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Beautiful You

Beautiful You 02

Title: 아름다운 당신 / Beautiful You
Chinese Title: 美麗的你
Previously Known as: 황금연못 / Golden Pond
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 122
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2015-Nov-09 to 2016-May-06
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:55


This is the story of various characters who learn about love, courage, healing and savior in the name of ‘family’ who stand by your side in times of hardships. This drama is a beautiful love story which will comfort your exhausted soul.


Main Cast

Lee So Yeon as Cha Seo Kyung
Kang Eun Tak as Ha Jin Hyung
Seo Do Young as Kim Seong Joon

Cha Seo Kyung’s Family

Jung Ae Ri as Jo Yeong Seon
Park Geun Hyung as Jo Yoon Jae
Kim Kyu Sun as Cha Seo Dong
Gong Myung as Cha Tae Woo

Ha Jin Hyung’s Family

Han Ki Joong as Ha Jong Soo
Moon Hee Kyung as Lee Ha Yeon
Lee Seul Ah as Ha Jeong Yeon

Kim Seong Joon’s Family

Ban Hyo Jung as Han Soon Hee
Choi Suk Goo as Lee Jong Han


Yeo Eui Joo as Ma Seung Gi
Kim Ji Sung as Na Yoon Jung
Lee Shi Won as Kim Soo Jin
Hong Yoon Hee (홍윤희) as Bae Hyun Suk
Kim So Young as radio program DJ
Joey Albright (죠이 알브라이트)
Kim Chae Eun as Lee Yoon Yi
Jo Young Hoon as Jung Sub
Yang Jung Won as Ha Jung Yeon’s trainer (ep.40)

Production Credits

Producer: Lee Chang Sub
Director: Go Dong Sun, Park Sang Hoon
Screenwriter: Park Jung Ran


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  1. 1 : sylvia soo Says:

    wow kang eun tak is coming….waiting for this drama to be sub….

  2. 2 : Belinda Billones Says:

    I will definitely watch this another one of kang eun tak. He is so good in midnight sun.

  3. 3 : sylvia soo Says:

    yes agreed with you Belinda…. hopefuly this drama has eng sub

  4. 4 : josephine wong Says:

    hear hear. I just cannot get enough of him in midnight sun

  5. 5 : “Beautiful You” drama coreano de estreno (Carteles, Imágenes, Vistas Previas, Trailers y Videos) | Asia V.I.P. Says:

    […] Fuente: koreandrama.org    hancinema.net          […]

  6. 6 : Belinda Billones Says:

    Yes Sylvia, he’s acting match with his good looks I had to re watch midnight sun over and over…Lol!!!!! I even bookmarked all the good eps, anyway, all eps.are all good

  7. 7 : sylvia soo Says:

    @Belinda… haaaa like me also repreat so many time to watch midnight sun. hope this drama also catch the eyes to watch….hwatting kang eun tak

  8. 8 : Belinda Billones Says:

    @Sylvia..I thought I’m the only one who is soo crazy with this drama. At first, I was hesitant to watch coz it’s 149 eps., out of curiosity I tried first few episodes and I got hooked.I told myself, will I be able to make it finish b4 the year ends coz of the buffering and the video loading (the site where I am watching). It’s a good thing I discovered that I did have a long patience and strong determination hahaha…finally, I finished it! Proud of myself lol!

  9. 9 : sylvia soo Says:

    sorry my eng no so good… but iam so hooked with midnight sun,,, watching so many time cant get bore specially see my boyfren ( kang eun tak) wakkkk so handsome n so good the character him at that drama so charismatic… gosh make me fall in love wakkkkk
    hope in this drama his character also as good as midnight sun

  10. 10 : Belinda Billones Says:

    @Sylvia…you’re so right! You will superbly fall in love with his character! Hope this one is great too.I just watched the teaser in you tube. Hope this will be sub easily. Great viewing to us. Let me hear from you again.

  11. 11 : sylvia soo Says:

    @Belinda what other drama u watch beside this drama?
    do you watch kang eun tak on TV novel land on gold??? in my country that drama not on

  12. 12 : Belinda Billones Says:

    @Sylvia…I haven’t seen land of gold but it’s already added to my list. I watched 3eps.of beautiful you without sub can’t wait for the sub. I didn’t understand the actual dialogue I’m just trying to figure out through their actions, so far I kinda like it.As expected, your boyfriend kang eun tak is sooo…… handsome. He’s on top of my fave Korean actors. By the way, from where are you? I’m from Philippines.

  13. 13 : Belinda Billones Says:

    @Sylvia…I noticed that kang eun tak’s drama always has more than a 100 eps.,its a blessing for us we got to see more of HIM…haha.

  14. 14 : sylvia soo Says:

    @Belinda just be patience there will be sub later on wait until more than 10 eps or 20 eps will be realise eng sub yes, wondering why doesn’t have short eps drama for him??? I m from australia

  15. 15 : putje Says:

    where’s the link can i see with eng sub? thankyou

  16. 16 : Norm Says:

    @Belinda,Sylvia and Putje. I live in the lakeview neighbourhood of Chicago. I view this show on MBCTV 24.5. WINTV Chicago. Wish you luck. a very great show, when you know what they are talking about.

