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I Have a Lover

I Have a Lover 04

Title: 애인 있어요 / I Have a Lover
Chinese Title: 我有愛人了
Also known as: I’m Taken
Genre: Melodrama
Episodes: 50
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2015-Aug-22 to 2016-Feb-28
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:55


Do Hae Kang (Kim Hyun Joo), is a successful lawyer, but she wants to become more successful. Due to her ambitions, her relationship with her husband, Choi Jin Uhn (Ji Jin Hee), deteriorates. At that his time, Jin Uhn meets Sul Li (Park Han Byul), who attends the same graduate school. Her personality is pure and enthusiastic, like his wife Hae Kang had in the past. Hae Kang then has an accident and loses her memory. She meets Baek Suk (Lee Kyu Han), and live as her younger twin sister Yong Gi.


Main Cast

Kim Hyun Joo as Do Hae Kang / Dokgo Ohn Gi / Dokgo Yong Gi
Ji Jin Hee as Choi Jin Uhn
Park Han Byul as Kang Sul Li
Lee Kyu Han as Baek Suk

Choi Jin Uhn’s family

Dok Go Young Jae as Choi Man Ho (Jin Uhn’s father)
Na Young Hee as Hong Se Hee (Jin Uhn’s mother)
Baek Ji Won as Choi Jin Ri (Jin Uhn’s elder sister)
Gong Hyung Jin as Min Tae Suk (Jin Ri’s husband)
Lee Jae Yoon as Min Gyu Seok (Min Tae Seok’s younger brother)

Dok Go sisters’ family

Kim Chung as Kim Gyu Nam (Dok Go twins’ mother)
Kang Boo Ja as Nam Cho Rok (Dok Go twins’ grandmother)

Baek Suk’s family

Choi Jung Woo as Baek Joon Sang (Baek Suk’s father)
Park Ha Young as Baek Ji
Park Hee Gun (박희건) as Baek Ho
Ahn Jung Woo (안정우) as Baek Jun
Seo Dong Hyun as Baek Hyun


Kim Ha Yoo as Dokgo Woo Joo
Lee Seung Hyung
Suh Dong Won
Jang Won Young
Lee Shi Won
Hwang Min Ho (황민호)
Kang Seo Joon
Lee Sang Hoon
Byun Jung Soo
Kil Yong Woo
Jung Man Shik
Go Doo Shim
Kim Dong Gyun as Seol Ri’s landlord
Seo Ho Chul
Kim Bo Jung as Song Mi Ae

Production Credits

Production Company: I Will Media (아이윌미디어)
Director: Choi Moon Suk
Screenwriter: Bae Yoo Mi


2015 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Awards – Ji Jin Hee (I Have a Lover)
2015 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Awards – Kim Hyun Joo (I Have a Lover)
2015 SBS Drama Awards: Netizen Popularity Awards – Kim Hyun Joo (I Have a Lover)
2015 SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards – Ji Jin Hee & Kim Hyun Joo (I Have a Lover)
2015 SBS Drama Awards: Special Actress (Long-Length Series): Park Han Byul (I have a Lover)
2015 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actress (Long-Length Series) – Kim Hyun Joo (I Have a Lover)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2015-08-22 1 4.1 (<5.7) 6.4 (16th) 7.6 (12th)
2015-08-23 2 4.1 (<6.5) 5.1 5.7
2015-08-29 3 4.2 (<6.0) 5.2 5.3
2015-08-30 4 3.5 (<7.1) 3.9 3.9
2015-09-05 5 4.9 (<6.6) 5.4 5.4
2015-09-06 6 4.4 (<7.2) 5.3 5.3
2015-09-12 7 4.4 (<6.0) 5.4 5.2
2015-09-13 8 3.7 (<6.6) 5.3 5.2
2015-09-19 9 4.3 (<6.2) 5.7 5.4
2015-09-20 10 5.0 (<7.2) 6.6 6.4
2015-10-03 11 4.8 (<6.0) 7.0 (14th) 7.8 (9th)
2015-10-04 12 5.1 (<6.7) 7.1 (15th) 7.8 (14th)
2015-10-10 13 4.7 (<5.7) 7.1 (16th) 8.5 (8th)
2015-10-11 14 5.4 6.1 7.1 (17th) 8.4 (15th)
2015-10-17 15 5.2 (<5.9) 7.6 (8th) 8.6 (8th)
2015-10-18 16 5.9 6.9 7.2 (16th) 8.4 (13th)
2015-10-24 18 5.4 (<6.5) 7.6 (12th) 9.1 (6th)
2015-10-25 18 6.2 (19th) 6.7 (19th) 7.6 (13th) 9.1 (12th)
2015-10-31 19 5.4 6.3 (20th) 7.5 (14th) 8.8 (9th)
2015-11-01 20 5.1 (<6.9) 8.1 (12th) 9.6 (10th)
2015-11-07 21 6.5 (16th) 7.7 (10th) 8.0 (11th) 9.4 (8th)
2015-11-08 x postponed postponed postponed postponed
2015-11-14 22 6.8 (18th) 7.5 (11th) 9.8 (8th) 11.6 (6th)
2015-11-15 x postponed postponed postponed postponed
2015-11-21 23 8.0 (9th) 8.7 (8th) 11.2 (6th) 13.1 (6th)
2015-11-22 24 5.8 (18th) 6.3 (20th) 7.6 (12th) 8.8 (10th)
2015-11-28 25 4.6 (<5.4) 6.8 (14th) 7.8 (11th)
2015-11-29 26 4.7 (<6.7) 7.4 (15th) 8.3 (14th)
2015-12-05 27 4.8 5.7 (18th) 7.3 8.8 (10th)
2015-12-06 28 4.5 (<6.3) 7.4 (17th) 8.6 (16th)
2015-12-12 29 5.2 (20th) 6.4 (15th) 7.3 (11th) 8.0 (11th)
2015-12-13 30 5.5 6.3 (18th) 7.9 (12th) 9.0 (11th)
2015-12-19 31 4.6 5.5 (18th) 7.1 (15th) 7.9 (13th)
2015-12-20 32 4.6 (<6.3) 7.4 (16th) 8.4 (16th)
2015-12-26 33 3.8 (<5.8) 6.7 (17th) 7.8 (12th)
2015-12-27 x postponed postponed postponed postponed
2016-01-02 34 4.3 5.4 (20th) 6.6 (20th) 7.3 (18th)
2016-01-03 35 4.3 (<5.7) 7.2 (19th) 8.3 (17th)
2016-01-09 36 4.3 (<6.2) 6.2 (20th) 6.9 (19th)
2016-01-10 37 4.0 (<6.8) 6.7 (<7.5)
2016-01-16 x postponed postponed postponed postponed
2016-01-17 38 4.6 (<7.0) 6.3 (<7.5)
2016-01-23 39 8.5 (14th) 9.8 (9th) 11.4 (8th) 13.1 (5th)
2016-01-24 40 3.6 (<7.6) 5.9 (<8.0)
2016-01-30 41 4.4 (<6.4) 5.5 (<6.9)
2016-01-31 42 (<6.8) (<7.2) (<6.9) (<7.3)
2016-02-06 x postponed postponed postponed postponed
2016-02-07 43 3.1 (<5.7) 4.3 (<5.9)
2016-02-07 44 6.6 (15th) 7.6 (9th) 8.3 (9th) 9.1 (8th)
2016-02-13 45 3.6 (<6.5) 5.2 (<7.2)
2016-02-14 46 3.8 (<7.0) 5.8 (<7.0)
2016-02-20 47 4.2 (<6.3) 6.8 8.3 (15th)
2016-02-21 48 3.6 (<7.4) 5.7 (<7.8)
2016-02-27 49 3.9 (<6.2) 5.7 6.9 (20th)
2016-02-28 50 4.1 (<7.3) 5.8 (<7.3)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : Mike Says:

    This should be a good one. The lead female actor is really great.

  2. 2 : OK OK OK Says:

    so Ji Jin Hee is a bad guy here bc Kim Hyun Joo will hate him for 2nd time? ha ha 😛
    I don’t mind if Kim Hyun Joo ends up with 2nd lead

  3. 3 : Lala Says:

    @OK OK OK: kim hyun joo not hating the husband again, but fall in love with the husband AGAIN, which she hate before she had memory loss, i dont think ji jin hee is the bad guy.

  4. 4 : hanhyosang Says:

    I’ll give this a try for sure ! 😉

  5. 5 : hanhyosang Says:

    I’ll give this a try for sure ! 😉 😉

  6. 6 : FreeStar Says:

    I`m definitely watching this drama, but what is the plot exactly? I`ve read in another website that she hated her husband then she had a car accident and had a memory lose then she fell in love with him again but then cheats on him? and what is the role of her twin sister?

  7. 7 : Gia Says:

    JJH looks son cute in the Drama

  8. 8 : Adeul Says:

    Han Byul ..woo-hoo.

  9. 9 : Min Says:

    I love this couple when they’re in the drama “Miss Kim Makes 1 Million” which was one of the first few korean dramas i started watching~ It was such a hilarious and good drama btw! Hope their chemistry is still as good after all these years!!!! But i don’t think this is a comedy drama 😛

  10. 10 : Iris Says:

    Anyone who wants to see this subbed, please submit a title request form for: “I have a lover – 애인 있어요” to Viki: https://vikiinc.wufoo.com/forms/title-request-form/

  11. 11 : kdfan Says:

    @Min thx for jolting my memory that they were a couple in Miss Kim. Now I have a stronger reason to watch this 🙂

  12. 12 : I Have a Lover, o novo melodrama do canal SBS Says:

    […] KoreanDrama, […]

  13. 13 : asdasdasdas Says:

    hahaha sounds fking retarded

  14. 14 : Iris Says:

    Viki has it licensed, but they are in need of Korean/English subbers for this drama. If you are able to do that, please contact the channel manager.

  15. 15 : freedomdemon Says:

    I just finished watching the 1st & 2nd episode~!!!!!
    I had love this drama so much, and sure the actors~!!!!!!!!!! (*v *)

    While watch the begin till the 2nd episode, I’m really feel sad for the main character lady~!!!!!!!!!! (~o ~)

    Excited for the 3rd episode~!!!!!!!!!!

    And why does this drama that have 50 episodes cant be release of 5 episode per week?????
    Really which that it will~!!!!!!!!!! ^^

    Thank you so much, of have this drama~!!!!!!!!!! <3

  16. 16 : dramaguest Says:

    watch last episodes of the drama
    more of 100 episodes hacked
    korean drama 2015

  17. 17 : pixie Says:

    When is the eng sub version going to be out? why is it taking so long 🙁

  18. 18 : atikk Says:

    the lead male and female are good,, i think it gonna be good drama

  19. 19 : Adi Says:

    Looking forward to the comedy romance part of the drama series. Hoping it’s as good as the ‘miss kim…’ episodes.

  20. 20 : SarangNoona Says:

    The first four episodes are really good.

  21. 21 : V Says:


  22. 22 : Rose Says:

    How could that trunk not see her car?? And how did she survive that car accident??? Her car flipped over several times?

    I didn’t understand why that girl that is pregnant took her car? Because she has a tracer under her car??

    I like Kim Hyun Joo, Ji Jun and Lee Gyu Han. Lee Gyu is in Real Men – Korean Army Show on MBC.

  23. 23 : Hope Says:

    The husband of Do Hae Kang & the bitch Kang should die a terrible acid burn death!!!!!!

    Writer please do not let Do Hae Kang ever forgive him. Please let her start her life all over again with someone else who is liked a human.

    If not it is a waste of time to watch this drama. We shall all stop watching.

  24. 24 : wdr Says:

    great indeed

  25. 25 : wdr Says:

    i really hate that young bitchy girl

  26. 26 : wdr Says:

    poor hae kang 🙁

  27. 27 : Dee dee Says:

    I’m loving it so far

  28. 28 : phenix Says:

    I just watched the episode 7 sub, and my favourite actress KHJ was like always perfect, awesome, just look to her face in this scene when she is on the bridge, and wants to commit suicide and then she saw her husband and her young rival to get close, how her face becomes sad and miserable ! it’s great acting.
    I am going to see this drama and admire KHJ !

  29. 29 : daisy Says:

    Halo guys..can anybody here tell me where I can watch this drama ..I’m watching it in dramania but they are not updated now.its just ep.1 only..I’m a fan of ji jin here and khj..I love them both.,thank you

  30. 30 : colo Says:

    DAISY HAVE YOU TRY DRAMA FIRE PAGE? I have see it up to episode 6, and that KSLee is really unrespectful girl with old people and with a married men OMG—How will she feel if this is done to her in let say 10 years? Will she be ok! An the wife with her been so profecional, come on you need to move on, you are still pretty and Young…..I hope this do not affect the gir(KSL)l in real life.

  31. 31 : Iammee Says:

    The episodes are so many for a simple plot. With a poor rating I think the writer and producer must rethink cutting it short. I’ve been watching it because I love the main characters in the drama though Park Han Byul’s character is so annoying. I am not sure if her character is annoying or how she potrays the character. I’ve seen her in a few dramas before and I must say that I never really like her.

  32. 32 : pisticha Says:

    i like this drama so much i hope in the end her husband will stil love her

  33. 33 : Anne Says:

    Very painful to watch I had to fast forward scenes. I hate KS for going after a married sunbae and willing to strip on the first night she invited him for soju, and acting so innocent and cutesy. Shameless! In the end even tho the husband was the one that cheated, he hated the wife so much, and for the things she didn’t do. I hope he and the girl rot in their hell. Producers need to let KS suffer poetic justice soon if not viewers likely to be even more disgusted

  34. 34 : Dee dee Says:

    Oooooo I wonder if by losing her memory he will fall in love with her again or with the young lawyer

  35. 35 : OK OK OK Says:

    so far i watch 1st episode only because really dislike 2nd Female lead’s character – going after a married man Ji Jin Hee.
    Kim Hyun Joo still the best here 😛

    I will wait till 20 episode to see if JJH will fall in love with KHJ again

  36. 36 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    I love this drama!!!! I only hope it doesn’t get too draggy and start insulting the viewers’ intelligence as the plot slowly materialised. After all – 50 episodes! Better have a lot of substance for the main female and male leads. Otherwise, it’ll be another draggy FLOP!
    I hope DHK leads a happy life after losing her memory and doesn’t give a damn about her husband, CJU. Let him live a life full of regrets for degrading her in front of his whole family. Hope to see that young bitch, PHB, turned into twice a “monster” than DHK and gives CJU a living hell. Hope to see her being treated like thrash as what she is for going after another woman’s husband knowing the pain she inflicted.

  37. 37 : Go Girl Says:

    So far I really enjoyed the latest episode most and it was so sad when DHK signed the divorce paper. 😥

    Looking forward to a seeing DHK being her old self after the accident and CJU go head over heels in love with her. She not interested in him should teach him a painful lesson for forcing her to divorce him. Karma.

    I hope KSL being poor will be consumed by the greed and the wealthy life style and shows CJU what a passive aggressive and vicious person she really is! Throwing herself and body at a married man who deeply still loves his wife – she should be treated badly for her greed and stealing someone’s husband using her young, innocent looks!

  38. 38 : colo Says:


  39. 39 : yinyuna Says:

    the male lead character is worst he sucks no sympathy for him yuck hurting his wife who is already wounded and then jumping to get back with the bitchy awful foxy mistress yuck yuck yuck.. i just want the male lead dead he is a bastard with no feelings for his poor wife he feel sorry towards that stone heart witch mistress what kind of human he is!!! I just wish the female lead and the lawyer ends up together and let the husband and mistress along with their bitch family die in a accident!

    Now writer enough of showing the poor wife suffering and her bastard husband enjoying with selfish foxy bitch mistress its just painful for us viewers to watch this on scree plzz move on story with wife losing her memory and lawyer taking care of her plz plz.. we fans cannot watch anymore of the wife suffering and the face of the bitch mistress anymore!

  40. 40 : rian Says:

    can you please reduce the episodes because the rating is very poor.

  41. 41 : Noy Says:

    I like this drama that is a natural live when people get attractive and feel in love with someone she/he didn’t care what will happen the surrounding ‘world is mine’ esp to the wife….. Let’s it go by the wind hahaha……. hope her husband will love her again and let KSR feel what DHK feel and hatred haha….

  42. 42 : CoolBeans Says:

    I’m disappointed in this script. Predictable and hard to like. The actors are superb even the woman playing the tramp. I am sure I wont last for 50 episodes.

  43. 43 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    I don’t get how a courageous DYK can be quite stupid! First, she’s a babbling idiot who goes on and on without checking who actually is on the other side of the phone line (Episode 9). She’s been given a large amount of money (in cash!) and was told not to bad-mouth the pharma company by a senior executive. And she gets hunted down by a hired killer and all in all the senior executive always happened to be in the same vicinity where she’s been hounded. Yet, she can’t put 2 & 2 together and see the big picture! How stupid can a hunted person be when your life or safety is at stake?! A classic example of insulting the viewers’ intelligence.
    I hope the script writer and producer can come out with better scenes and scenarios to make this an entertaining and interesting drama. One that questions our morals, values and what we should be as an honourable, decent thinking Asian society.
    God, we still have 40 more episodes to go! I’ll see how the leading male and female leads go in the next few episodes.
    Hope this is not going to be another one of that draggy, painful and down-right time-wasting KBS drama 100 episodes that ended last month! Worst drama I ever watched – stopped at episode #14.

  44. 44 : Go Girl Says:

    The ending of Ep10 looks interesting. I like the part when CJU sets his eyes on DHK after 4 years. Pleasantly surprised! I hope she doesn’t give him a damn bcoz she has the lawyer crazily in love with her and hopefully her mother’s doctor tenant madly in love with her too! Wow … that would be great!
    CJU will have to be in a long queue for DHK attention. KSL can go to hell fighting with CJU’s sister and the rest of the world for being greedy and selfish; and self-centred. All this will come to be very obvious to that idiot, CJU.
    Hahaha … My version works, I hope!!!!

  45. 45 : love for kdrama Says:

    hahaha i love Go Go Girl’s version.
    5 star!

  46. 46 : Go Girl Says:

    I like this drama and looking forward to CJU and DHK relationship now that DHK lost her memory. I hope CJU has to fight very hard for her attention. Since he was the one who wanted so badly to end their marriage, I hope to see him very, very badly wanting her back in his life! Hope they have many funny moments together vs. the painful beginning of this drama for DHK! Looking forward to laughter and tears in the upcoming episodes. Mostly tears for that young, selfish, smart-ass, husband-stealing bitch – KSL!! CJU’s sister and brother-in-law should pay dearly for their bad-hearts too!!!

  47. 47 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    The synopsis describes KSL’s personality as pure and enthusiastic, like DHK had in the past. I definitely disagree especially with KSL being pure!! She is 25 years old, openly threw herself at a married man, chased after him shamelessly; answering back to his family and showing no remorse after DHK’s pleas to leave her husband alone. DHK even went on her knees in front of that spiteful, little bitch! She definitely has a bad/dark character deep in her heart. Enthusiastic – well, maybe for chasing another woman’s husband shamelessly!
    CJU after being verbally abusive to DHK deserves a painful revenge from DHK. Both CJU and KSL should both “die” when DHK regains her memory! Then, it’s fun to watch. You deserve what you get!

