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Hyde, Jekyll and I

Hyde, Jekyll and I 06

Title: 하이드 지킬, 나 / Hyde, Jekyll and I
Chinese Title: 海德、哲基尔与我
Previously known as: 지킬과 나 / Jekyll and Me
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2015-Jan-21 to 2015-Mar-26
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


This drama is based on the webcomic “Jekyllbaksaneun Haideussi” by Lee Choong Ho which was first published from 2011-Feb-15 to 2011-Nov-25 via “daum.net“.

Jang Ha Na (Han Ji Min) works as the master and actress in a circus at Wonderland, a large amusement park. Meanwhile, Goo Seo Jin (Hyun Bin) is a third-generation chaebol and the CEO of this Wonderland.

Due to a childhood trauma, Seo Jin suffers from multiple-personalities disorder. One of his personality is that of “Hyde” who has a cold personality. The other personality is that of “Jekyll” who has a sweet and innocent personality.

When Seo Jin tries to eliminate the circus from Wonderland, Ha Na fights to keep it at Wonderland. In the process, She finds herself falling in love for both of Seo Jin’s personalities. But can such a strange relationship work? Can a woman be in a love triangle with just one man? Jang Ha Na finds herself in that impossible situation.


Main Cast

Hyun Bin as Goo Seo Jin / Robin
Park Ha Joon as Koo Seo Jin (child)
Choi Soo Han as Koo Seo Jin (young)
Han Ji Min as Jang Ha Na
Heo Jung Eun as Jang Ha Na (child)
Hyun Seung Min as Jang Ha Na (young)
Sung Joon as Yoon Tae Joo
Hyeri as Min Woo Jung

People around Goo Seo Jin

Lee Seung Joon as Kwon Young Chan (Seo Jin’s secretary)
Han Sang Jin as Ryu Seung Yun (Executive Director of Wonder Group Hotel)
Shin Eun Jung as Kang Hee Ae (A Psychiatry)
Lee Duk Hwa as Goo Myung Han (Chairman of Wonder Group, Seo Jin’s father)
Kim Do Yun as Han Joo Hee (Hostess of Wonder Group, Seo Jin’s mother)
Kwak Hee Sung as Sung Suk Won (Seo Jin’s security team leader)
Lee Se Na as Choi Seo Hee (Secretary of Wonder Group)
Lee Joon Hyuk as police officer Na (Kangnam Police Station’s officer)

People around Jang Ha Na

Lee Won Geun as Lee Eun Chang (stage director of Wonder Circus)
Oh Na Ra as Cha Jin Joo (employee of circus)

People around Robin

Maeng Sang Hoon as Director Min


Hwang Min Ho as Ahn Sung Geun
Lee Young Ran as Koo Myeong Hee


Kim Kyung Jin as Director Kim
Min Joon Hyun as reporter
Kang Sung Jin
Kim Ik Tae
Kim Seo Kyung

Production Credits

Production Company: H E&M (에이치이앤엠) and KPJ
Chief Producer: Lee Yong Suk
Director: Jo Young Kwang
Screenwriter: Kim Ji Woon


“Jekyll and Hyde” means a person who is vastly different in moral character from one situation to the next. (Source)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2015-01-21 1 10.2 (13th) 13.2 (6th) 8.6 (20th) 9.6 (15th)
2015-01-22 2 8.8 (20th) 11.7 (10th) 8.0 8.3
2015-01-28 3 7.2 8.5 (19th) 7.4 8.6 (18th)
2015-01-29 4 7.7 (20th) 8.6 (19th) 6.6 7.1
2015-02-04 5 6.2 (<8.5) 5.9 6.3
2015-02-05 6 6.7 (<8.7) 5.3 5.4
2015-02-11 7 5.5 (<8.5) 5.1 5.2
2015-02-12 8 6.9 (<8.8) 6.2 7.0
2015-02-18 9 5.4 (<8.5) 4.7 5.0
2015-02-19 10 5.5 (<8.7) 5.4 5.3
2015-02-25 11 4.9 (<8.7) 5.6 6.4
2015-02-26 12 5.7 (<8.5) 5.2 5.6
2015-03-04 13 4.0 (<8.5) 3.8 4.1
2015-03-05 14 5.3 (<8.8) 4.7 4.6
2015-03-11 15 3.9 (<7.9) 3.8 3.2
2015-03-12 16 5.1 (<8.4) 3.9 3.5
2015-03-18 17 3.6 4.5 3.5 3.9
2015-03-19 18 4.5 5.3 4.4 4.1
2015-03-25 19 3.4 (<8.6) 3.4 3.6
2015-03-26 20 4.7 (<9.2) 4.3 (<7.9)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


Hyde, Jekyll and I Poster 1 Hyde, Jekyll and I Poster 2

Photo of Main Character

Hyde, Jekyll and I Cast1 Hyde, Jekyll and I Cast2 Hyde, Jekyll and I Cast3 Hyde, Jekyll and I Cast4 Hyde, Jekyll and I Cast5

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  1. 1 : lamia Says:

    I will watch this for sure because of the cute actress. I really loved her in rooftop prince. <3

  2. 2 : HYW Says:

    Great!!!! I can’t wait this drama quickly

  3. 3 : praize...from Nigeria Says:

    Happy new year from Nigeria…this drama seems interestinly different…i look forward to watching it…cheers!

  4. 4 : Nyein Chan Thinzar Says:

    Love this couple!!Waiting for amazing characters:-D

  5. 5 : YoungRa Says:

    I like the actors because of he in a secret garden, and he’s so handsome, i can’t wait for this drama. and love this couple <3

  6. 6 : San Fachrudin Says:

    Oppa, why u so cool? I love when you so humorful , like secret garden’s movie :((

  7. 7 : paraparasakura Says:

    Sure to watch…it’s Hyun Bin!!

  8. 8 : KDCraze Says:

    Loved Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min. I definitely watch this!!!!!!!!

  9. 9 : leoN Says:

    what is hyeri doing there… grrr…so annoying that girl…

  10. 10 : Theresia Miho Says:

    Why Hyeri is the part of this drama,
    she is not reasonable to be the part of this drama..

  11. 11 : Sharon Says:

    Hyun Bin!! This should be good!
    Well everyone has been waiting for Hyun Bin to come with another drama and reading the synopsis I think Hyun Bin is the right fit. He is a great actor and I can’t wait to see him pull this character off.
    It’s a Romantic comedy and with my mental picture of the Jekle and Hyde character this drama should have one rolling down the aisle if written properly.
    Looking forward to this drama.

  12. 12 : jesisca Says:

    Omg hyun oppa,,must watch this drame after pinocchio,,, all casts’re my favourite,,,

  13. 13 : Seenam Says:

    supper excited for this drama! So glad they collaborated in another project!!!!!!

  14. 14 : karen Says:

    welcome back hyun bin…

  15. 15 : Adeul Says:

    Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min excellent romantic combination.

  16. 16 : salma mhdh Says:

    i think that this story is so much similar to the story of “kill me, heal me”! am i right?!

  17. 17 : eveerhz Says:

    Will definitely watch this one. Hyun Bin’s baaack! <3

  18. 18 : Seyha Says:

    welcome back my both boy and girl <3

  19. 19 : Hana Mimbalawag Says:

    Oh my gosh i’m so excited for this drama!!!:-)
    I love both of the main cast. <3

  20. 20 : malou1010 Says:

    Wow, a comeback drama for Hyun Bin! I’m in! And with Han Ji Min…..couldn’t be any happier! Love them both & TOGETHER! My 2015 got even better!

  21. 21 : malou1010 Says:

    This is Hyun Bin’s first project after his military service. I think it’s about close to 2 yrs. when one does it over there. No wonder he’s been away for so long! Missed him so much & so glad he’s finally back!

  22. 22 : memoo22 Says:

    Yeh, good that he is back. He left during his peak to serve in the Marine. Its good he returns safely in one piece after having been through some of the toughest training – check his training videos.

    He may be out of touch with the small screen for some years now, he may be a little raw and need time to get in tune with the camera again. Never mind with a little hiccup in the beginning. He shld be able to warm up with time. Also no worry about people comparing him with xyz or abc. For him this is the start of a brand new journey. Count me in for this drama.

  23. 23 : emerald Says:

    finally!!!! hyun bin is back on small screen

    i cant wait…..

  24. 24 : park jun sung Says:

    wew.. finally there is a good drama to watch after several months waste time watch pityful dramas…
    btw i like the song in trailer. the trailer seem pretty one… hoho

  25. 25 : asd Says:

    cant wait to see this soon!!!! hyun bin comeback on drama’s.

  26. 26 : TomluvMe Says:

    Can’t wait to watching this drama. Of course because of Hyun bin oppa B>

  27. 27 : someone Says:

    YEAHHHHHHH FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  28. 28 : JAA Says:

    Hyun Bin!!!
    I could die for this drama lol

  29. 29 : sherl Says:

    Yeah…finally …;love both Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min

  30. 30 : Ammy Says:

    Woooowww….. Hyun Bin Oppa…

  31. 31 : lee hye ae Says:

    Wow, a comeback drama for both Hyun bin and Han ji min! ^^ And the story also seems interesting, a love triangle with a guy with two personalities. I guess this drama will replace Pinocchio, my current Korean drama favorite. Will be watching out for it. ^^

  32. 32 : AriannaGrande Says:

    Yey! So excited! Hyun bin oppa is finally back! Rock on Oppa!

  33. 33 : tania Says:

    This drama like taiwan drama titled fall in love with me

  34. 34 : happy Says:

    ommo…this is gonna be awesome…i’ve been waiting for this….

  35. 35 : ahjussi lovers Says:

    CAN’T WAIT~~~!!!!!!!!
    hyunbin ahjussi miss u~~~~~!!!!!

  36. 36 : be5t4r Says:

    Binnie and minnie… dimple couple… yeahhhh very excited for them…

  37. 37 : be5t4r Says:

    OMG hyde jekyll & i already in the list top 30 most share drama in korea… even drama not yet start…
    Wuahhhhhh daebaaakkk

  38. 38 : Dee Says:

    Cant wait to enjoy the movie…But I was wondering, is that multiple personalities disorder really famous now in Korea? There are two upcoming dramas using the same story based kill me heal me

  39. 39 : May Says:

    I’m looking forward to this drama! Plot looks interesting and can’t wait for the first episode!

  40. 40 : igorsanches18 Says:

    My next drama after pinocchio!!

  41. 41 : g14 Says:

    hyun bin…bogoshipo..
    fighting n success for your drama…
    do your best….

  42. 42 : hanniekyu Says:

    Wuooww, Hyun Bin >,<
    Btw, seems like this story similiar with Kill Me, Heal Me (MBC) which is about double personality aka split personality disorder.
    Same theme in the same slot, Wed-Thurs drama. Can't wait!!!

  43. 43 : pari Says:

    i can not wait drama،lovely hyun bin

  44. 44 : KDCraze Says:

    @Hanniekyu, Yes,I agree with you. This drama story is similar with Kill Me Heal Me and the time slot is the same too. It’s Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min against Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum. I love both couple so I’m going to watch both of this drama. It’s going to be busy day for me on Wed and Thurs. LOL

  45. 45 : Yeonhee Says:

    HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO WATCH THE K-DRAMA “HEALER”. One of the best ever! No regrets!

  46. 46 : malou1010 Says:

    Me, too! Absolutely love both pairs to death! My Wednesdays & Thursdays would definitely be sooooo busy but soooo worth it. Cannot wait to watch both dramas!

  47. 47 : Shwaron Says:

    Ahhhh Hyun Bin! I absolutely with all my heart cannot wait!!!

  48. 48 : ANJELL Says:

    Finally, Hyun Bin back 🙂

  49. 49 : winnie Says:

    nice couple, i love them both. Han ji min played as grand mother of hyun bin in Fatal encounter, now as couple.
    thanks kdrama for bringing hyun bin back. I still hope he will be reunited with song hye kyo, even just in drama if not for real

  50. 50 : Amayar Daewi Says:

    Yeahhhhhhhhh .. Wanna watch this drama .. I’m waiting this drama because of Hyun Bin & Han Ji Min .. I Love Han Ji Min so much .. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  51. 51 : usa-mary Says:

    Besides being HYUN BIN…there’s nothing like a well-dressed [email protected]@!!! Be it a suit or a towel…LOL!

  52. 52 : memoo Says:

    Hyun Bin, you’re back. That’s great!!

  53. 53 : grace antonio Says:

    Excited to see him again in a drama..!

  54. 54 : Nancy Says:

    I am so glad Hyun Bin is back! This is a great way to start a new year! Weicome Back! Have been waiting for his new drama!

  55. 55 : Nancy Says:

    Wow! Sung Joon and Hyun Bin! That is a fantastic combo! I am excited!

  56. 56 : kzh Says:

    Happy to learn my onni hanjimin is back to small screen. I can’t wait ^^ ^^

  57. 57 : Autumn Grace Says:

    Ommona! I’m really looking forward to this drama. I love you Hyun Bin.

  58. 58 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Ohmoooooooö 😆 I am super duper excited 😂😂 I just can’t wait 👍😆😂

  59. 59 : kim Says:

    Finally, another Hyun Bin dramaaaaaaaaa! Can’t wait to watch it!
    I also loved Han Ji Min when she played the role at Rooftop Prince. It’s been a long time not seeing them in Korean drama 🙂
    I hope for all who love this drama gives the comment as much as you can. And also like it & post it on facebook & twitter. Because I was tired of seeing City Hunter at the 1 of Top 30 Drama, the drama wasn’t as good as the position & normal story at all. Not just City Hunter, but we should replace the Top 30 with the new one.
    Keep it up drama lovers! 😀

  60. 60 : ginny Says:

    but I think this is also one of normal story and genre. just ordinary romance comedy. its just little bit special cause of hyun bin and ji min who come back in drama land after along time. …huft

  61. 61 : Maja Says:

    My favorite hyun bin… Good luck …. Sooooo good to see you back :)))

  62. 62 : memo Says:

    Hyun bin? AAAAAAAAA

  63. 63 : Queens Says:

    wow.. my favorit Korean drama actor finally comeback.. debakkk..
    Pali-pali airing

  64. 64 : Sharon Says:

    Just watching the trailers to this drama and I kinda noticed that Hyun Bin is not as chizzled and defined(skinny) as he was in “Secret Garden”. I kinda like that, because he now has this manly form with some MEAT on his body. I like how he looks, the Army and age really matured him and make him look like a real man.

  65. 65 : memoo22 Says:

    @Sharon, totally agree with you especially the part about how the army had helped him matured. He really looks so disciplined, tough and manly. I just believe that the rigorous training had done him lots of good – physically and mentally.

  66. 66 : Sharon Says:

    Yeah, right!
    All these guys now a days want to be all metrosexual to the point of over doing it. Like being skinny, plastic surgery, male makeup, etc.

    However, I am looking forward to his performance. I hope he will come out swinging and make us fall deeper in love with him.

  67. 67 : Kaddict Says:

    if you have watch lots of korean drama and would like to prove it,interact and gist about it then join us here on facebook an interactive and entertaining group where WE TALK ALL ABOUT KOREAN DRAMA! :)https://m.facebook.com/groups/1541633016075605?_e_pi_=7%2CPAGE_ID10%2C8289804497&refid=13

  68. 68 : Dave90 Says:

    Hyun Bin comeback… Still waiting for this drama.. Hope can get high ranting..

  69. 69 : be5t4r Says:

    Daeebaaakkkk… long preview is soooo awesome… chemistry is explode .. really burn my heart……can’t wait till 21 jan…. oh come on GSJ,,, don’t sooo rude to jang hana ssi

    Watch in this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMuOk6tScl8

  70. 70 : lguna Says:

    Looking forward for this drama.

  71. 71 : kez Says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!! Did someone here me scream???? AAAAAAAAAHHH!

    This drama is going to be a big HIT and I’m totally loving it. Why? Because of a great storyline, great cast, great OST ofcourse(I can bet on that) and just because it is goooood!!!

    4 days to go, so ready to watch this drama!!!!! FIGHTING (HJAI)!!!

  72. 72 : Hyde, Jekyll and I 하이드 지킬, 나 [2015] | My Drama Links Says:

    […] trailer viki dramafever ondemandkorea dramacool hancinema daum top star news soompi mydramalist koreandrama.org dramabeans facebook tumblr blogs shura allabouthallyu waytoseoul […]

  73. 73 : NovieAgassi Says:

    This drama have a same story with kill me heal me,, i’am can’t wait fo watch both drama. Where is the best????

  74. 74 : ML Says:

    Can’t wait for this!

