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Iron Lady Cha

Iron Lady Cha 03

Title: 불굴의 차여사 / Iron Lady Cha
Chinese Title: 不屈的车女士
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 111 (120-9)
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2015-Jan-05 to 2015-June-12
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:15
Related Series: Indomitable Daughters in Law


This drama is about three generations of a family.


Main Cast

Kim Bo Yun as Cha Mi Ran / Lady Cha (Dal Soo’s wife)
Oh Kwang Rok as Oh Dal Soo (Mi Ran’s husband)
Lee Ga Ryung as Oh Eun Ji (Dal Soo & Lady Cha’s eldest daughter)
Park Yoon Jae as Kim Ji Suk (a young entrepreneur)
Shin Min Soo as Oh Ki Hoon (Dal soo & Lady Cha’s eldest son)
Ha Yun Joo as Lee Yoon Hee (a dentist)

Oh Dong Pal’s family

Kim Yong Gun as Oh Dong Pal (Dal Soo’s father)
Lee Seo Yoon as Oh Min Ji (Dal Soo’s second daughter)
Yoon Da Hoon as Oh Dal Goo (Dal Soo’s younger brother)
Kim Soo Hyun as Jung Sook (Dal Goo’s wife)
Na Seul Gi as Oh Hye Ji (Dal Goo & Jung Sook’s daughter)
Lee Yoon Mi as Oh Dal Ja (Dal Soo’s younger sister)
Kim Se Min as Sang Chul (Dal Ja’s husband)
Joo Ah Ra (주아라) as Soo Jung (Dal Ja & Sang Chul’s daughter)
Min Ji Ah as Oh Min Ji

Ok Boon’s family

Jung Young Sook as Ok Boon (Ji Suk’s grandmother)
Lee Seung Woo as James


Choi Jung Woo as Chief Cha (Lady Cha’s older brother, Chief of Dental Department)
Kim Dong Joo as Hyun Sook (Yoon Hee’s mother)
Lee Jung Gil as Kyung Shik (car center’s worker)
Lee Young Hee (이영희) as Mal Soon
Seo Seung Man as Joon Ho (an accountant, Eun Ji’s senior)
Kim Bon Woo as Jessica Ahn
Im Yoon Ho as Kim Sin Wook

Production Credits

Producer: Jung Hoon Tak
Director: Oh Hyun Chang, Jang Joon Ho
Screenwriter: Park Min Jung


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  1. 1 : Ying Says:

    no poster yet?

  2. 2 : mml Says:

    Why this drama is not a romance drama ?

  3. 3 : mml Says:

    I have been watching from episode 1 to episode 6 and found it quite interesting when Oh Ki Hoon met the sweet dentist Lee Yoon Hee and temporary working in helping the dentist for all her housework. Looks very sweet, if they were to become a lovely couple. Not sure, I will continue to watch more episodes to find out about this drama.

  4. 4 : mml Says:

    I have just finished watching episode 7 to episode 10 and indeed some interesting things happened between Ki Hoon and Yoon Hee.

    Okay, I will continue to watch episode 11 to episode 15 and to find out more about this drama.

  5. 5 : mml Says:

    I have already finished watching episode 11 to episode 15 and looks like Ki Hoon and Yoon Hee likes one another, but family background a little different and there it goes, maybe along the way, they will face obstacles.

    Okay, I will continue to watch episode 16 to episode 20 and to continue to find out on what’s happening with the love line of Ki Hoon and Yoon Hee ?

  6. 6 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 16 to episode 20 and knew that Ki Hoon and Yoon Hee started to dating and accepting one another, but, family’s objections due to family background not matching. Okay, more or less I understand what’s happening and will continue to watch episode 21 to episode 25.

  7. 7 : Hen Says:

    I don’t know–Kim Ji Suk is rather selfish if you ask me. I can’t believe he made Eun Ji’s mother stop what she was doing, put on shoes, get dressed for the cold weather just to come out and get the food he had brought. Shouldn’t he have offered to at least bring it to the door. He was already making an unwelcome appearance–coming in to bring the food should not have been such a stretch.

    mml–I like the dentist and Eun Ji’s brother as a couple, too.

  8. 8 : Rose Says:

    Is it normal for children to pay for their parents second marriage? Why can’t the dad pay for his second marriage? The other children are users and want the older brother and his wife to take care of their dad and them also.

    That lady he wants to marry must think the dad has a lot of money.

    As you can tell, I just saw Ep 5. For some reason where I live the dramas are behind the East coast area.

  9. 9 : Alice Johnson Says:

    I just watched episode 7 of this drama am I the only one that thinks the parents aer overreacting to the eldest daughters boyfriend. Did he really do something that cant be forgiven.

  10. 10 : Rose Says:

    To Alice Johnson — I agree with you. It is not like he killed a member of their family. Plus Eu Ji’s parents don’t realize they are causing the ulcer problem with their daughter. Ji Suk and Eu Ji are in love and she knows Ji Suk better than him. He did not handle the situation very well with her parents, but he has apologized and is trying to work it out.

    I like Ji Suk (Park Yoon Jae) I saw him in Shinning Romance and liked the character he played in that drama. He is a nice looking man.

    Lee Ga Ryung (Eu Ji) is a beautiful girl.

    Oh Kwang – Eu Ji’s dad was in Healer. That was one fantastic show. Just love everything about it.

    I like Ji Suk’s grandmother, she is pretty and not pushy like some of the grandparents in how they are portrayed in some of these shows.

    Eu Ji’s parents need to find out the background of the lady the father wants to marry and bring home. He is being fooled by her big time. Mi Ran should have told her father-in-law that his love to be was making out with another man in the Tea House. Wait till she finds out they don’t have money. This should be fun, but a big problem also for the family.

  11. 11 : Alice Johnson Says:

    To Rose I saw him in shining romance and loved him in it. I like the brother and the dentist together. They are cute. The grandmother is wonderful. The father is so being tricked by his soon to be bride. The brother who owns the car shop are so cheap. The sister is crazy thinking her husband is cheating. I dont like the mom she was in princess aurora and pretty man. The father is helpless couldn’t even move furniture almost broke his leg. If they let their daughter marry the husband and son will have jobs they need to put their pride away. I am currently watching lady storm and just finished what happens to my family.

  12. 12 : Rose Says:

    I knew this was coming when the grandparents planned on meeting each other – now they will be a couple.

    I laughed when Eun Ji”s grandfather after meeting Ji Suk = that “she had good judgment like me.” He lost $10,000 to a woman who was fooling a lot of men.

    I like Ki Hoon, he is cute and a gentle person. He and the dentist are a cute couple.

    I remember “Lady Cha” in Princess Aurora and she was one mean lady.

    I agree Eun Ji’s brother and his wife are cheap and if Eun Ji marries Ji Suk, they will probably try to get money from him, or from Eun Ji’s parents.

  13. 13 : Alice Johnson Says:

    Yes she was so mean in princess aurora. I cant believe he lost $10000 to that con woman. I really like the son and the dentist. Grandma and grandpa were probably first loves and if they get together what happens to the grandkids? I still think the parents are overreacting. Rose do you watch lady of the storm and Mr. Beck?

  14. 14 : Rose Says:

    I just saw Ep 13. So far I feel the grandfather is a self-absorbent (only cares about himself) and a selfish person. He gave $10,000 to some woman that duped him, and he wanted his children to pay for him to have a hotel wedding. Like he could have paid for it himself with the $10,000.

    I knew when the grandmother and grandfather would meet, I know they would get involved, but I didn’t think they would know each other. And stupid Dal Soo thinks his dad is on his side, I can’t wait until he finds out why he wanted Eun Ji to break up with Ji Suk. Not that he will care as wants his daughter to break up with Ji Suk.

    The grandfather could care less about his granddaughter and Ji Suk being in love, just as long as he gets what he wants. Very selfish on his part.

    I feel Ji Suk did not handle the situation properly, but he has tried very hard to make amends to some how appease Eun Ji’s parents, but of course, to no avail. I think the parents are over doing that situation.

    As far as I can see the only normal people in the family are Eun Ji, Ki Hoon and the dentist, Cha’s brother. I wonder what Min Ji will be like when she appears on the scene.

    Alice, I am watching Mr. Beck and I like it. I feel bad for Beck’s son, as he never took time to be a father to him when he was a boy, and that is all he wanted.

    I only saw one Ep of Lady of the Storm. Post No. 19 and 21 are my posts.

  15. 15 : Rose Says:

    So cheap grandfather has to borrow money from his son to treat his new love interest to dinner. If they get married they will have to live off Ji Suk’s grandmother’s money.

    I am happy Ji Suk saw the text the grandfather sent to his grandmother about keeping “their relationship secret.”

    Going to be a long drama. Hope it does well and people like it.

  16. 16 : Rose Says:

    I think Eun Ji’s dad is somewhat irresponsible. He has no clue about the money situation. He doesn’t get the drift of the money problem with supporting his family, his father and his siblings. He just gives his dad whatever money he wants and his siblings. Like – don’t any of them have money of their own? He is too easy going an can’t even stand up to his father with regards to his daughter and her heartache. The grandfather is stubborn, strong-willed and self-centered. Dal Soo is nothing like his father.

    I don’t see what the problem is if the grandfather/grandmother want to get married, and why can’t Eun Ji and Ji Suk also?

    I was surprised that maid that works at Ji Suk’s house would randomly give out their address to someone without checking with the grandmother first. Not a good thing.

  17. 17 : Alice Johnson Says:

    I know the maid answered her cell phone who does that and she didnt know who that was on the phone. The grandfather is so selfish its unreal and the father is so weak. The dentists mother is funny. I loved mr beck it ended already. Watching last episodes of pride and prejudice. I am getting hooked on legendary witches gye beck ended loved it. Couple of new dramas start this week so fingers crossed.

  18. 18 : Rose Says:

    @Alice: I agree with you with regard to the grandfather and his son. The now wants to work with his friend in some project. If he gets a loan, his family will be in big trouble. What a mess.

    I feel sorry for Ki Hoon. He is so nice and sweet. I wish he could get a job. The mother left her daughter and son with the grandfather. The poor kids. At least Ki Hoon can cook.

    I love Pride and Prejudice – you really have to pay attention to who all the players are and all the details of who did what. I love Choi Jin Hyuk – I have seen him in a few shows, he is good looking I love his eyes. Choi Min Soo – I have never seen him before and I feel he is really great in his role. He deserved the award he got for this show. I was happy Cho Jin Hyuk got an award also. And adorable Lee Tae Huan – I have never seen him before and I think he is really good in his role, and I love little Chan. I thought it was so adorable when Chan was pouring the water in the glasses when they were going to eat. Really great show. The Legendary Witches is good also.

  19. 19 : Rose Says:

    I wonder now that Eun Ji is marrying Ji Suk, if her dad will ask Ji Suk for money so he can get into that scheme with his friend. And if Eun Ji’s aunts/uncles will be hitting Ji Suk for money. They are all weird.

