Title: 며느리 전성시대 / Golden Era of Daughter in Law
Chinese title : 媳妇的全盛时代
Also known as: Daughter in Law’s Golden Age
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 54
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2007-Jul-28 to 2008-Jan-20
Air time: Saturdays and Sundays 19:55 (7:55 Korean time)


Cho Mi Jin is a new employee of an apparel company who later then becomes the daughter-in-law of a family running a pork hock restaurant with a 60 year old tradition. Lee Bok Soo, the eldest son of the family, is a planning director at the company Mi Jin works at. The drama will revolve around the life of a new generation daughter-in-law. Things get complicated when Mi Jin’s older brother, In Woo, falls for Bok Soo’s younger sister, Bok Nam, and they decide to get married. How will both families adjust to being in-laws with each other again?


Lee Soo Kyung as Cho Mi Jin
Kim Ji Hoon as Lee Bok Soo
Seo Young Hee as Lee Bok Nam (Bok Soo’s younger sister)
Lee Pil Mo as Cho In Woo (Mi Jin’s older brother)

Extended Cast

Lee Young Ha as Cho Min Sik (Mi Jin’s father)
Kim Bo Yeon as Yoon In Kyung (Mi Jin’s mother)
Yoon Yeo Jung as Suh Mi Sook (Bok Soo’s mother)
Park In Hwan as Lee Soo Gil (Bok Soo’s father)
Yeo Woon Kye as Suh Ong Sim
Kim Eul Dong as Oh Hyang Sim
Song Sung Mi as Cha Soo Hyun
Jang Hyun Sung as Go Joon Myung (Soo Hyun’s husband)
Kim Hye Ok as Lee Myung Hee (Hyang Sim’s daughter)
Yoon Joo Sang as Go Yeon Joong (Myung Hee’s husband)
Kim Mi Kyung as Oh Sang Sook
Lee Ha as Dr. No Seung Yoo
Sung Eun as Huh Ji Na
Lee Jong Won as Kim Ki Ha (In Woo’s friend)
Ban Min Jung as Ga Eun

Production Credits

Script writer: Jo Jung Sun
Director: Jung Hae Ryong

Official Site 


OST – here or here

43 Responses to “Golden Era of Daughter in Law”

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  1. 26
    *** DVD Cover Label *** Says:

    DVD Cover Image

  2. 27
    Poohs Says:

    what is the ending of this drama?

  3. 28
    amktsy Says:

    now channel u is broadcasting it and I LOVE IT.
    It is not the typical type of family drama..
    It is really funny.
    I love it…..
    bok nam and in woo story is really funny. love it.

  4. 29
    D Says:

    Golden era of daughters in law can some please help me i been looking to watch this drama but i cn find some of ep but not all can ypu please help to find it and watch it in ennglish subs thanks for your help

  5. 30
    mutiara Says:

    it’s interesting, i’m gonna watch this… :D

  6. 31
    mel Says:

    is the ending of drama is good?

  7. 32
    nining Says:

    look interesing,, wanna watch it..

  8. 33
    diefan Says:

    ohhh noooo! where the english subs link???


  9. 34
    diefan Says:

    I wanna watch this…? where can I watch this with english sub on?!

  10. 35
    tesss Says:


  11. 36
    Rae Ji Says:

    YeS, GOOD Ending…I like kim Ji Hoon

  12. 37
    sang hee Says:

    i started watching this coz of Kim ji hoon even w/o Eng subs! It seems interesting, glad to hear from you who hv seen this that there’s a happy ending! i can’t wait to see the rest of this.

  13. 38
    louis vuitton wallet Says:


  14. 39
    ala Says:

    ohh i really love this drama. but i cant watch the last episode. i try to find it… only in chinese subtitle. enyone can tell me what happen in the last episode? how the ending?

  15. 40
    sangjhoon Says:

    i still haven’t seen all of this drama i guess coz it doesn’t have subs but it’s ok somehow you can figure out how the story goes & i luv KJH so it’s just perseverance in more ways than one watching w/o Eng subs :) i am liking it though!

  16. 41
    azjhoon Says:

    Luv this rom-com a lot! So much fun! I really enjoyed it a lot. I’m re-watching as of this writing,and will watch it over and over again. Kim Ji Hoon and Lee Soo Kyung has a great chemistry. Acting from everyone is great , too!

  17. 42
    glitter star Says:


  18. 43
    nwe lay Says:

    i like four main actor. especially mi jin and inn oo

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