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How Much You Like It

Title : 얼마나 좋길래 / How Much You Like It
also called : So In Love / How Much Love
Chinese title : 该有多好 / 到底有多好
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 125
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2006-Jul-03 to 2006-Dec-29
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:45


What happens when a rich girl who hasn’t suffered much hardships falls in love with a poor guy who has to shoulder just about everything that seems most unfortunate in the eyes of everyone. No one can predict how much determination is needed to overcome their differences or how much love is needed to the overcome all the oncoming trials of their everyday lives.


Suh family

Kim Ji Hoon as Suh Dong Soo
Yeo Woon Kye as Dong Soo’s grandmother
Jun In Taek as Suh Pil Do (father)
Sin Ju A as Suh Jae Hee (sister)
Moon Ji Yoon as Suh Dong Suk (brother)

Lee family

Jo Yeo Jung as Lee Sun Joo
Kim Young Chul as Lee Man Bok (father)
Kim Bo Yeon as Sun Joo’s mother
Yoon Se Ah as Lee Hae Joo (sister)
Kim Ji Young as Man Bok’s sister

Oh family

Jung Chan as Oh Hyung Chul
Go Doo Shim as Hyung Chul’s mother
Do Yi Sung as Oh Soo Chul (brother)

Other people

Ha Jae Sook as Ah Ra (nightclub manager)
Maeng Sang Hoon as Ha Sun Jung
Seo Ji Yeon as Woo Soo Jung

Production Credit

Director: Park Hong Kyun (박홍균), Kim Kyung Hee (김경희)
Producer: Lee Jae Kab (이재갑)
Scriptwriter: So Hyun Kyung (소현경)

Official Site


  1. 1 : ruth Says:

    This is an incredible korean drama series I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2 : Sumin Says:

    i luv this drama series. its so cute and sad. i cried so much.

  3. 3 : hannah Says:

    where can I see this?

  4. 4 : carmen rivera Says:

    where can i see subtitles in english of “How much you like it”

    Thank you very much.

  5. 5 : carmen rivera Says:

    Please help!!!!

    Where can I get English subtitles for the above drama.



  6. 6 : asianangel919 Says:

    This is such an excellent drama! I love the plot and I’m so happy that someone is uploading the videos with Chinese subtitles. Thank you.

  7. 7 : sisilia Says:

    i like this drama, i also like the soundtracks,is there anyone who know, the title is and the singer?

  8. 8 : grace Says:

    i like this drama too. love it.

  9. 9 : Eka Says:

    Does anyone know the ending of this drama? I hope it’s happy ending cuz I love hpapy end dramas:)

  10. 10 : Grace Says:

    Hello admin, broadcasting period and episode 30 doesn’t make sense. Please indicate correct quantity of episode, look like 30 minutes daily drama. And where can I go and watch this very touching family drama?

  11. 11 : Jewel Says:

    Omg..someone please subs this drama in english ….

  12. 12 : Vie-Vie Says:

    This drama is very touching drama and it is a great family drama.
    The leading actor and actrees are really did a great job. I wonder why this drama didn’t get any awards.
    For Eka, it’s a happy ending drama…

  13. 13 : Vie-Vie Says:

    Is anyone can let me know where I can download the OST of this drama?
    I love the song….

  14. 14 : Jewel Says:

    I’m also looking for the OST.

    FYI, the number of episodes of this drama is 125, not 30.
    Each episode is 30 minutes long.
    So please prepare your stamina if you’re planning to watch continuously 😉

  15. 15 : Jewel Says:

    I’ve found the OST gals! Head over to my blog 😉

  16. 16 : Nita Says:

    i like it
    this dorama very sad and touching my heart..
    where i can find the ost??

  17. 17 : Tiffany Says:

    Hi, may i know where to download the OST of this drama? Please reply ASAP. Thanks.

