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Bad Love

Title: 못된 사랑 / Bad Love
Also known as: Mistake of Love / Wretched Love / Screwed-Up Love / Cruel Love
Previously known as: Good Love
Chinese title : 不好的爱情
Episodes: 20
Genre: Romance
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2007-Dec-03 to 2008-Feb-05
Air Time: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)


Na In Jung struggles with her love between the rather cold and rebellious Yong Ki and a successful businessman, Soo Hwan. Kang Yong Ki is a pop culture artist. He was separated from his first love, Jo Ann, and still carries the wound that he suffered from their relationship. His half sister is Joo Ran who is married to Soo Hwan. Soo Hwan begins an affair with In Jung but he only has ambition for the CEO position of Yong Ki’s father’s company. Soon after he discovers that his ambition does not fill the emptiness that he has inside and realizes he needs In Jung. But In Jung and Yong Ki have already fallen in love with each other. Will In Jung go back to her first love or stay with Yong Ki?


Kwon Sang Woo as Kang Yong Ki
Lee Yo Won as Na In Jung
Kim Sung Soo as Lee Soo Hwan
Kim Ga Yun as Kang Joo Ran (Soo Hwan’s wife & Yong Ki’s sister)
Cha Ye Reon as Park Shin Yeong / Jo Ann (Yong Ki’s first love)

Extended Cast

Kim Hyang Gi as Soo Hwan’s daughter
Song Ok Sook as Lee Jin Soo (Joo Ran’s mother)
Kim Chang Wan as Hwang In Soo
Park Geun Hyung as Kang Woo Taek / Chairman Kang (Yong Ki’s father)
Choi Yong Min as In Jung’s father
Yoo Ji In as In Jung’s mother
Park Eun Hee as Park Chan Sook
Choi Sung Min as Yoon Sil Gang
Kim Min Jung as Soo Hwan’s mother

Production Credits

Producer: Kwon Gye Hong (권계홍)
Script writer: Lee Yoo Jin (이유진)


Official Site 


Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : fantasy Says:

    may i know.this drama will be going to show in kbs world???

  2. 2 : AJ Says:

    OMG, Kwon Sang Woo is back….
    He’s so gorgeous, the hottest guy in korea..
    i can’t wait to watch this

  3. 3 : Kristen Says:



  4. 4 : Serina Says:

    is the main actor kwon sang woo from stairway to heaven?
    if it is i am sooooo gonna watch this,,,


  5. 5 : Justin Says:

    you could watch the preview of this drama at youtube.

    kwon sang woo, lee yo won and kim sung soo are awesome

  6. 6 : Troy Says:

    i heard this drama is amazing…

    kwon sang woo is a great actor

    when i watched stairway to heaven i fell in love with him so bad

  7. 7 : Amanda Says:


    Another drama of kwon sang woo
    i just love him

  8. 8 : Troy Says:

    i’m a guy so when i said i fell in love with ksw

    my sister wrote it

  9. 9 : bravo Says:

    hi can’t wait kim sung soo acting….love him forever…

  10. 10 : cj Says:

    what time is it in the Philippines if it is 9:55pm in Korea?

  11. 11 : chung.... Says:

    kwonsangwoo is the cutest and hottest i hab ever seen……….luv him somuch………..

  12. 12 : mils Says:

    korea is two hours ahead if youre from the phils

  13. 13 : Nana Says:

    OMG .. I cannot wait to watch this .. Kwon Sang Woo is back .. yuppppyyyyyy……

  14. 14 : GINA Says:

    This drama looks cool, I can’t wait to view it

  15. 15 : taurus Says:

    Hi there!

    Can’t wait to watch this series, my favorite actor Kwon Sang Woo is a MARVELOUS ACTOR IN KOREA!!! this going to be one of the OUTSTANDING ONE!!! his acting was top-notch!!!!

  16. 16 : eva Says:

    Where can I get a more detailed synopsis of this drama? I was so intrigued after watching the first episode and want to know more. This is the first drama with 2 very good looking macho guys.

  17. 17 : eva Says:

    The actress acts well too especially during the sad scenes although she doesn’t have very striking looks.

  18. 18 : swee Says:

    two episodes are out already please please help translate and add in subtitles 😀

  19. 19 : Ivy Says:

    Na In Jung struggles with her love between the rather cold and rebellious Yong Ki and a successful businessman, Soo Hwan. Kang Yong Ki is a pop culture artist. He was separated from his first love, Jo Ann, and still carries the wound that he suffered from their relationship. His half sister is Joo Ran who is married to Soo Hwan. Soo Hwan begins an affair with In Jung but he only has ambition for the CEO position of Yong Ki’s father’s company. Soon after he discovers that his ambition does not fill the emptiness that he has inside and realizes he needs In Jung. But In Jung and Yong Ki have already fallen in love with each other. Will In Jung go back to her first love or stay with Yong Ki?

  20. 20 : fantasy Says:

    i’m s0 sad..in malaysia there are kbs worls but why the drama the sloopy inquary agency still not end..i want to watched bad love..huhu;[
    this site told that the drama will be end in 27 of november 2007.pls someone d0 explain me.asap

  21. 21 : Ivy Says:

    27 november on korea not in malaysia. may be the broadcasting of malaysia have a little bit delay for that drama.

  22. 22 : Nana Says:

    watch the preview here

  23. 23 : cj Says:

    thanks.:) i’ll watch this!!! love love Kwon Sang Woo 😀

  24. 24 : junior Says:

    i saw the first 2 episodes, kwon sang woo is such a playboy but a very warm and kind-hearted heart….

  25. 25 : Nana Says:

    can someone provide the English translation of these episodes please .. I don’t speak or understand korean but I’m in love with korean drama

  26. 26 : eva Says:

    Hi Ivy, thanks for the detailed synopsis!

  27. 27 : Hollywood Says:

    Anyone who’s into steamy movie, check out Kim Sung Soo. 18+ only rated R (maybe XX) in Sweet Sex and Love.
    U can get them @ Veoh.com or Crunchyroll.com.

  28. 28 : Mi-Rae Says:

    I can’t wait to see this series…Aja!!! Hwai-ting….Sang Woo….

  29. 29 : pandabear104 Says:

    go to veoh…it has the first 3 episodes subbed..just look hard and you’ll find it..>.

  30. 30 : lam Says:

    holy i started watch today.. it’s sooo good…i’m on epi 4 I CAn’t wait.. plus it’s exam times i’,gonna die

  31. 31 : lyptika Says:

    Go to my site @ veoh, I upload there Bad Love with english subtitles.^^

  32. 32 : Maggy Says:

    Hi everyone, you can watch this drama and others, on http://www.mysoju.com. It´s starting and by now, there´s only 2 episodes. Bye.

  33. 33 : kdramafanatic Says:

    You can also watch this drama at http://www.mykofan.com:


    There’s also photos from the drama on the same website found on this link:


    Some of the pictures have Kwon Sang Woo with his shirt off!!! Hope you enjoy! 😛

  34. 34 : afita Says:

    Yay!!!! This is one bad k-drama. Everything to me seems to “click” just by watching the first two episodes. When they hold your “interest” then it’s preety good to me!!! Go Bad Love, YOU ROCK!!!

  35. 35 : les Says:

    annyong haseyo……….hope dat tdis will be air in d phil. soon…i lyk da scene in the elevator…..

  36. 36 : xtina Says:

    i’ve watched 2 episodes of Bad love and it is really good!!! its like you’re watching a music video. i love the songs they picked in the drama that you could feel the drama. and definitely, all of the cast are great in the first 2 episodes.. KWON SANG WOO is so hot in the elevator scene. a must watch!!! lol

  37. 37 : kaep Says:

    when’s the episode 3 gonna be uploaded in myoso.com??
    cant waitttttt~

  38. 38 : monsterdang Says:

    I would to see this movie,please help

  39. 39 : monsterdang Says:

    Nobody would like to help ?

  40. 40 : myvilvil Says:

    Please, please could someone provide English subtitles of episodes 3 to 7. Thanks A lot!

  41. 41 : vidi Says:

    annyong! i’ve watched 6 episodes of Bad love, and i can’t wait to wacth the next episode coz in the end of this episode Na In Jung and Yong Ki go to Yong Ki father’s house to be introduce to Yong Ki’s family. When they arrive at that house, Na In Jung is very shock when she meet Soo Hwan (Yong Ki’s brother in law & Na In Jung ex-boyfiends) there. I think the story is very…3 good (especially for every one who love romance dramas u must watch it!). the actres and the actors especially Kwon Sang Woo are also good. I’ve long time waiting for Kwon Sang Woo’s dramas. 2 tumb for the drama. 🙂

  42. 42 : KSW Says:

    this drama will be going to show in KBS WORLD? What time and when?

  43. 43 : mary Says:

    this drama is soooo good- if you love romances. anyone has any idea what the ending would be?

  44. 44 : anastasia Says:

    ok. this drama is really something. I haven’t fall for a lot of popular korean drama for their streotype plot and storyline before but this one is something. Except for the first episode when In Song fall in love with Soo Hoon it was obvious like a dialouge and because it is drama then they should fallin love, so quick. It is not dragging, everything wa compiled nicely. Even when it episode 2 It has happen a lot of thing. And how natural and subtle how In Sung and Yong Ki fall in love.

    Except the first episode when In sung is always talked with lovey dovey word that seem so unreal like reciting a dialoge everything else is just good. Her character aslo develop amazingly.

    It is realistic and unpredictable. There are a lot of scenes that no need to be revealed but doing it by flash back that was quite excellent.

    It is melodrama but have a lot of comicl parts also. Fun to watch, A deep and intense love.

    We just guessing what she will do? Amazing cast. To imagine it is 20 epiosode we just can’t predict what will happen. Because so much has happen already. Just pray that it will be going nicely after episode 6. I have watch the raw episode eventough i didn’t understand. And this is my first time.

  45. 45 : anastasia Says:

    May i ask where we can watch raw of episode 7? Thanks

  46. 46 : Ivy Says:

    monsterdang, u can see it by visit the link as shown in the post

  47. 47 : diana Says:

    if you search for it on veoh, raw eps are there

  48. 48 : anastasia Says:

    thanks diana. I found that the online with chinese link has upload the episode 8. Emm talk about the fast upload. Oh my. This story get on my nerve already. I didn’t understand what thereare talking fully but i can understand from the situaition. Apart from the conflict between the three main character surprisingly there is a very huge surprise in episode 7. Suddenly somebody from old time apperead!

    Ok. This drama is surely seem havethe streotype of conflict potrayed by other korean drama only that this drma revolved around the problems that a woman love two men perhaps? Not the usual drama that she love this man but have to go to that man.

    Different from the usual, this drama revolve the conflict that going in the inner side of the lead actress. It is sure is very difficult to resolve unles she find what she really want. The lead actor also have to suffer not-really being loved (maybe) by the one he really loved.

    Ok. This is sure is different, depressing and intense even I can’t understand fully the dialouge.

    And talking about a drama that only aired in 8 episode.

    Bad drama, or unfortunate love, cruel love.

  49. 49 : anastasia Says:

    Sorry: Bad Love not bad drama

  50. 50 : widya Says:

    It’s so cool..
    For months KBS world broadcasted boring dramas. and here is it! cruel love broadcasts finally..
    Kwon Sang Woo is so cool guy..

  51. 51 : Wall Paper Says:


  52. 52 : Janice Says:

    oh looking forward from SINGAPORE……. Kwon Sang Woo……acted in drama. Missed very very much.

  53. 53 : Christine Says:

    yes! kwon sang woo is back in his new drama
    get wait to watch this in hawaii :]


  54. 54 : kristen Says:

    has anyone know to watch this drama
    with english subtiltles?

  55. 55 : Stacey Says:

    man, kws is just so hot!!!!
    but i don’t think he matches with lee yo won

  56. 56 : kevin Says:

    to make the girls happy….
    go watch this drama either at youtube or veoh

  57. 57 : summer Says:

    dang, so much comments for ksw
    wat about the others huh?
    don’t you guys think they would want some comments too
    well, i think this drama is good, i stop when kwon sang woo
    got hit by the car, can’t wait to watch wat happens next

  58. 58 : Ivy Says:

    kristen, you may watch this drama on the link as provided on the above post.

  59. 59 : Janice Says:

    who can tell me more about this story? and where to get pic?
    thank you sooooo ooooo much

  60. 60 : lirna Says:

    Is dat dis drama is nice? i like 2 c Kim Sung Soo with Kwon Sang Woo act together coz i luv both of them really….hope i can c dis drama….

