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Golden Pouch


Title: 황금주머니 / Golden Pouch
Chinese Title: 黃金口袋
Also Known as: Golden Pocket
Genre: Romance, Family
Episodes: 122
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2016-Nov-14 to 2017-June-01
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:55


A delightful family drama with food background and a heartwarming romance between Sul Hwa (Ryu Hyo Young), the 3rd daughter who has some questions regarding her status in the family, and a brilliant surgeon Suk Hoon (Kim Ji Han) who turns into a cook after he experienced some misfortunes.


Main Cast

Kim Ji Han as Han Suk Hoon
Ryu Hyo Young as Geum Sul Hwa
Lee Sun Ho as Yoon Joon Sang

Geum Sul Hwa’s family

Ahn Nae Sang as Geum Jung Do
Oh Young Shil as Kim Choo Ja
Dana as Geum Doo Na
Baek Seo Yi as Geum Se Na

Yoon Joon Sang’s family

Seo Woo Rim as Eun Gab Ja
Cha Kwang Soo as Yoon Jae Rim
Ji Soo Won as Mo Nan Sul
Na Jong Chan as Yoon Ji Sang

Bae Min Hee’s family

Yoo Hye Ri as Sa Gwi Jung
Son Seung Woo as Bae Min Hee
Lee Yong Joo as Bae Min Kyu


Song Yoo An as Shin Yoo Na
Son Ga Young as Bae Min Hee
Lee Chang
Seo Kwang Jae
Lee Shi Hoon as Kim Kun

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Seung Mo
Director: Kim Dae Jin
Screenwriter: Lee Hye Sun


2017 MBC Drama Awards: Golden Acting Actor (Soap Opera) – Ahn Nae Sang (Golden Pouch)


golden-pouch-poster1 golden-pouch-poster2 golden-pouch-poster3 golden-pouch-poster4

Official Site


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  1. 1 : Greenshine Says:

    Love Kim Ji Han!!!

  2. 2 : New K-dramas in November | Loving K-Drama Says:

    […] 1, 2, 3, 4, […]

  3. 3 : freedomdemon Says:

    look forward to this drama~!!! ^^Y

  4. 4 : aznaive Says:

    Watched six episodes and liking it so far. Legal and licensed on OnDemandKorea.com

  5. 5 : Nealra Says:

    Ryu Hyoyoung iyyaaa!
    Good luck

  6. 6 : aznaive Says:

    Watched 16 episodes so far and really enjoying the story.

  7. 7 : afi Says:

    Kim Ji Han, one of my favorit … figthing

  8. 8 : USA Says:

    Nice drama… slow moving, but most characters fit their role except the loan shark lady – aberrant acting. Fun & easy to watch. Where’s their tv ratings?

  9. 9 : fong Says:

    Who is the actor who plays Mr. Kim, the driver for Mrs. Sa?

  10. 10 : USA Says:

    Anyone know where I can watch this weeks’ episode (#40-44) for free online? Been waiting for them to post, still waiting. Thank you.
    posted on Friday 21:30 January 13, 2017

  11. 11 : Winnie the pooh Says:

    it’s watchable…but still full of makjang urggghhh

  12. 12 : George Says:

    Sa Gwi-Jung — another ugly high ended evil witch. I hope she looses everything she owns some where in this show. That Mr. Kim that works for her knew that there was nothing irregular in the Geum Jung-Do’s family life. How do these guys work for these evil people who think it is OK to ruin someone’s life.

    Looks like there is a bit of jealousy going on with Dr. Han
    with Joon Sang as he likes Sul-Hwa also. I wish they would stop making all the shows with these darn 3-way triangles. Boring.

  13. 13 : Kara Says:

    Why there are no episodes for yesterday and today as well? Is this going to be dropped?

  14. 14 : Aidah Abdullah Says:

    I am also waiting anxiously for Monday and Tuesday episodes. The other two dramas I am also following, Love is drop by drop and 1st love again usually are posted at the same time but I don’t know why Golden Pouch was posted later than the other two since last 2 weeks.