  20. 20 : Rose Says:

    Question — that money Ji Suk gave Eun Ji’s grandfather — was that for his wedding to Eun Ji???? His grandmother asked him “I thought you took care of the ?wedding? was it?” I forgot now what she said, and Ji Suk said “he did.” Ji Suk should have given the money to Eun Ji’s mother. But she would have had to hid it from the dad as he would go give it to his friend to start up whatever business the friend is supposedly thinking about doing.

  21. 21 : HEN Says:

    OK, it would not surprise me if Jessica Ahn is hiding the fact that she has Ji Suk’s baby somewhere.

  22. 22 : Rose Says:

    The bossy grandfather should give Ji Suk his money back that he gave him when he gave in that Ji Suk and Eun Ji could be together. Eun Ji’s mother has no idea he got all that mone from Ji Suk.

    The grandfather is something else. I am wondering how he is going to get along with the grandmother since he Is so bossy and expects to be waited on 24/7, unless he changes for her?????!!! Lady Cha takes very good care of him.

  23. 23 : Rose Says:

    I am only at Ep 80 ….. if Ji Suk has to go on blind dates per his grandmother’s insistence, he should send someone else in his place..
    I am watching The Legendary Witches and I thought it was funny that Do Jin’s mother kept fixing him up with blind dates, and he would have the chauffer sitting with the girl while he was at the next table reading, until his mother caught him. Great idea.

  24. 24 : Rose Says:

    When the grandparents go out, does the grandmother pay for everything???

    The grandfather has an eye for the girls….funny. The grandfather is very demanding, I wonder how he and the grandmother will get along for the long haul?? If they date and not live together, it might work out.

  25. 25 : Hen Says:

    i didn’t like that the writer kept Eun Ji totally in the dark about J Ahn who was using her friendship to get the lowdown on Ji Suk. Ji Suk was also a louse for not coming clean about his past when J Ahn showed up.

    Wow, what is with K drivers! The crosswalk has a bull’s eye in these dramas.

    With Eun Ji is out, the surprise kid will show up.

  26. 26 : HEN Says:

    Who is the actress playing Jessica Ahn? She is not listed in the cast.

  27. 27 : HEN Says:

    Nevermind–I found her. Kim Bin-woo. She was in the drama – Good For You.

  28. 28 : HEN Says:

    Jessica Ahn–I still don’t like her.

  29. 29 : phoenix Says:

    Hate, hate, hate the Jessica Ahn character.

  30. 30 : Rose Says:

    Hye Ji, Dal Goo’s daughter is right when she said “all they care about is money.” They leach off Mi Ran all the time. Hye Ji will probably become a good dancer and bring in the money for her parents which will make them happy. They get on my nerves.

    Dal Ja’s husband is not around much at all. He is a nice looking man.

    I am not happy with Ji Suk right now with not being upfront with Eun Ji about his ex. Like what – he thought it would never come out!!!!!! So much for being honest with the woman he is supposed to be so in love with.

  31. 31 : Rose Says:

    Geez — you would think Dal Soo would have the brains to check out his friend’s contacts instead of just handing over all that money to someone hoping to hit it big. He has no brains. I can’t believe Miran’s brother did get mad – that was a lot of money that was gone like the wind. I like him, he seems sensible and nice.

    While I am watching each episode of this show, I think I must miss scenes now and then. I thought Dal Soo and his friend could not find the guy that took off with the $30,000???? So who did they beat up?? All of a sudden they were at a police station.

  32. 32 : HEN Says:

    Miran’s brother fantasized about beating Dal soo for losing his money.

    I think the two men were arrested for fighting each other. Anybody remember?

  33. 33 : Rose Says:

    @Hen — Oh My — maybe you are right — that Dal Soo and his friend fought with each other. I didn’t see it. But they had to be charges.

    Hen — are you watching this program and Apgujeong Midnight Sun on TV or on a Website with Eng Subs? When I miss a program, I can’t find any websites that have the Eng subs. They are all without the Eng Subs.

    Thanks for the info.

    I am the same Rose from Make A Wish drama.

  34. 34 : Rose Says:

    Well I just saw Ep 46 — while I saw above about Eun Ji getting in an accident I thought she would end up in a coma for several months like some other dramas and eventually wake up. I am appalled that she died. I was not expecting this at all. Usually you can tell how the dramas will end by the advertisement for the show.

    Did Eun Ji have to die for Ji Suk to find out about his son and end up with the women????? Now I have to watch J. Ahn for 72 episodes!!!! This is spoiling the whole show for me.

  35. 35 : Rose Says:

    I somehow sent the above through by accident.

    I just don’t like that Jessica person.

    While I felt Ji Suk should have told Eun Ji who J. Ahn was, in the end there was no reason for it as she died not knowing and that was better for her not being hurt. Interesting Eun Ji when talking to J.A. about the guy she loved and Eun Ji told her “she felt it would turn out ok.” Little did Eun Ji know what those words meant.

    What a mess darn it.

    I watched Ep 48 w/o Eng subs. I will miss Ep 47 also. I can’t find any website with Eng Subs for this show Darn.

  36. 36 : HEN Says:

    Hi Rose,

    I thnk Dal Soo was blaming his friend for not knowing the true nature of the guy that ripped them off. Now they are washing cars together. But remember, Ji Suk gave Dal Soo’s father enough money for Dal Soo to start a business. That is why his brother proposed to get a truck for the two friends to start a delivery business. ‘Course no one has mentioned what exactly they would “deliver”.

    Speaking of Dal Soo’s father, did you see how he took money from Yoon Hee AND took the money from Miran, who thought that Yoon Hee had included money for him with her money! What a greedy old f–t.

    I am watching these and other K Dramas on the MBC America channel–ATT UVERSE. They are subbed. I also enjoy for your comments on other dramas sites here.

  37. 37 : HEN Says:

    Rose, You should try http://www.dramastyle.com/drama.

    They are nott subbed, but all the episodes are here.

    Most of the dramas that air 5-days a week, are not subbed.

  38. 38 : Alice Johnson Says:

    I watched the saddest episode ever when everyone came to say goodbye to eunji tears just fell out my eyes the scene was so real for me because I lost my only child my son 15 months ago in a car crash. He was 28 years old. The pain the mother showed seemed so real it was like she knew me and knew my pain.

  39. 39 : Rose Says:

    Alice: I am so sorry to hear about your son. It is very hard to lose a child, one of the worst things in a mother’s life. I am sure Ep 48 was a very bad episode for you to see. The mother did a good job with all her scenes for this particular part of losing Eun Ji. I hope in a way it brought you some comfort in a round about way as you identified with her.


    Did you see after the marriage ceremony, when Ji Suk kissed Eun Ji’s head and as the camera was pulling away, Eun Ji was crying. There was a tear coming out of her left eye. I saw the Episode Raw but didn’t see that then. I was surprised to see that that I let out an “Oh.” I wish that Eun Ji did not have to pass away, but I guess we will have to see how the show goes forward now with Ji Suk and his ex get involved again. I wish somehow the writer could have worked out the Eun Ji character differently, but maybe as the episodes go on we will get to like Ji Suk’s ex. There is something about her that I just don’t like….her face is not even a warm person. Eun ji (or the girl that played her) had a warmth to her face and seemed sweet and soft. The ex seems more on the hard side with no warmth to her. Time will tell. Their son looks cute – I think his name is James.

    I was looking forward to the relationship between Eunj and Ji Suk. I wonder if the writer ever reads these posts??? Probably not. Sometimes the posters on these boards come up with better story lines.

  40. 40 : Rose Says:

    Hen, thinks for the info on no sub’s for 5 day shows, but kBS always had subs on their 5 day shows they run during the day. I don’t have ATT Uverse, but the MBC channel I have I can watch the shows with the subs. It is just if I don’t see the program on the TV, and want to catch up, then I have the problem without the subs on one of the websites. I like having the Eng subs so I know what is being said.

    I miss my KBS station as I watched quite a few shows on that station. Tooo bad they changed channels or whatever. It is a big loss for me. There is no way that I can watch all the shows I watched on the computer. Between Ariang, MBC and KBS, KBS has them all beat with good shows and a great line up. I feel lost without that station.

  41. 41 : Rose Says:

    I agree that grandfather is hauling in the money and Miran does not know a thing about that but yet he wants his family to pay for everything. What does he plan on doing with all that money. I wonder if he would have married Ji Suk’s grand mother, I wonder if he would have lived off her money???? I wonder if they will rekindle their relationship again.

    I guess Dal Ja was right about her husband cheating. She thought he was working overtime, I guess he was big time. Wonder how the 2 brothers are going to work that out. The women he was with looked like an older person compared to his wife, but they didn’t show her face in Ep 48.

  42. 42 : HEN Says:

    Rose, I hear you about watching with subs vs without. I don’t suppose you have a recorder that you could attach to the TV. Uverse has a DVR. Although, I watch this 5-day drama, I record the morning 5-day drama.

    In EP63?, Grandpa lets it slip that he received money from Yoon Hee and Miran heard him. Miran meets the young man who got EunJi’s heart. It looks like he will become attached to the family, via the other sister.

    JiSuk’s EX is really an unlikeable character. It seems that her purpose is to get back at JiSuk and his grandmother by using his business and his baby. Also, JiSuk’s GM is trying to separate him from Miran family…BUT [watching unsubbed] it seems that EunJi’s sister is coming home. It also seems that she will work for JiSuk’s company 9 with EunJi’s heart recipient), and when he finds out, he will seek her out….Dun dun dunn?
    I think JiSuk and the EX will make a dull and unlikeable couple, with the grandmother constantly trying to split them up–(yawn).

    How about Dal Ja and Miran’s brother. Looks like Yoon Hee’s mother is a little green when she sees them together.

    I wonder when we will learn the story about the guy working for Dal Ja’s other brother. It seems he is hiding a powerful and rich family & career. The greedy and cheap wife of this brother is trying to keep the daughter from getting attached to him. She will surely put her foot in it before it becomes known who he really is.

  43. 43 : HEN Says:

    Who the heck is dressing this kid? What is with these outfits?

    For that matter, Jessica’s wardrobe choices are questionable, too.
    Did you see the “top” with the big red lips across the bust that she wore to the office?

    Obviously the wardrobe budget is being spent to outfit only a few characters, but really…..

  44. 44 : Rose Says:

    I am at Ep 49 —
    Can’t that witch ever leave Ji Suk alone for a minute. Didn’t she get the drift he wanted to be alone to mourn for Eun Ji????? She did the same thing pushing herself in when Ji Suk and Eun Ji were together. Ji Suk just lets her do what she wants. He should have got up and left her sitting at the table by herself. Then she ends up sitting in his seat after he leaves. So far I don’t think he is a strong guy to tell her to leave him alone. At least until his grieving period is over.

    It didn’t take long for the writer to push the witch out there for the grandmother to see her.

    Hen — I do have a DVD — I guess I could tape the shows when I won’t be able to see them. Kind of forgot about that. I haven’t taped any show in years. I was taping so many that I never had time to watch them. so finally after years of not watching them I just went in a deleted everything. Also now that I don’t have KBS – which I watched quite a bit, at least 20 shows, which I can’t see since they switched whatever I have only been trying to watch Love and Secrets and You Are The Only One dramas as I had seen most of the episodes and wanted to finish them up. And I am behind on them. I just can’t spend all the time on the computer.

