Kim Jong Hak

Kim Jong Hak was a South Korean television director and producer, best known for the seminal and highly rated Korean dramas "Eyes of Dawn" and "Sandglass". After financial losses incurred by the big-budget fantasy series "The Legend" and "Faith". Kim was under investigation when he committed suicide in 2013.
In May 2013, Kim was placed under investigation for fraud, embezzlement and professional negligence. In China at the time filming a Chinese television drama, Kim was summoned back home on account of the lawsuit, then issued an overseas travel ban. He continued to deny any allegations of wrongdoing. On July 23, 2013, the 61-year-old director was found dead in a small rented room in Bundang-gu, Gyeonggi Province. The cheap goshitel room had been recommended to him by a longtime confidant, his barber, as a refuge before a questioning session at the prosecutor’s office scheduled that day. In an apparent charcoal-burning suicide by asphyxiation, police officials said Kim had duct taped the doorways and windows, and half-burned charcoal briquettes were found near his body.

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Kim Jong Hak Facts

Native Name: 김종학

Birth Name:

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: November 5, 1951

Gender: Male

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