in the Forrest and all!! I’m enjoying the acting of Suzy as well…so far I guess I’ll continue with my addiction to Korean Dramas…they are awesome!!

  344. 344 : zaza Says:

    @339 rm018. Thanks for understand with what i am trying to convey. When i said that he is not that pretty doesn’t mean that i don’t like him. People develop liking at someone not based on physical appearance. Am i right? the first thing that i look is personality. 🙂
    LSG is great in his acting and i like him in all of his dramas especially in Shining Inheritance (Brilliant Legacy).
    LSG fans, I love u all

  345. 345 : anna Says:

    I first know k-pop after watching miss A Suzy in DHigh, becaus of her i search a lot about miss A, 2pm and JYP Nation just because of her, eventhough i’m girl i can’t stop to fall in love to her, in DHigh she manage to bring something new in her role, not like some others lead actress who always try being cute and protected all the time. In DH she’s the one who protect the others like baek hae (eun jung t-ara) as a prove that how the role she’s playing coldhearted person outside to very warm inside. She also very independence and naturally in acting rather than copy in others characters in always act cute and need to be protected. I’m proudly to say A. Although some may not agree with me, i don’t care as long i’m here to support her and her acting and singging, not like some people who just always banish and criticize but not try to appreaciate others effort. <3 Suzy from Malaysia…(^_^)…

  346. 346 : anna Says:

    For a person who always say ” i will work harder”… A person who used busan dialect to talk with fans when she thought they were Busan people… A person who always tried to hold the tears back and throw the smile to make sure other peoples around not worry about her… A person who goes to fancafe almost everyday to read fan’s massages and the tweets of a fans… A person who is competitive but always smile & congrats someone on their winning… Bae Suzy, you’re not perfect, and you’re not an angel but to me, you’re really special <3 Suzy <3 Malaysia's say A fan…(^_^)…

  347. 347 : Joyce Says:

    Ep7 was like a deja vu…I really love this drama soooo much!!!

  348. 348 : Rosi Says:

    It will be the best drama in 2013.. Yes I’m sure! Lee Seung Gi fighting!!!!

  349. 349 : ratih yoga wati Says:

    kenapa sung joon oppa cuman jadi cameo…….?????

  350. 350 : Sam Says:

    I just have one question for everyone, Why does everyone stand around like an idiot when someone gets stabbed? It has happened twice in this drama and no one seem to do anything about it even the trained professionals.

    Wouldn’t it be more realistic if people reacted differently instead of all standing around like statues?

    Is the admiral the same as the one mentioned in Lee Soo Shin is the Best and named afer?

  351. 351 : Lin Says:

    Ouch, very bored drama. . . Is it becoz seung gi and suzy? So this drama should hit most shared? Huft, of course kangci and missing you would lead the poll. Fans thousand around the world. Its crazy! Sorry its just my opinion

  352. 352 : saraSJS Says:

    Ep 7 is great. The portrayal of KC character, his progress, his conflict are awesome and touching. His tears break your heart. Make you like “please, somebody help him”. It seems all the people expect master, YW, Gon and general Lee will turn to his enemies. Our dear KC has a long, suffering journey in front of his eyes. What will he do when he finds out that YW’s father who’s somehow his savior too, is her father’s murderer? Writernim, please don’t let our dear KC suffer too much.
    Seung ki yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, love you, love you, love you, love you, love you.

  353. 353 : Lin Says:

    Drama “all about my romance”, i think has good storyline. But unfortunately the lead actors is not popular. So its affect there is no one want to watch becoz the lead actor not interest for them. Let me ask a question, if seung gi replaced by the actor who play in “all about my romance”, and seungi exchange role in all about my romance, which one being most popular? I think people more interesting with all about my romance. Not only drama all about my romance, but others drama that has good story with not popular lead actors its will has same condition like this. Huft kdrama world is cruel. . .

  354. 354 : jules Says:

    Hi Joyce! Wassup?

    Sabi ng kapatid ko bat hindi nlng daw mabuntis si cheong jo
    para ulit ulit nlng… Hahaha! Ang tagal ng twists. LoLs!

    Hey Lin, why waste time if you got bored?. I dont know about most shared and i dont even care about it. For me as long as the drama gets my attention, it interests me alot. I have watched many dramas/movies that i dont even know who’s the actor/actress. It is only a plus point if i know the lead stars. If the actor doesnt have much popularity, I guess it is not a fault of the others actors fans coz it only means that that actors didnt get the attention of many…

  355. 355 : saraSJS Says:

    A drama is not just about the actors. It’s a package. Everything from the actors, script, OST to cinematography, sound, etc must be good so the drama can shine as a whole. Of course it will be rewarding if your favorite actor plays the lead. GFB is a great drama in every aspect. To me is more than great because Seung ki is my bias. But i can drop a bad drama even if my bias is the lead. I did it with MQ. And can watch a great drama with actors i don’t like e.g Nine. So sometimes even great acting can’t save a bad script.

  356. 356 : Lin Says:

    i know i know that you are not the one who determine a drama only from the actors. But how about people around you? People always says that the drama which include their bias is a best drama, great storyline, bla bla bla. Actually, they thought like that becoz in those drama there is their bias, right? (once again i dont mean told about u).
    Background? Sound? Music? Hahaha its seem like judging a formal awards. Come on, just a bit people around u who know that point which have u mentioned, the others people just focused in one point = actors (85%), background sound music etc. (15%). Just it the point

  357. 357 : Sharon Says:

    Yes , I must admit many people prefer to watch a drama or a movie because of their favorite actor/actress, but that does not constitute a good drama. If there is a good story and someone can tell that story as if it was theirs and i as the viewer cannot tell the difference, then that’s a actor/actress.
    Lee Seung Ki, is that type of an actor he made me believe he was Kang Chi.
    He made me believe he has turned into a monster that’s acting.

  358. 358 : saraSJS Says:

    Yeah, i agree with you. Most of the people watch because of their bias and praise it even if it’s not worth watching. But don’t worry. At least not all the people are like that. So good dramas always find their viewers even if they are not that many people.

  359. 359 : kumon Says:

    congrats to seung gi! the ratings is increasing. I love love love the first 3 episodes! I’m gonna marathon this after all the episodes will be aired.

  360. 360 : Angelia's Says:

    If lee sung gi were to replace the lead actor there i wouldn’t watch it. Im on episode 8 of all about my romance because lee min jung n shin ha kyun. He’s so handsome after he cut his hair.

  361. 361 : tc Says:

    @Angelia’s -360

    I totally agree with you. In my view, Shin Ha Kyun is the right actor to portray Kim So Young’s character in AAMR as the role require a mature, cynical and sharp person. He is so well matched with the female lead and if Seong Gi were to replace him as the male lead in AAMR as suggested by Lin (353), he will be too young to assume the role of a jaded ex judge who become a cynical and sarcastic politician!

    Both actors are awesome and have their strong points but have to be casted in the right role to bring out the best in them. That’s why Seong Gi is casted as the male lead in Kang Chi whilst Shin Ha Kyun was the producer’s first choice for AAMR.

  362. 362 : wynona Says:

    xcited n tlga me for the episode 12 dahil babalik na c papa gu…yipeeeeeeyyy!

  363. 363 : jules Says:

    Hala! Pano mo nalaman na babalik si papa gu? At sa ep 12 pa? Parang kakatapos ng ng ep8 ah? Ep 12 kagad yung preview?

  364. 364 : lily Says:

    i love this drama n aamr. My bias is seunggi,but i also a big fan of shin ha kyun. I jumped out happiness when i found out that shin ha kyun act in new drama. Well, don’t put ur anger to this amazing drama… It not bcoz of dis drama ur beloved aamr ratings bcome low. They are not compete against each other in ratings
    i not agree with ur statement abot.people use to watch drama based on the actors somehow… How about jong uk jung?its kim tae hee dude

  365. 365 : I love drama Says:

    I think viewer is not stupid. Rating increase when good story . Drama sucess not only good story , actor, product, music. Not sure need romance of love, beautiful, but relation of story. How ever, viewer will watchdrama by favorit actor or popular actor. Rating will increase but down when they find it ‘s no interest story. This drama so good , story more plot, ep 3 seem like no love story alot but varity so beautiful and fresh view. i love travel this story .gu family book figthing.

  366. 366 : saraSJS Says:

    EP 8 is a bit quieter than ep 7. Now we can see how KC is trying to deal with his new life. General Lee character is an excellent one. Love the scene he puts his hand on KC’s shoulder like a father. Love the scene YW doesn’t let Gon shoots him with arrow. Gon has been such a irritating and dry character till this time. Expressionless or jealous. Ep 8 ends in climax. Will YW untie his bracelet?

  367. 367 : Dramaqueen Says:

    I love this drama! The story is moving along nicely and the cast is great.

  368. 368 : Noona Says:

    Lee Seung Gi and Suzy are really cute together. Never a dull moment. Look forward to episodes 9 and 10 next week.

  369. 369 : noona M Says:

    i dont like someone,who post bad coment for something,because he/she just jealous is’nt objectiv….i love this drama because is very good story…the cast,writer,director AWESOME!!!!kangchi…FIGHTING!!

    i think..maybe you never watched this drama,right…!!TRY watching this…is very good drama..

  370. 370 : Maru Says:


  371. 371 : wynona Says:

    @ jules,babalik c papa gu its either episode 12 or 13,i google mo na lng kc updated tlga me when it comes 2 papa gu.im sooooooooo excited!

  372. 372 : jules Says:

    @wynona, lols! You are too eager to know what will happen next huh?! I actually dont like spoilers thats why somehow i dont want to get updated that much. Im contented with what i knew. Anyway, fighting! Abangan natin pareho kung babalik nga si papa gu o hindi. :))) hehe!

  373. 373 : azia Says:

    recent OST release ‘나를 잊지말아요’ sung by Suzy (miss A) streaming here http://kpoparazzi.me/2013/05/suzy-kangchi-the-beginning-ost-5/ thanks

  374. 374 : SEOULWHAT Says:

    Hey guys, so does Kang Chi know that Yeo Wool is a girl? Because he keeps calling her sir…

  375. 375 : Si Says:

    @SEOULWHAT 374
    Have you watched ep 9? You’ll get a hint in that ep, and I’m sure you’ll get a clear answer in ep 10. 😉
    Oh btw, ep 10 is tonight. Yay. Can’t wait. ^^

  376. 376 : Joyce Says:


    Haha! You’re spazzing hard with daddy Gumiho than his son Kangchi lol I’m so excited for his comeback too^^He ‘s rumored to play the role of Lee Min Ho’s big bro in “The Heirs”.

  377. 377 : wynona Says:

    @ jules marami tlga tayo na ng aabang sa pgblik ni pa2 gu,at sana mas tumaas pa ang ratings,can’t wait 4 him 2 reappear…

  378. 378 : jen Says:

    i want the mom and dad story simply amazing plsss PD bring them back

  379. 379 : Joyce Says:


    Dami tlgang nag abang sa reappearance nya! Sa ep2 palang ng drama nagcomment na aq d2 na babalik xa bilang villain at mabuti nman totoo ung theory q hehe!..so ep12 tlga xa babalik? Feeling q they will fight for the gu family book! Sana nman may romance na kc na obsessed na aq masyado sa romance ng joj lol guess the romance will begin since kangchi discovered that YW is a girl^^

  380. 380 : jules Says:

    @joyce @wynona

    haha! Naloka ako kay papa gu ehehe!!! di ba maraming buhay ang gumiho, so from the start i really believe hindi naman nawala si papa gu hindi lang xa nagpapakita (yung character) kung ano man magiging role nia kapag ngpakita ulit, yun ang hindi ko alam…hahah! Ang Gu Family Book ba dapat isa lang ang gumamit? Wala naman na si Mother kaya ibibigay na yan ni papa gu kay kang chi kung sakali. LoLs!!!

  381. 381 : wynona Says:

    naku hapy tlga me,akala q mg isa lng aqng pnay d2,hehehe naku sobrang bliw tlga me ky pa2 gu,preho tayo d alam f anu magiging role s pgblik nya,mas maganda din sana f bblik din c ma2 human,pra hapy ending,at may romance ulit cla sobrang kilig tlga nlang dlwa hahahaha!

  382. 382 : Nicole Says:

    This drama is just amazing!!!! 🙂 🙂 I looooooove it!!! #1 fave drama @-) It ruined my favorites list… Before Princess Man was #1 but now it’s gonna move to #2 because of Gu Family Book!! Can’t get enough from this drama – it’s just PURE GOLD <3

  383. 383 : Mhie Says:

    Grabe ang ep 10 kilig much! Nakakakilig si kangchi. Haha. Nagsisimula na umusbong na another love story! At may love triangle pa! Hay ep 11 excited nakung mapanuod.

  384. 384 : Sharon Says:

    I don’t understand, everyone just stand there and watch TS stabbed KC. When KC passed out that’s when her father got off the porch and the guards ran towards him. That’s crazy!!!

  385. 385 : Sharon Says:

    Who gave Gon that hair cut in ep 9 hahaha!!

  386. 386 : Si Says:

    Kang Chi, the Beginning, fighting~~~!

  387. 387 : Jade Says:

    That bodyguard of Suzy is starting to get real annoying, he is so jealous of Kangchi. Just because she likes KangChi he dosen’t have to hate him.
    Watch episode 9 and 10 you understand, he isn’t the only want who cares for suzy.

  388. 388 : Sharon Says:

    Wow!!! It’s getting more and more interesting, so TS also has a crush on YW. I think CJ is going to commit suicide before KC rescue her from the brothel.

  389. 389 : limsooni Says:

    wahhh! cant wait for the comeback of papa gu at around ep.12-13 just kinda sad coz he’ll play a villain role, it’s a fight between father and son 😐 but still he will come back! the only bad thing is as a “demon” hope he’ll be save.

    source :http://www.dramabeans.com/2013/05/choi-jin-hyuk-confirmed-to-reappear-in-gu-family-book/

  390. 390 : jen Says:

    dont care even if he will play a villain role or a thousand years demon as long as he will re appear….i definitely watch and xcited 4 his comeback…..go!go!go!papa gu!

