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Cinderella and Four Knights

Cinderella and Four Knights 03

Title: 신데렐라와 네 명의 기사 / Cinderella and Four Knights
Chinese Title: 灰姑娘与四位騎士
Previously Known as: You’re The First
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2016-Aug-12 to 2016-Oct-01
Air time: Friday & Saturday 23:00


Based on the novel “Cinderellawa Nemyungui Kisa” by Baek Myo which was first published on 2011-November-4 by BandiBooks. The series was fully pre-produced before its premiere.

Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam) is a high school student who dreams to be a veterinarian, but needs money for her education. She ends up living in a mansion, Sky House, with three third-generation chaebol cousins under same conditions.

Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyun) is a playboy plutocrat who does whatever he wants while Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) is soft hearted but lonely and wild-child rebel who rises in status to a member of the royal family in the Sky House. The third cousin, Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin), is a top singer-songwriter who is gentle and kind to Ha Won.


Main Cast

Jung Il Woo as Kang Ji Woon
Park Min Soo as Kang Ji Woon (young)
Ahn Jae Hyun as Kang Hyun Min
Jeon Jin Seo as Kang Hyun Min (young)
Park So Dam as Eun Ha Won
Lee Na Yoon as Eun Ha Won (young)
Lee Jung Shin as Kang Seo Woo
Hong Dong Young as Seo Woo (young)
Choi Min as Lee Yoon Sung
Jo Yong Jin as Lee Yoon Sung (young)
Son Na Eun as Park Hye Ji
Park Ji So as Park Hye Ji (young)

Heavenly house

Kim Yong Gun as Chairman Kang
Kim Hye Ri as Ji Hwa Ja

People around Ha Won

Seo Hyun Chul as Eun Gi Sang
Choi Eun Kyung as Park Soo Kyung
Go Bo Kyul as Choi Yoo Na
Jo Hye Jung as Hong Ja Young


Jo Mi Ryung
Kang Ui Sik
Jin Joo Hyung
Kim Hyun Bin
Jung Young Joo
Choi Kyu Hwan
Jung Min Sung
Kim Ji Sung as Ji Woon’s mother


Shin Dong Mi as Ha Won’s mother
Lee Ah Hyun as Seo Woo’s mother
Kim Kang Hyun as Seo Woo’s manager
Sun Woong as Hyun Min’s friend
Park Young Soo as Butler Kim (ep 1)
Park Hyo Joon as guy who complained at car repair shop (ep 1)
Choi Dae Sung as fabric seller (ep 1)
Park Eun Ji as TV reporter (ep 1)
Jo Kyung Hoon (조경훈) as car repair shop’s owner (ep 1, 2)
Moon Se Yoon as convenience store’s manager (ep 1, 2)
Chun Yi Seul as Kang Hyun Min’s blind date (ep 4)
Jung Soo In as Hye Ji’s senior (ep 14, 15)

Production Credits

Production Company: HB Entertainment
Director: Kwon Hyuk Chan, Lee Min Woo
Screenwriter: Min Ji Eun, Won Young Shil

Episode Ratings

Date Episode AGB TNmS
2016-08-12 1 3.549 3.7
2016-08-13 2 1.796 2.5
2016-08-19 3 2.680 4.7
2016-08-20 4 2.230 2.8
2016-08-26 5 2.967 3.8
2016-08-27 6 3.903 4.0
2016-09-02 7 3.216 4.2
2016-09-03 8 3.031 4.0
2016-09-09 9 3.036 3.3
2016-09-10 10 2.748 3.1
2016-09-16 11 2.392 3.0
2016-09-17 12 2.009 2.8
2016-09-23 13 2.601 3.2
2016-09-24 14 2.407 3.2
2016-09-30 15 2.456 3.1
2016-10-01 16 3.118 3.8

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


Cinderella and Four Knights Poster1 Cinderella and Four Knights Poster2 Cinderella and Four Knights Poster3 Cinderella and Four Knights Poster4 Cinderella and Four Knights Poster5 Cinderella and Four Knights Poster6 Cinderella and Four Knights Poster7 Cinderella and Four Knights Poster8 Cinderella and Four Knights Poster9 Cinderella and Four Knights Poster10 Cinderella and Four Knights Poster11

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  1. 1 : tigerb Says:

    first time i’ve heard that cinderella has four knights around her.

  2. 2 : Gelisa Says:

    Uuh, that sounds great. I never saw any of this actors in a drama or movie. So i don’t know how much i can expect, but i certainly am looking forward to it ^^

  3. 3 : dins Says:

    Looking forward! Hope this drama will be at good rate👌👌

  4. 4 : esthykings Says:

    Gelisa, I think you are not a kdrama and kpop fun otherwise you wouldn’t be saying you don’t know them. For me ecstatic as the days draw by. Saranghae oppa

  5. 5 : esthykings Says:

    am just ecstatic about this drama because Ahn Jae Hyun just got married so I thought he would be in his honeymoon mood but is back and one of my all time best and favorite actor Jung Il Woo, I just love your name you too fighting. Lee Jung Shin, I can now watch you in this drama. I couldn’t download “thank you my son” because it wasn’t made available in my country you too fighting.

