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Jang Ok Jung

Title: 장옥정 / Jang Ok Jung
Chinese Title: 張玉貞
Previous Known as: 장옥정, 사랑에 살다 / Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love
Genre: Period, Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2013-Apr-08 to 2013-June-25
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


This drama tells the story of Jang Hee Bin (Kim Tae Hee), one of the most famous royal concubines in the Joseon Dynasty who was behind the deposition of King Sook Jong’s (Yoo Ah In) wife, Queen In Hyun (Hong Soo Hyun). However, unlike the countless dramas and movies about this famous villain, this drama will tell the story of Jang Ok Jung before she became concubine Jang Hee Bin and focus on her role as a fashion designer and cosmetic maker in the Joseon era.


Main Cast

Kim Tae Hee as Jang Ok Jung (later Lady Jang Hee Bin)
Kang Min Ah as Jang Ok Jung (young)
Yoo Ah In as Lee Soon (later King Suk Jong)
Chae Sang Woo as Lee Soon (young)
Hong Soo Hyun as Queen In Hyun
Jae Hee as Hyun Chi Soo
Baek Seung Hwan as Hyun Chi Soo (young)
Lee Sang Yeob as Dong Pyung Goon Yi Hang
Kwak Dong Yun as Dong Pyung Goon (young)
Han Seung Yeon as Choi Musuri (later Lady Choi Suk Bin)

Supporting Cast

Sung Dong Il as Jang Hyun
Lee Hyo Jung as Min Yoo Joong
Kim Seo Ra as Ok Jung’s mother, Lady Yoon
Go Young Bin as Jang Hee Jae
Lee Ji Oh as Jang Hee Jae (young)
Jun In Taek as King Hyun Jong
Kim Sun Kyung as Queen Dowager Kim
Lee Hyo Choon as Great Queen Dowager Jo
Dal Shabet’s Ah Young as Princess Myung Ahn
Lee Dong Shin as Kim Man Ki
Kim Ha Eun as Queen In Kyung
Yoon Yoo Sun as Lady Kang
Jang Young Nam as Court lady Chun
Ji Yoo as Ja Kyung
Kim Min Ha as Ja Kyung (young)
Choi Sang Hoon as Jo Sa Seok
Lee Hyung Chul as Bok Sun Goon
Bae Jin Sub as Hyun Moo
Lee Gun Joo as Yang Goon
Kim Ga Eun as Hyang Yi
Song Soo Hyun as Hyang Yi (young)
Lee Hyo Rim (이효림) as Seol Hyang
Kim Se In as Bok Choon Nyeo
Kim Nan Joo as Court Lady Choi
Min Ji Ah as Hong Joo
Yoo Sa Ra as Sol Bi
Lee Ja Min as Yun Hong
Ha Shi Eun as Shi Young
Ra Mi Ran as a noble’s wife
Bae Min Soo
Im Seung Dae as Ok Jung’s father, Jang Kyung
Lee Mi Young as Court Lady Hong

Production Credits

Production Company: Story TV
Chief Producer: Lee Hyun Jik
Producer: Kim Jin Geun, Lee Sung Hoon
Director: Boo Sung Chul
Screenwriter: Choi Jung Mi


This drama is based on Novel ‘Jang Hee Bin, Living in Love‘ by Choi Jung Mi.


2013 SBS Drama Awards: Special Acting Actor (Mid-Length Series) – Lee Hyo Jung (Jang Ok Jung)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Mid-Length Series) – Sung Dong Il (Jang Ok Jung)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-04-08 1 11.3 (11th) 12.9 (7th) 11.3 (8th) 12.8 (5th)
2013-04-09 2 9.1 (17th) 10.6 (10th) 9.1 (15th) 10.0 (11th)
2013-04-15 3 8.6 9.6 (13th) 7.9 8.5
2013-04-16 4 7.3 (20th) 8.7 (17th) 7.0 7.6
2013-04-22 5 7.7 9.5 (11th) 6.9 7.4
2013-04-23 6 8.3 (20th) 9.7 (12th) 7.5 7.8
2013-04-29 7 8.2 (19th) 9.6 (13th) 8.2 (19th) 8.7 (17th)
2013-04-30 8 8.1 (18th) 9.7 (9th) 7.8 (16th) 7.8 (19th)
2013-05-06 9 9.1 (15th) 10.8 (8th) 9.3 (16th) 9.7 (15th)
2013-05-07 10 9.3 (12th) 11.2 (7th) 8.0 (15th) 7.7 (18th)
2013-05-13 11 9.6 (14th) 11.5 (7th) 9.2 (17th) 9.3 (17th)
2013-05-14 12 10.0 (11th) 11.7 (6th) 9.3 (13th) 9.0 (15th)
2013-05-20 13 9.7 (13th) 12.3 (6th) 9.6 (14th) 9.4 (16th)
2013-05-21 14 11.1 (6th) 13.5 (5th) 9.2 (10th) 8.9 (12th)
2013-05-27 15 11.6 (8th) 13.2 (4th) 11.1 (10th) 10.8 (13th)
2013-05-28 16 11.3 (10th) 13.0 (5th) 10.5 (10th) 10.0 (13th)
2013-06-03 17 12.2 (5th) 14.2 (5th) 11.4 (5th) 11.2 (6th)
2013-06-04 18 11.7 (6th) 14.1 (5th) 11.3 (6th) 10.9 (6th)
2013-06-10 19 10.7 (8th) 11.6 (5th) 11.0 (7th) 10.5 (7th)
2013-06-11 20 9.8 (16th) 11.5 (9th) 10.0 (14th) 9.3 (17th)
2013-06-17 21 9.5 (15th) 10.1 (13th) 10.2 (11th) 9.9 (13th)
2013-06-18 22 8.8 (18th) 10.0 (13th) 9.9 (16th) 9.9 (17th)
2013-06-24 23 9.5 (10th) 10.4 (9th) 9.0 (14th) 8.2 (19th)
2013-06-25 24 10.3 (8th) 12.3 (5th) 10.3 (9th) 9.7 (14th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : kiran Says:

    Waaaaahhhh……….yo ah in,kim tae hee……i can’t wait…..

  2. 2 : www.facebook.com/myprincess.kr Says:

    OhYes, welcome. back our princess lee seol !

    we have been waiting for you

  3. 3 : vic Says:

    Kim Tae Hee is Back!!! can’t wait for this drama.. Fighting!!

  4. 4 : Fanny Sutana Says:

    Yyyyyyy…Finally, this drama will airing soon….Daebak!!! Kim Tae Hee, Yoo Ah In, Jae Hee….woowwww ^^

  5. 5 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    im betting my watching K-drama habit this time. The plot is a lot different from other Period drama. This one has the antagonist/protagonist approach.

  6. 6 : tigerb Says:

    if based on a life of a person belonging to korea’s history, this maybe worth watching, other than i like the leading lady.

  7. 7 : kimmy Says:

    too bad that TOP didnt take a role at this drama..:(

  8. 8 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    Yoo Ah In… count me in for sure!!

  9. 9 : rm018 Says:

    Oh my, i’ma big fan of kim tae hee and at the same time i love yoo ah in <3 Can't wait for this :))

  10. 10 : eny Says:

    curious about the story n of course jae hee new role

  11. 11 : Jahaleel Says:

    geol oh!!! YAI. you have a new drama! i hope this is a good one like sungkyunkwan scandal 🙂

  12. 12 : GSJ Says:

    This April is the best.

  13. 13 : crys1524 Says:

    really waiting for these upcoming drama, i’m going to watch it 🙂

  14. 14 : saraSJS Says:

    Hope YAI will be able to make up for his masterpiece FK here and won’t disappoint us. After Yurim he was my fave in SKKS.

  15. 15 : fennyclaire Says:

    yehey!!!!!!!!!! KIM TAE HEE is back!!!!!!! after a long time waiting!!!!!

  16. 16 : Wofds Says:

    Will be waiting.
    I like the cast.

  17. 17 : lusy Says:

    Love All the cast..^^

  18. 18 : limaj Says:


  19. 19 : Yujin Says:

    Well the cast is really good 🙂 Yoo an ih i like him S.scandal!

  20. 20 : FAaat Says:


  21. 21 : FAaat Says:


  22. 22 : kimbee Says:

    can’t wait to watch this drama……very excited and very curious………^^
    success Kim Tae Hee for JOJ…..!!!!!Hwaiitiiing~~^^

    Yoo ah in looks sexiest in that cover pic…i’m fall in a sudden when i saw it…..<3

  23. 23 : sena Says:

    likely…this drama will be awesome…….i’m excited to watch it……!!!

  24. 24 : leedaaaa Says:

    surely everyone knows the ending….
    @kimmy i prefer yoo ah in is the best in this role,this just my opinion ok.
    so excited this drama is coming 😀

  25. 25 : aabba Says:

    Han Seung Yeon kara, really can’t wait it

  26. 26 : bblve07 Says:

    i love u yooahin, when I first watched u in SSK SCANDAL.
    And also kimtahee in lovestory in harvard.

  27. 27 : bblve07 Says:

    but I dnt get the plot, who is villain, prøtagonist and antagonist, i dnt like kimtahee 2 be the antagonist.

  28. 28 : myeon Says:

    kim tae hee??? yoo ah in?? aaaa mau nonton T___T

  29. 29 : sahel Says:

    why the new dramas are period i think most of the people like modern drama no period

  30. 30 : lalalove Says:

    after TWTWB i will watch this one *happygirl

  31. 31 : haruhi28 Says:

    wow! can’t wait for this one…i think April dramas will better especially with this and the Gu Family book…yey! 🙂

  32. 32 : rory Says:

    Yoo Ah In with Kim Tae Hee in Jang Ok Jung…
    meanwhile Song Seung Hun with Shin Se Kyung in When A Man Loves..
    they had changing their partner..cool! this is interesting 😀

  33. 33 : kimbee Says:

    the teaser 2 very awesome and touchy!!can’t wait to see yai and kth…<3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3spK4dv9rVk&list=PLfISoxD9Kap1lw9IdWxDKGbif5r4L8E6w
    hwaitiiing for JOJ…!!!^^

  34. 34 : axela Says:

    My life is so excited this drama KIm tae hee I’m waiting

  35. 35 : senahPotato Says:

    look interesting…

  36. 36 : haruhi28 Says:

    @rory #32

    i just realized now 🙂 the princess and fashion king…lol

  37. 37 : paula Says:

    Drama sounds very interesting.

  38. 38 : paula Says:

    interesting drama

  39. 39 : 'OmmO' Says:

    “YOO” on blast!! Overflowing with *charisma* for his role.
    Really, really waiting for the D-day ^_________^

  40. 40 : kimthu1991 Says:

    can’t wait to be more

  41. 41 : Jahaleel Says:

    yoo ah in has a major role!!! i hope this a great drama and a hit 🙂

  42. 42 : franzes Says:

    If im not mistaken.. is she the concubine in Dongyi’s drama.. the villain one..? its good that it tackles the other side of her , the optimistic one. im looking forward to watch this after TWTWB . gladly its kim tae hee .i missed her on small screen again

  43. 43 : lalala Says:

    I love all the casts! will looking forward this drama..

  44. 44 : bb Says:

    Kim Tae-Hee, Yoo Ah-in, Jae-Hee Hyun, a flood, or meet with a live feed from the Conference produced #장옥정 a cute ~! http://twitpic.com/cewuz0 April 1, 2013 @ 2: 00 pm, you can see it in YouTube SBSNOW1 channel

  45. 45 : jellybeans Says:

    WOW!! Mr YOO ~ The charismatic, appeared in public! http://twitpic.com/cenbrl As well as spreading the love of pure “Jang Ok Jung” Ummh! very promising!!

  46. 46 : MyBelle Says:

    i love the leading couple, love Kim Tae Hee & all casts.
    I’m waiting for this drama

  47. 47 : bluebird Says:

    Quite interesting and looking forward for this drama. =)

  48. 48 : axela Says:

    Im waiting this drama keep it up kim tae hee love this beautiful lady… hoping for your drama together with rain..nice couple

  49. 49 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @frances correct KTH plays the concubine in Dong Yi’s drama and Dong Yi is now played by HSY. Sounds very interesting that we can see the other view of this story compare to Dong Yi drama.

    This is the reason that Jang Ok Jong (also known as Jang Hee Bin) is a must watched. It’s the other side of the story. We will learn why did she turned herself to an evil woman and created those wicked plots.

    I already seen Dong Yi, so spotting the difference would like occur to me!

  50. 50 : Aga Says:

    cool….looking forward to watch it …
    i like Yoo Ah In…Fashion King..
    i like Kim Tee Hee…My Princess…

  51. 51 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    wow, I just realize that if I’m not read your comment.. changing partner 😉 can’t wait for that, but I like yoo ah in & kim tae hee better..

    already watched dong yi too.. yes so exited to watch the other side of story, isn’t it.. double exited to see kim tae hee evil again, never seen her as villiant role again since starway to heaven…

  52. 52 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    wah.. this drama full of hot guys beside yoo ah in & jae hee,, there is lee sang yeob!! like him too since miss rippley and innocent man..

  53. 53 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    oh I forget this drama’s story is about jang ok jung before become concubine jang hee bin but focus on her role as a fashion designer and cosmetic maker in joseon era.. so there’s no evil kim tae hee 😉

  54. 54 : rory Says:

    Yes, I love all the cast here too..I like Lee Sang Yeob & Hong Soo Hyun’s acting in their previous dramas..I think I will try to watch this one..
    Haven’t watch Dong Yi yet, is that a really good drama?

  55. 55 : bluebird Says:

    On April 8, the first broadcasting SBS drama #장옥정 Korean 19th King sugjong, a hot cast YooAin. Soooooo happy to see you as a KING 😉 😉 🙂

  56. 56 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Hong Soo Hyun was great in The Princess’ Man and Lee Sang Yeob excels in Innocent Man.

    KTH’s eyes are her very best assets. Looking at her eyes makes you cry if she’s sad and lonely and makes you angry when she is a wicked girl.

    YAI was fantastic in Sungkyunkwan Scandal but forgettable in Fashion King (maybe bcos of the awful plot).

    JH was mediocre as a good guy turn bad ass in May Queen. I wonder if he’s role is antagonist. But he’s promising in portraying that kind of role.

    To avoid misunderstanding or to add more of the knowledge of this drama, you should first watch Dong Yi but that series is way TOO VERY LONG but still worth it to watch.

  57. 57 : MyBelle Says:

    Happy Birthday to you, beautiful Kim Tae Hee. I’m waiting to see this famous concubine ‘s tough life & love.

  58. 58 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    dong yi it’s good drama, but it was not my favorite and I lost interest watching it after dong yi had a child..I dunno why.. maybe like @Kurayuzaki666 said this drama way too long

  59. 59 : rhini Says:

    @rory, I agree with @taraLuvJJ about Dongyi.. it’s a very bored drama. i stopped watched in the eps 10. I don’t like Han hyo joo playing Dongyi. her acting is very flat. Kim Yoo jung is better as the child Dongyi than her..

  60. 60 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @rhini I strongly disagree Han Hyo Joo did a good job in dong yi. Why would Baeksang gave her a best actress award if she’s not good enough? And that’s BAEKSANG huh?! You must have bad eyes on assessing acting prowess. Sorry if it would hurt u.

    Dong Yi maybe a boring one for a simple reason that it’s too long to watch. But if you are settled in with period drama, you should know first that this kind of drama has always more than 30-50 episodes.

  61. 61 : rory Says:

    @taraLuvJJ, rhini & Kurayuzaki666..
    tq so much 4 the responds..Just opened Dong Yi’s page..OMG, 60eps!!! I need 1 week leave so I can finish watching this drama ASAP b4 JOJ started.LOL! But the ratings are really high & I have no problem with HHJ & JJH’s acting b4..OK..I will try it..I will try it..maybe try 2 watch for 10eps 1st

  62. 62 : franzes Says:

    @taraLuvJJ #51.. IKR? but honestly im skipping some episodes in Dongyi coz as all of you just said.. its wayyy too looong and somes scenes are quite boring for me.. so to end the story just skipped it.. hahahaha anyways i love Han hyo joo in that period drama as well as the May queen..
    But however the story that we tackles here is not hers but the “Faboulosa” Kim tae hee.. as i comment earlier gladly that the good side of her life will be the story.. who could ever imagine that the villain Jang ok Jung has a love for fashion and designing? hmmm so intriguing.

    Oh and i almost forgot i do hate period drama because for some reasons. BUT.. in any rules there are exceptions hehehehe…
    B) B) B)

  63. 63 : franzes Says:

    @Kurayuzaki666 #49.. hehehe thanks… im glad my memories still intact to recognize her JOJ (aka JHB) .. yeah truly we can spot the difference as we watch this drama… or maybe in JOJ , Dongyi is the villain.. hahahaha kidding..

  64. 64 : zara Says:

    In popular culture Jang Ok-jeong is one of the best known royal concubines of the Joseon Dynasty.

    Portrayed by Kim Ji-mee in 1961 film Jang Hui-bin.
    Portrayed by Nam Jeong-im in 1968 film Femme Fatale, Jang Hee-bin.
    Portrayed by Yoon Yeo-jeong in 1971 MBC TV series Jang Hui-bin.
    Portrayed by Lee Mi-sook in 1981 MBC TV series Women of History: Jang Hui-bin.
    Portrayed by Jeon In-hwa in 1988 MBC TV series 500 Years of Joseon: Queen Inhyeon.
    Portrayed by Jung Sun-kyung in 1995 SBS TV series Jang Hui-bin.
    Portrayed by Kim Hye-soo in 2002 KBS TV series Jang Hui-bin.
    Portrayed by Lee So-yeon in 2010 MBC TV series Dong Yi.
    Portrayed by Kim Tae-hee in 2013 SBS TV series Jang Ok-jung, Live for Love.
    Parodied by members of the pop band Shinhwa in the August 25, 2012 episode of jTBC variety show Shinhwa Broadcast.

  65. 65 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @zara wow! she’s more popular than Dong Yi and Queen Seon Deuk. hahaha

  66. 66 : suZie Says:

    @zara; it seems to be that Jang hui-bin left many folk stories behind including her greed over power, and a story involving right before her death.
    wow! what’s a woman!!

  67. 67 : bb Says:

    @Kurayuzaki666 the bad one is always most talk-about.. XD XD XD

  68. 68 : axela Says:

    waiting this drama I’m so excited this april 8… go go go kim tae hee fighting…

  69. 69 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @bb Yeah but it depends on how evil she was. hahaha but the good thing is this popular concubine has her other side that people should see.

  70. 70 : 0m0 Says:

    Rated 5 star entertainment-‘ live ‘ in love with Jang Ok-jong ~ production seminar


  71. 71 : anzu Says:

    kim tae hee is really dating bi rain???

  72. 72 : Micc Says:


    You’re right! They changed partners! Funny!

  73. 73 : Park jun sung Says:

    km org indo kn sis?

    @taraluvJJ and @rory
    NOOO, I DISAGREE. I think dong yi is a good drama. Yeah i know maybe its too long. But over all that drama is amazing. . .
    In my recaps,
    for episode 1-4 is a bit bored cz its tell about dong yi childhood. Its get better upper episode 5, cz dong yi being adult and for the first time meet king sukjong (aigoo, ji jin hee is so handsome here. Although he was old, but he still handsome).
    Episode 5-45 its really good, and its get worse upper episode 50. . . Thats my opinion

  74. 74 : Park jun sung Says:

    Dont u think that yoo ah in is a bit too young to role as king sukjong?

  75. 75 : 0m0 Says:

    @Park jun sung,, nope! that is meant to be, Yi Soon (later King Sukjong) became the Crown Prince at age 6, at age 14, he became the 19th ruler of the Joseon Dynasty. Their love began before he became the king,,, (:he still wore Crown Prince uniform:) and she’s 6 years his senior. Lucky girl

    Oh! BTW i love DONG YI too, she’s a great grandma of Yi San, i think!?!

  76. 76 : Park jun sung Says:

    wait2, who did u mean? Who is yisan. This drama is tell about king sukjong. N0t later of him sis.
    Btw, Did in dong yi there is yisan?

  77. 77 : eny Says:

    i’m interested to watch this drama, everybody talk about dong yi , i agree with park jun sang that dong yi get worst around episode 50, thats why i didn’t finish it. The one that attract my attention in that drama is jang hae bin role, she’s evil, but the situation that make her become evil is the most interesting in that drama for me
    I wanna see jang hae that portray in this drama n I didn’t think jae hee is mediocre actor cause i already see him in many different role, i see he act in comedy n the latest may queen.
    I see YAI in naked kitchen n few in SKKS not attract my attention yet,KTH isn’t my favorite but she’s not bad, HSH is good in princess man, i like her more than MCW in that drama

  78. 78 : eny Says:

    sorry i write wrong title of YAI movie, it’s not naked kitchen but Antique bakery

  79. 79 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Park Jun Sung
    yes, I’m 😀
    hey I’m not saying Dong Yi is bad. I said it was good drama but dunno why I lost interest when Dong Yi had a child and maybe I can’t stand watching drama with loooong eps,, I skipped so many scenes while watching Dong Yi 😉

    looking forward for this since I like Yoo Ah In and Kim Tae Hee coupling.

  80. 80 : rory Says:

    @Park Jun Sung
    I think u’ve mistaken by other comments dear..how can I said Dong Yi is not good drama when I haven’t watch that drama yet..hehe..
    but I agree about JJH..he’s hot even though his age not so young..

  81. 81 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    I just want to discover the other side of this evil concubine. Was she really that bad? or was she bad at the first place?!

  82. 82 : jessie han Says:

    i like this drama wow!!! the to new couple partner KTH & YAI i like both of them!!! i love to see their chemistry…May God Bless both of you guys?

  83. 83 : Park jun sung Says:

    @taraluvJJ & @rory
    hehe. No no. . . Ii’m just think that dong yi second sageuk drama that amazing (after jang geum) for me. Hehe

    agree sis. . . JJH is so handsome ahjussi. Have u watch his comedy romantic drama “the man who cant get married”?
    Wow, its really go0d drama, and ji jin hee IS REALLY SO MUCH HANDSOME there. . . 😀 try to watch

  84. 84 : Park jun sung Says:

    Both lee seung gi (in GFB) and yoo ah in (JOJ) is not too hansome for me. But okay, i will try to watch that drama. . .

  85. 85 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @rory &@ Park jun sung
    hehe JJH is handsome but I dunno when I watch Dong Yi, my fave is Bae So Bin..

    I know YAI is not the most handsome actor in kdramaland but there is something about him that I like.. I dunno I just love seing him in traditional Korean custome like in SKKS, he is so manly in that drama but I dont like seing him in modern drama such as Fashion King..

  86. 86 : namaste Says:

    omg!kim tae hee..m luking 4ward2 this drama

  87. 87 : Lady hope Says:

    Wow… So excited to watch this drama. I like Yoo Ah In & Kim Tae Hee 🙂

  88. 88 : Park jun sung Says:

    hmm YAI in SKKS is in long hair cut, euuh, i dont like it. Hmm i d0nt know, just try to enjoy this drama

  89. 89 : Park jun sung Says:

    Wait2, in the cast there is name of choi sook bin. Is she dong yi? Choi dong yi?

  90. 90 : rory Says:

    @Park jun sung
    haha..yes, already watched the man who can’t get married..I enjoyed watching that drama..he’s funny & selfish but so handsome there..YAI also in that drama rite..But 4 me, YAI looks the best in SKKS especially when wearing like a beggar..looking 4ward his appearance & acting in this drama..

  91. 91 : Jimmy Says:

    I’m waiting for this drama. Wow, beautiful concubines & interesting story.

  92. 92 : Park jun sung Says:

    hah? The young boy in the man who cant get married is YAI? Omwo, i’m not conscious it.
    Hmm, i dont know, lets us see this drama can catch YAI to my heart or not.

  93. 93 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Park jun sung
    thank you for remind me again of that drama, I mean the Man Who Can’t Married.. I almost forget that Yoo Ah In also in MWCM ^^
    I check some mv/ost in yt sound interesting, both JJH and YAI are soooo diff from their previous drama’s… and hey, Kim So Eun! love that girl, I will watch this drama before Jang OK Jung airing.. or maybe after I finish That Winter the Wind Blows coz just start on eps 1… also love JIS and SHK coupling 🙂

  94. 94 : myeon Says:

    @taraluvjj i’m so agree with you kekeke. he’s more suit in saeguk drama than modern drama for me. in SKKS, he’s just too hot ! i like him more than yoo chun kekekeke

  95. 95 : rory Says:

    @Park jun sung & taraLuvJJ
    haha..actually when I 1st watching that drama, I can’t recognized him too coz he looks so young in there..
    As I said, I love YAI when he wearing like a beggar with long hair in SKKS but I don’t find he’s hot with a clean saeguk costume coz yoochun is better..LOL! It’s weird but it’s true..
    but I don’t mind whether he’s hot or not actually, i just want to see good plot, good storyline & good acting here..
    TWTWB now airing in my country actually, already left my comments in that thread so I’m not going to repeat my comment here..hehe..hp watching dear..

  96. 96 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    YAI looks like high school in MWCGM..
    yeah I agree with you, let’s just pray JOJ has good plot, storyline and acting.. but don’t forget good kiss scene too.. hehe naughty me.. what can I say, I just hate when actress doing nothing beside silent like manequin with eye open when actor kiss her.. aishh..

    when in saw SKKS for first time, I though YAI is hottest around ^^ but I was watching it for 2nd, 3rd etc etc hehe i guess Yoochun & Song JungKi way hotter than him.. but I still love seing YAI in his hanbok than casual costume in modern drama.. looking forward for his perfomance in JOJ

  97. 97 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    ops.. I mean looks like high school student..

  98. 98 : Jimmy Says:

    I’m waiting for this drama patiently. All casts, fighting!

  99. 99 : Park jun sung Says:

    wow TWTWB has airing in ur country? Omwo, it so fast. Where do you stay in?

    wait2, maksudmu yg kyak maneqi wkt di cium itu siapa? Song hye gyo?

  100. 100 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Park Jun Sung
    hehehe not Song Hye Gyo.. if you watch a lot KDs you will know what I mean.. when come kiss scenes, many actresses just stood there with wide open eyes and let the actors do the ‘action’ 😉

    speaking of TWTWB is already airing in our country, if you have ONE channel on cable tv, they already broadcast this drama but i forget what the day..