  75. 75 : DramaFan Says:

    Try watching Kill Me, Heal Me. Damn, it was sooooo good….. so addictive….. The chemistry between the leads is sizzling hot. Waiting for HJI also. Wondering if it can beat KMHM? Afterall, both the stories are based on multiple personalities.

  76. 76 : Jinjin Says:

    My interest is in Jekyll. If I want to watch KMHM I would have already done so. People coming here to promote it here at the Jekyll site will not change my mind. Not interested at all. Just hope there is some courtesy and respect shown here.

  77. 77 : didikakak Says:

    Hyun bin oppaaaaa….

  78. 78 : rian Says:

    oh! OMG ! hyun bin is come back ! it is INTERESTING .
    fight oh!!

  79. 79 : jmac Says:


  80. 80 : lulu Says:

    Yeah @ JinJim/76, it’s not that dang serious. Anyway, can’t wait to enjoy both dramas (because why willingly miss out on possibly awesome dramas that make me happy). I’m really enjoying quite alot of the dramas airing and I’m sooo excited for this one!

    Also I never really found Hyun Bin attractive in the past but he got REALLY hot!! Those dimples are lethal my god.

  81. 81 : providencia Says:

    lo esperare con anseas

  82. 82 : girlie Says:

    very similar with KMHM, both stories based on multiple personalities…

  83. 83 : wee Says:

    OMG..he is so handsome in this drama…..how to resist……

  84. 84 : be5t4r Says:

    Chemistry is sooo daebakkkk… love it ep. 1

  85. 85 : iin Says:

    maybe the storyline n the actor n actrees make me boring. i am big fan of k-drama. after i watch Winter Sonata, stairway to heaven, SG, FH, MNKSS, innocent man, and other popular kdrama now i know the storyline of kdrama now nothing new. the actor n actrees is too. after Secret Garden nothing can so popular.

  86. 86 : rian Says:

    the story is good and hyun bin is so handsome.
    nice rating.fight oh!!!

  87. 87 : sheryl Says:

    Good !!! Hyun Bin + HJM , both are my favorite !!! a must watch Kdrama !!

  88. 88 : marry Says:

    Love you hyun bin you are a great actor bravo

  89. 89 : marry Says:

    Je viens de regarder l’épisode 1 une très belle histoire ca fait un moment que j’attends un drama qui me touche le coeur est c’est fait .heureuse☺

  90. 90 : love sumner Says:

    Welcome back, Hyun Bin. Always like his sincere attitude towards screen characters he played since I love kim sam soon. He is a good actor. Good luck!

  91. 91 : park jun sung Says:

    why the rating low… omg

  92. 92 : happy Says:

    eventhough this drama has same storyline with KMHM,the whole story is totally different…goo seo jin seems living with severe to overcome psychological problems…obviously with the gaze he’s really cold….and,while the other case is trying to get rid of the bad personalities,here, goo seo jin is trying to get rid of good personality…

  93. 93 : KDCraze Says:

    After watching ep.1 & 2 of this drama. I don’t like Goo Seo Jin character, he is coward and selfish. Hopefully his character change as the story progress but I like Robin sweet character. For the storyline, I like Kill Me Heal Me better but I will still continuing watching this drama because I like Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min. Hopefully the storyline is improving as the story progress.

  94. 94 : memo Says:

    wahh, i was watch the episode 2. 🙂

  95. 95 : april evelyn Says:

    it’s good to see Hyun Bin again in a drama… i love his acting… i hope u have more dramas to come.. Fighting!!! Godbless always!!!

  96. 96 : naysa Says:

    just watching the 1st ep and it got me addicted. How bad Goo Seo Jin personality are, i know he could be that kind of man better than the hyde robin someday and could heal all of his illness. cant wait how Jang Ha Na starting to like him too. hoho let just see how the story going then :p
    and hyun bin… heol i cant even refuse how manly and handsome he’s been right now goshhhhhhhhh. mannnn i think im in love with this drama. just because of the rating not mind at all watching it even people seem comparing this with KMHM. cant wait for the next ep. Hyde Jekyll and I fightinggggg^^

  97. 97 : meooww Says:

    I think its better not to place the genre as romcom, just romantic. Becoz its not funny at all. The comedy better in KMHM. Then, han ji min plays not really good in here, she can’t play as a funny and charming girl, i didn’t see any chemistry yet between ji min and hyun bin..
    But the good point is when seo jin changed into robin. I lovee robin characters it suits well with ha na.

  98. 98 : crystal Says:

    his dimples ><

  99. 99 : lishin Says:

    i love hyun bin any of role that he take/took because he is good in acting and so handsome until now.i love his personality.
    i love you oppa fight oh ! aja!

  100. 100 : park jun sung Says:

    actually its a lil bit boring.. .

  101. 101 : ohanii Says:

    waiting for next ep

  102. 102 : ashiya Says:

    wow this drama is too exicted waiting for net epioside 🙂

  103. 103 : dong Says:

    Love Jang HaNa and Goo Seo Jin.

  104. 104 : freedomdemon Says:

    hope that its everyday release new eps~!!!!! ^^Y <3
    haha, but its just 2 eps per week~!!!!! <3
    sure i keep chasing this drama new release~!!!!! (*. ^) <3
    this drama was nice~!!!!! (*v *)Y <3
    thank you~!!!!!

  105. 105 : JAA Says:

    I love yawww ROBIN!!!!!! HAHAHA bE mine Robin

  106. 106 : Carmarie Says:

    So far I am loving this drama. Hyum Bin and Han Ji Min are two of my favorite actors.

  107. 107 : jd Says:

    HB is the most handsome k actor…
    i have been waiting for his drama
    but this drama is sacks
    just a fancy makeup
    fancy clothes
    fancy decoration
    fancy house
    plastic drama
    so disappointing

  108. 108 : iK Says:

    i’m really excited for waiting this drama,
    but when i watch it,
    i’m not excited anymore..
    hope in next eps it’s will be more interest^^

  109. 109 : victoria Says:

    no matter what are saying a bad words i dont care.
    it is hyun bin he never dissappointed me ever.
    i think this drama is good to watch.
    i hope this drama it will be become on the top 8 list poll closed this year 2015.hyun bin fighting ! saranghae!

  110. 110 : Dave90 Says:

    Nice drama.. I will watch this drama till end..

  111. 111 : michele Says:

    ..i sooo love this kdrama! i love hyun bin!

  112. 112 : michele Says:

    ..so excited for the next episode 🙂

  113. 113 : park jun sung Says:

    im sorry to said that, but time by time the story come to bored n bored… maybe thats why the rating get so low.. should i continue… -___________-
    heart to heart is better… i dunno is it because the writer less idea???
    but recently, paid channel drama like tvN has more interesting drama than free channel.

  114. 114 : ANJELL Says:

    very beautiful drama, waiting for next eps

  115. 115 : Corperation | Try 2B cool 'n smart... Says:

    […] bukannya tanpa alasan. Aku baru saja selesai menyaksikan drama Korea yang berjudul Hyde, Jekyll and I episode 2 secara online. Sebagai informasi, drama ini baru tayang hingga episode 3 di Korea […]

  116. 116 : khokha Says:

    I watched first ep of both this drama and kill me heal me and guess what…. I found that kill me heal me is more interesting. Sorry, HB, I might think again of watching your drama if it gets better.

  117. 117 : sun Says:

    the rating become low..why?omg….but anyway,i like hyun bin.so fighting!!!!

  118. 118 : love sumner Says:

    Ultimately, fans viewership and support shall determine if Hyun Bin will win actor award at end of year SBS drama awards, nevertheless, i never doubt his professional and steady acting.

  119. 119 : g14 Says:

    i’ve just watched the first episode…
    though it is not the best, but i still want to watch till the end…
    do your best binnie oppa…

  120. 120 : Phamz Says:

    Just finished watching w/o eng sub and now Im waiting for the sub title..For me I like this drama…Hyun bin fighting

  121. 121 : Netty Says:

    I love Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min as they are great actor and actress but I’m gonna not to lie that this drama was not good. I wish that the storyline was just a simple story not complicated like this. Also the ratings was not good either and it’s going down. Hopefully both of them were being more selective in role and story for next their drama project in future.

  122. 122 : ryeongbin Says:

    whatever about the rating
    this is the first drama after hyunbin discharge of military
    fighting oppaaaaa

  123. 123 : h2 Says:

    everyone judge this bcs of the storyline? blame the writer then for making this not as good as what u want..but pls give some respect for the actors and actresses Hyun Bin Han Ji Min, they are rlly working hard for this, sigh.
    whatever u guys said im keeping my eyes on this drama<3
    keep it up Hyun Bin Han Ji Min!!! im supporting u guys two in this drama! and fightinggggg

  124. 124 : wee Says:

    Can anyone tell me what is the phone model that hyun bin is using in the drama..red colour one….

  125. 125 : wee answer Says:

    @wee its lg g flex 2

  126. 126 : amelia Says:

    the rating showing that KMHM more more and more interesting than HJM. i disappointed with this drama because it’s even get on 30 most share drama before it’s started. this drama just showing how much money SBS have been spent. unfortunately with the actrees and actor which have big name can’t help this drama from bad story

  127. 127 : Adeul Says:

    I like this drama but Yun Bin’s characters are dull, much like the original Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Robyn is just a nice guy while Seo Jin is NOT a nice guy. There’s not a great deal more to that. Oh there’s some history but other than that…

    He lost nothing after the military. I would say he gained power in his acting.

    I would really have liked Han Ji Min’s character with Ji Min natural hair color. That much henna is overwhelming and distracting because it just doesn’t look right on her.

  128. 128 : g14 Says:

    I like hyun bin as ROBIN…
    I think hyun bin is still good actor…
    he can play two characters at same time…

  129. 129 : g14 Says:

    Kenapa report2…you compare between KMHM and HJI…
    just watch both of them…
    at least we know them…
    i will watch both of them..but HJI is first..
    KMHM is later…

  130. 130 : g14 Says:

    I’ve just watched episode 2…
    Wow…hyun bin looks cute as robin…
    In episode 1 hyun bin (goo seo jin) reminds me with joo won (secret garden) but the end of epsd 2…ah ROBIN is different…
    hopefully…the story will be better and better..

  131. 131 : venus Says:

    all casts here esp. hyun bin is doing there best.
    so dont judge this drama. the story is not yet finish but started …

  132. 132 : Dong Says:

    Personally I like this drama a lot since I like both the leads and also because it’s interesting and entertaining.

    I ike the circus and the wonderland

  133. 133 : rory Says:

    beautiful house & scenery BUT bad directing, weak storyline, ridiculous scenes & dull characters..such a waste for the talents..I’m disappointed coz I tried so hard to love this drama like I love other shows but sorry..anyway, I will check this thread from time to time & may continue to watch if comments say it’s getting better.

  134. 134 : park jun sung Says:

    agree with rory… great actors but horrible story. hyun bin n han ji min should have a great another drama than this. so waste skill. althougt their skill is good, but its doesnt make a sense if the story worst. i decided to stop after ep 3… so waste my kuota download

  135. 135 : elos Says:

    Can’t wait for this drama. Comments above really annoyed me. This drama has to be rock.

  136. 136 : praize...from Nigeria Says:

    I am going to watch the whole lot…Kill me, Heal me, Heart to heart and ofcourse Hyde, Jekyll and I….why compare? Just Enjoy! I am sure they will all do a great Job…Fighting k-drama! And there is this other one i read its synopsis some time in January…about the lead actress waking up with different men each morning…cna someone tell me its tittle? thank You!

  137. 137 : agassi_young Says:

    BEST DRAMA .. good job!! fighting!! saranghae!!

  138. 138 : ranazahra Says:

    Don’t compare HJI with KMHM…. Eventhough both focus in the same field (DID) but the storyline absolutely different, and also the charms. I love KMHM so much i need to say it was on my best 5 favorite drama i’ve ever watched (just so you know i started watching korean drama in the third grade of elementary school and now i’m 20 yo, can you imagined how many drama i’ve ever watched 🙂 but HJI also doing pretty good! Please watch both of them, wait till finish, they’re amazing!

  139. 139 : jesisca Says:

    Hope in episode 5 the story will be better,, i stilll wait the chemistry between the lead casts,, because they’re my fav actor and actress,,
    please the writer change the story and make them more aggresive or something make the viewers wanna watch more than in previous episode,,
    but so far I love the casts,, story is good, but notenough to be good they must get excellent story,,,fighting hyun bin oppa and han ji min,, waiting for all of you in next epsiodes

  140. 140 : Donesk Says:

    This drama sucks

  141. 141 : mitch Says:

    ..I love this kdrama!! Whatever the ratings is.. fighting!!

  142. 142 : ugly519 Says:

    I really like this drama…it’s a shame the ratings are not higher…it’s the only drama I have gone back and watched 10 min to see a scene that I really liked…and I watch a lot of dramas

  143. 143 : g14 Says:

    I have just finished episode 3 and 4..
    Episode 4 is good…
    it starts better and better…
    I love ostso much..falling n because of you

  144. 144 : g14 Says:

    I watched hyun bin in many dramas: the ireland, my lovely samsoon, snow queen, secret garden…
    i loved secret garden..and now i still love secret garden..
    i want hyde jekyll and i can be the best drama like secret garden…
    fighting hyun bin oppa…do your best in this drama…
    i will always like you

  145. 145 : Vicki Says:

    This drama is nosediving because the storyline is boring and the production is unskillful (Too much digital effects, flying, jumping, rope dragging, awkward scenes). How on earth there is a personality disorder persona is a Robin, who has superpower?? If this is Sci-fi movie/drama instead, it is ok.
    Hyun Bin is a good actor from Secret Garden, which I love but he can’t save this drama. The main actress does not share any chemistry with the lead actor on screen. Each of them is on their own. Oh well, next time he will be in better luck with other dramas.

  146. 146 : KDCraze Says:

    I’m very anticipating with this drama at first because of Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min. But after watching 4 ep. I’m quite disappointed with the story. The story doesn’t gives me excitement and thrilling like Kill Me Heal Me. I think that’s the reason why the rating drop also. This is the same case with Rain drama She’s So Lovable, A lot of people want to watch it because of Rain but the story is so boring. I hope Hyde, Jekyll and I doesn’t end up like Rain drama. I just hope that the story is getting better and the chemistry between Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min is better also. I’m still continue watching it for Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min.

  147. 147 : g14 Says:

    I don’t care wether this drama is good or not..
    the rating is high or low…
    i just want to continue watching this drama till the end…

  148. 148 : ANJELL Says:

    The drama still at the beginning we can’t judge now, I am disappointed from the comments. I like this drama and, the story is also interesting. I am sure it will get better later. fighting hyun bin, I will keep watching 🙂

  149. 149 : trea Says:

    Sori ya nyampah. Nggak tahan..

    I love hyun bin, i didn’t compare this drama with KMHM. But this drama really boring. I’m sorry hyun bin oppa 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Really disappointed..

  150. 150 : Hemma Says:

    I watched this drama bcos of Hyun bin but its getting boring ..so just I watch TKF instead at kbsworld which is the same time as HJI

  151. 151 : Dlcne Says:

    Yeah I knw the feeling we all had great expectations with such great actors,but the story line kind sucks same thing happend with Rain in my Lovable girl.
    Anyway ll keep watching hope it turns better

  152. 152 : Carmarie Says:

    @ ranazahra #138

    I agree with you that the two dramas should not be compared. I abolutely love HMKM; but I also like JH&1. As with Dr. Jin and Faith, both have the same theme; however, the storylines are completely different.

    I loved the scene where Robin and Ha Na were bouncing on the trampoline. I also like JHN’s spunkiness. I hope the rating improve for this drama. Even if they don’t I will continue to watch the show because the actors are good, and there are stories interwoven together. I just hope the writers continue to develop all of the back stories and do not leave us hanging at the end.

  153. 153 : Britney xxx Says:

    Compare with this with KMHM, I prefer KMHM. The casts over there done better job than this one. I force myself to watch this because of Hyun Bin but the leading actress, Ha Ji Min really destroys the whole drama because of her so blank impressions and poor acting unlike Hwang Jung Eum in KMHM, she is so alive.

  154. 154 : kyna Says:

    hyunbin is so handsome in this drama but the story is so so boring n i cant get what the story about..so dissappointed…better watch kmhm

  155. 155 : g14 Says:

    Wah…i’m curious episode 5..

  156. 156 : pnclee Says:

    Regardless of what people say, I still love this show and I look forward to watching the new episodes every week! Plus, how can you not love Hyun Bin? Haters gonna hate, oh well.