  17. 17 : LY Says:

    @ putje

    I’ve provided the English-subbed link twice but they did not allow the link to be posted here. I wonder why.

  18. 18 : alex Says:

    I can’t stand kang eun tak guy. Seriously annoying to me. Sometime i wonder why people like this kinda character. Just plain annoying and bad match.

    I really liked the wife of kang eun tak. I thought she was pure awesome.

  19. 19 : angel Says:

    Who is the daddy of seo kyung’s baby?plz answer

  20. 20 : Snow Says:

    Alex @ 18, Thank you. I thought I was the only one that didn’t like Kang Eun Tak. I don’t like his character at all. Sadly, I’m not liking the main female either. Both of their characters are badly written to me.

    Angel @ 19, The baby’s father is Seo Kyung’s ex-husband…..that is if she was truly married to the man she ran away with. Her mother wouldn’t give her blessing for her to marry a man who was married before and cheated on his wife so she eloped with him and history repeated itself, he cheated on her. However, why she’s trying to start a new relationship when her baby was only a few weeks old is beyond me knowing that Eun Tak was married. That is another reason I don’t like her or him. Why would she get mixed up with him at this stage when she has a child to take care, or should I say her mother has a child to take care of because she leaves that baby in a heartbeat to be with Eun Tak….kinda like her real mother left her. Maybe she will be more understand to her ‘adopted’ mother when she finds out she’s the mistress baby with the father she admires so much and despised her mother.

  21. 21 : Snow Says:

    Belinda @ 10, I wish I could like the Eun Tak like you, but at this point I absolutely hate his character. I hate his attitude. I don’t think the man has shown any interest in her baby other than a passing, how is she doing. Other than that he pulls Seo Kyung around like she doesn’t have a child to care for at all.

    When she left with him for hours on end the day after her baby had been sick at the hospital, I lost respect for both of them…especially her as a mother. She has put this man’s feelings above that of her child. I would have left that job just to focus on my daughter and to get out of the chaos. She told him she would only leave her job for him so that he could have peace with his wife….what? Her family has to deal with the angry wife coming to them saying their daughter is going with her husband.

    I hope the writer make them better, because I may have to drop this drama.

  22. 22 : Lclarakl Says:

    I tried this drama, but not my cup of tea. Maybe if Eun Tak was divorced from his wife, but at ep 25 it wasn’t final so I was turned off by him and the lead female.

  23. 23 : Rose Says:

    @Snow and Lclarakl — When they are getting divorced, is there a 30 day wait in case one of them changes their mind???? What is holding up the final divorce going through??????

    I only have seen a few episodes to date, but so far I don’t like that pushy Jung Yeon trying to get Kim Sung Joon to propose to her. So far I think he is a nice guy and has been honest with her about not being in a position to settle down at this time of his life. The actor, Suh Ho Young, looks familar,but I have not seen him in any of his dramas. Maybe on some of the entertainment shows. I like his personality and I think Gong Myung is a cute young guy. So far he has a happy personality.

  24. 24 : Rose Says:

    Does any one get the idea that Eun Tak liked Seo Kyung prior to her leaving town to marry her then boyfriend?? Remember when Seo Kyung told Eun Tak she left her husband, he appeared to be upset when Seo Kyung didn’t come back sooner rather than later. He started to say “Why didn’t ,,,” then didn’t say anything further. I don’t remember if he got married after she left the company???? I know he and his wife have been separated 6 months, but I can’t remember how long they were married, but it appears it was after Seo Kyung left town.

  25. 25 : Alen Says:

    where can i watch the drama? thanks.

  26. 26 : Patricia Says:

    I don’t know what is happening! This drama is already subbed til epi 26, and was watching it till epi 10. All of a sudden I can’t get it from any of the Dramacool cc site! They seem to have decided to cancel viewing for I don’t know what reason. The screen keeps saying “Coming Soon”! It’s terrible to start a long drama like this one and suddenly to decide not to allow viewing. It sort of gives you a uneasy feeling that they don’t want to continue subbing such a long drama… So sad..😔😔😔

  27. 27 : LindaT Says:

    I tried to give this drama a try, but I don’t like the main female or male characters. Their relationship seems lacking on so many levels. She just had a baby and within a month of having the baby, she’s in love with the jerk guy. Now the baby is 3 months and the two are getting married??? This is a pass for me.

  28. 28 : LindaT Says:

    One drama I wish they would sub is Witch’s Castle. That is a very interesting drama to me.

  29. 29 : Baylee Says:

    If this drama didn’t have the ex-wife to do stupid, over the top things, this drama wouldn’t have anything going for it—not for 120 episodes. I nominate Seo Kyung for worse mother of the year. I feel deceived by the synopsis for this drama, this love story isn’t warming my soul at all. It’s turning me off.

