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Title: 브레인 / Brain
Chinese Title: 脑袋
Genre: Medical Drama
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2011-Nov-14 to 2012-Jan-17
Air time: Monday and Tuesday, 21:55


A drama that deals with the brain and neurosurgeons.

Lee Kang Hoon (Shin Ha Kyun), who graduated from the top medical school, works at the top hospital, and is the top neurosurgeon around. Basically, he’s Brain No. 1. (And he works on brains, too!) He has ambitions to become the director at his university hospital. He is obsessed with success, which is probably both his greatest flaw and strength, since it makes him steely and fierce.

However, once he meets his sunbae Kim Sang Chul (Jung Jin Young), the prickly genius doctor and world famous neurologist, he turns over a new leaf and becomes a sincere doctor. Seo Joon Suk (Jo Dong Hyuk) is a doctor and will become Lee Kang Hoon’s rival. Yoon Ji Hye (Choi Jung Won) is also a neurosurgeon who grew up in an ordinary family. She is extremely strict in matters of work and study, but has a warm bedside manner with her patients.


Shin Ha Kyun as Lee Kang Hoon
Choi Jung Won as Yoon Ji Hye
Jung Jin Young as Kim Sang Chul
Jo Dong Hyuk as Seo Joon Suk

Chunha University Hospital

Lee Sung Min as Go Jae Hak
Ban Hyo Jung as Hwang Young Sun
Park Chul Ho as Park In Bum
Im Ji Eun as Hong Eun Sook
Jo Soo Min as Im Hyun Jung

Neurosurgery Residents

Kwak Seung Nam as Yang Bum Joon
Shim Hyung Tak as Jo Dae Sik
Lee Seung Joo as Dong Seung Man
Kwon Se In as Yeo Bong Goo

Beauty Clinic

Kim Soo Hyun as Jang Yoo Jin
Kang Ye Seo as Choi Ryu Bi

Kang Hoon’s family

Song Ok Sook as Kim Soon Im
Kim Ga Eun as Lee Ha Young


Choi Il Hwa as Ahn Dong Suk
Lee Hyun Woo as Park Dong Hwa (cameo)
Jo Jae Wan as Park Gap Sul’s son (cameo, ep7-8)
Jung Yoo Chan
Heo Jung Kyu aa Kong Duk Ki

Production Credit

Production Company: CJ E&M Corporation
Chief Producer: Lee Gun Joon
Producer: Moon Joon Ha
Director: Yoo Hyun Ki, Song Hyun Wook
Screenwriter: Yoon Kyung Ah


2011 KBS Drama Awards: Daesang (Shin Ha Kyun)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Awards, Actor (Miniseries, Jung Jin Young)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Awards (Shin Ha Kyun & Choi Jung Won)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Netizen Award (Shin Ha Kyun)
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Netizen Award (Choi Jung Won)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2011-11-14 1 & 2 8.9 (19th) 9.7 (15th)
2011-11-21 3 8.2 9.8 (18th)
2011-11-22 4 10.3 (15th) 11.6 (11th)
2011-11-28 5 10.6 (10th) 11.5 (10th)
2011-11-29 6 10.7 (10th) 11.6 (10th)
2011-12-05 7 12.0 (10th) 12.5 (4th)
2011-12-06 8 12.9 (8th) 13.9 (5th)
2011-12-12 9 13.8 (4th) 14.7 (4th)
2011-12-13 10 14.4 (5th) 15.4 (4th)
2011-12-19 11 13.0 (3rd) 15.2 (2nd)
2011-12-20 12 12.7 (7th) 14.8 (4th)
2011-12-26 13 15.9 (3rd) 17.7 (2nd)
2011-12-27 14 17.7 (3rd) 21.0 (1st)
2012-Jan-02 15 17.5 (3rd) 19.4 (1st)
2012-Jan-03 16 18.7 (3rd) 20.6 (2nd)
2012-Jan-09 17 16.5 (3rd) 19.0 (2nd)
2012-Jan-10 18 17.6 (3rd) 20.6 (2nd)
2012-Jan-16 19 6.1 (see note II)
2012-Jan-17 20 14.8 (4th) 15.6 (4th)

Source: TNmS Media Korea


I) This Drama was original casting by Lee Sang Yoon, Yoon Seung Ah and Lee Hyun Jin, but they all left on 20/Sep/2011 after had their first script reading on 17/Sep/2011.

II) Because of conflict of fee payment between South Korea’s integrated cable operators and KBS (cable operators want KBS, SBS and MBC to lower the retransmission fee of their programs), the cable TV system operators stopped carrying the signal of KBS2 TV station on 16/January/2012, causing the ratings of KBS drama series Brain dropped significantly, falling from top ranking position to last ranking position. The cable operators have announced that if this impasse cannot be resolved, they will consider to stop relaying the signal of MBC and SBS as well (Source)

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  1. 1 : Анара Says:

    описание хорошии надо посмотреть. жду с нетерпением !!))

  2. 2 : Brain – Korean Drama Picture Blog Says:

    […] Korean Drama No related links found […]

  3. 3 : azhie Says:

    where is download link?

  4. 4 : mia Says:


    here : http://www.lienduj.com/public/3526/11631/troll-bank-all.jpg


    I pretty much hate everything…Medical Drama

    Not for me…

  5. 5 : helen Says:

    di indo kapan beredarnya…..????

  6. 6 : wennys Says:

    Is it remake cain and abel?

  7. 7 : drama Says:

    it looks naise.

  8. 8 : Brain | holden's page v2.0 Says:

    […] However, once he meets his sunbae Kim Sang Chul (Jung Jin Young), the prickly genius doctor and world famous neurologist, he turns over a new leaf and becomes a sincere doctor. Seo Joon Suk (Jo Dong Hyuk) is a doctor and will become Lee Kang Hoon’s rival. Yoon Ji Hye (Choi Jung Won) is also a neurosurgeon who grew up in an ordinary family. She is extremely strict in matters of work and study, but has a warm bedside manner with her patients.- KoreanDrama.Org […]

  9. 9 : tuğçe Says:

    nasıl izleyebilirim

  10. 10 : Mic Says:

    Watched the first two episodes. Don’t have an opinion but I really really liked it!!! Might be an obvious storyline, but really like the casts!

  11. 11 : Brain Says:

    […] is extremely strict in matters of work and study, but has a warm bedside manner with her patients.- KoreanDrama […]

  12. 12 : Jessie Tserin Says:

    Already watched ep. 1. The story sound interesting. I have been watch “obsterics & gynnnnnecology doctors”, and the operation parts are so real & the story are touching, too. Looking forward ” Brain ” will be better. All the casts of ” Brain” – FIGHTING.

  13. 13 : ls Says:

    … the charm of this drama lies with the main actor – Sin Ha-gyoon. I’m looking forward to his character development – from an arrogant and petulant ‘child/adult’ to … I also like Jun Jin Young. Would like to see how their relationship develops. It is good … with the appropriate casts for their roles. Hope the drama would do better in ratings! Let’s give it a chance lol.

  14. 14 : Mic Says:

    @Is, very well put! Shin Ha Gyoon is marvelous in this drama! This is the first time I see him act and I am totally a fan!

  15. 15 : ayi Says:

    di indonesia kapan keluarnya?? mw kasetnya dong

  16. 16 : Mic Says:

    Ok, I’ve never seen Shin Ha Gyoon act before and this is the first time. Is it just me or he is a really really good actor?? I am just amazed every week! His acting is so…. powerful and persuasive! Does he just get a role that’s perfect for him, or is he always that good???

  17. 17 : lei Says:

    this is the best ost ever!!!!

  18. 18 : husny kuchiki Says:

    maski pemainnya ga ada yang ganteng, tapi ceritanya keren kok!! ^^

  19. 19 : Yozora Says:

    not a fan of the main character, but i will definitely watch this series.. 🙂

    @ayi: main di Indonesia mulai hari ini di KBS world.. 🙂

  20. 20 : sayaka Says:

    i watch this drama at KBS . 🙂

  21. 21 : kanha Says:

    @Mic: I also like Shin Ha kyun acting, he is very good…and I guess that is why I like this drama….

  22. 22 : Mic Says:

    @kanha, hi, glad to see another fan of Shin Ha Kyun. I really like the drama. Enjoy!

  23. 23 : kdrama_fan Says:

    This drama is very good. It portrays the main lead’s ambition and struggle to succeed. The story is very convincing. I cannot blame the main lead but root for him, regardless of his arrogance and many setbacks. Now I wait for Mondays and Tuesdays for the drama.

  24. 24 : hanny Says:

    I love this drama. The cast’s great. The love story’ also very interesting. Two thumbs up!

  25. 25 : nunny Says:

    most like this drama , the story line is very good .
    and Lee Kang Hoon (Shin Ha Kyun) is good lead acting in this drama, also Yoon Ji Hye (Choi Jung Won) is lovely too.
    wishing this drama is rating up…..:)

  26. 26 : kanha Says:

    Happy to see the rating is going up 🙂
    Mic, have you voted for the best korean drama of 2011? Wanna know what is ur favorite one ? How about everyone else? Let’s vote!!! 🙂

  27. 27 : Mic Says:

    @kanha, hi, the one I really wanted to vote for was The Greatest Love, but I voted for Secret Garden instead. How about you?

  28. 28 : in love with brain Says:

    BRAIN is the best medical drama EVER..
    Shin Ha Kyun-sshi daebak. all actors & actress awesome too.
    voting for the best korean drama of 2011!!!!!!

    BRAIN must WIN the award.

  29. 29 : kanha Says:

    Mic, hehe….I actually wanna voted for scent of a woman but I end up voting for secret garden too 😀 I think we’ve made the right choice.

  30. 30 : missginting Says:

    it’s drama is debaaak!
    really love acting’s shin ha kyun :*

  31. 31 : Muyamoh Says:

    Firstly I must praise the director and story writer. I like the surgeries in operation theatre. Acting of Shin Ha Kyun, Jung Jin Young and Jo Dong Hyuk is good. Choi Jung Won is cute but doesn’t look like a doctor. She looks like a actress only.

  32. 32 : Shoeshe Says:

    My voting for the best kdrama 2011 goes to the princess man.i think this drama is different from the historical drama I watching before.oh my god the story line is so wonderful and the chemistry is so amazing I crying until my eyes out but with happy ending make me smile so i recommendation this drama for u I bet you would like it right now the princess man is in 2nd place behind secret garden please join me to voting tpm.

  33. 33 : hanny Says:

    yes… yes… so happy the rating is going up

  34. 34 : zack Says:

    best medical drama ^^

  35. 35 : missL Says:

    i love this drama superb and all the cast i got interested after watching the first episode,,,i can’t wait the nxt until the very end…

  36. 36 : archeRidz Says:

    i superb love this drama…
    click at my name…
    it will go to BRAIN korean drama facebook page…
    currently am studying medicine…
    can’t wait till graduate.. 🙂

  37. 37 : archeRidz Says:

    <3 <3 <3
    Kang Hoon & Ji Hye

  38. 38 : june Says:

    Love Shin Ha Kyun in Brain. He brings to his character such intensity and pathos. I can’t imagine anyone else playing his role. Isn’t he a wonderful actor? – he can be comedic and zany, and here, really steely and intense. Just wish the subs would come out faster!

  39. 39 : janice Says:

    This drama is wonderful, The acting is great. Rating have finally increased! The leads are great together. Absolutely love the bubble gum scene. It’s the last thing you would expect to find on his face!!! So far the writers are perfect. Please keep it going.

  40. 40 : coralou Says:

    i’m still watching this drama series on kbsworld…and i like the story. i look forward every monday & tuesday for this drama.:)

  41. 41 : suppledexplorer Says:

    Hmmm looks its like New Heart!

  42. 42 : josen1136 Says:

    Shin ha kyun is a great actor im loving him

  43. 43 : Francis Says:

    Truely a show of who able to stab another back fastest. A show not for the faint heart.

  44. 44 : iluvkd Says:

    I love this drama. It is intelligently written. The lead actor character Dr Lee is superbly acted. I can feel the tension in his face. The lead actress Ju Jhin character could be stronger and more assertive. She is acting helpless at times but at least she shows loyalty to Dr Lee. This drama is my vote for best Korean drama for 2011

  45. 45 : may si Says:

    the best korean drama ever watched. Shin Ha Kyun carried the largest credit. The rest of all supporting actors are good too. but Jo Don Hyuk is weak. the most realistic plots!! Dr Lee’s character is very difficult to play as it focus on emotional changes of a face and body languages a lot. there is no fancy mode in Dr Lee’s character. Big credit to Lead actor.

  46. 46 : mmtutuy Says:

    Good medical drama, but the lead actress caracter, she is too “ordinary”.

    Best kdrama 2011 “The Princess`s Man”.

  47. 47 : becky Says:

    I love this medical drama very much!! Normally, I’m not a huge fan of medical drama, but Shin Ha Kyun really pulled me in with his passion and intensity in acting….awesome job he’s doing right now…
    I’ve never said this before, but I wish that this drama could extend a little longer…20 ep, perhaps? I feel 16 ep is kinda short to develop the characters….oh, well, I’ll just have to sit back for now and enjoy it.^^

  48. 48 : Marsh Says:

    Wow! I have only watched two Eps [Not The First Two Eps :P] AND I’m totally Hooked!! The Main Male is Very Attractive tho he doesnt seem young but the role gave him an overwhelming Charisma & his acting skills r really Awesome :)) Great Actor Indeed

    It’s medical drama but not a boring one so I highly recommend it to u guys 🙂

    Let’s see how will it End

  49. 49 : slame Says:

    I love this drama, i think its one of the best drama of 2011. The one thing i admire about Dr. lee is the way he treat Yoon Ji Hye as one of the guys. he does not treat her as women who need constant help or protect from her mistake. I think the reason she likes him.

  50. 50 : corrie Says:

    This is the most interesting and captivating drama who is airing now in Korea ! The cast is great,the screenplay it make you obsessed by this drama,is no boring at all! I hope it became number one drama in 2012!

  51. 51 : Alvin Says:

    Nice drama!

  52. 52 : SYIMA Says:

    I like Mr.Lee

  53. 53 : jinnyj Says:

    most like Brain 2011 . Dr. LKH now face up in many problems and he can manage them or not and he will fall to YJH or not , what will be going on ?.
    can’t wait for next episode 🙂

  54. 54 : zadif Says:

    great drama..,, love it 🙂

  55. 55 : Anderson Says:

    anybody know the very nice background song for this drama? try to search so many place but can’t get.

  56. 56 : Faizal Says:

    Hi Anderson

    I’m also looking for the trailer song. Its so nice, but I can’t find anywhere too. lets keep each other posted when we find it.

  57. 57 : Ivy Says:

    @Anderson & @Faizal,

    try to look in the OST link on the post.

  58. 58 : Faizal Says:

    Hi Ivy & Anderson

    The OST link does not provide. I just want to share that there is a very good website where you can download high quality song from Brain for free. The address is


    Its really good. All the OST are there, except the background song.

    I’ll keep on trying. This show is just soooo good, even surpassing Surgeon Bong Dal Hee and New Heart.

  59. 59 : Ivy Says:


    OST link is provided on the post.

  60. 60 : Faizal Says:


    Ivy, these are all the songs. I’ve gone through them earlier. None for the background music. Thank you for your help ;).

    I am searching for it. I’ll let everyone know when I found it.

  61. 61 : Athi Says:

    luv dis drama…awesome 🙂

  62. 62 : ami Says:

    hii.. i luv this drama alot… i thought all the ost are the background music except for the piano… there are 5 ost… n u can review all of them in youtube… n there are some clips made by the fans who luv this drama… n actually we discuss about it in youtube… about dr lee… about the ost… n the drama… we even discuss which ost is for dr lee n dr yun…

  63. 63 : Faizal Says:


    Hi Ami. The OST can be found (ie those with singers). I’m looking for the background music that is usually played at the trailer and teaser. Its so nice, no singer in that music.

    I’m still looking for it.


  64. 64 : Faizal Says:

    @ Anderson & @Ami

    I FOUND it.. the trailer song. Here’s the link in in youtube


    To download, copy the whole link, and then go to


    Paste the link in the search box.

    If u want to convert it to mp3, choose mp3 and wait for the conversion to take place. Then save it to your local drive. U can also download the video too.. but this time, choose download video.

    Have fun

  65. 65 : GHSforever Says:

    Amazing cast and amazing story.
    Best medical drama I have ever watched. Totally addicted to it<3
    The acting is extremely good. Hope they win in the KBS Drama Awards.

  66. 66 : jinnyj Says:

    Feel so sad as Dr. LKH lost his mom , so cried ……..
    Hope he will be relieved and come back to be a kind doctor soon.
    Great medical drama (Lee Kang Hoon (Shin Ha Kyun) lead actor and production team work ) make me feel in this story .
    Cheer up and Thanks to Brain team 🙂 .

  67. 67 : Anderson Says:

    dear all, I download the trailer song,convert to mp3, trim it and upload to badongo. if you like it so much like me, you can download from badongo. here the link. http://www.badongo.com/audio/26091872 special thanks to Faizal.

  68. 68 : marmar Says:

    I would like to say that Mr. Shin Ha Kyun is the one and only that should win the KBS Daesang this year!! SERIOUSLY

    This is what can be called a GREAT Drama with BOTH Great Story& Cast..

    THANK U BRAIN TEAM & Mr. Shin Ha Kyun on the top of the list 🙂 🙂 <3

  69. 69 : marmar Says:

    Ah forgot to say … CONGRATS they Hit 17% last night!!
    i hope it goes above 20% tonight :))

  70. 70 : kanha Says:

    @marmar : wow….good to know that the rating going up, im very please. Again, I must thank Dr Lee for his outstanding performance, hopefully he is, going to win Best actor award.

  71. 71 : Faizal Says:

    @ Anderson

    You’re welcome. ;).
    Now, everyone gets to enjoy the mp3 of the theme song.

    Best Regards

  72. 72 : kanha Says:

    Not being able to watch epi 13&14 yet, still waiting for the eng sub 🙁
    The rating now is above 20….awesome…

  73. 73 : jinnyj Says:

    right now Dr.LKH perceived on his mom love him so much , He regretted and much cried………. so impressive and sad .
    what he is going on to do ?…
    waiting for eng sub soon . and thanks to Brain team giving this great drama.
    Best wish rating going up and up…. congratulation to above 20….:)

  74. 74 : ami Says:

    atlast.. brain is no 1 with 21% rating… i hope this drama will remain no 1 until the last episode… in korea n nationwide… n hope brain will be the best drama n dr lee will be the best actor…n tq to faizal for the theme song adress…

  75. 75 : sandy Says:

    super duper nice drama…awesome ^_^

  76. 76 : yoojin Says:

    Start watching this drama… Really good…

  77. 77 : GHSforever Says:

    Does somebody know where I can watch raw episode of episode 14?

  78. 78 : corrie Says:

    wow!I’m very happy for the team of the drama ,the rating is now at 21,hope they have all a happy new year and good luck!

  79. 79 : Faizal Says:


    You can catch the raw episode 14 at tudou.

    Here’s there link


    Have fun and happy new year 2012.

  80. 80 : Faizal Says:

    Hi All

    Remember the ending part of episode 11 when Dr LKH was purposely making Dr Seo angry? I’m looking for that music, that part when Dr Seo looked forward and saw Dr Yun JH. I can’t find it anywhere.

    Has anyone found the mp3 or youtube address? Would appreciate it if you could let me know.

    By the way, the starting of episode 14 is soooooo heart breaking, when Dr LKH open up the wardrobe at his mum’s house… and he cried. Impressive acting skill… didn’t even have to blink and the tears rolled loads. Link to episode 14 is given in my comment at No 79, but is raw, no english subs. Watch it first yeah… and enjoy. English subs will come later at dramaload or mysoju 😉

    Wishing to one and all, happy new year 2012.

  81. 81 : GHSforever Says:

    I have already seen it in youtube but thank you very much for your help<3
    The next episode looks very interesting. Can't wait to see it:D

    And tomorrow will be the KBS Drama Awards<3 Does anyone knows a good live stream for it?
    I really hope Shin Ha Kyun gets the Grand Prize for his role as Lee Kang Hoon.
    The drama owes him alot because of his remarkable acting skills.
    His crying act and the emotional scenes that aren't too much or too little is just enough to be called the best. He's worthy for the Grand Prize.
    But it will be difficult because we cannot forget Park Si hoo and Lee Tae Gon.

    Btw I wish you all a happy new year 2012<3

  82. 82 : torri Says:

    hey guys i have watch right up to ep 12 for now and am a little worried about the proff, i am guessing his headach his been having might be a tumor , i realy hope not and am also thinking he is responsible for lee kang dad death but some how he just cant remember , maybe some thing happen to him in the past like an accident and he cant remember, any feedback !

  83. 83 : Faizal Says:

    Did Brain win any award in the 2011 KBS Drama Awards?

  84. 84 : GHSforever Says:

    Yes they won the Netizen popularity award thanks to Shin Ha Kyun and Choi Jung Won and the best couple award.
    And Jung Jin Young won the best actor award in miniseries.

  85. 85 : GHSforever Says:

    AND winner of GRAND PRIZE is Shin Ha Gyun!!!
    Totally deserves it<33

  86. 86 : مالت عليك Says:

    اوووف ما تستاهل الديسانغ يا وجه العنز خربت على ابطال رجل الاميرة حسبي الله عليك

    اقول كم دافع لمدير القناة كااااااااااااااااااااااك >> مقهورة

  87. 87 : Faizal Says:

    Wow.. I’m so happy Shin Ha Kyun won it. Even though Brain starts airing so late, it won so many awards.

  88. 88 : zad1f Says:

    Congrats for Shin Ha Gyun,, become DAESANG (best of the best) at KBS drama award,, you deserve it 😉

  89. 89 : Kate Says:

    2011 KBS Drama Awards (Winners List) is available now http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=14283 , Congratulation to Shin Ha Kyun for Daesang Awards.

  90. 90 : zack Says:

    Congrat to all the winner for KBS Drama Awards

  91. 91 : Faizal Says:

    Looks like ep 14 with Eng sub is taking some time to be available. Anyone knows where it can be found? Even the English srt file can’t be found in google. And tomorrow, Ep 15 will be on air.

  92. 92 : lengskee Says:

    Congratulations to the Brain cast and crew! What an excellent drama series. SHin Ha Kyun is the best Korean actor I have seen so far! What a presence on screen. He deserves winning the Daesang award.

  93. 93 : Jennie Says:

    @Faizal Subtitles are delayed in most websites cos most of the translators are on Christmas/New Year/Year-end breaks. I guess most websites will be back to normal next week.
    @GHSforever Hi, nice to see you here too. Just started watching this after I caught a couple of eps on tv and thought it was pretty good. Now, trying to catch up!

    Happy New 2012 and hope there will be more great KDs to come tbis year!

  94. 94 : Jennie Says:

    @yoojin Hi, great to see you are here too. Happy New Year 🙂

  95. 95 : GHSforever Says:

    oh yes nice to see you here too! It is definetly worth watching it and have fun:$
    amd a Happy New Year for you aswell and everybody else here<3

    and don't forget todays episode:D

  96. 96 : GHSforever Says:

    awesome that we can write again haha
    I wish you a Happy New Year and keep watching Brain it is an awesome drama<3

  97. 97 : lengskee Says:

    Belated Happy Birthday shin ha kyun!

  98. 98 : kanha Says:

    It was like my wish has been granted because Shin Ha Kyun won Daesange award 😉
    Hi Jennie, yoojin and GHSforever 🙂 Nice to see you all.

