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Title: 대망 / Dae-mang / Daemang
Chinese Title : 大望
Also known as: The Great Ambition / A Great Hope
Genre: Historical drama
Episodes: 26
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2002-Oct-12 to 2003-Jan-05
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 9:45-10:50 PM


A woman left her newborn child at the doorsteps of a rich merchant, stating that the child was of the merchant’s blood. Eighteen years later, the small child grew up to be Park Jae Young (Jang Hyuk), the younger son of PHC. He was a warm-hearted person though a bit naive in the ways of the world and was often being used by his scheming elder brother Park Si Young (Han Jae Suk)who was a person totally lacking in morals. PSY lived to satisfy his own ambition and not concerned whom he hurt along the way. Not knowing Yoon Yeo Jin (Lee Yo Won) was of the aristocratic class, PJY had loved her since they were small children. YYJ also loved him and tried to ignore her higher class status. When PJY ran away from home after finding out that his father and elder brother killed the family of a govt official for refusing his bribe and tricked his friends into admitting the crime, he encountered Choi Dong Hee (Son Yeh Jin) and her merchant father. Through these people, he also got to meet the mother he had never seen who by this time has become a powerful political lobbyist. Into the mix, the fight over who would be the next emporer was getting intense with the 2 brothers supporting different sides. Will good trimph over evil?


Jang Hyuk as Park Jae Young
Maeng Se Chang as young Park Jae Young
Son Ye Jin as Choi Dong Hee
Lee Yo Won as Yoon Yeo Jin
Han Jae Suk as Park Si Young
Jang Geun Suk as young Park Si Young
Park Sang Won as Park Hwi Chan
Yang Jin Woo as Jang Pon Yeon
Jo Hyun Jae as the Regent Prince
Jo In Sung as the young Lee Su (Cameo ep1)
Jung Suk Yong
Park Jung Hak
Hong Kyung In
Yoon Ye Ri
Kim Hyo Sun

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Song Ji Na
Director: Kim Jong Hak

Official site


  1. 1 : Kim Says:

    I was wondering where I can buy this drama????? Anyone know, please respond to [email protected]


  2. 2 : movieaddict Says:

    try looking at yesasia.com

  3. 3 : donnah Says:

    where can i watch it online with english sub?

  4. 4 : cutie Says:

    where can i buy this drama? PLEASE LMK!!! [email protected]

  5. 5 : kristine Says:

    i like the scene where the lead character jan hyuk was asking yoh won when are they getting married for over what, two hundred times. it’s really cute. she just kept on smiling.

  6. 6 : sam nguyen Says:

    I want to see this drama online so much but I don’t know where I can see it. If anybody knows please show me online. Thanks soooo much!

  7. 7 : sam nguyen Says:

    my email:[email protected]

  8. 8 : azerjaban Says:

    Here’s were I watched it, on the 13 ep and wow its good.


  9. 9 : SaigonKid Says:

    Finally I find this drama. Thanks for sharing, azerbajan.^^

  10. 10 : Tori Says:

    you can watch daemang and i think it started about a month and a half ago, i was so lucky i got to watch the first episode by accident. it was a great show, and with the actors and actresses doing such a great job. han jae suk is so cool with his role as shi-yeong and jang hyuk as jae-young is great too. bdway you can still catch it before it ends, in cable tv at Arirang, 11:30pm mon-fri, in the philippines though. replay is 10;30am and 2:30 pm the following day. the story is begining to get so eciting, i myself was hook into it.

  11. 11 : sumi Says:

    can someone tell me where i can download the soundtrack of this drama
    also i live in oman and veoh is not available here i missed the last few episodes on arirang and want to see them is there any other site where i can watch it ….please please please
    i luv this series and i am dying to know the ending

  12. 12 : sumi Says:

    pls mail me a reply on [email protected] …or just put it here on this site

  13. 13 : mheanne Says:

    where can i watch it online with english sub?