  30. 30 : LY Says:

    I started liking Kang Eun Tak when he was the lead actor in Apgujeong Midnight Sun. After 32 episodes of this drama, I’m still not giving up on him yet.

  31. 31 : shrakh Says:

    @ Belinda Billones Hope you got to read this i envy you that you have finished the drama can yo tell me where i can find the whole thing coz the site am watching it is in 32 episode

  32. 32 : Rose Says:

    Oh my, I only saw 13 episodes and Seo-Kyung is marrying Jin-Hyung already. I mentioned above that I felt that Jin-Hyung liked her before she left town. Maybe Jin-Hyung got married on the rebound????? It has been obvious he has been on her tail since she got back and has not let up. And she has been perfectly OK with it.

    I kind of felt that Sung-Joon -hmmmm — well he said he felt comfortable with Seo-Kyung, but he is out of the picture now if he had any feelings for her. I was not sure if he maybe could have liked her as time went on or just as a friend. I suppose now he will end up with the pushy mouthy girl…..Jung-Yeon. I cannot stand her. I just don’t understand why someone would continually push theirselves on someone when the person does not seem to want to be in a relationship. Or why other people continue to push people together if they don’t want to be together. That just bothers me.

    I guess Sung Joon will end up with the forceful pushy girl as when the show starts, it shows them together, and the other two characters together.

    Interesting that Yoon-Jae meets Sung-Joo’s grandmother.

    I like Sung-Joon. I think he has a nice personality is practical and has common sense. I also like the grandfather, Park Geun-Hyung (Yoon-Jae), He is a good actor.

    I think Tae-Woo is just an up person, happy go lucky. He is my favorite along with Sung Joon in this show. I also like the 2 actors in the karate place. I have seen Yeo Ui-Joo in several shows. He is good looking. They also look different in each of these dramas. Very versatile. I believe Jo Young-Hoon (Jung-Sub) this is his first show.

  33. 33 : macbook Says:

    i don’t like this drama.

  34. 34 : LY Says:

    I like this drama. The only character that irritates me is Sung Joon’s uncle. I wish he would just go back to wherever he came from.

  35. 35 : Norm. Says:

    So. what is it with these Korean men(and i use the term loosely). is it a requirement to prove your manhood by going back to past relationships?. Here we have two guys competing for a woman who’s just given birth to a child. I wonder if the woman even reached her six week postpartum milestone yet? how disgusting and very low life,low class and sick. those two sick guys should know that vermans even toads got more class than them. the episode where the broadcast director sent her a love song over her cell phone and went over and took her when the other prick was coming over for was so disgusting, it made me sick. it made embarassed to be a man. no wonder I hated the prick in midnight sun. the two characters in the karate shop, i like but they reminded me of old last century john wayne movies when guy accidentally trips over girl, and then things happen. any imagination? so far I hate this drama so much that i will keep watching just to appreciate the other dramas more.

  36. 36 : Snow Says:

    macbook @ 33, I don’t like it either. I tried, but I detest the leads in this drama.

  37. 37 : LindaT Says:

    Norm @ 35 I as a woman hate that this new mother was ready to jump into a relationship, even when he was married. She’s so busy running after JH, that she dumps her child on her mother.

  38. 38 : Rose Says:

    @ LY —– I agree 100% with you about the creepy, pushy Uncle. If he is so darn bored, why doesn’t he go back home. He is nothing but a big jerk. I can’t stand him nor do I want to see him.

    As far as Sung Joon is concerned, he most likely is interested in Seo-Kyung, but he is certainly not pushing himself on her, calling her every minute, dragging her out of her house every minute like Jin-Hyung. Also, SungJoon said he felt more comfortable with her as opposed to pushy Jung-Yeon.

    Jung-Yeon is like her brother, consistantly caling Sung Joon out for one reason or the other. And he goes to her also every time she calls him. Doesn’t any one know how to say “no.” Sung Joon is easy going and laid back.

    It is unbelievable how she can come out for a minute to talk to Jin-Hyung and disappear for the entire day. Like – doesn’t her mother or grandfather say anything to her??????

  39. 39 : LY Says:

    @ Rose – Sung Joon’s a good man and indeed a good catch. His only problem is that he’s a bit too slow in recognising and expressing his feelings towards Seo Kyung, thus, giving Jin Hyung ample time to make the first move. Whatever it is, I also like Jin Hyung. Actually I find both men charming and attractive in their own ways. Seo Kyung is surely one lucky girl to be able to make both ‘good, responsible’ men fall in love with her.

  40. 40 : Rose Says:

    Is anyone still looking for Eng Subs?? Dramanice has up to Ep 48 with Eng subs. Hope this helps.

    Beautiful You at Dramanice


  41. 41 : Rose Says:

    I just saw Ep 22 — Geez!!! What is going on???? Now the grandmother wants Sun Joon to run another company, which he does not want to do.