    Hen — You are way ahead of me on the episodes. Where I live in the Chicago area they just aired Ep 49 on April 23. For some reason where I live the shows are broadcast later than other areas.

    Don’t you think JiSuk and the witch will eventually get back together. Isn’t that why she came back?? In one of the future episodes I saw him hugging her, so…….

  45. 45 : Rose Says:

    There appears to be more to the story of JiSuk and J. Ahn’s breakup. Did JiSuk’s grandmother break up J. Ahn and JiSuk?? There is some trouble between them…I wonder if the grandmother pushed J Ahn out of his life somehow. I believe J. Ahn came back to get JiSuk back, even though she told the GM she is not interested in him. She is just plain lying.

    J. Ahn is not going to let the GM push her around this time around. She is a very strong women now. I don’t think JiSuk is strong enough to stand up against J. Ahn. And maybe down the road he won’t want to. I believe they will eventually end up together, otherwise I don’t see what the reason was for Eun Ji to die.

    I do wonder though how things would have played out if Eun Ji would have lived and found out about JiSuk’s and J. Ahn’s relationship. Who would have end up with JiSuk?

    I like Malsoo – Miran’s friend from the restaurant. She is so sensible and down to earth.

    I like Miran’s brother – he is funny, good hearted and just a nice guy.

  46. 46 : Hen Says:

    I share your problem with the taped episodes. I usually tape just one AM show and make myself watch the episodes before the end of the weekend. Interesting about the timing…I’m in the Midwest, too.

    You are right, the GM did send her packing–supposedly because of her mother and family background–yada yada yada. The thing is she came back with her son and an aunt, with no mention of her mother. It is so twisted how she is trying to keep the kid on the down low. She told the kid about JiSuk, but that he would have to wait to meet him. She asked JiSuk to allow James to call him “Dad”, but not let the GM know that James is his son.
    Also, I did see them share a kiss [unsubbed]. I think her plan is to use the kid to get JiSuk to come back to her–over the GM dead body (you know what I mean).
    Shocker–YoonHee and her mother know Jessica and James from the US.

    You know, they brought back Eunji’s sister, who gets a job at JiSuk’s company. The writer has her “friendly” with the guy who got Eunji’s heart in a transplant…but, she has also had a few encounters with JiSuk.
    It would not surprise me if the guy was eliminated and the relationship between JiSuk and Eunji’s sister developed into something more.

  47. 47 : Hen Says:



  48. 48 : Rose Says:

    Hmmmm……. I don’t know if I would like Ji Suk to end up with Eun Ji’s sister!!!!! I saw one of the upcoming episodes and I didn’t think I would like the sister for Eun Ji but I guess I will have to wait until I get to that part. If that comes to be???? that will be a BIG shock to J. Ahn if she loses Ji Suk again, not that I would mind.

    Ji Suk – why does he go along with everything J. Ahn tells him to do?? I know he seemed to be somewhat strong at the beginning when he got rid of Eun Ji’s dad, but with J.Ahn he just goes along with whatever she wants. Like he was with Eun Ji and said he would look for a place for J Ahn to live!!! He is an idiot.

    Kind of getting tired of the same old thing with these dramas. But then if there are no Eng subs anymore, I won’t have to worry will I????? I just won’t watch them any more.

  49. 49 : Rose Says:

    Oh I forgot to mention – I was in a Japanese market today and that recliner leather chair that massages your body that Ji Suk and Enu Ji’s grandfather have were in the store. The sale price was $3,500. A lot of people were trying them out, they had 2 girls helping the customers.

    Also they had tapes of the Korean dramas on sale also. I saw some of the dramas that are airing now and some that aired some time ago.

    Hmmm……I knew everyone would want to know this info right…….

  50. 50 : Rose Says:

    I hope Miran’s brother – the dentist – doesn’t get involed with Yoon Hee’s mother. At the present, she is getting on my nerves.

    Yoon Hee should move back with her mother. Then when Ki Hoon comes home he can do all the cooking and cleaning for his wife and mother. I can’t believe Yoon Hee’s mother was all upset because she did the dishes. Whatt is the big deal??? Is she for real????!!! She needs to get a life and move on.

  51. 51 : HEN Says:

    What is that about… YoonHee’s mother over reacting. She has been living in Hawaii all this time, so she has no idea how YoonHee has been living. These drama show K mothers as extremes.

    I think Miran’s brother will continue to show some interest in Miran’s pregnant S-I-L, which will drive YoonHee’s mther even more batty.

    Hey, I think that is interesting about the “chair”. I have purchased a few CDs & DVDs from yesasia.com.

  52. 52 : Rose Says:

    The re-run of Cunning Single Lady started Wednesday and Eunji was in the first episode – small part. She is cute.

    The S-I-L is pregnant????? The husband who wants a divorce and has his girlfriend pregnant???? What!!!!

  53. 53 : HEN Says:

    Yes, the husband who wanted the divorce because his girlfriend is pregnant, doesn’t know that his wife is pregnant also. She found out after moving back home. At this point she does not want him to know.

    YoonHee is pregnant, too!

    I like that drama, CSL…funny when he trying to explain his condition “plastic flower”.

    I’ve seen commercials on MBC for those chairs, also. Have you seen them?

  54. 54 : Rose Says:

    Wow – Sang-Chul has been one busy man getting two women pregnant at the same time. He gets his wife pregnant, but doesn’t want to live with her as he is in love with someone else!!!!

    Hen — I see what you mentioned earlier on about Ji Suk’s grandmother – The grandfather blew the whistle on JiSuk telling the gm he is sending food etc to them and I could see the grandmother’s eye lashes curl up. She is not as nice a nice lady. The grandfather has a big mouth, but maybe he doesn’t know the real Ok Boon. When everything goes her way, she is a sweet woman, but when it doesn’t, she turns into the typical Korean women that have been portrayed in most of these shows.

    Yes I have seen the chairs advertised. I would have tried the chair out but the chairs were all filled. Maybe if I go there during the week, I was there on a Sunday and it was crowed.

  55. 55 : Rose Says:

    I am only at Ep 56 == does it appear that JiSuk is still harboring feelings for J.Ahn, even though he was in love with Eunj???? He buried them, but with J. Ahn on the scene again, they seem to have come to the surface.

    James is a cute little boy. They have his name listed but I can’t seem to find out anything about him. Wonder if this is his first show. It will be good for him to get to know his dad. I think JiSuk will be good with him.

  56. 56 : Mary Says:

    I have been watching and enjoying this story very much, but am very disappointed that MBC has stopped the subtitles before it is finished. This has also happened with Lady of the Storm, which I have also been watching. I realize it is because of independent producers of these shows and probably related to budget issues, but what a let down!

  57. 57 : Rose Says:

    Oh Mary, I am sorry to hear about this. I am only at Ep 57 and have a long way to go. I like this show also and I won’t even know what is going on. While I can watch it, I don’t really understand what they are saying. Only a few words. I am very disappointed to say the least.

    I lost KBS station completely and did not finish watching the dramas that were on, only 2 out of 6. I am going to send an email to MBC, but I doubt I will get an answer.

    I am wondering if KBS is a larger organization or has more backers or advertisers, as about 99% of their shows had English subs. MBC only had the dramas with Eng Subs.

    We are now getting into the good part with JiSuk’s son James.

    There are quite a few American people watching these shows, so many of us will be disappointed to say the least.

  58. 58 : Rose Says:

    Mary and Hen —

    I just called the MBC office near me in the Chicago area and the girl that answered the phone did not hear anything about MBC not airing sub-titles. She asked what shows and I told her Stormy Women and Iron Cha Lady. She asked if Stormy Women had no sub-titles this a.m. and I said that I did have Sub-titles with both shows so far, but other areas seem to be having a problem.

    She said she would have to check into it and she doesn’t know what other states/stations do. I told her that someone said it advertised on one of the musical shows that “MBC was not going to air sub-titles anymore,” and she said she did not now anything about that.

    I will have to wait and see when I catch up with all of you as usually episodes airing where I live are way behind other areas.

    Stormy Women episodes aired 66 and 67 this morning.

    And Iron Cha Lady Episode 57 aired last night.

    Sorry, that is all I know.

    MBC does the sub-titles for Stormy Women.
    Maybe someone can send an email to Judy Kim as see if she knows anything.
    When the new drama shows start, she sends an email out with the name of the dramas and the info on them.

    Judy Kim

    [email protected]

  59. 59 : Mike Mireles Says:

    I emailed MBC using a website address and got a response from someone Los Angles. It was done to improve customer service by giving real time shows that are way too difficult to broadcast with sub-titles of any kind (except Korean because I saw some French words subtitled when spoken by Min Ji and the dude that got the heart transplant). They said Direct TV (my provider) will “OFFER” sub titles in August 2015. It is pure nonsense. It is just to make more money. Well guess what? What about all of the advertisement they will lose in the meantime. Wake up. You are broadcasting in AMERICA. They speak ENGLISH and their money is GREEN. MBC really pissed me off. This is just another stupid idea rammed down our throats just like when the government needs money etc.

  60. 60 : Keiko Says:

    I have Directv and my sister has Comcast. I think a month ago when a new drama “House of Blue Bloods” started on KBS she has subtitles on her drama and the same drama on Directv doesn’t. I was also watching Iron Lady Cha and was enjoying it until now when the subtitles stopped. I called Directv but they didn’t know what I was talking about.

  61. 61 : HEN Says:

    WED 5/6/2015: MIDWEST/UVERSE
    NOTE: Promo aired 5/6/15 – 1min 30secs prior to Stormy Woman Episode #128
    [It seems to air just before the Stormy Woman drama]

    1) Hwajung
    2) Make a Woman Cry

    1) Stormy Woman–No Subs beginning MON 4/27/Current EP#129
    2) Iron Lady Cha–No Subs this week – (TUES 5/5) EP#71
    3) Apgujeong Midnight Sun-No Subs this week-(TUES 5/5) EP#128
    4) Angry Mom–No Sub beginning EP#11

    ? HAD SUBS 5/3
    1) Flower of the Queen—EP#12

  62. 62 : HEN Says:

    Rose–a funny analogy: “…I could see the grandmother’s eye lashes curl up”.

    I think EunJi’s grandpa and Ok Boon have realized that they have no future together. Jang Mi’s mother from Rosy Lovers comes in as a possible love interest for GPa.

    JiSuk, is all over the place with his emotions. He’s found a son–but he agrees to keep it hush, hush. Of course that didn’t last long. He is trying to be “gracious”l to J Ahn and protect her from the GM. He wants to stay close to EunJi family, but he seem embarrassed to tell them about his son. Again, that doesn’t last long.

    James character is written a little too much over the top for me. Hearing the adults talking, he determines that GM doesn’t like him and wants to know why. So, he strikes out on his own to find and ask her. He makes his way to the company…cab?bus?walk? GM is honest and says she doesn’t hate him..she just doesn’t like his mother. OK, probably too honest for a kid. When she tries to take him home to his “Dad’s house”, he leaves with her, but [on que] suddenly stops and starts to cry[bad fake cry for a kid]–just as “his parents” are coming into view.

