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Dream High

Title: 드림하이 / Dream High (Season 1)
Chinese Title: 星梦高飞 / 追梦高中
Genre: School, musical, comedy, romance
Episodes: 16 + 1 Special
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2011-Jan-03 to 2011-March-01
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55
Related Series: Dream High Series


Dream High tells the story of six students at Kirin Art High School who work to achieve their dreams of becoming music stars in the Korean music industry. Go Hye Mi is a student who had majored in classical music but has to give up her dream by entering Kirin Art High School to pay off her father’s debt. However, she needs to get two other students to also come to the school in order for her to enroll in the school conditionally. These two students are Song Sam Dong, who lives in the countryside, and Jin Guk, whom she accidentally meets while trying to escape from a loan shark. Yoon Baek Hee, formerly Hyemi’s sidekick, becomes her rival in school because Hye Mi betrays her during an audition to enter the school.


Bae Suzy as Go Hye Mi
Kim Soo Hyun as Song Sam Dong
Taecyeon as Jin Gook / Hyun Shi Hyuk
Ham Eun Jung as Yoon Baek Hee
Jang Woo Young as Jason
IU as Kim Pil Sook

Extended cast

Ahn Kil Kang as Ma Doo Shik
Ahn Sun Young as Kang Oh Sun (Oh Hyuk’s older sister)
Ahn Seo Hyun as Go Hye Sung (Hye Mi’s little sister)
Park Eun Bin as 16 year old Hye Sung (ep 16)
Lee Hye Sook as Song Nam Boon (Sam Dong’s mother)
Choi Il Hwa as Hyun Moo Jin (Jin Gook’s father)
Park Hyuk Kwon as Go Byung Jik (Hye Mi’s father)
Park Hwi Soon as Jin Gook’s roommate (ep 1,2,5)


Jo Soo Mi (조수미) as herself (ep 1)
Kim Hyun Joong as himself (ep 1)
Nichkhun as Ri Ah’s CF partner (ep 8)
Hwang Chan Sung as Oh Sun’s imaginary boy (ep 12)
Lee Teuk as himself (ep 13)
Eun Hyuk as himself (ep 13)
Miss A as flash mob dancers (ep 16)
2AM as flash mob dancers (ep 16)
Dal Shabet as Baek Hee’s Kirin students (ep 16)
Goo Joon Yup

Kirin’s Teachers

Uhm Ki Joon as Kang Oh Hyuk
Lee Yoon Ji as Shi Kyung Jin
Park Jin Young as Yang Jin Man (English teacher)
Lee Byung Joon as Shi Bum Soo (Principal)
Lee Yoon Mi as Maeng Seung Hee
Baek Won Kil (백원길) as Gong Min Chul
Bae Yong Joon as Jung Ha Myung (President) (ep 1-4)
Joo Young Hoon (주영훈) as composing teacher (ep 11)

Kirin’s Students

Jun Ah Min as Jo In Sung (Jin Gook’s friend)
Jung Min Joo as Jung Ah Jung
Han Ji Hoo as Park Do Joon (sunbae)
Yoon Young Ah as Lee Ri Ah
Park Jin Sang as Jun Tae San (sunbae)
Kim Bo Reum as Ha So Hyun (sunbae)
Bae Noo Ri
Han Seo Jin as student
Jung Min Joo as Jung Ah Jeong

Production Credits

Production Companies: KeyEast, JYPE, and CJ Media
Producer: Bae Yong Joon, Park Jin Young
Screenwriter: Park Hye Ryun (박혜련)
Director: Lee Eung Bok


– Cast members that are actual pop stars include TaecYeon & Wooyoung from “2PM”, Bae Suzy from “Miss A”, Eun Jung from “T-ARA” and IU who is a female solo singer.
– A free mini concert was held on February 24th, 2011 at the Goyang Aram Nuri Arts Center in Goyang, South Korea. The free concert was filmed for the final episode (Episode 16). Performers scheduled to appear at the free concert are Park Jin-Young, Bae Suji, Kim Soo-Hyun, TaecYeon, Eun Jung, IU. Singer Kim Tae-Woo & comedian Park Kyung-Rim will host the free mini concert.


2011 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards (Kim Soo Hyun & Bae Suzy)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Awards (Lee Yoon Ji)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Newcomer Awards (Kim Soo Hyun)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Newcomer Awards (Bae Suzy)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Kim Soo Hyun)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2011-01-03 1 11.3 (8th) 14.2 (5th)
2011-01-04 2 11.5 (10th) 13.9 (6th)
2011-01-10 3 11.7 (8th) 13.8 (5th)
2011-01-11 4 13.4 (4th) 15.4 (5th)
2011-01-17 5 13.7 (3rd) 15.8 (3rd)
2011-01-18 6 13.1 (4th) 15.9 (4th)
2011-01-24 7 15.3 (3rd) 17.5 (3rd)
2011-01-31 8 14.9 (3rd) 17.4 (3rd)
2011-02-01 9 14.9 (3rd) 16.9 (4th)
2011-02-07 10 16.7 (3rd) 19.2 (3rd)
2011-02-08 11 16.6 (3rd) 19.3 (3rd)
2011-02-14 12 15.8 (3rd) 17.8 (3rd)
2011-02-15 13 17.2 (3rd) 20.1 (3rd)
2011-02-21 14 16.4 (3rd) 18.9 (3rd)
2011-02-22 15 17.2 (3rd) 19.7 (3rd)
2011-02-28 16 18.2 (3rd) 20.7 (3rd)
2011-03-01 Special 12.1 (6th) 14.4 (5th)

Source: TNS Media Korea


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  1. 1 : mustafa Says:

    drama looks promising….waiting for it to go on air

  2. 2 : chichaloca Says:

    wow k-pop idol..wait for this until mary is finish

  3. 3 : hani Says:

    cant wait this drama to com out…anyway good luck to everybody

  4. 4 : kris Says:

    awesome..can’t wait for this drama.JYP artist awesome..

  5. 5 : kimcheejoy43 Says:

    Can’t wait for this drama to show!!!…. I’m looking forward to it with great expectation.. I hope this drama will be good 😀

  6. 6 : shae Says:

    can’t wait…. this drama is the best …..

  7. 7 : HanKookGal Says:

    hope this teen targeted drama will get better ratings than Mary me, Mary. KBS needs to get a ratings hit soon, or they will lose the Monday/Tuesday prime time slot to the competition.

  8. 8 : pinoy-smile Says:

    Cool, I always liked BYJ and JYP. Aja Fighting. Good luck with this musical drama. Cast looks OK.

  9. 9 : hope Says:

    Taecyon is a handsome guy wow can’t wait.

  10. 10 : fet888 Says:

    guyz for more info..you can visit this FB fanpage of ” DREAM HIGH”
    thank you

  11. 11 : kiera Says:

    woahh , can’t wait for this drama to come out soon . fighting !

  12. 12 : wee Says:

    cant wait to see Bae Yong Joon..waiting for him for so so so so so so so long..altough is only eps 1-4 but i am still HAPPY to see him back…MISS HIM so MUCH…….OPPPA

  13. 13 : fet888 Says:

    guyz for more info..you can visit this FB fanpage of ” DREAM HIGH”
    thank you

  14. 14 : naneo Says:

    Long time do not see Bae Yong Joon…. miss him…..oppaaaaaa….. can’t wait
    Taecyon is handsome, so hot!….oppaaaaaa……..

  15. 15 : fet888 Says:

    miss A’s Suzy to perform duet with soprano Jo Sumi for ” Dream High “in the first episode..where jo sumi is the mentor of suzy…and suzy dreamed to be the next jo sumi..jo sumi will do a cameo on the first episode.

  16. 16 : Hind Says:

    whaaaaaaat? bYJ only as acameo eps 1-4 only.

  17. 17 : Hind Says:

    whaaaaat? BYJ onlyasacameo eps 1-4 only???//

  18. 18 : fet888 Says:

    yeaaah it’s sad to hear but he will only make a cameo…
    guyz for more info..you can visit this FB fanpage of ” DREAM HIGH”

  19. 19 : its_me_dwi Says:

    an Idol Drama…just want to know how idol in acting, it will good or not…but only for Eun Jung, absolutely she will good…her acting is very good in Coffee House…Taecyon, i dont know coz his character in last drama needs much acting skill

  20. 20 : fet888 Says:

    2nd teaser of dream high..please watch it..hahahaa…

  21. 21 : takgu99 Says:

    i can’t wait to watch my girlfriend acting..love ham eun jung so much!!!

  22. 22 : kuutie Says:

    All my favorite stars in this drama!!!
    CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. 23 : Jenny Says:

    Looks Good ! (:

  24. 24 : kimoooo Says:

    voteeeeeee PK now pleeez

  25. 25 : cheltz Says:

    it looks like interesting to watch these korean drama…. i’m looking forward for the english translations/subtitle of this drama….

  26. 26 : nan aiury Says:

    wowwww can wait this drama look great
    dream star too

  27. 27 : fet888 Says:

    teaser 3 is now released and the official photos of the cast is also released //./..
    click this link for more info..

  28. 28 : ForeverKimHyunJoong Says:

    Greetings to Fans of Dream High,

    Please join in the Battle of votes for Best Drama of 2010. Please vote for Playful Kiss. Thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, all!


  29. 29 : go mi-nam Says:

    waw it looks grait…^^
    ican’t wait ….

  30. 30 : mizzlola Says:

    ommo,,,,it’s amazing drama.

  31. 31 : mizzlola Says:

    ommo,,,it’s really amazing drama.can waiiit.

  32. 32 : Vote4MSOAN Says:

    Moon Geun Yuong, also known as Korean little sister, who has not disappointed us in her acting as a child actor as well as in her adult acting career. She was great in Painter of The Wind recently as well as Young Eun Suh in Autumn Tale/Autumn in My Heart in the past. Currently, there is competition going on Between MSOAN and PK for the Best Drama of 2010. It is an undeniable true that MGY is a great actress who has real talent; she doesn’t just depend on her look to get famous. These have proven in her past series as well as the current one (MSOAN). I know for sure that MSOAN is far better than PK in both acting skill and the storylines. I am asking for your vote on MSOAN, and if you have any doubt, Please watch both MSOAN and PK and place your vote.

    Thanks all and Happy Holidays.

  33. 33 : au Says:

    wow, they are all my favorite idols, dream stars. This drama looks great!

  34. 34 : purplethugz05 Says:

    oppa!:~)i love it.

  35. 35 : fet888 Says:

    official Fanpage of DREAM HIGH..you can see more infos there..

  36. 36 : iloveyouforever:)) Says:


  37. 37 : iloveyouforever:)) Says:


  38. 38 : Serry Says:

    Please Vote for Mary Stayed out all night!
    Thank you <3

  39. 39 : whaaaaaaat Says:

    kim soo hyun, yaaaaaaay 🙂

  40. 40 : kima Says:

    i love it

  41. 41 : April Says:

    Same! I can’t until this drama is release. Definitely a drama that will motivate many… <3.

  42. 42 : MamaBear Says:

    Oh look, a Korean version of the old American TV show “Fame”. Singing, dancing, happy-go-lucky kids. Just one thing, where are the sassy “black” chicks? Can’t have a dance school without the ghetto vibe. At least they have BYJ in it. Looks OK.

  43. 43 : DarkFellow Says:

    can’t wait to watch this drama~it’ll be a great drama~

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  45. 45 : gilda_o Says:

    …..my high expectation in DREAM HIGH. Welcome back to BYJ and to KHJ i’m expecting you also to be in this drama. Wish Good Luck! it’s gonna be a big hit for sure.

  46. 46 : gilda_o Says:

    ….Kim Soo Hyu my high expectation from you and i’ll be watching you because your the next star for this New Year 2011.

  47. 47 : Melanie Says:

    i’m so excited for this! go wooyoung!

  48. 48 : Dreamboy82 Says:

    Finally! Go Suzy!
    It’s on http://www.dramabang.com/G4/korean/board.php?bo_table=Drama15

  49. 49 : Bones Says:

    Which group is subbing it in English ?

  50. 50 : roy99 Says:

    OMG! opening at rating around 10%, less than 11% ? Dream High has many idols. Hope, ratings will go up.

  51. 51 : wowww Says:

    where can I watch this???’?
    I can’t watch it at Viki …Sth happened to the channel…

  52. 52 : LAMY Says:


  53. 53 : Jenny Says:

    The First Episode Was Pretty Good :]
    I Just Wish That There Wouldn’t Be any Love Triangles
    but they already said there is ! .. I freakin hate that
    There is 3 guys, 3 girls why can’t they have no triangles !
    Jenny <3

  54. 54 : wee Says:

    BAE YONG JOON BAE YONG JOON BAE YONG JOON BAE YONG JOON BAE YONG JOON BAE YONG JOON BAE YONG JOON BAE YONG JOON BAE YONG JOON BAE YONG JOON…when are you coming back for a full drama…really MISS you so much….same look n smart as Winter Sonata…….fighting..sorry watch this show just b’cos of HIM….

  55. 55 : mizzlola Says:

    i like the first episode,it’s a good drama.really mizz bae yong joon.n of course really luv kim soo hyun.^^

  56. 56 : ForeverKimHyunJoong Says:

    The cast is good. Old, refined wine mixing with new, robust wine! Should be a Hit since it is on KBS. Hwaiting!

