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Iron Man @ Blade Man

Iron Man 04

Title: 아이언맨 / Iron Man
Also known as: Blade Man
Chinese Title: 钢铁人
Genre: Action, Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 18
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2014-Sep-10 to 2014-Nov-13
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00


A love story about a man who has knives standing upright all over his body because of the pain that his heart’s been through and a woman who helps him grow and become a real human with her true love.

Joo Hong Bin (Lee Dong Wook) is a heartless and fearless man. He’s a smart, wealthy, prickly man who suddenly develops the ability to sprout iron from his body due to his painful heart and faces hardships for the first time in his life, he gets this power because of all the pain he carries in his heart, and discovers love and grows up along the way. Meanwhile, Son Se Dong (Shin Se Kyung) is a meddlesome sort who loves the hero and takes it upon herself to turn him into a real man.


Main Cast

Lee Dong Wook as Joo Hong Bin
Park Gun Tae as Hong Bin (young)
Shin Se Kyung as Son Se Dong
Kim Gap Soo as Joo Jang won
Han Eun Jung as Kim Tae Hee

People around Joo Hong Bin

Jung Yoo Geun as Joo Chang
Lee Mi Sook as Yoon Yeo Sa
Han Jung Soo as Secretary Go
Lee Joo Seung as Joo Hong Joo
Song Kyung Chul as Gardener

People around Son Se Dong

Shin Seung Hwan as Seung Hwan
Sun Woong as Kyung Ho
Kim Jae Young as Je Gil
Kang Da Bin as Soo Jae
Jin Joo Hyung as Jung Joon
Lee Seung Ho as Yoon Seok


Ra Mi Ran as Erisa Park
Yoon Da Kyung as Yeon Mi Jung
Jung Jin as Oh Joong Sik
Kim Gyu Chul as Jo Boong Goo
Yeom Dong Hun as Se Dong’s landlord
Lee Dal Hyung
Park Gun Rak
So Hee Jung
Son Dong Hwa

Production Credits

Production Company: IHQ, GAZI Contents
Chief Producer: Bae Kyung Soo
Producer: Im Se Joon
Director: Kim Yong Soo, Kim Jong Yun
Screenwriter: Kim Kyu Wan


Ji Sung was previously offered lead in this drama but decides not to become Iron Man with his private reason.

– Episode 8 has been delayed from 2014-Oct-02 to 2014-Oct-08 due to the Asian Games.

– This drama was originally plan for 20 episode. However, it was reduced to 18 episodes due to the low ratings of this drama.

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2014-09-10 1 6.0 6.6 6.6 7.0
2014-09-11 2 4.8 5.7 5.7 5.8
2014-09-17 3 5.0 5.6 5.6 5.5
2014-09-18 4 4.6 5.1 5.0 5.0
2014-09-24 5 4.5 5.5 5.5 5.7
2014-09-25 6 5.7 6.3 6.9 (14th) 7.1 (15th)
2014-10-01 7 4.8 5.6 5.0 5.1
2014-10-08 8 3.5 4.7 4.3 4.1
2014-10-09 9 4.1 5.0 4.7 4.5
2014-10-15 10 3.3 4.3 4.1 4.2
2014-10-16 11 3.8 4.8 4.3 4.1
2014-10-22 12 4.6 4.7 5.1 6.1
2014-10-23 13 4.0 4.5 4.1 3.6
2014-10-29 14 5.1 6.1 5.2 5.6
2014-10-30 15 3.4 3.5 4.3 4.5
2014-11-06 16 2.9 3.4 4.0 4.6
2014-11-12 17 2.8 3.6 3.2 3.8
2014-11-13 18 2.2 2.9 3.4 3.9

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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5 Minutes Preview

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  1. 1 : Verra92 Says:

    only waiting wookie oppa ^^~

  2. 2 : Danny Says:

    Arrrgggghhhhhh………….DO NOT LIKE THIS ACTRESS!!!! She is like a wood……zero emotions…….

  3. 3 : Nissa75 Says:

    Looks interesting. 🙂 Why so many haters of Shin Se Kyung? She is a good actress, I think.

  4. 4 : yeah Says:

    i dont like the lead actress… so annoying!!! arrrrrggghhhh

  5. 5 : ji hyo fans Says:

    Yes i dont like too… she have bad act, no emotion at all…

  6. 6 : Lyana Says:

    I dont like this girl . Cant finish Song S Heon bcs this girl. Fasion king too this unlike. All drama Lee dong Wook watch many time expecial couple with Kim Sun Ah <3.
    Dont like this girl. Sad 🙁 if cant watch drama LDW bcs this girl 😛

  7. 7 : delilah Says:

    I don’t like the girl either. Such a waste for Lee dong wook. She always been paired with great actors and at the and all the dramas became such a mess because of her. Anyway will still watch this because of LDW and the story seems different. Let’s see…..

  8. 8 : tigerb Says:

    dang the female lead actor is already judged as nobody likes. tsk, tsk! why is it that most korean dramas take the titles from many american movies? can’t they make up their own? or maybe that’s for publicity.

  9. 9 : Lyana Says:

    Why not LDW try to have new drama with Kim sun Ah again. with Lee da hae my girl nhotel king .2 times. Why not try with Kim Sun ahh( scent of women ) they nice couple .. Really unlike this girl. Aishh!

  10. 10 : sahel Says:

    why Shin Se Kyung act with lee dong wook ?I had problems with her acting in When a Man Loves

  11. 11 : naysa Says:

    arghhhh dongwook oppaaaa finally a new drama!ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
    i dont mind with the SSK tho, since this rlly looks promising anw. argh cant wait to watch thisssss><

  12. 12 : minahshi Says:

    i hope that her acting skill will be better in this drama..i will watch this drama just because LEE DONG WOOK only…

    really hoping her expression face will improve also..

  13. 13 : will06 Says:

    i hope Shin Se Kyung will not acting like a stone…please… i hope the drama not ruin just because of her acting skill not improve…

  14. 14 : rinz Says:

    Why there are so many here who doesn’t like Se Kyung? I haven’t seen her act yet but shes awarded by MBC and SBS drama as Excellence Actress, how come shes not a good actress then? well I’m going to watch this because of LDW and lets see if what your saying is true about Se Kyung.

  15. 15 : Danny Says:

    Those who have not seen, then go watch her shows. If you are true Korean Drama fan, you know why she can’t act. Pretty face only…….i feel so sorry Lee Dong Wook!

    Getting awarded by MBC or SBS doesn’t make one a good actress.

    Who are the most important people? AUDIENCE…..which is us. Awards is given on some merits but if an actress can’t act as hell………the drama rating will drop because of her mediocre acting skills.

  16. 16 : lalala Says:

    Hahaha..but Lee Dong Wook is also not a great actor..he is tend to overreact sometimes with his big eyes especially in Mandate of Heaven

  17. 17 : hma Says:

    I really want to watch this drama bcoz of ldw,but i dont like actress … so annoying!

  18. 18 : KDCraze Says:

    I really like Lee Dong Wook with Lee Da Hae in Hotel King. Perfect combination. It’s one of the best drama this year but I’m not going to watch this drama because I don’t like Shin Se Kyung. She’s the worst actress in S-Korea. I couldn’t even finished watching her dramas with Song Seung Hoon When A Man Loves and same goes when she plays with Yoo Ah In in Fashion King despite both actor are good. I feel bad for Lee Dong Wook. Choose better partner next time Dong Wook shi.

  19. 19 : jackie Says:

    eeehhh? bakit sya yung lead actress? theres a lot of actresses in korea !!!

  20. 20 : Anzu Says:

    seems like shin se kyung have no fan..i don’t like her either…drama get spoiled becuz of her like fashion king and when man loves….

  21. 21 : Lyana Says:

    Ji Sung decides not be come Iron man he dont want this girl too maybe hahaha
    why must change to LDW with this girl …. so many cute actress ???????
    all comment here mostly un like 같은 취소 this girl.

  22. 22 : anne Says:

    waaa.. everyone already started to complain and critisize Shin se kyung… well… I watched her two dramas Fashion King and AML..but I didn’t finish those two drama after all. The story isn’t intresting. I think she’s not that too bad anyway.. she just got a poorly written character. I don’t want to judge her for this one before I watch this premiere episode. So I’m gonna watch it not because of who is the actor or.actress.. but I’m going to give a chance for his, if the storyline is good, this drama will.win over my choice, but if it’s not.. then just skip to another drama.. 😀

  23. 23 : mara washington Says:

    That actress doesnt know how to act. Better let her enter an acting school first if theres an improvement then they can consider casting her for a drama. Its a waste of time watching her drama. better let her play the villainess if she badly needs the job.

  24. 24 : ahjussiLovers Says:

    WHY SHIN SE KYUNG~~~ ?????? I DON’T LIKE, SORRY ;;_;;

  25. 25 : Lyana Says:

    PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHANGE THE LEAD FEMALE…. SO MANY CUTE KOREAN ACTRESS WHY shin se kyung. The pict in this drama look same with WHEN MAN LOVES ( Boring face infront SONG SEUNG HUN. BORING FACE BEHIDE LEE DONG WOOK 😛

  26. 26 : maja Says:

    i think the director of her past dramas made her act that way… let’s see how she will be directed this time…

  27. 27 : Dlcne Says:

    TheUngrateful lead actress from WAML. Aish I dnt actually like her!

  28. 28 : RUNNING MAN Says:


  29. 29 : sherry Says:

    Cant wait for this to start.. I missed dong wook after hotel king. And guys please, give us a break. Stop bashing the actress everywhere.I’m just Wishing good luck for both of them

  30. 30 : Sharon Says:

    Is this another Edward Sizors Hands??

  31. 31 : as Says:

    I think about this drama so good .actor and actress so much. Another drama not so good . eg. Now to seeing – high school and surplus princess is so good.

  32. 32 : hanhyosang Says:

    Shin Se Kyung was kind of good in ‘Tree With Deep Roots’… but that’s all ! I mean, she was stiff in ‘When A Man Loves’ and this time could be the same.

  33. 33 : Si thu Says:

    wait. .

  34. 34 : AdelAngel Says:

    shin se kyung i don prefer her too!! 🙁 … there r interesting actresses!!

  35. 35 : gulss Says:

    so much hate comments to that actress 😀 i am glad i didn’t watch that one drama with her who everyone is talking about. I can watch this drama without hating her 😛

  36. 36 : stella Says:

    when i saw the lead actress, i was quite disappointed. looking forward for lee dong wook’s new drama but why shin se kyung. watched her in when a man loves & her acting is not really good. she has no emotions. i like the story of waml but because of the actress, i almost did not finish it. how come she is paired with good actors.

  37. 37 : andi Says:

    whoa! he’s morphing into a metal porcupine! i rest my forehead in my hand and shake my head.

  38. 38 : rin4JJ Says:

    From trailer 2 you can see her acting. I think she learn how to express emotions better than before. I hope she not disspointed us coz I like Lee Dong Wook dramas very much.

  39. 39 : bitbit Says:

    oh my god! i love his acting in hotel king drama grabehhhhh he is improving his craft,i hope this one is good story also.god luck ldw.

  40. 40 : altec Says:

    edward scissorhands????

  41. 41 : naysa Says:

    well by the trailer SSK looked more imporeved than her other dramas. hoping the best this, and also for dongwook oppa! im expect this drama<3

  42. 42 : Lyana Says:

    New drama BI . Ssk still the same act at fasion king or when man loves. Guys Just leave this drama dont get ur emotion hate for this girl not good for our health 😉

  43. 43 : iin Says:

    why must her? i think and ask of director why he choice her? no other actrees? in WMIL i very happy cause to watch song seung hun but after watch it very dissapointed cause SSK. in fashion king is too…..i think sin se kyung not to be leader. ssk have to much learn from other actrees.and im surprise she win in MBC. from what the side they make ssk to be winner?

  44. 44 : rairamegumi Says:

    ish,not really into the lead actress
    can we have lee dae he again for the lead actress,

  45. 45 : Lyana Says:

    Guys can u see her look in this pict same in when man loves. The diffren only ssk behide ldw in when ma loves she/ infront ssh.. Boring face.

  46. 46 : aaaaaaaa Says:

    Shin Se Kyung was kind of good in ‘Tree With Deep Roots’ and high kick . i think the director of her past dramas made her act that way…why hate her. .she is innocent.

  47. 47 : iammee Says:

    good to see lee dong wook again, the actress is fine with me

  48. 48 : julia Says:

    LETS JUST SUPPORT HER new drama,who knows she will improve her craft bcoz lee dong wook is a good actor,might be her challenge to do well.

  49. 49 : Jerry Violensia Says:

    This is actually her chance for repairing her bitch character on previously drama [ when a man loves ] . i love her <3 SSK fighting .. from indonesia

  50. 50 : vitri Says:

    Come on give her a chance, do you all better than her? .. maybe if you were actress you cant better than her perhaps….

  51. 51 : Jenny Says:

    Why the lead actress has to be SSK ???? Honestly I don’t really like her because her acting is not good. Lee Dong Wook is a very good actor. His acting at Hotel King was DAEBAK!! Hoping that Lee Dong Wook can be pair again with Lee Da Hae..they have a very good chemistry. More better if they can be a real couple…

  52. 52 : cuity17 Says:

    just remind me of jin seo yoen (gaksikal, IG), I don’t like her acting either.. no improving at all.., lack of expression + emotions and no chemistry, I haven’t watched SSK’s drama yet, but I will try to watch it.. After I get a good reference frm your all comments here guys if this drama airing… :D. Lee Dong Wook fightiiiiiiing…

  53. 53 : Charmaine Says:

    Lol at all the comments regarding SSK’s acting. Well to be honest , I don’t like her acting too..but I’m gonna watch this drama just for lee dong wook since I like him so much and he’s a great actor! As for SSK, we’ll see if her acting improves or not.. Hopefully she can prove us wrong ! Or else I’ll just close one eye when it comes to her scenes lol! Anyway, LDW fighting ! 😀

  54. 54 : terazhang Says:

    SSK sour my mood. ‘When a man In love’ and ‘Fashion King’ were disasters.
    Not going to watch no matter how much LDW appeal to me

  55. 55 : sherry Says:

    Your comments about the actress is so scary..was she that bad!! For me, i cant wait for it to start..it sounds interesting

  56. 56 : sassybun Says:

    i would have anticipated the drama more if the lead actress was diffirent say maybe song ji hyo! she would have acted her role perfectly plus her and lee dong wook have great chemistry.

  57. 57 : KDCraze Says:

    @Cuity17#52, Jin Se Yeon is great actress and can act well. I like her in My Daughter The Flower, Bridal Mask, Inspiring Generation and Dr Stranger. You can compare Jin Se Yeon with Shin Se Kyung. Shin Se Kyung is really bad actress, I watched her in When A Man Loves and Fashion King, both dramas I couldn’t even finished watching it despite both dramas have good actor. The problem is she doesn’t have the charisma to be the lead actress if she is in the second lead maybe still ok.

  58. 58 : Lyana Says:

    Agree with KDCraze .100% . I cant believe Ssk lead actress 2nd will fit her must better .

  59. 59 : pudji Says:

    yeah…glad to see LDW again..since he is my favourite one. I don’t care about SSK….as long as the storyline is good. Wait for this drama. 🙂

  60. 60 : ji hyo fans Says:

    @sassybun : Yes i agree with, hahaha song ji hyo n LDW have a good chemistry..

  61. 61 : winnie Says:

    Nice to hear of Lee dong Wook’s new drama immediately after Hotel King. I still have hang over watching him and lee dae hee. I’m a bit disappointed though that his love interest in Iron man in shin Se kyung, Felt Sorry to SSK fans but i dont find her acting interesting especially in When a man loves

  62. 62 : Alexsandra Says:

    SSK acting was very stiff. No emotion at all. Nevertheless, i still will watch ironman as LDW is an outstanding actor!
    Well, we’ll see if SSK’s acting skills improving or otherwise.

  63. 63 : maida Says:

    i agree with you in terms of SSK acting but judging from the trailer i can see a glimpse of hope that her acting might get improved .fighting SSK .i will be very happy if u surprised us and then we will happily lose for you

  64. 64 : maida Says:

    lee dong wook is the only actor i watch his drama while it is still airing , but if SSK ruin it as she did with When a man loves .i might sadly drop it .plzzz SSK dont

  65. 65 : maui Says:

    Not so impress with SSK acting. Sorry SSK fans cuz for me she’s so boring to watched after I watched her When a man loves. I hope she improve now. LDW Fighting!

  66. 66 : icegirl Says:

    the ability to sprout iron from his body? seriously???!!! 0_0

  67. 67 : ogundijo missblues aminat Says:

    ssk? Aigoo too soft for my liking, i tink her acting in this drama will the rating looks bad ssk unni pls be good okay?fighting!!! i will cheers for u.

  68. 68 : Weena Says:

    I will surely watch this drama.. not because of the actress. But because of Lee Dong Wook… but still im hoping for another Donghae drama. They are the perfect match.