  157. 157 : zaraa Says:

    Yeah im so picky in watching the k-drama. but after watching dis show up to ep 5, im totally fall in <3 . Hyun bin n Han ji min deabak!! Cant wait for the next ep. xD

  158. 158 : Phamz Says:

    I enjoyed watching ep 5..Can’t wait ep 6..Hyun bin & Han ji min figthing..

  159. 159 : Anna Says:

    OMG! I love Hyun Bin<3 he's so gorgeous..daebak!

  160. 160 : Kjesin Says:

    I absolutely love this drama no matter what the others say. And Han Ji Min is a great actress!!! Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min!!!!!! They are amazing together!!! I’ve been waiting for them to work together again since their movie “The Fatal Encounter”, one of my favorite movies of all time!!! “Hyde, Jekyll And I” Fighting! I LOVE THIS DRAMA!!!!!!!

  161. 161 : mitch Says:

    …I so love hyun bin!! Go HJ&M!!

  162. 162 : mitch Says:

    ..we don’t care about the ratings, I sooo love this kdrama..

  163. 163 : mitch Says:

    …I read that HJ&I has the real story line. So go go Hyun bin!!

  164. 164 : Hyekoxx Says:

    bad acting, overrating leading actor, actress. This drama will be more interesting with other talent actors.

  165. 165 : iin Says:

    mr.hyun bin you should choose the actreess like ha ji won with her strong character. not han ji min. you should more selective to choose the script that you accept. read the tittle make me boring n never want to watch it. or mr hyun bin you can ask ha ji won to instead han ji min. may be wil booming.

  166. 166 : sue Says:

    The drama is getting better with the appearance of kind and loving Robin. The plot has started to warm up gradually and now peaking at ep 5.

    Over-rated actors? Its the actors’ good performance, especially Hyun Bin’s, that have helped to hold up the drama tremendously. Well, suspect those who say so might have not even watched a single episode of this drama and have never watched any previous drama of the leads. If they are over-rated, then many other actors apparently popular could well pack their bags and go home.

  167. 167 : Phamz Says:

    I don’t care about the rating and what people say bad about this drama…All I can say is i love H,J&I and now much more interesting..Now Seo jin starting to care and like ha na…Love both seo jin and robin…Hyun bin fighting…Hope your next project is with Song hye kyo…

  168. 168 : Anna Says:

    @Hyekoxx U R definitely a SHG fanatic!! U R an IDIONT!!!

  169. 169 : Celine Says:

    Although the story is so rambling, but i trust it will be have a deep mean at the end. Just keep watching and i really enjoy it. @Hyekoxx did u say they are overrated? Please i do not want to compare this drama with HMKL that i love the actress but she was so over and too much screaming. I really do not say! HAHA

  170. 170 : Celine Says:

    Although the story is so rambling, but i trust it will be have a deep mean at the end. Just keep watching and i really enjoy it. @Hyekoxx did u say they are overrated? Please i do not want to compare this drama with KMHL that i love the actress but she was so over and too much screaming. I really do not say! HAHA

  171. 171 : Celine Says:

    Although the story is so rambling, but i trust it will be have a deep mean at the end. Just keep watching and i really enjoy it. @Hyekoxx did u say they are overrated? Please i do not want to compare this drama with KMHL that i love the actress but she was so over and too much screaming. I really do not say! HAHA.

  172. 172 : seetee Says:

    I just started watching this drama 2 days ago and I must say I really, really like it. I know there’s a lot of comparisons of this drama with KMHM and HTH and though I’ve seen the later 2 first, I still like H,J&I more.

  173. 173 : Psyche Says:

    sorry hyun bin, but this is boring~


  174. 174 : nitta Says:

    Love this drama. For me it’s not boring at all. I really enjoy great actings both hyun bin and han ji min..Comparing with KMHM, story is less dramatic but this drama is fun to watch. Hyun bin’s acting never fail me

  175. 175 : Anna Says:

    @carmarie,pnclee,zaraa,phamz,Celine,settee, N nitta Thumbs Up<3

  176. 176 : apple Says:

    The 2 leads are natural and professional in the drama role. Hopefully the ratings pick up. Both of them are excellent actors

  177. 177 : apple Says:

    How about pairing up Han Ji Min with Hyun Bin and Park YooChun in one drama ??

  178. 178 : jangerr Says:

    Wow! I’m soooooo glad I decided to watch this drama despite the low rating and negative comparisons with Kill Me, Heal Me. I’ve been watching KMHM and enjoying it so did not feel the desire to watch HJ&I, But out of curiosity, I decided to give it a try yesterday and boy, from episode 1, I’m hooked, line and sinker!

    Though both dramas have the same theme and competent casts, the tone and feel can’t be any more different. KMHM is more manga style, with OTT characters and acting. lots of actions and fantastical storyline. HJ&I on the other hand, takes a more serious tone, slower pace but with deeper undertones and meaning. I’m enjoying both but at the moment HJ&I is the one that I await with much anticipation for each new episode!

  179. 179 : Dong Says:

    I like this drama. Love how the story evolves, so funny to watch Goo Seo-Jin slowly changed and became sensitive to Ha-Na’s well-being despite the fact he kept telling himself he doesn’t care.

  180. 180 : Kaylee Says:

    I absolutely LOVE this drama. Every episode gets better & better!!! I don’t care what everyone says & the poor rating but this drama is awesome!!! Love Hyun Bin & Han Ji Min…they are both great actors & have great chemistry. Love both characters Seo Jin & Robin. Looking forward to the next episode!!!

  181. 181 : lovelove Says:

    at first episode, i thought that this drama is kinda boring , but in the next episode , this drama is getting better and suprise me alot. i dont know why the rating keep lower .. i hope the rating will get uppr and upper

  182. 182 : Hyuna Says:

    Poor uri Hyun Bin Oppa~ you’re great actor.. just drop the drama instead~!! looking for the other great one~ kinda boring to see this drama~!!

  183. 183 : sweetie Says:

    HJ&I fighting!!! <3 <3 <3

  184. 184 : mila says Says:

    I really love this drama, in every episodes it is really exciting. Han ji min and Hyun Bin are great actors. Keep up the good works.

  185. 185 : lina Says:

    after waching eps. 6, daebak…… i can’t wait for the next episode. its more & more exciting

  186. 186 : sara Says:

    I just want to say it is not fair to leave negative comments based on the ratings or to judge a drama in comparison with other ones. When I started watching the drama I thought that I will be disappointed based on the comments here, but I’m really satisfied by my choice.
    The story is as reasonable as of many current Korean dramas. When we are talking about fantasies and the events taking place in a location called wonder land, how can we claim that the story is not realistic?
    It was not supposed to be realistic from the beginning. I’m really enjoying watching the drama and I can predict that the story will be more developed in the next episodes. Hyde, Jekyll and I team fighting.

  187. 187 : apple Says:


  188. 188 : sandy Says:

    DAEBAK…I like the cast on this drama too…I’m so glad to see HB and HJM paired together. Although, I sense some distance between them, maybe that’s how the role is at the beginning, I wish there would be more closeness later on in the drama as she was in Rooftop Prince with Yochun !! I love Hyun Bin and I am glad he is back to acting!!! Looking forward to more projects!! I don’t care about the ratings…I’ve watched dramas where they have had some low ratings but the drama had been excellent!! Im expecting this drama to be like that!!

  189. 189 : may Says:

    Love the leads so much, they are so good. Love how the chemistry slowly builds up from nothing to a little spark and then … now SeoJin is unconsciously caring for someone else apart from himself, unconsciously jealous of Dr. Yoon and even his alter ego

    Love love love this drama, cant wait for next ep

  190. 190 : JAA Says:

    now I cheer up for Seo Jin wins Robin lol
    But wait!!! If i were her I gonna fall in love with both men lol
    ps, why oppa so handsome haha who cut this hair for you oppa lol I can’t wait for next ep!!!

  191. 191 : dins Says:

    i dont care with the rate. thats drama is so cool. Hyun Bin act so amazing. standing applause for hb and hjm!!
    *note: to everybody who take this page and look at drama rate, if you think this drama worst than kill me heal me, then you make a big mistake.*
    try to watch it and try to avoid the rate. yey

  192. 192 : me Says:

    boring, no soul in it,

  193. 193 : happy Says:

    i’m at seo jin team…i wish more scene between seo jin and ha na…

  194. 194 : ery chris Says:

    Dont know why…i never like drama with Hyun Bin is the lead actor..since from secret garden, the world within, and hyde jekill now. But i always try to watch them though in the end i dont get the WOW feeling. So lets hope this drama will change my mind about hyun bin oppa..

  195. 195 : Icecream Says:

    I’m LOVING this drama. I am so curious about the back story of the DID, and it is driving me nuts. I can’t wait to find out the reason behind everything.

    The drama just keeps getting better and better. Episode 5 had me laughing throughout. I can see myself watching and enjoying some scenes again and again just like my other fav dramas.

    I was really disappointed by the tv ratings but I’m praying for a miracle. I really wish many people watch the drama because it’s amazing.

  196. 196 : Nancy Says:

    I must have high expectation from Hyun Bin. I am not enjoying this drama as much as his other dramas. It’s a boring):

  197. 197 : princess Says:

    Yang bilang bagus, maksa banget.. :))
    Drama boring gini..

  198. 198 : sweetie Says:

    yeah!! cant wait for the next eps. xD >_<

  199. 199 : amy Says:

    I stop watching since ep 3…hyun bin you should choose better drama 🙁 for hyun bin and han ji min this drama such a waste of their talent 🙁 this drama is way too boring and cheesy 🙁 i will wait for this drama if it get interesting in the future..i will watch it again 🙂

  200. 200 : se young Says:

    the rate writting is mistake coz in other site epi.7 rate is 5.1 why is here 8.3? im correct or right? which site tell the truth about ratings?

    (@se young from admin: <8.3 is different with 8.3. Please read it carefully. 5.1 still is <8.3)

  201. 201 : Phamz Says:

    Love3x…I feel inlove w/seo jin..hehe…very interesting drama…waiting for ep 8 tonight….HJ&I fighting.♡♡♡

  202. 202 : michele Says:

    Fighting! HJ & I. love the story, who cares for the ratings 🙂

  203. 203 : michele Says:

    ..excited for Ep8! go go Hyun bin!

  204. 204 : jeavy Says:

    Hyun bin oppa.!!
    Welcome come., your character here is very interesting..
    I hope the success of this drama..
    Fighting..! Saranghae.. <3 <3

  205. 205 : h2 Says:

    for everyone out there who kept commenting this drama boring are definitely wrong bcs you guys only just seen this drama based on the first ep. not as whole of the story. besides of the romance/comedy genre i found this drama is such a thrilling and filled with alot of mystery like from how Seojin could suffer like this? and created his DID illness? and why this LeeSooHyun guy been hunting him bcs for a revenge?
    after i found it out in ep. 8 that the one whose kidnapped dr. Kang and the one whose been chasing Hana those past days are not the real culprit, but someone which is on mental illness and SeoJin childhood friends. oh god im scared to death to know that those person are YoonTaeJoo.
    u know what im impressed keeping this drama on my 1st list this year bcs the mystery which i curious of are revealing one by one in each episode along with the romance story between Seojin-Hana-Robin.
    Hyde Jekyll Me fighting! dont care what other ppl say bcs they only seeing this in one side! also big appaluse for Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min for the great acting theyve been doing. You all doing a Good Job! cant wait for another sweet and mystery in the next ep ;;) all loveeeeee<3

  206. 206 : h2 Says:

    and FYI im in Seojin team xD
    oh well it such hard question to choose between Seojin and Robin since they have their own charm, but as long as it is Hyun Bin im in love with it xD and anyway i do ship him with Han Ji Min, they look like a great couple :p <3
    Hyun Bin Han Ji Min fightingggggg~!!!

  207. 207 : g14 Says:

    ahhhhh….this drama is better and better..
    I have just finished episode 5 and i like it so much

  208. 208 : marieph Says:

    im soo in love with the characters and storyline! thumbs up 10x. and oh i do hope hyun bin and han ji min date for real! shipping these two! 😉

  209. 209 : Jd Says:

    Really bad drama. BOring !

  210. 210 : charls Says:

    Yes.. Overated actor !!

  211. 211 : JCW Says:

    I watched this drama and thought that the story was quite interesting. But then a friend told me that there’s another drama about Dissociative Identity Disorder, which was Kill Me, Heal Me. I have to admit that Kill Me, Heal Me has a much much much more interesting story line than Hyde, Jekyll and I. There are a lot of scenes in KMLM that I”ve watched over and over again but never got tired of it. HJI is a kind of a let down since I’m a fan of Hyun Bin, Han Ji Min and Sung Joon

  212. 212 : happy Says:

    seo jin is really king of denial,but how long he can deny everything…this is hyun bin’s first drama with the villain…came up the suspense there would be interesting… and not to forget,sung joon is really something…

  213. 213 : JAA Says:

    OMG it getting more excited I can’t wait for ep 10 T^T

  214. 214 : JAA Says:

    oops I mean 9 lol

  215. 215 : ANJELL Says:

    wawwwww so excited can’t waiting ep 9 and 10 chummaalll 🙁

  216. 216 : hana Says:

    woowwww…hyun bin is daebak…seo jin is hyun bin and robin is hyun bin. But seo jin and robin is really like 2 different persons…the twist is great. Han ji min is really beautiful here. I really like her style..

  217. 217 : happy Says:

    so which team do you choose?

  218. 218 : The truth Says:

    This drama is getting nowhere. The storyline is contrived along with poor production and editing. The main male character are unlikable, narcissistic and grabby while his persona is meek, cheesy, cliche. Huyn Bin is totally overated because his acting is not that good in this drama. Robin can be distinguished from his main character by the geeky hairstyle and overshown dimples ( he stretches his muscles when he smiles to get the dimple shown) while there are not much in expression. The female lead’s acting is totally boring. She has the same expression, looking like a damsel in distress. Both the male lead and female lead do not have any chemistry together. Their acting is mediocre. Whoever praises this drama is probably having nothing else to watch. The Hyun Bin’s fans rate this drama 5 stars because they are trying to save his face. The teenaged girls are crazy for him for his looks??? However, in this drama he is not that great. This drama is downright slow and tacky.

  219. 219 : hana Says:

    i like robin..he’s sweet,really nice,but that’s not what i like.he is a strong personality under rejection.He’s a warmheart personality even in cold eye sight’s people.I wonder is there anyperson like him in this world.

  220. 220 : sasa Says:

    i’m watching KMHM now.but because people always badmouthing this drama,i really need to know about this show.
    so here,i am on seo jin team.

  221. 221 : happy Says:

    i’ve read in other site thread about tae joo/lee soo hyun… It seems that Tae Joo /Lee Soo Hyun
    actually did lots of mental hacking experiments previously with many
    people. 83 people already being tested by him during the experiment.
    Wow. This man is seriously scary….

  222. 222 : happy Says:

    so these kind of person that seo jin/robin has to deal…

  223. 223 : just Says:

    @The truth Says

    Woooww, you rock. You said everything what I want to say. I am sorry Hyun Bin fans but this is true. HJI is not a good drama. We have watched better k-dramas.

  224. 224 : hana Says:

    wow so the villain is real. i think sung joon play his part very well. does he have a problem with his mental too? he is such a nice doctor but now also a phsyco?

  225. 225 : sasa Says:

    Tae joo knows that seo jin doesn’t have anytwin and then ha na is coming to his house with robin.so tae joo a.k.a lee soo hyun directly will realize that seo jin has DID since he is a pshycolog too.interesting.

  226. 226 : happy Says:

    so whose mental that is going to be hacked by tae joo next? is it Dr.kang which soe jin’s doctor? or ha na?or even robin?
    ommoo no way…

  227. 227 : Sandy Says:

    I think it was a job well done to reveal in episode 8 who the real culprit was…I like dramas where they surprise me like this one…all along I thought It was the technician at the hospital!! Anyway, I still wish for more of a spark in their relationship between Ha Na and Robin/Goo Seo Jin!! 🙂
    I like both dramas LMHM and this one as well!!!

  228. 228 : sue Says:

    @The truth Says: I’ve way way pass my teens and Im a mature adult and not one of the teens you think we are who praise him to safe his face. I’m watching this cos its good and it entertains me and make me happy. What other reasons can I find to watch a drama? You’ve said it, we are watching it cos there is nothing better to watch. There are ardent fans for the slow, tacky and cheesy you know. Yeh, you do sound like an underage teen.