    They rush to him and he tells them that GM HATES HIM!

    It would not surprise me if James was not his bio son–Notice: still no DNA testing. JiSuk and GM believes he is, because of his looks.

    They have mixed J Ahn with Yoon Hee and her mother…but I still do NOT like or trust her.

    I’m holding out hope that JiSuk and Min Ji [EunJi’s sister] will end up together.

  63. 63 : Rose Says:

    How old is James? I feel he looks like Park Yoon Jae. He could pass for his real son.

    In Rosy Lover’s, Cha Dol’s daughter did the same thing, took a bus to go to the TV station where Jang Mi was. Like does the child have that money just laying around to just hop a bus or whatever and take off and no one misses the child. What is wrong with the writer of these shows to even put that in the drama, it is not something I would want my child to do, especially with the perverts around.

    I am not up to the episodes where Min Ji appears yet. I am not sure I would want Ji Suk to be with her. Isn’t that kind of weird? Not that it hasn’t happened in real life.

    Eun Ji’s mother – I can understand that she feels Ji Suk should move on and not see her, etc., but basically, Ji Suk is the only one who treats her nice. He brings her food to cook, wants to take her out for lunch/dinner etc.

    I wish somehow the writer could have kept Eun Ji in the show. I really liked her, I thought she was sincere, caring and a pretty girl.

  64. 64 : HEN Says:

    He’s supposedly 7 yrs old. I noticed in the episode before James came, JiSuk got a hair cut and given the same style as James. Notice now that he has gone back to the spiked hair in the front.

    I think it is not natural for JiSuk to just stop having any feelings for EunJi’s family. He was looking forward to having a “family”–siblings, parents, aunts, uncles; since he had grown up with only his GMa as his family.

    The impression we were given is that MinJi is a younger sister. Actually, the actress in the role is older–you can see it.

    MinJi, YoonHee, and DalJa are strong outspoken women, who are changing the family home environment for the men…and Miran is secretly, loving it; but GPa is a lot bothered.
    GPa told the women to “have boy babies by eating certain kinds of food”. (Remember that idea was used by SonJi in Apgujeong Midnight Sun.)

    As such, I think MinJi would give OkBoon a run for her “possesiveness” of JiSuk. Also, MinJi is not vengeful like Jessica.

  65. 65 : Roy Says:

    It is a shame and terrible business practice for MBC to stop the English subs this suddenly. I guess I will now just watch the other channels that have the English subs. I will also not be making any more purchases from the MBC store.

  66. 66 : Mike Mireles Says:

    I agree with Roy. I will not be making any more purchases from the Home Shopping Network or any other adverts on MBC. This nonsense of dropping sub titles to “better serve customers” is hogwash. Some big shot at a board meeting brought it up and if you know anything about Korean culture (if not watch more Dramas with sub titles) and no one objected because he was older or higher on the food chain. Sheesh! How does anyone make money with such boneheads in charge? This whole thing is about money. Well, you wont see anymore of mine until you put sub titles back.
    New subject: Ep 72 has Jessica and Ji Suk sharing a kiss. OOOOO man… what is gonna happen now??? GM better watch out. James is a US citizen and she will have mucho trouble “bringing him” home. They were never married and Ji Suk never knew about the kid. However GM will have to petition the court in (United States court) and show cause (proper cause). We shall see.

  67. 67 : Rose Says:

    @Mike Mireles —

    Can you post the MBC sight that you sent an email to. I would like to send an email also. Maybe if people complain, it might help.

    I agree they will save money without the subs and I was told last summer by the MBC office where I live, “it is all about the money.” And No One Of Their Other Shows, not matter what they are have had Eng subs. They are idiots as they have a lot of American’s watching these shows.

    I called the MBC office the other day but she didn’t know anything about MBC not having any subs any more. I will have to stop in there when I am in the area.

    KBS – they have a super great line up of shows, and 99% of them have Eng subs. I wonder if they have more money or are a bigger TV station????

  68. 68 : Rose Says:

    P.S. to my No. 67 post — forgot to say I won’t be watching much of the Korean shows anymore as I lost KBS back in mid-March. It was a shock to me as I did not see anything advertised they were changing affiliates, stations or whatever they did. That was a huge loss to me to say the least. I am not happy about any of this.


    I am only at Ep 60 and Ji Suk when he first meets James, he never bothers to ask J. Ahn who the father is or nothing. She shows up with a kid and no problem. Ji Suk just takes a liking to him and decides to do everything with the child without any qualms or questions. You would think under normal circumstances when you were in love with someone and years later she shows up with a child, would you not wonder who the father is???

    I think it is strange — sometimes the writer’s don’t make sense.

    I agree that Ji Suk was looking forward to becoming a part of Eun Ji’s family because he never had a family. So what is the big deal if he still is in touch with them. It is not like he is moving in with them and we all know eventually he will meet someone else and get married. The GM is something else.

    I must be from another planet, since when do pregnant women get to sit around and DO NOTHING. Yoon Hee at least helped with the dishes, but Dalja just sits around and doesn’t help with the food preparation or nothing, then has to complain about people making a fuss in the house and she can’t prepare for her pregnancy. Give me a break!!! I don’t know of any pregnant mother who sits around all day and does nothing during her pregnancy, maybe if you are rich.

    Everyone just piles in on Mi Ran, even though she is burning out, she just goes along with the program.

    Did the grandfather get a truck for Dal Soo with the money from Ji Suk????
    Ji Sik should be telling Mi Ran about it so she knows what is going on. Also Dal Soo’s brother who is doing the same, at least he had the brains to tell Dal Soo to study up for a license to drive a truck.

    The young boy who works as a mechanic for Dal Goo – I wonder if his family has money??? He has a nice looking car. and his dad had some guys come to get him, but the dad laid off when he called him.

  69. 69 : Rose Says:

    I have a question —- was Eun Ji (Lee Ga Ryung) in Apgujeong Midnight Sun as “An Susanna?”

    If you look her name up on this sight, it only shows Iron Cha, but if you look her up on Asian Wiki – it shows that she was in Apgujeong. I remember An Susanna from Apgujeong, but ….. not sure if it was her.

  70. 70 : Keiko Says:

    KBS is also deleting subtitles from their dramas. Screening Humanity was the first to have subtitles taken off since last year. Now House of Bluebirds and I think Angry Mom. They have subtitles on the weirdest shows and then take off subtitles on the dramas. I pay an extra $26 to get the Korean channels just for the dramas. That was the only way to get KBS on Directv.

  71. 71 : Paul Says:

    I have stopped watching MBC America unless my wife is here to tell me what’s going on (just the dramas I had been watching). I refuse to watch any new dramas on this channel until they bring the subtitles back. I am planning to drop the Korean channels altogether if the other channels do as MBC America had done.

  72. 72 : doug Says:

    I just happened to drop by this site after a long time away-This drama is on at the time I’m eating dinner, so I have it on, without paying too much attention to it, but just last week I noticed no subtitles-I have DirectTV, so I guess they will be shaking me down for more money soon. I guess If I start to watch something I get hooked on, I’ll just end up watching it on Viki.
    This drama really threw me for a loop-when Eunji was in the hospital, and he boyfriend/husband kissed her, I thought “This will be like Sleeping Beauty-she will wake up now”, but no, they actually killed her off. I sure wasn’t expecting that!

  73. 73 : Hen Says:

    UPD: SUBS STOPPED: Flower of the Queen—EP#13

    YES–Eun Ji (Lee Ga Ryung) in Apgujeong Midnight Sun as “An Susanna”. She was the first that NaDan’s Stepma-ma set up for him.

    Dal Soo failed the computerized test, refused the money and Dal Soo himself gave the money back to JiSuk.

    Dal Goo and his wife have discovered that their worker is from a rich family.
    They are trying to match him up with their daughter–unknown to him and the daughter.

    I still …
    1) don’t like J Ahn
    2) hope that JiSuk and MinJi will get together
    3) would not find it a surprise that James is not JiSuk’s bio son

  74. 74 : Rose Says:

    I thought that mechanic guy working for Dal Goo came from money. And, of course, Dal Goo and his wife would try to fix up any guy with money with their daughter. The wife especially is crazy for money to an extreme. It is kind of obnoxious, at least as far as I am concerned. These shows are mostly the same with different sub stories, parents forcing them to marry someone they don’t like, and trying to fix their children up with only rich families.

    I remember “An Susanna” very well, but did not recognize her as Eunji from this show.

    It beats me that Ji Suk is not interested who James’ father is prior to J. Ahn telling him he is the father. Strange to say the least. Sometimes these shows are so unrealistic.

  75. 75 : Mike Mireles Says:

    @Rose: Here is the information on MBC America in Los Angles California. The email address is MBCAmerica.com. The phone number for Direct TV in English is 1-800-378-3309. I corresponded with a Liana Kim. Sorry for the delay in responding but I do not get to check this site everyday.

    I do not think Ji Suks GM will harm James but I wonder what she has against Jessica. I think it is more than just her being the off spring off an affair. I’ll bet that the dentist’s mom has some real good dirt on ole GM. Dal Soo is such a loser. Gosh how can Ms Cha stand him. His son is equally dumb on well on his way to being a chip off the old man. Why doesn’t Ms. Cha just get him a job at Ji Suks???

  76. 76 : Mike Mireles Says:

    Episode 82 reveals why Jessica hates GM. BUT no real details. GM is pushing Ji Suk into Jessica’s arms. I wonder when Ms. Cha will discover Dal Soo’s sudden wealth (which he is giving away already). Grandfather is really a pain and new girly (who I really love as an actress) is going to have trouble with Ms. Cha. Dal Soo is such a jerk. We will see that “PRIDE” does not feed families, bring them together or bring happiness. The dentist mom was right: the Oh men all suck and are all losers (more or less).

    Speaking of losers, has anyone seen the new adverts by MBC on how great they are because we now have “live broadcasts” which have the people cant understand. What clowns! Oh yeah, pride does not made good business decisions which you try to recover from a bad business decision.

  77. 77 : Wisdom Says:

    This show is very unrealistic and most of the Korean dramas are. I don’t understand why the eldest daughter in law has to do all the housework. Really… everybody is an adult in the household and they can take care of themselves. Grandfather is greedy over money. Oldest son is free spirited and does not care if he has a wife and family to take care just give all his money away. I think the Grandfather needs to live with the second son and his wife.

  78. 78 : Rose Says:

    @Mike Mireles Says ===

    Thanks for the LA info. What did they tell you?? The same thing that was posted on their website — MBC America Facebook – I copied it on the Stormy Women drama site. Post No 58.

    Are you paying extra to see the Korean shows with your cable network?? I noticed on the MBC American Facebook site, some of the people are going to drop the Korean programs they were paying extra for now that MBC is not doing the Eng Subs. It is very unfortunate for us.

    I also lost the KBS station around the middle of March as they changed channels. I don’t have time to watch all the shows on the computer and I am real unhappy about that.