  57. 57 : ss501&shinee4eva=) Says:

    this drama is great 😉

    i like it and Taecyeon is so hot *_*

  58. 58 : yayas Says:

    lama banget bakal tampil di Indonesia

  59. 59 : yayas Says:

    kenapa g ada kim hyun joong nya dy ganteng 🙂

  60. 60 : yayas Says:

    why the actors in this drma is old?

  61. 61 : lyness_marklay Says:

    hem…already watch..interesting..if eun jung..lead more than suzy..but suzy or eun jung…lead this drama…i like eun jung……suzy…like but……so over….

    well fighting…………………

  62. 62 : Jenny Says:

    I Loved the second epi too :]
    Jenny <3

  63. 63 : 2pm Says:

    my man taecyeon saranghaeyo !! *^^*

  64. 64 : diefan Says:

    hmmmm looks interesting.. I’m going to start watching it by friday night.. looking forward, saw preview and it looks inspiring series.

  65. 65 : Jenny Says:

    Waiting for the 3rd Epi Badlyyyy OMG! 😀
    hye-mi is such a mean Character. Right now Hatin her for being so mean to Baek Hee ! 😐
    But all the cast are so cutee <3 xD

  66. 66 : fet888 Says:

    best drama ever.,..please like this fanpage

  67. 67 : fet888 Says:

    i hope in the next episode they will start wearing those unifrom…and soo hyun will have his hair cut./..

  68. 68 : OK OK OK Says:

    I have watched the 1st 2 episodes – Not bad – Can watch – quite entertaining. Taecyeon very manly. Kim Soo Hyun appear in this drama quite late. More at the end of 2nd episodes. Yet to find out more who is that lead actress – Suzy. Quite sweet.

  69. 69 : fet888 Says:

    the new ost is out..try listening to eat..hehehe

  70. 70 : fet888 Says:

    it’s sunye of wondergirls who sang the song entitled maybe..

  71. 71 : OK OK OK Says:

    I don’t like the lady who appear last in the audition. (becoz she thinks she is fat and ugly that she wear a chicken doll outfit to cover herself)

    That idea copied from 200 pounds beauty. That fat lady look so plastic….
    really spoil the drama.

  72. 72 : fet888 Says:

    @ok ok ok you can;t blame her..try to be a director …it’s her role..to wear that

  73. 73 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ fet888

    I am not saying she cannot wear the chicken outfit. Look at her face when she take out the chicken HEAD, her face look so artificial and plastic.

    The makeup artist did not do a good job to make her look fat naturally even later she will be slim and pretty.

  74. 74 : Jenny Says:

    I Love This Drama !
    Jenny <3

  75. 75 : ilocana Says:

    Taecyeon is so sexy and hot…..unlike some girly looking actors…[email protected]_*

  76. 76 : Louisa Says:

    OH MY GOODNESS! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS KOREAN DRAMA! I love the character development and how each character has their own unique story. This is going to be an amazing one. I CAN FEEL IT.

  77. 77 : diefan Says:

    BaekHee.. hanging there.

  78. 78 : swizz Says:

    its getting better n better in each ep can’t wait for ep 5 for next week……..n also m sure that there will b a really good chemistry between Song Sam Dong(kim syo hyun) , Go Hye Mi(Suzy) and Jin Gook (Taecyeon) so far so goo…………..fighting…………

  79. 79 : kingtez64 Says:

    seems like fame(hollywood) back again..if not with byj and khj i would pass to watch this drama but the lead stars acts amazingly that made me surprised..keep it up and hope more of byj projects..goodluck

  80. 80 : kari Says:

    this drama is similar with disney’s highschool musical but more mature, the songs are amazing and the actors a good, i think this drama would climb the ratings…

  81. 81 : dory Says:

    Good job, good job, good job! All young actors but with very potential future. I enjoyed it very much so far… so many leading parts and who is with whom? Hoping for HEJ and Taecyeon both are of same age if I’m correct. Something new and lots of talents! BYJ is reaching is age but still looking hotter as ever! Highly recommended.

  82. 82 : via Says:

    I wish kim hyun joong is not only here for special appearance.. gosh I miss him so much since PK.. I wish Dream high will have a great story..and great performance from all the casts..

  83. 83 : kingtez64 Says:

    Dream High” surpassed the one digit viewing rate of the beginning and shows a rising movement.

    On that day’s airing, the viewing rate of “Dream High” increased 0.7%, from 13.1% of the previous day (AGB Nielsen Media) to 13.8%. Bae Yong Joon’s dignified appearance encouraged the increasing viewing rate. Bae Yong Joon plans to appear in the later part of the drama.


  84. 84 : kingtez64 Says:

    [Sports Today, Reporter Ko Kyung Seok]Top star Bae Yong Joon was hospitalized due to a herniated cervical disc, but it is known that he isn’t in serious condition.

    On the 13th, his agency, Keyeast stated that Bae Yong Joon was hospitalized due to a ruptured cervical disc at a hospital in Seoul on the 4th. He has been receiving treatments after he was hospitalized due to his neck injury from the “TWSSG” shooting in 2007. It worsened due to the cold weather and the filming of “Dream High”.

    Someone related to Keyeast said, “It’s hard for him to move around because of the pain, but it’s not serious.”

  85. 85 : loren-saranghae Says:

    Bae yong joon I misss u, I am very glad to see you on the television screen, I’ll watch this drama if it already exists in Indonesia

  86. 86 : Jenny Says:

    I Heart This Drama so Much. Too A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E <3
    Jennnyyyyyyy =]

  87. 87 : fet888 Says:

    It’s something like this: (This conversation is because Jason opened the door for Hye Mi)

    Jason: What?
    Hye Mi: If not, why are you being friendly to me?
    Jason: Is it bad to be friendly?
    HM: Are you friendly to everyone? You smile to everyone?
    Jason: Yes, it’s manner.
    HM: In our country, it’s called “uh-jang-gwan-li”
    Jason: “uh-jang-gwan-li”? What is that?
    HM: It means you are a bad person. Don’t make naive kids have misunderstanding.

  88. 88 : AidiKhu Says:

    please follow my twitter.com @AidiKhu

  89. 89 : fet888 Says:

    so love their own version of Genie..hahaha

  90. 90 : fet888 Says:

    so happy to hear that they beat athena and QOR in the ratings

  91. 91 : Pai Says:

    Taecyeon is sooooo sexy! (;

  92. 92 : OK OK OK Says:

    Have finished watching Ep 5.
    I was so touched by this scene is at 55 mins.
    Suzy sing to Taecyeon beautifully in the class : Happy Birthday to you and the little girl sing to the little boy. (Bcoz Taecyeong does not know when is his actual birthday………..)

    Korean stars really got talent. All really can sing and dance well ……..

  93. 93 : ju3v Says:

    i finished watching episode 5… =)
    can i noe wat is the song sang by Yoon Baek Hee in episode 5?
    i lov it so much……. ^0^

  94. 94 : fet888 Says:

    so sad BH becomes very evill

  95. 95 : kari Says:

    kindly please upload the latest episode, thank u…:D

  96. 96 : Wynn Demon Says:

    너무 행복! (*-*)
    So happy tht have so mush images! (^- ^)
    Really like this movie so mush!
    Wait n wait, finally out..! (>= u <)
    I really like this movie so mush!!! (#v #) Haha~ (~v ~)

  97. 97 : Shocco locco Says:

    go to facebook fanpage..the latest videos are posted there and fastest updates… here’s the link

  98. 98 : nan aiury Says:

    i don’t now whta i want say im agree for u all…this drama the best..
    all day im just wait for this drama…

  99. 99 : wonxzoe Says:

    IU…Kim Pil Sook….even when shes fat shes really have a very good voice…

  100. 100 : Eng Says:

    Dear BYJ,

    Sorry to hear that you ‘re in hospital. I know herniated cervical disc will cause so much pain. Just rest and take the medicine and hopefully the symptom will subside.

    BTW, glad to see u in Dream High and take care of yourself. Hope to see u healthy and smiling again!!!!

  101. 101 : abdel Says:

    there’s resemblance with the other serie : Master,of,study.

  102. 102 : fet888 Says:

    i agree..i love master of study too..but im kinda disappointed on the last episode..hope this drama won’t give me any reason to feel disappointed..

  103. 103 : fet888 Says:

    I hope the ratings would continue to go up..

  104. 104 : hmmm Says:

    boooooooooo…. bad drama!!!!

  105. 105 : as Says:

    noooooooooo, i love :x:x:x
    That’s good

  106. 106 : hmmm Says:

    Athena ……SUCKS!!! Dream High beats Athena!!!!!!HAHAHA!!!

  107. 107 : Eden Says:

    I love all Korean Drama and culture I am Ethiopian

    location in Africa

  108. 108 : fet888 Says:

    excited for tomorrow’s episode..go dream high

  109. 109 : fet888 Says:

    the ratings are moving up..love it..

  110. 110 : kari Says:

    kindly upload the 7th episode, thank u sooooooo much…

  111. 111 : fet888 Says:

    the 7th episode is now on youtube with eng sub

  112. 112 : Jenny Says:

    Hye-mi Please Don’t Break Poor Sam Dong’s Heart ! 🙁

  113. 113 : Gc Says:

    gd drama <33333 :*

  114. 114 : utahaha Says:

    like it and can’t wait for next episode

  115. 115 : sup Says:

    what is the short hair teacher’s real name? the one who got locked in the room.

  116. 116 : Bones Says:

    Why hasn’t the 8th episode come out ?

  117. 117 : Andani hye Says:

    Drama is romantic nice

  118. 118 : fet888 Says:

    excited for episode8..

  119. 119 : nan aiury Says:

    so great drama i love acting iu in ep 07 so good went she confuse about jason and practic so cute..

  120. 120 : chaxin Says:

    good to see viewer numbers didn’t go down after BYJ cameo ended after first few episodes. even going up. that’s good. looks like a hit.

    just saw some of the cast on KBS World show “Happy Together”. Suzy is hot! lol.

  121. 121 : [Preview] Drama “Dream High” | Hallyu Storm Says:

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  122. 122 : amy Says:

    do dhis drama set up suzzy with soo hyun @ the end?
    i think taecyeon deserve get suzzy 🙁

  123. 123 : she-devil Says:

    This korean drama is the best korean drama ever I’ve watched 🙂 Keep it up!

  124. 124 : violet Says:

    all of you:
    Is the drama is deserve to watch?i am really curious..
    how the story?

  125. 125 : Jenny Says:

    I Heart This Drama xD
    So Freakin Good ! <3

  126. 126 : arsa23 Says:

    great drama

  127. 127 : gervin Says:

    wrong grammar for the warning..
    how pathetic..
    “We may deleted…”???
    whats that????

  128. 128 : nan aiury Says:

    omg i cant wait for eng sub ep 8 where nickhun have scene cameo….

  129. 129 : Jenny Says:

    IU & Woo Young are so Adorable <3
    Milllkyyyyy Coupleee ! 🙂

  130. 130 : Chelista Says:

    거기 대체 무슨 대단한 드라마 .. 그것은 놀라움으로 가득입니다 … 나는 같이 수지와 Taecyeon보고 싶어 .. 둘 중은 너무 귀여우 .. 왜 그때 그들 부부의 두 번째는?? .. 나는기도를 하나님께로 … 내가 사랑 꿈 높이!! 여러분 모두 항상 괜찮 바랍니다 …. 난 Taecyeon를 사랑 … 당신이 너무 귀엽다 !!!!!

  131. 131 : dasha Says:

    아아 아주 아주 좋다!!!!!!^^ 궁금해 …기다릴 수 없어 ㅜㅜ

  132. 132 : Muumuu Says:

    Nice Drama! 🙂 and so refreshing & exciting !
    and Lucky Hye Mi!! She got 2 hot men 😉 .. Really wanna know who will she end up with!! 🙂
    IU is so cute too and gosh Jason is so charesmatic! 😀

    Best Wishes & Dream High Fighting^^ <3

  133. 133 : Charlie Says:

    I love this drama and all the singing and dancing.
    Taecyeon is cool and handsome.
    Suzy is sooooooo beautiful and soooooooooooo young. She’ll have a great future.
    Good luck to all the boys and girls in this drama. Love you all.

  134. 134 : stroindes Says:

    omg, will suzy end up with soo hyun. pity.
    mybe soo hyun die at the end. so suzy is meant for taecyeon.
    *i might already break the heart of soo hyun fan*

  135. 135 : tsalitsaa_dina Says:

    i haven’t watched it, but i yhink it is a great drama…
    i want to watch it….
    like it like it.. ;D ^.^b

  136. 136 : Makadoto Says:

    Pilsuk and jason,why are they so cute, this drama awesome can’t wait for epi 10

  137. 137 : TinieexDinoo Says:

    does anyone knows what lip product hye mi is using in ep 8 part 1 @ 1:13 i think!! it;s so natural & pretty i;ve been searching for it but didnt show the make up sponsor. Please notify me && i will love youuuu 😀 ty

  138. 138 : anita Says:

    hi, Is any body knows what song SUZY sing when she was in wc in episode 3? pleas i really love that song it’s my email would u send for me [email protected]

  139. 139 : Thet Su (Nora) Says:

    i do love this episode!!!!
    I feel happy when i watch it!~
    and i also like Go Hay Mi and Gin Gu!~
    Thank You!~

    Facebook : nora x thet su

  140. 140 : neng Says:

    i’m starting to love this dramaa!!!