    He wans to run his father’s company??? Is he going to run both companies???

    What is with these Korean families??? They insist on pushing their children and granchildren into doing what they don’t want to do, marry who they don’t want to, etc. etc.

    And what is this thing about “flicking” someone in the head??? That is something new to me. And continually hitting a person in the head or their body. I don’t like any of that stuff.

  42. 42 : Monica Says:

    There are some seriously uptight people on this thread. .. these characters are just as flawed as most human beings and it is just television, after all. I’m wondering if anyone is watching this on mbc in California? I was traveling for a week and missed something important! How did the crazy spoiled brat finally agree to a divorce? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

  43. 43 : john Debets Says:

    Who wrote this crap ????an the leading men!!! Just terrible…… No offense

  44. 44 : alen Says:

    I’d like to ask if anyone knows the title of the ending song of this drama. Thank you.

  45. 45 : alen Says:

    @ MONICA Her dad forced her to sign the divorce paper. He doesn’t want to see his brat daughter with the JY anymore because JY almost killed her by dragging her in Han River…

  46. 46 : sylvia soo Says:

    I like kang eun tak characters in this drama he is a straightforward man…

  47. 47 : belinda c.billones Says:

    @Snow…yeah, I agree. I certainly don’t like his character in this drama to say it I hate it!! After the ep in which he and seo kyung like each other I stopped watching…but you must see him in midnight sun he is so good there.But its still up to you if u want to watc. God bless.

  48. 48 : belinda c.billones Says:

    @ sylvia.. sorry dear but im not with you on this one…anyways, nice viewing.

  49. 49 : belinda c.billones Says:

    @Shrakh…try dramacool.cc this is where I am watching kdramas. Nice watching.

  50. 50 : Rose Says:

    I am only at Ep 28 —

    I really can’t stand that intrusive, pushy, nosy, Jung-Yeon who continues to pressure Sung-Joon. What business is it of her’s to ask what he buys, for who, etc. etc? She continues to interject herself in every way she can in Sung-Joon’s life. I believe Sung-Joon told her upfront that he was not ready to get married, and also his grandmother and that free loader Uncle of his that she was not his type. I am getting tired of her. I see that Sung-Joon gets fustrated, but he doesn’t open up to say what is on his mind. While Jung Yeon made it her business to meet Sung-Joon’s grandmother, now her mother is pushing her way in to meet her also. At this point I would like another girl to come into the picture for Sung-Joon, but…..maybe later I will change my mind and so will Sung Joon. I assume Sung-Joon and Jung-Yeon will end up together. Typical story line.

    While the grandmother is not that vocal in demanding and insisting of a person like some of these Korean parents/grandparents are, she is strong in an underlying and low key manner when she wants Sung-Joon to do what she has decided for him.

    Were the grandparents and item when they were young??? I assume they will eventually meet, and therefore, If Sung-Joon and Seo-Kyung would have fallen for each other, they would possibly have to break up if the grandparents get involved with each other.

    While I like both Sung-Joon and Jin-Hyung I think Sung-Joon may be more interested in the baby. Jin-Hyung did not even know it was the baby’s 100th day if his nosy sister didn’t tell him after finding out from Sung-Joon. I think Sung-Joon would be good with the baby, a good family man and a good husband all the way around. Between both of the guys I favor Sung-Joon.

  51. 51 : LY Says:

    @ 40 : Rose and my own comment @17 : LY

    Twice I’ve provided the links to the Eng-subbed websites (they are the same ones as yours) for the benefit of our international audience but they didn’t allow my postings to appear here but they did allow yours. I’ve also posted the Eng-subbed website yesterday relating to Best Couples and my posting was also duly rejected. Would you or anyone know why?

  52. 52 : LY Says:

    I’m at episode 55. I like both Sun Joong and Jin Hyung but Seo Kyung would lead a more settled and peaceful married life if she were to choose Sun Joong. Jin Hyung’s mother consistently looked down on Seo Kyung and her family and seemed determined to make her future daughter-in-law’s life miserable.

  53. 53 : LindaT Says:

    LY @ 39, Yes, Sun Joong may have been a little slower, but Jin Hyung was rushing into another relationship before he was divorced from his wife of only 6 or 7 months. Then we have Seo Kyung who is just as quickly running head long into a disaster of a relationship. These two fell in love while he was married–not sure how she fell for Jin Hyung, but the two of them rushed into a relationship. She has a small baby she needs to consider.

    Why in the world would she, just to be married to Jin Hyung, want to subject herself and her baby to his mother. It appears that her future father in law was previously engaged to her mother–but ran after money. The the crazy ex-wife who was playing a game to try to get her husband’s attention actually found herself divorced instead. She believes that he was having an affair with Seo Kyung while he was married to her—she’s not too far off. Their relationship was in the beginning stages. What a messy relationship.

    Just as Seo Kyung was waiting and hoping for their divorce, Karma in the real world would come back to bite her. In this drama the writer will wrap it up nicely, but I think Seo Kyung is stupid to pursue a marriage with Jin Hyung. He just doesn’t seem the type of person after a few years that would be content in marriage.