  48. 48 : Eunjo Says:

    Everyday looking forward the next episode. Kim Hyun Joo is my favor actress. Every drama she acts, I will watch because I believe the drama is good. At first I was confused, now I understand the story. Nowadays, there was also not much Korean drama which I like. I am great my favor actress is acting on the drama and I enjoy watching. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  49. 49 : Torri Says:

    Hey guys did they not show ep 11 today I have looked every were for ep 11 but I can’t seem to fine it any ideas please really need to watch ep. 11

  50. 50 : Lu Lu Says:

    No ep 11 & 12 this week, they airing thanksgiving special, shit been waiting whole week for nothing

  51. 51 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    It’s been 4 years since DHK lost her memory. Will she ever gain it back since it’s been so long?! Hope she leads a new and happy life without CJU and his screwed-up family. Hope she doesn’t remember the trauma and heart-breaking sorrow both the spiteful, little bitch – KSL and adulterer, CJU made her wanting to end her life.
    Fighting, DHK!!!

  52. 52 : kolia1019 Says:

    This drama has also same destiny with “My Heart Twinkle Twinkle” or KBS2 “Beyond the Clouds” : Bad Ratings. Not to mention to mocking. This writer already make a hit drama in 2011 MBC “Sparkling” also with Kim Hyun Joo as an actress and Kim Suk Hoon. But, I just don’t know why this writer write just an unclear story? No description for each character? What’s this story want to tell us about?

    Maybe this is a jinx. Kim Hyun Joo wins big at 2014 KBS Drama Awards for hit weekend drama ” What Happens to This Family?”, and now hit the bottom?? I believe that she’s such an excellent actor. But, I’m sorry to say, the other actors maybe confused with the story, so also you.

    This year, SBS create a good hit at Mon -Tue timeslot drama and Wed-Thu timeslot, also
    And good for weekday drama. But, true disaster in Sat-Sun timeslot. Please, for SBS, stop this drama, it’s a loss for SBS. Don’t go for 50 episodes. Just half.

  53. 53 : Lu Lu Says:

    Will there be ep 11&12 this week? I hv a bad feeling this week also dont have. Sggghhh

  54. 54 : Logan1707 Says:

    Just tried watching this drama but sadly just dropped at ep 6…the storyline was not good and it’s boring. SBS always didn’t get lucky for their weekend drama. They could not compete against KBS and MBC. These KBS and MBC always have good weekend dramas.

  55. 55 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Hope the English sub for Eps 11 & 12 won’t take days to be uploaded!

  56. 56 : imala Says:

    they should cut down to 30 episodes instead of 50 episodes as you can see the ratings are very low not improving..

  57. 57 : torri Says:

    so i happen to be one of those that love this show , the actors are all great , the story line is good too , i simply dont get why the audience are so concern about the ratings to determine if the show is good or not , we are just 12 ep into a 50 ep show guys, so what ever the writer is trying express-here am sure its slowly coming up , for one this week has shown us the lead male still loves his wife he might have ask his dad to end his marriage but he still has feeling for her and we also learnt that ending his marriage was not really because of the lady he cheated with there was more going on his marriage especially the lost of their daughter that was a huge factor to him for ending his marriage and am sure we would learn more .
    that said lets all just relax and watch the show or don’t watch either way who cares what the haters think, fine another if y cant stand this one

    happy watching fellow lovers of this show cant wait for sartuday

  58. 58 : colo Says:

    torri I do agree with you, but the thing is that if this drama do not get tranlate ASAP, will loose more viewers, i am desperate to see more episodes…but it is taking too long….there are other not as good as this one that the translation is done fast….I want this one too….I am really curios to find out what happen to her twin sister….I do want for the entire family to paid for all the bad things done to those girls….and that bad girl(the one that stole the husband) has to paid too…..It is so sad to look at her poor mother, she do not talk….sad sad sad…

  59. 59 : Drama Fan Says:

    Yeah i love this drama too and the actors and the lead actress. I hope the truth will come-out (regarding who sent the pictures etc.) and the real/first wife (Kim HJ) will win in the end. i really hate the other girl who steals a married man’s heart!!!

  60. 60 : Go Girl Says:

    I’m hoping the English sub for Eps 11 & 12 are uploaded soon. I really like this drama and the cast, especially the lead female and male actors. Story line starts to develop and I really look fwd to it. I hope the twins, DHK & DYG reunite and together will out-wit the scheming odd couple; out-smart the selfish, paranoid husband-stealing bitch, KSL; teach a good and proper lesson to CJU’s mother for being high-handed and demeaning towards the twins’ mother; totally ignore CJU like he doesn’t exist in their lives – which technically he and DHK have no connection anymore since they’ve been divorced for 4 years. CJU trying all he can to out-do the love-sick lawyer and the brooding pediatric doctor for DHK’s attention and affection! I hope our screenwriter, YM Bae, is giving my version some thoughts!!! I will be most honoured …. 😍

  61. 61 : Go Girl Says:

    Women who sleeps around with married men and men who cheat on their wives don’t sit well with me! I hope to see that little bitch, KSL, suffers from insecurities and paranoia having to always try to out-do the brilliant, DHK and courageous, DYG. CJU will be made to suffer at the hands of the twin sisters with much wit and humour. However, I hope to see the two main lead actors back together again! Hahaha ….
    I hope screenwriter, YM Bae, is really paying attention to my version and thoughts. Fighting!!!

  62. 62 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Very funnnnny … Not a bad version! Maybe the drama can draw more viewers with two very smart sisters who take their revenge in their own clever ways and punish all those bad people! Must have a lot of laughter too!

  63. 63 : phenix Says:

    I want to congratulate Park Han Byul who took an anti-hero role this time in this drama, just the opposite of her last drama ” One well – raised daughter” where she was a very brave, courageous and positive heroin. She is trying to play all the roles to widen her knowledge of acting. Kudo Han Byul

  64. 64 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    I have much hope in this drama after following Eps 11 & 12 and the characters are developing nicely! I’m happy to see the progress of the different aspects of lives blooming and showing all the hidden stories behind the characters. However, much as I like the lawyer, Baek Suk, I find him rather cheesy and clingy to DYG. Quite stifling and can be irritating!
    That spiteful, little bitch KSL should continue to be put in her place for stealing another woman’s husband! I LOVE the fact that although she gets to stay by CJU – she’s constantly insecure, suspicious and a Schizophrenic!
    Great going guys!!!!

  65. 65 : Lu Lu Says:

    Wow… Its starting! Bitch no chance to win him alrdy, coz his love for his wife was too strong to begin with, after 4 yrs all the hatred cooled down and now start to bring all the good memories back. Will be an intense battle of four sides love, cju start to like his ex wife again until it made him tears down. Finally he learnt that his ex wife died and dont believe it, he start to find out if yong ki is his ex wife coz he finds so many similarities. I think partly he feels guilty that all bec of him, he made her mother unable to talk & made her died. And partly coz he miss her so mch. Cannot wait for ep 14. That bitch alrdy start panicking, coz she also knows cju nvr really loves her.

  66. 66 : Go Girl Says:

    Yuuhuu!! Enjoyed the lastest Eng subbed episodes very much. 😍 The way the story line is going now, I give it a 5⭐️.
    Can’t wait for Eps 13 & 14 to be subbed. I am a fan of this drama! 😘😘😘

  67. 67 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Despite my earlier sarcastic comments, I’ve always liked Kim Hyun Joo and Ji Jin Hee. Little wonder why I followed this drama from the start?!!
    I just hope we get little to no insults to viewers’ intelligence scenes. I really dislike it in some Korean dramas that the leading actor or actress can be really stupid! The more the episodes I see that tendency just to “stretch” the drama and adding really stupid scenes. Very, very annoying and a waste of viewers’ time!!

  68. 68 : Ann Says:

    Yes yes!!! The story line is getting more interesting… Can’t wait for Sat to come …. Counting down.

  69. 69 : Go Girl Says:

    Thank goodness for Eps 13 & 14 English sub. Wow! Great developments! Daebak!!!
    I am hooked on to this drama! 💓

  70. 70 : Go Girl Says:

    Wonderful Eps 13 & 14!!! I love the gambling hut, hospital ward and lobster restaurant scenes! Hilarious two scenes and the restaurant scene nailed CJU’s suspicions that DYG is DHK. Wow!!
    It was most touching when CJU burst into tears in front of his ex-mother-in-law and confessed his lost and feelings still for DHK; and when he wished DHK “good night” – that makes up for watching the first few painful episodes!
    CJU with tears running down his face while tying up DHK’s shoe-lace and then taking her in his arms like he was dying needing her so badly with much regret for letting her go, hey, what more can I say – I AM A FAN OF THIS DRAMA!!! 😍

  71. 71 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    My rating for the latest episodes 13 and 14 – A 9.5 points out of 10! Great going guys!
    Looking forward to watching more over the weekend! Quick English subtitles translation, please.
    Ppalli, Ppalli, Ppalli!!!

  72. 72 : letrym Says:

    Love this drama….so good..

  73. 73 : letrym Says:

    Love this drama…so good and exciting

  74. 74 : Lu Lu Says:

    Yay!!!! Omg so exciting.. Cannot wait when the ex wife will start recovering her memory, now the ex hub start approach her again, he told his mother he wont marry again, but he wants to start all over again with the ex wife… Horray!!! KSL, u die, no chance alrdy! He nvr loved that bitch in the first place anyway. I think the ex wife will start fall in love with the ex hubby again then start to recover her memory, that makes her difficult to choose. Cannot wait ep 16

  75. 75 : Sarang Gen Says:

    i llllluuuurrrve this drama. JJH is amazing!

  76. 76 : torri Says:

    am so in love with this show right now. its my all time favorite for this month , so to all still not sure if they should watch this my advice is please do it is worth every mins, Choi Jin Uhn is a great actor. he is so great at expressing how he feels on his face ,the way he wants his wife and how he misses her he so great at expressing his feeling , and the reason i love him is because he was able to realize his mistake and he wants to fix it and i fall for him each time he makes a move on his wife who cant remember him its so cute to watch

    and its also more fun to watch Sul Li, how she is dyeing of jealousy and frustration, confused on who this woman really is , love how her face just goes all ugly when she piss off hahaha and am waiting to see Do Hae Kang give back the slap that Sul Li gave her this week after seeing them together by the wall listening to music because that piss me off and i cant wait for her to get her memory back and give two of those slaps back that what am looking forward too, weekends are so far but am waiting happy watching guys!!!!!!!

  77. 77 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Thank you very much for the quick English subtitle. I rate a 10 for both episodes 15 & 16. Great episodes!
    I really hate that spiteful, greedy, little bitch, KSL. Hope she continues living an unhappy, unfulfilled, unsatisfying, troubled life!
    The odd-couple, MTS & CJR, stirring shit everywhere they can should pay for all the shit! They and KSL and those who helped them should pay dearly for their bad deeds! Painfully!!!! CJR should continuously smear more shit and whack more shit on KSL. The two are so alike – spiteful, greedy, selfish and self-centred! Trouble-makers have a way of destroying themselves painfully given time!

  78. 78 : Janice Day Says:

    This one is a hell good drama, though it is a passe to have a lost memory, this one have a different approach. You gonna love the scene between the ex couple. I stop watching when the husband goes to the other woman, I’ll resume when the ex couple meet again. I hate all the villain in this drama, that’s why I’ve lost interest watching 25 episodes or more but I think it is needed in the story. I think I have to just wait how the story will unfold. I dont know how the writer will end this beautiful drama. I have high hopes on a happy and deserving ending the lovely couple. Ji Jin Hee plays the role well. I even love the behind the scenes between him and the lead actress Kim Hyun Joo. He’s always teasing her and I cant help but fall in love with the 2 lead characters. Hope everybody will get to watch this beautiful drama. I guess because of the late sub dubbing that it failed to get more attention overseas. Me, I even watched without it but I re watched it when english sub finally available.

  79. 79 : stela Says:

    Very good drama with exciting episodes…I love the leads, they have good chemistry..cant wait for the succeeding episodes. I’m surprised at the low rating. Hope more people watch it.

  80. 80 : cassie Says:

    I totally agree with Janice #78 comment. I did the same pass forward when it was the villain, however we can’t deny the fact that the actress plays the role well even her expression ..totally a capital B. The 2nd lead actor the lawyer needs a little more umph for his character to fly. The characters are played well and I hope that the drama won’t fizzled towards the end like most dramas I’ve watched. Good drama and good acting. First time watching these 2 leads.

  81. 81 : Go Girl Says:

    Wow! Enjoyed Eps. 15 & 16 very much! I just hope that screwed up couple gets beaten to the ground flat!!! They are soooo greedy, mean and nasty; and not to mention that schizoprenic KSL. What a distorted sense of values and principles that young bitch live by?!
    I only hope CJU and his best buddy; DHK and her twin, DYG plus the personality-handicap doctor (hahaha) figure out what the scheming odd couple and that screw-loose bitch, KSL, are cooking behind people’s backs!

  82. 82 : Ann Says:

    Yah… Simply love this drama… Watch the recent episodes at least twice… First few episodes I simply fast forwarded did not want to see the poor Wife suffer n Kang Sul Li what rights she has to fight for love especially the man is married! The scenes where Jin Uhn made wifey mad are so cute … Hope they fall madly in love w each other soon !!! Looking forward to Sat!!!

  83. 83 : Go Girl Says:

    I am so looking forward to this weekend’s episodes. Hope the English sub are uploaded almost immediately, please‼️‼️

  84. 84 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Looking forward to watching more over the weekend too! Quick English subtitle, please. Ppalli, Ppalli, Ppalli!!! 👌👌👌

  85. 85 : Go Girl Says:

    I hope CJU and his father catch KSL red-handed for stealing DHK’s passport, and also his personal assistant’s loyalty and working for his brother-out-law real soon! DHK please quickly realize what games KSL, and her ex-out-laws are playing against her and her twin sister!
    CJU and father, and personality-retarded doctor please rescue and protect DHK and DYG Pleeeeease …..
    Revenge!!! Pay back time real quick‼️‼️‼️

  86. 86 : Lu Lu Says:

    Omg i feel very pity for the lawyer, he seems to really sincere loving dhk, it breaks my heart. But i also wish for the ex to be reunited together coz they seem to still love each other so deeply eventho dhk cannot remember her past but her heart cannot lie. I hope dhkgy twin can meet the lawyer and they can love each other coz the real dkyg is the twin, she is the one who is the lawyer’s first love. Hw come until now, dhk still unable to hv a bit of memory comes back, not even a slight memory at all. This drama is really progressing a bit too slow and draggy.

  87. 87 : Go Girl Says:

    Hi Lu Lu, which site are you watching this drama? On TV SBS? We don’t get that in my country! 😥

  88. 88 : Go Girl Says:

    I totally agree with Lu Lu – how come it takes so long for DHK to regain her memory?! She should have at least remember bits and pieces like places she used to frequent eg. court-house, the garden where she and CJU spent time; romantic secret places only she and CJU know about as lovers before and during their happy marriage; etc. What about her nightmares?! Strange that it is taking so long for her to remember now that she is slowly being drawn back to her husband.
    CJU should at least help her remember some important, happy key events in their lives together. Or, maybe he doesn’t he want her to regain her memory?!!!

  89. 89 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    I don’t understand how come the lawyer is so hung up on his 1st love, DYG. No matter how sincere his love is … Time has passed many, many years since they were in school. Yet he is still so insisting hanging on to the past and wanting to live his teenage love and life! Get real!!! Move on and start a new life!!!!
    My mind boggles especially when CJU has proven and hinted many times that he knows his ex-wife and don’t any normal, mature adult knows that spouses/lovers usually know intimate things about each other more than anyone else?!!!
    Aiyah ….. The lawyer character is not of someone who is an intellect when it comes to love. So immature and irrational?! So disappointing. Give him a worthy character lah like he deserves! 😜

  90. 90 : Lu Lu Says:

    Hi Go Girl – i watch it here, this site is very fast airing, but i think only a few major drama they hv, not so many, u can try http://eps-kdrama.com/ Hope u can open it. Enjoy.

  91. 91 : Go Girl Says:

    Thank you, Lu Lu. 😀👍
    Here’s another site that I logged on often to watch KrDramas on-line. Check it out – http://myasiantv.se/drama/i-have-a-lover/

  92. 92 : Lu Lu Says:

    Go Girl – Awesome 👍👍👍 another great alternative for me, txs

  93. 93 : Bee bee Says:

    Does anyone think cju’s bro in law’s bro (who is staying at Dhk mom Hse) is cute n handsome? Does he act in other shows too?

  94. 94 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Bee Bee, I think he has a very nice physic and height of course for a man. 😍FYI, he acted in Heart To Heart not too long ago.

  95. 95 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    To me Ji Jin Hee is a dream! A very attractive man. 💞

  96. 96 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Bee Bee, excuse my English 😊 – I meant to say his physique! Very nice built (body) and height (tall). 😍

  97. 97 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    ** build 😔

  98. 98 : Go Girl Says:

    Oh wow! Just finished watching Ep 17. Wish the English sub for Ep 18 is uploaded real fast too!
    Enjoyed Ep 17 very much – credit 5⭐️s!
    I wish CJU is more proactive to finding out very quickly about DYG since there has been so much talk about her being an ex-employee, which department she was attached and who were her superiors, etc. He’s supposedly to be someone clinically “clean” having worked in a lab, meticulous, thorough … What’s taking him so long in zooming in to the unconnected puzzle pieces?!
    Oh well, I guess I’m just impatient. Whoa! I wish someone would bash that sicko KSL’s head for trying to be “I am better than you!” to DHK. She’s a REAL Bitch!

  99. 99 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    DHK should learn self-defence and has better reflexes in avoiding slaps in her face from other women! Especially from that spiteful, little bitch! Both KSL and the lawyer are just so needy of love! Most irritating when people just grab and grab whomever they love.
    Hopefully the doctor falls in love with DYG at the expense of his over-flowing love and admiration of an ass-hole of a greedy older brother! Now, that would be ironic and Karma for the brother when he’s thrown in jail!

  100. 100 : lynlynn Says:

    I always like Ji Jin Hee as an actor ever since Dong Yi. He is my favorite of all the korean actor. Actually, his name is the only one that i care to remember, LOL. I don’t care so much of the other. I know that when he have a project that it will be a good one so i always look forward to watch them. He never fails to make me sad, cry, mad and smile. So i am like, this is going to be fun.. 🙂 If this is really going to be 50 episode then so be it. I will watch it all the way…

    Good luck!

    PS. And about this drama…there is nothing good will come out specially if your initial intention is destruction. Definitely, it will destroy you sooner or later.. And you will hurt the people that you love also. Principle and belief will play a great deal with this since it will help you to find courage to do the right thing. Fight and learn to say no to temptation…. Be strong and stay strong….

  101. 101 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Good thoughts, Lynlynn! I second you on Ji Jin Hee! ❤️

  102. 102 : Jj Says:

    BEST show right now. Rating is starting to go up. People need to be patient to see why the plot starts out the way it did. Karma!
    Acting also got even better for all 4 leads. Superb!!! Good job! Director to allow then to act so well!!!

  103. 103 : Jj Says:

    Love this show although i could not figure out at first tbe intention of the writer. One of most quality kdrama. Full of emotions, but you must not jump to conclusion too early to see where the writer is going.

  104. 104 : Jj Says:

    In Episode 18: JJH acting is simply the best. Outshined them all!!!!

