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Apgujeong Midnight Sun

Apgujeong Midnight Sun 02

Title: 압구정 백야 / Apgujeong Midnight Sun
Chinese Title: 狎鸥亭白夜
Also Known as: Night in Apgujeong
Previously Known as: 손짓
Genre: Romance, Family
Episodes: 149
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2014-Oct-06 to 2015-May-15
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:55


This is the drama about four families based in the Entertainment Industry.


Hwa Um’s family

Kang Eun Tak as Jang Hwa Um
Song Won Geun as Jang Moo Um (Hwa Um’s brother)
Im Chae Moo as Jang Choo Jang (Hwa Um’s father)
Park Hye Sook as Moon Jung Ae (Choo Jang’s wife)
Jung Hye Sun as Ok Dan Shil (Choo Jang’s mother)

Baek Ya’s family

Park Ha Na as Baek Ya / Baek Sun Jong
Shim Hyung Tak as Baek Young Joon (Baek Ya’s brother)
Geum Dan Bi as Kim Hyo Kyung (Young Joon’s wife)

Sun Ji’s family

Baek Ok Dam as Yook Sun Ji (Baek Ya’s friend)
Lee Joo Hyun as Yook Sun Jong (Sun Ji’s brother)
Kim Young Ran as Oh Dal Ran (Sun Ji’s mother)

Na Dan’s family

Kim Min Soo as Jo Na Dan
Hwang Jung Seo (황정서) as Jo Ji Ah (Na Dan’s sister)
Han Jin Hee as Jo Jang Hoon (Na Dan’s father)
Lee Bo Hee as Seo Eun Sa (Na Dan’s mother)


Lee Ga Ryung as An Susanna
Han Ki Woong as Kang Ho
Won Jong Rye as Hwang Yoo Ra
Kim Ik Tae as Do Byeong Man
Lee Hyo Young (이효영) as Jung Sam Hee
Kim Se Min as Sa Jin Hong
Kim Yool Ho as Assistant Manager Song
Yoo Seung Ok as Yoo Re Ka
Kang Sung Mi as Oh Soo Won


Kim Eun Jung as Ga Young
Kim Jung Kyoon as driver
Park Choong Sun as fortune teller
Choi Soo Rin as Mo Narija
Hong Jin Ho as Jeon Jin Ho
Noh Joo Hyun as Maeng Gyu Sik
Yoon Hae Young as Do Min Goo
Kang Ro Chae as Jong Hee

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Oh Hyun Chan
Producer: Kim Ho Young
Director: Bae Han Chun, Choi Joon


2015 MBC Drama Awards: Best New Actress (Daily/Soap Opera): Park Ha Na (Apgujeong Midnight Sun)
2015 MBC Drama Awards: Best New Actor (Daily/Soap Opera): Kang Eun Tak (Apgujeong Midnight Sun)
2015 MBC Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actress (Daily/Soap Opera): Lee Bo Hee (Apgujeong Midnight Sun)


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  1. 1 : LabPui Says:

    The Trailer Look Great.

  2. 2 : uee Says:

    looking forward to watching this eng subbed.

  3. 3 : wow Says:

    new love it

  4. 4 : Nuna Says:

    Im waiting it

  5. 5 : Angel Says:

    not interested because main actors are strangers to me.

  6. 6 : mml Says:

    Can the writer please pair up Song Won Geun with Park Ha Na as a lovely couple instead ?

    Jang Moo Um may be a little strange in character, hiding his dog, but, he is considered a good looking guy and the strange coincidental meet up with Baek Ya ,but, somehow, my personal opinion is, i hope that, Moo Um will fall in love with Baek Ya and can be a lovely couple. Wherelse, I do not favour so much on Jang Hwa Um to be the boyfriend of Baek Ya . I hope that Hwa Um should be the boyfriend of Yook Sun Ji instead.

    I think, I will show interest in watching this drama. In fact, I have already started watching episode 1 to episode 4 and so far, sometimes happy and sometimes sad. Okay, I will continue to watch more episodes in order to decide on, whether do I like this drama ?

  7. 7 : Dong Says:

    hi, where can I watch this english subbed? thx

  8. 8 : mml Says:

    Not bad at episode 11, Baek Ya got a 2 sided character, she can be very nasty person and she can be a kind person. Hope Baek Ya can change to be a more caring and more loving person towards her sister in law. I think Baek Ya really needs to have a good boyfriend to change her poor attitude towards her pregnant sister in law.