  79. 79 : Rose Says:

    @Wisdom — I agree 100% with you. I don’t know why they all pile in on Mi Ran all the time and she does not say anything. Dalja can’t do anything because she is pregnant ==== I never heard of such nonsense, at least she got out of the house to work. I stand to listen to her mouth going all the time. Between Yoon Hee’s mother and Dalja they make me crazy. I hope the dentist doesn’t end up with either one of them.

  80. 80 : Rose Says:

    @Mike M —- here is what I posted on Stormy Women —

    This was posted on May 4, 2015 on MBC America Facebook. There are postings by people with their complaints.

    MBC would like to make a formal apology to the fans concerned with the subtitle situation (or lack of) that began this month. MBC has received a large amount of feedback regarding a new policy instilled this month eliminating subtitles on our programming.
    The reason for this is due to a grand majority of customers requesting our content be aired as quickly as it does in Korea. This makes it impossible to accommodate making these subtitles and still air our programming in a timely manner.
    We are not without solutions however. One of the ways you can enjoy subtitles for our content is by subscribing to the Verizon Korean Package which includes MBC HD and includes subtitles on everything we offer.
    We will offer the same package on DIRECTV beginning August.
    We also have MBCD, a free over the air channel that transmits in LA, Chicago, Atlanta, and San Francisco. Time Warner cable offers this channel in both LA and NY.
    We hope that this remedies some of the distress caused by this policy change. We did not come to this decision without a great deal of consideration and we are sorry if it has been an inconvenience to all those involved.
    We hope that we can be of better service to all our customers in the future. – MBC America

  81. 81 : pauline fantroy Says:

    I have time warner here in New York and mbc America.kbn.mbcd have no subtitles.so another lie.Truth they don’t give a dam about us.

  82. 82 : Mike Mireles Says:

    Rose: Thanks. That was the same nonsense that I was fed when I called to complaint again the other day. It was a stupid decision and of course someone will lose face if it is reversed so we are suck The grand majority of customers wanted real time shows??? Yeah right. What about all of your advertising that no one will see because people will not be watching MBC dramas?
    Miran took over all of these duties because nothing would get done otherwise. Dal Soo is a free spirit who needs his pride rammed down his throat or other places. The Grandfather is a jerk.

  83. 83 : Patty Moglia Says:

    I have been watching Korean dramas since
    2008 and I am very upset about the removal of English subtitles. I can’t watch the dramas now because I don’t understand Korean. If you broadcast in America we do speak ENGLISH here!

  84. 84 : Rose Says:

    @ Mike Mireles Says:

    I have not seen any new advertising on MBC about “live broadcasts.” I don’t know what the heck MBC and KBS did, but I sure miss KBS.

    I still have “Eng Subs” on the dramas as I am way behind in the episodes compared to everyone else. I have a list of the dramas and dates when the Eng Subs stopped thanks to “Hen,” who was nice enough to list them.


    With regard t the show — I am confused — the lady that is with J.Ahn and James — is it “the aunt,” or the “”grandmother?” Sometimes they call her “aunt” and sometimes “grandmother.” I don’t know if it is J. Ahn’s mother or aunt??????


    I don’t see why Yoon Hee can’t live with her mother until Kilhoon comes back from overseas. Yoon Hee’s mother just continues to nag and complain about the living conditions at Miran’s house. I know Kilhoon wanted Yoon Hee to live there when Eun Ji died, but she has a full house with Dalja, her daughter and now with Min Ji back home.

    So far I am not impressed with Min Ji.

    I think the young boy who got Eun Ji’s heart is really good looking.

    If I hear Dalja say one more time “she can’t prepare for her pregnancy because of all the turmoil going on in the house” I am going to scream. Why don’t she go live some place else. Is Miran’s house a hotel where everyone piles in?????

    Between Eun Ji, Min Ji and J. Ahn, so far I like Eunji the best.

    That Dal Goo and his wife are so money hungry it is disgusting. That is all his wife thinks about. Their daughter Hye Ji – is another pain.

    I am very negative about some of these characters.

  85. 85 : Hen Says:

    Subs stopped EP71. End of Ep72, Kilhoon comes back. Of course with no subs we don;t know why he returned, but it seems he’s back to stay.

    My Post #62: It seems the GPa and his new lady are married or living together?? Miran is now cleaning up after her new Stepma.

  86. 86 : mlou Says:

    It looks like Grandpa is going to demote Miran and let the new woman rule the roost. How insulting is that? I’m ready for the Iron woman part to kick in and she starts fighting back. It seems Jessica and James have disappeared, so what’s up with that? The woman with them is the aunt; Jessica’s mother died. Uncle dentist and drill sergeant mother are living together/marrying? This drama is supposed to be 121 episodes, so something better start heating up soon.

  87. 87 : Mike Mireles Says:

    Dal Soos worthless son got a leave from his Saudi job. Grandpas new squeeze IS taking over the finances and wants $$$ for her son. Grandpa is only so happy to allow this. Dal Soo almost got caught checking his free and easy stock money last night. MBC is running 2 episodes back to back in California (Direct TV). The dentist ladys mom is really causing Miran a lot of grief. Jessica and James are at Jisuks house. I am not sure where they would have gone since GM wont let James out of her sight. That kid that got the heart transplant is a real jerk for springing the news he got Jisuks wifes heart like he did. He is a liability. Min Ji needs to move in on Jessicas territory since GM still hates Jessica but it wont happen. The second son is so unlike free spirit loser Dal Soo. I really can not stand him.

  88. 88 : Pamela Says:

    How could you stop the subs in mid program? What a slap in the face for loyal MBC viewers.
    Good bye MBC

  89. 89 : Mike Mireles Says:

    Dal Soo gave five thousand bucks to charity and 20 thousand to loser son (his). GM got embarrassed by new squeeze when squeeze caught GM and Loser GP together. (he lied about where he was going anyway) If MBC reads any of these posts and they need to, they should realize that screwing over people just to “better serve the grands of people who wanted real time shows” is pretty stupid. Your company is operating in an ENGLISH speaking and READING country and our money is GREEN dudes just like everyone elses. WAKE UP. Blame someone so the big boys don’t lose face and return the subs.

  90. 90 : mlou Says:

    In raw episode 96, Miran has left (again). Is this for real this time? Or will she come back after the family has a moment of remorse and begs her to return? Can’t imagine where she’ll stay; maybe her restaurant friend will help her out. It will be interesting to see how the family sorts this out.

    And Granny has accepted Jessica, so the family is now complete. They are moving on.

  91. 91 : Del Says:


  92. 92 : Rose Says:

    Oh my God — I am appalled that Jung-Woo moved in with that crazy, bossy, intrusive woman. Is he that hard up to have a woman that he settled for her????~!!!!! She needs to move back to Hawaii and take Dalja and Jung Sook with her. I don’t like any of them

    Is Ki Hoon nuts??? It took him forever to get a job, and now he leaves the job???? How does he expect to raise his child????? If he didn’t get that money from his idiot dad, what did he plan on doing??

    All of this is getting crazy.

  93. 93 : HEN Says:

    Thanks for the updates. Witohut the subs, I find it hard to watch.

    Mike #87..I agree about MinJi moving Jessica out. I wonder how long that new happy household will last. I still think that there is a chance that James is not Jisuk’s son, but… I still think that Jessica’s main goal is to get back at the GM. She waited 7 years–and that was after she amassed enough money to rival the GM’s company.

    JiSuk was so set on giving Dal Soo his job back, why didn’t he offer Kil Hoon a job? I can’t believe the writer had him leave his new job to come home and play referee for YoonHee and the two families.

    Pamela #88…My sentiments exactly.

    Mike#89..Where did Dal Soo get that much money?

    Rose#92..I changed the channel when I saw those two in bed together.
    About KilHoon, see my comments above.

    Does anyone know the relationship between YoonHee’s mother and GPa’s new woman? It looked like they recognized each other.
    [GPa’s woman] What’s this about $$$ for her son? Is he sick?

  94. 94 : HEN Says:


    Park Yoon Jae (Kim Ji Suk) is the younger brother of Park Chae-Rim.
    She was in ALL ABOUT EVE.

    I think they have the same smile.

  95. 95 : Jake Says:

    121 episodes are too long and most writers tend to write incohesive story line. In Episode 97, the mother left the house but made the old man suffer a mental lapse possible dementia. Now the dentist finally revealed his relationship with the mother’s best friend. The new girlfriend of the old man is finally showing her true character. The episodes are becoming boring that is why producers and writers should end the drama already. 100’episodes are the ideal number. Drama should not be long nor short.

  96. 96 : Rose Says:

    I agree, I am getting bored with this show. I really liked it in the beginning, but it took a turn somehow for the worse.

    I am totally bored with Dalja and her mouth. While she complains when there is commotion in the house that she can’t prepare for her pre-natal situation, when she is jumping up and down and causing a problem, it is OK.
    Plus she can’t help Miran at all except fill her mouth with the food Miran makes

    Also I am sick and tired of the banter back and forth between Dalja and Jung Sook, the 2 sister-in-laws. It is boring boring to listen to them continually criticize each other all the time.

    And I am also tired and bored of listening to Dal Goo and his wife continually talk about money, money and more money. Now trying to convince her daughter and Kyung Shik to get together so they can have a rich son=in-law. They are so disgusting I am tired of listening to them talk money all the time. I also felt it was very low class of them to ask Ji Suk to find their daughter a rich boyfriend when he and Eun Ji were not even married. Since both Dal Goo and his wife LOVE money so much, why didn’t each one of them marry someone with money????

    Dal Goo and his wife never invite the family to their house for dinner, they always go to Miran’s house. They could treat the family now and then and give Miran a break.

  97. 97 : Rose Says:

    Re: Ep 96 — Jessica ended up with Ji Suk as she planned. As I thought, that is why Eun Ji had to die unfortunately. If Eun Ji would have lived, Ji Suk certainly could have been a good father to James. I think I lost interest in the show when Eun Ji died.

    Too bad Jessica was the one that died and Eun Ji came back into Ji Suk’s life with James. I still think that would have been better as I cannot warm up to Jessica.

  98. 98 : Rose Says:

    When ashen face J. Ahn, her aunt and James were staying with Yoon Hee’s mother, were the 3 of them sleeping in one bed???

    Like J. Ahn couldn’t find an apartment for them to rent with all her money?
    Ji Suk was supposed to look for a house for them, but it is obvious he didn’t, the house was his house.

    Hen — I guess you didn’t get your wish about Min Ji and Ji Suk getting together.

    Ji Suk is very good with the little boy. He probably will make a good father someday. I don’t think he is married, is he??? I always felt he still had feelings for J. Ahn, but pushed them in the recess of his mind as he had to go on after she left him. Once she appeared on the scene, seemed like he wanted to stay away from her, but yet he wanted to be with J. Ahn even though he was engaged to Eun Ji.