  141. 141 : hohohaha2011 Says:

    Hey! you guys which one is the main couple? Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy or Taeyeon and Suzy?

  142. 142 : Mimi Says:

    I LOVE THIS DRAMAA<3 OMG, Go Hye Mi should do a threesome with Sam Dong and Jin Gook. That would satisfy me. LOL!

  143. 143 : yoRoseberry Says:

    i love this drama so much since there are nice OST in this drama..
    pretty and handsome actress , nice view >< ..

    rating sure will go ups go ups further…. wakakakaka…

    ——————————- Disclaimer ————————————–

  144. 144 : shiro Says:

    Anita – “what song in ep.3 sang by suzy”

    “Only Hope” by Mandy Moore. She sang it for ost. in movie a walk to be remember if am not mistaken

  145. 145 : takgu99 Says:

    interesting….i like this drama….best storyline!! 😀

  146. 146 : tlov3 Says:

    I’ve caught up to the latest.. and I want to see more… Love the characters.. and Mr Kang who risks everything for the students!!!! I LOVE DREAM HIGH!!! ;o)

  147. 147 : pig Says:

    this is a best drama^^”’
    i like it><
    i wan see end^^

  148. 148 : stroindes Says:

    this is how a school based drama should be done.

    teenie and at the same time acting is maturing.
    realy impressed with suzy acting. so young and this is her 1st drama

  149. 149 : ss501 lovers Says:

    I love this dram especially eungjung unnie she’s a great actress and singer
    love suzy and taecyeon couple 🙂

  150. 150 : iman Says:

    i really hope suzy end up with soo hyun……pleeeeassss !

  151. 151 : JenJen Says:

    Love this drama. It’s the best.

  152. 152 : jnngee Says:


  153. 153 : Sara Says:

    I LOVE DREAM HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’ssssssssssss the BEST!!!!!

  154. 154 : lovely Says:

    Waw,, the best drama ever,,
    like it so much!!! love IU & Wooyoung, they are really cute together,,

  155. 155 : lofi Says:

    love this drama! great casts – they are all so cute, especially jason and pil sook! Dream High Rocks!

  156. 156 : diefan Says:

    DH 9th episode rating still not bad.

  157. 157 : swizz Says:

    wow!! this ep 10 was the BEST OF THE BEST so far cant wait for ep 10 2morrow samdong fainted …..can’t wait ………….. m really obssesed with this…….fighting ALL da WAY..

  158. 158 : Jenny Says:

    Poor Samdong </3
    Gosh Why do Nice guys never win 😐
    I Love Hyemi-Gook too but still.
    I wanted Hyemi-Dong
    and of course our Milkyy couple are already together! I Love them Tehe <3
    Peace out, Jennnyyyy <33

  159. 159 : sujung Says:

    When does episode 11 come out!?
    no english subs needed!
    i LOOOOOVE this drama, and i think Jingook and Hye mi are meant to be!!

  160. 160 : swizz Says:

    ohooo…..our poor Sam Dong ,i shed some tears for him today i knew it from the beginning only dat sami couple are mean to be ….m so happy with the ratings too its already 19.2% as of ep 10…hope it will break 20% in ep 11…ALL THE BEST…

  161. 161 : Daemul Says:

    i luv hyemi and gook so…much
    luv this drama…cant wait 2 c the next ep
    though i dun like luv triangle
    it hurt sooo much…..pity sam dong.

  162. 162 : calLypSoo Says:

    I have seen the teaser of this drama. And I find it very interesting. I like this kind of drama coz it’s like STEP UP movie!

    I also love the characters. Taecyeon is here so I’m gonna watch this. I will wait until the drama will be available in DVD.

    Saranghaeyo Taecyeon oppa!

  163. 163 : OK OK OK Says:

    Smile, Donghae nice drama – acted by Ji Chang Wook & Oh Ji Eun 🙂 🙂

  164. 164 : dreamfan Says:

    hope more scenes of strong and confidence BaeKHee.
    EunJung figthing~!!

  165. 165 : dreamfan Says:

    I really liked the dance competition of the snake team. and on epi 10 while they were in japan the street dance showdown was awesome… didn’t care of singing duet samdong and hyemi though, i though they sound very fake.

  166. 166 : john Says:

    whay u all guys think bout the ending..
    jin gook-hyemi,or sam dong hye mi..
    suzy is so beautiful..

  167. 167 : iman Says:

    hye mi & sam dong pleeeasss !

  168. 168 : april Says:

    Song Sam Dong!!!!! i like Jason too so cute

  169. 169 : swizz Says:

    i too,,, Sam Dong & Heyme PLEASEEEEEEEEEE>…….///,,,,,,,,,,

  170. 170 : Jenny Says:

    Poor Samdong!
    I don’t like Baek-Gook much but i want them together because
    I LOVEEE TaecJung <3 😀 They are so cuteee in real life
    that i don't care i want them together in drama! hehe <3
    Jennnnnyyyyyyyy ! (:

  171. 171 : asdf Says:

    samdong’s hair keeeps getting shorter. soon he’ll be bald. LOLJK. he’s a cutie xD

  172. 172 : john Says:

    hyemi-jin gook is better..
    sam dong will die at the end..

  173. 173 : john Says:

    anyone here can suggest what is drama just like my girl and youre beautiful with nice soundtrack and best story..im looking foward to watch drama like that. and now im addicted to dream high. such a nice story

  174. 174 : marisaasrianah Says:

    whuah…..i like sam dong very much……………4 thumbs 4 this drama….!!!!!!!!1

  175. 175 : chyinje Says:

    john @ 172/173

    I too prefer Hye Mi with Jin Gook. They look good together n shared some memories when they were kids. But I hope Samdong doesn’t die in the end, like you say. I also like cutie pair-Jason & Pil Suk.

  176. 176 : j0nasty Says:

    the real main character is IU <3333 pil suk is so dammm cute

  177. 177 : chyinje Says:

    In reply to John @ 173

    I strongly recommend Secret Garden, Boys Over Flowers, Sungyungkwan Scandal n My Princess. All these have humour, great scripts, beautiful soundtracks and some very talented and attractive actors n actresses.

  178. 178 : chichaloca Says:

    fucking love dis drama..especially pil suk and her doll 🙂

  179. 179 : chichaloca Says:

    love dis drama..especially pil suk and her doll 🙂

  180. 180 : iman Says:

    sam dong also ! i really hope sam song with hye mi….

  181. 181 : jenny Says:

    Love Hye Mi & Pil Sook. 😀
    yet,Dream High Ost is awesome!

  182. 182 : min3rv4 Says:

    please please let hye mi be with jin guk at the end. they’re perfect together..

  183. 183 : f132 Says:

    dream high is the best korean drama ever…
    i hope you’ll be the winner of 2011 korean drama…

  184. 184 : f132 Says:

    hyemi and sam-dong OR hyemi and jin-gook……….
    semoga yang jadi pasangannya si hyemi ntu, yang terbaik buat dia…

  185. 185 : iman Says:

    sam dong ! let sam dong with hye mi…they ‘re perfect couple…

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  187. 187 : gerard Says:

    it’s getting better and better. sam dong character totally changed!!
    really want to know what will happen to the K group in next eps..

    i hope all of them abandon TOP agency, and make their own band
    under supervision of teacher kang

  188. 188 : diefan Says:

    Can you guess who…?
    Instant karma that’s what K pendant represent but who is really a ‘K’ amongs all 6 students of Kirin art school? we are now in 11 episode and up to now no one knows who is really K amongst 6s. Most would guest it is SamDong 50%; 30% JinGuk and the rest K is a female.

  189. 189 : iman Says:

    who is the male lead,sam dong or jin guk.i reallu confuse.kindly confirm to me,i really hope sam song is a male lead for this drama…

  190. 190 : vaniia Says:

    Jin Gook who can not take certain decisions, the more difficult to guess the end, but hope Sam Dong with Go Hye Mi

  191. 191 : kdramarocks Says:

    I LOVE LOVE THIS DRAMA…..I so hope Sam Dong and Hye Mi get each other……and Pil Suk and Jason!! YAY….soo excited for the next episode!!!!

  192. 192 : swizz Says:

    SAN DONG IS THE BEST his acting is the bst of da best among others hwaiting for ep 11…..really really curious..go DREAM HIGH as high as SKY….LOL..

  193. 193 : swizz Says:

    Actually i mean Sam Dong

  194. 194 : dantey Says:

    i’m so thrilled! rooting for SAM DONG! now dying to wait for eps 12

  195. 195 : ran Says:

    i’ve already watched it until episode 12.Anticipating for ep 13,really want to know what happen to sam dong.

  196. 196 : Gorgeous Says:

    K is jinguk. there was a short clip of the future in the first episode at the awards. don’t want jinguk to end up with baekhee. prefer him to end up with hye mi.

  197. 197 : Gorgeous Says:

    From the photos above it seems like jinguk will end up with baekhee. yucks..don’t like him ending up with her.

  198. 198 : Lyla Says:

    this drama is really good *0*

  199. 199 : LoveDH Says:

    yay.. rating went up again. Way to go DreamHigh.

    as for me, I would like to be BaekHee the K.. but who knows it could be the group is K all 6s of them.

  200. 200 : MaeM Says:

    nice and funny… thumbs up :*)

  201. 201 : f132 Says:

    can’t wait for next episode…
    dream high…hwaighting….
    cayo everybody…
    love you all…

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  204. 204 : OK OK OK Says:

    I like Taecyeon looks – I find him manly & also his smiling eyes can charm you.

    IF Chin gook cannot end up with Hye Mi, I don’t think he will end up with with Baek Hee (my guessing) & I will be very disappointed if he do.

    Ep 13 – very nice especially near the ending part – all sings without the music.

  205. 205 : nan aiury Says:

    omg so greaaaattttttt ep 13 part 5…..make me cry so hard…
    poor taec….he’s carer..start fist again…

  206. 206 : mae_ angel Says:

    i love this k drama…i cant w8 for episode 14….dream high is the only kdrama i never skip every minute of the episodes…coz is not boring and it is so interesting…i just love it

  207. 207 : f132 Says:

    love dream high…
    hope it will be happy ending…
    love y’ll

  208. 208 : f132 Says:


  209. 209 : hana Says:

    hope it will be happy ending of corse Hye Mi with Taecyeon sinon i’ll hate it

  210. 210 : ADANI Says:


  211. 211 : Love Dream Says:

    I watched the drama & I realy loved it specially Jason & Jingook (Wooyoung & Taecyeon 2PM Members) this drama is wonderful I always can’t wait ’till I see the next epesode

  212. 212 : Sushil Says:

    This rating shows that Dream High is far watched in seoul compare
    to overrated drama like You’re beautiful..

    Go dream high!!

  213. 213 : Maee Says:

    Ep 14 a little tear-jerking… touching scenes

  214. 214 : f132 Says:

    jinguk samdong hyemi baek hee jason pilsok…..

  215. 215 : jnngee Says:



  216. 216 : swizz Says:

    i like the ost DREAMING by kim So Hyun that was really touching…………n also i was so happy at da same time dropped some tears too wen Heymi n Samdong HUGGED.

  217. 217 : NeeOca Says:

    This is a really good drama. Mix and match so fabulous. See this drama, you’ll be like it.

  218. 218 : OK OK OK Says:

    My guessing after watching EP 15
    Song Sam Dong will end up with Go Hye Mi. When Hye Mi is leaving for America with her dad, Jin Gook did not stop HM or ask her to stay. Yet SSD gave her the chase.

    When HM is bullied by her Kirin school mates, SSD goes to her rescue.
    When HM is sad or need consolation, SSD is there for her. JG only with HM when he needs consolation. So SSD will win HM heart in the end. 🙂

    So guys, be there with your girls when they need you the most.

  219. 219 : uchane Says:

    Dream High are coooolll!

  220. 220 : cchel Says:

    iloveeee dreamhigh milky couplee
    i want eunjung to sing for the ost so badlyy
    do good in season 2

  221. 221 : yoRoseberry Says:

    i was so touching til dropped some tears too wen Heymi n Samdong HUGGED and Samdong crying..

    his eyes can interpret the pain feeling..

  222. 222 : OK OK OK Says:

    nice drama 🙂

  223. 223 : syonturiqeru Says:

    chommal johaheyo!!!!! that what can i say about this drama

    i dont know why but this drama will be in my favourite drama list, for sure … haha

    you all will not regret because the girl are sooooo cute …. suji and iu.. haha

  224. 224 : Jenny Says:

    I LOVE this Drama ! OMG it’s almost over 🙁
    GOSH I WANT More ! 😐
    OMFG I feel bad for Baekhee and people please Stop hating her so much
    Yeah she’s a friggin B*** but she’s not totally!
    I commend her for her effort!
    &+ OMG I really want everyone to be with someone!
    Our Milky couple are obviously together =)) <33
    idk if i want Hyemigook or hyemidong BUT! I just hope the left out one
    gets Baekhee ! :S I don't want anyone to be alone!
    – Jenny <3

  225. 225 : f132 Says:

    in 2018, Jason and Pil Sook are together (and she’s put on some of her weight back), Baek Hee becomes at teacher at Kirin Arts High, Jin Gook is a pop star signed with White Entertainment, Hye Mi gives a concert where she dedicates a song to someone who had to walk a lonely road, and we find out that only Sam Dong was selected by EMG, and when he left on the bus to go to the States and follow his dream, Hye Mi passed the K pendant back to him and they kissed, but he’s abroad since then and has become K.
    I hope it’s true…

  226. 226 : f132 Says:


  227. 227 : Carmina Says:

    K-POP Cast

  228. 228 : Mawie Says:

    OHEMGEE <3 best drama in the whole world <3

  229. 229 : ningmas Says:

    it`s the best k pop drama
    i like it!!!!!!!

    sarang sarang saraaaaaaaaang!!!!!!!