  99. 99 : kanha Says:

    Only 6 episodes left, I hope to see more sweet love scene from the leads 😀

  100. 100 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi guys,
    Is this a good drama? The synopsis makes it sound very dry: professional n competitive. And it didn’t get to a good start in terms of ratings. Did the show really take 6 or more eps to find its groove? But Shin Ha Kyun won the Saesang award, so it means sth!
    One of my NY resolutions is to watch less KD. Keke. Would you please tell me what this show is abt (besides what the synopsis says)? How good is it?

  101. 101 : kanha Says:

    Hi KDaddict: Yes, this is a good drama. I don’t know what the synopsis say because I only watch it by accident and just one first episode I like it so much 😀 the story is good and so Mr Shin acting is superb that’s why he won daesange award. Why don’t your give it a try, hehe and let’s know how bad and good it is.

  102. 102 : Faizal Says:


    Yes, this is a really drama. I agree with Kanha too. Shin Ha Kyung acting makes you hate, pity and love him. Hate him with his arrogance, Pity him when he realised all the wrongs he had done against his mother and how he tried to use medical science to save her, love him when he starts having feelings for the the female lead and how he try to act expensive to her. Thumbs and legs up for me :). So far, this is the best medical drama since Surgeon Bong Dal Hee (2007) and New Heart (2008).

  103. 103 : Faizal Says:


    Yes, this is a really good drama. I agree with Kanha too. Shin Ha Kyung acting makes you hate, pity and love him. Hate him with his arrogance, Pity him when he realised all the wrongs he had done against his mother and how he tried to use medical science to save her, love him when he starts having feelings for the the female lead and how he try to act expensive to her. Thumbs and legs up for me :). So far, this is the best medical drama since Surgeon Bong Dal Hee (2007) and New Heart (2008).

  104. 104 : Faizal Says:

    Sorry guys, seems like my first post hanged and re-post again. But ends up with 2 post 😉

  105. 105 : KDaddict Says:

    What about the female lead? What is her char like? And the rest of the cast?
    There is also Deep Rooted Tree, which has gt critical acclaim. I’m obsessing over Padam2, Fermentation Family. Not enough time for all 4. Help!
    @kanha, @Faizal,
    Thanks for the thumbs up. You just made me realize I haven’t watched a medical K drama b4!

  106. 106 : Mic Says:

    Shin Ha Kyung and Jung Jin Young are ridiculously good! All others are also very competent in their roles. Choi Jung Won is probably the weakest link. No doubt one of the best kdramas!!!

    @KDaddict, this is not the kind of romantic drama with lots of eye candies though. There is romance but not as a main focus but more as part of the character development of the male lead on his path to becoming a “real” sincere doctor.

  107. 107 : Faizal Says:


    Wow. Mic, well said. Yes, yes and yes, totally agree with you.

    I’m frantically searching for Ep 14 and 15 subs, though 15 raw is already available in youtube and tudou (and high quality too for both sites).

    For those who watched Ep 15, the quarrel between Jun Ji Hye and Lee Gang Hun, is it about breaking up? I saw she cried, but I can’t make out much. My korean is really really bad.. heheh 😉

  108. 108 : Jennie Says:

    @kanha & @ Mic Hi hi,so nice to see you both here too. Happy New Year.I’m enjoying this tremendously. I watched the first few eps on tv and tho I have never seen any of Shin HY’s work and was never a fan Jo DY and Choi, I soon got hooked. Pretty solid acting despite the lack of eye candies!
    @KDaddict Surprised to see you here. Thought you were too busy with P2 and the recaps to be able to do anythg else 😀

  109. 109 : GHSforever Says:

    She is angry that Kang Hoon took a patient over her and is only focused on his career.
    Kang Hoon explains, that she as a fellow doctor can’t understand him choosing a patient over her but she says that this is completely different and that he had a choice.
    He will never love someone sincerely because he likes his ambitions the most.
    And the end she says that she will stop liking him and that he can throw the picture of her ‘brain’ away because it won’t look like that anymore.
    A heartbreaking moment between them..
    Hope my sweet Hot Tension couple will reunite soon</3

  110. 110 : Faizal Says:


    Wow..she must be real heartbroken. I can make out the point when she mentioned that Prof Gim told him not to do the surgery. Thanks a lot GHSForever. I hope things will get better in today’s episode. I’m still waiting for tudou to upload it.

  111. 111 : KDaddict Says:

    Not only am I here, I also wrote u a reply at Me too, Flower.
    I made a NY resolution to watch less KD. I’m struggling over this one n DeepRT, cos being a sucker for gt acting, I may end up loving them as much as Padam2. Then I’ll be in trouble. Do u want to tell me more? Is it a melodrama?
    You can access tudou outside China? I can’t. Can you pt the way pls?

  112. 112 : Mic Says:

    @Faizal 107, hi, glad you agreed with me. It’s a great drama, always looking forward to Mondays and Tuesdays. Enjoy!

  113. 113 : Mic Says:

    @Jennie 108, hi, happy new year to you too!!!

    @KDaddict, how about watching Deep Roots first since it’s completed and then watch Brain after it’s done? I don’t know anything about Deep Roots, downloaded it but haven’t started watching; as you can probably tell, I am not a big Saguek fan. Brain is excellent though IMHO, as you will probably also notice, I am a big fan. 🙂

  114. 114 : juliette Says:

    Super drama. Je ne suis pas une grande fan des dramas de ce genre là mais celui là vaut vraiment le coup. De plus, l’acteur principal joue extremement bien donc c’est un plaisir de le regarder. Je suis une grande fan et j’attend avec impatience la suite =) Hihi ^^

  115. 115 : kanha Says:

    @Faizal: I watch it raw too, I just can’t wait for the sub. Last night, after you mentioned that it is already on youtube, I check it out and struggling to finish epi 15, hehe. I guess our korean is the same, maybe mine is even worse, but I could understand through their face expression. I hate Dr Lee for acting so arrogance with Ji Hye, he should be more gentle….By the way, thank to GHSforever, I have no idea that she was telling Dr Lee to throw the Brain pic away 😀

  116. 116 : kanha Says:

    @Jennie: what epi are you watching now ? I hope you can catch up with us soon, so that we can talk about it together 🙂

  117. 117 : KDaddict Says:

    @Mic, hi,
    #113: You made a good pt. Recently I was burned by watching an on-going drama. I got hooked by its actor, but as the show progressed, I really hated the so-called story, or lack thereof, n suffered thru it. It’s safer to watch finished dramas, esp. re the ending. Still traumatized by the ending of 49Ds!
    I’m currently obsessed w Padam2; if its endings sucks, I’ll have to throw things at the computer!

  118. 118 : KDaddict Says:

    You can access tudou outside China? Can you point the way pls? Thank you.

  119. 119 : Jennie Says:

    @kanha Am only on Ep 10 today. Will def try to catch up with you guys so th it’ll be more fun 🙂

    @KDaddict Haha, didn’t know you were watching 49Days. The ending sucked, right? I felt so cheated with the ending but that aside, I enjoyed the drama. As for Brain, no, it’s not a melodrama. Very briefly, it started off as any medical dramas, with lots of medical terms and gross scenes on the operating table. Brain stands out because it becomes personal as the focus falls on Dr Lee KH (Shin). Dr Lee is a man who sticks to his principles and is unpopular with his peers, his juniors and even his own patients. He is a misunderstood character but as the drama progresses, we begin to see the other side of him and starts to appreciate him for what he is. I think the popularity of this drama is not so much of the plot, but rather the acting esp. that of Shin’s and I especially enjoy the dialogues. I personally don’t care much for Choi JW’s acting which is not very different from Stars Falling From The Sky but I put up with her because I am rooting for Dr Lee and I want to see how it ends.

  120. 120 : GHSforever Says:

    no problem, it is always nice to help other people:D

    Anyway did somebody see episode 16 already? The moments and conversations between KH and JH are just hilarious!

  121. 121 : Faizal Says:

    @KDaddict – 111 & 118

    Sorry for the late reply KDaddict. Just managed to surf now.. tough day at work. Yes, I can access tudou outside China. Here’s the link

    Ep 14 http://www.tudou.com/playlist/p/a69753i116266220.html
    Ep 15 http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/jY2GtoxP7Dc/
    Ep 16 http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/SnCMX60Jgzo/

    KDaddict, this is only of the links. There are many in tudou. Some stream faster than others. I’ve gotten the better ones for you 🙂

    @GHSforever -120

    Yes I saw Ep 16. So funny, there’s one scene when he was teaching the other doctors, and he look at Ji Hye. That was nice.. again, he’s playing expensive to get. But Yu Jin is pitiful too.. I think she realised that Kang Hoon loves Ji Hye after all.

  122. 122 : GHSforever Says:

    If you want exactly know why Yu Jin was upset and the conversation between Kh and JH I can write it for you. I did understand what happenend.

  123. 123 : Faizal Says:

    @GHSFforever – 122

    Please please.. please write for me. Thank you very much in advance GHSForever 😉

  124. 124 : Faizal Says:


    By the way, how did Lee Gang Hun manage to come back? Can help me with this a bit? A bit lost

  125. 125 : Mic Says:

    @GHSforever120, yes, isn’t it cute when Dr. Lee admitted so childishly that he was revenging? He managed to portray that cool and arrogant doctor with a childish side so flawlessly! You can just tell that he loves Choi because he was willing to show his childlike side without disguise. 🙂

  126. 126 : GHSforever Says:

    Yoo Jin arranges a meeting with her dad and KH. During the whole meal he didn’t show any interest( he just eat and were the whole time quit) Then the dad asks KH if he knows that Yoo Jin got a daughter and he lies that he did know it although he. Yoo Jin gets upset and leaves.
    Her dad is surprised because Yoo Jin was always the one who told the guys she dated before that she has a child. KH chase after her but she leaves him with the words that she realized that he doesn’t like her. He even tries to call her but she ignores him.

    During the meeting of all the members(Bong Goo; JH; Seungman…etc) KH interupts them and tells them that some of them will have oppurtunities to assist in some interesting surgeries. He choose the other three people and not JH and Seungman.
    JH tells him that he forgot her and Seungman and he responds her with REALLY??? and that there are other profs with whom they can do those surgeries. She says that he does that on purpose just because she said that she won’t like him anymore and she’s gotten over him and he left Seungman out because he got friendly with Seo Joon Suk. The big surprise here is that he didn’t deny it and response with a: YEAAH!!! haha

    By the way, how did Lee Gang Hun manage to come back?
    You know that he saved the CEO in the last episode(the reason why he couldn’t be on the date with YH)
    Well he wants to thank KH for saving him and offers him something( I forgot what it was) but he declines and ask him for another favor. Apparently he plays an important role for the Chunha Hospital because he has to sign something and that’s why he was there at the beginning and that’s the reason why they cared so much about him.
    Anyway CEO gives them the agreement but under one condition that KH can work here again as a assistant prof.Thats why he can work there again.

  127. 127 : GHSforever Says:

    *although he didn’t.

    some writing mistakes:**

  128. 128 : GHSforever Says:

    I know that just killed me. I was like dude you secretly admit it that you like her and that you want her to like you again:D

  129. 129 : Faizal Says:


    Thank you so much for the translation. Yes, I find the part when he said Yes, I am taking revenge very unexpected of him to do that. Usually, he is so stern and fierce, but this time, he showed his childishness.

    I can’t wait for Mon to come. Usually, I have monday blues (dread going to work hehehe), but with Brain, I can’t wait for Monday to come :).

    What do you guys think?

  130. 130 : GHSforever Says:

    no problem:D
    That’s why I like this drama so much.
    But I want to see some cute scenes between them again:D

    And btw JS is so messed up seriously.
    He runs away because of what happened to his patient and it seems like he can’t do surgeries for a while.
    He was so evil in some ways but now I feel sorry for him.

  131. 131 : Faizal Says:

    To all

    Guys/Gals: I found the srt file for Ep 14 and 15 at dramasurfsub. But is not ready yet, and they have not sync it. For those who want to keep with the current episode, what you can do is to open the text file and manual scroll it while you watch the drama on vlc or through streaming. Some of the translation is bad (not edited yet) because they use some translation software.

    here’s the link


    To download the srt file, you need to register as member first. Its easy and its free too 😉

    Yes, I pity JS too… He’s pitiful. I hope this drama will have a happy ending for all, especially for Lee GH and Choi JY. Hopefully, Yu Jin don’t come in between.

  132. 132 : KDaddict Says:

    @Faizal, hi,
    Thanks so much for your help. Sure appreciate it.
    Faizal, Jennie, kanha and all,
    Owing to your strong voices of support, I’m beginning to care abt what will happen to Drs. Lee n Choi even before watching the show! 😉

    49Ds leaves me w a permanent fear of bad endings that bite me in the ass with no warning whatsoever!

  133. 133 : corrie Says:

    the evil guy is Lee Gang Hun,an real devil! Just look at his eyes full of hate! What the hell Yoon Ji have done to him,to act like this this asshole???

  134. 134 : Faizal Says:


    My pleasure. You’re most welcome. Its nice to help someone who enjoys or going to enjoy the drama as much as I do.

  135. 135 : Jennie Says:

    This is getting so exciting for me and I can’t stop watching. My one complaint about this drama is that I wish that Ji Hye’s role is a stronger one, meaning a better doctor professionally who is good at what she does and not a blurry eyed doctor who couldn’t even tie a surgical knot for a third year intern and who squirms when asked to do certain prosedures at the operating table. I prefer her to have more spunk and be more capable as a doctor in order to make it more believeable that two great docs would fall for her, rather like Dr Addison from Private Practice or Meredith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy. Just a thought, tho 😉

  136. 136 : corrie Says:

    I think that if the script continue like that,I mean if Lee Gang hun coninue to be arrogant,selfish and so addict to revenge, the rating of this drama will fall little by little,because the stress is too big ,is very difficult to watch how much people have to suffer cause to the evil behavior of dr. Lee ! I can’t watch it anymore !

  137. 137 : corrie Says:

    I think that if the script continue like that,I mean if Lee Gang hun continue to be arrogant,selfish and so addict to revenge, the rating of this drama will fall little by little,because the stress is too big ,is very difficult to watch how much people have to suffer cause to the evil behavior of dr. Lee ! I can’t watch it anymore !

  138. 138 : GHSforever Says:

    You will see that during the episodes her character will develop and becomes more self-confidence<3
    I really love this drama, and I did not think that I would be so addicted to it.

  139. 139 : Jennie Says:

    @corrie I think the effect is quite the opposite. It is precisely because of Lee GH’s different personalities that has made the ratings improve and set this drama apart from the other medical dramas. He is a character whom we can’t decide to love or hate. We want him to fall but at the same time we are cheering for him. His character is brilliant and intriguing, very different from your prefect KD hero who is kind, rich, goodlooking and perfect in every way 😉

  140. 140 : Myr Says:

    Final of episode 10 is for me an anarchy of emotions. Like..oh gosh!! I couldn’t help but admire, applaud, and feel lucky to have witnessed such a rare acting ability.
    Wow as in WOW, Shin Ha Kyun!!
    You deserve more acting awards..

  141. 141 : Faizal Says:


    Things will get better Myr. You will enjoy Shin Ha Kyun’s portrayal more and more, in particular, when he starts feeling the regret of treating his mother so badly in the past. And how he tries to save her and all that. Once you are at Ep14, right at the start, you see him cry.. wow.. fantastic scene. Tears drop loads without him even blinking. Really good.

  142. 142 : Maggie Says:

    @GHSforever Thank you so much for translating the scenes. Please translate Dr.Lee and Yun jiye conversations in forthcoming episodes too. Will be eagerly waiting for your comments in next week too <3 <3
    🙂 🙂

  143. 143 : janine Says:

    this is a great drama… i don’t like the way dr. lee kang hun treat his mom and dr. yun ji hye… but i like him when he softens himself to dr. yun ji hye although not publicly…. dr. yun ji hye is getting more matured as a doctor as well… can’t wait for monday and tuesday…

  144. 144 : Faizal Says:

    Hi hi GHSforever

    In episode 16, in the first scene between Lee GH and Jun JY, what were they talking about? There was a response when JY said yes, and GH facial expression changed… then I am lost again. heheh. Wondering what it was.

  145. 145 : sabrinasam88 Says:

    faizal,i actually enjoying the show more than desperate housewives and raising hope.not a big fan of korean drama but this one really kick me in.honestly this is the second korean drama i follow right after coffee prince.
    well-written,amazing casts and most importantly the profound effort they put in the studies and research to produced this series.will recommend this for Sundance Award this year.

  146. 146 : Mic Says:

    @corrie136, hi, no offense but I don’t quite get what you meant by people were getting hurt by Dr. Lee’s evil behavior? Who did he actually hurt? And what evil behavior are you referring to?

  147. 147 : Faizal Says:


    That’s great to hear. Yes, this show is really good.

  148. 148 : GHSforever Says:

    JH is given permission to use the external ventricular drain by herself, but KH does not want to allow her that. Jh can’t understand him and insists on doing it.
    KH asks her if she ate something wrong, means like what the hell is wrong with you, and she response with a YES!!
    She says that he does not want her to do it because he wants to stick it to KSC.(rivalry etc.)
    Apparently she will do it and KH monitored her and he sees that she will do it very well, that’s why he smiles.

    Hope I could help you:D

  149. 149 : corrie Says:

    I mean that he so full of himself,he hurt JH so much with his behavior,and he want so much revenge!A real doctor must be more kind with people ,much understanding with his colleagues too,if not,what the hell he has choose to be a doctor?

  150. 150 : corrie Says:

    I mean that he is so full of himself,he hurt JH so much with his behavior,and he want so much revenge!A real doctor must be more kind with people ,much understanding with his colleagues too,if not,what the hell he has choose to be a doctor?

  151. 151 : Mic Says:

    @corrie, hi, yes, you’re right on. I guess that’s the theme of this drama, is to depict how he turns from a self-centered opportunist into a real doctor. 4 more episodes left! 🙂

  152. 152 : Faizal Says:


    Thank you for the help once again for the translation. I understood that part when he asked her about did you eat something wrong.. I can feel my korean improving bit by bit. I think KH was pleased that she has progressed to yet another skill level of a neurosurgeon. I can’t wait for the next episode man. And I can’t wait to see how it ends for this couple.

  153. 153 : Jennie Says:

    Oh whew, I watched Ep 12 will a heavy heart and then with my heart thumping in Ep 13. I really can’t bear to watch Ep 14-don’t know if I can take it and I really don’t know what to expect. Is Dr Kim SC gonna be so bad and evil? The transformation in him is so unexpected and so well executed. Now I understand why everyone is praising Jung’s acting too. My imagination is actually running riot-I imagine Dr Kim using the experiment drugs himself to cure whatever neuro problem he is having, rather like a scene in Frankenstein! Now I have to wait for subs for the other three eps 🙁

  154. 154 : sabrinasam88 Says:


    We both on the same page regarding Dr.Lee.I dislike him right from the start but as the story build up,I realised he is not the person I should loathe for.Dr.Seo is the real culprit of the drama.Being a klutz and such a dork when it comes to Hyu Jin.He is totally overshadowed by the background of his family which enabled him to be the ass.professor.It should`ve been Dr.Lee.Like I said before NO CONNECTION NO POST.That Dr.Lee utterly a brilliant actor.

  155. 155 : sabrinasam88 Says:

    @mic 151 omg 4 more episodes to go?I watched right after my long office hours of auditing and obviously mental traffic congestion after 1900hrs.2 episodes per day in average.Hoping Lee+Jin together everafter.Sorry Seo klutz.

  156. 156 : janine Says:

    can’t believe this drama has 4 episodes left… hope it will have a good ending

  157. 157 : janine Says:

    miss the sweet moments of dr. lee gang hun and dr. yun ji hye…

  158. 158 : aling Says:

    Dr. Kim Sang Chul said ep 10 that your heart is in your brain, so now I say “Shin Ha Kyun, you have my brain”. ^^ great drama, make my heart like thump2 every time I see dr.Lee’s face.

  159. 159 : KDaddict Says:

    Oh gosh! I’ve started watching, and it is 3:00 in the morning! It’s ALL your fault! 😉

  160. 160 : corrie Says:

    Hi,@Mic & @sabrinasam88! I hope so, I want to see him that he feel sorry for making Yoon Ji Hye suffering , to be less selfish,proud and opportunist …and to see him say that he love her!

  161. 161 : roch Says:

    hope kang hoon and ji hye will end up together 🙂

  162. 162 : Mic Says:

    @sabrinasam88 #155, hi, wow, I admire your dedication! 🙂
    Yes, I am waiting for that transformation too.

    @corrie #160, ditto here! Just wish there were more episodes.

    @KDaddict #159, what happened to your new year resolution?? ;-p

  163. 163 : jangerr Says:

    Didn’t expect this. I avoided this drama partly because of the sorry saga before the start of the drama and partly because I don’t know the lead actor at all and I don’t like the lead actress.

    But I happened to catch an episode on cable accidentally and I was totally intrigued. Especially by the lead actor, Shin. Was mesmerised by his acting! He’s not particularly good looking but boy, he is one amazing actor! I decided to catch the following episode… and I’m hooked!

    I’ve just started watching it properly from the beginning and can now say that I’m a true blue ‘Brainatic’!!!

  164. 164 : Mic Says:

    @jangerr163, welcome to the club! 🙂

  165. 165 : KDaddict Says:

    Which ep did you happen to catch on tv that made u fall in love? I’ve started but don’t want to start fr ep 1.

  166. 166 : KDaddict Says:

    I have a question:
    In terms of the acting, how do you guys think Shin’s acting compares to Jung Woo Sung’s in Padam Padam?

  167. 167 : sabrinasam88 Says:

    @corrie 160 oh yeah finger cross.He is a douche lord though.just say it out loud and keep on ditching that lunatic woman whose all over him.

    @mic162 anything that helps to compensate my pesky workloads daily.I find BRAIN is a brilliant drug for my prognosis.HEHE.Obviously I dont need FFP(fresh frozen platelet/plasma).

    @janger163 Same here.The only korean drama I watched for the past 14yrs of my life is coffee prince and brain is the second one.Welcome to the club.

  168. 168 : sabrinasam88 Says:

    @janger163 Same here.The only korean drama I watched for the past 24yrs of my life is coffee prince and brain is the second one.Welcome to the club.People does change.Its a matter of when and why thats all.Brain casts I have no idea who they are never seen them before but thats not an issue as the drama is beyond perfect and intriguing.

  169. 169 : Faizal Says:

    Just to share.. English Subs for Ep 14 and 15 is up at Dramaload. Here’s the link


    Enjoy yeah 😉

  170. 170 : Jennie Says:

    @Faizal TQ so much for the links. You just saved me from another no KDs with subs weekend n exactly what I was waiting for too! 😀

  171. 171 : Anna Says:

    Hey guys,

    I am not really sure what to make of the latest eps 14 to 16. I mean, is Dr Lee getting all too caught up in his revenge and ambition? Is that what the other doctors such as Ji Hye is also seeing? But no one is even suspecting Dr Kim of anything evil… maybe because he is too well-respected. I also didnt like that Dr Lee couldnt even show his real affections for Ji Hye and does not even seem remorseful about not turning up for their what could have been, the first date?

    I watched ep 16 raw and I saw that (thanks to bits of info from other forums), after that rich girl’s dad asked Dr Lee whether he knew she has a daughter and that he said yes, the rich girl walked out. Quite annoyingly to me at least, Dr Lee sorta looked at her in a sad? Sorry? way.. I hope that this does not mean that he has any feelings for her…

  172. 172 : Faizal Says:


    You’re welcome Jennie. I’m waiting for Ep 16 in Eng subs, though I’ve watched the raw version at tudou. Able to understand fragments of Korean, though I hope, it could have been better.