  61. 61 : ruyu Says:

    um, where is ep.9 for chinese english subtitles?

  62. 62 : ruyu Says:

    sorry, i meant only for chinese subtitles, not english

  63. 63 : Mi-rae Says:

    annyong haseyo… will try to watch tonight.. cos i love sang woo……

  64. 64 : ruyu Says:

    okay, i watched ep.9 on chinese subtitles
    but i can’t watch ep.10
    could someone please tell me when ep.10 is on?

  65. 65 : Ivy Says:

    ruyu, you have to wait. be patient.

  66. 66 : ruyu Says:

    ivy, i can’t be patient
    this drama is so interesting
    i can’t even leave the computer

  67. 67 : josh Says:

    ruyu, you love this drama don’t you?
    i can see you can’t wait to watch ep.10

  68. 68 : ruyu Says:

    yeah, i do
    i love kwon sang woo alot

  69. 69 : Ivy Says:

    ruyu, i think episode 10 with chinese subtitle will come out within 24 hours from now. Episode 11 will air in korea on 7 Jan.

  70. 70 : josh Says:

    well just what ivy said be patient
    i’ll talk to you later ruyu
    and when bad love ep.10 comes on
    don’t be to excited
    well, good-bye

  71. 71 : ruyu Says:

    all right, josh
    talk to you later

  72. 72 : angelica Says:

    yes, kwon sang woo has a new k-drama
    can’t wait to watch it here in malaysia
    kwon sang woo has a nice body, smile and everything
    he’s just a girl’s prince charming :] :] :] :]

  73. 73 : justin Says:

    who is kwon sang woo?

  74. 74 : kelsey Says:

    omg, you don’t know who’s kwon sang woo
    he’s like the hottest korean actor ever

  75. 75 : justin Says:

    really? well, is he acting in this drama?

  76. 76 : kelsey Says:

    of course duh
    dats why he’s in the picture
    and he’s the leading actor in this drama

  77. 77 : justin Says:

    oh okay
    well then i hope this drama is good
    my sister likes this

  78. 78 : sue Says:

    when can we see episode 10?

  79. 79 : melanie Says:

    anyone know where i can watch it
    really want to see how ksw act in it

  80. 80 : Anna Says:

    melanie, you can watch it on the link shown on the post.

  81. 81 : aPRIL Says:


  82. 82 : derick Says:

    april, you can watch bad love with english subtitles
    on youtube or veoh
    but you have to have a veoh account to watch the full episode

  83. 83 : jay Says:

    i like u in ur drama bad love…

  84. 84 : ria Says:

    hows the ending??

  85. 85 : Mi-rae Says:

    annyong haseyo… lee yo won seems to look old for this character.

  86. 86 : Mi-rae Says:

    but the OST is nice… where can i hear and download the songs??? kindly help….. komap sumnidah…

  87. 87 : starone Says:

    go to

  88. 88 : aPRIL Says:

    Hi Derick, thnx for the information but I do have a Veoh account, but I didn’t find bad love with english subtitles beyond Episode 2. Do u know someone that does?? thnx again!

  89. 89 : anies ksw Says:

    i just watched 4 epi but i cant wait 4 the next epi..

  90. 90 : 123 Says:

    How come I don’t see the download link? Do I have to be a member? Anyways, here I saw a link to watch this series through mysoju. com, but as you know WithS2 is subbing this series, and you’re not allowed to stream this series using their subtitles. Just in case you guys are not aware of their rules, please remove the link you provide to watch from mysoju.com

  91. 91 : Ha Ri Says:

    so touching.. so sad.. it’s really a good drama..
    really really like it, can’t stop watch it.
    Highly recommended to everyone, especially to them that love k-drama..
    Don’t missed it, guys!! ^^

  92. 92 : Mi-rae Says:

    i have managed to watch via the link as above. yea.. as usual kwon sang woo look’s handsome as ever….

  93. 93 : Mi-rae Says:

    thanks to starone for the OST.. komap oh…

  94. 94 : sandy Says:

    Hi April,

    I am also anxiously waiting for more than 2 episode w/ ENGLISH SUB. Please let me know also when you find it. I love this drama and it’s driving me crazy not being able to understand it.

  95. 95 : bunga01 Says:

    hi everybody…how;s the ending.i can’t wait…they make me going crazy….
    sarangheyo kim sung soo forever…

  96. 96 : Mi-rae Says:

    hi starone…
    one of the track 05, is it sang by Kwon Sang woo?? seems can’t download this song..

  97. 97 : Megan Says:

    Hi , I went to Veoh to view Bad Love Drama . But the drama links says that I either have to watch it on VeohTV or download it with the sub link . So what am i supposed to do? Can soemone explain the process of doing all the subs + video together ?

  98. 98 : Ivy Says:

    Megan, you can watch it online through the link as provided in the above post.

  99. 99 : Ha Ri Says:

    HelLo everyone..
    Do you know where I can download Bad Love’s OST?
    Thanks before. 🙂

  100. 100 : Mi-rae Says:

    hi Ha Ri,

    please scroll further down for the link provided by Starone. you can download the OST there..

  101. 101 : Ivy Says:

    Ha ri, you may also download it from the link as shown in above post

  102. 102 : thinawin Says:

    can you tell me the ending of this story? i see the movie until season 5, episode 10
    still continue or not?
    confuse… 🙁

  103. 103 : ililani Says:

    man, the episode take so long to download

  104. 104 : msles Says:

    I don’t think anyone knows the ending yet. This drama is still airing for the first time, and is supposed to end in February 2008. Sorry!!

  105. 105 : Ha Ri Says:

    thanks, Mi Rae..
    thanks, Ivy..

    Love the song!! ^^

  106. 106 : sany Says:

    kwon sang woo u so cool…..and so handsome best ever,,,,

  107. 107 : Jenn Says:

    Why is no one updating the English subtitle site?

  108. 108 : chiqueeismyname Says:

    it is now showing in Kbs world every monday and tuesday.
    i lab this drama.
    it makes me cry and laugh.

  109. 109 : ujie Says:

    this drama made me cry a looooot….ksw is soooo hot especially when he takes his shirt off…dammmnnn hot

  110. 110 : ujinn Says:

    this is wht i luv about korean drama!full of romantic songs!but took so long to download…hmmm,what’s e ending of this story ha?can’t wait…

  111. 111 : anbang Says:

    this doesn’t have ending yet. i like lee yo won~~she is so cute ~
    i saw her in dr.bong dal hee, and continued in bad love. she is so pretty~

  112. 112 : Auna Says:

    I love this drama, just finished ep. 15 even though i don’t understand it, it’s great. I love kwon sang woo also, very hot guy!!! Ep. 15 is great, can’t wait till the end!!! Please post up english subs please, i’m dying here

  113. 113 : Mi-rae Says:


    finally, in jung accept yong ki ……finally…

    the OST is so nice …very nice….

  114. 114 : Mi-rae Says:

    in jung asked yong ki… he waited very long for her is it??? 🙂

  115. 115 : Mi-rae Says:

    finally in jung told yong ki that she loves him.. and for the remaining life will only love him alone and think of him only….. 🙂

  116. 116 : Takkie Says:

    Kwon Sang Woo is so hot!!!

  117. 117 : tyas Says:

    sumpridd . twenty tumbs up !!
    this drama can touch my heart , can make me cry .
    so sadd .
    kwon sang woo , you are the best actor !!!!!!!!!

  118. 118 : melanie Says:

    only on episode 3 but so far so good
    great drama thus far
    ksw looks old, not as hot as he use to be

  119. 119 : fang Says:

    start like to see this film on episode 5, kwon sang woo still the best actor.
    the OST very2 nice to hear.

  120. 120 : sany Says:

    Yeah,,,right this drama is touching it’s makes me cry too ,,
    Is the movie the end on 15 episode but …is supposed to be on 20 eps right….
    Im so hurry want to know the next eps…..d
    Somebody plz add english subtitles coz im so confused….
    Kwon sang wo….u so cool and handsome,,,wish to see u….
    is that to crazy?….hahahhh

  121. 121 : hazlyn Says:

    luckily there’s an online video that able me to see the show..too tired to see the drama on tv.I wonder wat is the ending..after watchin the 10 episode it could be a tragic ending..how i wish there’s a spoiler so i could prepare myself..hehe

  122. 122 : Tammy Says:

    i hope its a happy ending, for the girls because they endure alot of pain^^

  123. 123 : cynthia Says:

    i luv this drama its so cool it made me cry to
    hope fully it will end in a happy ending
    does any one know wat episode its on?

  124. 124 : nahlah from KSA Says:

    i like sang woo >but i dont want cry

    and the korean actors so elegant spicialy Kwon Sang woo

    seeee yaaaa

  125. 125 : Auna Says:

    OMG!!! just saw ep 17, didn’t understand it but it was so good. I can’t wait till the end, i hope it’s a happy ending. KSW’s character and InJung deserve a happy life especially after all that they’ve been through and how hard they fought to be with each other. Can’t wait, can’t wait!!!

  126. 126 : Rika Says:

    i have dvd eps 1 – 16, i will watch after the ending eps come.. its sad ending… ???

  127. 127 : xandy Says:

    Is the ending sad? I want to know so that I can prepare myself if I will still watch this one, I don’t like sad ending.

  128. 128 : kyle Says:

    this drama is so good

  129. 129 : gera Says:

    omg** this drama is so good.. I watch it on mysoju.com but ’till ep. 8. ep 17 is up on youtube but there was no eng. sub title.
    it very touching and cute. i am hoping that its a happy ending. aza aza fighting..

  130. 130 : karylle Says:

    one of my favorite kdrama “,)

  131. 131 : na in-jung.. ",) Says:

    i like this drama so nice..

  132. 132 : Josephine Pengkeyen Says:

    I love this drama,its so cool and heart waming.I’m so much addicted watching it.To all the cast keep up the good work.More power,God bless you all.

  133. 133 : aza Says:

    KSW is the best actor EVER!! any dramas or movies with him in it is worth watching.

  134. 134 : KOREAN Says:

    can someone please upload the eng subtitles on mysoju because the series has ended and there are only 8 episodes up. thank you

  135. 135 : jerickson Says:

    is lee su hwan going to die in this drama?

  136. 136 : Josephine Says:

    I love this drama one among the best ever produced tv series I had ever seen.Kwoon Sang Woo looks gorgeous in this series.I’m afraid I might miss the ending of this series.It always breaks me down into tears evrytime I watch it. Kwoon Sang Woo you look great and and handsome.Keep up the good work.To Lee Yo-Woon youre a sweet heart darling in this series.Go,go,go………

  137. 137 : kim Says:

    Please read the fansub rules regarding subtitles. That’s probably why mysoju and other streamline sites are not posting new episodes with subtitles. In short, these sites are using subtitles that are not created my them. If you learn now to download episodes and subtitles yourself you will find that the quality of the video is much better.

  138. 138 : ogy Says:

    hello… to all the enchanting cast members,
    great acting skills… though we dont understand a word of korean (rely heavily on the english subtitles) we are deeply moved by the emotions & the storyline…hope it had a good ending. Due respect to the directors who are able to generate such splendid drama’s without any violence which we so often seen in american movies.

  139. 139 : oskar Says:

    hi,what’s up?my name is oskar iam from kurdistan ireally really like kwon sang woo my heart he is my life he looks fantastic and he is so hot so icant stand one day with out watching your film & epsodies so ilove kores oh i forget to say iam 18 years old so in our country you are so famuose and iam your biggest fan and iwant your e_mail ok answer me please by this yahoo [email protected] ok bye

  140. 140 : KOREAN Says:

    how do i download the subtitles and video seperetly can someone please care to help me out with this by giving me step by step instructions on where and what i should download. thank you this would be of great help.

  141. 141 : Dewi Says:

    Mi-Rae…, what episode is that? I have watched till ep. 12, how will be the ending anyobody knows?

  142. 142 : KOREAN Says:

    can someone please help how do i download this drama from d addicts when all that happens is i get a srt file and i dont know wat to do from there. can anyone please help me on this as its been very difficult for me to be able to watch this drama becoz i cant get a grip on the way i should go on about this. i understand that i need to download a player that can play srt files but how and where do i download this from can someone please care to explain.
    and why is it that i cant download the video itself without the subtitles all i get is a small file that when opening with the notepad gives me dialogues in writing of what there saying but it doesn’t allow me to see or read the subtitles. please if there is any decent person out there answer my question.
    thank u

  143. 143 : lena Says:

    i definitely love this drama.i have recently stopped at ep 18 and the ending really seems uncertain!i really hope that yong ki will end up with in jung despite the fact that soo hwan is a nice guy.wells hopefully no one dies in the end but i have my tissue box ready on my table.haaha cant wait to see what will happen in the end…

  144. 144 : karylle Says:

    ahh great kdrama. i love it..

    to korean.. I have the same problem as you. but try this website.
    mysoju.com it has the video and its already on subtitle ;however its until ep. 15. the rest maybe uploaded soon.

