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Title: 조작 / Falsify
Chinese Title: 操作
Also known as: Fabrication / Manipulation
Genre: Legal, Thriller, Political
Episodes: 32 (35 minutes/episode)
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2017-July-24 to 2017-Sep-12
Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00 (2 episodes back-to-back)


This drama is about reporters who struggle to get to the bottom of the truth of social corruption.


Main Cast

Nam Goong Min as Han Moo Young
Uhm Ji Won as Kwon So Ra
Yoo Joon Sang as Lee Suk Min
Moon Sung Geun as Goo Tae Won
Oh Jung Se as Han Chul Ho

Patriot Newspaper

Joo Hee Bong as Yang Dong Sik
Kim Kang Hyun as Lee Yong Sik
Park Kyung Hye as Seo Na Rae
Ahn Ji Hoon as Yang Sang Ho

Splash Team

Jun Hye Bin as Oh Yoo Kyung
Park Sung Hoon as Na Sung Sik
Oh Ah Yun as Kong Ji Won


Park Ji Young as Cha Yeon Soo
Jung Hee Tae as Park Jin Woo
Park Won Sang as Im Ji Tae


Choi Kwi Hwa as Yang Chu Seong
Kim Ki Nam (김기남) as Lee Byung Kwan
Ryu Seung Soo as Jo Yeong Ki
Kim Min Sang as Jeong Hae Dong
Jung Man Shik as Jeon Chan Soo
Park Jung Hak as Park Eung Moo
Lee Joo Seung as Yoon Sun Woo
Kim Hye Sung as Song Tae Joon


Kim Hyung Mook

Production Credits

Director: Lee Jung Heum
Screenwriter: Kim Hyun Jung


Actress Chun Woo Hee, Kim Ok Bin, Kang Han Na were first offered female lead role but later got replaced by Uhm Ji Won.

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2017-07-24 1 9.3 (18th) 12.3 (5th) 11.6 (6th) 13.5 (5th)
2017-07-24 2 9.6 (16th) 12.4 (4th) 12.6 (4th) 14.6 (4th)
2017-07-25 3 8.7 (12th) 11.4 (5th) 10.4 (6th) 11.7 (5th)
2017-07-25 4 10.5 (7th) 13.3 (4th) 12.5 (4th) 13.8 (4th)
2017-07-31 5 9.1 (14th) 10.8 (5th) 11.3 (5th) 12.3 (5th)
2017-07-31 6 9.8 (13th) 11.6 (4th) 12.0 (4th) 13.3 (4th)
2017-08-01 7 8.3 (15th) 10.6 (5th) 9.5 (7th) 10.6 (5th)
2017-08-01 8 10.2 (10th) 12.7 (4th) 12.1 (4th) 13.3 (4th)
2017-08-07 9 9.0 (15th) 11.7 (5th) 10.3 (8th) 11.1 (5th)
2017-08-07 10 9.7 (14th) 12.7 (4th) 11.8 (4th) 12.8 (4th)
2017-08-08 11 8.7 (12th) 11.2 (6th) 10.1 (6th) 11.4 (5th)
2017-08-08 12 10.2 (9th) 12.7 (4th) 11.4 (4th) 13.0 (4th)
2017-08-14 13 7.6 (19th) 8.6 (10th) 9.9 (9th) 11.1 (6th)
2017-08-14 14 8.4 (15th) 9.5 (7th) 11.4 (4th) 12.6 (4th)
2017-08-15 15 7.9 (15th) 8.8 (6th) 10.6 (6th) 11.8 (5th)
2017-08-15 16 9.1 (8th) 10.5 (4th) 12.2 (4th) 13.8 (4th)
2017-08-21 17        
2017-08-21 18        
2017-08-22 19        
2017-08-22 20        
2017-08-28 21        
2017-08-28 22        
2017-08-29 23        
2017-08-29 24        
2017-09-04 25        
2017-09-04 26        
2017-09-05 27        
2017-09-05 28        
2017-09-11 29        
2017-09-11 30        
2017-09-12 31        
2017-09-12 32        

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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19 Responses to “Falsify”

  1. 1
    DeeAn Says:

    Woow NGM, so productive
    I’m Still stuck on chief kim
    Hope this drama will be better 🙂

  2. 2
    Hannah Says:

    Yes for this!

  3. 3
    Sanjinyeon Says:

    I’m not into this kind of genre, but Nam Goong Min is the reason why I can’t wait to see this😍😍😍

  4. 4
    tfin Says:

    The plot sounds similar to Secret Forest. Will check it out.

  5. 5
    M.U.S.A Says:

    NGM. can’t wait for him.

  6. 6
    Reem Says:

    Can’t wait to see NGM after Chief Kim.

    Love your amazing acting NGM
    I still struggle memorizing korean actors’ names so plz forgive me koreans.

  7. 7
    Marie Says:

    Yes! Nam Goong Min! I will surely watch this!

  8. 8
    Jukbang Says:

    Chief Kim V2.0 in secret forest

  9. 9
    Reem Says:

    Love you Nam Goong Min. I am sure this drama will amaze me.

  10. 10
    pepito Says:

    cameo for ep 1 and 2
    Oh Jung Se
    Kim Jong Soo
    Jo Yeong Jin

  11. 11
    fara Says:

    too many characters and too much confusion in episode 1. it’s too complicated that some viewers might lose interest in watching it for more. look at chief kim, it has so many characters and problems but it never confusing at all. the writer can handle it wisely so the viewers take it as a realistic story. falsify trying too hard to be smart, in a wrong way. hopefully it’s getting better and better..

  12. 12
    Falsify, o novo drama sobre politica da emissora SBS Says:

    […] Fonte: KorenDrama […]

  13. 13
    Jukbang Says:

    Looks like everyone is the main cast in this drama .

  14. 14
    Kid Says:

    love this drama.

  15. 15
    tigerb Says:

    it’s a worth watching series, up to ep. 10.

  16. 16
    annmasae Says:

    @fara agree with your assessment of drama. too many characters. I am soo disappointed with this drama since I was expecting storyline as good as Chief Kim. The dialogue is so terribly written and the script is all over the place. We are only up to Episode 4 in Hawaii and so far it has been a big disappointment. I’m going to keep watching for another week but if the script continues on the same path I will stop watching.

  17. 17
    Kid Says:

    this drama is exciting. enjoy their acting.

  18. 18
    tigerb Says:

    @fara: if you will watch more episodes than ep. 1, you will find out that fewer people in fewer organizations are involved in controlling what the people need to know, what is covered up, what/why crimes are committed to cover up crimes previously committed, etc. etc. there is a disclaimer for every episode that the drama is fiction, but somewhere, somehow, situations have, and can still happen.

  19. 19
    Marie Says:

    I love this drama! Very interesting, who knows though they day it’s fiction, might be really happening in our world!

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