  15. 15 : Aidah Abdullah Says:

    I already found out the reason for the delay. It will not be aired this week due to running presidential candidates’ special program that is being aired this week. So to all you lovers of this drama be patient and wait till next week

  16. 16 : Timar Says:

    Good drama. The leads are great together.

  17. 17 : S.Yanti Says:

    Really love this drama 😙 see u next week. Can not wait anymore 😉

  18. 18 : ken Says:

    anybody know closing song ep 56?

  19. 19 : Jake Says:

    I think this drama is being sacked since it has not been aired for two weeks. Other daily dramas from other channels continue to air shows daily. Maybe the poor ratings cause to cease the show. Not airing the show to give way for political programs do not make sense. Hopefully, they can replace a good one as soon as possible.

  20. 20 : Rose Says:

    I like Joon Sang. It seems like he is the odd man out. His grandmother at least loves him and appreciates him. His personality is polite and quiet. Too bad his TV show didn’t work out. It seemed to be the right balance for him.

    Seo Woo-Rim is a beautiful woman.

    I like Kim Ji Han. He is a good actor. I also like Joon Sang. So can’t figure out who I like best for Sul Hwa Both of the guys and she would make a good couple I probably am rooting for Joon Sang because I feel he is rather a lonely person and so wants his mother to like him and accept him. Having a girlfriend wold be nice for him. The usual triangle again with one girl and two guys.

  21. 21 : AndrewF Says:

    Prima donna Geum Se-Na doesn’t work, so I would assume she has no money per se. But she dresses like she is a rich babe from a rich family. Not digging her attitude very much, she thinks she is better than other people. Her parents must support her 100% with clothes, food, etc.

    Poor Ji-Sang if he ends up marrying her.

    I hope Min-Hee doesn’t end up with Joon-Sang. The other person that I like from that screwy family is Min-kyo Eventually it will come out that he made the mistake on the medication that Dr. Han took the rap for.

    Mr. Kim – who works for crazy loan shark lady – no listing for who he is.

  22. 22 : FrancescaPPY Says:

    Dr Han is the Yoon family’s first son and not the current Joon Sang. He has memory of Sul Hwa from his childhood. So the 3 of them lives in the same compound.
    It will be real sad to terminate airing this drama.
    Maybe they can shrink it down to say 70 or 80 episodes, and not leave viewers without some kind of End to story!

    I personally don’t see why the Rich can slap the Poor at will though in Korean dramas!

  23. 23 : Shu Says:

    You won’t regret starting. A good reasonable drama to watch in between your frustrating wait for updates. Hi Han has always shined in his roles. Great to watch him. And the producer and the rich family’s grandson, handsome to watch. He was in Doctors

  24. 24 : icdrama Says:

    Ryu Hyoyoung iyyaaa!
    Good luck

  25. 25 : lene Says:

    i like joon sang for sul hwa, pls writers, do the right thing, feel and see what the viewers felt and seen evrytime they in frame together…..

  26. 26 : Mokoduk Says:

    Lee Sun Ho who plays Joon Sang has a face that makes for the ideal amoral rich brat who stomps on everyone he meets. He’s played such roles in other dramas effectively. No matter how benevolent the character, some actors for whatever reason just don’t do justice to the good-guy role.

  27. 27 : Drama Queen Says:

    Is it over? If not, where could go online to I watch this drama episodes for free? Thanks

  28. 28 : Jake Says:

    There was no episode shown last Friday march 10th. This show is always the target of missed shows. The rate this is going I think producers should cut down the number of episodes to 100 or even less.’I am wondering how this show does in tv ratings.

  29. 29 : Rose Says:

    @ 37 — Drama Queen–

    Here are a couple sites that you can watch this show with Eng subs.



    If you put Golden Pouch in web search, there also are other sights.

