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High-End Crush

High-End Crush 04

Title: 고품격 짝사랑 / High-End Crush
Chinese Title: 高品格单恋
Also known as : 아무도 본 적 없는 고품격 짝사랑 / The Greatest One-Sided Love No One Has Ever Seen Before
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Web Drama
Episodes: 20 (15 minutes/episode)
Broadcast network: NAVER tvcast & Sohu TV
Broadcast period: 2015-Nov-14 to 2016-Jan-17


This drama is a Korean-Chinese production web-drama.

This drama is the heartfelt and pure love story by a man, Choi Se Hoon (Jung Il Woo) who with everything in his hands, who falls in love for the first time in his life with a woman, Yoo Yi Ryung (Jin Se Yun) who has been living in completely opposite circumstances from his.


Main Cast

Jung Il Woo as Choi Se Hoon
Jin Se Yun as Yoo Yi Ryung

Supporting Cast

Yoon Bo Ra as Min Joo
Lee Shi Eun
Jung Sang Hoon
Moon Se Yoon

Production Credits

Director: Ji Yeong Soo


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Official Site

Trailer I & Trailer II & Preview

Watch Online in Sohu.com

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  1. 1 : Maan Says:

    I hope this a great love story drama!

  2. 2 : sterling Says:

    another drama to watch with Jung Il Woo oppa!

  3. 3 : James Says:

    I thought Bora was the lead? maybe she the 2nd main. other dramas have more than two. everything might not be confirmed yet. But will see ad fighting!

  4. 4 : Vicki Says:

    Looks like a cute, fun drama. The leads look great together.

  5. 5 : shemeji macluyiso von lewis Says:

    i like them both they are my favorite, although sometime i wish korean girls to have African figure or Latin figure in that case….. O.M.G cnt imagine how hot they wil be….lol!!damn

  6. 6 : Hannah Says:

    ♥.♥ Jung Il Woo ~~ *faint*

  7. 7 : zydell Says:

    Can’t wait to watch this drama!!

  8. 8 : hnyJo Says:

    end of october ? onje!! today, tomorrow ?? this is like Noble my love production can’t watch freelly like other drama , must wait ;((

  9. 9 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Welcome back Oppaaa ❤️

  10. 10 : kristelassi Says:

    Omo!!Jung il woo oppa is coming back!!!can’t wait!!

  11. 11 : Riders e High-End Crush: novos kdramas de Novembro Says:

    […] Fonte: KoreanDrama (1), (2) […]

  12. 12 : White Princess Says:

    Aja Aja Fighting..main actress Jin Se Yun & lead Actor Jung II Woo. I love both of them.
    There are my lovely.

  13. 13 : White Princess Says:

    Aja Aja Fighting..main actress Jin Se Yun & lead Actor Jung II Woo. I love both of them.
    They are my lovely,My Favorite.
    Can’t Wait..
    Pali Pali..

  14. 14 : Paperdoll Says:

    waiting for this. I like jin se yun 🙂

  15. 15 : Iris Says:

    Please click to follow the Viki channel


    And submit title request form


  16. 16 : Lu Lu Says:

    What is this ah? Is 15 min duration trend now for drama??? So silly!!!! T.O.P drama also like that, super annoying!!! Better make it shorter episode but longer duration.

  17. 17 : Negin Says:

    So upset about subtitle. I watched 15 min of that but couldn’t understand it. Any suggestion for better subtitle.?.

  18. 18 : lyta Says:

    subtitle jeballlllll………

  19. 19 : SyahDin Says:

    both main casts are one of my fav….so gooddddd….

  20. 20 : mml Says:

    I have been watching this drama and strongly agreed that its a comedy drama at certain episodes. This is a one sided love and will the romance blossom ? I just hope that, the two of them will be the Cinderella with the handsome Prince being match together as a happy sweet romance couple.

  21. 21 : Lyta erza Says:

    Finished watching until 20 eps, but i don’t understand what they are talking about……😢😭😭…….

  22. 22 : belsy Says:

    Where i can watch this drama? It was hard to find with good eng sub 🙁

  23. 23 : tera is fab Says:

    I love this drama but I can’t seem to find any websites that are fully subbed (:(

  24. 24 : Angel Says:

    wow seeing that its a movie dat jung il woo is in I know its gonna b superb….GOODLUCK GUYS

  25. 25 : maria Says:

    hola plis pueden dejar algun sitio donde poder verla ya que en los canales oficiales aun no lo liberan gracias ,ademas me encantan los actores `princiàles bye saludos desde chile

  26. 26 : Nicole Says:

    Wow finally, it’s Jung Il Woo! 😍
    Why only 15 minutes per episode? Is this a short drama? Is it done airing already? Quite confused. 😖

  27. 27 : bigeye Says:

    wow so cute for jung il woo but no wonder he is cool person

  28. 28 : Rynie Says:

    Anybody know where to download this ost?
    I know the tittle (catch me) if im not mistaken but search it on google…no where to download… all lead to SNSd and TVXq song only…help me jeballlyo..

  29. 29 : seth Says:

    I hope there’s a season 2 ✌😀

  30. 30 : rita Says:

    Monsta X was in this drama

  31. 31 : Berrychoco Says:

    This drama is really good! Although it is only 15 minutes, it is worth to watch!

  32. 32 : jeanny Says:

    this drama is really good i love it

  33. 33 : sandra Says:

    What is the theme opening song of this drama;I can’t find that song; where can I download that theme song?

  34. 34 : mona Says:

    One fun and funny romcom 😀

  35. 35 : moonlover Says:

    It is loving and funny story, i love both actor and actress too.

  36. 36 : im_cun Says:

    love this drama so much ! it was so funny and about pure love. Jung Il Woo is really damn good in this character ! love him so much !

  37. 37 : Dreamcaster Says:

    Jung Il Woo is a really good actor. He is very lovable in this web drama. You get to fell the character that he portrays. Short but well written story. Light feel good drama. Great ending too! I am happy to have watched this.

  38. 38 : tigerb Says:

    just watched this series and got surprised why the ceo’s assistant is not listed here as he had a strong supporting role than the rest of the cast. then i found out that his name is almost similar to the supporting female actress name: lee shi eun, compared to the male actor: lee shi un.

  39. 39 : Shirohana Says:

    Though it’s an old drama, I just watched it this week, I like the story , very comedian and great actors and actresses. Entertaining too and great ending

  40. 40 : Kay Says:

    This is a pretty basic shorter rom-com. Nothing revolutionary, but cute with enough good points 🙂

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