  99. 99 : Keiko Says:

    I was just guessing, but is Jessica pregnant again. I can only read hand signals and face emotions since we no longer have subtitles. But when Jessica was in the kitchen drinking tea the grandmother came in and asked her something and then Jessica put both hands over her stomach as if to say yes she was pregnant. Then they hugged for some reason. I’m glad also for those of you who can understand the language and interpret what is going on. Although I’m getting bored with the drama, I still want to know what is going on to the end.

  100. 100 : Rose Says:

    Where I live Ep 72 was just aired tonight. I am way behind everyone else.

    Ep 69 last week didn’t air here, they put on a re-run from. I hunted for 1/2 hour looking for a site the had Eng sub’s but could not find any So I watched it Raw. Why did Miran send a photo of Eun Ji’s wedding dress to Ji Suk?? When he went to look at the phone when she called or texted, the camera was behind him and there was a photo of icky Jessica, James and him on his desk.

    I think the show would have been more interesting if Eun Ji would have lived
    and then see if Ji Suk would have been in the middle of both girls. It was obvious that his feelings for J Ahn were submerged in the recess of his mind, and he moved on with Eun Ji. But when J.Ahn came back I think those feelings came to the forefront somewhat. With both girls alive there may have been some mystery to the show of who he would finally end up with.

    With Eun Ji passing away, which was a lucky break for J Ahn then there was a clear path and smooth ride for her to get Ji Suk back with no interference. And that made their relationship cut and dried – knowing they would end up together. Maybe the writer did not want to complicate the relationship between the two because of James, as some how the writer would have had to bring James into the picture.

    I just can’t warm up to J Ahn and don’t like her but who am I.

    I knew that Park Yoon Jae had a sister from reading his resume, but I have never seen her in any dramas. She has his eyes and nose.

  101. 101 : mlou Says:

    @Rose… you can find subbed versions through episode 76 at http://www.ondemandkorea.com, but no subbed versions after that. Miran told JiSuk that it was time for him to find someone for this dress. In other words, forget us and move on. The story (maybe a rumor) is that the actress playing Eun Ji really had something serious to deal with, and that she could not continue with the drama. So the story line was going to be altered anyway, and this seems a reasonable solution. I hope some people out there can keep shedding some light on what is going on since the subs have stopped. Does anyone know of an episode summary site?

  102. 102 : Keiko Says:

    I watch it on my computer at Dramastyle and it is up to episode 98 right now but it does not have subtitles.

  103. 103 : Rose Says:

    @ mlou and Keiko: Thanks for the two websites. I will check them out.

    If Jessica and James are living with Ji Suk, that means Min Jo did not made a dent in their relationship. The only way Jessica will leave Ji Suk is if she gets hit by a car. Think that can happen twice in one drama????

    What man in his right mind having a cup of coffee and a bite to eat lets some crazy lady take the food and he follows her like a donkey on a rope!!!!

    Hye Ji is another parasite like her parents expecting Kyug Shik to pay for her items and then she and her parents criticize him for not paying for them. He needs to quit working for them.

    As you can tell and as I have mentioned, I don’t like many of the characters personalities in this drama. I don’t know what the writer is thinking I am not impressed with them at all,

    I like Ji Suk, Miran, Yoon Hee, Kilhoon – so far, but that may change as I get to see him in action later, Miran’s friend at the restaurant, I think that is all. Is this the same writer that did “Make A Wish?”

    @mlou — maybe you are right about the actress who played Eun Ji. I could not find any info on her. The first drama she was in was Apugeong Midnight Sun as mentioned above. She is listed in this move as “Main.” So maybe something did happen. When I was receiving KBS on my TV, I learned a lot about the celebrities and the shows etc they were in, but since KBS changed affiliate stations I don’t have the station unfortunately any more. Big downer for me. I don’t know who runs these TV stations, but they are screwing everything up. If it works, don’t fix it.

  104. 104 : jeweles Says:

    So basically GP brought the woman who is younger than MS (first DIL) as the new GM of the family after only meeting her for 5 days by pretending that he has all the money new GM wants.

    Without getting married they decided to live together and GP was to help her with her money needs – She wants play money, Pyramid-money called “Gae” (everyone puts certain amount of money in a pot and the members take turn to take the whole pot), and rent for her son’s apartment among other.

    Family is flabbergast at the live-in situation but decide to accept her as GP’s companion. They decide to defer having her on the family registry and sharing the value of the house based on how she takes care of GP which irks GM. GP doesn’t tell anyone about the promised money, yet. When Eunhee’s mother drops by during the family meeting, it turns out that she knows new GM very well from the past. We are not sure how But GM seems to be very uneasy and asks Eunhee’s mother later that not to mention anything to the family. She gets an assurance that it will stay between themselves since GM was not the actual culprit. Hmmm..

    JiSub an Jessica finally got GM’s blessing which Jessica has hard time letting go of bad feelings they had because og her dead mother. Later they make up hugging and forgiving all.

    New GM is doing everything not do any housework or help out. She pretends she cooked when the grand son sets up the breakfast and leaves house early, and other sneaky things.

    She finally convinces GP to order DIL to give up the household account and the first thing she does is go shopping and the refrigerator goes empty. Now the DIL finds out GM will be spending money on other things GP promised and plea that this cannot happen since they will have to go into debt to do this. No sympathy from GP or GM. All husband says is if father needs it, I will get it for you. What an idiot.

    DIL things that they is nothing she can to anymore in this hous; no one appreciates her and needed anymore. So she leaves the house for the second time – she doesn’t have anywhere to go so she ends up at Eunhee’s mother’s house (why not her brother’s house???) Eventually, there, she finds out her brother is hooking up wirh Eunhee’s mother and give them her blessing. Although they try to keep it a secret that she is staying there, Eunhee finds her at her mother’s house. They decide to tell the family that DIL contacted Eunhee and said that she is on a trip without a returning date.

    Meantime everyone worries about the DIL but GP seems just a bit upset until later that he is starting to wonder around the house and neighborhood looking for DIL calling her name. He starts to show sign of loosing mental capacity.

    When DIL hears that something might be wrong with GP from the restaurant Unni, she runs home to find GP on the front of the house on the stoop saying that he is waiting for his bride; the bride’s name he says is the DIL’s name! He things his DIL is his bride and only pays attention to what she says.

    Next day, however, he seems normal. Family looks for a way to get treatment for him while GM looks for a way to help herself.

    Apparent there was a some sort of investment went wrong involving Jewels and the principal went to jail. GM is telling Eunhee’s mother that she can recoup the lost money when the culprit comes out of the jail soon but in order to get that, GM needs to certain funds to set it all up which smells a mile away, but Eunhee’s mother believes what GM is saying and tells GM that she will get the money for her.

    Meantime eldest son started apprenticeship with a chef doing minial duties.

    That the nutshell as of episode 99.

    FYI – about the first Son/DIL’s duties to the family:

    In an old fashioned traditional family, the oldest son is responsible for the well being of the parents, siblings and carrying on the family tradition including honoring dead ancestors. So when a woman marries the eldest son, the whole responsibility of the son also falls on to the DIL. Unfortunately, sons usually goes about doing “man’s work” and all the caring and managing the family obligation falls on the DILs. So many parents do not want their daughters to marry the eldest son of such household. Minds you, however, most of the inheritance, if not all, also goes to the eldest in most cases so some endure.

  105. 105 : Keiko Says:

    Wow, Jeweles. Thank you. What does DIL stand for? Also is Jessica pregnant?

  106. 106 : mlou Says:

    Ditto.. Jeweles… WOW! Thank you so much. You are our special angel to shed some light as we finish this drama. Keiko… DIL is daughter-in-law.

  107. 107 : jeweles Says:


    No Jessica is not pregnant. She was just gesturing through the scene how it hurts her to think about her mother went through before he died because of GM.

    Sorry for grammer errors, etc. Typing with two fractured fingers are not so easy 🙂 But wanted to fill you guys in. Happy K-drama!

  108. 108 : Keiko Says:

    Thanks Mlou. Jeweles your typing was just great. When I had to type with a broken arm my typing had no capitals and no punctuation so you are doing really well.

  109. 109 : HEN Says:

    Mlou, your sacrifice is much appreciated!

    Has the “family” met the GM’s son?

    Funny isn’t it. YoonHee’s mother has been suspicious of every word and gesture that Miran has made toward her daughter, but this new GM feeds her a load of bull and she swallows it all–without question?

    I think we all agree that it would serve greedy GPa right if new GM takes his money and run…just like that other woman did.

    I’m still holding out hope for the Kdrama curve: Jessica shown to have another face & agenda–James not really JiSuk’s son–MinJi gets her shot at JiSuk.

  110. 110 : mlou Says:

    HEN… I think you meant Jeweles… she’s the one who is working through pain to save us!
    Goofy Grandpa needs to see a doctor to find out why he swings from being infantile to being able to carry on a conversation with Oakboon while riding in the car. This writer is really stretching it for a disorder that has weird characteristics. I’m still waiting for the “Iron Lady” part to see some action, but this drama is pretty bland.

  111. 111 : Hen Says:

    Thanks, mlou.

    Jeweles, please accept my apology–the credit is all yours.

  112. 112 : mlou Says:

    The word out in drama land is that this drama ends in 9 more episodes, and the new one starts on June 15. Shout out to Jeweles to help us through to the end. Evidently the new woman left with money from mother of dentist and went to Hawaii. Help!… anybody??

  113. 113 : Keiko Says:

    I have to pay for the Korean channels because Directv does not have even one Korean channel. Comcast carries KBS. Anyway, I would cancel because of some channels are dropping the subtitles. But if you have these dramas Fabulous Neighbor and Divorce Lawyers in Love they still have subtitles and are also entertaining. I’m hoping subtitles don’t get dropped in the middle of these dramas too.

  114. 114 : jeweles Says:

    I will try to help out with the story until the end.

    From Ep 100to 102:

    GM is going in and out of his mind; sometimes he is just fine and sometimes ats like he is a child.

    When Ok-Bun comes to visit hearing about his condition, she offers him to go for a ride. When they return, he is in childish mode and wants to sat with OB. He doens’t like Gumsil (GM) when he is like this.

    GM visits the daughter at the cafe and tells her that she should get this medicine she heard about that will help her father with the Alzymer symptoms. This is least she could do as a good daughter, GM says. The daughter readly agrees, and GM tells her rhat she will need the money right a way.

    (not good with the characters’ names, so please put up with me)

    The heart-guy (cute!) he curves his whining to Minji and asks her to come to Paris with him if she feels like she still wants to worry about him and care for him, and hands her a plane ticket. She is torn about her feelings toward him. Not sure if she likes him in romantic way or just feels sympathy and empathy.

    The uncle and Eunhee’s mother (EM) are having issues since the uncle’s daughter in US suggest that they have prenuptual agreement before the official wedding. EM fires back saying that she has more money then he does and will not take the insult. They leave apart unpleasantly. Howver, when the uncle waikes up in the morning in the office falling a sleep after reading some med journal, he says “what if there’s no woman. My mind is comfortable the way it is.” End of romance?

    In early morning, GM packs her bags and leaves the house. Before she gets out of the house, DIL catches her and thank her for staying with GF and making him happy at least for a while. She hands her some money also.