  30. 30 : Rose Says:

    I don’t why Nan-Sul doesn’t like Joon-Sang???? He really tries to stay low key in the family and he and Ji-Sang get along very well, which is great. Neither of the son’s so far wanted to work within the office per se of the father’s compny, but incidentail situation create them both ending up working for the company.

    I feel Joon-Sang knows what type of girl Min-Hee is, so hopefully he does not end up with her which I said previously.

    I can’t believe how hard these parents in these dramas work to get ther children married into rich families. Getting data information on the rich children and telling lies, etc. etc. etc. Geez…..it is all so boring and tiring.

    This is a good drama, I am enjoying it.

  31. 31 : Noya Says:

    Episode 79 didn’t move along a whole lot. They’re really dragging, I suppose to milk advertising revenue. Still next episode it seems Suk Hoon couldn’t contain his affection for Sul Hwa, taking it to the next level with a lip slam dunk.

  32. 32 : Mi Poong Says:

    Joon Sang has no biological connection to his family. I am suspicious that Han Suk Hoon’s biological father is Yoon Jae Rim and his mother, Jae Rim’s first wife. If that’s correct then Sul Hwa will marry into that family, but not to Joon Sang.

  33. 33 : Rose Says:

    @ Mi Poong —-

    What happened to Jae Rim’s first wife??

    Is it Jin Jo – the friend of Nan Sul and Jung Do?? Or a woman not related to either of them??

    I find it interesting in all these dramas, when the main stars have some thing going on that is personal in their lives which may cause them some harm or whatever, they just up and walk out of the office. And either come back after they handled whatever the problem was or just don’t. They don’t tell their supervisor – just walk out. Only in dramas can you do this.

    Even when the actor/actress is mad or hysterical over something, they throw everything off the desk, dresser, etc. but in the next scene the same items are all back in place. Doesn’t anything break – even plants are the same. Is everything made of rubber???

  34. 34 : Mi Poong Says:

    LOL!! @Rose; Yea everything is made of rubber including the actors.

  35. 35 : Jeekoy Says:

    What kind of a doctor is suk hyeon? If he doubts about identity of the person who he thinks as his father, isn’t the first thing he will do as the doctor is have a DNA test. The scriptwriter lee hye sun thinks that the drama audience are morons. What a shallow scriptwriting. The writer next plan is to reveal that suk hyeon is the real son of the pg group owner which will now make it difficult for him to marry Seol hwa. What a twist. That is why they should shorten this drama the scriptwriter is milking the show. The person should not be allowed to have a screenplay. I do not know what the mbc executives are thinking.

  36. 36 : Shari Says:

    So do I understand correctly that Min-Kyoo turned in his resignation to the hospital and told the truth??? And that is the end of accidentally killing someone??? No retribution to the family??? No I am sorry to the family, it was my fault, etc. etc. etc.

    I like Ji-Sang, he is very sweet and down to earth. Do not like “thinks she is so great Se-Na.” Ji-Sang deserves a better girlfriend. Definitely not Se-Na.

    Choo-Ja is a ditz a times.

  37. 37 : norm Says:

    [email protected]#35. I fully agree with you. the last episodes I just saw was totally less than juvenile. everyone is sorry for and take blame for everyone’s wrong doing. every one are out right liars telling outright bold face lies face to face without trying to hide it. I hope this isn’t a true reflection of Korean daily life. I think the writers intelligence are lower than kindergardens children. they have short intelligence span. I see the same in the dramas “blow breeze”, “golden pouch” and “father l”ll take care of you”. so sad. I think these writers should watch the American drama “dallas’ to see how lt”s done or even the Korean drama “triangle”or “scandal”.

  38. 38 : norm Says:

    I also agree with noya, mi poon, shari and rose

  39. 39 : LY Says:

    For a brilliant doctor as Suk Hoon, doesn’t it cross his mind to do a DNA test first before he starts calling a stranger his ‘Abuji ‘?