  101. 101 : rory Says:

    @ taraLuvJJ & Park jun sung
    LOL tara, “when come kiss scenes, many actresses just stood there with wide open eyes and let the actors do the ‘action’..yeah, I have saw this scenes a lot in KDs..
    I live in Malaysia & understand a lil” bit Indonesia language..There’s KBS & SBS in my country but of course u have to pay monthly..but need to wait after 5,6 eps coz they need to do eng sub 1st..”Lee Soon Shin is the Best” also already aired here..I dun have MBC ch but “I Miss You” also currently airing in my country..other free cable tv interested to air that drama right after it ends..for IMY, yes it’s really fast!

  102. 102 : bb Says:

    Umh! It looks really promising!! as seen on “8 Minutes Preview”
    Love all casts and it’s Yoo Ah-in 3nd sageuk drama 😀

  103. 103 : RosyFlower Says:

    I heard that the story is very exciting & Han J Bin is famous & her son will be King later. Now, this Jang ok Jung has the 1st love before the King.
    Ah… can’t wait! Please have the English subtitle, thank you. Kim Tae Hee is beautiful.

  104. 104 : peyriteyl Says:

    sissy park jun sung are you here?

  105. 105 : Mey Says:

    check email plis

    (@Mey from admin: why? i never received any e-mail from you)

  106. 106 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    one of the largest national tv in my country always broadcast dbsk member’s dramas esp Yoochun from SKKS, Miss Ripley and now they airing Rooftop Prince.. sadly they are being dubbing.. so I can’t hear low tone voice of Yoochun.. I never stop smilling seeing Lee Gak or Park Ha face but they speaking bahasa 🙂

  107. 107 : rory Says:

    For IMY, it’s a relief they did not dubbed..other cable in my country they choose to dub in Mandarin..Last month they show PTB with mandarin dub, seriously I really dun like it..we can’t feel their real emotions rite..
    Lee Gak’s tone voice is to die for..what a waste they choose to dub

  108. 108 : kimmy ^^ Says:

    pic of Jang Ok Jung9 & 10,it wasn’t kim tae hee…

    2 days left, hhhmmm can’t wait till airing…more excited!!!^^

    (@kimmy ^^ from admin: we never say these 2 pics are kim tae hee.)

  109. 109 : RosyFlower Says:

    yeah! 2 days left, can’t wait to see this drama too. Please have the English subtitle, thank you.

  110. 110 : Vea Says:

    I just love Yoo Ah In. He was so charming in SKKS, fell in love with his acting head over heels! <3 and what could be better when he's starring with beautiful Kim Tae Hee! omo omo omo <3 <3 <3

  111. 111 : RosyFlower Says:

    I ‘m waiting to see your drama. Please prepare a hot dance. Hi..hi..

  112. 112 : KDaddict Says:

    This starts today too! Same as Gu Family Book. Suddenly the line up gets exciting! For a change!

  113. 113 : peyriteyl Says:

    next stop!

  114. 114 : Joyce Says:

    I can’t wait for this I like Yoo Ah In in sageuks!he was my fave in SKKS!the hiccup guy is back in sageuk!wish to see him fight like what he did in SKKS:) this drama and Gu Family Book truly excites me~!Fighting!

  115. 115 : leedaaaa Says:

    @taraluvJJ @ park jun sung are you indonesian??

  116. 116 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    I never imagine Jaejoong on PTB being dubbed in Mandarin… just wow…
    when PTB broadcast in my country also being dubbed to bahasa.. I really don’t like it 🙁 its the same voice who dubbed Yoo Ah In in SKKS, Yoochun dubber both in SKKS and RP are the same voice… thank God free/pay cable tv, didn’t dubbed…

  117. 117 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    so you have desided to watch this drama after TWTWB 🙂

    yes I’m 🙂 are you Indo too?

  118. 118 : haruhi28 Says:

    @KDaddict #
    i totally agree with you! it’s about time 🙂

  119. 119 : RosyFlower Says:

    few hours left for this drama, fighting!

  120. 120 : TiTi Says:

    Wow, this drama looks interesting. Please tell me where to see it online with
    engsub. Wow, such a good looking casts.

  121. 121 : Park jun sung Says:

    yes, i’m indonesia. 😀 Hope u enjoy this thread

    hay sis. I’m here 😀
    let see, this drama good or not

  122. 122 : Park jun sung Says:

    u can watch it very easy in
    1. Dramacrazy.net
    2. Epdrama.com
    3. Gooddrama.net

  123. 123 : kimmy ^^ Says:

    @admin; hehehehehe beyan,min…but did u know who is she…???

    currently watching JOJ without eng sub… ;((
    but i catch a lit bit of the storyline… 😀
    this drama started with adult scene then the teenage was flashback,
    i think tomorrow will much flashback. i love clothing measurement scene, hows cute yoo ah in… :*
    in that scene, first time Suk jong meet Ok Jung and introduce.but he feel that he have met Ok Jung before…

  124. 124 : Joyce Says:

    Me too, I love the measurement scene^^ just remind me of the measurement scene in Arang and the Magistrate..hehe!Yes you’re ryt this drama will have more flashbacks in the nxt eps!I love this one…tho I only saw the raw ep….

  125. 125 : TiTi Says:

    Thank you Park jun sung for your prompt response. I’m itching to see this drama as soon as possible. The story & casts both are great.

  126. 126 : TiTi Says:

    Oh! Please tell me where we can see the raw ep???? Thanks!

  127. 127 : bb Says:

    Wow! Joseon’ catwalk !!!!!

  128. 128 : bb Says:

    @TiTi http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xyu6t8#.UWMdnxxa7YE

    or http://www.dramacrazy.net/korean-drama/jang-ok-jung-live-in-love/

  129. 129 : hohohaha2006 Says:

    First of all, Jang Ok Jung first episode was so different than other saeguk dramas because they did not started with the young casts. So far, so good and Yoo Ah In looks amazing and the cat walk scene of Kim Tae Hee were colorful and glamorous at the same time. Gu Am Book also have a very good first episode but I hope Jang Ok Jung will have a higher rating.

  130. 130 : 0m0 Says:

    Jang Ok Jeong “Kim Tae-Hee” “Yoo Ah-in” power alive!
    … Yes, engaged on Tuesday ^________^

  131. 131 : Park jun sung Says:

    The episode a bit longer. Fiuh. . . Just waiting 5 episode aired, so i can decide which one that i will watch. Jang ok jung or kangchi. . .
    See you 2 weeks later 😀

  132. 132 : Amy Says:

    Awes0me! This is qreat kdrama janq ok junq aja! . . 1 of my fave janq hi been. . . Pls qve us s0me link so we cn watch ths in live streaminq . . Kamsahamnida<3 kim tae hee and yoo ah in the best . . .

  133. 133 : TiTi Says:

    Great Beginning!

  134. 134 : RosyFlower Says:

    Ah! I love the 1st episode. It’s really the good drama. I’m inpatient to see more. and more.

  135. 135 : Ammy Says:

    Let see this drama. I heard it is interesting. I like KTH in Iris, LSIH.

  136. 136 : zara Says:

    Well done for the first episode !
    *JOJ lives in love* Kim tae-hee, Yoo Ah-in, since the first appearance of charisma explosion! and overwhelmed the fencing action.. “the hottest fencing …” Hahh! an awesome assassin king 😀 😀 😀

  137. 137 : Bella Says:

    I love the first episode, and can’t wait to see the next one. It is above my expectation. Wow. it’s lovely & exciting! love it!

  138. 138 : Bella Says:

    Sorry bb, i am hooked to the drama & forgot to say thank you for your helpful links.

  139. 139 : Bella Says:

    i also thank titi, bb gives links to titi & i take advantages.

  140. 140 : zara Says:

    0oh! ep2; mainly Ok-jong’s childhood nightmare dream.. such a looong dream
    Kid actors’ ve done WELL their job, speciallyyoung Ok-jong, Prince Yi Soon & his cousin ,, But poor kids must be freezing cold 🙁
    Even ratings dropped 🙁 still enjoyable 🙂
    Humm! seems viewers prefer KTH & YAI scenes.

  141. 141 : https://www.facebook.com/Kimtaehee.kr Says:




  142. 142 : https://www.facebook.com/Kimtaehee.kr Says:

    張玉貞 為愛而生 !!!

    我們支持 金泰熙 李雪 公主!!



  143. 143 : SamJane Says:

    Jang Ok Jung Eng Sub is finally out! 🙂

  144. 144 : https://www.facebook.com/Kimtaehee.kr Says:

    [剧 名]:张玉贞 장옥정
    [播 送]:韩国SBS
    [类 型]:SBS水木剧
    [首 播]:2013年04月08日
    [时 间]:每周一二晚间8点45分各播放一集
    [接 档]:野王
    [导 演]:夫成哲(明星的恋人 我的女友是九尾狐)
    [编 剧]:李熙明(屋塔房王世子、不良家族、明朗少女成功记)
    [主 演]:金泰希 刘亚仁 洪秀贤 韩胜妍 梁美京 李孝贞 成东日
    [集 数]:预计24集
    [简 介]: 以朝鲜时代为背景,预计将着重刻画张玉贞的梦想和升格为禧嫔张氏过程的坎坷之路。
    [官 网]:

  145. 145 : https://www.facebook.com/Kimtaehee.kr Says:


  146. 146 : Nicole Says:

    Aww kinda sad that the ratings dropped suddenly 🙁

  147. 147 : https://www.facebook.com/Kimtaehee.kr Says:

    《張玉貞,為愛而生》(韓語:장옥정, 사랑에 살다),為韓國SBS自2013年4月8日起製播的月火連續劇。改編自小說《張禧嬪 為愛而生》,並由小說作者崔貞美擔任編劇,《明星的戀人》、《我的女友是九尾狐》富聖哲導演負責掌鏡。與過往著重在宮廷權力鬥爭的張禧嬪相關作品不同,此劇以朝鮮時代第一服裝設計師的全新視角,詮釋張禧嬪(張玉貞)如何實現自己的夢想和愛情。

  148. 148 : Erxuank Says:

    @Titi : u cn watch it here too http://www.epdrama.com/drama/jang-ok-jung-living-in-love/

  149. 149 : myeon Says:

    three dramas at the same time which captivated my heart : Nine times travel, Jang Ok Jung, and Gu Family Book (Kang Chi the beginning) <3 love it all soooo much !

    JOJ : another side of Jang Hee Bin and King Sukjong, really2 makes me curious, how this pure side of Jang Ok Jung will change became a devil (like in history and dong yi)? and i always wonder, if sukjong really love her, why in the end he'll let ok jung to die (drink a poison)? he found another love (dong yi)? but i never think he ever fall in love with inhyeon, isn't he? wow, because it's based on history, make it more interesting to watch than the other.. always curious every episode. i hope many peoples will give their attention to JOJ 🙂

    yaay can't wait next week for JOJ, GFB, AND NINE TIMES TRAVEL <3

  150. 150 : peyriteyl Says:

    park jun sung – are you here? why the ratings suddenly dropped? im still going to watch this now

  151. 151 : Titi Says:

    @ Erxuank, @ bb: thank u for your links. 1st ep is magnificent with a lot of info of story. I think the rating of ep2 goes down due to it mentions about the childhood of JOJ, viewers think the main characters are not there. I do love this drama, it progresses fast & very interesting.

  152. 152 : Jimmy Says:

    yeah! KTH appears only at a last minute of the whole ep. 2,so, I guess, that is the reason viewers skip this ep.2. It seems that KTH, other main characters will be back in the next ep, ep.3. Ep.2 just about the childhood of all characters.

  153. 153 : Jimmy Says:

    please keep fighting, I like this drama too.

  154. 154 : poppy Says:

    ~ believing in love, and learning to look best ~ The domestic living beauty is breath of anxious drama ♡ Kim Tae-Hee ♡

  155. 155 : Ttuk Says:

    Nice to see the lovely Kim Tae Hee back in a drama.

  156. 156 : RosyFlower Says:

    I saw 2 episodes. They are very exciting & interesting. Well done!

  157. 157 : SEOULWHAT Says:

    wow, this drama is getting really good & it’s only on ep2! I’m so excited for the next episodes. Kim Tae Hee is beautiful, wow! She looks so young omg.

  158. 158 : leedaaaa Says:

    @bb @Erxuank thanks for the links 🙂

  159. 159 : Joyce Says:

    So,this drama will end on June? Then, the drama “Could We Love” of Yeo Jin Goo and Kim So Hyun will take place after this one!! So excited much!I just loved them in I Miss You :)just sharing though~^^

    Why, the sub for this drama is too slow? Just watched ep1 with sub last night…

  160. 160 : Viewer from Singapore Says:

    I like her in “My Princess”, great chemistry with SSH!

  161. 161 : TheOne Says:

    I watched the the first two episodes and they were phenomenal. I am looking forward to the next episodes and I pray that they receive high ratings!

  162. 162 : Paula Says:

    Can’t wait foe the next episodes. Good luck!

  163. 163 : poppy Says:

    JOJ.ep2 eng sub now on… 🙂


  164. 164 : ghost Says:

    OMG, the 1st @ episodes were outstanding, so love the casting and the acting and i super like the plot, i was amazing.

    i super like the love story between the prince and ok jung, i expecting more about this drama next week can’t wait…:)

  165. 165 : ghost Says:

    OMG, the 1st 2 episodes were outstanding, so love the casting and the acting and i super like the plot, i was amazing.

    i super like the love story between the prince and ok jung, i expecting more about this drama next week can’t wait…:)

  166. 166 : saraSJS Says:

    Tried to watch the first ep. But couldn’t watch more than 30 min. TBH, it was very boring despite the beautiful scenes. Although i love period dramas, this one has too many women. Make another SKKS please. Full of flower boys.

  167. 167 : 0m0 Says:

    2013.04.10 SBS Main casts Midnight Entertainment

  168. 168 : Kate Says:

    the first episode is impressive, magnificent with a lot of social activities, fashion show, etc…. The second episode shows the past of JOJ with many info. It is the good beginning. I like it.

  169. 169 : KDaddict Says:

    You n me both. The evil stepmother n chief minister were too OTT for me to stomach. I turned it off at the court recital.
    Yoo An In has added a little flash to his face, looks more yummy than in SKKS, n I love it. Will wait to marathon a no. of eps later.

  170. 170 : daryl Says:

    super love kim tae hee and yoo ah in! this drama is awesome!!! love it!!! looking forward for more exciting episodes.

  171. 171 : saraSJS Says:

    Haha. Same decision here. Agree about YAI’s yummy face. I will try it again few eps later.

  172. 172 : Titi Says:

    Here, the beautiful and hot flower boys in JOJ. Please find out yourselves the secret super hot flower boy in this clip. Hi..hi… love “HIM”. This drama is heating up.

  173. 173 : Titi Says:

    Please find out yourselves the secret super hot flower boy in this clip:
    Jang Ok Jung BTS [11-4-2013] at youtube.com
    This drama is heating up.

    Jang Ok Jung BTS [11-4-2013] at youtube.com

  174. 174 : 0m0 Says:

    @Titi Thanks for the VID.
    LOve to know what are they talking but seem funny :

  175. 175 : Titi Says:

    @OmO, your link seems funny too, but I can only see their movements, appearances and do not understand what they say. Can you translate the conversations? Thank you.

  176. 176 : 0m0 Says:

    @Titi Hahah! I wish I can understand Korean, Sorry about that 🙁
    Hopefully there will be sub in the near future ‘keep fingers cross’

  177. 177 : Titi Says:

    @OmO: at-least, I’m happy that I’m not the only person who don’t understand Korean language, he…he… Hopefully, next time, they will put the english subtitle together with any clip uploaded.

  178. 178 : Titi Says:

    just kidding! he…he…he…

  179. 179 : leni Says:

    ahin oppa 🙂

  180. 180 : kimmy ^^ Says:

    dying wait for the next ep… ;(

  181. 181 : kimchilee Says:

    Hello KDaddict, Rory.. nice seeing both of you here.. yes..finally, some interesting dramas coming our way after a lull..thus, my absence for a while. I watch Best Lee Soon Shin but am not really impressed with the hero’s character so far. IU was great though..storyline.. so so.. but somehow.. its worth watching when you have nothing to watch.

    Just finished watching Ep 2.. what can i say.. as usual, the child actors are good.. impressive one is Chae Sung Woo, who acted as young Yoo Ah In. So far, Ep 2 consisted of mostly the young actors. I look forward to ep 3 where the real story will finally begin. I wonder why Jae Hee got a secondary role again. I’ve yet to see him.. There is no name given for the boy who acted as young Chi Soo. Anyone has any idea who this young boy is?

  182. 182 : Bella Says:

    3 days left to see the next episodes of this drama, I like it a lot!

  183. 183 : bluebird Says:

    So wonderful! the review” Jang Ok Jung” ep2 Recap is up in http://koalasplayground.com/2013/04/12/jang-ok-jung-live-in-love-episode-2-recap/
    Lovely kids “The young lovebirds” ♥♥♥

  184. 184 : rory Says:

    hi dear..nice seeing ur name again..how’s ur life?I actually haven’t started yet watching this..maybe i will just waiting it’s airing on my tv since QOA will ends after next 2weeks & JOJ will take over the time slot for sure..
    SK really got many talented young/kids actors..I always impressed seeing their acting..have no idea the boy who acted as young Chi Soo..I will check later after starts watching this..
    I’m following “Nine” currently, not so famous & hot like other dramas but I do love the theme so much..I enjoyed so much playing guessing games on nine rite now..
    Have a nice day & hp watching 😀

  185. 185 : KDaddict Says:

    I only saw a little bit of ep 1. It looks really pretty, but I’m not on board yet.
    @rory is right, Nine is a really good smart story, tho devoid of shiny big name stars. I don’t like either of the leads, but still love that show. Come join us.

  186. 186 : Bella Says:

    wa…I find the episodes with clear pictures, Eng. sub at http://www.dramafecer.com can’t wait for the next episodes

  187. 187 : eny Says:

    I wanna watch after 4 episode

  188. 188 : kimchilee Says:

    since there’s so much raved over the drama Nine.. ya.. will try watching that while waiting for the next episode of this drama and Gu family. I also like the male lead .. just put off by the female lead. I am glad both of you are not so bias over the leads..unlike me. but they do make or break the story, no?

  189. 189 : KDaddict Says:

    Dear @kimchilee,
    Do the leading actor n actress make or break a show? I’d say yes, 95% of the time. But when the story sells itself, then it carries the show whoever star in it.
    Remember Queen IH’s Man? No one paid it any attn at first, bcos the leads were not big names. Then it blossomed bcos the story really moved us. Nine is the same. Actually it is written n made by the same ppl. TBH, I really dislike both leads. But end up loving the show. That tells u sth, right?
    An example is The End of the World. No handsome actor. No known actress. But it is turning into one of my fav shows bcos of the smart, no nonsense script. Of course it depends on one’s taste too. It is not a popular show, but a quality one.
    I’m also biased when it comes to stars, but I don’t love a show for its stars if what they are portraying (the plot) goes against our knowledge or belief.
    Of course the best is when your fav stars get a quality script. We r very lucky if it happens once a year!

  190. 190 : KDaddict Says:

    My Typo in 189:
    An”other” example is The End of the World.
    Also, even w stars as big n as attractive as those in That Winter, n Joo Won in 7th GCS, I quit 10 eps short of the end on acct of the script. My conclusion is leaning towards: The script makes or breaks a show. What do u think?
    Hope you’ve been well during the break. 😉

  191. 191 : Jyenie Says:

    On another perspective, the casting choice, the quality of the script and capability of the production team etc also can break and make an actor or actress. @KDaddict 189 & 190, very well said and totally agree with the examples mentioned. Another recent example, Brain makes Shin Ha Kyun but All About My Romance breaks him. On the other hand, Secret Garden is a good example of big names with good scripts.

  192. 192 : kimchilee Says:

    I was trying to ween off k-dramas actually and it almost work till i saw Gu and Ok Jung.. so now am back.. kekeke.. 😉

    @KDaddict / Jyenie
    ok.. i agree the script probably breaks or make the actor.. but the actors have got to be the ones to draw us to watch the drama first.. I know good scripts in Brain, Sign and even The Chase.. but it has to be the pairings and actors to draw us to watch the drama first. I just cannot bring myself to watch these yet. Then the next deciding factor will be the script. A good example will be Giant, it has all the good casts.. but when the role switched from Yeo Jin Goo/Kim Soo Hyun into the adult actors..i almost lost interest but the good script kept me going. I almost did not watch it bec the poster Giant and the actors did not attract me but when i saw my 2 favourite actors there.. i was all into it.. haha! i know.. i know.. so bias of me!

  193. 193 : kimchilee Says:

    Oh.. and i forgot to add.. i watch this bec of Yoo Ah In.. I didnt really like Kim Tae Hee, she still has that villain face in her somehow.. 😛

  194. 194 : KDaddict Says:

    @kimchilee, Jyenie, rory, Dear friends,
    This discussion is like Which comes first: Chicken or egg? I think it is a circular causation. Big stars w lousy script attract their fans n ppl who only care abt ‘the pretty’, but lose a big portion of the audience who want a sound story. A good script with no ‘pretty’ stars has critical acclaim but not mass appeal, n stay as hidden gems. Neither is a win.
    Jyenie is right abt Secret Garden. Another example is The Princess Man. These r my two nominations for recent shows that win on both fronts, which most viewers agree on. That’s why I say we’re lucky if we get 1 a year.
    You trying to ween yourself off KD, really? LOL. I’m too! Well, not exactly ween off completely, but cutting down. I’m watching 3 now, n feel that’s enough. U know I used to watch 7 together! 😛

  195. 195 : limaj Says:

    loved the storyline..it showcases the true colour of jang he bin’s heart…a heart that never fails to love her family and a heart that is sincere yet nbaive…not the cruel heart as being typed cast by other historical drama…

  196. 196 : rory Says:

    @kimchilee @KDaddict
    haha..not really dear especially if the male lead is Park Yoochun..I think he’s the only one that makes me being so fan girling but because I love him so much, I always demand a good drama&acting from him..I’m not an easy girl who fall in love because of their cute/handsome faces..I’m not saying dat PYC is perfect but IDK, he stole my heart among all actors in SK..I do critics his acting too sumtimes coz I want him to be better & better..But so far i’m satisfied with all his dramas & chars..

    Actually most viewers will check who will be the male/female lead 1st..Of course I will do the same too..Imagine that the next drama is our HYUN BIN will be the male lead..can’t u feel how fan girling will be coz we’ve been waiting for his comeback for 2 years..But still we want to see a good story too rite..but if the story is brilliant, interesting, I wouldn’t care if the male lead is handsome or not..

    but but but..BRAIN is an exception coz I also can’t barely watch BRAIN even though I love med dramas coz i can’t stand seeing SHK’s arrogant face..hehe..But I’m ok with Lee Bum Soo in Surgeon Bong Dal Hee..Also in Nine, none of the actors/actresses in that drama are my fave but the storyline, plot, twists killed me off..I even dun remember their real names coz I only love the story..how bad viewer me is it?
    Now i’m a lil’ bit choosy to watch KDs recently..need quality than quantity..Will check this one later after reading some comments here…

  197. 197 : RosyFlower Says:

    Love KTH, love all casts, can’t wait!

  198. 198 : KDaddict Says:

    @rory, kimchilee,
    Talking abt fangirling, I’m going to Hyun Bin’s Fanmeeting! Yeah!

    Hope this drama turns out well for everyone! Happy viewing.

  199. 199 : rory Says:

    OMG!!! seriously, u will join his fm?it’s in Singapore rite?
    wow..Hope u have great day with Hyun Binnie dear..have fun 😀

  200. 200 : KDaddict Says:

    Sure hope Binnie’s next drama will have super good script. I hated the stories of Snow Queen and They World they live in. As much I love him, I didn’t get beyond ep 3 in either one.
    Hyun Bin fanmeet! I’m sooo excited! I’ve told everyone I know abt it, at least twice!

  201. 201 : rory Says:

    keep fingers crossed dear!those 2 really disappointed us but for me Ireland is the worst..is it my mind so stupid/blank at that time coz I’m so clueless & dunno what the storyline is about..I even search other reviews but mostly just clueless like me..haha..so pls give us another epic drama likes SEGA binnie ssi..
    Of course u will excited, it’s Binnie!!! Yoochun, another FM too juseyeo..still feel sad coz couldn’t manage my time to watch his[JYJ] concert at Tokyo Dome early dis month…BTW, he looks so healthy & happy at TD 😀

  202. 202 : eny Says:

    My first attention watching drama is synopsis, the second is actor/actress. I usually check drama from actor or actress that i can accept their acting. My drama taste is around : Kim sung soo, jae hee, lee dong wook, kwon sang woo, kang ji hwan, joo won n lee da hae the other i only watch 1 or 2. So far Kim Sung Soo is the actor that i watch almost all his drama n lee dae hae is the actress that i watch most all of her drama

  203. 203 : 0m0 Says:

    Wow just watched JOJ ep3, it’s even better than 1 & 2 ‘Good story-line’
    Price YISOON in love:) Yoo Ah-in is so witty & sweet <3<4<3

  204. 204 : RosyFlower Says:

    Behind the scenes PHOTOS:


    such a handsome boy!!!

  205. 205 : 0m0 Says:

    Yoo Ah-in Kim Tae-Hee in meeting scene:

  206. 206 : bluebird Says:

    Ah …Meet at the Grand Palace scenes with Kim Tae-Hee Yoo Ah-in. …Damn ….. sweet……Yoo Ah-in expression-strung out …(///_///) so awesome!

  207. 207 : Nicole Says:

    What’s with the low ratings 🙁 🙁

  208. 208 : 0m0 Says:

    hahah! maybe they don’t have right feeling about a nice Jang Ok-jeong’s character 🙁 when we’re used to know only her villain side from history. there are 2 films and 7 dramas were all evil Jang Hee-bin.
    it’s still early, 장옥정’ FIGHTING!!

  209. 209 : ani Says:

    yes i m agree with omo,it”d nice drama love it

  210. 210 : ani Says:

    yes i m agree with omo,fighting

  211. 211 : Micc Says:

    How come I feel this drama is so much like TMTETS sans shaman.

  212. 212 : RosyFlower Says:

    a, perhaps they are used to evil Jang Hee Bin, nice choi sok bin, so…so…, they do not accept new version of Jang Ok Jung,, Jang Hee Bin. But, I like this drama.