  105. 105 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    I totally agree with all the last 6-7 viewers’ comments. Great responses and rating is definitely increasing! 👍👍👍
    Congrats to the cast and all crew – actors, director, producer and script-writer! Keep us viewers hooked on to the rest of the episodes to the very end!! 👏👏👏

  106. 106 : colo Says:

    I WENT BACK FROM THE START, AND THAT KANG SEOL RI WAS ALWAYS A BITCH-ALWAYS TOOK ADVANTAGE OF HIM, SHE ALWAYS FIND OUT STUFF SHE SHOUDN’T, HE ONLY TOLD HER THAT HE WAS ATTRACTED TO HER, BUT HE NEVER TOLD HER THAT HE ever love’s her(KSR), all she did was alucinate that he was for her, she did find out the divorse paper,I did notice that she even send her picture of him with her at the beach when she was at the parking where her sister took her car–I did miss this, in the 1st episode, that Kang Seol Ri, was really mean she send those picture with him, with msg like”he is all mine”, OMG what a Bitch! from the start, and him he do not deserved her, she is better without him….I am glad she lost her mind, but know she will get it back and the person that will make her remember will be her sister I am like all of you waiting for the sister to come back, but that will be really interesting to see, because what will change a lot of stuff…..you know what I realise, that the sniker-shoes the Wife give the Bitch in episode 1, were the same shoes she used in after the accident and she was living with the Bitch family, they were the same one OMG….from the start of this drama the Husband and Wife did have big problem, they were really like 2-oposite person, he was always sad and she was always like a block of ice….but when the lover came to the picture, she was like more interested on her husband, but by that time was too late to save their relationship, the best was for them to separate I do agree…but for her to suffer all that…and from his own family, is a no, no, no, no…..even if he find out that he loves her…she can not go back to him….I hope she can help her sister and be able and destroy all that family….now the bitch is like trying to maried the man-she work so hard to have—and he do not want to….How can she do a Dinner Party with the family to anounce the weding…that was really bad for her, and now that bitch know that the B-I-L was the one that think he kill Do Hae Kang…what can she do with that information????NOTHING LAST FOR EVER-THIS ARE DO HAE KANG WORLD TO THE BITCH AND SHE WAS SOOOO RIGHT…

  107. 107 : Go Girl Says:

    Ep 18 is another 5⭐️s from me! Full marks! 👏
    Wonderful family get-together scene with CJU making himself crystal clear and heard to the spiteful morons! That is a real man – with courage and iron nerves!!

    I hope DHK goes off with CJU to help her recover her memory, find herself and sought out their feelings for each other. Hoping too CJU and father plus CJU’s best buddy, Sunbae Go, figure out who are behind the conspiracy and make their lives a misery, protect DHK and her twin and daughter from the screw-ball couple, CJU’s mentally-retarded mother and mentally ill, spiteful bitch KSL.
    I hope KSL father and family realize what a vicious and spiteful bitch KSL is and even the lawyer brother will not support her scheming!
    My version, of course … ☺️

  108. 108 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Yeah! CJU too should turn to DHK to help him heal from the lost of their daughter, understand and ampathize what changed DHK to a cold person from the woman he married, the regret of having to live a lonely life without DHK for a few years and; the pain and sorrow of losing DHK when she jumped into the river and again through death when he saw her “urn”.
    DHK in turn too will learn to regain her memory from the love, patience and coaxing from CJU. She’ll learn to forgive herself for the lost of their daughter, why CJU turn against her and understand why she was swayed and got swallowed whole by life circumstances that made her became a totally different person from her real self – one very cold, unhappy person!
    Together then can the two lovers face the whole world and nothing, nobody or situation or life circumstances can break them apart again!
    Now, how does my version sound?! 😇

  109. 109 : Go Girl Says:

    Wow! Love conquers all. 💘

  110. 110 : Lyn Says:

    CJU has to take some blame For his actions in the elevator he was definitely kissing KSR he lean into her and his promise to work at the company as long as his father gets rid of DHK , he also took KSR oversea 🙁 KSR scribes DHK as cold try losing a child and the accident is cause by you DHK is understandable in her grief too bad CJU forgot his vows for better or worse when DHK beg CJU to work things out and jump in the water those are a sign of a desperate wife holding on to her marriage and kneeling on her knees to KSR to not sway her husband because KSR has become greedy it not called love when you scheme to hurt the other person how ironic it is that she blames all her problems on DHK when is was the cause of CJU &DHK marriage falling apart :(((

  111. 111 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    In Episode 18, CJU just found out from the lawyer (who is desperately trying to cling to his woman – he claims, knowing she wasn’t really into him!) that DHK is dead. CJU is going into the pit of depression for what he did that would drive him into being practically “dead” himself! He had an affair with the spiteful, greedy, psycho bitch KSL and he forced his father who is the only one who respected and trusted DHK to approve of their divorce. And, he knew DHK was trying to keep their marriage. He realised too late now that she is “dead” while he was living a different live he wanted, thinking she was working still for his father on the opposite side of the world. Much as he ‘hated” DHK at that time, he was still very much in love with her. Seems like he loves her much more than she loves him. So, his suffering and depression will be most intense. Karma!
    Hope he and Sunbae Go sees through the spiteful bitch, KSL and really see what a monster she really is! Little wonder why KSL’s adopted father threw her out?!!! I HATE KSL for what she did and scheming doing; and hope she flies over the rocky cliff and get landed slapped into the hard rock bottom!! 😡

  112. 112 : Go Girl Says:

    Hey Everyone! Credit should be given when due. Much as I totally HATE the psycho bitch character, Kang Sul Li, I must say actress, Park Han Byul, portrays the character very well.
    Actress PHB deserves our applause for making the character comes to life and makes us all HATE KSL!

  113. 113 : tera Says:

    It’s nice to see how lively this forum is….
    I’ve gave up this drama long time ago…It really is a good drama but I think i’ll see the ending first. It’s hard to see CJE redemption after what he did in the first 10 ep…I guess the rest will be about his sacrifices, redemption, regret and all…
    I’m not a forgiving sort of person. After watching his action in the first 10 ep, no matter what his reason is, I cannot seem to accept him, and I kind of hate the writer because he/she made Baek Seok look so pathetic. Baek seok is one of the character that I like the most in this drama, but from ep 10 onwards, the writer make him look like some sort of lunatic who desperately cling onto something that is not his…I do understand HK loved his husband so much but BS good deed isn’t something that someone can brush off just like that….
    well it’s more like the husband get on my nerves since the first ep and I still cannot see him in a good light yet…will watch it later I guess.

  114. 114 : Go Girl Says:

    I’m not ashamed to say I’m more forgiving of the husband because of Ji Jin Hee (I’m so in love with him!). If it were another actor I don’t care for, I would probably wanna push him and KSL off the highest rocky cliff like what Pretty Butterfly wishing to do!
    Hahaha …. 😜

  115. 115 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    I am the 👼 of ⚰ !!!!

  116. 116 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    With DYG’s return to Korea and appearing before the lawyer, BS, let’s hope it knocks some real sense into him!!! It’s back to reality in the real world. He had relived his teenage love days with DHK – imagining her his childhood sweetheart. The real DYG and DHK are two different people with different lives and backgrounds and life history! Time to let go of DHK to CJU. Time to move on and let go of his obsessive, insecure, clinging love; give up his imagination of a perfect teenage love. Time to grow up, be a REAL lawyer and fight for some justice!!!!
    I enjoyed the scenes in Ep. 19 between DYG and the personality-deficient doctor, and Cosmos. Sooooo cute! 😍

  117. 117 : torri Says:

    as much as i love this drama after last week i decided i will hold off for now until she has her memory bck , i cant help it no more seeing them both suffering like this ,so for the next 10 ep am not watching hopefully by then she might have her memory back , it will kill me not to watch but i plan to stay strong , so enjoys guys

  118. 118 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    I’m looking forward to some funny and entertaining scenes of the three of them together – DYG, the personality-deficient doctor and cute/clever Little Cosmos! They look great together!!! 👌

  119. 119 : Lu Lu Says:

    Woah that bitch KSL is even more evil than DHK. She’s not yet CJU wife but act like big arrogant madam, dare to cut off all DHK clothes, pour dirty water onto DHK’s head, woah acting like big madam!!! Imagine when DHK was CJU legal wife and what that bitch did to her!? DHK had all the rights to attack KSL coz she was his legal wife, for God sake!!! But now that bitch dared to attack DHK when she is JUST a girlfriend???? Which btw, CJU never even once say he loves KSL, and now even sternly decided not to marry her, then she still got that bitchy nerves to act like big madam??? Ooooohhh i seriously hate that kind of girl!!! Totally forgotten who she really is & where she should stand!!

  120. 120 : Lu Lu Says:

    I cannot imagine if KSL already marry CJU and becomes his rich family’s daughter in law, that bitch’s head will become soooo heavy and she sure will attack DHK even more evil than DHK last time. That bitch KSL is capable of doing any evil thing just to protect what she has. Karma will hit KSL very hard from now onward. Nothing will go her ways now and that will make her so desperate and do more evil things. Her true nature will soon reveal one by one. She will start digging her own grave from now on.

  121. 121 : Lu Lu Says:

    I also sincerely hope DHK’s twin, the real DKYG will go to the lawyer and live happily ever after. But with that super cold blooded doctor comes to the picture, i worry DKYG might hv a chance to go to that doctor. So sad for the lawyer.

  122. 122 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    I don’t like that the Mr. Nice Lawyer BS and that spiteful bitch KSL are always ahead of CJU when it comes to getting first information connected to both DHK and DYG. They are both insecure, possessive and obsessive over their “lovers” when they know clear cut it’s a one-sided love – on their part!!!
    They keep each other informed and KSL is always manipulating and steering her nice brother to stay on her side!
    KSL should throw herself off that high rocky cliff and Mr. Nice Lawyer should find a nice woman who badly needed a home and family she’s happy being a nice, homely wife and mothering the rest of the brood! Hmmm … Maybe DYG’s ex-colleague who lacks the courage to fight against sexual harassment! She can then have Mr. Nice Lawyer fight a winning case against CJU’s chief secretary, Byeon Kang Seok (The Clown!)!!! 😝

  123. 123 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    I hope with DYG’s high energy personality and that cute/clever Cosmos girl will totally shake up Mr. Personality-deficient Doctor’s quiet and uneventful life! Thaw him into a caring, fun-loving and care-free person! 😉

  124. 124 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Oh yes … DYG can also chip in and have Mr. Nice Lawyer fight a case of bullying, suppression; and blocking of truth and evidence against that idiotic, chief secretary, Mr. Clown! A sure win for Mr. Nice Lawyer who hasn’t been a really good lawyer vs. DHK! Time to show his stuff and shines the limelight on him!!!
    With Dr. Personality-deficient on DYG’s side and together protecting cute/clever Little Cosmos with all his might, that would just about kill his greedy, nasty and mean brother; and crippled his creepy, weirdo Sister-in-law!!! What goes around, comes around! Only it hit thrice as hard when the boomerang hits back!!!

  125. 125 : Go Girl Says:

    I’m looking forward to Eps 19 & 20 English sub get uploaded soon!
    Glad to see CJU’s deep in depression with much guilt for what he did and said to DHK! He deserves it! Glad too that he catches on with what his brother-in-law and KSL are stirring behind his back. KSL has been a free-loader on their relationship; abusing her position on both sides of the two families by using DHK to lure him to the family get-together dinner; literally controlling him what to do (don’t leave until the forehead wound is taken care; sit at dinner table!!) and using the connection with his senile mother to root her place by his side!
    Bounce back real quick, CJU! Make those shitty characters pay for what they did and planning to do! Fighting! Fighting!!!

  126. 126 : cy Says:

    Episode 19 is one of the best so far… can’t wait for episode 20! What will Lawyer Baek do now that he met the real Dokgo Yonggi? Will he tell Hae Kang the truth? lots of episodes left.. writers are doing a great job so far.. kudos to them. ^^ I don’t wanna look at the ratings. 🙁 the ratings don’t speak of how good the drama is.. Lastly, am I the only one who is wishing that Doctor Min and Dokgo Yonggi will end up together??? haha, I am beginning to ship them. LoL 🙂

  127. 127 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Cy … I am with you on that account – DYG and Dr. Personality-Deficient together! 👍👍👍
    Great minds think alike! 🤓

  128. 128 : Go Girl Says:

    I am for DYG and personality-retarded doctor ending together too!!!! 💘

  129. 129 : Go Girl Says:

    Plus, Lawyer Seok’s father to end up with the twin’s mother! Hahaha ….

  130. 130 : Lu Lu Says:

    Woah the lawyer not so manly after all. Now he knows that they’re twin & DHK is CJU’s wife, but he still didnt tell CJU abt it. Although DHK’s mother asked him a favor not to tell anybody but at least seeing CJU & DHK both so miserable like that, in my opinion, the lawyer hv to tell CJU abt it and let him investigate what went wrong etc. maybe he still cannot accept reality and dont want to let go DHK.

  131. 131 : Snow Says:

    The BS, the lawyer, is still a man to me. He’s confused, heartbroken and at a loss. It’s not his place to tell HK or YK that they are twins–a sister they don’t know about. It’s the mother’s place. If anything, BS needs to let the mother know that both her daughters are alive. He was a man and let JE spend the night with HK in his office–though I’m sure it was extremely hard for him, he’s letting her go.

    I have to say that I loved what he told HK about he will let her go. I have a feeling that he and HK may end up together.

  132. 132 : Sweetpeaga Says:

    I have a feeling that the Doctor and YK will be a couple. I also think the Lawyer and HK will be a couple.

  133. 133 : Lu Lu Says:

    No way DHK will end up with the lawyer. Firstable, they both dont hv that kind of strong connection to each other, its one sided all this time. Unlike CJU and DHK, even she lost memory, her heart still goes to CJU. Secondly, see this drama picture? It tells all. It tells hw mch CJU loves and feels happy with her. CJU and DHK, both are inseperable.

  134. 134 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Mr. Nice Lawyer is confused and heart-broken?! I think more like feeling full of guilt for two things: 1. Making DHK living a lie because of his own selfishness of wanting to keep his dream alive – assuming she’s DYG his “old flame” even when Mr. Nice Lawyer knew for sure DHK was never in to him; and 2. Again out of his own greed and selfishness, he tried to keep DHK and CJU apart by forcing CJU to accept that his wife is dead and said all the nasty things to make him give up DHK so that he could hang on to his dream of a long, young, lost love!
    One good thing of breaking the news to CJU was that it brought down a ton of bricks on CJU! He did CJU a favor for now it is really putting CJU’s love for DHK to the test!
    Am I right or am I right?! 😑

  135. 135 : lynlynn Says:

    The end of episode 20 was amazing. It was full of good possibilities. And I can’t wait for them to realize the truth about what is really going on. It has been a long journey, but at least, it felt now like we are half way through. Hopefully all the slow pace and crying is done (maybe). And here is the action and suspense that we’ve been waiting for!!!!!! (cross finger, LOL).

  136. 136 : Katy Kat Says:

    Let’s get the ball rolling, guys! … CJU and DHK, DGYG revenge time!
    Steam roll ALL the buggers – the bunch of jackasses and #1 The spiteful psycho bitch, KSL!!!

  137. 137 : Go Girl Says:

    WooHoo … I’m really enjoying every episode every weekend. This is one, very good drama! Daebak! Glad the English sub gets uploaded fairly quickly. I wish it’s almost immediate!
    I’m looking forward to DHK has more spunk to her character and take very decisive responsibility of her life without being too hung up on the Baeks! Sure they were there for her when she needed love and caring. But, it’s been too long living a lie and hiding away from the truth that she fears! She’s never ungrateful but she must now choose a different path to find the truth and her real self. I’m hoping to see too DHK starts defending herself fearlessly against that two spiteful bitches. Show them she can out-smart them and out-wit them at every spar they throw at her. Knock them out each time either the super bitches try to hit her physically or verbally!
    Just wish her character and CJU too get really spunky now that the are together to fight their enemies!! Then it gets really fun to watch. 😃
    And, I hope too DYG character although high-spirit and carefree, she’s very cautious and smart enough when she smells a rat like that slimy, spiteful bitch KSL and CJU’s screwed up family.
    I’m hoping the Dr. Personality-retarded will stand by DYG and protect her with might. He seems to have a very soft spot for Woo Joo, which is his weakness that will change his personality to a tender, loving person!!

  138. 138 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    How interesting now that Mr. Nice Lawyer had met with his childhood sweetheart, the real DYG! Seems to me the real DYG takes him like an old school chum not like an old Boyfriend or lover!! He used DHK to relive his own dream of being in love with his childhood sweetheart. He was never in love with DHK or even DYG – he was in love with love!! To me, he lacks character and is not gentleman enough to even hinted to CJU about DHK/DYG as twins! He already knows for sure DHK is DHK that CJU was suffering for after he showed him the urn. What an asshole?!
    When CJU’s phone rang, he knew too that it was DHK calling CJU. That was why he didn’t go back to the office for it is obvious to him that CJU is DHK’s main man!!! DHK at least had the guts to tell him no matter how much it hurts them both that she’s has feelings for CJU.
    Mr. Nice Lawyer to me is just a nice man. He lacks guts and steel nerves! Like DHK said about him, he loves his adopted sister more because of her connection to the large corporation then to represent someone who needed help to find justice for the drug, Pudoxin!
    I rest my case! 😝

  139. 139 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    So unlike CJU who made it clear to the Mr. Nice Lawyer (together seated outside the office) so as to avoid any further misunderstandings, that he will need to work with “DYG” to find out how she was with DHK on the day DHK “died”. Now, that is called maturity that a lot of adults of all ages sadly lack!
    Mr. Nice Lawyer couldn’t be open and honest and tell CJU since he couldn’t get drunk to tell him whatever he wanted to say! Urghhhh ….

  140. 140 : Katy Kat Says:

    Interesting reviews! Hope CJU works with his father and together they drag his brother-in-law to prison.
    Looks like DGYG will be working as the spiteful, psycho bitch KSL’s housekeeper. She will do evil, that psycho bitch!
    Hopefully, DGYG finds DHK’s passport that is hidden in the bitch’s apartment. Just please don’t let DGYG be another fool to trust KSL! I would stop watching if CJU or DHK or DGYG become an idiot just to stretch the drama!
    Can’t wait for the twins to come face-to-face.

  141. 141 : Go Girl Says:

    I’m looking forward to CJU conspiring with his father and also with the twins’ mother to trap the son-in-law. With the help of Sunbae Go, the big bonus will be catching that slimey, spiteful bitch KSL red-handed making mischief!
    DYG will have the personality-retarded protecting her and Woo Joo with his love and life. His mean, nasty and greedy brother would be a dead-duck if his little brother is hurt in anyway! So, he is practically “crippled” if his brother’s safety or interest is at stake!
    Hmmm … yummy, yummy. 😋
    CJU’s brother-in-law has always been afraid of CJU’s determination, perseverance and integrity. And, DHK’s speciality is “destruction” so I’m for them together to fight their enemies! Pay back time quick!!!

  142. 142 : Go Girl Says:

    My version sounds prettt good, eh?! 😉

  143. 143 : Go Girl Says:

    ** pretty good, eh?!

  144. 144 : [SBS] I Have A Lover (애인있어요) | Korenesia Says:

    […] KoreanDrama & […]

  145. 145 : cassie Says:

    @142 and 143 Pretty good,,You GO GIRL aja aja

  146. 146 : Sweetpeaga Says:

    katy kat @ 140, work his father to drag his brother in law to prison? Heck the father needs to go to prison as well. The bother in law was working with the father in law when he committed these crimes. Not to mention, the father in law killed HK’s father.