  6. 6 : Katarina Says:

    Yaaaaa.. I already read the book… Can’t see the drama.. Although i know the end… T.T

  7. 7 : Gelisa Says:

    Well, thank you Katarina!!! Don’t write something like that. now i don’t want to see the drama because i am thinking that it won’t be a satisfying ending -_-*

  8. 8 : Gelisa Says:

    Well, i like watching kdramas and theire music. I am just not watching EVERY Drama there is. And, just to know, i never said i was!

  9. 9 : AnCe Says:

    Who is this Park So Dam girl? Why does she always gets paired with big stars? i thought she was a newbie…and she already has Beautiful Mind right now…woah she got connections…
    anyways, since I love Jung Il Woo, i’ll be waiting for this drama!

  10. 10 : Fan Says:

    @Gelisa i think she meant “i can’t wait to see the drama” also does anyone know where i can find the webtoon/novel in english?

  11. 11 : Fourth Says:

    Gotta watch this. This is the first time I know Cinderella gets four knights around her. look so interesting.

  12. 12 : esthykings Says:

    am sorry to have said you were a fun of kd and kpopmusic. I also don’t watch all kdramas, lots of love my dear. once again am sorry😞

  13. 13 : vodka Says:

    only 3 knights in the story description.. where/who is the 4th knight?

  14. 14 : Kenyon Says:

    The 4th knight is choi min. He is a policeman.

  15. 15 : aquamarineblue Says:

    Jung Il Woo 오빠, 화이팅~!!! ❤
    Can’t wait to watch your drama!! 😆

  16. 16 : daebak Says:


  17. 17 : lene Says:

    ….and who’s gonna be her one and only knight????? 🙂

  18. 18 : luna Says:

    This is the drama that i’m waiting for

  19. 19 : NozomiKizumi Says:

    Oh my! Jung ii woo and Ahn Jae Hyun! This is what i been waiting for!
    This is really exciting! But well, i hope the ending is really satisfying this time!

  20. 20 : Kyu Says:

    Uwaaa~~ TVN drama. Looking forward to this drama. Ann Jae Hyun oppa is back

  21. 21 : dinaz Says:

    Ahn Jae Hyun Fighting!! Can’t wait to watch him on this drama..August 12 come fast..
    Jae Hyun sshi love and support for u..
    Link to his official poster

  22. 22 : Cash Says:

    justin Tibearlmke wants to be at the super bowl maybe beyonce will allow him to sing with her then he could rip off her top like Janet Jackson. Now that would be hot!

  23. 23 : kdramalover663 Says:

    I hope ahn jae hyun is the one and only knight. Speaking of which I wonder is his Hyun-Sun relationship with Gu Hye sun.
    HYUN-SUN.. FIGHTING!!!🙌🙋😎😘

  24. 24 : Katarina Says:

    @gisel although i know the ending.. But still curious for this drama…
    @fan idk for online novel.. Just wait for drama.. I belive they will give us more surprise…

  25. 25 : kone khadijat Says:

    look forward to it

  26. 26 : dinaz Says:

    Ahn Jae Hyun looks so handsome in the trailers and official pics..can’t wait to watch him he will look really awesome as a casanova though in real life he is such a great guy and great husband to my angel Goo Hyesun ❤❤
    Kang Hyun Min fighting!!

  27. 27 : Ginny Says:

    Finally this drama is up after so many years it was rumored to come out.

  28. 28 : adazoa Says:

    I finally have something to watch on Fridays and Saturdays. hahahhhahha can’t wait to start watching . Jung ll woo shi ,ahn jae hyun shi park so dam unni and all the cast and crew. FIGHTING!!!!!!!!

  29. 29 : Han Zie-ni Says:

    Wow! That’s what I’m waiting for? Seem like a fairy-tale story but I just love to watch young handsome actors all in one drama. Wish it got good ratings for all this newcomers.
    Nowadays, it is so difficult for all this young newcomers to be popular or success alone unless pairing with popular old actors or actresses and I really don’t like this ideas.

  30. 30 : Rina Says:

    Who is this actress? Hvn’t hear before but all the guys actors, I liked especially Ahn Jae Hyun but he taken already. He married to Kyu Hye Sun but he always look so damn young like a high-school boy.