  391. 391 : Sharon Says:

    I think papa gu will come back to protect his son!

  392. 392 : Che Says:

    @Lin :
    Uhuk…uhuk… Hahhahaha… Terimakasih . Semoga bisa dijadikan kritik yang membangun untuk kita semua !!!

  393. 393 : bblve07 Says:

    OMG, this is amazing.
    Introducti0n p lng interesteng na! Grabe I really cry for the 1st and 2nd episode.. I hope they will appear again and continue their love story..

  394. 394 : bblve07 Says:

    I really can’t get over, 4 the love story of his parents.
    The man fall in love 4 the first time fr0m the past 1,000 years, but after he loved that girl he died, because the girl betray him… Huhu so sad.. The man always protect him, How could she do that to him.,

  395. 395 : marcel Says:

    ang dami tlga nating ngmahal ky pa2 gu,at na inlove sa parents luv s2ry,grbe sobrang naiyak me sa ep 1 and 2,kahit ngayon d q pa npnuod ang ep 3 til 10 kc nga d pa me nkapag move on sa tragic luv s2ry ng parents,confirm na bblik c pa2 gu,sna nmn ibalik din nila c seo hwa pra my hapy endng cla..

  396. 396 : xxx Says:

    is it worth it to watch? i don’t have high expectation with suzy act. From the poster i see her straight face make me doubt. that’s why i hate idol turned to actress. they have no skill. i hate watching drama with bad acting although have great story.
    since it has high rate, i will try to watch it. i hope suzy will not crushing my hope.
    *note : sorry for suzy fans, you should admit it, even she has a beautiful face.

  397. 397 : saraSJS Says:

    I agree with you about acting-dols. But watch it for whole package. It’s a good drama. Acting-dols are just used for better selling of the drama overseas. So look at her from this point of view and focus on the story. I tell you this as a huge Seung ki fan though. I stand her just because of him and the good story.

  398. 398 : Nina Says:

    please people stop saying things about Suzy by the way this is the first time she is doing drama like this which is fighting and she is doing very good and you don’t have to crush the girl’s hope like this and she is also young don’t forget that.

    another the people who is saying the bad things about Suzy can u do it, the answer is no if u would u would been an actress right.

    sorry but the one thing I want to say is I like Be Suzy and I don’t like when people say something bad.

    thank you.

  399. 399 : wynona Says:

    oh my gahd…nbasa q sa forum ng gu family book,there is rumored that seo hwa is not dead,pro iba na ang gaganap,at hindi na c lee yeon hee…aaaahhh kaloka tlga!dpat ibalik nla c lee yeon hee!

  400. 400 : ogrenji Says:

    @xxx it’s worth to watch,seung gi and the great storyline,in the end like saraSJS said her acting is still bearable to watch hehehe

    i love the 9th episode,when kang chi fooled jo kwang won,clever!hope there’ll be more like this in next episodes 😀

  401. 401 : kireina Says:

    when i watch this drama, remind me of Inuyasha…..
    ahahaaa 😛

  402. 402 : Gu Family Book Fan Says:

    I know, it does remind you of InuYasha I love both of the anime and drama equally but I guess in real life it’s a lot more exciting. This drama also reminds me of Naruto, because of the 9 tailed Gumiho (Fox), this drama has everything! That’s why I love it so much <3 <3

  403. 403 : kimchilee Says:

    @sharon… eeeeks! what’s with Gon’s hairstyle from Ep 9.. yeeeks.. its terrible! better tie up his hair!! eeeks! I think Kangchi looks so much more manly when he changes into the beast.. wow.. green eyes.. swooon! Suzy.. so lucky… swoon…

  404. 404 : Mhie Says:

    Ep 10. So cute I was thingking If I were suzy’s position. Akward. But atlist it make me smile.!

  405. 405 : Sharon Says:

    @ kimchilee
    He should have turned into a beast after seen his hair cut in the mirror and fire his hair stylist hahaha!! What were they thinking.

  406. 406 : kimchilee Says:

    @Sharon.. ya.. totally agree with you.. fire his hairstylist.. !! he looks so out of century with that kpop hairstyle.. gross! Gon.. goner in this drama!

  407. 407 : sruthyjose Says:

    this drama really really reminds me of inuyasha.. loving it so far ♥♥♥

  408. 408 : bblve07 Says:

    kangchi, did great well, how he fool the villain character at episode 10..
    But Its really make me disappointed that kangchi accused that he killed his acting father, when the head of magistrate saw what really happened.. Hu very unjustice, I hope he would get punished.

  409. 409 : bblve07 Says:

    for me, suzy acting is very good.. No problem, I really cant believe she did very well…

  410. 410 : Maru Says:

    maybe, kang chi’s mom is alive
    ep 12

  411. 411 : jules Says:

    I love watching this drama together with my sisters who still doesnt admit that they are KD addict too like me. Hahaha!

    The twits and turns here are making us crazy. LoLs!

  412. 412 : Nhie Says:

    I’m a bit sad of yeo wool.. I think she had already a feelings for kang chi but she can’t say. A bestfrient to lover! Maybe.

  413. 413 : Nhie Says:

    I’m a bit sad of yeo wool.. I think she had already a feelings for kang chi but she can’t tell. A bestfrient to lover! Maybe.

  414. 414 : Julia Says:

    Thanks to guzzylady.com, that am able to watch this movie. I love both the lead actor/actress. Good movie indeed.

  415. 415 : haruhi28 Says:

    can’t wait to watch episode 11….english subs please 🙂

  416. 416 : jen Says:

    finally the long waiting is over,papa gu and ma2 human will re appear soon,i just watched episode 1 and 2,i skip on the other episodes and now i will be back 2 watch and xcited for episode 12 bcuz of their re appearance…

  417. 417 : Kcjean Says:

    Kang chi.

  418. 418 : KOKOMUFFIN Says:

    not available for this region 🙁

  419. 419 : diiitaam Says:

    if so jung didi’t tell yeo wol about kang ci will be her destiny, i think yeo wol has not feeling to kang ci…
    and i want to say that i very like suzy act, her make up also so natural ^^
    no wonder if people call suzy “nations first love”

  420. 420 : bblve07 Says:

    i’m really glad that they will reappear, exciting!!

  421. 421 : yeh Says:

    suzy sucks.

  422. 422 : Rasa Says:

    somehow I doubt that he will be good and caring daddy.

  423. 423 : Dou Says:

    Suzy is the best.standing up on KC no matter what.

  424. 424 : rike novia Says:

    kapan tayang di INDONESIA?????????

  425. 425 : Nicole Says:

    This drama just keeps getting better!!! The storyline really keeps me going and wanting for more. 🙂 Amazing cast – I have always been a fan of Lee Seung Gi so I never worried about his acting.. He’s really an amazing actor!!! One of a kind. 🙂 To be honest, I didn’t like the idea of Suzy being the main girl because based on her dramas that I’ve watched before, I found her acting to be kinda terrible (forgive for saying this, I’m just being frank) but watching her in this drama made me change my mind.. She has improved soooo much as an actress and I admire her for that!!! I’m loving her now too. 🙂 Lee Seung Gi, Suzy, Gu Family Book fighting! Best drama (not only among other sageuk/historical dramas, but among ALL dramas out drama!!! <3 So glad this drama has 24 eps, not 16 hehe 🙂

  426. 426 : Diers Says:

    I Can’t wait for the Romance :))

  427. 427 : wazabi Says:

    omo…geting better n better..if im not wrong ..i thought kang chi’s father n mother still a live on next episode..will be great…ï

  428. 428 : Zie Says:

    Can you tell me who is women in the last ep 12? I don’t think that’s seo hwa. Coz it’s imposible to her to reappear whatever she as..

  429. 429 : Zie Says:

    Btw, i’m so glad papa’s gumiho comeback. But i’ve heard that papa’s gumiho will become enemy of his son! Oh, please don’t

  430. 430 : agnesia Says:

    getting awesome each episode !!! daebak!!!, really can’t wait till romance scene between yeo wol n kang chi ^^ poor chung jo, but i’m glad, so kangchi closer to yeo wol 🙂

  431. 431 : Sharon Says:

    Ep 11, poor KC caught in a trap!! Now he will know who love him for himself. YW truly and sincerely cares for Kang Chi

  432. 432 : Diers Says:

    i can’t wait for next week…

  433. 433 : Sharon Says:

    Waite a minute, shouldn’t KC be the one beating the heck out of TS. Why is it the other way around????????

  434. 434 : Nhie Says:

    Im just wondering if seo hwa is the women who appeared in ep 12. But why? I this she’s an enemy too.

  435. 435 : Sharon Says:

    I think it’s Seo Hwa, she is going to be Gwan Woong criptonnight he is still in love with her. This drama gets better and better each episode.

  436. 436 : Diers Says:

    i think this drama dont have kissing scene.. between KC and YW

  437. 437 : ance Says:

    i’m so happy that i’m “possibly” right…my friends and i discussed that possibility (seo hwa’s still alive), i told them that there’s something about that japanese guy…but they said that it’s impossible that seo hwa’s still alive…but now….hehehe…i’m just happy…

    finally it’s getting better and better…

  438. 438 : anginribut Says:

    Can’t wait for next week… I wonder who’s that woman… wait it can’t be Seo Hwa… how can she’s still alive. I do believe if Wul Ryung is back

  439. 439 : Canail Siren Says:

    This just gets better and better. It is torture to wait till Tuesday before I can watch it. This is why this kinds of dramas have to be watched in one go, way too exciting.

  440. 440 : G-d Cobra Says:

    I though that Kang Chi’s father will be alive but his mother still not alive.. It’ll better if it happen 🙂

  441. 441 : Nicole Says:

    The ending of ep 12 was sooo asdjalsdjkksdj I wanna know who the woman is and what’s gonna happen now that Wol Ryung seems to be alive 😮 😮 Never expected this to happen!!!

  442. 442 : Nhie Says:

    Yahh. It’s getting better and better. Every episode much awaited. We’re halfway through the series and it’s still

  443. 443 : daewoon005 Says:

    It’s getting more excited and super ganda in every episode..I can’t wait for romance and vengeance. 🙂

  444. 444 : menchie Says:

    can’t wait 2 watch this!!!

  445. 445 : shanewell Says:

    I think the lady in the last episode is kim hee sun of faith… I guess so..

  446. 446 : fuji Says:

    this drama so cool
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    source : http://ph.omg.yahoo.com/news/gu-family-book-welcomes-a-new-and-recurring-052500812.html

  448. 448 : limsooni Says:

    the lady in the last episode is not seo hwa, she’s a new character named Ja Hong Myung played by Yoo Se Ah, I think she will be a new villain here and will become an alliance of Gwan Woong since there will be an upcoming war between him and Dam Pyeong-joon together with the four pillars and the general.
    source : http://ph.omg.yahoo.com/news/gu-family-book-welcomes-a-new-and-recurring-052500812.html

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  450. 450 : limsooni Says:

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    2. Who’s that merchant? Is it Seo Hwa or someone else?
    3. What will happen to Chung Jo? (Actually I don’t care hehehe Yeo Wool all the way!! :p)

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  481. 481 : 王丽佳 Says:


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    Papa Gu is sucking the life out of his victim are thy going to think its KC that’s doing it?

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  492. 492 : Mhie Says:

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    repeating Itself.

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  498. 498 : Sharon Says:

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    im liking LSG’s portrayal of kangchi…he’s so adorable in d company of YW; almost childlike encountering his first love altho chung jo brings out a different perspective of his feelings…more like protective love for a sibling??

    for d first time, you see him blushing every now n then, even in monster mode never failing to draw d aaawwwws fr all of us here; its getting too cheeezy at times! i also find it amusing to watch KC n YW’s bantering n playfullness…its a different ballgame with chung jo…always giving out an intense n wavering feeling in each other’s presence…

  504. 504 : ptsh836 Says:

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  508. 508 : Sharon Says:

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    You are so right, I also like this drama a lot and LSG acting is on point.

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    In the forest, Wol Ryung terrifies Yeo Wool out, and then goes away.
    Before he leaves, he tells Yeo Wool the truth that Dam Pyung Joon is the murderer who killed Kang Chi’s father.

    On the other hand, it can’t be avoided that Kang Chi is 9-tailed fox ‘Gumiho,’ this truth has been spreaded in the village. Jo Gwan Woong spreads that the mysterious murder events, which happened in the forest, were all related to Kang Chi..

  514. 514 : vic Says:

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  528. 528 : Bacon Says:

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    Ptsh836: I felt the same way while I was watching
    That scene…I was like “Yes…yess yesss do it do it now…
    Kiss the crap out of her!!!!!! You sexy beast!!!!”

    Then that fool Wal Ryung is gonna take Yeo Wool…like are you serious right now?!? (-.-)
    Damn that fine bastard!!!!

    Ughhh can’t wait for episode 17!!!! (^o^)

    Oh by the way does anyone know the name of the songs & artists that play in the show?!?

  530. 530 : Bacon Says:

    @ Vanessa:

    Baek Ji Young – Spring Rain
    Lee Ji Young – Love Is Blowing
    The One – Best Wishes To You
    Lee Sang Gon – Love Hurts
    Suzy – Don’t Forget Me
    Lee Seung Gi – Last Word

    LOVE ALL OF THESE SONGS 🙂 🙂 best osts!!

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    almost a kiss scene… haha 🙂 But wait.. someone kidnapped Yeo Wool!! I think its Wol Ryung.. Hurry up and save her Kang Chi!!

    No preview for the next episode yet.. I’m dying of Curiosity on what is going to happen next.. This drama is one of the best!! Great story, great cast, and great OSTs. It deserves the attention it gets from the viewers..

