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Born Again

Title: 본 어게인 / Born Again
Genre: Melodrama, Mystery, Fantasy
Episodes: 32 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2020-Apr-20 to 2020-June-09
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00 (2 episodes back-to-back)


This drama is about a detective, his lover, and an obsessed serial killer from the 1980s are reincarnated as a prosecutor, an archaeologist, and a medical student in the present day.


Main Cast

Jang Ki Yong as Kong Ji Chul (1980s) / Chun Jong Bum (present day)
Jin Se Yun as Jung Ha Eun (1980s) / Jung Sa Bin (present day)
Lee Soo Hyuk as Cha Hyung Bin (1980s) / Kim Soo Hyuk (present day)

Present Day

Kim Jung Nan as Jang Hye Mi
Choi Kwang Il as Chun Suk Tae (Jong Bum’s father)
Jang Won Young as Joo In Do (homicide detective)
Cha Min Ji as Je Yi (Sa Bin’s roommate)
Park Sang Hoon as Chun Jong Woo (Jong Bum’s younger brother)


Jung In Kyum as Kong In Woo (Ji Chul’s father)
Wi Ji Yun as Jang Hye Mi
Jo Duk Hoe (조덕회) as Choi Kwang Il


Kim Min Sun as Namgoong Joo Hye
Kim Hee Jung as Kim Seo Ra
Lee Ji Wan as Bo hye
Lee Seo El as Baek Sang Ah

Production Credits

Production Companies: UFO Production, Monster Union
Director: Jin Hyung Wook
Screenwriter: Jung Soo Mi

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2020-04-20 1 3.8 - 3.7 -
2020-04-20 2 3.9 - 4.1 -
2020-04-21 3 - - 2.4 -
2020-04-21 4 - - 2.8 -
2020-04-27 5 - - 2.8 -
2020-04-27 6 - - 3.5 -
2020-04-28 7 2.7 - 3.0 -
2020-04-28 8 3.4 - 3.0 -
2020-05-04 9 -   2.3 -
2020-05-04 10 - - 3.3 -
2020-05-05 11 - - 2.4 -
2020-05-05 12 - - 2.9 -
2020-05-11 13 - - 2.0 -
2020-05-11 14 - - 2.3 -
2020-05-12 15 1.9 - 1.7 -
2020-05-12 16 2.1 - 2.3 -
2020-05-18 17 - - 2.4 -
2020-05-18 18 - - 2.9 -
2020-05-19 19 - - 1.5 -
2020-05-19 20 - - 2.0 -
2020-05-25 21 - - 1.3 -
2020-05-25 22 - - 2.0 -
2020-05-26 23 - - 1.3 -
2020-05-26 24 - - 1.6 -
2020-06-01 25 - - 1.4 -
2020-06-01 26 - - 2.3 -
2020-06-02 27        
2020-06-02 28        
2020-06-08 29        
2020-06-08 30        
2020-06-09 31        
2020-06-09 32        

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea


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  1. 1 : Stranger Says:

    I like u in your last drama…i hope u can be great actress !

  2. 2 : Piet Says:

    Will watching this drama bcs Jang Ki Yong & Lee Soo Hyuk.

  3. 3 : Ling Says:

    Jang ki yong is back : )

  4. 4 : Ling Says:

    Kbs has jang ki yong and Lee soo hyuk and they made such a boring opening?! And what’s with that crazy wig on JKY???

    What a waste. One less drama to contend with

  5. 5 : Darkgirl Says:

    I like the handsome actors. But sorry my bias the lead actress with this story drama???? Fighting KBS. I still not impressed with her acting. But fighting

  6. 6 : Kpop Fan Says:

    I love the story very much❤️Full of twist and excitement on what episode will be aired soon. It is my first time so see such beautiful drama about obsession and reincarnation. Hope that this drama will be given such a high rating since the casts are very excellent and they will give you goosebumps 😮I am looking forward to these beautiful and handsome actors.