  69. 69 : Linda Says:

    The description in the beginning is crap. This story line seems like the rest of them. A prickly guy that’s been scarred by his past relationship, and acts cold hearted but then here comes a girl who is determined to change him for the better. Lol. I don’t know if I want to watch this because of that, and because of the lead actress. Her past dramas didn’t appeal to me, and she doesn’t look like a good match for LDW. Just my two cents, I’m out.

  70. 70 : [email protected] Says:

    LDW oppa fighting; you deserve the best and will watch blade man for you and because i think its a good one😘

  71. 71 : kaylee Says:

    I was really looking forward to LDW’s new drama…he truly is a GREAT actor. Unfortunately, i’m disappointed w/the lead actress they chose. I feel the same way as what others have said about her. Nothing against her…just her acting is poor compared to others. I just hope ratings won’t be low because of her. They really should have gone w/another actress:( But, I will still support and watch this drama because of LDW.

  72. 72 : bitbit Says:

    give her a chance,maybe in this drama she can motivate and improve her acting.

  73. 73 : garfieldz17 Says:

    ssk is not match for lee dwook,hope better for him is a good actresses like ldh,song hkyo,choi jwoo,or any actresses except this girl

  74. 74 : Leila Says:

    Will watch this for a few episode.. but will shift to “She’s so Lovable” when it starts airing… Sorry “Blade Man”.. I prefer to watch Rain and krystal’s acting than your lousy SSK…

  75. 75 : SooYoungBetter Says:

    Shin Se kyung = BAD ACTING, dull face.
    Soo Young acts better than Shin Se kyung.
    Shin Se kyung ruins most dramas she participated.

  76. 76 : amaliafrizka Says:

    So dissapointed with the actress.. Why should be her? 😐 she’s not match with Lee Dong Wook.. Let see this drama.. Because of him.. Not her 😀

  77. 77 : Autumn Grace Says:

    @ 76 amaliafrizka

    I agree with you. There are several times I’ve watched dramas of the main actress and I found her not that good. LDW is too good for her. They are not matched. Better find another lead actress.

  78. 78 : vee Says:

    i will not watch the drama… find another drama, hopefully kim sun ah as the main cast not Shin Se Kyung

  79. 79 : Drama_fan Says:

    Looking forward to watch this because of LDW. A different kind of a story from the usual KDrama. Hope this will be a great success!!

  80. 80 : Lyana Says:

    Agree with Vee 78 Kim Sun Ahh more 100% better act with LDW not this girl 🙁

  81. 81 : -Autumn- Says:

    Although I didnt like Shin Se Kyung, I am gonna give this drama a chance because of Lee Dong Wook. Shin Se Kyung is pretty but quite dull in acting. Not much expression.

  82. 82 : maida Says:

    today is the big day , good luck wookie .i will give it a try just for you .u deserve my support, and hopefully SSK improved bu time .

  83. 83 : leila Says:

    Would have been better if the lead actress is Han Hyo Joo..

  84. 84 : Yuji Says:

    Why this actress ? To me she just cant pull off the roles she has played. Love lee dong wook so i will give it a go.

  85. 85 : septiany Says:

    oh my god i just like the actor not with the actress..why must her? i dont like her, but i will see this drama cause dong wook…..why not lee da hae? in drama Hotel King yesterday they are so cute and get chemistry……hope next drama dong wook paired with da hae…….

  86. 86 : crazykiller Says:

    This story is fun I like all the actors and actresses they are fit together. I will look forward to the next episode

  87. 87 : woman Says:

    i wish the lead actress moon chae won or Ji hyo or kim so yeon.. not herrrr arrrgggghhhh

  88. 88 : Big fan Says:

    This is very cute and funny. I am glad LDW doesn’t have a stiff role as in Hotel King. He gets to show all kinds of personality in this. Personally I like SSK. She is as lovely as ever and growing as an actress. I am looking forward to next episode. I am glad this is not all melodrama… It was a sense of humor.

  89. 89 : Lyana Says:


  90. 90 : maida Says:

    It isn`t about he doesn’t know how to fight ,he already did in Hotel king but i think he likes song Ga yeon as a little sister and hates to see her hurt esp. After she open up heart and pour it out , he was emotionally affected by her story and how confident and composed she is.regarding blade man i am gonna watch it today

  91. 91 : Carmelita147 Says:

    I like ldw but I don’t like the actress. Like you all said she doesn’t act well with all the leading men that were paired with her

  92. 92 : Lyana Says:

    @ Maida. 😉 <3 LDW
    You know I prefer to watch the spring day of my life 1st b4 i watch this drama. In the spring day if my life. even i see the diffrent age but i see nice couple , I still not really like with Ssk no matter how she act in this drama keep skip and skip if she begin to act , how about U.

  93. 93 : jesisca Says:

    Good story..SSk acted better herbprevious drama,so just enjoy it,.We’ll see what happen with her acting..LDW is a good actor..love him,,please SSk be a good partner for him,,,

  94. 94 : jesisca Says:

    Good story..SSk acted better her previous drama,so just enjoy it,.We’ll see what happen with her acting..LDW is a good actor..love him,,please SSk be a good partner for him,,,

  95. 95 : woman Says:

    i think the rating is low coz the lead actress…

  96. 96 : Charmaine Says:

    Watched the first episode and just wondering, am I the only one who thinks that the story seems a little too dramatic? Some parts are overly exaggerated and I’m definitely not liking it..
    SPOILER ALERT: What’s with SSK’s character screaming like a mad woman in the airport when NOTHING actually happened? She managed to stop the guy from touching her ‘whatever that’s not supposed to be touched ‘ ,didn’t she? That high pitched scream really annoys me a lot lol!
    I’ll have to admit that her acting does seems better but there are some parts that are still lacking in terms of her expressions..in certain scenes , I couldn’t understand what kind of message is she trying to portray with that ‘poker’ face look.. No offense to SSK’s fans. I have nothing against her, it’s just that she needs to brush up her acting skills more:)
    As for lee dong wook, he’s great as always! A truly versatile actor! Love him so much! His character is a little bit annoying indeed but you can’t deny the fact that lee dong wook really played the role perfectly that sometimes you can’t help but to think he’s kinda cute and funny! Love his interactions with his secretary 😉 keep up the good work LDW! Will always support you <3

  97. 97 : Hannah Says:

    Why must SSK of all the korean actresses? I can’t stand her, seriously. I had patiently enough to watch her with Song Seung Hun in WAML. Now, she is pairing with LDW? Oh God..why?!!

  98. 98 : anne Says:

    Done watching. Well.. I think SSK is better now.. she’s not that too bad. I laughed a lot and felt touched seeing her crying scene with her chaggun appa ~ uncle. The cloudy sky and thunder scene seens a bit exagerating, but it’s still okay. So I decided to see more next episodes.

  99. 99 : anne Says:

    Just wanna tell.. I’m not the fan of anybody here from tue casts list.. I’m gonna be one of the fan to which actor or actress who showed their best in a drama.. then if he/she did just like ‘ordinary’ or not good at all, ai prefer to leave the show and stop watching it, or find another drama rather than wasting my time to write some harsh words here. ^_____^V

  100. 100 : anne Says:

    ah.. admin… I read above, SSK as song hae kyo.. is it right? I guess it’s son sae dong, isn’t it? 😀

  101. 101 : geegee Says:

    I watched the two episodes.. I liked the first ep more than the second.. Kinda annoyed by the child scenes.. Love LDW more and more.. Waiting for the next ep

  102. 102 : phebcy Says:

    pls lets give dis movie a chance to watch cos i belive its an interesting movie….
    Too bad d actress got much haters bt i really dont blame her,its d directors fault dats how dey direct her to act. i hop dis will be her turn over…ssk fighting!!!!!!!!

  103. 103 : WSW Says:

    I like LDW also but the problem is he is always so angry in this drama and yes there is lots of pain in his heart but his anger is making his character very annoying. In addition we have a poker face lead actress which is killing the drama.

  104. 104 : [email protected] Says:

    I dont have a problem with SSK as long as I got convinced by the story.. I still gonna watch it for LDW’s funny character.. to be honest, I’m only watching it for him. LDW fighting,all the way with you

  105. 105 : naysa Says:

    holy im gettin addicted to this story and i loved how good the both leads act! just perfecttttt! it was interesting everrrr!
    The most interesting drama i’ve ever watch this year! HB and other characters are funny and i icant kept my laughter lol but i do feel bad for JHB that he couldnt held his anger and its about pain ran through his heart 🙁 rlly hope he find someone that can hold it and no more pain and that it was SD. and a thumbs up to Secretary Ko that he can manage everything abt him~ SSK act her improved alot, and i just loved her in this drama and pls no more hated on her since shes doing her best here :’)
    btw @admin may i correct that SSK character was Shin Se Dong not Song Hye Kyo pls re-write it. thx 🙂
    worth of 2 eps! and im into thissssss alot<3 LDW SSK fighting i love you guys<3

  106. 106 : naysa Says:

    holy im gettin addicted to this story and i loved how good the both leads act! just perfecttttt! it was interesting everrrr!
    The most interesting drama i’ve ever watch this year! HB and other characters are funny and i icant kept my laughter lol but i do feel bad for JHB that he couldnt held his anger and its about pain ran through his heart 🙁 rlly hope he find someone that can hold it and no more pain and that it was SD. and a thumbs up to Secretary Ko that he can manage everything abt him~ SSK act her improved alot, and i just loved her in this drama and pls no more hated on her since shes doing her best here :’)
    btw @admin may i correct that SSK character was Son Se Dong not Song Hye Kyo pls re-write it. thx 🙂
    worth of 2 eps! and im into thissssss alot<3 LDW SSK fighting i love you guys<3

  107. 107 : naysa Says:

    holy im gettin addicted to this story and i loved how good the both leads act! just perfecttttt! it was interesting everrrr!
    The most interesting drama i’ve ever watch this year! HB and other characters are funny and i cant kept my laughter lol but i do feel bad for JHB that he couldnt held his anger and its about pain ran through his heart 🙁 rlly hope he find someone that can hold it and no more pain and that it was SD. and a thumbs up to Secretary Ko that he can manage everything abt him~ SSK act her improved alot, and i just loved her in this drama and pls no more hated on her since shes doing her best here :’)
    btw @admin may i correct that SSK character was Son Se Dong not Song Hye Kyo pls re-write it. thx 🙂
    worth of 2 eps! and im into thissssss alot<3 LDW SSK fighting i love you guys<3

  108. 108 : maida Says:

    sorry but i amn’t familier with leads in spring days of my life 🙁 , secondly i am big fan of LDW 😉 and i was gonna to drop it coz of SSK but after i watched blade man i liked and i found it different form other K.drama and SSK wasn’t really bad , actually she was somehow cute .

  109. 109 : Kyle Says:

    Watched the first and second episodes. Conclusion : I really like LDW ever since My Girl and this new drama has proven that LDW is a really talented actor. He got the sadness, the anger, HE GOT EVERYTHING!!! As for SSK, I haven’t been really watching her previous drama, but i really feels like she will be able to pull off Son Sedong’s character. Plus she’s really cute in this drama and I like the part in EP2 where she’s talking with her uncle’s. Emotional yet not too overwhelming~

  110. 110 : Ruler Says:

    Thumb down for this drama! It seems that it is not good as it’s name “Iron Man”. The first two episodes are not interesting at all. In addition, leading actress makes me sick! Bye!

  111. 111 : sharifa Says:

    love this drama. can’t wait for the next ep <3

  112. 112 : nanoandmano Says:

    Let’s stay calm and watch Blade Man👌

  113. 113 : fran Says:

    sorry, i am an avid fan of korean dramas but i must say, i will make a pass with this drama. i promised myself not to watch anymore of Shin Se Kyung projects due to her blank expression with her previous dramas. never again i will waste my time. for some of you raving on her performance, please see other korean dramas and you will know by par, she cannot act. just my honest opinion.

  114. 114 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    SSK really has a blank expression with hr beautiful face.

  115. 115 : iin Says:

    yes SSK is blank. but why the director still choose her. why? not only pretty but also improvisation.

  116. 116 : kimchilee Says:

    Watched episode 1 and that’s it.. can’t stand the pure abuse of people which makes me think Korean culture in the corporate world sucks! beating and bullying of employees to that extend (you throw a notebook at a person!!?? I thought that poor fella died!!) I’ve seen this type of abusing attitude in most of the dramas.. and the first episode here is the worst abuse of employees I’ve ever seen! and to think it’s done by LDW.. he may feel guilty later but heck! damaged already done. I’m out of this drama.

  117. 117 : Bonsy Says:

    i cant even afford to finish ep1,its ridiculous story for me.sorry:(

  118. 118 : sandy Says:

    I don’t get some people, they keep repeating themselves, this drama is bad, ssk is expressionless and blah blah blah.we already know that, nothing new. just chill out, if you don’t like it then don’t bother yourself to comment. just ignore it. Show respect for the viewers who like it

  119. 119 : ogundijo missblues aminat Says:

    shin se kyung fighting!!! Haters should act your role if easy

  120. 120 : gulss Says:

    i watched ep 1 and tried to watch ep 2 but it is soooo boring -_-

  121. 121 : Lyana Says:

    Shin se kyung if she have another drama with new actor i think many of us will not going to watch for sure. ! we watch her drama because lead act not her soo why this drama many comment bad comment , about her going to be the same with ( when a man loves )

  122. 122 : Baby Says:

    Will watch this drama just for Lee Dong Wook. I really love his previous drama “Hotel King”, and fall in love with him since “My Girl” and “Scent of a Woman”. No matter how the story of this drama, I will definetely watch this drama to support my favorite actor Lee Dong Wook and I’m sure he will act really well here. Fighting! Love Lee Dong Wook forever!!!

  123. 123 : u Says:

    i don’t like the leading lady.
    she’s not good to act.
    ”Deep rooted tree” and ”when a man falls in love” i dont like this show too because of the girl.
    and the rating #ironman is poor..

  124. 124 : Seyha Says:

    It’s not bad, the actor and actress fit together, SSK you are much better now…Love this drama

  125. 125 : ewn Says:

    boring..baduy..copy cut..kaya pala ang rating ay low..

  126. 126 : Rainsim Says:

    my lovely girl will be better thatn these drama because it have a good lead cast not like this drama just the lead actor is good

  127. 127 : sakura Says:

    I STILL dont like SSK act No MATTER she act in IRON MAN >_<

  128. 128 : Ivy Says:

    Lee Dong Wook.. Why you take the role on this drama?
    I’m your fans..
    Better if you should take a rest after filming ‘hotel king’ or you should take the role in a better drama than this.
    I’m agree with all comments above, don’t know why, but the lead actress probably the biggest reason this drama has a low rating.
    I don’t know why a lot of people are hating her – maybe because of her average acting skill. But I will give this drama a chance.
    Even if I’m not sure if iron man will as success as hotel king, but I’ll keep support Lee Dong Wook here ^^

  129. 129 : clara Says:

    there are too much hate for the actress..that’s really a shame..

  130. 130 : AVOPIECE Says:

    I dont like the actress here LDW must be paired again with LDH

  131. 131 : naysa Says:

    guys pls dont look at the lead actress here. SSK has improved her act skill tho. pls appreciate her work here. Just look at the story, it was really good. if dont just leave and dont watch it….

  132. 132 : Lyana Says:

    Because SSK this drama rating low same like when a man loves . 🙂
    Maybe only me in HONGKONG dont like her acting. But i think not only me hehe

  133. 133 : linda28 Says:

    not cool this drama is not on viki????????????????????so upset=(

  134. 134 : Autumn Grace Says:

    What the…. Please replace the lead actress! She’s quite bad for LDW. There is no good chemistry between them. Too bad, the rating is so low. Too much haters!

  135. 135 : DVD Says:

    Don’t like the actress , she played in fashion king, when a man loves soo bad

  136. 136 : tasya Says:

    I dont like the actrees too. Her acting is to bad. I have wacthed “When a Men Loves” its make me disapointed. Bored drama. Im stoped at 3’th episode. Bad story, bad actrees. only a good actor. Looks like this drama. SSK you should’t play at WaML. Its make you more bad. Cause the girl in WaML is a bad girl. You make bad your image.
    The simple story can be impressed if the actress and the actor are skilled and charactered.
    why SSK? She’s just beauty but not a good actress. So many a good actress at korea looks like: Ha Ji Won, Lee Yo Won, Han Ji Hye, ect. They are not really beauty but they are impressed actress. I love you HJW & LYW. Im always waiting for your next drama. Sorry SSK

  137. 137 : Diyan Says:

    Ooohh no… Rating its law….
    Hhhhmmm… I now Because Shin Se kyung…
    LDW…. SABARA’oho!!! ^^

  138. 138 : william Says:

    Why are you guys hate Shin se kyaung.She is also popular actress in korea . His acting is may be dull becaue of just story. She is good actress . Let´s see forward !