  173. 173 : Faizal Says:

    @Anna – 171

    The crews and cast of Brain are still shooting the last 3 episodes. Its going to be complete, but from online forums that I have seen, all the Director would say is, “something really exciting” in store. Well, it remains to be seen what that is. I just hope its a happy ending and I hope LGH and JJH will be together, and Yu Jin (the rich girl) is out of the picture.

  174. 174 : janine Says:

    Can’t bear to think that this drama will end soon…. Each episode is somtething to look forward to….

  175. 175 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 7:
    I watched ep 7. Don’t find it as sensational as you guys say. Dr. Lee is not exactly a bad guy in this ep., but is not the kind of doctor that I’d want.
    Who is the girl in the hotel room? A fling? She seems smitten w him. At least he’s not the kind to string a girl along.
    The main actress, Dr. Yoon, has surgically-carved double eye-lids. The L one (rt side on the screen) is crooked. She is none too pleasing, but not offensive.
    The actor who plays Dr. Kim is 10 years older than Shin in real life. But the 2 men look similar in age.
    The actor who plays Dr. Seo, Lee’s contemporary also played a bad guy in his previous drama, I hate you but it’s fine. He probably has that kind of face.
    There is one eye-candy in the show: Cute little Harry Potter. He was Kang Ji Hwan’s sec in LTM. 🙂

  176. 176 : Anna Says:

    @ Faizal

    Is that so? I hope their “Exciting” meets our “exciting”. Lol. In any case, considering that Dr Lee and Ji Hye actually won Best Couple Award in the recents Awards event, even when the show isnt over… it would be a bit strange if they do not end up together. So I also really hope Yu Jin will definitely be out of the picture!

  177. 177 : KDaddict Says:

    So is Prof Kim the one who killed Dr. Lee’s father on the operating table?

  178. 178 : Faizal Says:


    Yes, the Brain crews said that Ep 18 and beyond.. lots of love seen between Lee GH and Jun JY. But they are very tight lipped about this. There is a very active group in facebook, dedicated towards Brain. All the behind the scene pictures, latest news, and discussions about them are on, REALLY on throughout the day.. its like 24/7 they are discussing on Shin Ka Hyun. Exciting. here’s the link if you would like to go there


    By the way, I joined on Wed 3 Jan 2012, and I’m getting all nice updates. The people there are nice.


    Yes, Prof Kim is the one that did killed Lee G H father.

  179. 179 : KDaddict Says:

    Has this medical negligence been exposed yet?
    End of Ep 10: Dr. Lee kneels down b4 Prof Kim. Does Prof Kim manage to use the experimental drug to save his mother?
    I believe that Drs Lee n Yoon will be together, tho I fear for her for catching such an iceberg; it’ll take a while to melt.

  180. 180 : Faizal Says:


    Medical negligence not exposed yet.
    Yes, they used the experimental drug in Ep 12. But then, the drug has no effect on his mother. She passed on in Ep 13.

  181. 181 : KDaddict Says:

    Thx for the answer. It saves me fr staying up till 4:00 tonite!
    I’ve only watched 4 eps so far (7-10), but I don’t see any evidence of Lee as a bad person. He is cold as ice, sure, but he is also lonely n sad. Women love these strong n silent types; they hope to capture, then transform them! Yeek!
    Rather, I think the evil ones r Asst Prof Seo, whose father is a sr. doc in the same hosp, and Dr. Go, who has a management position. Seo just wants to oust Lee cos he feels threatened, plus he likes Yoon. Dr. Go needs to leach onto sb else’s research as he is incapable of doing it himself. He seems to be a real low-life to me. And if Prof Kim is covering up his mistake fr 20 years ago, well, anyone who has a dark secret will have a dark side. So I guess, the plot thickens!
    The rich girl, Yu Jin is so rich, so pretty that she must have men falling over her; so what does she do? Find one who won’t even look at her, to work on in order to win him over, of course! Haha!

  182. 182 : Anna Says:

    I totally cant wait for eps 17 and 18.. I hope these eps will put a smile on my face! Although I have to watch them in RAW version first.. sigh!

  183. 183 : KDaddict Says:

    Has anyone seen Shin’s previous drama, Harvest Villa, with Lee Bo Young? The synopsis sounds might interesting.

  184. 184 : KDaddict Says:

    Did you guys read the Note above the Ratings? 3 other actors were cast; they all left after the 1st script reading! That sounds funny. Wonder what happened! The seriousness of the script scared them off? Hahaha.

  185. 185 : maroko Says:

    amazing drama, it keeps getting better and better, i just hope for an extension!

  186. 186 : corrie Says:

    @KDaddict-166, in therms of the acting,they are both of them very talented,but Jung Woo Sung is much more good looking ,and for that , he can play in any sort of movies ,not only in comedies or thriller ones like Shin Ha Kyun,don’t you think so too?

  187. 187 : Mic Says:

    @KDaddict 183, I saw a little of Harvest Villa. Shin portrayed a very very different character and he did it very well also. I just wanted to see his acting as a different character so I only took a peek of the series.

  188. 188 : KDaddict Says:

    I think Shin is good looking too, in his way. 😉 No doubt they r both talented actors. I just wonder why so many ppl r raving abt Shin’s acting, but not JWS’s in PP?
    I’m itching to look at Harvest Villa too. It’d be nice if we don’t need to sleep!

  189. 189 : neuronurse Says:

    can u give me a link of ep16 wit eng sub! tnx!

  190. 190 : Faizal Says:

    @KDAddict-181, 183 & 188

    Ep 1 to 6 portrays a lot of Shin Ha Kyun’s role as a bad person. He ill treated his juniors, crash head on with Prof Gim and he did what ever it takes to get to that Asst Prof position. But then, he stepped on so many people’s toes. And he hated his mother, because he thought that she slept with another man and bore a half sister as a result. The reality is, his mum did not. She ran away because his father became an alchoholic and kept on abusing her when she was pregnant. Its his sister from the same father. That’s when he started to soften up and he really did and cried. Watch Ep 13 and 14 (at the beginning part). You will see what i mean.

    Shin Ha Kyun played quite a geek in Harvest Villa. His hairstyle, clothing all so different. He really looked like he came from another planet if you compare him to Brain. Harvest villa is a bit slow, heating up only in the 2nd half, ie ep 7 onwards.

    Personally, I think Jung Wo sung is more good looking, but Shin Ha Kyun is good looking in his own way. Well, they are actors, but in real person, like during interviews, Shin Ha Kyun looks like he is such a shy man. At the 2011 KBS red carpet, when he appeared, he was stumped and lost for words when the host asked him question 🙂

  191. 191 : jangerr Says:


    It might be better if you start from episode 1 onwards as what I’m doing now. Then you’ll have an better understanding of the other side of Shin’s character. He was supremely conceited, arrogant, overbearing, hard, driven and seemingly devoid of feelings. What I find amazing is Shin’s ability to be all these and yet he gives a flicker of something else within. And this he shows only through his eyes. You get a glimpse of a tension within him, a glimpse of a tortured soul. So while you hate him, you don’t want him to fall… While you can’t stand his actions, you silently emphatise with him…

    As for Harvest Villa, it is definitely worth watching. In fact, I feel it is really underrated. The shocker for me is when I realised he is the same actor as Brain. He was so-oooo different! That’s how good Shin is. He really gets into the skin of the character he plays!

    I wouldn’t compare Shin and JWS. Both are great thespians in their own right. As Faizal has pointed out, JWS is this incredibly good looking hunk of a man and that gives him an edge over Shin in romantic roles and in getting support from female audience. However, I found him ‘too pretty’ for action dramas like Athena. What I love about both of them though is when given the right roles, they more than deliver!

  192. 192 : KDaddict Says:

    @Faizal, jangerr-190,191,
    As I said to corrie in 188, I found Shin good looking in his way. He may not be a heart throb, but his face has definite char., esp. in Brain.
    I went n looked at Harvest Villa (finished eps 1 & 2). I think those who have seen HV, would appreciate Shin even more. He took 2 chars that r polar opposites, n make both believable. I hope he does more tv dramas. I’m glad the original cast left after the 1st reading. 😉
    TQ both for telling me the back story, cos his “badness” doesn’t show thru in ep 7-10. I didn’t get any Jekyll & Hyde vive fr him. Just found him to have a lot on his mind, n mighty little (warmth/love) in his heart.
    BTW, I don’t believe in such a thing as “too pretty” for action dramas. Athena has its own pitfalls, none of them have to do w JWS (being too pretty). He exudes a different air in his action roles. In Athena, he brings to mind a much younger Pierce Brosnan as James B.
    Call me a cynic, whenever I hear of v shy actors, whether it be LeeMH, ParkSH, et al., there is a part in my brain that refuses to go along. Could the shyness also be an act, used as protective cover from prying eyes?!
    Goodness! Now I’ve to “chase up on” HV as well!

  193. 193 : Mic Says:


    Well said. You said exactly what I think about Shin.

  194. 194 : KDaddict Says:

    This is an exceptional drama. (Just finished watching eps7-13). It’s a pleasure to watch a bunch of veteran actors get roles that allow them to act their hearts out. Not only Shin, but his mother, his boss Prof Kim, they all knock my socks off.
    Only a young inexperienced actor, like her sister, will yell till your eardrums hurt at the death of a loved one. After a battle w terminal illness, the family understands that there is no way around death, that we have to let them go. We sob, we shiver, we’ve been worrying, losing sleep for months or weeks; we have no energy left to scream like that.
    I don’t have any problem w the main actress. I think she does a decent enough job, tho in the hands of an accomplished actress, the angst, emotions will be brought up a notch. Will we be able to stand it then?

  195. 195 : KDaddict Says:

    Isn’t Prof Kim coming down w some kind of psychosis?

  196. 196 : a longchar Says:

    the brain drama is too good. I like Shin acting. His acting is better than reality. Wish shin good luck and success and looking forward to watch more of his dramas.

  197. 197 : a longchar Says:

    The Brain drama is a different kind and like it very much. Shin acting is too good .wish him good luck and more success.

  198. 198 : kanha Says:

    Its Monday, Episode 17 is gonna air tonight , its getting closer to the final but I don’t want Brain to end so soon…..missing Brain already.

  199. 199 : guest Says:

    I love this drama and shin’s acting is superb

  200. 200 : corrie Says:

    Shin is good for comedies & thriller movies,not for romance movies,his face is funny ,is not good looking at all! And he began to make me headaches to look at him at the end of this drama! By the way,will we saw until the end that all the main characters will have problems with the brain!???

  201. 201 : janine Says:

    Am glad that song seung hun did not accept the role of dr. lee kang hun. Am glad that it was shin ha kyun, the role suits him! i think dr. kim is repaying his senior professor, during his attending doctor, days by protecting dr. lee kang hun from his shortcomings. dr. kim sees his younger self on dr. lee kang hun… i hope to see a good relationship between dr. lee kang hun and dr. kim at the end of this drama…

    can’t bear to think only 4 episodes remaining and it will be over… but then, it is a good drama indeed!!!

  202. 202 : Jennie Says:

    The portrayal of the cast in this drama is awesome especially Dr Lee, Dr Kim and Dr Seo. They have such split personalities that I can’t decide whether they are bad or good, pretending to be good or bad or sometimes bad or good or all time bad or good! I get confused all the time and the brilliant acting of course add on to my confusion! One thing that I do know is in Ep 14, our heroine is showing that she has some spunk and a brain after all! I am real upset with Dr Lee in Ep 14 & 15 and am really glad that she ditched him as any normal person would do!! But then of course I’m looking forward also to their romantic moments together in Ep 18 as Faizal has mentioned. I hope she makes him go down on his knees to ask for forgiveness!!

  203. 203 : jangerr Says:

    Hi fellow Brainatics! I can’t wait to catch up with you guys! I’ve started watching the show only last week and am now at ep 7… I’m moving very slowly partly because I’m quite busy and partly because I’m taking my time savouring every moment of the show…

  204. 204 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 14 is a special ep. It doesn’t offer one climax, but several, each one grabs u by the collar! Bravo!
    The female Director of the hosp somehow makes me think of Judy Dench in James Bond.
    Prof Kim has been losing much wt; his face is noticeable taunter in this ep.
    In ep 15, when Dr. Lee smiles at Dr. Go around 50 mins., it is quite an erie smile, like a crocodile smile!
    Dr. Lee maybe an interesting char to watch, but better to stay away fr such tormented men.
    I find Dr. Seo’s char to be well written but not well performed. That actor has a small range of expressions compared to his colleagues.
    On to ep 16 n Loving it!

  205. 205 : kanha Says:

    @Jangerr: Yeah, you are a bit slow,hehe, but we still have 2 more weeks to go. So hope you catch up soon and wrap up the final altogether 😀

    @KDaddict: Phewwww…its nice to know that you love it 😉 .

  206. 206 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 16 teaches us to go to a univ teaching hosp with care? Who knows how their internal politics would affect their decisions that impact on the patient.
    @kanha, jangerr, hi,
    Medical Ds r not my thing, but I do like ep 7-16. I can do w/out ep 1-6 in which Lee is an asshole. If I had started there, I’d have been pissed off too much to cont.

  207. 207 : Marc Says:

    i will miss this drama when it’s over. every episode makes me emotional because of the great performances. shin ha-kyun has very insightful acting skills – the best i have seen in my life.

    it’s still episode 11 here in the philippines.

  208. 208 : Anna Says:

    The last medical drama i watched was Ob and Gyn.. that was crapppppp. HAHA. The ending… was when the two leads finally got together.. and even then there was no certainty to their relationship because the actress asked the actor to go the US an that she will visit him when shes on break.. but considering they are doctors…

  209. 209 : kanha Says:

    @KDaddict: Yeah, I can feel that you watch Brain out of curiosity (maybe ) as many people keep compliment about the great acting of the actors.Even so, its nice to have you and everyone here talking about Brain 🙂

  210. 210 : corrie Says:

    this drama become a thriller one,anyone have some problems with the brain! ha,ha,ha!

  211. 211 : boim Says:

    Need any spoiler or anything bout ep 17 pls, cz i’m having “brain stucked” right now :p cant think, cant sleep n’ crazily browsing to find latest brain recap, pics watever kkk *pheww*

  212. 212 : corrie Says:

    @boim,and all the others,please sleep well,I begging you,OTHERWISE YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS WITH YOUR BRAIN,MEN!

  213. 213 : sansi Says:

    This series doesn’t even need an OST’. One of the best dramas I have seen so far. After finishing episode 13, while I was waiting the English Sub for the next episodes, I watched the drama Harvest Villa with Shin Ha Kyun. He did a great job there too, but his character in that drama was different. After finishing it, I was afraid that when I will start again watching Brain, I will see Dr. Lee Kang Hun from a different perspective, because of his acting in Harvest Villa. But no way that would happen. Shin Ha Kyun is so good in playing Lee Kang Hun, that I came back instantly to the Chunha University Hospital, like I have never watched other drama with Shin Ha Kyun. He is amazing. The actors playing Dr. Kim and Dr. Seo, they are also so good ! This is the best cast that could have been chosen for this drama.

  214. 214 : sansi Says:

    I have finished episode 14. Dr. Kim is gradually loosing control of his brain because of his past memories. His behavior is changing. He is not the calm and calculated doctor from the beginning of the series. I am curious how this behavior of his will develop.

  215. 215 : Anna Says:

    boim: there isnt much development between our hot tension couple! ARGH. Some staring here and there which implies, interest. LOL. And of course how Dr Gim’s mental condition worsens to the point where he seems manic towards the end of ep 17. Not sure where the unpredictability of the story will be but looking at how Dr Seo is having some phobia issues of not being able to perform surgery and Dr Gim turning maniacal…. looks like Dr Lee is the only one to help them.

  216. 216 : corrie Says:

    @marc207:are you such an old guy, if you haven’t saw another talented actors yet ???

  217. 217 : jangerr Says:


    Hmmm… 2 more weeks to go, eh? Must try and speed up then. Actually I’ve been following the show on cable from ep 5 onwards. But since it’s so good, I decided to start from the beginning while still following the later episodes on cable. So it shouldn’t be too difficult to catch up. Just need to watch those I’ve seen on cable very quickly.

  218. 218 : corrie Says:

    sorry,but this drama have too much episodes,16 maybe it was better than 20…it over limits !

  219. 219 : corrie Says:

    sorry,but this drama have too much episodes,16 maybe it was better than 20…it’s over limits !

  220. 220 : sansi Says:

    @corrie : You are right. If it is too long I think the quality is not the same…

  221. 221 : kanha Says:

    @Jangerr: yeah, speed up !!! 😉

  222. 222 : sansi Says:

    Brain, Episode 15 : The Return of the King . Really a bad guy this Lee Kang Hun.

  223. 223 : jangerr Says:


    Yeah… I’m doing some serious marathoning now…

    As I progress along the episodes, I come to appreciate the leading lady more and more too… Initially I thought she was a mere ‘flower vase’, someone who can be ignored and overlooked, but now I find that she’s an interesting foil to Kang Hun’s boorishness, arrogance and prickiness. Her warmth, smiles and liveliness, while making Kang Hun’s negative traits more pronounced, are also instrumental in softening them.

  224. 224 : sabrinasam88 Says:

    i cant watch episode 16.no eng subs available.anyone suggestions????

  225. 225 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 17 Summary:
    Prof’s Kim’s conditions worsens. His eyesight becomes blurry while he is operating. His teenage patient flatlines. No one else is available; Dr. Lee is called to the rescue. Prof. Kim wants Lee to continue the operation one way; Lee wants to do it another. Finally Kim gives up his authority over the case, n walks out of the OT.
    Dr. Seo’s fear of patients n procedures is a phobia that results fr the young pregnant woman’s death while under his care. Don’t you find Seo is portrayed w a limited range of expressions? I don’t think Lee was nasty to the pregnant young woman; Rather he was candid w her abt her chances of carrying the baby to term when she has a tumor growing in her head. And he was right!
    Lee has to stop the operation becos the young patient’s brain pr becomes too hi. The operation is recorded by the micro-camera, and also by a regular vid-cam that Lee asked an intern to bring in for use.
    Yu Jin’s little daughter passes out. She is rushed to that hosp for Lee to operate on. Dr. Yoon is a good kind lady; she comforts Yu Jin in her hour of need. Her daughter recovers.
    Next day, the teenager falls into a “condition of deep sleep”, a coma? His parents hold the hosp responsible. Lee is convinced that he did no wrong. One of the interns deletes the recording fr the micro-camera so that there won’t be any evidence against Lee or the hosp. The intern thinks he is being protective, but Lee is mad becos now he has no proof that he did no wrong. He goes looking for the disc from the vid-cam, but that too is missing!
    Diff staff members notice that Kim has been behaving strangely. Now look who is being Jekyll n Hide! He goes to see a doctor; it is confirmed that, irony of ironies, he has a brain tumor himself! It is causing impairment in his sight n control of his emotions. Does that mean that ppl who have low EQ r born that way? 😉
    Lee goes looking for Prof Kim abt his handling of the teenage boy’s case, but finds Kim cowering in a corner of his own office, in the dark. When Lee approaches, Kim apologizes profusely. Lee can see that sth is v wrong w Kim. End of ep.
    I love Dr. Harry Potter. He looks abt 15 when Lee’s sister takes off his glasses.
    Da Si, who likes the head nurse, has such a kind face. I don’t think he can ever play a villain.

  226. 226 : KDaddict Says:

    I hope my post #225 helps you sleep. But things will work out for Lee as a doctor; he may even end up being the Director of their new Brain Center; Anyway, he’ll be vindicated; n things will work out for him n Yoon as a couple. Don’t worry.
    As for Kim, his tumor may or may not be the end of him as a doctor, but his guilt over killing Lee’s father may.

  227. 227 : Faizal Says:

    @KDaddict -225&226

    Thank you for the synopsis. It underscores most of my understanding, even though I don’t have the subs. Best still, I could understand what they were saying most of the time… Weeee… so happy. But going for Korean class in 2 weeks time already.

    At 226, I hope this is the ending man. If it ends this way, I’ll be very happy for LGH and YJH.

  228. 228 : Mic Says:

    This drama might not have those traditional love scenes that most of us are craving for, but I find it really sweet how Lee always loses his cool and acts totally childish in front of Yoon. He is always cold when facing other people, including Jang, but he is now always childish in front of Yoon.

  229. 229 : Faizal Says:


    Yes, totally agree. Ep 18 just ended now in korea. I’m waiting for it to be uploaded to Tudou or youtube soon 🙂

  230. 230 : corrie Says:

    Hei,225,here you are again to tell us what it happen also in this drama too??? you have anything to do,such your homework,,for example? PLEASE,LET US WATCH THE MOVIES BY OURSELVES! apropo,cate carti ai citit in ultima vreme,baietel?

  231. 231 : kanha Says:

    @KDaddict: wow, you are quite fast…TQ… Now I have to go back and finish epi 17.

  232. 232 : GHSforever Says:

    Seems like you already did a recap of episode 17 so I don’t have to do one again:D
    Btw great recap. Do you also understand korean?:D

    Well some people appreciate it if somebody do those summaries because they watch the episode but they don’t understand it because they did not learn korean, and the subs always take too long so it is very helpful if somebody summaries the episode. Besides it needs alot of effort. We have a easy solution about the problem: If you don’t want to know what happened, then please DON’T READ it.

  233. 233 : Esther Says:

    Hi all,

    I just found this web site and have followed all of your conversation about the Brain. It make always want to know what happened with LGH and YJH. Have not seen it from very beginning but plan to do so. Just watched the 12th episode in KBS channel in Jakarta. Thank you for all of your sharing. Really like it.

  234. 234 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi guys,
    Good for u that u get most of it! I think that’s cos you’r so into this show. “Going for Korean class in 2 weeks’ time”, spoken like a serious KD fan! Good luck n have fun w hangul class. Su gu se yo!
    This KD is the exception to the rule, not a romance per se. It’s good to get an alternative, isn’t it?
    I just joined this thread 3-4 Ds ago. Didn’t know u were recapping. I saw boim’s plea in 211, n gave a quick sum up. Please, you do it again, as before. 😀

  235. 235 : Mic Says:


    Hi, For your information, Da Si who like the head nurse, played a real jerk in A Thousand Kisses, really annoying jerk. Not exactly a villain, but he would really make you hate him. So, I guess he is a good actor with many faces.

    Good recap by the way!

  236. 236 : Faizal Says:


    Could you help me with Ep 18 scene when LGH and GSC was discussing where he showed the memory card? And the last bit in the operating theatre. Didn’t quite understand that.

    There is also this part where he turned and asked Yun JH to keep quiet and he pretended to leave the room.

    Thank you in advance for your help yeah.

  237. 237 : KDaddict Says:

    You must be new. All KD forums contain recaps. Some sites r famous for them. Ppl read them for many reasons. Obviously, if u don’t want to know what happens in the story, u shouldn’t read them.
    As per your complaint on the Padam Padam thread, I’ve been writing recaps on this site for years. No one ever complained. Whenever u see my name, pls skip that post. Then u don’t have to jump on me in diff languages on diff threads.