  31. 31 : Sinopsis Cinderella And Four Knights Episode 1 - Terakhir « Kdramastory Says:

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  32. 32 : Ncy16 Says:

    I really cant wait for this dramaaaa aaaaaahhh. Jung il woo and lee jung shiiin. Love both of you :*

  33. 33 : Cinderella and Four Knights, o novo drama de romance da tvN Says:

    […] KoreanDrama.org, […]

  34. 34 : choopatiu Says:

    i like it when tvn gets unknown or less popular actresses for the lead role because they end up as a perfect fit for the character,like the reply and let’s eat series n cheese in the trap.what’s the use of getting famous actresses for the lead role when eventually they will just sabotage the whole drama because of their bad acting..just stating my personal opinion

  35. 35 : Lala Cahyadi Says:

    first time i see the cinderella has a short hair and not pretty😒😏

  36. 36 : Lala Cahyadi Says:

    first time i saw the cinderella has short hair and not pretty😒😒

  37. 37 : aniszrfh Says:

    Watched beautiful mind recently and do not impressed with park so dam acting at all. She better leveled up her acting skill in this drama. Sorry not to sorry but I think her acting skill isn’t good enough for her to be the lead actress.

  38. 38 : tasya Says:

    wowww!!!!!!!! i really love this drama because i’ve already read the book ahhhh!!!!! CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

  39. 39 : K-drama ‘Cinderella and Four Knights (신데렐라와 네 명의 기사)’ Official Movie Posters | KPOPSEOUL Says:

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  40. 40 : Mimi Says:

    Love Park So Dam’s acting. Can’t wait to see her collaboration with Jung Il Woo. Fighting!

  41. 41 : joan Says:

    superrrrrrrrrr excited to watch it.

  42. 42 : scorpio23 Says:

    What the heck… is this the newer version of BOF ???

  43. 43 : scorpio23 Says:

    Hope this is not another Flop Drama because of the main actress who just finished BM & 2 episodes have to be cut. These 3 actors need to carry her in order for this Drama to be successful. At least it is TVN. If it is with network, they will struggle with ratings.

  44. 44 : Senja Says:

    Excited for jung il wo and park so dam. Sorry for saying, but couldnt stand ahn jae hyun. Merely watched clips on ig, and his expression was annoying. Beside, what he said in press conference, wasnt professional at all.

  45. 45 : Negin Says:

    In this drama, I wonder who will be the main actor? I already love two of them , I have great hope for this one.

  46. 46 : O altfel de Cenusareasa? - “Cinderella and Four Knights” - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] 12 august, are premiera un nou serial corean, si anume “Cinderella and Four Knights/신데렐라와 네 명의 기사”, o comedie romantica de 16 episoade (urmeaza sa fie confirmate […]

  47. 47 : dramakoreaindo.com Says:

    Wow, episode 1 was incredible, a good story and interesting, and a good role and adorable Park So-Dam 🙂

  48. 48 : Debb4626 Says:

    Yeyy Jung Il Woo….

  49. 49 : tigerb Says:

    it’s a good first episode. i think the lead female actor’s role befits her.

  50. 50 : lee ne ri Says:

    4 knight is so handsome
    but park so dam?park so dam is not beauty

  51. 51 : Jin Says:

    I saw cuts from btob’s ost mv and here i am i love the cast and I think it’s going to be a great drama i’ll watch it soon ^^

  52. 52 : hmm Says:

    I want to change Park So Dam name into Park So Damn….

    Damn….why she’s the main cast?

    Na Eun should take the main role…

    Not Park So Damn….

  53. 53 : dinaz Says:

    Watched ep1 its such a cute story,loved Ahn Jae Hyun in it,so handsome,cool casanova yet not a bad guy or nappeun noma..Park So Dam is cute too how I wish she would be paired with Ajh they make a cute pair..
    and his lips are just too good..hehe 😛 (Sorry Hyesun 😛 )
    Kang Hyun Min Fighting!!

  54. 54 : Henry Says:

    Lee Jung Shin is the cutest of them all!

  55. 55 : Ayeth Says:

    Me too.. I hope ahn jae hyun is the one… I like him so much…. 😊😊

  56. 56 : Heba Ahmad fathallla Says:

    i reallllllly love this drama from head to toe❤❤❤❤

  57. 57 : Reem Says:

    Cuteness, aga aga fighting😍❤️❤️.

  58. 58 : Jyenie Says:

    I think this kind of drama is not for me, I can’t even finish watching EP 1.

  59. 59 : 니콜 Says:

    하자! Can’t wait for the next episode. Loving it already. I’ve missed Jung Il Woo. Glad to see him again.

  60. 60 : Rain Says:

    Love this drama ❤❤❤
    Can’t for next week 😂😂
    Ha won and Hyun min so cute 😍😍😍

  61. 61 : scorpio23 Says:

    Sorry to say… another poor choice of female lead !!!

  62. 62 : ryuryu Says:

    seems everyone dislike the lead actress 😛

  63. 63 : renna Says:

    simple story line but that’s okay for me.. enjoy watching it.