  213. 213 : poppy Says:

    Episode-4; Wonder! Prince’s love will be proper blossom at the end, and now I know the reason why he couldn’t bring himself to love Queen Inhyeon. It’s rather sad 🙁
    Love all casts, they’re great!!

  214. 214 : Sharon Says:

    Wow! She invented the sleeveless close to fit your body dress, she is a visionary. Heehee!!

  215. 215 : Titi Says:

    Wow! the drama progresses well, I’m totally hooked to it. History showed the fact that crown prince had 1st queen, she died, then he had 2nd queen & he had JOJ, and after that …
    Give the drama a chance, u will see it is really interesting, it is worth to watch.

  216. 216 : Titi Says:

    Ep.4 (Korean language) is here:

  217. 217 : Nicole Says:

    @0m0: Ohhhh never knew that 😮 Hehehe i don’t know much about korean history lol. But the storyline is actually nice, I hope people will come to realize it and appreciate this drama more. 🙂 And btw, Yoo Ah In is soo cute heheheh <3 I like his character here. JOJ fighting!!

  218. 218 : www.facebook.com/myprincess.kr Says:

    ep3 ands ep4 is really great,
    the story is startin jang ok jung is jealous and feeling sorrow becaos
    he misttaken the king meaning
    and meanwhile ep5 king is going to get married !

  219. 219 : haruhi28 Says:

    what’s with the ratings? anyway, i enjoy this drama….love to know something good about jang ok jung for the first time lol…and YAI is so hot! very manly 🙂

  220. 220 : myeon Says:

    why the rating is so loooow? omfg ! I don’t get it, korean netizen ! this is such a veryyy great drama. even although i’m not korean, i really love korean history, and this drama make me more want to know about korean history. and, the chemistry between YAI and KTH is soo… <3

  221. 221 : poppy Says:

    Ratting! seems to be only ‘quantity’ NOT ‘quality’ now a day 🙁
    Its so amazing drama and really enjoyable
    So! don’t lose your strength of your best performance
    JOJ’ power keeps flowing! AJA!!!

  222. 222 : CA Says:

    like this drama, don’t care about the rating.
    anyone have the link for ep5 preview?
    can’t wait till next week….

  223. 223 : 0m0 Says:

    Don’t let rattings get you down! FIGHTING!!

  224. 224 : ani Says:

    we are very di appointed with the rating coz this is such a nice drama

  225. 225 : Zeez22 Says:

    This is really interesting and I’m really eager to watch the next episode! YAI is so cute!!! 😉

  226. 226 : bb Says:

    Visit this link to get over feeling down about the ratings:
    “The Vault” [K-Drama Hub]
    ,,then reading the recap would helped:even more

  227. 227 : wallacesoh Says:

    Can I ask from you, on your opinions on any nice dramas worthwhile to watch currently? I like watching dramas with good storylines. Else, it would be just for the actress that I like.

    I’m watching:
    – Jang Ok Jung (Nice storyline. I’m impressed in the first episode where she’s a fashion designer in that era.)
    – All About My Romance (Don’t really understand. Watching just for Lee Min Jung)
    – Lee Soon Shin
    – Nine (Nice storyline. No idea who the actor or actress are, but still a good drama)
    – When A Man Falls In Love (Watching just for Shin Se Kyung)

    I’m also planning to watch Gu Family Book. I tried to watch Virus, but till a certain episode where the lead became a surgeon out of the blue, I was turned off by the story. The End of the World is similar, and I hope it is good enough of a storyline?

  228. 228 : zara Says:

    The number in that chart is for real??? no/no//no/// You can’t be serious!!! What’s wrong with those people///// it’s deserved better than that/////
    OK! OK! try to be cool, keep chanting “it will be higher next episode”

  229. 229 : Titi Says:

    Wow, this drama is better and better after each episodes. Perhaps, new viewers will come after 4 episodes because Korean dramas used to film from the past with child actors to the present. Perhaps, some thinks the real story will begin after ep. 4th. Regardless, I enjoy this drama well.

  230. 230 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi. There’s been a discussion going on in the thread of When a Man Loves, from #229 onwards. Ppl complain abt current dramas being cliched n boring. So in #236, I say:
    When really intelligent scripts with No cliches show up, viewers don’t flock to them, bcos of the lack of big names or pretty faces. Examples are: End of the World–my fav KD at this time, Cruel Palace–a femme fatale story not for swooners, n Nine–w fascinating unexpected twists n turns.
    If u like family dramas, since u r watching LSS, I heartily recommend Childless Comfort. It’s Perfect. It did have ratings that went thru the roof. Quite a feat as it has No big stars.
    I’ve watched too many KDs that star my fav actors/actresses, but when the script fails or riles me, it is hard to continue.

  231. 231 : KDaddict Says:

    This is Not revisionist history. It is complete fiction using the names of 2 persons who existed. So whatever is good abt JOJ in this drama is a figment of the writer’s imagination. 😉 Nothing wrong w that. Just that when it is a sageuk, ppl esp non-Koreans can easily mistaken it as ‘history’. It’s a drama, so as long as they make it interesting, anything goes.
    I think YAI is fantastic in this, i.e. he breaks new ground fr his previous acting in SKKS. I didn’t watch FK, thank goodness. I care abt the OTP, but not the backgd of political maneuvering in this drama, which I need in order to be drawn in to their world n troubles. To me, the evil minister n the Queen (soon to be Queen Mother) aren’t convincing in providing the antagonist force. I’ll watch, but won’t follow it live.

  232. 232 : Erdem Sarp Says:

    Actually I began watching JOJ for KTH but couldn’t stand keeping on, somehow I didn’t like characters (espacially YAI as King SJ) and storyline. Normally like historical kDramas but this one…

  233. 233 : Rhea Says:

    I love this drama! I’m already hooked with it! I love the main characters! YAI is really doing great! He’s brilliant actually! He’s so damn gorgeous in his outfit! He is truly fit in doing sageuk dramas like what he did before in SKKS! And KTH is also performing pretty well, I can say that she has improve a lot. For a production like this and a very nice storyline, it doesn’t deserve the low ratings! But I don’t really care at all, coz I love this drama! Can’t wait for the next episode! <3 🙂

  234. 234 : K_Viewer Says:

    It has not been easy supporting all my idols lately like Kim Tae Hee, Song Hye Gyo and Song Seung Hun. They are still beautiful as always, and I follow their dramas faithfully. But, somehow all their dramas lost a bit of those magical sparks. I blame the directors and screenwriters for not producing intriguing and exciting storylines and mismatched casting.

    btw, I like clichés as long as the leading actor and actress have chemistry.

  235. 235 : myeon Says:


  236. 236 : khin Says:

    YHI is a perfect acter and he can do everything

  237. 237 : haruhi28 Says:

    @KDaddict #231
    thank you for that! 🙂 it’s refreshing to see the character of JOJ in a different light…you made me laugh when you said you did not watch FK…and yes, he’s really good in this drama…his acting is really great!…i so love it when he stares at JOJ…hmmm… 🙂

    just finished watching episode 4…i so hate the prime minister and the queen…can’t wait foe next week///

  238. 238 : eny Says:

    just watch episode 1, many beautifull thing in this drama
    i’m really like When a man in love now n didn’t see the story is cliche, i watch it because the story is not usual (at least untill ep 5), actually i never like SSH acting but i think he’s better there n i there’s no my favorite actor/actress so i think my judgement is not bias
    If talk about cliche i see many drama talk about woman in man clothes, i think that is more more cliche n made many many time in korean drama it’s really boring

  239. 239 : tarri Says:

    i like yoo ah in acting, he has s strong character and i hope he will get another challenging roles in dramas or films, and mianhae for kim tae hee fans, i think she is just very beautiful and i don’t see any progress in her acting skill

  240. 240 : Paula Says:

    I love this drama, it’s interesting. I like all casts.
    Perhaps, IF HunBin plays the role of king, Wonbin plays the role of 1st love of JOJ, Kim Rae won or other actor at that age plays the role of the prince, all the actresses are the same, KTH should be JOJ, I’m sure this drama would be SUPER HOT. You Ah In is not hot enough & not perfect match to KTH as Hunbin, Wonbin, etc… If the king is 2 ages less than JOJ like in the history, wow… HOT, HOT, HOT…
    However, I really like this drama. I like KTH, she is the perfect match for

  241. 241 : Paula Says:

    I like YOU Ah In, but I prefer other king although You Ah In is good in this drama.

  242. 242 : Carmen Says:

    I start watching this drama and I love it!!!!I can not stop watching it…Itwill be one of the Best for this year History drama…..

  243. 243 : Jimmy Says:

    Finished 4 episodes. It is real good, yummy…yummy…. can’t wait!

  244. 244 : RosyFlower Says:

    Weekend comes, & I’m waiting for the next episodes this coming Monday, Tuesday.

  245. 245 : zara Says:

    Oh no! This is Monday-Tuesday Syndrome.

  246. 246 : torri Says:

    i love Yoo Ah In he plays the prince very and the way he talks and smiles and makes jokes and sometime shy is so sweet love every thing about him , he has the charisma of a king not every one can bring out that arrogance and charisma, the other guy who did a good job being a king that i love was the guy in the the drama (moon that embrace the sun) he was an arrogant and charismatic king too loved him ,Yoo Ah In and Kim Tae Hee have great chemistry too love it ,i watched the drama dong yi i hope Kim Tae Hee wont get to play that evil part that Jang Ok Jung played in drama dong yi i hope this drama only has the romantic part of Jang Ok Jung and the king how they fall in love well looking forward to next week

  247. 247 : poppy Says:

    Knowing all main character will give you a better idea and understand this drama, there is a good translation of Character Description @ Koala Playground;


  248. 248 : Bella Says:

    Yeah, I like this drama a lot too.

  249. 249 : Titi Says:

    Can’t wait for the next episodes!!!

  250. 250 : Mail Says:

    love korean drama….

  251. 251 : iammee Says:

    I hope the storyline will not really follow what happened in the real history of jang hee bin. I will just look forward to the love story of jang hee bin and the crowned prince. Kim Tae Hee is as beautiful as ever, I believe this is her first sageuk drama and she’s carrying her role pretty well. Yoo Ah In never disppoints the viewers in playing any kind of role, I believe his one of the few Korean actors who has a very strong screen presence. I hope to see him in more romantic drama in the future. I also hope that this drama will improve in ratings

  252. 252 : poppy Says:

    I guess Royal Wedding will be the hi-lite of episode 5 ????????

  253. 253 : Merrily Says:

    This drama is a lot better than I expected. The comparison to Bu Bu Jing Xin is on point.

  254. 254 : poppy Says:

    Oh! just read this article “Jae-hee makes his entrance in Ep 5 of JOJ” @Koala’s Playground. So! Main males will be full house, getting more exciting 🙂

  255. 255 : Titi Says:

    Wow, wait to see Jae-hee. I like this drama a lot. It’s really above my expectation too.

  256. 256 : Sharon Says:

    YOo Ah In, is such a good actor. He was good in Fashion King and he is even better in this drama. I was watching the drama and I was taken in, by his acting. He has that calm, yet serious kingly character, i love it.

  257. 257 : eny Says:

    many people complain about KTH acting,i know she’s not really good but she’s not that bad. I don’t like Lee Yo Won acting too but I still really love Queen Seundeok n Bad Love.
    Even the lead female not really good but if the other actor/actress around her is good n the story is good i think i could enjoy it.
    I see LYW weak in QS but UTW.GHJ, KNG n the lady who portray QS sister is good and in Bad Love KSW n Kim Sung Soo is strong actor they can cover her weakness
    It will be different if KTH role in this drama is the lead that really dominan like Dae Jang Geum ,Ha ji won in Hwang Jin Yi or Joo Won in Gaksital. This kind of role need really strong actor/actress
    Just my personal opinion

  258. 258 : eny Says:

    waiting for Jae hee appearence in this drama, hope his appeareence make the story more interesting, so far i like it

  259. 259 : Bee Says:

    @eny, I am very excited to see Jae Hee as well. Can’t wait!

  260. 260 : hallyu lover Says:

    another romance sageuk drama…love it…Korean romance historical drama is the best

  261. 261 : bb Says:

    Episode-5 SPOILER!! look away now.

  262. 262 : Misu Says:

    Normally I do not like historical drama but this turn out to be interesting drama. I like to watch the pretty and sweet Kim Tae Hee. She fit perfectly well in this drama. Luckily Lee Sang Yeob is in this drama. He make the drama more interesting with his character. I don’t like Yoo Ah In but he fit pretty well as Crown Prince and king later in this drama. Looking to see more of Kim Tae Hee shy, pretty and sweet personality. Hopefully she is like that in real life too. Good job to the writer and producer too.

  263. 263 : Paula Says:

    I like KTH’s acting in LSIH, Iris, My Princess, and in this drama. I like this drama a lot. Are u sure there is a royal wedding in ep. 5???

  264. 264 : bb Says:

    His first wedding to Inkyung
    See [VID] SBS Official Trailer Jang Ok Jung episode 5

  265. 265 : Joyce Says:

    I didn’t know this drama is really so nice esp the scenes of Yai and Kth!I just love Yai…it’s goosebumps overload every time he stared kth haha!to be honest, after I watched 1st ep when the sub was out I lost interest to watch ep2 cos I find ep1 so boring.I’m so sorry!but when out of the blue I tried to watch ep2 last night it looks interesting and continue to watch till ep 4 and it’s really nice :)I do really love Yai in sageuk!

  266. 266 : Paula Says:

    Thanks for your reply & your link, bb. Trailer of episode 5 looks interesting.

  267. 267 : Titi Says:

    OMG, king died just after the crown prince’s wedding, etc…. can’t wait!

  268. 268 : wee Says:

    wow…the storyline is getting interesting…when can they get offical to be together in the show…..they look GOOOOD……

  269. 269 : Zeez Says:

    Why is the ratings so bad for this drama? I find it really good so far..

  270. 270 : myeon Says:

    rating pleeease up ! -____-

  271. 271 : MaZaka Says:

    I think, Koreans enjoys and mine are alike. Actually I didn’t like this drama much. Ratings show Koreans did not either…

  272. 272 : May Says:

    The rating keep dropping…. 🙂 My goodness…

  273. 273 : eny Says:

    about the rating actually i think because the theme, many sageuk in korea talk abot power n throne, may be korean viewer already bored about this kind of story, gu family book theme not much done in korea, the only i know is Arang n magistrate
    I remember TMETS get really high rating even many people think the drama isn’t good, including me, the story of TMETS is more about love the power n throne not really strong may be that’s why the rating is good. Plus the actor/actressr is popular todays.
    So far i love this drama n not interested with gu family book,sometimes low rating drama is better than high rating drama, don’t really care about the rating

  274. 274 : bb Says:

    It’s great drama, a non boring history drama ever watched enjoy and can’t wait for episode 7 🙂

  275. 275 : Titi Says:

    Agree, this drama is very interesting, can’t wait!

  276. 276 : RosyFlower Says:

    MUST WATCH!!!! It is real good. So far, I enjoy it a lot. I wonder what she feels when she later find out that he is a king.

  277. 277 : poppy Says:

    Wow! JOJ’s getting more and more interesting, episode-7 trailer:

  278. 278 : princesa roque Says:

    may i request please promote this page of Jang Ok Jung thanks https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jang-Ok-Jung/561261153894232?ref=ts&fref=ts

  279. 279 : Joyce Says:

    I just hate the queen!I dunno if she’s the real mom of Yai?….guess I need to re-watch ep1 again lol cos I skipped most of the scenes in ep1…

    And I didn’t know Jae Hee is here.Omg!I’m watching this drama without looking all the cast haha!Jae Hee is KTH’s long lost bro in here and Yai’s rival?If yes,wow this must be so exciting!it reminds me of the sageuk drama “Damo” of Ha Ji Won!where Ha Ji Won and her bro were separated when they were young and fell inlove when they met!it’s a tragic story tho!

  280. 280 : ARSENIA Says:


  281. 281 : Joyce Says:

    just done watching ep5 and even ep6 raw!I’m addicted with this drama cos of YAI!he just stole my heart again haha!he stole my heart in skks as the hiccup guy…now I’m speechless hehe!!everything about YAI in this drama sooo gorgeous!I love his acting,his voice,his smile and the way he stares haha!and I love the story too!I dunno why the ratings is low?but I don’t want to choose between this one and kangchi cos I so love the storyline of Gu Family Book~!all I know I love sageuk dramas more than modern dramas!!!Pffftt!

    Though, some scenes about kth’s family background makes me confused cos it has the same scenes in Cruel Palace!haha!

  282. 282 : zara Says:

    @Joyce hahaha! We all hate her. means she has portrayed her role well. She’s his mama bcoz King Hyeonjong has only 1 wife (Queen Myeongseong) in ep.3 (King & prince’s holding their hand together scene)
    Jae Hee’s her dressmaker teacher son “Chi Soo”, not her brother but she’s his first love, that why YAI’s his rival. Her long lost brother is Jang Hee Jae who just returned from China in ep.6

  283. 283 : bb Says:

    This drama keeps getting better and better as episode go by, very fascinating drama, love it!! Check out for ep6 recap on Koala’s Playground:

  284. 284 : quoctuhuy Says:

    It’s very great….worth watching…..best drama in 10 recent years

  285. 285 : KC Says:

    Good and is worth to watch…

  286. 286 : RosyFlower Says:

    I still do not see her 1st lover (Jae Hee) in ep. 6. Can’t wait!

  287. 287 : Sunny Says:

    Interesting! It’s worth to watch! Good casts & good story so far!

  288. 288 : Park jun sung Says:

    Hah? Whats happen with the rating?

  289. 289 : Chuchu toma Says:

    I love yoo ah in very much! I wish for the best in his career, his first lead role seems to have a low rating, but its not the end for his success, theres still a lot to watch for, hope viewers will soon find the greatness of their drama, we’ll be loyal to you yoo ah in, promise! :))))

  290. 290 : Raine Says:

    Yoo ah in we will support you no matter what! I didnt even bother to watch that gu family book because i want your drama to be the best nyahaha;D i really miss your manly acting in skks.

  291. 291 : Heinz Says:

    Kim tae hee! You are soooo pretty that i didnt even notice you running with heels cos i was busy looking at your pretty face, you have a good chemistry with yai, netizens of japan prefer watching your drama than that of family book.

  292. 292 : floovyn Says:

    this drama is getting better….loved it

  293. 293 : iammee Says:

    I wonder why the rating is low when the drama is really good. I just love Yoo Ah In, he’s a great actor and he plays the king’s role so well. I always adore Kim Tae Hee’s beauty and although it’s her frst saguek drama, I can see that she fits the role given to her. I hope that this drama will catch up with the rating.

  294. 294 : haruhi28 Says:

    i really enjoy watching this drama….can’t wait for episode 7 :)……

  295. 295 : quoctuhuy Says:


  296. 296 : mE Says:

    love this drama…love the love the main characters have for each other…cant wait for the next episodes…

  297. 297 : [email protected] Says:

    Good drama!

  298. 298 : Sharon Says:

    Just finish watching Ep 5 & 6. It was quite entertaining and good acting.
    Hope the rating increase, FIGHTING !!!!

  299. 299 : snowdrop Says:

    It’s the most enjoyable romance fiction and history of all the interesting things.
    Those who are boycotted this drama, what ever the reasons, better think again, you’ll see what you’ve been missing!

  300. 300 : Titi Says:

    Does anyone have something, trailer, tips about ep.7? Can’t wait! this drama is very interesting! Good acting & good story.

  301. 301 : hunee Says:

    Great Drama, The two main characters look sooooooo cute together!!!!
    Hope is a wonderful ending. Pleeeezzzz writers, producers, directors all of the above. Make it worth while watching yayyyyy

  302. 302 : snowdrop Says:

    @Titi there’s Ep7 trailer, look for #277 (poppy)
    Based on next episode; It looks like Queen Inkyung will die with smallpox. And finally Okjung (as palace maid) will definitely know for sure that Lee Soon is the king since she accidently see him in the king’s robe in the Palace.

  303. 303 : snowdrop Says:

    Lol! Prince Dongpyung tried to scare JangKyun by showing his powerful weapon. (my cracking imagination) 😀 😀

  304. 304 : Joyce Says:

    @zara #282

    Yes you’re right that Jae Hee’s the son of Ok Jung’s teacher:) I rewatchd ep1 and I undertand everything lol I learned something not to skip any scenes haha! Ep1 was quite boring for me thats why….

    Just done with ep6 subbed and this drama really gettin better tho there were some scenes in the first 4eps that’s quite boring esp if its not Yai-Kth’s airtime lol but I find ep5 and 6 very interesting eps!

    Again, I won’t get tired saying that Yai really looks great in here…I love his acting soooo much….he’s the reason why I’m totally hooked with this drama…I also love Prince Dongpyung! I just hope he won’t betrayed Yai….I love their friendship!

    I’m so excited with ep7… wud love to see kth’s reaction once she knows that Yai is the crowned prince!

  305. 305 : Joyce Says:

    @zara #282

    Yes you’re right that Jae Hee’s the son of Ok Jung’s teacher:) I rewatchd ep1 and I undertand everything lol I learned something not to skip any scenes haha! Ep1 was quite boring for me thats why….

    Just done with ep6 subbed and this drama really gettin better tho there were some scenes in the first 4eps that’s quite boring esp if its not Yai-Kth’s airtime lol but I find ep5 and 6 very interesting eps!

    Again, I won’t get tired saying that Yai really looks great in here…I love his acting soooo much….he’s the reason why I’m totally hooked with this drama…I also love Prince Dongpyung! I just hope he won’t betray Yai….I love their friendship!

    I’m so excited with ep7… wud love to see kth’s reaction once she knows that Yai is the crowned prince!

  306. 306 : sue Says:

    my latest crack!

  307. 307 : Mel Says:

    Have to agree with sue @306! This drama is simply CRACKTASTIC!

  308. 308 : Titi Says:

    Thanks snowdrop, me too, I’m exciting & waiting to see KTH’s reaction when she knows Lee Soon is the king

  309. 309 : 0m0 Says:

    Fantastic drama! There are no wasted characters, love them all. The story is really fast, no dull moment to skipped like most history dramas. Fighting!!

  310. 310 : sena Says:

    the chemistry between YAI & KTH is greatly awesome, <3
    can't wait for next ep and i hope more scene between them…JOJ Fighting!!! ^^

  311. 311 : Bella Says:

    Great! like this drama too much! fighting!

  312. 312 : miniginy Says:

    why they have low rating ?

  313. 313 : bey Says:

    this drama is similar with The Moon that embrace the sun

  314. 314 : bey Says:

    the drama is similar to TMTETS

  315. 315 : 0m0 Says:

    I live in love with this drama these days, watching as we find out more about the history and a lot of thought. 🙂 FIGHTING!!

  316. 316 : viva Says:

    just enjoy live, watching reruns again, love King Sukjong’s colorful clothes,, looks so amazing.

  317. 317 : sousou Says:

    I don’t know why, maybe because I am a married woman but I can’t tolerate that a married man looks over an other woman than his legitime wife.

  318. 318 : eny Says:

    i watch some episode of TMETS i don’t think it’s similar, TMETS talk about love royal family since childhood it’s the same thing about the story it’s true. But this drama more focus to Jang hae bin journey to become royal family because of her circumstance around her.
    I drop TMES after few episode of adult actor

  319. 319 : viva Says:

    can’t wait for tomorrow, here you are, [20130429]Jang Ok Jung Ep7 Preview

  320. 320 : Titi Says:

    My God, I had a fever when seeing the photos of bath seen of the Goddess in the teaser of ep. 7, can’t wait!

  321. 321 : Paula Says:

    Monday is coming, so as this drama, can’t wait!!!!!!

  322. 322 : viva Says:

    So sad for King Sukjong and Okjung of first meeting in the Palace.

  323. 323 : bb Says:

    Way it go, Jang Ok Jeong’s lives in love would be hugely successful!

  324. 324 : Paula Says:

    can’t wait!!!!

  325. 325 : bb Says:

    [4월 29일] 장옥정, 사랑에 살다 (Jang Ok Jung) 7회 (raw)

  326. 326 : bb Says:

    Episode.8 [review]

  327. 327 : Titi Says:

    @snowdrop: I click your link, but I can’t see due to the link did not show anything. Anyway, I just saw ep.7 full, raw. I hope you r right about the 1st queen’s death. It’s really sad for them on the 1st meeting…. hu…hu….
    KTH is gorgeous & her acting is good. The king did his job well.

  328. 328 : Sandy Says:

    OMG!! Im so glad to see Yoo Ah In in a nice role with one of my favorite leading actresses, Kim Tae Hee. After Fashion King Im really hoping on this drama that he has a happy ending!! I love his voice on this drama, very soft yet manly…it looks like it will be a great drama!!

  329. 329 : zara Says:

    Hooray!! King Sukjong and Jang Ok Jung, episode.7. A palaces ‘ reunion ratings rise 🙂

  330. 330 : charot Says:

    oh no… very low ratings… Yoo Ah In’s drama is not a hit… so sad 🙁

  331. 331 : zara Says:

    20130430 Jang Ok Jung Episode 8 Trailer ” SBS [장옥정] – 30일(화) 예고”

  332. 332 : ance Says:

    still no subs of ep.7?

  333. 333 : bb Says:

    JOJ. episode.8_ King Sukjong crying over Queen Inkyung who dies in his arm. And finally the first passionate kiss in the rain, oh no! prince Dong Pyung!!

  334. 334 : bb Says:

    @ance Hope will be tomorrow @ dramacrazy.net , why not visit Koala Playground for JOJ ep.7 Recap;

  335. 335 : 0m0 Says:

    Everybody take a look at the living in love with Jeong Jang, beautiful and full of fun! This is a wonderful drama which a sad low ratings;

  336. 336 : eny Says:

    sometimes low rating drama is more interesting than high rating drama

  337. 337 : poppy Says:

    enjoyed watching ep.8, so sad 🙁 at the beginning of episode but ending with kissing in the rain 🙂
    Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love Ep 8 RAW

  338. 338 : Titi Says:

    Thank you all of you for the trailer & full raw ep.8 on youtube. I can enjoy all that links. I can also see the link of recap too. Thank you. This drama is real good.

  339. 339 : Titi Says:

    Wow, If I were Prince Dong Pyung Goon, I will assassinate the king & take both the throne & the beauty…ha…..ha…..