  139. 139 : nisa Says:

    for me a love this drama it`S so funny hhh it`s so good

  140. 140 : daisy Says:

    why dont you like her(ssk) ,i cant understand. i like her acting . according to me, she is playing good .

  141. 141 : Susan Says:

    Some people need to relax. This drama is funny. If you are not watching the drama because you don’t like the leading actress;you are missing out. I couldn’t stop laughing the leading act is funny in this drama. Give the drama a chance and you might be surprised.

  142. 142 : frozt Says:

    why everyone dislike the lead actress
    She acts perfectly for her role

  143. 143 : terazhang Says:

    usually people are judging an actress or actor based on their performance in the previous drama. i don’t really like SSk acting too. When she act in Fashion King, her role and the storyline itself is bad, so people cannot really accept it. However for me, I tried to give her another chance during WAMIL drama. But unfortunately, she choose a bad role as well. She bomb the chance twice. Of course it’s not her faults but it’s difficult for the viewers who has watch both of the drama to swallow any of her acting….I love LDW but maybe I’ll watch it next time when my feeling towards SSK cool down…

    By the ways, people don’t hate the male leads of both drama, but people are hating SSK. That will say something about her acting and her previous role

  144. 144 : Mandy Says:

    ZzZzz.. This drama is seriously boring! First 2 episodes is too dramatic and exaggerating.. Episode 3 literally made me fell asleep while watching it! As much as I love LDW, I couldn’t bring myself to watch this drama, sadly:(( What a waste of LDW’s talent in acting!

  145. 145 : anne Says:

    Glad to watch ep 3-4. I’m going to continue for the next… seems like SSK get better… I got teary eyes this time. But still joo hong bin’s smell issue and that iron thing a bit over too much. Hope that writer nim will give an answer to these. Ending episode 4 is so heartbreaking…

  146. 146 : anne Says:

    @susan 141: yeah agreed. It’s funny. I don’t think SSK is that too bad now. Like I said b4, I, as a viwers hate her characters in her previous drama.. but I guess it’s not fully her fault. She just got a bad script for her role. I also dislike her previous dramas.
    I just don’t get it why people keep on blaming her that much. It’s just a drama anyway. Sometimes if I don’t like a drama or even the cast.. I just drop it out. Give up watching. Ah.. like Hotel King.. I really love at the beginning but then it becomes boring to me. I like both leading cast but if the drama storylines is bad.. what can I say.. this is my own thought, everyone has different thought anyway.


    Ah.. I said this not because I’m a fan of anybody.. since I’m only be the fan of a good and interesting story. 🙂

  147. 147 : rhian Says:

    she’s not good to act. please replace that girl.

  148. 148 : naysa Says:

    loved ep 3 & 4 so funny and the effect jst wow.
    no matter how bad ppl think this drama was, im still loved it and keep it on my k-drama list this year. youd guys better comment after watch the story. you found it boring bcs you cant face the lead actrees that u dont like in her previous dramas. just try to forget how bad she acts in other dramas bcs here its actually different from what youd seen. smh

    iron man fighting~!

  149. 149 : maida Says:

    I am one of those who once thought SSK is lacking actress but after i saw her in this drama , i can say she has improved very much , it seems she has been working on herself .so i applause her ..as i was criticizing her befor , i will support her now coz she deserve as she was working hard lately.
    It is never too late to start over again for an actor

  150. 150 : panchin Says:

    I REALLY DON’T UNDERSTAND how you can get award for an excellent actress???? Are they blind?? What you has done to get it?
    I know you are a beautiful and pretty girl with a beautiful body and innocent faces. But you’re not a good actress. Excellent??? Tooooo far. I think some influential people backing you. It’s right? If you want to be a good actress do some inovation, creatif and increase your skill. Show your emotion. You don’t have emotion and character. Make me boring to see your acting. Make some change before more and more people doesn’t like you. Dont be ashamed the korean actress.

  151. 151 : sheli Says:

    I don’t know how to say this but I hate her acting. I don’t know why people cast her when her acting is bad. Maybe it’s just because of her pretty look. She is expressionless in both real life and acting.
    She is the worst Korean actress I have ever watched. I will never watch her movie anymore. She has no expression at all or perhaps she avoided to smile or laugh that will ruin her fake face. I wonder why they still cast her. Her acting is so poor, the character she played was also terrible…… just a waste of time to watch her movies….

  152. 152 : eugene Says:

    She is the worst Korean actress I have ever watched. I will never watch her movie anymore. She has no expression at all or perhaps she avoided to smile or laugh that will ruin her fake face. I wonder why they still cast her. Her acting is so poor, the character she played was also terrible…… just a waste of time to watch her movies….
    Who said she is beautiful and pretty? she is one of the ugliest korean actress. Her face is made of plastic, that is why she cannot smile or laugh…… no expression. Terrible ….

  153. 153 : aia Says:

    stop acting,you don’t know how to act anymore.
    low rating at all.
    replace that girl.
    i don’t like her too.

  154. 154 : tintinRELOS Says:

    some actors/actress should be better to be just second lead or in the supporting cast…

  155. 155 : TiffanyLovely Says:

    ive just finished ep4, it wasnt that bad you guys! i will continue to watch it! been always a fan of Lee Dong Wook!! i like Lee Dong Wook & the kid in this serie, i heard lot of negative comments abt the lead actress, i didnt hate her, however, her chemistry wit Lee Dong Wook is not as good as compared to Lee Da Hae in Hotel King!

  156. 156 : maida Says:

    SSK was bad actress , was lacking in her previous projects so what ? We critcize , we hate but if she had been working on herself now and get improved , we still reiterate the same critcism .don’t be judimental and support her .all of us sometimes need a second .

  157. 157 : maida Says:

    Though i am big fan of wookie but i swear by god if SSK ruin the drama as she did befor i will drop coz he has to be carefull …
    But she is nice and strangly i start to like her

  158. 158 : mdfyzxx Says:

    I watched ep 3 and 4 last night and i LOVE it!! ♡ Lee Dong Wook’s acting perfect and SSK really improved her skills believe me and story getting attractive! I don’t know why drama ratings low that much but I continue to watch it. Look forward to next episodes!!

  159. 159 : april Says:

    for Lee dong wook you’re always doing great whatever project you have we will support you always… me & my kids are your fans..we will support you always… i think the actress was not that bad in acting i’ve watched her previous drama i think she improved her self now…Godbless u all.. Fighting!!! i wish the ratings will go up soon…

  160. 160 : CRY9020 Says:

    I really feel that actress Koo Hye Sun will be perfect for the role of Son Se Dong, I wish they had cast her instead of ssk :'( T.T T.T

  161. 161 : anni Says:

    comment 151 and 152 is from one person :))) she or he must hate this actress thats why she wrote both the same opinion with different names. i like the actress, she act not bad! stop the bad comments about her

  162. 162 : orkidflower Says:

    It was a unic drama I seen.Other from another drama.Story become more suspended episode by episode.So,enjoy the drama without complain.

  163. 163 : orkidflower Says:

    Before that,when this drama ongoing in Malaysia.I keep waiting.I watch this movie on YouTube.KBs2 astro am I right??when..(T.T)

  164. 164 : Jyenie Says:

    I have enjoyed ep 1-4. In facts, I chose to watch this drama due to SSK cos most of her projects are interesting. I think her acting is fine and not annoying.

  165. 165 : neea Says:

    one less drama to watch for now, thank you shin se kyung.

  166. 166 : usa-mary Says:

    Shin Se Kyung…FIGHTING!

  167. 167 : oyunaa Says:

    Shin Se Kyung…thank you

  168. 168 : Kdramalover Says:

    I’m not a fan of shin se kyung nor a basher, but I think this drama is good and you cannot just curse this drama because your hate actress is here. On my opinion she just did what has been instructed her to act in when a man falls in love that is the role of she was portraying, that is her character role not her own. So would you mind just focus on the story and if you don’t like seeing her act why would you mind wasting your time on bashing her. And just don’t say what’s on your mind like this drama deserves a low rating. Don’t just focus on shin se kyung instead look at the plot of the story and how it will goes. God bless!

  169. 169 : YoRoseberry Says:

    Really so bad? This actress always act like innocent

  170. 170 : rea Says:

    When a man loves, i watched it becoz the lead actor. I didn’t know SSK at that time, i didn’t know her acting skills, and i think she’s pretty so i still watched it until eps 5 i stopped to watch. Becoz.. She’s very flat, i mean her expression, not BAD, but FLAT.. She must learn much in acting.. And then, this, Blade Man, oh i love dong wook becoz of Hotel King. But, he paired with SSK. Oh okay, maybe this time i give her a chance, maybe she will prove to us, maybe she gain her acting skills. But.. I think.. She’s stilll flat, hahaa.. Sorry.. I give up….

  171. 171 : Lyana Says:

    Ohh pleaseeeeeee just hide 1st ssk for littel time because the more you have new drama  the more people hate you. But i dont know why . ? But really , happy face , sad face angry face , romatic face , your face look the same , 🙁 . . Please I really waiting for new drama LDW but why with SSK . I love korean drama or korea movie . I stay in HK 10 years not much watch Canton HK DRAMA I not really !THIS Drama the male lead make me want to watch but the lead actress make me not going to watch this drama . Ssk in . BI Rain Return to base movie but I not watch after i read and see Shin SK in that movie . mosty I watch drama Korea even the actress or actor not to pretty if the expression the face like fate.

  172. 172 : fran Says:

    thank you all for your comments. i am watching several dramas already; really good dramas and i am happy that i have one less to watch. to be fair, i checked on SSK profile, and she has no acting degree or even went to school for acting. that explains her no expressions at all. being pretty is not everything. even beauty contests needs brains. acting needs skills. and so as other professions.
    many thanks to all your comments. no guilt on my part for skipping this drama.

  173. 173 : leng Says:

    I watched both Fashion King and When a man loves. I was OK, just OK with SSK in Fashion King. Watched When a Man Loves, was annoyed with her acting (character maybe?).

    I like Lee Dong Wook, so watched this, Blade Man, with an open mind, hoping for some improvement from SSK part.

    Alas, her expressions were like how rea #170 described, flat. She improved though, compared to both the previous dramas, a little. Lots and lots and lots of rooms for improvements.

    Me too, sorry, SSK, gave up on this drama

  174. 174 : cc Says:

    Very good drama.. Please respect and appreciate their hard work. I will support LDW and SSK!! FIGHTING!!

  175. 175 : usa-mary Says:

    Hmmm…from what I’ve watched so far, for the role Se Dong, SSK has great timing when utilizing facial and eye expressions with precise delivery in each scene; and does it quite well. Even if her portrayal as Mi Do in When A Man Falls In Loves didn’t spark fires of idol worship from kdrama fans, I’m going to remain open and objective to her acting role portrayals as she grows and becomes a seasoned actress.

    I’ll continue to watch this drama even if the plot (and the main character) is weird.


  176. 176 : usa-mary Says:

    P.S. At one time I wondered why (among most kdramaland fans) the female actresses are expected to walk around grinning like a Cheshire cat fool in these dramas when the same is not expected of the male actors? From what I’ve watched so far, most of the men in this drama walk around with poker faces and no eye expressions and…neither is heard, a discouraging word or frustration towards them. Now, I know why (IMHO)…its partiality. Partiality can be so ugly in its unfairness!!!

  177. 177 : anne Says:

    I really don’t understand why do some people here said that ‘this drama is a waste’ ‘this actress is so worst’ ‘her acting is bad’ ‘deserve or not’ and whatsoover. But they all end up here spent their precious time just to write their negative and disencouraging comments. I’ve already tired everytime I forced to read those harsh words while I visit this page. It has been happened b4, it’s also the lead actress being critisized, Lee Da Hae in Hotel King.Those bad and negative comments, do they ever think that their comments turned to be a knife which already cut someone’s heart. If we are really kindhearted and an angelic-heart person, do we have to critisize too rude. Well, sorry no offense guys. Just my thought. The more you hate someone/something, the more you critisize, the more you love in the end. Why? It’s because hatred is another form of love. Someone who hate others will be busy to seek for his/her weaknesses. Having a hatred heart is so tiring. As for me, just enjoy the drama, if you don’t why you still keep watching. Just find another drama which suits your desire. Once again, no offense. I’m just too tired reading it already. I try not to, but since it’s too much. How can I don’t read it?

    Iron Man fighting!!! Don’t worry, some.of us still love this drama. 😀
    I’m still waiting ep 3-4 completely be subbed. Can’t waiitttttt 😀

  178. 178 : anne Says:

    miss-typing.. I mean ep 5-6… LOL

  179. 179 : usa-mary Says:

    I’ve had my say already about the SSK hateful comments and opinions, and will not use this thread to either feed nor fuel them. I’m here to comment on this wonderful, exceptional drama and not theirs. Anyway…

    Unique! Absolutely UNIQUE…Writer Kim! Bravo to a new and very interesting portrayal of a wounded soul…iron spikes and all. A soul so wounded by his father’s parenting and obstinance towards his career choice, lover, and success that it effects his daily life (IMHO). It effects everyone around him, including the atmospheric environment. What wonderful analogies.

    If I was Se Dong, I would have a ‘POKER FACE’ and then some, too towards a man who appears to get his rocks off by smelling my very essence! From a stranger…more eerie than romantic! LOL Even if he is the person I will have business dealings with, I’d make sure that I (pack) something to protect myself from that weirdo behavior. LOL Hong Bin…FIGHTING!!! Yet, its still wonderful how her pheromones overrides the hospital smell corridors away, drawing him to her. BRAVO, Writer Kim! Hong Bin needed a diversion of pleasantry from his outlandish behavior towards his employees. He takes anger management to a whole other planet, surpassing levels!

    Secy Go (my man) knows exactly how to free Hong Bin of the dangers of his impending anger…sparring it out! What a brave, well paid soul he is. Its obvious that Hong Bin’s challenge to free himself of that anger and pain is disguised in the package of Se Dong and his son by Tae Hee. For a while, I believe he’ll see them both more as a curse than a blessing. The path to emotional healing may not be an easy one to take, but its a rewarding one after its said and done. I look forward to Hong Bin forgiving his father (whether his father accepts it or not), embracing his brother (half-brother?) who obviously adores him, and removing himself from this detrimental, self proclaimed ODD behavior.

  180. 180 : Celine Says:

    This is…strange 😐

  181. 181 : fullheart5 Says:

    Decided to give this drama a go. So far on episode 2 and am completely baffled. Of course going to have to watch more to puzzle it out. But mostly at this point wondering why Secretary Ko (one of my favorite actors, he is so adorable) puts up with Hong Bin. There has to be a story there. LOL

  182. 182 : usa-mary Says:

    Oh…God help me! LOL I don’t blame Chang for reciting the nursery rhyme, Rain, rain, go away. After getting a good look at the leisure suit Hong Bin wore in episode 2-3 while looking for Chang, he looked like an artist’s speckled graphite rubbed, scattered thunder shower! Keep the shirt and jacket, but the matching pant has to go. A solid, charcoal gray pant would look much better. Other than that, this unique drama so far is A-Okay!

  183. 183 : John k Says:

    This is the worst drama I’ve ever seen. It’s a fucken stupid drama. The worst drama I’ve ever seen!! Every drama the lead female acts in is horrible!!why is it when every drama she appears in, it becomes a horrible drama.

  184. 184 : cc Says:

    Omo Omo, the rating is up… FIGHTING!!!

  185. 185 : phebcy Says:

    @john k,u said d drama is horrible nd stupid cos of d actres bt is quite horrible too wen u waste ur stupid time commentin…cos if is horrible nd stupid u will nt beorder to comment anyway no offense cos me im loving d drama..
    ssk fighting!!!!!!:-):-):-)

  186. 186 : jodi Says:

    I’m loving it so far. It is really interesting.. I cant predict what will happen next eps and thats the real entertainment.

  187. 187 : usa-mary Says:

    SSK is a phenomenal actress in this drama! Everyone in it has great chemistry.

    From SSK, I’ve seen so many facial and eye expressions that depicted her bewilderment, frustration, fighting spirit, encouragement, camaraderie, empathy, motherly love, affection…and so much more that it would take a long time to name them all. Her performance is of a seasoned actress who’s in sync with her character. I call it like I see it. BRAVO…BRAVO…BRAVO!!! To everyone in this drama! BRAVO!!!

  188. 188 : usa-mary Says:

    The scene where Hong Bin secretly started laughing when he recalled Se Dong saying abracadabra to Chang to get him to eat his food was captivating. Even more so was when he hid under the comforter, to really laugh out loud…priceless!

    His emotional healing has already begun. I think he’ll want to keep Se Dong around for Chang a bit longer.

    Iron [email protected] Man…FIGHTING!!!

  189. 189 : maida Says:

    I think he wasn’t only laughing coz abracadabra thing but also he was the one responsible for the closure of the company SSD was supposed to work for ‘remember he came to his company the day after and was certain she would call ,he was happy in torture her coz she forced him to apologize to her

  190. 190 : usa-mary Says:

    @maida-189: I knew that laugh (while under the covers) was kind of devilish with a sinister spin on it!