  40. 40 : Mi Poong Says:

    DNA? Getting a DNA test would ruin the plot. Lol! Also, if I’m not mistaken, South Korea has a DNA database that helps the lost or displaced find and reconnect with family. Would a reader who knows more comment on that please.

  41. 41 : Mi Poong Says:

    I was noticing Hyo Young’s sister is in another drama, though they are twins, Hyo Young is the better looking of the two.

  42. 42 : Noya Says:

    I’m always amazed in these dramas how the villain attains a level of access to so much damning information; it’s mystical. A normal person can’t spend 10-12 hours a day pouring over reports and coordinating product marketing and release and still have the time to delve into the complexities of the lives of others, even those in their own family. Min-Hee is omnipresent gathering data and piecing it all together in a way that challenges the quintessential sleuth.

    She watches the relevant players inside the company’s very large building and teleports to the exact hospital floor at the appropriate moment to observe her husband linger in his observation of a hobo patient. Then I suppose she teleports back to her office desk before anyone notices she’s gone.

    Bae Min Hee must have an extra brain and so she never really sleeps.

  43. 43 : Noya Says:

    They’ve decided to rip-off the “steal a toothbrush or comb and tamper with the DNA test” plot from Blow Breeze. Really? Can’t you come up with another way to drive the story? Like have Min-hee pay thugs to disappear the father who isn’t really Dr. Han’s father. Oh wait . . . that’s another “Blow Breeze” plot.

  44. 44 : Rose Says:

    I like Na Jong Chan ( Ji Sang). I liked the character he played in Mom. It would be nice to see more of him in this drama, but not with Se-Na. So far, I don’t like anything about her personality.

  45. 45 : marilyn Says:

    may 6, 2017 no golden pouch again? why? 🙁

  46. 46 : Hannah Says:

    This series is getting to be interesting. Although there are times that situations would tend to be very impossible. But none the less, its worth the wait. Pls continue the food work

  47. 47 : Jeekoy Says:

    Due presidential debate and upcoming elections, this daily drama is one of the few that becomes a target for cancellations of shows. I wonder what is the rating of this show. They should have a Nielsen rating to gauge how popular this show is. Other daily dramas are not affected by the debate and elections. They continue to air their shows. Why? This is taking a long time and they should end it. The story just keeps coming back and now it is boring. Wen have a pretty idea the ending I.e the identities of two actors will be exposed, the greedy wife will be ousted of the house, her mom will be locked up because of the hit and run,’and finally dr Han and Seul hwa will get married. Her mom will get divorce or may be exiled to the temple to reflect her sins against the family. The younger sister will hook up with the younger brother. The older sister and the husband will be successful on their endeavors. So what will happen to the impostor? That is the only interesting cliff hanger on this drama.

  48. 48 : Hannah Says:

    The culprit of the whole mess are MDM Mo,
    With BMH & ms sa. I am looking forward to a more realistic scenario & what would happen to them in the end, with LESSONS TO BE LEARNED…

  49. 49 : Hannah Says:

    Please add suBS.

  50. 50 : Rose Says:

    I can’t stand Se-Na kissing up to Ji-Sang now that she knows he is from a rich family. I hope Ji-Sang doesn’t fall for her stupid act. Between Joon-Sang and Dr. Han, Ji-Sang is the best guy in the show.

    I do like Kim Ji-Han as an actor. This is the first time I have seen Lee Sun-Ho. His character needs to tell his idiot mother why he is evil Min-Hee and save himself alot of trouble. Even if the truth comes out that JS is not the real son, and they get divorced, MH will get probably a good divorce settlement possibly.

  51. 51 : lclarakl Says:

    I have to say that this has been a really good drama with 12 episodes left. My only concern for the ending is will the writer reveal all the secrets. Will Dr. Han speak or will he remain silent and let someone else reveal the truth.

  52. 52 : Jenny Says:

    Why no episode 109 110. Wat happen to this drama?

  53. 53 : Jenny Says:

    Bakit wala pang kasunod na episode. . Anong nang yari. Sa golden pounch??????