  230. 230 : rainy Says:

    banjir cameo woooyy…..

  231. 231 : f132 Says:

    happy ending…
    love you’ll

  232. 232 : shocco locco Says:

    Want dream high 2??like this fanpage

  233. 233 : mel Says:

    is it romance ?

  234. 234 : thuytiennhat Says:

    yeah, it is ! this drama is amazing, i can’t describe how i love it ! i was affected by it in positive way and i can’t count like how many times i cried when i watch it , it’s so touching, addition, i make me put myself into the story and forgot everything around me ! you HAVE TO try it and i’m sure you ‘ll love it like me and many young pp ! and the music is wonderful,too i can sing half of the OST although korean is not my language !
    p/s: I miss Sam Dong and Hye Mi already ! Yang teacher also! hehe

  235. 235 : jelyn sulit Says:

    ♥♥♥ i love this drama nees season 2 plss^^

  236. 236 : Seng Says:

    Is it true that it will aired at the Philippines?

  237. 237 : hana Says:

    i hate this ending , oh jinguk!!!!!

  238. 238 : iman Says:

    i’ll miss sam dong !

  239. 239 : gia Says:

    omg!! i love it… pilsuk and jason were cute.their tandem is very romantic…. haixt… also the other cast too….. omg!!

  240. 240 : gia Says:

    love…. i like the tandem of pilsuk and jason… omg…. wish the. hd2

  241. 241 : charlotte Says:

    i love dream high samdong hyemi jason iu

  242. 242 : rainy Says:

    I hope the ending is something that unexpectable..love very much pilsuk and jason

  243. 243 : azlin Says:

    i love dream high…jason & kim pil suk..hyemi & sam dong…beak hui & si yeok..togerther forever..

  244. 244 : chungta Says:

    one of the best drama i hab watched in along time after secret garden… love jingook so much ..ur mine forever..

  245. 245 : arabella rey Says:

    i’m hesitant at first to watch this series. i’m not a fan of a musical type of show and i thought i would not appreciate this one because for sure the actors will be singing korean songs… but surprisingly, i get hooked with this series. i love all the characters, even the songs they’ve been singing, the melody we’re superb.

    even the way the writer develop the transformation of the hye mi, sam dong and jin guk. keep up the good work.

    i would like to borrow the line from the scene where perform in a bar in japan, teacher shi said something like ‘music unites people from different nations. i agree and i also think it applies to korean dramas. it touches the hearts of millions of people regardless of their nationalities.

  246. 246 : ladies Says:

    good drama!!!

    your so pretty suzy (saranghe; hwaiting miss A)

    di nyo alm kung ganu na ako kabaliw sainyo kkk!!

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  249. 249 : via Says:

    I loveeeeeeeee this drama.. i love the songs, the casts and the story… whoaaahhhh… i have a dream fever after watched this drama.. i wish for Dream High 2 pleassseeeee…

  250. 250 : hARUk0 Says:

    ohhhhh my g0Ssssshhh…
    thIS sT0ry mAKES me sICK..
    DrEAm hIgh fEver.. nICE STORY..
    THe CAST are bEst…
    NIce Songs…

  251. 251 : hARUk0 Says:

    plsss…. makE pART 2…

  252. 252 : Meong Says:


    Hi, I just wondering the title of the song that Go Hye Mi and her friend sing when they audition at Kirin School. Anybody know ?

    Please, if you know tell me, coz I’ve been heard that song but I don’t know in which K-Drama.



  253. 253 : e-one Says:

    A Motivate Drama:::(^_^)

  254. 254 : whatdfuck Says:

    i know the song but i forget where to download the song as a titlle d song..

  255. 255 : the.hell.u.know.me.u.not Says:

    i dont know

  256. 256 : iin Says:

    luv u kim soo hyun…

  257. 257 : DELLA Says:

    at first i love go hye mi and jin gok as a couple but as a progress of this drama i also admire sam dong cause he never give up on her and on his shatered life, and i become to love go hye mi and sam dong couple.. But i think jin gok is great too.. he also love go hye mi in his own way too.. I dissagree with Ok ok ok.. he said that jin gok never help her, but on first episode we can see that jin gok help her when she have to deal with the loan shark, and he give her a ride when she have to escape from kirin school and avoid the loan shark, he gave her his helm and he has done many things also for go hye mi, but things become different when he has to deal with his own problem and enter the Idol Group under Company management, which makes him cannot see her or protect her anymore and makes sam dong be the one to be left and can be with her and gain her attraction, and sam dong choice to be like that, because he really loves go hye mi and it is a chance for him to get her, i think sam dong is the kind of man who will give up everything for the girl he loves, he actually enter the kirrin school because of her, right? and he is not hesitate to tell go hye mi to leave korea, i admire that, rather than just think she should be happy with her own choice as jin gok predict, because a girl will be very happy when she feel needed especially from the man she loves, and then she realized she also love sam dong.. and choice him at the end.. love this story so much..

  258. 258 : via Says:

    at first i love go hye mi – jin gok couple, but then as time goes by i also admire sam dong for keep fighting for the girl he loves and for his life also.. I think at first we can see that jin gok also help hye mi a lot ; from the loan shark until he gets beatean to death, from the people whose trying to make fun of her, give her a ride with his motorbike and give his helm so she can cover her tears and i think he moves her heart.. but it is the progress of the story which make him this way, he has to choice carrier over hye mi, while he’s gone, we are all know how deep the impression of sam dong left for hye mi because at the end sam dong gets the girl, and its jin gok own mistakes for leaving her when she need him the most, and that makes him lost his chances to be with hye mi.. love dream high so much.. the best in 2011..

  259. 259 : via Says:

    love dream high a lot.. nice couple go hye mi-sam dong-jin gok and jason-pilsook..

  260. 260 : tusha Says:

    I like Suzy’s action……..I like this Drama

  261. 261 : lyn Says:

    awesome korean drama series…your the best

  262. 262 : mhdirvan Says:

    jln tikus

  263. 263 : wildAN Says:

    please really no dream high 2 because I have not been very satisfied because not seen Song Sam Dong playing in gramy award and no romance between Song Sam Dong and Go Hye Mi

  264. 264 : nee Says:

    Dream High Season 2 is confirmed!


  265. 265 : Soon-Hee Says:

    Since Hye-Mi with Sam Dong, it will be OK if Jin-Guk with me..

  266. 266 : ney-ney Says:

    like this drama

  267. 267 : via Says:

    yay… dream high season 2, but pleaaaseeeee… with the same casts again.. love all the casts in Dream high 1..

  268. 268 : alian Says:

    film nya bagus banget….

  269. 269 : nuriah iu bazilah Says:

    please have dream high 2 .because i like so much suzy ,iu,eun jung and all drama dream high cast i love dream high .i want say congratulations.

  270. 270 : takgu99 Says:

    i wonder why this drama doesn’t have many fans….
    such a great drama….i love it!!!

  271. 271 : Baby3sther Says:

    I wonder why this drama without my .<

  272. 272 : Baby3sther Says:

    y dun hv kim hyun joong?

  273. 273 : iin Says:

    this is a good drama…

  274. 274 : bean Says:

    Y is there only 273 comments!!! This drama deserved more!!!!

  275. 275 : anggra Says:

    wooow awsome cast,great story ,beautifull OST, dream high is the best in 2011!!! love the six of them!!

  276. 276 : anja Says:

    I love Ham Eun Jung acting as Yoon Baek Hee. So good. This drama has good music too

  277. 277 : janie Says:

    this is one of the best korean dorama I’ve ever seen.. ♥♥♥I love it so much!!! ♥♥♥

  278. 278 : janie Says:

    this is one of the best korean doramas I’ve eve seen♥♥♥I loved it so much(and forever will!!)♥♥♥

  279. 279 : janie Says:

    This is one of the best doramas I’ve ever seen♥I loved it so much(and forever will!!♥)♥♥♥!!!

  280. 280 : via Says:

    Even Dream High 2 will not have the same cast, but please should be also some scenes from the cast of Dream high2; Suzy> go hye mi, Taecyon>jin gok, Kim soo hyun-I>Song Sam dong, Ham eun jeung> yoon baek hae, Wooyoung>Jason, IU>Pilsuk
    I want to know more what happend to them when they are graduated from Kirin School. And who will end up with who.. pleaassseeee…

  281. 281 : via Says:

    I mean the cast from Dream High 1 should have at least appear in Dream High 2..

  282. 282 : mirani Says:

    so fall in love with kim soo hyun…
    I think he’ll be a great actor. his acting is very good.
    I like this drama, you must dream high and then try the best you can for your dream.
    unusual storyline. but I hope to see more romantic scenes between song sam dong and go hye mi.
    i love kim soo hyun and this drama.. so many cameo !! wow…
    can’t wait for next season.. i hope they have same cast, but if not some cast, please kim soo hyun must play in this drama.. huhu..
    (sorry my friend but i have kim soo hyun virus) hehehe… please understand 🙂

  283. 283 : v2 Says:

    like this drama ^^

  284. 284 : fannie Says:

    i like it. but still translation is so bad that you have to read between the lines.you have to decipher the script. the ending was hazy. maybe because of the translation. ti’s a pity. it could have been great if i could understand korean.

  285. 285 : dreamer di Says:

    I love this drama..I cried a lot esp Song Sam Dong starts to loss his hearing and teacher Kang’s love for his students that he is willing to give up his teaching career in order to pursue the dreams of the kids..Can wait for Dream High 2!!

  286. 286 : su Says:

    Loveeeeee it dream high!

  287. 287 : su Says:

    Saranghae kim soo hyun and wooyoung

  288. 288 : aquila Says:

    woooowww just finished this drama. EPIC!!! i heard that this drama will make for season 2 aaa hope more go hyemi and song somdong in season 2. aaaa i cried when the depart of song samdong :___(

  289. 289 : mirani Says:

    i truely love this drama… what a story, what a cast..
    one of good drama in 2011…
    daebak !!

  290. 290 : shasaree Says:

    I love song sam dong…..

    this drama is really good :))

  291. 291 : fatma amalia Says:

    I think this is one of the Korean dramas that cool.
    I like to really play it.
    let alone the love story of Jason and Wooyoung as IU as Kim Pil Sook.
    really, I love really.
    because of their love stories that seem very real and very plain that makes me so love.
    Hopefully, dream high there are season 2, but which play in the play it was:
    Kim Soo Hyun as Song Sam-Dong
    Taecyeon as Jin Gook/Hyun Shi Hyuk
    Suzy as Go Hye Mi
    Ham Eun Jung as Yoon Hee Baek
    Wooyoung as Jason
    IU as Kim Pil Sook.

  292. 292 : Nitta Says:

    I wonder why Jason and pil sook is also well-known as “Milky couple” 😕

  293. 293 : jima Says:

    i also love this story.. although i’m little bit disappointed in the ending cause i want more.. i really hoping for the season 2.., i love song sAm dong and go hye mi.. IU has a sweet voice..,,

  294. 294 : sarah Says:

    i really like this wonderful drama !!

  295. 295 : Anshs Says:

    Dream High is a very very nice drama i really like it i wish i could understand korean very well so….. there is no need 4 translation Song Sam Dong and Go Hye Mi Fighting…..

  296. 296 : kiki Says:

    i think this drama is inspired by God of Study. you can name some similarity there. this drama is okay, but isn’t that good as god of study. how do you think?

  297. 297 : daus shah Says:

    like3!!!dream high the best!!!

  298. 298 : raining Says:

    I Love this drama so much……….
    I hope this drama have a secuel……;)

  299. 299 : kotory Says:

    es la cancion de Dream High sub. español. esta genial me encanta la canción ^_^ bueno tambien me gusta Kim Soo-hyun me trae @[email protected] es genial y como canta aaaaaaaa!!!

  300. 300 : ratih Says:

    1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th episode = “COOL”

  301. 301 : yullieannE Says:

    100 thumbs for dream high…!!!!

    kim soo hyun,,, mmmm very nice look!!!

  302. 302 : Life is an Adventure » Blog Archive » New Korean Drama Says:

    […] Dream High Korean Drama […]

  303. 303 : bblvE07 Says:

    jason and pilsok are sweet,
    I like them too,
    IU is so pretty & cute…
    Shes funny here,
    I love her voice..
    episode 13 that she sing with samdong
    Hye mi&jason too I like it,
    & also i like her song(someday)

    I like baek hee too!!
    She is good friend to hyeMi before,
    But she become monster because
    Of hye mi’s words..
    At first i hate hyeMi,
    Shes not a good friend.
    But she regretted and know her mistake.
    Its good that they friends again!!

    dream high,
    I watched it recently, so good!!
    Love the ending,
    HyeMi&Samdong team up.
    Samdong is succeed at the end
    I feel pity on him
    At the middle of story,
    I cried too..
    But its relief that he didnt give up.