  229. 229 : So bad! Says:

    As of now, this drama is the worst one among all the Korean dramas that are being aired. The nonsensical storyline- First off, they showcased tons of digital effect from gorilla, flying, rope dragging in hope to excite the audience but all was in vain. Then they slow it down by snail pace with no major plots : thhe girl can’t tell Robin and Seo Jin is the same man is blantantly ridiculous. The romance is being forced upon them because they can’t convince the audience and it does look fake from the bad acting from both actor and actress. The filming method is bad as well. The camera zooms in his hairy head as he kisses her and he kisses her with his head leaning on sideway! The lead actress always look bewildered, preoccupied with her own thoughts while the male actor acts like he is possessed in one scene as Seo Jin and the next scene he looks like Mr. Bean from a remoted countryside with faux pas innocent looking and sweetness.
    They act own their own accord with no sparks or chemistry. You feel like you waste your time watching them or you could leave the screen on playing and come back after 10 minutes you were not missing anything. The drama drags on forever. Hyun Bin or not, this drama is just bad and tastless.

  230. 230 : The truth Says:

    @ Sue
    Take it with a grain of salt because this drama is nosediving. Look at the rating and it is done by the Korean viewers. They rate their own people’s work. If it was so grea why would it be sliding downhill? Yes, I am underage teen with brain but you are brainless! You sound like a fanatic fan who could stoop really low to defend your idol. Get over it! Do not pout and stomp like those sore losers when you said you are mature. Believe what you want to believe but you are beating a dead horse anyways.

  231. 231 : hana Says:

    soe jin and robin have separated memories,could it be hacked? as mental hacking is manipulating the memories.

  232. 232 : sasa Says:

    tae joo’s goal for his experiments probably to get revenge to soe jin. I think for this revenge tae joo had already prepared his plan very well .but what is his plans?kill seo jin?

  233. 233 : sue Says:

    @The truth Says Im a fanatic fan who could stoop really low and I’m “brainless”. You’re a very smart kid with brain, a genius, okay?

  234. 234 : jewel Says:

    hyun bin looks so handsome in the drama no doubt about it but why did he choose this drama 🙁 to be honest the drama is boring its just my opinion..

  235. 235 : Justice team Says:

    The sooner this drama ends the better it is. As someone says: it lags, sags, drags. It has bad acting, amateurish production on top of the flat storyline. Most of the time the reviews for it are :” Oh.the guy is hot” ” his dimples” but nothing else! For the record, he is not that hot-his face is angular like triangle shape-big forehead and pointy chin. His acting is average in this, which there are not many comments about his acting skills but his body. Can people get out of the shallow end and be real?The whole casting members are boring. The lead actress is depressing. The romance looks cold, no connection. DID is a superhuman Robin? No kidding. I’d rather watch Shine or Go Crazy, Rosy Lovers, Hearts to Hearts, Spy and others but this junky.

  236. 236 : iin Says:

    yes. soooooo boring. mr.hyun bin please more selective to choose your project. the lead actrees is too bad for you.

  237. 237 : abc Says:

    I don’t understand where this drama is going. I have spent 8 hours from episode 1 to 8, following the development of the relationship of the Robin/Seo Jin and Ha Na but 3 of them are sailing a boat in circles. Nothing is making sense out of this situation. She lives in the same place with Seo Jin, who most of the time in daylight ignores, scolds, is being mean to her yet she can’t regconize him when at night time, he turns into a Robin to hang out with there and playing a Robin Hood who saves the poor and rescues weak women. She does not question his identity at all or even become curious of who he actually is. Robin is out at night and Seo Jin is in control in the day. Is she being delusional as well? What kind of plot is this? The so called romance is just plain boring, dry and barren. Now they throw in another clumsy plot that the hypnosis doctor is the culprit who tried to kill her and Dr. Jang??? The endless jokes keep going ! No wonder this drama is being bombed in Korea.

  238. 238 : yurichan Says:

    I watched this drama only because hyun bin was in it but what a waste of time and i felt bored nothing is interesting in this drama! this drama is easily forgettable ..i wouldn’t recommend anyone to watch this drama .. screenplay , actors . everything is boring please watch other k-dramas they are much better than this..no chemistry between the lead actors i wish they would have chosen some other actress as lead because this actress looks so weak in acting she is boring like this drama..k-dramas were good before but now a days all the dramas have no new story or new plot all the dramas look same , I request the k drama writers to change a and stop following the same old k-drama formula which is getting boring and this makes all the fans lose interest in k dramas..

    sorry even the handsome hyun bin cannot save this drama..the ratings says it all.

  239. 239 : Jerin Says:

    I don’t recommend anyone to watch this drama. This drama is on 2/5 star rating scale.
    This is not what I recall how Hyun Bin was in ” Secret Garden”
    The bad storyline throughout, poor production, thus resulted in poor acting. Hyun Bin is being wasted in this drama.
    1. Casting members:
    Han Jin Min, the main actress-Her acting needs improvement. She has the same facial expression in all episodes, like statue. The viewers can’t relate to her to feel anything. As for on screen chemistry match up. This is my opinion as I don’t get why she is so bad in her acting and not compatible with Hyun Bin: She ( a Scorpio ) could be paired up with Sung Joon( a Cancer) perhaps both of them could share some chemistry.
    Hyun Bin also needs to take his acting to another notch but I guess with the characters he plays there are not many rooms to move or to express excepting being either a self-absorbed, hot headed or being a innocent/cute man in both Seo Jin and Robin. Blame it on the boring storyline then! However, I would pair Hyun Bin ( Libra ) up with Hyeri
    ( a Gemini ) then they might have some sparks together for their roles.
    2. Writers/producers: Please get rid of that gigital gorilla from the beginning. A small monkey would do a job. Robin does not need to fly. Ha Na does not need to do ziplinning. Too much time wasted on a no chemistry romance and finding the killer from episode 2-8. There must be more plots to the story.
    Good luck in your next drama, Hyun Bin. You should have not chosen this drama to be in.

  240. 240 : Celine Says:

    Dont blame Ha Ji Min, didnt you remember she was really great in rooftop prince? How pity the both leadㅠㅠ

  241. 241 : Maria Says:

    Guys and gals!!!! Calm down. I think this drama is great. Some off scenes but overall, the acting is great and the story is quite different. I have never seen hyun bin interacting with hyun bin. That’s amazing! KMHM is uber the top…..7 personalities that’s a joke. Heart to heart is lame….blushing and wearing a helmet…what the heck!

  242. 242 : betrue Says:

    lets be honest this drama is boring as hell and that’s the truth if we say this drama is superb then we are lying just because our fav actors are in it that doesn’t mean we have to say this drama is great when its not!! i don’t blame the actors but the writer he is not making any effort to make the drama look interesting for the viewers what a crap story line even blind people will say this drama is boring.. why should we say the drama is good when its completely boring.

  243. 243 : Victory is theirs, not ours :-( Says:

    @ Maria,
    I disagree. This drama is not great! It has many holes to be filled up. I don’t need to say anything else because others have said it all and the reason why it is failing, not being able to keep viewers interested. Hyun Bin is not doing well in this drama because of the drama itself. Don’t compare this drama to Kill Me, Heal Me because you are setting yourself up for a huge failure! Between Ji Sung and Hyun Bin, I would pick Ji Sung and his acting. Ji Sung is way more versatile and he does not need to flaunt his physique to keep the girls roaring for him. Yes,, Hyun is tall and looking good but Huyn Bin over uses his dimples as a weapon to woo female fans. In Kill Me, Heal Me Ji Sung is phenomenal in his roles, he makes the story believable. Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum are better working as a team for the roles. I doubt that you watch the Kill Me, Heal Me since you are too busy trashing it. Kill Me, Heal Me has more constructive plots. It flows smoothly, giving audience little bit of everything from comedy, romance, mystery, melodrama in each episode. That is why it has better rating. You need to be in touch with reality and not to be blind by Hyun Bin’s looks. It is a wrong marketing method to think looks alone will sell.
    No need for any further discussion/disagreement after this. Wait until the end of the two shows and see which one will be a winner. Good luck!

  244. 244 : g14 Says:

    Finish epsd 6…
    I still want to continue watching this drama.
    it doesn’t matter the rating is low or the viewers respon is bad

  245. 245 : Jasmine Says:

    Boring!!! Zero star!

  246. 246 : Jasmine Says:

    @ Celine
    Ha Ji Min’s is part of the downfall of this drama. Her acting is weak and boring. I can copy and past her face from one scene to another throughout the episodes.

  247. 247 : Jasmine Says:

    * copy and paste : same old expression

  248. 248 : WSW Says:

    I do agree this drama is slow and more boring compare to KMHM. I sticking to this drama because of hyun bin and han ji min as i like both of them but too bad this drama is killing them.

    All i can say KMHM, the plot is more interesting and Ji Sung acting is so good, imagine he have to come up with 7 different personalities. Also he is damm good as just by looking at this expression and stance, we as viewers can already differentiate who is who. You have to a veteran actor in order to pull this kind of stunt. Also the chemistry between ji sung and the lead actress is good, all thanks to their previous collaboration in Secret.

  249. 249 : rrr Says:

    wow i love hyun bin

  250. 250 : rrr Says:

    for your information i watched many korean dramas when i was 6 years old,and now im 23 years old.Not only korean dramas that i’ve only watched when i was 6 years old, i also watched japanese drama,chinese drama and taiwanese drama.and you see how long and how many dramas that i’ve watched until now.Oh my goodness your favorite korean dramas are MY LOVE FROM THE STAR and this one KILL ME HEAL ME its a new dramas how about the past dramas? you dont mention it? i dont believe you that you watched korean drama since when you are 8 yrs.old because you dont know the past dramas.the past Kdramas are much better like DAE JANGGEUM,ALL IN,MY NAME IS KIM SAM SOON,STAIRWAYWAY TO HEAVEN,ENLESS LOVE 1 AND 2,ATTIC CAT ETC. You Dont know these kdramas?OMG.

  251. 251 : rrr Says:

    @ranazahra & faye of asianwiki – are the same person i think.

  252. 252 : meili Says:

    loved hyde,jekyll

  253. 253 : Dlcne Says:

    Ep 9 preview

  254. 254 : kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Too bad for Hyun Bin. His come-back drama series is a certified FLOP. Oh my! This drama is not engaging from the very start of the story.

  255. 255 : meili Says:

    @kurayuzaki666 too bad for you.

  256. 256 : alive Says:

    @kurayuzaki666 agree with you this drama is a big FLOP show.. boring drama n boring story total waste of time

  257. 257 : Windyroad Says:

    Ok, so I have started watching Korean dramas 10 months ago, clearly I am not an experienced viewer but I have a collections of good dramas from different genres : My love from Another Star, The Moon Embraces the Sun, The Gu Family Book, Lie To Me, A Gentlemen’s Dignity, The Princess’s Man, Can you Hear my heart, May Queen, Triangle, Emergency Couple, Fated to Love you, Rooftop Prince, Baby Faced Beauty, Witch’s Romance, Coffee Prince, Secret Garden, East of Eden, IRIS, Endless Love, Golden Time, Incarnation of Money, Personal Taste, Full House 1-2, Vineyard Man, Cunning Single Lady, King 2 hearts, Bride of the Century, To the Beautiful You, It’s ok. It is love, Faith, Love Rain, You are all surrounded, Protect the Boss, Oh My Lady, Greatest Love, Empress Ki, Shinning Inheritance, Marriage not dating, Birth of the Beauty, Healer, Rosy lovers-current , Spy-current, Maids-ongoing, KMHM and Hyde, Jerkyll and I .
    I don’t think this drama gives me any long lasting memory even Hyun Bin is in it. I love Secret Garden but this one is missing something. It is not earning my marks. The acting is very awkward between the leads, the romance is not fruitful, the story goes on too long with only one plot until episode 8. It seems very exhausted. It is not quite melodrama, not comedic, not romantic,… not sure what it is. It would be an absolute lie to say this drama is great just because Huyn Bin is in it. As a viewer, I am saying it as it is though it may upset some fans here but this drama is not good! Next time, he will be more careful to select his work.

  258. 258 : rrr Says:

    Most of the story is ending ugly mess, pure chattering, worthless

  259. 259 : rrr Says:

    happy chinese new year

  260. 260 : park jun sung Says:

    why there is still one who watch this horrible drama, dont waste ur time, i suggest

  261. 261 : kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @meilli too bad for me? hahaha It’s the other way around. Can’t u see? Peace.
    If this is your taste, then I have nothing against it. But mine, this drama is not engaging at all. Not My cup of tea. 🙂

  262. 262 : abc Says:

    Seriously I am getting frustrated after epsiode 9 ! Where is this story going?
    Seo Jin is still being a meanie to Ha Na in daytime. Now Robin is switching shift with Seo Jin. Robin works day shift now. Hypnosis Dr. tries to threaten Ha Na in the hypnosis session but what the point when Ha Na does not even know who he is yet?

  263. 263 : cheeky Says:

    Oh o seems like not only korean viewers are dissappointed in this drama a lot of international viewers too…

  264. 264 : Carmarie Says:

    This is a good drama, the major problem is that “Hyde, Jekyll & I” was released around the same time as “Kill Me, Heal Me.” If you compare the two, KMHM has a better plot. If you do not make a comparison between the two and take each one one it’s own merit, then HJ&I is a solid drama. Some of the latest reveals and twists has made the drama more appealing and I am planning to watch it to the end. I also like the chemistry between Robin/Goo Seo Jin and Jang Ha Na.

    If you compare this drama to “Secret Garden” and “My Name is Kim Sam-Soon” or Hyun Bin’s movie “The Fatal Encounter”, then this drama does not measure up. However, if you just look at this drama as a stand alone, it is better than many other Kdramas I have watched, and I have watched many. The first two non-historial Kdramas I watched were “Likeable or Not” and “High As the Sky, Wide as the Earth.”

    P.S. I am an international viewer.

  265. 265 : Finnyana Says:

    i love the cast from this drama, but the story line… didn’t make me interest 🙁

  266. 266 : Millenium Says:

    I am also an international viewer from North America. All I have to say is if I want to support Hyun Bin I could rewatch Secret Garden to compensate the time I have lost in this drama. This drama has very slow pace because it has no major plots, is uneventful as well as no development in the storyline. The acting of the main cast is average, not at the full capability of such experienced actor/actress. It could be the reason of there is not strong chemistry between the main leads. It takes a whole package for a theatrical work to be successful: storywritting, acting, production. However, unfortunately, in each of those elements there needs for improvement. I would rate this drama 2.5/5 star. I will come back to watch this at year end after Healer, Maids and the upcoming drama Heard It Through The Grapevine. Bye for now.

  267. 267 : grace antonio Says:

    yeah..I agree with Millenium Hyde Jekyll and I story line is not that good, but I love the casting.. 🙁 when you watch its no excitement at all, compare to Heart to heart story line is good.

  268. 268 : hma Says:

    I love this drama and casts,they did their best,storyline is cute,interested.i’m planning to watch it to the end.Hyunbin……..fighting!

  269. 269 : kim cha yoo Says:

    This drama is the best in the world.
    It is not boring it is very and very interesting.
    Do not say bad thing about this drama

  270. 270 : true Says:

    It is the best in the world. I think this is the only drama that you have watched 🙂
    you can’t be a Hyun Bin or ha jin min fan because although someone is a fan, can’t say this 🙂 they have better dramas like rooftop prince and secret garden 🙂
    Maybe you can be the screenwriter of HJI :))

  271. 271 : me-anne Says:

    HB is a natural and professional actor, applause to him for portraying the characters without flaws. Don’t bother about ratings.

  272. 272 : ANJELL Says:

    greattttt drama, i don’t know why the rate is low and also the comments are so disappointment . Fighting Hyun Bin opppaa

  273. 273 : Vivadrama Says:

    This drama is very dull. It moves at a snail pace. It needs a compass to where it is going because the story has no developments up until now episode 10. Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Min are sailing a ship that is going to nowhere. In this day and age, who has time to spend 1 hour every episode for 10 episodes to watch Robin/Seo Ji switching back and forth between day and night for Ha Na to be or not to be loved for 9 episodes long? China has gone to Mars and other planets already!

  274. 274 : Schubee Says:

    I have watched a few dramas with Sung Joon. He usually plays the romantic guy who seldoms gets the girl. Poor guy. 😄 I really like his acting and so it is a surprise to see him play such a twisted bad guy. He is sooooo creepy! But I am enjoying watching him stretch his acting skills. Those big eyes that transform from warmth and friendliness into tortured cruelty. He’s got my attention!

  275. 275 : MayaF Says:

    Still like this drama.. I don’t care what haters was said…. Can’t wait for next eps…

  276. 276 : amy Says:

    Struggle to watch this drama…i stop watch in the middle of 5th episode ..dont get me wrong..i love hyun bin to death ;)) and i know han ji min act is great..but it just the storyline ( im not an expert in act nor scripts, i just give my opinion about what i watch 😉 )…hyunbin-shi…in the future Please takes more consideration before choosing a role…this drama is such a waste of talent and time for my fav actor ; (

  277. 277 : mayin Says:

    regardless of what other might say, I love this drama. Not because it’s Hyun Bin, because the drama itself, the storyline and the cast.