  14. 14 : KaL Says:

    yeah I also like to know where to watch this drama

  15. 15 : espinas Says:

    the actors and actress were great and famous in this drama.jang hyuk,lee yo won,son ye jin,han jae suk,jo hyun jae and jo in sung….wow…

  16. 16 : kira Says:

    yah…where i can buy this drama…cant find…

  17. 17 : diefan Says:

    I wanna watch it.. I don’t know where to watch…???

  18. 18 : nika Says:

    love this drama too…love lee yo won. try iidrama…you can watch it there with english subs. enjoy…

  19. 19 : nika Says:


  20. 20 : nika Says:


  21. 21 : dhe2 Says:

    i love lee yo won, i like jang hyuk, i want to wath this drama, i’m from indonesia, where can i buy this movie, please tell me, and email me at [email protected]

  22. 22 : nika Says:

    I was also looking for the DVDs of this drama with English subs but couldn’t find it anywhere except for the online. Guess we just have to watch it online.

  23. 23 : mutiara Says:

    it’s interesting, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  24. 24 : ontak Says:

    another historical movie

  25. 25 : korean artist Says:

    it’s interesting

  26. 26 : mel Says:

    sound like interesting…

  27. 27 : oktavia Says:

    kapan nih film daemang di tayangin,,,?tayangin yah pasti seru tuh film nya,di tayangin ya,,ya,,,ya,,,key…………!!!!

  28. 28 : anti Says:

    really want to get the movie, and totally curious the end of story

  29. 29 : pandora Says:

    very beautiful drama!!!

  30. 30 : somuchsoju Says:

    OMG! I didn’t know Son Ye Jin and Jang Hyuk were here. There’s Lee Yo Won and Han Jae Suk. Plus Jang Keun Suk, Jo In Sung, and Jo Hyun Jae. Aigoooo, whattta cast!I definitely gonna watch this one of these days.

  31. 31 : quan Says:

    thank you very much

  32. 32 : jundi Says:

    lee yo won… love her.

  33. 33 : maomao Says:

    hi how can i see this movie?

  34. 34 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

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  35. 35 : margie rios Says:

    i want to watch this drama,but i prefer an english sub.where can i find that

  36. 36 : jes Says:

    I wanna see this drama. it is star studded
    jang hyuk,
    lee yo won,
    son ye jin,
    han jae suk,
    jo hyun jae and
    jo in sung…
    where can i get a copy of this?

  37. 37 : lexzios Says:

    where can I download subtitle for this series?

  38. 38 : MaratsGirl Says:

    You can find this dra ma with english subtitles in Asia Team 😉

  39. 39 : wahyu Says:

    indosiar ayo tayangin dong pasti seru…… thanks banget….

  40. 40 : Zielin Danila Says:

    can you the link for this drama…

  41. 41 : Zielin Danila Says:

    can you give the link for this drama…I really wanna watch this drama with eng sub

  42. 42 : Vlas Daniel Says:

    let me know the link … to download enlish subtitles of the korean drama DAEMANG

    Thank you


  43. 43 : nadz Says:

    wow! Jang Hyuk! Luv him so much… 😉

    Via MebApp.com

  44. 44 : max Says:

    i wanna watch this drama because the casts are my fav and then finally i got the chance and i’m currently on episode 5. the story is kinda boring…but since i’m just in the beginning i hope when i finish it i can say that it is worth watching…

  45. 45 : zarima Says:

    i ve just bought the DVD and am going to start it now … hope that this one is a good kdrama,,,

  46. 46 : ance Says:

    haven’t heard this drama…but i was shocked that it’s jang hyuk drama…i’ll save you for later on my list…the synopsis looks interesting! i hope jang hyuk didn’t die here…i’ve seen chuno and deep rooted tree and i really felt sad that he died there… 🙁 hope he didn’t die here…plus Jand Geun Suk is here (though younger version only)…

  47. 47 : sheena Says:

    it’s a good drama. very touching. I really cry when his (PJY) friends die.

  48. 48 : ♪♫ Sayahomis ♫♪ Says:

    Ah,hyuka! u Are the best in dramas and all of cinema.
    wherever u exist,its the edge of art! Really.its the fact.
    Olmana Chova!

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