  145. 145 : Mi-rae Says:

    i think it is episode 15 or 16…

  146. 146 : Mi-rae Says:

    i like sang woo…
    he can really act.. if crying really crying….if funny really funny….i love him….cho ah…

  147. 147 : jema Says:

    omg, lee su hwan died…
    so sad bt injung and yongki lived happily ever after

  148. 148 : bunga01 Says:

    whatttttttt…why KIM SUNG SOO DIED….VERY PITY WITH HIM…

  149. 149 : jema Says:

    he died because if his illness…

  150. 150 : Mi-rae Says:

    i have watched until episode 10…
    yong gi so pitiful…. in jung so dilemma…. struggling fighting her own feelings…

  151. 151 : h Says:

    hey stop spoiling it for others who haven’t watched..but you guys are right..so sad..T.T

  152. 152 : Sam Says:

    Kwon Sang Woo is so gorgeous!

  153. 153 : Sam Says:

    Kwon Sang Woo is sooo gorgeous!

  154. 154 : Mi-rae Says:

    yes… sang woo is so handsome and manly…. i love him

  155. 155 : dare Says:

    just finished watchin the ending. although i don’t know what happened, since there were no subs, but overall this was a decent good kdrama. would recommend to others who like love stories.

  156. 156 : jema Says:

    nice the ending

  157. 157 : mhm,uyhy, m Says:

    GREaT!!!U ruin the ending for me… I love KIM SUNG SOO

  158. 158 : sany Says:

    Oh…even im not finishing the episode…i know from the comment is happy ending drama…it was so nice…much cry on the begining but happy ending at the end…
    Kwon Sang Wu u so handsome but i dont like your hair sytle coz u look a little bit old,,,its better like hedgehogs sytle to make u so young
    even that…i always be your big fan…

  159. 159 : vikki Says:

    i looked everywhere on the internet to buy this drama…can anyone tell me where i can order this drama..please. thanks…

  160. 160 : SUNJINI Says:


    great job…and well done…recomended to watch…


  161. 161 : emily Says:

    is this a heavy drama?

  162. 162 : Mi-rae Says:

    hi…..when will be the next episode of 16 onwards gonna be online for viewing?? i am so anxious to watch…. please help…

  163. 163 : Janice Says:

    alot of people comments NOT nice. Especially Kwon Sang Woo acted very bad in this drama. NO improve lol….. Is that so? please tell me…..

  164. 164 : Mi-rae Says:

    hi janice,

    have you watched KSW’s any other series before?? depending on how you see and perceive the skills of his acting. i would say that, he can be a great joker, if so, and you can feel that he is remorsed, if so…he cried as if really really sad…. i would say..he is good… 9/10…. haa haa…cos i love him

  165. 165 : Hollywood Says:

    Anyone, please tell me if you know that English song that was played on the car radio and KSW sang along with it?
    I love it very much and would like to find out.

  166. 166 : Mi-rae Says:

    i think it is i want to break free by queen….

  167. 167 : Kimberly Sarreal Says:

    Happy or sad ending??? KBS (US) is showing in LA with great english subs. Like it so far, but want to know if it ende well.

  168. 168 : Hollywood Says:

    Mi-rae, Thanks. I found the song. Love Freddie Mercury.
    In-fact I have his album, found it tuck away somewhere in my CD’s rack.
    Thanks again.

  169. 169 : Janice Says:

    for Mi-rae,

    Yes i also like him which acted stairway in heaven. Great drama.
    and i watching now @ youtube from ep.15….hahha

  170. 170 : KOREAN Says:

    can someone please help how do i download this drama from d addicts when all that happens is i get a srt file and i dont know wat to do from there. can anyone please help me on this as its been very difficult for me to be able to watch this drama becoz i cant get a grip on the way i should go on about this. i understand that i need to download a player that can play srt files but how and where do i download this from can someone please care to explain.
    and why is it that i cant download the video itself without the subtitles all i get is a small file that when opening with the notepad gives me dialogues in writing of what there saying but it doesn’t allow me to see or read the subtitles. please if there is any decent person out there answer my question.
    thank u

  171. 171 : Hollywood Says:

    KOREA, here is the instructions. Hope this will help you. I got it from someone else, did not try it yet. Try it.
    You have to copy paste.
    The two episodes are RAW and episode one has been soft subbed.
    You basically have to download the two episodes and the .srt (sub) file into the same directory. Then when it’s all downloaded, go back and do the following:
    1-for both of the vids, change the extension from .rm to .rmvd
    2-the file for both the video and the soft subs MUST be named the same so you have to change it so that it reads, for example: BadLove 01.rmvd (video) and BadLove 01.srt (subs). It’s the only way it will work.
    3-Open the file using Windows Media Player (it’s the only one what works for me…RealPlayer, Roxio, etc. none pick up the subs). However, Windows Media Player will not recognize the fie, so when you go to open it, change the second window to display all files *.* and double click. It will give you a warning saying that even though it doesn’t recognize it, it will still be able to open it but be sure it’s from a reliable source, etc., etc. Once you click ok, it will open and play with the subs.

  172. 172 : Janice Says:

    i watching from ep1 and now is ep7. wow so exciting & LOVE problematic.
    bro-in laws so bad…… and what a small world.:o) so sad Lee yo woo & Kwon Sang Woo innocent. And Lee yo woo tells Kwon sang woo when they 1st time meet @ kwon sang woo house…..WHY! WHY?

  173. 173 : Janice Says:

    btw, i dun understand why ep15 above Kwon Sang Woo with stupid Bitch (affair)????/ can who tell me….. please please. I am watch ep 7 now…. still got long long to go can’t wait to watch

  174. 174 : janice Says:

    i watched wif chinese sub. Why Kwon Sang Woo chose to “Break off @ Spring” Why can who tell me please…..? And why they wanted to patch back…… I dun undestand why?
    In Ep 16

  175. 175 : Mi-rae Says:

    hi janice,

    cos it is his birthday….

  176. 176 : Janice Says:

    Hey Mi-rae,

    why must they chose birthday break off? yet they wanted to Patch back of the Romance love relationship?

    Btw, do you knw where to buy korean magazine? named as following:-
    韩剧风云 韩剧金典 . do you know?

    I am from singapore. last jun according here korean stop publishing.
    so sad! Now i am not update all news…….. this magazine talk about series filming….etc

  177. 177 : Mi-rae Says:

    hi janice…

    ohh… because in jung said it is impossible to be together with yong gi…cos… she is phobia the thought of his sister and yong gi might think of Lee soo hwan… if together with her… therefore… she loves him… and told him that they should break up in gradual basis.. and not immediately… that is why….

    i see… i am not sure about the magazine….

  178. 178 : Mi-rae Says:

    i am waiting patiently for the remaining 2 episode for the english subtitles ….. please help…

  179. 179 : Mi-rae Says:

    06 내 가슴이 하는 말 – Chi Min
    in the OST.. how to download this song??
    under OST..
    not sure is this the song whereby Sang woo also sang for the bonus track..

  180. 180 : Mi-rae Says:


    do you think you can help me on this matter??

  181. 181 : Mi-rae Says:

    i happen to see kim sung soo… in one movie…. very XXX… haa haa haa..the actress acted is the one from the Lovers in Paris, the ex wife of Park shin yang…
    oh gosh…

  182. 182 : Mi-rae Says:

    ok, the movie is Sweet Sex and Love..
    oh gosh… can see Kim sung soo almost naked… and of cos the actress..

  183. 183 : Janice Says:

    Hey Mi-rae,

    Thank you….

  184. 184 : shirley Says:

    even this drama had a very sad and painful story between the main actor and actress, but i really like the last episode of this story coz the two of them finally can happily be together!

  185. 185 : Mi-rae Says:

    yes, i have just finished watching it too… and finally good ending for kwon sang woo…… the other series..is either actress died or he died….

    not bad for this series… watching online not that satisfying compared to original DVD… gonna buy for collection…

  186. 186 : Mi-rae Says:

    the rating for this series not that good in korea…
    saw is like 6.9% for the last episode…
    hmm…. i think depending on people’s perception though….

  187. 187 : Hollywood Says:

    Finally finish watching this too. It turned out to be quite a pretty good story. Enjoyed it and thumbs up to all the casts.
    I have not watch much of KSW drama because they ended tragically to compare but felt that he acted well in this drama.
    At least this ending is happy, recommend to watch.

  188. 188 : Mi-rae Says:

    yes.. hollywood… agree with you…
    people just dont know how to enjoy or admire their acting only… that is why… not that overwhelming…
    thumbs up too… from me…

  189. 189 : mulan Says:

    yes Hollywood, I agree with you too. Although I’m not Korean but i’m korean drama series fanatic and this is one of the amazing series i’ve ever watched. I like all the characters CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Kim Hyang Gi you’re so cute and incredible in acting. I’ve also watched “thank you” and i love the way you act it’s very very natural. Keep up the good work.

    For me it’s 8/10.

  190. 190 : alireza of iran Says:

    hi everyone
    i am iranian and i saw this serial in iran . Kwon Sang Woo is verry good artist and this film cruel love (bad love) was verry good fserial.and i am a lover now.

  191. 191 : Rowena Says:

    Bad Love (a review)

    Bad love is not a bad series after all. In fact, I find it exceptionally good. I still have 4 episodes to go, but I can say that it’s going to have a satisfying ending. The storyline is not predictable and the twists are quite interesting. The actors namely KSW and KSS did wonderful and awesome performances. I think KSW is one of the few actors that can make a scene extra ordinary out of an ordinary. Not only because of his charming looks but more so of his natural ability to carry out his performance alive and spontaneous. Well, he really had to double his effort in this drama because Lee Yo Won was a bore. Except for her moving crying scenes, she has the tendency to keep her emotions to herself. Her eyes are beautiful but not expressive. During some scenes she acted like she was memorizing her lines and just waiting her turn to deliver hers. During the confrontation scenes at the seaside, except for her meaningful lines, her movements and emotions are curtailed, I really don’t know why. It was one of the highlights of the series, and yet, among the four, she acted below par for me. Hey, I am not saying that she is not a good actress. She is, she is. In fact I saw her latest drama Surgeon Bong Dal Hee and she did a very good performance there. You must see it and compare her performance there with this one. Probably she wasn’t motivated very well or just intimated by her co-stars. When I was watching it, I thought of Kim Ha Nuel. What if she was the leading lady, it could have been far better. Again this is just my view.

    That actress who played Joo Ran, sister of KSW in the series, did get into my skin. Every time I see her on screen, I could only expect another nerve wracking scene and dialogues. Another actor who is noteworthy is KSS He is indeed a very fine actor. He looks so handsome in most of his scenes. I have watched several of his previous series and he has not disappointed me yet. He’s one Korea’s finest performers.

    But in spite of that, I could say that it’s one of the beautifully-crafted Korean series I’ve watched so far. So classic and would include it in my collections. I highly recommend it to everyone.

  192. 192 : CS Says:

    Good ending drama compare to stairway to heaven.
    I love Sang Woo acting although his acting is quite similar to
    stairway to heaven.

  193. 193 : Mi-Rae Says:

    hi rowena….
    you are right… this is quite an awesome series…
    and thanks to thi website…i get to see online.. and it is so clear…
    however, i will still buy the series DVD for my collection…worth watching…

  194. 194 : CS Says:

    Too Bad. Last episode part 2 & Part 4 video broken.
    Kindly take action immediately.
    Thank You.

  195. 195 : CS Says:

    Overall I like this love story. The two guys are so smart looking.
    As for the actress Lee Yo-Woo is fine with me too. She can act
    well in Fashion 70’s and Surgeon Bong Dal Hee. Is too bad she got married already. I hope to see her more in another love story.

  196. 196 : Sandy Says:

    are you guys kidding me? this drama majorly LAGGED! i liked the beginning, but towards the middle everything kinda slowed down and there were parts where the plot was just stalling. The end just killed me. OH MY GGGGAWWWD… sooo slow…. Kim Sung Soo’s character was such a waste of screen space. He’s not authentic at all.

    too bad two great talents (KSW and LYW) were wasted in this pointless drama. good riddance. I want those twenty hours of my life back.