  54. 54 : Rose Says:

    @ 51 Ly —

    I have no idea why the websites you posted would not go through??!!! All I did was copy the website and pasted it on the sites.

    ep – 30 —
    The creepy uncle — does he have parents??? Why is he freeloading off his aunt and Sun Joon???? How crazy is he to ask his aunt for all the money?? I hope she doesn’t give in to him, but Sun Joon — is too easy going – he gives in all the time. While at the present Sun Joon is not interested in Jung-Yeon, every time she calls him to meet her, he does. Jung-Yeon is rude at times. Sun-Joon’s uncle and her should date.

  55. 55 : Eve Says:

    Hello everyone! I was looking for somewhere to share my thoughts. I’m on ep 58 (Feb 2nd’s epi) and gosh… I’m so frustrated with Seo-kyung. I like her otherwise, but her decisions in her romantic life… ugh. Why is she rushing into another marriage of all things when she has a new baby to look after?! I think she would be better off just relaxing, enjoying motherhood, her career and just generally leading a peaceful life. I kinda prefer Sung-joon at this point for her (though I’m not crazy about either of the men), but is her gonna end up with Jung-yeon? Does he even really like her? Ugh. I kinda dislike how these characters are written.

    Also, I know Yoon-i is a minor character, so isn’t discussed much, but gosh, am I the only one who really dislikes her? I feel that she plays up the pity card so much with Tae-woo, and that she just takes and takes from him and doesn’t even give back. I also disliked how she literally lied to him about her being an orphan. And in the recent episode, she wants to go back and look for her mum – and wants Tae-woo to help. Like i dunno, i don’t like her cause I feel she’s a user and I also feel that she is hiding other things, she isn’t honest with Tae-woo about herself and we hardly know her. Tae-woo on the other hand, bless him, is soo helpful and optimistic and just so nice. He gives and gives without asking for anything in return. But I feel like their “relationship”/whatever is kinda one-sided, and feels so off-balance mostly, and Tae-woo is just infatuated with her, but mistakes it for love. Doesn’t help that he feels sorry for her alot of the time and I also suspect he thinks him meeting her again is “fate”. Also he’s extremely naive =/ I kinda hope the writer cuts down on their storyline – finding it quite unnecessary atm.

    My fav characters at the moment are Seo-dong, Taewoo (esp when he’s with his family and bickering with Seo-dong) and Seung-ki.

  56. 56 : LY Says:

    @ 53 : Linda T

    “It appears that her future father in law was previously engaged to her mother–but ran after money.”

    Don’t you think that it’s rather weird that when you want to marry off your daughter to someone, you did not take even bother to find out your future son-in-law’s father’s name? Pure negligence on the part of the grandfather and the mother as well, I guess.

  57. 57 : DSant Says:

    What else I can say? except a total mess in the relationship corner. I think the the wedding between JH and SY will not happen or I could be wrong. K-drama writers are notorious for creating various scenarios. Anyway, still a long way to go.

  58. 58 : Rose Says:

    I love the new background — Year of the Monkey. Thanks to whoever put it up. Looks neat.

  59. 59 : Rose Says:

    I see they changed back to the old website again. It was nice seeing something different for a change.

    Young-Sun’s pins are very pretty. Wonder who makes them in Korea??? Ha-Yeon, Jin-Hyung mother, felt they were not up to her class level.

    Jung-Yeon is definitely stubborn and continues to push her self into Sun Joon’s life in any way she can with the help of the creepy uncle. I didn’t feel it was necessary for the creepy uncle to immediately call Jung-Yeon to tell her his aunt was in the hospital. He is not making it any easier for Sun Joon for him not to meet Jung-Yeo.

    I chuckled when the grandfather told Young-Sun that “Jin-Hyung must be a nice man as Seo-Kyung loves him.” Interesting – she was crazy in love with her first husband and I guess he didn’t turn out to be such a good man.

  60. 60 : Rose Says:

    Like mother (Ha-Yeon), like daughter (Jung-Yeon).

  61. 61 : Rose Says:

    I just saw Ep 57 – about not affording to buy the furniture that Jin-Hyung;s mother wants Seo-Kyung’s to buy.

    Does Seo-Kyung’s real mother have a lot of money?? IF she does she would be more than happy to buy the expensive furniture so fit in with Jin-Hyung’s family.

  62. 62 : rosamarie Says:

    I really loved this awesome serials reallygood to watch and I know all the characters are and of doeing a great job for all the castand the two most handsome men I see in this serials are kang eun tak and seo do youn g and of course the beautiful lee so yeon great acting on motherha yeon and daughter jangyeon I really got to hate you both you two are like two peas in a pot ou were really mean you gave it alittle spice to the serials thanks to the director awesome job and please don’t forget the subtitles because you me time to see my novelas so you are my second choice see you figthing

  63. 63 : Shari Says:

    Is Calamity Jane (Se-Dong) going to end up with that young guy who keeps getting in between her and Seung-Ki?