    Okay, i will continue to watch some more episodes and to find out about this drama.

  9. 9 : mml Says:

    Please note that currently there’s no English sub-title for this drama at all. Sometimes, I watch this china from CHINA website and sometimes I watch this drama from TAIWAN website. Most of the Korea dramas can be easily found at CHINA website and sometimes can be found at Taiwan website and therefore, for viewers who are keen to watch, you can youku website etc.

  10. 10 : mml Says:

    You can try watching at this China website,

  11. 11 : Dong Says:

    thanks for the info. guess I will just have to wait (and hope) there will be eng sub soon,

    will try the Chinese site meantime, now really regret not learning Chinese in school 🙁

  12. 12 : mml Says:

    @11 Dong,
    it’s never too late too learn, any languages that’s within one’s interest. Do not depend Korea dramas with English sub-titles and sometimes, they don’t even decide to want to have English sub-titles. Just learn and watch from Chinese website and who knows you can still enjoy the fun of watching the korea dramas that you really like to watch.

  13. 13 : mml Says:

    @11 Dong,
    I have managed to help you , you can watch this drama at http://www.youtube.com and you can select and key in Apgujeong Midnight Sun KOREAN DRAMA Ep1 Engsub 압구정 백야 1회 , what if, it’s really without sub-title , but, at least you can watch this drama at youtube.

    Cheers and regards

  14. 14 : Dong Says:

    @mml 12/13
    Thanks a mil. Will do that (and try learning the Chinese characters too)


  15. 15 : fatuma Says:

    @13mml can you tell me the Chinese website and Taiwanese website please so i could watch this drama and another dramas

  16. 16 : sandara Says:

    I like this drama … I hope the love story will be between the big brother and the main actress

  17. 17 : sandara Says:

    For Taiwanese website there is maple stage is you want to watch drama

  18. 18 : John k Says:

    I knew they were gonna kill the brother off from the beginning !! Why is his sister so mean to her sister in law?? That bitch doesn’t deserve happiness !!
    I hope the writer and producers make that cunt suffer for tormenting her poor pregnant sister in law. That bitch has no remorse,and she is spoiled like a fucken brat. This drama has to make that bitch suffer so she can’t have happiness in her life. I hope the sister in law gets her revenge and torments her in the process!!

  19. 19 : mml Says:

    @18 John k,
    no, you are totally wrong, the one who revenge is not the sister in law of Baek Ya, the one who revenge is Baek Ya. The reason is Baek Ya’s real mother was the one who caused her real son Baek Young Joon to die during the accident and because of this, Baek Ya will become a more understanding and caring person towards her sister in law.

    The writer should make Baek Ya to marry with Jang Hwa Um , so that Baek Ya can become more powerful to take care of her nephew and she must help her sister in law to pull through the hardships as her sister in law is now, as a widow. Baek Ya will soon want to take revenge on her real mother who abandoned her. And let’s hope that , Jang Hwa Um will fall in love with Baek Ya, to protect Baek Ya from future hurt and help Baek Ya to be a cheerful and hopeful person.

  20. 20 : mml Says:

    After watching episode 23, I think I know how Baek Ya can revenge. Baek Ya has intention to match make her sister in law with Yook Sun Jong. Her sister in law will soon stay with Sun Ji’s family, whereby her sister in law will get the chance to meet up with Yook Sun Jong. While, Baek Ya will move to stay with Hwa Um’s family, from there Baek Ya will get more chance to know more news and movement of her real mother Seo Eun Sa . As the match make for Jo Na Dan did not move on smoothly, knowing that Jo Na Dan seems to be not interested with the match make girl being arranged by his mother. And I guess, maybe Baek Ya will find tactful ways to attract the attention of Jo Na Dan in the later episodes.

    It’s a mystery to me on how Baek Ya will break through all obstacles and achieve happiness for herself and also get happiness for her sister in law ?

    I will continue to watch further episodes in order to find out the mystery.

  21. 21 : Abbie Says:

    I really wanna watch this drama too, there is no eng sub. I love this writer and already watched princess aurora and new tale of gisang. By the way im Thai

  22. 22 : mml Says:

    Episode 30, the way YaYa was talking about the China Fairy tale story made me felt that YaYa was trying to attract and hinting certain things to Na Dan. And it’s a matter of time that, Na Dan will soon realised that Seo Eun Sa was actually his stepmother. Baek Ya is clever, intelligent and the ability to communicate to all people. I think Baek Ya can influence Na Dan for not wanting to get married through match make arrangement. Baek Ya will soon become a very good friend of Na Dan and from there the revenge of Eun Sa will become more and more easy.