  340. 340 : Angelica Says:

    I think the reason that there is a low rating is simply because the story is surrounded around Jang Ok Jung..I personally can’t like this show simply because I have distaste for the characters real identity in in real life

  341. 341 : katy Says:

    I like this drama ,
    more realistic , not too much torturing and the most important all ladies are smart .
    JOJ smart but from low birth , she has tried hard to have better life in smart way that why the KING LOVE HER , true love .
    Her life in the Royal circle is turbulent , politic influences .
    This drama is about her side of story ,
    DY is Queen , and DY ‘ side of story .

    I believe in her side of story , I believe the King really love her and tries
    to change the class system of Joseon at that time , the stupid , unfair class
    system .

  342. 342 : CA Says:

    anyone has the link for ep9 preview?

  343. 343 : Kdramaholic Says:

    aww man ep8 ending, couldn’t they make anymore pitiful state to the Uncle Prince to witness them kissing in the rain!!?? He must be cursing in his mind “F**k, why must be the KING to get all the girls!!?? DAMNIT ALL!!! lol

  344. 344 : poppy Says:

    By the time Chi Soo shows up, Ok Jung would be King Sukjong’s concubine already. So! better go and have somr soju with Dong Kyung Goon and blame yourself for being too late. hahaha!

  345. 345 : hunee Says:

    Episode 8 wuz the bomb, yayyyyy they kissed, ahhhhh sooooooo
    romantic!!!! I luv it. I hope theres more of this scene in other episodes. The
    king is soooooo cute. I luv that actor, his doing a fine job. And Ok Jung, wow u go girl!!!! Keep sewing them outfits for the king. They truly act like
    a couple when theyre together. And now the kiss in the rain. The rating
    of this drama will definitely go up, if they have more scene like this, but
    if not, heyyyy I luv it.

  346. 346 : Joyce Says:

    Ep7 its goosebumps overload!!! Yai on top of Kth haha! I can say one thing I love YAI^^ Saguek suits him well~♥♥♥

  347. 347 : bb Says:

    Gosh! this is so good; Jang Ok Jung Episode 8 Recap is up in Koala’s Playground http://koalasplayground.com/2013/04/30/jang-ok-jung-episode-8-recap

  348. 348 : tc Says:

    This drama is so underrated. I have decided to check out this drama whilst waiting for new episodes of Kang Chi and 100 Years Legacy. What a wonderful surprise! I was hooked from ep1 onwards and managed to marathon and catch up until its latest ep8 which has the best cliffhanger- the hot rain kiss!

    It gave me the same vibes like The Princess Man – fanstastic cinematography, well paced and tight storyline, strong romantic elements cleverly intertwined with palace political saga, nice OSTs and best of all, awesome casting especially Yoo Ah In as the King and KTH as Ok Jung with wonderful chemistry. I am actually impressed with KTH’s acting ability in this drama and am of the view that she has really improved by leaps and bounds since her last drama.

    It was so well executed and engaging that this drama has now become my crack drama. I just hope that the low rating will not affect the motivation of the casts and production team and that they will continue to produce the remaining episodes with the same high consistency.

  349. 349 : viva Says:

    Love JOJ, with the exception of the actors’s acting is very excellent. In particular, gave Toots. East approximately seemed to fit the character actor coming out.

  350. 350 : jinnyj Says:

    Luv Jang Ok Jung is my flovorite drama , Keep watching till the end .
    Bc of the good performance of Yoo Ah In and Kim Tae Hee r so attractive and all actors and actresses r so good too , the story line make me wating for follow what will be in the next ep….. JOJ production team Hwaiting …….:D

  351. 351 : zura Says:

    it’s great drama… I love it

  352. 352 : Hiro Says:

    too bad a drama this GOOD has low ratings..

  353. 353 : Applepie Says:

    I like this drama, it’s good

  354. 354 : CA Says:

    love this movie!
    anyone has the link for ep9 preview….
    thank u so much!!!

  355. 355 : Gesti Says:

    Unfortunately, this drama aired simultaneously with the Kang Chi,The Beginning. Although the actor and the actress in this drama very famous, and the plot of this drama is also good (according to me), but it seems a lot of people in South Korea prefer to watch Kang Chi, The Beginning than this drama, therefore the drama ratings continue to decline. Hope this drama rating could go up and many viewers in south korea there is more to watch this great drama.

  356. 356 : Titi Says:

    Perhaps, many of Koreans have the imprint, habit of culture of a version of one history book that choi sook bin (dong di) is the good concubin, queen is nice. So, they do not accept any imagination, any version that are different with their thought. So, good drama has low ratings. Perhaps, Yoo-Ah_In is not popular enough, and he is not the perfect, best match to the beauty, although he is good

  357. 357 : Joyce Says:

    just done watching ep8 raw!and I’m loving this drama so much now cos I’ve fallen inlove with the character of Yai and the story…Yai’s acting is exceptional…he’s truly admirable!

    Actually ep7 and 8 was a mind blowing eps^^I really giggled cos King Sukjong can’t hold back his feelings any longer…when he made some excuses in ep8 just to see Ok Jung and and expect for OJ to bring his clothes and feel disappointed cos it’s not OJ who brought his clothes haha!I find it so cute:)I really don’t mind the ratings!can’t wait for next week’s eps!

  358. 358 : hunee Says:

    I wish they can do something to those maids, thats been harrazzzzzzzin
    her, always always pickin on her, just because she lower class. Come on King, you have the power do something hellooooooo!!!!

  359. 359 : myeon Says:

    @titi yup, somehow i’m agree with you. too bad because this drama is really good ! i don’t understand k-netizen..

  360. 360 : viva Says:

    Hooray!! Jang Ok Jung episode 8 Eng subs is available now on dramacrazy 😀

  361. 361 : May 2013 | DramasROK Says:

    […] version of the classic (and my favourite sageuk ever) Heojun on MBC. AND evening drama 장옥정Jang Ok Jung on SBS is about Jang Hee Bin – the very naughty (real life) concubine of King Sukjong. […]

  362. 362 : Badkitty0011 Says:

    Im actually waiting for Jae Hee character to come out I hope he comes on soon

    Question can someone tell me any dramas or movies about these characters bc i just started watching historical dramas so im not used to there characters being evil and everything so can someone please tell me so i can understand.

  363. 363 : jangerr Says:

    I had no intention of watching JOJ. When I read the synopsis, it seems too frivolous, with all the fashion designing and cosmetic making which are all too ‘modern’ for a period drama. To make matter worse, the historical twist in the characters also cast an uneasy feeling in me…

    But somehow, the current shows I’m watching which are Kang Chi and Hundred Years of Inheritance, aren’t able to draw me in completely. Yes, there are enough pretty and cute and decent acting but I wasn’t particularly impressed. So I decided to keep an open mind and give a few other shows, including JOJ, a try… And boy, am I glad I did that! For amongst the few that I tried, JOJ just reeled me in from the moment GO!

    Ironically, it’s precisely the ‘modernisation’ of the drama that makes the twist in the historical character totally palatable. The show is telling us that this is just a period drama that is loosely based on some historical characters! It does not pretend to be historially accurate.

    Love, love, love the characterisation of the leads. They are both very strong characters, who do not cowed in the face of unfavourable circumstances and fate. Another surprising element of realism in this drama which I really like is how the two leads, though they are obviously strongly attracted to each other, do not lose sight of their respective responsibilites and obligations.

    I have also had enough of dramas where the characters, especially the heroines, are so weak, helpless and feeble-minded that KTH’s character here just seems like a breath of fresh air! As for JAI, this to me is like his coming out show. He is in his elements here!

    The storyline here and the tight pacing leave me breathless at times! I find myself looking forward to each episode which I’ve not felt in dramas for a long while. The last time I had such a feeling was in CH.

    Which reminds me of another reason I love this drama – the chemistry between JAI and KTH. I’m don’t think it’s quite the calibre of KSA’s and CSW’s sizzling chemistry but it is certainly smothering! Every time I see them together, I can feel my heart pumping faster!

  364. 364 : poppy Says:

    [362] @ Badkitty0011
    There’s an info of this drama right on top that you can see the casts name, click the one you’re interested in, and you’ll see their personal profile.

  365. 365 : chiundeka Says:

    I am very much in love with this. I don’t care about the ratings. Go Jang Ok Jung

  366. 366 : kristin Says:

    Well i’d rather watch Kim Tae Hee than Suzy. This is the only drama i’m watching these days.

  367. 367 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    maybe you can watch “Dong Yi”
    there’s Jang Ok Jung too, but she’s already being evil cuncubine’s king in that drama.. different from in here, i guess JOJ the only drama that tell us the good side of JOJ.. the other dramas/movies just show us how evil JOJ is… I believe if you read comments from #1 I think someone ever mention many dramas/movie about Jang Ok Jung…. sorry I forget the tittles… only remember “Dong Yi”

  368. 368 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    me too don’t care about the ranting..
    just watching drama which story capture my heart… actors/actress that I like.. that’s Jang Ok Jung… for me Kim Tae Hee looks more beautiful in her hanbok than Suzy

  369. 369 : ani Says:

    yea i like K T H and Y A i they look good in this drama

  370. 370 : may Says:

    Great drama! I just love the last scene of episode . Yoo Ah In’s acting is so natural. Hoping for the improvement of rating.

  371. 371 : AAAAA Says:

    I think JOJ drama far better than Kang ji, but because it’s drama starring seung gi and Suzy .. therefore, it is much more famous drama … uhffff ….

  372. 372 : tc Says:


    Share your view. This drama is really a hidden gem, so very underrated and so sad that the Korean viewers had upfront decided not to watch this drama due to their perception of Ok Jung been an evil person.

    This chemistry between the OTP practically sizzles and I felt so breathless watching their moments together especially the last scene in ep 8. Really like their dialogues and the intensity of their gazes. Although I find Kang Chi enjoyable but somehow it fails to draw me in completely unlike this drama which is so cracktactic! I hope Korean viewers do give this drama a chance and watch ep 8 to check out its quality so that the rating of this drama can improve to further motivate the cast and production team. This is one drama that I totally disagree that the rating actually reflects the quality of the show. JOJ Fighting!

    I think YAI has redeemed himself entirely with his awesome role in this drama as compared to his poor acting in crappy Fashion King.

  373. 373 : Badkitty0011 Says:


    thank you so much Im kinda new at historical dramas so i really dont know but im loving them

  374. 374 : katy Says:

    great drama , both maim lead are great in acting , beautiful chemistry .

    I like this story line , Jang side of story ,
    DY & queen story might be distorted by Queen family .

    The King is the good King , he must love Jang a lot in order to make her a Queen , he also love his people and hates class system .
    Jang must be smart and pretty , I don’t want to see her died in this drama ,
    she might escape to China and became the great merchant & designer .

  375. 375 : bb Says:

    There is a article; WRITEN PREVIEW for Episode 9 of Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love by Koala’s Playground..

  376. 376 : Titi Says:

    They give the writen preview? My concern is that the preview may reduce the curiosity, itching of the next episode and the viewers may think they will see full episode later, not now (next Mon).

  377. 377 : Zeez Says:

    I can’t believe I cried when they kissed… This is really a great show!

  378. 378 : llenzy Says:

    nice drama:)

  379. 379 : Aga Says:

    hope it increase ratings…Keep fighting!!!

  380. 380 : Ttuk Says:

    Err.. I was saying elsewhere I can’t have Kim Tae Hee play evil. And this drama has gone too modern for my liking.

    I prefer authentic Joseon and don’t care at all for the Mills & Boon moments working up to the kiss. It’d be more intense (their romance) had the writer actually understood the meaning behind the Joseon social protocols and stayed with true to it.

  381. 381 : viva Says:

    At the last scene of ep.8, poor Dongpyung Goon is on the background of the rain kiss.ㅠㅠ
    Yes, it breaks his heart to see Ok Jung is happy with the King, but it’ll be more painful to know that she is unhappy with him.
    Fantastic drama, love it. JOJ /// FIGHTING ///

  382. 382 : Paula Says:

    poor prince Dongpyung!!!! I like this drama, it’s not modern at all, it’s traditional Joseon.

  383. 383 : zara Says:

    Now! Kim Tae Hee is not only beautiful, her acting skilled is growing beautifully as well. So impress! Yoo Ah In Is great actor. They are superb together. Love all the casts (even the villains) and all crews&production teams with all your hard work YOU’ve done an awesome drama, keep doing your good job please!

  384. 384 : Ayeshaa008 Says:

    Whattaa Great Drama! Indeed. i dont mind the ratings though, but this is superb!! 😀 must watch :))) YOO AH IN Fighting! <3

  385. 385 : jules Says:

    LOL! Giggles Rofl at the last scene. :))))))
    And rape replay button.

  386. 386 : RosyFlower Says:

    This drama is interesting, I hooked to it already. Good job for all casts. Fighting!

  387. 387 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    its nice to see different side of Jang Ok Jung in this drama.. the good side of her..
    when I saw “Dong Yi” I really hate Jang Ok Jung character bcoz she’s sooooo evil..!!

    i dunno im going to be happy or sad seeing the kiss scene, love chemistry between KTH and YAI.. my heart also feel sorrow for prince Dongpyung…. but the kiss just..can’t help myself repeat it again and again haha..

  388. 388 : bb Says:

    Gone insane with this great show; I would go to sleep thinking about JOJ and wake up ready and eager for it – despite my normal slow-morning mode. Believe me… my mind would flowing happily for Monday and Tuesday 🙂 😀

  389. 389 : bella Says:

    I like this drama & now I cannot wait until next Monday, Tuesday. I think actors, actresses are good looking & good acting.

  390. 390 : Ttuk aka Ttuk-Ttuk aka ... Says:

    Choi Sook Bin I guess is Choi Dong Yi. But unlike the Dong Yi saga, here she is already Sook Bin. Jang Ok Jung became consort and later Queen Jang Hee Bin, one of the most beautiful women of Joseon.

    These two, by dint of their family heritage were players in the political power struggle between the Noron and Soron factions. The bloody clan feuds were eventually squelched by an angered King Sook Jong, and resulted in Hee Bin’s (Jang Ok Jung) demotion and subsequent demise around 1694. Having cursed Queen Inhyeon who then died, Jang Ok Jung was executed.

    Perhaps we won’t get to see her fall in this drama and can enjoy her rise. Politics is a dirty business they say, and can corrupt the innocent heart.

    What isn’t clear about the historical data is the ideology of the feuding clan’s, how much of their push was ideologically driven or was it just lust for power.

  391. 391 : Ttuk aka Ttuk-Ttuk aka ... Says:

    Kim Tae Hee is arguably South Korea’s numero uno export. 🙂

  392. 392 : Zeez22 Says:

    YAI is so cute!! I love his smile… This drama is superb!

  393. 393 : hunee Says:

    This drama is sooooo nice, and I hope episode 35 continues on with the
    kiss, hopefully doesn show that they both go their separate ways, yuckeee
    buzzz kill. Good good drama, thanks for entertain us viewers!!!!!!

  394. 394 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    I rather dissapointed coz one of my favorite singer, Baek Ji Young didn’t sing ost for JOJ but she sing for KangChi ost instead 🙁
    but I still like Zia song “Dream On You” its so blend with beautiful scenes of JOJ 🙂
    can’t wait for next eps ^^

  395. 395 : Maru Says:

    EP 9. Preview



  396. 396 : zara Says:

    Awww! could not stop thinking of Prince Dongpyung in next ep. Is it unrequited love or one-sided love that is not openly reciprocated or understood as such, that his beloved may or may not be aware of the admirer’s deep and strong romantic affections!!?!!?!!

  397. 397 : ani Says:

    this drama is very interesting K T H whatever her leading patner in drama look perfect ilike her because she’s sweet pretty and adorable .

  398. 398 : zara Says:

    @Maru THANK YOU.

  399. 399 : Titi Says:

    thanks for the preview of ep.9.

  400. 400 : bb Says:

    hehehe!! It’s so hard to seduce Ok-jung, a poor sweet-lovesick Lee Soon 🙂
    can’t wait for tomorrow:

  401. 401 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Oh moooo I can’t explain how I love and excited to watch this superb drama ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ M jingjaaa adore this drama :))))) can’t wait for ep9 ;D

  402. 402 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Ü r sooooo handsome here prince Lee Shon and Ok Jung sooooo Beautiful ^*^ I’m keep smiling every time ü ü both on the screen 2geather Keeeeeeee~~~ can’t get enough @[email protected]

  403. 403 : wee Says:

    cant wait for tonite..saw the preview of Ep 9..the king is so cute and “childish” as kind of getting close to her….

  404. 404 : Titi Says:

    Monday is coming, can’t wait!

  405. 405 : Sandy Says:

    I simply can’t wait till tomorrow, I am so addicted to this drama now, Rooftop Prince, Nice Guy and now this drama Jang Ok Jeong Live in Love. In a way I’m glad I haven’t watched any dramas like Dong Yi where it portrays Lady Hui Bin as an evil and Machiavellic Queen so I’m totally enjoying it as I’m not seen her dark side yet. Needless to say, jealousy, power and money can turn the most innocent heart into ice, except for the love she always felt for Lee Soon. Her love for him was always there…this is a great role again for Kim Tae Hee as she can perform so well her roles as villain…can’t wait for epi 9

  406. 406 : SunRise21 Says:

    can’t wait for tonight’s episode! i so love this drama! <3

  407. 407 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Best sentence the king Lee soon said ” Look carfully with ür eyes~ Becuse the Sky has Falling down For Ü ” Ohhhh my goshhhh M freeze in 5 second heeeeeeee.

  408. 408 : rory Says:

    Just starts watching JOJ ep1..Since I haven’t watched Dong Yi yet so it’s quite difficult to understand all those chars for the 1st half but it becomes more interesting later on..Pity for JOJ’s young life but Kang Min Ah’s acting is so great!!!! two thumbs up! not really hooked with YAI & KTH’s acting yet TBH but it’s not that bad..looking 4ward for the next ep..

  409. 409 : Paula Says:

    If u do not watch Dong Yi, it’s easier for you to understand & accept this version of history. They are 2 different stories. Me too, I can not wait to see ep. 9. Anyone, please show the links of ep9, 10, thank you in advance.

  410. 410 : bb Says:

    [20130507] [Jang Ok Jung ] Ep10 Preview …….*2nd Queen*……….

  411. 411 : Titi Says:

    A…! 2nd royal wedding! Thank you.

  412. 412 : Sharon Says:

    This drama as gotten more and more interesting by the episodes. It has grown on me, keep up the good work writers. Fighting!!!

  413. 413 : Joyce Says:

    My most fave line of Yai (King Sukjong) that truly brings shiver to my bones was “If I’m still not a man to you & I’m the sky that you can’t get close to or touch, then watch! That sky will fall on you.”then the hot kiss in the rain happened! It’s goosebumps overload!!! I’m obsessed with this drama! LMAO!

  414. 414 : wee Says:

    “battle” between two womens is going to start…the king is going to protect her….drama ia getting more n more excited…fighing

  415. 415 : myeon Says:

    finally, the ratings up :’)

  416. 416 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    for everyone who didn’t watch Dong Yi its okay.. bcoz Dong Yi story happen after JOJ period i guess.. not be confuse..
    like @Paula said DY and JOJ are different stories..

    @myeon, yes finally 🙂

  417. 417 : reca Says:

    Had a low rating because this drama, I think it’s not interesting.
    But when seen from episode 1 to 7, I really liked his kite.
    Sensual sensations between Jang Ok Jung & King Sook Jong.
    Make this drama feels different and has a passion sdikit.
    and it turns out I prefer the drama of the Book that diperani Family Gu Lee Seung Ki.
    I hope this has a Happy ending drama that is easy to understand.
    Unlike other dramas, the happy ending it is sometimes difficult and unsatisfactory.

  418. 418 : Park jun sung Says:

    Btw i have predict before that this drama as soon as will hit Kangci rating. Upper episode 10 its possibly hit m0re 15%

  419. 419 : unknown unknown Says:

    I want to thank whoever first thought of casting Yoo Ah In and Kim Tae Hee in this drama. I had enjoyed so much their sizzling chemistry and excellent acting in the last couple of episodes – made more pleasurable because I would never have linked them together before watching JOJ, LiL. I wondered what thought processes had taken place to cast the two of them and who was casted first and how they found the other. 🙂

    This drama is a gem, truely. If not for anything, watch it for the romance, for the helplessness and agony protrayed by KTH and the array of expressions on YAI’s face. And in episode 9, the lovely faces of both of them in the “hand touching” scene – watch it to believe it.

  420. 420 : kriss Says:

    This drama is simply CRACKTASTIC!!! You wouldn’t be able to tell from the title and the synopsis,

  421. 421 : Bella Says:

    Wow, how can I express how much I love this drama. Can’t wait! Fighting, queen & concubines, king & secrete admirers of concubines.

  422. 422 : bb Says:

    Just watch JOJ ep 9 & 10 (raw), so good, not a singer minus dull 🙂

  423. 423 : Titi Says:

    Please give me the links for the recap of ep 9, 10. Thanks too much!

  424. 424 : zara Says:

    @Titi Do enjoy!!



  425. 425 : zara Says:

    Now;;;; JOJ-ep.9 with Eng subs

  426. 426 : Nicole Says:

    So happy to see that the ratings are finally increasing 🙂 🙂 JOJ fighting!

  427. 427 : Titi Says:

    Thank you so much.

  428. 428 : SEOULWHAT Says:

    When is Hyun Chi Soo going to come in the drama again?

  429. 429 : Nirrie Says:

    Drama ini sdg ditayangin di TV One, krn belum pernah nonton drama sekuel korea, ceritanya menarik ga? Thanks b4

  430. 430 : Zeez22 Says:

    This drama is getting so exciting… YAI is so cute!!! Hope the ratings get even better! 🙂

  431. 431 : zara Says:

    LOL! Episode 9; The King and Prince Dong Pyung have a few too many drinks, and wind up peeing on the wall of the Palace 😀

  432. 432 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    kl km sk ntn drama korea bersetting kerajaan/saeguk mcm Dong Yi, Dae Jang Geum, Hwang Jini (semua prnh tyg d tv indo) pasti minat ntn JOJ
    ato sk ntn Sungkyunkwan Scandal (prnh tyg d indosiar) dijamin bklan sk drama ini krn pemainnya sm, Yoo Ah In..
    kl pun bl prnh ntn, cb aja ntn 1ato 2 eps bcoz crt e menarik n pemainnya lbh menarik lg hehehe ^^

  433. 433 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    ohya ini bukan drama sekuel lho..

  434. 434 : seatee Says:

    Fun, irreverent, intriguing, exhilirating, and more! What a gem of a drama!

  435. 435 : Che Says:

    @Nirrie : Beneran ditayangin Di TVone ?

  436. 436 : zara Says:

    Wow! The most beautiful& romantic of JOJ-ep10

  437. 437 : eve Says:

    this drama awesome,,,very romantic,,,i love king sook jong so much, yoo ah in potray it really well a very charismatic king,,really love him in this drama

  438. 438 : zara Says:

    Prince DongPyung is a BirthdayBoy today.
    Well, you are another year older and you haven’t changed a bit. That’s great because you are perfect just the way you are. **Happy Birthday**

  439. 439 : Sharon Says:

    Yoo Ah In Is a great actor his expression, his mannerism, the way he speaks not brassy, but gentle yet still command respect. He played this character to the heights, I love it. The story is good and kudos to the writers!!!!

  440. 440 : Titi Says:

    Who takes the benefit from the death of queen Inhyeon & the execution of Jang ok Jung? No one suspect the concubine who takes the benefit after queen & JOJ died is the person who set up the trap to get rid of queen & JOJ together?

  441. 441 : viva Says:

    Love episode10 King Sukjong is a runaway-groom 😀

  442. 442 : unknown unknown Says:

    Spoiler ahead:

    I super liked the runaway-groom plot too. 🙂

    When Jang Ok Jung told Dong Pyung Goon that her decision to go away or not will be based on King Sook Jong’s actions after being told that she was now residing in DPG’s house outside the palace, I was just wondering what obstacles they would have to go through before getting to see each other again. Within a minute, we hear how decisive King SJ was regarding JOJ, then he ripped off his groom outfit so stylishly, dashed to DPG’s house on horse back without even taking the time to tie his clothes properly, reached DPG’s house without any delay and promptly reunited with JOJ in all sense of the word. How much more charismatic and swift can a hero be!

    Up to this episode, as far as a K-drama romantic hero is concerned, I think King SJ is second to none. 🙂

  443. 443 : viva Says:

    Definitely second to none! 🙂 s w o o n 🙂
    Poor DPG has to come to term of their love T,,T
    Next episode will be 2nd Royal Wedding(QIH) and 1st Royal Concubines(OJ)
    Can’t wait!!

  444. 444 : Sharon Says:

    After the love scene between king SJ and JOJ I had to get a cold glass of water hahaha!!! Ooh, that scene was good and the acting was convincing, good job.

  445. 445 : bb Says:

    WooHoo!! Your comment is really arousing my brain, a new thought of this drama, the only one I can see is Dong Yi, if not! Who else??? -Kim In Won became Queen after QIH died so I don’t think is her plus she is not in this drama either.

  446. 446 : bb Says:

    The Novel Translation of Final 2 Pages of Jang Ok-jung, live in love *SOB*


  447. 447 : Titi Says:

    Thanks for the link of Novel translation. I read it, it is really good. Frankly, I doubt that Dong Di is pure innocent in the real life. Living in the palace, being a human, ofcourse she could have maneuvers more or less and she is one among people who took the most benefits after JOJ & queen IH died. One bullet got 2 birds. The people who had the the power, who win the war had the history wrote as what they wanted. If they did not want, they ordered to put that papers of history into the fire & later generations could not see what they did not want them to see. So, person was good or bad in the history was just in the eyes of one side, did not mean that person was true good or bad.

  448. 448 : hunee Says:

    Wow can’t stop watchin Episode 10, it wuz sooooo gooooood, still is after.
    They look more like the honeymooners!!!!! they look soooo cute together, even when theyre arguing with each other in the other episodes. But that wuz cold what current queens daddy did, to get rid of her………..oh yeeeaaah JOJ got some fighting words when her uncle told her who did this to her, yup shes coming back to the palace, watch out. Every episodes is
    intense, exciting, romantic. Goooooooo Drama soooooo far. Pleeezzzz
    do not be a buzzzz kill, producers, directors, and writers. thank you for
    this drama.

  449. 449 : Zeez Says:

    Can’t wait till next Monday… I wanna watch YAI!