  7. 7 : Lala Mia Says:

    I don’t know why some people hated this drama when it is so beautiful and amazing😍.When I watched this drama,I have this goosebumps and I keep on thinking what will happened next after episode 4.So people out there,don’t just watch kdrama because the characters are handsome and beautiful and they are famous.But you should see and appreciate other actors and actresses drama because it will make you curious and watch another episode.Though the casts are not that famous like other actors and actresses but I love them.
    Fighting!!!!!and I will always support your drama until the end😍😘

  8. 8 : Mr. Incredible💪 Says:

    I love this drama keep it up!!I will watch it later with my family.Fighting.

  9. 9 : Samsampretty Says:

    OMG!!!Jang Ki Yong fan here!!I love this drama such a good and excellent actor!He will give you goosebumps guys!Promise✋Good luck as well to other actors and actresses,they are excellent too.Watch it later!!

  10. 10 : Maria5656 Says:

    @lalamia there is ko episode 4 yet..

  11. 11 : Jangkiyongbrazil Says:

    @jangkiyongbrazil é o ig da primeira fanbase do ator no Brasil, sigam pra saber mais sobre os trabalhos dele.

  12. 12 : Yazdan Says:

    after 4 ep its going to be better and better
    do you thing am i right?

  13. 13 : Di Says:

    I dont like the actress. Next…

  14. 14 : olieinzoo Says:

    i love the actress

  15. 15 : BTS Army Says:

    Oh No!! I like Lee Soo Hyuk in here and I like Jang Ki Yong too!! Both of them doing great in this drama. Hope this drama will have a happy ending..

  16. 16 : Wishsom Says:

    The story in this drama is so messed up. What’s so good about a messy story? No, nothing good at all. Audience will give up watching the stupid drama. What is the Director or the story trying to tell ? Dont know. Everything and every character in the drama is messed up. So what? Are we supposed to be watching a “A Legion of Madness” ? And above all, the Director is not creative at all. He copies the “hair tying” scene from another drama (CLOY) and the “shirt pulling” scene (where JB was pulling SB from the road at the traffic lights). This scene is copied from the variety show ILA. Hey Director, dont be brain lazy!! Be original and be innovative.

    The actress playing the bones professor has not improve in her acting skills at all. After all these years, no change.

  17. 17 : Shiva Says:

    Jin Se Yun can’t act. every drama she played she ruined that drama. so sorry for Jang ki yong great actor ended up having a flop drama on his list of dramas please don’t play with Jin Se Yun ever again.

  18. 18 : Julie Says:

    This drama is so excited to watch what will coming the next episode.I love both handsome actors but i like Lee Soo Hyuk acting skills is so great in here.Hope this drama get the higher viewer and happy ending;)

  19. 19 : Chocopie Says:

    Here’s my take regarding this drama. I may be wrong though :

    There two parts to the drama. 1) The myth about being born again. A popular belief in Asian culture. This belief is used here as an interesting foundation/base to start off the story. Plus, here in Part( 1) its purpose is to be used as a distraction and false lead to stoke viewers interest and suspens. To drive viewers to distraction and confusion.

    So, lets leave this Part (1) of the story. There is nothing much to it. Instead go to Part(2). Part(1) is good as a base for reference only as it still contains residual info as backstory for Part(2).

    Part(2) of drama/story is crucial. Its the substance of the story of this drama. Its about the present time and the people living in this time and what is going to happen to them as the drama unfolds. Main people here are JB, SB, SH, HY (SH mother in law), JB’s Dad, Mum and younger brother. HY’s character is evil and vengeful.
    She’s got ulterior motives. JB’s dad does love JB, and he using his influence and power is quietly abd secretly protecting JB. On top of this, eitherJB’s bro or Mum cud be the monster.

    SB and SH are just caught in the drama here owing to their fates, going by the “born again” belief.