    The drama is getting more and more interesting, I think Na Dan will fall in love with Baek Ya and as to when will Na Dan will fall in love with Baek Ya , I don’t know the answer yet ? I will continue to watch this drama to look out on Na Dan will meet Baek Ya more frequent to share their talking and it’s quite interesting to hear Baek Ya talking about the China Fairytale story to Na Dan.

  23. 23 : Rose Says:

    Why does Baek Ya hate her sister-in-law so much? She is just hateful with all the nagging. She seems jealous of her and wants her brother only to herself. Who would want to listen to her every day and night.

    Jo Ji Ha – the girl from the Art Gallery so far – I don’t care for her either. She thinks she is just too perfect.

  24. 24 : Rose Says:

    I feel Baek Ya made her sister-in-law cut her long hair as she was jealous of her brother running his fingers through her hair. But having her sister-in-law’s hair cut back fired on Baek Ya as her husband love it. I was happy to see that, but she dropped the plate to get her brother away from his wife. She is a witch.

    Baek Ya said she was lonely, but if she was nicer to her sister-in-law, she could have a friend, but she is so jealous and stupid and hateful. Unfortunately, she doesn’t pick on the s-in-law when her brother is home so he doesn’t know how bad it is , even though his wife has told him.

  25. 25 : mml Says:

    Episode 45, I fully understand that Na Dan has already fell in love with Ya Ya. Then what about Hwa Um ? Hwa Um only treats Ya Ya as his younger sister and what if the writer were to arrange Hwa Um and also Moo Um falling in love with Ya Ya in the later episodes, then that means the three guys falling in love with Ya Ya . Looks like Na Dan will soon dislike his stepmother and what about the true heart of Ya Ya ? Ya Ya is a brave and sincere lady, I guess Ya Ya really has a strong motive to influence Na Dan for the sake of revenge to punish her mother.

  26. 26 : Rose Says:

    Moo Eom I feel was right when he said Baek Ya “was jealous of her sister-in-law.” I said that in one of my posts. No matter who her brother married, Baek Ya would not have liked the person as her brother was all her’s prior to any marriage.

  27. 27 : Kellie Says:

    YaYa’s brother just had her spoiled since he took over raising her and sending her to school along with his wife. YaYa would do more hurt and harm to her mom if she would date instead of dating the brother of Jia, she knows Jia wants hmouom so she should date him because he likes her but doesn’t quite know how to tell her. I love the drama, it is a breath of fresh air compared to most of the dramas. Thanks to the subs.

  28. 28 : Hen Says:

    i am with John K, in his comments about Ya Ya. She hated her sister-in-law because she saw her as her rival for her brother’s attention. I don’t really buy the 180-attitude reversal that Ya Ya has made since the brother’s death.

    OK, I guess I’m showing my culture, but where in the heck does Ya Ya get the right to take her sister-in-law’s baby, give it to someone else to raise, only allowing “visits”, and telling the S-I-L to accept it. I think it is another way of showing her dislike by taking control of her “brother’s offspring”. Doesn’t she know how important the parent-child bonding period is?

    And just what is the plan to get back at her Birth-Mom? So far it has been acting as servant to the step-sister and watching the Birth-Mom and step siblings fawn all over each other–then she goes home and cries. She seem to flirt with Na Don as a woman with her sights set on a potential lover–is that the plan? Will she spring on him that they cannot become a couple because they are “unrelated” siblings?

    By the way, doesn’t that second “wife” match-up seem a bit “different”?

    I think that Yook Sun Jong looks at S-I-L like someone he had a crush on in the past. Who knows??

  29. 29 : Rose Says:

    I don’t feel Hwa Um is a good match for Baek Ya. He has too much class in my opinion to settle for her. So far I still don’t like Baek Ya.

    I don’t like Na Dan’s prima donna sister either. I hope she ends up with NO ONE.

    mml — you said the following —
    “Baek Ya is clever, intelligent and the ability to communicate to all people.” Baek Ya was a bitch to her s-I-law for no reason at all. She had no respect for her at all, and her brother had to try and keep the peace between his wife and sister. So much for Baek Ya’ intelligence and supporting her brother in his decision of who he was in love with. She should have tried to make peace with her sister-in-law so they all could have been happy together and enjoyed living together. As I said earlier on, she never showed her true self in how she treated her sister-in-law when her brother was around, it was always behind his back.