  64. 64 : lichen Says:

    Disagree with hmm, Scorpio 23 & ryuryu. Lead actress is doing fine. How would you react when she has to put up with her stepmother & daughter and her father has no idea what she went through. Most damaging is after all these years, the father is not your father at all!! Park So Dam is so damn good……

  65. 65 : Dee dee Says:

    So I guess this Is a typical kdrama comedy goofy drawings over the top facial expressions gang fights where they try to punch a guy who has a helmet on Lool I hope this has a bit more depth but let’s just wait n see…but can someone explain to me the rating system plz

  66. 66 : Sam Says:

    you people are just so wrong about Park so dam…she is a great actress but you won’t see that because you are blinded with the plastic actresses she is just naturally beautiful . Park so dam unnie fighting you are beautiful and your acting is awsem cheer up and shine on and don’t think about the haters shine above them all 🙂

  67. 67 : azuri Says:

    Ahhh… typical drama who the lead actress is a damsel in distress…
    I watch this because of Na Eun…
    But I got bored…
    I think its not my type of drama at all….

  68. 68 : maknaee Says:

    @Dinaz #53

    Agree. PSD and AJH chemistry is good. In eps 2 the way AJH stare at her when she’s taking off the things she wore…. aaak ><

    So far I find Naeun and Jung Ilwoo characters a bit annoying. She's just bland and Kang Jiwoon is hella temperamental.

    Though it's impossible for PSD-AJH pairing. I hope that Eun Hawon wouldn't give her heart easily to Kang Jiwoon. Just made him miserable first.

  69. 69 : hayden Says:

    jung il woo ,he is so smart .waiting for next episode.I hope this drama is nice.

  70. 70 : Hhhh Says:

    I want to change na eun, oh god she got bad acting skill

    I think she do some thing to her face, i like her before… more natural… ^^
    Park sodam is cute……

  71. 71 : Hanani Says:

    I was hooked at the first time. Love PSD and AJH..they were so cute together. And then…boom!!! I realized that AJH is ‘just’ the second man lead. I dont think I can get myself together with another second lead syndrome. I’d better drop it off before the syndrome gettin bigger 😭

  72. 72 : Ohir Says:


  73. 73 : Kyu Says:

    Ahn Jae Hyun’s acting is so much improved!I LOVE HIM !I LOVE Kang Hyun Min is played by AJH,So perfect I think his charisma getting bigger after he married hhhh. Can’t wait for the next episode Park So dam is cute,love her

  74. 74 : hnyJo Says:

    suprise of Ahn Jae hyun charisma here his act soo loveable all the way he did!! but Ilwoo oppa too both lead do best of their character….so I just follow the story the writer made n enjoy watching ;)))

  75. 75 : gaiety Says:

    I simply like the story as well as the characters…i am am drawn to this series…definitely i will watch this till the end…. nice job!!!

  76. 76 : Cutterpillow Says:

    Like this drama looking forward for episode 5 who will gonna win Kang hyun min and Kang Jiwoon..AJH and PSD good chemistry..

  77. 77 : dinaz Says:

    Ep2 is more interesting..loving how the story is shaping up..loving the modern cinderella, love how she pushed ji woon against the wall when he did that first, usually in a Korean drama we see the guy pushing the girl against the wall and the girl gets frightened but here this was daebak hehe..she’s an awesome cinderella,I only wish she could stand up to her stepmom and sis too..the stepsis is really a cutie..not liking the dad’s role at all,he seems to be more of a loving husband than a good father 🙁
    Coming to my fav role Hyun Min awwwhh this guy is really so cool, actually he is right if u don’t fall for him you’re not a human lol hehehe :p love Ahn Jae Hyun as Hyun Min <3 when he got out of the car to save the girl from media he looked so cool..this flower boy is just too awesome plus his awesome lips :p

  78. 78 : rina Says:

    i really want ha won to end up with kang hyun min..they are son cute together

  79. 79 : dinaz Says:

    @maknaee #68 Ah those two have terrific chemistry I wish she ends up with Hyun Min..I too know it’s impossible but I wish it happened that way..
    ji woon is angry on everything hates everything later we will know what happened and Hye ji is so depressing..I like Hyun Min and Ha won they light up the screen with their presence..
    I think the bodyguard’s role will be awesome too in episodes to follow..

  80. 80 : dinaz Says:

    Loved ep3 as well.. the story is progressing very well..gosh why isn’t Hyun Min the lead? he is so so cool loving him so much..gonna get second lead syndrome soon 🙁
    Also Mr Secretary is so cool, loving his role..but Hyun Min you’re the best..psd and ajh have awesome on screen chemistry..
    Hyun Min fighting!!

  81. 81 : DramFan Says:

    Loving this drama!! OMG!!