  304. 304 : rea Says:

    I’ve just finished watching this drama. It’s a good musical drama, I like the dance and the song, and the voice (esp. Bin Ji Shu’s) But it’s little bit illogical when it points to the character of the fave teacher (is there a teacher who is very very generous and really kind like him?)But still it’s very entertaining…..

  305. 305 : f132 Says:

    like this k-drama

  306. 306 : v2 Says:

    like this drama< i love it,
    nomu nomu cuae ^^

  307. 307 : ratih Says:

    4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th episode are so interest..

  308. 308 : loren-saranghae Says:

    Best drama musical… I never boring watched this drama

  309. 309 : Via Says:

    ow.. jin gook.. sam dong.. i love u ao much..
    i like ost deam high.. ^^

  310. 310 : kyuqi Says:

    I DIE for this drama!this drama was the best=) im so glad with the ending.all the sacrifices song sam dong did for goo hye mi are worth it.its SOOO sweet to see them both!and jin gook is paired up with goo hye mi’s ygrsis,which is not bad after all!

  311. 311 : WONG SUE NI Says:


  312. 312 : Serena Says:

    I like Taecyeon as Jin Gook most. Taecyeon is so great. Huh… really disklike the end it would be better that Jin Gook ending with Hye Mi..
    But like a couple of Jason and Pil Suek. They are very cute. Pil Suek sing so great…

    This drama is very great everybody singing and dancing very great. I like JYP.

    Huh~ why Jin Gook not ending with Haeme it made me upset sad…

  313. 313 : anda Says:

    khate haru tatto na charo ko drama banera hero paltin 6as.khate 3 ganta ko story lai lamba ra mabharat banako 6s.aja hjero.randi ko chort5o.ghanta kha.

  314. 314 : anda Says:

    when i watch it i think that this drama is a total ass hole.its 1st episode was a rubbish.what kind of drama is this?bladdy time wasting invaluable &disgusting.kim hyun jung u really sucks in this drama .i totally hate you from play ful kiss &boys over flower

  315. 315 : randall cabatan Says:

    ..annyong haseyo!!! =)

    ..napka ganda ng dream high sobra..
    ..lahat n ng hinahanap ko sa isang palabas ay nandito na..

    kso yung ending eh parang bitin..sana may part 2 pa..

    sobrang ganda..promise!!! =D

    ..saka ang daming moral lesson na mpupulot..

  316. 316 : intan Says:

    HyeDong saranghae…

  317. 317 : princess_kimlee92 Says:

    omo!!!! i really love MILKY COUPLE!!!!! soooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuutttttttteeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  318. 318 : anda Says:

    khate bhate chor

  319. 319 : hellin Says:

    I really love dream high

  320. 320 : hhee Says:

    no comment, very nice

  321. 321 : Dianne Says:


  322. 322 : Dramalover Says:

    This drama is AWsome!! ^^

  323. 323 : Vanessa Says:

    I love this drama… But ending is don’t like me. Because hye mi and jing gook must be couple. I love them… Hye mi love sam dong. i don’t wanna this ending. Dream high 2…:)

  324. 324 : dani Says:

    I love is drama and I love is a song ^,^

  325. 325 : jinggav3 Says:

    hmmm,,,, i agree with before comment about ”dislike in ending section”,, i hope Hye me must be with Jin guk,,, arrgghhh,,, saranghae jin guk (Taecyeon oppa),,,, u’r cool n sweet guy..

  326. 326 : issa Says:

    love this series! very ideal for the young generation!

  327. 327 : issa Says:

    i love this!!!much!!!

  328. 328 : adawiyah Says:

    i l0ve this drama veru much!!!!!but until kn0wi did’t get a special one..=(

  329. 329 : suki-desu05 Says:

    BEST DRAMA I’VE EVER WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it contains everything: the awesome characters and story..
    the plot really is exciting and not just the boring same old stories.. it’s a whole new adventure.the drama is really fitting for the teens.
    the story gives me inspiration >_

  330. 330 : Zosiama Rlte Says:

    The best I have ever seen.. I like Teacher Kang very much also Teacher Shi too.. Good Work everyone i like to see them all in one drama too (but for long like episode of 90+) thanks again for great drama…

  331. 331 : eka Says:

    cerita yang asik tidak membosankan… ada lucu n sedih yang mengaduk2 perasaan… 2 jempol untuk dream high…

  332. 332 : queen Says:

    love the series…. simple & touching, full of wisdom, clean…. entertaining…can’t remember how many times i cried…laughed…cried….laughed….kudos to the producers, scriptwriter, director, actors & the whole crew….no wonder you’re a big winner….hope the part 2 (if there will be any) will not only eclipse Dream High but surpass its success……..

  333. 333 : say Says:

    the best teen korean drama…i like it.(^_~.)

  334. 334 : Novie Says:

    two thumbs up 4 this K drama… …

  335. 335 : Novie Says:

    2 tumbs up is not enough,,, 4 tumbs up hehehe

  336. 336 : suresh Says:

    awesome awesome awesome
    love ham eun jung again.she is in ltl negative+leading role bt awesome her acting skill.
    jst fell fr her!!!

  337. 337 : suresh Says:

    best movie after long time

  338. 338 : suresh Says:

    do anybody know in which song jason danced in ep 2 during the open audition.jason was dancing on his own and jin gook was watching him.
    i think i hav listened that song bt i forgot it.wat was that song????????

  339. 339 : suresh Says:

    i hav found that song
    its one on million by ne-yo

  340. 340 : Capuchuu Says:

    I feel sad when Hye Mi ended w/ Sam Dong ’cause I prefer Jin Gook more than Him but anyways I’ll just look forward to Dream High 2…
    Seriously this K-Drama is OSM!!! High Five haha

  341. 341 : ciasia Says:

    I think Sam Dong is better… 🙂

  342. 342 : Michelle To Says:

    Love them all, everyone are awesome, especially Sam Dong. BEST drama ever watch!! many different moments touched my heart n look forward to see dream high 2…

  343. 343 : rara_77 Says:

    i really love this drama!!!!!!
    jason and pil suk was sweet together!!!!!!!!!!!
    sooooo cutee!!!!!!!!!!!
    love it

  344. 344 : honey Says:

    the best.. season 2…!!!!!!!

  345. 345 : jellybeans_16 Says:

    I’m gonna watch this tomorrow ! 🙂

  346. 346 : mina Says:

    hello.i love koreandrama.

  347. 347 : Belinda Says:

    i love this drama…

    it was so cooll..

  348. 348 : The Tian Says:

    i love “Milky Couple” … thumb up

  349. 349 : chickay Says:

    another season will air next year so excited

  350. 350 : watever Says:

    this drama is so boring! i dunno y people like this drama..a lot of scene GO HYE MI & her LOVE STORY.not much baek he scene ..or what it call “DREAM HIGH”.this series should change title..dream high its not suitable at all.

  351. 351 : zahra Says:

    I just finished watching this drama right now
    well… during watching it I was really attract to the senariyo, their effort for get their Dreams ! i really changed my point of view to my dream
    by the way it was reallllllllly fantastic

    but at last it was a big shock for the choise og hemiii !!!
    I thing sam dok didn’t hav deserving for that!

    kidaregeeee for dream high2 !!!

  352. 352 : nan.aiury Says:

    im..never ever bored to watch this drama…again and again this is the best drama ever

  353. 353 : kDRAMAlovers Says:

    I love it …………. Theirs dreams were fulfil and became succeed 😛

  354. 354 : JSHSavoir Says:

    I liked how it wasn’t so predictable! IU was really cute I love her voice! Soo Hyun and Eun Jung are really good actors they have a lot of experience. Lee Yoon Ji is even prettier now than she was before her hiatus!!!

  355. 355 : wilma Says:

    Inspirational Story….
    It’s kinda musical,how i wish it could be more like Glee or something…

    The cast is great as well….
    job well done…

    aja aja fighting

  356. 356 : shocco locco Says:

    i watched this drama because of eunjung,….

  357. 357 : pooh Says:

    i really really loved this drama. i wish there were continuous episodes so it would never finish. i hope dream high season 2 would come.

  358. 358 : jisa Says:

    why is wooyoung(jason) not included in the main cast?

  359. 359 : chipz Says:

    keren banget!!!!! I love u all guys..
    what’s the turth, you’re voices are amazing or the songs are amazing??
    damn! you’re voice sooo gooodddd!!

  360. 360 : tya Says:

    tayangin dong di televisi indonesia keren lo

  361. 361 : nan.aiury Says:

    true why wooyoung nothing on main cast

  362. 362 : glitz Says:

    i finished ep8..somehow i pity baek hee dats y i m not being able 2 like hye mi..baek hee turned like dat bcoz of hye mi n also the guy c likes dosen’t like her..no one likes her!ah so sad!but the best thing i hav found in ths drama are jason n pil suk..thy are sooooo….cute..i m enjoying the story bcz of thm the most..n also hye mi’s little sis is so cute!
    hope it will turn out better for baek hee later in the drama..n hope there are loads of jason-pil suk scenes!!

  363. 363 : glitz Says:

    finished watching all of it..i m dissapointed with the ending it was too abrupt..i wish baek hee n jin kuk would have ended up togethr in the last episode but she is never loved its sad to see..but the milky couple they are so cute..loved them!and jason still loved her even though she was fat..sweeeet!love the milky couple.

  364. 364 : Malaysian girl Says:

    The message of the story is pretty good
    The ending is quite confusing…I don’t understand why suddenly they being apart till 2018?
    I mean, isn’t them a team?
    Why does the EMG only chooses 2 of them.And who determined whom being chosen?
    Btw, at first I kindda don’t like hye min to be with Sam dong. But later, because Hyun Juk is soo bz n Sam Dong is much matured and less innocent, he seem pretty ok =)
    Keep dreaming and strive for it friends!

  365. 365 : Malaysian girl Says:

    Owh, yes!I’m mad at the camera man!!
    During the concert or show, don’t ALWAYS focused on individuals!
    I want to see them as a team!!
    When u guys are too focused most of the time,and keep moving around, we cannot feel the connection between the team members especially during dancing
    It is vveeerrryyy frustrating!! =(

  366. 366 : Ires Says:

    film dream high
    is very good…..
    i like it

  367. 367 : ilovekorea Says:

    Just finished it in 3 days! awww… im so sad, my heart was aching really bad at the end, which i was like WTF?! It ended w/ Hye-mi (suzy) kissing bumpkin Song Sam Dong! It made me so angry that my crying mood was off, throughout the whole movie it was aiming at Jin Gook (FINE, great-heart taecyeon) and Hye-min, they had a past and the most moments in the movie!!!well guess that was a surprise (a lame one).

    I really love the “milky couple” Jason(who is pretty FINE :p) & Kim Pil Shook (IU) ha she is so cute & ADORABLE (love the dolls&pink guitar), i liked the part where he freaked out about her having hepatitus,thinking she could die

    I dislike Song Sam Doong, he irritated me, but love the main cast, really great& great story, very inspirational, il watch this if i feel hopeless at med school. I just wish the freakin eng subs were translated to MAKE SENSE, instead of being all inverted, which pissed me off 4 half the movie cuz i had a really hard time understanding the whole story!


  368. 368 : andrekakashi Says:

    wah ayik nih ceritanya thanks infonya…..

  369. 369 : lonly Says:

    hi iwish if ican watch this drama

  370. 370 : monic Says:

    Why jang wooyoung name not in the list cast?

  371. 371 : princess Says:

    i hate it.. i loved the drame because of the jin gook and hye mi love team..but she ended up with song sam dong..

  372. 372 : lin Says:

    yeahhhhh hye mi ended up with sam dong!!!!!! u,u i like sam dong’s eyes soooooooo damn much!!!

  373. 373 : kerra Says:

    OMG! i love this drama a lot! hye mi and sam dong is such a great couple! jason and IU is also, they’re so cuteeeee

  374. 374 : yuan_fyrra Says:

    i like this drama so much… i love the finished part that go hye mi choosed sam dong as her beloved person… ^__^

  375. 375 : raju Says:

    kereeeeeeeeeee…………………nnnnnnnnnnn banget !

  376. 376 : devi Says:

    I’m a housewife 32yearsold, I never thought gonna loves this drama a lot,specialy Kim so hyun,and I also likes the ending when Suzy finaly realize who is her true love for, can’t wait for the season 2 ….

  377. 377 : rafael Says:

    you dream high

  378. 378 : Lmh Says:

    Ayo nonton dream high setiap hari jam 13.30 di indosiar

  379. 379 : Yoorim Says:

    i love dream high so much..you know,i haved been repeat dream high many time… especially ep. 15…..because that ep have pil suk and jason kiss

  380. 380 : Nita Yudasari Says:

    nice tv drama..

  381. 381 : fatimah Says:


  382. 382 : lussy Says:

    i love dream high

  383. 383 : eka Says:

    there is no indonesian sub ?? 🙁

  384. 384 : wdr Says:

    i like this drama! suitable for teenagers 🙂

  385. 385 : roni Says:

    do you like this film?i like to
    is so romantic

  386. 386 : dewi Says:

    gw suka bgtz ama drama ini, hebring cuyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  387. 387 : dewi Says:

    don’t ending,please…………….

  388. 388 : Uyab Says:

    filmnya keren banget… sumpah…

  389. 389 : adi Says:

    ini film terbaik Yg pernah ada
    thanks ‘INDOSIAR’ karna telah menyiarkan
    Film-Film Korea.