    Also, CJU is nothing but a user of people. Once he’s through with them he cast them out. Because his wife didn’t cry like he did over the death of their daughter and want to move on with their life, he wanted nothing to do with her but chose to be with KSL. I can’t stand CJU.

  147. 147 : Sweetpeaga Says:

    Why do people feel they have to put the lawyer down in an effort to try and make the cheating husband of the first 9 episodes look better? This man didn’t care that his wife almost died when she attempted suicide after seeing him act loving to his mistress while treating her like a dog. This husband was down right hateful to her and not understanding her own grief. Now the man who helped her become a better person, THE LAWYER, people want to make him the bad guy?!!!!? CJU would’t give DHK a second look if she was the same as when he left the country with his lover. THE LAWYER is the one that helped her to recover why the CHEATING HUSBAND was keeping house with KSL.

    It’s stupid how people will turn on a good character and support the bad one because he’s handsome.

  148. 148 : Sweetpeaga Says:

    One last point, I think DHK once she regains her memory will definitely end up with the Lawyer! The writer has been building their connection even before her divorce. She will remember seeing him and how he’s the one that made her smile when she felt like dying. She will love CJU, but not want to remain with him.

  149. 149 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Hahaha … Think again, guys! What does the title says?! Think!!! … Let’s see where the upcoming episodes take us and see how this will end!
    Hahaha …
    Let’s see how guilty is CJU’s father is – nobody is guilty until proven so. The greedy Brother-in-law assumed CJU’s father is guilty from what little he heard him rambling in his dream. He was using CJU’s father to substantiate his own agenda. And, CJU’s father on the quiet had gone all out to find DYG! He’s got something hidden up his sleeve on the patent and the little girl rambled about!
    I stand by Mr. Nice Lawyer is a nice man who deserves a nice woman who badly needs a home and a family to shelter her! She can run his home with much laughter and songs, and dance and is a devoted, nice wife and takes care of the rest of the brood of a large family like a well-oiled machine. Most suitable and deserving of his nice character – eldest son of a typical traditional, Korean family!
    I rest my case!!!!

  150. 150 : Katy Kat Says:

    CJU’s father and son may seem to have ruffled each other’s feathers. But, hey, his father made sure he personally turned up at the office on CJU’s 1st day at work! CJU’s father hadn’t been to the office much for a long time since DHK “died” remember?! He made sure that his son is given VIP treatment just like himself. He even asked CJU to take his hand and escorted him. That really put his SOB son-in-law in his place. Action speaks louder than words! Blood is thicker than water!!!
    And by the way, we have yet to see the unfolding sides of CJU and DHK leading to the strain in their marriage; and what really happened to them up to when the both lost their daughter.

  151. 151 : Katy Kat Says:

    Agreed – It was really bad of CJU to have treated his wife the way he did and screwing another cheap and easy young thing that threw herself at him shamelessly. KSL is so cheap and easy that she even wanted to strip in front of him first opportunity she got. The sneaky bitch already knew then he has the divorce paper on him! Easy target!
    Well, in the latest Episode 20, CJU finally got the opportunity to tell KSL directly in her face how he feels. How he is unable to forget or let go of DHK even in such a dire situation – she being dead! KSL knew all along that it was going to happen. She was in denial and avoided the confrontation as much as she could using CJU’s mother and even had DHK lured CJU to the families get-together, remember? She was one hell of a desperate woman to have DHK lured CJU.
    KSL went into the relationship knowing exactly where she stands even before they both left Korea but hoping against hope that CJU falls in love with her. You can’t force someone to love you – for love or for money!! In KSL’s own words, “it has always been 3 and not just the 2 of us”. CJU went to the US and she went to London. Long-distance love affair?! Didn’t CJU’s weird sister openly said to CJU and KSL that their relationship was like a guardian and a young charge?!

  152. 152 : Katy Kat Says:

    Sweetpeaga @148 – if DHK were to end up with the Lawyer, BS (bull-shit!), it would be when DHK regains her memory for sure. They will go up against the pharma company for justice against the drug, Pudoxin!
    DHK would win the case for sure since her specialty is “destruction” and the Lawyer will get the fame because of DHK. His integrity as a lawyer came into question when he wasn’t keen to represent the plaintiff, remember?! On what ground – because of KSL and her relationship to the pharma family!

  153. 153 : Katy Kat Says:

    I’m vying for CJU and DHK getting back together for sure! Even CJU’s father asked DHK to stay with CJU and keep the company flag flying. They each need one another to sour! Good thinking, old man!
    I am for CJU and DHK sticking to each other until the end!
    Sarang …..

  154. 154 : Katy Kat Says:

    ** They (CJU and DHK) each need one another to SOAR like eagles!!!

  155. 155 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Katy Kat – you have been paying attention to details and listening well.
    Very good, very good! 👍👍👍

  156. 156 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Sweetpeaga @146-148 – Mr. Nice Lawyer started with falling in love with love and seems to have fallen for DHK. Technically, she’s is neither DYG or DHK. He made a woman who has no clue as to whom she really is into his own dream lover. He made her into another person and “created” her into a smiling, fun and loving person. That is not the real DYG or DHK – she is fabricated into someone he thinks she should be!!!!
    It was all circumstantial – that she happens to look like his childhood sweetheart and with no clue as to her name and personality, of course, she just lived as the DYG as he, Mr. Nice Lawyer, made her to be! Even their classmates remember DGY, remember?!!!
    Who gained most in their fabricated love?! Mr. Nice Lawyer and his family, of course! Especially himself who can play the role of a lover and husband to his very own dream lover!!!!
    CJU and DHK together at the start and right to the end!!!!

  157. 157 : Sweetpeaga Says:

    Pretty Butterfly @ 156, the VERY NICE LAWYER who gave a soulless woman a soul. He didn’t make her into a dream lover because they are not lovers. You must have him mistaken with CJU who made SRL into his dream lover and gave her a great education before dumping her like he did his wife. BS, the lawyer, did not “create” DHK, he pulled her out of her loneliness by helping her enjoy the smaller things in life. He thought her to smile, something she had not done in over a year while married to CJU. BS thought she was YK and to help her remember her past, he told her things about their past in an effort to trigger her memory.

    If you’re going to give an analysis, then at least show that you’re gleaning the facts of what was presented in the drama and not your own slated view. CJU was a dog and treated DHK very inhumane. As a matter of fact, DHK said that CJU treated her less than a dog. The real DHK doesn’t remember anything, is because she suppressed those memories of CJU because they were too painful.

    The writer probably will have DHK going back to CJU, but I will be greatly disappointed because he is only now attracted to the “dream lover” as you call DHK that BS helped her become. She has turned around from a person destroying people’s lives to one trying to help them regain it. While with CJU she became a horrible person. With BS, she became a person who has meaning in her life and with nothing to be ashamed of. If she had been with BS, her daughter would probably still be alive because her approach in the courtroom would have been to win her cause, but not at the destruction of others.

  158. 158 : Sweetpeaga Says:

    Katy-kat @152, you may not know this, but most attorneys will not take cases when there is a conflict of interest; they do not want their actions called into questions of possibly losing on purpose. That’s a common sense move.

    It’s baffling that people are siding with the cheating husband, who boldly cheated with a younger woman and chose that woman over his wife. Instead they try to find something against the only decent man in the drama. The man who gave DHK a life. She told CJU that BS was like a lighthouse that pulled her out of darkness. If it wasn’t for him, she probably would have tried to take her life again–because we all know that CJU and the way her treated her drove her to attempt suicide. Yet, you try to defend CJU and put BS down–that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

    When she needed CJU the most, he deserted her. He doesn’t deserve DHK. As a matter of fact, he did absolutely NOTHING to try and make DHK a better person. BS worked hard to pull her out of her darkness–something that DHK acknowledges. The writer, again, can have DHK getting back with CJU after she regains her memory, but I think it would be a real shame. CJU has done nothing to show his remorse. I have a feeling he will still keep SRL close.

  159. 159 : Sweetpeaga Says:

    Also, one other thing. SRL may have put herself out there to let CJU know that she liked him, but he was the one that made sexual advancements towards her. Also, when she was thinking of not continuing with the affair, it was CJU who encouraged her to continue the affair with him (episode 7). So it’s not all her, it was mainly him.

  160. 160 : Lu Lu Says:

    For me, i do believe the picture says all. This drama’s picture says it all, look how CJU hug DHK, they both seems inseparable, whilst KSL and BS are just 3rd parties. The main story is abt both CJU and DHK. Yes, their marriage failed, Yes CJU treated DHK very badly in the end, they both got their own problem, DHK also changed becomes cold blooded person and ambitious wife to him, their only daughter died, bitch temptation, etc but i do believe deep in their heart they still love each other very much. Love sometimes is a misterious thing to explain, sometimes it can change to hatred, fighting like crazy, cursing like hell, but the love is still there. It just needs time to heal and rebuild. CJU after 4 yrs and returned to korea happened to bumped into DHK, his heart still fluttered, DHK also same. This is the reality that we cannot argue. No matter how nice and strong BS’s love for DHK, but its alwys one sided. Even after 4 yrs under same roof, DHK’s heart is not love towards BS, its just grateful, thankful, sympathy and appreciate feeling. But towards CJU, even after her memory completely gone, the minute she encountered CJU, her heart fluttered. See the big difference? Hearts cannot lie!! Simple!! So i do believe even after DHK’s memory comes back and she will remember all the betrayal CJU did to her, she simply cannot ignore her heart, yes they sure will fight again, big time, but they will eventually becomes more matured and forgive each other and start all over again & this time they will not make same mistake coz they’ve been the worst before. I do wish BS could be happy as well but i’m sorry, my heart dont ship him to be with DHK.

  161. 161 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Lu Lu @160 – I’m with you all the way to the end for CJU and DHK back together!!! Aja Aja …
    We’re more than half way to go. We can argue until the DHK comes home to CJU’s arms in the end!!!!

  162. 162 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    CJU – fighting! Take back the woman whose heart flutters for NO other man but you with/without her memory! You realised too after such a long time that she is your woman and NO other woman would do! Love her, cherish her and make amends.
    CJU and DHK together from the start to the end!!! YEAH YEAH YEAH

  163. 163 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Sweetpeaga @156 – stick to your own version and rationale! Don’t need to get all emotional. We ARE ALL entitled to our own opinion! Don’t need to be abusive and calling others names just because they have their own opinion!!

  164. 164 : Snow Says:

    According to the original drama description from the website, JE is supposed to marry SR. Then HK is supposed to have an affair with JE. I wonder if that’s still going to happen. I would love it if HK had an affair on JE–he needs a little taste of his own medicine and so does SR. I wonder if SR will be pregnant and that will be why she and JE will have to marry.

  165. 165 : Hapi Pappi Says:

    Oh-oh! No wonder it’s 50 episodes. Hope won’t get too melo and draggy.
    Bitches like KSL work best trapping their men in to marrying them by getting pregnant out of wedlock. They are so shameless – just as long as they get married to the men they want.
    Mission accomplished!!

  166. 166 : Katy Kat Says:

    Sweetpeaga @158,”you may not know this, but most attorneys will not take cases when there is a conflict of interest” – Agreed! But, NOT when there are evidences and facts to bring to court! Any red, hot-blooded, GUTSY lawyer would not squirm away from fighting a case for justice with evidences and facts! Win or lose!
    What did the VERY NICE LAWYER do to the document of Pudoxin cases that DHK had compiled for him?! He shredded them, he said! Is he lacking in confidence to win? Is he lacking in the killer instinct that crime lawyers have? Is he lacking in guts like a real man?!
    Conflict of interest?! WHOSE INTEREST?! KSL? HIS? or BOTH????

  167. 167 : Go Girl Says:

    Hmmm … Interesting thoughts and views.
    Can anyone remember BS, the lawyer, helping his woman, “DYG”, to get professional help to regain her memory? Well, at least her head injuries?
    Strange that in fours years he poked around a bit at “DYG’s” workplace and even spoke to her ex-colleague. But, no pursuing of medical help on regaining “DYG’s” memory or her head injuries. Did I missed that scene?!
    It would helped to know if she indeed blocked off her memories because it was too painful to remember or it was a major head trauma that not even tiny fragments of places, events and faces came back to her after such a long time.

  168. 168 : Lu Lu Says:

    Where is ep 22??? Took so long even for the raw version, i cannot find any website at all, shoot !!! Been waiting!!!!

  169. 169 : cristina Says:

    I’ve been waiting for episode 22. Where is it?!

  170. 170 : Won Dur Says:

    @sweetpeaga: indeed you are 😷fan of BS👍🙀😂KSL😝😤

  171. 171 : Lu Lu Says:


  172. 172 : hana Says:

    ep22 canncelled again?….but…why?….its really provocative…Basebal?..KEJASHI…

  173. 173 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    AAaaaaargh …. Sooooo frustrating!!!!

  174. 174 : Janice Day Says:

    Me too! I even slept earlier than usual so that I can catch the raw episode and i was surprise that it was cancelled. So excited pa naman. Guess I have to wait for english sub for the episode 21. Mahahabang pag aantay na naman to bago dumating ang sat and sun.

  175. 175 : Go Girl Says:

    Oh dear! This is sooooooo disappointing! 😤😥😥

  176. 176 : Kuno Says:

    I like this drama so much. Well executed! Loving the doctor and hk. Best actor for JJE. No episode last night so sad.. Will there be a twist in the story? Aren’t they triplets?…

  177. 177 : Kuno Says:

    Hope abscbn air this early next year or let solar via etc air it first, no dub, just english sub will do,, kakaumay n kc mga American series eh…

  178. 178 : Ann Says:

    So so so so disappointed… Have to wait till Sat again…

  179. 179 : mc Says:

    I missed a few episodes and now I see JinEon obsessed with who he insists is his ex-wife. When they divorced, he hated her. Also, he liked SeoRi but now he acts so casual with her. Can someone explain why he is suddenly chasing after YongGi/HaeKong and why he lost interest in SeoRi?
    I stopped watching because of this disconnect and I want to watch again if I can get a satisfactory explanation. Thanks.

  180. 180 : Noy Says:

    I started like you JJH all yr act so cold and romantic….

  181. 181 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Kuno @176, I like your views coz I’m with you on JJH and loving the personality-deficient doctor, DHK/DYG. 👍👍👍
    On the comment about the girls being triplets?! Now, that really tickled my funny bone! LOL. If so, then Wow, we would need more than just 50 episodes. With the drama not being aired two weekends already, this drama could drag to end until late next year!!! 😀

  182. 182 : Misu Tira Says:

    I kind of like this drama. Hopefully Do Hae Kang did not die, I hope. I hate Kang Sul Li because she act as a bitch for stealing someone husband. KSL really show her real color as an evil bitch.

  183. 183 : Stinging Bee Says:

    When CJU approached Lawyer Seok saying that DGYG calls him her lighthouse, etc. I think CJU was trying to get Seok’s buy-in (pacify Seok) that he wants to work with DGYG in finding out how she and DHK were together before DHK “died”. CJU also wanted to know the situation that caused DHK to her death. CJU wanted to find out where DHK was going instead of heading to the airport. DGYG is the key to solving how DHK died.
    I guess CJU knew that Seok is very possessive over DGYG and most vunerable when he sees CJU together with DGYG. He didn’t want Seok to get all worked out with jealousy.
    At that point, Seok already knew it was DHK who lost her memory and yet not saying anything to CJU. Smart ass! Keep the woman for yourself even when he knows it is a one-sided love.

  184. 184 : Go Girl Says:

    I hope we don’t get anymore postponed airing of this drama going forward. Viewers are keen on following the weekly episodes. And, if people get too disappointed each time it is postponed, they will lose interest. I would!!!
    After waiting the whole week, you get disappointed and have to wait for another week! Viewers will start looking for other dramas and will stop following this drama altogether if other dramas are just as interesting.

  185. 185 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Ep. 21 – what a surprising ending with DHK being stabbed? She refused CJU’s offer to escort her home. But, what happened to the bodyguard that CJU had keeping an eye on DHK?
    She’ll be an easy target in the hospital, for sure! I wonder who will get to her first – BIL Min Tae Suk or that spiteful, self-centered, psycho bitch KSL! Lawyer Seok will refuse help from CJU to protect DHK. So, let’s see how this progress in Ep. 22.

  186. 186 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    With Woo Joo finding DHK’s passport, I hope this brings hackles to DYG and put her on the high alert. Even if she had told Baek Seok about this, the brother/sister duo work together – each with their own agenda, to their own individual’s advantage.
    I hope CJU and Sunbae Go cross path with the real DYG soon! And, the twins’ mother is also made aware of the bad intentions of CJU’s bro-out-law and the love-sicko spiteful bitch, KSL. Hope too CJU realised what DHK meant when she said she met with KSL briefly and that she didn’t seem well when they met.

  187. 187 : Katy Kat Says:

    Kuno @176, DHK and DYG, they are not triplets! Phew … Do Hae Kang is also know as Dokgo Ohn Gi and her younger sister is the controversial Dokgo Yong Gi.

  188. 188 : Rachel Says:

    Nothing but love for this drama. Kim Hyun Joo and Ji Jin Hee are perfect match. Love seeing them again in small screen after 10 years. Their chemistry before and now are unfading! <3

  189. 189 : johwa Says:

    please!!!! i need to know the website you’re watching “i have a lover” at… i’m dying :'( i have to finish watching it. it’s such an incredible story with an outstanding set of actors *-*

  190. 190 : Lu Lu Says:

    Dont tell me ep 22 cancel again??? Until this timing still cannot find the raw everywhere, been late half hr than normal. I hv a bad feeling, dont tell me sbs becomes totally arsh

  191. 191 : Lu Lu Says:

    Got!!!! Ep 22 raw i jst watched!!! DHK woke up from icu but the preview for ep 23 she collapse again and CJU tried wake her up…. So scary, pls dont let her die!!!!

  192. 192 : Lu Lu Says:

    Woah that bitch really getting scary & evil, she now is considered capable of doing anything to get CJU, she saw DHK got stabbed but she just saw and left her there on the road, she didnt call ambulance/her brother. She wish DHK to die. Evil bitch!!!! when she got a evil heart like that, God wl never give her a good happy life. That lawyer also same!!! even after he failed to protect her, he still showed jealous angry face when CJU came to icu to see his own wife. OMG until when u want to accept yr fate that no matter what DHK WILL NOT LOVE YOU!!!!! GET A LIFE!!!! BOTH OF YOU AND YR LOW LIFE SISTER!!!!!! just manly let her return to her hubby. thats her destiny, for God sake!!!!!

  193. 193 : Lu Lu Says:

    That lawyer’s father now also know the truth abt DKYG is actually DHK & CJU’s wife but like father like son, he also happen to meet DHK’s mom @ hospital but nvr told her the truth, her own daughter in critical condition now. He knows the mother really loves DHK, and miss her so mch and now after 4 yrs, knowing the mother suffer for so long, finally her daughter is in icu and that father & son also nvr told her the truth, WHAT A DESPICABLE!!! no matter what the consequences for hidding the truth, it can be dealt later but now her mother deserves to know her daughter’s condition in critical. They are all covering up until such extend, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH LAWYER FAMILY??? Father son daughter, they all bunch of pethatic family!!!!