  197. 197 : Taks Says:

    I like this drama, although it became boring towards the end. What’s important to me is Kwon Sang Woo’s role and he’s really great in whatever role he plays. He outshone his leading lady. I like her better in Fashion 70’s.

  198. 198 : rani Says:

    Love this serial…its the BEST

  199. 199 : rani Says:

    Love the serail…its the BEST.

    Anyone knows what is the title of the piano piece in the serial?

  200. 200 : prettygel Says:

    bravo!!! I really love the story, the twisting is unbelievable, it really made me shed my tears.

  201. 201 : Tammy Says:

    my favorite character dies so i didn’t like the ending very much. i wish there was a happy ending for him as will. its not fair that all the pain he want through because of that family he dies in the end. that is the worse ending i every seen. i’m so mad.

  202. 202 : michelle imnida Says:

    i agree very emote story i like it..its seems like stairway to heaven..but im just in episode 11.and im excited to watched it till the end.what happen to kim sung soo?he died in the end?so sad?i really like him.he is so very handsome for me..

  203. 203 : bee Says:

    nice story line. see saw bench.

  204. 204 : oskar Says:

    iam sio interesting in this film it is so sad and nice then ksw is avery hottest man in korea his crying is the best ithink no one can do that he is so charmming and he has abeautiful face iam dying for him ilove you ksw and alse lee yo woo so at the end it is so nice ireally dont like every ending film nice story bye be strong..

  205. 205 : rosmiza Says:

    Hello everbody

    I am Malaysian. (Penang). Anybody can help me to find where can i get the dvd for this drama.

  206. 206 : michelle ssi Says:

    i like the two guys here,the main character but i don’t really like the girl there Le Yo Won,co’z she act so very dry though she is beautiful.she acted very slow and dry that’s made me feel sometimes boring every part of the episode..sorry but i don’t really much appreciated the way she act here. I knew her other series but this is the only one i watched so far.But in fairness the story is GOOD..chokayo!

  207. 207 : magsie Says:

    i love this drama very much. i noticed that KOREAN MALE ACTORS ARE BETTER THAN THEIR FEMALE COUNTERPART. i just dont know why. but thats my observation. here in the philippines, most of our successful movies are attributed to the strong performance of the female lead character with the support of male actors only. thus, CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL KOREAN MALE ACTORS for your outstanding parformance everytime and may korean drama goes a long long way. l love kwon sang woo, gong yoo and oh ji ho.

  208. 208 : mulan Says:

    I agree with you Magsie. The main 2 actors are rally great in acting. I’ve watched them both in various Korean drama series and it’s happy to say that i am satisfied with their acting. I love them both.

    I’m one of a million fans of KSW. To you more power. The story is really great, simple but remarkable. It’s 8/10

  209. 209 : Ann Hash Says:

    Bad Love is totally “bad” haha~ I got really stressed out watching it. Totally suits its title!
    I agree that Korean actors are way better than Korean actresses. Personally, I think they are also way better looking than the actresses. Haha~ Tne thing I salute about Korean actors/actresses… when they cry, they REALLY cry (at least look like ones)!!!
    Kang Sang Woo has always been my fave. actor. He really knows how to trigger emotions. Love all his acting 😀

  210. 210 : melanie Says:

    the ending was so stupid
    first few episodes were okay and got me hooked but it was waste of time for me at the end
    one whole month to finish cause there’s really no point in most of the scenes and got bored
    didn’t like the actress and the actors a little bit old for me to enjoy the drama also the main actress’ acting was bad really bad

  211. 211 : diefer Says:

    i really hate the ending……. it’s really bad!!!!!!!!!!
    but i admire the performance of Kwan Sang Woo…………he is great!
    keep it up KSW

  212. 212 : Basuha Says:

    I totally agree with the majority of the reviews, Kang Sang Woo was excellent in this drama but the main girl performance was lacking emotion she was like the walking dead. To be fair it could have been the storyline because in the beginning of the drama she was smiling, laughing even walked with a bounce. When she was with Kwon Sang character she was like a Zombie and I couldn’t get pass that. Kwon Sang character was understanding, patience but she still continues in that Zombie state for 13 DAMM episodes!!!!! .

    It was a so so drama but had the potential to be great, if only someone would have taking the time to notice the main girl characters wasn’t developed pass episode 3.

  213. 213 : scarlet ohara Says:

    …….thak god they finally together…..

  214. 214 : bebe Says:

    Hello everyone!
    I haven’t watch it yet but I’m going to this week I’ve seen some of the episode in the website…….. KWAN SANG WOO WAS SO AMAZING ACTOR EVER!! NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT FROM HIS PREVIOUS DRAMA AND MOVIES VERY EXCELLENT ACTOR….SO FINEST!!! I love him SO MUCH! MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE DRAMA & MOVIES P L E A SEEEEEEEE!!! unFaDed USa

  215. 215 : summer Says:

    I wouldnot watch it if not because kwong sang woo. It desperate & depressed me to watch, mostly character na in jung, i hate her habits taking a heavy breath ( and she did it all the time! … ) makes me dying tired & bored.
    Bad love really successed make me feel bad during watching the show!
    Over all, it doesnt impressed at all !

    Btw, i still love kwon sang woo… cant forget his scene to sing “i want to break free.. “ ^_*
    Hope he will not join to cast in another boring drama as bad as Bad Love again!

  216. 216 : hazelnutz24 Says:

    I think this is one of interesting drama that i watch.kong sang woo is nt only know for his handsome features but his acting.i also like the actress as i saw her previously in drama title Surgeon Bong Dal Hee .i think the reason ppl criticize her bcoz of the chracter she is in.she appeared zombie as she was tired -although she loved him she cant be with him as there r many ppl who are against her relationship.Great storyline!!

  217. 217 : sein Says:

    I really love to watch KSW acting….he is so handsome and charming. His crying….it’s so touching.

  218. 218 : AppleChantel Says:

    Hi Bad Love Fans:

    I have already seen the whole drama, and of course I expected to see KSW again. If to compare with “Stairway to Heaven” & “Sad Song” KSW is more mature then before 2 famour dramas. They are so good in acting their positions. kwon sang woo, lee yo won and kim sung.

    Besides, I love the main song in the drama. I think the English name called “Crying Without Words” Although I don’t understand Korean language, but I love the melody and music.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing your information

  219. 219 : Gemini Says:

    ..just finished watching this drama and as always KWON SONG WOO never failed me insofar as acting ability is concerned. His performance continues to awe me, although I prefer his performance in serious love romances. I love him when he cries, sooo full of emotions and feelings, yet not overdone ( i like the way korean actors cry in their performances, not awkward) …his physique is another to rave about… i just find this drama moving although the leading lady could have delivered more, i don’t know if the director deliberately intended to have her act that way, nevertheless it has less effect on the general outcome of the drama. Kim Sung Soo, likewise, was consistently convincing with his performance. I enjoy watching this guy and i appreciate very much having him with KSW in this. There were so many “sighing” scenes in this drama so much so that I, as a viewer can’t help but feel depressed. Anyway, it has been another worthwhile series.

  220. 220 : Kimberly Sarreal Says:

    I’m up to episode 8, and I agree with so many of you when you describe feeling depressed by the drama. I want to finish it, but it will take me a while to do so.

  221. 221 : SP Says:


    This was my first Kwon Sang Woo drama but that’s another topic. This drama started okay…predictable and a little depressing! There is some sweet moments but I must also warn you of the draggy and emotionless moments. Most to blame is the storyline because for episodes, the story didn’t go anywhere except the obvious! Kim Ga Yun played the obnoxious and matipulative ex-wife (Joo-Ran) just great the [almost] complete opposite of Lee Yo Won (In Jung). At first, I liked Lee Yo Won, but it just went downhill throughout half of the episode. Maybe it was how her character was and if so, the writers are to blame–I just can’t help but think that she was miscasted to be ‘In Jung’.

    Anyway, this drama is not at all what I hoped it to be or expected based on its high praises by many. I absolutely believe that this drama was highly overrated but needlessly to say, KSW fans shouldn’t be too dissappointed. In my case, I wished I watched SAD LOVE STORY/Sad Sonata before BAD LOVE…my perspective may be a LITTLE different.

  222. 222 : C.Ruehle Says:

    OMGoossshhh! This has got to be my favorite movie of all time. And Kwon Sang Woo as Kang Yong Ki…omg..omg..omgoshhhhh is so handsome!!! I can watch him all day long!!! I’ve got to see his other movies.

  223. 223 : alan Says:

    finally finish this movie, its very addicted espically when there are
    good actors and many beautiful stuffs this movie offer.
    YOu learn alot from watching this movies, fashion, realionships and
    places to go and do things.
    Excellent life education and enjoying to watch during free time.

  224. 224 : *** DVD Cover Label *** Says:

    DVD Cover Image

  225. 225 : *** DVD Cover Label *** Says:


  226. 226 : mi rae Says:

    hi C Ruehle…

    yes… you can watch kwon sang woo in Stairways to heaven… perfect…

  227. 227 : ksw lover Says:



  228. 228 : Zarazann Says:

    I just love KSW, his cries melt my heart he is so natural in his acting whenever there is a movie from him i will definitely watch it no matter what the show is all about in this movie bad love his love for in-jung touched me very much how i wish a guy can do all this thing for me i really hope ksw can make more movies hopefully sad ones i just love th stairways to heaven so gorgeous and manly look

  229. 229 : jessica Says:

    the best drama everr..lots of dramas and tensionn!! very touching and romantic..highly recommendede this drama to all kdrama lovers out thereeee

  230. 230 : condix Says:

    Very good drama.. touching.. tension.. depressing and humourous too, good for eye cleansing. I wonder whether such love exist in real life as per KSW’s displayed in this drama, but I luv KSW he’s soooo gorgeous!! Hope to meet someone like him in my next life…

  231. 231 : marites gerona Says:

    ksw acting is just so intense and that body of him without the shirt –omg!perfect abs for someone his age. i must agree the storyline isnt that good and the main actress lacks depth.

  232. 232 : mi-rae Says:

    i love this series is because of Kwon sang woo….. the story line so so only.. and the actress is a bit dull……. if not because of sang woo…i am afraid i will not watch this……..

  233. 233 : Korean Says:

    I agree with some that said that this drama majoly lagged! I think that the beginning is very attractive, but I stopped watcing at episode 8 because it slowed down and the plot is still boring and the last episode is really unbelievable. I think that Kim Sung Soo is not appropiate for such character. it is fake.

  234. 234 : violy relf Says:

    this is indeed entertainment! i love all of the characters.very suave.thank you very much.hope to see more from all of the characters.

  235. 235 : Yu-rin Says:

    annyong haseyo…
    now watching for the 2nd time… find it not that bad though…..

  236. 236 : Goong Ju Says:

    I do agree with some of you that the stroryline is so so only. Intially i put a very high expectation on it but it’s dissapointing. Though it’s nice to see KWON SANG WOO back on tv drama after so long. One thing that i can’t deny, KSW’s acting was really good. He put so much effort on it but just didn’t work out. It’s ok! Keep it up KSW

  237. 237 : lia Says:

    It’s good…

  238. 238 : Loe Sea Says:

    yeah the drama is not as good as all of us expected tobe, the episode when in jung seemed refusing yong ki’s love were so boring and longgggggggg… but the episode when they’re together at Sam Chok were very nice….

    but i give thumbs up for the costume arranger… KSW looked good in every suit he wore…. In Jung’s coats were also nice….

    watch it just watch it… though it’ll not satisfy u… just watch KSW hahahhaaa

  239. 239 : Amy Sam Woo Says:

    The story quite complicated for malaysian people specially, well i watch this drama only for Kwon Sang Woo, I love his acting anyway….. he is the best korean actor ……

  240. 240 : Yu-rin Says:

    hi all….. this story line… if watch it for the first time..you might not like it…but if watch for the 2nd time… it is good… very realistic… it happens in real world…
    not bad…of cos.. KSW is my favorite…. i love to see him……

  241. 241 : eujin27 Says:


    the story wasn’t really very nice but what made me love this drama is the acting of kwon sang woo, i admire his acting so much co’z he get himself really at ease on the way he act and it is really a talent. good job kwon sang woo, see you on next drama.

    like gemini said, korean actors are really talented when it comes to crying scenes….