  191. 191 : Kv-Lee Says:

    SeKyung improved a lot in this drama and i believe she will do the same in future drams/movies. Don’t hate an actor/actress based on one/two dramas that the character itself in the script sucks at the first place. Give it a go and this drama is a good example. Totally digging SeDong’s dorky expression and Hongbin’s outrageous way of expressing things! GOOD JOB SSK and LDW!!!

  192. 192 : usa-mary Says:

    About the kdrama guys…

    Chang…my little sweetie. You are a breath of fresh air. I don’t blame you for not wanting to stay at a house hearing strange noises from a roaming monster. Exit…stage door…left…

    Hong Bin, my mysterious, manly little pheromone phreak! Living in your own self-proclaimed Garden of Versailles. FIGHTING!!!

    Secy Ko…oooooh papi. You can whisk me away on your back or over your shoulder anytime! mmmmmwah

  193. 193 : anne Says:

    Done watching ep 5-6. waa… I love this drama. It’s so fun-watching. I love how the mystery in this drama revealed one by one.. yoon butler, I guess there’s something with her.. Can’t wait for next episode… I tjink KBS is starting to give us a good drama again… LOL, Don’t think about the harsh comments or rating, Iron Man fighting!!!!

  194. 194 : usa-mary Says:

    Writer Kim, you’re the BEST!!! What fantastic ideas you’ve brought to kdrama’s.

    Se Dong is fierce! Apprehended the wallet snatcher! LLLLLOL! It’s refreshing to not have to watch a stupid acting, emotionally weak woman for a change.


    Hong Bin, is gradually beginning to open up his imprisoned soul just like the flowers he imagines whenever he smells Se Dong’s scent. For now, he can’t understand Se Dong’s unshackled expressions of joy, warmth and kindness towards strangers. Yet, he’s making small, socializing strides towards his emotional freedom. HB…FIGHTING!

  195. 195 : sheli Says:

    #161 @Anni
    i dont know what are you talking talking about.
    i dont know that person named Eugene #152.
    for your info.there are many people that dont like that girl SSK not only me.
    stop accusing me..youre the one who called AnniBATUMBAKAL HUHUHUh HAHAHAHA!! so funny!

  196. 196 : xune Says:

    more drama less action bla!

  197. 197 : nic Says:

    I REALLY DON’T UNDERSTAND how you can get award for an excellent actress???? Are they blind?? What you has done to get it?
    I know you are a beautiful and pretty girl with a beautiful body and innocent faces. But you’re not a good actress. Excellent??? Tooooo far. I think some influential people backing you. It’s right? If you want to be a good actress do some inovation, creatif and increase your skill. Show your emotion. You don’t have emotion and character. Make me boring to see your acting. Make some change before more and more people doesn’t like you. Dont be ashamed the korean actress.

  198. 198 : QueenB Says:

    I stopped “the spring day of my life” because it becomes my boring day of life.
    I try this drama and I see this female lead’s acting here is the same level at the female lead at “the spring day of … life”. I surprised that even though the acting of both female leads of both drama at the same level but the female lead here received more negative complaints than the female lead in other drama.
    I think both actresses need to study how to act better.

  199. 199 : uee Says:

    watched this drama since so much hoo-hah. I must say I would agree that SSK needs lots of improvement. I think she has the looks, the pretty innocent wide-eyed sweet look, but that’s not enough. Since it’s only 6 ep, I will watch next week’s before deciding to continue or otherwise.

    At this moment, I am quite disappointed. Just my feelings

  200. 200 : usa-mary Says:

    Whoa! Hong Bin’s appa tipped and dipped with the head housekeeper who’s trying to lay claim to her ‘mistress’ rights as mother of his oldest son. Those type women really have some gall! I wonder when this elder (bastard child) will appear; its going to be quite interesting. Whoever he is, he had better hope that Hong Bin’s temperament subsided somewhat because if not, he had better run in the opposite direction when it rains. Spikey doesn’t play!

    I look forward to watching episode 7.

    SSK, you’re doing an excellent job! BRAVO

  201. 201 : usa-mary Says:

    By the way…it is believable that Se Dong can apprehend a thief. In reality, it has been done by female individuals shorter in height and more petite in stature than her.

    Thank you writer Kim-nim! I’m enjoying this drama immensely!

  202. 202 : Dcosta-Rules Says:

    Already watched the first two ep, and I say Shin Se Kyung has improved a lot if you compare it to her acting in Fashion King. And Lee Dong Wook’s acting is as great as usual. Looking forward to the next episodes.

  203. 203 : Qaireen Says:

    episode 6 ending song…OneRepublic – counting stars metal cover by Death Blossoms

  204. 204 : Gr-'/@95 Says:

    Why is it that I can’t get subtitles on my hulu plus drama fever for this drama. I can on my tablet and ipad, but not on my tv. But I do enjoy this drama very much.

  205. 205 : usa-mary Says:

    In kdramaland, there usually is a mistress or 2 somewhere to be found looking to claim their rights as a past/current lover and bearer of the 1st born male (or a female-depending on how much old dude loved the mistress, and if his #1 wife was barren). Butler Yoon and the like need to form a 2nd wives (mistress) club.

  206. 206 : usa-mary Says:

    Butler Yoon’s character is right in time with the goblins and ghouls of Halloween. Somebody needs to burn her broom, like yesterday.

    Now, this maven of evil wickedness is trying to set up little sweetie Chan with that old meanie gf without Hong Bin’s knowledge and permission. She’s really asking for a personal visit from spikey.

    The graphics, especially in episode 6, in this drama are amazing! I hope for a good ending for Hong Bin, Se Dong and Chang. For Hong Bin, especially. His monster appearance/abilities makes him an object of scientific observation.

  207. 207 : Snow Says:

    i din’t understand why did the rating is very low. lee dong wook is so cool and my fav actor. . .
    I really like Hotel King . . . .but blade man is also great. . .saranghae oppa lee dong wook. . .

  208. 208 : gendhis Says:

    The story is weird… Rating is so true

  209. 209 : Dane O_o Says:

    why shin se kyung drama always hit lots of like (facebook)? while many people hate her —___—

  210. 210 : jesisca Says:

    Just love them,,They had chemistry,,, don’t judge se kyung too bad,,she improved a lot in this drama..epi 7 has beautiful ending,,,love the kiss

  211. 211 : Big fan Says:

    This is a very good drama! I love the chemistry between Hong Bin and Se Dong… I was not sure how this was going to be since the storyline is very unusual, but I am really enjoying it.

    Lee Dong Wook is a very talented actor. I think this is my favorite role for him, where he can show all types of expressions and personality so well. I have always like SSK… She has such a clean beauty and sweetness in this drama. The little Chang is as adorable as can be.

  212. 212 : gadood Says:

    where is episode 8

  213. 213 : Bob Says:

    I can’t find ep 8 anyway, even the raw? Didn’t it air today!?!?!

  214. 214 : usa-mary Says:

    This is a great drama! I’m enjoying it immensely.

    I agree that the chemistry between Hong Bin and Se Dong is extraordinary. I haven’t experience or sensed any uncomfortable or awkward feelings between the two while watching them together. They are completely in sync with their lines in every scene.

    Yet, what I do sense brewing is a battle between appa Soo and Hong Bin for Chang. In addition to that, unbeknown to Hong Bin, his appa is going to target Se Dong because of Butler Yoon’s instigations. Tsk, tsk, tsk…appa Soo will definitely find out how true Hong Bin’s words are about being dangerous and to not cause any trouble. But, being the hard-headed, stubborn, set in his ways old chaebol man that he proclaims to be, he will with much, much regret meet my Spikey.

  215. 215 : anne Says:

    @Qaireen 203
    Thanks… nice song! One more, did you know what’s the title song of backsound played in a some scenes, like when hong bin embraced se dong and there are fireflies coming…

    Ep 7 is so awesome.. can’t waitt for episode 8… but, wait… I can’t find ep 8 anywhere!! it should be already be released right? Don’t say that there’s another pending drama by KBS2.. ohhh noooo…….!! Not again please!!! it’s enough already for high school love on, not for iron man please!! I’m so curious for episode 8!!! Anyone please tell me where is ep 8????

  216. 216 : anne Says:

    @ 209 Dane O_o
    Well, It mans that more people like her than people who hate her. As for me, this is the second drama after Queen Seondeuk she;s in that I love to watch. Well don’t think about the haters or her anti-fan, just enjoy the drama if you like it… 🙂

  217. 217 : Callan Says:

    Dong Wook…nice guy, very likeable but awful actor.

    I can read Se Kyung so easily which shows how attentive she was at drama school. Lol! No but seriously, the contrast is disturbing. Perhaps Dong Wook should remain in variety shows and forget about any serious drama work.

    Enjoying this drama.

  218. 218 : anne Says:

    Admin, is it right what I read above that ep 8 was aired. I’m looking it everywhere, but no where to be found. I checked on dramafever, they says that it was pre-emptied due to Asian Games. So which one is right Admin? Where is ep 8????

    (@anne from admin: Episode 8 has been delayed from 2014-Oct-02 to 2014-Oct-08 due to the Asian Games)

  219. 219 : SoneExotic Says:

    Wah~ yoogeun already grow big! Cuteee~ I still remember when he being a son on Hello baby Shinee. Congrate Yoogeun, already being a actor. Hope u have more fan after this! Hwaithing! ^__^

  220. 220 : NovieAgassi Says:

    I cant find this drama eps 8??? Why???

  221. 221 : jodi Says:

    Noooo ep 8.. How can I survive next week.. thats why I hate footballers😠 I lilke this drama and I like LDW even more. BM fighting💪

  222. 222 : degam-manim Says:

    KBS2 TV broadcasted 2014 Incheon Asian Games instead of Iron Man Ep 8. I’m so mad!!!

  223. 223 : usa-mary Says:

    Now, I know what happened. Thank you to everyone that posted your comments because I was looking everywhere for episode 8, too. Also, ‘thank you’ admin for the note re the episode date change and why.

    On a personal note: Even if its my first time watching Lee Dong Wook in a drama, he’s well suited here. He portrays the persona of Hong Bin very well.

    Practice makes perfect and successful. Thank you SSK for whatever steps you took to hone your acting skills since we last saw you in a drama. Honing ones skills applies to us all on a daily basis…believe it or not. If not, one becomes stale, unmarketable, selfish, stubborn and in this case evil like chaebol appa Joo Jang Won who doesn’t think that he needs to change or work on himself. UGLY…UGLY…UGLY…behavior. A good drama though. Well, until…

  224. 224 : eny Says:

    i’m surprise that i enjoying this drama , i usually doesn’t like fantasy drama but this drama is interesting to me . the story is unique n funny. i even enjoying this drama more than hotel king eventhought i like lee da hae. i think Shin se kyung not that bad i think she could act well as se dong

  225. 225 : aa786 Says:

    shin se kyung’s not that bad, i guess. i think she’s doing okay this time. I’m cutting slack here. despite getting a decent amount of likes on Facebook, there’s still A LOT of people who still think she’s a bad actress. i still don’t see any positive review from critics or k-netizens.

  226. 226 : kernel mode Says:

    I really love ep 7!!! Leads are pretty enough to show feels and emotions successfully and they melted my heart. Can’t comparative any other no-emotion and bad-acting idol dramas.

  227. 227 : Carmarie Says:

    I enjoyed episode 7 as well. It made me smile, it made me laugh, it made tears come to my eyes. I loved it when Song Se Dong told Joo Hong Bin about the rumors at work and that the employees said she was pretty and he started to laugh, the scene was very funny.
    I like the fact the writers made Shin Se Kyung’s character feisty. She is not afraid to confront Lee Dong Wook. I also liked the fact SSD could say, she liked JNB. I am so sick and tired of Kdramas, with women, who don’t know or can’t say what they want. Very well written episode.

  228. 228 : maida Says:

    Carmarie 227
    Well said ,tottaly agree

  229. 229 : stardust Says:

    The story might be really not my type but the actor LDW is my type😜 damn, he is so sweeeet

  230. 230 : dhi kra Says:

    Oppa LDW u r so awesome jinja daebek

  231. 231 : Rose Says:

    I did not see the first couple of Episodes. Who is Chang’s father?

    Who is Tae Hee? Did Hong Bin’s dad do something to her??

    The older couple – are they Tae Hee’s parents?

    I like the 4th and 5th episodes, but I am lost as to what is going on

    I think LDW is doing a great job with this role. It is a very different role to play.

    Thanks for any help.

  232. 232 : stela Says:

    Story is a bit boring.

  233. 233 : usa-mary Says:

    @Rose-231: Go to Dramabean’s recap list under Iron Man (KBS, 2014) for episodes 1&2. That is unless someone on this thread wants to recap the first 2 episodes for you.

  234. 234 : usa-mary Says:

    Hong Bin, you laugh…telling Se Dong that she’s not pretty and has a squash face. Really!!! Your heart is already pounding as you’re attracted to her pheromones; that is whenever you’re not in that mean, self-righteous, overbearing mental mode. The way you sniff her, its a wonder your feet stay on the ground.

    Hong Bin…fighting!

  235. 235 : usa-mary Says:

    Little David Chang is soooo cute and adorable! Children help soften the hard-heartedness of adults and brings balance to dramas, IMHO. That is, as long as the plot is family oriented and not that killer, thriller wacky storyline where the child is the victim. Those plots I pass on.

    David Chang, you’re a good one. I won’t even ride the Viking. No WAY!!! Give me the Merry-Go-Round. I’ve had my fair share of hair-raising, crazy rides.

  236. 236 : Gugu Says:

    The rating for this drama is the lowest amongst the wed-thurs drama, but in my honest opinion, it shld at least beat She’s So Lovable. Am a huge Rain fan and yet i cannot go on with the drama. This is way much better. Fighting Blade Man!!

  237. 237 : nanoandmano Says:

    Yes the story is boring.. I want to give up on it but I really like the cutness of hong bin. I hate the writer, I dont know what he or she is thinking of by writing this …..

  238. 238 : salma.mhdh Says:

    i hate this drama from the bottom of my heart sorry LDW you didn’t make the right choice 😉

  239. 239 : jesisca Says:

    Everyone who don’t like this drama,, i’m sure because the leading woman,,,but if you analyze every details of the drama,, you can see and understand what the story of drama told about..this drama is unique,, love all casts,,, SSK has better acting than previous drama she did..LOve LDW,,,

  240. 240 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jessica-230: I agree with you about this drama’s storyline being unique and SSK’s acting is tremendously better than before. Personally, if there’s not a flow or chemistry between the actors, I can tell immediately. I experience an uneasy feeling which gets worse if I try to override it and watch something I don’t enjoy. Not so with this fantastic cast of actors. If I had one inkling of uneasiness, I would have dropped it faster than I blink my eyes.

    SSK’s acting can only be improved upon by continuing to do it. The naysayers don’t really matter. As a matter of fact, the naysayers are making her work harder to be the best. I don’t even try to persuade, convince, or converse with people who don’t have an eye for talent or understands what it takes to develop it. Talent is not always obvious…it’s usually hidden. But, is recognizable to certain ‘special’ ones who have the gifted eye to acknowledge it and help bring that gift to fruition. I applaud SSK for withstanding the heat of criticism by working even harder to hone her passion for acting. She’s a lot stronger and more resilient than her naysayers…I guarantee that!

  241. 241 : Rose Says:

    usa=mary – thank you for the Dramabeans info for Episodes 1 & 2.

  242. 242 : iin Says:

    SSK boring

  243. 243 : bubut Says:

    Eventhough the story is Questionable,the star power of dong wook and se Kyung,somehow saved this drama from flopping

  244. 244 : ptbac Says:

    unbiased point of view here…shin se kyung kinda improved, doin alright but still getting criticized for bad acting.
    Lee dong woo ok got star power, his fan girls watchin this for him.
    Shin sekyung do not have big fanbase, she do not have “strong” popularity, and her star power is not impressive compared to other actress, especially the male actors.

  245. 245 : usa-mary Says:

    @Rose-241: You’re welcome.

    Hong Bin’s dad shouldn’t be around children. He’s definitely an ill-tempered horror. Both Chang and Se Dong will need Hong Bin’s protection from that man.

    Iron [email protected] Man…FIGHTING!

  246. 246 : nanoandmano Says:

    Yes indeed, LDW is the best thing in this drama. I dont have anything against SSK.. I think shes fine. I will continue watching it cause there are secrets need to be unfold and i feel that I want to know what will happen next.

  247. 247 : Stevia Says:

    This is the first time I’ve seen Shin Se Kyung in a drama. I’m more familiar with other actresses though I don’t have a favorite. Much to my surprise, I find SSK quite a promising actress, contrary to the negative feedback here about her acting. Perhaps she can further improve by being more expressive with her eyes so as to emote more effectively. I’ll watch out for her next project for sure.