  82. 82 : tigerb Says:

    park hye ji role has a purpose but stupidly pathetic, no dignity.

  83. 83 : tigerb Says:

    @maknaee #68: hi, glad to see you here! i wanted to get back to you re ‘doctors’ but we were in wrong page and someone made a long comment about it there, so i decided not to leave you a message. sorry how you felt about the love line in ‘doctors’. one can be deluded, but i’ve seen worse in real life, so i did not think much about it. we’re still in the wrong page here, but i did not think you will visit the ‘doctor’s page, so excuse me people!

  84. 84 : rukichi Says:

    Same with me , i do also love eun ha won and kang hyun min to be paired. Their chemistry is just so damn good

  85. 85 : ysakook Says:

    why do i feel like hyun min and hye ji will end up together 🤔

  86. 86 : Autumn Says:

    After watched the first 2 episodes, like everyone wishes, I, that ha won will end up with hyun min instead of ji woon. AJH reli did well in this drama compared to his previous dramas. Reli improved a lot and even outshine JIW. Dislike JIW character here. So dull and temperamental.

    At first, I cant accept the female lead, PSD. Think that she is not pretty enuf. But her acting is good and impressed me. So ok lar. She is cute too. Reli reli like to see the scenes she and Hyun Min together. Pls do let them end up together or else I’ll dropped this drama!!

  87. 87 : Septi Says:

    this drama makes my heart fluttered when whatching. I’m a #teamhyunmin . Fighting !

  88. 88 : Hannah Says:

    I love Il Woo, but I can’t help myself falling in love with Hyun Min instead. His character is so much better than Ji Woon.

  89. 89 : Dee Says:

    Im actually like the secretary I wonder if a writer will ever let the underdog win the girl

  90. 90 : Pearl Says:

    I love this drama.
    I love the actors and actresses.
    With love from Thai Fans.

  91. 91 : yuli Says:

    I love park so dam…she is so cute…eun ha won fighting..♡♥♡♥♡

  92. 92 : nyari Says:

    I noe it depends on one’s preferences bt I honestly think that the lead actress is rocking this role and I love it and I um already hooked and can’t wait for the next episode 🙂

  93. 93 : psychen08 Says:

    I just love this drama.😍 I just wish that PSD will end up with AJH instead. Huhuhu. 😭😭😭😭

  94. 94 : juny Says:

    I really fall in love with AJH…he very hands0me and cute..I hope him will be t0gether with PSD… plezzz any0ne tell me what can happen end up…i really can’t wait till last epis0de…yyyy s0 long..???..huhuhu

  95. 95 : Negin Says:

    I love both actors , but in this one I prefer AJh is main actor but I think it won’t be like that and jung Il will be main actor . It’s a good drama and I recommend it 😉

  96. 96 : Priyanka Says:

    If she won’t end up with hyun min den its really bad drama as always one common this z they ‘ll break d heart of one person completely in drama… I take it if anything tat makes ma hyun min upset….. so director its better u make this story lik this otherwise I’ll cry mummy…. Ma heart flutters wn ever he comes on screen so damn chemistry…. feels lik m in love wit him….. if she can’t be wit hyun min den she better end up alone k…… I can’t see hyun min getting hurt…. I just love him madly

  97. 97 : Priyanka Says:

    She should love hyun min….. otherwise better stop this drama….

  98. 98 : Cutterpillow Says:

    I agreed to you Priyanka hyun min and ha won will end up together…

  99. 99 : chinita Says:

    jung il woo’s role is absolutely awesome!!!..fighting il woo saranghe!!!

  100. 100 : Skee_ny Says:

    I like AJH, i hope writer-nim changed his character into the first male lead. I dont like JIW character though, hope the character will improve in the next episode. I dont like the way PSD character’s cloths, whats with the training jacket? And Na eun facial expression is what bothering me most, she didnt show her emotions, she’ll win a poker game with her facial expression…hehehe… really hoping her acting improve for the rest episodes. Fighting everyone!

  101. 101 : Kyu Says:

    Hwaaa~~ if hyunmin not end with ha won, pleasee pleaseeee dont let him end up with hyeji, i just dont like her char so much, full of jealousy, envy ,
    Hyeji is not deserved with Hyun Min. Huhuhu

  102. 102 : tjen sari Says:

    First, I want to say thank you to K-plus, because I can see this series in the same time in Korea, but still I have to pay for the cable TV programme.
    At the beginning, I’m feel that I will not suitable to watch the teen series, as my age now, but I really like this, I start to watch because PSD, i watched beautiful mind before. I think she is a flexible actress, she can be a teen or more mature role. She is doing fine, if there is a beautifully and sweet girl doing the main role, there will be not something make special, so if there is a natural and though girl, so we can see, how the four handsome, charming and rich guys attractive to her, because she is a natural girl look with a beautiful heart inside.
    What make me curious to PSD, is she like to read novel, as the Cinderella and beautiful mind is adapted from novel… heheheh..
    All the actor and actress is make a good act… fighting!!!!
    Ooo, I’m still can not guess who will be choosed , the first or the second prince. Or may be she will chose the third prince…?!?!?!