  54. 54 : Kingtez64 Says:

    Inip na rin ako dapat ka sabay niyA ibang full length drama na nag rerelease everyday

  55. 55 : Rose Says:

    I agree with several people who posted that Dr. Han should have taken a DNA test, especially when he had the man he thought was his father in the hospital But that is K-Drama for you. Drag everything out.

    I am also surprised that Jae Rim did not look in to Min Hee’s background, especially when he saw those 2 woman shaking her down for money. Jae Rim was in a hurry to marry JS off without checking into MH’s background which is very unusual for a rich person. But that is the way K-Dramas drag everything out and continue to let the evil person take center stage of all these dramas.

    Like Blow Breeze – the show was centered around the evil person continually and the people that the fans want to see are in the background.

  56. 56 : Johnny Says:

    Now that Sae Na found out Ji-Sang comes from MONEY, now is being sickening sweet towards him. She’s a good copy of Ji Sang’s mom. Ji-Sang is a nice, honest, sweet guy. Too good for Sae Na. Hope he wises up to her disgusting act. Of course, he will and most likely will end up with her. Ugh.

    And Dr. Han who is an intelligent top of the line doctor, just believes some man off the street who happens to be from the same town, decides the man is his father without checking!!!!! Don’t they have DNA testing in Korea??? Sul Hwa goes along with it also. You would think she or her parents would suggest it. Plus you move a strange man into your house. Strange story line.

    @Noya — I agree with you 100%.

  57. 57 : chrisc Says:

    This drama is supposed to be from Monday to Friday but the episodes comes in like twice a week only. It’s really keeping the viewers in suspense. I hope they run it faster now that it’s towards the end.

  58. 58 : Gaebong Says:

    Poor Sul Hwa, getting one shock after another. Her man just dumped her — supposedly to protect her — nice going there Han Suk Hoon. Way to not hurt your girl. She got a double whammy shock news. It’s a effen sunami for the girl with the weak heart. Lets see you get your priority in order dude. She’s your number one priority you dumb shyte.

  59. 59 : Gaebong Says:

    All the crooked players have the power to set things right. Yoon Joon Sang who repeatedly expressed guilt and remorse then does nothing. For Min Hee and her mother, Joon Sang is more a meal ticket than a husband.

    Sul Hwa’s birth mother could end her daughter’s suffering, but the attachment to her own material security is more important to her.

    Then there’s Han Suk Hoon. After Sul Hwa recovers she should have nothing more to do with him. He abandoned her at a time when she needed him most.

    I think the drama fails at this juncture. Even if Suk Hoon were to save Sul Hwa’s life by performing heart surgery on her or something, redemption is unrealistic given there is really nothing there to bring it about.

  60. 60 : Rose Says:

    @Gaebong —- I agree with your post.

    Joon Sang doesn’t want to loose his place with in the family he grew up with. And Nan Sul is the same – she wants to continue living in the style she has strived for so far has accomplished.

    And no one is the wiser except for conniving Min-Hee and her stupid greedy mother.

  61. 61 : Mohammad Says:

    Joon sung is a caword but I can understand Han sook hoon be cux his protectin his girl from finding out on all nd she got a heart problem so he wants to prevent from shock but all desame dey will still come bak 2gethet

  62. 62 : AndrewF Says:

    Se Na is such a downer with that stupid mouth of hers. Instead of being happy for Doo Na and Min-Kyoo that some company wants to buy their story they wrote, the idiot says “you can’t live on writing.” He made a mistake by blaming Dr. Han for the man dying, but he is trying to make amends and has several jobs. And why do Doo Na and MK need his mother’s approval to see Doo Na’s family???? They are old enough to do what they want.

    I hope Sul Hwa starts standing up to Se Na instead of trying to appease her all the time by giving her jewlery and letting her wear her clothes. Se Na is like Min-Kyoo’s mother, after money money.