  450. 450 : llenzy Says:

    it was a great drama 🙂
    hoping for better ending….

  451. 451 : zara Says:

    This is a beautiful ep1-ep10 MV 장옥정, 사랑에 살다 by lemonlimetea

  452. 452 : leizzue Says:

    is Kim Tae Hee’s teeth implants? don’t get me wrong, i think she is absolutely gorgeous, but her teeth bugs me. it looks exactly like someone i know who has his done… lol

  453. 453 : bb Says:

    JOJ’s character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of hardships and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. something larger than herself that she realize her true potential.

    translation: Jang Ok Jung Episode 11 written preview

  454. 454 : Titi Says:

    Her teeth are not perfect but they are good and prettier than many people.
    Can’t wait for this drama.

  455. 455 : Titi Says:

    KTH is still beautiful.

  456. 456 : kimchilee Says:

    @leizzue, you are right.. her teeth looks like dentures to me, like planted over the bugsy tooth mouth that she has.. its her mouth that irks me since her starring in Stairways to Heaven.. that is why i dont watch her dramas..when i see her.. i only kept looking at her mouth and upper teeth! sorry fans of KTH.. only watching this bec of GAI the king.. but overall, she is pretty when she smiles and she carries herself quite well in this drama.. so in a way, her acting supercedes her mouth.. 😛

  457. 457 : kimchilee Says:

    sorry..typo.. YAI.. Yoo Ah In.. 😛

  458. 458 : myeon Says:

    woah, ending of eps 10 was really something..

    uh-oh, finally JOJ character started to be ambisious one. I feel pain for her, for all of her hardships to become the un-lowly one, and her love for the king, and in the end she’ll died as a villain character.

    love, money, and status (power) truly will became a poison to someone ckckck

    poor jang ok jung.

    can’t wait to see the next eps kekeke

  459. 459 : bluebird Says:

    This is Ok Jung turning point, life long hardship and almost being burned alive. She has to build up the spikes around her as her protection from next ep onwards
    but how far would she go? till the end of her life? Hope is not going to be real bad and hope Lee Soon is not going to let go of her hand.
    Ready for Monday and Tuesday (ep11 & 12)

  460. 460 : Angelica Says:

    Honestly who is waiting for Choi Sook Bin (Dong yi’s) character to come into the mix…I know I am..:)!

  461. 461 : ani Says:

    hope kim tae is beautiful upside and inside good bless u always i.am fans off u.

    fighting J o J.don’t care wat people said coz they are jealous of your beauty .

  462. 462 : Bella Says:

    Can’t wait for JOJ, it’s so interesting!

  463. 463 : Che Says:

    Akhir yang MISTERIUS ,
    Saudara – saudara !!!!!!


  464. 464 : Park jun sung Says:

    Apa an sih. . . Neh drama worth watching or n0t? Should i watch this one?

  465. 465 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Park Jun Sung
    in my taste this drama worth fo be watching 🙂
    just try.. if still don’t like it just drop it ya hehe..
    when I desided to watch JOJ bcoz I wanna see the good side of JOJ.. already see her evil side on Dong YI.. but then really like this drama, YAI acting so diff from FK,, chemistry between YAI & KTH so cute,, love all the elements of JOJ and I’m saying tht JOJ way much better than Kangchi/ Gu Book Family

  466. 466 : viva Says:

    Inhyun to King Sukjong ; make me the QUEEN then you can bring Okjung into the palace, Deal or No Deal !! hahahah!!!
    can’t wait,,still 22 hours to come

  467. 467 : Daryl Says:

    Why is it that the powerful bad guys are always fat and ugly with those cheap fake beards ? Guess it was because they were all corrupt after stealing the people’s and the ling’s money.

  468. 468 : Daryl Says:

    Another thing that is extremely annoying about these series is that the translation happens way after the people have talked and are into the next sentence What is that about? Never happened before. Bad disorganized te at Viki.com!!!!!

  469. 469 : viva Says:

    Jang Ok Jung Episode 11 Trailer 130513

  470. 470 : wee Says:

    thanks..viva for the preview11….cant wait for tonite…..fighting

  471. 471 : Titi Says:

    Thanks for the trailer of ep 11

  472. 472 : viva Says:

    [20130513] [Jang Ok Jung ] Long Preview 7 min. of Ep11 Part 1/2

    [20130513] Jang Ok Jung Long Preview 7 min. of Ep11 Part 2/2

  473. 473 : kriss Says:

    @472 viva

    Thanks for all the links! You’ve certainly made the waiting a little easier! ^____^

  474. 474 : leizzue Says:

    @kimchilee IKR, lol, i know i wasn’t alone in that one. some people here are nuts, who was asking about talent and beauty? she needn’t prove anything because she is a very famous actress already. we are just talking about teeth here. ok?! teeth talk. LOL

  475. 475 : ani Says:

    after i watch ep 11 i very love this drama”the ending ep 11 is very sad can’t wait 4 tomorrow nice drama ever

  476. 476 : bb Says:

    Wooah! Here you are “Jang Ok Jung ep.11 Recap”

  477. 477 : Carmen Says:

    This mean people keep trying to kill the good girl WHY?????WHY??????

  478. 478 : Nancy Says:

    Kim Sun Kyun as the ling’s mother is not only mean and manipulative but she is ugly and has yellow teeth. She is aggravating as a typical ambitious queen. We’re they always so bad, those queen mothers in real life or is it just in the dramas like that?

  479. 479 : -Autumn- Says:

    Nice but very sad drama. JOJ’s life is so pity and sad. She is just struggling to live on but so many people wants to destroy her. The casts all did a good job. Love Kim Tae Hee~!!

  480. 480 : jules Says:

    Because this is somehow a history, i dont what is real anymor e… Hahaha!

    Jang Ok Jung seems to be a good queen/person (here at Jang Ok Jung) but why in the other dramas she’s a villain. LoL!

  481. 481 : Joyce Says:

    Haha yes JOJ was a villain in the other dramas like in Queen Inhyun’s Man and Dongyi!but guess even she’s that bad in those dramas maybe she also have some good side of her hihi! And thats what the writer trying to show us in this drama her “good side”.Pffftt!

  482. 482 : viva Says:

    JOJ-episode 12 preview

  483. 483 : haruhi28 Says:

    i’m so into this drama…too bad episode 11 doesn’t have english sub yet 🙁

  484. 484 : viva Says:

    Rumble Fish (럼블 피쉬) – 사랑의 계절 [Jang Ok Jung, Live For Love OST]

  485. 485 : jules Says:

    Lady jang was poisoned to death. Right?
    Wud that be the ending of this drama too?
    I hope the directors will cut the story where she lives at her happiest moments. Hehe!
    What I hate the most in sageuk is if it ends with tragedy. Argh!

  486. 486 : zara Says:

    This is a beautiful moment of LS and OJ _ reunion, _ Ep11

  487. 487 : Titi Says:

    Thank you all of you for the links. I like this drama.

  488. 488 : Titi Says:

    I saw the raw ep. 12, but I do not understand the Korean language, so, I do not understand the position of the King in the war between King’s mother & King’s lover. Wow, fight back, JOJ!

  489. 489 : bb Says:

    Getting heavy, intense, tactics Ep12 @

  490. 490 : Titi Says:

    Does anyone have the links of the recap ep.12 or English sub ep. 12?

  491. 491 : Titi Says:

    Hi, u r here, it is nice to meet u. Your link is eng. sub???

  492. 492 : Titi Says:

    Oh, NO, your link is all Korean, sorry, I’m not Korean.

  493. 493 : Titi Says:

    I can’t understand Korean language.

  494. 494 : poppy Says:

    I just want something sugary and sweet. A really romantic treat. The only thing I can think of is when their lips meet. *Lee Soon & Ok Jung* FIGHTING

  495. 495 : bb Says:

    @Titi hahah! there is not even eng subs in ep11 . But recap ep12 now on. 🙂

  496. 496 : Nicole Says:

    So happy to see that the ratings are finally increasing!!! 🙂

  497. 497 : hunee Says:

    I love this drama, it is sooooooo romantic when they had their little reunion. It just totally remind me of one of my favorite drama I loved so much THE MOON EMBRACE THE SUN now that wuuuzzzzzzzz gooooooood!!! it so sad!! if they kill this drama with a horrible ending!! All that good work for nothing, so pleeeezzzzz do not have a disaster at the end! Keep up the good work thank you for entertaining us!!!! Sugar on the top!!!!

  498. 498 : hunee Says:

    So much affection, passion, hugging, sucka for romance…..Havn seen
    this in the epic drama I don’t know when, well except THE MOON EMBRACE THE SUN. They really showed alot of their feelings, thats the way to do it, you go Ok Jung!!!! and the king. Oh that mean old Kings Mother……I
    thought she was dying???? wuz she fakin it!!!!! She is not that cute for a
    King’s Mama

  499. 499 : Joyce Says:

    @Jules #485

    Yes jules I’m sure it ends that way…she won’t probably die at the end…maybe this is really the novel adaptation.I’ve notice in KDs now no matter how melo the drama is… the writer make sure no one will die with the main leads…the writer find a way to make the drama ends happily for the viewers satisfaction hihi! Di na kc bumebenta ung sad ending ngaun haha!!!

  500. 500 : bb Says:

    Jang Ok Jung episode 11 with English subs is out now on

  501. 501 : OK OK OK Says:




  502. 502 : yuri Says:

    This is a wonderful drama, absolutely worth watching it. Yoo Ah In is amazing as always………… <3

  503. 503 : myeon Says:

    JOJ turn to be a ‘Makjang’ *sigh*

    seriously, why Lee Soon turn to be a stupid king after eps 10?
    and JOJ, beside turn to be manipulated and fake, i don’t even feel her chemistry with lee soon anymore

    I wannaaaa cry T____________T

    where is her fashion desire? where is the main point of title ‘Live in Love’???
    and where is the cute-bubbly one Prince Dongpyung????


  504. 504 : Titi Says:

    Thanks! BUT…. about … ep12 Eng.sub????

  505. 505 : OK OK OK Says:

    I have watched till ep12 and it is getting more exciting with each episode.
    I am enjoying it so far.

    IMO :

    King Yoo Ah In is not stupid. 🙂
    He is not in power yet. But he did not give up like his father who died miserably.
    King is planning hard to get back the power even though he needs to “fight against” so many corrupted officials.

    As for Kim Tae Hee, infact she is a smart and naive girl at first. But after facing life threatening events just to be with the king she loves truly, , she has to be alert and shrewd to protect herself and her king.

    I don’t see anything wrong with that. That is the reality of life to survive in a palace. 🙂

  506. 506 : Bella Says:

    King is not stupid, but he is affected by surrounding people gradually. It is white but many people around you say that is black, one day you will suspect if that black or white or you will believe that is black even though the truth that is white.

  507. 507 : ailyn Says:

    i wat see a jang ok jun g episode 13 on the philippines becuse a korean drama is beautiful

  508. 508 : bb Says:

    LOL SBS Promises Jae-hee Will Show Up in Episode 13 of Jang Ok-jung, Live in Love

  509. 509 : eny Says:

    i feel it too, the tense in this drama is improve but they make the conflict is like many drama, i hope jae hee enter faster n make the conflict better not just love scene n queen mother-JOJ battle

  510. 510 : noctiz Says:

    the mother Queen is horrible in making the voice lol… im not iritated by her character but irritated by her voice…

  511. 511 : jangerr Says:

    I know episodes 11 and 12 has been aired. I have been waiting anxiously for them. But I have not been able to bring myself to watch them. Why?

    Because I have a feeling that they will change the direction of the show. I have a feeling that they are going to acede to the ‘demands’ of the korean viewers and try to follow historical accounts or past dramas of these historical figures. I think they will do it for the sake of ratings…

    My wish is that they keep true to the spirit of the show at the first half. That they are offering a different perspective of the events that happened then. That they also continue to make it clear that it is purely fictional.

  512. 512 : jangerr Says:

    I wish and hope they will keep Ok Jung’s character the way she was in the first half of the show – strong, feisty, outspoken but pure and upright.

    Yes, circumstances have been trying. People around have been making things extremely difficult for her. So she has to change. But her basic nature shouldn’t change. Yes, she has to fight back. She has to fight for her survival. She has to fight for her love. But I hope they don’t change her character to one who’s manipulative, unscrupulous and malicious.

    I want her to be shrewd but upright. I want her to be gung ho and kick some asses but doing it discriminately. I want her love for the king to remain pure and true. In fact, I want their love for each other to remain till the end…

  513. 513 : poppy Says:

    After watched ep11 and 12 ; It looks like Ok Jung turned to be the same as Jang Hee Bin in all previous movies and dramas. Is this to please the domestic Korean viewers in order to get higher rate? 🙁

  514. 514 : snowdrop Says:

    Now Okjung is out of from SYNOPSIS’ character of this drama’ title. WHY???
    There have been so many villain lady Jang already.
    Stick to your original intention Okjung, PLEASE! Mr PD.

  515. 515 : bb Says:

    Here you are ~Jang Ok Jung Living in Love Episode 12 [sub]~

  516. 516 : ance Says:

    and her revenge begins…i’m still waiting on how will she punished those maids in the tailoring dept esp. her childhood friend (hehehe mean!)

    in Dong Yi, Jang Ok Jung wasn’t that bad at first…coz her family and political party are all doing the dirty work…even here Ok Jung’s brother said that Ok Jung shouldn’t have blood in her hands. they showed here how and why Jang Hee Bin became evil…and the thing i enjoy about this drama is that i/we know what will happen to her…i just hope they wouldn’t kill her in the end like what happened in history…hehehe!

  517. 517 : Titi Says:

    Thanks bb for the links.

    Due to they advertised KTH played the role of famous concubine, I found the videos of Jang Hee Bin (over 100 episodes) & saw it, I was disappointed with it (old version of Jang Hee Bin). In old Jang Hee Bin, the king 20 to 27 years old was played by an actor in range of 40 – 50 years old. The same to the Hee Bin. The old drama progressed slowly & they dragged.

    To me, this current drama is better. However, the king is not smart & powerless.

  518. 518 : Titi Says:

    I did not mean Hee Bin was played by 40 yo actress, I meant leading actor & actress looked too old to the age of character. King of 20 – 27 yo looked like 40 – 50 yo (because actor was old)

  519. 519 : 0m0 Says:

    Hahaha! this’s a historical dramas that storyline keeps rolling no need to skip like most other quite draggy..u feel tired after awhile.
    Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love 🙂 Fighting!!! 🙂

  520. 520 : aura Says:

    I love this drama.. So great, the switching and twist of the story was awesome. And of course I do love YAI & KTH ❤❤❤

  521. 521 : Sharon Says:

    You Ah In, is an excellent actor I can’t stop commenting on his acting. His anger, his love, his happiness , his sadness. He moves into his emotions with ease. Yoo Ah In, needs to take on more jobs, want more drama from you!!!

  522. 522 : hunee Says:

    I love this drama, Its going really nice, entertainin. The title says JANG OK JUNG, Live in Love, so lets hope it stays on track as the title said. Two great actors, love them both, and the rest of the crew too.

  523. 523 : OK OK OK Says:

    Hi ladies

    I didn’t know that Jang Ok Jung is Jang Hee Bin
    In Dongyi acted by Lee So Yeon. I don’t like her characters there.
    But now I know how come the king in Dong Yi treated the 1st wife coldly after u ladies mention abt it. I FEEL SO SAD FOR JANG OK JUNG bc in Dongyi, King gives her poison to end her life even though they once loves truly. SAD 🙁

  524. 524 : aura Says:

    I wonder, what will happen to Lee Soon’s love, when Ok Jung is no longer so innocent???????????????????????????

  525. 525 : eny Says:

    @OK OK OK
    I thought Jang hae bin is the best charracter in Dong yi, because it’s look real actually she’s not bad person but the situation make her choose bad action in order to survive n the acting of the actress is good, she’s the only chrracter in Dong yi that I remember

  526. 526 : Titi Says:

    Giving poison to her that means the love to her is already died. King has the new love.

  527. 527 : Jae Says:

    This series is pretty good so far. The main character pretends to be all nice but secretly has a dark side just like her uncle. She should have been his kid and her cousin should have been her parents’ kid. I hope her mentor’s adopted son shows up again. The king is pretty cool in his own way but I wish he was more firm with his mom, the horrible queen mother. The queen is a horrible, greedy person but she does like the king. The king’s younger uncle is pretty cool too. I feel so bad for him. He loves her but cares enough about his nephew and her to let them be a couple. He’s got guts to do that.

  528. 528 : zara Says:

    I’m in doubt that SoonJung love is that deep!!!

  529. 529 : bluebird Says:

    Lol! Ep13; Dowager Queen determines to set the date for the consummation of the wedding night for Lee Soon and Queen Inhyun. Can’t wait for Monday 🙂

  530. 530 : Titi Says:

    Where do you see ep.13 teaser ?

  531. 531 : fiana Says:

    Or maybe actually The King loves her so much and deep,,when he feels betray so more much paint,that’s why The King gives her poison in the end..

  532. 532 : hunee Says:

    Oooohhhhhh nooooooooo please stay as lovely as u are Jang, pleeezzzz don’t change her to the real story…..Stay with this version Live in Love. I like this for a change. please please please, yeah shes a fighter, feisty
    got give it that to her!!!! I think the rating will stay higher if you stay on
    this version, There will be alot of disappointin fans, count me in first. Pleeez
    do not change!!!!

  533. 533 : Sandy Says:

    I just can’t bring myself to watch this drama yet. Dong Yi is one of my absolute favorite dramas hands down. I’ve watched it 3 times already. Jang based on history and as depicted in Dong Yi is not someone I think I can like. I’ll wait until the drama is complete, then on a rainy day when I have nothing to do, I’ll give it a try.

  534. 534 : kimchilee Says:

    I dont like the way JOJ has become now.. so scheming and pretentious especially when she sees the King hearing her confession and acted out so hypocritically pitiful that its hateful. No doubt all the people who looked down upon her made her into who she was but this story about her being a good seamstress and love the king is way out of line now. The queen is over exaggerating on her evil face and voice. The only nice person I see here is the young Queen, Injung. She is the only one i sympathise with.

    Anyway, JOK has the scheming bitchy face for acting this role so, it becomes her all the more. Like i said before, if Yoo Ah In did not appear in this role, i would hve given this a miss. sorry fans of KTH.. no offence.. just my opinion.. i still cannot stand her mouth. 😛

  535. 535 : stellaz Says:

    historical dramas tended to center around the lives of kings, nobles and lowborn. Critics of the arts have condemned historical dramas for focusing too much on historical aspects, whereas historians disapprove of the dramas that exaggerate personalities and rearrange events for the sake of dramatic effect. Dramatists have also been praised for presenting history in the most engaging and relevant way possible.

  536. 536 : 0m0 Says:

    Truth is not as important as good storytelling, and that’s what the feature drama industry is about. /// JOJ /// FIGHTING ///

  537. 537 : bb Says:

    JOJ Live in Love; Some lovely King Sukjong’s image to share 🙂

  538. 538 : viva Says:

    Ep12; love ‘the romantic night out in the garden amidst the candle light date’ scene in which LS surprises OJ with the quarters he had built for her; the part when LS is back-hugging OJ; says,”We’ll pop kids like a rabbit’s burrow.” and OJ teases in response, “Ah, really???!!” To which YAI quickly replies, “It’s just a phrase! Just a phrase!” sooo cute.

  539. 539 : bb Says:

    Jang Ok Jung Episode 13 Preview, check it out 🙂

  540. 540 : hunee Says:

    This drama is gonna be a disapointment, I can feel it. Well I guess I’ll wait
    to watch the last episode n see the horrible ending.

  541. 541 : aq2jules Says:

    LoLs! I love the bad ass side of joj…

  542. 542 : Bella Says:

    WAIT AND SEE AND PLEASE NO BIAS OR PREJUDICE, we’ll see how the story develop & IF we like that version or not. Maybe the twist will be great & the life is not like what we dream. Fighting, JOJ!

  543. 543 : taraJJ Says:

    Oo..Oo.. I just wondering if JOJ will die because of drinking poison like in Dong Yi version…
    but please not.. I just need happy ending that’s all..

  544. 544 : bb Says:

    Jang Ok Jung Episode 14 Preview

  545. 545 : zara Says:

    Ah! It looks like Ok Jung is pregnant in episode14 !!

  546. 546 : zara Says:

    Watch Jang Ok Jung Living in Love Episode 13 (RAW)

  547. 547 : Titi Says:

    Thanks all for the links

  548. 548 : bb Says:

    Wow! Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love Episode 13 Recap @ Koala’s Playground 🙂

  549. 549 : bb Says:

    Lol! Ok Jung managed to seduce Lee Soon on the wedding night between Lee Soon and Inhyun which been arranged by Dowager Queen, another lonely night for poor Queen Inhyun T,,T

  550. 550 : Titi Says:

    @531 fiana: Maybe u r right, the king loves too much & become jealous too much & … give poison due to he is affected by the bad rumors from ….;
    The 1st love of JOJ appears, hm….hm…. what will happen???

  551. 551 : bb Says:

    SBS [장옥정] – 21일(화) 예고

  552. 552 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 525 eny

    I only watched once for Dong Yi. I am lousy in history.
    Normally I watch the drama, the story individually. I won’t know that Jang Ok Jung is Jang Hee Bin from Dong Yi if you gals didn’t mention. I feel sad for her.

    Actually Jang Ok Jung character is good at first.
    Just like the king 1st wife, she don’t have much power, so she didn”t create much havoc… If she has power, I think she will be behave bad too.
    I dislike her father very much – who keep laughing, disrespect king Yoo Ah In.

    In Dong Yi, Jang Ok Jung wants her sick son to be king so that her position, family is protected, but came Dong Yi………. and the sad story starts …. 🙁

    Infact all princes are the same too. They kill each other, even they are brothers to get power, to survive. SAD SAD SAD 🙁


  553. 553 : OK OK OK Says:

    I said i lost interest, I still finished watching ep 13. ha ha …. NICE !!!! 🙂

  554. 554 : Titi Says:

    Drama DongYi mentioned Jang Ok Jung (Jang Hee Bin) was bad, and DongYi was innocent. It was just the imagination of that drama based on the fact that DongYi was the concubine who got affection of the king after Jang Hee Bin & queen IH died. Who know the true fact that was not written in some old historic records? Perhaps, DongYi was not innocent like that drama mentioned. How could the innocent concubine exist in the palace where people stuggle for power??? The fact in history was JOJ will be killed & who know the true reason behind it? JOJ won the queen IH but failed in the hands of other concubine? Other concubine(s), nobles had secrete plots?

    This drama is just 1 of interpretation (including some imagination) of history.

  555. 555 : bb Says:

    .. just watched JOJ ep14; poor Ok Jung lost her first baby 🙁

  556. 556 : bb Says:

    [5월 21일] 장옥정, 사랑에 살다 (Jang Ok Jung) 13,14 [raw]

  557. 557 : stellaz Says:

    Thanks for the link bb. I felt better with this episode (14) , no shouting or screaming and another SoonJung’s heavenly back-hug then horse incident and miscarriage,OJ is finally JANG HEE BIN

  558. 558 : Titi Says:

    Thanks for the link bb, any recap or Eng. sub yet ???

  559. 559 : bb Says:

    recap: Jang Ok Jung, live in love Episode 14 🙂 🙂

  560. 560 : bb Says:

    And Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love Episode 14 Recap on Koala Playground

  561. 561 : Lily Says:

    I just feel the drama title should change the title of the drama jang ok Jung live to revenge is match better than jang ok Jung live to loves , because I just see hate and evil and bitchy in this drama but I don’t see love . Or humble or care for other just or selfish woman . I wonder lately kdrama have no loving or for giveness , or humble in main character women . But just only selfish and evil with heartless in main wonam character . So disappointed to watch . I wonder in the real life k-wonam like that sorry I am just don’t get it . Hope the writer give the main character little more loving in the story to match with the title . Sorry just my opinion

  562. 562 : Titi Says:

    Thank you bb for the links, u r so nice!

  563. 563 : Lily Says:

    My favorite drama is Dong Yi she is loving person , and when she doing thing always with her heart and her head go together and she is smart but she had a humble heart so she had a power to made people hate her turn to love her .and with her enemy she doesn’t put to the end of their life . Anyway Dong Yi is my favorite character ever

  564. 564 : Jae Says:

    In the series Dong Yi, the character of Jang Ok Jung actually began as a good person who loved and wanted to protect the king. However, she undergoes a transformation when she is continually pushed to her limits. After living under constant threats she had to unleash a vicious side to her. Her character here in Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love is the same. She became “corrupted” by the palace in a way.

  565. 565 : Jae Says:

    You know, it really is disappointing to think that King Lee Soon/Suk Jong turned out to be unfaithful. I know he is the king but he basically had an affair. Poor Jang Ok Jung must have been so disappointed that the grandmother was right. 🙁

    There have been kings in history who have chosen not to have concubines/have affairs. Cheating may have been an option but not a requirement dude.

  566. 566 : ance Says:

    Finally Jang Hee Bin…i think that status is next to the queen’s rank…

    i’ve also watched Dong Yi more than 10x coz i love the conspiracies there…i so loved it that i read if dong yi was real…like here JOJ, queen in hyun’s maid (which they established in episode 1) will be dong yi…in history, the king saw dong yi praying at the back of queen in hyun’s palace when she died, the king, feeling guilty of what happened to the “kindest queen” he made dong yi his concubine but after what happened to jang hee bin he decided that no concubine will ever be queen…
    ooops sorry i think the last part was from dong yi…history and dramas are all mixed in my memory…but Jan Hee Bin will die i think the writer will give us different twist in this drama…

  567. 567 : bb Says:

    You’re welcome Titi 🙂 JOJ-ep13 subs

  568. 568 : ainerzaaisyain Says:

    jang ok jung is corrupted by the palace lifestyle … i think that why dong yi choose not to live in the palace… she didn’t want to be corrupted by the palace

  569. 569 : Titi Says:

    Thanks bb for the links.
    Viewers like OR do not like the character(s) depending on how a writer builds his or her characters. I do not believe the stories in the dramas is the true 100% historical life. Writer always imagines many things to create the good/bad characters & interesting stories.

  570. 570 : Titi Says:

    So, DongYi drama built DongYi (main character) the best character, other dramas may build DongYi differently.