  242. 242 : kswkhn Says:

    I watched this drama coz I like Kwon Sang Woo. He looks gorgeous in this drama and his acting is great. If not for him, I will sure skip this drama 😛 I agree that In Jung looks very emotionless, but to be fair Lee Yo Won is a good actress, just watch her in Surgeon Bong Dal Hee and you will know what I say. Blame it on the script, I think: It is slow, depressing and dragging. I especially can’t stand the episodes where Yong Gi keeps declaring his love for In Jung, but In Jung pretends to accept and then runs away again and again. It’s repetitive and boring. Personally, I think Bad Love has a great cast (to have KSW, LYW and KSS) but it’s really a waste due to the average storyline.

  243. 243 : HannyBae Says:

    is this drama sad ending? From the title I guess it is, right guys?

  244. 244 : edith Says:

    It’s depressing to see how In Jung easily gave up her love to Yong Ki after all what he has done to her. Yong Ki is adorable, but he’s too kind and women can easily take advantage of his kindness. Don’t like the cries scne…too much for a man’s love. Joo Ran is a heartless bitch….even finally she decided to leave Korea to give Yong Ki and In Jung a chance to be together. Despite of all my comments, I will give 4.5/5 for the story line…

  245. 245 : mirae Says:

    yeah..kwon sang woo is the best,however the story is not as good as Sad Love Story.

  246. 246 : raica Says:

    i like the first few episodes but found it rather dragging on some part especially towards the ending..
    but i’d say kwon sang woo was really good in this series.
    he never failed to affect the viewers with his acting skills.
    and oh!he’s got great body..hot!!
    but i just hope that those dragging scenes would’ve been better.
    nevertheless, it’s still a good drama..

  247. 247 : lea Says:

    i love this drama, and i loved the actors play. i fell in love in kwon song woo. its pity that i older than him,because i wood take a tickets and flying look at him.

  248. 248 : may Says:

    I LOVE THIS SERIES! I was so hooked even after the first 30 min! The soundtrack is awesome as well! GREAT series!!!

  249. 249 : annie Says:

    I like this drama because it wasn’t like others dramas i ‘ve seen …it seemed very weird but attracting at the same time!!!
    ahahah!!!! i don’t know how explain it!!!

    the only thing i know is Kwon sang woo was really cute and different in this drama!!!

  250. 250 : huwinny Says:


  251. 251 : yoyo Says:

    i love u kwon sang woo

  252. 252 : mitch pasuquin of dubai Says:

    this is great! amazing.. ! i love the story, it’s so meaty, there’s no dull moments and the first episode is superb! the best, as in.. i love it.. i’m so excited to know the climax of the story…. watch it guys!

  253. 253 : Abdul Says:

    5 star this dram. bad love amazing drama full of sadness moment making me cry at least happy ending…..ilove this drama……..

  254. 254 : patricia Says:

    i want to download this drama “Bad Love”

    pls help & reply immediately

  255. 255 : tkiok Says:

    Just finished watching the drama on dvd. Although I agree with some that there are some dragging parts but over all it is still worth watching.

  256. 256 : janice_singapore0950 Says:

    Finally is here “Release” @ singapore shop @ Poh Kim. But just part. 1 (1 box) only….. DVD…. Hurry who wants to watch n for collection. go go n buy or Rend it….
    ALL because of Kwon Sang Woo……….
    The next Movie is “Fate”. Go Go…..looking forward.

  257. 257 : Mei Ang Says:

    Well, being a foreigner and studied in both Japan and United States, I never came across Korean drama until yesterday! Watching Kwon Sang Woo took my breath away! He is gorgeous with a sexy half grin smile! Your superb acting skills will give yourself a role in Hollywood in near future!!!

    Will forever be your foreign fan!!

  258. 258 : iris Says:

    no intention to watch it when it first released, but THANKS to my ‘heart suggestion’….
    i’am a person who is not going to cry easily…but,while watching this drama…i can easily crying ¬ THANKS …

    muten sarang ¬¬¬ fighting!!!

  259. 259 : ryunhui Says:

    It would have been a better drama considering the good actors, had it been edited smoothly. As a Korean person, I would say the story line is somewhat redundant and colorless.

  260. 260 : adam Says:

    to ryunhui…are you korean?..coz want to know u more hehehehhe

  261. 261 : Lin Says:

    We finally finsihed it from our dvd collection, it is good at the bingging, but it did drag a bit longer at the end. However, the actor and actress did a good job. It is quite romantic at the frist part. Enjoyed it.

    Wish them luck in their career!

    From US

  262. 262 : kaytee Says:

    i gotta admit the reason i started watching this because of Kwon Sang Woo. After seeing My tutor friend, i thought he was hot so i decided to check out this series. hes really hot in Bad Love and i love his character also. But anotehr hot guy in there is Kim Sang Soo! omg hes so hot and i couldnt take my eyes off of him either :D. The series is a bit draggy but i love it regardless! especially with KSW and KSS both in it. =)

  263. 263 : d3mur3 Says:

    I really looved this. I was really into it since the first episode :))
    this is REAL drama!

  264. 264 : kim soon Says:

    I m gonna watcvh it in the online website :
    and I think its coooooooooool.

  265. 265 : gober Says:

    even the drama was horrible sad but i like it

    everyone has its drama….
    i find this drama as reflection of my bad and wicked love for some one
    it’s just at one day, this drama found me in the early 2008…
    love… hate…love can comes…love can go….love can comeback

    i CAN”T erase you…my heart is sad…ohhh my life

  266. 266 : iris Says:

    muten sarang…………… – Usually i never feel like watching again n over again any sad story like this kind of drama….but muten sarang is unusual…n i already watched it for 3 times…. –

  267. 267 : mani Says:


  268. 268 : varandhorn Says:

    Good, I love this story, past is past nobody can change. I watched more than 10 times.

  269. 269 : omg! Says:

    the actors were both hot and good but the story was BORING. it dragged. i stopped watching halfway through.

  270. 270 : mmlinma Says:

    has anybody noticed the wife (Joo-Ran) looks like Vivian Lee in Gone with the wind? even her hair style and custumes mimics Scarlet Ohara! quite good looking. too bad that character has no depth.

    I agree that the story has too much sighing.

    I think the concept of the title is very good: bad decisions that cause you to keep on paying for it. the parallel between KSS and his father-in-law (Yong Ki’s father) was kind of lost. the story could have gone into many interesting places. what a shame.

  271. 271 : Meeky_Girl Says:

    I cry so much watching this drama…but anyway the ending is good n doesnt look like other K-drama which usually the ending is sad..When watching this drama, i thought this drama ending might end up with the actor dying or sad ending…I love kwon sang woo~~~ he is so good looking n cool in this drama~ but the main actress kinda disappointing.. !!

  272. 272 : Reiner Says:

    This TV series would have been 10x better if Choi Ji Woo was Na In Jung. It would have been like Stairway to heaven but with a different twist. Once again, superb acting by Kwon Sang Woo and would have been perfect with Choi Ji Woo.

  273. 273 : maiSee Says:

    some REAL drama!!
    kwon sang-woo was amazing in the drama.
    this drama did drag on for a while but it was worth it.
    however, i believe that “Sad Love Story” is better than “Bad Love”

  274. 274 : sjh Says:

    To varandhorn how are you able to watch it 10times? magical……

  275. 275 : nainjung Says:

    hi everyone…

    to me this series quite good….just i dispointted with kim sung soo ending….i’m very pitty with him…. i love him so much bcoz of he is very talented but did not give his change to perfome heroes characters….

  276. 276 : hana Says:

    to me this series not happy ending because my favourite actor KIM SUNG SOO died…pls…. to those involved with this field….make the story ending happy…

  277. 277 : hana Says:

    hi everybody..
    i really love this drama even make me sad and cry… ilike Kim Sung Soo (Lee Soo Hwan)…why hi died the ending….hik…hik…hik…

  278. 278 : Justin Says:


    I’m urgently looking for the opening song to this TV series as in the piano piece in the opening (episode 1)? It’s not in the soundtrack.


  279. 279 : Kaustubh Says:

    Nice story I like it
    Plz send me wallpapers of this!!!111

  280. 280 : haszhu Says:

    this a great drama, kwan sang woo play a good role and he is very romatic person in this drama but i don’t know whether this is his true character.
    did he really sang the song NAE GA SEUM EE HA NEUN MAL in bad love ost? is it lee woo sang is the same person with kwan sang woo?

  281. 281 : siska Says:

    I don’t like Lee Yo Won. Her mimic is so flat. I saw some of her dramas and she always has that same look, why ? Also in “Great Ambition” with Jang Hyuk.

  282. 282 : siska Says:

    I don’t like Lee Yo Won’s act. Her mimic is so flat. I saw some of her dramas and she always had that same looks, why?? In “Great Ambition” with Jang Hyuk too. Kwon Sang Woo is going to get married soon, well, I think it would be weird to look him in the future to play love dramas again.

  283. 283 : sol rodriguez Says:

    I like the beauty of Lee Yo Won but she is not a perfect match to make a love story..well keep up the good work. and make more sweetness when it comes to love story drama.Be a good actress..watch out the hairdo..

  284. 284 : park su enee Says:

    bad love, bad drama ever.

  285. 285 : zaw min tun Says:

    u are very handson

    myanmar zmt

  286. 286 : zaw min tun Says:


  287. 287 : zaw min tun Says:

    u r very looking
    u smile is very interest
    u r very popular
    u get good luck
    u may be happy a lot of


  288. 288 : Sandhya Says:

    AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!! I loved this drama!! Very passionate love story!!

  289. 289 : emi Says:

    sigh… this is a very dragging drama. admittedly, i was hooked at the first few episodes because of the fast pace of the drama, but after lee yo won was cast aside by Soo hwan the story become dragging! watching lee yo won moped around for more than 10 episodes was very tiring.

  290. 290 : Lumi Says:

    I gave this DRAMA a second chance after having watched Kwon Sang Woo in LOVE, SO DIVINE and WE ARE DATING NOW. I was soon hooked by the passion of the characters and the story. This is not a romantic comedy, be prepared to cry (especially on episodes 18 and 19).

    Kim Sung Woo gave an unforgettable performance. The rest of the cast is good, but I would have preffered another actress to play the female lead.

  291. 291 : Ang Meng So Says:

    the korean actors are GREAT!!! I love kwon sang woo and kim sung.
    great movie.. must watch!

  292. 292 : yoriska Says:

    KWON SANG WOO , LEE YO WON OK banget……………..?
    I LIKE YOU ……..

  293. 293 : emi Says:

    horrible horrible horrible. should i say more?!

  294. 294 : LuV Says:

    I Luv Kwon Sang Woo…this series was ok in the beginning but it kind of dragged towards the end , slow & boring I would not recommend to a friend.

  295. 295 : Hinano Says:

    Loved Kwon Sang Woo’s performance…enough said about this drama

  296. 296 : Amairis Says:

    GAH!! this korean drama is soooooo sooooo sooooo sad!!! i feel so bad for the guy that is a businessman…he didn’t get to be with his love and throughout the whole 5 years they have been separated, he still thinks about her…but in the end he never got to be with her again….it’s just so sad!! this is like the best saddest korean drama i’ve ever seen…well at least in my opinion…but the beginning part of the movie was so wonderful!! i love it when they were in the maze thingy!! =D

  297. 297 : Amber Says:

    I love this korean drama!! I personally wanted Lee Soo Han (Kim Seong Su) to win because um…sorry but not a really big fan of Kwon Sang Woo…but I was when I saw him in Stairway To Heaven. Anyways yeah…ok then…bye!!

  298. 298 : rachmadsiregar Says:

    From Indonesia (Bali)
    loves Bad Love

  299. 299 : Ray Says:

    Great cast and feelings input into drama.
    I love Lee Yo Won, after she came back in 2007, she did pretty well.
    The story plot is unique and very sad.

  300. 300 : Lumi Says:

    I try to avoid tearjerkers or over dramatic soaps, but I must admit I was soon hooked to this drama. KSW is such a good actor and so is Kim Sung Soo, who is both handsome and a great actor, you just can’t hate him when he is not the good guy.

    I tried watching Sad Love Song because of KSW, but couldn’t continue because the story did not grab me the way this drama did.

  301. 301 : glory Says:

    i really really love the characters,…….especially lee yo won…..,,,, nice!!!!!!!!!!!

  302. 302 : iQ Says:

    really love this drama…it’s sad…n the OST is great!! thumbs-up!

  303. 303 : maria Says:

    I love this drama!!! but can anyone tell me why Joanne dies?

  304. 304 : Ray Says:

    Joanne died because she commit suicide. I think its due to being an artist and the fact she is not recognize by Yong Ki’s father, the suppressed feelings force her to commit suicide.
    You can also say that because Yong Ki is busy with his work or his heckcare attitude about his family worsen Joanne’s suppressed feelings.