    DIL finds a note in the kitchen with the household account book. The note says that she couldn’t handle GF ignoring her and liking other people more as it makes her mad and hate him. Also says sorry for stirring up the household. A short note. Later we find out that she cleaned out the household account.

    Sice they are not to upset GF in his condition, when he askes about GM, thry just tell him that she left early in the morning to visit her son for some urgent matter. When he gets upset that DIL didn’t wake him up to see GM leaving and leaves the breakfast table, the husband scolds DIL not to make his father mad saying should have awaken him to see GM off.

    DIL followa him to beadroom and tells him that GM left for good and just taking the GF’s side for without any question is not being a good son. He should not talk like this to her ever.

    The husband apologizes and finally goes to Jisuk for the job that has been offered to him while ago. He said before that he won’t take the job because it is petty (translation; he has too much pride or himself is too petty that he’d rather wash cars and work for a moving company)

    Jisuk is pleased and tells him the positions are open to those who were let go before the merger/investment funds since company is doing better now.

    EM finds out GM got the money from her and the money that was supposed to come to her and fles to China. I think the money was sent to Hawaii but the lady who sent the money says that GM is leavinng/left for China. So I am not sure where she is supposed to be. EM goes buserk as usual.

    Jessica tells JiSuk that she wantss a simple wedding with Enji’s family and jisuk’s Family only. Earlier Jessica tells Minji that she feels minji’s family is like “chinjung – wife’s parents/family home.”

    When the kids and GF are in the yard altoghther, GF mentions that things are not quite right that he is keep forgrtting things and feels slipping away. He tells them that he appreciates and loves them all and especially the DIL.

    EM rushes to DIL’s house to see if she can get any handle on GM’s whereabouts. GF slips and calls her a madam (saloon keeper), grandson a waiter and asks the “pretty girl – Eunhee” to come to him as he moght be in a saloon. The sons are motified and takes him into the room. DIL sees this and tells EM to take the kids with her to live when GF comes out of the room in loud voice saying “Who says my first-grand-son will live under mother-in-law’s roof!”

    Ask me if something specific I missed or have questions on. I will try to fill in.

    I will do another long posting ater Friday episode.

  115. 115 : mlou Says:

    Thank you so much, Jeweles. That is so helpful. MBC showed episode 77 last night with subtitles (surprise!) so I hope it continues to the end.

  116. 116 : mlou Says:

    I really, really don’t like how this drama is treating the dementia issue with GP. He’s obviously at a stage where he needs intervention, and the family needs educating, too, as to how to deal with this disorder. You cannot “reason” with a person in this state. The incident with the scissors shows that he must be supervised at all times. A wise family must realize this is becoming something they are not able to monitor, so for gosh sakes, get help. I only hope nothing tragic comes about because of their inaction.

  117. 117 : jeweles Says:


    It seems that they did visit the doctor and got some medicine and advice on how and what to do for the GP – they talk about dr. told them to do this and that. One of the things they talk about is keeping the family involvements to jog his memories and familiarity of his surroundings and not agitating him. They are visiting more, exercising together and Okboon is trying to learn game to play with him, etc.

  118. 118 : Mike Mireles Says:

    Dal Soo had some money invested from his pension but he lost MOST of it. Then suddenly it returned big dividends. He blew 5 thousand on some stupid charity and another 5 or so buying food for his friend. He gave the rest to Miran but I missed the episodes where she found out. I can not stand the Grandfather. He is dangerous. He hit that little kid and thought the dentist wife of his grandson was a bar girl. It is the Eskaton Village under lock and key for GP.

  119. 119 : jeweles Says:

    Not much going on rest of this week. Just more regression of the GP’s condition.

    The second DIL refuses to help with GP 1)because he doesn’t like her 2)she didn’t bargain for this 3)she is not the eldest DIL. There is a ripple in the second family because of this.

    Second DIL offered to put some money in the Dal Ja’s cafe thinking she can collect interest from her but Dal Ja is a step ahead by saying first that “thank you so much. I was worried about paying interest to someone else but now I don’t have to worry about the interest.” ha.

    Okboon asks Jisuk and Jessica how come they haven’t been sleeping together and this gives Jessica chances to go to Jisuk’s room at night but overhears Jisuk talking to Enji that he is sorry but now he will move on. As she is to leave the room upset (I don’t know why) Jisuk stops her and Kisses her. Next morning they wake up in the same bed – fully clothes, of course. Sex in Korean style. 🙂

    Enji thinks she is in love with the heart-boy and leaves for Paris.

    Okboon realizes it is not easy to care for GP’s condition.

    Mike Mireles @118:

    Dal so was showing off his “wealth” to his brother and son at the meat restaurant buying them expensive dinner and the restaurant unni called Miran. She barged in and shook him down as usual and found loads of money in his wallet. He finally confesses to Miran. What a shumuck.

  120. 120 : Keiko Says:

    Thanks Jeweles. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t know what was going on with this drama. It looks like it is getting to the end because the storyline is just hohum boring. In reality the GP should be in a home with 24 hour care but he is left to keep the storyline going until ep121.

  121. 121 : mlou Says:

    Keiko… I think this drama ends next week. The new drama is scheduled to start on June 15 (“The Great Wives”).

  122. 122 : Rose Says:

    I just looked at “Indomitable Daughters In Law — it is a related series.
    It has the same Director and some of the same actors/actresses. Click on the name at the top where it lists the title of this show, episodes, dates, etc. If you look at the show on Asian Wiki – you can see the photos of the cast. It aired in 2011 for 113 episodes. Did anyone see it???

    Has this show been extended??? Above it indicates (120-9) and on Asian Wiki it has 111 episodes. Hmmm……who needs to see more of J. Ahn!!!!!

  123. 123 : Keiko Says:

    I hope the new dramas have subtitles because I’m lost without them. I’ve been watching “Detectives in Love” and “Fabulous Neighbor” and I’m enjoying them.

  124. 124 : Rose Says:

    @ mlou says: Thanks for the Korea on Demand site. I checked it out and it has a lot to offer. I was able to get Iron Lady Cha with the Eng Sub, but not any of the other 4 programs I was trying to see I did click on English before and during the program while it was running but the Eng Subs didn’t work. Thanks.

    @Jeweles — Do you still have Eng subs on your programs?

    I do have Eng subs so far, but can’t help any one with the explanations as all of you are way ahead of me. Friday June 5 – Ep 80 aired by me. Something was running at the bottom of the screen several times with a date, either June or July, the rest was in Korean. I have to pay attention Monday night.

    I have to be careful with reading Jeweles reports so I don’t find out what is going on.


    As far as Kilhoon being like his father, he probably is, but he was planning on going back to Saudi. But his wife is the one who pushed for him not to go back, and her mother backed her. They both are not using their head. Does Yoon Hee plan on supporting him, their child, and if they have more children all her life??? I don’t know how much money Yoon Hee gives to Miran and the grandfather.

    And as far as Kilhoon goes, he does more for his goofy, crazy mother-in-law than he does for his own mother.


    I know a few people were hoping Min Ji would get involved with Ji Suk, but I never saw that happening as she never wanted to spend any time with him. She kept her distance from him even though he wanted to get to know her better and he thinks of her as a “sister.”

    So now (I read Jeweles notes) Min Ji leaves her mother with all the mess of the family members and goes to Paris!!!

    Once Ji Suk found out about James it was a done deal that he would go back with J. Ahn and they would be a family. I noted what Miran said to Ji Suk about” Eun Ji – not having to know about James,” or something similar to that.

  125. 125 : Rose Says:

    The grandfather, the son, and the grand son are all goofy men!!!

    Too bad things didn’t work out with Ji Suk – he would have been a great son-in-law for Mi Ran. The men in her life are all crazy.

    I hope nothing happens to the young man that has Eun Ji’s heart. He really fell for Min Ji.

  126. 126 : Keiko Says:

    I agree. All the men are not very smart in that one family.

  127. 127 : jeweles Says:

    Sorry Rose,I should have put on a spoiler alert with episode numbers. I will for the rest of the show summary.

    “The grandfather, the son, and the grand son are all goofy men!!!” – Goofy is to nice for them. I think they are all selfish small minded people.
    Only characters I like in this show are Jisuk, Minji (so sad she is dead), The dentist uncle, and the Lady Cha (the DIL).

  128. 128 : Keiko Says:

    Has anyone up to Episode 110 yet? The friend of DIL that owns a restaurant gave the GP an envelope with a letter and some money. I was wondering who it was from and what the money was for.

  129. 129 : Rose Says:

    Sorry Keiko — I can’t help you.

    I still have Eng subs, but where I live Ep 84 just aired. These dramas must start at different times around the U.S., but I am always way behind everyone. For some reason the shows seem to start maybe two or three weeks after other areas. While I am still watching this drama, everyone else is already into the next drama by several weeks.

  130. 130 : Keiko Says:

    Thanks Rose. You may still have subtitles until the very end. I can’t remember when my subtitles stopped but I think it was before Ep 84.

  131. 131 : mlou Says:

    @Keiko… I think that money was from Mimi, the flirt that ran off with everybody’s money. It was what she took from him.

    I just watched the raw last episode (111). OMG, what a horrible ending. All about Grandpa… the whole, dang, thing. Ugh. This writer became stale after Eun Ji’s death. I don’t think I’ll even bother with the subbed versions anymore.

  132. 132 : jeweles Says:

    Ep107 to ep111 summary:

    As [email protected] says, it’s all about GP until the end.

    GP sneaks out of the house in the morning and ends up at Okboon’s house.

    The dentist uncle and Eunhee’s mother decide to stay as friends after going around decide whether to get married or not. Uncle asked her to marry him against daughter’s objection but she doesn’t want to create difficulties in uncle’s household and she decide being best friends were better.

    There was a segment that @Keiko and @mlou mentioned about the money envelop. Apparently about 30 years ago, GP sold one of the gold ring that belonged to the family (remember the one GP got out from the behind the crock pots saying that it belongs to the oldest grand son? Apparently they were a set.) and gave it to a teenage head of household who was responsible for younger siblings. She sold the ring and started a business and was able to send the younger siblings school and be successful and now it was a pay back to him. She couldn’t find GP since the neighborhood has changed so much but got in touch with restaurant owner to relate the envelop.

    During the conversation, Sons asked him if this was one of his wild days that he had liken the girl, and GP answers that if she would had him, he would have left the family for her. And end of story. So I don’t understand the reason for this whole segment and introduction of this particular story. What does this gain except fill in 15 minutes of air time?????

    Jisuk and Jennifer finds out that they are pregnant.

    Kihoon started a cooking segment online and gets attention from the netizen. He always ends with “this is Mr.Oh” and spreads his fingers as in five. FYI, Oh in Korean is also number five.

    GP has an episode one day start hallucinating an angel of death and tries to fend them off. As he is telling them to go away he faints and gets admitted to hospital. Eunhee tells DIL that he might have paralysis when he wakes up from the result of episode/faint.

    Jisuk tells DIL that he want to care for GP himself since his GM and GP seems to want to be together and it settles GP.