  390. 390 : yanto Says:

    teman-teman tanggal 21 januari 2012 bakal di putar di kbs2 dream high 2,jadi silakan menunggu sampai awal bulan 2012 ya?

  391. 391 : idha Says:

    i like this drama so nice but i’m feel sad because hye mi n song sam dong it isn’t happy ending with hye mi,,,hye mi only hope.

  392. 392 : Lavy Says:

    this Drama is so cool the cast,ost everything!!
    i like how Ma do shik change from bud guy to a good guy (is so hilarious!!)
    the scene where JYP hug Jin Guk in dance lesson also very funny!
    highly recommended!!!

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  394. 394 : Vin Says:

    So touchy..

  395. 395 : Awwann Says:

    hoaa,,I Love bae suzy,,adn Taecyon really good looking

  396. 396 : Awwann Says:

    pokok’na I Love Korea,,,so Muchhh

  397. 397 : sha Says:

    love dream high..and all korea film

  398. 398 : vienz Says:

    I love this drama, but I love sam dong better than jin guk. He so sweeet

  399. 399 : Happy Says:

    I liked to see bae Yong Joon more…

  400. 400 : RFN Says:

    i hope that Dream high has the season 2 🙂 (y)

  401. 401 : dita Says:

    i give five stars for this drama

  402. 402 : Rizka Says:

    Sweet drama.
    I really love this.
    Suzy is so beautiful >.

  403. 403 : kim joo nathan Says:

    A nice film…

  404. 404 : eka Says:

    Ada yg tau gak lagu Korea apa yg dinyanyiin Hye Mi, Sm Dong, Jin Guk dan Pil Suuk buat kakak angkatnya Jin Guk. ??

  405. 405 : shane garde Says:

    hi! there I really love the film but it would be even more romantic if Jin Gook would be the love partner of Go Hye Mi but i really wish that you wouldn’t change the characters because i loved it and all i can say is BEST FILM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  406. 406 : Liz Says:

    suka bgt,,penuh semangat
    i like this one

  407. 407 : mega_leeminhoforever Says:


  408. 408 : SONE Says:

    @ EKA : Tell Me Your Wish – SNSD

  409. 409 : Myo Myo Myint Maw Says:

    This korea drama is famous in Myanmar. I like so much this and Almost everyone in Myanmar like this.Thanks for this korea drama.

  410. 410 : Opa Says:

    Like like…

  411. 411 : Fen2 Says:

    멋지다! 잘하면 더 성공적으로 초 예.

  412. 412 : Evaken Rajz Says:

    I love Dream high !!!!!!!

  413. 413 : restless Says:

    It was my first kdrama. I love it, and it led me to other kdramas and kpop. 😀

  414. 414 : Jopabo Says:

    Suzy fighting !!
    dream high season II will come february 2012 ,i hope that’s will be nice film better this 😀
    Love u Suzy ~

  415. 415 : erix Says:

    for the season 2,i think the characters are new not from this season,.same school maybe but new characters,.coz if they wont change ,i wouldnt be good.,.

  416. 416 : tiff Says:

    i love this drama. i hope dream high season 2 better!! please sam dong and hye mi still play in season2

  417. 417 : dita Says:

    can’t wait for the season 2

  418. 418 : shevarael Says:

    love this drama,,waiting to season 2,,hye mi,pilsuk,sam dong,jason,,wouldn’t change the characters…love love love,,,,

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  420. 420 : york95 Says:

    i really fall in love with jason/woo young..esp,in this drama..i love u,oppa..fighting!!!!

  421. 421 : dongwoon95 Says:

    eexxcceelleenntt drama!!good job,my dear!keep on fighting!1

  422. 422 : crystallili Says:

    i really like this drama.
    IU is very cute

  423. 423 : aye mya khin Says:

    hey mi ……fighting

  424. 424 : They_Nha Says:

    Suka bangetz…

  425. 425 : VivaLaJuicy Says:

    Um, I think Suzy’s acting is a bit rigid…like got no expressions everywhere. When she cry, look like crocodile’s tears, doesn’t pull my heart to her. Very good drama nevertheless, I loved the chemistry between IU and WooYoung (MilkyCouple!). EunJung’s acting was SPLENDID, and cute(: Taecyeon was HOT. Suzy was great but…I think she needs to stick with singing and dancing, she has absolutely no aptitude in acting. (Sometimes, she can’t even do her job in Miss A well.) Geez.

  426. 426 : aishah Says:

    best ker??

  427. 427 : rifanti Says:

    I like this drama, full of spirit.^_^

  428. 428 : ghela Says:

    i love kim soo hyun…

  429. 429 : trojan Says:

    very very good drama with good story. love the drama a lot.

  430. 430 : yantolei Says:


    all friend.view this video can make u happy,dream high

  431. 431 : Dimple1220, Nepal Says:

    Muzical Drama…Loved it…But I was expecting couple for Suzy(Miss A) & Taecyeon(2PM)

  432. 432 : sephi27 Says:

    i dont like the ending…. it must be Go Hye Mi and Jin Gook not Go Hye Mi and Song Sam Dong

  433. 433 : Joanne Says:

    really really love this drama! very inspiring … love Kim Soo Hyun so much.. his acting’s awesome… and i love his voice too, though he’s not even a singer 🙂
    i love all of the casts and the story! 😀

  434. 434 : dhaychy Says:

    ,, ayoo diulang lagii ??

  435. 435 : kenn Says:

    i really like the story..hope there will be part 2 soon,..please???
    It inspired viewers to do their best to achieve there goals/dream in life..

  436. 436 : kenn Says:

    go hye mi and sam dong is a really good couple..nice

  437. 437 : kenn Says:

    please i want to see sam dong and go hye mi together in season 2..i want to see the continuation of there love story..please please

  438. 438 : Tassha Says:

    is it good? i’m just thought of watching it…..hopefully i’m not disappointed…i heard there would be dream high season2….wow…must be fun to watch… <3 🙂 can't wait

  439. 439 : triyani Says:

    que pngen lhat plm dream lagi ,kpn y dream high season 2 add lagi

  440. 440 : triyani Says:

    ech kta y dream high season 2 akn tyang lgi tnggal 1 januari 2012………

    qUE Zka zma suzi,kim soo hyun ,taecyeon,zma woyoung ………

  441. 441 : Jane Says:

    I’m looking for the Soundtrack of Dream High, please let me know where I can get it? Thanks

  442. 442 : sunira Says:

    kim hyun joong looked nice in this drama. And also I loved the songs , all songs of dream high.Good job

  443. 443 : nepal_the country of gautam buddha n mount everest Says:

    i really like this drama its full of spirit n kim soo hyun oppa is so handsome love u kim soo hyun.nomu nomu sarangeo.

  444. 444 : renanta Says:

    i love jin kuk as taecyeon and hye mi as suzy .

  445. 445 : suzilawati Says:

    I love suzy,taecyeon,iu,kim soo hyun,jang woo young…and also i love this drama its so great…!!!I very happy looked this drama…a lot!!

  446. 446 : Aedan Says:

    Hey, I was just wondering what is the address of the dream high film studio? So I can send them a letter, cause I love then heaps!

  447. 447 : SweetPumpkin Says:

    i LOVE Song Sam Dong :))))) can’t wait for Dream High Season 2 ^^ Kk~

  448. 448 : Takgu99 Says:

    Bole la..tgk x bosan..

  449. 449 : regden Says:

    nic 1 this is nic i luv the theme song aand jason is cool man and i luv the teachers luvstory,……………………………………………………………mAN FUCK UP………….

  450. 450 : angga Says:

    waw… it’s Great drama !!!
    but I very like “Jason”…
    he’s cool guys…

  451. 451 : desi widiya Says:

    i love IU, its so beautiful girl

  452. 452 : chR15 Says:

    this drama is good..but to get my vote was absolutely not!!
    For best Korean Drama 2011 .,no doubt i 100% vote for The Princess Man..nice story line.,superb acting.,heart suspended.,incredible Ost.,tears jerking.,Best Ending.,powerful rating.,the most outstanding!!
    vote for Best Korean Drama 2011 should goes to:-

    1) The Princess Man/ Secret Garden
    2) Dream High/ 49 Days
    3) My Princess/ City Hunter/ Can you Hear My Heart

  453. 453 : qoqo Says:

    come on dreamers vote DREAM HIGH to be 1st.

  454. 454 : wan Says:

    is it my turn already…i said is it my turn?jason_dh

  455. 455 : miss re Says:

    Best drama ever! Great story,best cast,amazing ost! Love dream high forever! 🙂

  456. 456 : Dela Says:

    ceritanya sangat mengesankan

  457. 457 : jelangkung Says:

    salam,, 1 malysia,, cerita nye best banggat,, ada waktu sedihnya,, isengnya,, pokoknya,, asik banget deh,, ngank taw maw bilang apa lgi,, love u all member dream high,, thanks untuk dramanya,,,

  458. 458 : jelangkung Says:

    Salam si anggun si gadis ayu
    Dari kotaraya ke pedalaman kamu
    Dari Likas ke Pekan Rabu
    Di carta aku kau nombor satu
    Aku berikrar aku berjanji
    Teman-teman aku menjadi saksi
    Jauh di mata dekat di hati
    Jadi izinkan aku pergi berlari
    Keliling dunia dua tiga kali
    Ku tahu hanya satu perkara pasti
    Selagi bumi di atas paksi
    Bila tiba masa aku kembali

    (Ila Damiaa)
    Bawaku ke mana saja kau suka
    Timur selatan barat atau utara
    Dampingi aku selalu
    You’ll be my Malaysian boy
    Malaysian boy

    (Point Blanc)
    呢度最掂 无问_
    靓女如云 唔使头痕
    饮茶食饭 heh番一晚
    生活唔使烦 系o甘
    去到边度 唔会改变态度
    响我o既脑 你系最好
    我o既国土 亦系我o既宝

    (Point Blanc – Translation)
    If you ask Point Blanc where is home
    It’s definitely this land called Malaysia
    This is the best place in the whole world
    There ain’t no problems
    Just open up your eyes
    There are plenty of beautiful women around
    Enjoy all kinds of food and drink everyday
    There’s no worries in our lives
    We know how to work hard but we also know how to enjoy life
    Wherever I go it will never change my view because in my mind you are the best
    Malaysia is oh my homeland and is most precious to me

    (Rabbit Mac)
    Vanakam everybody hi hello
    Oru suthe pollam jom let’s go
    Okay yen pearu Malaysian boy
    Yethe senjalum kita sempoi
    Tambi tangachi
    Mumy dady akka tata patti vanthachii
    Dari kampung ke kota machi
    Sabah sampai PNG
    Sigappu nellam velle manje
    Nerathil vaanavil yen nattil theriye
    Vadakku kilaku east and west
    Nambe naadu malaysia
    We the best

    (Rabbit Mac – Translation)
    Greetings everybody hi hello
    Come let’s go for a tour around the nation
    Okay my name is Malaysian boy
    Whatever we do we are always good
    Brothers sisters
    Mommy daddy sisters grandpa and grandma have come
    From the village to the city
    From sabah till penang
    Red blue white and yellow
    You can see rainbows of these colors in my country
    North south east and west
    Our country Malaysia
    We are the best

  459. 459 : anne Says:

    me and my daughters (2 & 7 yrs. old) loved dream high…i already voted for dream high…goodluck and im also rooting for city hunter, princess man and can you hear my heart.

  460. 460 : kati Says:

    sooooooooooooo lovely drama….
    I love it…

  461. 461 : banTaI Says:

    There are KBS , SBS n MBC drama award 2011 this month…i really can’t wait to watch it..
    City hunter was good..but the challenger was so strong.They have to fight with 49 days,protect the boss,Athena n strongest from SBS came from Deep Root Tree n A thousand days promise..

    From KBS.,What can i say The Princess Man will concuer it..The strong candidate just came from Dream High..i still think no drama can challenge TPM even Glory Jane..

    the drama from MBC this year was dissapointed for me..it look like TGL will win it easily.My princess was a strong challenger for TGL..n some the other source already feel Cha seung won will got Daesang award from MBC.

    Whatever or Whoever the winner.,the best should deserve it!!!!!!!

  462. 462 : BANGBEN Says:

    Casting For Dream High2 where? Story About…??

  463. 463 : dreamhighlover Says:

    i love this drama, i hope the cast will still be the same in the next season…

  464. 464 : vivie Love wooyoung Says:

    Oppa woo i love you .
    And i will always l0ve you oppa ..
    Saranghae oppa♥우영♥

  465. 465 : dluxman Says:

    suzy….u’re amazing…no doubt 4 korean drama…cayoooo

  466. 466 : [email protected] Says:

    i like suzy so much… i like too this drama…

  467. 467 : christe Says:

    `i really love this drama.. especially to hyemi and sam dong couple and also to pil sook and jason (mily couple)… i really love the songs and the meaning of each song. 😀

    –for me this is not the best drama of the year, absolutely it is SECRET GARDEN, but i still vote this one for i had been attached to their songs and this also makes me realize to dream higher than i could expect. 😀

    –hoping for DREAM HIGH 2 with the same casts. 😀

  468. 468 : kdrama addict Says:

    just watched dream high season 1. it was amazing! such a great drama and i love taecyeon <3

  469. 469 : Guns Says:

    I miss Song Sam Dong….Kim Soo Hyun is really cute here!