    Love this, can’t wait for the next episode

    @ Schubee #274: totally agree, love those eyes

  278. 278 : Knight Says:

    Bad drama with many holes in the plots. Slow and boring! I don’t care who is in it but get the work done properly. Do not insult the intelligence of viewers when things are so transparent to know but it makes it look so delusional. She can’t tell he is the same guy in 10 epsiodes? The Dr. goes after him because he failed to rescue him ? And it was not like he abandoned him at the kidnapping place. The kidnapping, the rescue scene, the circus, the warehouse scenes do not make any logical sense. Full of crap it is and the script is sloppy. Do not be fooled by teenaged girls to watch this aweful drama.

  279. 279 : dramafreak Says:

    still watching it…my opinion, i don’t hate the drama….but i do not love the drama as well…but i can say i love the ost of this drama….especially Because of you by Baek Ji Yong. Storyline is getting more interesting in my opinion. First few eps are kinda boring but well keep watching it…and now i feel it’s kinda good…. will give another opinion, once i finish the whole drama 🙂

  280. 280 : Fastforward Says:

    Ok, get some work done or this drama is drowning without having a chance to be rescued! 🙁

  281. 281 : g14 Says:

    starting from episode 5 it’s better…
    i like it..
    friends…kee watching this drama!!
    episode 5-10 is good

  282. 282 : miko Says:

    slow..bored .. horrible drama ..
    KILL ME HEAL ME better than ..
    poor my Hyun Bin ..
    please make right choice when receive character or script

  283. 283 : waking Says:

    sorry but this drama is a crapppppp drama!!!!! hyun bin better luck next time

  284. 284 : marvic Says:

    i feel so bad for hyun bin… i love him from the previous drama really and I’ve been waiting for his come back after his military duties… but I’m so disappointed with how it turned out. i tried watching it but i just cannot get through the plot so i stopped at episode 3. honestly, its true how can the girl not identify that they are the same person… its not as if one appeared i a different far away place and time… but hey… i really can’t get it!

    everytime i look at the ratings, I’m hoping that it will somewhat come up and then probably my interest will strike back but its not happening….

    hyun bin oppa….. my heart cries for this failed mission…. hope you find a better drama after this…..

  285. 285 : Sa.ni Says:

    First of all…. Its HyuinBin…. So gotta love it…
    Secondly, i actually believingly watch Vampires and other supernatural shows… So this story line is easily digestible…
    Finally…its well written and executed ….. Love the show…

  286. 286 : Roadtolife Says:

    Again, episode 11 is bad! What the heck is going on with Ha Na? The first 4 minutes of her acting makes me cringe. Her unexpressive face and her slow monotone voice does not suit the scene. It should be an emotional, surprising, happy for her to know that Seo Jin is Robin but she looks like a robot. Show some actions, woman! Seriously, her face could be copy and paste throughout the series-same old boring expression. The show is already slow and the bad acting makes it worse!

  287. 287 : KIM Says:

    Better have 2 personality rather than 7 personality that makes you dizzy..
    I mean, I prefer this drama. It’s not because the actor or actress, but because the story line more smooth and impressive than Kill Me Heal Me.
    Not because Kill Me Heal Me broadcast first, then Hyde, Jeklly, I copy the story. Please see and watch clearly if you did drama lovers. Please see each person act and the chemistry from both drama.
    I hardly watch Korean dramas existing throughout the years and I can only see what is good and not. I hope all the drama lovers can feel it to.
    And for @Roadtolife please tell me how your actions if you know that the person you date with and the person you save & care was the same person. You definitely shock and couldn’t say anything like Jang Ha Na did.
    Keep fighting Hyun Bin & Han Ji Min!
    Please looks more better in next episodes.
    Love it! 🙂

  288. 288 : Exotic Says:

    Secret Garden was better

  289. 289 : Carmarie Says:


    Hi Kim, I have to agree with your comments to Roadtolife. Kill Me, Heal Me should not be compared to Hyde, Jekyll and I.

    HJI two personalities
    KMHM, 7 personalities

    HJI a kidnapping cause the split in her personality
    KMHM, suffering Psychological abuse and lack of a loving family cause the split in personalities. His home life is a mess, his father is in a comma, his mother is greedy, his grandmother is without outward feelings, his cousin stole his first love, and he thought that the little child was killed in the fire; no wonder he has so many personalities.

    HJI, Goo Seo Jin was free of his other personality for five years.
    KMHM, CDH has had to deal with his different personalities since a young child with no break.

    For the reasons listed above and others, I do not compare the two dramas, but look at each based on its personal story. Comparing KMHM to HJI is like comparing, Dong Yi and Jank Ok-Jeong, same subject matter, but told from a different perspective.

  290. 290 : Carmarie Says:

    Hi Kim, I have to agree with your comments to Roadtolife.

    Kill Me, Heal Me should not be compared to Hyde, Jekyll and I. Below are some of the reasons why the two are different.

    HJI – two personalities
    KMHM – 7 personalities

    HJI – a kidnapping cause the split in his personality
    KMHM – suffering psychological abuse and lack of a loving family cause the split in personalities. His home life is a mess, his father is in a comma, his mother is greedy, his grandmother is without outward feelings, his cousin stole his first love, and he thought that the little child was killed in the fire; no wonder he has so many personalities.

    HJI – Goo Seo Jin was free of his other personality for five years.
    KMHM – CDH has had to deal with his different personalities since a young child with no break.

    For the reasons listed above and others, I do not compare the two dramas, but look at each based on its personal story. Comparing KMHM to HJI is like comparing, Dong Yi and Jank Ok-Jeong, same subject matter, but told from a different perspective.

    Is one better than the other, sure. Does each have its good points, sure.
    Are Hyun bin and Sung Joon hot, most definitely. Is the chemistry great between Robin and Jang Ha Na great, yes. Those are the reasons I watch HJ & I. If you like HJ&I better “Fighting.” However, you will enjoy both dramas better if you don’t compare the two.

  291. 291 : ilanaru Says:

    Really sorry for HB, obviously unsuccessful drama
    success the next drama
    a very pleasant watching to fans

  292. 292 : naisy Says:

    First i was hooked with KMHM, but out of curiousity, i tried watching this one. Yes, the first few episodes is boring, but it did changed on the next episodes. If you want to just relax, this drama is so good. It is not too heavy, not too complicated and has a HEART. The story is about the love in progress between a woman and a man with a double personality. With just the background the sound song being played in this drama it’s soothing, you can feel the love, aside from that the male and female leads are both good looking! I don’t know why Koreans seems do not appreciate this one as seen in the rating. There are still 8 more episodes, why not try!! Do not just believe in hearsay, give this drama a chance.

  293. 293 : Dewi Kusuma (@dewigrape) Says:

    i love this drama so much, the story for me is good

  294. 294 : Nayer Says:

    This drama is not winning hearts. Very slow moving and some of the plots do not make sense. Dr. Kang is after the Jeo Sin does not make sense. As a child, Jeo Sin did try to get him out of the kidnapping place. The scene showed Jeo Sin lost grip of the child Kang! It is not like Jeo Sin ran and left Kang alone without any attempt to save his friend. So for evil Kang to go after Jeo Sin for revenge it does not make sense! Dr. Kang must have bought gas at very cheap price so he keeps using it to harm Jeo Sin. LOL
    Also, I agree with Roadtolife that the main actress’s acting very weak and boring. She shows no emotions except the same confused look from episode 1-12. She is pulling the show down. Hyun Bin is ok but obviously the story is not for him to save it by his acting alone. You need to power through this drama because at times it does not keep your attention. Good luck.

  295. 295 : KDCraze Says:

    I think the writer of this drama should learn from Kill Me Heal Me writer. The story of this drama is becoming less and less attractive to the viewer. It’s not Hyun Bin or Han Ji Min fault. It’s just that the story of this drama is not as exciting as Kill Me Heal Me. This drama is heading down the hill just like Rain drama She’s So Lovable. I tried to stay awake while watching this drama. I hope the writer can pull out the story into something more interesting to watch.

  296. 296 : Naisy Says:

    And it’s quite unfair, sometimes humans are cruel, do not blame the lead actress, I think she is doing fine here, she is just tame, she’s not overacting, relaxed, just right.. So far, i am enjoying the drama now. First few episodes are not okay yes, but it changed in the next episodes. It’s a relaxing one, not too complicated.

  297. 297 : Roadtolife Says:

    @ Kim,
    This drama does not make any sense because of plotholes and bad acting.
    The actress has been acting very dumbfounded. What chick can’t tell that she is with the same man in this situation? She is scared to death when the killer is looking for her but she wanders on the street at night by herself? She is even afraid of her own shadow while she is a trapez? Again, the plots do not make any sense. She lives at the same house of Seo Jin, doen’t she? Her face has been bland since the beginning. Is she sad, is she happy, is she shocked? She never shows any emotions. She is BORING.
    Dr. Kang keeps using gas to like he owns a gas company. The kiddnapped female wears the same white blouse and tied to the same chair forever. This drama is nosediving but believe what you want to believe. Ciao!

  298. 298 : dongrim Says:

    waiting waiting

  299. 299 : sweetie Says:

    love this drama so much <3 <3

  300. 300 : vhelle Says:

    What other might says….I LOVE THIS💞❤♥
    And because of this i re-watch SECRET GARDEN..
    I much HYUN BIN character there…
    I miss him a lot… HYUN BIN♥♥♥

  301. 301 : Nurul Says:


  302. 302 : Malaysia kdrama fans Says:

    love it…! Can’t wait for ep 13 & 14!

  303. 303 : Malaysia kdrama fans Says:

    I hope goo seo jin will get rid of robin and jang ha na will fall in love with goo seo jn! Goo seo jin! Goo seo jin! Goo seo jin! Goo seo jin!!!! I found that robin is a bit annoying.

  304. 304 : Alehn Says:

    Saw comments comparing this drama to KMHM, others are pointing negative criticisms to Hyun Bin and the story itself. I guess the characters do have the same health problem but the plot is different. The rating of KMHM is also high compared to HJI but look at Most Shared Drama in KoreanDrama.org (at the right), HJI is included eventhough its still airing but KMHM is not. It shows that viewers still interested in HJI. For me, what interest me is Hyun Bin. Been watching unitil Ep10 when I saw a comment about KMHM. That’s the time when I started watching KMHL. At first, Ji sung’s character and the story in Ep1 is so intense. From good to evil. But for Hyun Bins charatter, it’s from evil turning to good.

  305. 305 : Rifgail Says:

    Im team goo seo jin go! go! go!
    Cool outside heart warming inside aaawwww

  306. 306 : USmarshalls Says:

    No..no..no. It is a NO for this drama. Totally stale and boring. I don’t care who is in it but its storyline is full of nonsense. It is a waste of time, people.

  307. 307 : USmarshalls Says:

    And the lead actress is just drop dead boring! She can’t act. She was just lucky to be in Rooftop Prince with an awesome lead but in this one she was floating like a lost soul.

  308. 308 : Naisy Says:

    YES for this drama! Do not believe at once what they are saying here, sometimes they make comments just to promote their favorite drama or protect their favorite actors. I must admit, the first 4-5 episodes are really boring esp the gorills part, but in the next episodes you will learn to love this drama. The LEAD ACTRESS (i don’t know what is the actress’ name) is just doing fine, i don’t see why many hate her, it’s not fair, do not be too rude. You people you should not blame her, maybe you are only jealous. Let’s give this drama a chance! I AM LOVING IT and i am satisfied.

  309. 309 : me says Says:

    actually han ji min is the best actor, i never think that her act “was floating like a lost soul”!!!…same to hyun bin i admire him so much and i love them cooperate in this drama…awsome job from them!!!!….i like it…love this drama so muchhh!!….i hope seo jin can get rid robin too…robin character annoying…huhu…

    “do u think u can act that well?”!!…no i dont think so..so just behave…if u dont like it, just get lost and dont watch it…watch another drama….or how about u try to be an actor and show ur skill?!!..why not…:p

  310. 310 : Naisy Says:

    For the writers and Directors, in my opinion, there must be a lesson learned here. First impression is very important, first episode must create something positive impact for the viewers. This drama started Off, maybe the gorilla part, and viewers assumed they will get the same in the whole drama, they become impatient. Anyways, i gave this drama a chance, i can say now, i am loving it, i will watched till the end!

  311. 311 : me-anne Says:

    Hmmm, i gathered that in any drama the protagonists must build up chemistry for a good production, Han jimin was lucky that in Rooftop prince , Park yuchun ‘s immersed acting compliments her role that boosted her fame higher ; but she needs to pull up her socks as in this drama, seems she is struggling to keep pace with Hyun bin’s stable portray of his dual character roke

  312. 312 : me-anne Says:

    spelling correction : …. struggling to keep pace with Hyun bin’s stable portray of his dual character role

  313. 313 : mayin Says:

    I love this drama.

    Can’t wait

  314. 314 : nitta Says:

    I like this drama more than KMHM. The story is less dramatic but more enjoyable, and more real. And i always like hyun bin’s acting. He never fail to me

  315. 315 : MOMO Says:

    i love hyun bin , i’ve watch this drama start ep1-ep8 but seriously this drama so boring n the story line so lame.. im sory hyun bin not this time

  316. 316 : kkuljaem Says:

    Hello fellow drama lovers,

    i have a blog dedicated to translating comments of Korean netizens on drama articles. Come stop by if you have time. Thanks! 🙂


  317. 317 : Dlcne Says:

    Ep 13 preview http://youtu.be/lXgYy-gfyQk

  318. 318 : ngọc dũng cảm Says:

    I love this film so much. Maybe in the first episodes It’s not interesting enough for someone but I believe that many people will love new episodes. love you Hyun Bin oppa. I believe in you. Thank you for keeping this film.

  319. 319 : ngọc dũng cảm Says:

    I hate waiting for something but I am waiting for next eps

  320. 320 : assha Says:

    boring. i kept watching hoping it will improve but nothing good seems to happen between seo jin and ha na. dull moments, empty talk, cold expression and no romantic emotions whatsoever. too bad, the story wasn’t that bad…

  321. 321 : USmarshalls Says:

    @ me-anne,
    this drama is lucky to get 5 hours of my time. It is for you to kill time because you have nothing else to do! It is a difference between enjoy something meaningful and interesting than killing time when you are bored and you are the later. Why do I have to be acting why I got my job fullfilled with excitements. Surprise much when its rating is down at the bottom of the sea? Everyone can see why it is sinking but you can’t. Go check your brain and your eyes. You apparently have never seen any better drama than this but I am glad that it fits you, which is tasteless and boring 🙂 Stay behind to get tree roots grow out from your bottom!

  322. 322 : love angel Says:

    i feel like this more boring but i love hybin so much i hope to get better in next episodes, KMHM is much better from HJI don’t fell boring and the writer make it interesting

  323. 323 : lue gabr Says:

    I like both drama hjm and kill me heal me plz stop comparing and stop being rude

  324. 324 : ANJELL Says:

    love love HJI

  325. 325 : suppledexplorer Says:

    I just love this drama! I dont understand why they give a lousy rating…It awakens my interest ..on the other hnd I lost interest in wtching Kill me heal me:(

  326. 326 : mila says Says:

    I really like this drama especially the two main character. In every episode you will really love them.

  327. 327 : JAA Says:

    Nothing to say but I love this drama!

  328. 328 : theslayerx Says:

    no matter what they say… its HYUN BIN! i will watch it til the end. XD

  329. 329 : Maria Says:

    I love it! The plot Is simple yet endearing…its honest and not over the top! Must watch!

  330. 330 : khokha Says:

    Hahahaha😂😂😂😂 the rating is just funny.. poor hyun bin.. I know, I’m being so lame but cant stop wahahahahaha

  331. 331 : michele Says:

    ..i sooo love this drama. who cares with the ratings! aja!

  332. 332 : xffraygst Says:

    This drama’s plot is actually interesting. I really love hyunbin and han jimin. But the thing I totally hate is the stupidity of the cops. They don’t feel like real cops. Always losing their target and act foolishly -,-

  333. 333 : sheryl Says:

    好久没看玄彬的戏了!演技还是如当初那么好!这次看起来更帅了!女主角也漂亮的… I like this drama !!! Daebak !!

  334. 334 : soyeonnn Says:

    bad drama, actings are bad for all lead actors, actresses. Overated actors!

  335. 335 : lol Says:

    Worst drama it is among others that are being aired! It is getting annoying and boring. The police force is like a clown team. The writers are all dumbies.