  248. 248 : usa-mary Says:

    What’s wrong with Hong Bin’s driver?!! He must be the stupidest man on planet earth. Doesn’t he know that children, in their learning stage innocence are the greatest mimics and minor birds on the earth. Now Chang will use the word damn when he’s happy!

  249. 249 : usa-mary Says:

    Butler Yoon is no joke and most definitely not a patsy, for sure. In kdramaland, I’ve never witnessed a house servant/employee shut down a chaebol madame…ever…until now.

  250. 250 : usa-mary Says:

    Oooooooh! Ep. 10 is really going to be goooood! I was wondering who was going to mess with Se Dong, causing Hong Bin to get so angry that his spikes appear. He’s so angry that he doesn’t care that its in broad daylight at a crowded amusement park. Don’t mess with SSD y’all! Hmmm…maybe madame will be the first to seek therapy after this incident. LOL

  251. 251 : Gugu Says:

    Sunday… 3 more days to Wed!!! Come faster pleaseeeeeee…. The agony of waiting. Should have start watching after the whole drama is completed, then i can burn the midnight oil to finish it. Every week going to be a very painful wait. Last i had to wait every week was Innocent Man. All the “Man”! JJANG!!!

  252. 252 : Donesk Says:

    The story is weird… Rating is so true

  253. 253 : usa-mary Says:

    @Gugu-251: I agree…come faster WEDNESDAY! LOL

    My mantra…I will be patient…I will be patient…I will be patient! hehehe

  254. 254 : anne Says:

    waaa I love blade man.. ep 8-9 are so great… can’t wait for next episdes!!!!!

  255. 255 : usa-mary Says:


  256. 256 : Storm Says:

    This show has improved greatly. I admit it stared of very weird but has become easier to understand. Recent episodes show a very cute romance developing.

  257. 257 : usa-mary Says:

    I reread the synopsis after watching this drama and just noticed something out of the ordinary.

    Dear Admin: A correction needs to get made to the second paragraph, 3rd sentence, 6th line from the last which mentions Song Hae Kyo. It should read Son Se Dong. Thank you for the correction wonderful Admin(s)…you’re the BEST!

    (@usa-mary from admin: Thanks for inform us.)

  258. 258 : Gugu Says:

    @usa-mary, just watched epi 10. Hoping to watched sub epi 11 tmrrw, and wait another loooonnggggg week!!! Stressing my mind thinking what’s gonna happen next. And loving the mickey mouse sweater he wore. Too cute with his arm wide open and asking for hugs.

  259. 259 : usa-mary Says:

    @Gugu-258: Exactly! It did seem like a very long wait. This drama may contain action and romance, but it also contains suspense and comedy. In an earlier episode, the 2 drunk men walking. One of them had a toupee which Hong Bin took as he flew overhead (Secy Go found it near the entrance of the house). The hunter who saw Hong Bin through his rifle scope, looking for game, then looking bewildered=comedy. The people in the haunted house as Secy Go all bloody tried shielding Hong Bin from them. The passersby, thinking its an act and part of the haunted house. Butler Yoon with her nosey self, peeking into Hong Bin’s master suite=suspense.

    For me, this episode contained some of the sweetest moments, so far, between Hong Bin and Se Dong. I like the way they talk to each other. Not in hysterics, but calmly. Their relationship is developing nicely.

    Hong Bin, don’t hurt my sweetie Secy Go, okay. Dislocating his shoulder, blackening his eye, bruising his lip, leaving cuts all over his fine, sculpted body. He’s not humpty-dumpty, you know.

    Now we know the culprits who caused Tae Hee’s mishap. What horrid people they are. Butler Yoon and Joo Jang are two vicious people. It looks like they seriously have similar plans for Se Dong. I believe Spikey will teach them a very valuable lesson this time. It’s the calm before the REAL STORM!

    I really liked Hong Bin’s Mickey Mouse sweater, too. During that scene, he was so shy and boyish acting, with a little apprehension thrown in. Not knowing if Se Dong knew that he accidently inflicted her with wounds; while at the same time, needing assurance that she was really alright. They both needed that confirmation…so sweet.

    This drama gets better and better as it goes on. I look forward to episode 11.

  260. 260 : Jet21 Says:

    This drama is worth to watch? There are so many hate comments about SSK. And im intrigue. Lol

  261. 261 : Gugu Says:

    @usa-mary, yup yup yup. Just watched epi 11. M really loving the plot. Sect Go is too cute too. I hope that the writers would not include too many twisted n horrid character much. Am very happy as it is. And now, the long wait till next wed! Do you think Tae Hee is still alive? It seems Hong Joo knows where she is in his letter. Butler Yoon definitely is hiding some dark secret.
    @jet21, in all honesty, i hv no idea why ppl are dissing SSK. She plays her character well. My suggestion is read the good n leave the bad. Hope you enjoy this drama as much as me.

  262. 262 : Jet21 Says:


    Thankyou. I will download the first 2 episodes. And I love LDW 🙂

  263. 263 : usa-mary Says:

    @Gugu-261: I really don’t know what was in the letter since it wasn’t subbed. Maybe I can find a site that subbed it. Butler Yoon is dark and maniacal. That would really put a spin on this drama if Tae Hee is found alive. Who would Hong Bin choose? His first love or current love?

    I like the drama the way it is, too. Yet, knowing how kdramaland writers are, there will be more episodes where Hong Bin will express his anger to protect those he cares for the most. That hit man who beat up Tae Hee crossed Hong Bin’s path for a reason. He won’t forget that face. I wonder what other powers Iron man possesses that we haven’t seen?

  264. 264 : xune Says:

    episode 1 up to present almost poor rating no sense watching this drama

  265. 265 : Rose Says:

    Hi out there — does anyone know why this show was not on Thursday night in the U.S.? There was some other show that was a re run.

  266. 266 : andriani Says:

    until now, i couldn’t understand what the story telling is.

  267. 267 : Gugu Says:

    @Jet21, well do feedback if you love it.
    @usa-mary, i managed to find a site that uploads eng subs really fast. Google for drama cool. They are the best!! Do you or hv you watched Cunning Single Lady? I highly recommends it. I finished the entire drama within 24hrs and am re-watching it whilst waiting for BladeMan. I m thinking of setting up a page in FB to talk about K dramas. An unbiased platform. What do you think?
    Coming back to the drama, m on my toes anticipating. Since police are investigating too. Wednesday!!! Please come faster!

  268. 268 : usa-mary Says:

    @Gugu-267: Thank you for the Drama Cool share. No, I haven’t watched Cunning Single Lady. I did read the synopsis before it aired. I’ll consider checking it out. Re FB…that sounds great! Since it will be unbiased, as the admin, will you control the extreme biased, negative comments about kdrama actors and actresses? Because, IMHO…the hateful, redundant comments go too far and tries to put a damper on those who enjoy the acting and the drama. Just a thought.

    I did see the police investigation scene. Yet, there was one saving grace for those two…the obscure darkness.

  269. 269 : usa-mary Says:

    Hmmm…I noticed that Se Dong doesn’t have a female relative, friend or friends to chat with. Only male friends and close childhood friend Kim Seung Hwan.

    Hahahaha,,,Seung Hwan introducing hoobaes from alma mater to the computer game managers (now panting like dogs) as they approached them. He was too funny when introducing them to his lady friends. “He may not be the best looking (Mr. Oh showing his teeth)…BUT…graduated from the best law school in our country. NOW…develops games…tire screeching sound…he’s got a six figure salary. He studied engineering at Stanford and is now developing games…(strange unfamiliar sound)…he has a six figure salary (Mr. Kim). The owner of the motorcycle.” vroom vroom…Seung Hwan you sly rascal. Well, at least for the women its $ove at first sight and ready to have their family’s meet. LOL

  270. 270 : usa-mary Says:

    I adore the way Hong Bin’s joined hands with Se Dong….so unique.

    I like Chang’s Mickey Mouse sweater. So cute.

    Too funny when Hong Bin was watching Secy Go eat. “She’ll think I’ve been starving you.” I must agree, he was eating at a pace as if that was his first real good meal in a looooog time. Even kept up the pace despite Hong Bin’s comments, knee nudging, and hand gestures. LOL

    Me likes a healthy, fit man with a hearty appetite that looks sexy in an apron while washing the dishes, Secy Go. (slowly blinking my eyes from a side view) hehehe That man has a boyish smile that could launch 10 thousand ships!

  271. 271 : anne Says:

    Iron man… Ah.. So lovely! Chang is back! Yoon butler, why did she do that? What does she want? Wealth?? Writer nim I still don’t get it.
    Hong joo’s mom is so bad. She should be thankful to Se Dong, because she saved her life. Hong’s dad, he is being a cruel dad to his sons, it’s because of Yoon butler. Hate that ahjumma more and moreeee…. LOL
    Ah.. Hong bin’s flashback when he went to military he saw High school student Se Dong begging for her dad. I thought it’s incomplete story and another puzzled for me!!!
    Hope writer nim can answers all of these!
    The storyline, episode per episode, gives me an unpredictable plots. Bravo!! Wed-thu quickly come please!!!!

  272. 272 : Gugu Says:

    @usa-mary, No probs. Sharing is caring as i know the wait to watched subbed epis are difficult. Have been site hoping till i found dramacool. And my life is complete since. Hahahaha….

    I have set up a group in FB titled My Korean Dramas. Its a closed group so its easier to manage in the event there are psychos there. But am not too sure whether will you be able to find it. Am an IT illiterate actually and knows basic stuff only. So fingers crossed and see how it goes.

  273. 273 : Gugu Says:

    @usa-mary, The plot thickens and every scene that Sect Go is in, he is oh-so-charming. Am really loving every minute of the drama except when Butler Yoon or the father or that irritating second wife is in. Each time they are on, i pray so hard that nothing harsh comes out from their mouth. Their acting are definitely A rated as it really make me believes so much that my heart reeled for them.

  274. 274 : Gugu Says:

    @anne, hi Anne, just know that you are not alone in waiting for wed & thurs to come. Me and usa-mary too are waiting anxiously. I actually started with watching She’s So Lovable as am a Rain fan. But after watching till epi6 and whilst waiting for 7. I switched to Blade Man as I have nothing else to watch. ANd been hooked to Blade Man and dropped She’s so lovable entirely. Blade Man fighting!!!

  275. 275 : happyone Says:

    What’s wrong with SSK Face, she has mumps?

  276. 276 : usa-mary Says:

    @Gugu-272: Drama Cool is the BEST. Re FB: I’m IT/software iterate, but not programmer literate. I probably should be able to find it. A closed group is better for keeping the psychos out, for sure. I believe you’ll do just fine. Besides, FB is very easy to maneuver.

    LOL..you’re too funny! I definitely agree with you. Those 3 actors portray antagonists very well. When they appear in a scene, I talk to the computer screen telling them to go away. hehehe

    I’m looking forward to episode 12.

  277. 277 : Gugu Says:

    @usa-mary: Yupsss!! Can’t wait for epi 12. DC is definitely a life saver for me. Before Wednesday comes, i will hv few scenes running through my mind on how i want epi 12 to be. But too many incidences. The viral pic of him going superman on the car is too much for me to think. Worried n excited.

  278. 278 : smiletere15 Says:

    i really like this k-drama iron man (blade man) this is very different in other k-drama. lee dong wook is so versatile actor, this is very difference in his previous film 🙂 i like the way he acts…. i highly recommended this to all televiewers…. 🙂

  279. 279 : maida Says:

    I like this drama, LDW character break Al Kerala lead male rules.andso do SSk character who is strong ,confident girl rather than naive character we used to watch .I am glad I am from the minority who loves this drama 🙂 wish someday it has more attention internationally and in korea

  280. 280 : maida Says:

    Al Kdrama male lead rules .I mean

  281. 281 : usa-mary Says:

    @Gugu-277: True…so true. Too many incidents occurring and stirring. My thoughts are:

    Tae Hee:

    If Tae Hee is alive, what condition is she in that she gave up Chang? What will Hong Bin do when he finds out? Will he waiver in his heart? Will Se Dong walk away so they can reconcile and raise Chang together?

    Viral picture: Superman abilities
    He’s recognized…here comes the media…now what?
    Will the government surveillance him from this point on?
    Each family member has experienced first hand strange unusual behavior from him. What will they do?

    Will she behave until she and Hong Joo leave for America?
    Will she stay with Jang Won (her husband) since he has a serious illness that may occur again?
    What other property will she have the lawyer transfer into her name while her husband is still warm?
    Will she attack Se Dong again?

    Butler Yoon:
    What will she do if Hong Joo asks Hong Bin if he received the letter he gave the gardener to give to him?
    Will the gardener disappear?

    Jang Won:
    Will he heed Hong Bin’s plea to leave Se Dong alone?

    Secy Ko/Go…whatever!
    Will he yet again survive Hong Bin’s sparring or outburst of anger?

    I hope so. Previously, I mentioned that he’s not Humpty-Dumpty. Correction, he is like Humpty-Dumpty. Don’t break up my sweetie Hong Bin, okay?

  282. 282 : happy Says:

    hi guys,i ‘m watching this drama after reading your comments..and i like this drama..shin se kyung and lee dong wook..i like them both…can’t wait for next episode…

  283. 283 : Gugu Says:

    @usa-mary: Wow!! You can really deconstruct the whole scene. I just hope the irritating stepmom goes to america and be end with her scene. The dad can follow as well to get treated there. As for the others, possibilty is too much to think of. I just want both HB ans SD together with Chang and Sect Go living harmoniously n peacefully. Or maybe Butler Yoon son is returning back from studies, maybe he will fall for SD and to protect her from his mum, brings her to america as well!! That will be great! Wishful thinking…

  284. 284 : Gugu Says:

    @smiletere15, maida and happy, welcome to the club.

  285. 285 : sara Says:

    The story is going slowly and that is what bothers me the most. I’m getting tired with it but since LDW is there, I’m willing to watch till the end.

  286. 286 : usa-mary Says:

    @Gugu-283: You have some very constructive deconstructing thoughts yourself.

    Welcome Iron Man @Blade Man fans! Fighting!

    It would really would have been something if the person took a photo of the car when Hong Bin had it in a vertical position, up in the air. Now, that would bring out the scientists, the government, the army and whoever else from around the world. He’d be isolated, studied, tested and prepped as Korea’s newest secret weapon.

  287. 287 : maida Says:

    @Gugu 284
    Thanks chinguo .i really like BM.and i feel sorry for the rating .hopefully LDW doesn’t have hard times nowadays coz of that .the story is nice , cinnmatography , direction,ost,and non stereotype characters and LDW performance is awesome , his fascial expression is priceless .i amn’t biased if i say he is the best k actor ever when it comes to fascial expression but honestly the pace is slow.wish they speed up the story .

  288. 288 : tifany Says:

    I stop watching this drama on episode 2 and i don’t want to watch it anymore. shin se kyung act so poorly. the story in the beginning is so confusing & not interesting.

  289. 289 : x678x Says:

    i stopped watchin’ this bcuz of SSK. many people still think she’s a bad actress…these are k-actresses who always get criticized for bad acting…shin se kyung, jin se yeon, han ga in, suzy, goo hara, ku hye sun…i cannot finish any of their dramas.

  290. 290 : Jyp Says:

    Usa- Mary and gugu you guys should join soompi forum. Love reading your awesome comments! 🙂

  291. 291 : usa-mary Says:

    Now, I’m not one for observing anyone throw a tantrum…mild, loud or severe…whether young or old. Yet, when Hong Bin threw a mild one…wondering/hoping that he didn’t do or say something wrong about Se Dong in front of his IT staff at the coffee shop, I can’t help but smile. He looked so cute and funny, only to the extent that he was questioning himself and not getting angry which was a huge transition for him. Secy Go just smiled because he sees how their relationship is helping HB redirect his focus and energies into positive areas, not on anger=spikes, damage and super human, crazy strength. Se Dong’s presence settles Hong Bin much easier and faster compared to Secy Go who ends up with slashes on his body, ripped clothing, sparring in a boxing ring until he’s calmed down. That’s just to get rid of the spikes. Afterwards, he still has Hong Bin’s physical strength to contend with until that normalizes.

    Wow, since I’m aware of his strength, its a wonder the 2 managers of his company in episode 1 are still alive. When he’s in that super human strength mode, he has to be mindful even when it comes to holding Se Dong’s hand.

  292. 292 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyp-290: Thank you, my pleasure.

  293. 293 : stilll Says:

    Finally i found a good drama with great actor, actress, and plot. I love this drama very much, and i can’t wait to watch the next episode. I don’t even care if this drama will end up with a sad ending or happy ending, though usually i care a lot about the ending. But i still hope it will have a happy ending though, because it will make this drama much better. So far, this drama is my favourite in 2014!

  294. 294 : janet Says:

    This is one of “my list” drama…i love the story…and i dont find anything wrong with how ssk act…she is doing good..so fighting team.