    I just watch the trailer of ‘Dream High 2’
    (http://www.mydramadiary.com/1st-official-trailer-of-dream-high-2.html) and hope it will be as great as the first…

  470. 470 : baby Says:

    dream high give me inspired

  471. 471 : ekoeza Says:

    kdnibedf nebdfuyhdw jbdywhdw2j

  472. 472 : ekoeza Says:

    goe shuuu manaihaaan amjilt gj kkk hairtai

  473. 473 : Park Hyun Says:

    I just bought the DVD of this Drama and I was amazed because it was a beautiful drama…………^^)

  474. 474 : saufi Says:

    I Like Dream High 1 so much.. The actors and actresses are the best, and I love IU so much, as she has a good voice and beautiful.

  475. 475 : 8. 드림하이 « Rolling Boom Says:

    […] 출처 – http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=5919 […]

  476. 476 : min Says:

    princess man is the best ever….and then will be city hunter and dream high.. bravo park shi hoo and moon chae won.the story was so good ………..i hope park shi hoo can be my brother hehehe

  477. 477 : ellen Says:

    KUDOS….. to the cast…A Happy MEMORY… WHILE watching DRAMAS LIKE THIS…. and a unique, story…… ACHIEVED…….

  478. 478 : @@ Says:

    Although i think the ending was excellent, it’s not a happy ending as for me
    🙁 . I love Jin Gook more over Song Sam Dong. Jezz i closed my eyes at the end when Hye Me and SSD kissed.
    Because of that i cant sleep well for days now.

  479. 479 : ashton archer Says:

    song sam dong was great in his acting..i was carried away everytime he cries..Kudos to him and the whole cast for the job well done..can’t wait for Drean High 2

  480. 480 : fran cez Says:

    i did not watch the last two episodes when i knew that Go Hye Mi chose Sam Dong over Jin Gook. I thought the ending would be better if Hye Mi and Jin Gook are together at the ending. I’m upset until now. 🙁

  481. 481 : VENICE Says:

    READY to coming in pilippines suzy and iu i like it 🙂

  482. 482 : daphelle Says:

    THE SONG:I dream high nan kkumeul kkujyo
    himdeul ttaemyeon nan nuneul gamgo kkumi irwojineun geu sunganeul gyesok tteoollimyeo ireonajyo

    duryeoumui kkeuteseo nan oneuldo heundeullijyo tteoreojilkka bwa naraoreuji motaneun eorin saecheoreom
    jakku naega hal su inna nae kkumi irwojilkka naeditneun georeum han georeum georeumi dasi duryeowo jil ttaemada

    I dream high nan kkumeul kkujyo himdeul ttaemyeon nan nuneul gamgo kkumi irwojineun geu sunganeul gyesok tteoollimyeo ireonajyo
    I can fly high naneun mideoyo eonjenganeun jeo haneurwiro nalgaereul pyeogo nugubodado jayuropge nopi nara oreulgeoeyo

    neomeojin nal ireukyeo jul yonggiga pillyohajyo meonjireul teolgo dasi ireona tto han beon ttwieogal yonggiga
    dasi han beon nareul mitgo naui unmyeongeul mitgo modeun geol geolgo nae kiboda nopeun byeogeul ttwieo neomeulgeoeyo

    Dream high a chance to fly high apeumdeureun ijen modu da bye bye haneure inneun jeo byeoldeulcheoreom nopi narabwa ni kkumdeureul pyeolchyeo boneun geoya
    time for u to shine
    ijebuteo sijagiya gotta make em mine ni soneuro irwoga mirael duryeowo hajima
    ijen himkkeot jasinitge georeoga Destiny sungmyeongiji meomchul su eomneun unmyeongi jigeum uri nunape pyeolchyeojiji
    igeon neoreul wihan whole new fantasy geureoni ijebuteo yeogi nae soneul jaba
    uriui mokpyoneun jigeumbuteo hana kkumgwa mirae pogihaji anha jeormeum yeoljeong yeogi moduda Dream High


    I dream high 난 꿈을 꾸죠
    힘들 때면 난 눈을 감고 꿈이 이뤄지는 그 순간을 계속 떠올리며 일어나죠

    두려움의 끝에서 난 오늘도 흔들리죠 떨어질까 봐 날아오르지 못하는 어린 새처럼
    자꾸 내가 할 수 있나 내 꿈이 이뤄질까 내딛는 걸음 한 걸음 걸음이 다시 두려워 질 때마다

    I dream high 난 꿈을 꾸죠 힘들 때면 난 눈을 감고 꿈이 이뤄지는 그 순간을 계속 떠올리며 일어나죠
    I can fly high 나는 믿어요 언젠가는 저 하늘위로 날개를 펴고 누구보다도 자유롭게 높이 날아 오를거에요

    넘어진 날 일으켜 줄 용기가 필요하죠 먼지를 털고 다시 일어나 또 한 번 뛰어갈 용기가
    다시 한 번 나를 믿고 나의 운명을 믿고 모든 걸 걸고 내 키보다 높은 벽을 뛰어 넘을거에요

    Dream high a chance to fly high 아픔들은 이젠 모두 다 bye bye 하늘에 있는 저 별들처럼 높이 날아봐 니 꿈들을 펼쳐 보는 거야
    time for u to shine
    이제부터 시작이야 gotta make em mine 니 손으로 이뤄가 미랠 두려워 하지마
    이젠 힘껏 자신있게 걸어가 Destiny 숙명이지 멈출 수 없는 운명이 지금 우리 눈앞에 펼쳐지지
    이건 너를 위한 whole new fantasy 그러니 이제부터 여기 내 손을 잡아
    우리의 목표는 지금부터 하나 꿈과 미래 포기하지 않아 젊음 열정 여기 모두다 Dream High

  483. 483 : a0i-chan Says:

    where are the videos?
    ireally want to watch it! :((

  484. 484 : leila Says:

    Taecyeon was really COOL in the Drama!!! o(^o^)o

  485. 485 : blair Says:

    can’t wait 2 watch this in tv,i’m so excited to watch this hmmm,love this.

  486. 486 : blair Says:

    can’t wait 2 watch this in tv.dream all u can.

  487. 487 : clau_8 Says:

    awww …. the ending is not quite right …i need more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  488. 488 : jenny_05 Says:

    i really love dream high the very fantastic show ever in ever i love the love between bae suzy and taecyeon

  489. 489 : angel Says:

    i really enjoy watching dream high i have watch more than 10 time but i never feel boring it all the time remind about one of my friend

  490. 490 : jhomar Says:

    oh i love this drama!! i really enjoy watching dream high 1,, especially the last episodes…. it was very inspiring. xD song sam dong

  491. 491 : IrenaBelle Says:

    it is always trending topic in the twiiter,

  492. 492 : allmae Says:

    i want Go Hye Mi and gin jook to be pairs !!!

  493. 493 : brendalyn Says:

    sayang hindi kumpleto ang ibang part……………………………hu hu……………………………. ganda panaman

  494. 494 : brendalyn Says:

    may ibang website ba na pwede matanaw ang ibang parts?

  495. 495 : badgirL Says:

    oo nga… ndi cya kumpleto… nkakainis … tps ang bagal pang magloading… minsan nga ayw magloading eh… saka gsto ko ung sav n allmae 🙂 sana c hye mi nlng at saka c jin gook ^^…. kya lng ndi ehh.. sayang.. hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…. un lng ^^…

  496. 496 : -biancaysabel10- Says:

    wag kyo mgalala guys merong pang “Dream High2″exited akong mapanood un!!!n_n…

  497. 497 : fatmah april Says:

    korea film is the best

  498. 498 : Ezziel Elentorio Says:

    ….i really really like dream high… pero sad ako kc mumg napanond ko ang last episode hye mi choose sam dong not jin suk

  499. 499 : carmie Says:

    what is the title of the song that sam dong and hye mi sing when they first met?

  500. 500 : viralz Says:

    i wish that they will make another dream high with the same actors.. i will miss dream high 1

  501. 501 : List of Korean Drama I Have Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] Dream High (Season 1) Rating : 3,5 out of 5 […]

  502. 502 : liel Says:

    4 me,its ok for hye mi to choose ssd.sìnce he leave his everythng behind 4 her..and he never turns his back on her unlike jin g.who did it twìce..

  503. 503 : Nelsa Says:

    i reall like the love tringle of (Sam dong, Hye mi and Jin gook).

    I hope Jin gook (Teacyeon) and Hye mi (Suzy)
    are real life sweetheart…..

  504. 504 : WitLily Says:

    hyemi with ssd is fall in love from first sight 😀

  505. 505 : jennie Says:

    i really love suzy as kelly!!! your the best kapamilya..love3 their songs! makabuang!

  506. 506 : gladys Says:

    i like dream high because i like kim soo hyun his really cute and handsome i want to see him and person actually all cast of dream high:)kim soo hyun saranghe fighting:)

  507. 507 : neil Says:

    i like dream high because suzy bae is so beautiful iwant to see in person and i love ltaecyeon and eun jong

  508. 508 : Genta Buana Says:

    I like it

  509. 509 : DreamHigh Says:

    I like it better than Dream High 2 .. xD
    Love the original !

  510. 510 : DHryan09 Says:

    I love dream high because of hye mi and kim pill sook i like too the love triangle because its so sweet i love you suzy

  511. 511 : Ruby Briones Says:

    I love Ham Eun Jung! She is so HOT and SEXY! Plus very talented….so pretty and smart..:) I love DREAM HIGH 1..;)

  512. 512 : dreamhight fanatic Says:

    wohohh…i love dream high koreanovela their not too dramatic, super kilig!! i wish the cast had the chance to visit to philippines!!

  513. 513 : dieArth_11 Says:

    super in love with dream high season 1..actually i have seen dream high season 2 first, but i think i love season 1 more because of taecyeon and go hye mi..im not yet done watching it but im already in love with their songs, the drama and the cast of course..no dull moment in the drama,,super fun and touching..i cried a lot on the scene when song sam dong singing but not hearing the song / tune and go hye mi helped him out..i am not decided yet whom i want to be together in the end, if it’s jin gook and hye mi or sam dong and hye mi but im sure its jason and pil suk..lolz..whatever it is, i love them more and more..:)

  514. 514 : kal Says:

    great drama 🙂
    and this is the first time I see taecyeon play in drama 😀 make me love struck !
    actually taecyoen is matched to suzy (jin gook and go hye mi), I’m sorry that I don’t like the end of this drama

  515. 515 : kal Says:

    see how much taecyeon photos in this drama , we should know that he is better than kim soo hyun to be the main actor ._. isn’t it ?

  516. 516 : eichi Says:

    OMG! I love this series! But I’m very disappointed to dream high 2, its so boring..

  517. 517 : iyah andrea Says:

    super kguape ni suzy bae oys : !!!
    mka hegs , og super puti kaau ang legss murag snoe kputi : !!!
    ganda ng voice , and super talented pg dating sa pg sayaw : !!!
    ilovesuzybae <3 muahhhhh!!!!

  518. 518 : DHlover123 Says:

    I really love the chemistry of ssm and kps in episode 14!!!!
    please visit the Philippines!!,,,,
    ghmi go for ssd!!!jin gook already live you twice but sam dong,,,he’s always on your side please choose him,,,pwede rin in real life?hehe

  519. 519 : rhea Says:

    i always watch this drama series almost every night though i am a working mom at the age of 27… still i really love to watch this drama series.. heheehhe i love kelly and gino match up but as the series goes, its turns out that i love kelly and marco instead… so inspiring and no dull movements. super like this drama

  520. 520 : Julia Says:

    dream high 1 is better than season 2

  521. 521 : erwin Says:

    Hi Character of Dream High, you are so inspiring group, a very singers, artist, bonding, teenagers, students, performer… more power, God bless… Please visit Philippines…

  522. 522 : kayla Says:

    OMG I’m like sooo addiced this season and I’m like on episode 16…..I’m about to watch the 2 season u know ..can anyone tall me if there’s a nother Korean drama like this one you know….I would real love to

  523. 523 : cyrilene Says:

    i super love dream high 1…kim soo hyun is so cute as well as kim eun jung<3

  524. 524 : clarence Says:

    i like dream high because it’s so very cute

  525. 525 : lourdelett Says:

    i really loved dream high1 …it makes me want to endroll to art school and learn more how to dance and sing. i reaaly live them all… and the true pairings are great… i love ham eun jung together with taecyeon…! and i really loved their song… its great.

  526. 526 : joyce Says:

    better than Dream high 2

  527. 527 : Leonardo Says:


  528. 528 : jay ah Says:

    DH1 daebakkkk cuz of WOO YOUNG

  529. 529 : LOVE WOOYOUNG Says:


  530. 530 : jhona Says:

    well,verynice the korean drama of dream high,i like the love triangle of kelly to gino and marco,but why is it on the last part gino and kelly becomes friend only?hmmmmmm…… but it’s ok…coz really.really.really beautiful even though that is the out come of there relationshipvery beautiful……..4 those characters of dream high plz. visit in the philippines ,were so lucky to see u..tnx

  531. 531 : adyssa Says:

    this drama was so cute…..
    lucky to watch this here in the philippines……

  532. 532 : Esther317 Says:


  533. 533 : Esther317 Says:

    Aish! Why there are n0t close up kiss scene between jas0n and pilsuk!