  30. 30 : HEN Says:

    How about Hwa Um’s parents fight. I can’t believe how clueless his father was to his crime–playing up to his friend’s wife, while belittling his own wife.

    Rose, I said the same thing about YaYa and her treatment of her S-I-L. I still don’t buy–maybe it’s her acting, but she does not seem sincere in this change toward her S-I-L. WHY ISN’T THE SISTER-IN-LAW LIVING WHERE HER BABY IS?? DOES THAT REALLY MAKE SENSE? SURELY THAT FAMILY HAS ROOM FOR ONE MORE???

  31. 31 : Rose Says:

    If YaYa has a room to herself at Hwa Um’s house, could not the sister-in-law stay in the same room with her baby. The baby doesn’t even know who the mother is Like why does YaYa make her see the baby only once a month????? She should be able to see the baby once a week if she still is not feeling well. The care taker was helping her out.

    I have to say I can’t wait for YaYa to ruin that Princess’ life — Jo Ji. Really don’t like how she and her mother think they are hot stuff. Na Dan seems more likeable and not so conceited like the rest of the family.

  32. 32 : Jake Says:

    Episode 60 or 61 shows the fighting scene at the swimming pool. The script writer forgot that the first instinct for person when confronted with an adversary and faced with harm and danger is to fight back. This did not happen. Does Korean people just accept any beating from sombody else. And what about the mama’s boy he can not even protect his loved one. He could have slapped or pushed the mother Bbbb. What a wimp. Another portrait of a typical Korean men.

  33. 33 : HEN Says:

    Rose, that is my point. Actually, they should have switched places. YaYa should have stayed with her friend–with the artist brother. S-I-L should have stayed with the family that took her baby in while she was sick.

    But, YaYa has designs on Hwa Um! I think in an earlier episode, it was discussed and his family was split on that possibility.

    I would love to see both Hwa Um and Yook Sun Jong take an interest in SISTER-IN-LAW!!!

    Jake, MBC is just in the 40″s episodes, and, Na Don is the perfect example of the “Momma’s Boy”.

  34. 34 : Paksa P Says:

    Does anyone know if there is a torrent file for this series? Would love to find it somewhere.

    Thanks for any help!

  35. 35 : Rose Says:

    I can see Na Dan does whatever the mother wants him to do. The first girl Susana seemed to be OK. The mother didn’t even give her a chance as she found someone else with more money to fix him up with. If I was Susana I would call him or go to where he works and ask him out to lunch. But he probably would run and tell his mother.

    By the time Ya Ya’s decides to give the baby back to her s-in-law, if she does, the poor baby won’t know where the heck she is. With all the people handling her now, then to be switched to her mother and there will be different people again. I hope the s-in-law gets well real soon and can get her hands on that baby.

  36. 36 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 63 and Ya Ya met an accident , I guess Ya Ya may have lost her memory and her marriage may have called off. Maybe, her love line will be totally changed after her accident.

    I just hope that one day Seo Eun Sa will be able to discover that Ya Ya is actually her real daughter and come to real sense of mind to treat and love Ya Ya . This drama seems to be very sad whenever I see Ya Ya wanted to gain and win her revenge and sacrifice herself for all and hopefully, she will find the real Mr Right or otherwise it’s very sad watching this drama.

  37. 37 : John Says:

    Ya ya is a sick psycho bitch!!! She wants to marry her stepbrother.

  38. 38 : susu Says:

    I also ,said the same thing about YaYa and her treatment.
    watch http://www.dramastyle.com/drama/Apgujeong-Midnight-Sun/

  39. 39 : Rose Says:

    Ya Ya talks more to Na Dan than she ever did to her sister-in-law.

    Ya Ya’s best revenge is to sit down with her mother, her mother’s husband, the Princess and Na Dan and tell them who she is, and that her brother was hit by a car after he met with his mother.

    Why cater to the Princess and have Na Dan fall for her. It is not fair for Ya Ya to have Na Dan fall for her, it is not his fault that Ya Ya’s mother left her, her brother and their dad.