    While Seo-Kyung’s mother criticized Jong-Soo for breaking up with Young-Sun for a rich woman, Jin Hyung’s dad, does she think what she did to Young-Sun was OK by seducing her husband???? Seducing some one’s husband is despicable. I most likely would not forgive her either, but if she is sick, will she now be forgiven????

  64. 64 : Bay-Lee Says:

    If ever there is a drama where the lead female and male get on my last nerve and I like neither one of them, this would be the drama. The lead female is just stupid to me and has been from the first episode. I don’t know how the actress had so many tears that she could cry almost every, single episode. Instead of being called Beautiful Love, it should be called Senseless Love.

    Shari @ 63, it’s not like the lead female wasn’t crashing behind a married man either (JH). Like mother like daughter.

  65. 65 : rosamarie Says:

    in my oppion I love all the cast and they are good in what they are doeing great and I loved so much you did a great production it is awesome series and I think the leading actress is so beautiful and the two handsome actors are so handsome and I haven’t miss any episodes I am in episode 94 I am waiting for the next 95 ep. please add the subtitles fighting good luke and keep up your hard work bye

  66. 66 : jeweles Says:

    @56 LY: – just now catching up on comments…

    In Korea, people are referenced by the titles or positions on one’s life: as Mother, Father, Grandfather, etc not like in US as my mother, Jane Smith, or my father, John Smith.

    So it is likely to meet people at the last minute and find out if they should have been arch enemies or lost lovers.

    Of course, Kdrama will take full advantage of this and milk it until it dries clean!

  67. 67 : Cheryl Says:

    Is the father of the lead actress the same father as the lead son?

  68. 68 : LY Says:

    I’m at episode 98. Both Sung Joon and Jin Hyung are equally wonderful “husband” material.
    However, SJ would more likely be able to provide a more stable and happy married life to Seo Kyung than JH. No matter what, should SJ not ending up with SK, I really hope that SJ would never ever go back to Jeong Yeon(JH’s sister) whose personality trait is just as horrible/arrogant/big-headed/disrespectful as her own mother.

  69. 69 : LY Says:

    @67 Cheryl -“Is the father of the lead actress the same father as the lead son?”

    There’s no blood ties between the lead actress (Seo Kyung) and the lead son (Jin Hyung).
    The only connection was that Jin Hyung’s father was the former fiance of Seo Kyung’s mother(ie. the one that raised her, not her birth mother).

  70. 70 : JL Says:

    Its frustrating to watch SG treat SJ the way she does. She doesnt consider his feelings at all. If she loves JH so much, why agree to marry SJ. SJ should just dump her and if he goes back to JY, I’ll throw my tablet. Hahaha. Both JH and SG are crazy. He for allowing his family to treat her that way and she for enduring it.

    another thing that irritates me is SG’s acting! Her little daughter acts more lively than her!! If the next few episodes dont improve, I’ll only watch the end.

  71. 71 : vra Says:

    Why is the writer doing all these repetitive scenes again?????? We had 60 episodes of Jung Yeon sucking up to Sung Joon’s grandmother, goofy uncle, and her nasty personality. Now the same thing is starting all over again === same old routine again just for Jung Yeon to get her hands on Sung Joon!!!. I do not like her or her phony mother with her false laughter, screaming and throwing tantrums when she doesn’t get her way.

    I hope that Sung Joon DOES NOT end up marrying that wicked witch. Why would he want to marry someone he doesn’t love????? Jung Yeon is like her mother. They both want everything their way and have no regard for another person’s feelings and continue harassing everyone to the end.

    The best twist in this show would be for the writers to bring in a brand new girl for Sung Joon.

    I think Jung Yeon and the goofy uncle should get married. They are perfect for each other.

  72. 72 : LY Says:

    In order to keep the peace, it’s best for SG not to marry anyone. She might as well just concentrate on raising Eun Bi and focus her job as a writer for the radio show. Nowadays, one can still lead a good and happy life without being married.

  73. 73 : Zee Says:

    I can’t believe that SG is so consumed with her own feeling that she can’t even consider SJ feelings. She even willing to disregard people that accept her openly without condition. Also what abt her mum and grandpa? Does she have the heart to hurt and embarrass them again? Seems like she never learnt.

    What did she actually gets for abandoning her family and run of with a man just for love the first time? If she stand by her decision, she not only gonna hurt SJ but also his grandma, her family and also JH. If she only she could give SJ a chance, I’m sure in time, she will love him too. That’s fact of life and u thought she chose peace over love. What a fikle minded she is!

    I’ll be utterly disappointed if SJ gonna be left devastated. Felt so sorry for him to be treated that way by SG. No appreciation for whatever he had done for her.