  194. 194 : Lu Lu Says:

    finally in icu DHK regains her memory bit by bit but she remember the final day of CJU tried to get rid of her, she remembers the time she sinking after jumped to the river, she remembers her mom, omg looks like very painful and unbearable for her to regain those memories, her tears fell down. I pity her so mch. CJU finally hv the DNA result, its 99.9% match, he knows that DKYG is DHK, but too late, he got no chance to let/talk to DHK coz she alrdy in icu unconsious. That bitch purposely told CJU abt his mom’s condition and my hunch she will phsyco his weak mom’s mental condition to pressure her son into marry her. WHAT A BITCH!!!! compare to DHK, this bitch seriously DONT DESERVE CJU!!!!! No shame at all!!! her only supporter is his mom whilst CJU himself nvr pay attention to her at all. He busy with DHK. And when her bro knows the truth that she left DHK bleeding and dying on the road and purposely do nothing abt it, that lawyer will no longer support her also, coz for him DHK is more important than her. He alredy made it very cleared to her in the past that he will nvr forget anybody who mess with DHK. No matter who. So… Bitch, GO DIE!!!!!!! Its yr turn to jump to the river and nobody will care!!!

  195. 195 : Go Girl Says:

    Lu Lu @190-194 – thanks for your review! I hope the English sub is uploaded real quick! Pleeeeeeease …..

  196. 196 : Go Girl Says:

    Johwa @189 – I goto this site: http://myasiantv.se/drama/i-have-a-lover/

    If you read review Lu Lu @90, you’ll see Lu Lu goes to EPS, another site for KrDramas + others.

    Happy watching!!!

  197. 197 : Mixblonde Says:

    Is tonight ep also cancelled? Coz there is no showing on sbs at 10:00 pm today

  198. 198 : Lu Lu Says:


  199. 199 : Lilacgal Says:

    Episode 23 did not air today (2015-11-15) due to a baseball game.
    Must wait till next week again!

  200. 200 : anabella Says:

    Wow…I really really love this drama..Both actor’s are good . ..I always cry everytime I watch each episode . ..I hope the couple will reunite again..hae gang please don’t die…I’m. Watching ep 22 now and I’m dying to wait ep 23…

    Thank you for the wonderful and very Interesting drama this year….love love love from middle east

  201. 201 : fatima zohra Says:

    realy one of the best dramas

  202. 202 : hana Says:

    ep 23?…..basball again??? Do sport channel in korea? How else to cancel the program because of a sporting event؟…

  203. 203 : hana Says:

    ep 23?…..basball again??? Do not sport channel in korea? How else to cancel the program because of a sporting event؟…

  204. 204 : Janice Day Says:

    Would you be kind enough to announce the cancellation earlier so that we dont have to waste our time hanging and waiting. One is enough. Two is too much. And please don’t do it again. Now that the rating is up, I don’t know what will be the effect of this two episodes cancellation.

  205. 205 : wisemufasa Says:

    i can’t beleive they cancelled again. im so happy the ratings are going up, this is one of the best dramas ive ever watched. i hope good ending for everyone but i hate seol ri. she used to be pretty but now shes so ugly. i hope cje continues to love dhg and that they find a way to make it work and i want the dad to be so happy when he meets her again.

  206. 206 : Hannah Says:


  207. 207 : Go Girl Says:

    I am so disappointed beyond these words I can type!!!!!!!!!

  208. 208 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    I can’t say more than these words other than I am disappointed sooooooo much again!
    If I were to say more – everyone will see what a “toilet mouth” I can be!!!!! Then, I’ll be uglier than KSL and I don’t want to be even vaguely associated with the She Rate-1 Munster (Adams Family!).
    Hahaha ….

  209. 209 : Katy Kat Says:

    What the heck is going on with not airing this drama?! … Baseball?! Baseball?! … YIKES! ….

  210. 210 : Pamela Says:

    Please any link ep 15 eng sub.
    By the way are they triples DHK, DOG, DYG. . . I already watched ep1 -15 no sign of DOG. This drama will end late Feb, so it will include for 2015 best drama. . LET’s vote wisely. .

  211. 211 : Pamela Says:

    Please any link ep 15 eng sub.
    By the way are they triples DHK, DOG, DYG. . . I already watched ep1 -15 no sign of DOG.

  212. 212 : Ann Says:

    Terribly disappointed… Again postponed

  213. 213 : Lulu Says:

    I haven’t been this addicted to a drama in a long time!!! Caught up to episode 20 in a few days and it’s been AWHILE since I’ve binged a kdrama like this. What a roller coaster ride of emotions! I love it 🙂

  214. 214 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    I just saw Episode 23!!!!! English subtitle pleeeeeease!!!!! Ahhhhhh …..
    The hospital scenes with CJU and DHK; personality-retarded Dr. Min, Little Cosmos and DYG …. Yummy, yummy …. 😍😘😍
    English sub, please … Ppalli Ppalli Ppalli

  215. 215 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Great going ons!!!! Love the way the plot is blooming!!! My kind of drama!!!! 👏👏👏

  216. 216 : Lu Lu Says:

    Aaaargh the kiddo is soooo cute with doctor, first time saw him blushing,.. Super sweet and cute. Definitely some progress betw those 2. Love it!!! nxt ep also exciting (JUST DONT POSTPONE AGAIN RUIN MY MOOD), DHK abd CJU FINALLY hugging each other sincerely for the first time, awesome!!

  217. 217 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Yes! Yes!! Very touching scenes with CJU and DHK. Love them so much now that they’re back together! From the first few painful scenes already it was very clear how much they are in love with each other. Trials and tribulations, that’s what a marriage can be – that is a real thing about marriage!
    Little Cosmos is so cute! I knew the personality-deficient Dr. Min is a goner where that little girl is concern. What a funny scene when she was sleeping in his bed and holding on to his fingers?! She sure melts his heart! 💕

  218. 218 : nuam Says:

    Where can I watch this eng subbed please? My country no viki 😢😢

  219. 219 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Nuam @218 – goto this site: http://myasiantv.se/drama/i-have-a-lover/
    If you read review Lu Lu @90, you’ll see Lu Lu goes to EPS, another site for KrDramas + others.
    Happy watching!!!

  220. 220 : Go Girl Says:

    Please upload the English sub as soon as possible!!! 😰

  221. 221 : Go Girl Says:

    Nuam @218, pls read comments on KDramas English sub sites from viewers: Lu Lu @90 and also Go Girl @91

  222. 222 : Go Girl Says:

    Oopsss … I meant Pretty Butterfly @91.

  223. 223 : Nina Says:

    Se com o passar dos episódios, eu sentir que HG e JE, não ficarão juntos, eu paro de ver esse drama. Como pode mostrar um amor tão grande durante 24 episódios e isso mudar, não faz sentido. E cansei, não quero ver mais finais de dramas que me deixam P da vida.

  224. 224 : nuam Says:

    @219 Pretty Butterfly & 221 Go GIrl

    thx a mio

  225. 225 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    I just watched the raw Episode 24! Great developments!!! AWESOME! This drama is really getting juicier and juicier.
    I am for CJU and DHK unravelling the conspiracy against them and hope KSL, the bro-out-law and gang get their punishments slowly and painfully. No way out!
    Love the scene when personality-retarded Dr. Min played with Little Cosmos and took her on his lap in front of his weirdo sis-in-law – shocking her!
    I really hope DHK and DYG take their revenge by out-witting and out-smarting the likes of that spiteful bitch, KSL and that nasty, mean, trouble-making couple!
    I just love the ending of Ep 24 with CJU/DHK walking arm-in-arm in that beautiful nature scenery.
    English subtitle, please!!!!

  226. 226 : KDrama_fan Says:

    @225 : Pretty Butterfly Says: I completely agree with you. The end scene of Ep 24 is really touching. My eyes were welled. It was a joy to see them together again. This weekend drama has much depth in storytelling and character development than other weekend dramas currently being aired. The lead female is acting two siblings brilliantly and very pretty too. Little Cosmos is another fun of the drama too.

  227. 227 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    The first 9-10 episodes of this drama was a roller coaster ride of emotions! Lulu @213 nailed the correct feelings into words!
    I hated how the drama first started – painful to watch how the man treated the wife. Her sufferings she had to endure watching the man she loves and still married to in a younger woman’s arms! And, despite her swallowing her pride kneeling in front of the spiteful little bitch begging the shameless bitch to not ruin their marriage – that evil screwed-up bitch cared about nobody’s feelings but only her own wants. Whoa! That really ticked me. %#?!
    Then again, the wife was at fault too not because she managed her grief from the loss of their daughter differently from her husband, but her work and the people (especially the sister-in-law constant insinuations and prickling; plus having to cover the brother-in-law’s bad deeds as part of her job, etc) made her unfeeling, cold and hard. She became someone that her husband couldn’t relate to or even help since she buried and immerse herself unfeelingly into her throat-slashing job!
    Then again, I listened carefully and watch the emotions of the main female/male characters (DHK/CJU) and I knew where the story line is leading. The husband/Wife duo were very much in love despite what was shown in the earlier episodes and I was curious if their love was going to be torn apart and separate them permanently.
    I had a feeling this drama is a winner! I’m happy to know that I’m still looking forward to the upcoming episodes even when we’re almost half way thru the 50 episodes. Otherwise, I would have bailed out if the writer had put in stupid scenes that insult the viewers’ intelligence. DON’T!!!!
    I hope the fans of DHK/CJU are not disappointed at the end of this drama!
    Fighting, DHK & CJU! Fight-Fight-Fight DYG, Little Cosmos & personality-retarded Dr. Min!!!!

  228. 228 : Go Girl Says:

    Hmmm … Seeing CJU covering DHK’s foot in Ep 23 with the blanket reminds me how he took care of her with tender, loving care after he rescued her from the river.
    Then it kinda slapped my head hard when he said all the harsh words about them living separate lives until they grow old and die after she woke up from the river trauma.

  229. 229 : Go Girl Says:

    I guess CJU must have been in shock himself seeing DHK jumping into the river and then not breathing when he was desperately trying to revive her.
    Now, that is the extent of pain of a true lover!
    I can bet my last dollar that BS fans all think otherwise! 😜😛😜
    I’m thinking what I wanna think – well, at least where the drama is going some of us are more accurate and correct with our comments and reviews than others! 😃

  230. 230 : Go Girl Says:

    Upload the English sub for both Eps 23 & 24 quickly, please!!!!!

  231. 231 : Jazzy Says:

    Go Girl @ 228, The only think I remember about that scene was that after he took care of DHK to wipe away his guilt of her trying to commit suicide, he then told her off and left the room–since it was the middle of night, I’m sure he went to the room next door he was sharing with KSR.

    Also, I am a BS fan and people jump into rivers and oceans everyday to save complete strangers. CJU didn’t want her death on his hands. Not saying he wanted her to die, but he didn’t give her a second thought the next day as he prepared a bag to be with KSR.

    BS is showing the type of man he is—CJU will never come close to being as good and loving as BS.

  232. 232 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Oh well … Maybe for the sake of all BS fans the writer should focus lots of cheesy, lovey-dovey scenes between BS and DHK from the next episode on until the end! Starting with DHK first making a big do of apologising and throwing herself at BS’s feet for saying she’s now totally and eternally grateful to him for being her lighthouse during the darkest period of her life and for giving her a new happy life as a well-oiled machine of a wife, big sister, mother, maid, baby-sitter to the whole brood who can’t live without her! Oh, not forgetting for giving DHK a brand new identity, name and a new history! DHK should regret for the rest of the drama for telling BS not to wait for her because she’s in love with CJU.
    Maybe the drama should be re-named “I have a NEW lover!”.
    KSL and CJU should marry and KSL can live happily ever after and not have any ill intentions or feelings toward DHK and her twin-sister, DYG.
    DYG can end up with Dr. Min and the new title would be most appropriate!!!!
    Excellent version for BS fans?!! Yay … Yay … GO BS!!!!

  233. 233 : Go Girl Says:

    New title?! Should we be waiting for the “I have a NEW Lover” this weekend?!
    Maybe we should have screenwriter, Bae Yoo Mi, write a new drama – a new spin-off instead specially for all BS fans!! Yeah! Yeah!!
    I can’t wait for my favourite drama “I have a lover” Ep. 24 this weekend!!

  234. 234 : Go Girl Says:

    Correction – NEW Ep 25!!! I have a lover!!!

  235. 235 : Go Girl Says:

    Pretty Butterfly @232, I would like to add in the special version for all BS fans – KSL and CJU marry and live happily ever after because CJU and both his mother have dementia!!!
    CJU to pay for sins just like DHK lost her memory for her sins!
    Wouldn’t that be a huge BONUS for all BS fans of “I have a NEW liver”?!!
    Oops … I meant “I have a NEW lover”.

  236. 236 : Katy Kat Says:

    “I have a NEW liver”?!! Most appropriate for the new spin-off version!
    Hahahah …..

  237. 237 : Hannah Says:

    I don’t know how many times that I’d cursed while watching this drama. I realized that what makes this drama too long and draggy is that most of the time, people just don’t want to say the truth. Like right now, why can’t the mom just say to YG that she’s her daughter and she has/d twins? It took the lawyer a very long time for him to tell HK that she’s not YG. Even Baek’s dad didnt tell the mother that HK’s still alive.

  238. 238 : Hannah Says:

    I’m all the way team CJU. I know he was a bastard who cheated on his wife. What he did was wrong, but one thing that convinced me that he loved her still in the first few episodes is that when he saved her from jumping in the river. He was screaming yoboo, breath and don’t die. If he doesnt care about her, he wouldn’t be that way. I kinda understand their relationship. Their daughter just died, HK was hurting inside, but she was a strong woman and she hid her pain and that made her cold. Thats why CJU grew tired of their relationship. He mentioned that he didn’t want to end up hating her, thats why he wanted a divorce. But he just realized it too late that he still loved her. KSL was a bitch who grabbed the opportunity when their relationship was at the edge.

  239. 239 : Hannah Says:

    What Baek did to HK was great. He made her smile again, but thats because she lost her memories. I’d be on Baek side if he was not greedy about his first love. I just find it ridicilous how he said to HK that if she’s someone else’s wife in the past, he would still want to marry her. And what makes me mad is that he hid the truth about HK for a long time(I know he told everything already, but still..) and when the mother told him about the twins, he didn’t even think of telling the twis’ mother about HK. I mean, the mother had suffered for a long time losing her daughter. He was greedy wanting to have HK for himself. But I’m glad he didn’t go all the way following KSL’s path.

  240. 240 : Katy Kat Says:

    Either that or my spin-off version is both DHK and CJU have been faking their love for each other! Right from before they were married until they were married; when DHK changed into a cold, heartless person; CJU having an affair, DHK consciously or unconsciously (with/without) her memory and during the 4-year period of DHK/CJU separation until they again met and even now after DHK slowly regains her memory and recovering from the stabbing – the two of them, DHK & CJU, have been faking their love for each other with crocodile tears – especially in the last few episodes. They have been deceiving us all!
    Only BS tears were the real tears and his making of DHK into DYG his “dream lover” was real. True love! (even if the real DYG remembers only dating him in school and not in love with him!)
    BS then knocks CJU in the head and he suffers from permanent dementia; and KSL hits DHK in her face and she ends up losing her memory the second time, permanently.
    The real DYG marries Dr. Min and moved to China and they become multi-millionaire from the sale of the miracle drug.
    BS marries DHK, KSL marries CJU and everybody lives happily ever after. Ending of “I have a NEW liver”.
    I think the new spin-off version should have a maximum of 12 episodes and we’re done!
    Sounds good for all BS fans!!!! Hooray … Go BS!!!!

    PS. About the word “dream lover” – Here’s one of the many meaning of the word “Lover” from the many on-line free dictionaries. Lover means “ONE WHO LOVES ANOTHER, especially one who is involved in a romantic OR sexual relationship with another”. Not necessarily means it has to be in a sexual relationship!!!

  241. 241 : Katy Kat Says:

    Hannah @237-239 – Go Hannah! … I am with you!
    The only two people who are upfront, honest and transparent about their true feelings are DHK and CJU.
    Many scenes … the most difficult part is saying words that would hurt the other person like saying, “I don’t love you. I’m in love with my ex-husband.” “I’m still in love with my ex-wife even if she’s dead!!”
    Check on how many counts that the other characters hide information out of selfishness!

  242. 242 : Katy Kat Says:

    I really hate the jealous expression on BS’s face when he sees CJU in the hospital almost as much as I hate the evil expression on KSL’s face whenever she sees DHK and now DYG. BS has the audacity to try and push CJU away from DHK when he doesn’t even know the real DHK. Selfish bastard – knowing that DHK was never ever in love with him!
    I have a feeling that spiteful, trash KSL will do her damnest to DYG and Little Cosmos to spite DHK, trying to win back CJU or to the extent to also spite CJU for going back to DHK!!!
    Hell has no fury like a woman scorn!!!!!

  243. 243 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Woo Hooo!!!! Ep 24, DHK/CJU together!! Not only the drama poster says it all, even the lyrics of the drama OSTs describe their love affair!
    Their feelings and love for each other are turning them both around and back to each other; binding them together despite the harsh trials and tribulations of their marriage leading up to their separation and gelling them back together again! Start a new life together!!
    Like what CJU said to BS in front of the ICU, the final decision will be up to DHK to choose who is her lover! They can argue and fight over DHK but she decides which of the two men is truly her lover.
    I’m sticking to my thoughts @162 – CJU, take back the woman whose heart flutters for NO other man but you! You realised too that you messed up and DHK has been and always will be your woman! NO other woman could do! Love her, cherish her and make amends!
    Nobody can dictate whether DHK should or should not return to CJU nor whether CJU has a right or not to claim her for himself after divorcing her!
    If it’s CJU’s family and/or the pharma company was the cause of DHK’s trauma, it was not CJU’s doing. He is not to be blamed for something that was not his own decision. He can’t take a blame just because of his relationship to the family and his ties to the pharma company. He took no part in making the decision to cause physical hurt to DHK in the car accident nor the stabbing!
    If that is the case, then all of us will have to take the blame for our own other family members’ wrong doings as well as for anyone who is related to us in some form affiliation. Now, that really is narrow-mindedness and stupidity!
    Anyhow, I am so looking forward to the next two episodes of I Have A Lover this weekend!

  244. 244 : Go Girl Says:

    Pretty Butterfly @161-162, In your own words: We can argue and did argue until DHK comes home to CJU’s arms – watch Ep 24, if you haven’t.
    CJU and DHK together from start to the end!!!
    CJU – Fighting, my man!!!!!

  245. 245 : Go Girl Says:

    Hannah @238-239, you nailed it! When CJU rescued DHK and frantically trying to resuscitate her, he was screaming, “yaboo, breath, don’t die!” Yes – he wouldn’t be that way if he doesn’t love her so much which we now learned. It was the same in Ep 23 when DHK stopped breathing in the ICU and he was again frantically shouting and shaking her telling her not to die, not to leave him, not to give up on them!
    We also learn from the latest Ep 24, CJU refusing to leave DHK’s side. In the hospital room scene just before they shared bed that night, when DHK asked why he divorced his wife and his answer was his love for his wife exhausted him. That was an eye-opener and quite a revelation!