  534. 534 : Esther317 Says:

    Dream high 1 is so amazing!
    Dream high 2 is good, but not too good to have as same as level with DH1

  535. 535 : anna Says:

    For a person who always say ” i will work harder”… A person who used busan dialect to talk with fans when she thought they were Busan people… A person who always tried to hold the tears back and throw the smile to make sure other peoples around not worry about her… A person who goes to fancafe almost everyday to read fan’s massages and the tweets of a fans… A person who is competitive but always smile & congrats someone on their winning… Bae Suzy, you’re not perfect, and you’re not an angel but to me, you’re really special <3 Suzy <3 Malaysia's say A fan…(^_^)…

  536. 536 : erlina Says:

    who know the title song that wooyong (jason) & soo hyun (sam dong) sing,,very nice song but can’t find the tittle,,need help pliz

  537. 537 : ginanti Says:

    This is so amazing drama,that can teach us for never give up to reach our dream,teach how is friends can support us to reach the dream…once again. love love love DH1

  538. 538 : nyarnick Says:

    i hope they play again in DH3 with all of the cast esp DH1 kkk

  539. 539 : Putri ines Says:

    I love a good film Dream high

  540. 540 : putra Says:

    i love drama dream high

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  542. 542 : Fitria Says:

    I like this drama so much. All the casts are amazing!

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  544. 544 : graciella bon Says:

    aaaaaaayyyy.!!! sana maulit ulit yan sa philippine TV.!! Super akilig lalo na ang 9milky couples0

  545. 545 : Gwheizziee Says:

    woahhh.. I miss Dream High 1 ^_^

  546. 546 : awesomedanielle Says:

    this drama is one of the best i’ve seen. the female lead character is really refreshing cause she’s not those typical female leads who are like, clumsy and stupid. she’s got attitude. sam dong and hye mi forever!

  547. 547 : maica Says:

    what is the name of the japanese huy.appear in episode 10 pls help me.???

    i love this drama.

  548. 548 : shaira Says:

    grv… i like this drama sana magkaron ulit ng season2 at dpt ksali ulit sina jason at kim pil suk ilove it…sobra tlga gwapo ni jason bgay cla ni kim pil suk…..

  549. 549 : Radha Kahaluddin Says:

    how to downoad this drama?

  550. 550 : Radha Kahaluddin Says:

    can u tell me how to download this drama?

  551. 551 : What’s Up Friday (7) « Off The Wall Says:

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  552. 552 : shiba batashi Says:

    Awesome! makes me more confident 😀

  553. 553 : Sari Says:

    love this drama so much……..

  554. 554 : mary Says:

    I really like IU’s acting here!!!! i find myself liking the jason-pilsuk couple more than the other couples. ^_^ i hope IU will take acting soon

  555. 555 : caren from phillipines Says:

    DREAM HIGH 3 please…… SAME CASTS………….

  556. 556 : Karyl Says:

    This is my favorite drama. I fell in love with Suzy in this drama. She’s my biggest girl crush. I also love how the element of love, dreams, friendship and family is balanced. And I love the OST. <3 \m/

  557. 557 : PUTRI ANJASMARA Says:

    dream high you amazing

  558. 558 : Nathalie Alcantara Says:

    i ♥ so much Dream High

    every day i watch dream high in evening

    here in the Philippines

  559. 559 : srizzle Says:

    loved the pilsuk jason lovestory more than the others lovestory

  560. 560 : wandering thoughts Says:

    dreamhigh 1 was good but season 2 i couldn’nt bear it.i would have been more happier if pilsuk n jason had got the best couple award

  561. 561 : wandering thoughts Says:

    i liked iu than more than suzy.she was so cute and wooyung too

  562. 562 : drizzle Says:

    iu has won my heart.<3 iuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  563. 563 : Florence Says:

    Its really addictive especially the ost

  564. 564 : Florence Says:

    It was final examination when i watch tis drama with my sis who is also my classmate bt we didnt study, no, we couldn’t. It was shown at 7.30 in kbs chanl in india. While watching this drama we never study no do my clasmates. In the school after we wrote d xam the only thing we did was talking bout the drama.

  565. 565 : Florence Says:

    I including my frens, we all prefer jason and pilsuk instead.

  566. 566 : Florence Says:

    Iu+Wooyoung love ya

  567. 567 : Florence Says:

    Miss all the actors

  568. 568 : Florence Says:

    Wish iu and wooyoung become a real couple

  569. 569 : Florence Says:

    Love suzy2

  570. 570 : TaeLorHyun Says:

    is anybody here knows the real name of that japanese actor in episode 10? samdong’s friend in japan, the leader of dreamer group??

  571. 571 : aliza Says:

    is anybody knows the english song on which jason had performed before his real audition words are like this “baby tou are the best i ever had ” i searched it 2 much but i didnt find if any body knows plz rply here

  572. 572 : aliza Says:

    is anybody knows the english song on which jason had performed before his first audition in kirin art school , words are like this “baby you are the best i ever had ” i searched it 2 much but i didnt find if any body knows plz rply here

  573. 573 : annethy Says:

    i really love this show and i just wish i can meet you guyz someday i really want to see you guyz and if you see this note please write back please thank you

  574. 574 : clairrpark Says:

    aliza; the song is “One in a million – Usher”

  575. 575 : Phia quiambao Says:

    great drama…..
    hope that they would have
    fan meet here in the Philippines…
    I’m excited to see them…

  576. 576 : Emily Dnghf Says:

    I miss this drama…

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  578. 578 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    Hello0o 🙂
    I am a big fan of Dream High !
    I like the songs in every episode that’s why I downloaded all of it and I sing everytime I am in a good mood eventhough it’s hard to memorize because of the language. 😀
    I also like the dance steps they performed and I really like the couples:
    Ham Eunjung <3 Ok Taecyeon
    Bae Suzy <3 Kim Soo Hyun
    IU <3 Jang Woo Young
    I wish that the time comes that I will meet them in person.
    😀 See you ! 😀

  579. 579 : kdramaloverfromIndia Says:

    in tis drama i love iu n jason more than others:-Dpilsuk+jason!saranghye

  580. 580 : Nicole Says:

    Honestly, this is so much better than Dream High 2 🙂

  581. 581 : Dennis Says:

    I agree best series yet…better than the second one…:)

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  583. 583 : ako si puto bunsotil Says:

    way way better than season 2…my fave musical drama next to heartstrings…<3

  584. 584 : Jae Says:

    This was a pretty good series. The one thing I didn’t like about it was the ending. They kind of chopped it off a bit. It would be great if they showed the two as a couple. The younger sister is super cute. She still likes him when she’s all grown up!

  585. 585 : mari Says:

    Bae Suzy’s Hyemi made this drama so enjoyable for me.

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  587. 587 : jose Says:

    what drama is it in right now

  588. 588 : jasonlover1999 Says:

    I love jason the most, cause he is sweet and HOT

  589. 589 : Lady Sue Ellen Says:

    Great musical drama korean ever produce.!f

  590. 590 : mzlvr Says:

    i’m watching this drama now becoz i miss iu and wooyung couple. honestly i liked iu and wooyung couple more than main couple in this drama

  591. 591 : rea mae Says:

    i love u kim soo hyun and bae suzy.
    you’re so very cute love team

  592. 592 : nesrine Says:

    I love dream high because it’s beautifull & all the songs are very nice, ofcaurse dancing is my favorite

  593. 593 : Felix Says:

    Is it only me that feel kim pil sook is the most beautiful girl in this movie? Even when she’s still a bit fat (not the fatest one)..

  594. 594 : k pop Says:

    @felix yes for me also kim pil suk is the most beautiful. it’s a first time that i’m interested more in side couple story rahter than main couple story. <3 kim pli suk and jason

  595. 595 : Felicia Says:

    [VOTE] MAMA 2013 Vote for IU.


    – Best Female Artist
    – Best Vocal Performance – Female
    – Artist of the year
    – BC – UnionPay Song of the year

  596. 596 : kkk Says:

    suzy she is pretty

  597. 597 : jollylucky Says:

    IU and wooyung were the best thing that happened in this drama. I wish them to be paired in another drama

  598. 598 : suzyfan Says:

    i miss this drama and i love all the cast IU
    Kim Soo Hyun Taecyeon
    Ham Eun Jung Jang Woo Young AND THE BEAUTFUL SUZY

  599. 599 : tope Says:

    i really cherich,the acting skills,the dancing steps and also the music,kit up dat pretty gud,kuddos to u all ( fighting).luv u all

  600. 600 : notch Says:

    I want to see IU and wooyung coupled in another drama. They are the best. Miss them milky couple

  601. 601 : Aherhe Says:

    hmm i didnt lyk the ending at all,i believe n i admired taecyeon and bae suzy’s love more.i enjoyed them more,they should have couples at the end rather than kim soo hyun and bae suzy pairing up,taeccyeon and bae suzy together was more inspiring.How i wish the last episode can be acted again and have a happier ending

  602. 602 : dramalover Says:

    ending’s not great it’s okay,i thought suzy would end up with taec because that’s what people mostly want and expected. he was always there whenever suzy need her and their chemistry?it was superb. i liked dream high 2 but also the problem is i did’nt like the ending i thought jiyeon and jinwoon would end up together but they just performed…. the lack of satisfaction of us fans would disappear if only ther was dream high 3 and the cast were the former casts of the two seasons…but i wonder how would they be connected,or will they be changing partners?

  603. 603 : rosy Says:

    I loved IU and wooyung the best in this drama. Hope for their reunion. They are so cute together

  604. 604 : lily Says:

    But kim soo hyun in this drama save suzy’s life about the throwing flower pot…if not suzy already dead in this drama at early episode…

  605. 605 : smexy Says:

    Hye Mi’s character is what makes me love Dream High. From her prejudices up to her maturity throughout the drama is amazingly portrayed and developed. She’s so far my favorite character. Samdong and her should have a special episode solely for their future.

  606. 606 : dinklik Says:

    i love this drama this drama is the best one This drama is soo awesome!

  607. 607 : steffi Says:

    you shoudn’t complain about the ending because it was just perfect.. if you are not satisfied at all, why dont you create your own drama and well see if it will become award winning.

  608. 608 : s1m2 Says:

    this is cool and wondrefull .because they passed a good experience .and this drama really great. beause he speak about the dream of some teen . i love the korean dramas and i love the korean singer ui and wooyong there a nice couple

  609. 609 : s1m2 Says:

    i love you ui and wooyong they make a nice couple in this drama

  610. 610 : s1m2 Says:

    if someone make mee happy there ui and wooyong all the best and we want watch you in an order drama

  611. 611 : bayrmaa Says:

    hello my is barymaa is my cagean mateh matgr love you megen mage hyes kony gehes guen dream high 12

  612. 612 : imane Says:


  613. 613 : imane Says:

    I loved

  614. 614 : kpop Says:

    this is the best drama for me

  615. 615 : nim Says:

    I watched because of kim soo hyun and this is great

  616. 616 : regine puerto abaño Says:

    the show was soooooo nice the lave story was sa nice too ,,, good job guys for doing that story !!! 🙂 :*
    @regine puerto abaño is my facebook account !!!

  617. 617 : suel bi Says:

    Lov u suzy n kim soo <3

  618. 618 : blena Says:

    i luv dis movie so much <3 i will never get tierd of watching it over and over again

  619. 619 : racha Says:

    I like this drama it’s good and i love bea suzy very matche 😊👍💖

  620. 620 : MayaF Says:

    I love this drama soooooo much! Awesome! Great story! Great actor and actress.. Good director and screenwriter.. Ending absurpt but never mind… Really really like this drama.. I watch twice and never bored..

  621. 621 : wijesiri Says:

    Very good drama.Actors and actress did very good job. Specially Taecyeon

  622. 622 : bayarmaa Says:

    hello is hy very good drema, high1 avtors and did very good job. spevially maecyeon kim soo hyun dream high2 ham eun jung l love rut youuuu, bae young l over you bae yong jun dream high 2 bae su ji [snyz] l over dream you ok maec yecn park jin young

  623. 623 : entahlah Says:

    this drama is so cool, but it really much cooler if suzy and taecyeon be lover at the end, he always on her side , nevertheless, when he in trouble suzy did not help him instead fall in soo hyun , but anyway this drama is one of the best story along with winter sonata , BOF n some others .

  624. 624 : Rose Says:

    I don’t like Hyw Mi and her sarcastic attitude. She thinks she is so great. She is the only one of the kids who acts like she is so great, and she needs help to from others to help her sing.

  625. 625 : samantha Says:

    i am so very nice pic yeah

  626. 626 : samantha Says:

    very nice picture yeah ^.^

  627. 627 : Raymond Says:

    Nice ending.

    This little drama remind me with legendary drama called chuno. Classic case triangle love, when in the drama romance happen between lead actress and actor A, but in the end lead actress and actor B is the one who get best couple award. Strange but pretty sweet. One more thing, from the very beginning suzy heart is actually into so hyun. If you watched this over and over again, you’ll definetely know what i mean. Suzy feeling toward taecheon is more like empathy cause they both come from similar situation (Broken home). She just doesn’t realized that, because she is fool XD IYKWIM “I, I have a dream, I believe on my dream.” LOL

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  630. 630 : net worth Says:

    I rewatched this drama two times. Love the music so much. I have never known that 2PM and Miss A members was in the flashmob scene, I didn’t notice 😮

  631. 631 : YS Says:


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