  18. 18 : KDrama Diary Says:

    Here’s the link to the OST:

  19. 19 : tj Says:

    This drama was so TOUCHING … The first time I watched Korean dramas to cry like this … HIGH recommend for this drama.. TWO THUMBS UP.. JYJ n KJH sarang-e… u will be sorry if ur not watch this drama… surely

  20. 20 : tj Says:

    n the great part of this drama.. when t script have 2 funny.. it’s really fun.. when this have to sad.. it’s really sad.. i cry over n over.. n IT’S HAPPY ENDING…

  21. 21 : lucille (philippines) Says:

    love to watch this video (since the writer is the one who made shining inheritance)… can someone upload it on the net with english sub, please 🙂

  22. 22 : JuSsmin Says:

    i love you soo matche

  23. 23 : tesss Says:


  24. 24 : lizann Says:

    did anyone find where to watch this with eng subs?? if so please send me de link at [email protected]
    thank you

  25. 25 : sang hee Says:

    I really want to see this drama – the synopsis sounds good but sad it’ not available online! i hope viikii will upload this or mysoju!

  26. 26 : links of london charms bracelets Says:

    Coooooooooooooooool post,thank you for sharing!!

  27. 27 : mutiara Says:

    it’s interesting, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  28. 28 : mel Says:

    looks like so romantic but the episodes so long…

  29. 29 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much,,

  30. 30 : ok Says:

    Must watch drama – Gumiho – Tale of a Fox child. – The picture look scary but actually the drama is not scary but exciting. The actors and actresses including the kids all acted very very well.
    Jung Kyu & Yeon Yi met the 1st time & catching fire flies at the river side – so sweet
    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (a comedy) – also very nice.

  31. 31 : sang hee Says:

    i just started watching the dvd of this drama & loving it! too bad it’s not avail. online but no matter how lengthy this one is it’s worth your while! i luv Kim ji hoon & the chem. with jo yong joon lead actress. beautiful love story i highly recommend this.

  32. 32 : sang hee Says:

    @carmen….it’s not avail. online it’s too bad but i got the dvd recently & watching this beautiful drama even w/o subs i manage to follow through somehow hahaha I’m a huge fan of Kim ji hoon that’s why even w/o subs i was happy to see it.

    2 thumbs up, hopefully someone either at youtube or viikii, or soju will upload this next time. another good drama of Kim ji hoon is Golden Apple it’s on my soju now.

  33. 33 : sang hee Says:

    i just finished epis 41 of this drama & much to my surprise kim ji hoon had a scene singing in karaoke bar….if it was really his voice, gosh i think he’s good & i can say multi talented actor! oh this drama is addictive, they look cute together! really nice drama hope someone will upload for people to watch it, i wished i cld upload this so that lots of Kim ji hoon fans wld be able to see this one!

    in this drama he’s looking very very handsome, i like his cute smile, esp with the way his teeth are, i hope he doesn’t do any cosmetic thing to it coz it’s really cute on him! really he’s an eye candy! :)) luv him

  34. 34 : sang hee Says:

    i really like the chem of Kim Ji Hoon and Jo Yeo Jung here, her role is such a nice person even tho she comes from a rich family, however, her father didn’t really start rich they were average but i guess he just got lucky. This is really a good drama! Must watch drama!

  35. 35 : sang hee Says:

    hello moderators: pls post this photo from How Much Love when u get a chance. thank you v. much!


  36. 36 : Jinjoo Says:

    it’s nice to know this has a happy ending! i luv their chemistry & hope they make another drama again, maybe when kim ji hoon comes back from his military service :)))
    i miss him already!

  37. 37 : sang hee Says:

    i wondered too why this didn’t get an award? umhhh that’s too bad! both Kim Ji & Jo yeu did an outstanding performance, i cried with both of them tho i still hv to finish this.

  38. 38 : sang hee Says:

    thank u so much moderators for posting that photo! that’s great! i hv to find some more 🙂 i just luv this drama!

  39. 39 : sang hee Says:

    dear moderators – pls post another charming photo of Kim ji hoon & Jo yeo jung from this drama – lots of thanks!


    i think in this drama i really hate Sun Joo’s dad so much….he’s ruthless, heartless & all that! i like her mom better & she seems to like Suhdong also for her! great drama – i still am watching & now on epi 60 🙂 It may be long but worth it!

  40. 40 : sang hee Says:

    I can’t thank you enough moderators for doing it so quickly posting photos as requested from this beautiful drama! Thanks again a milln.

  41. 41 : KimJi4ever Says:

    sang hee inspired me to see this drama & i found this nice photo of Kim Ji & Jo Yeo jung so moderators pls kindly post when u get a chance!

    Many thanks for everything! This site is a wonderful site, one of my favorites! thnx so much!