  295. 295 : Dcosta-Rules Says:

    @x678x : You mean Han Ga In and Ku Hye Sun are bad actresses? Seriously? Have you watched Moon Embraces The Sun and Angel Eyes?

  296. 296 : Fullheart5 Says:

    Liked Lee Dong Wook since Wild Romance. This drama is different so that makes it intriguing. Not sure where it’s going though, have only watched up til episode 9.

  297. 297 : Gugu Says:

    @usa-mary 286: Been busy week for me. Today is Wed again!! Can’t wait to watch epi 12. Its gonna be great. I hope police will somehow stopped the investigation. And Hong Bin will continue to show his comical and adorable facial expressions. The cute lost puppy eye look is the killer.

  298. 298 : Gugu Says:

    As to whether SSK is a good actress or not, i think she is. She have been acting for more than a decade. If she is bad, why would the producers and directors put her up as the main lead? They can easily put her as second or third or better in a freezer. People nowadays are too easy to judge. If the writer writes her character in such a manner, thus she needs to act out in that manner. So give her a breather. We do not like being judged by strangers, so why shld we make passing remark about her. Lets love the drama characters and storyline and skipped the dissing part.

  299. 299 : Gugu Says:

    @Jyp, thank you for the suggestion.

  300. 300 : Sheko Says:

    Poor Drama,Weird History=Poor Ratings

  301. 301 : usa-mary Says:

    @Gugu-297: I agree…its going to be great! Hong Bin does have adorable, find-me-a-home lost puppy eyes and he’s tall, too!

  302. 302 : Gugu Says:

    @usa-mary: Yup yup. Can’t wait for the new subbed epi tomorrow!Hooray for Wed!!! Blade Man fighting!!! If only i could scream my lungs out here.

  303. 303 : jkl Says:

    shin se kyung = bad acting in deep rooted tree, bad acting in fashion king and when a man loves, now getting better in blade man but folks still calling her bad actress

  304. 304 : malou1010 Says:

    @ usa-mary

    Wow, I’m mighty glad you’re back in circulation! I love reading your posts but you kind of disappeared for a year or so! Welcome back! We kind of met in IHYV thread looooong ago. I used to wait for dramas to be completed before watching so I met you when I posted my comments. But I’ve caught the gotta-watch-kdrama-weekly syndrome too so I’m pretty active myself in threads around here. I’m currently watching Endless Love which is down to 2 episodes & Blade Man will be my next one to watch. Love LDW!

  305. 305 : usa-mary Says:

    @malou1010-304: Hi there! Thank you. Its good to see you here, too! I did go into a somewhat hiatus from watching dramas for 6 months. How kind of you to have notice. Its nice to be missed. I’ll be on the look out for you wherever I go from now on. I tell you, that IHYV drama kept us on the edge of our seats as we shared our thoughts and bounced ideas around from one to another about what was going to happen next. One of the BEST suspenseful ‘who done it’ dramas that I’ve seen in a long time. Did you watch The Prime Minister and I? It aired in December 2013 and had 16 episodes.

    About Blade Man. I can promise you that you’ll thoroughly enjoy this drama. The acting is phenomenal. LDW and SSK (Yes…SSK) are a true match. I’m enjoying their chemistry so much because its smo-o-oth, regardless of the challenges they face. Its not the usual ooey-gooey I love you tooey type infatuation. Their budding romance has a mature cuteness to it. We welcome you to this thread to join us as we watch this wonderful drama. See you soon!

  306. 306 : Jyp Says:

    USA Mary did you watch Temptation CJW and KSW? I like to read your thoughts about that making drama.

  307. 307 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyp-306: No, I didn’t watch Temptation. If at all possible, I avoid melodramas. They’re too melancholy for my taste.

  308. 308 : JYP Says:

    Can you suggest me other k dramas that must watch, I prefer rom com! Thanks. 🙂

  309. 309 : Gugu Says:

    The writer is very good. Epi 12: made me happy first 20mins, then got me irritated with the uncle and aunt, then made me worried with Se Dong and Hong Bin and Chang. Really playing with my emotions. Having headache thinking of what ifs for epi 13. Plus point is Sect Go looks too good in sweater. Please don’t put too much negative incidents and people in future epis.

  310. 310 : usa-mary Says:

    @Gugu-309: We’re on the same wave length about Secy Go in that sweater. That man…that man is all that and then some! I agree with you about the writer trying to play with our emotions. Yet, so far, I’m doing okay with the emotional rollercoaster scenes.

    There’s one thing I will point out though. I wonder why there always has to be a calm before the storm? Can’t it be calm for a very long time before a storm hits. Can’t there be small, mild storms and not typhoon, tsunami impact ones when they hit? Chang and Se Dong simultaneously are working through their individual angst. Its a very trying time for our Hong Bin right now. I believe Chang went to play with that chaebol neighbor kid and is alright. Because the little boy admires Hong Bin’s work, so I believe he’ll be safe. But, I wonder how Hong Bin will resolve these situations that’s tugging at his heart before spikey appears? Awww, Hong Bin, needs to know that everything is alright between them even if she does need time to think. I really like this character. I hope she does it quick, if not, spikey will appear; just when Secy Go is all healed now. Well, he’s no Edward Scissor Hands topiary designer, but he definitely helps with making kindling wood for the fire place.

  311. 311 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyp-308: Here are some of my favorite rom-com kdramas that keep me coming back for more. I’ve kept it short; I don’t want to overwhelm you. smile

    The most recent…

    1) The Prime Minister and I
    2) The Master’s Sun
    3) Oh La La Couple (the 1st 3 episodes are truly, hilariously memorable; after that it becomes melodramatic, and somewhat funny.)

    The not so recent ones…

    4) Lie To Me
    5) Pick the Stars
    6) City Hall
    7) Goong


  312. 312 : humae Says:

    dont forget to watch Secret garden..
    Staring Hajiwon-hyun bin
    Magic Action melo fun and crazy…

  313. 313 : usa-mary Says:

    @humae-312: You’re so right about Secret Garden. Thank you for your input. I laughed senselessly while watching it.

  314. 314 : Gugu Says:

    @usa-mary: looks like your heart is way much stronger than mine! I am stressing unnecessarily with the plot. With such elaborated plot and so many characters, wonder whether they will be able to tie all ends by epi 20. My new favorite phrase now is “Hug me, please hug me!”.

  315. 315 : danish Says:

    Can’t wait untill next week ep 14…i’m so interesting with this drama…love dong wook oppa ♡♡♡

  316. 316 : usa-mary Says:

    @Gugu-314: I like that phrase, too. The other phrase he uses often is lets find a dark place to go to. Hugs from Se Dong started off being emotionally comforting and healing for him. Now, they’ve turned into physical stimulation, making him a horny toad! I noticed, since he’s been getting hugs lately, he hasn’t sniffed her pheromones as often. It was too funny when he was motioning to Secy Ko to take Chan to the toy store. Chan kept refusing; he was having too much fun with Se Dong. Being all nice to Secy Ko, gently stroking his favorite dislocating shoulder just to have him take Chan to the toy store. Se Dong to the rescue, but not for what was to happen next. Later, asking SD if he can sleep over at her apartment. tsk tsk tsk That’s right Se Dong, kick his shin again. Don’t give your milk and cookies away for free.

    I don’t think she’s in a hurry to even think about marriage with the attitudes that Hong Bin’s dad and step-mother has towards her. Especially, after the current news that’s rattled her emotions to a state of conundrum. All four of them need hugs. Hong Bin, Se Dong and little Chan. I included Secy Ko, too, because I’ll hug him.

  317. 317 : Gugu Says:

    @usa-mary: just got ard to watch epi 13! Can’t wait for 14. Suspense is really killing me now. Why can’t the sweet moment last longer in each epis?! It goes frm aaarrgghhh to awwwww to aaarrrgghh!!

  318. 318 : anne Says:

    My thought after finishing ep 12-13:

    1. Why did the writer nim seems to bring back tae hee character alive. Are u trying to make a triangle love now? oh I hate this, I’m so glad that there’s no triangle love in this drama, rarely happens before. But if tae hee’s really alive, why it is set to be so dramatic at the first. Why did needs 13 epusode to do that.. so the rest theme will be triangle love melodrama.. ohhh noooo writer nim, jebal!!! Se dong and hong bin is just fixed their temporarily break up. LOL

    2. If the above theory isn’t happened, then is it to be like this, hong joo is just deceiving us like he deceived me when it looked like he gonna kill himself on that roof? I hope so.. it’s better to be this way.

    3. Yoon butler, oh this ahjuma needs to send to the mental clinic to get a cure for her psychotic behavior… 😀

    3. And about chang-ah… hm.. I love him at the previous episodes, but why did his character was seemingly altered to be a spoil little boy just because se dong refused him. He is used to be grown up and understanding kid at the beginning right? But I know some kids do that in real life, no grown up kids after all..

    4. Haha.. secretary Ko… he is so funny.. 😀

    5. Glad that HB’s father slowly wavering by se dong and say his sorry. It’s all because of yoon butler!!! Poison-mouth… 🙁

    6. I like the way se dong told HB why he didn’t choose pororo or hutos in stead of wearing that blade’s clothes. And also the she told chang to keep his dad’s power. Hong joo tried to please unconfortable se dong.. so lovely.

    7. Please don’t make HB’s character to be like a kid too much.. it’s too weird.. he’s thirty right? Sometimes is okay but everytime is a bit too much. Less intresting.

    8. Between a kiss and a hug, I prefer hug scenes are better and more romantic than the kiss. And the backsound… hope I can’t find the song!

    Oppss.. seem I wrote too much.. well.. can’t wait for wed-thu… quickly pass the days and meet wed-thu again.. yay!!

  319. 319 : anne Says:

    @jyp 308:

    for rom-com, try these, I laughed a lot because of these, some are old and recent dramas.
    1. Rooftop Prince
    2. Nodame Cantabille (Jdorama)
    3. My Love From Another Star
    4. You’re all surrounded (mixed genre)
    5. Yankee kun to Megane Chan (Jdorama)
    6. Yamashiko nade sichi henge (Jdorama)
    7. Boys Before Flower

    not rom-com, but it’s worth warching, it’s still ongoing :
    1. Misaeng

  320. 320 : usa-mary Says:

    @anne-318: I like your analysis.

    I, too, hope that Tae Hee doesn’t return, and Hong Joo got his information incorrect or he was just trying to gain Hong Bin’s attention. I rather enjoy watching only Hong Bin and Se Dong together without a 3rd or even worse, a 4th party involvement. His parents are enough trouble. Besides, those types of relationships are so redundant in kdramaland. To see just the two of them together working through their relationship challenges is refreshing.

    I have a clothing vendetta. I’d like to see Hong Bin’s blades come through that black and white, graphite rubbed, speckled looking leisure suit that he wears and tear it to pieces. I really don’t care for it at all! It may even cost a lot of money, but it looks cheapish.

    Ditto, on Hong Bin’s age and his childish temper tantrums. Once was okay, twice is somewhat bearable, yet 3x…no mas. For a man who’s changed considerably since he met Se Dong, that should begin to taper off, too. The man has a child who doesn’t even throw a temper tantrums. Hope, I didn’t speak too soon about sweetie Chang who’s upset right now.

  321. 321 : usa-mary Says:

    Oops! Not only are Hong Bin’s parents a problem, add Butler Yoon who’s the epitome of evil.

  322. 322 : anne Says:

    @usa-mary 320
    I’ve watched many kdramas enough.. and as long as I watch for all this time, triangle love pattern is almost in every kdrama though there’s still some not.. I’m so tired with that kind of pattern. Even in the end if the drama still gives their best, I’ll stay with it.

    And talking about HB’s outfit.. LOL. I fully agree with se dong.. he shouldn’t wear that kind of oufit. Btw.. if tae hee is back then there’s no reason for him to have those blades anymore right? Ah.. writer nim this is so illogical.. I know it’s all fiction, but still we need a logic reason to every scenes happened before.

    And chang-ah… hope writer nim returns his old character’s back.. and I’m so curious if tae hee is really alive (although I hate this plot) it’s good for him right, he gets his mommy back. There will be someone who take him from school bus like the other kids. But if that trully happened why did tae hee sent him away and made as she was dead to all her beloved ones. She made everyone sad because of her disappering and now she’s gonna back and remake them to be sad I don’t know… I can’t get it… oh.. confusing!
    But if it should be followed this scenario.. I assume that tae hee’s character is an evil one or selfish; abondoned her love and son and parents.
    And what will happen to Se Dong, is she might be happy or confused as I am 😀
    Do chang will turn to his mom than his wife se dong. And HB will he leave se dong just because tae hee is back? This is why I hate triangle love. But if it’s already fron the start is okay, I can bear it.
    Hong Joo said to se dong that he’s glad that se dong felt unconfortable around him so he has a chance LOL.. kyeoptaa hong joo-ya!! :-* can’t imagine if he’s added to SD-HB-TH loveline.. so it would be a square love?? Oh what’s wrong with my head?? Wed-thu really needs to come faster to answer all those theories. And for now I’m going to pour water in my head and think… 😀 Iron Man fighting!!

  323. 323 : malou1010 Says:

    @ usa-mary #305

    Really? Just 6 months but gosh, it seemed like forever for me! Back in my lurking days, I usually make it a point to really go to threads & read posts before watching any kdrama……& lo & behold, I stumbled on yours! I had so much fun reading your posts, be it serious & most especially when you are in your elements……your sense of humor just kills me at times!

    Oh yes, I’ve watched Prime Minister & I. I liked the beginning but the ending kinda sucked for me! Btw, you just got to watch Cunning Single Lady! It’s a real Rom/Com, I promise you! I was there in that thread & how I wished you could’ve been there too. There’s a new drama airing soon, Birth Of A Beauty, a Joo Sang Wook & Han Ye Seul starrer. I’ll watch it alongside Blade Man. How about joining me there?

    Wow, I’m in for some serious marathoning of Blade Man. Endless Love ends this weekend. After watching EL which is a melodrama I need a massive dose of Rom/Coms back in my life! Like you I don’t really watch melodramas but if it stars Hwang Jung Eum, I’m in coz she’s such a brilliant actress. Which reminds me, Lee Bo Young’s God’s Gift- 14 Days is truly a must-see drama, have you seen it? I tell you, it was absolutely an amazing ride for me! Be sure to watch it. See you soon!

  324. 324 : Chae Won Says:

    The music throughout this drama creates a disconnect from the variety of things that are going on in the story. In fact the grand scale of the orchestration is about resolution, the moment when all things have come to a point of resolve. For me the over-use of that motif under-sells the story. I was really enjoying it even with adorable Dong Wook’s uninspired portrayal of the monster.

    I think I will be dropping this one but wondering if anyone else was feeling the same? It’s not important.

  325. 325 : janet Says:

    Iam enjoying three musketeer now beside blademan ofcourse…dont you guys already watch? Its really worth to watch..

  326. 326 : usa-mary Says:

    @malou1010-323: Hi there! I can understand your viewpoint regarding The Prime Minister and I. Even though the ending was different, it was opened ended and brought them back together again. I really would like to see a sequel or part II because actually, the fun and challenges have really just begun.

    I’ll give Cunning Single Lady a try. I did read the synopsis and found it to be interesting; just didn’t pursue it. Thank you for the compliment regarding my comments. When I tap into the ‘element’ zone is when I’m really having fun with a character or scene.

    No, I haven’t watched the latter one…God’s Gift-14 Days. I read the synopsis some time ago and decided to pass on that one. Thanks anyway for recommending it to me.

  327. 327 : Nfh Says:

    @usa-mary ^^ i like reading your comments too in the past. Nice to know you here 😀 have you watched “Hotel King”? This one was very good and I’m so addicted to its story, although i’m kinda lazy to watch it in the beginning. Hahaha… But it does attracted me a lot since ep.8 till the end. Another great drama and the best so far in this year 2014 is “My Love From Another Star” (Kim Soo Hyun). Daebaaaakk!! 😉
    Recently i watch “The Spring Days of My Life”, its plot story really similar to old K-drama called “Summer Scent” (Song Seung Hun). Kinda boring…but still watching it.
    The lastest funny drama that i’ve watch and quite hilarious: “Fated To Love You” (but the Taiwanese version is more funny than the Korean ^-^)

  328. 328 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nfh-327: Thank you so very much! ^^ No, I haven’t watched Hotel King. I did read the synopsis, but decided to pass. Who knows, I may just watch it one day. I didn’t watch My Love From Another Star, but I did watch the Japanese version sometime last year which was very funny.

    I watched Fated To Love You (kdrama), and whole-heartedly agree with you that the Taiwanese version is a lot more funnier than the Korean version. It took a while for me to really get into the kdrama version, but I finally did. Since I’m in between watching Blade Man and The Greatest Marriage, I decided to watch another drama, Cunning Single Lady. Would you believe that I’m already doing a 2nd re-watch? This drama is amazingly funny, amazingly endearing, and just plain amazing.