  103. 103 : Ayeth Says:

    I hope the ending would be EHW and KHM like before of BOF, first crush of GJD is YJH not GJP, and i saw that EHW had crush on KJW… EHW has good chemistry of KHM please i want to end both of them will getting married. .. Happy ending….

  104. 104 : pamela Says:

    I like this drama so much i likd the four leading man and the main heroin. I think she suits her role i always watch this drama at drama.net cause it has a subtitle…. Keep going and go go go…..

  105. 105 : Alicefoster Says:

    this drama so freaking awesome… 🙂
    depite of the cliche story line just like other drama..this drama has it own attraction to stand

  106. 106 : 453 Says:

    First time, i read the synopsis of this drama, i dont have any intention to watch this drama. But after read some of positive comment, i decided to watch this drama. And after i watch 1st ep, i begin to like the character and story line. In addition, i do like the interior design of sky house. Is the sky house real or it’s only visual effect?

  107. 107 : Rhien Says:

    I think eun ha won and kang ji woon know each other from childhood, coz in eps 5 i see that their mother dead at same date.

  108. 108 : coca Says:

    this is seriously daebak

  109. 109 : Maida Says:

    this drama has all korean cliche elements but sky house is the one from blade man

  110. 110 : Hannah Says:

    At first, I was quite disappointed when PSD got the role as cinderella, but after watching this drama for 6eps, I completely understand why PDnim/casting director chooses her. She fits perfectly for Ha Won character. And yes, she’s not gorgeous/pretty as some other actress, but she has her cute side, and that’s what the director wants to potray in this drama. Eun Ha Won’s character shouldn’t be someone who’s damn pretty, she’d be average and PSD fits with the character well.

  111. 111 : Hannah Says:

    I feel bad for Hyun Min on how they treat him after the rejection. No one seems to care about him and thinking that he’d “get over” it soon enough. That’s just not how you treat people who just got rejected from someone he’s interested in and humiliated nationwide.

  112. 112 : iammee Says:

    I’ll be happy if eun ha woon will end up with kang ji woon. Jung Il Woo has been one of my fave korean actors

  113. 113 : Ninz14 Says:

    Hi @Katarina! I just want to ask where I can read the english version of the novel online? And if by any chance who will be her partner? Can you message me the info, please thanks! 😟

  114. 114 : Jolly hotdog Says:

    Park So Dam is a great actress….she can carry whatever role shes in……her natural beauty attracts me….not the others with plastic surgery….fighting!!!!!!

  115. 115 : dinaz Says:

    I am loving the drama but I am feeling so bad for Hyun Min..I love Hyun Min and Ha Won pair 🙁 🙁 Ah why aren’t they the main couple 🙁 🙁

  116. 116 : iammee Says:

    Chemistry wise Park So Dam and Jung Il Woo are great together. I am a fan of Jung Il Woo for a long time and I love seeing him smile on his drama. Park So Dam is a more of a movie actress but she could also be a great cast in a drama. I hope to see her in a drama more often

  117. 117 : Yoopop Says:

    I love kang hyun min..he is so funny nd cute..i wish he would b d guy 4 eun woo but i knw its nt possible…wich i dnt lyk

  118. 118 : rim Says:

    i love this series so much it’s so fun

  119. 119 : abi Says:

    The plot started to twist…
    How hyun min (finally) realized his feeling ( though i kinda hate his character)…
    Hope the plot have more twists, it kinda boring just tiny little bit, but i still have great expectation with this drama…uri 4 knight fighting…

  120. 120 : Nina Says:

    I don’t like Hye ji’s character.. As a woman, she looks like doesn’t have a self- esteem.

  121. 121 : unima Says:

    The drama is successfully moving from being boring to being extremely boring. But I believe in grandfather! He is the only one who can shake this swamp!

  122. 122 : Snow Says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the actress playing Hye Ji cannot act—at all. It’s the same depressing facial expression episode after episode. I just wish they would write her character out of the drama. She’s very selfish and a manipulator.

  123. 123 : Maida Says:

    i watched it for park so dam and jung ll woo but i ended like Ahn ja hyun ,this drama is one the most boring ,sterotype drama i ever watched since years .
    @unima i do agree with you
    but i wonder how can it attract audience ?? how it get high rating ?? so confusing ,there is no story for God sake

  124. 124 : MaxT Says:

    I’m bored after 10 minutes and couldn’t finish the first episode.

