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Fatal Promise

Title: 위험한 약속 / Fatal Promise
Also Known as: Dangerous Promise
Genre: Melodrama
Episodes: 104
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2020-March-30 to 2020-Aug-28
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:50


This is a fierce revenge melodrama about a girl who is pushed to the edge of a cliff while fighting the unjust and a man who breaks his promise with her and starts a family of his own, reuniting 7 years later.

Cha Eun Dong (Park Ha Na) is a girl that always stands up against injustice. This places her and her family into a difficult situation. Around this time, Kang Tae In (Go Se Won) makes a promise to Cha Eun Dong. The promise is vital to Cha Eun Dong and her family, but he breaks his promise. His broken promise causes the destruction of Cha Eun Dong’s family. 7 years passes …


Main Cast

Park Ha Na as Cha Eun Dong
Go Se Won as Kang Tae In
Kang Tae Sung as Choi Joon Hyuk
Park Tae In as Oh Hye Won
Lee Chang Wook as Han Ji Hoon

People around Eun Dong

Lee Dae Yeon as Cha Man Jong (Eun Dong’s father)

People around Tae In

Kang Shin Il as Kang Il Sub (Tae In’s father)

People around Joon Hyuk

Song Min Hyung as Joon Hyuk’s father

People around Ji Hoon

Kil Yong Woo as Han Kwang Hoon


Park Young Rin as Oh Hye Won
Lee Kan Hee
Kim Na Woon
Yoon Bok In
Oh Young Sil
Kim Hye Ri

Production Credits

Production Companies: KBS Drama Production, Mega Monster
Executive Producers: Lee Jun Ho, Kim Yong Jin
Chief Producer: Moon Joon Ha
Director: Kim Shin Il
Screenwriter: Ma Joo Hee


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  1. 1 : Seble Says:

    It has great cast and i hope it does well. It has promisng start. Good luck

  2. 2 : Esra Says:

    1bölüm neden yok

  3. 3 : KimO Says:

    I’m having a headache with this show. Lost interest after episode 15. And there are 100 episodes in total OMG

  4. 4 : mml Says:

    This drama is very interesting , every episode there is a fight trying to kick Cha Eun Dong out of the company , There is a way to let Eun Dong to continue working and being safe and protected, that is to re-appoint Eun Dong as Chairman Han’s secretary and let Eun Dong being the board of assisting the Chairman .

    Something strange that , Kang Tae In does not want to speak the truth to Eun Dong leading to mystery to viewers on Eun Dong’s romance will start will Kang Tae In or is it Han Ji Hoon ?

    The strange thing is , Kang Tae In always think that Eun Dong she’s a kid and having Kid’s thinking , but the way I see is , Eun Dong is a very sweet , smart and clever person . Tae In’s mother likes Eun Dong and is there a chance that Eun Dong can be her daughter in law ?

    I agree , is a melodrama drama and let’s hope that Eun Dong’s romance can be a better one to attract viewers .

  5. 5 : Ghaniu Says:

    J’adore ce feuilleton.

  6. 6 : Mike Says:

    Very hard to follow in the beginning but after the first 15 episodes, it comes together. That bad guy is so evil but the good guy is absolutely stupid!!!

  7. 7 : gaby Says:

    ji hoon mother is so ridiculous , all she know is cry….so sick of her crying all the time.

  8. 8 : inata Says:

    have u all forgotten that ed wanted to revenge on TI. TI is too old for her, She should in the end choose HJ and TI should go with SJ the girl he originally want to marry and return to USA.

  9. 9 : chicak Says:

    why wouldn’t jh let ed know about TI keeping the secret of ed father heart….I dont thnk she will go crazy,

  10. 10 : mina gongon Says:

    ed should marry jh, he is the only kind soul here, she is just infatuated with a ajusi figure in Tae i

  11. 11 : gaby Says:


  12. 12 : sharene Says:

    This sour face of TI is annoying….

  13. 13 : C’mon Blue Says:

    Episode 60…what a twist…did you all figure it out? 40 more episodes…OMG

  14. 14 : Shalimah Says:

    I dont like to see the sour poker face of TI, ED is also manipulative,first she want to destroy TI now she is pushingherself to the poker sad face….JH deserve a better happier person…dont know why he is so blindly in love with ed….please show another good hearted girl for JH…..

  15. 15 : kimmy Says:

    ED should be left in jail to suffer, this manipulative woman is playing kind JH, and stupid TI is also playing JH…on one hand he ask him to take care of her, then he bring her out camping…double stabber…

  16. 16 : yuri Says:

    the poker face of TI is annoying…they should get a better looking guy who play 3 meal a day at fishing village to do. this role….

  17. 17 : nabin Says:

    the male lead should be play by Son Ho Jun…this TI is terrible face.

  18. 18 : boyoung Says:

    writer should match seo ju with TI, then go back america and leave ED AND JH HAPPILY MARRIED…

  19. 19 : namjoo Says:

    you are all dumb…TI and ED s nothing….the one who got power hereis JH and his dad the chairman…that why ED marry JH cos she cannot or is powerless , so is TI….they are both useless if not for JH marriage …he is the only kind soul here….TI is better of taking SJ and mpve to USA and leave JH and ED alone….

  20. 20 : jun mi kim Says:

    sj should be with TI.I think they should be an item and go back USA. Sh is not a bad person, she was just jealous of ED as TI was playing with her feeling and ED.

  21. 21 : Ja Says:

    I love it

  22. 22 : Aldee Says:

    Hopefully KTI and ED will be make as a couple at the end and live happily..they love each other. HJH and SJ should let them go for their happiness.

  23. 23 : Yohana Says:

    It’s really unique and amazing story. And the casts are really amazing. GOOD LUCK 👍👍👌👌!!!

  24. 24 : Deitra Pawley Says:

    This synopsis is wrong, yes Tae In does betray her, he does make it up to her, but ,no he does not start a family of his own, he doesn’t even get married because he called the wedding off. Other synopsis say Eun Dong wants revenge on Tae In, she only wants to bring Jun Hyuk and Hye Won down for having a hand in her father’s death. I have been watching since the very first episode.

  25. 25 : Carm Says:

    I like dramas when they combine serious episodes with some humor. This drama doesn’t do it. It is so negative it is hard to watch.

  26. 26 : Anidar Says:

    Hopefully the writer will make a twist at the end for KTI and ED to be back as a couple because they still have feelings for each other. HJH and SJ realise that both KTI and ED still long for each other despite of what happened. Pls writer…do read the fans comments in Youtube for KTI and ED to be ending as a couple.

  27. 27 : min Says:

    Will never watch long dramas again cos it just gets painful as it drags on. Lousy drama with bad storyline.. just drag, drag, drag and revenge. Probably the second worst drama I’ve watched

  28. 28 : dorie Says:

    This drama has a brilliant plot, but, too many over done scenes and ridiculous and unbelievable happenings. How in Korea, anyone can just interrogate someone and assault, punch, grab the collars, right in the police station? Ohhh the musical scoring is such a torture, I have been enduring it because I like the lead roles and little Eun Chan..cute boy and very promising actor.

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