  336. 336 : barbar Says:

    i keep watching for this bcs hyun bin, secret garden and rooftop prince better than this drama especially if compared with KMHM, same case but different plot, hyun bin such a wasting his skill for this and han ji min in this drama showing flat acting. both ji sung and hyun bin have great acting, but ji sung can choose drama correctly

  337. 337 : mila says Says:

    Whatever I really like this drama and even the rating is low it depends on the person watching this . Han ji min and Hyun bin are really great actors.

  338. 338 : Schubee Says:

    Can’t wait for Tae Joo’s meltdown. It’s like waiting for the jack-in-a-box, you know it’s gonna pop out, but when?

  339. 339 : may Says:

    I hope real life Korean cops are not like as in this drama. God forbid!!

  340. 340 : nove Says:

    i know it’s the same person but i can’t help wanting seo jin get hana’s love more than robin that i hate robin’s time with hana >_< i kinda skipped watching hana's time with robin.. *getting frustrated here* anyone here feel the same with me hehehe :p

  341. 341 : mood Says:

    please, don’t make cops stupid like that!

  342. 342 : rainie zilver Says:

    love oppa hyun bin but i will not watch a crappy drama just because i like a actor. This is the same reason i do not waste my time and watch Spy. i couldn’t even get through the first thirty minutes. i started watching kill me, heal before i saw this premiere and this drama comes no where close to the solid plot of Killme, Heal me. to me it’s just a poor knock off. there’s already one drama airing that revolves around D.I.D and how the male and female leads are connected. So not for me my friend, not for me.

  343. 343 : h2 Says:

    @nove so trueeeeee, i also skipped the scene while Hana with Robin, it just got me frustrated seeing them laughing and smiling while our poor Sangmu GSJ watching them over cctvs! geez i can feel what he was feel ryt there for being jealous (even with himself) and also wanting to do all the things he wants to with Hana instead of Robin! goshhhh
    i’d been waiting for Hana Seojin entangle together like forever duhhh…. while everyone expect them to be together but whennnnn would the scene come out? whennnn?!!?!?ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
    and for some reason i want to watch this drama as romcom between the two leads not abt this foolish cops around and the psychopath of LSH! cant they pls just cover it up alr?!? its been 14eps! pls Seojin and Hana!
    #teamSeojin TTTTTTT___TTTTTTTTT

  344. 344 : rrr Says:

    i love hyun bin #1 for me….

  345. 345 : You two Says:

    I love this drama. Don’t care about rating and what people say. I just love it.. And I like to watching Hana and Seojin anyway. Fighting..!!!

  346. 346 : sophie Says:

    I watched it till episode 9. I agree with @nove I prefer Hana with Seo Jin together. I am really sad to see him. He has a very tragic childhood story. And I cried to see him.ㅠㅠ
    Hm~~ the rating of this drama is really bad but the story is different.
    If you really like hyun bin, than you should watch this drama. I was waiting for so long time for hyun bin’s new drama.

  347. 347 : Debbie4626 Says:

    the reason i watch this drama is hyun bin n han ji min…but is a bored drama… errmm so disappointed.. 🙁

  348. 348 : naisy Says:

    @khoka, Are you still human? We can write as many negative comments as you wish here but at least you should maintain your manners and etiquette here. This is a public site. Thanks

  349. 349 : barbar Says:

    @nove so do i. idk i dont like hana and robin being together

  350. 350 : Carmarie Says:

    I am on hiatus from Hyde, Jekyll, and I. I decided to wait until Kill Me; Heal Me is over, which will be this week, to continue watching HJI. I like the scenes between the two lead actors and they have good chemistry together. However, the plot is predictable; I wish that it was not so predictable. The main reason I stopped watching HJI was because of the predictability of the plot. I did not want to compare the two dramas, because each has its own storyline and each has its own merit. I have always loved Hyun Bin since I watched him in “My Name is Kim Sam-Soon” “the World They Live In” and of course, “Secret Garden.” Hyun Bin did a fantastic job in the movie, The Fatal Encounter (I watched it several times.) However, just because I love Hyun Bin’s acting, it does not make HJI’s plot any better; it is his acting that makes the subpar plot work as well as it does. I still say that had this drama been released in May or later, as opposed to now, it would have had better reviews. As they say, timing is everything.

    The reason for the low ratings is because the plot is predictable. This drama does not leave you wanting more or impatiently waiting for the next week, it is just a nice drama that is all. Nice is good, but exciting is better.

  351. 351 : Aie Eun-Nee Says:

    This drama is AWESOME!!!… I don’t mind the ratings… You really love each character every end of the episodes…

  352. 352 : Chris Says:

    Yes ! it is indeed very awesome !!

  353. 353 : Naisy Says:

    Yes, do not care about the rating. I have learned to love this wonderful drama, this a love story good for relaxation, perfect chemistry of the Leads both so nice to look at very refreshing team. The most important is i am enjoying it..!

  354. 354 : sara Says:

    boring sooooooooo boring. i love the cast but the plot nooooooo.

  355. 355 : guls Says:

    i think if hyun bin woudnt be one of the casts this drama coudnt even last 10 episodes^^ so boring…

  356. 356 : icegirl Says:

    Am bored to tears! Story development is sloooow and i keep checking the timer if the episode is ending already…always a bad sign for me…lol! not gonna waste my time finishing this drama…not even hyun bin could save this…to each his own, i guess…some people here enjoy the drama, some dont…

  357. 357 : JP Says:

    I enjoy watching this drama. It involves lots of suppress feeling for the actors to portray. No over the top acting with great skill from both hyun bin and han jimin to carry their characters. I love seojin’s unexpected punch of words to hana who he has difficulty in expressing his love.

  358. 358 : naisy Says:

    I think Hyun Bin has nothing to worry about, because KMHM has reached a rating which is only i am not so sure but only 10% or 11%, meaning in Korea, only a small percentage has appreciated it or watched it. If that drama reached a rating something like 19% – 20%, that could be alarming. Anyways, outside Korea many are eager to watch this show HJM. Maybe what happened is that, KMHM was the one first shown in Korea TV and viewers assume that both has similar story so why watch the same thing. All i can say is, low or high rating, i am enjoying this drama, will watch till the end..!

  359. 359 : Snow Says:

    Naisy @ 358 KMHM has a pretty good rating considering that’s about average for a weekly drama. The weekend dramas tend to aver pretty high because they basically have no competition. KMHM started low and worked it’s way up to a high of 12%. Whereas HJM started out at 10% and dropped to 3.9%–that’s pretty bad. Hyun Bin turned down KMHM, after watching HJM it was a good thing. He doesn’t have the acting variety to pull off 7 characters as Ji Sung successfully did in KMHM. Also, a lot of people out side of Korea are watching this show and becoming more disappointed with each episode–they didn’t pay attention to details. Also, they should have chose another lead female actress–one who can show some emotions.

    I’m with Icegirl @ 356, this drama is boring me to tears too. It started out good, then went downhill. When the doctor was locked in the secret room with her hands tied in front of her and tape on her mouth, I kept wondering–why doesn’t she remove the tape with her hands, and use her teeth to until the rope or call out for help, or hop over to the door and let herself out–just stupid.

  360. 360 : Jyenie Says:

    I found myself Zzzz most of the time through ep 1 & 2. What a waste of all the good casts! Next drama pls.

  361. 361 : cat90 Says:

    me too!

  362. 362 : charls Says:


  363. 363 : dramalady Says:


  364. 364 : assha Says:

    What happened to Robin’s gorgeous hair style from the first episodes? The current one is a NO-NO!
    And I agree with everyone: this drama is so boring, I got tired waiting for some romance between the leads. Nothing so far and it’s almost over.
    What a disappointment!

  365. 365 : Maja Says:

    Hyun bin is a very good actor actually one of the best actors in korea but what is a good actor if the script is really bad? Poor hyun bin he should have been careful in choosing his comeback drama after serving in the military… Tsk tak poor choice … But i love hyun bin so i am concernedthis drama is so boring a very poor second to KMHM

  366. 366 : michele Says:

    .. go go Hyun Bin! who cares with the ratings anyways 🙂 the story line of HJI is more natural than KMHM. having 7 personalities is unbelievable and it shows that, that story is a copy cat of HJI- as previously rumored. so ANTI’s, back off!!!!!!

  367. 367 : naisy Says:

    @Snow, I am saying HMKM has reached only 11% rating, it is still not satisfying because that is only a small percentage of Koreans who have watched that drama. If it reached at least 15% and Up it is quite okay. Respect each others opinion.

  368. 368 : naisy Says:

    For your Info also @ snow, i have viewed KMHM up to Ep 12, i didn’t notice i already stopped watching, seven personalities for me it’stoo draining, i want a form of relaxation something that is not heavy. Okay.

  369. 369 : naisy Says:

    If i may correct it, KMHM finished at 10% rating. Truth is i actually am not after the ratings and i am not against the said show (i watched it till Ep 12), but @Snow you are quite defensive. We rae entitled to our own opinion here. This is reality, even if KMHM achieved 10%, we can not say that it is well appreciated and fully patronized because it is only a small percentage of Koreans who have viewed it as i have said. Sorry for i am commenting again i just could not avoid.

  370. 370 : JP Says:

    More seojin and hana in the next few episodes, please. Fighting HB and HJM, with my support all the way.

  371. 371 : mitch Says:

    ..I can’t wait for ep17!! Go go HJI!!

  372. 372 : jess Says:

    Lol naisy you’re such a bias girl. If you haven’t even had the effort finished watching both dramas then don’t start judging.. Because both productions tried their best to serve the audience. KMHM and HJM are not perfect dramas and they have their own followers. So if you keep bashing the other drama because of Hyun Bin or anything, then don’t bother. A good actor per se won’t save a badly-written drama. Be realistic and ask yourself do you even enjoy the drama for what it’s worth…or is it because of Hyun Bin’s dimple?lol. Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min are one my favs but that doesn’t keep me BLIND and continuously in DENIAL. I will continue to cheer for them in this drama and their future projects. Hope it’ll be less ..er..awkward than this.

    By the way 7 personalities is as true as hell. Owh but that you wouldn’t know that because you don’t study Psychology and Youtube.

  373. 373 : Yuki Says:

    Hyun Bin is one of my favorite Korean Actors, having said that : Hyde Jekyll and I IS Disappointing me a lot. I had high expectations but it turned out to be such a nonsense drama.
    As for your people information , it is more probable for one person to have 7 personalities than to have only 2( well the third personality came out, anyway)…. But that’s quite ok, you can google it and find out that for people who suffer DID it is more common to have more than 2 personalities,so it is more probable the 7 personality than the 2 personality.In conclusion KMHM is more realistic to this point.
    I finished watching KMHM and i really liked it a lot. Of course KMHM has it’s own weak points which i don’t want to mention , but HJM is really full of wholes in the plot full of things that make you scream : WHY WHY WHY ?? WHAT THE HECK????… i really can’t get myself to watch it past episode 12…
    As for your information KMHM was FIRST in the time slot and HJM was last… well that says something right??
    Anyway i’m just going to watch it till the end because i finish all the dramas i start watching sooooo….
    and for HYUN BIN of course ^^
    Ratings are not everything, it doesn’t mean that all the dramas that have high ratings are good dramas. But when it comes to dramas which have really low ratings only few of them can be good………
    anyway peace and love ^^

  374. 374 : anna Says:

    It started out good. Then went down the drain. Good casting and cinematography, but worst in terms of script writing. The plot is a bit jumpy and there’s no chemistry between the main leads. Just awkwardness all the way through.

  375. 375 : Gertrude Says:

    I had a lot of expectations from this drama before it was airing. Been waiting for so long for hyun bin’s comeback.

    After the second episode I just stopped watching. It’s so disappointing. Forgive me people, but it is.

    Ho Goo’s love is so much better than this

  376. 376 : Gertrude Says:

    Cant believe its listed in the most shared dramas. Ridiculous.

  377. 377 : Naisy Says:

    Yes it’s listed in the Most Shared Dramas, because here in my country ( i am not Korean by the way), many are watching in the internet. Only in Korea it is flopped. Maybe you should question Koreandrama.org, why it is listed to erase your doubts. Thanks

  378. 378 : Naisy Says:

    @Jess, You must learn to accept the truth, even if you say KMHM is a good drama maybe it’s true because i watched it till Ep 12 , but sad fact is it did not do quite good in the ratings game. Truth sometimes hurts. Don’t get mad because that’s reality. And also i have the right to stopped watching when i feel i am not satisfied already. What can you do if in the last few episodes i got drained, how can i relax with that seven persobalities that keeps on coming out. As i have told you, i nearly finished that KMHM and i have basis. The drama is ot bad, it just happened that i want not too complicated and is concentrated in it’s love story, that is why i find this one HJI.

    And also do not underestimate people here. Just because i did not study Psychology i will not understand the story? And what can you do if i feel i want to stopped watching. Lol..! Ows..! Maybe that’s the reason why it is not fully appreciated, because not Too many have majored in Psychology or have studied Psychology. Do you think viewers are idiots, if they don’t study Psychology they won’t understand? You are too clever.. We have different opinions, nothing is wrong need to respect. Okay..!

  379. 379 : Naisy Says:

    And @Jess, Nothing is wrong, yes i am being entertained by their looks yes it can be true the dimples, the lead actor and lead actress are both good looking and they are nice to look at together. A drama does not need to be perfect and i know this drama HJI has many flaws, but the most important thing is i am being entertained and i am enjoying. It’s the love story that i like also and this drama has a heart and the ost the songs are best suited in every scene very soothing. I need not myticulously judge, it has flaws, many, i acccepted, but i don’t mind. Okay.

  380. 380 : hi Says:

    OMG!Lee jun ki say Yes pls………..and Lee jun fans please join this group if you have a Facebook account its not a scam join don’t be left out its a very interacting group where we talk all about korean drama https://m.facebook.com/groups/1541633016075605?refid=18&__tn__=C you are all welcome dramabeanses 🙂

  381. 381 : hi Says:

    join this group if you have a Facebook account its not a scam join don’t be left out its a very interacting group where we talk all about korean drama and get the previews of each airing drama https://m.facebook.com/groups/1541633016075605?refid=18&__tn__=C you are all welcome 🙂

  382. 382 : Jess Says:

    Naisy you’re such a sore loser.

  383. 383 : TJ Says:

    while you guys were talking bout this.. I was a psychology student once..yeah maybe not quite many people can appreciate the absolute reality of suffering from this kind of disorder.. but that’s not the case here. i’m sure one can appreciate a well-written drama..sorry folks..this is not just one of them..i practically dozed off at episode 3 and now trying to watch it again..just in case i miss anything to appreciate pyschology-wise hahahahahah

  384. 384 : lol Says:

    Gertrude, yes it is listed of course. So many people were anticipating on this before it’s aired. I know they still have international fans to hang on to, but then it is all due to the actor’s popularity (most of the time). The ratings in korean, on the other hand really depends on who gets hold of the remote on weeknights…and that’s why the ratings are not necessarily congruent to all those spazzing online. Most youngsters today enjoy live streaming more than watching tv nowadays.

    Jess, Naisy please don’t start a heating argument right here. And if you hate watching this show then hit the exit button. Peace!

    TJ, how nice of you to watch it again. Hope this time you’ll enjoy it. Have you watch kill me heal me? It’s a drama with similar DID concept but with diff plot.

  385. 385 : Jin Says:

    felt sad for uri hyun bin, he chose a bad written drama.. aigoo he should’ve accepted KMHM role. but i love jisung too, he’s a daebak specially in ahn yo na haha..

  386. 386 : naisy Says:

    @Jess, you are more than a loser, because you can NOT accept the Truth. Yes it is a good drama that KMHM but it did not do quite good in the ratings. And also i accepted that this drama HJI has lower ratings than KMHM. And also don’t forget people have different taste and preferences in what drama they would want to watch, you can do nothing about it. It just happened that KMHM is not my cup of tea. Anyway, i tried because i nearly finished that drama.

    Also @Jess, do not underestimate anybody here. Thanks

  387. 387 : sue Says:

    @Jess I agree with naisy as I’ve also dropped KMHM. You don’t seem to accept that there are people who are just not interested in that drama. You’ve implied that people who prefer HMJ are bias and in denial and goodness, over a dimpled face. Its exactly that HJM is a slow and quiet show not overly dramatic that we like it. Plse don’t put it as though your views hold while naisy’s are invalid and as though things you (or many) don’t think is good couldn’t possibly be appreciated by others. You’ve also asked whether we honestly enjoy HMJ. What if we say we do. For every drama there is a group who like it but there is also a group who don’t. Its as simple as that. Since you’ve touched on ratings, just look at how KMHM’s rating dropped to 9% during the last few episodes. which are supposed to be the climax. Can I then question why you’ve not dropped it in line with the ratings drop. Off course not. You hve continued to watched it despite the ratings and that is your preference. Same with HJM. Though its ratings are not fantastic, on what basis can you then question our honesty if we say enjoy it and will follow it to the very end. .