  74. 74 : nora Says:

    I agree 100% with what Zee commented. SG only think about herself. By now with the experience she have faced before she should be thinking what best for her daughter . SJ family accept her and the daughter so warmly. What more she want and further more SJ loves her very much also there is no obstacles to develop love later as the people around you are giving all the love, caring and support. Whatever it is ,I still hope SG married SJ.

  75. 75 : gloria athill Says:

    gloria said why would she even think that mother would let him marry her? the sister is just the same , i hope sj leave town unknown to them both then come back with a new girl.

  76. 76 : Rose Says:

    I kind of think Seo-Kyung and Jin-Hyung will always be in love with each other.

    I am not sure that Sung Joon and Seo-Kyung will get married. And should that happen, I hope he doesn’t go back into a relationship with Jung Yeon. Sung Joon needs to make a clean break from that family and hopefully find another girl to marry that will love and respect him for who he is. He is very sweet and caring, but maybe too easy going at times. Right now he is involved in a triangle with Seo-Kyung and Jin-Hyung. I mentioned early on I didn’t know if he really loved Sung Jeon or only agreed to marry her so Seo-Kyung and Jin-Hyung could get married.

    I feel, due to his love for Seo-Kyung, he will do whatever he can to make Seo-Kyung happy, even if he has to break up with her. I feel bad for him as Seo-Kyung is not in love with him, but he is wiling to marry her as he lovers her. Seo-Kyung shows no warmth towards him at all.

    Sung Jeon keeps egging her brother on to not let SK go, even though she knows her mother is against that relationship, but she wants to get Sung Joon back any way she can.

  77. 77 : Rose Says:

    @72 LY = I agree

    Seo-Kyung and Jin-Hyung could stay single and see each other now and then without Jin-Hyun’s mother knowing about it and when she dies, they then could get married or whatever.

  78. 78 : snm Says:

    somethings you all are right and somethings you are wrong Love is love I rather have a person in love with me that someone who is not and unhappy/faking it! Let SK+JH be!

  79. 79 : nora Says:

    Are SK is going to make the same mistake as before. Earlier also he loves Eun Bi father very much and leave the family behind and still she is not happy. If she end up married JH, with the situation in JH family and the father’s past relationship with SK mothers and the horible JH mother and sister and how Eun Bi going to be raised in that situation. Love is blind but may be the first time.

  80. 80 : LY Says:

    Both JH and SJ are sincere in their love for SG and are willing to do anything for the sake of SG’s happiness. It looks like SG may end up not marrying either men because not only has she broken up with SJ but, at the same time, she was also not able to make herself marry JH without JH’s mother’s consent.

    SJ must learn to accept that SG is not meant for him and should learn to move on with his life. He is such a good catch and actually deserves someone better than either SG or JY.

    As for JH and SG, I tend to agree with @ 77 Rose’s suggestion, that is, for them to keep seeing each other behind JH’s mother’s back until the mother dies or whatever.

  81. 81 : Cheryl Says:

    Who is Seo-Kyung’s father? Is it Jin-Hung’s father?

  82. 82 : gloria athill Says:

    i was hoping the same thing making them family that would send the wife more over the edge and the daughter crazy then she would end up with SJ so whats the matter with the baby?

  83. 83 : LY Says:

    @ 81 Cheryl .

    “Who is Seo-Kyung’s father? Is it Jin-Hung’s father?”

    I’ve already answered this question as per @ 69 LY :-

    @67 Cheryl -“Is the father of the lead actress the same father as the lead son?”

    There’s no blood ties between the lead actress (Seo Kyung) and the lead son (Jin Hyung). The only connection was that Jin Hyung’s father was the former fiance of Seo Kyung’s mother(ie. the one that raised her, not her birth mother).

  84. 84 : nora Says:

    It seems the Director going to end the story as JH is the suitable donar . JH mothers has no choice as to allow her sons to marry SK in order to make him stay. Poor SJ. I really hope the director doesnt make SJ marry thatt witch lady Jung Yeon.

  85. 85 : Rose Says:

    Sung Joon always falls for Jung-Yeon tricks. His grandmother and idiot uncle have no idea what she is really like. SJ doesn’t tell his grandmother none of what JY does to him.

    Wonder when Sung Joon’s grandmother is going to figure out how mean and conniving Jung-Yeon is and her real reasons for continuing to visit her???? If I was engaged to Sung Joon and going to marry him, I would not be happy at all about her visits to the grandmother.

    Tae-Woo is so darn cute.

    Why do they flick people on the forehead and hit a person’s arm? What kind of tradition is this???

  86. 86 : Rose Says:

    Why is Eu-bi’s father or SG not suitable for the transplant???

    It was evident all along that Sung Joon and SG would not get married.

    @ 80 – LY – I agree with you that Sung Joon is too good for both girls and as I have said a few times early on, I wish the writer would bring a new girl for him. But, he may end up with conniving Jung Yeon. I will be very unhappy with the writer for sure.

  87. 87 : gloria athill Says:

    writers please dont let sj marry that sister she is horrible just like her mother plus i dont think they should her marry anyone be a mother first her baby needs her the most but she is so in love she cant think , but we will see how it ends.