    I haven’t seen Da Si b4. He seems like such a puppy, carrying a torch for the head nurse.; it’s lovely. I’d like to check out what he looks like as an annoying jerk. TQ for the tip. One KD leads to another, n another…
    Now why it took me 10 mins to write that Brain recap, but 40+ mins to do a PP one is beyond me!? 🙂

  238. 238 : torri Says:

    hi guys i have been reading your comments and all and to be honest , i find it very interesting and some of them make me laugh, i for one dont mine the recaps of the dramas because it does take a while to the get eng sub on the website , and i also do understand those who do not like to have the recap before they actualy watch the ep . but am sure all those who make comments are very smart people people , so to me dont read the recaps if it ruin your fun for the ep ahead that way those who like knowing the recaps to can read ahead before tehy watch the ep ahead , . that way we are happy here , thanks

  239. 239 : Mic Says:



  240. 240 : Mic Says:

    Oops, I meant to say yes, “nod nod”. 🙂

  241. 241 : Mic Says:

    Oh, I feel so sad when Jung was walking the yellow tactile strips.

  242. 242 : Mic Says:

    @Faizal-227, Korean lesson, so exciting! 힘내세요!

  243. 243 : imhel Says:

    @KAddict Appreciate your summary…don’t pay attention to the likes of @corrie…I agree with the comments of GHSForever….SYNOPSIS ARE MUCH APPRECIATED for all english speaking ppl who are starting to learn the Korean language. Waiting for the english subs are very FRUSTRATING, ANNOYING and AGGRAVATING….Thanks for the recaps.

    @corrie = #230 If you see the recaps….just don’t read them…..Leave them as is for the benefit of the others who appreciated the SYNOPSIS and who are frustrated, annoyed and aggravated by those DELAYED ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

  244. 244 : Faizal Says:


    Yep yep Mic. I will be doing it this time. Though I begin to understand more, I want to be able to read and write too. Enrolling in the Beginner’s class first, Level 1 at 10 lessons. Heheheh. I hope it won’t be too difficult.

    I hope to be good enough to take the Topik exam. Then, I can rely less on the Eng subs and can help to recap episodes too in future.

    Hwaiting 😉

  245. 245 : KDaddict Says:

    @torri, Mic-238, 240,
    There are all kinds of ppl on the internet. Not all of them r smart as u say, or nice. Most r. They r the ones who make coming here a joy. Once in a while u do run into a lunatic tho.
    @imhel-243, @Faizal,
    TQ for speaking up. That person has been hammering me abt recaps on Padam2 thread too. Yikes!
    Isn’t it great that KDs instill in us a love of all things Korean to the extent that we want to learn Korean too? Having a new language opens the door into a culture. It’s a truly exciting step.

  246. 246 : roch Says:

    2 episodes left…hoping for a happy ending…

  247. 247 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 18:
    is not a final ep, but has the mood n feel of one.
    Dr. Lee’s ambition n expertise r finally paying off. He gets vindicated all around! Yeah!
    His strife w Dr. Kim is also resolved in a most touching manner. This is pay-off time. What’s left is the kissy-kiss!
    You’ve been recapping, so pls continue.

  248. 248 : jangerr Says:


    Thanks so much for your recaps! Love reading them especially after I’ve watched the episode to relive the moments and also to see if there’s anything I’ve missed out. I try very hard not to read it before I watched a particular episode to keep the element of surprise but alas, sometimes I just can’t help it… especially when an episode takes too long to be uploaded…

    Just one request, KD dear. Can you do a more detailed recap, like what you’re doing for PP? I love reading some of those aside remarks that you include in your recaps! They are usually so spot on and funny! Pretty please?

  249. 249 : GHSforever Says:

    Sorry guys but it seems like I cannot do the recap for episode 18 because I really don’t have the time right now, therefore I searched for a good summary and found this on the Fb page of Brain:
    It is a really good summary and I hope you guys can understand the episode now.

    Btw of course I will try to do the summaries of the two last episode, so don’t worry about it.

  250. 250 : KDaddict Says:

    @jangerr, hi,
    Sb complained bitterly that I recapped, on this thread as well as PP’s, in 3 languages, English, French, n this one from #230:
    “apropo,cate carti ai citit in ultima vreme,baietel?”
    which Google translate tells me is Romanian, n means:
    “how many books have you read lately, boy?” 😀

    Seriously, I only got on this thread a few days ago. As the new kid on the block, I don’t think I ought to butt in. Past eps have already been lovingly recapped by GSHforever. It’s best that she finishes this series.

    Since GHSforever can’t do the recap for Ep 18, I’ll do a short one:

    Spoiler Alert: Ep 18-Summary:
    Ep 18 is not the final ep, but it has the mood n feel of one.
    I think Dr. Lee finally finally becomes a true doctor when he sees his mother’s face on his young patient, who is in critical condition on the operating table!
    Dr. Lee is ascending to the pinnacle of his career, by finding the disc fr the vid-cam that proves he has done no wrong in the young man’s op, n by being the one to operate on the country’s premier neurologist.
    The personal strife between these 2 men r also solved. They r exactly alike in their perfectionism n ambition. They r both obsessive nuts abt their careers. It’s v touching that Kim doesn’t want Lee to have to feel any remorse in his professional life. He suffered it for 20 yrs himself, n doesn’t wish it on Lee. He has done what he can to absolve Lee of it, twice: once when he takes responsibility for the boy’s poor condition, n once for the outcome of his own op. In the last min. of this ep, two driven nuts turn into two dedicated doctors n vulnerable men in the blink of an eye! I find that as tender n moving as any scene betwn 2 love birds.
    When Dr. Seo volunteers to be Lee’s asst in the operation, he is acknowledging Lee’s superiority as a doctor, loud n clear. Lee is vindicated on all fronts. His ambition n talent bring him to where he deserves to be. Now he is gaining a heart as a doc too.
    Now we await the melting of the iceberg in the arms of Dr. Yoon…..

  251. 251 : kanha Says:

    Haha….so I’m waiting for the kiss kiss and kiss 😉 Thank for the recaps, KDaddict !!!

  252. 252 : KDaddict Says:

    GHSForever says she is busy. To repay you for your kindness in sharing the links to this drama w me, I’d like to answer your Qns in her place:
    When Lee finds the disc n sees that what is on it proves that he made no mistake in the op, he goes to confront Kim, to ask him why he took the blame. Does Kim mean to use it to blackmail him later? He threatens to tell the world the truth the next day, at noon, UNLESS Kim allows him to operate on his brain tumor, b4 then! Clever use of opportunity, isn’t it?
    As for the last bit in the OT, it really brought tears to my eyes. “SPOILER ALERT–OTHERS DONT READ”:
    Kim: What happened was not your fault (meaning the young boy). What happens is not your fault. Whatever happens to me will not be your fault. If I do not come back, it just means it is time for me to go, to leave. Alright, let’s do it.
    You can see everyone around the op table swallowing hard. The intern is abt to shave Kim’s hair. It is touching that Lee asks for the shaver: I’ll do it. In that simple gesture, he humbles himself towards Kim. It is an act of love, as much as an act of servitude.
    Ep 14 was my fav ep. But this is my fav moment of this show so far.
    TQ for the links again-One gd turn deserves another. Plus as an addict, I know how it feels to want to know a pt in an ep.

  253. 253 : Faizal Says:


    Thank you so much for the translation. 🙂

    Yes, the ending of Ep 18 makes me so sad. Especially, when the Director starts telling Lee GH what happened to Prof Kim. I think, Lee GH is slowly turning over a new leaf.

    A bit sad that the show is ending though. If only its a bit longer to develop the story of the couple 😉

  254. 254 : KDaddict Says:

    You r welcome. Oh, I missed your last Qn:
    Yoon overheard abt Kim’s brain tumor, n his refusal for treatment. She is abt to join in the conversation. Lee asks her to be quiet. She wants to talk Kim into getting an op, but Lee advises against it. (So that he can pull that little trick on Kim no doubt).
    Yeah, too bad it’s coming to an end. But we knew that the show isn’t a romance. Now that Lee has grown a heart, forgiven Kim for killing his father, n in the next 2 eps. will get the girl, there is no place for it to go. Yoon is sweet n loves him, afraid there is no story there.
    Since u love gt acting, I strongly recommend Padam2. The acting there will knock your socks off too!

  255. 255 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi, you r most welcome. It’s always nice to see you. You r right; I started watching this out of curiosity, n end up liking it a lot. I’m glad u guys raved abt it so!
    What else r u watching?
    I also love METS; it’s in its 3rd ep now. Happy happy!

  256. 256 : GHSforever Says:

    Thank you very much for the help of the recap:)
    I am glad that you could help me this time:D
    God I wish there were more romantic scenes between JH and KH.
    Only two more episodes and then this awesome drama will end.
    This makes me kinda sad._.
    I wanted to start watching Padam Padam, but I am not quite sure to watch it because of the possible ‘sad ending’. I really can’t see sad dramas. I will cry like there is no tomorrow:*
    The only sad drama I have watched was 49 days and that was basically because of Jo Hyun Jae.
    I am currently watching Brain, Hooray for love, Take care of us, Captain, METS, Twinkle, Twinkle and Bride of the sun:D

  257. 257 : torri Says:

    @ GHSforever ,
    hope you can help , i have watch just one ep of Hooray for love but am not sure if it is that good , i the only kdrama i have watch with 50 ep is my love by my side and it was worth the troulbe so am just wondering is hooray for that captivating and good for me to keep watching

  258. 258 : GHSforever Says:

    Well, I think it is worth watching it.
    At the beginning I started to watch A thousand kisses, but I did not like it that much, so I searched for another drama and then I found this drama, and I like it much more than a thousand kisses.The adorable moments between the lawyer and Jae Mi are just so cute.
    But you have to be aware of the complicated family issues etc. Anyway I guess there will be more episodes than 50.

  259. 259 : Hani - Malaysia Says:

    I’m so addicted with this drama..I’ve Dr. Lee in my dream for the past couple of night. I think it is now easy for me to let go this drama for quite sometime.

    Shin/Dr. Lee, I think I’ve fallen in love with you. You are the best korean actor to me.

  260. 260 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m happy to help, but it is your baby, so I defer to you next week. 🙂
    I watched Twinkle Twinkle. I liked it, esp. becos of Lee Yuri, the actress playing the bad sister. I hated her char, but all the time realized that the actress did a good job. I left many comments on that thread too.
    I also strongly dislike sad dramas, but the main body of Padam2 is not sad. IMO, it is a show NOT to be missed, for JWS’s acting; I didn’t expect it, but Kim Bum is doing a bang up job. The main chars too r just too lovely Not to get to know. Sometimes it is good to have a mixture of diff genres in what we r watching, u know, a comedy, a saguek, a medical drama, a slower n quieter show, etc.
    Brain is wrapping up nicely. We’ve seen Dr.Lee grow. His issues r resolved satisfactorily. I guess it’s sort of like raising children, as the kids grow up, parents have to say goodbye, n take consolation that they’ve grown up well! ;-P

  261. 261 : GHSforever Says:

    The main reason because I watch Twinkle, Twinkle right now is Kim Hyun Joo. I think she is such a good actress and I loved her in Boys before flowers.
    But you are right Lee Yuri did such a great job in this drama. I mean I hate her almost the whole time haha. I am currently in episode 48 and the break up scene was so sad. God I cried too</3
    I watch METS only because of Jung Il Woo. After his Scheduler role in 49 days and Cha Chi Soo, I am so in love with him<3
    Can't wait to see him on screen again.

  262. 262 : KDaddict Says:

    I LOVE Dr. Kim’s performance. So glad Jung Jin Yung was recognized for it w an Excellence Award. To be honest, I appreciate his acting in this drama even more than that of Dr.Lee.

    The Scheduler was for me the hi lite of 49Ds. I’m still traumatized by its ending tho! It wasn’t just that it was sad, but I hated that it was both a HUGE surprise and so damned sad!
    Isn’t Cha Chi Soo an absolute delight? If u love JIW, you must watch The Return of Iljimae. You must, if u haven’t. He is gorgeous in it! I started METS cos of him of course, but that show is shaping up v nicely now. Thank God for KD. Hip hip, Hooray!

  263. 263 : SR Says:

    Hey , @GHSforever-261 . Do you know where can I watch Brain with English subtitle besides YouTube . I’ve been waiting for a translation for episode 16 .

  264. 264 : Faizal Says:

    Hi All

    Here’s a preview for Brain’s Ep 19. Its so filled with suspense. Here’s the link in youtube


    By the look of it, it seems that he mentioned something about Yu Jin having daughter and his decision does not hinge on this (did I get this right GHSForever / KDAddict?)

    Ep 16 is still available yet. Currently, I’m helping to Edit the English subs at DarkSmurfsub. Its still undergoing translation by fans and quality control, so its not ready yet.

    Other than youtube, you can go these sites for Brain with eng Subs




  265. 265 : jangerr Says:

    @ Faizal

    Thank you so much for helping in the eng subs. It’s because of people like you, who put in the time and effort, that we get to enjoy wonderful kdramas like this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    @ kanha

    After some serious marathoning, I’ve completed up to ep 15. Yay! But now I’m in a fix! I want to continue watching but there are no eng subs for the next few episodes yet… Boo hoo hoo!

  266. 266 : Jennie Says:

    @Faizal Yeah, tq from me too for helping with the subs. I too help out with subs but at Viki but for an entirely different reason, I must confess. I do it cos I want to keep my QC status so as to enjoy the latest dramas from Viki 😉
    @jangger Me too, I’m stuck as well, waiting for subs 🙂

  267. 267 : Jennie Says:

    @jangerr Oops, I did it again, sorry about the wrong spelling!

  268. 268 : Faizal Says:

    Ep 16 with Eng sub is now available at


    Enjoy yeah 😉

  269. 269 : Faizal Says:

    @Janger-265 & @Jennie-267

    You’re most welcome. By the way, I”ve just posted at 268 that Ep 16 with Eng sub is available now.

  270. 270 : Faizal Says:

    Looks like the subs is not well done at natnatvip. Hmmm.. I wonder if there is other alternatives.

  271. 271 : Jennie Says:

    @Faizal If you have access to Viki, it’s 99% sub for Ep 16 and under 20% and 10% subbed for Ep 17 n 18. There’s going to be a wedding in Ep 19?

  272. 272 : GHSforever Says:

    I don’t know. Sorry that I cannot help you with that.
    I can watch the episodes without subs because I can understand it, that’s why I don’t need to find it.
    Basically epdrama.com and dramacrazy.com are good websites where you can watch kdramas with good subs, but it seems like they do not have subbed the episodes till now.

    No I haven’t seen it yet. Maybe after I have finished Twinkle, Twinkle I will watch it.Is it really good?
    Actually I am not a big fan of historical dramas, that’s why I always avoid them but I gave METS a try and it is really good. Maybe I should start to enjoy watching historical dramas too:D

  273. 273 : kanha Says:

    @KDaddict: I’m glad that you like Brain…

    Normally, I don’t quite like historical drama because its complicity that full of revenge and jealousy. But after seeing you mentioned the moon that embrace the sun in many threads I was curious, so I decided to give it a try…hehe…unexpectedly, I finished the first 2 episodes 😀 wow…its so good….now waiting for the eng sub for the next episode. I must thank you for making me watch it 😉

    @Jangerr: yay……. Glad you did it 😀 pls continue your marathon cos Faizal is already give you the link to the next episode 😉

    @Jennie: I didn’t see your comment the last whole week, now you are back….happy happy.

  274. 274 : Jennie Says:

    @ kanha Yeah, it’s good to know you have missed me 😉 Seriously have been really busy, esp with the Lunar New Year round the corner. May not write any but I have been reading all ur comments whi I thoroughly enjoy. Great to know you are watching METS too. I love that one too!

  275. 275 : Paling Hots dari 16 Episode Korean Drama Brain/브레인 / Beu-re-in starting from November 14, 2011 – Episode 1 – 16 | Artikel Go Says:

    […] However, once he meets his sunbae Kim Sang Chul (Jung Jin Young), the prickly genius doctor and world famous neurologist, he turns over a new leaf and becomes a sincere doctor. Seo Joon Suk (Jo Dong Hyuk) is a doctor and will become Lee Kang Hoon’s rival. Yoon Ji Hye (Choi Jung Won) is also a neurosurgeon who grew up in an ordinary family. She is extremely strict in matters of work and study, but has a warm bedside manner with her patients.- KoreanDrama.Org […]

  276. 276 : Faizal Says:


    I am not able to access Viki from my country (Singapore). It always give me “video not available in your region”. So sad..But its ok. I can’t wait for the Quality COntrol (QC) to be completed, then I can merged it to the raw Ep 16 and have it uploaded (unlisted) in my youtube 😉

  277. 277 : imhel Says:

    @Faizal – #264 Thanks for sharing the preview of Ep 19. However, it makes me anxious because it seems there was a wedding and Dr Yoon seems to be leaving (@ an airport)?

    Hi! Would you be able to translate that bit of the preview…see Faizal’s comment # 264 Thanks much!

  278. 278 : Jennie Says:

    @Faizal, I’m in Yishun. Where r u? You can access Viki from Spore except you first must join as a member, then contribute thru various ways, earn your points then you become a QC (Qualified Contributor). Then only you can watch the latest dramas, which are otherwise not available yet due to licensing. Since you have experience in uploading/segmenting, you can easily earn your points 🙂

  279. 279 : Faizal Says:


    I am at Sengkang. Oh really? If I join as a member, access will be granted? Is the website http://www.viki.com? If not, could you point me to the way?

    Thank you in advance.

  280. 280 : Faizal Says:


    I signed up as member already, but I can’t find any link on how I can make contributions. I’m excited to contribute here ;). Do i email to somebody in viki?

  281. 281 : Faizal Says:


    This is what is said in the Preview for Ep 19

    Dr Kim says ” Dr Lee and I have very delicate tie/fate/connection (meaning from the 20 yrs ago till the present time where dr lee operated on him”…. Chairwoman says “Dr Kim left but didn’t leave info where he is going….” Dr Lee says “The reason i didn’t say anything about you (Yu-Jin) having a daughter is not that i wasn’t interested in you but i thought that it (having a daughter) is unimportant factor to me”…. then u can see dr lee looking for somebody, dr lee at a wedding , Dr yun leaving hospital going somewhere……

    KDAddict, is the translation correct? I hope it is…

  282. 282 : Faizal Says:

    Hi Everyone

    Here’s the recap for Ep 17 (I got this from a fan page in Facebook)

    Dr lee runs to OR to take over the surgery from Dr Kim. The patient Song has swelling in his brain and internal bleeding. Dr Lee quickly takes care of the problems and ask Dr Kim if he (Dr Lee) will become the main surgeon on the operation if not he will leave the OR. Dr Kim tells Dr Lee to go ahead and leaves the OR. Dr Kim said before not to use Bipolar and it is ICV case; Dr Lee has different opinion and wants to use Bipolar. Dr Yun resists Dr Lee’s order and finally Dr Lee tells Dr Yun to leave OR if she doesn’t like it She leaves OR. Dr Dong takes over Dr Yun’s position and surgery continues. Dr Yun asks Dr Kim soothingly if he is OK outside. Dr Lee orders Dr Yang to come and film the surgery in detail for studying purpose later on. (there is also official filming). The surgery stops due to worsened swelling on brain; Dr Lee decides to wait till swelling goes down then do 2nd surgery later on. Dr Yun asks Dr Lee how it went, Dr Lee replies why she is asking b/c he is the main surgeon now that Dr Kim doesn’t need to get a report on it. Dr Yun says fine then she will find it out herself. Dr Lee tells Dr Yun tha he will talk to Patient Song’s patient himself.

    Dr Kim goes to another hospital to check out his brain condition and finds out about his brain disease

    (that is the reason for his vision problems and chainging personality), Dr Lee is playing politics with Dr Go afterwards. Dr Lee runs into Dr Seo on hallway, Dr Lee asks Dr Seo on his hand and says “I guess you can not perform surgery for awhile, For a surgeon, performing surgeries are the most meaningful/important task (he is saying this to make Dr Seo feel bad)” Now, Dr Yun runs down the hall

    way and says hello to Dr Seo and says affectionately/worrisome tone ” How did you hurt yourself? Why didn’t you be more careful?” Dr Lee is looking at them in a frozen state filled with jealousy (he can not hide.) Few love scenes on other couples; Dr Dong is trying to re-gain Dr Lee’s trust and finally Dr Lee orders some tasks to him. Dr Lee figures out that Dr Seo is faking his hand injury and ask him if he is OK; Dr Kim & Dr Yun is working on research, all the sudden Dr Kim yells at Dr Yun for doing sloppy jobs, then Dr Kim is thinking about his condition, reflecting past. Dr Lee calls Yu-Jin, She gets the phone while feeding hot soup to Ruby, She has mixed feeling and tells Dr lee that She should told him about her daughter earlier so that he would call her first. Ruby is screaming and Dr Lee hears it then Ruby is transported to hospital. Dr Lee meets Yu-jin and tells her Ruby has Moyamoya disease that Ruby needs a surgery. Yu-jin is in very high emotional state and Dr Lee brushs her hair off, Dr Yun looks at them (feeling jealousy). Dr Yun sits next to Yu-jin and explains about the Moyamoya and finds out that Ruby is Yu-jin’s daughter from Yu-jin. Dr Lee performs the surgery; it is attaching additional blood vessel into the brain. Dr Kim talks to Chairwomen and says he wants a big competetion/event for the new brain center and tells her he is also on the power/ambition battle game with them. Dr Lee sees Ruby after the surgery then runs into Dr Yun on hallway. He asks ” Yun Ji Hye, Are you still upset with me?” Dr Yun relies “No I am not upset with you for anything at all” and walks away then Dr Lee calls her again then says “Do your work right!!! You did the patient dressing wrong…..)”

    The patient Song is in coma now and his parents are angry; Dr Lee tells them that the opration was a success and after the second surgery, the son will be OK.; The parents ask about the surgery film and Dr Dong deletes the official surgery filming (b/c he believes that Dr Lee made a mistake) Dr Yang looks for the second filming and finds out that the memory chip is missing. Dr Lee looks for it himself later on.

    When Dr Lee figures out Dr Dong deleted the film, he is angry and tells him he has nothing to hide.

    The patient Song’s parents are suing Dr Lee for malpractice (it is a criminal/misdemeaner case looks like…..S. Korean court systems are different so…) Later on, Dr Lee goes to Dr Kim’s office and finds Dr Kim sitting on the corner all curled up in the dark……Dr Kim is yelling out “I am sorry/I did Wrong” and Dr Lee graps Dr Kim and yells back “What’s wrong with you?/What is going on?” -The End-

  283. 283 : Faizal Says:

    ***** Drama BRAIN ep 18 SUMMARY*****

    Dr Lee is in Dr Kim’s office, finds Dr Kim all curled up in the corner, yelling out “I did wrong/I am sorry” Dr Lee is asking him,”What’s wrong?” Dr Lee finds narcotic (for medical purpose) and gives Dr Kim a shot of it. Dr Lee asks Dr Kim, “What did you do wrong?; Do you mean Patient Song? ; or something else?” In the hall way, Dr Yun asks Dr Lee “This is not your fault, is it? (meaning Patient Song’s surgery) ” I don’t think so….I don’t think you made a mistake…I believe in you.” Dr Lee compiles all the materials to prove his innocence, visits police. Meanwhile, Dr Kim visits Patient Song’s parents telling them that he made mistake during the surgery. The police gets a phone call that Dr Lee is cleared.

    Dr Lee goes to Dr Kim and asks him, “Why did you do it? Even though you didn’t make any mistakes. Did you think I made any mistakes? We both didn’t make any mistakes. I can proof it, It’s not for you, Dr Kim but for myself, I don’t like anybody doubting my ability!!”