  63. 63 : Gaebong Says:

    In life, we are often given the choice to become better human beings. It comes down to a matter of recognising the correct choice in the window of opportunity made available to us.

    Had Jae Rim not investigated and learned the truth, would Joo Sang have carried on and not tell? It is a matter for conjecture and does not change the fact that Joo Sang missed the opportunity for redemption by not telling Jae Rim the truth before he was discovered.

  64. 64 : Gaebong Says:

    It looks like the Sul Hwa’s birth mother will be the heart donor. And they added 3 more episodes. That’s plenty round off the story. It’s playing out like a typical soap, but I’m so enjoying this drama.

    The hospital scene with Jung Do looking on at Sul Hawa and Suk Hoon, the two children of his orphanage sisters resolving to spend the rest of their lives together, was moving.

  65. 65 : anna Says:

    the Synopsis is wrong.!!!

  66. 66 : Rose Says:

    Min Hee is liek a ghost, here, there and every where.

    Min Hee’s evil witch of a mother, will live off her son most likely once his dumpling store starts bringing in money.

  67. 67 : jaydee Says:

    The ending of this drama was very bad. It seems that the sponsor, producer, writer and actors were all in a hurry to wrap up the show due to delays. That is why episode should only be limited to 80-100. It will be less boring and more entertaining rather than making a typical soap drama.

  68. 68 : Diana Says:

    Ugly Gwi Jung is like her ghost daughter, always at the right place at the right time Doesn’t anyone knock when they are entering some one’s office without being announced and then listens to the person’s conversation. How stupid are these dramas???? It thought Korea had all this customs, traditions etc. These shows people do whatever they please, walk in to any one’s house whenever they want. Strange situations.

  69. 69 : Rose Says:

    I have a question?? I thought Dr Han’s mother is the one who pulled him out of the fire??? Why is Nan Sul wondering if he remembers who pulled him out of the fire for???

    Oh is it because she wanted to know if his mother went back into the fire to get the fake Joon Sang?

    Idiot Se Na tells Sul Hwa she “doesn’t care about her” when she felt dizzy at work and her and Ji-Sang brought SH to the company nurse. Too bad Ji-Sang didn’t hear Se Na say that, then he will know what kind of goof she is. She blames everyone else for her problems.

  70. 70 : USA Says:

    Endings of 120 episode dramas have never been excellent or satisfactory. Also, How is it that a 32 yo woman gets a heart from a 50 yo? Usually, the organ transplants try to match the age, weight, sex. This means Sul-Hwa will continue to have health issues with a 50+ year old heart, perhaps even more complicated. These writers are quite stupid, uneducated, definitely not detail oriented. “The devil is in the detail” the saying goes – any successful person knows this… see a lot of “oh, nobody will notice” decisions on K-Dramas – pitiful. That’s why the ending is so poor, and the entire drama gets a bad wrap/reputation. 5th grader teacher taught us to always finish a task on hand well, whatever it is. These writers need to learn to complete the story well, or it’s ruined. A case in point here.

  71. 71 : Thwin Yoon San Says:


  72. 72 : Than Than Nwe Says:

    Where was the last scene shot? It is so pleasant.

  73. 73 : Asel Says:


  74. 74 : glo Says:

    the best korean drama so far that I have followed. I really like your acting Jin yi han from empress ki to your latest but I consider this as the best

  75. 75 : Quantum nurse Says:

    It is heartwarming to watch “Golden Pouch”. Dr. Han Suk-Hoon and Ms. Geum Seol-Hwa portray pure love, a match made in heaven. The lead actor and actress that play Dr. Han and Ms. Geum have a great on-screen chemistry that is unrivaled by any other K-drama. Dr. Han does not give up as a cardio thoracic surgeon and successfully completed the heart transplant for the love of his life. “Golden Pouch” is truly an unforgettable K-drama series.