  388. 388 : mila says Says:

    I really love this drama. This is a real story that happening in real life. Congratulations to the lead actor and actress including the crews, director and all the staffs of this drama. Even do the rating is low but for me this drama is really great.

  389. 389 : Naisy Says:

    @lol, Can’t you read between the lines.? I think you don’t understand. Did you not read my previous comments? Why include me with that @Jess..? I am watching this show and will watch till the end. I don’t care about the flaws and the ratings, as long as i am enjoying there will be no hindrance for me to stop watching. If you go back and read my comments, @Jess is the one who provoked me. You stop also acting like a Peacemaker here as if i am doing something that crosses the line. All are free here to express our feelings towards this drama, as long as we maintain our manners and etiquette. Okay. Thanks.

  390. 390 : JP Says:

    Wow…esp 18 is daebak! Everything unfold with KSJ’s words of laughing, chatting, sharing the hearts, comfortable, slowly, understanding and patiently with JHN. I got so addictive with this drama and watched all over again. KSJ has very slowly and comfortably changing into a remarkable gentleman. Wow…awesome!

  391. 391 : hyw Says:

    @naisy I agree with u. I also have the same emotions with u.

  392. 392 : naisy Says:

    I would like to make a suggestion, if you want to appreciate this drama, you try watching first one of the next episodes after maybe Ep 4 or 5, maybe a few minutes or just a few scenes only so you will have an idea what it is that i am talking about, you might get interested. Because as i have told you, this drama started Off in the the first few episodes. Then you can go back to it’s first few episodes if you want, it’s up to you. I would like to reiterate that is only a suggestion, you are the one to decide.

    This drama has gotten all the worsts comments here. I just want to be fair, yes this drama has Flaws but this one deserves also a chance. Some may like it, it’s also concentrated in the love story of the two leads. That KMHM is the first to be shown, naturally viewers will not be interested in another drama with the same thing that “DID”, added to the fact that as i have told you this drama started Off maybe because of that gorilla scene.

    I will repeat again, sorry, the decision is yours, mine is only a suggestion, you may like it and you may not.

    Episode 18 is the most touching and the most heartfelt one, and the romance that i am expecting, they gave it! I am enjoying, that’s the most important. I am not a drama analyst and i don’t concentrate much on the flaws and technicalties they say. Watching this drama is my way to relax after work, my outlet, and i am thankful for this drama. Thanks

  393. 393 : CW Says:

    WOW! Just started watching on Youtube. No Shakespeare or Freud here, but then that’s not why I watch these dramas. Entertainment, escape, vicarious experiences. Knobs, dials, remote controls — they’re there if you feel offended by the script or performers, or just plain don’t like it. I stopped watching some dramas when I feel too uncomfortable watching, or just doesn’t hold my interest. So, please let’s respect each other’s opinions, both good & bad. Peace, all.

  394. 394 : miki Says:

    The ratings are really bad :/

  395. 395 : sue Says:

    @Naisy, this drama is peaking at ep 18. I’m really pleased with the latest turn out. Off course it has its flaws, so is every other drama. Off course we know its ratings are bad. How can we not know for we are already at ep 18. At least we don’t go around saying nonsense like those who cant follow this drama is bcos they didnt study psychology (or even didn’t watch enough of youtube!). You’ve already patiently explained your views. As one poster had said here, those who are offended by the script or the actors can make a quick exit. Why agonise over it.

  396. 396 : phoesceia Says:

    this drama is amazing for me.. the ratings may be bad (in Korea) but most Asian drama lovers really love this including me.. and that’s why it is listed in the most shared drama.. for those who compare it with KMHM should cut it out.. both are amazing dramas.. same concept but different stories..

  397. 397 : stardust Says:

    *NO OFFENSE!!!*
    Poor drama, poor Binnie. When it’s expected to hit the TOP, but what is wrong the WRITER?????? The plot is suck and the leading lady acts too stiff with her character is weird written. Sooo truuuueee that it only helped by the effort of Binnie playing that two characters WELL.

  398. 398 : Sara Nyang Says:

    I expect high from this drama. But its really sad that the story its quite slow. I’d always fall asleep when i watch this on tv T.T Really sad because i like Han Jin Min so much. Anyway good luck with the ending *cross fingers*

  399. 399 : Janice Woo Says:

    Boring and stupid.. Oh yea… Badly written

  400. 400 : naisy Says:

    If this drama sucks and you guys think it is not worth watching, then just do not watch, very simple..

  401. 401 : Jjang Says:

    Wow looks like we’ve got some fans bickering all over. I’m here to check out this drama. It’s quite promising because it’s listed in the top 30 but then I saw the comments here omg I really want to laugh. Seriously. Saw lots of redundant name making comments slashing people off.

    Okay fan girl, what suggestion are you trying to make? That you’re the only one with opinion? Are you the sore HJM writer who goes around blaming people plagiarising his work for getting low rating, whereas how on earth would he came up with the title Hyde and Jekyll anyway? Your rantings here won’t affect anyone like ever. It won’t affect the actors. It won’t affect the “another drama” that has the same DID thing in it. And it won’t affect the writer (if you’re not really one).

    And if you’re so entitled to be opinionated then the same goes for the rest of us. I expect a lot more from HB and HJM. Hope they’ll get better dramas in the future. Please end faster I want to watch The Girl Who Can See Smells

  402. 402 : sue Says:

    its okay if people come here to discuss their views. However, they deserve to be told off if they resort to name-calling. Posters who show their preference for HJM over that drama (that drama with all that 9% ratings) have been called losers, people in denial and people who have not studied psychology (meaning not very clever people). It seems only people who study psychology can understand that drama. Hence, its not about bickering. Its about reminding these very people to mind their manners. They have the choice to exit from HJM. Instead they keep scorning and questioning the mindset of those who appreciate a drama like HJM with low ratings (as tho that drama has such a marvelous ratings). They act as though they are bright and clever and the people here are idiots (cos they didnt study psychology).

  403. 403 : Yuki Says:

    Ok so here is the thing : EVERYONE’S GOT THEIR OWN OPINION , I mean it’s stupid to say :”I’m just stating my opinion” because when you speak you say :YOUR OWN OPINION, and NOT that of somebody else. Liking or disliking something depends ABSOLUTELY ON PERSONAL TASTE!! Some people like it some other dislike it! It is NORMAL for people to come here and express their opinion be it GOOD or BAD opinion and it is ABNORMAL to say : “WHY DO YOU HAVE TO SAY NEGATIVE THINGS, JUST STOP WATCHING IT!” –hahahahahah -that’s so out of the UNIVERSE—hahahahah. There are people (like myself) that when start a drama have to go to the end. I have never dropped a drama, this is just my way of watching dramas. (THIS explains WHY I’m not dropping this drama, even though I’m not enjoying it). Of course if I don’t like it I will say it out LOUD : I DON’T LIKE this drama at all. I was really anticipating this drama because I really adore Lee Hyun Bin and I like Ha Ji Min a lot, but ………… well it turned out to be such a bad drama…and I’m really disappointed….. listen carefully to the dialogues they doesn’t make sense at all most of the time. The pace is soooo slowwww there are a lot of :”WHAT THE HECK??” scenes…
    I will watch it till the end : ONLY because I finish all the dramas I start….
    I would NOT recommend HJM to any of my friends !!!

  404. 404 : Yuki Says:

    ***Han Ji Min

  405. 405 : Yuki Says:

    Just ^^***HYUN BIN

  406. 406 : sue Says:

    Off course everyone can have an opinion. However, once they resort to name-calling those whose opinion differs from theirs then its not a simple expression of opinion and merit a response. Exactly, some like it some don’t like it. Is there a need to resort to name calling?

    Nobody is telling anyone not to watch this drama. They are told they have a choice, yes a choice, to exit if its such an agony to continue. The decision is theirs. If its their habit spending time doing things they do not like, let it be. Continue doing it. Who cares? Well, its exactly the slow pace instead of the cranky kind with people running all over the place, the romance and the OST and not forgetting the good looks of the leads that draw me to stay on. Those who are curious can give a try (dont need to study psychology to understand it though its given as a requirement for watching that drama). Off course, people have a choice not to continue if they don’t like it. However, for people who have cultivated a habit to still continue engaging in activities they have no interest in, go ahead. Continue with this routine built up over the years. Its no big deal to others.

  407. 407 : Carmarie Says:

    I watched KMHM and loved the show, I am watching HJ&I and I like the show. You are correct, everyone does not have the same taste, that is why there is a variety of dramas to choose from. You want simple and uncomplicated, and that is what HJ&I is. It is a nice paced, no thought drama, and that is fine. Just don’t argue about it. I feel this post should be used primarily for comments pertaining to HJ&I, not to argue the merits of HJ & I vs another show. To me it is not fair to the fine actors of this show who have worked hard to produce a good product. Granted KMHM is better written and directed, I posted my comments about KMHM under that drama.
    I will admit that one of the reasons I am watching this show is because of Hyun Bin, he is good to look at, what can I say, no shame to my game. However, when I want to see a DID drama with mystery, intrigue, and romance, I turned to KMHM.
    Both shows are worthy of their fans, so please stop bickering.

  408. 408 : Hanako 花子 Says:

    Finished till ep. 18..that couple were great actor and actress no doubt, but this story line do not fit in. Comparing Kill me, heal me same story having DID problem… I prefer Kill me, Heal me, Ji Sung acts well in that drama comparing to this one. To me it is so/so drama… I would not vote for it somehow.
    Like you all said different people ave different opinion, some go for the story, some go for good looking actor/actress…for me I love both but the drama must be logic only then I can appreciate regardless who the actor/actress is.
    Of course Hyun Bin is a well known actor, I guess he was good in the drama “Samsoon” I love that one. But this one is ok drama only..Let us hope for a good ending, I prefer she go for Mr Goo not Robin..as Robin do not exist

  409. 409 : me-anne Says:

    Hyun bin, you’ve worked hard on this drama, well done! Shall look forward to your next project.

  410. 410 : Snow Says:

    IN MY OPINION, this drama had potential but it really sucked eggs as each episode aired. One poster on another thread stated it correctly when they said the director nor the writer paid attention to details. Hyun Bin needs to step out of his comfort zone. He has a resting frozen face. Even as Robin when he smiles it doesn’t come across as sincere. The actress playing HaNa also has a resting frozen face. The same expression with a boring story line made for a boring drama.

    When I read some earlier comments about Kill Me Heal Me copying from Hyde Jekyll and Me, I have to laugh. Only if HJM came a tiny be close the the brilliant writing for KMHM, they wouldn’t have ever dropped to 3% rating stage.

  411. 411 : naisy Says:

    There are several things that has to inspire a person. I hope not, aside from the bad ratings, if you are hearing Such Bad comments the WORSTS are here, the actors are demotivated and demoralized, maybe that is reason why others feel that they seem to be frozen and has no expression in some scenes. That is why the actors need the support of their followers at times like this.

    As i have said i don’t concentrate much on the acting and the technicalities, i am not a drama analysts, this show has many flaws i admitted it, but the most important is i am enjoying, i appreciate much the love story, romance, the OST and the not too many dramatic crying scenes, and i will watch till the end! I still feel that this drama deserves the love that it deserves!

  412. 412 : viewer Says:

    Usually we visit this website to check the rating, the review, the casting and any other details about the k drama, and they also want to know about the opinion/ responses of the other audiences who has watched the drama.
    Like me, if i want to watch a drama, usually i see the responses and the rating about the drama first on this website first.

    Everyone can express and share their opinion here…even though it is a negative opinion.
    so i think we should not be angry if see the negative opinions or the opposite opinions from the others.
    Just appreciate any options here even it is not the same as our opinion.

  413. 413 : viewer Says:

    i am sorry for the mistyping.
    I mean “Just appreciate any other opinions here even though it is not the same as our opinions.”

  414. 414 : niczej Says:

    I like Hyeri! hehehe.. ^^ anyway the synopsis is very interesting.. but as i watched the drama episode per episode, i really do a lot of clicking fast forward..

  415. 415 : naisy Says:

    As i have said, Everybody here can post Negative Opinions, as long as as we know how to RESPECT PEOPLE, we do not cross the line and we maintain good manners and etiquette..

  416. 416 : JP Says:

    JH&M is coming to the final episode tonight. I am going to miss this drama. Hope there will be more SJ and HN time together in the next final 60 minutes or so.

  417. 417 : naisy Says:

    @Carmarie, Sorry i like more HJM than KMHM. You can not do anything about it. And i can be vocal about it. Didn’t you see the relevance why i mentioned here KMHM. It’s in my past comments i don’t want to repeat it. It’s up to you if you think i am bickering. It’s not your discretion if i post comments here many as i want. Okay

  418. 418 : JP Says:

    Sincerely, this is a very good drama and acted well by both lead actors. I could feel the transition of emotion from one to another. This is how one has changed completely, with each different phase of character played out greatly. It is a slowly, warmly and comfortably drama and NOT over the top or too excessive of acting. Meanwhile, the finale has wrapped it up nicely… and it will be another highlight of Hyun Bin and Han Jimin good acting skill to me. Daebak!

  419. 419 : ANJELL Says:

    very nice drama, espectially the last two eps. hope it get best drama for this year.

  420. 420 : mila says Says:

    Congratulations to all the actors and actresses who perform in this drama. I hope they will get all the major awards in this drama. Especially the main two character in this drama and of course the writer and the director. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!

  421. 421 : sandy Says:

    Wow…I was able to finish watching this drama till the last two episodes….Yeah!! I have to say to my surprise the ending was wrapped up very nicely….it could have not been any better! As both male characters were the same person with a DID…so towards the end the cure came with the healing and the merging of both personalities. A Thank You to both lead actors for pulling a very confusing and hard script till the very end, but due to their amazing talents on both actors they pulled it through!!! Personally, I love Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min in most of their roles…A thank you to the rest of the great and professional cast for all their hard work till the very end of this drama!!! Looking forward to Hyun Bin’s next project!!! Fighting!!!

  422. 422 : Ayu Mustika Says:

    I LOVE THIS MOVIE, so MUCH,, please season 2.. :*

  423. 423 : Cindy Says:

    i’ve watched this movie and this worth to watching !! love hyun bin’s act. i can feel the emotion and my heart was fluttered. love it so 😀 they wrapped up the ending’s so nicely. Love this drama and i’ll look forward for hyun bin’s next drama

  424. 424 : Cindy Says:

    i’m gonna miss a lot this drama and the characters :'(

  425. 425 : Snow Says:

    All I have to say for those who are wondering if this drama is worth watching, look at where the ratings started and look where they ended. The writing was bad, but even more was the directing. There was so many stupid scenes that were illogical and there were many in each episode. The acting could have been much better. I didn’t get the impression that the actors knew how to relate to their character.

  426. 426 : aie eun-nee Says:

    At first, i was wondering why this KDrama has difficulty in ratings (with Hyun Bin’s popularity, of course)… After reading the write ups, comments, feedbacks by the fans (and even non-fan :D), wow, amazing… as in, REALLY??? ahhh, now i know!.. (my reaction about the plagiarism issue)…

    But for me, this KDrama was good… I mean, really, really GOOD… CONGRATULATIONS to all actors and people behind this wonderful drama.. I already expect that in the end, the two characters were collide.. Actors portray it well…. I’m gonna miss you all…

  427. 427 : naisy Says:

    I just finished the Final two episodes. I am relieved. The ending of this drama gave conviction of what i am telling you here. I feel i am vindicated. I can breathe now. The ending is more than expected..!!! Very Nice!!! That’s the reason why i am fighting for this drama. This drama deserves all the love. To Hyun Bin fans who got impatient already in the first episodes few episodes, you MISSED this wonderful drama! I will wait for the next of Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min (good job here! very beautiful and very feminine)!

  428. 428 : bunny Says:

    seriously,the ending is just..im not happy.she accepted my oppa just after she refused him.
    meaning she loves SJ just bcoz he posses some robin’s characteristics and memories??u need to work hard writer..

  429. 429 : nitta Says:

    The story got bored in the half way to the end. This drama plot is a wasted for hyun bin and han ji min’s great acting skill. Waiting for next drama of hyun bin.