    Patient Song falls into coma, and Dr lee performs an emergency surgery. The surgery gets very complicated, due to too much bleeding, Dr Lee makes a very fast decision to get rid of part of brain and find a big blood vessel(more medical knowledge needed here for better understanding) This is a very dangerous/difficult technique….The surgery goes well…Dr Lee runs into Dr Seo and tells him how long he will be pretending about his hand…Dr Lee visits Ruby and make sure

    she is OK….Now, Dr Lee visits Dr Kim and tells Dr Kim that he already knows Dr Kim’s condition and tries to convince him to get the surgery. Dr Yun comes into the office, and she heard everything, Dr Lee tells her to hush about it.

    The Lecture/Conference Scenes.
    Dr Kim goes into an empty conference room and makes speech. Dr Lee makes a speech after many audiences regarding neurosurgical/phama treatments. The chairwoman shows up at the empty conference room where Dr Kim is at (Before that Dr Kim was banned from any surgery and lost the chance to becoming the head of the new brain center after his false confession to
    patient Song’s parents) Dr Lee’s lecture is a big success and everybody cheers him. Dr Dong approachs Dr Go and express his desire to team up with Dr Go.

    The Chairwoman and Dr Lee are having a conversation. She finds out
    about the Dr Kim’s condition, Dr Lee’s father and that Dr Kim was the surgeon responsible for the surgery of Dr Lee’s father. The chairwomen tells Dr Lee about Dr Kim losing his memory (only the part regarding Dr Lee’s father) after a traffic accident, before then Dr Kim was living with so much guilt and pain.

    Dr Lee finds the memory chip of surgery filming, goes to Dr Kim and ask why Dr Kim took the responsibility for Patient Song’s first operation. Dr Kim replies that Dr Lee shouldn’t have any “fault” (in his career) b/c Dr Lee is Dr Kim’s own past; The person who only lived for his ambition and glory.” Dr Lee replies back that he found the memory chip and he can tell people about his own mistake (I am not sure if Dr Lee actually made any mistakes or he is just trying to convince Dr Kim to have a surgery, using it as a bargaining chip.) Dr Kim replied “No, you can’t do that b/c you are too selfish” Dr Lee dares back at Dr Kim that he will become the past of Dr Kim and live in agony for guilt/pain.” Dr Kim asks ” Why do you want to do that?” Dr Lee replies “I will be operating on the best neurosurgeon in S. Korea, only the best can have that honor!!!” Dr Kim replies ” Till the end, you only want to use me for your own glory!!!”

    Dr Lee says “Watch me!!!! because I can do it…” than walks away….Dr Kim cries…New scene,

    Dr Kim is looking out the window and talks to Dr Lee and making his own deal. Dr Kim wants the surgery in an awakened state so he can see his own brain. Dr Lee resists saying that it is too dangerous but Dr Kim is not giving upon an inch….Finally Dr Kim’s operation is ready….at the last moment, Dr Yun tells Dr Lee she can not assist him on the surgery b/c she is too afraid. Dr Lee is not too happy. At that moment, Dr Seo comes in and volunteer to assist Dr Lee.

    The surgery begins. Dr. Kim tells Dr Lee that even if anything goes wrong, it’s not Dr Lee’s fault….it’s just that it’s time for him to go/leave….. Dr Kim is put to sleep by an anesthesiologist.

    -The End-

  284. 284 : Jennie Says:

    @Faizal Thks for the recaps. What I don’t understand is why is Dr Yun is being portrayed as so without passion for her profession! As for Viki, yes, that’s the website. When you open the main page, you will see ‘Subtitles by users like you…’ after the first two rows of pics. Click on Learn More. There’s info on what you can help with. Once you know, just find a channel and inform the coordinator of that channel that you’ll like to volunteer. Then you can start work to earn ur QC status.

  285. 285 : TulipX Says:

    The best medical drama ever…Love u Dr.Lee 🙂

  286. 286 : GHSforever Says:

    First I can say that this can’t be KH’s wedding, judging from his clothes.
    I guess it will be the wedding of his sister. The writers just want to make us confused.
    KSH was a mentor for JH and maybe because of the sudden change of his personality, she feels depressed and alone and that’s why she wants to leave.
    I hope KH can support her during this difficult time, like she did for ihm when his mother was ill and died bcoz of it.

    I don’t want it to end. It makes me really sad. Why do the best/awesome dramas always end so quickly._.

  287. 287 : janine Says:

    @GHSforever i agree with you.. i feel sad Brain is coming to an end…

    can’t understand why ji hye has to leave…. how about gang hun….

  288. 288 : Faizal Says:

    @GHSForever-286 & @Janine-287

    I have that feeling as you too GHSForever. Probably, its just a spoiler to entice us to watch it.

    I feel sad too that the series is ending. Brain cured my Monday blues for the last 2.5 months. As it is, I can’t wait for Monday to come, and even stay up late to watch same day telecast, albeit delayed.

    Once its over, I think the Monday blue virus will come back.

  289. 289 : GHSforever Says:

    I would be awesome if they will do a second season of Brain, like they did with Dream High but with the same cast.
    I would definetly see it. I NEVER thought that a medical drama would make me so addicted to it, but I couldn’t resist Brain.
    All the other I have seen were not in my taste, so I nearly gave up on it until I found Brain.
    Dream High 2 will follow Brain, but I guess I won’t see it cause I even didn’t see Dream High 1. It is sad because there are rumors that Brain didn’t extend because of Dream High 2.
    I hope KH will stop JH from leaving(if she is really leaving) and admits his love for her. Some fans guess that there will be a time jump and KH will see JH in the wedding ceremony again. That is possible too. I am so excited right now. I have seen the preview too often haha.

    We will see it on monday if my theory is right or wrong.

  290. 290 : GHSforever Says:

    Sorry for the double post but I have to share this with you guys.
    The preview summary of the upcoming episode 19.

  291. 291 : imhel Says:

    Thanks very much for the translation for Ep19 preview. Thanks, too for the detailed summary for Eps 17 & 18. Excellent work!

  292. 292 : zack Says:

    thanks you for the summary for eps 17 and 18.

  293. 293 : Anna Says:


    You said this in an earlier comment about the preview of ep 19..

    Dr Lee says “The reason i didn’t say anything about you (Yu-Jin) having a daughter is not that i wasn’t interested in you but i thought that it (having a daughter) is **unimportant** factor to me”….

    *unimportant* ?! Does this mean he IS?!

  294. 294 : Faizal Says:


    Yes, that’s what he said, but after that, the scene changes. At this point in time, it could be anything to fill in the blanks. Lets hope he won’t go for Yu Jin.

  295. 295 : janice Says:

    THANKS for the recaps of ep 17 and 18. I love this show. I’m so sad it is ending. I wish they would continue it.

  296. 296 : janine Says:

    i will have a marathon of this drama before i say goodbye to brain… just love this drama.. am not ready to say good bye yet..

  297. 297 : Faizal Says:

    English Sub for Ep 17 is available at KimChi drama. The link is http://www.kimchidramas.net/2012/01/brain-episode-17.html

    Its also available at Natnip. Here’s the link http://www.natnatvip-online.org/search?q=brain

    For those who wants to download the soft sub for Ep 17, its available at Darksmurfsub. It has has undergone Quality Check by the QC team. The link is http://www.darksmurfsub.com/public/subtitle_list.php?title=QS.Brain.2011

    We are still editing Ep 18.

    Have fun yeah 😉

  298. 298 : janine Says:

    @Faizal did dr lee gang hun made a mistake on his operation? Is that why dr kim has to take responsibility for it sine he was the one who called dr lee?

  299. 299 : Faizal Says:


    Both Prof Gim and Dr Lee did not make any mistake during the surgery. The answer is in Ep 18.

    For all, here’s the spoiler for Ep 19/20

    ******Brain Ep 19/20 Article (by Jovena Lo) Translation******

    HAPPY ENDING!!!!!!

    The love story between Dr Lee Kang Hun & Dr yun Ji Hye will be a happy ending. In Ep. 19 SHK will portrait Dr Lee who confess his love to Dr Yun Ji Hye and display an incredible kiss scene that will go way beyond famous kiss scenes such as candy kiss scene in Iris or the foam kiss scene in Secret Garden.

    In Ep 20 there will be a disagreement between the couple due to Dr Yun Ji Hye’s desire to leave Seoul and study further vs. Dr Lee’s desire to stay at the Chun Hwa Hospital in Seoul to achieve his ambition and further his medical career.

    Two minor couple’s love storys will be happy endings as well.

    The drama Brain storyline has been very harsh on the process of Dr Lee acheiving his ambition,being more realistic but very kind on the love story between Dr Lee & Dr Yun.

  300. 300 : KDaddict Says:

    Woo, so many posts since the ending of ep 18! This is an incredibly active thread, with interesting interaction among those who comment, quite unusual in these parts.
    Two eps left with few loose ends to tie up. Prof Kim’s recovery or retirement has to be dealt with; The OTP has to come together. Everything else, e.g. Lee sister’s wedding, is gravy!

    Scroll down this link to see 3 pictures of JIW in Return of Ijimae. I hope that drama will help cure your end of Brain blues!

  301. 301 : Kanya Says:

    It’s very great, I wish this drama can receive award of 2012 best drama!!!!

  302. 302 : jangerr Says:

    @ Faizal

    Really must take my hats off you! It must be really tough to do the translation for Brain with all the medical and technical terms!!! Are you a korean residing in Singapore? Or are you a Singaporean who is very proficient in the korean language?

    Anyway, have I thank you? Even if I have, thanks so much again for all your hard work!

  303. 303 : Faizal Says:


    Yes Janger.. its tough indeed, but its quite enjoyable. I learnt a lot more new terms, new words and lots of new things while doing translation / editing.

    No, I”m not Korean living in Singapore. I’m made in singapore, Singaporean. Over the years, watching so many Mandarin and Korean drama, I am able to grasp these language by listening to it. If I can’t really understand it, I’ll look online for the character and see what it means. Friends play important part in this learning process.

    Medical terms are not too difficult to translate them. Just have to make sure that they are correctly spelt and the associated terms are described in context.

    Besides, we work in 5-7 translators / Editors in Darksmurfsubs. There is bound to be someone who is better, so the translation will be as close as possible to the actual dialogue.

  304. 304 : Faizal Says:

    To those who watch to watch livestreaming of the last episode of brain, here’s the link


    Today’s episode 19 is really wonderful, especially towards the end, when Lee gang Hun visited Yun Ji Hye at her place, and sang to her. And then, he had flashbacks of all the things that Ji Hye had done to him – confessing her love to him, what she did, sitting in front of Prof Gim’s office with him.. etc.. wow… then it was the end. heheh.. look out for tmr.

    But do not you have to have Internet Explorer. If you are using Firefox, you will be asked to install the Wmplayer plugin.

  305. 305 : ind Says:

    very anxious to know what happened in episode 19

  306. 306 : Yumi Says:


    After finishing my post I realize is is a little long so I thought I’d put the main reason I wrote at the top. Can you tell me what Lee Gang Hun said to Dons Seung Man in episode that made him cry? (and break my heart) I read the subtitles but still didn’t get it. Thanks for your help. What follows was written before this paragraph.

    I just found this site a few days ago and I’ve been enjoying the discussion. BRAIN is so wonderful, I can’t understand why there are not more site dedicated to it.

    So many people find Lee Gan Hun arrogant and full of himself. I’ve read a few people describing him as mean and evil. I don’t find him that way. I think he is fighting a system that doesn’t reward excellence. YES, he is full of himself and need to re-calibrate his confidence and how he deals with people. But for the most part I think he only fighting against people he feels he has a legitimate grudge against. Incompetents who do well because of their connections and the guy he thinks killed his father. Yes, he isn’t nice or kind and I wouldn’t want to work with him or have him as my primary doctor/internist but he could be my surgeon because that is, in general, a limited relationship.

    I don’t think he is mean to Yun Ji or Yu Jin. Just because some one likes you you are not obligated to like them back. You love at your own risk.

    I do think he was mean to his mom and sister. But he is a man who bears a grudge with passionate, and he thought he had the right to bear that grudge. Why his mother didn’t tell him the truth earlier had no other reason than to move the plot forward.

    The person I think he treated like crap in the hospital is DONG SEUNG MAN. It breaks my heart to see that poor guy try to swim the rapids without a sense of direction or a life preserver.

  307. 307 : Yumi Says:

    @ Faizal

    I realized this question should have been directed.

    Can you tell me what Lee Gang Hun said to Dons Seung Man in episode that made him cry? (and break my heart) I read the subtitles but still didn’t get it.
    Thanks for your help.

  308. 308 : Faizal Says:


    Are you referring to the lift scene or the escalator scene? Which one? There are two scenes where Dong Seung Man cried.

  309. 309 : Yumi Says:



    The one after he was shut out of participating in surgery and he goes to apologize and Lee Gang Hun ask what is he apologizing for and he said getting close to Dr. Seo.

    I really thing Gang Hun messed over Seung Man.

  310. 310 : Yumi Says:


    The escalator scene.

  311. 311 : janine Says:

    I hope dong seung man will go back to lee gang hun…

  312. 312 : Faizal Says:

    @Yumi-309 and 310

    Seung Man approached Lee Gang Hun to seek forgiveness, for going to Seo Jun Seok after Lee Gang Hun was asked to leave the hospital. If you followed earlier, Seung Man also used Lee Gang Hun’s research draft paper and submit it to Seo Jun Seok, claiming that he thought about the whole research, purportedly to impress Seo Jun Seok. The real author of the paper was Lee Gang Hun.

    Seung Man told Lee Gang Hun he did all that because he was uncertain about his future, so he has to latch on someone who is powerful to pursue his selfish needs. This led to flash backs, as it reminded Lee Gang Hun, he did all that too in his pursuit to be Asst Professor.

    Next, he told Seung Man that had he acted like him (Lee Gang Hun), who refused to submit to circumstances, and go all out because of his own strong character, he would have felt sorry to Seung Man and would have probably accepted him back. Seung Man realised that by bowing his head to him, he know there is no way Lee Gang Hun would take him again. Thats the reason he cried.


    Its unlikely Lee Gang Hun will take him back. In ep 19 yesterday, Seung Man offered to do a research paper after Yun Ji Hye made a mistake. But Lee Gang Hun just looked and walked away.

    Full ep 19 is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=herrcamv1Qk

  313. 313 : jangerr Says:

    @ Faizal

    Wow! You learned the language just by watching and listening! I thought if you’re not a korean, maybe you’ve taken lessons on the language… You must be very good with languages!

  314. 314 : jangerr Says:

    I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this as I joined this thread only a couple of weeks ago. So please be patient with me if it has been mentioned and discussed. I just need to get it off my chest, so to speak.

    This drama has no lack of good actors and actresses but I did not see any mention of this particular thespian who put up an amazing act. Maybe because the role was kind of shortlived… But that person was a class act! Every time she appears on screen, she steals the thunder from almost everyone around her… And that person is Song Ok Sook who played Kang Hun’s mum.

  315. 315 : Yumi Says:

    @ Faizal

    Thanks. i hadn’t realized/picked up on what Seung Man had done earlier with the research paper. And since Lee Gang Hun has been back he has been making all the wrong moves.

    Yet he really breaks my heart. I felt he was left on his own to survive in a tank of sharks and did the best he could. I still want him to be taken back under Gang Hun’s wing, but I fear you are right, his desperation to be taken back in has resulted

    But if Dr. Seo and Dr. Gim has been ‘forgiven’ there is still one episode and I have my fingers cross.

  316. 316 : KDaddict Says:

    Heehee! Seems like you and I have similar eye n taste! I noticed and mentioned it soon as I started watching! I didn’t call her by name, but know her as a veteran actress from many shows. Here tho, she shines, becos it is a script and a role that allows her and Prof Kim to act their hearts out!
    I actually appreciate Prof Kim’s acting even more than Shin’s in this drama, if that’s possible!

  317. 317 : Faizal Says:


    Its over the years. After a while, it becomes part of you. 😉

    For everyone, here’s the recap for Ep 19

    ***** Drama Brain ep19 Summary Translation ******

    Translation summary: The operation of dr kim is going on, dr lee opens
    dr kim’s head, the cancer is widely spread. chairwoman is very worried as dr lee orders for wake up surgery. dr seo is against it saying it’s too dangerous, dr lee insists waking up dr kim (because he promised him). chairwoman is against it. But the anesthesiologist confirms that he already knows and wants to help dr lee. dr kim awakes up, looks at his own brain, he says, “that’s my mind” dr kim’s is put back to sleep and dr lee continues surgery. dr seo does the closing of the surgery. surgery is a success.

    dr lee visits ruby who is doing well, dr lee talks to yu-jin he looks at dr yun (to leave with his eyes), dr yun leaves (but feels weird/jealousy) she tells herself “what am i doing?!” dr lee tells to yu-jin to be strong.

    dr lee visits dr kim, surgery went well, but dr lee asks for an examination by eye doctor after looking MRI. dr seo thanks dr lee for giving hin a chance and dr lee says “i never gave you a chance, be confident, if you are not, i can’t give u hard time freely…..

    dr lee and dr yun was having conversation on th hall way. dr yun asks dr lee to be part of his research because she wants to study systems biology; dr lee tells her “study it when you do your doctorate” walks away….

    Dr yun visits dr kim….asks how he is….dr lee comes in…ask how dr kim is, does everything hurts (of course after the surgery)….dr lee follows
    dr yun in the hallway; dr yun turns around says “why (are you following
    me)?” dr lee gives her long list of things to do….dr yun say ok then starts to walk away, dr lee stops her and says ” and also molacular signature etc..” (this is about dr lee’s own research dr yun wanted to get involved earlier) Dr yun gets excited…dr lee smiles….

    CPR competetion going on….

    dr lee asks for eye exam of dr kim ….in the hallway runs into dr Go; he
    already made dr kim’s surgery to become a newspaper article; dr lee and chairwoman is not happy about it; Ha young and cute doc love scene….

    Dr kim goes to eye doctor, it doesn’t look too good (possibility of losing his eye sight) dr lee sends the memory chip from the prior surgery to dr kim. dr kim looks at it with dr dong (he can’t see it hinmself) …founds out that dr lee didn’t make any mistake at all, dr kim wonders why dr lee made it as if he made a mistake.

    dr yun gives her reports to dr lee….dr lee just shows so so reaction at it, gives her even more important/difficult projects and tell her to finish it same day because other research team is doing same research… dr yun starts to feel sick

    dr kim asks dr lee why he told dr kim as if he made mistake; dr lee replies because i am perfect; don’t make any mistakes; dr kim laughs then says “so are you happy? now that you won? dr lee says ‘ yes”…..

    dr lee walks in middle of fellows meeting. dr yun made a mistake on report, dr lee is upset at her; says “don’t even ask to try out next time” walks away…

    dr seo ‘s reserch are put on a medical magazine and happy with it…

    dr lee looks at dr kim’s MRI with eye doctors, visits dr kim, dr lee knows that dr kim is losing his eye sight but dr kim shrugs off…

    dr yun presents new report to dr lee…with a memo “sorry that i made mistakes” dr lee tries to call her but no answer…start asking around whereabout of dr yun.

    dr lee visits ruby & yu-jin….ask ruby where is mom? no response….ruby says it’s not mom but it’s yu-jin…dr lee asks how come u don’t smile? ruby says u don’t smile either….tell ruby to say mom while she got chance….think of his own mother

    sewing doll….yu-jin says she doesn’t deserve to be ruby’s mom because she can’t provide nice family for her….dr lee tells yu-jin the reason he wasn’t surprized by yu-jin having a daughter is that it’s not because he wasn’t interetsed in her but it’s same as she had a brother or a sister….it’s a non important factor…..

    dr yun is at home sick calls dr yang boem jun…. dr lee hears from dr yang that dr yun is sick at home, pays a visit with medicine in a bag.

    dr Lee goes to dr yun’s apt, rings the bell, no answer calls her, no answer, then he remembers brain MRI then punch in his own birthday (in western calendar)..the door opens, then he takes care of her …….few hrs later….. then falls asleep…..dr yun wakes up then sees dr lee (surprized….pretend that she is sleeping)….dr lee
    is reading …dr yun calls him…(y: is dr yun l: is dr lee here);

    y : what brought u here?

    l: u scared me….hmmm….if u were already awaken then u should talked to me (earlier)… if u were sick why didn’t u say so…..you did it on purpose, right?!! ..so i feel guilty…..NO WAY!!!….you are not dizzy ABSOULUTLY NOT SORRY (to you) ….looks at her, then….calls her name, “Yun Ji Hye !!”

    y: why?

    l: u are not dizzy now right?! your fever came down so u should be ok now….i put medicine right here….take it in the morning…then he gets up ready to leave then asked…. How about dinner? Do you want me to call for delivery for rice soup (soft watery rice easy to eat)….he feels awkard…. dr yun calls him

    y: sir (sun saeng nim)

    l: oh…ya….what do u want jjook (rice soup)?

    y: silent…..

    l: WHAT? WHAT?… come on….i have to leave fast….

    y: it’s ok …about Jjook (meaning she does care for it)

    l: then what what?

    y: maybe you can sing for me then leave…..

    l: (he has “are you serious??” facial expression on his face on) WHAT?

    y: i always wondered whether somebody like you sing or not…..

    l: your brain must been fried (or you must have gone insane) because of the fever…..then he says.. yun ji hye! i celebrate my birthday according to lunar/chinese calendar….youur secret code is wrong! (dr yun is so embarrased , pulls the blanket over her head….then says)

    y: OK …just leave….(dr lee has “what should i do ??!!” facial expression on his face)

    l; if you want it later, call it for yourself….i have to go now….(then he turns around then says …OK i am just doing it because i have to go real fast…..(dr lee starts singing…..the Sad Letter…..he gets embarrased so stop…then restart to singing again…..dr yun gets up….tears are forming on her eyes….she reflects on dr lee….he keeps singing….then lyric says “even if i am wise” (Dr Yun’s name Ji Hye has same meaning as wise) …he gets closer to her…..he repeats same line….keep singing…”do you know my love, do you know….that it doesn’t matter to me” …. dr yun is crying now….OST closer is played….then the KISS……..

    Thats the end. Look for the finale episode 20 tonight, 9.55pm KBS time. You can watch it live streaming too.

  318. 318 : brainaddict Says:

    @Faizal: thanks for the summary translation for ep 19. It’s been quite a while since the first time I found this web and followed the discussions here. And finally I can’t help myself to make a comment towards the end of the drama for it’s been a very breathtaking drama ever. So sad that it will be ended soon. Hope there will be Brain season 2.

  319. 319 : Faizal Says:


    You’re welcome. Yes, I hope there is a 2nd season with the same cast.

  320. 320 : may Says:

    i really feel bad for dr lee i think patients relatives are so unreasonable, dont they sign consent forms just in case something happens to their relatives in surgery that it isnt the doctors fault. That is why insurance for doctors are so damn high. gahhhhh i feel bad for dr lee because he always gets stuck with the blame.

  321. 321 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 19:
    The 1st 11 mins. that show Prof Kim’s brain surgery I can do without. I know it’s a pig’s brain or some synthetic thing, but it still grosses me out!
    But after the surgery, when Dr. Lee washes his face n looks in the mirror, that’s got to be his most handsome shot in the whole series!
    It must be “nice” for him to have a wive who not only hangs on his every word, but trembles at each one!
    His “confession” is so economical. One song n she melts into a puddle! It’s too easy for him!
    Dr. Harry Porter is so cute! He is even cuter than when he was a sec in LTM! Hope to see more of him in future.

  322. 322 : sabrinasam88 Says:

    thanks faizal!!!!unable to locate any sites with english subs for episode 18.I hate Lee initially but now im in love with his perseverance and confidence.