  40. 40 : mml Says:

    Can the writer arrange Na Dan and Ya Ya to be together and married to be a perfect couple ? I think Na Dan is very sincere in loving Ya Ya. Whereby, I do think Hwa Um is a coward and timid , not only that, he does not speak out to Ya Ya that he’s falling in love with Ya Ya. I’m already that episode 67 and I do not see any answer from Hwa Um made me very frustrated and it’s high time that Ya Ya better married Na Dan and get settle down to have her happiness and stop her revenge.

  41. 41 : Hen Says:

    I think that Na Dan is the better match for Ya Ya, too. Although, she is only after him to get back at her Seo Eun Sa, Bio-Mom.

    The voice-overs by Seo Eun Sa when she is thinking about how Na Dan is not bending to her will are showing the true Seo Eun Sa. It’s still not as bad as what she and the daughter are saying to Na Dan. How selfish those two are. It seems that in these dramas, the parents reeeally do not want their children to mature into their own persons. They are expected to do their parent’s will from “the cradle to the grave”….How sad.

    Finally, someone [Sun Jong] said that “the baby belongs with his mother–bring him”. Of course, no one paid him any attention.

  42. 42 : Rose Says:

    Hen – What’s with YaYa????? All she has to do is bring the baby to her sister-in-law. What the heck is YaYa’s darn problem??? Her sister-in-law should tell YaYa to bring the baby to her. Her sister-in-law put up with a lot of crap from YaYa, and she has to wait a whole year to get her child back!!! how stupid is this.

    Does YaYa plan on marrying Na Dan so she can get her mother back??? She will be her mother and mother -in-law, When she does she plan on telling her mother who she is? After she marries Na Dan?

  43. 43 : Rose Says:

    Doesn’t Seo Eun Sa ever stop preaching to her kids on what to eat, what to drink, what to say, what to do, who to date, etc etc.

    In one scene when YaYa and Hua Um were having tea or something and he was looking at her, in her mind didn’t she say to herself “its not going to happen because I am going to revenge my mother?” I kind of thought she meant that nothing would develop between Hua Um and her – relationship wise – because of her revenge for her mother.

    Moo Um is a goof off

  44. 44 : Rose Says:

    I can see Na Dan falling for YaYa as they are spending time together and she has made that happen by spending time with him etc. etc. Plus she is doing that to get revenge due to her mother

    As far as Hua Um is concerned, I do agree he should tell YaYa his feelings for him, but she does not give him the time of day. She barely will talk to him. I thought she was doing that on purpose as her goal is get Na Dan no matter what.

  45. 45 : Hen Says:

    YaYa keeps thinking to herself that she wants Hwa um, but I don’t see any chemistry between them. The episode where is supposedly showed his feelings was a total bust. He was as dry as the desert! I hope that she will eventually fall for Na Dan.

    I haven’t figured out her plan yet, either. Is her plan to marry Na Dan and live as her birth mother’s D-I-L? Will she tell her after the wedding, who she really is or will she tell her before the wedding?

    Hey, Rose—-Thank goodness for Sun Jong! He has told everyone that Hyo Kyung is to have her baby with her at the studio–Period! Hint–I think they are going to make the cutest little family.

    Hey, did anyone see the episode where NaDan and YaYa ran into the “tall rich momma’s girl” and her mommy at the pool. And later at the hospital–too funny. Even NaDan’s father had to admit that NaDan had lucked out/dodge a bullet by not marrying the momma’s girl. Both the scenes at the pool and hospital were very funny!

    To top it all off, NaDan’s father admitted that he did have a relationship with Eun Sa before his wife died, and then Eun Sa came home–falling down drunk!

  46. 46 : phoenix Says:

    Yeah, the pool and hospital scenes were very funny. But overall this drama is draggy and slow .. so much inane chatter. 120 episodes (maybe more) REALLY. Plus, YaYa always has such a SOUR expression & depressing demeanor. Most of the cast is pretty annoying too!

    Can’t make up my mind if I l like this drama or not!

  47. 47 : Rose Says:

    Na Dan has nice memories of his real mother.

    @phoenix – I agree about YaYa and her depressing demeanor. But she is very talkative when she is with Na Dan so she can make a good impression on him.

    Hwa Um is a low key person in this drama, but that is the character he has to play.

    Hyo Kyung — I like her, she is quiet, pretty and seems refined.

    Sun Jong is cute and looks much better with his shorter hair. And glad he is pushing to have Hyo Kyung’s baby with her as it should be. She can take care of the baby by now.