  532. 532 : Vanessa!!! Says:

    @ bacon: Thank you veryyyyyy much ^__^
    I think these songs really help bring out the
    Emotions from the show….that’s why I love them
    So much! 🙂
    But again thank you!!!!

  533. 533 : gufamilybookreplysJI89 Says:

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    i love choi jin hyuk (as wol ryung), and lee seung ki (as kang chi).
    all the best to all of you.
    please rate it:))

    From niyuka salo

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    2.He sees her as a woman. How cute! 😊

    3. Gown Woong, is such a pain in the a%#s. ooh, I can’t stand that man.

    4. Walking in the woods creepy!!

    5. I love how the writer ties this story of a Kang Chi the Gumiho into the story of Lee Soon Shin naval conquest. Good job writer Kang!

    6. Kang Chi and Gong Dal bell scene is very funny hehe!!

    7. After she takes the hat off, I am like who is she!!! Is she really Seo Hwa??

    Good ep, like this a lot!!! Fighting!!

  535. 535 : Sharon Says:

    Started ep 16…. Father and son stand off. Kang Chi look Soo nervous and tense, while Wol Ryung look relax and calm even his clothes is blowing in the wind.. Cool!!!

    2. Dang!!! That move was fast. Wol Ryung, you got moves!! Haha! Boy, he is fizzine!!!!

    3. Poor Kang Chi, no one believes him. Sniffle, sniffle.

    4. No YW didn’t, she tied that woman up and had the nerve to tell her to take a nap!!! Poor lady, now she is gonna lose her job. Hehehe!!

    5. Is Chung Jo jealous of KC and YW? She should be, she had him and let him go.

    6. That lady is always sleeping, no, she needs a new job!!i

    7.ahhh, two love birds. Kiss her KC, ok, what happen Hahaha!!! Interruption, interruption, interruption. Oh,oh they did not kiss, bummer!!

    8. Wait a minute, did papa Gu just kidnap YW?? Oh no!!

    Ep 16 was quite exciting, especially the the almost kiss scene. Love it!!

    Finally, What I have learned from this ep is, its ok to let your guard down and let people in and that trust is not given its earned.

  536. 536 : harry Says:

    It’s a great movie! I Love It. 😀

  537. 537 : zoekie Says:

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    cant wait ,, why dont add the schedule in a week

  538. 538 : Rasa Says:

    I guess it was not Wal Ryung who kidnaped Yeo Wool. He has no reason to sneak up like that. (Why should he – he is super strong and no man can defeat him)

  539. 539 : Shin92 Says:

    There could be two possibilities or more, it could be either Wal Ryung or
    Jo Gwan Woong men’s who kidnapped Yeo Wool. We all might think it was Wal Ryung who kidnapped Yeo Wool but the director/writer might wanna suprise us with some kinda twist (maybe). Jo Gwan Woong might be curious about why KangChi didn’t transform in front of everyone and why Yeo Wool appeared (maybe not). While KangChi and Yeo Wool had their romance and almost kissed, Wal Ryung was watching them (got jealous…) therefore kidnapped Yeo Wool after KangChi left.

    Wal Ryung might wanna use her in some kind of trap or as a bait for KangChi or threaten Yeo Wool. This might also be a warning to KangChi. But it is quite obivious that Wal Ryung kidnapped Yeo Wool, the person was wearing black outfit and it was exactly the same outfit Wal Ryung was wearing loose at the end. It happened super fast, KangChi will notice if it was a normal person !

  540. 540 : Sim Says:

    About the new mystic woman….yes it really is Yoon Seo Hwa (Kang Chi’s mother) but satrting from episode 14 Seo Hwa is played by Yoon Se Ah.
    Lee Yeon Hee as Yoon Seo Hwa was only for ep 1-2 🙂

  541. 541 : Simonnn Says:

    Kang Chi should get stronger as a gumiho very fast if he wants to protect people he loves and especially strong enough to handle his father.
    When Wal Ryung finds out that Kang Chi mother is alive he we kill her that’s when Kang Chi should be able to protect his mother. It will be to sad if they die again 🙁

  542. 542 : Sharon Says:

    What role will Chin Jo play in all of this? She is still in love with Kang Chi, so would she also send someone to harm YW!! What you guys think?

  543. 543 : Nhie Says:

    I think so because chong jo is her jealous stage maybe she brought a person that can yeo wool harm.
    But i think wul ryung is the one who kidnap yeo wool because he think she’s the reason why kang chi wants to became a human or maybe he’s jealous too.
    Anyway i can’t wait the ep 17.. Exciting.

  544. 544 : kimber2x Says:

    Ah, it’s Saturday today Sunday tomorrow then Monday again!!!! Aaaa~! Excited.,..,,, >.<

  545. 545 : Sharon Says:

    You are right! Although, Chin Jo has a bad temper and she can be really mean. I have an uneasy feeling about her.
    I can’t wait for Ep 17 either!!!

  546. 546 : fatum Says:

    Amazing! I always loved Lee Seung Ki’s acting and now he’s done it, he charmed me again. Interesting plot and a really good drama.

  547. 547 : Che Says:

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  548. 548 : Diers Says:

    Episode 17 preview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mg3crgFR4R4

  549. 549 : CMY Says:

    It’s a GREAT drama! Support until the end…. (^.^)

  550. 550 : Shin92 Says:

    Finally a kiss scene between Yeo Wool n Kang Chi ! ^^

  551. 551 : Sharon Says:

    Thanks for the preview!!!! Can’t wait for ep 17

  552. 552 : Abibuyog Says:

    WOW. I just finished all episodes for two days and this is the hardest part, waiting for the next episode, its surprisingly beautiful. Oppa Seung Gi you never disappoint us for choosing a great project. Daebak. Congrats to all the crew, their hard work really paid. The best :). Saranghe Oppa.

  553. 553 : Nhie Says:

    Haha finaly they kiss each other oh i love it. I want that.. Super duper like.

  554. 554 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    @551 Sharon, aigoo…I just finished watching ep 6… aigoo…previous episodes made me teary-eyed 🙁 This is a nice fantasy drama! Loveeeee it! Thanks for sharing! Fighting! =)

  555. 555 : Mary Says:

    Oh my god to episode 17!!!!!!!!! What an exciting episode. Don’t miss out guys, watch it now!!!!! 😀

  556. 556 : Sharon Says:

    @Ajaajafighting 554
    I am glad you are enjoying it as much as I am.

  557. 557 : cutenaj12 Says:

    waaah.. i love episode 17 .,. is the preview for episode 18 is seo hwa and kang chi finally met up.. when kangchi goes to hundred year inn and kangchi hide in the room of her mother seo hwa.. ah can`t wait … i think seo hwa realize that kang chi is like wolryung so she surprise when she see kang chi in his room….

  558. 558 : nixie Says:

    Love love this drama. Its so interesting and I have a feeling that Kangchi and his father will protect each other. Can’t wait for all the episodes to be done. The rating should be the 1st because this drama is so good. The first drama I ever like and so impatient to what is going to happen?

  559. 559 : Mhie Says:

    Oh i love wul ryung, even if he back in a 100 year demon there’s a soft side of him. I wiss he will meet seo hwa soon.

  560. 560 : Dou Says:

    Look like wul ryun still in love with Seoul hwa I can’t wait for them to meet up. Press on

  561. 561 : pegi Says:

    This drama is great.great Number one :X:X:X

  562. 562 : cynn Says:

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    you are the best ……

  563. 563 : Jade Says:

    Omo poor kangchi, at the end of episode 18 made me so sad that i have to wait till next week to watch episode 19… So interesting, i wish i could’e time skip lol.
    btw it looks like wol ryung is losing himself, he started to gain his past self but it looks like he turns into a complete demon and forgets everything.
    He better kill Jo Gwan Woong before he dies! :p

  564. 564 : Theresia_miho Says:

    sweet kiss.. 🙂
    I can not believe suzy have a deep kiss with seung ki..
    romantic scene.. <3

  565. 565 : ptsh836 Says:

    yeah, n by saguek standards, its slightly ovr d top (my opinion mostly)….it made me blush jus recalling d deep kiss, haha!

    hey, dam yeo wool…ur supposed to be a naive, chaste lady but look at d way u initiated d second kisss! man, she’s a pro, n it shows; d way i see it…both kang chi n her enjoyed that super kiss…way tooo long, way tooo sweeet! <3

    ive rediscovered d many talents of lee seung gi in this drama tho ive watched him b4 in brilliant legacy…now he's something else…one great actor to reckon with; i like his boyish smiles complete with tiny dimples near his lips…his smouldering eyes will melt whoever is one foot away…one thing tho threatens to break his perfect record here n that's when he's in monster mode…instead of feeling intimidated, ive to constantly pinch myself that this is only a fantasy drama n he's not scary at all! n d way both papa gu n baby gu were growling n scowling at each other during their confrontation…i was clutching my belly n rolling all ovr…its that funny! XD

    epi 18 is a lil sad…papa gu is definitely going d demon's way, losing his precious memories n all…he may not even recognize his son in d end!

  566. 566 : Bacon Says:

    That was an amazing kiss scene :O :O Well done, LSG and Suzy!!!

    If the Head Merchant is really Seo Hwa, then why does she look different?? :/ :/ that’s one of the things that confuses me.. Can’t wait to watch episode 18!!

    Gu Family Book just keeps getting better and better!!! Love this drama. <3

  567. 567 : nixie Says:

    Just finish ep 18..at the end Kangchi’s mother is holding in her feelings toward her son its so sad to see her son chain up like that. But Kangchi even he turns to gumiho he is still maintain being a human. I can’t wait to ep 19 maaannnn now I had to wait to next week hauoii….I hope this week go faster…I’m just hoping that the gu family will get back to a happy family please please I’m hoping for a happy ending.

  568. 568 : Jade Says:

    @Bacon well if 20 years passed you won’t exactly look the same as when you were young. I think they changed the mother to make her look a bit older/mature since she is a human, she grows old unlike Kang Chi’s father who is a demon that won’t age. That’s why he wanted to be human to grow old and die with his lover.
    If you did watch the Gu Family Book episodes til now you should know that the Head Merchant is Kang Chi’s mother! It’s obivious with the clues even though a different person playing the role yah understand !!! :p
    I agree with the kiss scene DAEBAK ^^

  569. 569 : Mhie Says:

    Yah ep 18 little bit sad and i dont like this kind of atmosphere. This ep is full of revealation. I much worry of kang chi, how people will treat him. I hate you JGW super. What’s about seo hwa that kang chi is her son. What gonna be next. What will happen both of them and to wul ryung? A lot of question in my mind. What’s about kang chi and yeo wool. If yeo wool is already engaged. This ep make me sad. Hmm.

  570. 570 : Bacon Says:

    @ Jade Ohhhhh…. I get it now 🙂 And yeah, I realized before that she was indeed her mother – because of the claw marks and the gisaeng tatoo 😀

  571. 571 : vic Says:

    argggghh… I’m so jealous.. LSG is so Lucky!!!! that kiss scene is awesome..

  572. 572 : Patricia Says:

    This is the best drama that I have watched so far in year 2013. Very good story with a good cast. I didn’t know Suzy can act this well as a female lead.

    2 thumbs up!! Can’t wait to watch the remaining episodes!

  573. 573 : bblve07 Says:

    i hope there is someone appear who fall in love with father Gu just like YeoWol, fall in love with kangChi even she knew that kangchi is a half monster. Seowa and chungjo are desame when they found out the truth they turn back, while Yeowol show her love… I really want love triangle between the parent. Hehe

  574. 574 : Sharon Says:

    When is GW going to die???? He is such a pain!!

    CJ is Soo jealous of KC and YW relationship.

    I thought KC walked away from YW when she suspect he killed her father, but when he came and hugged her from behind I almost lost it. Nice scene!!!!

    That maid is sooo annoying. That’s the second time she entrapped KC.

    The kiss was to die for!! They finally did it and twice at that!!! KC and YW forever!!!

    This drama just get better every episode!!! Good job.

  575. 575 : Nima Says:


    please get the 19 preview, u know u are the one who get it every time.
    please i want to know what will happen to Kang Chi.
    please waiting………….

    Gu Family Book Fighting.

    Thank you.

  576. 576 : Mang Says:

    Ep 12. The fate of Chung Jo is omg… thats sick. I hope she can turn into some kind of O Ren Ishii.

  577. 577 : Patricia Says:

    The production team for this drama series really knows how to capture the audiences’ hearts at every episode!!

    Way to go!

  578. 578 : Eun Haneul Says:

    O.M.G! that kiss from episode 17! xD their romance is getting interesting…the first meeting between wol ryung and yeo wool i feel a little spark between them, haha! loving this drama!

  579. 579 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    I suspect that Miyamoto is also Seo Hwa but actually wearing a mask? Aish, a bit intrigued, hehe!

    GW’s character is really annoying and LSJ really did a great job in this role.

    I think Kang Chi’s father, Wol Ryung is sooooo hot! 😛

    Great cast and acting…!!! Fighting! 🙂

  580. 580 : Mang Says:

    Kang Chi, I am your father…

  581. 581 : Sharon Says:


    Isn’t Wol Ryung the sexiest , even the way his hair covers half his face is sexy!! I just love him, Aja he is more than hot he is blazing!!!!!

    I wish they would just kill GW already, he was really in love with SH. My question is , will his feelings return when he really confirm her identity?

  582. 582 : Sharon Says:

    If GW confirm that Miyamoto is SH and his feelings does return GW will try to kill Wol Ryung. I feel SH and WR will fall in love again.

  583. 583 : Joyce Says:

    Wolryung will fight Kangchi for the Gu Family Book~!for sure he wants to become human too 🙂

  584. 584 : annmasae Says:

    Agreed – Wol Ryung is blazing hot!!!
    Hope he doesn’t remain the 1000 year devil and returns to his former nice self.