  125. 125 : Katarinaellen Says:

    @ninz14 idk where the online novel.. Cause i have the book only.. And just for info the novel ver is verry different with the drama ver.. So although i know the writer must follow the end with the novel.. But idk this drama going… It’s totally different.. Just enjoy this drama..

  126. 126 : PATRIYSA Says:

    AJH’s acting is getting better in this drama, his role as KHM are really fits with him. Good job AJH

  127. 127 : justsaying Says:

    This drama is actually interesting in its own way. It’s meant to be fun and it is, esp between Hyun Min and Ha Won. Most, if not all dramas has the same plot: there’s a boy, there’s a girl, there will always be a third or even fourth ‘guest’, there will be conflicts (sb is trying to take over some company or family trees got too mixed up) and etc…

    With this drama, just relax and simply enjoy the moment. You don’t have to think too much about what’s going on – its a straight forward plot. Don’t even bother to dissect it such as; Sky House supposed to be a well secured place and yet – the stepsister, stepmother and Ha Won’s supposedly father manage to walk right to the front door and snoops around. I rest my case…

    However, as ‘fairy tale’ as this drama goes, I have to agree that Hye Ji spoils it all… She has one expression only – well maybe two: 1. Her neutral face (which encompass hatred, jealousy, happiness, nervousness and other related emotions) all roll into one. And the second expression – sadness because there’s tears involved. Other than that, hmmmm…

  128. 128 : maybs Says:

    i hope that ji woon and ha won will end up together in the end of drama.. their character suits them well… 🙂

  129. 129 : cassie Says:

    @127 Yes, Hye Ji spoiled the fun in almost every episode. Also the actress, I agree with you 100 % She is wooden. Anyway, overall a fun fun one Love Park So dam.. Who said she isn’t pretty. She sure is pretty and a very lovely actress. Good choice as the lead. She nailed it. Even her speaking voice is really nice. Chemistry with the boys spot on. Love you guys. Have fun yaall.

  130. 130 : Me Says:

    Cant wait for ep 15 & 16…when it will be?

  131. 131 : maybs Says:

    happy ending indeed!!!!! i love u guys… i go crazy watching the final episode…

  132. 132 : tigerb Says:

    like any cinderella story, the ending was happy not just for cinderella. but also for everyone else too.

  133. 133 : Kdrama Lover Says:

    The storylines of this drama was quite plain. The beginning of the few episodes are quite attraction because of the three handsome knights different characters + the Cinderella ‘s family story.
    Come to middle part of this drama is started boring, dragging until end especially Hye Ji. Her role is really extra to drag this drama longer with her unreasonable jealousy against Ha Won and Hyun Min.

  134. 134 : Leah Espiritu Says:

    For me, this is one of the best korean dramas this year alongside Oh My Venus and Doctors. All of the casts were good. Especially Jung Il Woo, Ahn Jae Hyun and Park So Dam. I wish Jung Il Woo would be given more projects to work on in the future.
    I really liked the ending of this drama because each character had a real good ending. This is a real feel good kdrama. The values of being a family was shown in the end.
    Good job to everybody who worked on this. Especially to the writers. Create more romantic comedies. Thank you so much!

  135. 135 : Katarinaellen Says:

    Its quite interesting.. but from the middle we can know EHW and KJW will together.. for me, i prefer the drama must follow the novel story.. from begining until the last 3 chap we don’t know if KJW fallin love with EHW.. its more logical story than the drama…
    Cause on drama its not look like that cinderella hav 4 knights, just 2 only KJW and KSW, LYS just focus with his mom, – and KHM just focus with hye ji.. the conflic on drama just a simple one, and i forget with yoona jelousy…
    But overall this drama quite interesting ..

  136. 136 : Joy Says:

    Plot nothing to boast about, boring and overated. Guess the petty boys saved the drama. The character Hye Hi is supposed to be pretty but the actress is the opposite with poor acting skills.

  137. 137 : scorpio23 Says:

    Another PSD Drama flop. The reason viewers saw this was because of the pretty boys, PSD should rest doing aby Dramas because anywhere she stars tends to flop. Need to learn how to act more !!!

  138. 138 : Anonymous 123 Says:

    I loved this drama so much I hope they give it a second season 🙂

  139. 139 : N Says:

    Love this show! Everyone is too cute and I’ve been a fan of JIW eversince!! 😀 To me, it’s not boring at all. Maybe I just don’t like the story to revolve around the second female lead too much. But overall, it is still highly recommended! 😀

  140. 140 : Kim Hyun-byung Says:

    I just started watching it last night and now, I’m so addicted to this drama. Omo! Eun Ha-won unni is very lucky. Just remember that Kang Hyun-min oppa and Kang Ji-woon oppa are mine. Haha just kidding. I don’t like that Hye-ji girl. I feel irritated whenever I see her in this drama. Aish!