  329. 329 : Carmarie Says:

    @USA Mary

    I loved Cunning Single Lady, it was funny. If you have not watched Marriage not Dating I would like to recommend it as a light hearted funny Kdramma.


    I loved Hotel King and My Love From Another Star.
    I have to agree with you that the Tiawanese verison was better, although the Korean verison grew on me and I was fully invested in the show by episode 15.

  330. 330 : Nfh Says:

    @usa-mary & @Carmarie. hehehe… Someday you should watch “MLFAS”, my friend watched it twice in a row eventhough i just once but my family also get so interested with Kim Soo Hyun after watch him acting in that drama. Hahaha… They all reckons it as the best drama of the year until now. Kkkk…
    Yeah,me too 😛 first time when I read the synopsis of Hotel King and watch the early episodes, it’s not too interesting for me, so I finished 8 episode in one week plus. Slow progress. Hahaha… After ep.9, hooooo.. I’m getting soooo excited every week (coz i watch it when it still airing in Korea), I’m waiting so much for every weekend since then. LOL

    Yeeep, me and my sis also comparing FTLU with the original version when we were watching it. She’s not interested too as she likes so much the Taiwanese version. I watch it and following it every weeks too coz I just wanna see the difference… Poorly, the PD can’t make the sadness part in the drama so touchy and dramatically like Taiwan ver’s until we feel very sad at the time (when Min Young lost her baby)

    I watch Cunning Single Lady too. Hehe… But i just watch once, I’m still have quite a lot of dram in queue x_x (Marriage Without Dating, Gunman in Joseon, She’s My Lovely Girl —although some friends told me that it was a bit xoxo story— 🙂

    Are you watching western series too? Currently I am following “The Flash”, wanna watch “The Arrow” too coz everyone arounds me told me that Arrow is cool and the plot story is interesting. I saw a lil bit and feeling good too. Haha… I will watch it later after finished some K-dramas 😀

  331. 331 : Nfh Says:

    @usa-mary: hahaha… Rewatch CSL? Hehehe.. Yeah…the lead actor is funny and handsome there. 😀
    I even rewatch some series in the past if I like so much with the series 😀
    For example: 9 Ends 2 Outs, All About Eve, Hotelier, Fated To Love You (Taiwan) ^^, Also ever watched twice: Time Between Dog and Wolf.

  332. 332 : usa-mary Says:

    @Carmarie-329: Actually, I’m on my 2nd re-watch of Cunning Single Lady, and I’m enjoying it even more the 2nd time around. I did watch Marriage While Dating for a while, but didn’t finish it. Watched the ending when it was subbed.

    @nfh-330: I will check out MLFAS one day. I agree, the Taiwanese version of FTLU’s accident scene really moved me to tears. My sister kept passing the room wondering what was going on with me. LOL That’s okay, I enjoyed the acting.

    No, I’m not watching any current western series at this time.

  333. 333 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nfh-331: Re-watching is something I normally do since there’s always something that I missed or didn’t make connections with the first time. Girl, Soo Jang Wook, the lead in CSL is very handsome. Yes, indeed! He has sexy eyes! LOL He nailed his portrayal of a corporate CEO.

    My re-watches are: All About Eve 2x, City Hall (lost count), Bad Couple (lost count), What’s Up Fox about 3x, I Do I Do 3X, and some others. I’m an international girl, too. If I can’t get my drama fix from kdramaland, I seek elsewhere. I don’t discriminate when it comes to quality acting in dramas from around the globe. I’ve found some hidden treasures. Every drama has some type of human experience that focuses on relationships. I prefer the creative, non-cookie-cutter dramas. When the plots become redundant, like chaebol guy/girl falls in love with poor girl/guy, it really gets old, regardless of the country/language/culture. Or if its only about high school kids…I’ll pass. Though I did watch most of The Heirs, I didn’t finish it. I watched the last episode.

    Blade Man is progressing nicely. I watched episode 13 & 14. More about that later.

  334. 334 : Nfh Says:

    @usa-mary 332: yeaah, me too.. Coz it too sad scene, i’m crying too when i watch it, it’s like we can feel her pain of the lost of her baby and Chun Xi’s expression looks like real. It is my most fave Taiwanese drama all the time 🙂

    @usa-mary 333: oooow.. Hehehe… Yeah, if it’s about high school student’s story, recently i am not so interested. Maybe coz i am not teenager again. Hahaha… So it doesn’t suit me 😀
    I prefer rom-com drama, before i watch a drama, i read the story plot first then i will see who are the actors and actress that will playing in there. If i dislike them or one of them much, usually i won’t watch except the story is outstanding like “Baker King Kim Tak Gu”. 🙂

    I have Blade Man until ep.14 too, but i have not watch it yet. Soon after i finished “The Spring Days of My Life”, i probably watch it together with She’s My Lovely Girl.

    at CSL, besides of Joo Sang Wook, i like Infinite’s L (CEO’s cute and handsome secretary). Hahaha

  335. 335 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nfh-334: I watched episode 13 & 14 of Blade Man. It was really, really good. I won’t reveal too much about what has happened up until this point. But, I will say that I’m so glad that Hong Bin’s appa wasn’t the one that ordered Tae Hee’s beating. He knew nothing about it and was appalled when he found out who did order to have it done. I’m beginning to see Jang Won in a different light now. He’s making an effort to be a better person; beginning with Se Dong.

    On CSL, the secretary was cute and funny. He had more liberty to speak his mind to his CEO compared to Secy Go who has to watch his step with Hong Bin. Sometimes Secy Go gets feisty and ignores Hong Bin, but that doesn’t happen too often.

  336. 336 : anne Says:

    I checked whether someone have recaped ep 14-15 through comments here.. I’ve downloaded the two episodes but haven’t watch them yet. I just viewed a glimpse of it.. seems like kim tae hee is really alive and creates some new problems in the story of our hero and heroine of iron man.. LOL
    Hmm… I’m going to watch later.. see ya!!!

  337. 337 : Kristine Says:

    Can someone tell me the title of the instrumental song being played in the episode 14? It’s too hard to look for it. Tried google, youtube, etc. Thanks!

  338. 338 : Kristine Says:

    Can someone tell me the title of the instrumental song being played in the last part of episode 14? It’s too hard to look for it. Tried google, youtube, etc. Thanks!

  339. 339 : usa-mary Says:

    Yes, Tae Hee is alive. Hong Joo recognized her because they both do volunteer work at the same place. She doesn’t want Hong Bin or his father to know that she’s alive which is why she had that young woman wear her name tag. I knew it had to be something serious that she was dealing with in order to give her beloved child away and not see the man she loves. I don’t believe she’ll start any trouble because she tried to keep her existence secret. She didn’t want Chang, Hong Bin, or anyone else that cares about her see what she experiences. Hong Bin’s driver didn’t know that he was giving him the info about where TH’s parents went. Which happened to be the same locale Hong Joo took him to find Tae Hee. Hong Bin knew they didn’t know anyone in that area and only stayed at their home near the sea. HB just put everything together and went on his on. Even more so with Se Dong being there (smelling her scent) was more confirmation to him that it was true.

  340. 340 : usa-mary Says:

    A scene that I thought was very enjoyable was the shadows of Chang and his new found friend wearing homemade monster costumes. Hilarious! Everybody’s talking about the monster. My favorite was the two drunk men who thought they were hallucinating. One of them lost his toupee which Hong Bin obviously snatched…LOL! Hong Bin went from neighborhood oppa to neighborhood monster.

  341. 341 : usa-mary Says:

    Finished watching episode 15 not long ago. It shows how Hong Bin found out who the real Tae Hee was at the volunteer center. Tae Hee is so sweet and kind. Se Dong is such a kind and compassionate sweetheart. Chang is so cute and adorable, but takes on a foolish dare. Do kindergarteners take dares? Anyway, Hong Bin reveals who he’s in love with and Secy Go is on edge as Hong Bin confronts his appa about not bothering Tae Hee.

    That old wench Butler Yoon is getting ready to cause more trouble. yuck yuck pewee pewee I want my spikey to unleash his blades on her and that old accomplice of hers. Hong Bin, just don’t hurt my Secy Go, okay. He was a bloody mess the last time when it took you almost 2 days to calm down. Writer-nim, please don’t let that crazy man hurt Tae Hee. She doesn’t deserve anymore pain and anguish. She deserves to live a happy life watching her son grow up. If not, here comes the tears everybody. Its definitely going to be a tearjerker.

  342. 342 : anne Says:

    There’s a problem with our electricity here. It’s regularly on and off up to few days ahead. So today finally I watch the recent episodes.
    Yeah the story goes predictably. Tae Hee’s alive. I think there’s something lack in these two episodes. Since when her dad knew it, since not a long time ago, he just knew right? From who? Hong joo? hong joo meet her by accident, hong’s dad? waaa… this drama make me dizzy? Did I miss something? Tae hee said she’ll visit her like usual.

    Same like usual pattern… a disease near death take turn now.
    Waa… now I see a bad side of se dong.. yes.. I do agree no one is pecfect. But finally she realized it and told everything about tae hee’s sickness.
    When hong bin asked his dad why did he do that to tae hee, I silently talked to myself “don’t you understand?”
    then he asked what was she took from him, I guess “you” just right before his dad replied. Oh too predictable. I know how’s dad feeling. Since I watched 15 hours of Iron Man, it told that hong bin-tae hee relationship creates a far gap to his dad. But since with se dong, it change little by little. She tried to fix that gap.

    Tae hee’s reason, left her beloved one because of her incureable illness, reminds me of My Lovely Sam Soon (Kim sun Ah, Hyun Bin). Note: never do this kind of thing, leave someone you love with whatever reason. Just like se dong said “you should stay and loved by your love ones till death comes to you”
    Yoon Butler, she’s so badass, that hong’s wife deserved to get that beat. LOL
    But writer nim when is the turn for yoon butler? Oh I hate her character!!

    What happen to Se Dong? Writer nim, R u trying to make hong bin to choose se dong or tae hee… LOL

    Well… whatever it is, I need to see the next episodes to get my answer… while waiting I’m going to watch Liar Game, Pride and Prejudice, Hi school love on, misaeng. What about u guys… what are u currently watching aside from Iron Man?

  343. 343 : anne Says:

    Ah.. add more… hope that they will show hong joo bring his friend to have a tour in his bro’s company on the upcoming episodes…

  344. 344 : usa-mary Says:

    @anne-342: I’m watching this drama, The Greatest Marriage and on the last episode, my 2nd re-watch of Cunning Single Lady. That’s all I care to watch for now.

  345. 345 : syaf Says:

    the best

  346. 346 : usa-mary Says:

    The way that gardener was sweating profusely, shaking his body and leg standing before Hong Bin was quite funny. He’s a good actor.

  347. 347 : [email protected] Says:

    @Nfh 330

    I have watched Arrow, but I have not watched Flash. Since I loved the Flash comics and cartoons, I might give it a try, I was also thinking about watching Gotham.

  348. 348 : usa-mary Says:

    The beating Tae Hee barely survived is the result of her illness. Prior to that, she was healthy. At any given moment, she could die from the injury. What a horrible situation inflicted upon her by Butler Yoon and that old goon.

    Even if I like the fact that Butler Yoon won’t be bullied by the Madame; I detest the fact that she’s maniacal, revengeful and sneaky. Plus, she’s still in love with appa Joo. That woman needs to let go and get sent on her way.

  349. 349 : Gargamel Says:

    Veru Poor Drama=Very Poor Ratings

  350. 350 : maida Says:

    KBS cut down the drama to 18 episodes:( maybe coz of rating

  351. 351 : usa-mary Says:


  352. 352 : usa-mary Says:

    Alright Spikey! Show ’em who you are. At least one of the 3 men had some sense. Who in their right mind would even try to take on a person that’s stopping a car from moving with only 1 finger? Oh…I so want to watch what my sexy smiling Secy Go does to those 3 foolish goons. With a ratio of 3:1, in their minds they hit the beat ’em up jackpot. That’s right my handsome sweetie. Loosen up your neck…its been a while since you’ve sparred, so get the kinks out on them before sending them to the hospital. In the meantime, I’ll call 119 to bring 3 ambulances.

  353. 353 : maida Says:

    i cant lie on myself , this drama has a poor popularity among Fans
    But i love it very much and l like your comments BM fighting

  354. 354 : usa-mary Says:

    @maida-353: Thank you. I really like this drama, too. Fighting!

  355. 355 : usa-mary Says:

    I’d like to add that its not like we’re watching Ultra Man, Godzilla vs Mothra or baby Godzilla vs baby King Kong. This drama contains metaphors that are more realistic in content. IMHO Blade Man/Iron Man…Fighting!

  356. 356 : anne Says:

    well well well where is episode 16 and 17 ??? I just got the raw for the 16, 17? Is it another delay???? Jajeungna!!! Anyone please tell me!!!! ASAP! Thanks.

  357. 357 : anne Says:

    Is it 20 episodes or 19 episodes? Since I didn’t see the date for the 20th, and KBS has dated The King’s Face to be firstly aired on November 19th. So is it really only 19 not 20??

  358. 358 : anne Says:

    what what what…!!! Soompiers said that KBS will shorten the episode only for 18?? oh nooo… or KBS will air back-to-back episode on wednesday and thursday??? oh so frustrating!!

  359. 359 : usa-mary Says:

    Why cut this drama when its excellent? Now, everything is going to get crammed. I found episode 16, but still can’t watch it.

  360. 360 : usa-mary Says:

    Okay Writer-nim! Does that make sense? No, let me rephrase that question. Does that make any kind of sense at all to have Secy Go forget about chasing the 3 men that tried to kidnap Tae Hee, then tried to attack his boss, only to forget about his pursuit when he saw a pretty girl?! WT…! Aren’t there pretty girls at the company where he works, outside- the surrounding companies with in a 5-10 mile radius, or even where he lives? How and why was he so captivated with this woman that he lost all control of his intelligent-bodyguard senses, acted like a stalker, was gone for almost 2 days(?), then returned after being hit by the girl’s brother?!

    Kdramaland logic, I’m not trying to criticize you nor trying to fully comprehend you. Yet, it does help a logical thinking person like myself by giving me an inkling of balanced reasoning. This man did a 180 towards stupidity and disloyalty during the most crucial time (of this drama) when Hong Bin needed him most and when as a viewer, I wanted to see some action. Because of this, he blew discovering who was behind the failed kidnapping. I only hope that the next 2 episodes come a tad bit close to logic. Thank you.

  361. 361 : usa-mary Says:

    Let’s see how far this goes with Se Dong choosing to be the sacrificial lamb. She and Hong Bin are so in sync. She knew exactly what he was going to say to her about Tae Hee. For him to give voice to those words, would have been more painful. Oh, my sweet Seung Hwan, thank you so much for talking to Se Dong. You know her best and can tell that she’s forcing herself to be happy with her decision. Thank you for asking her if there is anything that she wants, really wants because she just goes along ensuring everyone else’s happiness, instead of her own.

    Butler Yoon is a liar. She and that old goon planned the kidnapping. Unless, she changed her mind and the old goon took it upon himself to carry it out because of the land deal debacle. Even so, she’s still the original master mind behind it and should be exposed. Frankly, I’m proud of Hong Bin’s appa for not being a part of this evil fiasco. Finally, a chaebol appa that’s still a bit rough around the edges, but not to the point that he goes around doing harm to an innocent woman who’s in love with her son. Personally, I like both Tae Hee and Se Dong. I like how the writer has them bonding together as if sisters (though painful for both) and how every time Tae Hee tries to leave (as to not interrupt the lives of the people she loves) without fail, Se Dong miraculously appears to stop her.

    I look forward to the next two episodes with mixed thoughts. I’m really going to miss this drama, and the wonderful acting in it. BM, FIGHTING TO THE END!

  362. 362 : fran Says:

    after seeing the poor rating of this drama and the not so positive comments about the acting of the lead actress, Ji Sung was so right in declining to be in the lead role. Ji Sung will be pulled down by this project. i was hoping to be wrong in NOT watching this drama, but i think i will stick to my original decision to take a pass. it will be difficult again or producers will have second thoughts in casting them again. after all, it is not only entertainment; but business after all…you need to cut your loses..

  363. 363 : anne Says:

    I’ve done watching ep 16… well.. I get bored with it a bit. It’s too slower than usual episodes. Writer nim please do it.better. Why you should told about illogical story like that to Ja kyung. But still I’m going to see it the end. Whatever the ending is.. I’m going to be loyal. See this to the end.