  48. 48 : mml Says:

    Episode 79 really shocked and surprised me. Na Dan was dead and Ya Ya now, becomes a widow. A drama with a lot of surprises and unexpected things that will happen. Pitiful Ya Ya, how is she going to face her marriage with a husband Na Dan suddenly became dead ? I really pity Ya Ya with a lot of sufferings in her life.

  49. 49 : jon chapnam Says:

    I love IM Sung Han’s writings.Princess Aurora,New Tails of Gisaeng and this one.He has a weird since of humor and you can’t tell what is going to happen next because he doesn’t follow the usual patterns.

  50. 50 : Rose Says:

    I don’t like Sun Ji – she is a whiner. She was so phony in front of Moo Um’s family trying to make an impression to get her hands on Moo Um.

    I like Na Dan – he is sincere with his feelings for YaYa. But if she only used him to get revenge because of her mother I feel sorry for him. It wasn’t his fault her mother left her family. He is more down to earth and likeable compared to his conceited sister – Ji Ah. Even though YaYa was using Na Dan for he revenge, at least she made him be able to stand up to his “mother” in not allowing her to make him marry the girl she wanted.

  51. 51 : Hen Says:

    I am only up to EP70, so I was really bummed to hear that Na Dan will die. I thought his character would help change YaYa’s character for the better. I guess not. Should have known, he was the only one happy and he was planning the perfect life for his new family.

    Sun Ji is as lame as a daughter as YaYa was as a sister and sister-in-law. Her jealousy is juvenile for her age, just as YaYa was toward her S-I-L regarding her brother.

    Hwa um acts more like a man out of rehab, trying to make up for abusive acts he committed while under the influence. His actions on his feeling for YaYa seem painful, rather than rooted in any kind of love for her. I was glad when S-I-L told him not to tell YaYa of his feelings.

    I am enjoying Sun Jong’s awakening feeling for Hyo Kyung, YaYa’s S-I-L. OMG, when Hyo Kyung was leaving to meet YaYa and Na Dan for dinner–(Sun Jong’s) the stop-the look-the stare–the voice “Where are you going. I’ll take you”. Ha Ha, it’s his mother’s worst nightmare that something would happen between the two of them.

    i didn’t like the main female character in Im Sung Han’s Princess Aurora either. Actually, I thought the three sisters-in-law were more entertaining, but the writer wrote them out…and the story did take an unexpected turn, but the ending was a let down for me, too.

  52. 52 : rrr Says:

    120 episodes too long hope this drama end now.

  53. 53 : rrr Says:

    i know that more of the ending drama are so disappointed so before its ending or before its getting half of a whole story i chose to quit watching and instead i’ved watch a new coming drama.

  54. 54 : HEN Says:

    OH, MY…EPISODE 73-74: A BUSY NIGHT FOR CUPID!!! and the arrows were dipped in a specially potent potion.

  55. 55 : Rose Says:

    I only just saw Ep 57 — everyone is way ahead of me. I read that Na Dan passed away and was surprised to say the least.

    I have a question though — when Na Dan’s step mother was with the fortune teller, he said that YaYa had a rich life?? Was her dad wealthy at one time? I know it was mentioned somewhere that her uncle stole her brother’s inheritance. So…..is the fortune teller wrong or right?

    And the fortune teller said they would have a short married life and that YaYa would die. He was off on that. I would have been expecting YaYa to die if I didn’t read the above postings about Na Dan passing away. Too bad I like him. Spoiler for me.

    While I don’t care for NaDan’s step-mother as she continually talks and talks about how to date, what to say, how they have to break YaYa and Na Dan up, etc. etc. etc. — I will say she really shoots those words out of her mouth w/out taking a breath. She is good in her role.

  56. 56 : mummybee Says:

    Ooh I can’t wait for Ep 90 to be subbed.

    I chanced upon the show by accident and must say that I “chased” right up to Ep 89.

    When Yaya gave the birthdate to Na Dan’s stepmother, she did not give her real birthdate. For a moment, I thought that she gave her brother’s birthdate instead. So, the early death kind of make sense for me.

    It so sad to see Na Dan die… I cried buckets when I saw the Episode… Just as bad when the brother passed away.