  246. 246 : Go Girl Says:

    Jazzy @231, your assumption that CJU took care of DHK to wipe away his guilt and didn’t want her death on his hands are based on your own prejudices! Why?! Because like the vast majority of women (including myself), you can’t let go and much more than that you can’t forgive nor forget the ONE biggest sin a husband can do to his wife – commit adultery!
    Why I came to dislike BS whom I was at first hoping he ends up with DHK but now don’t think he is the Mr. (Right) Lover after all is becase he is greedy, selfish and possessive over a woman he doesn’t even know!! And, he’s always putting words in DHK’s mouth when he’s shouting at CJU. I personally think it was out of his own desperation to out-do CJU. Of course, CJU may falter listening to BS’s ranting but he knows DHK better than anyone else. She was married to him and was and still his sweetheart! They had a difficult history together when he wanted to marry her going against his parents’ wishes then with the loss of their daughter, trials and tribulations plus more to come in upcoming episodes, I don’t doubt!
    DHK was very decisive when she said to BS that CJU was constantly on her mind even when she lost her memory. She knows for sure what CJU means to her and asked BS not to wait for her! BS knows what DHK is saying, (in my own words) “GET A LIFE OF YOUR OWN!”

  247. 247 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Go Girl @245 – Right On! You hit the nail right on it’s head!!!
    If you can’t forgive or forget about the extra-marital affair that CJU committed, you can’t move on and see where the characters are leading us!
    Some of us have been accused that our analysis is inaccurate, not gleaning the facts presented in the drama and giving our own slated views. Now as we progress into more episodes, let’s see who are the short-sighted ones!
    Let’s see who proves who is wrong!!!!!

  248. 248 : lclarakl Says:

    One of my favorite scene in this drama (not including anything with the Dr, YK and her daughter) is ep 12/ 18:20. There are many more such scenes like that.

    I think the writer has gone out of her way to show that BS and HG have a very close relationship and he is someone that she trusts and respects deeply. He is very important to her. Just the thought of hurting him also makes her cry and hurt, because she cares for him. Not romantically, I think it’s much more than that. He’s is someone who is very special in her life. The relationship that JE and SR have doesn’t come close. Their relationship was built on someone’s pain and bad motives. The relationship between BS and HG was built on honesty and truly loving each other (remember–there are different forms of love. I’m not talking about romantic/eros love). They are good friends and have a deep connection.

    In my opinion, and up to this point, the writer has been very generous to BS. She has made him a loving man who is self-sacrificing where HG is concerned. Who is willing to put aside his own wants and pain. The scene of him crying in the room alone as if his heart was breaking then it was contrasted with him putting on a brave face as he talked to HG. She may change him in the future, but she has made him be a man worthy of any woman’s love.

    Just as some won’t see the close friendship and relationship that the writer has created between BS and HG or her painting him as a very good man, I’m having a hard time seeing JE out of the scope of selfishness and ‘all about me’. I’m waiting for the writer to help change that for me. I would love for the writer to give some of BS’ lines to JE and some of his actions too–because they truly focus on HG’s well being. Maybe I’ll get some of that in the next two episodes.

  249. 249 : lclarakl Says:

    Also, JE/CJU’s extra marital affair is all about breaking of trust. This wasn’t just a marital affair, it was a 4 years relationship that JE had with SR and didn’t end until about 2 weeks earlier. JE started an affair and left his wife for SR. Now upon returning he wants to leave SR and start things again with HG. JE needs to take a break and figure out what he wants out of a relationship.

    HG had so much trust in him and his promise that he would only love her. She even told her sister in law that everyone else may cast me aside, but not JE. The night she sat in the rain, she replayed JE’s promise of love. JE made a similar promise to SR in ep 7. He promised that he would always be by her side as he convinced her to continue the affair. JE has kept his words to neither women. It has also taken him years before he finally reneges on his promises.

    If HG and JE are the end game in this drama, I hope the writer skip several years into the future, otherwise, JE may just gotten tired again and moved on to another woman since HG may change again.

  250. 250 : Jazzy Says:

    Go Girl @ 246, what a hypocrite you are. You are talking about how BS put words in DHK’s mouth and yet her you are telling me how I feel and what I think when you don’t have a damn clue.

    My issue with CJU is not so much the fact he committed adultery, it’s the lack of remorse he had for his actions. It’s his attitude of not caring that he hurt the woman he supposedly “have always loved”.

    His wife tried to commit suicide in front of him and he didn’t miss one beat in still going with KSL. Now 4 years later this same man is so upset that his wife died? When the fact she tried to kill herself before his eyes didn’t move him to rethink his affair with KSL?

    If this writer is worth her salt and wants to create a realistic story, she’s really going to need to bring CJU and KSL to their knees in front of DHK–the same way she begged them and they ignored her plea, they need to know what it feels. DHK just taking him back, especially to a man who showed no remorse, will only repeat his behavior in the future. Just as he cheated on DHK, he was ready to cheat on KSL with YK/DHK.

    So don’t lump me into the same bucket with you. My thought process is not as shallow as being turned just because a man is handsome. I’m around too many good looking men not to look deeper into their behavior.

    I think the writer is going to make CJU pay for his actions before they come back together as a couple.

  251. 251 : Go Girl Says:

    Jazzy @250, hasn’t there been scenes after scenes in the last few episodes of CJU being in the pits, showing remorse, regrets, tears, pain?!!! How much more to satisfy folks like you?!
    We can go on and on for the next 10-20 episodes of him regretting! Those should be in the spin-off of this drama “I Have A NEW Liver/Lover!!!”
    Ultimately, I can’t wait for DHK and CJU together in the upcoming episodes so we can move on to the next phase if this drama!!!!!
    Not you not me not any of the other viewers to choose The Lover for DHK!!!! DHK has already made her choice!!!
    We can all go &@%#! arguing until DHK comes home to CJU. Looks like she already hit HOME BASE!!!!!

  252. 252 : Go Girl Says:

    Oh and BTW, I am SO SO SO THRILLED DHK has chose the right man for herself! I couldn’t have done better myself!
    I am a fan of JJH! Love you, Ji Jin Hee!!!!
    GOOOooo CJU!!

  253. 253 : Katy Kat Says:

    Whoa! What a lot of personal opinions and views?! Some of you would make a good screenwriter, maybe produce a much better drama than this! …
    Relax guys! We are going into a NEW chapter of this drama now that DHK is recovering and regaining her memory. Don’t know about you guys but I had enough of the tears, pain and sorrow! Time to move on to the next phase!
    I’m waiting to see how the story line unfold further … I shall leave it to the professional who has the copyright of this drama to tell us her story.
    Just hoping the 2nd half of the 50 episodes are not going to be too melo and draggy. (Makes me shudder!)
    With both Kim Hyun Joo and Ji Jin Hee in the lead roles, I trust their judgments in taking up their roles! I am their FAN anyway. :)))))
    GOOoooo CJU and DHK!!!!!

  254. 254 : Gran Val Says:

    I have been enjoying reading this site and following viewers’ comments from the beginning of this drama. I am impressed by viewers who have such analytical minds, cutting and dissecting the characters of the actors. Some are funny with their comments and others can be naughty. While others are more aggressive than others, I don’t care for rudeness in people when we are just watching and commenting on a drama. It’s make belief – not your life experience!
    I hope we all pay some respect to each other in our written comments even if we don’t agree with each other.
    @250 Jazzy, the many of us Ahjumma and Ahjummoni viewers may not be in your class of high thought process, I hope you refrain from being downright rude. Intellectuals and educated people need not be so high and mighty to the point of being insolent.
    If the rest of us are not in your bucket, at least have some respect for the screenwriter, YM Bae. Even if the story line is not going your way, you don’t use harsh words and sound condescending. YM Bae is an accomplished writer in her own right hence this drama is made available to us.
    Not only CJU and KSL owe DHK an apology big time. I think you owe screenwriter, YM Bae, an apology too!

  255. 255 : Jazzy Says:

    Go Girl @ 250, really watch the drama. Don’t be surprise if DHK and CJU are not the end couple. There are holes in this plot, but I think the writer is going to reach back to tie them up.

    Gran Val @ 254, Well Ahjumma or Ahjummoni, you are a fine one to tell someone not to be rude, when that’s just what you are. Just because I don’t share the same opinion as you narrowed minded Ahjummas or monis on a thread that appears to only be dominated by two or three people which gives it such a narrow minded point of view to a drama with many facets, doesn’t mean I’m going to sit back and let someone criticize me and me not share my views. I don’t believe this page belong to just you. It belongs to anyone who wants to share an opinion.

    Also, I don’t know which way this story is going because the writer is writing it–I can only go by what the writer has stated. Truth be told, the write has created holes in her own story. No I don’t buy the most stupid part of the story that KSL and CJU lived apart for two years while she was in London studying. Is this the same KSL who said she can’t go a couple days without seeing him and missing him? This KSL volunteered to study in London? This KSL who even now is crazy for him. Not likely.

    You all seem to think that CJU jumping in the water to save his drowning wife is such a great and loving feat and sign of his love for DHK. However, people do this every single day for complete strangers and are moved to tears of relief once they were successful in saving them. What JE did, I’m sure he would have done the same thing if a complete stranger had fallen in the water. If the writer wanted that to be special, it wasn’t. However, that scene showed how toxic love between DHK and CJU is…she wanted to kill herself over that cheating, hateful man. This is not a message to send in a drama and nor is it love–especially not love of oneself. Nor should it be for a country with a high suicide rate. The writer has shown two in this drama–wrong message indeed.

    I agree that YM Bae is an accomplished writer and I hope that she stop creating unbelievable plot holes and stick with the original story that’s posted on the SBS website–character and plot description. If she had, KSL and CJU would have been married, because CJU had strong feelings for her. She changed it. For a man to have done all the things he did for KSL ep 1 – 9 and stay with her for 4 years, and say he didn’t have some strong feelings for her at one point is a joke.

    I read this on another thread and agreed with it, the writer is creating a fantasy romance and after episode 9, decided to leave the realms of reality. For the first 9 episodes, the writer was hard hitting reality, and now she’s in make believe land.

    So, if you don’t want rude, then don’t be rude. You can talk about what you love, I can talk about what I love and hate. I’m not watching with blinders on. You can’t really get the meaning of a plot if somethings are not logical.

  256. 256 : Jazzy Says:

    Oh and one other thing @ Go Girl, I’m a fan of Ji Jin Hee, but not his cheating husband character and never will.

    This man has yet to apologize to DHK for cheating on her and the way he treated her. He wants her to join the company again, and what? Turn back into her cold self. He couldn’t stand the thought that BS was able to bring out a side of DHK that laughed, singed and dance. As he told his friend at the bar, it hurt him to see her happy. Talk about selfish. Not that he was glad to see her happy, it hurt him.

    Still waiting for the writer to redeem him.

  257. 257 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Jazzy @255, I highly recommend you write your own plotless screenplay. You sound like an accomplished screenwriter and critique. Maybe there is a professional site for someone of your class. You are not only way beyond us Ahjummas on your critics, you have just reiterated that you are head and shoulders above a professional Korean Drama screenwriter.
    You know what?! With your speed in replying and excellent written language, you deserve to be in Hollywood!

  258. 258 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Oh don’t get me wrong, I am very impressed by your analytical mind. You are definitely a class of your own!

  259. 259 : Go Girl Says:

    Jazzy @256, you must have been spending a lot of time on this drama! Daebak!!!
    I’m off to laughing, singing and dancing with my own “BS”. I Have A Life!!!!

  260. 260 : Katy Kat Says:

    Outstanding, Jazzy @255! You are so impressive! So eloquent! You paled us all with your brilliant comments! You’re the equivalent to the DHK character in this drama!
    I can’t wait to read your comments from now on!

  261. 261 : Gran Val Says:

    I may be old but I have a life too but I shall be waiting with abated breath to read more of @255 Jazzy’s brilliant criticisms on the upcoming episodes.
    You can surely teach us the narrowed minded Ahjummas and even the scriptwriter what professional dramas should be.
    Like @260 Katy Kat says, you are not only the equivalent to the DHK character but I see you have a killer instinct just like KSL in your words!
    Bring on all the other analytical mind viewers!

  262. 262 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    BTW, Jazzy @255 for someone who sees all these unbelievable plot holes in the drama, I’m amazed you didn’t bailed out much sooner.
    I wouldn’t have wasted my precious time watching some thing that really insults my intelligence. Then, again, I fall under one of those narrow minded Ahjummas so I’m going to continue wasting my precious time and will bail out when it reaches my limit.
    Goto go now. Time to tango with my lawyer lover but first sending our brood to bed!
    I Have A Life too!!!!

  263. 263 : Stinging Bee Says:

    A colleague asked I watch this drama coz she is a big fan. My other frens said NO! coz dramas are for home-makers mostly to keep them occupied after house-work and addicted tired ofiz workers to chill-out.
    This is the 1st time I indulge in a drama which is fairly good and a good way to chill-out for a couple of hours a wkend. My colleague asked to check out reviews to entertain myself and introduced this site.
    It’s been ok but a few recent reviews give me the chills! I know some sites and threads are outlets for some wierdos to rant and vent their angers over little things. I’ve been proven right!
    Not very clever people talking about things that don’t matter is OK. But, when people start getting aggresive and ranting and venting and showing their ugly sides no matter how professional they are over something like a drama which is meant to entertain – that is my cut-off point!
    Now, that is really sick! People shud not encourage those who shud be in a straight-jacket to use the internet to vent their anger at others! There are many sick people out there who use, misuse and abuse the cyberspace!
    Stop them by not fanning their anger. There are enough hatred in this world without these sick people going on line as an outlet when they should get their hearts and heads checked by true professionals!
    To all the narrow-minded home-makers, ahjummas, etc. Enjoy the drama but don’t get sucked into other people’s sick minds!
    I’m checking out of this thread! GOOD-BYE.

  264. 264 : Hapi Pappi Says:

    Stinging [email protected], I agree with you.
    We did get funny reviews and not so accurate reviews and one-sided reviews some for 1 (BS) or the other (CJU) camp. I enjoyed reading this site almost as much as the drama but recent comments – just put me off!
    Aggressive = EGO = Need to be heard!
    Let the drama entertain us during our chill-out time. IT IS ONLY A DRAMA! IT IS MAKE BELIEVE!
    Let’s not fan crazy people’s ego just because they think they are superior to you in their opinion. Following thread after thread on this drama?! Such mean and nasty comments about the scriptwriter?! Going into tiny details of this Drama?! Something must have pricked a memory of what happened in the real life and triggered the vicious comments! Short circuit?! Go get a life and have your “professional” head checked!
    Too many mad people on-line cursing, swearing and sending “hate” notes. ENOUGH!
    Seriously – @255 Jazzy, GO SING THE BLUES!
    Over and Out!!!

  265. 265 : BS Fan Says:

    I am a Baek Seok fan too. I think if the plot is changed accordingly to cover the pot holes, all Seok’s fans should rally and demand the poster be changed.
    It should show Hae Gang clinging to Seok’s arm looking lovingly at him.
    In the background a smaller picture showing the bitch Seul Ri and bastard Jun Eun kneeling in front of Hae Gang with their heads down.
    I would love to see that picture. Seok’s fans, please demand the poster be changed.
    Thank you, @255 Jazzy for making way for us Seok’s fans.

  266. 266 : Lowly Housewife Says:

    262:Pretty Butterfly, I am not so educated. I dont enjoy read this viewer website after this. I really like korean dramas and this drama after a tiring day of housework and family. I hope to laugh and smile at people’s ideas.
    Now this site is toxic! Poisoned by over-educated people. A class of their own.
    I bail out from here. Bye Bye!

  267. 267 : Aunty Ah Tan Says:

    If so clever and high class then why see dramas? clever people always see and read clever things. stupid scriptwriter write stupid dramas for stupid and narrow minded people. then don’t watch lor.
    You go watch georgaphy or money mind channel or some thing more high class lor. some more got time to read all website about this drama. so free got no live meh? then say bad things about people. we aunties oso got not all the time to read all website only this website.
    You can write and think very well but your heart and head shows you got no class. your mouth even more worst. angry can just say anything to show you so clever and right everyone wrong. you got toilet mouth and cant control. people no brain but still got class can still control the mouth.
    you poison and every website oso you go you give poison. so clever and more free then we narrow minded aunties.
    I oso will leave this website but still enjoy drama. let this website be for toilet mouths very expert people to show off! so boastful.
    I busy go do other things and watch drama. now wont read this website anymore! I think you sure got poison frens like you everywhere you go.
    chai chien!!!!!

  268. 268 : Pink Blusher Says:

    [email protected], Hello! So, you have been thread-hopping. Me too. And, you’ve been f**king the other viewers with your deep thoughts!
    What is the real issue with you, you bitch?! Those good looking guys around you didn’t give you a second look or did they f**k and leave you like Jin Eun did DHK and that f**ked up KSL? No need to look down your nose on other people who likes good looking men.
    Go put your f**king brilliant analytical, expert drama mind to good use elsewhere. Go join some literature or book club!
    Don’t f**k people who just want to relax and have a good time watching fantasy romance on their spare time?! And don’t think too highly of yourself – you better than the scriptwriter?! No need to tell the world you are so clever with just a few paras.
    Go find a thread that is for intellectual discussion, you f**king butch!

  269. 269 : Pink Blusher Says:

    BS Fan @265, Hello! Just bcoz that f**king butch is still waiting for the writer to redeem CJU, it will be done?! Think again you moron!! You really think that f**king butch call the shots?! That’s a laugh! Idiot!

  270. 270 : Go Girl Says:

    I’m so looking forward to this weekend’s episodes. I can’t wait to see the story unfolding further!
    DHK and CJU together forever!
    Fighting, Lovers!!!!

  271. 271 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Together Forever?! Sounds like a song. I like that!
    DHK and CJU together forever! 👏👏👏
    PS. No postponement this weekend, please.

  272. 272 : Jazzy Says:

    Pink Blusher @ 269 and the other bias viewers -LOL!! The only idiot is you and it shows in your stupid, childish post. I can tell that you’re the type of small minded moron that has to hide behind the internet and a bogus names (several of them) to express yourself–barely able to express yourself. Why don’t you go to school and educate thyself and maybe you will realize that just because we’re discussing what the writer is actually showing and it’s a different opinion than yours, it doesn’t give you or the other bullies on this thread to call people name.

    I hope this writer make her character a reflection of herself and demonstrate women empowerment. Women don’t have to put up with a verbally abusive cheating man such as CJU who after he got his fill of KSL, he now want s to get back with his college image HK.

    I for one hope this writer has a powerful message for women, and not the run of the mill you need a cheating man in your life to be complete when you have a good man there waiting for you.

  273. 273 : Sweetpeaga Says:

    Man, looks like the ratings are really dropping. I guess a lot of people are not caring how this drama is going.

  274. 274 : Pink Blusher Says:

    Ahhhh … I hear you now Jazzy @272! You finally coughed it out – you have a cause you are fighting for!
    You are frustrated and wanting the rest of the world to fight with you. You especially wanting the scriptwriter to pass on your message about elevating women’s position and women empowerment! That was your intent by infiltrating this thread and venting and ranting when the other viewers (obviously) didn’t see your point of view and just going on and on about the drama characters based on their level of entertainment.
    It finally came out of the horse’s mouth!
    Why don’t we all just sit back and relax and watch this drama whenever we can?
    Let the scriptwriter tell HER story. This is HER drama to tell and we’re only viewers with bogus names. Don’t tell her what to do. Right or wrong, she has a mind of herbown, her own thoughts and her own struggles to deal with!
    I hope you hear comments from other bogus names viewers on this thread (those we’d heard before once, twice, thrice?) who are in support of you and your cause.
    If you don’t … they are either ignoring you or leaving or already left this thread to give you the “stage”.
    Good luck with using this thread for your women empowerment cause.
    BTW, is Jazzy your real name?!
    I am about to leave this thread and not stopping by again. I think it won’t be worth my time since it’s gonna be boring to me hearing string music from an out-of-tune violin.
    I am not only about to check out, I am bailing out of this thread.
    Adios! Au Revoir! Arrivederci! ….