    We hope Mr. Kim Ji-Han/Jin Yi Han will play in an epic historical saga as a prominent lead hero character soon. He is a talented and solid actor. He tells the stories with his “quiet eyes and “laser-sharp focus” in “Golden Pouch” and “Empress Ki”.

  76. 76 : Quantum nurse Says:

    Miss Ryu Hyo Young is so lovely and she has a very good on-screen chemistry with the leading actor, Mr. Kim Ji Han in “Golden Pouch”, it is a memorable K-drama, unrivaled by any other K-drama series so far. We hope MBC would make a two-hour TV movie to conclude the “Golden Pouch”, We truly hope for a happy ending for Dr. Han and Ms. Geum, a match made in heaven.

  77. 77 : Quantum nurse Says:

    “Golden Pouch” is the best K-drama series so far. It is so profoundly memorable and meaningful. Good acting as well as worth to watch “Golden Pouch” again and again. Keep up the good work everyone.

  78. 78 : Quantum nurse Says:

    One can feel instantly the on-screen chemistry brewing when the lead characters meet by the river in the city of Namwon on the first episode in “Golden Pouch”. The appearance of the lead character, Mr. Kim Ji-Han/Jin Yi Han makes one’s heart flutter.

  79. 79 : Quantum nurse Says:

    The best K-drama series so far. Wish the Screenwriter Lee Hye Sun and Director Kim Dae Jin will get to work together and make another memorable K-Drama as unforgettable as “Golden Pouch” with the same leading actors/actresses.

  80. 80 : Quantum nurse Says:

    There is Love Triangle or rather three sided love triangle in “Golden Pouch”. This K-drama series is so engaging and so memorable. Firstly, there is Dr. Han Seok-hoon’s past relationship with Bae Min-hee, and secondly, both Dr. Han Seok-hoon and Yoon Joon-sang fall in love with Geum Seol-hwa. All lead characters have their own motivation, hopes, values and fears.

    There is Bae Min-hee’s ambitious motivation after Dr. Han rejects Min-hee when she wants to come back after she left Dr. Han when he loses his memory, and cannot perform any surgeries due to his injury. Min-hee’s “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” is so dreadful and horrifying to the end of the series.

    For the audience, it seems that both Dr. Han Seok-hoon and Yoon Joon-sang are “perfect person” for Geum Seol-hwa. Seol-hwa has feeling for Dr. Han, but Seol-hwa’s adopted mom, Kim Choo-ja, wants Seol-hwa to marry a perfect and flawless man, the son of the wealthy Yoon family. I find this unique love triangle story does not drag on too long, but is engaging. Will Seol-hwa choose the man that needs her (Dr. Han Seok-hoon) or the man that wants her (Yoon Joon-sang)?

    “Golden Pouch” is a worthy K-drama series to watch again and again.

  81. 81 : Quantum nurse Says:

    “Golden Pouch” is still the best and the most heartwarming K-drama series after all. The ending is inconclusive, I wish MBC will make the “Golden Pouch” season II. Thank you so much.

  82. 82 : Liemak Says:

    I am so jealous, they will make “Downton Abbey Movie 2” that will come out in December 2021. I wish MBC would make “Golden Pouch” movie to conclude the story of Dr. Han Seok Hoon and Miss Geum Seol Hwa. We desperately need a mature love story movie once in a while.

  83. 83 : Quantum Nurse Says:

    I was re-watching “Golden Pouch” for the tenth time this past Thanksgiving weekend 2021 and I still really enjoy it very much; the heart wrenching scenes keep playing in my head. Geum Seol Hwa and Dr. Han Seok Hoon “match-made-in-heaven” on-screen chemistry is amazing. It is really a heartwarming story and wishing MBC to make “Golden Pouch” season II to conclude the story with the same cast, Mr. Jin Yi Han and Miss Ryu Hyo Young, Mr. Ahn Nae Sang, Dana and other support cast members, director Mr. Kim Dae Jin and scriptwriter Lee Hye Sun. Bravo. Wish them all the best for the New Year 2022.

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