  88. 88 : LY Says:

    @ 85 Rose – Episode 115 – It has now become obvious that both Sung Joon and his grandmother do not really like Jung Yeon, thus, it would be most unlikely that Sung Joon would get back with her again. This series is almost coming to an end and it looks like Sung Joon’s going to be the one with the broken heart when he actually deserves better.

  89. 89 : gloria athill Says:

    maybe there was a girl sj met at school a long time ago that been looking for him after he is done she can come back with a baby they shared and end up together that would send that jung yeon back where she belong.

  90. 90 : Rose Says:

    @ LY —-

    I just saw Episodes 90 and 91. Where I live the dramas are shown about 2 to 3 weeks later than other states. So I am always behind every one else. Sometimes I don’t want to read the postings as then I know everything before I see the episodes.

    I assume that SG did not tell JH that his obnoxious trouble maker sister met her ex-husband???? Am I right?? She was with JH with the lady she works with in a restaurant and I thought she would tell him but she didn’t. I would have been on the phone immediately with JH telling him to get his sister to mind her own business and stop harassing her.

    JH’s father has no clue as to what his daughter it doing. I am not sure if the lady that SG works with is aware of the fact that JH’s mother broke them up. It seems she is trying to get JH and SG back together.

  91. 91 : LY Says:

    @ 90 Rose

    Where do you live, Rose? Based on your comments, I thought, all along, that you were watching this daily serial about one day after they were aired in Korea, the way I do. I always turn to either myasiantv or dramanice for the most up to date episodes of their Korean daily serials.

    There is also somebody by the name of ‘Rose’ who, every now and then, drop comments relating to the latest episodes of this drama on the myasiantv link. I thought she was you but it looks that I got it wrong.

  92. 92 : gloria athill Says:

    i see gh mother haven”t change one bit not even for her son sake she rather die than to accept her so she should just move on and be the best mother she can be.

  93. 93 : LY Says:

    I feel so sad for the grandparents when it turns out that they are not going to be in laws after all.

  94. 94 : Rose Says:

    @ Ly —-

    I don’t know anything about Asian TV – that is not me that is posting on that site.

    I live in the Midwest – and for some reason we get the episodes when the show is well into the program. It may be due to the local office has to get the info off the satellite and then connect it all to audio for the translation from Korean to Eng subs. Plus the person that does this also is doing other work. It sounds time consuming and not something that is a simple procedure.

    Tonight – May 5 – Ep 95 was aired.

    Thanks for always answering my questions.

  95. 95 : LY Says:

    @ 94 Rose

    May 7 – I’ve just finished watching the final episode – Episode 122

    Spoiler alert :

    The conclusion with regards to SG – JH’s relationship was (almost) exactly as to what I commented @ 72 and @ 80 and what you commented @ 77.

    I’m happy to share my thoughts with you, Rose. It’s more than likely that we’ll be ‘meeting up’ again in some other dramas.

  96. 96 : Little Bo Peep Says:

    This is the stupidest story, made female character very selfish, she just go around hurting people’s heart, she think she will be happy without SJ?

  97. 97 : Snow Says:

    Okay, this in another stupid drama. The lead female has a good man in SJ and someone who truly cares for her child. Yes they writer had JH, roll my eyes, save her child a couple of times—so staged by the the writer. However, this is the same man who didn’t care enough to know when her child turned 100 days old. He never made an effort to know the child as he told the lead how much he loved her. I also didn’t like the fact that he was married while trying to start a relationship with the lead female. The minute he signed the divorce papers, they were hugging each other…..didn’t like how she was living her baby to be with him.

    This drama was a waste of time. it was the same storyline, over and over again. The female lead cried in every episode. The only beautiful love in this drama was that of SJ, the second lead male. He truly had such a beautiful love for the lead female. I still have no clue why she loved the male lead—not clue.

  98. 98 : Dragonsag Says:

    I think the final ep was a very big disappointment, plus how Cha Seo Kyung and her family let HJ mother run all over them , someone need to put her in her place. Not sure why Korean dramas always do that — are people really that disrespectful to others who is not in the same class as themselves?

  99. 99 : Dragonsag Says:

    I think the final ep was a very big disappointment, plus how Cha Seo Kyung and her family let HJ mother run all over them , someone need to put her in her place. Not sure why Korean dramas always do that — are people really that disrespectful to others who is not in the same class as themselves? And I agree with Snow.

  100. 100 : I’m Beautiful Girl Korean | most beautiful girl in the world Says:

    […] Beautiful You […]

  101. 101 : bigeye Says:

    nice story and what a pity end up last esp is no good..they should marry last end of ep..what a pity

  102. 102 : gloria athill said Says:

    hey guys / ladies beautiful you just start all over again if you miss it the last time heres your chance to see it from the start.

  103. 103 : Hanifa Says:

    @LY says Can you send the link on whatsapp? may i have your number?

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