  323. 323 : jangerr Says:

    @316 KDaddict

    After watching tons of dramas, one starts to be more discerning… Yup, Song Ok Sook is a veteran actress and I’ve always enjoyed her acting. But it is here in Brain that she really knocks the socks off me! Every time she appears on the screen, my eyes will just be rivetted on her… Her every move, every expression and way of speaking really personified the character she’s playing. One can feel her immense love, concern and fear for her son, Kang Hun.

  324. 324 : kanha Says:

    @Faizal: oh, really thank for recap of episode 19. I think they finally give us what we been waiting for in epi 19. the scene where Dr. lee sing for the Yun, ha, I really wanna see how her sing with that face….

  325. 325 : KDaddict Says:

    I know! I’ve seen her in dozens of dramas n never learnt her name. So unfair. It’s difficult to portray sb w a stroke or a speech impediment, n make it look convincing. Few ppl can pull it off, n she accomplished that nicely! It’s a small part, but oh, how she makes every sec of it count!
    Ditto for Prof. Kim.
    That kiss towards the end of ep 19 is funny. You can see clearly fr the side that he kissed her at least an inch Below her lower lip! Not the best camera angle. LOL.

  326. 326 : kanha Says:

    @KDaddict: Haha, yeah i have just finished the kiss kiss…just like you said it was below her lips and it kinda funny….it was so clear 😀 Dr lee should act more gentle so than i can feel more romantic…is he going to be that arrogance till the end toward Dr Yun ? Damn, what a man….but he is so cool, hehe…i like how his personality is so different from the other.

  327. 327 : KDaddict Says:

    As a woman, I take issue w the way Lee has been treating Yoon. Of course she adores the ground that he walks on, so she is willing to take whatever he dishes out. But, that is no way to treat a woman u love!
    He is emotionally damaged–OK, I can give him my sympathy; he is the best brain surgeon in SK–then he deserves success n respect due to an accomplished professional. But as husband material, he sucks, unless he crumbles like a cookie in front of her in the last ep.!

  328. 328 : Yumi Says:


    I’m curious about why you have an issue with the way Dr. Lee treats Dr. Yoon.

    Do you mean personally or professionally?

    Professionally he treats her as badly as he treats all his inefficient underlings. She messes up all the time. It is only when he refuses to accept her sloppy work does she goes back and puts in the work necessary to improve her skills. He would/and does treat Dr. Seo similarly. The difference is Dr. Seo outranks him so he can only look at him with contempt. And if I’m not mistaken, Dr. Lee’s refusal to accept crappy work ultimately impressed Dr. Seo enough so that he’s going to go learn how to do his job better.

    Actually Dr. Lee “unfairness” to Dr. Yoon is that he gives her more opportunity than he gives anyone else. If he didn’t like her he would cut her dead and she wouldn’t have a chance to develop into a decent surgeon.

    Compassion is great and necessary in a doctor but so are skills and competence. Doctors who have only compassion will cry in sympathy as they kill their patients.

    Are you upset about how he treats her personally?

    He is not in a relationship with her. He never was. So they don’t have a relationship. Well, they didn’t have a relationship until perhaps the end of 19.

    Before that, the little relationship that started never developed because DR. YOON called it off because he, A DOCTOR, missed their date to perform EMERGENCY SURGERY!

    I couldn’t believe that poor writing. I thought at first [watching the raws] that Yu-Jin had lied outright. Then when I saw Yu-Jin hadn’t I thought is was because Dr Yoon didn’t know what had happened to delay him so she was avoiding him. But she did know and broke up with him anyway. Then she mentioned is arrogance and ambition as contributing factors. My jaw hit my desk.

    Who did she fall in love with? Was Dr. Lee ever less that arrogant and ambitious since she met him?

    I like the series, but Dr Yoon portrayal as a female SURGEON has me scratching my head. There are studies on the personalities of surgeons versus other doctors and Dr. Lee comes close. Dr. Yoon belongs in pediatrics or as an internist–but only if she works at improving her skills.

    Dr. Lee behave like a jackass, but he is a jackass to all, ergo the treats everyone fairly or equally unfairly. He can’t do any better. He and Yoon are a match because she is incompetent in the skills department and he is lacking in the compassion department. Part of the trajectory of the series is his need to “see his patients as people” that’s the purpose of making his Mom sick. That’s the narrative purpose of making his teacher sick. The only place else they could have gone is to give Yoon a tumor.

  329. 329 : GHSforever Says:

    Best ending ever.
    Loved the drama so much.
    Can’t believe it is finished.

  330. 330 : KDaddict Says:

    I went back n read what I wrote in the comment that u questioned me on. I think #327 is pretty self-explanatory…… if you read the whole message, n don’t stop at the 1st sentence.
    Mainly it reflects my view on relationships: I abhor relationships in which the man is cold n arrogant, n the woman has to jump thru loops to win his approval. That’s just me. Obviously Dr. Yoon isn’t me!
    I’m still hoping against hope that he crumbles like a cookie in front of her in ep 20. But this drama, as we all know, is Not a romance. So, if not, then not.

  331. 331 : kanha Says:

    KDaddict: let’s wait and see the last epi…hope he is not that suck, hehe. The first kiss with Dr. yun was fierce but on the right position…. The second kiss was a little bit gentle but below the lips…. So hope the last of one is gonna be sweet, gentle and…. 😉

  332. 332 : kanha Says:

    It is too bad that something happens to the rating…..

  333. 333 : Yumi Says:


    I agree with you about relationships.

    But as far as I understand it, until Episode 19, Yoon and Lee were not in a relationship. Perhaps because Dr. Lee is emotionally stunted and inexperience and cannot express himself well.

    Dr. Yoon is responsible for her own emotional life. If anything she was in a relationship on her own. I respected her the most
    1-When she had the courage to state her feelings for him twice, before the first kiss and when the picture of her brain.
    2- When she decided to work on putting those feelings aside because he was in no way indicating that he was willing to do the work of being in a relationship.

    So I just don’t think he treated her poorly because he had not been in a relationship with her because he didn’t have the skills in that aspect of his life.

    I think I’m responding to you on this because Lee Gang Hun is lacking in so many ways in his relationship with people, that I don’t want he to be held responsible for something I don’t think he signed up for.

    Anyway, its good discussing this with you.

    I think we can both agree that watching this drama was an exciting experience.

    Let’s hope something as good come along soon.

  334. 334 : KDaddict Says:

    As u so succinctly put it, he is a jackass. What I’m saying is: A jackass is not good husband material, UNLESS he show us otherwise IN THE LAST EP.
    That’s what I’ve been saying: I hope to see him soften in front of her IN THE LAST EP.

    Most viewers would feel that he hasn’t been v romantic; most viewers would want him to be nicer to her in the end. I’m not saying anything diff. There must be sth wrong w my English that is causing ppl to read it differently. 😛

  335. 335 : KDaddict Says:

    Don’t worry! The latest rating is irrelevant. See admin’s Note II, below Cast n Credit.
    It sure is a good series. That it isn’t a romance makes it unusual and cool. It’s daring that they feature a leading man who is brilliant, arrogant, n difficult. I’ve seen his type in my professors in Grad School, BTW. Wonder now if they had troubled childhoods too. KeKe.
    Looking fwd to the finale.

  336. 336 : kanha Says:

    KDaddict: Yes, I did see the note, thank. Im waiting for Faizal to summary the final first, and watch the video later 🙂

  337. 337 : Faizal Says:

    The ending was a bit rush i feel. Too many events happening in the last 10 min – Jo Dae Sik & The Head Nurse, Ha Yeong’s marriage, Lee Gan Hun’s promotion… so many. Because of that, the Ep 20 translation is broken into 2 parts. Here’s the first part folks 😉

    ************Ep 20 Recap – Part I**************

    An interview is going on with Dr Kim and Dr Lee as guests. The interview is about their Mentor/Mentee relationship. The interview is “staged” for “marketing purpose” to further Dr Lee’s career/ambition; After the interview, Dr Kim is smiling then says. “Mentor?!! Your showmanship was great!!” Dr Lee replies ” You did very well too” then Dr Kim walks away through the hallway alone.

    Produce talks to Dr Lee; He is interested in another interview, Dr Lee alone as a guest about his medical/career “journey” ; starting from his medical student years till now, things that he couldn’t talk about (to others / in public) ….Dr Lee is looking at Dr Kim as he walks away.

    Dr Go’s office, they are talking politics…..(Dr Go became the chief of new Brain/Neuro center….)

    Dr Lee reflects as Dr Kim walks away alone; Dr Kim is having a lecture/conference. Dr Yun is also present as his assistant. Dr Lee comes by to the lecture; after the lecture, Dr Yun gets an ER call then leaves; Dr Yun visits Dr Lee at his office regarding Dr Lee’s reserch; dr lee said “What?” dr yun ” said i did research on supervised clustering…” Dr Lee is concerned about molecular signature part of the research, dr yun replies “yes, need to find out concerning koreans only and the differences…..”

    Dr Lee asks about Dr Kim, lately Dr Yun has been working very closely with Dr Kim. Dr Lee asked if there is anything different/problems with Dr Kim that Dr Yun noticed. Dr Yun is trying to minimize Dr Kim’s recent condition…by saying “He is still recovering from the surgery….” But Dr Lee already suspects strongly that Dr Kim is losing his vision.

    Dr Yun visits Dr Kim’s eye doctor asking for info on Dr Kim’s condition. Dr Kim’s office.

    Dr Kim tells Dr Yun to don’t tell Dr Lee about his vision condition….(that he is losing it) Dr Kim tells Dr Yun “Dr Lee and I have very long connection (starting 20 yrs ago with Dr Lee’s father surgery till now, Dr Lee being his top student/mentee and operating on Dr Kim

    Dr Lee visits Ruby & Yu Jin; Ruby is recovering well and they have lunch together.

    Dr Seo performs a surgery successfully. After the surgery Dr Seo say to Dr Lee ” I wanted to prove that I am at my position just because of my privileged background” Dr Lee replies ” OK I agree with you”

    Dr Lee visits Dr Kim with reserch report. Dr Kim pretends that he can read it but he can not; Dr Lee confronts Dr Kim and ask Dr Yun to leave the room.

    Dr Lee is confronting Dr Kim in full force why Dr Kim has been hiding his vision problem. Dr Kim says ” Everyone exists for Lee Kang Hun’s glory and people were talking about what a genius/surgeon Dr Lee is. Dr Kim didn’t want to throw cold water on it. You have been going around being so mighty proud of yourself for performing a surgery on me (who is the top neurosurgeon in S. Korea) and believing that it was a “perfect” surgery….(but his vision got even worse after the surgery and actually he is going blind) and he continues “Lee Kang Hoon, you have to be perfect; live with mighty confidence, proud, conceit, every inch perfect….you can not have any defects, looking poorly (for anything at all)…live only for your ambition and go till the end, towards the top. You shouldn’t stop not even one minute…. that is your given fate..

    Anyhow I already knew from the beginning that I will lose my vision, that the surgery won’t do any good. Dr Lee says “I will re operate….I will fix your problem….”

    Dr Kim “It’s OK… You did a good job. No matter what, you have already left….(for his fate/what he suppose to be/ambition), you didn’t just washed away. I am so proud of you. You cannot turn around now.
    Dr Lee ” You are the one who send me that picture of your old medical center days (20 yrs ago when Dr Kim operated on Dr Lee’s father)”

    Dr Kim ” There is no need for re-operation but if you feel unjustified, do it, as many times as you wish (on me). Open up my head….” Dr Lee “I will reoperate on you, I will exactly do that ….you approved on the re-surgery….” Dr Kim “But then if you reoperate on me then you have to accept that your past surgery was not perfect (not a success), can you accept that fact yourself? …. Do it or not (re-operation) do as you wish.”

    End of Part I.

  338. 338 : Jennie Says:

    @Yumi (328 & 333) Agree with you totally and I couldn’t have described nor explained it any better. TQ for conveying my thoughts and putting them so clearly in words. Surely I am having a brain freeze these days 😉
    @KDaddict Yes, in the real world Dr Lee is def poor husband material. No one in her right mind would pick him as a husband for sure. But in KDland, Dr Lee will still be a bully and Dr Yoon will still love him anyway!

  339. 339 : Mic Says:

    It’s time for me to dig into the old files for some older korean dramas since I don’t seem to like any of the upcoming ones. Any recommendations? Preferably no sad endings. Thanks!!!

  340. 340 : Yumi Says:

    @ Jennie,


    However I don’t want anyone to think that I am not in Lee Gang Hun’s corner.

    I am.

    The reason I was always in his corner was because I felt he was fighting an unfair, oppressive and dangerous system that overlooks merit and rewards incompetence. As bad as he came off at times, the system was worse, so he was in essence the underdog. {Shhh don’t tell him I said that.}

    That hospital is suppose to be the best in Korea for neuro-surgery and I was appalled at the way it was portrayed. I’m surprised that patience and patients survived.

    Rewards were based on politics, not talent in that hospital. Dr. Go spent his time trying to steal credit for the research of others. Dr. Seo is promoted for political reason and connections, and also he was not above attempted theft. Incompetence and connection seem to reign supreme. Also, Dr. Lee wasn’t the only one suffering from arrogance. The way the senior doctors behaved, you’d think arrogance was a mandatory first year course in surgical-neurological. Of course Dr. Yoon did poorly in that class. Even someone like Dong Seung-Man who doesn’t seem inherently bad becomes corrupt in that system.

    At one point I realized that of the FOUR senior doctors, Dr. Go and Dr. Seo were avoiding surgery because of fear of failure and Dr. Gim couldn’t see. So the only senior surgeon that was competent was Dr. Lee. SCARY PROPOSITION.

    Dr. Lee scared me a bit when he began to exhibit behavior that as a political as the other members of management. I had hoped he would be inclined to introduce more of a meritocracy once he rose to power. Maybe he did. I don’t understand Korean so I have no idea what happens in 19 & 20.

    EXCEPT it seems the Seung-Man might not actually be in the fold, but at least he isn’t out in the cold.

    The only doctor who seemed competent and not poisoned by arrogance was Dr. Jo. It took a while for the head nurse to figure that out, but thankfully she did. ;^)

  341. 341 : KDaddict Says:

    @Yumi, hi,
    I went back n re-read some of your posts. I actually agree w a lot of what u said, starting w #306. I had the same feeling u did when ppl were saying he was evil. How is he evil?
    If you or I thought for yrs starting in childhood that our mother slept w sb, got pregnant, n then abandoned us, we’d be cranky too. And since it means you can’t trust your own mother, therefore u can’t trust anybody, you’d be cold too. He has my sympathy there.
    As sb who has worked in a big institution much like a hosp, I understand first hand the injustices of the system: that politicking gets u farther than hard work; ass-kissing is rewarded more than excellence. So, he’s been fighting an uphill battle. If it was us, we’d be cranky too. I feel for him there too.
    I don’t think he is evil. I don’t think he is a bad person. I do think he is a jerk, or to use your term, a jackass. I don’t like the way he treats Yoon professionally or personally, becos he is a bully in both arenas. He bullies her (and others) professionally becos he is her (their) senior. He bullies her personally becos she is smitten w him.
    He bullies her (and them) becos he can! I don’t like him for walking all over her. I’d like to sock him in the face!
    I know that she is responsible for her feelings. I should be as upset at her for allowing herself to be walked all over by the man she loves, as I am at him for doing it. But like I said, it is as a woman that I have more sympathy for her as a woman than for him as a jackass. So I was hoping that in ep 20, he’d redeem himself, n show us that he’s capable of change, “w the love of a good woman”! Oh so corny!
    It was v late last night when I saw your query in #328. I confess that I didn’t take it as seriously as I would have becos while I’ve been cruising these pages for years, it is extremely rare that a comment appears that is soliciting an in-depth, genuine discussion. Yours is maybe the 3rd one I’ve ever come across. I’ve gotten used to the superficial “I like it, why don’t u like it” kind of dichotomy that often appears. My mistake.
    Another pt, you r right abt how scary it is that these brain surgeons operate this way. You know sb said the same thing abt flying on the Take care of us Captain thread. Sb else said what they depict is all true, cos she works in that industry!!! Doctors n pilots r just ppl. They have their personalities, moods, needs, defects, etc. We r lucky if we survive them when we fly or when we go to the hosp!
    It’s good to have this discussion w you.

    Why r you having a brain freeze these days? Is it becos Go Soo is getting married? 😉
    It is not only in KDland that Lee can be a jerk n Yoon will still love him. There r women in the real world who r doormats to their husbands too, alas!

  342. 342 : Nanu Says:

    Thanks much Faizai for the recap ep 20 part 1, can’t wait to read the part 2…..

  343. 343 : janine Says:

    i am glad that dr lee gang hun asked dr yun ji hye to stay with him… i think it was more of a command to dr yun ji hye to stay with him.. but then, am glad he did… he even tried to call her.. dr lee gang hun has become more warm and become more human after falling in love with dr yun ji hye.. i am happy that a part of dr lee gang hun’s heart has soften… will miss this drama….

  344. 344 : janine Says:

    i like dr lee gang hun smile when dr yun ji hye enter the conference room… it’s a smile that sealed their love… it’s a smile that meant that dr lee gang hun realize that success in career is not everything in life… it is having someone by your side that matters most.. it was a big move on the part of dr yun ji hye…

  345. 345 : KDaddict Says:

    Just finished watching Ep 20.
    I find it to be “true to form”. It’d have been selling-out if they had indeed given us a softened, sweetened, surrendered Dr. Lee. It just wouldn’t be Him anymore. So, I’m OK w that.
    I like it that Harry Potter n Lee’s sister tie the knot. He even dares to call Lee Hyung-nim once. Haha. And ditto for Head nurse and that doctor who is the only other nice guy n level-headad person in the dept.
    Prof Kim is still at large. Lee misses him. That’s as much closure as we can expect there.
    It’s been a good show, n this has been an exceptionally good group. Thank you, one and all!

  346. 346 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Yeah, could be that Go Soo’s getting married 🙁 or I have a finger in too many pies. Am not writing/commenting as much but I am silently “stalking” all comments on different threads:-) Go Soo may be getting hitched but there’s still my YuChun. Btw, Micky has a new drama, Rooftop Prince, coming up in March. Trying real hard to contain my excitement 😀
    @Yumi I thought the same of Dr Jo and thru out I actually waited to see a change in him but he turned out to be really the sweetest guy out there. I’m glad things turned out well with him and Head Nurse.

  347. 347 : KDaddict Says:

    I am SUPER excited abt Micky’s new show. I like it that they’ve cast PP’s Han JM as the lead actress. I love Micky n love that pairing. We’ll just have to enjoy METS while we r waiting!

  348. 348 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Oh super super excited now. it’s going to be a real happy show with those two cuties. Now, I Really cannot wait! Btw any info out there who the scriptwriter is?

  349. 349 : KDaddict Says:

    Lee Hee Myung who wrote Bad Family. Mean anything to u?

  350. 350 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Heard of it yes but not watched it simply becos the cast didn’t interest me at all then. I went to the thread earlier and read some fantastic reviews tho. Good, at least I know Micky will be in good hands then and we are in for some great laughs. Finally, after so many intense and sad dramas, we’re getting some comedy at last!

  351. 351 : Mic Says:

    I liked Bad Family. One of those rare, not as superficial dramas.

  352. 352 : KDaddict Says:

    That’s good to know. I meant to watch but never got around to it. This might be the perfect time!

  353. 353 : brainaddict Says:

    @Faizal: Thanks for the first part recap of ep 20…. and still waiting for the ep 20 recap – part II… 🙂

  354. 354 : Faizal Says:

    @KDAddict – did i miss out anything?

    Sorry for the delay, as I’m translating it piece-meal (I want to have it as much translated – so longer parts this time).

    *****The Drama Brain Ep 20 Translation Summary Part II ********

    Dr Lee’s office…Dr Yun comes in….Dr Yun approachs Dr Lee and calls him.

    “Sir” Dr Lee “I thought the surgery was a success, even though I suspected that Dr Kim would lose his vision eventually.” I should done a top notch job on him…..(Dr Kim) should remained as my adversary/antagonist ”

    Dr Yun “It wasn’t your fault. You didn’t make any mistake. Because of the location of cancer cells and the great volumn of cancer cells, there
    was nothing much we could done (about Dr Kim’s vision)”

    Dr Lee “I should do a top notch job on him…(Dr Kim) should remained as my adversar/ antagonist.”

    Dr Yun “You mean what happen to your father? I heard it from Dr Kim…But isn’t your real adversary/enemy yourself? As I see it, because
    you can not forgive yourself, you can not become warm….even though I don’t know why (you can not forgive yourself)…”

    Dr Lee looks at Dr Yun then he reflects …. “The enermy/adversary of Lee Kang Hun is Lee Kang Hun?? Maybe that is correct….That night, I carried my father to the hospital….I was so afraid that my father would die…but at the same time, I wished him to die so my mother doesn’t have to suffer abuses from him any longer….only if he goes(die) now then everything will end(the sufferings of his mother). So even though I was running really fast, I didn’t want to (run fast)…..
    I blamed myself for my father’s death ….that I didn’t run fast enough… that’s why I ran so fast (in my life, with his ambition/goals), and …and…I know that it isn’t true….I was such a coward….I blamed everything on Dr Kim…I am….I am..”

    Dr Lee is crying hard……Dr Yun is crying silently…..she comes over to Dr Lee and hugs him to comfort him.

    -The End of Part II-

    ****continue on Part III later****

  355. 355 : KDaddict Says:

    This recapping business is a labor of love. I’ve done it, so I know. We want to get it just right, cos we love a show to distraction. I’m sure you are doing the most bang up job. Aja!

  356. 356 : Yumi Says:


    Thanks for continuing the conversation. I will miss Brain. I will try to wait a little before I see the final two episodes subtitled just to give myself a chance to savor it instead of gobbling it down.

    I will say one of the things that proves Shin Ya Kyun excellence as an actor is that when the character Lee Gang Hun always speaks in a somewhat begrieved/ aggrieved bullying tone. Yet even though I don’t understand Korean I could always tell when he was pouting poking with affection–as he has been to Dr. Yoon since he returned as an assistant professor versus other characters.

    He’s really good. Isn’t great to see a skilled craftsman who enjoys his work done good work.

    Also the actor playing Dr. Jo is wonderful–just watching him, i could tell he was having a blast playing his role. His greedy, big baby, politician was a delight especially when it was eyelash curling time or tantrum time.

    Wild Romance shows promise and Padam Padam has been enjoyable.

  357. 357 : jangerr Says:

    @352 KDaddict

    What happened to your resolution to not be ‘promiscuous’ but to ‘love deeply’? Hehehe! But I know how it feels – it’s a forest out there!!!

  358. 358 : Brainlover Says:

    how dare young bong goo married when the elders haven’t hahah. love goo-young couple very much!! they’re cute!

    @Faizal : can’t wait Part III! you help us to understand the last episode drama. gumawo.,

  359. 359 : KDaddict Says:

    In either ep 18 or 19, there was one scene in which Dr. Jo was shown in profile, he looked just like Hermit the Frog! It was so funny.
    IMHO, the last 2 eps r not really satisfying. That’s becos I find him to be a bully to the end. The show gives him a flicker of realization that success is nothing if not shared w sb “who loves u”. I’d be happier if the flicker of realization is that success is nothing if not shared w sb “you love”. Based on everything that goes on up till the first 55 mins of ep 20, it seems to be that the realization is the former, not the latter. You might disagree. This might be splitting hairs, but it is a significant difference in terms of showing us a newfound willingness/ability to love, or one that just WANTs to be loved.
    I’m afraid I can’t stand the actress in Wild Romance. She ruined Poseidon for me.
    Am loving Padam2 n METS! Say you again soon, I hope!