    I loved the actor in My Daughter Flower too.
    He’s so tall and handsome with the deepest voice.

  585. 585 : kimchilee Says:

    I am so depressed.. usually, after watching my favourite dramas which has nice ost songs, i would go to this website, KMusicDL to download the songs and whatever latest nice song that website has to offer. But now, it says the blogger site has been removed. Does anyone know how or what i have to do to get back to that website? i am so depressed i cannot get to that website anymore.. please.. somebody.. can tell me where i can get to download korean songs for MP3 player..?

  586. 586 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    @581 Sharon, yeah I must agree, Wol Ryung or Choi Jin Hyuk is the sexiest and I love his being wild, rawrrrrr! LOL! Sadly how come there is not much handsome guys in this drama. Otani Ryohei who plays the role of like a right hand of Miyamoto is also hot, check out his first photo on this site 🙂

    I guess the beautiful actresses have outnumbered the handsome guy(s). I find Bae Suzy & Lee Yoo Bi very pretty.

    Fighting! 🙂

  587. 587 : -Vivan- Says:

    LSG is a B E A S T ! he is super hot. Fell in love with him in this drama.
    Will watch My girlfriend is a gumiho.

  588. 588 : Diers Says:

    Gu family Book Episode 19 Preview

  589. 589 : Che Says:

    @kimchilee : http://www.mp3.zing.vn , try it . 🙂

  590. 590 : vic Says:

    Here is a preview for ep 19



  591. 591 : nori Says:

    i invest watchng ds drama bcuz of wol ryung,how come his appearance was so short…grrrrr……..

  592. 592 : bblve07 Says:

    i cant watch it on youtube anymore, huhu guzzylady pls upload it again, im only on ep 14., can anyone tell me were can i watch this or download it with eng sub? Another website?

  593. 593 : vic Says:

    @bblve07 – you can watch it here




  594. 594 : Theresia_miho Says:

    kimchilee… 😀
    this website is very complete if you want to download korean drama sountrack..


    try it.. 🙂

  595. 595 : Ann Says:

    I thought that i am the only one who thinks that Wal Ryung is so goddam hot!!!! I am so happy that he was back! Love him!!! And I think that this drama has the most captivating first episode!

  596. 596 : jen Says:

    @ ann im currently obsess of pa2 gu hotness,until now i hv wolryung syndrome,he ‘s sooooo goddamn hoooottt!

  597. 597 : Kimbap1398 Says:

    hmmm, i hope wol ryung dies before he turns into a full demon and kills seo hwa. At least kill jo gwan woong if he is going to turn into a demon. It would be good if wol ryung does not lose his memories…

  598. 598 : Joyce Says:

    I also hope that Wolryung will be the one to kill JGW…and as it shows in ep20 preview Wolryung trying to kill JGW… but for sure JGW gonna find a way so Wolryung will spare his life…probably he’s going to tell him that Seo Hwa is still alive hehe!or maybe Wolryung and JGW will join forces haha!!!

    Hope there’s sub for ep19 tomorrow!

  599. 599 : nina Says:

    Hate to watch ep 19 and maybe will be continue on ep 20 🙁
    CKC, I give you permission to grab JGW’s heart.

  600. 600 : ogundijo missblues aminat Says:

    Lee seung ki is so hot, and i see he is also a singer oppa fighting.

  601. 601 : Dora Lee Says:

    Love this drama,
    WR very good
    SH also
    KC of course good
    however YW needs much more improvement. sorry to say but please
    Chung Jo is doing much better.
    Ma Bong Chool also made the drama funny

  602. 602 : cynn Says:

    is the best….choi kang chi….but it’s better if you do not kill your father
    because he is innocent ……thankx to yeowool….so pretty…

  603. 603 : Bacon Says:

    I hope the ratings will go even higher!!! Like 20+ or something 🙂 Gu Family Book fighting!!! BEST DRAMA EVER

  604. 604 : Bacon Says:

    Ma Bong Chool is hillarious LOOOOL so funny as always 🙂 It’s good to have him around to balance all the sadness – action!!! “Kang Chi’s in love with a man” omg hahahahaha

    I’m so impressed by Lee Seung Gi’s acting!!! And also the mother too 🙁 I cried both in episode 18 and 19 🙁

  605. 605 : bblve07 Says:

    thank u vic,,

  606. 606 : chitchitlay17 Says:

    i love this drama!!!!!!! i can’t wait to see another ep.

  607. 607 : Vanessa!!! Says:

    I swear every time I watch this show
    I suffer from a mini heart attack!!! Haha

    Pshhhh can you believe they tried killing
    Mommy Seo Hwa!!! Those bastards! (-.-)

    Then Wol Ryung & Kang Chi have to go up against each other :(…
    It’s just not fair…
    Wol Ryung is losing is memories fast…
    He didn’t even reconize Seo Hwa…
    Although I looks like he felt a little something something
    when she called out his name…

    I can’t wait for episode 21 and 22 I’m so excited!!!!!
    ahhhhh I don’t know how Im going to sleep tonight! Ahhh
    I love this show so much!!!!

  608. 608 : sahel Says:

    please answer me witch korean drama is in your mind forever?

  609. 609 : Kdramafan Says:

    A million thanks to guzzy lady!!!
    Its been some time since I’ve watched a serial this engaging! Fantastic writer! Love all the suspense awaiting after each episode. Wol Ryung and KC fighting!!

  610. 610 : mona Says:

    omg the ratings is so good…….. can’t wait for the dvd

  611. 611 : jackson Says:

    IT IS GREAT…..

  612. 612 : vic Says:

    Romantic, Sad, Funny, Action, Mystery – What more can you ask for? this drama is a complete one.. the best in 2013 so far

    I wonder if there is any way that Wol Ryung can escape from being a 1000 years demon?.. I want to see them a complete family at the end of this drama series..

    and that JGW, Killing him is not enough for a punishment!! hahaha

  613. 613 : vic Says:

    I am watching Jang Ok Jung, Dating Agency:Cyrano, and Monstar too. But I always watch Gu Family Book first..

    waiting for the preview of ep 21

  614. 614 : phoo Says:

    I love this drama

  615. 615 : cuity17 Says:

    Baca koment2 nya jd iri… Hadeeuuuuhhh lama beneeer nunggu DVD nya keluaarr, buruuuaaan kelaaaarr, can’t wait to watch this drama completely on dvd…. Arrrggghh!! ! *suffering.;(* smangAaaaaaaaattts!!!

  616. 616 : kimchilee Says:

    @Che..thank you but its all in thai language which i dont understand.. i need a korean website with all the latest korean pop songs and drama ost.. anyone out there can give me some hints on where i can find k-songs..an updated hit songs.. kamasahameeda…

    btw, GU Family.. Suzy and LSG.. best couple!!

  617. 617 : zashlein Says:

    SUPER LOVE this drama!!!!!!!!!! I think this is the best korean drama of the year!! The story never keeps me bored. Hooray to the script writer and director!! Very good job!! more power!! keep it up!

  618. 618 : meaa Says:

    Very good and fun chemistry between Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy.. hope to see them in another drama soon! Lee Seung Gi is such a great actor. Keep it up Suzy! Thanks for sharing your voices thru songs to this drama…love the songs…

  619. 619 : Sharon Says:

    The bond between mother and child is soooo strong!!!

    GW is such a punk! When KC sprint at him all chained up he backed away in fear!! Haha!

    Pleeeeeaseeee!!!!!!!!! Somebody, kill GW !!!!! Anybody, kill that piece of s%#%*t

    LSK acting is on point!!!! When he said father I am in pain, his facial expression, his body language, just speak pain and I felt it ! I got all choked up. Sniffle, sniffle, boooohooo !!!

    I die laughing when KC was watching the rice ball being kicked around during the fight between YW and the guards. Haha!! Funny!

    Ok, again, KILL GWAN WOONG!!!!!!

    Dam! Wol Ryung, did you need all that energy! How many people were there!!

    Ok, one more time. KILL GWAN WOONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sniffle, sniffle, KC said did you hate me that much, enough to abandon me right after I was born, Was I that horrible? Boooohoooo, boooohooo, sniffle sniffle.

    Bong Chool! Come to your senses!! Boong Chool!! Mother,did you call me? Haha!! Funny.

    Aaaahhhhh, YW knows him so much, ask if he is sick because his face looks pale. Aahhhhh, Love.

    Hey, Dongsaeng? Hehehehe!

    While eating I think Kang Chi realized that family is not just having a mother and father, it’s who got you back no matter what.

    Bong Chool, thinks Kang Chi is gay, so he drank a lot and cry a lot. Hahahahaha!!!! funny!

    Ep 19 was very, very, good!!! Writer Kang, you have drawn from all sorts and combine it in your story!! Bravo! Bravo!

    True love and true friendship is family!!

  620. 620 : may Says:

    really great drama!! thumbs up for suzy <3 I love that girl more and more every day!!! and for lee seung ki kiss on cheeks!! dude you really have cute cheeks!!
    #YeoChi chipper!! <3

  621. 621 : Rasa Says:

    Do you still remember the 3 rules in order to become human? One of those say – don’t kill. I don’t assume that Kang Chi would kill his father and then start his quest for the book. Anyway, one or both of his parents might die because the main baddies of this drama are still alive. I don’t like the emphasis on the gun gifted to GW also.

  622. 622 : Sharon Says:

    Ep 20
    Wol Ryung is on the prowl! Pleeseeee, pleeseeee kill GW!!

    Where did he come from? He is back to serve his master GW.

    When is GW going to DIE!!!!!!! Now he is going to use WR to hurt SH!

    Now GW has a weapon!!! When is he going to die!!!

    YW, he is shy to dress in front of you. Why isn’t she???? Soo cute!

    Why is GW still alive???!?! WR don’t listen to him !!!

    Bong Chool, funny.

    Kang Chi, going to look for his mom. Aaahhh!!

    Why is GW caressing that gun??? Pleeseeee, KILL HIM!!!

    Lady, take those slippers off, not good to run in!!

    Wow!! I did not know that TS gas that kinda fight in him!!

    Dam!! Wol Ryung is blazing, even with those vein running up his neck and blood shot eyes! Hehe!

    Wol Ryund, Seo Hwa and Kang Chi are the real Gu family all they need is the book.

    Excellent ep 20 !!!!! Writer Kang bravo!

  623. 623 : Che Says:

    @kimchilee :

    Klik [Album] link >> Klik [Han Quoc] Link
    That’s all …

  624. 624 : Che Says:

    @cuity17 :

    Hu’um , setelah beli DVDnya .. Ditonton berulang -ulang sampek jebol ..hahahahha……. 🙂

  625. 625 : ridha Says:

    gak sabar buat nunggu dvd nyaa!! cant wait for 2weeks

  626. 626 : Rose Says:

    Kang chi fighting…. Bae Suzy sarangheo…. Love this drama ….

  627. 627 : meaa Says:

    Love this drama so much…had to view episodes several times..kekekeke…

  628. 628 : ogrenji Says:

    hi,i want to watch ep 18,but in dramafans.org or dramacrazy.net,but all the beginning is cut,do anyone know where i can find complete beginning on ep 18,thank you

  629. 629 : Periwinkle Says:

    Can’t wait for the last few episodes!! 🙁 I don’t want it to end yet </3 BEST DRAMA EVERR

  630. 630 : lizmary Says:

    ogrenji, try to watch it at epdrama.com

  631. 631 : Lia Says:

    Love this drama…Choi Jin Hyuk daebaakk…Love papa gu ^^

  632. 632 : priestess Says:

    Suzy is so charming and I love her Yeowool so much! good acting!
    I hope she’ll have a drama with my Song Joongki or Joowon. It will be so nice to see the chemistry.

  633. 633 : I love drama Says:

    I love this drama. It give story with love, romance, hurt, friendly. Good job, lee seunggi, you’r really amazing job. Emotion in your eye and smile really fit with this character. Some viewer , only love style hoter of star and them lost feel story but i’m love story and act. Best product and writting. Seunggi, You help your co star.you make them rise. Thank you chose this drama. Love all casts. Zusy , you also better job.gu family book, fighting! Now , it near end. I’m really miss!

  634. 634 : jessy Says:

    Love this Drama…seriously at first i didnt watch it because I don’t like historical dramas but this drama changed my mind.

  635. 635 : cuity17 Says:

    @che #624, should I ?? Ha..ha..ha.. ga mpe jebol lah ntar ga bs nonton lg dong…. ;D.

  636. 636 : flore Says:

    fighting to all the actors, crews and those who helped in making this drama. it’s about to end and until now it’s perfectly done and good drama

  637. 637 : Periwinkle Says:

    Hello @Admin, just wondering if you can include Yoon Se Ah in the list of casts 🙂 Thank you!

    (@Periwinkle from admin: Yes, we just included her in the list)

  638. 638 : bigeye46 Says:

    oh nice drama

  639. 639 : nina Says:

    Still crying after watched GFB ep 21 TT_TT

    WR saved SH’ life…YES, he still remember her. His black mark disappears when he recognized SH. However, SH decided to kill herself in order to bring back WR,the gumiho. Poor KC, his mom never said goodbye to him.

    Waiting for next ep(22) and hoping that YW will not leave KC.

  640. 640 : billy Says:

    i totally love this drama….hope wol ryung and seo hwa find their second chance at love.

  641. 641 : Виола Says:

    Очень нравится Дорама,жду новые серии,надеюсь на хороший конец.Люблю ДОРАМЫ.

  642. 642 : lyla Says:

    this drama has been so epic

  643. 643 : Bhebz Says:

    Episode 21 is too heartbeaking! 🙁

  644. 644 : meaa Says:

    best epic fantasy drama EVER!!!