  571. 571 : viva Says:

    Historical dramas are dramatic portrayals of events in history, but not relied upon for historical accuracy, whereas historians disapprove of the dramas that exaggerate personalities and rearrange events for the sake of dramatic effect.
    The potentials of historical drama, “may vitalize and recreate the splendor of the past; may present a historical figure offering dramatic possibilities; may employ historical events as a background for fictitious characters; may present a social picture of a past era; or may utilize history to give added interest to the main plot.” History can and does promote dramatic plot.

  572. 572 : bb Says:

    Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love Episode 14 subs;;; 🙂

  573. 573 : nixie Says:

    Well I’ll just say Dong yi and JangOkJung were just names and they moved up by titles so I kind of like this drama because JangOkJung do what she gotta do in order for protect what comes in her way. She may act rude but from what I see the kings mother is more evil and worst and same goes to the Queen too. She tried to act so kind but can’t you tell from what she is doing. No matter what the King’s mother told her she would follow knowing is not nice just like how they tried to bring JangOkJung’s mother to the palace to humiliate her and just go with the flow that JangOkJung lost the baby and not trying to tell the King’s mother is not right what she did since the the Queen and the mother of the nation. So what JangOkJung doing is trying to live in the palace stay strong for his majesty and do it in her ways cause that’s how u have to survive in the palace. I love this drama and its sad…I can’t wait for the next episode.

  574. 574 : ani Says:

    573 nixie i agree with u coz i like KT H and Y A I

  575. 575 : stellaz Says:

    I actually enjoyed JOJ, I took for what it’s, entertainment. The sets and costumes were beautiful. Also, I have a guilty pleasure, there’re things in the show made me curious about, because there seemed purpose to what would happen next.

  576. 576 : hunee Says:

    I agree with #573 nixie, so true shes just doing her thing, and stayin by
    her man the king. Oh yeah the king’s mom and the queen, they are both
    alike, evil, evil, evil. So Lady Ok Jung, shes gotta be strong, cuz they’re
    are so determine to get rid of her in anyway. She lost her baby awwwwww
    so sad, hang in there. I hope the end would be nice so you can say, oh
    wowwww great ending, pleezzzzzzz!!!

  577. 577 : eve Says:

    I really love this drama,,,it’s so very romantic and i think i understand the reason if at the end she’l become an evil coz the situation that she has which push her to do a lot of think,and I really hate the queen dowager….

  578. 578 : bittersweet Says:

    It looks like Dowager Queen is going to die soon and Queen Inhyun will get Dong Yi into the palace to be her support hand. There will a lot of bitchy inside the palace. Ok Jung gives birth to the first Prince, she becomes Jang Hee Bin, but Dong Yi manages to seduce the king, Dong Yi turns for a pillow talk then come along Prince no.2 for King Sukjong. And sad end of JOJ. King’ll marry Kim Inwon.

  579. 579 : ridhamn Says:

    ratingnya rendah ya.. is it worth to watch?

  580. 580 : eny Says:

    gak usah nonton berdasarkan rating, rating tinggi gak selalu bagus n rating rendah gak selalu jelek, liat aja sinopsisny suka apa nggak

  581. 581 : bb Says:

    Lovely OTP’ Pic of Jang Ok Jung Live in Love @ Press Conference to share;

  582. 582 : zara Says:

    ❤❤❤ Happy Birthday “JAE HEE” ❤❤❤

  583. 583 : taraJJ Says:

    @ridhamn, @eny
    yes agree with u don’t watch KD because of the ranting, sometimes low ranting drama more enjoyable to watch than high ranting drama

  584. 584 : taraJJ Says:

    @bb, @zara and everyone here
    thanx for all the link 🙂

    it seem YAI lost his weight while filming this drama..

  585. 585 : taraJJ Says:

    choi suk bin aka dong yi is my favorite cuncubine char but why is she so evil in here 🙁

  586. 586 : Tira Says:

    I love this drama. Hopefully Jang Ok Jeong pregnant with twin
    babies, one boy and a girl.

  587. 587 : Bella Says:

    Hope the drama will develop the story interesting more & more.
    I think Choi Suk Bin was luckier than Jang Hee Bin because Choi suk bin met the king at the good timing in the history. If she met the king before Jang Hee Bin & endured what the mother queen & queen did, I doubt about her reaction.
    When Choi suk Bin met the king, the king was more mature & had more power & mother queen was died or would die soon & queen needed her to fight against Jang Hee Bin, then both queen & Jang Hee Bin died & ofcourse king belonged to Choi suk Bin (king did not love the next queen).

  588. 588 : viva Says:

    Two villains will disappear from “Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love” soon.
    Dowager Queen will be Choi Kyung in Monstar
    Minister Min Yoo Joong will be Choi Suk in Birth Secret
    I think I’m going to miss them.

  589. 589 : stellaz Says:

    Queen In Hyun is always clinging to all rules and ways of the aristocracy, saying there was nothing wrong with asking OJ to ride a horse, unfortunate OJ fell from the horse, she put rules before a human. More schemes on the way.

  590. 590 : bb Says:

    Jang Ok Jung…warm water rocks [Translation]

  591. 591 : bb Says:

    Jang Ok Jung Episode 15 Preview 🙂

  592. 592 : bb Says:

    Jang Ok Jung Episode16 Preview

  593. 593 : bb Says:

    ….. Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love Episode 15 [raw]

  594. 594 : Titi Says:

    Thanks for the link, I see it now.

  595. 595 : Titi Says:

    Done with the raw one. I’m waiting for the Eng.sub @ recap, please!!!!!

  596. 596 : stellaz Says:

    Thanks for the links, bb 🙂 and there’s a recap “JOJ, Live in love” ep15 @

  597. 597 : Titi Says:


  598. 598 : bb Says:

    Page (페이지) – 사랑에 살다 (Live For Love) Jang Ok Jung, Live For Love OST part 4

  599. 599 : zara Says:

    Another Ok jung’s pregnancy, Here came Dong Yi, Hmm! the way she looked at the king, looked like she’s going to have the king for her dinner one day.

  600. 600 : zara Says:

    Jang Ok Jung ep.16 RAW @

  601. 601 : Titi Says:

    Thanks for all the links.

  602. 602 : stellaz Says:

    O..o ! Does the king’s love starts to fade away?????????

  603. 603 : Titi Says:

    It seems like that, stellaz, ….I do not understand Korean language…….. just guess by seeing the photos …. It seems that king’s mother said something before her death that affected the king’s love to Jang Hee Bin …. so.. it’s the chance for other girl ….. other love …..

  604. 604 : stellaz Says:

    Jang Ok Jung, Live in love Episode 16 RECAP 🙂 @

  605. 605 : Titi Says:

    thanks stellaz

  606. 606 : bb Says:

    Nice: Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love Episode 15 with Eng. subs 🙂 🙂

  607. 607 : poppy Says:

    Dowager Queen just hates OJ and her lowly status. I wonder! Would Dong Yi be accepted if she’s still alive??

  608. 608 : viva Says:

    King Sukjong recalls what his father’s instructions to trust no one, but himself. He wonders whether he can’t trust anyone his whole life. Ok Jung’s included !?!?!
    So I don’t think he’ll be able to love any woman again even Dong Yi 🙁

  609. 609 : Joanna Says:

    Kim Tae Hee has being really fantastic so far, she won’t disappoint me when it comes to portraying the ultimate tragedy facing Ok Jung. Hahah! It’s her show as the title ” Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love “

  610. 610 : bb Says:

    ang Ok Jung, Live In Love Episode 16 with eng subs 🙂

  611. 611 : tera Says:

    i actually didn’t want to watch the drama but i end up watching it eventually. I know the story about jang hee bin and i know she’s been portrayed as a traitor and betrayer. Evil among the evils during suk jong reigns but the story gave another impression to me. The battle in the palace among the concubine in very competitive and very harsh so it is understandable for a person that are lower in status as JOJ try to wiggle their ways up…
    I expect the hatred that i felt towards JOJ but I also like the character very much cause i understand why she acted like that(only in the drama)…However what bother me the most in the drama is the king himself. He love JOJ but he’s using JOJ to achieve what he want…they both lost the meaning in love and end up using each other to gains benefits. I wonder either the love portrayed by the king is sincere or not. I bet the king himself are not sure about his sincerity. Since it’s only half the plot-ep 16-, as we know(for those who don’t this might be spoiler) the king will demolish and reinstate the queen eventually end up killing JOJ after the queen die. I wonder how the writer are going to approach this in the future. There are also Lady Choi Suk Bin in the picture-also being portrayed as the true love of Suk Jong(well in Dong Yi she is)….I hope i can truly read what is inside Suk Jong head, but i don’t understand him at all. Which prove how complicated the real Suk Jong is. He’s holding “the Great” after all in front of his title.
    Well i prefer the clothes and fashion shown by Kim Tae Hee. She’s so beautiful. And the child actor and Yoo In Ah character is very synchronized with is other which is quite rare to see in the drama.After all since JOJ has turns much more evil and the King rolly rolly ways to secure his status and seat, I think I’ll take a pause from the story…I anticipate the ending though…..so long…all the best to the drama….

  612. 612 : Bella Says:

    KTH acts well so far & I wonder how the king will execute JOJ when he falls in love with her? Perhaps, the pressure from surroundings (mother queen, queen, other concubines, others, …) makes the love fades???????

  613. 613 : bb Says:

    Love does not fade away, but desire for each other diminishes with time, especially when the parties change, circumstances change, situations change. Love needs compatibility, understanding, trust their relationship with whatever.
    But the King’s using LOVE to gain the power and fulfill his great ambitious “The powerful King of Joseon”

  614. 614 : Jae Says:

    If you follow the other series, and also history, then yes the king’s so-called love will fade away from poor JOJ. Can you blame a person for turning their backs on the person who betrays them? Take the Dong Yi series for example. JOJ was always on the king’s side despite her in-laws, but the moment he looks at another woman her understanding fades away and she begins to think only for herself and her son instead.

    And yes love can fade away or outright disappear. You can chalk it up to things like distance, lack of compatibility, etc. but the fact is someone simply gave up. For people nowadays it’s really obvious, people say they love each other but they really don’t. Real love doesn’t fade even after death.

    I actually hope that they don’t include Dong Yi’s character at all and the fact that she was executed. After all, this series is supposed to be about the early years when she was still loved by the king and was basically a good person.

  615. 615 : ann Says:

    if this is the story, i will not watch it anymore. i hope the writer will improve the ending but since upon reading the story of JOJ it really frustrates me. i really like kim tae hee since it was history so the ending is already known. i really pity JOJ.

  616. 616 : Carmen Says:

    OMG OMG I just realize that this JOJ is the girl in DongYi that did the hand sign, OMG OMG…I just notice this….too bad she start really in love with the King ans I remember she always was in love with him…even thou the was so mean but the people arrownd her make her this way…..she could has stop, but she did not, her ambition was wore powerfull and that is the reazon she end up like that….as per her uncle he does deserve to die do to how mean he is ….

  617. 617 : Titi Says:

    Living in the palace, if she (joj) does not have the power, others will also kill her.
    bb, the psychology of human, of many normal women, like you wrote when “he looks at another woman her understanding fades away and she begins to think only for herself and her son instead.” Just see many women in the current real life.
    Try to get power, if she failed, she would be executed, and it did happen and
    I think the king did not love her anymore, if king still loved her, he could punish her by many other ways regardless her big big mistakes.

  618. 618 : Sine Says:

    this drama is pretty goo but historical accuracy is low

  619. 619 : Stellaz Says:

    Interesting, how Chi Soo and Dong Yi will do at this state of drama ?
    would be nice to see this drama follow the original novel .

  620. 620 : Titi Says:

    Other drama of Jang Hee Bin showed Dong Yi told the king not to hesitate & go ahead to execute Jang Hee Bin.
    History is not important, because no drama follows history 100%. Drama is for the entertainment with more or less of history. I like this drama to stop after JOJ becomes queen.

  621. 621 : Titi Says:

    IF I were an actress, I would decline to play the role of JOJ/Jang Hee Bin.

  622. 622 : joanna Says:

    There’re the Southern faction and Western faction in the early years of Sukjong’s reign. The Southern faction, was accused of treason by Western faction, which led to the execution of the leaders and purging of the Southern faction.
    The Western faction split into the Noron (Old Learning) faction, and the Soron (New Learning) faction, the Noron(Min Yoo Joong) collapsed when Sukjong deposed Queen Inhyun, who was supported by the Western faction, and named Jang Hee Bin as the new queen and her son as crown prince, which supported by the Southern faction. The Southern faction regained power and drove out Western faction.
    Sukjong began to regret deposing Queen Inhyun and favor Choi Suk Bin who an ally of Queen Inhyun and the Noron faction. Sukjong abruptly turned around to purge Southerners and brought the Western faction back in power. The Southern faction would never recover from this blow.
    Sukjong demoted Queen Jang to Jang Hee Bin and reinstated Queen Inhyun. Jang Hee Bin was eventually executed (with poison) for cursing Queen Inhyun after the latter died.(DONG YI)

    Later the Soron faction supported the crown prince, Jang Hee Bin’s son, while the Noron faction supported Choi Suk Bin’s son, Yeonying-gun (later to become Yeongjo). and newly installed Queen Inwon were childless. After King Sukjong’s death in 1720, she became Queen Dowage. Following the death[???] of her stepson, King Gyeongjong, and the accession of her other FAVORITE stepson, King Yeongjo, in 1724, she became Grand Queen Dowager.

    The significantly dismal incident during Yeongjo’s reign was the death of his son, Crown Prince Sado. Yeongjo could not by court rules kill his son by his own hand and on a hot August day in 1762, Sado was ordered to climb into a large wooden rice chest. After eight days, Sado died of suffocation in order to safe the Nation from the powerful Noron who was supported him to become the King(YI SAN).

  623. 623 : vic Says:

    I wonder when will Jae Hee will appear in this drama…

  624. 624 : bb Says:

    @vic he was in episode 15 for about 5 minutes and 16 more minutes. 🙂

  625. 625 : bb Says:

    SBS [장옥정] – 3일(월) 예고; Jang Ok Jung Episode 17 Preview,

  626. 626 : nixie Says:

    Well to what I know from king suk jong history that hang hee bin was later poisoned but it’s interesting this drama is saying the infamous Jang Hee Bin the fashion designer which is kind of changing the history from years and years ago. The history said that Hee Bin was poisoned for her punishment but I have a feeling this drama is going to change because the history never said that Hee Bin was a fashion designer. The story about Dong Yi was during of King Suk Jong and this story is during King Suk Jong. So its interesting…can’t wait to see the whole drama what is going to happen if I’m right.

  627. 627 : bb Says:

    Lee Jung (이정) – 벙어리 (Dumbness) [Jang Ok Jung, Live For Love OST Part 5]

  628. 628 : xxx Says:

    i’ve been searching all information about jang ok jung, and all of them told that jang hee bin will be die with poison punishment. i hate to hear that. i hope the story will have happy ending (although i can see it’s gonna be sad ending since episode 16)
    for the first time i don’t wanna watch this drama because i think it will be bored. thanks to my friend who give me recommendation.
    i love kim tae hee and yo in ha act, this called great actor with great story. why they have low rate? 🙁

  629. 629 : bb Says:

    Jang Ok Jung Episode 18 Preview

  630. 630 : eny Says:

    I think for actress who love acting act as Jang Hae bin must be really interesting why because the charracter is strong, there is twist from good to bad or bad to good which actually really need acting, many actress /actor get recognation in their acting because of complex charracter. If act is standar nice charracter all the time it’s not really interesting n kind of boring, i like jang hae bin in dong yi more than dong yi in that drama

  631. 631 : stellaz Says:

    Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love Episode 17 [RAW]

  632. 632 : zara Says:

    Wow! it’s getting wicked, they all seemed to start loosing their cool over the course of control of the situation (even Queen In Hyun) and a Villainous Breakdown is frequently a trigger for a One-Winged Angel transformation. 🙁

  633. 633 : stellaz Says:

    Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love Episode 17 [recap]

  634. 634 : Bacon Says:

    Whoa highest rating for JOJ yet!!! 12.2 (5th) :O

  635. 635 : Jae Says:

    That king is pissing me off now, siding with his evil mom even now. I’m really starting to hate him. So he was totally fine with his b**** mom doing all those bad things and she does one tiny little not so bad thing for his sake, her sake, the sake of their children. He is totally ungrateful now. And the queen is worse than the queen mother because she knows about it all, pretends to be nice and have a good conscience, but lets them get away with it instead of trying to find true justice as she should do.

    I agree with supporters of JOJ and hope this series goes a different direction. I love that she increasingly gets stronger. I really hate stories with pathetic and weak women. I really want JOJ to have power and a happy ending instead of being betrayed by the man she loves.

    Why do people call good people who choose to finally stand up and protect themselves bad people? In a series like this or in real life, the people who do that are just pathetic. You go JOJ! Defeat the enemy!

  636. 636 : Dou Says:

    Oh poor joj!fighting!!!!!!

  637. 637 : Titi Says:

    Thank you for the links.

  638. 638 : stellaz Says:

    Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love Episode 18 (Raw) June 4th, 2013 🙂

  639. 639 : JACKY Says:

    yoo ah in , yoo ah in , yoo ah in ! he realy lookks good in korean traditional clothing! :))

  640. 640 : stellaz Says:

    ….Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love Episode 18 [RECAP]

  641. 641 : bb Says:

    Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love Episode 17 English SUBBED, on

  642. 642 : ani Says:

    after watching ep 18 i feel happy Y A i look great in this ep hope Y A i and K T H love till the end hate dongyi wish dongyi don’t appear in this drama.

  643. 643 : Nia Says:

    In Indonesia just watch episodes 8, really sad if the ending is JOJ dead. Hopefully this drama is happy ending..

  644. 644 : poppy Says:

    LOL This is funny vid of King, Prince Dong Pyung and Eunuch Yang 😀 😀

  645. 645 : eny Says:

    This drama is more interesting now, when early part the love scene of Jang Ok Jung n The king is too much which i skip many time.Surprisingly my favorite charracter is Queen Inhyun, she survive in wonderfull way she follow her thinking despite her father bad action. The king is really unfair to her since the beginning n just blinded by her love, may be most viewer didn’t agree with me

  646. 646 : bb Says:

    🙂 Jang Ok Jung episode 18 with English subs is available on dramacrazy

  647. 647 : Titi Says:

    thanks for the links, u r so nice

  648. 648 : Paula Says:

    This drama is interesting so far. I hope the writer will write the interesting, surprising, and exciting ending.

  649. 649 : bb Says:

    Lee Jung – Mute (벙어리) FMV (Jang Ok Jung Live For Love OST) [ENGSUB + Romanization + Hangul]

  650. 650 : viva Says:

    [순정커플MV]너 하나야(포맨)

  651. 651 : kimchilee Says:

    I am so depressed.. usually, after watching my favourite dramas which has nice ost songs, i would go to this website, KMusicDL to download the songs and whatever latest nice song that website has to offer. But now, it says the blogger site has been removed. Does anyone know how or what i have to do to get back to that website? i am so depressed i cannot get to that website anymore.. please.. somebody.. can tell me where i can get to download korean songs for MP3 player..?

  652. 652 : Amy Says:

    I have watched this drama, JOJ, up to episode 9, and I do not have the inspiration to watch it anymore. Eventhough the ratings have increased, the drama itself is . . . . . no comment. HOWEVER, I’m still going to watch it because by reading the recaps and some of the comments above, it seems like JOJ starts to slowly regain her character from before 🙂 I just really want to know how this drama will end. I want to know if she will die by poison or not . . . . .

  653. 653 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Wow, I just finished watching episodes 3 and though it dragged a little I still find it interesting and good to watch. As of this writing, 15 episodes still to watch in order to catch up, whew!

    Fighting! 🙂

  654. 654 : Paula Says:

    Me too, I hope writer has the logical reason for the destiny of JOJ. Wonder what will happen next.

  655. 655 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Whoa! I think this is an excellent drama…and for sure KTH would not be leading this if she did not like the story in the first place….!! Now on my 7th episode. Ajaaja!!!!

    Fighting! 🙂

  656. 656 : Chaeri Says:

    I don’t like how this drama portrays Queen Inhyun and Dong Yi. It made me stop watching this drama.

  657. 657 : Lady Sue Ellen Says:

    Really wanna more about this drama…is it true or just a legend of this lady in history of Korea dynasty long long ago?

  658. 658 : Titi Says:

    Does any one have info. of ep.18 ???????

  659. 659 : Titi Says:

    Mistake, does any one have info. of ep. 19 ????

  660. 660 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    So just finished watching episode 8 and their second kiss, hehe…!!! This sounds crazy but I was laughing all by myself when LS and OJ met for his body measurements. LS asking to rectify his clothes, it was really fun how the king behaved at that time, while OJ just kept silent and looked like she’s about to say “what the ****?” Hahaha. I enjoyed this scene.

    Enjoying this drama so far…!!

    Fighting, everyone! AjaAja! 🙂

  661. 661 : bb Says:

    ..[ 🙂 ].. 130610 Jang Ok Jung Episode 19 Teaser Trailer

  662. 662 : bb Says:

    Kim Tae Hee – Jang Ok Jung-ep19 coronation official image

  663. 663 : hongkongmum Says:

    I watch this drama only for Yoo Ah In. I have just started. The first 3 episodes for the drama itself is disappointing. But still Yoo Ah In was eyecatching. His voice and scornful expressions are good.

  664. 664 : OK OK OK Says:



  665. 665 : hongkongmum Says:

    Yoo Ah In and Kim Tae Hee look very good together. The drama started off abit dragging but got better and better each episode. I see the rating are going up too.

  666. 666 : bb Says:

    Jang Ok Jung Episode 20 Teaser Trailer \ 🙂 /

  667. 667 : chakyna Says:

    I totally agree with you Chaeri.. but you have to realize this drama was meant to make JOJ look good

  668. 668 : stellaz Says:

    Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love Episode 19 [RAW]

  669. 669 : davinakim Says:

    장옥정, 사랑에 살다 19회

  670. 670 : Titi Says:

    Thanks stellaz for the link. Do you understand what CS told the king at the last scenes??? Does 1st lover revenge or try to “black mail ” ?????

  671. 671 : Titi Says:

    REcap ep.19 please!!!!!!!

  672. 672 : bb Says:

    Jang Ok Jung, Live in love Episode 19 (Recap)


  673. 673 : Titi Says:

    Thank you so much

  674. 674 : Nia Says:

    the quen in hyeon really patient with the king..hmm a pity of her..just wonder how thje end of this drama..

  675. 675 : davinakim Says:

    Download Lee Soo Young – Will It Reach You (닿을 수 있나요) Jang Ok Jung Live For Love OST Part 6 here~


  676. 676 : bb Says:

    Getting more exciting toward the end…. with 5 more episodes to come 🙂
    Jang Ok Jung episode 20 teaser trailer [VID SBS 130611]

  677. 677 : stellaz Says:

    Ep19; King Sukjong (Lee Soon) has fulfilled his childhood promise to Ok Jung, he has made for her the best clothes in the world.

  678. 678 : bb Says:

    [CAP/SPOILER] Jang Ok Jung episode 20 teaser, Lee Soon & Dong Yi (Choi Moo-Suri) she’s getting closer to her target! Finally!! Queen Jang’s nightmare has started.

  679. 679 : bittersweet Says:

    Jang Ok Jung episode 20 will begin. Here are the live streaming links to watch live
    ~ http://55556.com/tv/2024/
    ~ http://www.kodhit.com/sbs-online
    ~ http://livedekankoku.web.fc2.com/sbs-live2.html

  680. 680 : Titi Says:

    Thank you for all links, they sound interesting!

  681. 681 : bittersweet Says:

    wow! Creating a credible villain for this drama-fiction writing stereotypically evil or just “icky” traits. It’s a delicate balance of bad and, yes, even good to bring a measure of believability to the villain in a tale of drama.
    The purpose simply to be an obstacle for a heroes and a catalyst characters for their change (LS, OJ, Ih, CS and DY) they’re all mastermind-schemer only DP still hasn’t changed.

  682. 682 : stellaz Says:

    link for Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love Episode 20 (RAW)

  683. 683 : zara Says:

    Woah! CS joins IH and DY against OJ and DY will be the King next favor Concubine (bare his 2nd son), i wonder how OJ will survive? poor OJ, hope the writer will create scheme for DP to snatch OJ away to somewhere that she’ll be safe and sound; Happy ending

  684. 684 : Titi Says:

    Why CS joins IH & DY??? Love becomes hate??? Then, revenge?

  685. 685 : Titi Says:

    Jealousness blinded the eyes of JOJ & she created opportunity for her enemies, rivals. Poor JOJ…..

  686. 686 : Titi Says:

    Who has the higher level of maneuvers will win the battle. DY now has the high skill of maneuvers than JOJ.

  687. 687 : Titi Says:

    In the past, JOJ defended herself & DY has maneuvers to steal the sympathy, the heart of the king.

  688. 688 : bb Says:

    Jang Ok Jung, Live in love Episode 20 [RECAP]

  689. 689 : stellaz Says:

    Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love Episode 19 English subbed 🙂 🙂


  690. 690 : viva Says:

    Pheew!! 4 more episodes to go, so fast. It’s quite interested to see how it will end!! It’s been superb first 8 episodes then started losing the original plot due to ratings, gonna be makjang 🙁 which not much help for ratings 🙁
    But I hope this drama will win “Best Costumes Awards”.
    JOJ ~ Fighting!!!

  691. 691 : ani Says:

    now i hate the king very much he not loyal to J O J king JOJ Moore Pretty than coi suk bin much. JoJ is not evil that couse the people’s around how to treat her

  692. 692 : hongkongmum Says:

    Both Yoo Ah In and Kim Tae Hee act well. The uncle prince is also good. It is overall a high standard drama with historic background. I wonder why the rating is not that high though.

  693. 693 : eny Says:

    The bad guy in this drama is the king actually, he goes to the girl that has advantage for him, poor the ladies
    Just watch “Salaryman” which makes me love Hong So Hyun more, good actress n good role choice……

  694. 694 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    I think this is not just your typical drama…even the protagonist is vicious in her ways (though she sincerely loves the king) and both good and bad sides are portrayed in different ways. I love the exchange of harsh words between the Mother Queen and Queen Dowager, or Mother Queen and JOJ, or JOJ and the Queen. Great great great!

    I think this drama is fantabulous!!! Still a few more episodes in order to catch up with the latest.