  305. 305 : maria Says:

    oh….ok!! thank you!!

  306. 306 : Asma Zainal-Izman Says:

    I have been a fan of Kwon Sang-woo, following his development through the movies and dramas he acted in. In my opinion, his best movie so far is My Tutor Friend while the drama Bad Love is the worst. If you love a person, it would be logical to be with that person, not letting her go. It contradicts the nature of events.

  307. 307 : baby Says:

    i,m kong sang woo fan,s yo!!!!!
    good luck kong sang wooooo

  308. 308 : chelz Says:

    SangWoo Oppa is the best!!!!!!!!!!!

  309. 309 : olheen Says:

    i really love this movie..

    umpisa pa lang,
    mganda na!

  310. 310 : maria Says:

    Oh my…

  311. 311 : maria Says:

    Oh my…
    Kang Yong Ki…you’re so sweet…
    And for Lee So Hwan..don’t be too greedy please…you’ve already have a wife..

  312. 312 : Deb Says:

    I am trying to find where i can watch Delicious Sex and Love By Korean Actor Kim Sun Soo,I have tried everyhting please help?

  313. 313 : shirley Says:

    i watched this drama series in KBS cable channel here in Philippines last year. it was nice and i followed it everytime it is shown during weekdays. The lead actors in this drama is popular here in Philippines because their past tv series were shown in our local filipino channel. I do hope this drama gets to be seen in the Philippines through our local channel. Everyone who is in love can relate and can learn a lot from this drama. Keep it up Kwon Sang Woo and Kim Sung Soo, You are both so HOT and Gorgeous!!

  314. 314 : Sony Says:

    it’s really good drama.
    I love the last episode as the meaning seems helpful for live our life.

  315. 315 : loveleeminho Says:

    the beginning of the drama was really interesting and then somewhere in the latter part of the show, I lost my interest in it, but I have to say that its OST is wonderful.

  316. 316 : Toh Yew Seng Says:

    I like Lee Yo won for her drama calls ” Cruel Love ” because it is my favourite korean drama which i am going to rent the korean drama at any of the video renting shop when i am free.

  317. 317 : Mary Says:

    As an American, I suppose that I’m an unusual breed of female that can’t tolerate American soap operas (dramas). Yet, I humbly confess that I did not ever think that I would get hooked like this on dramas, period, until I came across this website. After watching Bad Love–Whew!!! Extraordinary acting. Lee Yo Won, rocked it!

  318. 318 : Sony Says:

    Listen to the song in this drama again made me remember that this drama is really woderful.

  319. 319 : BeautyGSC Says:

    I have watched this drama recently. I say very very nice. I love it……..

  320. 320 : rain Says:

    I saw this drama when it came out and i think the plot is crazy…
    It goes up and down and is never stable and predictable But overall it’s cool 🙂 But this is the most serious drama i think i saw in my life

  321. 321 : Mercedes H Says:

    I think it’s the best korean drama I’ve seen till now.. The incidents is put in a realistic order, while being the furthest from whatever you can expect.. I loved how they showed how complicated are your feelings when you’re hurt in details.. kwon sang woo did the romantic scenes more than perfectly, and I can’t really hold my tears with lee yo won.. The weak part was about kim sung soo, the plot showed him like a real evil when life wasn’t so fair to him, like he didn’t choose his gambler mom to be the reason to leave In Jung, he was forced to live with a woman he didn’t love, felt like untrustworthy person when he was the only one who saved the company and made it’s name..
    BUT overall, it’s still amazing

  322. 322 : retzky Says:

    where can i download bad love, is there any site? i don’t like streaming.

    please mail me at [email protected]


  323. 323 : koreandramAdiktus Says:

    Pretty sad story but definitely good. 🙂

    What a fitting title. Definitely, love can be cruel… Actually each person on this drama represents the different kinds of love that human may have gone through…

    Na In Jung – The pains of first love. 🙂 People who falls in love for the first time usually uses their heart and less of their head. And you can see it in this girl. She’s so impulsive. She know’s what to do yet she went through with the relationship. And later, when she was given a second chance in love, it backfired! She couldnt accept it.Well , we can’t blame her. Imagine falling in love with your ex’s brother in law! hah! How complicated life can get?!

    Kang Yong Ki – I love this guy! A person who’s hurt by love. But he wasn’t scared to fall in love again. He embraces this emotion with so much passion and he stays true to what he’s feeling. Unquestioning love is what he offers.

    Kwon Sang Woo – you’re good. Just one question, Why is he always typecast in this kind of drama? Anyway, i love him still. LOL!

    Lee Soo Hwan – this guy, I pity. He’s not a bad character. All he wanted was to be loved. He lived his life surrounded by selfish and ambitious people. His mom, who never really took take of him, yet he loves her so much. His bitch of a wife, who’s so self centered, selfish and immature. His father in law who never really appreciates his hard work and uses him for his own end.

    Kang Yoo Ran – Selfish bitch. LOL! I really hate this woman. This woman who’s got no idea what loving someone really means. Look at her and you’ll selfish love personified. She wanted to be loved and yet she never knew how to love. The only good thing she’s done was when she left korea and let the two be.

    Love really is complicated. But then, as long as there is acceptance and both are willing to give and to accept, however painful love can be, it’s still something wonderful. 🙂

  324. 324 : Bad Says:

    Well, after i ‘d watch this drama.. my opinion is= Bad Love Story indeed!!
    don’t say u haven’t been warn! it’s in the title!! Bad Love!! i was fooled by KSW’s big name..

  325. 325 : kaveh yousefzadeh Says:

    This is kaveh yousefzade4h. I am from Iran. Recently I have seen two series from my sweetie madam park hye shin. I fall in love her severely. I wish I could marry with her as soon as possible. If she has be like to speak me, please reply me. I am ready to immigrate to Korea eagerly like her a lot. I wait your answer impatiently. I kiss my dearest park hye shin a lot. I want to meet her as soon as possible. I kiss her too. If she let, please send her phone number, email address, postal address to me. I wait her reply me too, if she have be like. I have no more to say.
    Yours sincerely
    Kaveh yousefzadeh
    3 july 2009

  326. 326 : Abigail Says:

    I just finished watching the 20 episodes over the last three nights, and I’m thinking of repeating it! I started loving Lee Yo Won from Fashion 70s. She can look glamorous, she can look simple. And her acting is always natural and believable. She makes her character a real person. Well, I’m glad I started watching it, because now I’m a fan also of KSW. The two leads can cry buckets of tears while looking so good.

    The story is a little over-the-top. I hated the first episode because LYW was being oppressed by the wife. I hate the whole “martyr” complex. In the Seoul episodes, I don’t know if the bosses of the construction company have time to do their job; they’re preoccupied with their love affairs. A bit unrealistic. Too many flashbacks, voice-over narration, and too preachy when the characters are explaining how love should be.

    The motivation for some of the actions of LYW also: like why she contacts the father instead of running away with KSW to America, etc.

    What saves it for me is the extraordinary acting of the two leads. Highlights: the hospital scene when LYW discovers her dad just died (her anguish is so heartfelt I am always moved to shed tears with her); of course the chasing the bus scene for KSW (why is it he’s always running in his drama series; must be a superb runner). Of course, the bus scene is over-the-top also, mined for all it’s got.

    Also what it has to say about LOVE is indeed WORTH LISTENING TO. Love looks at things from the other person’s perspective. Love is not stubborn but is willing to wait. If the person does not love you, let go and love yourself, love life. A tad too didactic, but still what other series aims to teach us lessons on loving well.

    The year (I presume) LYW and KSW had away from each other was good for them. They both developed their own passions (art and cello) away from each other, and so when they finally came together, they could offer each other more. And they learned not to be too clingy. Overall, those are good lessons on LOVE.

    This series is now being shown in the Philippines dubbed in our language. I watched this on DVD in the original with English subtitles. Hearing the original is better because it captures the emotion and mood better even if I have to depend on the subtitles.

    All for now, because I’m going to watch my favorite episodes again 🙂

  327. 327 : lira Says:

    cruel luve it was amazing story…

  328. 328 : unspeak Says:

    All I can say is… This is really a good story very unpredictable.. It is not like that you are watching a drama movie.. it feels like that you are inside of it.. the characters are true, and very passionate with feelings..
    it will give you a moral in different views in life…

    All of the actors are all great., I am a stone hearted person.; and a lot of my friends called me “freezer” cold. but I never run out of friends… they said coz I am straight forward and they don’t see me cry…
    But when I saw “cruel love”, I howl, bawl, cried… I can’t say anything…
    but one thing for sure? this will give us the different ways to look up of what is love…

    Good luck and more power!!!!!
    Thank you very much for making me cry…

  329. 329 : jai Says:

    just done watching it.. its a great story… unpredictable… once you’ve watch it you’ll never want to stop watching till the end…

  330. 330 : unspeak Says:

    In my last response, I guess I just put there actors… sorry about that but I was referring in general..; I mean all of the actress and also to the writer… you have an incridible mind… a brilliant piece of art!!!!
    I can’t elaborate more… I still have hang over!!!

  331. 331 : badette Says:

    At first, I don’t think that i will fall for this drama series…but as I watch it every night as a a TV series being aired here in the Philipines,I’ve found out that its very beautiful ….I go crazy as I watched how Kim Song Soo and Kwon Sang Woo fought for the girl in the story…BUt I just think Kim Song Soo and Lee Yo won has a lot of chemistry to be together.Their love for each other as shown in the first part of the story really touches me. I love their sweet moments in the yacth and in the seashore as they walked together….But its so sad that in the end they’re not really meant for each other…..and they have to finally give up the feelings because the love they had is bad…..I felt pity to all of the leading characters here.
    Love is so cruel that it beats them up…..But,Indeed I love it…Its very awesome…Great actors and actresses!!

  332. 332 : Sony Says:

    Now it is airing in Cambodia.
    It ‘s a good drama.
    Giving many life experience

  333. 333 : Sony Says:

    Kwon Sang Woo get more popularity in Cambodia

  334. 334 : Marick Says:

    I hate Kim Sung Soo at the first part he just watched his wife kicked Na In Jung. And when they met he never told her he’s already married, he’s such a player..why guys are like that?? They’re so selfish.

  335. 335 : chaimoon Says:

    It’s so simple guys – LOVE HURTS AND IT HURTS BAD! But we all fall in love all over again right? We are plain stupid, but that makes the world interesting and colorful, so go on and FALL IN LOVE again!

  336. 336 : elaine Says:

    For the first time i saw it on the commercial, i was a little bit interested and i told myself i will watch it as soon as i got home, after my class in my last subject i hurry myself just to still see it on time on the tv, i am really amaze and even touch with the story, for me this is the love story that i like most, i like the face of lee yo won and Kwon Sang Woo…….but in the end of the episode im not a little bit satisfied because i want to see lee yon woo and Kwon Sang Woo getting married and why they dont have a lovesceen compare to Kim Sung Soo? i hope i can see Lee yon woo and Kwon Sang Woo a love story drama again………… i will miss cruel love, how sad but it was totally inspiring the cruel love………

  337. 337 : elaine-angge Says:

    im so addicted to cruel love , im gonna miss it badly……

  338. 338 : eugene Says:

    Welcome back KSW! I love this melodrama. I love to see Lee Yo Won and Kwon Sang Woo together in this drama. These two are my favorite actor and actress. Anyway, It worth to watch. I would like to recommend this drama to all of you. Wish to see these two again!

  339. 339 : aaa Says:

    its so ip-po-da… on of the best love story… keep up na in jung….
    she’s very good actress, the way she cries makes people/watcher cry also… she really into realistic acting…

  340. 340 : lovely Says:

    i don’t offen watch korean drama, but this drama was able to convince me touches my emotion… hehehehe
    i will recommend this to others…

  341. 341 : beauty Says:

    i’m so addicted to this drama…
    KEEP IT UP… i hope in real life injung and yong gi to be lovers… hahahaha they have good chhemistry

  342. 342 : adonis Says:

    Kwon Sang Woo, why don’t you court Lee yo Won in real life?
    you have a very good chemistry and i agree with beauty. I hope to see more drama or movies for both of you guys. I will keep on monitoring especially yo won. You are so beautiful with angelic face. I hope same is true in real life. GOODLUCK!