  275. 275 : Jazzy Says:

    Pink Blusher @ 274, bail out. You all are the ones that bash other people for speaking their mind on the drama. Then you try to tell people how their stance is a reflection of their life. If that’s the case, who are you? A CJU cheating on your husband or significant other and wanting forgiveness? That would be pretty stupid of me to assume that about you not even knowing you, and yet that’s what you all have been doing on this thread to anyone who doesn’t like CJU or speaks positively of BS.

    This is the writer’s drama, but I’m not blind to holes and contradictions in the writing. There are professional critics that are paid to give honest critic of the writer’s work. This writer had high ratings on her last drama and probably earned the job of writing this one. However, this drama at ep 25 is sliding downhill in regards to the ratings. Why? Because maybe a majority of people don’t like the fact that she told this convincing story for 10 episodes that really made you hate CJU and now she’s trying to sugarcoat his actions under the lie of “true love” and he “always loved her”. I don’t try how many times she put that on paper, no one in their right mind watching this drama is going to believe that dribble.

    However, it it makes you feel better, I’m joining the other people who have cut this drama loose and calling it quits. The plot started off going, but has lost it’s way. It’ll be interesting to know if the writer changes her story, like she did before, to get the ratings back up or will they cut this drama short.

    Good riddance to you!!!

  276. 276 : rairamegumi Says:

    I enjoy this drama…I watched 24 episodes marathon in 2 days and now waiting to watch the last two eps…
    I read some comments above, some of you said that this drama is bad after ep 24, I think because of Seok..

    but I, my self enjoy the drama… and looking forward for the next episode and how the writer end the drama beautifully…

    maybe in the end, we’ll see haegang and jineon together with their new family, maybe with twins daughter or son…hmmm and for seok, maybe he’ll get a better woman…and for seolri, just get lost.. lol

  277. 277 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Hmmm … Really enjoyed the developments in the relationship between Little Cosmos, Dr. Min and DYG. Love the scene in Ep 26 when DYG called Dr. Min her Son-in-law. Sooooo cute and he managed a tiny smile! 😍
    I hope DHK and CJU start their new relationship by being open, upfront and transparent to each other. Hope they share their thoughts, worries and pains together; and not let any old “ammunitions” targetted at them by that Mr/Mrs Sicko Heads and that spiteful, piece of trash KSL tear them apart or even doubt each other!
    I like that BS has learned to verbally accept that DHK was never into him. Hope he works well with DHK and CJU in fighting a winning battle against the Sickos. Hope his character gets better from now on. At this point I’m still unsure where CJU’s father is leading us.

  278. 278 : Katy Kat Says:

    I don’t understand why BS makes unsound judgments eg. DHK should not meet DYG; holding back telling DHK or DYG (she is of sound mind) that they have a twin living and breathing not too far away from each other; not telling the twins’ mother that DHK is alive and kicking; always so afraid that DHK is not strong enough to learn about her “monstrous” past.
    I’m sure with CJU’s and BS’ moral support since they both love her so much – she’ll do OK knowing that she is no longer alone and has not one but two men standing on her sides come rain or shine. It’s not like she is totally different from what she used to be, just that she can’t remember exactly what she was like before – the “real” her. I hope there is a twist to all her name appearing on those legal documents! The works of that mean and nasty BIL.
    The twins’ mother is another! Why is she holding back where DYG is concerned? DYG should put the pieces together that if the Adjumma is indeed DHK’s birth mother, then she is her mother too.
    Oh well – I just feel it’s getting a little draggy on these points.
    Looking forward to more episodes!!!!

  279. 279 : Lulu Says:

    OMG those ratings! Ouch! SBS stated that they wouldn’t shorten the drama. I’m guessing people getting upset when they postponed episodes for baseball helped them realize that ratings don’t accurately reflect interest. Please don’t go back on your promise SBS! This drama is addicting!

  280. 280 : Snow Says:

    I can understand BS not wanting DHK to be hurt anymore. After all, he was the one that had to struggle with her for months as she was healing. She saw him as a lighthouse so he must have had some very trying moments with her. I guess he really wants to protect her.

    The people make unsound decisions to me at the moment is DHK who has decided to go back with JE without knowing anything other than he cheated on her with KSL. JE has been make bad decisions from the very beginning.

    In seeing the preview, HK’s mother slaps BS probably because he didn’t tell her about YK or HK? I wonder if she will slap JE for not telling her? Somehow I doubt it. She welcomed the man back with open arms after he left DHK for another woman. That’s just plan stupid to me.

  281. 281 : Lover Fan Says:

    Yes, yes, this drama is very addicting. I see a few viewers on this site whom are not pleased at all with where the drama has taken us. In another IHAL viewers site, the same viewers said they have no desire left to watch the next episode yet after a couple of episodes or so on this site they’re still whining about HK shouldn’t go back to JE.
    It is addicting that when some viewers hate where the story has taken us to-date yet they are still following drama. Making the same comment from one viewer site to another site.
    @279 Lulu, I agree with what you said that ratings or comments (I might add) don’t accurately reflect interest.

  282. 282 : Lover Fan Says:

    … or disinterest I might add. 🙂

  283. 283 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    What an interesting finding?! I hope to surf some of the other viewers sites when I can make time. Haven’t had much time lately even to keep up with this site.

  284. 284 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Wow! The preview of Ep 29 looks like DHK has fully regained her memory. Can’t wait to see how she’s going to deal with everyone from that poisonous little snake KSL to the nasty and greedy odd couple, to her parents-in-law, to the Baeks too. What will her relationship with CJU be like going forward? Where is DYG going to be in DHK’s life now?!

  285. 285 : rairamegumi Says:

    as usual the last 2 eps coming out late…
    I hope today the subbed eps coming out…so I can watch it this night…
    I like the lead couple…I think I’ll try to watch their old drama….miss kim

  286. 286 : Snow Says:

    I guess you can’t call a spade a spade while watching this drama. Now I’m beginning to understand some of the comments her. Lol!!

  287. 287 : stela Says:

    i love this drama and the leads so much that i watch raw episodes twice. hope the eng subs come out quicker.

  288. 288 : Go Girl Says:

    What’s taking the English sub so long to be uploaded?
    I’ve watched both the raw Eps 27 & 28, second guessing what’s being said. 😒
    It sure is taking a lot longer this week for the sub than the past few weeks. English subtitles, please!!!!!

  289. 289 : Amanda Says:

    I look fwd to more romantic scenes of hae gang and jin unh. they look very good together. both very good acting.
    Also yong gi and doctor. i love the scenes of them together and especially when dr. min carries and taking care of woo joo. really nice loving family scenes.
    hae gang + jin unh and yong gi + doctor. they make pretty couples and to mgether happy endings please.

  290. 290 : Roselle Says:

    Loving tiz drama very much. The leads especially! Will be very happi if the husband and wife are back together in the end.

  291. 291 : Roselle Says:

    Hope eng sub out soon already mid week still no eng sub. why??????

  292. 292 : Diamond Danielle Says:

    Recently introduced to tiz drama. Drama marathon finally up to latest 2 eps but still no eng subs. Taking so long for sub.
    Hope the husband & wife stay together until the end. No more doubts between them. Hope they stay by each other thru good and not so good time from now on until the end.

  293. 293 : Merlyna Says:

    I really love this drama, but I surprised with the rating

  294. 294 : Hannah Says:

    Finally got to watch ep 27. Finally there’s eng sub for this drama. I don’t know why I’m team HK. Yes it’s true HK somehow involved with the death of YG’s fiance, but she had paid for her crimes indirectly. I mean, she was almost killed twice because President Min thought she’s YG. Isn’t that enough? I hope YG will change her mind after knowing that HK’s her sister.

  295. 295 : Hannah Says:

    Plus, looking at the bright side, if all those things didn’t happen, YG would not meet Dr. Min. Hehehe

  296. 296 : Katy Kat Says:

    I can’t wait to watch last weekend’s episodes but I see Ep 28 is still without English sub! How come it takes so long to get the subtitles uploaded?! Why Oh Why?!!!!!

  297. 297 : torri Says:

    am so in love with this two lead actors i fine it so amazing how their on screen chemistry just keeping building up , i dont know how they switch it on while at work then off when they are done is amazing.but then again thats why they are actors wright . love them, well one thing i want is for them to fight their love , the rest can unfold what ever way it wants but it seems the lead guy dad killed HK dad found out this last two ep my Korean is not that great but i hope am wrong , well i still hope they over come that too, fightttttting!!!!!!!!!!

  298. 298 : Hannah Says:

    The scene where HK’s mom met her is priceless. It’s so sad. I’m so glad that YG finally knows about HK. I’m glad that it didn’t take the writer too long to reveal to YG about HK. I love heir gossip scene on the phone. They sure had a lot to catch up, they missed all the fun being twin sisters.

    Now I just hope that HK won’t turn back to her old self (I’m pretty sure she won’t, right?). I’m curious what else the writer-nim has for the next 12 episodes..

  299. 299 : Amanda Says:

    I hope DHK stays true to being her old self not the cold and calculated lawyer. She, however, when fully regain her memory will not only know what a scheming and vindictive the sis-in-law is like … She saw Jin Ri and the sneaky husband-stealing Seul Ri together just prior to Jin Uhn’s lab accident. Hope she will put the pieces together – those two bitches working against her plus their side-kick, Min Taek Suk.

  300. 300 : Maria B Says:

    Love the two lead characters and hoping they stay together until the end, living happily ever after! To DGYG and Dr. Min plus Woo Joo too!

    Keep up the good work actors and writer! Ratings are based on many things so just ignore them at this point. Keep entertaining us, your fans!!!!!

  301. 301 : OLIVIA BATUNGBACAL Says:


  302. 302 : Ann Says:

    So so looking forward….. I have a feeling DHG remembers the 4 yrs gap… CJU fighting…pls keep your promises n this time stay by your wife no matter what…..

  303. 303 : Katy Kat Says:

    Yay! Yayy! Quite a few IHAL sites I visited especially this site is showing so many DHK and CJU supporters! We all LOVE this drama and especially DHK and CJU. Stay together to the end, You Lovers!!!
    Who cares about ratings?! Keep us entertained – that’s what dramas are for!!!
    Thank you all IHAL cast, especially JJH and KHJ; scriptwriter Bae Yoo Mi, Director Choi Moon Suk for making this drama!!!!

  304. 304 : Inez Says:

    I love where the story has taken us now more than half way through the 50 episodes. CJU and DHG together to the end! Love each other well and don’t let nothing get in between you two!!!!
    Sarang ……

  305. 305 : Inez Says:

    English subtitles, quick!!!!!

  306. 306 : cy Says:

    done with ep 30.. DHG regained her memory together with the pain that caused her to lose it. Now she is taking revenge to CJU by pushing him away but in return, she is the one who gets hurt more. Poor DHG. 🙁 I hope CJU will keep his promise to stick to DHG like glue. On the first few episodes, I don’t want DHG to forgive her cheating husband but as the drama progresses, CJU is becoming more sincere to get DHG back to his arms. 🙂 On the lighter side, I like the way DGYG and Doctor Min getting closer thru Woo Joo. 🙂 Let us not mind about the ratings of this drama. They are just numbers. This is one of the best dramas of 2015! fighting!

  307. 307 : cy Says:

    i didn’t expect DHG still remember the past 4 yrs… haha nice job, writers-nim. 🙂

  308. 308 : Hannah Says:

    after watching ep 29-30, I knew it! I knew DHG was just pretending to forget the 4 years. She just wants to see everyone’s reaction. She’s just testing to see who she can trust. I knew it the moment when she said to President Min to get revenge on CJU and protect her sister. Old DHG was really cold and she wouldn’t even care about anyone else as long as she got what she wants.

    Haha I’m proud of myself because I can read the writer’s mind.

  309. 309 : Diamond Danielle Says:

    Wonderful developments! I’m surprised how good some viewers’ predictions much earlier in the drama. Now I understand why some were so protective over CJU vs. the good Lawyer. You guys are definitely not short-sighted when it comes to the love relationships and its complications.
    I see clearly now why you were for the cheating husband when I couldn’t understand how “stupid” it was to side with CJU. I was the short-sighted one! 😷
    I’m hoping more funny and loving episodes between Hae Gang and CJU; Dr Min and Yong Gi.

  310. 310 : Elizabeth Says:

    Just wondering if Hyun Joo onni will see this page? is she have any official site or account for the fan?

    Warm Greeting from Indonesia 😉
    you r so cool

  311. 311 : Elizabeth Says:

    Just wondering if Hyun Joo onni will see this page? is she have any official site or account for the fan?

    Warm Greeting from Indonesia 😉
    you r so cool 😉

  312. 312 : Kerry Says:

    Such a good movie not to be missed in year 2015. I am not a fan of Ji Jin Hee but likes him a lot in this drama. I can see that a lot of feelings, thoughts and emotion come from his innermost, he really acts well in this drama.

    I personally vote Kim Hyun Joo to be the best actress of year 2015. Though both Lee Kyn Han and Baek Jin Won are new faces to me, I am very impressed of their acting skills, their faces tell their inner desire, anger, greed, love and caring. they both act very well. This is a very interesting drama with interesting characters. I really like it a lot and I know that a lot of Chinese viewers like it too.

  313. 313 : Ann Says:

    Again… postponed? ?? Why…

  314. 314 : cy Says:

    @Ann episode 34 was postponed because of SBS Gayo Daejun. My favorite group, Girls’ Generation, performed Catch Me If You Can and Lion Heart. <3

  315. 315 : stela Says:

    Just saw Ep 33, all I can say is WOW! Best drama ,best story, and great acting, great chemistry between the leads. Cant wait for the succeeding episodes… I am really looking forward to a happy ending. Will miss DHK and CJU when this drama ends.

  316. 316 : anna Says:

    Everytime i watched this drama my tears keep falling especially when their [Hae Gang and Jin Eon] themesong played. Ji Jin Hee is a great actor i always moved by his facial expressions. A great drama to be watched.

  317. 317 : OMG Says:

    just watched ep 32 and liked the background music played on the first part of the episode. appreciate if anyone can share a link where we can hear or download the entire song. Thank you

  318. 318 : LindaT Says:

    I’m not as impressed with the story of the husband and wife at all. Seems the more this story goes on, he only cheated on his wife because she didn’t tell him she loves him. Then when they were rolling around in the grass, I thought she said that she loved him–I know she told him she loved him outside the courthouse and told his father she loved him which JE also heard.

    I don’t understand JE’s kind of love. Once he saw the different personality he wanted her back, but he didn’t put in the effort to try and get her to change while they were married. He ignored it until their daughter died. Yet he was very happy with her not saying I love you until then.

    I wish the writer would shed more light on what drove JE to cheat because at the moment it seems the writer has left that behind and is focusing on how horrible HK was and how wonder JE is–which he wasn’t wonderful to me. He was cruel and heartless in his treatment. In this recent episode, the writer is also trying to show how horrible HK was to SL.

    The story of YK and the doctor is my main interest. I wish they had more scenes together.

  319. 319 : dramalady Says:

    Hurray to screenwriter, Bae Yoo Mi. The script was very well written. All leads are well acted. This is a good story and very good production. Don’t know why the rating was not that good in Korea. May be Korean are very conservative and reject the drama by its drama title. I am chinese and I love this drama. I have watched ep.10 so far and really enjoyed it. It maintains the good quality of korean dramas. Fighting, team of “I have a lover” !

  320. 320 : Inez Says:

    I LOVE this drama!

  321. 321 : Inez Says:

    I just watch episode 36 – Wow!!!! English subtitles, please ….. Quickly, please!!!!!

  322. 322 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    DHK and CJU, I’m still vying for you two from the start to the end!! Muuaaaach …..

  323. 323 : Baylee Says:

    Funny, SBS Best Couples award must be based on two people who look good together only, because CJE and HG are not a good couple at all, they are so dysfunctional.

  324. 324 : Baylee Says:

    damalady @ 319, see I have a different view of this drama. I’m interested in a couple of the side stories more than the main characters, HK and JE and SL. The writer has not developed the relational aspect of this drama at all to me. She used forgotten memory as a way to bring them back together, but didn’t really have them dig into their issue.

    I also think it’s not popular in Korea because it is cheating and the man, as always, will not be dealt with for his cheating. In the case of JE, he hasn’t been dealt with. HK quickly forgave him and is pretending to hate him. She told him that she would wait on him while he had his affair and she basically did just that. What married Korean woman where women are still not treated equally to men wants to see that type of crapola on TV? I wouldn’t.

  325. 325 : Nee Says:

    Next week will postponed again? Yeah.. -_-‘

  326. 326 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    I sooooo love this drama! English sub for Ep 37 quickly, please!

  327. 327 : Snow Says:

    Maybe the writer needs to ask herself why the ratings keep dropping. I don’t think the people are that interested in JE and HK as a couple. I think if the writer made HK and BS a couple, the ratings would grown. The Netizens would just die, but the ratings would increase.

  328. 328 : Cllodiamk Says:

    I love this drama.it is dealing with very serious issues. JE cheated , but HG was a cold and over ambitious woman ; apparently never told her Husband ” I love you”. In my view both of them had faults. What is good
    Is that both realise their mistakes and are ready to put things right,
    Like other human beings they are not perfect and make mistakes. To me what is beautiful is the power of repentance and forgiveness.
    I do not know the ending but I hope the two will remain together in a new
    And more powerful relationship

  329. 329 : Katy Kat Says:

    In one same situation/crisis in life, we each make different decision and take different path. And, we all live by the consequences of the decision we make. Right or wrong, it is the individual’s decision – happy or not life goes on!
    I love this drama and I’m looking forward to the happy ending – the twin sisters ending with their own lovers – repenting husband and the thawed doctor!!!!

  330. 330 : torri Says:

    I love this but honestly am just sick and tired of all the postponing the damn show every other week its just ridiculous , i mean it makes one loss interest and i that why the damn rating IS low too , i mean come on every other week is the same crap and this week again ,

  331. 331 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    I totally agree with you [email protected]!!!

  332. 332 : Sakika Says:


    I’m loving this drama!!

    Does anyone know if the instrumental ost is out??


  333. 333 : rairamegumi Says:

    JJH and KHJ got award as BEST COUPLE for their role HK and JE…
    did we watch tha same drama here?….lol

  334. 334 : bahar Says:

    why this drama be cancelled every week? It Causing a reduction in the drama s

  335. 335 : Maria B Says:

    Best Couple awards or any of those awards even the Oscars are for the character the actor/actress portrayed – how realistic the actor/actress bring it to life on the silver screen. The character the actor/actress portrayed is NOT the real actor/actress – LOL!!!!
    Now I know why some of the confused minds keep insisting how the plot should go. Like the screen-writer should change according to how their minds work! LOL …
    The whole world doesn’t think in one way. We are all different – why some of us dress differently? Is it wrong if others are covered just because you like to be half naked be there sun or snow?! LOL … Grow up!