    When her good friend is getting married to Moo Um, I thot that her good friend will be jumping up for joy. I was surprised that she did not like the idea of calling baek ya sister in law…

  57. 57 : Kellie01 Says:

    I really liked Na Dan and I feel that YaYa was planning to be a good wife and have kids to spite her mom but as in real life things don’t work out if they are for evil. I think that YaYa thought that her mom would come clean and it wouldn’t have gotten this far. Hua Um is just shy and quiet but because YaYa and he never dated anyone, in his finite mind he thought that they were already together as he told her when he came home drunk that he liked her and she said she liked him too but she never actually told him. Maybe they will move on and get together after someone finds that cell phone that YaYa has. The drama is slow and shouldn’t have this many episodes but it is decent compared to some other dramas.

  58. 58 : Rose Says:

    Oh darn, I was so hoping that Moo Um would not have married Sun Ji. I just don’t like her at all. She didn’t do anything at home and complained about everything, now she can be waited on like the Queen she thinks she is — I am assuming they are moving in at Moo Um’s house where they have a cook etc. She was so darn phony when she went there to visit and kissing their rear ends to make a good impression. I wish Moo Um would have found someone else, or not married anyone.

    If Hua Um and YaYa get together, Sun Ji maybe is jealous of YaYa as they would be living in the same house.

  59. 59 : Tessan91 Says:

    Can anyone tell me where I can watch this drama with English subtitles?
    All I can find is raw versions and I so want to watch this drama.

    Can anyone help?

  60. 60 : Hen Says:

    I really hope that YaYa and Hwa um do not get married. I still think they are a bad match. Right now, his parents feels the same way, and I think they are right. There is something not right about his feelings for her. I notice he hasn’t said anything to his brother about his “love” for YaYa…

    I am waiting to see the fireworks when Sun Jong declares his feelings for Hyo Kyung…and baby makes three!

  61. 61 : Rose Says:

    Sun Ji is a something else. She is jealous of her brother. All she does is complain and whine about everything. I have only seen 66 Episodes, but reading the posts I found out Na Dan passes away unfortunately. So far I can’t imagine why they wrote that into the script But Sun Ji will be jealous of YaYa as they will most likely be living in the same house wheb she marries Moo Um. Sun Ji has some personality problems.

  62. 62 : Rose Says:

    Doesn’t Sun Ji know how to cook??? She wants everyone to cook for her. She needs to improve on her personality. Just don’t like that girl.

  63. 63 : Rose Says:

    I guess when Sun Ji marries Moo Um, she will be peaches and cream. She will show how sweet she is then.

  64. 64 : Rose Says:

    Why is Eun Sa so intent to see Junso, her grandson when she left her daughter and son behind when they were small, and when her son finally found her she didn’t want anything to do with him.

    Eun Sa didn’t want YaYa to be her daughter-in-law and tragically for Na Dan, she got her wish.

  65. 65 : Rose Says:

    While Hye Kyung cooks dinner for Sung Ji, you would think she would clean the dishes at least. She sits and clips her toenails and then throws the clipped nails on the floor. Ugh!! She is a brat.

  66. 66 : Nina Says:

    Here, in Los Angeles, California, I watched the episode where Nadan died. I don’t why YAYA fainted. She never loved Nadan, she was marrying him to spite her mother. Now the mother said “her prayers where answered”
    She hates Yaya and is glad she would not move into her house !
    I guess she does not care that Nadan died, he was not her son !

  67. 67 : Hen Says:

    The wedding…Wasn’t the bride standing on the wrong side at the altar?

    I think it shows a “motherly” side to Eun Sa who is so intent to see Junso, her grandson.

    Also, tall-rich girl is really coming out of her shell–the scene at the gifts-for-the-bride thingy by the groom and his groomsmen.

    My favorite is still: Sun Jong and or Hyo Kyung…and baby makes three!

  68. 68 : Rose Says:

    Na Dan is in this new drama — TV Novel – In Still Green Days on KBS2 — 120 episodes.

    Na Dan’s step-mother is a piece of work. That is what I would expect of her with regard to Na Dan’s death. Ya Ya was trying to get back at her mother for leaving her brother and her but I don’t think the mother has any heart. It is only her way and that is that. Too bad Na Dan died, Ya Ya could have lived with her mother and be a thorn in her side every day.

  69. 69 : Rose Says:

    Hmmmm……..If Eun Sa has a motherly side – ?? She had no qualms about leaving her Own two kids to move on. And then when her son found her, she told him not to contact her again!!!! As I said above now she is sooooo interested in her grandchild when she had NOTHING to do with her Own 2 children. She has been out of her children’s lives for a very long time, she should just stay out of it now that Ya Ya won’t be living with her and Na Dan is dead unfortunately.