  343. 343 : Sony Says:

    My top 20 of Korean Drama I’ve ever watched are:
    1. Boys Before Flower
    2. The Snow Queen
    3. Coffee Prince
    4. Jumong
    5. The Legend
    6. Hong Gil Dong
    7. My Girl
    8. Princess Hours
    9. Full House
    10. Witch Amusement
    11. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
    12. Bad Love
    13. Single Dad in Love
    14. Lovers in Paris
    15. One Mom Three Dad
    16. Love Story in Harvard
    17. Who are you?
    18. Hello Miss
    19. Stairway to Heaven
    20. Wonderful Life

  344. 344 : eugene Says:

    I agree with you that why did not KSW court LYW in the real life? But one thing that Lee Yo Won married at the early age about 20s and KWS just married Son Tae Young last year. So, when they appear together in this drama, Lee Yo Won already had family. I also love this melodrama.

  345. 345 : ryan Says:

    one of my favorite koreandrama in philippines

  346. 346 : minozer Says:

    Honestly, I prefer in jung n soo hwan be 2gether…cz I thing soo hwan deserve to b happy 2…he’s really love in jung til d end of his life…oooo, it makes me cry…but whole of this drama is quite good…

  347. 347 : lily Says:

    i love cruel love same with stairway to heaven. Lee yo won and kwon sang woo have good chemistry. more dramas to come for both of you. lee yo won have angelic face and kwon sang woo – wow perfect- good looking and very much attractive. keep your body fit i love it… love you both.. good luck.. hope another drama will come soon…

  348. 348 : patrixia =) Says:

    cruel love is the bEst kOrean drama ive ever watched! im addicted to it and i cant take to skip an episode! i can relate on the story, i enjoy watching it!

  349. 349 : leanne Says:

    could you please send me a copy of yong-gi’s artworks ^_^ i really appreciate his artworks ^_^ [email protected]

  350. 350 : kaveh yousefzadeh Says:

    This is kaveh yousefzadeh. I come from iran. In recent months I have seen two series with playing of park hye shin. I extremely have falled love her. so I expect that if it is may for you send my cordial message to her. I wish I could marry with her. I don’t know that she is single or couple. so I expect to know about her in detail. Her acting in heaven tree and stairway to heaven series are so splendid. I eagerly watch her films for several times.
    Dear friends!
    I love my dearest madam park shin hye a lot! if she marry with me, I will be so prosperous. so I want you take my woo requisition seriously. If I find the girls similar my love park shin hye,I marry with them right away. I like the girls similar my sweetie park shin hye,especially when she played in heaven tree series(namely in her teen ages).I love my dear park shin hye in her teenager times so much.
    I want to have romantic relationship with her everlasting. If my dearest be married or she has engaged, I want to marry with her relatives and her other family members, of course if they be alike her from appearance ,personality and age viewpoint. I love my honey park shin hye especially in her teen years!
    I wish I could meet my love park shin hye directly! I wish I see her in her home in Korea! please send my lovely message to my love park shin hye . If she like to marry with me or if she can find the girls similar her for me,please inform me as soon as possible and save me from sorrow and worry! I love Korean culture,folklore,… too.i expect I have romantic relationship with my dear park shin hye in future at least. I will be so glad if she give my reply by email,…I hope my friendship with her continue forever. I kiss her so much! I thank for your patience. I have no more to say.
    Kaveh yousefzadeh

  351. 351 : rose Says:

    The actors are incredibly amazing, they are great.I watched the episode every night, and looks forward the following night for the next series.I laugh and cried
    with them, now I’m wondering if anyone will love the way they are.I live in L.A.
    and so far, I haven’t seen anyone yet, love the way they do.Well, with the main actor, Kwon Sang Woo, who made the impossible came true at the end, I think
    maybe, there’s a man who will walk through fire to be with the woman he loves.

  352. 352 : jen Says:

    hi.. your the best guy for me… lov yah..

  353. 353 : jen Says:

    your the best guy for me love you…

  354. 354 : Ruby Says:

    Great drama. I salute the three (3) main character, Kwon Sang Woo, Kim Sung Soo and Lee Yo Won. This drama is something you guys can be proud of. The audience can really feel the pain that the character is experiencing. A collectors item for me. KUDOS!

  355. 355 : Luna Says:

    I recently read an old article qhere Kwon San Woo was sort of apologizing because this drama got a lot of criticism (and still does) in Korea and by critics. I guess we westerners appreciate better those low rated, but still great Kdramas, because we rarely get to see something like this.

    After watching the first episode I thought that it was a little too over the top and decided to skip it, but a few days later I went back and gave it a second chance. I was soon hooked. It was probably the acting.

    Kim Sung Soo did a great job, and so did the rest of the cast. Kudos!!!

  356. 356 : minar Says:

    this drama is the best i love the actor and how they playing i am really imprest with the corean man s

  357. 357 : arezou Says:

    i only watched 2 episodes,its good!
    i like kwon sang woo & kim sung soo!!!!

  358. 358 : arezou Says:

    oh,i love lee soo hwan very much!!!!
    y everybody hate him & dont believe him??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  359. 359 : arezou Says:

    i think it has a very sad ending because soo hwan died!!!!

  360. 360 : arezou Says:

    i love the bus scene,KSW is more than a talented actor!!!!

  361. 361 : arezou Says:


  362. 362 : KimchiLee Says:

    I enjoyed it at first but as the drama progresses, I felt it was not going anywhere and the dialogues were all senseless. On top of that, I hated the pairing of Kwong Sang Woo with Lee Yo Won who looked older than KSW. Her acting is too childish for her old face especially the way she cried.. sniffing away so childishly. I hope KSW will not pair up with her ever again!! Towards the end when Kim Sung Soo got brain cancer (what else!), it was over dramatic.. aargh.. too draggy.. its the worst drama I’ve seen.

    I hope KSW can pair up with the girl who acted in his latest movie, More than Blue.. they are more matching together.

  363. 363 : arezou Says:

    hi kimchilee,
    im in KSW FORUM,did u come there?!

  364. 364 : arezou Says:

    i love lee soo hwan in this drama.

  365. 365 : kate Says:

    wow!!! dis drama really really sadder than “Snow Queen” i used to watch, now its my favourite drama. they are amazing esp Kwon Sang Woo and Lee Yo Won, they r really really perfect in this drama. it seem like they hav much tear to fall, i really admire them. they r a best couple on top dramas i hope we can see them work together on new drama or movie…

    KSW & LYW, m ur fan from now on hehe….:D

  366. 366 : kate Says:

    hey..arezou don worry it still has me like her(Lee Yo Won) 😀

  367. 367 : arezou Says:

    hi kate!
    u can like anyone,as u wish!
    but i still dont like lee yo won!


  368. 368 : Sony Says:

    Your drama Bad Love, now it’s living in Cambodia.
    Most of my friends love you.
    Especially men here love your acting since The Stair Way to Heaven.

  369. 369 : kate Says:

    Oh! sorry i confuse name, i think u like Lee Yo Won too but i get wrong..sorry 😀

  370. 370 : kate Says:

    Hey!!! Sony r u cambodian???

  371. 371 : arezou Says:

    ok! 🙂

  372. 372 : fathe Says:

    i like this drama becouse of the actor lee yo won and his bad scence was great i really love him and the drama was good

  373. 373 : arezou Says:

    hi fathe,
    lee yo won is a woman(an actress)!y u told about her ,him & his & actor?!
    do u speak about her or any other actors?!

  374. 374 : kate Says:

    Bad Love u should increase more comment na…
    Bad Love keep fighting!!!

  375. 375 : arief Says:

    hi i’m arief from indonesia, i’ve watched this drama, and i’m really fun, enjoyed, and shocked by the story..i’ve suggested to several my friends who love korean drama to watch this..I love Na In Jung character very much,,

  376. 376 : iman zahra Says:

    i like wacth korea drama.

  377. 377 : Jan Says:

    The woman in this series is SO STUPID, it actually reduces sympathy!

    Having a kind loving nature is good, but stupidity at that kind of unprecedented level is just SAD. Don’t know if modern Korean women are like that. Not lovely at all, make me wanna throw up. A woman like that is not worth any man’s devotion.

    A show devoted to that kind of stupid woman is stupid. Got to say it’s one of the worse Korean dramas.

  378. 378 : Devina Says:

    This drama is pathetic…. as in my opinion, i dont like this drama. Watching film shuold be the way to make me relax, but i think i even get a bad feeling because watching this drama… anyway, im the big fan of Kwon Sang Woo…. i hope u can release a new greater drama… =) i’ll wait it…. ^^

  379. 379 : Jo Says:

    This is my cup of tea.One of my favorite drama.
    I watched this 1st time in the Philippines. Korean movie/drama are popular there.We love Korean actor/actress.Keep up your good work.Your’e all amazing guys.

  380. 380 : 사랑해요 korean dramas Says:

    안녕하세요 annyong haseyo =)

    처음 뵙겠습니다 ch’oum poepgetsumnida…

    못된 사랑…my top list drama ever and simply luv the songs….no other words to describe…simply the best!!!

    축하합니다 chuka hamnida kwon sang woo!!! All the best ya and 건강하세요 kongang haseyo =)

  381. 381 : KELLY Says:

    i dont have wathcing this film but i wanna wathcing this..
    because i gonna see the lee yo won acting..
    and the peoples say this film is good…
    iam so angered

  382. 382 : KELLY Says:

    i dont have watching this film but i wanna watching this..
    i gonna see the lee yo won acting..
    and the peoples say this drama is good..
    iam so embitered

  383. 383 : lulu Says:

    i love to watch it..the prob is there is no eng sub..

  384. 384 : cc Says:

    you can find this on youtube(but its not very good quality) or im watching it on veoh with eng sub just look and you can find it

  385. 385 : radit Says:

    this drama is so different,,, and great…

  386. 386 : jaap Says:

    I’ve watched it .. one of KSW best drama. Kwon Sang-woo, I am your big fan. Your cries are so touching. I hope to see you soon in a new drama. Bravo KSW!!

  387. 387 : seli de joker Says:

    one of the best korean drama i’ve ever seen…
    kwon sang woo is also my favourite actor…
    very recommended…

  388. 388 : A.B.S Says:

    I LOVE IT.nice work keep going.i liked the chimestry between actors.but we have 2 stay real, such alove neveeeeeeeeeeeeer exist.DOMMAGE

  389. 389 : sam Says:

    it is good drama not as much as the dramas like coffee prince,my girl,boys over f… at least better than ” u r beautiful”.it is enjoyable at first 10 episodes after that it gets boring and you just think that they are trying to make it longer .they would have better ended it in 16 episode.it might have helped viewer not to get bored.about the acting i think they are not good copule .they looked fake and could not take you over during drama.i love kwon sang woo and i believe he is one of the best korean actors.

  390. 390 : Ellena Says:

    The Best TV Movies produced in the Year 2007 & I’ve ever watched are as following :

    1) Witch Amusement
    Han Ga In & Jae Hee were Most Lovely Players

    2) Bad Love
    Kwon Sang Woo including Kim Sung Soo played wonderful .

    3) Time Between Dog & Wolf

    4) 9 END 2 OUTS

    5) Coffee Prince

    6) Goong S- Prince Hoo

    7) Yi San

    Do Not Miss them

    If so, you will regret it

    With Best Wishes 4 All Friends .

  391. 391 : camille Says:

    Lee Yo Won rocks!!! She’s an amazing actress….the scene where her father died & she was crying so hard was really played brilliantly!!! Just love her acting & she’s really beautiful. Thumbs up for Lee Yo Won!!!

  392. 392 : mutiara Says:

    it seems nice, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  393. 393 : mel Says:

    i want to watch this..

  394. 394 : nining Says:

    look interesing,, wanna watch it..

  395. 395 : ade v3a Says:

    just finishing watching the whole 20 episodes of the drama..

    standar seehhh….tapi enjoy ajahhh….

  396. 396 : [email protected] Says:

    wow…..it is good and i am almost done with the whole movie :D!! Love it!

  397. 397 : Chelsea Says:

    I enjoyed this drama, til about halfway through. The dialogue became over dramatic, and the main girl just became so aggrivating that i lost interest. I feel like the story could have had the same plot, without such a pitiful leading character. I enjoyed the romance, but towards the middle it felt too forced and waaay over dramatic. I love my korean dramas, but this is one i could have done without.

  398. 398 : ms. light Says:

    LUV IT MUCH…MUCH…!!!!!
    feel pathetic for in jung… but i feel relieved for yong ki coming…
    i luv their feeling each other
    but i dont like d last episodes…
    seem their feeling is faded…. weaker…
    but at least, it’s GREAT!!!

  399. 399 : odani Says:

    I really like this drama…it’s totally different from the typical love story.the actors and actresses in it are awesome…especially the three main stars.

  400. 400 : ms. light Says:

    just wanna make d responses turn 400…
    so everybody will watch it…
    enjoy d drama…!