  360. 360 : KDaddict Says:

    Hey, I was happiest when watching 7 shows a week. Now I’m down to 3! That’s gt restraint.
    I’m only loving Padam2, METS rt now. Death n loss r happening in METS this week. I’m thinking of starting Bad Family to balance its sadness. When u talk to an addict abt their addiction, you’ll find “reasons” galore! Heehee.

  361. 361 : KDaddict Says:

    @Yumi-359, TYPO:
    This might be splitting hairs, but it is a significant difference in terms of showing us a newfound willingness/ability to love, N-O-T one that just WANTs to be loved.
    It seems to me that the PDs have show he is willing to Accept her love; they haven’t shown me that he has made up his mind to Give her that love.
    I wouldn’t have brought this up w anyone else, but you seem to be one who also care abt this kind of subtleties.
    What else r you watching? See you there!

  362. 362 : Yumi Says:


    I don’t think it is a subtly but rather a huge difference.

    regarding the ending–I don’t know the details but I’ve watched the raws and have tried to decipher what going.So i don’t have that strong an opinion.

    From my perspective true growth is incremental and I think Gang Hun as a lot of growing to do. For me too big a turn around would cheapen the drama I think. It seems he has just taken baby steps or only just realized the path he might need to take.

    Right now, in my opinion [not really knowing 19-12] he is a disaster and a danger. He still believes in his god-like ability. That amount of talent without an accompanying humility is damn dangerous in real life.

    He seriously needs to fail–not be humiliated–but fail in a way that makes him recognize his only human, with human limitations. His mother’s death could have been used in the narrative to do that, but it wasn’t.

    Actually for those who love the series and have been clamoring for second season the story of Gang Hun recognizing that he is good but not God might be interesting.

    I really liked head nurse Hong Eun-Sook In some ways she is Lee Gang Hun writ small. Abandonment left her closed off from people or so it seems. Her dedication to work/perfectionist streak resulted with her underlings viewing her as a holy terror and it took a lot of gentle wearing way at that rocky stubborn distrustful exterior before Dr. Jo could make any in-road. She was so unyielding that up to the very last minute he was unsure where it would go. I think for her it was a leap of faith to drag him into the stairwell. And from her interaction with the former boyfriend who was sick, it seems she had practice at being in a relationship before. [this is just from watching the raws and trying to understand body language–no Korean language skills here]

    Now Dr. Lee has limited inter-relationship skills, from childhood he didn’t have access to healthy road models. His mother was a wonderful loving self-abasing person, and therefore a very poor role model. The crap she put up with from him was unacceptable while constantly trying to earn his acceptance and forgiveness for a crime she never committed, plays good is dramas but it very unhealthy behavior.

    I actually like the fact that his “courtship” style was in sync with his general behavior. He loves and hates with a similar “bullying” presentation. I view that as “rough affection” and know folk who practice it to great effect. You only tease the one you lovne and as long as the intent is not to belittle or abuse I’m okay with that.

    When he talks to Dr. Yoon he reminds me of a 7 year old boy who like a girl but is not sure how to deal with it so he tease her and when she get upset he gives her candy and runs away.

    The one thing I didn’t like about the end was the weird “Forest Gump Feather” action that blew her brain scan back to her. What was that about? I don’t remember any other fantasy element in this series but whatever. . .

    I’m watching Wild Romance-so far so good
    I’m watching Padam Padam-and liking
    I’m watching A thousand Kisses for WooJim and JIMoo relationship
    I’m watching Fermentation Family–not sure why, it almost boring and has a “Touch by an Angel” vibe–but the little family of misfits keep me coming back.

    I sometimes read recaps before I decide to jump in.
    I’m reading History of the Salary Man and I might jump in soon.
    Also reading The Moon That Embraces the Sun. I think I’ll jump in in a bit. Even though when I read the title I think that’s that possible. The sun is a ball of gas, there is nothing to embrace.
    Reading What’s Up and Ojakkyo Brothers. Not sure if I’ll ever watch.
    Started the Color of Woman and that went down hill fast for me. Hated the second female lead. Couldn’t understand how the relationship between the two women could be consider “friendship'” when it struck me as toxic and abusive.

  363. 363 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m glad u think that is a significant diff. I do too. Some ppl might think it’s splitting hairs. I would have liked it if the drama shows at the end that he has made the Decision to Learn to Give love. That isn’t too dramatic a step, is it? But what the show gives me isn’t even that, so I’m left dissatisfied.
    Dr. Yoon is the one who has to yield yet again. The way I read it, the photo being blown in front of her is meant to suggest to her that it is her fate to love him, and should therefore yield to it AND to him. That bugs me.
    A drama is supposed to show us some growth in the chars that need it. Why is it that Dr. Lee only has to realize that he wants sb to share his success with, and from now on Accept her love w/out lifting a little finger? Bah! Humbug!
    Oops! It’s Dr. GO whom I meant to say Looked like Hermit the Frog when he pouted his mouth n was filmed in profile. NOT Dr. Jo.

    I’m loving METS rt now. The young cast is FANTASTIC! I Just did a recap for Ep 5, which a lot of ppl r scared of becos of its sadness.

  364. 364 : GDipPM Says:

    To those who wants a complete download of all Brain OST, here’s the link for you to download


    The songs are fantastic!

  365. 365 : brainaddict Says:


    You’re right about the OST songs. I especially love Closer To and I Love You To Death.

    Hope Faizal is willing to make the translation for the songs if it’s not too much for asking.

  366. 366 : Mor Says:

    Closer (더 가까이) Korean Lyric

    불안했던 마음 지친 발걸음 내 앞만 보고 살아온 거야
    bul-anhaessdeon ma-eum jichin balgeol-eum nae apman bogo sal-aon geoya
    상처 입은 가슴 열어볼 용기가 없어서 너를 지나치지만
    sangcheo ib-eun gaseum yeol-eobol yong-giga eobs-eoseo neoleul jinachijiman
    그럴수록 가슴에 쌓여가는 나 하지 못한 말들 하고 싶은 말들
    geuleolsulog gaseum-e ssah-yeoganeun na haji moshan maldeul hago sip-eun maldeul

    가까이 더 가까이 니 곁에서 오랫동안 지켜주고 싶어
    gakkai deo gakkai ni gyeot-eseo olaesdong-an jikyeojugo sip-eo
    언젠가 잃어버린 설레임을 내 마음에 다시 찾아준 사람
    eonjenga ilh-eobeolin seolleim-eul nae ma-eum-e dasi chaj-ajun salam

    느려지는 마음 편한 발걸음 너를 볼 때면 느낄 수 있어
    neulyeojineun ma-eum pyeonhan balgeol-eum neoleul bol ttaemyeon neukkil su iss-eo
    지난 눈물조차 닦아줄 것 같은 니 손은 으음 내게 따스함을 줘
    jinan nunmuljocha dakk-ajul geos gat-eun ni son-eun eueum naege ttaseuham-eul jwo

    너를 보면 자꾸만 늘어가는 다 주고 싶은 마음 더 주고 싶은 마음
    neoleul bomyeon jakkuman neul-eoganeun da jugo sip-eun ma-eum deo jugo sip-eun ma-eum

    가까이 더 가까이 니 곁에서 오랫동안 지켜주고 싶어
    gakkai deo gakkai ni gyeot-eseo olaesdong-an jikyeojugo sip-eo
    언젠가 잃어버린 설레임을 찾게 해준 니가 고마울 뿐야
    eonjenga ilh-eobeolin seolleim-eul chajge haejun niga gomaul ppun-ya

    이제 알게 된 거야 이 맘 내려놓을 곳 너란 걸
    ije alge doen geoya i mam naelyeonoh-eul gos neolan geol

    가까이 더 가까이 내 모든 걸 더 뜨겁게 안아줄 수 있니
    gakkai deo gakkai nae modeun geol deo tteugeobge an-ajul su issni
    언젠가 잃어버린 사랑이란 그 말들을 다시 알게 한 사람
    eonjenga ilh-eobeolin salang-ilan geu maldeul-eul dasi alge han salam
    더 가까이 와줄래
    deo gakkai wajullae

  367. 367 : Mor Says:

    Closer (더 가까이) Lyric (English Translation)

    Nervous heart, weary steps, I will live looking forward
    I don’t have the courage to open up my scarred heart, so I pass by you
    The more I do this, the more accumulation in my heart of words that I failed to say, words that I want to say

    Closer, closer, I want to protect next to you for a long time
    The excitement that is missing will found it back to my heart one day

    Slow heart, comfortable steps, I can feel it when I see you
    Those hands that likes wiping away past tears, em, giving me warm

    When I see you, the desire to give you everything grows bigger, wanting to give you more

    Closer, closer, I want to protect next to you for a long time
    I appreciate you for giving back to my heart the excitement that is missing someday

    I just find out that you are the place where I should put my heart on

    Closer, closer, can you embrace my hotter than everything
    To the person who made me knew again about lost love some day
    Can you come closer

  368. 368 : Mor Says:

    I Love You to Death (죽을 만큼 사랑해) Lyric

    괜찮은 거니 우리의 발자국이 찍힌 그 거리를 넌 걸을 수 있니
    gwenchaneun goni uriye baljagugi jjikhin geu gorireul non goreul su inni
    아프진 않니 우리의 웃음 섞인 공기 그 속에서 넌 낯설지 않니
    apeujin anni uriye useum sokkin gonggi geu sogeso non natsolji anni

    기대하고 무너지는 나 원망하고 반성하는 나
    gidehago munojineun na wonmanghago bansonghaneun na
    다그치며 데려왔던 네 마음 괜찮아질 거라고 속여왔나 봐
    dageuchimyo deryowatdon ne maeum gwenchanajil gorago sogyowanna bwa

    죽을 만큼 사랑해 아직도 널 사랑해
    jugeul mankeum saranghe ajikdo nol saranghe
    너에게로 던져진 내 마음은 아직 거긴가 봐
    noegero donjyojin ne maeumeun ajik gogin-ga bwa
    이상하게 겁이 나 니가 조금씩 잊혀지게 될까 봐
    isanghage gobi na niga jogeumssik ichyojige dwelkka bwa
    니가 아프게 해도 내 안에 두고 싶어
    niga apeuge hedo ne ane dugo sipo

    괜찮지 않아 내 안의 너와 싸우다가 느닷없이 눈물이 흘러
    gwenchanchi ana ne an-e nowa ssaudaga neudat obsi nunmuri heullo
    웃을 수 없어 사랑이야 또 하겠지만 세상 단 한명 너는 아닐 테니
    useul su obso sarangiya tto hagetjiman sesang dan hanmyong noneun anil teni

    너와 마주치기 전까진 니가 올 거라는 착각을 했나 봐
    nowa majuchigi jonkkajin niga ol goraneun chakgageul henna bwa
    세상에 네가 없었던 것처럼 익숙한 너의 웃음소리가 들려
    sesange nega obsotdon gotchorom iksukhan noye useumsoriga deullyo
    나는 왜 그게 안되니
    naneun we geuge andweni

    죽을 만큼 사랑해 아직도 널 사랑해
    jugeul mankeum saranghe ajikdo nol saranghe
    너에게로 던져진 내 마음은 아직 거긴가 봐
    noegero donjyojin ne maeumeun ajik gogin-ga bwa
    이상하게 겁이 나 니가 조금씩 잊혀지게 될까 봐
    isanghage gobi na niga jogeumssik ichyojige dwelkka bwa
    니가 아프게 해도 내 안에 두고 싶어
    niga apeuge hedo ne ane dugo sipo

    멈춰진 너의 발걸음 내겐 인사조차 해줄 수가 없었니
    momchwojin noye balgoreum negen insajocha hejul suga obsonni
    내가 먼저 돌아설게 니가 편하게 웃을 수 있도록 oh
    nega monjo dorasolge niga pyonhage useul su itdorok oh

    그래 너를 사랑해 미울 만큼 사랑해
    geure noreul saranghe miul mankeum saranghe
    니가 없는 내 모습 한번도 생각해 본 적 없어
    niga omneun ne moseup hanbondo senggakhe bon jogobso
    이상하게 무서워 이런 아픔이 익숙해질까 봐
    isanghage musowo iron apeumi iksukhejilkka bwa
    어떻게 해도 나는 널 놓을 수가 없어
    ottoke hedo naneun nol-loeul suga obso

  369. 369 : Mor Says:

    I Love You to Death (죽을 만큼 사랑해) Lyric (English Translation)

    Are you okay with walking on the street that our footsteps are imprinted with
    Are you not sick of the air that contains our laughter that you’re not familiar with

    Resentment that expects me to collapse and self-reflect
    Your heart that whipped and brought with me, it would be fine by fooling

    I love you to death, I still love you
    The heart that I threw to you, I think it’s still there
    Strangely, I get worried and afraid that I will forget you gradually
    Even if you hurt me, I want to keep you inside of me

    It doesn’t matter, I fight with you who is inside of me and tears flowing out of the blue
    I cannot laugh, but I will fall in love again with you, only one in the world

    Until I ran into you, I had an illusion that you would come to me
    As if you’re not in this world, I can hear your familiar laughter
    Why can’t I do that?

    I love you to death, I still love you
    The heart that I threw to you, I think it’s still there
    Strangely, I get worried and afraid that I will forget you gradually
    Even if you hurt me, I want to keep you inside of me

    You stop your steps, don’t you notice me
    Let me turn around so that you can comfortably smile, oh

    Yes, I love you, to the point where I hate myself
    Me without you, I’ve never imagined it for a single time
    Strangely, I am scared of the pain that is terrifyingly familiar
    No matter what, I can’t let you go

  370. 370 : Mor Says:


    I get all this Lyric (English Translation) from internet.

  371. 371 : brainaddict Says:

    @Mor: thanks very much..!!

  372. 372 : sabrinasam88 Says:

    Mr.director,I request a second season.A dramatic medical story translated into utter madness.A story for joy,sorrow and death.Kudos to mr.director,a magnificient masterpiece.I love dr.lee thank you.second season-will be right here waiting.

  373. 373 : jangerr Says:

    Yup, yup, Brain 2 please! It can show how Dr Lee tackles some strange and mysterious brain medical problems ala House MD. How he uses his brilliance, aggresive doggedness and detached passion to solve one mysterious illness after another…

  374. 374 : Faizal Says:

    Sorry for the delay. Have been real busy. Here is the final instalment of Ep 20 Part 3

    *****The Drama Brain Ep 20 Translation Summary Part III ********

    Dr Kim is getting check up for re-surgery; He is still teaching the radiologist who is taking his x-dray/MRI….Dr Lee and Dr Yun
    smiles; Dr Kim is still conducting his research dispite falling vision;

    Dr Lee is going over re-surgery strategies with Dr Kim…..Dr Lee
    “If we go in this direction, we can take care…… (looking at Dr Kim)

    Sir, I know your are not trusting me now but at least don’t you need
    to give me the minimum/basic trust on your doctor as a patient?”

    Dr Kim “You didn’t trust me before either… (when Dr Kim did surgery on his mom)…. It’s Lee Kang Hun….He is performing surgery on me…I will get better…I will be able to see again…I have no doubt…”

    then Dr Kim smiles….; Dr Lee is looking at Dr Kim’s MRI, planning the re-surgery….Dr Lee and Dr Yun checks with nurses about Dr Kim…
    they are getting ready for re-surgery of Dr Kim…Dr Kim is missing……

    Dr Kim left a note to Dr Lee “Don’t waste your time with me…just do
    well on your surgeries…” Dr Kim also left research data analysis/report
    to Dr Lee with a memo “You wanted to know about molecular signature …..Look into this….”

    Dr Go playing politics….Dr Dong is right next to him….Dr Lee is looking
    at them…Chairwoman and Dr Yun are talking Chiarwoman asks “You
    didn’t hear about Dr Kim yet……” Dr Yun “No…” Chairwoman ” I am
    trying to find him everywhere but no news….”; Ha Young’s wedding….;

    Dr Yun get medical call; it’s Dr Lee’s surgery but Dr Yun takes the surgery herself (Dr Lee is at his sister’s wedding)….

    Dr Lee finds out Dr Yun did his surgery and upset;

    Dr Yun shows up…..Dr Lee ” You should not done that surgery…it was very difficult surgery even for a co-professor…”

    Dr Yun ” Please stop looking down on me….you never have confidence
    on my prof. ability…even if I become a chief of neuro dept etc, you would not have confidence on me….I did the surgery well….and I really think I am doing well as a senior fellow….”

    Dr Lee is feeling bad “well, i didn’t say anything….” conversation continues …

    Dr Yun ” It’s time for you to have confidence on me I didn’t want to bother you during the wedding…”

    Dr Lee “I just wish you told me before the surgery…I checked the patient and knew that you did it well….You already know that I talk rudely and become obnoxious when I am thankful (to somebody)…”

    Dr Yun turns around and “Ahhhhhh….so you already know yourself ……Well then it’s time for you to change that…..”

    Dr Lee assigns a medical conference coming up in a month to
    her…Dr Yun is not excited then says “Well, I am leaving this hospital in
    one month….I applied for a fellowship at Je Il medical center and I got
    the position…” Dr Lee’s face changes completely in big surprize / disbelief …

    Dr Lee “What?…Why?….” Dr Yun ” There is Dr Kim Je Min and he is an expert in Moyamoya disease and I want to learn from him… also I am the oldest child in my family so I want to spend time with my family…”

    Dr Lee looks at her silently….

    Dr Yun continues “So until I leave, let’s not fight…” then she walks away….

    Dr Lee is just standing there….

    Dr Yun is studying very hard; Hallway…Dr Lee and Dr Yunrun into each other…Dr yun bows but indifferent to Dr Lee…Dr Lee wants to say something to her but just looks at her (sort of checking for a good time but hesitant/shy to say something…)

    Dr Go is all smile and shouts out ” Congratulation Dr Lee, your research
    has been selected as the top research in S. Korea for the South Korean
    Medical Award!!”

    Dr Lee is happy and smiles….everyone congratulates him…Dr Lee is smiling then looks at Dr Yun….She has faint smile on face

    Dr Lee’s smile disappears looking at her….

    Dr Lee is at his office; gets a phone call from a professor (Dr. An Dong Suk) at another hospital.

    Dr Lee “Thank you professor, Yes I thought about it and Thank you for great idea/offer….” He is smiling broadly full of pride….

    Dr Kim is standing behind him Dr lee turns around Dr Kim “So you are receiving the South Korean Medical Award….Congratulation”

    Dr Lee ” It’s all because of your help…..Didn’t you give me the crucial data for the research yourself ?! ”

    Dr Kim “That’s nothing…”

    Dr Lee “Where are you now?”

    Dr Kim “Well, where do you think I am?”

    Dr Lee “Is your vision worse (than before) ? Are you healthy?? I am worried about you. ”

    Dr Kim “You are worried about me? Lee Kang Hun is worried because of me?! … Ha Ha Ha…”. then Dr Kim disappears…..

    Dr Yun at the office, she pulls out her food from refrigerator, she looks at
    threads…reflects the Tie scene with Dr Lee…

    Dr Lee comes in pulls out her brain MRI give it to her

    Dr Yun “You still didn’t throw it away?”

    Dr Lee ” I am going to Hye Sung Hospital…’

    Dr Yun ‘ I already heard…You are going as a chief of Molecular Clustering / Signature….it’s an exceptional offer….but you are doing very well here also….so why do you want to change?’….

    Dr Lee ‘Because i am not going to stop here (at his current position) I will go further,

    Apply to Hye Sung Hospital fellowship when you have a chance…’

    Dr Yun smiles then ‘ Well Hye Sung hospital only accepts among their Alumi only’

    Dr Lee ‘I will pull some strings…I mean, even without my
    help, I know you can get the position with your ability only but….anyhow
    just know about it…’

    Dr Yun ‘ No, I will go to Je Il Hospital as I already planned’

    Dr Lee ‘… Let’s Let’s go together (to Hye Sung Hospital)’
    When Dr Lee asked her to transfer to He Sung Hospital together,
    it was an actual marriage proposal to her in Dr Lee Kang Hun style
    (In korean, there is a lot more meaning to this when he said let’s go together. the literal is given as Lets go together).

    Dr Yun ‘No…’

    Dr Lee ‘ Yun Ji Hye…’

    Dr Yun ‘ I ….I like you….I mean…. I love you…Even though I tried to end, I couldn’t….I think you feel same way… If you feel same way and if it is a genuine feeling then please you give in for me….’

    Dr lee ‘ You mean you want me to go with you to Je Il Hospital?’

    Dr Yun smiles then ‘Well I don’t even expect and ….there is no way you will but just cheer for my choice….and wait for me please…”

    Dr Yun puts the MRI picture in Dr lee’s hand…

    Dr Lee ‘ No No I can not cheer for you ….and I can not wait for you either…Just just stay with me, if you can not listen to me then you throw away this MRI picture yourself’

    then Dr Lee walks away…Hallway….

    Dr Lee feels somebody following him
    ….thinks it is Dr Yun so he turns around its only Bong Go….he is happy that he got that conference project next month…..thanks Dr Lee…

    Scenes of Dr Lee pacing…Dr Yun looking at the MRI picture, eating Ramen noodle…

    Both of them are going crazy….thinking of each other….Dr Yun crying….

    Dr Lee in a suit ….looking out the window….his bew brother-in-law (cute doc) comes in “Are you going to the award ceremony? The chairman wants to see you before the ceremony.’

    Dr Lee “How is my sister? BTW Dr Yun will come to the award ceremony right?” Cute doc ” Yes’…..

    Dr Yun in hallway, already to leave ….runs into Dr Seo….

    Dr Seo “are you leaving now?’

    Dr Yun “Yes You have a lecture? ”

    Dr Seo ” Yes, I guess I can not see you leaving….”

    Dr Yun “It’s OK…Let’s say good bye…”

    Dr Seo “we will see again soon…”

    Dr Yun ” But still..”

    Dr Lee and Dr Go goes in somewhere together…

    Dr Yun comes in to the Dr Lee’s office …. caresses his notebook with his writing on it….she pulls out her brain MRI picture on top of the notebook then leave it there…..

    Dr Yun is thinking ” Sir (Sun sang Nimim) I leave my heart with you, if you want to see me, please come by just once, if you do then I will keep
    you forever….”

    Dr Yun leaves the office….the window is open, winds blow away the MRI picture….Dr Yun is waiting for a bus….the MRI picture ends up right infront of Dr Yun at the bus stop….Dr Yun graps it….

    Dr Lee on the hallway…

    Dr Kim appears then calls….’Dr Lee kang Hun… Are you happy now that you are more famous now?’

    Dr Lee “Yes I am very happy.’

    Dr Kim “Then Are you happy now?” Dr Lee “Of course I am”

    Dr Kim ” even though you are about to lose very important thing for yourself now ?!…..OK….regardless of anything you should be happy…”

    Dr Kim walks away…then disappears into air….

    Dr Lee goes into the lecture hall…for the award ceremony…..he is about to make the speech… Dr lee reflects of Dr Kim saying ” So are you going to be happy now….even though you are about to lose very important thing for you…..?” The crowds of people applauding…

    Dr Lee is reflecting again this time what Dr Yun said ”I like you….I mean
    I love you…If you feel same way, and if your feeling is genuine then please you give in this time….” The crowds are waiting for him (to make the speech)….The door opens, then Dr Yun runs in….Dr Lee looks up and see

    Dr Yun…..Entire crowds look towards Dr Yun’s direction…

    Dr Yun smiles….Dr Lee nods then smiles….Dr Yun has tears in her eyes,

    Dr Lee’s eyes get moisturous….but smiles broadly….he approaches then

    “Thank you, I am lee Gang Hun, in neurosurgery’ ….. The crowds give
    Dr Lee a standing ovation…Dr Yun is smiling and crying at the same time
    clapping her hands…..Dr lee looks at Dr yun and the crowds and smiles

    (Finally, Dr Lee is happy in all aspects of his life…)

    That’s the end of this wonderful 20 episodes drama.