  336. 336 : Diamond Danielle Says:

    Ep 37 is a Wow! Hoping HK and JE rekindle their love life that brings them much closer than ever – before they lost their zest for each other prior to the death of their baby girl.
    Show us the rest of the world that when both truly and deeply love each other, the trust the couple had together with repentence and forgiveness conquer all.
    Not separation with guilt and retaliation; hatred and bitterness due to individual’s self-centredness, ego and unforgiveness that are rotting the lives of many till their deaths.

  337. 337 : ann Says:

    First thing in the morning quickly search for the show and to my horror… Postponed again… So disappointed

  338. 338 : asarainbow Says:

    And the excuse for postponing is what now??

  339. 339 : mint Says:

    Episode 38 did not air yesterday (2016-01-16) due to a 2016 Olympics Football Qualifying Game.

  340. 340 : mint Says:

    S. Korea rout Yemen 5-0 in Olympic football qualifying tournament


  341. 341 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Holey Moley! Does this mean we’ll get stalled more on weekends for OFQG?!!

  342. 342 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Hope English sub for Ep 38 gets uploaded quickly!!!

  343. 343 : LindaT Says:

    The ratings have absolutely tanked. They are so far out of the top 20 that they are a negative 7%. Real people living in Korea having to deal with a cheating husband and where women are still not receiving the same rights as men don’t want to see a drama about a cheating man and the wife still ‘protecting’ him and ‘their love’ as if his affair meant nothing to her. If the affair meant nothing to her, then how deep is her love for him—-HG doesn’t even have moments of flashbacks of JE with another woman as most women would. Instead it’s no big deal and she takes all the blame for his affair. She’s all focused on her own guilty treatment towards others.

    Writer, what man put you up to writing this hog wash? HG blames herself for what happened in their marriage? JE knew the type of woman she was when he first married her. Then after her child died she became colder in her grief and guilt (within 1 year). It took that one year for JE to not only resent her for the death of their child but to turn hateful and have an affair.

    Yet, HG is apologizing? Give me a F***ing break! They both are to blame for their marriage, but JE’s affair took it to another level. The 4 years later of no communication or even interest to see how she was doing, he’s now so overwhelming in love again…..correction, he never stopped loving her although he treated her like crap.

    SBS is smart in keeping this drama where it is with all the postponements. They can’t bring in a new drama that may garner a larger audience and have to postpone it. It’s better to do it with a drama that has extremely low ratings.

    Thank god other people are not buying this crap the writer is trying to pass off as love. This is the farthest thing from real love I’ve seen. Best Couple my a$$!!

  344. 344 : Anger Mgmt Says:

    Ratings sucks, viewers don’t like it! Stop watching! Can the trash! MOVE ON!

  345. 345 : Sicko Says:

    Best way to overcome frustration and stress is not to watch a drama but a comedy! Laughter is the best medicine so some people say.

  346. 346 : Anger Mgmt Says:

    Laughter may be the best medicine but if you’re laughing for no reason, you need medicine!

  347. 347 : Sicko Says:

    The world is a comedy to those who think but a tragedy to those who feel, someone said that once. I’m just quoting to lighten the mood where the ratings is not my concern as someone who watches a drama to pass my time. To chill out!

  348. 348 : Anger Mgmt Says:

    One way to not get short-circuit is to take an aspirin or two and turn in early. Have an 8-hour sleep. Hopefully the throbbing headache will go away when you get up in the morning. It’ll be blue sky and everything nice.

  349. 349 : Sicko Says:

    Be sure to forgive everyone, forgive the whole world before turning in each night. Then you’ll go into a deep and restful sleep. Wakes up to a brand new day and you’ll see blue skies and everything nice, even if it’s not literally that way.
    Forgiveness is the key to self-perseverance, tranquility and happiness. You’ll stay sane even if the whole world is “insane” for liking this trashy drama! Take my word for it – I’m a professional in the field for curing the mind and heart.

  350. 350 : Ivy Says:

    I love this drama very much😊

  351. 351 : Cest La Vie Says:

    I don’t get why some folks are so hung up on the weekly ratings of this drama. We’re past episode 38. Do some viewers get some kind of bonus when the ratings skyrocket or make a big loss when it hit rock-bottom?! I really would like to know. I want to be at the end of the pot of gold and will most certainly run amok when it hits the pit.
    Dramas like this should need parental guidance and if parents have no control over their kids – hey blame the internet! Personally, if parents bring up their children with proper values and principles, and lead by good examples with open communication, love and understanding; the likelihood of their kids going astray is much lower than preaching and not practicing, etc.
    I love this drama very much too.

  352. 352 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    I love this drama very much. I’m a grateful person to what little pleasures I get in life! Especially high-speed Internet and foreign dramas with English subtitles. Most grateful too if no postponed airings every few weeks!

  353. 353 : Maria B Says:

    I love this drama very much too. 😃

  354. 354 : Diamond Danielle Says:

    Another vote from an “insane” Netizen – I love this drama very much too. 😄

  355. 355 : Emmz Says:

    I love this too 🙂

  356. 356 : Christy Says:

    I also love this drama. Great acting.😀

  357. 357 : Pee Wee Says:

    I love watching this drama despite some imperfections because I’m not perfect.

  358. 358 : Pee Wee Says:

    LOL :: Quoting a couple of comments from viewers in another site:
    Jan 21 2016 5:10 pm
    i find it extremely hypocritical they way people are judging this drama based on the whole cheating / getting back together thing considering how controversial most american tv shows are. I never understood why people get their knickers wedged up their arses when dramas based on infidelity are made but don’t have the same values when watching a drama about glorifying theft or killing or even the ill treatment of family members in chebol dramas. ITS NOT REAL! if you think watching this is going to convince you to cheat on your spouse and get back together with them then something is fundamentally wrong with YOU. Don’t watch it if you don’t like the underlying themes, there is no point in bad mouthing the series when teams of people are probably working really hard on it. Like ‘Realities’ said, each persons story is different, something like this may not happen to the majority of people but who’s to say it hasn’t happend to anyone? If its not your cup of tea…..DON’T DRINK IT!
    Jan 21 2016 5:21 pm
    Dear Paska, who the heck said that this was a childrens drama?! god it isn’t even even advertised for children. This is a Korean drama for sbs who have a wide age range for viewers. If I were a kid I would not be watching a melodrama about a broken marriage in the first place. Its targeted towards adults interested in MELODRAMAS which are known to be quite controversial in the first place. its funny how people comment about this drama and yet everyone love the drama ‘that winter the wind blows’, which by some of these commenters standards, should be horrendous considering it was about a guy pretending to be related to a girl and she still falls in love with him…. not to mention he was trying to swindle her too. both things far worse than any concept in this drama. BTW I enjoyed watching TWTWB I was just trying to make a point – unquoted

  359. 359 : Christy Says:

    Thumbs up, baby!

  360. 360 : Haniz Says:

    Well said and you are so right both of you. I agree with you. I love this drama.

  361. 361 : Pee Wee Says:

    Let me quote what I wrote on the other viewers site :: quote
    Pee Wee
    Jan 21 2016 12:56 pm
    If you hate this drama and so disagree with SBS – too bad for you!!! lol
    :: unquote

  362. 362 : sam khoo Says:

    Honestly, one of the things I am thankful for 2015/16 is I have A Lover drama. Both JJH and KHJ are my favorite actors, And in IHAL their chemistry is AMAZING. And can you imagine having your favourite couple for 50 episodes? And some more with story and plot . The first 9 episodes though, is too painful,(at one point I was thinking JJH why you have to take up this type of role?) I plan to rewatch this drama, but i doubt i will rewatch the first 9 episodes, Like JJH said in one of his interview, is a story about love. I agree , is a story of love . How love triump over all the set back .And the characters are mostly flaw like us .IHAL is indeed the best(not one of) drama for me in 2015.I feel blessed to have been able to watch this drama .

  363. 363 : Pee Wee Says:

    My two TOP dramas in 2015, earlier in the year was the drama “Maids” and 2015/2016 is most certainly “I Have A Lover”. Great story line and great casts!
    Thank you for IHAL.

  364. 364 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    I’m still watching I Have A Lover – THANK YOU!!!!

  365. 365 : dramalady Says:

    This is a drama with good standard but I dont know why the rating is not that good in Korea. Another recent good drama is ‘Six Flying Dragons’. Besides these two, I dont find any good standard one. Any good recommendation?

  366. 366 : dramalady Says:

    I totally agree with you that “Maids” and “I Have A Lover” are dramas with good standard in last year. I am happy to know there is someone sharing the same view as mine, cos both did not draw as much attention as other dramas eg. “The producer” & “Yong Pal” (I found both disappointing). The other one now I am enjoying is “Six Flying Dragons”.

  367. 367 : Haniz Says:

    I watch “Maids” too and I think it’s an outstanding acting by the casts but just like IHAL the ratings weren’t good. Oh well …

  368. 368 : mint Says:

    Episode 43 postponed again. Episode 43 & 44 aired together on Feb-07.

  369. 369 : victoria Says:

    yeah right ! ”Maids” is good standard drama last year but the ranking last year is number 42 out of 108 dramas that competed over all. I think ”Maids” is better than to ”Producer” and ”Yong Pal”.
    Im sorry to say this but ”Producers” and ”your pal” are ugly story, but the ranking last year of ”Producer” is number 14 and ”Yong Pal” is number 4.
    i think people who voted last year they look at the popular artist and network broadcast.
    For me the story of drama is most important than the cast and even network broadcast.

  370. 370 : Haniz Says:

    Strange that some of us who enjoyed “Maids” and IHAL don’t care much for Producers and Yong Pal – considering YP a top 5 fav – majority vote.
    At least, I don’t bitch and bitch about those two dramas just because i find them very much a mediocre story line with a bunch of famous casts. They are just NOT my cup of tea.

  371. 371 : Ann Says:

    @mint- Postponing is like a norm for this drama.. Is it true 2 eps today?

  372. 372 : Ivy Says:

    Postponing the episodes makes us long for IHAL more. Hope they will extend the series for the sake of us viewers from other countries.

  373. 373 : c6168 Says:

    I wish Ji Jin Hee and Kim Hyun Yoo end up live together in their real life.

  374. 374 : Ivy Says:

    IHAL full of suspense. Makes me want to watch every episode with much gusto.

  375. 375 : ADIVI Says:

    Amazing Story….lovely chemistry betewen Lead Actors……love love love Ji Jin Hee always superb en she’s adorable 10/10

  376. 376 : kdrama freak Says:

    whatever hope it is a good ending with Ji Jin Hee end up with KHJ, and her sister end up with the lawyer. that will be perfect

  377. 377 : deernora Says:

    i like this drama.. i cant wait next eps

  378. 378 : DramaPrincess01 Says:

    This drama must get all the drama awards: Actors, Actresses, Child Actress, Scriptwriting, and everything else. Am just hoping for a happy and fair ending for the two leading actors. Enjoyed this drama so much, can not wait for the last few episodes.

  379. 379 : Christy Says:

    Yay! Yay!!!!!

  380. 380 : Frank Says:

    Choi Mun Seok your a shame to the Koreans, promoting adultery and divorce in your film, shame on getting a disgusted filth award.

  381. 381 : dramalady Says:

    Frank, Did you watch this drama at all? The drama did not promote adultery. On the contrary, it alerts audience the consequences of adultery. All the three characters in the drama suffers tremendously.
    This is a MUST watch drama if you like dramas.

  382. 382 : taw Says:

    I hope the last 4 episodes can make all of them happy . DHK and CJU to have children again.

  383. 383 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    I hope so too! Happy Ending ….

  384. 384 : stela Says:

    This drama is the best for me- good story, great acting, great cast, suspense, with spurts of comedy thrown in.
    Hope the two leads team up again and again in the future, they have such a good chemistry on screen. Second leading man and the doctor are so charming as well. Kudos to the writer , director and producers. Don’t believe the ratings.

  385. 385 : Christy Says:

    Applause! Applause! To the producers, cast and crew of IHAL – thank you for entertaining us! Thanks as well for making us think of what the consequences can be for all the decisions we make that affect us and the people around us.

  386. 386 : ADIVI Says:

    a lot of learning with this great drama…..always demostrate our feelings in the goods and in the bads…..always say I Love You, and most important learn to Forgive……
    congrats to all cast of IHAL exclenet work im gona miss this lovely drama

  387. 387 : LindaT Says:

    This drama was a bunch of crapola. The writer did a terrible job in developing these characters–as a matter of fact she didn’t develop them at all. This couple will break up again because they don’t know how to communicate nor do they know how to require respect from each other. After episode 30, it just become the same stupid repeat of subject matter. It’s your typical daily drama, in my opinion worse because people are not made to pay for this actions, only HG. Everyone else basically gets away.–MTS may get to bay for his crimes, but for the most part, this is ridiculous. I honestly think the writer gave up midway through this drama.

  388. 388 : taw Says:

    why Korean dramas always have a happy momment only briefly , and even then always in the last episode , and at the last minute…why not get right – really happy, and we are , look too happy? so sad…..

  389. 389 : Haniz Says:

    Wahhh … already coming to last episode. Good drama and true must alway learn not to be shy to say “I love you” to people we love and to learn many bad people around with their own greed and jealousy. Like Ji Rin and husband who stay unhappy bcoz they choose their own selfishness and greed and full of revenge not to see the good in others and see everything in negative light instead of turning negative into positive.
    Nothing come out from the couples mouths is anything good about others, just what they want out of greed. In the end, they will only destroy themselves and others walk away in their own happy paths.

  390. 390 : PrincessAnne Says:

    Cannot wait for the last episodes! What a great combination of life’s emotions. The bads got punished, and hope all the good ones, get happy and fair endings. Missing the Dr Min, and Yong Gi, and the daughter and the Mother characters. Hope they will show up sometime in the final episodes. Well done drama, awesome actors/actresses.

  391. 391 : stela Says:

    Will miss the actors once this drama ends…especially KHJ , JJH and LKH. Hope to see them again soon.

  392. 392 : RR Says:

    why this rating is….

  393. 393 : stela Says:

    just watched ep 49 !!! and the episode really made me smile..finally, looks like a happy ending for all leading characters.

  394. 394 : Snow Says:

    RR @ 392, the ratings are low because this drama really sucks! It just boils down to a woman who will do anything and take any type of treatment and sell out her own dead father to be with her cheating ex-husband who lived with another woman for 4 years. There writer clearly didn’t know what she was doing.

  395. 395 : Pretty Butterfly Says:

    Farewell, IHAL! Thank you for entertaining the followers of the drama. I’m just so happy the lead characters ended up together. Well done!!!!

  396. 396 : Anna Says:

    Nice drama! Recommended.

  397. 397 : Ann Says:

    Love this drama!!!! Love the ending … Will miss watching both leads…

  398. 398 : cy Says:

    i wonder what happened to dokgo yonggi and dr. min gyuseok… i was hoping for a sight of those two in the final eprisode 🙁

  399. 399 : salma Says:

    i don’t care about the rating, i love this drama, JJH is my best actor
    i miss all, not boring to watch again from first ep.
    i was happy for 25 weeks
    really really i loved all cast , scenario, dialogue, everyone everything
    Komaowoo, Saranya

  400. 400 : Christy Says:

    Sad now that this drama has ended. I enjoyed every episode fm the start to the end! I’m glad that so many of us on this thread and others like this drama like I did. Thank you for IHAL.
    We all will miss the lead actors and hope to see more of them together!!

  401. 401 : Go Girl Says:

    Thank you! Thank you! I have been watching this drama from the start to the end. Most enjoyable for chill-time during weekends. Very glad that the two lead characters ended together with a happy ending! Love you both, Kim Hjun-Joo and my favorite man, Ji Jin-Hee!
    Thank you very much scriptwriter, Bae Yoo-Mi. As you can see on this reviews, we love your drama – I Have A Lover!!!!!

  402. 402 : Hapi Pappi Says:

    Sob…sob… 50 episodes came and gone. Sob..sob… Thank you for the memories, cast and crew of IHAL. Great drama! Thank you very much, writer YM Bae, for this drama and for bringing Ji Jin-Hee and Kim Hjun-Joo together! Great couple!!!!
    I love Ji Jin-Hee ….

  403. 403 : salma Says:

    very sad for not able to see Ji Jin Hee every weekend now and Kim Hjun-Joo

    and so sad that it has come to an end

    I am looking forward to see this couple together in their future drama , Great couple

    Good-bye IHAL

    Thank you!

  404. 404 : Sinopsis I Have A Lover Episode 1 - Terakhir « Kdramastory Says:

    […] Lihat pemeran selengkapnya di sini. […]

  405. 405 : Bay-Lee Says:

    Just finished this drama and I have to say that I’m disappointed. Not sure what the theme of this drama is……it centered first on the cheating husband and his affair, but them it became about the wife and her evil ways. The husband was never punished for his affair. It comes across as if the wife gives him a pass. The wife has a really good relationship with the second lead and believes and trust in him, but is in love with her husband who she doesn’t really trust enough to even confide information. The husband comes across as weak in this drama to me. I found myself falling for the second lead.

    Also the way they made the second female in this drama was over the top stupid—too evil and too innocent at the same time.

    I couldn’t help but feel that the lead female betrayed her dead father who had been killed by her ex-husband’s father. She kept this information from her sister and her mother so that she could have her own happiness with her cheating husband. The writer did a 180 on the cheating husband, but in the process made him just weak, selfish, unrepentant (being sad over what you lost doesn’t mean you are repentant people). His attitude was just too arrogant to be repentant. Also, even when he saw her happy, he still wanted to force her to remember him and their marriage, but not what he had done to her.

    Overall, the writer started one way and ended the drama another way. Which would explain the 20 episodes of just recycled nonsense.

    A true disappointment for me.

  406. 406 : Elsie Says:

    Loved the drama I Have A LOVER so much that i went to internet to watch it instead o watching it at SBS ONE on canle tv …airing an episode a day fm Tue to Fri.n I love it so much….fell in live with the lead actor n actress too….they acted very well!!! I have already watched Episides 1 to 50 TWICE!! Wish they will pair ip again in another drama.

  407. 407 : rosmahaida Says:

    I just reached to episode 20.. cant wait to finish all the 50 episodes.. by the fact that the couple be ended together with a happy ending, it’s enough to makes me jump up to the stars.

  408. 408 : FX Says:

    One of my fave k-series.. i haveta say the front of the series was stronger than the back.. the casting was excellent except for the second male lead.. i am sorry to say.. imo.. if paired up against an actor as good and good looking as jinhee the second male needed to be a better actor and a better looking one at that.. than the one in the series so that viewers like me would be hard presssed to choose between the two males leads.. instead i found myself spontaneously rooting all the way for the self righteous errant husband whom i disliked.. instead of the sweet caring personality of the second male leads role.. i cannot even remember his name.. Nothing personal but the miscasting of that actor made a difference to my total enjoyment of the series..

  409. 409 : rean Says:

    that kang seol ri,,that bad girl is copying ha ji won from secret garden. The way she acts looks like it..what a shame! bitch girl,, you have to change it,,be ashamed of yourself that your only copying another actress..copy-cat,,no originality bitch girl..

  410. 410 : ken Says:

    one of the best kdrama i think, kim hyun joo make it worth watching this 50 eps looonggg show. one of great korean actress

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