  430. 430 : Nyein Chan Thinzar Says:

    Daebak:-D Hope to see more with Hyun bin & Han Ji Min Couple,the heaven matched couple<3

  431. 431 : John Says:

    Worst drama ever!! What was Hyun bin thinking taking this role?? I guess there isn’t good writers or roles in Korea. After secret garden he is obsolete.

  432. 432 : Aja Says:

    They are lovely. i love them. <3

  433. 433 : Aja Says:

    I love all korean drama hee

  434. 434 : Aja Says:

    I really love this drama. Love. Love. Love

  435. 435 : h2 Says:

    well at first i got confused with the final and thought “is that it?” then i tried to rewatch it all over again and now i understand thats how the soul of RB come merged within SJ body bcs SJ is RB and RB is SJ thats how the story goes that SJ can healed his illness and back normal how he was be. and im sure if i were HN i might get confused as well abt my feelings, but luckily HN realized that she really loved SJ within RB inside him, and loving him as one.
    such a Great drama! doesnt matter what ppl say, this drama has just got me. the charm between HJM and HB is sparkling everywhere, they should end up together for real srsly they such a perfect couple, really wish they would dating for real hoho <3 #binmin

  436. 436 : shalala Says:

    this story is getting bored towards the end. my expectation of hyun bin is that this drama would be sweeter than secret garden. but nothing new in this drama.. just plain boring with cliche ending. looking forward to see great drama..

  437. 437 : santie Says:

    Great actor and actress. Love their chemistry.
    Although the story look like kill me heal me…about double personality but its also good. Lead characters do best here….

  438. 438 : Tira Says:

    I enjoy this drama because Hyun Bin abd Han Ji Min are both excellent actor and acress.

    Way to Go…………
    Hope to see more drama by these two actor and actress.

    Thank you for producing such great drama………….

  439. 439 : kurayuzaki666 Says:

    After a BIG HIT, Hyun Bin’s come back is a CERTIFIED BIG FLOP.

    Hmm Popularity Award could be given to him instead.

    I just hope he will take a unique storyline next time. Good luck! 🙂

  440. 440 : peyutnduy Says:

    Just completed watching this unique but romantic drama. Am really loving it. Good storyline, good chemistry & goodlooking couple. Best drama in the 1st quater of 2015. Am wondering why the rating was low???

  441. 441 : linda souw Says:

    Nice story. i like this romantic drama. happy ending. i like Hyun Bin act who become 2 different person. And i like Ha Ji Min too. Deabakk all

  442. 442 : sue Says:

    Ive scanned the comments and see quite a few still continue to harp on the ratings between HJM and HMKM and worse still to go on to mock those who said they enjoy the former. The message that people have different taste didn’t seem to have sunk in. KMHM have an average of 9% not 100% ratings. Its obvious a big group out there have no interest in it. Its not bad initially as it overtakes 2 dramas at a given time-slot and that’s about it. Its ratings had dropped and overtaken by another drama during the last few weeks signaling that people had dropped it half-way. Its then beyond understanding why its viewers still feel its their business and persistently clamp down their views on people who choose to watch HJM. They have mistaken low ratings with zero ratings (no viewers). One even said that rating is not everything but a drama with low rating (HJM) is definitely not a good drama. Good or bad, isnt it subjective.

    They can be critical of HJM but who are they to question those who follow it. Ive also watched HMKM but dropped it after some episodes. To me, its overly exaggerated, cranky/dramatic with too excessive bawlings for my liking. At times it borders on the slapstick with cross dressings and all. And lastly about the OTPs, heres my take on Hwang Jung Eum whose bloated (botox?) face/lips with her ever open mouth is just gross. I can continue to rant the negatives but I chose not to do it here. There are times when we watch dramas for relaxation. That’s one of the reasons people watch HJM which is at a slower pace. Some call it boring. Its okay cos its their opinion. But do leave people who enjoy ‘boring’ plots alone rather than keep on implying that they are brainless, bias, in denial and cos they have a lower intellect they are able to grasp the complexities of only 2 personalities as in instead of 7.

  443. 443 : Pearl Says:

    Just watched this drama. I think this drama is good. But I feel dissapointed, just little bit. Because I think the drama “Kill Me Heal Me” is better than this drama. So sorry to Hyde, Jekyll, Me to comment it, but that’s real, what I feel after I watched it. I recommend you to watch Kill Me Heal Me. It’s more interesting.

  444. 444 : Sunflower Says:

    This drama is good. But I think “Kill Me Heal Me” is better.

  445. 445 : Sunflower Says:

    This drama is getting bored, just a little bit. I’m dissapointed Hyun Bin come back with this story line. He’s so handsome but the plot of this drama is boring. I don’t laugh or cry. It’s different when I watched “Kill Me Heal Me”. It’s so funny and interesting.

  446. 446 : lippie Says:

    Good, but not the best.

  447. 447 : georgia Says:

    Ok.. done watching. Boring as hell. And for the girl who just bashed Hwang Jung Eum’s lips, good for her. It means you care, whether you realize it or not. You just can’t help comparing this crappy drama with Kill Me Heal Me. Because every single time people commented here.. comparing both dramas, these avid supporters will flinch and start writing about respect and whatnot. Do you expect everyone who leaves comment here to take your side and love the show unconditionally? You’re the one who doesn’t have respect to others.

    Everything about this drama is awkward and out of place, but I stick until the end. And I’m frustrated because they couldn’t salvage this highly potential drama with so much popularity prior to its broadcast. The show sucks. Get over it. Is that so hard to admit?

    I watched HJM and KMHM, and also Unkind Women, and The King’s Face. Even Ho Goo’s Love. And I can assure you people, those dramas are way better than HJM thank you very much.

    And by the way, you don’t need to study Psychology or triple digit IQ to understand dramas, unless you’re blind and unable to see the chemistry between the main leads of course.

  448. 448 : ism Says:

    The Most Not Recommended slash The Worst Drama of 2015, like seriously. Love Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min individually. But definitely not in this drama. Bleghh

  449. 449 : Soo Says:

    Nice, nice drama. I almost give this drama a miss because of the bad comments about the drama.

  450. 450 : sue Says:

    Did I expect people to take my side? Ive said “some find it dull. Its okay cos its their opinion”. Does this statement amount to asking people to take my side? People who have continued watching HJM have been called names like brainless, bias, people in denial and people who have not studied psychology cos we cant grasp the multiple personalities. AND now one poster even suggests we might be blind. Isnt this outright rudeness. The issue Ive been highlighting is the conceit and rudeness of the posters. Its as though since they find HJM dull, others must agree with them. Worse still, insist persistently that others should agree with them.

    Why need the study of psychology for drama watching. Well the issue of having a prof qual was brought up by none other than HMKM viewers who concluded that people like us could not follow it cos we don’t possess that important qualification. Isnt it laughable?

    “The show sucks …Is that so hard to admit?” By saying this, isn’t the poster trying to bring people to her side. Isnt she doing something she had wrongly accused others of doing. What is there to admit? It can be crappy to some and it can be watchable to others. Isnt it time she gets off from her high horse and stop bulldozing her views on others. What if I say I find HMKM crappy? Do I dictate others to admit it to be so even if they think otherwise. Off course not. On the other hand, I can think what I want and point out the shortcomings of what I do not like. Why then flinch on how I think of HMKM and Hwang Jung Heum. Its my opinion afterall. Its as though its okay to have an opinion on HJM and its not okay to have an opinion on HMKM.

  451. 451 : witika Says:

    I try so hard to watch this drama.. already watch until 5 episode.. but i have to stop..its kinda boring.. kinda disspointed.. i like hyun bin and ha ji min..but not in this drama.. 😔😔

  452. 452 : victoria Says:

    no matter how boring this drama,i will support this drama
    because of Hyun Bin. fighting!!!!!

  453. 453 : Fullheart5 Says:

    Read through a lot of the comments, boy some are pretty harsh and some are nice. But ultimately we all have different tastes in what we watch. so with that said, we should watch what we like regardless of others opinions. On episode 5 and cannot understand why all the hate.

  454. 454 : Icha Says:

    Just finished watching. Not the best one, but still like Hyun Bin. Question ‘where is his mother gone?’

  455. 455 : Fullheart5 Says:

    Watched Kill me, Heal me first, mainly because more episodes were subbed by the time I started. Loved it, although not always a fan of slap stick. Liked the storyline and the lead, always watch him. Really am nOw enjoying Hyde, Jekyll and I. Really not sure what all the yelling and screaming is about. They are dramas, number one, they are both entertaining, number two. Not sure what more can we ask for. And………………someone mentioned Ho Goo’s Love………am watching that one as well, but surprisingly…am struggling through it. Enjoying Missing Noir M much more.

  456. 456 : Fullheart5 Says:

    Well, finished HJI. I would say the critics need to stop critizing, it was a good and entertaining drama.

  457. 457 : mizuki Says:


  458. 458 : mizuki Says:


  459. 459 : 维多利亚 Says:


  460. 460 : victoria Says:

    i love this drama.

  461. 461 : winnie Says:

    i agree that this drama is not so interesting compared to other Hyun bin dramas and tends to be quite boring in some parts. but over all, i still like the story. I think i should praise the writer for coming up with this kind of story. i admire the wedding part and the voice over of Director Min “You will no longer be dampened by the rain because together you will shield each other from the rain. You will no longer feel coldness because you will provide ech other with warmth and comfort. You will no longer feel any loneliness because you will become each others lifelong companion. Although your bodies may stand as two individuals, together you will now face one life, as your hearts are joined together as one.
    Looking forward to another drama by HB. i wish you and Song hye kyo to get back together. I so love you both.

  462. 462 : winnie Says:

    What happened really to Goo Seo Jin’s mom. After minor scenes in few episodes, none was seen nor heard from her. i wish they added family schenes shot in theiry house to make it more realistic

  463. 463 : mila says Says:

    I really love this drama. I hope Han ji min and Hyun Bin will get an award in this drama. For Han ji min hope to see u with Lee seo jin and Lee jun ki.

  464. 464 :  维多利亚 Says:


  465. 465 :  rr Says:

    i love HJI. esp. hyun bin your the best!!!

  466. 466 : Tahmineh Says:

    It was lovely and interesting drama beacuse of great casting hb and hjm. i love them sooooo much. i hope to see you again in the better drama.

  467. 467 : victoria Says:

    one of my favorite drama this year.
    one of my favorite actor HB.

  468. 468 : mail Says:

    i really anticipated this drama from the beginning since my favourite cast Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Min are here…but, to my disappointment, this drama as not as good as i expected….so boringggggg that i skipped episodes lot..

  469. 469 : lauren Says:

    I love hyun bin so much and also waiting his drama But i really boring watching this drama and skip to the end

  470. 470 : ビクトリア Says:

    the girl who can see smells
    hyde jekyll and i

  471. 471 : flora Says:

    After read all the bad comment about this film, i decide not to watch this movie. BUT finally i give it a try to watch this. AND I DIDNT REGRET AT ALL WATCHED THIS MOVIE. I LIKE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH.
    I enjoy every scenes and every conversation they had. I didnt skip any scnes at all. I know that this movie has a lot conversation scenes that maybe for some people it will make them bored.
    But actually this movie has good moral and u can learn a lot about life, personality, social if u follow each of conversation.
    I think the writer is smart to wrap the story. And i am very satisfied that everything back to its place and the ending was wrap so smooth and nice.
    Finally Seo Jin and Robin becomes one as they has to be like that because they are actually one person.
    HYUN BIN such a great actor. You act so great here so that i can feel the difference between Seo Jin and Robin and i can feel the emotion that you gave us in every scenes.
    And HAN JI MIN you are good too here, you have a good chemistry with Hyun Bin.
    The last 2 episodes, really touch my heart. I cry a lot when Robin was missing. And how it really sweet and touching when everyone say goodbye to Robin.
    well….i recommended this movie to everyone who likes such kind of melo drama so u dont feel bored. Believed me this movie is DAEBAK…
    Good job everyone..

  472. 472 : Nannie Says:

    one point that everyone agree : Hyun Bin is GOOD

    So hyun bin , we wait for you in another best writting drama

    Personnally, maybe i love you so much but i definitivelly enjoyed this drama

  473. 473 : tagalog salita Says:

    ilan sa dapat na iboto ngayong taon ay mga sumusunod….
    the girl who can see smells,
    hyde jekyll and i,
    masked prosecutor,
    scholar who walks the night,
    the king’s face,

  474. 474 : feane Says:

    I enjoyed this drama alot. Didn’t notice the time floating at all. What I love the most was HyunBin’s way of separating his two characters. Great acting. It really was like two different persons. Also the slow change in his weaker personality to someone who’s able to stand and face his problems head on.

    Didin’t regret watching this drama at all. One of favorites now.

  475. 475 : nene Says:

    I love this drama very much. This is the best drama in 2015.

  476. 476 : Yozora Says:

    Omo, the rating… >o<

    I bet hyun bin oppa regretted to turn down kill me heal me, since that drama were in favour of most of the audience.

  477. 477 : kenzobella Says:

    A bit bored but it’s still one of my fav k-drama, since Hyun Bin is here ^^ waiting for the next drama oppa!!

  478. 478 : Shellsbells Says:

    This was a complete waste of time. Such a shock due to being a huge fan of the whole cast. It was whack couldn’t even finish this crap. HUGE FAIL!!

  479. 479 : Korean Drama Review HJI | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Hyde, Jekyll and I (2015)  海德、哲基尔与我 […]

  480. 480 : Xaii Says:

    This one good and worth watching not even totally bored …

  481. 481 : victoria Says:

    please vote and support this drama

  482. 482 : minmin Says:

    Watched it cos of Hyun Bin. Drama was boring. Some parts, Ha Ji Min’s performance was boring – no life, no character and it all seems like a big drag. This drama makes the Korean police force look so inefficient!! After episodes of mystery/the disappearance of psychiatrist Kang – when she is finally found – no one, not even the police force ask who her kidnapper is!! and then only to have psychiatrist Kang get kidnapped again during the ambulance ride. What a joke. A bad attempt to prolong the story.

  483. 483 : Poshberries Says:

    This is undeniably one of the Best K-Dramas I really enjoyed & loved so far. The plot is great, the selection of casts/artistes for all the roles are perfect. The couple played by Hyun Bin & Han Ji Min is really so well. They looked so compatible not only in show. Their acting skills are superb, this includes all the supporting role casts!!! This show is still highly recommended by me personally despite I just saw quite a number of bad reviews for this drama now. I have a 9.5/10 for the rating, 0.5 was gone because the last episode 20 was a little abrupt perhaps due to the little time given to end the show. It could have been 10/10 if more scenes were given for Goo Seo Jin’s part to elaborate more on how Robin has come into his life to make him a better person now. Anyway it’s definitely a worthwhile drama! Must show!!!

  484. 484 : DeeAn Says:

    So boring and dissapointed drama huuffftt.. Tiredly watching 16episodes, I skiped many scenes. I Regret bought this dvd huwaaaa T.T (>.<)
    Kill Me Heal Me better!!!!

  485. 485 : DeeAn Says:

    Those ratings Not lie.

  486. 486 : mydiaryonlinesite Says:

    […] Hyde, Jekyll and I […]

  487. 487 : Ji Chang Wook si Nam Ji Hyun, impreuna in super-drama "Suspicious Partner" - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] Kim Bok Joo”), dar aceasta a refuzat, apoi producatorii au inaintat oferta si lui Han Ji Min (“Hyde, Jekyll and I”), dar nici aceasta nu a […]

  488. 488 : Toh Quan Ming Says:

    This Korean drama had been showing since 2 years ago on ONE channel under starhub channel . I find that the local drama is very boring so when will it be showing on Mediacorp Channel 8 starting after the My Friends From Afar which will be somewhere around in February or March 2018 from 9pm to 10pm ? If i miss this Korean drama , i will only watch through Channel 8 Toggle website . Hopefully , i am looking forward to the upcoming Korean drama which will be aired on MediaCorp Channel 8 from mondays to fridays .

  489. 489 : millie Says:

    Some channel did rerun of this drama and I finally was able to watch this. When it’s airing in 2015, I didn’t get to watch it.. and the comments here were quite nasty as well.

    Usually I don’t care about the ratings ’cause they represented Korean preferences and would still find the drama enjoyable. But oh boy, these ratings don’t lie hahah. Sorry guys, it’s a bad drama. Still waiting for hyun bin’s comeback though.

  490. 490 : Taquisha Says:

    This drama is so boring, the story move so slowly. Don’t like the characters. I watched this because of hyun bin, but I just can keep watching because the story is really bad 😞

  491. 491 : Taquisha Says:

    This drama is so boring, the story move so slowly. Don’t like the characters. I watched this because of hyun bin, but I just can’t keep watching because the story is really bad 😞

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