    I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I do. Till a nice drama comes along, I’m signing off here.

    Kamsahameeda. An Nyeong 😉

  375. 375 : KDaddict Says:

    It’s been a good ride. TQ for making the thread so lively.
    Sa Hae Bok Ma Ni Ba Deu Se Yo!

  376. 376 : Jennie Says:

    @Faizal TQ so much for the very detailed recaps. Can’t watch the final two eps now so ur recaps help a great deal. Thks and have a good break this Chinese New Year hols. Hope to see you in other dramas. What are you watching next? Hope to see you at the Moon Embraces The Sun thread 😉

  377. 377 : Faizal Says:


    You’re most welcome. I thoroughly enjoyed this drama. Ep 19 is already well sub now. Now, we are doing 20, 84% completed, but yet to be edited. And guess what, I’m promoted to the next level at DSS. Didn’t expect as I joined only like 26 Dec last year.

    Moon Embraces the Sun…. hmmm.. I’ll take a look at it once I finish with the Brain Ep 20 subbing.

    Happy Lunar New Year to you too 😉

  378. 378 : Shirley Says:

    Thanks for your time and effort with the recap. I rely a lot on your recap. Couldn’t get hold of ep20 English version yet. Thanks so much. Btw, are your from S’pore?

  379. 379 : Faizal Says:


    Ep 20 is still under subbing, and have not quality control yet. If you already donwloaded the raw video, here’s the website where u can download the subtitles (but there subs are no good at this stage for ep 20)


    Yes, i’m from Singapore.

  380. 380 : lengskee Says:

    its saddens me that the ratings dipped because of the cable operators problem. This is a great drama series that should have not been affected by the turmoil with KBS. Nonetheless, kudos to KBS for creating a great series. Hope to see more of Shin Ha Kyun and Choi Jung Won on the small screen.

    The moon that embraces the sun seemed a very promising series as well.

  381. 381 : jj Says:

    4 the final love story between dr.yun n dr.lee I hope there will be a movie for brain. I want to c how he struggles for his love. cause I only see ‘this’ on yun’s side.c’mon prod & the sript writer u can do that,please ^_^

  382. 382 : Shirley Says:

    Thanks Faizal. You are good with your Korean language. So cool.
    I am from S!pore too.

  383. 383 : Faizal Says:


    You know Korean too? I only know how to listen and speak a smatterinig

  384. 384 : brainaddict Says:

    @Faizal: you did a very good recap of Brain. Thanks a lot. Btw, congrats for your promotion.

  385. 385 : Shirley Says:

    @ Faizal -383
    I don’t know Korean language. I start to pick up some phrase through watching Korean drama. Korean is a beautiful language. Really envy your knowledge on that. Doing such wonderful recap and sharing with us. Really appreciate that. What other drama you are watching now? I may just follow.

  386. 386 : jae Says:

    thanks faizal for your brain ep.20 trans-recap…
    realy help me while waiting for the subs and curing my withdrawal because of brain drama finished.

    i wish it’s has 24 episode so they can show more interaction among all doctors specialy dr yun, dr lee and dr kim ^^

  387. 387 : Shirley Says:

    @ Faizal,
    What is DSS? Sorry, I am new to this.

  388. 388 : Faizal Says:


    DSS=Dark Smurf Sub

    All the translations were carried by Fans like me. Its community translated subtitles (CTS), where we translate to English subs. CTS, because all of us are doing it during our own free time, so if more people help translate, the faster the subs will be ready. Somehow, there will be nice people who will hard code the subs into the actual videos and upload it to youtube.

    But doing so, results in poor quality video. If you want High Definition RAW files, you can have the torrent file downloaded at http://www.d-addicts.com. You have to have a torrent software installed in your computer. Have the sub files and raw files stored in the same directory and same name (though file type is different).

    Have fun and enjoy 😉

  389. 389 : Shirley Says:

    @ Faizal
    Wow, this is awesome. You guys are so good with languages that can do such wonderful translation and share this with us. Thanks for the marvelous job. Thanks so much!

  390. 390 : coralou Says:

    i hope the problem of kbs with their cable partners has been resolved for it is a pity if this said drama will not be aired in other countries. the story is so good that i’m addicted to this show. i always watched it on kbs world every monday & tuesday.

    and congratulations to all the cast of brain for winning the top award in the recent 2011 kbs entertainment award. for sure those actors & actresses who dropped out of this program due to whatever reasons they have, are now gritting their teeth in regret for turning their back on the show. now the drama is soaring high in the ratings.:)

  391. 391 : jangerr Says:

    @ Yumi and KDaddict

    I agree with both of you regarding the ending in some ways. Yumi, your take of Gang Hun’s character and how he shows his affection is exactly how I feel too. Like what he mentioned in the last episode, his way of thanking a person is by being obnoxious and talking fiercely. Likewise, he has never experience real love and doesn’t know how to show his love and affection. In some ways, he’s probably afraid of being rejected (his extreme fear of failure) and maybe also he thought it will be construed as a weakness. I’ve certainly come across people like that.

    However, like KDaddict, I’m somewaht dissatisfied with the ending too. Dr Yun is the one giving in right to the end. She’s the one running back to him despite saying that she wants him to give in for once.

    However, as I watched the last episode again, I realised that actually Gang Hun has made some concessions. First, he ‘proposed’ which in his way is by asking her to go together with him to Hye Sung Hospital. Secondly, his hesitation at the podium at the end showed that he’s may be contemplating giving up the award to go to her. This is a HUGE step for him as by doing so, it will have serious repercussions on his reputation and career. So in a way, thank goodness she gave in and ran back to him! And lastly, I like that his smile when seeing her was not a smile of triumph, that hey, I’ve won but a smile of sheer joy and relief…

  392. 392 : jangerr Says:

    Ah! I forgot to mention that in ep 19, he sang to her! This obviously is something alien to and very, very uncomfortable for him. Yet he did it! That action certainly speaks volume! It showed that he has changed and yes, he more than cares for her…

  393. 393 : janine Says:

    @Jangerr very well said…. Misss this drama already….

  394. 394 : José Ayllón Says:

    Nice show,reflects events that happen in real life , to bad is only two days per week.

  395. 395 : Naga Says:

    A drama worth watching

  396. 396 : KDaddict Says:

    What do we call a guy who behaves obnoxiously n fiercely when he should be grateful? I believe we call him a jerk, or a jackass. What do we call a woman who is bullied and yet keeps returning for more? We call her a doormat. A jerk and a doormat are a perfect match. So, there.
    This is a KD, so viewers want romance. We grasp at straws, n say that, look, he sings to her, he waits at the ceremony, so it means he is capable of love. In reality, I think there are ppl who are not equipped to love, not suited for marriage, becos they’d hurt the ppl they r with. Just as there r ppl who aren’t suited to be parents, becos they r not giving or caring enough.
    I understand Dr. Lee, but I don’t like him. Perhaps, I should say, becos I understand Dr. Lee, therefore I don’t like him. But I applaud the PD team for their audacity in depicting such a person as the hero of a show, so atypical of KD heroes.
    There are guys who are brilliant, ambitious, dedicated to their work, nut cold, ungiving, selfish, n self-centred in their life. Dr. Lee is one such. And when Yoon picks him of all the doctors in the hosp, it just means that she likes to be treated that way for as long as they shall live. Pity!

  397. 397 : atoro Says:

    It is a deviation from the normal KD drama as the writter really understand what would attract the viewers besides handsome/pretty faces, which are boring and silly at times. SHY is a great actor and so is Dr Kim. Dr Yun, i personally think that she did well in the movie except too thin.

  398. 398 : nurul rizka Says:

    i really love this drama..is still two week after this drama ended but I’ve already miss this drama..especially lee Gang Hoon. i hope brain will continue for season 2 because this drama is really really fantastic and i really like the story..if there is season 2 i hope the story can more develop and i wanna know how about prof kim sang cheol condition after he left the hospital and also the love story between Gang hoon and jihye…ahhh Brain is so awesome and i hope i can see others films and drama from brain actress and actor in the future…

  399. 399 : jangerr Says:

    @398 nurul

    You should try watching Harvest Villa by the same lead actor, SHK. But don’t be surprise if you can’t recognise him at first! He’s totally different in Harvest Villa, it’s like he’s a different person altogether. That’s how good an actor he is, he can metamorphosise himself into different persons with different looks and personalities…

  400. 400 : KDaddict Says:

    I watched 2 eps of harvest villa. it seems really funny. will continue w it!

  401. 401 : corrie Says:

    shin ka gyun has a funny face,he don’t convince me at all like a romantic man,he is too ugly for that role! sorry ,you asian people don’t realise that a man with a comic face is not made for romantic drama or movies…

  402. 402 : brainaddict Says:

    All ppl talk about LGH/SHK and how great he is as an actor. Well, it’s not that I’m not a fan of him, but I think there is someone who deserves the same appreciation as the casts, the screenwriter Yoon Kyung Ah a.k.a. Ellen K Yoon. I wonder how she got the idea and how she did her research for Brain, since so many medical terms used in the drama. I hope KBS will continue to air Brain season 2 with the same casts. Can’t wait..!!!

  403. 403 : LILI Says:

    wwoooowww keren deh filmnya,hebat bgt Shin Ha Kyun (Lee Kang Hoon) miss you so much…

  404. 404 : Tata Says:

    I realize that a good drama does not have to be a handsome heroes. Dr lee I like your acting

  405. 405 : julia Says:

    shin ha kyun i really like your acting ……..even he not handsome ….but that not what we need….we need to see their acting skill not their face…..shin ha kyun the best….^^

  406. 406 : sabrinasam88 Says:

    @405 julia

    agreed.Its not the look that count its the quality of his performance in Brain.with the dissapearance of dr.cheol,intrigued most of the brain followers and I find that rather an easy escape for the director to end the drama with the summit of dr.lee career without his rival.Mr director BRAIN SEASON 2 please.

  407. 407 : sabrinasam88 Says:


    iya deh,pokoknya sinetron indonesia kalah total sama brain.kagak ada yang satu pun bisa ngalahin brain.sinetron2 kebanyakannya temanya sama aja,jadi sebel mahu ngikutin.pokoknya kagak asyik nongkrong di tv.

  408. 408 : vic Says:

    hahahahaahha corrie’s comment made my day! i swear to god i’m still laughing

    [quote]shin ka gyun has a funny face,he don’t convince me at all like a romantic man,he is too ugly for that role! sorry ,you asian people don’t realise that a man with a comic face is not made for romantic drama or movies…[/quote]


  409. 409 : harper Says:

    Well he’s not handsome but saying that he’s ugly is just too much 🙁 I think he looked really good in Welcome to Dongmakol, maybe I’m mesmerized and lose my consciousness LOL

  410. 410 : mimi Says:

    Shin Ha Kyun may not have the hearthrob matinee good looks but he certainly can act! That to me is more important than mere external appearance.

  411. 411 : taylor Says:

    Good looking actors & actresses are a dime a dozen nowadays, what with popular boy and girl bands crossing over to acting and plastic surgeries being so easily accessible. But real acting skills takes true talent coupled with hard work. So it’s really a breath of fresh air when we get to see real talent at work such as Shin in this drama and Jung in Padam2.

  412. 412 : Edith Says:

    SHK is great actor…he’s blended with the character he plays in Brain. The drama itself is worth to watch. I watched twice though…The producer really did some study well to produce such a medical drama. After New Heart and Obgyn, Brain is really something…Hopefully more great medical story will be filming later! CJW is great too….both actor and actress are note the handsome and pretty stars but they really PLAY well…and there’s a chemistry between them…I wishe I could scan my brain and gove the image to my husband like CJW did…;o)

  413. 413 : SYIMA Says:

    Shin ha kyun…
    I & my family like you acting..good job.

  414. 414 : Jessie Says:

    It’s one of the greatest medical drama, after White Tower of Jap drama, both of the drama got some similarity: a twisted mind surgeon. But the last episode can do much better, should emphasize on the speech, how a twisted man change to care and love about others. If this is how the surgeon live, they live a very stressful life, basically they have to excel in their skill and research, focus in surgery, alert in emergency, care about patients, and survive in hospital politic, what a life they live! Salute to the doctors and surgeons with great heart and great skill !

  415. 415 : coralou Says:

    i feel sad that one of my favorite drama has ended. but what a turn of event because at the end of the day the one’s who walked down the aisle is Haeyong instead of Doctors Lee & Yun. and ms. hong finally has found his prince charming, ha!ha!ha!:D

    i hope that i will see once again the cast of brain at some future drama.:) congratulations on a very successful show.

  416. 416 : ernie ray riq Says:

    i want brain season 2 pleasee,,,,, i love BRAIN
    i like your acting Dr Lee

  417. 417 : cubitusebby Says:

    this is why i love kdrama, it doesn’t have to be a handsome or beautiful actress to attract the viewers’ hearts. Two thumbs up for Shin Ha Kyun as well as the scriptwriter!
    while for the lead actress, somehow, i wish for more firm & charming one..

  418. 418 : kiki Says:

    story, actor and actress are very good!
    shin ha kyung..luv u..

  419. 419 : pika Says:

    sumpah,suer,gak boong ini drakor keren bgt…
    pa sutradara bikin BRAIN season 2 dong..
    penasaran sama love story dr.lee n dr.yun..
    trus ending’y ngegantung bgt,bkin pnasaran aja.
    poko’y buat pecinta drama korea wajib nonton BRAIN:-)
    shin ha kyun <3<3<3 you're a good actor,what ever they say about ur face..
    Saranghee oppa<3<3<3

  420. 420 : reny Says:

    i dont like the ending.. and why should shin ha kyun ..he’s bad character …i dont like this movie..even i the story very good..

  421. 421 : Salome Says:

    I like Brain KBS drama and the act of Shin is so wonderful! Hope to see you more on drama series!! To me the story is ended early, so please work on BRAIN 2. Thanks

  422. 422 : monic Says:

    I love this drama so much! 🙂 Perfect drama with perfect couple. 🙂 I really hope there will be Brain 2. 😀

  423. 423 : via Says:

    I can’t believe I love this drama, when I saw the casting its not really promising, but when I watch this drama, I was captivating by the story and how this Dr. Lee Gang hun character being presented by Sin Ha kyun, I cant believe I love his character, since I think he is such an arrogant human being and an arrogant doctor, but he proves himself as a capable doctor even the best one. He confident about himself because he is really the best doctor not just talking one. I just feel amazed with this character, but personally I think I wouldnt be dating this kind of person, LOL since he is all bout perfection and have trouble to express his feeling for others, so I wouldn’t know whether this man really love me while all he ever do is scolding you and critizes you a lot.
    As many other medical I watched I just cant stand to watch the part when they doing the surgery, its too scary I guess, how they make your head get shave and get drill by a tool, and how you can see your brain, I always FF whenever surgery scene appear, cant watch it, too scary.. hehe..

  424. 424 : eunmi Says:

    d best korean drama i’ve watched. 2 thumbs up! 3 sleepless nights. Dr. Lee Gang hun character – very well portrayed. awesome plot development.

  425. 425 : Rifka Says:

    Ampyuuuunnnn………Dr Lee Gang Hun….!!! Ga tahan…keren banget, ganteng. bener benar aktor Watak….!

    Wajib Hukumnya ini drama di Tonton kalau kalian penggemar drama Korea….ga bakalan Rugi….16 Episode…Kuranggggggg….!!! Harusnya lebih banyak lagi……!!!!

  426. 426 : Hay Says:

    Vic and Corrie !! I don’t know how you two can give comment on someone special like that ^^ Are you two mentally disorder !!! At his age, it has to be say that he is so smart and handsome. And how can you prejudge someone before know him so well. Are you two guys have self-confidence in your own image?? I am imagine ^^hopefully not like a f* bitch !!! You are telling he is ugly to be this role……?? Huh^^ Both of you f* U

  427. 427 : Lily Says:

    Each time i watch a Korean drama i say that this was the best Korean drama ever, but now and really this was the best worldwide drama that i ever seen in my entire life , this was a brilliant drama, the script, the characters, the actors and actresses were all excellent, especially Shin Ha Kyun he deserves an award for this brilliant acting. I don’t know why people are obsessed with American dramas while there exist such a great dramas from Korea. Thank u Korea for this brilliant drama.

  428. 428 : corrie Says:

    Hey you ,you are from an fanatic state,where the right to have yourself opinions is forbidden? You must make mental control quick,if not,you will be insane soon! Ah ,by the way ,your english is ridiculous ,you must make your lessons first,not to post this shameful words here,on this free-for- -comments site!

  429. 429 : Puspa Says:

    Love this drama…Love Shin Ha Kyun

  430. 430 : vicky Says:

    two thumbs up for this drama.. the best medical korean drama. it’s so great to mix the neurosurgery things with the story. as a physician i don’t hv many words to say.. just WOW… it’s so amazing. hope this drama could be an inspiration for all doctor- not for being so arrogant but for the patience, hard working, friendship, and professionalism. shin ha kyun, you’ve done a really good acting. from now on, i have shin ha kyun fever.. hahaha..
    but honestly.. i wish a more romantic ending..

  431. 431 : Salaryman « dramaamoves Says:

    […] carrying the signal of KBS2 TV station on 16/January/2012, causing the ratings of KBS drama series Brain dropped significantly, falling from top ranking position to last ranking position. Because most of […]

  432. 432 : Sheny Roselle Says:

    This is really a very good KD series. Congratulations to all the casts. I learned a lot of neuro things on this drama. Mr. Shin is really remarkable. He was able to establish his character on this series. Deep values learned, of course as always, on this KD. 🙂

  433. 433 : glitterstar Says:

    i love and enjoy this drama so much. Especially, Shin ha kyun act excellently. Love all charactor of all doctor in this drama too. Good ending but need more romantic scene. Highly recommend to see, it is worth for watching.

  434. 434 : YYL Says:

    Shin Ha Kyun did excellent job in this drama. Frankly speaking, I am addicted to korean drama and people call me a drama queen just because I have watched so many korean dramas. But among so many dramas, I think this is the best and most meaningful drama I have ever watched. I love how this drama shows all the professionals explanation, and they really showed people the real image of brain and how the surgery goes on. Also, the love story is the best part, he expressed the love to ji hye without needed to say ‘i love you’. It is so difference compare to other drama.

    p.s. I have watched this drama for more than two times. So compelling!

  435. 435 : roxy Says:

    shin ha kyun ..amazing acting as dr. Lee…one of d best med drama ive ever..a daesang award gves proof that ths s really worth watchng..a drama ruled into 1. It shws hw doctors life looks like jst 2 save lives..thr sacrifices..emotions..personal life,.treating patients and fam members..its realy base on reality thts hw great job wel done by d scrpt writer n director..med terminology are wel rseach n presntd..u learnt a lot wyl njoyng watchng..exciting brainy story line. Actors /actress not so hndsome/beautiful but wht makes thm good lookng s hw they beautifuly potrayd thr roles n actng superb. Eng sub perfect. Prodctions n cast realy exert great effort to have thr award winning outcome of ths drama. They realy used thr brains to have ths brain. Congratulations guys. Addng 2 that resident doctors r all awesome actng too! Fighting!

  436. 436 : Angelia's Says:

    Never know I would fall for such actor like shin ha kyun

  437. 437 : Marie ♡♥♡ Says:

    This is the best medical drama…. Up to now, I still think of this drama and still in love with Mr. Shin Ha Kyun!!! A very nice and humble guy in real life…. different from the roles he played. A great actor!!! I will watch all his movies and dramas. Right Now I’m currently watching All About My Romance. So good!!!!

  438. 438 : suelli Says:

    fantastic!i love this drama so much 100% especially lee kang hun!he is awesome and inspires a lot.i like him in this drama!thank you anyway.

  439. 439 : Sam Says:

    Dear KBS, realisators , scriptwriters, producers, writers , composer, actors, actresses, Yeoju Institute,

    BRAIN, is undoubtedly the best drama ever created, produced, directed, played and aired. With this unforgettable and priceless drama, through its plot and its outstanding actors, actresses and musicians so touching, and incredibly realistic, you have blessed each human soul. Here is not an exageration. You’ve made a great job, incredibly human ! Such a benediction, a gift for everyone. Thousands Warm Thank You. Please, invest to create and produce a continuation to this priceless drama. You will invest money and time, and … you will earn an international gratitude from each human soul. Dr Kim Sang Chul said beautifully that our brain is our true heart, so please do not forget that using your brain as your heart, investing in a such new work would be a great benediction for you, for us, for everyone across the world.

    Shin Ha Kyun’s character of course is probably the one that was the most touching one, in which every human being struggling every day, was able to recognize. His mother was also the incarnation of the deep love that each mother accross the world has for her children inside of her, despite of the universal hardness of life. 20 episodes were already a huge blessing from each of you , but please believe me, this drama still deserves episodes , a season at least. Please. The following plot could be and should be, I honestly think, be centered on the new explicit romance between Dr Lee and his beloved Dr Ji Hye, because it could allow another perception of the main character, a new stage in his human life, in which so much have already been and would still recognized themselves. The staging of their true romance should be the occasion to bring some sweetness and humour afther such difficulties, I do not think that it would change the serious spirit of drama and its previous success. Besides, the others main characters should be also highlighted through the plot: Ji Hye’s love, Matron Hong, etc. The following plot should also deals with Dr Kim Sang Chul and the academic and medical researches, like previously.

    Once again : Please, invest to create and produce a continuation to this priceless drama. You will invest money and time, and … you will earn an international gratitude from each human soul. Dr Kim Sang Chul said beautifully that our brain is our true heart, so please do not forget that using your brain as your heart, investing in a such new work would be a great benediction for you, for us, for everyone across the world.

    Warm greetings from France.

  440. 440 : sonya Says:

    This is really a drama that titillates the brains of the viewer – to think, to learn, to appreciate, etc. One of few korean dramas which understands deep human emotions, and dramatize these emotions in real, true-to-life, and very convincing ways. The dialogues are not street-type and neither are they over dramatized… in fact some thoughts are brought out without using words but mere expressions in the face, or eyes, or body language of the characters. All these are possible only with superb script, director, and actors. I give this a “10” for outstanding. (by the way, i haven’t finished the drama at this point, but comfortable enough to give this rating).

  441. 441 : sonya Says:

    I was a bit surprised that this drama is not only an intriguing medical or technology-laden topic, but also covers very deep emotions of the characters that are true-to-life, subtle in expressing the wide range or emotions from a complicated human relationship, and able to keep up the high level suspense in the developments of the story and character interplays. I suppose this should be expected for the subject matter itself requires “intelligence” and lots of research. I really enjoyed the way the drama kept me involved and attentive… rather than hohummmm of other inferior cartoonish korean dramas. Congratulations.

  442. 442 : ye Says:

    Hi.good luck.I like this film please continue to this …

  443. 443 : anb Says:

    I really love Shin Ha Kyun as dr. Lee . Very charming and sexy with his gaze! Brain season 2 is a good idea to develop their love 😀

  444. 444 : tigerb Says:

    this is first korean drama that impressed me since i started to watch korean dramas 3 years ago. i’m no doctor and what baffled me then was how the top neurosurgeon being operated on could currently watch his own brain during surgery.

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