  645. 645 : Vanessa!!! Says:

    This drama is one of the very best dramas I’ve ever seen…I REALLY REALLY don’t want it too end… 🙁

    I can’t believe Kang Chi is really going to leave Yeo Wool… He can’t!!!!!!!
    Absolutely NOT!!!!!!! NEVER!!!!

    He has no right to make that decision for her…it’s her fate 🙁
    She knew what would happen to her if she stayed with him…& it never bothered her…she knew what to expect when she found out about her fate :/
    He can’t do this Yeo Wool…
    Even if he does leave her…she would be so heart broken…& die from her heartache…. :/ So he Can’t leave Yeo Wool…he can’t!


  646. 646 : agnesia Says:

    lee seung gi”s acting was sooo gorgeous!!! awesome, he’s absolutely the best actor. Two thumbs up for him, he’s voices also awesome,,, soo soft and humble to hear. he’s great actor and singer!!!

  647. 647 : Falling u Says:

    Lee seunggi awesome! Everything for him really best. He really hard to critizen! He really varity emotion! Best actor. suzy, i find you only leak some emotion but your perform really better. Hope she try hard more. She really beautiful. Suzy , fighting, lee seunggi , fighting. Best fantastic drama!

  648. 648 : kimchilee Says:

    eh.. what did i press? again @Theresia Miho… thanks for the website.. i need a website which is as good as KMDL which gives us all the latest K-pop hit music and latest OSTs of all the K-dramas.. anyone got any such nice website? tankew in advance!! 🙂

  649. 649 : iaz Says:

    @kimchilee, here new website of KMDL http://kmusicdlink.blogspot.com/

  650. 650 : Julia Says:

    does any body know about what happened to http://www.guzzylady.com?
    As usual, I watched the movie with her help, and watch it via youtube. But today, i cannot access http://www.guzzylady web, and no more gu family book’s movie in you tube by her. What happened? I want to watch ep 21 and 22.
    Pls help.

  651. 651 : vic Says:

    @Julia – I saw it in her facebook page, she posted that her blog was down..

    you can watch it here instead


  652. 652 : Sharon Says:

    I can’t watch!! I can’t watch!! Is GW going to shoot WR? Oh no!
    Oh my gooly goo, SH showed up!!! Ok, now what’s going to happen ??
    Boy, love is such a powerful emotion even a 1000 year demon can resist it!
    Here goes GW again with the gun!! He shot WR while he was protecting SH!
    Why don’t someone kill GW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe!
    WR even look good with a bullet wound!! Mmm!
    Guys, that was the best scene ever, when WR realized that its SH. Sniff sniff!
    The song was perfect for it. Good job GFB team!! Fighting!
    Poor Kang Chi, wants his mommy!! Boohoo boohoo!
    I knew GW still loves SH!! He always wanted to have her, so I guess SH is his Achilles heel!!
    SH please don’t die, not now when you and WR is getting so close!! Seo
    Suzy did a good job with her part !!
    Ep 21 was very good, it showed that love conquer all!!!!

  653. 653 : Sharon Says:

    Ep 22 was marvelous!! Thanks, GFB team fighting!!!

  654. 654 : Julia Says:

    @vic, thanks a lot for your response. I opened up her FB, and turned out she still have posting in You Tube, for ep 21 and 22.
    Finally i can watched it. Thank you so much for your help.

    Happy watching!

  655. 655 : sanchan Says:

    YW and KC didnt meet under a peach tree with a moon, they met in the forest when they were little, right? it’s the villain she met, and he died .__.

  656. 656 : Maru Says:

    Ep 23 preview

  657. 657 : kimber2x Says:

    @Sanchan – I like what you said. ^^

    Anyway, last week of GFB!!!! TTT____TTT

    No more next week, sobs. :((

    Just gonna wait for miss A comeback. ㅋㅋㅋ

  658. 658 : lyla Says:

    I’LL DIE

  659. 659 : diiitaam Says:

    i don’t want this drama end…the story line so amazing,
    i hope suzy and seung gi oppa can get many awards from this drama ^^

  660. 660 : hollywood Says:

    I see, we have a superstar, still rising.
    I seen all his dramas, very good ones.
    Will purchase the DVD once this is out to watch.

  661. 661 : dramaholic Says:

    hahahaha wol ryung more handsome than his own child (kang chi) ….

  662. 662 : Emma Says:

    Lets vote thic as a best drama for 2013. The story line is amazing, Suzy and Seung Gi play so well for their character, hope they will be close friend in real life after this. They look so cute together in the movie. Amazing job for writer and director as well as the crew. Thanks for an absolute beautiful drama

  663. 663 : Sara Says:

    What was with the ending?????? I think there should be a second season, does anybody agree?

  664. 664 : Nima Says:

    everybody YW dyed,

    [email protected]

    I thing u right maybe there will be second season but again I thing it will one of them dying in the end and this time I thing it will be KC because he meet her under the tree.

    I really wish there will be second season, how cool, I really loved this drama so much and I also already love Suzy and Seung Gi.
    it finally finished the best Korean drama ever.

  665. 665 : Shoshana Says:

    I Am almost sure that it will continue and this time no one will die. I am looking forward for the modern corruption and tribulation in these couple will have. I will be happy to see his father exist in the 2013 because his live expectancy also infinite.

  666. 666 : Vanessa!!!! Says:

    I was seriously crying my eyes out when Yeo Wool was dying…
    It was just sooooo painful to watch and heartbreaking…
    Suzy & Seung Gi did such an amazing job! It was as if they weren’t even acting but it was second nature for them to react like that….
    I truly do love them together…

    I just can’t beleive it’s over now…
    Well sorta of…hopefully they plan on making a season 2 which would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I mean they just can’t leave us hanging like that right?!?!?!
    I think the Admiral is Yeo Wool Dad & he’s head Honcho like President or something…who knows!
    I’m just so excited!!!!!! I want them to start Season 2 NOW!!!!!!!! Hehe

    But anyways…it was an amazing storyline & Season to start off

  667. 667 : Theresia_miho Says:

    please tell me what is the end of this drama..
    i can not find the sinopsis of this drama.. 🙁 :'(

  668. 668 : ridha Says:

    is it happy ending?

  669. 669 : Syifa Says:

    i’m not fully satisfied with the ending but still it’s seem like another season for GFB bcoz kang chi said he will become human after meet someone that he will love that is yeo wool… also his father wol ryung wait for 1000 years to meets his women seo hwa so kang chi also wait for yeo wool reincarnation for 422 years.. it’s still along journey for kang chi to truly become human…

  670. 670 : meaa Says:

    i can’t watch the last two episodes… don’t want it to end… :((

  671. 671 : viona Says:

    ep 22 daebakkk, kang chi still alive in 2013 (422 year later)

  672. 672 : Park jun sung Says:

    Sad ending??

  673. 673 : shoshlev Says:

    Suzy ! I enjoyed your game I waited in anticipation for episode and episode I loved the transition period in history with a new advanced i just did not like the ending, which left more flavor leaving a feeling of something unfinished I wanted to see the novel renewed, in the new period, maybe it’s not too late to add a few more episodes, the drama successful with amazing actors and singer who sang in the background is very exciting, scriptwriters and all production well done you did great work.

  674. 674 : G-d Cobra Says:

    Season 2 please…I can’t wait anymore 🙁 season2 with 2013 Gu Family Book because Kangchi not yet learn Gu Family Book…

  675. 675 : Bhebz Says:

    Guys, its positive.. There will be a sevond season of this series!! 🙂

  676. 676 : Che Says:

    Oh, God … The best bautiful ending ever afterrrrr…..Damn !!!!!
    I will miss them .

    Hey , Writer Kang , We need season two after 422 year later … Yeah, We need season two in the modern scene choi kang chi and Dam Yeo Wool .
    More and more….

    Jebal ..jebal…Season Two ..season two….

  677. 677 : sahel Says:

    i do not like period drama but i liked the princess man is KangChi, The Beginning good for watch?

  678. 678 : zashlein Says:

    SEASON 2 PLEASE!!!!!

  679. 679 : the banker from ph Says:

    im guessing that its a sad ending?enlighten me please..i want to watch it badly but i just feel sad whenever there’s a sad ending 🙁

  680. 680 : vonny Says:

    Sad ending jd mls liatnya.

  681. 681 : Carmen Says:

    I bet this drama will have a continue story, they can make a 2dn part easy…there is so much to make it from…OMG I hope they do….It was a good drama and it was with a trajic end, but this is the way Koreans are…

  682. 682 : Bong Kheang Says:

    Please release season 2 🙁 this drama make me sad with the ending 🙁 the better way is make a season 2 with 2013 for continune their romamnce and esp for KangChi to learn Gu Family Book as well…I hope director will release next season..thank you

  683. 683 : Finnyana Says:

    I Need Season 2 after reincarnation!

  684. 684 : kimchilee Says:

    wat! what! WHAT! WHAAAAT kind of ending is that!!??? waaaaattt???!!!!!

  685. 685 : ABC90 Says:


  686. 686 : Fullheart Says:

    I think Carmen said it all. This is the way Koreans are………………….

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    season 2 …i wait really coming…and the ratings is GOOD…

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    what????no ending….:(
    just like his father did not end up wonderful…WHY???
    will there season 2???
    but i hope season 2 if it exists,it must be a happy ending…….yak su!!!

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    I totally agree with you, definitely needed one more episode at least!! [hee I’m not greedy] to meet and have an update with all the characters, especially after that teaser when he opened his door to the 2 characters in the last 30 seconds!!…maybe an epilogue special..pleeeeze

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    I dislike the ending. it should ends well..
    there should be season 2. YW did not deserved to die at all!

  691. 691 : cuity17 Says:

    I though it should b a season 2, setting in 2013 with happy ending for sure ha..ha.. yeeaaahh.. Title. “Kang chi, the ending”. 😀

  692. 692 : lyla Says:

    they should, I mean, gon’s scene was a bit a hint of that but i’ve read that they dont have any plans for a second season x,x

  693. 693 : G-d Cobra Says:

    Gu Family Book will release next season in 2013 🙂 I was so excited 😀
    Read More http://blog.dramafever.com/2013/06/recap-gu-family-book-ending-offers-hints-for-season-tw/

    (source: nate news)

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    To all the casts,you did a great job…congrats:-):-):-)
    Hopefully there is season 2 for this drama…
    Thank you:-)

  695. 695 : anna Says:

    some may said that the ending is happy and some not satisfied with the ending, but for me, i found it so tragic towards YW(bae suzy)’s character. Think of it, when look at the story overall, it was YW who falls in love with KC at first and she really love him without no doubt although she might die. Even KC might live alone and found same person at the but he still remember everything about her, compare to real YW who appears like someone else even though as the same character. The first YW character so tragic. I can’t accept a cheerful person like her died at the end lol… (~_~)

  696. 696 : kimchilee Says:

    WaaAAAATT kind of Stoopeeeeed ending!! wwwwheyyyohhh!!???!! Wwwaaat!!
    (eh hem.. sorry.. i cannot accept the ending that YW died.. and suddenly switched to 21st century kind of story with the same people around!! so its quite unbelievably and stunned at the sudden changed of story. I was expecting it to stick to the storyline of getting KC becoming human and was really looking forward to him being human but NOT EVER, DID I EVER EVER expect the ending to be like that!! so i’d say it over and over again….)

    WWWWhhhaaaaAAATT!!?? wheyyyyy!! WWHEyyyYYY! WTF!!!

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    Does anyone know if viki is free if you sign up?

  698. 698 : diiitaam Says:

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    OMG i will be miss kangdam couple, suzy eonnie and seung gi oppa 🙂

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    Anyway, it’s a great drama. Thank you all. Good job ^^

    Wow, still can’t believe its’ over (geleng2 kepala)

  700. 700 : MieonQ Says:

    And still want the story goes. Please SEASON 2…….><

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    This drama is so good. Best drama I’ve ever watched so far.
    Kudos for the cast. All of them did a good job.
    Kudos for the staff, they really work hard for it.
    They deserve to receive an award.
    For those who aren’t started watching this drama, I highly recommend that you watch this. You will not regret and you won’t notice the time if you are watching this. 🙂

  704. 704 : MissASuzylove Says:

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  706. 706 : mmm Says:

    finally it ended and i think its wonderful. cast,story.. everything is very good and succesfull. everyone should watch :))

  707. 707 : Sharon Says:

    I am on ep 23 and my question is still WHEN IS GW GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!! ?

  708. 708 : kimber2x Says:

    To those who haven’t watched the last episode, I advice you to prepare a BUCKET and TISSUES! Hahaha!

    Thanks to all who’s part of Gu Family Book, you’ve worked so hard.
    Thanks for bringing Gu Family Book to all of US!

    Season 2. <3

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    Really nice story! I think they definietly will make the season 2! I wish best of luck to it!

  710. 710 : Theresia_miho Says:

    too much tears in ep 24.. 🙁
    i was crying a lot..

  711. 711 : Sharon Says:

    Ep 24
    The relationship between KC and YW was well acted. I felt as if there relationship were real the chemistry between them click. It felt like they were boyfriend and girlfriend in real life, i would not be surprise if they have chemistry off scene!! Suzy has come a long way with her acting; I believe LSH brought the best out of her and only a good actor can do that!

  712. 712 : Sharon Says:

    Was definitely a tearjerker!!! Sniffle, sniffle. Love the ending, so it continues????? I really hope for season 2 it’s going to be gooooood!!!

  713. 713 : Emma Says:

    Best drama ever. Especially the way Kang Chi (Sung Gi) and Yeo Wol ( Bea Suzy) express thier love to each other. I mean, in most kdrama, when the 2 main cast hug each other or express their feeling for each other, the girl always just stand there, doing nothing, but in this drama, you can see that Yeo Wol actually show her love for Kang Chi in a very straight forward and meaningful way. They act so true, and I think one important part is the director, he did a wonderful job for this drama. Waiting for part 2 plssssss with a present time frame, same cast would make it perfect.