    JB is well aware of the intrigues and the goings on around him, but at the moment for many reasons he is powerless to act. He’s cool. Bidding his time. He’s no monster. He’s smart and he knows right from wrong. Its a pity though that he does not know that his dad really loves him. His dad is protecting him from “the monsters”.

    I think deep seated hatred and evil revenge is the theme of the drama here. JB is caught in centre, the pawn.

    Anything else in story is just superflous – to lead, mislead, misinform and to confuse the viewer in order to create what the Writer thinks make a great script ?? Eeeeeek !!!!

  20. 20 : Chocopie Says:

    If only actor Jang Ki Yong will take up a more pleasant and bright project in future.

    He’s been in too many dark and melancholy jobs already. Not healthy.

    Jang Ki Yong, how do you get out of character when a project is over. Please make sure you do.

  21. 21 : Yul Says:

    Jang ki yong,s Younger Brother seems more like a psycho imo. You can watch online or Download Born Again with English Subtitles at dramahive : https://dramahive.com/download-born-again-kdrama-eng-sub/

  22. 22 : vespertyne29 Says:

    Jong beom’s father does NOT love him. JB isn’t even his son, but from a sperm donor his wife got found through the (apparently illegal) sperm bank that Soo-hyeok’s future father-in-law (the father of his crazy fiance) runs. It’s probably the sperm of a psychopath. The Chief prosecutor isn’t protecting JB because he loves him, but because he doesn’t want the negative publicity of a psycho killer in the family. He’s already changed JB’s name, after he was convicted or murder at age 15.

    While it appears highly likely that Jong-beom hasn’t killed anyone YET, but is being framed by someone who is doing the killing, the evidence against him is OVERWHELMING. So Soo-hyeok would be a blind, stupid, incompetent prosecutor not to want to arrest him. There’s no way he can know that someone is framing JB. Only JB knows that, and he won’t talk.

    But regardless of whether he is already a murdered, JB has and is planning murders. Plus he is a psychopath who can feel no genuine human emotions, but is obsessed with Sa-bin, and shows his “love” by stalking her, planting a tracking device and recording (of photos and texts and messages) device on her phone, and by stealing her diary, then pretending he knows everything she likes. He is one sick puppy. VERY sick. And while he may not harm Sa-bin, he will kill anyone who he thinks will take her away from him. That isn’t love – that’s sick obsession.

  23. 23 : Misu Says:

    This is a sad and mess up drama. Kim Soo Hyuk is a stupid prosecutor that did not know his ex-gf is a killer. Feel sorry for Chun Jong Bum because he like the same girl from previous life and his family treat him so bad.
    Hopefully this drama ending is good.

  24. 24 : Michael Says:

    vespertyne29 #22

    Wow… looks like you are jealous. Have you always been like this? Even jealous of a drama’s character, Jong Bum. Its ok to be jealous. Its a human’s weakest spot. Not an admirable emotion though.

  25. 25 : Chocopie Says:

    Yeah Yeah Yeah !!!! Jong Bum will not die. Saved by… someone unexpected?

    Meanwhile, stay safe everyone !! Covid-19 is still out there. As deadly as my grandmama’s gogujang.

  26. 26 : quinnqaqa Says:

    I love this story very much👍🏻💞😊to be honest the main reason i watch this drama cuz of lee soohyuk😍i love his acting ,he really got into his charachter 👍🏻❣️but i’m feeling a bit dissapointed cuz many people didn’t see his talent :'( too me he is a good actor. I used to watch him in drama titled Sweet Stranger and Me ,he looks handsome back then😍❤️many people maybe say he is underrated actor but to me it’s not. maybe luck don’t side with him, who knows?director and producer please notice him!!how could you can missed such a great actor like him?🙃however,i will support him as the most amazing actor i’ve ever like. FIGHTING LEE SOOHYUK, WE WILL SUPPORT YOU!💕LOVE FROM MALAYSIA🇲🇾💝saranghae oppa,don’t give up!😘

  27. 27 : quinnqaqa Says:

    Fighting KBS!💕

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