    Fighting! 🙂

  695. 695 : Titi Says:

    Thanks for the links, you are all so nice.

  696. 696 : davinakim Says:

    For Ok Jung.. jealousy, possessiveness and obsession are not signs of love. They are red flags of behavior based on lacking self worth. A relationship (clarity) would benefit by exploring what brought out these feelings in Lee Soon, with her negative feelings are destroying their relationship and peace of mind. Sadly she’s turned to be an awful Dowager Queen No2 now.

  697. 697 : viva Says:

    After watched ep20 ; i think Lee Soon’s still indeed loved Ok Jung but the KING position must come first, i doubt that he will never ever to be in love to any woman again, yes he may go on having more concubines and Dong Yi’ s happened to bare him the second Prince (later Yeongjo of Joseon) that Dong Yi gets her ranks as Choi Suk Bin.

  698. 698 : zara Says:

    lol.. seems to be only Dong Pyung Goon (uncle Yi Hang) is the most lovable Character in this drama, love him. But the King is sending him to China. 🙁

  699. 699 : stellaz Says:

    Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love Episode 20 English subbed

  700. 700 : bittersweet Says:

    Another Lee Soon’s scheme, he wants Western Faction (Noron & Soron) who supported In Hyun, back to power in court again to balance the power of Southern Faction who supported Ok Jung. He could read Dong Yi (who with In Hyun and Western Faction)’s scheme to sleep with him, so he pretended he did. haha, what’s d witty King! but poor Ok Jung turned bizarre jealousy.

  701. 701 : Che Says:


  702. 702 : eny Says:

    I think the story is brilian, people change because of situation around them, that is reality.
    aku malah makin suka di awal2 episode terlalu banyak love scene OJ n King

  703. 703 : Mitten Says:

    I felt really sad watching episode 20 made me don’t want to watch anymore it’s spoilt my day and my mood. However this drama is good and the actors act very well.

  704. 704 : Che Says:

    @eny :
    Hahaha…. Iya juga ya… 🙂

    Mungkin saya kecewa pada diri sendiri yang cederung lebih menerima Pemain utama dengan karakter baik . Hehhe…hanya tidak bisa menerima kenyataan ..T.T

  705. 705 : bittersweet Says:

    An interesting twist on conventional storytelling. The King is the Protagonist a villain who is presented as a smart, insightful, dedicated, his thoughts will overlap with narration, his feelings will shape the setting and his priorities “the King’s Power” will dictate the plot, but it won’t be a fairy-tale ending.

  706. 706 : Mery Says:

    I agreed with most of you, I didn’t like tragic story. I feel like I didn’t want to watch any more. I alreally disappointed how JOJ turn her self became evil. My heart is broken. Maybe I see the last episode only just for my satisfation but I dont want to see my JOJ suffer from her jealousy.

  707. 707 : baby lopez Says:


  708. 708 : zara Says:

    Ok Jung!! Why! Why! You made such a stupid move. Lee Soon’s been tried to turn blind eye on your wrong-doings, you’re allowed only 2 yellow cards next one will be a RED card. C’mon! come to your sense, please.

  709. 709 : Tira Says:

    lI never live historical drama because it is crazy world. I really like this drama in the beginning. Jang Ok Jung shouldn’t act evil because the king love her only. I guess that Jang Ok Jung feel insecure about her place. Jang Ok Jung, be confident because you are the prettiest in this drama. Just show your good trait like kind, sweet, good heart smile always etc.

  710. 710 : viona Says:

    ok jung become evil in ep 21 hiks…hiks…
    i dont want watching again … T.T

  711. 711 : Lily Says:

    Hi everyone I agree with everyone I feel so sad when joj turn to evil and the story so sad and too many problem . I just don’t want to watch any more and I think the will wait for the last ep

  712. 712 : Lily Says:

    Come on JoJ u are a prettiest and smart woman . Think and go back to you kindness heart to make the king just have you in his eyes , and then I will watch it again (*_*)

  713. 713 : ani Says:

    i also agree with everyone’s here JOJ u are the prettiest in this drama be confident to urself don’t be to jealous i wish u remaining ur character like in the beginning of this drama.

  714. 714 : Titi Says:

    Drama follows the history, history said joj became bad & would be executed. Each versions of Jang Hee Bin explained differently. This version mentions queen & queen mother were cruel to joj, she protected herself, then later, she became bad because she worried other woman steals the heart of the king & steal her position of queen. She thinks if she is not queen any more, her boy will be no longer crown prince & she herself will be insulted as in her past.

  715. 715 : davinakim Says:

    So Chi Soo and Dong Yi are an ally of Queen In Hyun and the Noron faction, whom would be success of their scheme, king Sukjong will favor Dong Yi even knew its the scheme. So it seems to be no way out for Ok Jung who is completely lost her cool, then was eventually executed with poison. ↗ 🙁 ↖ BUT script-writers please make these last 4 episodes more kind to Ok Jung which she’ll realize of King Sukjong’s love for her but bcoz of her crime he couldn’t safe her which she is fully understand the King must first safe his throne for her son and the Nation from NORON. “Ok Jung is forever loved for King Sukjong” THE END.

  716. 716 : rosy_ann Says:

    Jang Ok Jung is now all alone and she should know a Queen could be dethroned for being jealous because is was considered a wife’s deadly sin.

  717. 717 : snowdrop Says:

    Back to watch episode 1-5 again and can understand why Lee Soon never has any feeling for Inhyun because of her evil father who has his parents by the balls His mother (Queen Myungsung)’s been receiving bribes from Minister Min for so long and she’s the Queen of the Nation who can’t be publicly chastised for taking bribes so they have to capitulate, It’s the fate of a royal family without actual power. Minister Min wants Inhyun to be a future Queen so he can has Lee Soon a future King by the balls as well. “NO CHANCE”

  718. 718 : billy Says:

    Before watching jang ok jung, i already have an idea how the story will go… that it will really be dong yi who will eventually win the king’s heart in the end. The role of ok jung, queen inhyun and the king are really well casted…they are oh all so great that made me look forward for the person who will act as dong yi. Oh i know she wont be as beautiful as the lead role of this drama after all, this drama is about ok jung…well, i expected a lot that this drama will remain faithful to the storyline! The choice of actress to play Dong yi is so LAME and pathetic! Im sorry to whoever is responsible for this…you just made one fan sooo very sad!

  719. 719 : Titi Says:

    Now, all (JOJ, queen IH, Dong Dy) has maneuvers. In the past, queen IH was bad to joj, joj fought back & became jealous, then queen fought back again using Dong Dy, Dong Dy had maneuvers to steal the heart of king, then ……. JOJ will fail in this battle …… and….. Marry the king = go to war with other women = if not win, will be died.

  720. 720 : bb Says:

    So beautiful & sad… “SoonJung Sarang x Heartbreaking lie…”

  721. 721 : bb Says:

    Lee Soo Young “Will It Reach You” FMV Jang Ok Jung Live For Love OST;w/SUB

  722. 722 : wildpoppy Says:

    I actually enjoyed it, I took for what it was, entertainment. The sets and costumes were beautiful. Also, I have a guilty pleasure in the show which made me curious about what would happen next because there seemed many purposes to what would happens next. Yoo Ah-in is a great actor, and he does a fine job as eye-candy.

  723. 723 : rosy_ann Says:

    Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love is a Histo-Fict-soft core with costumes. I will watch till the end, because I’m a sucker for anything historical.

  724. 724 : lauralee Says:

    This drama weaves a tale of fact blended with fiction to bring alive another side of Jang Hee Bin who is the most famous concubine of Joseon. Having to be a bad dude protagonist is all well and good. I had high hopes for these 4 last episodes to be as beautiful sad end of Ok Jung.
    Now I understand why is she looked so sad (tears in her eyes) in the poster.
    Ok Jung’s love ; L ~ lake of sorrows ; O ~ ocean of tears ; V ~ valley of death ; E ~ end of life

  725. 725 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Loving this drama! Fighting! =)

  726. 726 : mamamia Says:

    it is sad how things turned out when she was the original victim n they turned her into a beast. sorry to say but i really hate the character han seung yeon played. i dun feel like watching anymore thinking how this drama would go further n how would she be sentenced to death (still hope that would not happen even tho its impossible)

  727. 727 : mamamia Says:

    i really hope that the king realize how much she is suffering till now reflecting her current behavior n that neutralize her feeling n behavior n turn her into the woman he used to know, his first love jang ok jung. if only i was the writer. can this happen? please. i am really hoping. dun make the king looks bad in JOJ eyes. this is just the reality of life. u would either be down n bullied or be up n become the bully. but why???

  728. 728 : lauralee Says:

    Dongyi’s first attempt of seduction of King Sukjong fails and he knew that Inhyun and Noron were behind this scheme. So he’s just going along with them but worse still, Okjung became a complete raving lunatic! A JEALOUSY

  729. 729 : rosy_ann Says:

    Why Chi-soo wants to destroy Ok-jung ~ Wanting revenge on Ok-jung for turning his love down, so if his achievement of his scheme, attributed his success, then King Sukjong would reinstated Queen Inhyun, and Ok-jung will come to him ????

  730. 730 : Hanako Says:

    If it is going to be a sad ending, I will not watch it. As Kim Tae Hee is one of my favourite actress and she is pretty and talented and recently did one Japanese drama. She speaks Japanese well. I really do not like dramas that makes you cry all the time and with swollen eyes everytime you watched. Ofcourse it can be sad at certain parts but not all the way and to a sad ending too

  731. 731 : bb Says:

    umm.. it looks like Dong Yi has become King Sukjong’s concubine with the rank of suk-won. As you can see @

  732. 732 : bb Says:

    JOJ episode 21 preview……… GOSH!!!!

  733. 733 : bb Says:

    SBS [장옥정] – 17일(월) 예고 ep21_preview

  734. 734 : ani Says:

    i don’t to watch this drama anymore .

  735. 735 : zara Says:

    spoiler: King Sukjong is a fast action man 😀 😀 😀 Freshly new young concubine Dong Yi!! Is this part of his scheme?? What’s about poor Ok Jung???
    A Hypocrite KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  736. 736 : davinakim Says:

    Argh! They’re all drawn into a dangerous web of greed and vengeance when they have to fulfil their plot for self of desire, power or revenge. Not much to see the real meaning of a general or descriptive HEADING, as of the drama. ‘ 🙁 ‘

  737. 737 : Autum Grace Says:

    I like the story line at first but when I reach Chapter 16, I’m kinda disappointed and checked the korean history. The writer should try to give justice in the love story of the two. To the staff and crew of this drama, please don’t make your viewers frustrated in the end.

  738. 738 : eny Says:

    why people always compare to history, history is human interpretation base on some evidence, n the interpretation could be wrong n this is drama, which not 100% same to history
    Chisoo wanna destroy Jang Ok Jung uncle, If JOJ become the queen it means JOJ uncle power become strong so dethroning JOJ is the same as destroying JOJ uncle

  739. 739 : Titi Says:

    I agree :” history is human interpretation base on some evidences, and the interpretation could be wrong”

  740. 740 : stellaz Says:

    Thank you.. JOJ’PD & the writer(s)….. This episode Okjung is back to her own beautiful self but she must being full of wisdom and strong to get through inhyun, Chisoo and Noron’ scheme foundation that having been solidly laid down. I believe that Okjung will be affected by the activities of their plans.

  741. 741 : lauralee Says:

    Great episode! confrontation of Lee Soon and Ok Jung scene was intense, though I feel sorry for Ok Jung to be so misunderstood but I can understand Lee Soon mistrust and suspicion with all people around him.
    So much of hurt and how much of hurt & tears to be healed, endless!
    Thanks! to bring back this drama for its rich tapestry of OTP’s love, the politic intrigues and the colorful & beautiful costumes.

  742. 742 : bb Says:

    Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love; Ep22 Preview….

    Wooh! get ready for a box of tissue T,,T

  743. 743 : rosy_ann Says:

    Thank you! so to ChiSoo, POWER is greater than LOVE 🙁
    Thanks for Ep22 Preview Link 🙂

  744. 744 : Titi Says:

    Any link of raw ep????

  745. 745 : bb Says:

    Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love Episode 21 RAW


  746. 746 : Titi Says:

    Thanks for the link, RECAP please!!!!!!!!!!

  747. 747 : Titi Says:

    @eny: destroy joj because CS wants to destroy her uncle. So, how much, how deep does CS love joj ????? What a way to express the love!!!! love becomes hate, revenge ????? Is the true love equal to the sacrifice for the lover???

  748. 748 : zara Says:

    spoiler; ep22 preview; Woah! busy King Sukjong! would his heart changed toward Ok Jung with Dong Yi’s pregnancy news??
    can’t wait for ep22

  749. 749 : wildpoppy Says:

    I THINK; NORON’s back in control in court, DY would be elevated to the rank of Royal Noble Consort of the 2nd grade after giving birth to a son, means King will have more difficulty to deal with a powerful Noron faction who’s demanded the king to demote Queen Jang and reinstate Queen Inhyun then get rid all of SOUTHERN FACTION and want OJ to be executed.
    Surely, there will be a lot fights in court for the king, with more headache, powerless and struggling with Noron. The king asks uncle DP to save OJ by taking her away to China but OJ knows only her life would help the king getting back in power to his throne and fulfill his dream for the love of his Nation.
    This is the great lost of the woman that king Sukjong truly love.

  750. 750 : Paula Says:

    “The King truly love” ???? If King does not like DY, how she is pregnant? If king does not like DY, how she becomes concubine? King can sleep with any woman without promoting her to concubine. King is powerless but becomes greatest king of Joseon? What a terrible king! I feel pity for woman who loves king.

  751. 751 : bb Says:

    Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love Episode 21 [RECAP]

  752. 752 : viva Says:

    Jang Ok Jung Episode 22 Teaser Trailer;
    SBS [장옥정] – 18일(화) 예고

  753. 753 : eny Says:

    CS love OJ but he must be love her mother more OJ, OJ uncle is the one who kill CS mother so I understand CS thinking, no matter how deep her love to OJ her mother is the first

  754. 754 : eny Says:

    wrong type, no matter his love to OJ , his mother is the first

  755. 755 : bb Says:

    Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love Episode 22 [RAW]


  756. 756 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    The King still loves Ok Jung no matter what! Ok Jung became so vicious for power and recognition. I believe in the end, Ok Jung will admit her shortcomings and would ask for forgiveness for all her wrongdoings.

    I would understand that some people hates Ok Jung because of her transformation from an innocent, simple woman to becoming a greedy person, seems like the same hate for Mi Do on When A Man Loves a Woman. I am hoping that JOJ will have a happier ending than WAML. Fighting! AjaAja! 🙂

  757. 757 : Titi Says:

    King, CS are kind of man that mother is only one & lover/wife/concubine are many to choose, so, mother is number one. CS makes OJ go to death to revenge for his mother??? Regardless what queen mother did, he could not never punish her, but he could execute his “lover”. Why he did not demote OJ to regular citizen, or exile her or offer other punishment but execute her? I hate these kind of man.

  758. 758 : Titi Says:

    King, CS are kind of man that mother is only one & lover/wife/concubine are many to choose, so, mother is number one. CS makes OJ go to death to revenge for his mother??? Regardless what queen mother did, he never punish her, but he could execute his “lover”. Why he did not demote OJ to regular citizen, or exile her or offer other punishment but execute her? I hate these kind of man.

  759. 759 : bb Says:

    Jang Ok Jung, Live in love Episode 22 [RECAP]

  760. 760 : bb Says:

    …. Jang Ok Jung, Live in love; Ost Part 7 아스라이[Far Away] by Shin Cho Ah (신초아)

  761. 761 : davinakim Says:

    장옥정 사랑에 살다 E22 – Koreanonair.in

  762. 762 : bella Says:

    Hayz…. so frustrating… i stop watching this drama, after epi 17 it bcoz JOJ transformation… hehe…

  763. 763 : joanna Says:

    @bella…… you better starts watching again from episode 21, she’s back to her own beautiful self, means OTP is pure perfection again.

  764. 764 : bittersweet Says:

    Hooray! Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love Episode 21 [SUBS]


  765. 765 : bittersweet Says:

    OR; Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love Ep 21 Eng Sub – Broadcast Network By SBS


  766. 766 : davinakim Says:

    Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love Episode 22 eng-sub 🙂

  767. 767 : Che Says:

    @bella : Yap……hehe

  768. 768 : Titi Says:

    Thanks for all links

  769. 769 : Autum Grace Says:

    @762 Bella,
    I share the same sentiment with you about JOJ’s transformation and the coldness of their love with each other but I believe the writer won’t disappoint the viewers. I have a strong faith with the writer. 🙂

    I will continue watching till the end.

  770. 770 : viva Says:

    ChiSoo’s desired to harm OkJung to see her suffer is his extreme ill will 🙁

  771. 771 : lauralee Says:

    This is an intriguing storyteller with enough twists and turns to make us dizzy. It’s hard to describe the plot and it’s better that way. 😀
    YooAh-in and KimTae-hee give great performances.

  772. 772 : Paula Says:

    Leading actor, actress act well & story is interesting so far, can’t wait! CS wants to destroy OJ because she thinks CS is not her candidate. She likes king. Ofcourse, CS is not king.

  773. 773 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    I guess the King has a plan why he demoted OJ and restored Min… Ok Jung has come back to her original self which is a caring and sensitive person. She admitted her mistake, but that was a mistake which she thought the only way (becoming a queen) to love the King. Can’t wait for the last 2 episodes.

    I hate CS and OJ’s bro is stupid though he already admitted his stupidity in front of the King, LOL.

    Fighting, everyone…!!!! We’re almost there! 🙂

  774. 774 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    @772 Paula, I agree that the main leads act very well and the story is interesting.

    @771 Lauralee, yes, the story has too much twists and turns and I always end up of guessing wrongly, hehe.

  775. 775 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    My guess is that Choi Suk Bin (not sure the name, hehe), the other concubine is carrying a child but not of the King’s, that’s why it is too suspicious. Though it did not show if there is any incident that the King has actually slept with her, I am thinking that it will be a big revelation in the end. Also, I felt that the King has no feelings for her, how the h*** he would sleep with her, OK he’s a man I got it, LOL! Lastly, her being not able to read will also be revealed in the end.

    Fighting Ok Jung! =)

  776. 776 : Sandy Says:

    It seems that everyone here is hoping for a happy ending. Since this drama has borrowed it’s characters from history, then the outcome of this drama cannot be changed. JOJ and her family caused their own downfall. JOJ is not known in history as a good person. Where as Choi Suk Bin, who is portrayed in a very negative light in this drama, was considered to be a good person and her child later became king. Although Dong Yi is also fictional work, but it sticks closer to history than this drama.

  777. 777 : lauralee Says:

    To me the final week of JOJ is a feeling of pleasurable fascination and excitement mixed with apprehension, tension, and anxiety developed from an unpredictable, mysterious, and rousing. The drama of cause is left in doubt, with tension being a primary emotion felt as part of the situation which boils over, forcing the characters to confront it, allowing all elements of the story to come together and inevitably leading to the ending.

  778. 778 : joanna Says:

    Umm! This is the key element writers use to leave the viewer hanging, trying to figure out what will happen next to,,,, OJ? CS? DY? IH? and Southern Faction & Western Faction?? It’s a big gambling of King’ scheme!!

  779. 779 : bittersweet Says:

    Another evil’s gone “Jang Hyun” What’s a pity man, all his wrongdoings is just wanted to be the King’s father-in-law even for just one day.

  780. 780 : Tina Says:

    I am so sad to watch the love that these two worked so hard to fight for just go down the drain, It makes me so sad to see it, I have not even muster the courage to watch ep 21-22, I don’t think I will be able to watch final episodes either, maybe I will skip to the end just to see what the last 5 minutes was like. But I don’t think I can watch anything else. I really wanted JOJ and Lee Soon to make it.

  781. 781 : Titi Says:

    Does later in the history Dong Dy has any rank higher or as high as Hee Bin ??? If the king loves her, he will also give her at-least the rank as high as Hee Bin, because Dong Dy also gives to to a prince (later becomes king).

    Any one has any hint of the ending???? so curious, can’t wait! Go to hell with “your love” king Soo Jong.

  782. 782 : bb Says:

    Jang Ok Jung Episode 23 Teaser
    SBS [장옥정] – 24일(월) 예고

  783. 783 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    @Tina 780, I did not realize that some people were really moved by the love of OJ and LS for each other, and yes I second your sentiment that it would be sad to watch the love that these two have worked so hard to fight for only to go down the drain, but hoping not. I think you can still watch 21-22, 23-24 would be difficult to watch.

    I learned that this was based on a novel, was told that it is not a happy ending. Still, hoping that there is a happy ending to OJ and LS’s story.

    Fighting, everyone, almost there almost there! Yay, tonight is the 23rd episode…whew!!!! 🙂

  784. 784 : Autumn Grace Says:

    @ 780 Tina, you should watch the few last episodes, anyway you already endured watching the previous eps. It’s not that heavy in the succeeding episodes not so much pain. Remember that there’s always 2 sides of the story and even how evil a person is there’s always something good about him.

  785. 785 : ani Says:


  786. 786 : eny Says:

    agree with autumn grace, thats why i like this drama, reminds me when i watch bad love n baker king

  787. 787 : Titi Says:

    Thanks for the teaser link

  788. 788 : TV Novel – Eun Hee « rohmatwidi48 Says:

    […] Mandate of Heaven (KBS2) She is WOW (tvN) Special Affairs Team TEN 2 (OCN) Wonderful Mama (SBS) Jang Ok Jung (SBS) KangChi, The Beginning (MBC) Crazy Love (tvN) I Summon You, Gold! (MBC) Cruel Palace – War of […]

  789. 789 : bb Says:

    June 24th, 2013;;; Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love Episode 23 Raw


  790. 790 : Titi Says:

    Thanks, u r so fast

  791. 791 : bb Says:

    @Titi,,, Hahah! not as fast as you 🙂 After watched this episode, my memory is back to your comments (#440 & #447) about Dong Yi, it’s seemed to fix very nicely in ep23.. arghhhhhhh!!!!!!

  792. 792 : bb Says:

    [20130625][Jang Ok Jung ] Ep24end Preview (T,T)


  793. 793 : rosy_ann Says:

    Did Queen In Hyun die because of Shaman ???

  794. 794 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Aigoo, episode 23 is the most touching in all of the episodes. Can’t wait for the finale tomorrow. All the secrets will be revealed including the culprits, yeah, fighting Ok Jung!

    No regrets watching JOJ. If the ending satisfies my expectation, then this will be the best drama for me so far in 2013.

    AjaAja Fighting! 🙂

  795. 795 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    @rosy_ann, I guess it was a coincidence but looks like it will be used against OJ by the evil Choi Suk Bin. (sigh)

  796. 796 : viva Says:

    .. Jang Ok Jung, Live in love Episode 23 [RECAP] 🙂

  797. 797 : wildpoppy Says:

    Love the scene of IH and OJ made peace with each other. so BEAUTIFUL…

  798. 798 : Titi Says:

    Thanks for the Recap.
    @bb: About Dong Dy, my guess based on human psychology. Dong Dy had the most benefit when both queen IH & JOJ died. Then, DY might tell the king that she did not want to be queen, so king would not suspect her wrong doing behind the death of queen & JOJ & further more king might think she (DY) was a generous, good girl who did not have any ambition, who never want to be queen and king would love her (DY) more, the next queen just got the title without love.

  799. 799 : Titi Says:

    ops! why the writer did not create more fights before the queen, concubines before the final, decisive fight???? Writer may cut short of prior episodes to add creative scenes.

  800. 800 : Titi Says:

    It seems that writer follows the history a lot, just has the different angle of view, interpretation.

  801. 801 : suZie Says:

    Does Dong Yi plan to get the Queen position?? Gahhh! but she is no near to Ok Jung. Sorry to say that Dong Yi is the most wasted character in this drama, not bcoz of the actress.

  802. 802 : eny Says:

    i think suk bin chrracter is quite important, she’s there to shake LS-OJ relationship n make In hyun became queen again, it’s not about the actress too just the charracter

  803. 803 : davinakim Says:

    Awwwwwwwwww Chi Soo is such a loser 🙁
    Who will be the WINNER, King Sukjong? or Dong Yi?

  804. 804 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    @wildpoppy, I also love that scene of IH and OJ, such lovely. Teary-eyed up to the scene with LS. :'(

  805. 805 : suZie Says:

    Yes, as you said that Dong Yi’s character has been written to shake LS-OJ relationship n make In hyun became queen again, if the writer can add depth, sensible and impact to her character that she should be presented as a smart schemer instead of a little girl who’s fooling people around in the palace.

  806. 806 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Think am confused, LOL… Dong Yi, you guys meant Prince Dong Pyung Goon, or Dong Yi as Choi Suk Bin?

    How come Dong Yi would want a queen’s position? LOL… Sorry, just confused?

    Woooohoooo, finale tonight, fighting!!! 🙂

  807. 807 : bb Says:

    The final ~ Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love Episode 24 [RAW]

  808. 808 : Titi Says:

    thank you for the link of final ep.

  809. 809 : Titi Says:

    How could the son of Dong Dy become King without getting rid of JOJ and the Faction that supported JOJ, JOJ’s son (current crown prince)??? Later, son of Dong Dy became king. Dong Dy was hypocrite in this version, drama and might be so in the history, who know!!!

  810. 810 : Titi Says:


  811. 811 : poorending Says:

    No! No! No! It couldn’t be ended this way, since the king knew fully in his heart that’s DongYi and Western Faction (Noron)’ scheme which’s masterminded by ChiSoo to get rid of OkJung before the King will put OkJung back to be the Queen again. With his love the King should tried to get to the truth of this incident, it can’t be just the straw doll that OkJung used in the ritual and InHyun’s accessories that DongYi has showed to the court and OkJung becomes a Criminal and be executed (very weak-plot), can’t the King proof OkJung’s innocent even after her death?
    How could the girl-concubine can made a fool of the King & high-rank court 🙁 the most brainy of Joseon ): It didn’t look REAL to me… (5/10)
    And DongYi is terribly miscast here,

  812. 812 : poorending Says:

    [RECAP]: Jang Ok Jung, Live in love Episode 24 (finale)

  813. 813 : Carmen Says:

    Estos Koreans are tragic they like to cry a lot, but anyway that was how tha History was done….we all knew that the END will be like this…History can not be change..so be happy it was a great job done by all actors and whom ever wrote the story.