  714. 714 : Kim Says:

    If the PDs makes GFB season 2, will the storyline have little similarity with rooftop prince?? Hehe
    Btw overall this is a worth drama. Recommended to watch this!

  715. 715 : Nima Says:

    hi everyone i want to tell u that u can vote for this drama “Gu Family Book” and Lee Seung Gi and Suzy in “2013 20’s Choice” the links is here.


    u can vote for Lee Seung Gi and Suzy.

  716. 716 : Mhie Says:

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    for more updates about gu family book and kangdam couple you can follow this thread.. http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/2008028/current-drama-2013-the-gu-family-book-%E4%B9%9D%E5%AE%B6%E4%B9%8B%E4%B9%A6-%EA%B5%AC%EA%B0%80%EC%9D%98-%EC%84%9C/p1552

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  720. 720 : Periwinkle Says:

    What an unexpected ending…. Mind blown. Never did I imagine that it would end this way. It was just soo great!!!

    The director really did a good job and of course the cast too!! Especially Lee Seung Gi & Suzy! In all honesty, I think Suzy improved soo much in her acting in this drama (compared to her role in Dream High)

    This drama is just consistently amazing from the start until the very end. Amazing, reaaaaally amazing. What a great drama!!! Best drama I’ve watched ever. At first my number 1 fave drama was Princess Man but when I started watching Gu Family Book, I was immediately interested and drawn to the plot. 🙂 🙂 I hope that more dramas will be great like this drama (or even better!!!)

    I hope there’s gonna be a season 2 for this drama (continuing the shocking end heheh i don’t wanna spoil.. but season 2 seems to be a good idea!!)

    All in all, this drama is worth watching and I highly recommend it to everyone! <3 Gu Family Book fighting!

  721. 721 : Hi! Says:

    It says the beginning, so there has got to be an end, right? And they can’t leave it leave it on a cliff hanger. That is just cruel and undeserved punishment :/

  722. 722 : I love drama Says:

    Love it so much and hate it because it make me cry. First , when i saw poster , i think only fun romance and happy end. But dead! Wait new future! All you new view this drama before watch it ,you should prepare heart . It really perfect heartbreak . This drama , most part that stole heart and amazing , suprise, tearful is part end. Must miss it . Back to cute romance of them, first you never interest and worried because they really care together. After break and meet again. Really tear! why writter really disappoint for me. If you give hope but instead lost for stronger near future. i ‘ll forgive to you, please reason 2. My last hope. I want saw them meet again. Leave lonely. I love part of word’ i’ll wait you, until 422 years , fall in love first’ kang chi wait yeo wol until 422 . So i’ll wait for reason 2 , meet you again.

  723. 723 : tsubasa Says:

    I love this movie very very much and
    I want season 2 now
    Please do it

  724. 724 : Sharon Says:

    You are right it does title Kang Chi, The Begining! Yes, yes, so I guess there is going to be a season 2 !!!!!
    Didn’t Kang Chi looked good in the year 2013! His clothes fit him to a tee! Dam he was fine!!

  725. 725 : Sharon Says:

    I would strongly recommend tis drama to everyone!!!!!

  726. 726 : Sharon Says:

    If there is a season 2 , then Chung Jo will fall in love with Kang Chi again! He will love YW she won’t recognize him! Bong Chool , who is now a gangster will help him solve the case! Who will the head gisaeng become!!!
    Season 2 will be an hit!!! If writer Kang Eun Kyung write season 2 with much diligence has before they will have another hit!! The directors knew what they wanted and it was portrayed on screen, I know with both directors Shin Woo Chul, Kim Jung Hyun Season 2 will be a must watch!

  727. 727 : dhee3 Says:

    Best k-drama 2013. Totally agree for season 2 with same casts. Especially papa gumiho. Heheheee… Choi jin hyuk fighting..!!
    Daebak, daebak, daebak……. two thumbs up

  728. 728 : evonz Says:

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  729. 729 : emerald Says:

    its in the title Kang Chi, the beginning… means there is an ending… looking forward for the next season… fitghting!!!!

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  732. 732 : Iqra Says:

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  735. 735 : Theresia_miho Says:

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    let’s mention on @mbc9book twitter with hastag #wewantGuFamilyBookSeason2
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  737. 737 : Ttuk Says:

    Whoever sought to put such profound words on the tongue of Admiral Lee Soon Shin is a wonderful human being. Thank you so much. I am deeply touched.

  738. 738 : Theresia_miho Says:

    all guys gumiho lover..
    let’s mention on @mbc9book twitter with hastag #wewantGuFamilyBookSeason2
    we all want it right !!

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  742. 742 : CMY Says:

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  743. 743 : bblve07 Says:

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  744. 744 : meaa Says:

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  745. 745 : cuity17 Says:

    LSG.. No doubt!! For your acting, I knew u since brilliant legacy, and I knew it that u r a great actor, CJW I knew u since it’s ok dady’s girl, n I like ur eyes n voice… Haduuuhh kereeeeen bgt lo jd wol ryung!!! Yes .. I want GFB season 2 as well, even I’m still in eps. 19.now.. To d writer n producer.., Make it season 2 pls, make a great story, and I still want to see kangchi n yeo woll’s romance , n CJW jg pastinya 😀

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  747. 747 : cuity17 Says:

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  752. 752 : bingdumaop Says:

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    Wat later happened..did kang chi married yeo wool nd who killed jo gwang woong

  754. 754 : kimchilee Says:

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  755. 755 : shel Says:

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  756. 756 : Sharon Says:

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  757. 757 : Autum Grace Says:

    This drama is good. The casts and the staff and crew were all great thought the lead actress was quite weak. There is something in her that is boring and lucking (I don’t know). I’m just wondering because a lot of its viewers are into the next series or book 2.

    Actually the ending is really intriguing and I was so puzzled of the possibility of book 2. I will surely check it out if there will really is.

  758. 758 : hollywood Says:

    @749-mamia, me too. Love his voice, choi jin hyuk. I fell in love with Papa gumiho even with his gothic look at his darkest hours.

  759. 759 : fiandra30s Says:

    cant wait for season 2
    i bet it will be DAEBAAAKKKKK !!!! 😀

  760. 760 : celine Says:

    The best drama with terrible ending. HAHA. Unforgetable.

  761. 761 : kiki Says:


  762. 762 : suah Says:

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  763. 763 : suah Says:

    i just love both of the lead actors

  764. 764 : Tira Says:

    Love this great drama with great actor like Lee Seung Ki and Bae Suzy! Thank you for the awesome drama!

  765. 765 : [email protected] Says:

    I’m looking forward for season 2 too… wish the couple will be together in season 2… awesome…

  766. 766 : Maryjoy Yoo Says:

    Choi jin hyuk at lee yoon hee best partner at gu family book

  767. 767 : Zia Says:

    Season 2? That’s mean isn’t over?
    I’m already watch ep 7. . Really curious.. 😐

  768. 768 : yessi Says:

    I miss kim tae ho choi jin hyuk or, as the wool ryung gu (gu family book) and sun woo duk, why in gu family book ryung wool and seo hwa just the story? to accompany wool ryung died seo hwa?

  769. 769 : Henry Johnson Says:

    This is a movie where i’m too anxious about what will happen in season 2.

  770. 770 : ruth ratna Says:

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    keren buangeud eoy….

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    i love suzy!! this drama is so great that i cant wait for the book 2.. please make it SOOOOONNNNNNN.. pogoshipo yeo wol!!

  772. 772 : Xhiae Says:

    Kang Chi appa so handsome..

  773. 773 : Sena Says:

    one word : daebak!! 🙂

  774. 774 : hayena Says:

    is really really amazing drama…but why only suzy who get the winner as female drama star at mnet choice award 2013.lee seung gi have the #1 place in online voting.but why he not get the winner…just really really disapointed….

  775. 775 : tresia Says:

    @hayena i thought the same to….really weird, and i think not only you and me who feel disapointed about this. many people to…..i never believe mnet choice award again…

  776. 776 : frans Says:

    ouch???really???seunggi not a winner??not a first??what the hell….iam the one who vote them for 15 days and lee seung gi took the #1 place in online voting….but how about the result???really disapointed..

  777. 777 : GDARAGON Says:

    after watching: great! Please, season 2 GFB…. Pasti seru deh cerita masa sekarannya (th 2013)

  778. 778 : Hayma Subair Says:

    im insanely waiting to watch this!!!!!!!! i really love naui Suzy!!! ayeeeh
    chukkahamnida naui Suzy for leading in such a great drama series *^_^*
    really love til death!!!!! wish you have more dramas to have!!! and i’ll be just waiting for them all

  779. 779 : salman subair Says:

    love this drama amazingly!!!!!!!

    SUZY, U are my number one korean idol!!!!

  780. 780 : rika windiyani Says:

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  781. 781 : ty Says:

    i love this drama soooo much. probably, one of the best historical dramas i’ve ever seen.
    the chemistry between Suzy and Seunggi isn’t a joke. they are really a great couple.
    i love kangchi so much and i also love gon and wol ryung. who is my favorite one? can’t decide. my head explodes.

  782. 782 : winnie Says:

    Lee Sung Gi looks good with all her leading ladies. i watched all his dramas and his chemistry with them is amazing even with ha ji won and shin min ah who are both few years older than him. although i think his team up with han joo yoo in shining inheritance is the best. I also love Bae suzy here.

  783. 783 : winnie Says:

    meant ., . all HIS leading ladies

  784. 784 : bella Says:

    Definitely a must-watch drama of 2013! Seung gi never disappoint me. I love his acting since shining inheritance. The story is great and also love other the casts. plus, daddy gumiho is hot!!^^

  785. 785 : kiki Says:

    love this drama,,bae su ji is a beautiful

  786. 786 : menchie Says:

    really nice drama!!! the genre is so amazing…. i love it so much… the actors n actresses are really great!!

  787. 787 : Prita Says:

    Suzy needs to improve her acting. The story was great n Lee Seung Ki’s act was outstanding! How can Suzy’s expression always flat in some happy n sad scenes, so dissapointing as always.

  788. 788 : Hani Says:

    I love Kang Chi and Dam Yeo Wool couple~~~their look great together in Gu Family book, I hope the Director thinking to make the season 2 because GFB ending so mysterious where Gon and Lee Soon Shin come to Kang Chi apartment maybe their know if Kang Chi is Gumiho haha
    Please make the season 2 🙂 we want to what happen next with Kang Chi and the new Dam Yeo Wool love story in new era 🙂 🙂
    chemistry between Lee Seung Gi and Suzy very strong I always cry every watch the cry scene where Kang Chi and Dam Yeo Wool cry together (T T)
    If GFB season 2 happen I hope Lee Seung Gi oppa and Suzy don’t mind to play together in GFB season 2:(

  789. 789 : Lynlyn Says:

    I never liked lee seung gi before…but after watching gfb,,i was amazed!his such a very good actor!!his charms turn me on!!pls make season 2 for gfb!!we will wait for that!!!lee seung gi am still waiting for your next series!!pls make more!!

    I love you!

  790. 790 : Males Man Says:

    The great thing about Lee Seung Gi is he could master up any emotions, laugh and cry at the same time, making any of his co-mate looked beautiful.

    No matter how I think about, Suzy wasn’t my ideal type, but her role in this drama has lifted my impression about her.

    Ending with a splendid Lamborghini and hideous faced-alike characters from the past…will it be another Gu Family Book’s chapter?….Well, I’ll be waiting for that to happen…

  791. 791 : babynotym Says:

    Very intresting film I got the complete season

  792. 792 : Jumboben Says:

    Such a great motion picture. The simplicity chosen by the director is amazing. The plot is wonderful too. But I think the part about the invasion of korea is a bit too complex for the character of kang chi and dam seo yeol. Good job Lee, in ur rendering of the character of Kang Chi. A perfect display of emotions, mirth, sorrow, while at d same time, keeping the same playful atmosphere that makes Merlin such a great watch. Kudos to y’all.

  793. 793 : ann Says:

    i like wol ryung than kangci,WR more handsome n cool rather than KC,its too bad CJH never play as a main lead…looking forward for him to play again in korean drama but as a main lead…

  794. 794 : Freeman Baker Says:

    I stand here and feel naked; I guess because of all the great reviews other people have given this drama. I have just finished watching this drama as of last night here in wonderful Las Vegas Nevada USA, I must and truly say this drama is a total flop and the ONLY reason I watched the drama to the end was because of Suzy Bae (miss A), she was adorable as always. It could very well be that I did not like this drama because Lee Seung Ki (Gi) was in it, I have watched three now in which he has been in because of the leading lady, I did enjoy King 2Hearts because I like Ha Ji Won and Lee Yoon Ji, the other drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho was a total bomb just like KangChi, the Beginning. I do not like Lee Seung Ki (GI) and I hope it will be a long time before he is in another drama.

  795. 795 : Theresia_miho Says:

    mention on mbc twitter @mbc9book with hastag #wewantGuFamilyBookSeason2

    fighting !!

  796. 796 : Theresia_miho Says:

    mention on mbc twitter @mbc9book with hastag #wewantGuFamilyBookSeason2

    fighting !!

  797. 797 : chris Says:

    love this drama. seung gi and suzy looked good together.. looking forward for the season 2.. saranghaeyo seung gi!!
    =D =D

  798. 798 : menchie Says:

    really love this drama… amazing genre!!! the characters are amazing!!! hope 2 have the second part of this drama… AJA Fighting!!!

  799. 799 : aini Says:

    i love lee seung gi soo muuch <3 😀

  800. 800 : Nerng Says:

    Season 2 can’t wait!!! Please!!! From Thai Fans

  801. 801 : LJ Says:

    This drama, changed my brother who don’t like k-drama.
    He really like this drama.

    Good job lee sung gi and suzy.
    Season 2 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee….!

  802. 802 : ro xy Says:

    Soo inspiring..love it..lee seung gi..d best!