  401. 401 : via Says:

    I actually love the drama, it really makes me cry a lot, especially when Li Xuan finally pass away.. ugghhh.. I love that man alot!!! I wish he didn’t end up dead, he made mistaked in the past but he try to redeem his mistakes.

  402. 402 : inez Says:

    ni drama dari episode 1 udah seru banget….alurnya cepet…en I love Lee Yo Won

  403. 403 : sukkie Says:

    Capeeee..hati..cape nangis….tp knp di korea ngga terlalu buming ya..katanya ceritanya terllu menyedihkan…tp endingnya krg greget ah..

  404. 404 : KdRama Lover Says:

    Wanna watch it !

  405. 405 : zannet Says:

    love it

  406. 406 : lunar Says:

    tadi iseng2 cari drama korea, trus liat judulnya “Cruel love/Bad love”, awalnya seh udah ngira pasti ada traingle of love nya,
    ceritanya sediiiiihhh bgt, gua nangis2an liat kisah cinta si injung ma si suhwan, dua2nya sama2 terluka, sama2 cinta, tp cinta mereka tu terlarang, ku suka acting suhwan, pa ladi di ganteng bangeeettzz, ku ingin punya cowok, pacar or suami spt dia,

    yg ga enaknya nih ada si yonggi, udah lah tu bertele2 lah ceritanya lagi, endingnya pun ku tak suka, masa si suhwan mati, trus injung jadian ma yonggi, ga relaaaaaaaa, suhwan kasihan.

    seandainya dia berani utk memilih injung walau apapun rintangannya, tuh pasti okeh bgt ceritanya

  407. 407 : toh quan ming Says:

    i like LYW because she acts very well in this drama.

  408. 408 : Husna Says:

    I love the drama really much. It really moved my heart and made me felt anticipated to watch the next episode day by day. I am relieved that Injung finally with Yong Ki. This drama jjang!!!

  409. 409 : Tweets that mention » Bad Love » Korean Drama -- Topsy.com Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Monica Mira Sari, Winna Yudistika. Winna Yudistika said: @samosirgladys aku blm nonton sih dys. Tapi coba buka ini deh. Hehe. http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=523 […]

  410. 410 : Sarah Says:

    The three main characters acted very well! pure chemistry…really good acting!!! Felt so much like real characters in the reel world.

    I love everything about this drama… theme songs/music great and dialogue fantastic too!! The whole thing is kinda of soulful to me… at least it ended well… I prefer good ending…

    After watching Bad Love, I’m now a fan of Kwon Sang-woo. Great acting skills… Lee Yo-wan too is my favourite now!

  411. 411 : demaira Says:

    i love the drama sooooo much. i am on Kang Yonggi side and of course i love my Na injung..this drama made me realize that we need to be pure and honest when it comes to love…i cried a lot esp in episode 18/19 nand what a relieve when it comes to the final episode 20..i am glad that Yi shuwan died at the end and Juran finally forgive Injung so that My Yonggi and Injung can peacefully live ever after…

  412. 412 : shei Says:

    i’m watching it right now. i love the way the main characters handle their roles. i can’t help but admire in jung and yon ki, their portrayal is great.

    the drama somehow continue to move my soul – it gives me chance to widen my imagination though more often than not are just wishful thinkings. i can’t wait to finish the whole 20 episodes.

  413. 413 : baby elephant Says:

    For one, the instrumental music is in itself very moving. Coupled with the main casts’ acting and the plot of Bad Love, i have enjoyed every moment of the series. Kudos to all.

  414. 414 : Nanc Says:

    I love this drama so much. So touching and i have watched several times..KSW is handsome and cute. LYW is beautiful. Both are perfect match to act together. Hope to see more dramas by them.

  415. 415 : cik idayu Says:

    i enjoy watch dis drama.. it touched my heart! how struggle Kang Yonggi to show the love and i also love the act of In Jung…. so sweet… the ost awesome!

    i cant wait to watch every episode its keep surrounding in my mind…

  416. 416 : unni Says:

    I love Kang Yonggi! My friends and I are crazy about this right now. 🙂 Make more dramas Gwon Sangwu! God bless you.

  417. 417 : iis Says:

    I watched it more than twice and no feel bored. really, really touch my heart

  418. 418 : Oyabun Says:

    I started to watch and stopped and gave another try 1 year later to end it. This drama is not so good. Actors and actresses are great but the characters appear more “stupid” than they are”in love”.

  419. 419 : doe Says:

    Well, in the beginning at first episode I was bored to death didn’t care about the storyline going on… I felt like this is gonna be a tear jearker and stupid series…so, I quited in second epi two months later, read few posted post here I said ok, I’ll give it a try… not bad. I’m in 18 epis Interesting story. And my thought was this, Lee Yo Won as Na In Jung character is pure stupid stupid sense kinda girl. But I love Kwon Sang Woo as Kang Yong Ki character. his good actor and absolutely conviencing character as well Kim Sung Soo as Lee Soo Hwan wonderful acting. great job ‘bad love’. thumbs up. Very nice series. I really cried in some episodes. fell sorry and fall in love kwon sang woo character.

  420. 420 : Heru Prasodjo Says:

    gw suka banget nih serialnya, kerasnya hidup yang di jalani Na In Jung begitu sangat menyentuh

  421. 421 : angel Says:

    Aku suka banget drama ini, sampe nangis2, aku nonton berkali-kali gak bose2nya..kasihan dgn kisah si Kang Yongky,dari kecil hauskasihsayang ibu..pokoknya keren,sayang endingnya kurang greget..untung happy ending…

  422. 422 : devi Says:

    I love kim sung soo soooooooo much,he so handsome,tall,perfect. likes him too in full house drama, too bad both of those drama he never get the girl his loved, I wish can see him as a Leading man in other drama. Sarangheyo kim sung soo oppa….fighting!!

  423. 423 : kylz Says:

    my first drama that i actually encountred is secret garden cuz its sooo sweet and funny and sad

  424. 424 : yoka Says:

    I love this drama so much. and good couple

  425. 425 : seureta Says:

    love it

  426. 426 : olivia Says:

    woww…i love this drama so muchhh……there’s no body want tp ruin thier life to choose mr wrong..all its bcoz of love is blind..i like yong ki when he run into in jung in bus…so romantic..so touched..and soo hwan too selfish..and i ever met this kind of guy…its very bad…always did lie into u..even his heart is choose u…but this kind of guy can sacrifise anyhing to reach his ambition…

  427. 427 : sweet Says:

    im been browsing kdrama when i stumble on this one and give it a try to watch it…its a good one actually, considering i already like the main characters kwon sang woo in cinderella man and lee yo won in 49 days… they did a pretty good job here i lie the scene where injung tries to run away fron yong ki and shes always been caught thats funny…

  428. 428 : Lacresha Heptinstall Says:

    Which County Library? When I looked it up I saw that there are several locations…Hmmmm?

  429. 429 : oak Says:

    i ‎​♥ this drama so much..
    Although in the end it was happy ending, but i can’t stop cry…
    So touching…‎​(˘̩̩̩﹏˘̩̩̩)
    ‎​♥ kwon sang woo…u’re the best korean actor ever…!!

  430. 430 : taehi Says:

    Kwon Sang Woo is the best!! <3 good drama!

  431. 431 : Mari Says:

    This was the very first kdrama I’ve ever watched, and it has become the standard by which I judge other kdramas. Although I am fairly new to watching kdramas, I can say that the few I’ve watched following Bad Love were mediocre compared to this one. Nearly every episode, I found myself moved by the incredible acting across the board for most of the cast.

    I will admit that some episodes, I became annoyed at some of the characters…i.e. Yong Gi was sometimes too emotional for me and In Jung was so pouty most of the time…Yet, in the end, I realized my “irritated” reaction was a sign of the characters’ complexity and the actors’ top ability to showcase that complexity.

    The plot was developed extremely well, and I applaud the actors and writers for showing that the characters are many layers deep; where unlike other dramas (both Korean and others) keep their characters pretty much one dimensional.

    Upon watching this drama a second time, I find myself commending Soo Hwan’s character and Kim Sung Soo’s acting the most. Despite his hurting In Jung, throughout the drama, you really see him struggle with his guilt and attempts to reconcile those unsettled feelings. He is a very reserved man, and in the end, one can’t help but feel pity, instead of anger or contempt towards him. This is especially true when his mother talks to In Jung and reveals why he really had to let go of In Jung.

    In the end, I appreciate how this drama acknowledges how our decisions affect those around us, and how some of our most precious values, particularly love, is both fragile yet transcendent of life’s realities.

    I will no doubt rewatch this drama again and again.

  432. 432 : mommynajmi Says:

    true love never die

  433. 433 : zhija Says:

    please…where can i watch the ending of this with out buying a “”premium” account..thanks..

  434. 434 : korean addict boy Says:

    i love all da korean drama specially love story…….

  435. 435 : Eca iceu Says:

    I from indonesia,i’m like bad love srtory,actor and actris is very natural in acting so i’m very acsayting and where i can get the dvd in indonesia

  436. 436 : rita Says:

    isnt stupid women?

  437. 437 : rita Says:

    dasar dvd bajakan 4cd, 1ga da gambar, 1lagi macet2. cara nonton yang menyebalkan.

  438. 438 : List of Korean Drama I Have Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] Bad Love Rating : 3 out of 5 […]

  439. 439 : Nancy Says:

    What is this nonsense. I am on episode 1 and Soo Hwan’s wife looks like a whore but, Na In Jung looks like the nice one. I am at the scene where the crazy bitch of a wife comes into the convert hall and starts accusing In Jung and In Jung just takes it? And then, after all of that they put her in jail instead of the ugly crazy bitch? What kind of a country is that to allow such things…… So stupid!!!!!!

  440. 440 : Nancy Says:

    Who wrote the story anyway? If I am already upset at episode 1 it must have been some older woman who has outdated values. I am definitely looking up the writer and giving her ( so sure it’s a she) a piece of my mind.

  441. 441 : Nancy Says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how all these Korean script writers copy each other. Same story, different scenery, different actors and viola! You have yourself another drama. Nothing original. I guess it must be because they have to spit out the stories and hurry up and make them. This one is pityful because you have this woman who considers herself a victim and she just flows thru life taking all the beatings and insults no matter how much her man loves her. I get so tired of these women who do not love themselves enough to allow people to manipulate them. And these men still love them no Mather what. What does that say about Korean women when foreigners are watching these dramas? That makes them look bad and pitiful.

  442. 442 : Nancy Says:

    I don’t think that the scriptwriter Lee Yoo Jim has done a good story here. It is lacking in so many ways and it is not original. Just the same story about a pitiful young woman who makes bad decisions all around and does not love herself to stand up for for what she believes. It also shows how bitchy a lot of these rich useless women are who live in comfort and service their heartless husbands.

  443. 443 : Steve Ansdel Says:

    Na In Jung becomes so boring as a character, after Yong Ki loses his father. She moors around and never smiles. Shebis never happy and wallows in her own fate. She knows Yong Ki still loves her yet she still rejects him. How stupid is that?? What a stupid woman. She has become really annoying. I am on episode 13 and this pseudo chick shows up who looks like Yong Ki ex and she is friendly towards her? Boy! Is she stupid! I really do not like this character at all!

  444. 444 : eny Says:

    Really like this drama and the acting is good. I found the one who act doesn’t really good is the female lead. I love queen seundeok too but never like her acting

  445. 445 : Thona Says:

    We love this movie

  446. 446 : Aryani Says:

    Wow…it was such a great drama. It can make influence my heart to watch it many times. I like how script writer writes every plot in the drama.
    hem…although many people say this drama is not good but i have a different argument.
    If only i am in her position, I will think twice when Yong Ki wants to be my husband. Why? of course i don’t feel pleasant in front of him when I had had a relationship with his brother in law. All his family thought Na In Jung brought a mess, second getting a pregnancy with his brother in law, and the last because of her in Yong Ki’s side, his father passed away.
    Traumatic in human’s mind needs process, it can be instant. So that’s why
    Na In Jung is afraid in approving Yong Ki’s purpose.
    I love lead actor and actress here, they are very great to make me cry a lot.

  447. 447 : paras Says:

    great drama, great actor, great acting, great story… Perfect..:)

  448. 448 : cristy Says:

    i love all the dramas made by kbs2 although they are tragic well at least they have sense unlike the drama being made by mbc tragic and yet nonsense

  449. 449 : Deborah Says:

    Watched this when i was 13 now i’m watching it again and I still love it. Possibly one of the few dramas that I really enjoyed watching.

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