  814. 814 : bb Says:

    Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love Episode 23 [SUBS]


  815. 815 : Sara Says:

    Seriously?? What’s up with the endings for these dramas? I have been disappointed too many times this week!!!! First, A Hundred Year’s Inheritance, then Gu Family Book, and now Jang Ok Jung!!!

  816. 816 : hunee Says:

    Okay I agree with you Sara#815, man they tease you all the way from
    the begining til the end, they just suckeeee. All these drama are too
    over rated. They sure don’t want anybody to be happy!!!! This is the
    21st century!!!!

  817. 817 : Lily Says:

    Hello everyone I am agree with everybody these drama make me very disappointed , I think I need stop watch k drama because it so depressed . I love Taiwanese drama the writer make it funny , little sad and happy ending , at least the writer make the story in the end all the problem will saw and who did a bad think it pay for their action and who good will have a happy ending , and the writer also make all the character are humble and forgiveness .i love to watch happy ending . But this drama make me depress after all even I didn’t watch every single ep because too depress to watch so I skip almost haft of the drama ,i just want to know the end but so disappointed :-(((((( I just feel like the king let that girl fool him to kill his wife and he cannot even find out the truth and if he know the he still love her and let her by his side I just think is weak king cannot even protect his family and his love . Even it was a history …… Sorry I said that but I just disappointed

  818. 818 : eny Says:

    queen Inhyun die make me cry so much, this is the saddes moment in the drama. waiting for the final episode to be subbed

  819. 819 : gigi Says:

    Come on everybody. It’s a drama and I appreciate the hard work of the whole team both for gu familu book and joj.. well done. Cheers

  820. 820 : Che Says:

    @Gigi : I think soo……yuhuuuu..cheerssss !!!

  821. 821 : eny Says:

    many good drama end with death, it doesn’t matter for me. Many drama become really memorable because this kind of ending n it doesn’t make that drama bad. Ex:Queen Seundeok, Bad Guy, Stained Glass, 90 days Falling in Love n Bridal Mask , that drama really memorable for me. Even in Hollywood movie such as Gladiator n Braveheart

  822. 822 : confuse Says:

    MBC Dong-Yi drama..Dong-yi is the good person ang Jang Ok-Jung is the bad one.
    SBS Jang Ok-Jung drama..Jang Ok-Jung is the good person and Dong-yi is the bad one.
    which is which? is it MBC or SBS? really confuse..

  823. 823 : Carmen Says:

    Sara Says:
    June 26th, 2013 at 7:36 am
    Seriously?? What’s up with the endings for these dramas? I have been disappointed too many times this week!!!! First, A Hundred Year’s Inheritance, then Gu Family Book, and now Jang Ok Jung!!!…Sara I agree 100% with you I was watching this dramas too!…so you have to beleive that Korean dramas are really tragic END, they love to sufer and cry a lot

  824. 824 : william Says:

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hui-bin_Jang short history of JOJ

  825. 825 : Lovekorea Says:

    Jang Ok Jung just died??!!!
    What an unexpected ending…Uhhhhh… :\

  826. 826 : suZie Says:

    Queen Inhyun had these symptoms shortness of breath, dizziness, fainting that leaded to heart failure, the same as her father (Minister Min)
    I think the cause of Queen Inhyun’s death must be Heart disease which run in MIN’s family history…. 🙁

  827. 827 : Critic of All dramas Says:

    Well all I can say that I am happy this drama is over. I understand some you have your opinions about the whole situation in the drama but remember it is a drama so some things in this drama are either overstated and understated. I think the writes did a great job but the drama was just a flop to me. Also remember this drama is not historically accurate so don’t base your judgements of the real OJ, DY, SJ, IH on this drama because you will be disappointed. All in all I think that actors did a really good job the only actor I say that didn’t fit would be DY (because i feel as though for this portrayal of Dong Yi they needed a more mature and experienced actor)..
    My review of this.
    I rate it a 2 of 5 stars lol

  828. 828 : bb Says:

    Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love Episode 24 with English Subs;


  829. 829 : rosy_ann Says:

    Damn! It’s so let’s down by the scriptwriter at the beginning of this episode scene, Dong Yi doesn’t have that power of authority to be there in the first place, it’s made me feel,,, Oops! could it be Dowager Queen Kim’s spirit in Dong Yi’s body…
    What can I say Mr Writer, It’s more liked a lazy_writing. Nothing is quite as annoying as an actor who’s been horribly miscast in a drama her performance becomes a freak show (sigh) while YAI, KTH, HSH, LSY are solid portrayals.

  830. 830 : lauralee Says:

    This is an interesting King Sukjong’s Statement

    From Homer B. Hulbert’s History of Korea, Volume 1 (1905:157) comes the following statement from King Sukjong:

    For a long time I have been aware of the queen’s jealous disposition and evil mind, and I have borne with it patiently but now I can endure it no longer. Since I have taken the concubine Chang [Jang under the old Romanization system] it has been still more unendurable. The queen and the concubine Kim have been putting their heads together in an attempt to frighten me into putting away Chang, but I saw through the plan. Now what shall we do?”

  831. 831 : carryonking Says:

    This is unfinished business for the King, he should created another scheme by the help of DongYi to get Minister Kim’s head-chopped off. But he would know what DongYi wants “The Queen position” in return so the King sets a stringent law’s made that no royal concubine should ever be raised to the position of queen before setting the deal with DongYi. Witty King 😀 😀
    The deal are;
    ~ He must save her life (only kick her out from the Palace with a nice house)
    ~ He must sleep with her (for her pride to be one of the King’s woman)

  832. 832 : bittersweet Says:

    Yoo Ah In bickers with viewers of ‘Jang Ok Jung, Living in Love’ in a drunken state
    lol the attention of netizens!!!!!!!!!!!


  833. 833 : Colorada Says:

    I finally did see the last episode, as for me it did make me cry a lot this END, but the king knew she was not guilty but at those time the Gov was more powerfull than the king and she did die for his sake that is really love too sad for the king his 3 wife did die on his arms…really really sad for him, he was willing to not been the king anymore but she did not allow that for him so she die…sad sad sad….

  834. 834 : Colorada Says:

    OH I forgot and Donyi did not was allow to be the queen….as per the original donyi drama….the concuvie was not allow to be queen…I did not like this donyi…

  835. 835 : eny Says:

    @Critic of all drama
    I give this drama 3 of 5 star
    The highest for story, the acting not really awesome but not really bad too, the role of Jae is really not important here, doesn’t need experience actor like Jae hee. From the lead i choose Hong So hyun is the best in acting n her death is the saddest scene in the drama

  836. 836 : joanna Says:

    SBS [장옥정] – 마지막 촬영 스케치 ~ Making Film of OTP’s Last Scene
    nice job! well done! Casts&Crews 🙂

  837. 837 : stellaz Says:

    To OJ; For LS’s ambitious, success or at least a large part of it ~ exists in following his dreams and seeing them to fruition. OJ’s realized that she has to give something in return, given up the Queen position, or even to sacrifice her life….. I think her great love turned out to be blessings. For OJ Death is not the greatest loss in life….. The strongest people are not those who always win, some along the course of life that she learns about, and realizes there should never be regrets, only a life long appreciation of the choices she has made.

  838. 838 : gi jhee Says:

    i like the ending. the best ending i had ever watched. whenever i select a k-drama for me to watch, i’ll read first the synopsis then if it is to my liking i’ll watch it. then if in case the screenwriter has a shallow idea of twisting the storyline i would cease viewing it. i have a lot of k-dramas that i saw from 1st ep to the next one but haven’t gone to the midst of it and the ending, why???? well, why waste my emotion of watching an unworthy to watch k-drama. this JOJ , i felt sad not because of the sad ending but because it ended. anyhow, the writer did get what he/she wants
    – the weakness of the viewers, being so into it, the ending. oh, how i wish that critic could not be a writer.

  839. 839 : viva Says:

    Yes, it’s a sad ending but it’s more sad that JOJ,Live in love’s ended. 🙁 ‘
    Great Love Story of Joseon; Best OTP

  840. 840 : davinakim Says:

    This is a beautiful love story,if one truly love another, she/he will definitely sacrifice everything. It’s a sad ending, but I am satisfied. Life is not all about happy endings.

  841. 841 : bb Says:

    Jang Ok Jung…the aftermath


  842. 842 : lauralee Says:

    The Noron and Soron factions continued fighting for influence in the court; the Noron faction tried to persuade the king to kill Concubine Jang, while one of the concubine’s servants stole a name tag (used for identification purposes during the Joseon dynasty) from the Noron leader’s slave and buried it next to Jang’s father’s grave to suggest that witchcraft – using a fetish – had been involved in the Noron’s rise to prominence. After some investigating, the king discovered the ruse and had several court advisers killed or banished.

    In 1701 Queen Inhyeon grew ill and passed away soon after. Hulbert mentions boils in his account, but other sources only state that she died suddenly. To continue with another excerpt from History of Korea, Volume 1 (1905:160):

  843. 843 : wildpoppy Says:

    Han Seung Yeon looks like a kid playing an adult in this drama, and though she gives it her best try to shake the feeling of the King which should have simply cast someone who looked like a grown up. Instead we get Han Seung Yeon, who looked like she was all of 15, flailing and her voice a bit as it sounds very schoolgirl-ish. Horribly miscast as Choi Suk Bin in this drama–

  844. 844 : bittersweet Says:

    When the maid is going to give OJ the bowl of poison when Prince DongPyung offers to do it instead. The tears pouring silently down my face. Prince DongPyung crying, but yet smiling encouragingly at OkJung. That’s all he can do for his love. 🙁

  845. 845 : bittersweet Says:

    What a beautiful, yet sad love story. Kudos to Yoo Ah In and Kim Tae Hee for their portrayals, they definitely have been given the great performances.

  846. 846 : bb Says:

    Making Film ” The last moment of Jang Ok Jung and Queen Inhyun
    SBS [장옥정] – 인현의 마지막 모습 현장 메이킹

  847. 847 : malian Says:

    This drama just did’nt do it 4me bc’os jang ok jung was potrayed as a bad character DONYI, i was not that it to it……..

  848. 848 : Tira Says:

    I kind of disappointed with the ending of this drama. I like it better if the ending is live happily ever after instead of Jang Ok Jun dead.

  849. 849 : bb Says:

    while watching the drama you would felt quite intent along the story but you’ll feel differently when seeing the Making Film’ vid 😀
    SBS [장옥정] – 궁에서 만난 순정커플 촬영장 메이킹

  850. 850 : wonderer Says:

    Okjung’s lovestory is the central knot of the whole tale. And I saw in a moment of some hiding-truth of history, which would grow and spread and be told all over the earth; and I wondered how many of the other sacred stories are just such twisted falsities in historybooks. WHO KNOW???

  851. 851 : wickedmind Says:

    It’s so funny that both Jang Hee Bin and Queen In Hyun have revealed how really terrifying and dangerous of Choi Suk Bin is by thoroughly thinking about her that “She’s not a little fox but she’s a little tiger” BUT Sadly just little too late!!

  852. 852 : becky Says:

    A miscast (Dong Yi) is so god-awful that really destroys the the tragedy of the drama most happens to be the most obnoxious little twirp on the face of the earth, my sadness is defused like a bomb. Childish line deliveries, total absence of a believable character, and the knowledge that the awful little turd who ruined what could’ve been a triumphant to an incredible drama.
    This casting was ill-advised on so many different levels. Beyond the most obvious knock against in this role. The “character” she created for this role is so paper thin we can see right through it.

  853. 853 : bb Says:

    The Girl with Antlers “The fate of Choi Suk-bin”


  854. 854 : bb Says:

    ang Ok Jung, Live In Love” Director’s Cut DVD Promotional Video
    장옥정,사랑에 살다 감독판DVD추진카페 홍보영상

  855. 855 : dramafreak Says:

    really nice….love the story….the cast…enjoyed it very much…and i can’t deny..Kim Tea Hea is really a beauty =D

  856. 856 : joanna Says:

    SBSTV Jobs: Jang Ok Jung – Sweet SoonJung Couple
    [장옥정 MV] 순정커플~ 이별이 먼저 와있다

  857. 857 : bittersweet Says:

    It was a sad ending but that’s the fact, the ending was really touched all viewers, Yoo Ah-in and Kim Tea-hee potrayed the drama like it is true story, beautiful job! most appreciated!

  858. 858 : foreverjoj Says:

    It’s been a great journey of Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love..
    Pity that Choi Suk Bin never ever get the queen position, in history the king put down a law that prohibit Concubines from being Queen, although the ending was sad, but it’s truly to its title 🙁 a love story with real true feeling that I would find myself immersed in.
    YAI and KTH is excellent in the drama DAEBAK!!!!!

  859. 859 : stellaz Says:

    Some parts of the show the consequences of violence a little too vividly, maybe the designated target has become too sympathetic. Whatever the reason, the result is prime Nightmare Fuel, which caused by unrealistic expectations.
    But the protagonists’ re portrayed with a greater degree of sympathy, the impact of the story derives from the fact that we know who’s supposed to be good and who’s supposed to be bad, and this story upsets this. This is the original stories on the extreme beautiful-love sad end.
    Overall, I love the drama and the retelling. ♥♥♥

  860. 860 : viva Says:

    Beautiful fanvideo dedicated for super gorgeous SoonJung Couple… by kimtaehee baidu >>miss them terribly<<

    장옥정MV (Jang Ok Jeong, Jang Ok Jung)_너는 내 운명

  861. 861 : viva Says:

    This is a really good fan vid of the chemistry between Kim Tae Hee and Yoo Ah In again 🙂

    [MV] 사랑의 계절-유아인(Yoo Ah In) in 장옥정 사랑에 살다 OST

  862. 862 : viva Says:

    .. and another dedicated to the affairs of the heart, romance or epic passion, heart-strings are sure to be tugged at the screenings of the beloved classics of realism, it’s able to draw you in with unforgettable love stories of Ok Jung and Lee Soon,,, sacrifice and triumph will linger with you…

    [MV] 꿈에서라도-유아인(Yoo Ah In), 장옥정 사랑에 살다 OST

  863. 863 : brown sugar Says:

    I’ve never quite seen a historical love story drama like this, and although the show is a little jarring (a Joseon Dynasty romance) just start watching… You won’t look back. By far one of the most intense romances I’ve ever seen. It explores some very beautiful sad love themes but in the end this story will stick with you unlike any other has.”

  864. 864 : Debbie Ross Says:

    Not everything has to be on an epic scale to be unforgettable. To me, Ok Jung and Lee Soon’s courtship is the epitome of true love. Their story of ambition and romance is as lovely and as relevant today as it was years ago. ★★★

  865. 865 : wonderer Says:

    “Much has been said about this series since started till the end. However, if you can somehow forget all of what you’ve known about Jang Hee Bin in previous series, films or history books, there’s something that is refreshing and romantic about this new retelling of love and good Jang Hee Bin. It manages to capture the series of the first love of King Sukjong and Jang Ok Jung that some series simply cannot successfully manage to convey… and that is what makes this tale so rare and successful.” <3

  866. 866 : Minie Says:

    This drama is interesting & casts act well. Good job!

  867. 867 : mylene Says:

    Why is it that all series of Yoo Ah in lately had low rating except for the Sungkyungkwan? He is good in acting though, maybe the script & storyline assigned to him…

  868. 868 : Chrissy Says:

    Yes, JOJ is another love story set in the past, but this is a vivid, epic tale that includes masterful tales of love and romance, well played!

  869. 869 : Jaqueline Says:

    Jang Ok Jeong, Live in Love is a historical fiction, famous events appear from points of view. Historical figures are also often shown dealing with these events while depicting them in a way that has not been previously recorded. Other times, a historical event is used to complement a story’s narrative, occurring in the background while characters deal with situations wholly unrelated to that historical event. Sometimes, the names of people and places have been in some way altered.

  870. 870 : ann Says:

    i never like the sad ending!!!i hope YAI & KTH will play another happy ending korean drama soon…REALLY SOON…

  871. 871 : browneyedgirl; Says:

    JOJ could be the shadow history which is a revisionist interpretation of either fictional, real or known history which is claimed to have been deliberately suppressed, forgotten, or ignored by established scholars or historians. ?
    Thanks PD teams, crews and casts for given the viewers seeing JOJ which portrays a substantially different motivation or backstory from established historical events.

  872. 872 : Gina Han Says:

    Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love is set in the past. That setting is usually real and drawn from history, and contains actual historical persons. The script-writer(s) in this genre, while penning fiction, attempt to capture the manners and social conditions of the persons, time(s) presented in this drama, with due attention paid to Ok Jung and Lee Soon.. love, ambition, greed and power of Joeson period detail and fidelity. LOVE IT!!

  873. 873 : liz Says:

    Main leads mostly are portrayed positively and its no wonder with this drama but I still prefer Jang Hee Bin and Choi Suk Won in Dong Yi. When Hee Bin was executed her son in Dong Yi was above 10yrs but in JOJ, her son is an infant. Dong Yi is nearer historical fact.

  874. 874 : Striped Pajamas Says:

    Just enjoy OTP’s romance and the beautiful costumes/props. I have to say the costumes and head pieces are the most gorgeous Joseon costumes I’ve ever seen.

  875. 875 : margie Says:

    This drama is so compact, so better watch w/out blinking your eyes and forget everything you thought you knew about then follow the storyline carefully, about the characters, the setting, the atmosphere, previous events and so on in order to enjoy the most of the show.
    When you watch this drama, you’re aware of the different parts of a story, the different scenes and how they relate to each other, you’re shown various moments and ideas which reappear later on in the story. These ideas are like threads in a piece of string they all come together to weave into the story.

  876. 876 : cherie Says:

    i really enjoy watching this series…

  877. 877 : irene Says:

    although a sad ending, i am satisfied. history can’t be changed since her character really died in the end but it was given a different taste to the audience. till the end their love for each other prevailed

  878. 878 : Katy Says:

    “Jang Ok-jeong Live in Love” one of the greatest achievements of Romance of the Joseon Dynasty is the extreme complexity of its stories and characters. The drama contains numerous secondary stories. The following consists of a summary of the central plot, and well-known highlights in the story.
    This new style of historical romance, heroine(ok-jeong) was independent and strong-willed and paired with heroes(Lee Soon) who evolved into caring and compassionate man who truly admired the woman he loved. This was in contrast to the contemporary romances published.

  879. 879 : kiki Says:

    i was disappointed with this ending

  880. 880 : winnie Says:

    Hi Kiki,
    this is history so the ending can’t be changed just deviations in the perception of characters. In Dong-yi drama played by Han Hyo Joo, Jang ok jung was portrayed as an evil hee bin while here, the focus was in ok jung’s character and the hardships she went through to uplift their slave status since childhood. There are unjustifiable moves by Ok Jung to exact her revenge although these are uncomparable compared to the plots against her including when she was kidnapped and attempted for murder.

  881. 881 : Ray-Ar Says:

    First, after reading many comments, I was about to ignore this story. Then, at a glimpse of the characters’ list, I decided to watch it. I’m glad I did. Knowing the death of Ok Jung, I’m impressed with the love they once had. Her life was worth a living when she was loved that much by King Lee Shin.

  882. 882 : colleen rose Says:

    My first experience watching Korean drama….but it won’t be my last. I’m mad about Ah-in….this guy is sexy and an awesome actor. Can’t wait to see what he does next!

  883. 883 : winnie Says:

    I wished the producers of this drama had taken a better actress who portrayed Choe Suk won, someone who looks regent. I don’t think the real king Suk jong will notice her for a concubine

  884. 884 : fitri Says:

    soo sad with the ending,,it’s really happen in korean history or just a drama?

  885. 885 : Nurul Blair Says:

    i’m really like this drama. incredible!^O
    becouse actor and the actris so professional.
    the story,of course about history becouse this’s “saeguk”.
    not the only that , heartwarming love story.
    and Kim Tae Hee so beautifull in this drama,there are Yoo Ah In and
    Lee Sang Yeob so handsome

    but i think i don’t like the ending.we feel heartbreaking….
    but everyone have differences in their feelings

  886. 886 : putri Says:

    I’ve watched until episode 13. when I found that Ok Jung becomes mean after being a queen, I was a bit disappointed :D. once I intended not to continue watching it.
    but after reading the comments above, I think I must watch it till the end…

  887. 887 : Bluelilys Says:

    Humnnnnnn…..I just finished watching this Kdrama lastnight.

    I like it so far but after reading the comment that their characters name have the same in Dong Yi they really have big differences in the story.

    B’coz in Dong Yi – Jang Ok Jung (Lady Hee Bin) was really have a bad character. And Choi Musuri or Lady Choi Suk Bin known as “Dong Yi” was Loved by King Sukjong.

    While on this drama lady Choi or Dong Yi was not shown loved by the king instead Lady Hee Bin (Jang Ok Jung) was dearly loved by king Suk Jong.

    But anyway I both like the drama ^^v enjoy watching!!! 😉

  888. 888 : ogundijo missblues aminat Says:

    ah in is such an actor i so much like his acting that i cant wait to see him in another movie chukae oppa saranghe

  889. 889 : Binhly Says:

    Wow.. my very first drama of YOO AH In.. Super impressive. Yoo Ah In.. I like you very much…. You’re smile captivates us viewer…Very charming. Your laughter is contagious, your sadness is heartbroken, your anger full of love… I like you you much as King…………………………………Great actor and extremely talented…..

  890. 890 : mail Says:

    fantastic drama….eventhough sad ending…but its ok since history cant be changed…true love never dies

  891. 891 : Daniela Says:

    Great drama,the best i have ever seen….but i don’t understand why in this drama jang ok jung died when her son was 3-4 years but in real life she died when her son was 13 years?

  892. 892 : Lina Says:

    Мне очень понравился этот сериал! Прекрасно снят. Yoo Ah In в роли короля великолепный!

  893. 893 : Dian Amay Says:

    what a precious story!!the colors backgrounds even the clothes are really charming.so mind blowing.i love you!!

  894. 894 : destiny Says:

    dont you think a king like you is the weakest king of all using the innocent women (queens)as punishment to there fathers,thats too bad of you.

  895. 895 : 铭恩月 Says:

    看这部戏的 原因是金泰熙,想看下去的原因也是金泰熙,但也因为被剧情和演员的表演感动了,张玉贞,金泰熙,我们为你喝彩。

  896. 896 : 铭恩月 Says:

    I suppose kim tae-hee

  897. 897 : nune Says:

    stop watching at eps. 13-________- idk. it’s kinda boring and predictable :/

  898. 898 : anniza Says:

    Kim tae hae look good in this drama, she is better in the role of evil. In this drama is much better than her previous drama

  899. 899 : jaril Says:

    so sad ending…but the story depicts what is unselfish love..
    yoo ah-in acts very great..also with kim tae-hee..
    awesome drama…

  900. 900 : princess Says:

    @Binhly….I t0tally….totally agree wit u… Yoo ah-in performed excellently,brilliantly,wonderfully,exceptionally in dis drama.his acting was superb n perfect….he really,really portray his character well (s0000 sad he didn’t get an award n he deserves one) luv u s0 much yoo ah-in kip on forging ahead the lord is by ur side….he’ill not leave u,neither will he forsake u Amen.gudluck wit everything n in ur career,

  901. 901 : Samyeopsal avid fan Says:

    Im excited to finish this drama… I am hating the child from the start and Jank Ok jung being mean… She has inferiority complex bec of crime she plotted. Awwwww

  902. 902 : azwa Says:

    the ending episode drama very sad i was about 2 crying..she sacrifice her life for a true love n dont want the king got a trouble if she release..i love this drama even the ending episode not a happy ending..

  903. 903 : Nadege Says:

    Was the relationship between the king & joj love as “joj live in love” portrays or was it sort of business as “dong yi” portray?

    According to history she harmed her son (crown prince) moments before she was to be poisoned!!! Due to that her son was sterile & ill through out his 4 year reign. When he died, Dong yi’s son succeeded him & reign for 52years. If that is true about her harming her son then I am more apt to believe her machinations in “dong yi” then “joj live in love”. But I am still confuse about the king’s love for her and/or dong yi. Did he love both or one of them (if so which one)

  904. 904 : Rifgail Says:

    Very recommended drama watch it for 5 time never bored

  905. 905 : me Says:

    The way it was portrayed, it was very different from Dong Yi. The same people, same era, events – but twisted completely. Kind of strange since it involves real history with real people in it. The king Suk Joong, the way Yoo Ah In delievered it, he was quite a mean, scheming, sly and unsavory character altogether. While in Dong Yi the king, played by Jin Hee I think, was quite a nice, patient, wise and righteous even…Ok Jung is portrayed as a kind-hearted but went wrong due to her love and devotion to the king – so it’s the king who is the devil here, not Ok Jung. And I have to say Ah In did it quite well, playing the devil, he did look despicable, downright mean.
    Since it involves real history with real people in it…don’t anyone object to this kind of twisting – could be called slander? – especially if there are descendants of those very people involved…? Strange.

  906. 906 : ayat al abassi Says:

    it’s a wonderful drama

  907. 907 : minmin Says:

    Just finished watching this drama and I really thoroughly enjoyed it! One of the best dramas I have watched so far. The cast was really good and I especially love the 3 main characters Kim Tae Hee, Yoo Ah In and Hong Soo Hyun. Really great cast! The write must be congratulated – I love the plots and twist and the so so many OMG moments – just marvelling the way the story twist and changes. Absolutely brilliant. Watching these kind of dramas, I do keep in mind that historically, some facts may not be the truth as most dramas are romanticised and dramatised. All these great pursuit of love in these kind of dramas are sometimes in reality, far from it. Kings have so many wives and concubines. So, take it with a pinch of salt and enjoy the dramas! Highly recommended drama!

  908. 908 : minmin Says:

    *The writer must be congratulated.

  909. 909 : tigerb Says:

    just finished watching ep. 9. there’s so much b.s. in their politics, and it’s always the same in the historical dramas i’ve watched. but politics is politics even to this day! nice series though. will see how the lead role will survive.

  910. 910 : tigerb Says:

    i’ve been postponing to finish the series – i can’t stand the meddling, b—chy queen mother, just in like most korean dramas i’ve watched. off to start another drama!

  911. 911 : In love with Chicago Typewriter OSTs | A Transient Wanderer Says:

    […] if I may say. Just look at his previous work such as Sungkyungkwan Scandal, Fashion King, Jang Ok Jung. There is also Go Kyung Pyo (@kopular) which left good impression on me after Flower Boy Next […]

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