  803. 803 : carl Says:

    love suzy very much

  804. 804 : rahmad Says:

    suzi love so much

  805. 805 : apreelqueen Says:

    season 2 pleaseee…………… very nice drama !

  806. 806 : MissAsuzyluv Says:

    Kang chi was airing in the Philippine I can’t wait sangheo BAE SUZY AND LEE SUNG …… Fighting….

  807. 807 : paras Says:

    Lee Seung Gi with his multi talentedand and suzy as his couple actually not so gud. Suzt still not gud in acting, just becoz her pretty and famous as a singer… But can’t wait for season 2 Gu Family Book..^

  808. 808 : Ms G Says:

    what link can i watch the full movie? please help

  809. 809 : gloria rosario Says:

    Oh yes! I love Lee Seung Ki in this drama series…. I really do love watching korean dramas and this is one that I love the best. This will be airing here in the Philippines but luckily i’m one of the first Filipinos to have watched it…. do more series of this kind….

  810. 810 : lynej Says:

    This K-drama is so adorable! I really love Kang Chi ‘s love story it’s so inspiring. I hopefully this drama is not end. I will wait the Kang Chi ‘s love story 2 🙂 PLEASE! And give us the viewers a best, a adorable and a amazing ENDING! Go fighting! Saranghaeyo LEE SEUNG GI & BAD SUZY :* 🙂

  811. 811 : lynej Says:


  812. 812 : cha Says:

    it’s a damn good drama ever!!!

    it’s still beginning right?, just give us next kang chi love story… 😀

  813. 813 : Ika Says:

    how to make this drama available in my country? so sad can’t watch this amazing drama by Lee Sung Ki bcz this is unavailable here :((

  814. 814 : Safa Says:

    Now airing in indonesia, 4th episode, monday to friday time 03.30 p.m. – 05.00 p.m.

  815. 815 : catherine sanoria Says:

    season 2! hurry pls….and also, you must use the same cast..they’re awsome!!!

  816. 816 : catherine sanoria Says:

    season 2 !!! hurry up!!! and also, you must use the same cast…they’re awsome!!!

  817. 817 : rm018 Says:

    Daebak! This drama will be airing soon on Philippines =)
    Definitely gonna watch and support this drama

    Can’t wait ♥♥♥

  818. 818 : andrea143 Says:

    @Ika – you can watch it @ gooddrama.net. Enjoy!

  819. 819 : joy02 Says:

    where can i watch these drama,i’ve been looking this for 1 week..:(

  820. 820 : novii Says:

    Daebak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAIT FOR SEASON 2 !!! ATHOUGH i don’t like lee seung gi and suzy but this drama is RECOMMENDED !

  821. 821 : purplelab Says:

    chakaness. i dont like!!!

  822. 822 : Cross Says:

    This Drama was airing on Indonesia @ Indosiar!!!
    I’m glad to see LSG ft Suzy 😉

  823. 823 : jacky Says:

    season 2 , season 2, season 2, please with the same actors and actress!

  824. 824 : jessie han Says:

    i like it two thumbs up! and i wanna see a season2

  825. 825 : rhed Says:

    I really like this k-drama..so much that i dreamed of someone like kang chi..If a mythical being like this really exist, and that their love is everlasting i would rather choose HIM..i love the story so much..such a love, that conquers time..422years waiting until the girl he’s waiting meet again in that peach tree where the crescent moon is hanging..i love the characters, specially the character of kang chi..

  826. 826 : rhed Says:

    i just hope, their is season 2 with this k-drama..its basically the best k-drama i ever watch since i do love watching korean drama..if ill going to rate this, its a perfect 10 for a perfect score..

    What im looking forward is, what will happened after they meet. Yeo wool as a cap and Kang chi as obviously a company’s president..A twist to bet, since last time kang chi is not that noble person..

  827. 827 : Melody Says:

    I watching it now 🙂 😉 ..

  828. 828 : Melody Says:


  829. 829 : chai thap Says:

    season two is oki but please no suzy this girl cant act properly she is the reason I cant even pass epi 3

  830. 830 : feane Says:

    Is there really a second season planned? The ending was somewhat strange.

    Nevertheless I really liked this drama. There were alot of funny moments and also some scenes where I had to cry quite hard. But I prefered the love of KangChi’s parents over the one between KangChi and Yeo Wool. In the beginning I really liked Yeo Wool but the more I watched the less I was convinced by her. Chung Jo did a much better job. And I couldn’t stand that crying of Suzy.

    But with every new episode I liked all the other characters more: Tae Seo, Gon, the Head Gisaeng and especially the master with the broomstick *lol*

  831. 831 : Mons Marquez Tuazon Says:

    Korean drama is so awesome! Kang Chi was so fantastic! I’ve watched it already but I still couldn’t get over it. Some scenes are still linger in my mind. But what captured my heart the most are the lessons that each character portrait. It’s really d’ best. I really do hope there would be a season2.

    I really like Lee Seung Ki he’s my favorite actor, he’s the coolest, and the best. >3

  832. 832 : xianne_crane17 Says:

    i love this KR drama…..I Love Kang CHI and BAE suzy……love you both…more power…and cant wait for the season 2…..:)

  833. 833 : tennie brungas Says:

    sooooo cool.so nice.is there a part 2?its a nice drama.i love ur cast.especially kang chi!ifirst saw him in my gfis a gumiho.really good actor!more power!

  834. 834 : Geal Says:

    finish watching Kang Chi 3am 🙂 I hope there would be a season 2,.

  835. 835 : Owoblo Says:

    Nice movie. Stil watching the season 2, am lingering 4d season 3. Don’t listen to trash about wot people says abt yeo wool(suzy) she’ s great. I wish kang chi and her hav a good fate different from his father. If u dnt love suzy go drink hypo

  836. 836 : agui cesa Says:

    Wow…. Its nice to see a new tv. series of my idol lee seung ki…more power

  837. 837 : bblve07 Says:

    i miss this, i hope there’s seas0n 2 .

  838. 838 : Ehlr Says:

    Bad ending.. Yeo Wool died.. and I’m not a fan of resurrection after 400+ years.. just imagine how sad it was for him.

  839. 839 : bblve07 Says:

    kangch! And dam yeo wol.. Fyting

  840. 840 : Jane Says:

    Best Korean Drama for 2013!
    Congratulations to all the staff and production of Kang Chi! There was never a dull episode. Once you’ve started watching it, you can’t stop until you reached the ending.

  841. 841 : keiti Says:

    kang chi is very nice movie..i really like it, specially the leading actor,,,,oh so handsome…omg!!! i’m addicted to u..:)

  842. 842 : Roeth Says:

    What a great Kdrama!
    I finished the first five episodes. So exciting! 🙂
    Still airing in the Philippines.
    Lee Seung Gi, Bae Suzy, Hwaiting! ~

  843. 843 : Park Sung Young Says:

    I Like this Drama! its so very awesome! Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy is the best couple of MBC DRAMA AWARDS! guys pls Vote this drama For all Awards!! and KOREAN Awards 2013!

  844. 844 : Park Sung Young Says:

    Lee Seung Gi is the Best Korean Actor in MBC drama awards 2013

  845. 845 : Park Sung Young Says:

    Bae Suzy is the Best Korean Actress in MBC Drama Awards 2013

  846. 846 : wong Says:

    i love to watch lee seung gi drama.. good show.

  847. 847 : mona Says:

    i love this kdrama… perfect 10 for me

  848. 848 : Belin Says:

    Love the drama. Not too happy with the ending though.

    If there is a season two I would surely watch it.

  849. 849 : the banker from ph Says:

    its not so sad after all..they still get to meet after 422 years 🙂
    ..great drama..

  850. 850 : frank jude Says:

    If only one can have a girlfriend like yeo wool that love you for who you are.

  851. 851 : frank jude Says:

    If only one can have a girlfriend like yeo wool that loves you for who you are.

  852. 852 : dy Says:

    Why yeo wool must die in the end??? Make me cry a lot :'(

  853. 853 : dy Says:

    Can’t wait kangchi next sequel in the new era… ^_^

  854. 854 : frank jude Says:

    Yeo wool is not dead, so why the tears.

  855. 855 : frank jude Says:

    Korean tv series are great but they have to work seriously on their fight scenes choreography. They should invite the chinese to help out. Fight scenes in once upon a time in china & grandmaster are stuff of legend.

  856. 856 : meyda Says:

    waiting story 2, good luck lee seung ki and bae suzy

  857. 857 : rowena Says:

    In kang chi drama i like his father even though that Yoon Seo Hwa betray him, he still love her and despite of what happen between them he still want Yoon Seo Hwa to live and i like a guy with that character. All he want is to love and be love.

    and that is so sad . . . 🙁

  858. 858 : RUBY PLACHETA Says:


  859. 859 : RUBY PLACHETA Says:


  860. 860 : kevin Says:

    I hope the author and director of THE LOVE STORY OF KangChi will produce the part two of this drama.,, This drama is really amazing, beautiful and and a heart touching story.,, At the end of the story, it makes me wonder if what will happen next since Dam Yeo Wool revives and the other friends of of KangChi.,, Will their next Love story be a happy ending?? It really makes me sad and teary knowing that Dam Yeo Wool dies at the end of the story., But the revision of everything makes me really wonder.,, :'(I just really hope that the author and the director will help each other to make KangChi part two. (in the future where they meet again).

  861. 861 : Bianca Says:

    Ahhhhh!! Such a gooood drama <3
    :(( why did Yeo Wool have to die :((
    hehe at least they met again 422 years later lolol~

  862. 862 : Sharon Says:

    Yeo Wool die, so that we can have the second series.

  863. 863 : Khayie Says:

    The Best Korean drama for 2013…. for me… :)!!! LOve! Love! Love! Love!Love! 🙂

  864. 864 : ah faye Says:

    I had just finished the show..very good
    I like to watch Lee Seung Ki, this is the
    3rd drama after shinning, king 2..
    he is improving very much..
    1st time watching Bae. not bad.

  865. 865 : NoonaFan Says:

    Although I am not a fan of the story line, I have to watch because my favourite actor , the one and only Lee Seung Gi is the main lead. I must say his acting has improved tremendously since BL days. LSG fighting !

  866. 866 : GODSWILLGODWINS Says:


  867. 867 : Riya Says:

    Love everything about this drama; its cast, story, songs especially Lee Seung Ki. I hope they will make a sequel to this drama.

  868. 868 : resty Says:

    i think theres SEASON 2!!! PLS PUT A SEASON 2

  869. 869 : resty Says:


  870. 870 : rm018 Says:

    Even yeo wool die in the end she regain her life after 400 years. Kangchi really loves her a lot. He waited for that 400 years. 🙂 I do really hope it has season 2 same actors and actresses to play. They should really have season 2 and they will continue the love of kangchi and yeo wool in modern day as they end it in last episode ♥

  871. 871 : Amanda Says:

    WOW! I am expecting season 2 to be out soon! Of cors, CHOI JIN HYUK must 1 of the main actor cast! I believe he can pair with any actresses with so cool looks…! Keep it up! Always support your acting! And also thanks to the working team from Samhwa Networks for this amazing story drama. “Maybe the next season would be the romance story between the WOLF & VAMPIRE love normal girl…”

  872. 872 : marley Says:

    I cried a river for you dam yeo wool.. addicted to Suzy after watching this.

  873. 873 : greatest love Says:

    I can’t stand lee seunggi’s acting..his over exaggeration in facial expressions just so annoying. Cut it out dude. I thought he changed from that other gumiho drama but no improvement at all. How I wish Choi jin hyuk was the lead. I stopped halfway in ep 4 because of his annoying face.

  874. 874 : greatest love Says:

    I can’t stand lee seunggi’s acting..his over exaggeration in facial expressions just so annoying. Cut it out dude. I thought he changed from that other gumiho drama but no improvement at all. How I wish Choi jin hyuk was the lead. I stopped halfway in ep 4 because of his annoying face.

  875. 875 : heizyi Says:

    This is really the story of a romantic drama that was wrapped with the acting of the top stars. And when I saw Yeo wool and kang chi , they are completely natural like a couple whose love was eternal. “A Thousand Years”

  876. 876 : vivi Says:

    love Lee Seung GI and Suzy’s love line in the drama, so sweet and romantic,they made me fall in love too. the drama I finished in 3 days. a must watch drama. hope they can work together again,, what a great chemistry of the two. love love love

  877. 877 : M.A Ruszama Says:

    I hope for Season 2. Story of Kangchi and Yeowol in modern Era. Please make my wish come true :3

  878. 878 : LIEL Says:

    the drama is good,but i noticed something with suzy,,her acting hasn’t change a bit since dream high…something her expression are all the same,hope she attends a workshop to sharpen her acting craft…goodluck suzy!

  879. 879 : leroy okoror Says:

    I love this film kang chi it help to become more strong of who I am in christ Jesus

  880. 880 : izek Says:

    part 2 please… for kangchi and yeowol after 422 year please continue there love story

  881. 881 : tigerb Says:

    i got hooked watching this series, am a sucker for this genre. it started with ‘iljimae’, ‘the story of the king’s 4 gods’, what else? it’a good production, and the actors were good. the only thing that annoyed me was the emphasized romantic scenes which just lengthened the episodes, but probably made the other viewers enjoyed it that much. the last scenes of the last episode made an opening for a ‘kang chi 2’, at current time setting, i wonder if they are going to do it. it’s worth watching!

  882. 882 : Roeth Says:

    At last! I finished all of the episodes!
    Lee Seung Gi is really handsome especially when his hair was cut. 😀 (Ep24)
    Also Sung Joon is so cool in the last episode! :)))))
    I like him since he had a role in Lie To Me! <3

  883. 883 : marilyn Says:

    i didn’t realize that lee sung ki is such a great actor. and his profile is really impressive.