    Did you ever say that you like joo sang wook from CSL? Have u watch Birth of beauty? It’s really fun for the first couple episodes. And yeah… There’ll be more and more intresting dramas on sbs this november! Cheers! Kajja… 😀

  364. 364 : [email protected] Says:

    I watched episode 16 and loved it. I love that the adults act as adults in this drama. I have read many comments about Se Shin Kyung’s acting skills; however, I think she is doing an excellent job.
    I love the bonding scenes with Tae Hee and Sa Dong, and the fact that each can tell when the other is not being truthful. Tae Hee knows that she is going to die, getting to know the person who will ultimately help raise her child is important. She can be at peace knowing that her child and love of her life is with someone that is good and kind.
    I just need Hong Bin’s blades to come out one more time and get Butler Yoon and her brother(?). They deserve to be beaten for what they did to Tae Hee.
    I guess, because of the ratings, they are cutting this drama short; therefore, we will never know about Butler Noon’s son by Joo Hong Bing’s father. Sometimes the production company have to forget the ratings and work hard to complete the drama. Many times, dramas that do not do well in South Korea, do well in other places.

  365. 365 : vcg258 Says:

    @fran blade man almost done but shin se kyung keep on getting criticized for bad acting. I feel bad, she known as one of worst actresses in Korea.

  366. 366 : maida Says:

    SSK is not perfect but she is quiet nice . Would you give me a link of how Korean perceive her acting plz and if is not possible ,are you get this info from Koreans ?
    @Fran considering Lee dong wook’acting was awesome and his fascial expression was priceless as usual, accepting this weird character , not cliche plot was challenge and courage of him and this tis he fate of untypical drama but I admit the pace is slow and SSK face isn’t expressive very well

  367. 367 : usa-mary Says:

    @anne-363: Hi. I watched the subbed episodes of Birth of A Beauty and made my comments on that thread. Even though I like JSW, his character is a bit strange in that drama, and the storyline about plastic doesn’t really hold my attention. I don’t think its for me. Yet, I have been known to change my mind. hehehe

  368. 368 : fran Says:

    @vcg258…by now, most korean drama addicts know and can tell the good and not so good actors and actresses due to very competitive nature of Koreans pertaining not only on looks/appearance but on their skills. i heard that they undergo workshops and auditions for the role. try to read on soompi.com or google their names. thanks.

    @maida…a good actor should not only consider their skills, but the totality of the project. there is no doubt that Lee Dong is good, but the story and the rest of the cast reflects the end result of the drama, that is why i said it was right for Ji Sung to decline in the first place. there is a saying in the showbiz world that “you are good as your last project”. thanks.

  369. 369 : usa-mary Says:

    P.S. To me, SSK’s acting is phenomenal! Her performance in this drama is excellent. I’ve enjoyed everyone’s acting and chemistry. Until…

  370. 370 : anne Says:

    @usa-mary 367
    yupz… I visited that page and read your conment there.. maybe it’s not your cup of tea… well.. to me it’s okay as long as it gives a positive life lesson or moral message. 🙂


    Though plastic surgery is might be negative and positive to people’s objective. As for myself, plastic surgery shouldn’t be done. But I wouldn’t blame or judge those who agree to it. Those people have their reasons for plastic surgery. That’s why I watch BOB.

    And talking about SSK acting, I think she’s doing fine. She looks bad maybe she just wrongly pick up drama project for her role especially. Compare to other actresses in numerous dramas that I’ve watched, she’s a lot better in this drama.

  371. 371 : maida Says:

    I agree it is a team work participation but who said it is abad project , if the rating is the only reference , I can counts many drama which rating hits but actually it was only coz of idols presence. this drama is different and not anyone dare to accept weird plotsmany prefers to go with ROM com , What I am trying to say is this drama has a good cinnmatography , direction, graphic technique , awesome sound of tracks which is well incorporated in the story . Regarding the characters the female lead is ‘t typical poor naive but cute as cliche but she is strong , ambitious , stand up for her rights but at the same time have a guilty complex. The male lead isn’t the cool arragont CEO but he is like a child man who has a poor communication with people and express himself in a temper way so how their love change each other …I can also talk about its flaws but after it ends

  372. 372 : maida Says:

    I agree it is a team work participation but who said it is abad project , if the rating is the only reference , I can counts many drama which rating hits but actually it was only coz of idols presence. this drama is different and not anyone dare to accept weird plotsmany prefers to go with ROM com , What I am trying to say is this drama has a good cinnmatography , direction, graphic technique , awesome sound of tracks which is well incorporated in the story . Regarding the characters the female lead is ‘t typical poor naive but cute as cliche but she is strong , ambitious , stand up for her rights but at the same time have a guilty complex. The male lead isn’t the cool arragont CEO but he is like a child man who has a poor communication with people and express himself in a temper way so how their love change each other …I can also talk about its flaws but after it ends . Thanks and nice to talk with you

  373. 373 : Ahjamma 2012 Says:

    I stopped commenting on dramas over a year ago, but wanted to say how much I’ve been enjoying this drama, with all its zaniness, out of this world, wacky, action scenes (running, flying, etc.) I love the basic premise of the storyline, which did not need the embellishments and may have in fact hurt it, but this drama is still enjoyable. I was even surprised and elated to see that Iron Man had made the “Most Shared” list on KD.org.

    I’m a little sad to see the episodes shortened to 18, as I wanted to see Butler Yoon’s son and have that storyline explored a little more. Hopefully, Writer Kim will take care of this big missing piece of the puzzle before wrapping things up. Oh yes, I think the acting by all has been super!

  374. 374 : Gugu Says:

    Epi 16 was a let down. Why made Sect Go look like an idiot? Just because you are cutting the drama by 2episode short, you don’t hv to make him look that stupid right. Pffftt, chase after a girl and loose all senses. No more anticipating for Wed or Thurs now since the appearance of Tae Hee. Everything seems rush and incomplete. I want Hong Bin and Se Dong to blossom, not wilting together with Tae Hee.

  375. 375 : hannah Says:

    The writer will rush everything= A MAKJAAAAANG ENDING!!!!!

  376. 376 : sara Says:

    The writer should quit writing.. the actors wasted their time with this drama.. my only consolation is that I got to see more of LDW.

  377. 377 : maida Says:

    The writer is the one who wrote cinderella sister which get high rating .

  378. 378 : Orko Says:

    by far, the worst drama of 2014..

  379. 379 : abril Says:

    se kyung es una actriz muy Malo 🙁

  380. 380 : juanita Says:

    NO me gusta la actriz protagonista. ella es mala!

  381. 381 : icegirl Says:

    IMAO, runner-up for the worst drama of 2014…First place still goes to Temptation! 0_0

  382. 382 : aline Says:

    I think this is a good drama, fresh even it all fantasies….but fresh fro whole drama i watched..

  383. 383 : Mheng Santiago Says:

    LDW is ♡

  384. 384 : khokha Says:

    Lee dong wook is a sweetheart. He is the best thing in this drama. Now I will take a long break from kdrama after watching hotel king and blade man. I will be back when he is back again.. anyeo~~

  385. 385 : hannah Says:

    MLG is the worst kdrama for 2014 not BM.

  386. 386 : bubut Says:

    Should have been titled “Superman” instead of “Iron man”

  387. 387 : Gugu Says:

    Been an avid fan of BD from epi 1-14. Epi 15 was still okay. Epi16 killed the story and i skipped epi 17 and watched 18 for the ending. What a waste. The story was flowing nicely and then the production team decided to end it abruptly.

  388. 388 : entin Says:

    Nice ending so far. Now I move out to watching lee dong wook in roommate ses 2. I will waiting lee dong wook another drama.. LDW forever

  389. 389 : aline Says:

    Maybe it’s superman version Korean drama ,plus fully romance ,funny and sad …good happy ending even that less rush.

  390. 390 : ratu Says:

    Maybe it’s superman version Korean drama ,plus fully romance ,funny and sad …good happy ending even that less rush.

  391. 391 : disappointed Says:

    im so disappointed with the ending… story line very lame ,worse drama ever …..

  392. 392 : usa-mary Says:

    I’ll catch up later to watch the ending and make my comments at that time. Presently, my laptop is being serviced and the library doesn’t allow access to any Asian drama websites. 🙁

  393. 393 : mary cha Says:

    I just looked at the ratings. I am not going to waste my time with this drama. Shin Se Kung cannot act. Look at Fashion King and When a Man falls in Love. Terrible acting. I wonder why in the world they even cast her?

  394. 394 : Lyana Says:

    This drama low rating bcs SSK . I think she have not much fan

  395. 395 : anne Says:

    well.. after finishing the last two episodes, It’s too plain for the ending although it’s not bad indeed. I agree that this drama should be get to be 20, but rating.. yeah… this ‘materialistic thing’ ruin this drama. Even I like Iron Man but the ending a bit disappointing to me. what is that? Hong bin finally uncovered his identity as an iron man to the world and what is that flying too? But like I said, even it ended that way, the other story ended nice. Seung hwan finally got his new love and everyone got their own ending. Ah, yoon butler, that’s it, she just left. However, thanks for KBS for airing this drama.

  396. 396 : maggie Says:

    I loved this drama and was sad to see it end. This was a true romance story that most has forgotten in this age of “hurry” up! I will be looking for more of these dramas on Korean tv.

  397. 397 : Gabby Says:

    Fresh storyline but super annoying female lead! Would have stopped watching if Lee Dong Wook wasn’t the male lead

  398. 398 : Fani Says:

    The drama is sucks because of Shin Se Kyung. The rating were low. Such a waste because lee dong wook paired with Shin se kyung. I really looking forward this drama only becaise of lee dong wook. I wondering why the producer cast person like shin se kyung.

  399. 399 : [email protected] Says:

    The ending was disappointing; overall the drama was good and I liked it. I would have perferred that JHB’s “superpowers” story line was developed more; however, they decided to concentrate on his personal relationships. I think that see and Lee Dong Wook had good cheminstry together and especially liked when He would ask her for a hug. Ahhh…nice. Remember, because of Song Se Dong, he was able to control his powers; therefore, Joo Hong Bin did not have to show his blades when angry.
    I do not go by the ratings and the lead actress in this drama is not nearly as bad as some of the reviewers have stated. I have noticed that Blade Man “Iron Man” is now one of the 30 top shared dramas on Koreandrama.org. Therefore, although the initial ratings may be low, this drama is being shared around the world. Not Bad Lee Dong Wook.

  400. 400 : rose Says:

    In love with this drama ‘ ,, loved Lee Dong Wook acting
    hope to see him soon in a new drama
    Lee dong Wook fighting ♡

  401. 401 : ginny Says:

    Are produced blind? How can lee dong wook pair couple with shin Se kyung in this drama? Does not match,shin Se kyung less experience acting,i think she need study more….this drama make me dispointed…

  402. 402 : Lyana Says:

    Ginny @ Agree .I watch SSK on My Littel bride .she ( SSK ) NOT playing as main cast . And her expretion her face in my littel bride or her act same until now ..I think not only in HK she not much fans but in Korea i think she not much fans .

  403. 403 : Rose Says:

    OMG – I just saw Ep 17 and they cut off 2 episodes!!!

    Does anyone know why Tae Hae got beat up so bad???
    Plus she lost a child in the process of getting beat up?

    And the crazy butler? Is she the one that ordered the beating of Tae Hae?
    I didn’t get the connection between her and Hong Bin’s dad.

    And why was Yoon working for Hong Bin?

    Well, maybe I will find out all these answers in the last episode.

    I wish they wouldn’t cut the episodes and then you don’t get all the details connected to the characters. Same thing happened with A New Leaf, but then the actor had to start his other drama.

  404. 404 : atreyu Says:

    HB should practice polygamy, as long as both girls agreed of course XD

  405. 405 : piet Says:

    404 atreyu agree with U.

  406. 406 : Rose Says:

    I enjoyed this show …. I thought it was different and unique. Not the usual parents pushing their children to marry someone, or the triangle of two people liking the same person. Also Lee Dong Wook did a good job in portraying the character.

    I wish they could have finished the last 2 episodes as I would love to have it come to light that Butler Yoon was involved in Tae Hee’s beating. She ruined Tae Hee’s life and she goes off to live her life. Jerk.

    I feel sorry for Hong Joo as I believe he did not have a happy life with his parents. The father and mother are not warm people, and neither of them r shows any love or compassion to him.

    They should just finish out the complete story even if the ratings are not as high as they hoped. It kind of leaves you hanging in some areas

  407. 407 : Soma Says:

    I really liked this drama 💓

  408. 408 : Rose Says:

    I couldn’t believe Butler Yoon told HB that “he needs to find a wife.” What never when he had a wife and she had her beat up. Does she have any idea how bad she was beat up? Too many questions left unanswered – bad move on the writer’s part to not air the last 2 episodes to clear some of the questions up.

    Seung Hwan – he married Tae He’s dr., she is a beautiful girl. Anyone know her name.

    I was reading the posts on AsianWiki and most of them were positive about this story. Darn them for ending it sooner than expected.

    I thought Lee Dong Wook did an excellent job with his acting in this role. He had different sides to his personality.

    Oh well — nothing we can do about the cut episodes.

  409. 409 : Nirr Says:

    Aah.. Baru nonton eps. 1 bosan juga 😔 not too good in acting. LDW kasian acting ama SSK. SSK membosankan kl berakting (sorry to say) .

  410. 410 : anisa Says:

    Indonesian must watch this drama, in episode 13 and 12 if i’m not mistaken, Butler yoon mention that indonesia. Tea is the best tea

  411. 411 : anisa Says:


  412. 412 : Farida Says:

    This is the worst drama that Lee Dong Wook has ever played.. Why did he agree to play in this boring drama.????? arrrrgh

  413. 413 : novii Says:

    I love this drama 😍😍 hey dong wook saranghae 😘😘

  414. 414 : Lanny Says:

    It’s too boring.. This is the worst drama that Lee Dong Wook has ever played..

  415. 415 : maida Says:

    this drama wasn’t cliché even the end was unpredictable .

    KTH refused to get revenge and didn’t tell HB about her beating and chose to die in peace she even forgave HB’S dad

    HB’s dad lost all his money he spent his life gathering

    butler yoon left the house she treasured and the man she obsessed with for her life. And it implied she was the one who took KTH to the hospital

  416. 416 : bi Says:

    if you are interested to watch this kdrama, you will definitely enjoy watching Secretary Go. hahaha! He’s a good actor! His character here just suit him very well. And at the end , yes! He really deserve to be happy!
    hahaha! anyone agree with me?!

  417. 417 : usa-mary Says:

    Though I hate that this drama’s episodes was shortened, I enjoyed it immensely. Yes, I do agree that Secy Go should also have happiness, he deserved.

    This drama is definitely about reuniting, forgiveness, atoning of one’s mistakes, new beginnings and new found love. A must watch despite some negative comments.

  418. 418 : nami Says:

    i try to watch this drama because of lee dong wook… but i give in episode 3… i am so sorry but i cant stand watching shin se kyung act…

  419. 419 : usa-mary Says:

    I like Shin Se Kyung’s acting in this drama which has improved considerably. She’s a growing actress who has worked hard at honing her skills. I look forward to her next project.

    Whoever peruses this sight, I advise you to check out the drama for yourself and not be swayed by the negative comments made by some people who have religiously made on this thread. Use your own mature, objective judgment by discarding and disregarding any and all references to the viewers negative vendettas toward a specific actress who has done nothing to warrant this behavior. Thank You.

  420. 420 : nicki Says:

    @ginny, Lyana, nami
    Shin se kyung has been and still gets criticized for bad acting. Can’t stand her!

  421. 421 : Leave Says:


  422. 422 : usa-mary Says:


    I like her acting!!!

  423. 423 : vere Says:

    SSK bad

  424. 424 : Irene Says:

    SKK should improve more in her acting..same expression always..inorder to substain in this trade..she must work harder..

  425. 425 : Irene Says:

    Sorry is Shin Se Kyung…

  426. 426 : Korean Drama Review BM | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Blade Man (2014) 钢铁人 […]

  427. 427 : winnie Says:

    I hated Shin Sye kyung’s character in When a man loves but i totally love her as Son Se Dong. I agree with previous comments that she definitely honed her acting skills. After all, she is quite young. long way to go SSK. Good luck and keep up the good work

  428. 428 : Cj Says:

    How come it has low ratings? I find it really amazing! It is such a great kdrma. I really love the main characters, Se Dong and Hong Bin. And I’m really surprised to know that it originally has 20 ep.😥😢

  429. 429 : M Says:

    Ihate this drama so mush!ssk is bad acters.I m very sorry why good as ldw acting in bording drama.really pity

  430. 430 : Sara Says:

    Please stop criticizing shin se kyoung if you have not even watched this drama. She was one of the best cast here and played her character really well. Try to be objective people! It not just because you don’t like someone. you have to bash them badly. The problem with the drama was the overdramatizing of the main lead actions. It started with him beating up his employees really bad. Also, the advertising of the dramas was bad. They did not caputure what’s the story is about and just showed an angry guy who keeps beating people up. We are in the 21 century. No one is really into abuse of employees things. It could have been great drama has they fixed some of these issues. Shin se kyoung was very suitable her her role and did really well. I’m just sorry for her being just harshly criticized by people who just seam to hate her for no reason but also happy for her because she is really loved in her home country .

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