    GP tells everyone that he wants to marry GM since they’ve been apart since they he was 18 and he’s longed for her for over 60 years. In good humor, GP tells Jisuk that there’s an order for everything and his wedding should happen first.

    There’s a traditional Korean wedding for GM & GP. and everyone is joyous. Weepee.

    Dalsoo informed everyone that he will start his work a little later when GP’s situation gets handled, etc earlier but we see after the wedding (his father is out of his hand) he runs off to Machu Picchu alone leaving a note to his wife. Still a shumuck.

    The last scene has Lady Cha (DIL) in the court yard looking away alone with strange and loud ballad playing in the back ground. Although it is a song about long and hard life, bit it is all from love, to me it is totally out of context and the style just didn’t fit.

    I don’t think there were much story line since episode 90. Very mediocre story assembly from supposed experienced writer. Tsk, Tsk.

  133. 133 : KP Says:

    I think the point of the whole story is that the Iron Lady Cha is the the pillar of the whole extended family where the family would fall apart without her holding it all together. At the end, she is finally free from a fillial duty of the oldest daughter-in-law and finally free to do what she wants. And, some of you might’ve missed the key point of Dalsoo’s letter. He said he will visit Machu Pichu briefly (his dream to go there forever) and come back and work hard thereafter as his wife wanted. The story line shows many flaws of each individual family members and how Iron Lady Cha holds everything together. Unfortunately, not everyone in the world will adhere to their responsibilities and support one another within a family made up of their own dreams and wishes. Sometimes, you have to accept them as who they are with worts and all. At least this is my take (or my 2 cents) on this story.

  134. 134 : Rose Says:

    @Jeweles — I didn’t real your last post – only the first few lines as I don’t want to know what happens. I have about about 26 episodes to go if it ends at 111 episodes. Is that the last episode — No, 111? Originally it was supposed to be 121 episodes so they must have ended it sooner – Right???

    Where I am now – J. Ahn is nothing but a huge nag. She continually, continually complains to Ji Suk about his grandmother about not accepting her. She is a pain in the rear end – he continually tells her to have patience and she just continues. They should have taken her out of the show until the end.

    I won’t have anyone to discuss the rest of the show with as all of you will be on to another program/s since this one is finished. I enjoyed reading all your comments. I don’t know how the show will end, kind of have an idea, but as I said before, I thought the show started out well and I liked it, but I personally felt that after Eun Ji passed away, I felt it wasn’t that interesting any more. I liked Kilhoon in the beginning but he disappointed me in how he treated his mother after he came back from Saudi and treated his mother -in-law much better and catered to her and did nothing for his own mother.

    Anyway hope to catch with all of you on another show.

    Peace —

    I guess I won’t have anyone to talk with while I watch the rest of the show as all of you will be on to another program/s.

    Thanks to Jeweles for filling all of you in. sorry I could not help, but

  135. 135 : Keiko Says:

    I don’t get it. Originally this website said there were 120 episodes and now it says 111 episodes. Did the writers read our comments and cut it down to 111 episodes because it was so boring and there was no way to keep it interesting to episode 120?

  136. 136 : Keiko Says:

    Thank you Jeweles and everyone who helped me through this drama.

  137. 137 : Rose Says:

    Keiko – I agree with you – it was 121 episodes.

    I mentioned in my post No 122 that behind the 111 they had (120-9) in parenthesis. I wonder if there was a possibility of it being extended??? But maybe they didn’t know what else to add to the show once they got everything in place. Since I didn’t read any of Jeweles posts I don’t know if everything worked out as originally planned when the show started.

  138. 138 : Freeman Baker Says:

    When ‘Iron Lady Cha” first aired I went to this website to find out the information on this drama, at that time the information stated 120 episodes, I went back sometime later and it said 121 episodes, I usually check back because the drama episodes change, now for 21 weeks I have been watching this drama and enjoying yelling at my TV because of the characters doing dumb and stupid things so I yell at them. Well, about three weeks ago, maybe four MBC and SBS decided us people that speak English didn’t need the sub-English titles to follow the drama and stopped displaying the English, so I did not know what they were saying because I do not speak or read Korean, this week on Tuesday June 16, 2015 I am waiting in front of my TV waiting for Iron Lady Cha to come on, and guess what, it’s not Iron Lady Cha it’s “The Greatest Wives”, same thing Wednesday, although the schedule said Iron Lady Cha was scheduled, tonight Iron Lady Cha is scheduled again and I believe the “The Greatest Wives” will be on because I record all of the Korean Dramas that I watch just in case I miss an episode then I can watch the one I have recorded, anyway I watched the first few seconds of the episode that was shown on Monday June 15 and IN KOREAN IT SAID LAST EPISODE, even though it was episode 111, so I went to the KoreanDrama.org website and here we are Title: 불굴의 차여사 / Iron Lady Cha, Chinese Title: 不屈的车女士, Genre: Family, Romance, Episodes: 111 (120-9), Broadcast network: MBC, Broadcast period: 2015-Jan-05 to 2015-June-12, Air time: Monday to Friday 19:15, Related Series: Indomitable Daughters in Law. The (120-9) would make it 111. ANYWAY THANK YOU MBC FOR MAKING MY LIFE JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE CONFUSING THAN I WOULD LIKE IT TO BE. The reason I have the International Korean Channels is so my wife can receive the latest news and watch the dramas, but without the English sub watching is useless to me, so now SBS, MBC, KBS, YTN, SBSP, MBCE, TVN,NGCK, CTS, RAKO, ARANG maybe I DO NOT NEED the International Channels and I will cancel my subscription to this service and put the $28.99 I pay per month back into my pocket.

  139. 139 : Keiko Says:

    Freeman Baker, I’m with you. I was going to cancel my subscription too because I am useless without the subtitles and I don’t watch any of the singing or dancing programs or the news. But there still are a few more dramas that I watch, Fabulous Neighbor, Save my Family (which I fast forward through most of the drama), Detectives in trouble (I think this is a rerun). Once they are over I am going to cancel.

  140. 140 : Rose Says:

    Hyunsook, Yoon Hee’s mother is one crazy lady who causes a lot of trouble for her daughter. She should just mind her own business and quit telling Yoon Hee and Ki Hoon to move in with her. She is causing her own daughter a lot of stress and blames it all on the “hell house” (Miran’s house). Living with Hyun Sook would make me out of my mind.

    I didn’t see anything wrong with the dentist hugging Dal Ja when she won that competition. They are family as the dentist is Miran’s brother – Hyun Sook makes a big deal out of everything. She should have just gone back to Hawaii instead being so obsessed with Yoon Hee. Kilhoon is not better as he backs his mother-in-law instead of her mother. But whatever.

    Miran even pays the father’s car insurance. Dal Soo doesn’t work and his father expected him to give him money for everything.

    Miran is a strong person to endure all that she has with her husband and the grandfather.

    I am only on Ep 90. Wonder why these Korean dramas air at different times around the country????

    On Asian Wiki – Iron Lady Cha had 111 episodes listed, but don’t know if they always did or changed it along the way.

  141. 141 : Rose Says:

    I felt bad for the grandfather when he was roaming outside looking for Miran when she left the house and family. He was like a lost soul searching for Miran. He was such a strong willed personality. Wonder if Miran leaving home brought this mental problem on?

  142. 142 : Rose Says:

    Im Yoon Ho (Kim Sin Wook) is in another production — Prince’s Prince . I don’t know what or where — it lists NaverTVCast after title name. Maybe that is why he went to Paris. I am only at Ep 99.

  143. 143 : Rose Says:

    Ji Suk’s son is a cry baby — he didn’t like that the grandfather was not playing with his little blocks the way he was supposed to and he doesn’t like that the grandfather doesn’t call him by his right name. Unfortunately James kept telling him not to make the blocks the way the grandfather was and not to call him Jameso – or whatever and the grandfather got upset and knocked the little pieces of wood all over the table. If Oakboon would have been with them it probably would not have happened but she stepped out to get something to drink for the grandfather, but he came in right when the grandfather was messing the pieces all up and James was crying. When they all sat down for breakfast in the morning, the gf called James – Jameson or whatever he calls him, and no one corrected him, they all laughed and started eating.

    James knows the gf is sick, but he doesn’t understand what is wrong with him. JiSuk or Oakboon should try to explain a little something to him

  144. 144 : diane Says:

    where can i find the eng sub or watch the eng sub on this drama,,im looking everywhere but couldnt find it,,not even on subscene????/does anybody know out there??

  145. 145 : Rose Says:

    I loved when Mi Ran and crazy Hyun Sook got drunk. Mi Ran needed that – to let loose and drink up. She has had a lot of pressure on her most of her marriage.

    And cheap skate Jung Sook – doesn’t want to do anything for her father-in-law but is expecting money when he dies. I wonder why she didn’t marry a rich man since she loves money so much.

    What happened to fixing their daughter up with the young mechanic that is working for Dal Goo? They don’t even show any scenes off him anymore.

  146. 146 : Rose Says:

    I only have 2 more episodes left to see.

    So — Dal Goo has to send money to his wife’s brother!!! Do these families support everyone in the family???? I don’t get all this. Doesn’t anyone work??

    I think Park Yoon Jae (Ji Suk) is a very good looking man. I have only seen him in two dramas, but I liked him in both. He is so cute when he smiles. Wonder if he has a girlfriend?

  147. 147 : Esther Says:

    Is Episode 111 the Final Episode? by cutting the episodes from 120 to 111 the drama leaves you hanging!

    I liked the drama but I did not like the way they ended the story line.

  148. 148 : OK OK OK Says:

    I started to watch this drama last week after finding out that Park Yoon Jae is the lead actor.
    I skip skip skip. I only watch Park Yoon Jae, his 1st love Jessica and their little son cute JAMES. 😛

  149. 149 : Rose Says:

    While it is fun watching these shows at times I see the actors or actresses in commercials advertising a product. I saw Kim Bo Yun (Lady Cha) in a commercial recently.

  150. 150 : lclarakl Says:

    This daily drama had some of the better actors. It was interesting, but after Eun Ji passed away, it lost it’s appeal. The other female they had Ji Suk with was just unappealing to me.

    What happened to interesting daily dramas like “A Good Day for the Wind to Blow/Happiness in the Wind”? That drama was 171 episodes, the acting wasn’t all that, but it held my attention and I’ve even watched it a couple times.

  151. 151 : lclarakl Says:

    I can see why they cut the drama to 111 episodes.

  152. 152 : lclarakl Says:

    One last thing (I wish they had edit on this sight). The writer should have never killed off EunJi. It seems very obvious that was probably not the original plot considering that she’s one of the main characters depicted on the drama posters, however, she’s in the drama less than half way through. The other female has more screen time and episodes than Eun Ji. Really disappointed.

  153. 153 : Susan olevson Says:

    Once EunJi was killed off that was it for me! I couldn’t be bothered watching. I just came on here to see what happened but I stopped recording the show….

  154. 154 : Susan olevson Says:

    Btw, she hasn’t been killed off yet on the show I’m watching but I went to YouTube and watched and when I saw she was dead that was it for me,

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