  42. 42 : sang hee Says:

    yes kimji4ever…. they both are good looking couple and to you all here who like this drama, go to their official website which i did today & you’ll see tons of photos from this drama & some off camera photos of Kim Ji & Jo Yeo jung and other casts.

    i hv to continue watching now, this is getting so addictive & what else is new right?

    talk to you later

  43. 43 : sang hee Says:

    woah this drama is soooooooooo good and i like this better than Kim ji’s other drama Love & Marriage, this one is more poignant & since it’s a lengthy drama i don’t mind coz i get to see him in every scenes! i’m into a drama where there’s wedding scene & this one is just that, the hardships that these couple have been through is unbelievable but they were so strong & supported each other continuously. I don’t know why this drama was not avail. online since this is one of the best i’ve seen. Even Kim ji when interviewed told arirang that this drama wld be his favorite amongst the others he’d done, for one thing he said he’s worked hard in this drama as he is the lead actor & worked hard he did!

    I highly recommend this drama, two thumbs up way up! well made & loved the storyline altho i hvnt finished! 🙂

  44. 44 : sang hee Says:

    one of my favorite scenes in this drama is when Suh dong so disguised as a doctor just so he could have access to see her as her father hired some guards to prevent her from going out even from her own bedroom! I think KJH looked so handsome with his eyeglasses & nice suit in that scene. There’s so many nice twists in this story & I still feel sad that this drama seems under promoted since not very many fans know about this KJH great drama of his!

  45. 45 : Kimji4ever Says:

    To Moderators: just to follow up on the link #41 pls if possible to post that wedding photo of KJH & Jo yeo, much appreciated! THANK YOU!! ^^

  46. 46 : Kimji4ever Says:

    I just noticed that someone here indicated that the writer of this drama is the same who did Shin. Inheritance? no wonder this is so good!

  47. 47 : sang hee Says:

    for those who already finished watching this, cld u pls tell me why Suhdong soo got very upset with Sun Joo i think of what her father did to KJH’s dad in the past? I don’ u/stand Chinese & watching it w/o Eng subs really made it difficult to figure out why all of his family gave Sun joo a cold shoulder??? This is a really nice family drama & hope someone wld upload w/Eng subs one day! :))

  48. 48 : sang hee Says:

    i’m now on ep 111 watching this drama & both Kim Ji hoon & Jo yeo jung made me cry in this drama! if you havnt seen this drama, you’re missing out. Kim ji was really good in this drama & i still wondered if he had won an award that goes to Jo yeo jung also! I just wished this drama was Eng subbed so i can u/stand their dialogues better :(((

  49. 49 : sang hee Says:

    i just finished watching this drama after 125 epis & my goodness it’s worth every min. spent on this one….this is for sure one of my favorites now! I will now have to suffer from the so called withdrawal syndrome….somehow you feel into it that you become a part of this family (drama). This is 2 thumbs up way up….all the actors not to mention the two leads were superb in their performance! I will definitely rewatch this when i get a chance & I will surely make the time for it! Kim Ji hoon & Jo yeo jung were great…the story was so good!

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS DRAMA! i can’t seem to get over it…i may sound exaggerating but this is how I’m feeling right now!

  50. 50 : KimJi4ever Says:

    Hello Sang hee….i hvnt finished watching but it’s really a good one! the OST is nice too! I agree this drama must be the one that Kim ji hoon needs to be credited for…his acting was so convincing here & loving him more! Jo yeo jung was equally good, gosh the hardships that she’s been through are remarkable…i think this drama should have been commended for – the director, cast all of them were good! i gotta cont watching later!

  51. 51 : sang hee Says:

    oh i know it’s really a good drama, it’s sad that this drama wasn’t out there for people to know how good it is! there’s sad scenes there’s funny ones too & i’ve seen some other family dramas myself & i think this one wld be one of my ten best! matter of fact, i am planning to rewatch it when i get a chance part of it i’m missing kim ji hoon already! i hope he’ll be ok where he’s at now.

  52. 52 : SIX SIX SIX Says:

    I have ep 91 to 125… i cant for the life of my find the rest on my hard drives… sigh..

  53. 53 : jinjoo Says:

    @six six six…. you can find this on tudou dot com the whole episode i believe, altho no subs! good luck!

    i luv this drama esp kim ji hoon & jo yeo jung

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