  141. 141 : bes Says:

    I , watched this drama 7 times, i like jo il woo a lot because he is a great actor. I saw him in my fair lady but i like him in 49 days after that i’ m one of his fan. Some of his drama i liked it very much.. about park so dam i saw her in beautiful minds well, acting there ok but this drama i was surpirsed , she’s acting here is getting better, she fits the role very much. Kang hyun min is so funny and cute his role is good and fits him. Overall i like the drama very much. …. i enjoyed watching it. …… kang seo woo your acting is good also. All the cast are great except to hye ji try to practice more and more acting and you will be use to it. Good job cinderella and four knights cast , director, writer and staff. FIGHTING!!!!!!

  142. 142 : Cinderella And Four Knights – ULUNG ID Says:

    […] Cinderella and Four Knights […]

  143. 143 : Cinderella And Four Knights – Health Says:

    […] Cinderella and Four Knights […]

  144. 144 : Helen Says:

    What an extraordinary drama ! I love it . And I like Jung li woo very much .Jung li woo is sexiest and attractive when he smiles . He is my male god .

  145. 145 : Dreamcaster Says:

    I just finished watching this drama. Very cool. I had interest to watch this because of AJH, then I get to liked the other actors after EP1. All actors are good, except for Son Na Eun. Park So Dam is so just fit for the role, same as the 4 male characters. Love the cliche how the 2 are connected with the ring, and the story behind the ring. And the happy ending… Just don’t understand why the ratings are low. Very good drama. And locations as splendid.

  146. 146 : yapi kredi bank münchen öffnungszeiten Says:

    You’re the greatest! JMHO

  147. 147 : styrn Says:

    There is something that really bothering me in some scenes. They say that the house is very secure. In my perspective, they should have security guard and CCTV from the gate to the house. But, how come, some uninvited guest can get in, no matter what their reason. At least, the guest should make appointment first. It doesn’t make sense.

  148. 148 : james Says:

    In this drama, I wonder who will be the main actor? I already love two of them , I have great hope for this one.

  149. 149 : Arlene Says:

    Just loved it!!!! Watching it from the other side of the world and totally a fan of it. So witty, funny and honest. You have to make season 2 happen, please! First Korean drama and already a fan! Love the chemistry among characters and Jung Il Woo… adorable.

  150. 150 : Icey Says:

    Oh I don’t give a F*** about what everyone says about Hye Ji… As long as if she’s not into that plastic surgery and seriously I’m freakn so in luv with her, lol…

  151. 151 : tonihack Says:

    i like this drama so much <3

  152. 152 : Xdrakorindo Says:

    Thanks for information 🙂

  153. 153 : Fadly Says:

    i like this drama so much <3

  154. 154 : peyutnduy Says:

    a bit boring drama.
    we can guess from ep.9 that who and who will become couples in the end.

  155. 155 : Mustika Mustofa Says:

    suka bgt sma drama ini,, nunggu next update :*

  156. 156 : Lusia Vakanawa Says:

    Will there be another season or is it just those 16 episodes? I really enjoyed it

  157. 157 : Michelle Says:

    Since DramaFever shut down and this does seem to be on viki anymore is there anywhere else to watch or buy this with English Sub that you know of??? My daughters and I loved this and were hoping to rewatch it when they’re home from college, but it seems to have gone off air everywhere with subs.

  158. 158 : Jen Says:

    I’m in us. I would’ve love see this end but differently with main couples getting married other two guys finding someone truly love them for who they are also not cause having money also. Love two couples that ended up together in show.
    I’m really enjoying quite few these Korean shows. To me been more interesting then a lot of us ones.

  159. 159 : Kay Says:

    Cinderella and Four Knights is such a great drama. It’s a bit cliche, but it’s executed wonderfully. Lots of fun with Park So Dam being wonderful at the center of the four guys. Then we get some nice angst towards the end with lots of emotion and a nice romance. Wonderful drama all around!

  160. 160 : Quantum nurse Says:

    I am profoundly disappointed, the leading actors / actresses have talents but they performed so poorly in this “Cinderella and the Four Knights” K-Drama series. I only tolerate “Cinderella and the Four Knights” when High Schooler Eun Ha Won and Cousin Kang Ji Woon / Han Ji Woon characters are smiling, their smiles brighten the screen. However, there are no on-screen chemistry at all for all characters in this poorly written story. Cousin Kang Hyun Min character is the heir of Chairman Kang, but he does not even work and only lounges in the Sky House and dating / dumping girls. What a complete loser. I love the younger cousin Kang Seo Woo that is productive as a singer and composes songs. I am so disheartened when cousin Kang Ji Woon stops working as a mechanic and looks so idle for the rest of the series. Hoping to see these promising actors/actress with strong talent to be in well written K-dramas series next time.

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