  884. 884 : nwelay Says:

    I like kang gi’s father.i think his action is brave.

  885. 885 : IBK [itzcodedking] Says:

    This film is so interesting..from d beginning of season1…I always see myself as Kangchi dat always make me enjoy d film more and more especially when he is fighting..am watching season2 where Kangchi and cheung jo are inda forest tryin to leave wif her faraway Buh doz bad pple are abt to attack em using cheung jo brother Tae so..I wonder how cheung Jo and Tae so will feel and doz robbers if they find out that d person they wanna fight wif his half human half monster..I pity cheungjo d most [poor girl]..Buh I want Yeo wool and Kangchi to be together as lovers inda film…More

  886. 886 : Micc Says:

    I finally finished this drama. Have been delaying and delaying but finally. Really liked it, from story to casts to OSTs. But I am more touched by the love story of Wol Ryung and Seo Hwa than Kang Chi and Yeo Wool. Being betrayed, going through death and still remembered and loved each other, really touching. Hope there will be a season two, and hope Wol Ryung’s character will show up again.

  887. 887 : KIMBERLY Says:

    me gusto el drama estuvo interesante de principio a fin lee sung ki un actor exelente y suzy me encanto su actuacion desde su primer actuacion mejoro mucho

  888. 888 : airen——forever Says:

    thumbs up best drama I’ve ever seen. Kang Chi waited 422 years to meet his lover again. He promised to recognize her first and love her with all his life. A handsome and brilliant guy like Seunggi promises to love and appreciate you, isn’t that every girl’s fantasy? I hope one day I can see Seunggi in person. I’m gonna work really hard and go to Korea one day to get Seunggi’s autograph and maybe even a hug.

  889. 889 : Ochy Says:

    Lee Seung Gi never fails in choosing the script. All of his dramas are good even all of them are the best. I am just waiting for his upcoming drama. Maybe Kang Chi, The Beginning season 2, which is called “Kang Chi, The Ending”. 🙂

  890. 890 : alysa jane elamparo Says:

    that`s my favotite tv show .. but ends now 🙁 … i inspired in this tv show .

  891. 891 : lyra Says:

    Season 2 pkease. Ireallyy love KangChi ♡♡♡♡

  892. 892 : lyra Says:

    Season 2 please. I really love this series. Please, more of kangchi and yeo wool’s love story. 🙁

  893. 893 : fei Says:

    i’m hoping for season 2!! the best k drama ever!

  894. 894 : rinz Says:

    This is amazing drama fantasy action! Original story! Hope everyone will vote for this as best koreandrama for 2013! Vote now!

  895. 895 : Eris Says:

    love Lee Seung Ki

  896. 896 : abey Says:

    Chang chi and dam yeo wool their acting really brought out d beauty of the script to d extent that I almost 4got it was jt a film sincerely I can’t help the tears falling 4rm my eyes gr8 job guys

  897. 897 : Merg Says:

    I loved dis drama soo much. Kanchi nd Dam Yoel ar very cute tgeda. But I lyk Choi hyunk more his actin was spectacular changin from gud to bad nd frm bad to cool. Dis drama was also very touchin. Fightin!!!

  898. 898 : HB Lovers Says:

    Choi jin hyuk…miss wol ryong & yeon seo hwa story

  899. 899 : haryor frm Nigeria Says:

    it really a great movie the custom,the actor and actress are so great i ave being losing interest in k movie before but dis movie really makes me fall for korean movie completely really really love this movie a lot

  900. 900 : adia Says:

    aww. this drama is soooo awesomeee, love them both! Lee sung gi and Suzy, hope there will be the Gu Family book season 2.. I am waiting <3
    hope they can be a couple in reality too,, wish all the best for them ^^

  901. 901 : Springroll Says:

    This drama would have been much more better if female lead was not suzy. Suzy can’t act. They should have got real actress

  902. 902 : rista Says:

    I’m agree with you springroll,
    suzy doesn’t have ekspretion

  903. 903 : Riya Says:

    Its a wonderful drama.. Love the cast, story line and ost.. I really wish the production team would make its sequel 🙂

  904. 904 : MJulia Says:

    I do not understand why everyone is saying that Suzy can’t act?!? I really enjoyed her acting and I think she did a way better job than PSH in Heirs…

  905. 905 : Carmenita Says:

    part 2 please!!!! I love this drama. Part 2 part 2

  906. 906 : escort 9 Says:

    what a wonderful drama is this,the love aaction between Suzy and kang chi impressed me,Hoore !!! to koreandrama.

  907. 907 : Park Sung Young Says:


  908. 908 : mail Says:

    love dis drama…thumbs up to the writer….

  909. 909 : mail Says:

    suzy acted really great in dis drama…i cant see any reason to hate her acting…

  910. 910 : asuna Says:

    I love this drama, but the ending is kind of sad and kind of ‘to be continue’ type!!!!! so my opinion is there must be a part 2, sooooo….. please give us a part 2. and i love saung gi oppa and suzy unnie , their acting in this drama is best!!!!!!!!!!! SARANGE OPPA!!!!! SARANGE UNNIE!!!!!!

  911. 911 : karima Says:

    really great in dis drama and suzy perfect like always
    love her and all the cast

  912. 912 : Rm Says:

    I love the drama… so when are we expecting part 2?

  913. 913 : cheri_philippines Says:

    i’ve been fascinated to kdrama’s fantasy-romance genre since rooftop prince and secret garden, so this one is added to my fav. one, hope there will be season 2, common guys! don’t dissapoint the viewers, lol! loving Lee Seung Ki aside chun jung myung….(sorry CJM oppa! don’t worry you’re still my #1 oppa,.) the story between kang chi’s parents is also touching, sadly they don’t end up together and their characters died 🙁

    so GO for SEASON 2, SEASON 2, SEASON 2!!!!!

  914. 914 : cheri_philippines Says:


  915. 915 : cheri_philippines Says:


  916. 916 : diitaam Says:

    suzy acting really good, when she cry i also cry ^^
    she also sing a ost for this drama, and her voice really good and soft no wonder if her song include in many nomination for award
    although i don’t like lee seung gi but i try to like him because suzy acting so match with him
    love suzy so much ♥

  917. 917 : phyoe Says:

    i like this movie.i like suzy and seung gi.and i want to see the another video which
    suzy and seung gi include.and suzy look like seung gi’s girl friend and seung gi
    look like suzy’s boy friend.

  918. 918 : phyoe Says:


  919. 919 : phyoe Says:

    I think this drama must has part-2.please!!!!!!! i would like to see part-2.
    .Now i am waiting for part-2.

  920. 920 : gembel_doen Says:

    No sign of the season 2…MBC really can’t see the situation…this drama will be a hit and even better responded…

  921. 921 : phyoe Says:

    i agree which mjulia said.why springroll and rista are saying that suzy can’t act.Heracting is very good.”!”””

  922. 922 : Suzy twins Says:

    i like thhis drama so much, i love everything.. suzy, seunggi, and others,, they are act excellent,, 😀 and i wait for the sequel.. i hope there are part 2

  923. 923 : cheonsa007 Says:

    agree with @MJulia, suzy act better than psh…

  924. 924 : Choi Kang chi Says:

    One of the best Korean dramas ever.. Bae suzy was amazing and pretty as Yeo wool, I’ve a big fan of her after watching this drama and Lee seung gi was also amazing as Choi Kang chi!

  925. 925 : ting Says:

    Suzy acting is amazing !! i lovee it !!

  926. 926 : Kang Ji Hyo =) Says:

    I disagree with people who say that Suzy is not good at acting.
    At first I did not like her because she had seen Big, did not convince me much.
    But comparing his performance in that series with Gu Family Book, she has improved a lot … not to mention the great chemistry he had with Lee Seung Gi.

    I can not say that the actress is my number one on my list, but I love it as it is and acts.
    I hope to see it in other more mature roles.

    View and compare. I’m just saying.

  927. 927 : karima Says:

    one of the best drama i hava ever see
    suzy was great loove her and all the cast

  928. 928 : Sakkura Says:

    One of my favorites drama ever…I love it.. But one thing that I didn’t like that much..the end .. I cried a lot -_- … they must do season 2 with the same actors of course..because the story is infinished..don’t you think? we don’t know if he found the ” GU FAMILY BOOK” and I want to see Kang Chi and Yeo Wool together….

  929. 929 : Emmanuel Says:

    kan chi was so intresting i can’t wait for the season4,bcos he haven’t seen the gu family book and second i want to see kan chi and dam wool together

  930. 930 : mandy Says:

    hello idol kangchi and dam yeo wool

  931. 931 : mandy Says:

    hello suzy

  932. 932 : mandy Says:

    i love you oll of you i love suzy bae i miss uuuuuuuuuu

  933. 933 : tahiti Says:

    c’était magnifique, j’ai tellement aimé que je n’ai pas arrêté de pleuré, et les personnage ont été grandiose et immensément troublant car j’étais comme transporté dans ce monde, et lorsque la fin s’annonça, j’étais devenu triste et nostalgique, comme-ci tout mon monde basculait. j’ai adoré ce sentiment car le film dégageait un magnétisme et un ouragan dans mes sens. j’attendrai avec impatience votre bonté à faire une suite. svp. Merci à tous les acteurs, vous avez fait honneur à vos personnage et à ceux qui ont rendu possible ce film.

  934. 934 : Blue Saint Kpop | K-drama | Blue Saint Kpop Says:

    […] a kind-hearted merchant, struggles against all odds to live his life as a real human being… Click here for character introduction. Let’s enjoy some beautiful soundtracks from this engaging […]

  935. 935 : fena jean Says:

    i have watch this but was not able to finish it..well, it is a nice story done with Lee Seung Ki and his partner..

  936. 936 : kimchi Says:

    I love you Dam Yeo Wool!!!!!

  937. 937 : kimchi Says:

    I love you Dam Yeo Wool!!!!! She’s one fine character

  938. 938 : dinklik Says:

    i love this drama this drama is the best one This drama is soo awesome!

  939. 939 : lahnz Says:

    Season 2 please it was a very nice story.

  940. 940 : Dave Says:

    Watch it 3x already Season 2 pls 🙁 ;-(

  941. 941 : Alice Johnson Says:

    This is one of my favorite dramas I love everything about it I wish they would show them from where it ended in the present. This is my second time watching this drama and it is on my top 5 list.

  942. 942 : smiling Says:

    Hi, I really hope that this drama will have book 2or season 2,missed the couple Seung Gi and Suzy…

  943. 943 : Mal20 Says:

    wahh watched ep 11-15, have to say scary mother in- law

  944. 944 : Djwasmite Says:

    I really really enjoy it and I love all the cast in the film especially kang chi and dam yeo wool and I wish I could see you guys. Keep it up I really enjoy the film

  945. 945 : Abraham John Says:

    This is the 4th Korian movies that I love. A Man called God is my No 1. Iris is my No. 2 follow by Athena the goddes of war is my No. 3….. Nd CHOI KANCHI 4. I dont like film from the first tym but when my friends force me down 2 watch. I started enjoy the film. I like the action inside. The best person I love the most is Admiral a newly elected Governor is a very good in act. Also I want Choi Kanchi nd Yooi Woo 2 be together. I love Kanchi becus he has wisdom nd justice 2 do things nd I like that way, if Yooi woo nd Kanchi be together it is an interesting 2 watch. So I like them 2 be together. They match is other. Please I am expecting season 4 to watch. I cant wait 2 see the season 4 pleaseeeeeeeeee. U guys should cooperate nd bring season 4 out pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.

  946. 946 : Abraham John Says:

    I dont no why I like Korian movies like this. I like the environment nd everythin from Korian. I like 2 travel to that Country so that I will leave this miserable Country like Nijaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  947. 947 : Oluwatosin Says:

    Thaaa!. Abraham, Nija is nt a miserable country, nd moreover, why znt dea a season 4? Since kang chi did meet yeo wool again, what will happen next?. I rilli want to knw

  948. 948 : joseph DAVID Says:

    it is grt

  949. 949 : Prince Says:

    Really want a continuing please please I really love this drama Would really love to see them in the present.. 😢please

  950. 950 : fay Says:

    wow i rili can’t wait to watch it heard a lot about it but now that i have i loooove this film i hope they get together

  951. 951 : presh Says:

    I love this Drama…I really wished it never ended. I really want continuations if possible
    please…… Is one of the best.

  952. 952 : suel bi Says:

    Gu family book 2 is cming or not 🙁 if posibl plzz make im rely exited plz its best drama i lovo lee n suzy <3

  953. 953 : Gu Family Book 구가의 서 [2013] | My Drama Links Says:

    […] viki dramafever dramacool hancinema koreandrama daum top star news dc gallery soompi mydramalist koreandrama.org dramabeans joonni tumblr blogs hiaskara herdys joowons […]

  954. 954 : femax Says:

    I really like this drama. I feel like geting married to suzy 2day

  955. 955 : salisu yahaya Says:

    When is kangchi season 4 coming out?or does it mean it ended in season 3?plz respond.

  956. 956 : xxx Says:

    Keep on writing, ǥreat job!

  957. 957 : JOHAYNA Says:

    … WE WANT A SEQUEL!… Gosh… I had really been waiting for a sequel… I hope the production team shall create one… Probably, right after LSG comes back from military training… Pleassssse!!!…

  958. 958 : Korean Drama Review GFB – Drama and Show Reviews & Recommendations Says:

    […] Gu Family Book (2013) / Kang Chi the beginning 九家之书 […]

  959. 959 : Lee soya Says:

    One of the best ever K-drama I’ve watched, I really love you all and longs to see you all in another classic drama…

  960. 960 : Harshil Says:

    We’re waiting for season 2

  961. 961 : Silverswan Says:

    Didn’t know it was so good Historical drama, sad but real good and worth to watch even though it had been some years now

  962. 962 : Tajudeen Says:

    l can’t wait, let this film continue please.

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