  70. 70 : HEN Says:

    Hey, Rose, maybe I should have said “grand” motherly….

    It seems that “grandchildren” have a way of bringing out emotions that no one else can. I’ve seen it in real life.

    You are right, Eun Sa was perfectly content to walk away from her own children–not once, but twice.

    Now, sight unseen, she is turning over stones just to see a picture of her grandchild….interesting, isn’t it!

  71. 71 : Rose Says:

    I noticed Sung Ji told her mother and brother “if she has a girl when married to Moo Um, she will be the Queen of the Castle.” I am sure she doesn’t want YaYa to taken away any of her thunder when she moves in with Moo Um’s family.

  72. 72 : HEN Says:

    Sung Ji gets pregnant on the honeymoon–and she is expecting a “litter”.

    Hwa Um is happy, he is spending a lot of time with Ya Ya.

    The real fireworks are about to begin… Yeah!
    Sun Jong declares his feelings for Hyo Kyung…with a diamond ring, and she accepts!
    Of course, his mother is suicidal. I really don’t understand this cultural thinking about marriage.

  73. 73 : Kellie01 Says:

    I am happy that YaYa and Huome have finally started to show feelings for each other. The nasty attitude Sonji finally had her litter and after the hospital they haven’t been seen. If the babies were in the hospital would you go to see them? I think when you have this many episodes the writers forget some of the most important things but atleast Sun Jong got married and his mom accepted it. I hung in just to see YaYa and Huome get together.I did really like NaDan though who is a great actor.

  74. 74 : HEN Says:

    Kellie, I really liked NaDan, too.

    I do not like YaYa and Hwa un as a couple.
    His feelings for her still seem like an obsessed stalker. (his dream of beating up his friend)

    Hey, Im Sung Han, how about a NaDan look-a-like, with the same personality–but maybe a doctor like NaDan’s father!

  75. 75 : Rose Says:

    I was wondering why Hwa Um was renting out space at the art gallery that Na Dan worked at. I guess that new guy that appeared on the scene to work with Hwa Um is the guy that he plans on introducing to Ji Ah? He is nice looking.

  76. 76 : Rose Says:

    Junso is so cute. He has cute little hands. I really enjoy the children that they have in these dramas.

  77. 77 : Rose Says:

    I see Jia’s mother’s wheels are turning already about the new writer as he was a lawyer – she thinks money money – I am sure she will be happy if Jia and him get married.

    I kind of thought that YaYa had Sonji’s mother work at the hospital with her cooking classes so she would get to see Jo Jang more often to maybe break up her mother and him but I don’t see any scenes so far of her working at the hospital.

  78. 78 : HEN Says:

    Ah, Sun Ji & Sun Jong’s mother IS at the hospital teaching the cooking class that YaYa set up. She is also seeing Jia’s father at least three days a week–he stops by for lunch. She has also had him at her home with no one there…and her fantasies are keeping a big smile on her face.

    Ji ah is scheming to get the writer. (Sorry Ji ah, but I am rooting for Yaya and the writer.)
    Hwa um is scheming to get YaYa pregnant.
    YaYa’s mother is scheming to take Junso, Hyo Kyung’s baby.

    Sun Jong’s mother admits her deliberate coldness toward Junso..[Hopefully] Just maybe fate won’t give her the BLOODline grandson she wants until she appreciates the ONE she already has!

  79. 79 : HEN Says:

    This is another one–I think they keep extending these drama because they have nothing ready to take their place.

    I still don’t like YaYa and Hwa Um as a couple, but at this point, really I don’t care if they end up together. I still think he is an obsessed stalker.

    Eventhough YaYa broke off their relationship, he is demanding his own terms for ending it. Sick-sick-sick. Not to mention how he made true his dream of beating up his friend. Was he faking that suicide attempt? If his parents and grandma could have seen him in action…wow.

    I also think it’s funny that the prim and proper Oh Dal Ran can wear the title of “husband stealer and home wrecker”.

  80. 80 : Rose Says:

    I thought Ya Ya liked Hwa Um when she was dating NaDan. Or is she now seeing sides of him he doesn’t like? They seemed to be getting along OK until the new writer showed up in their lives.

    MBC has been doubling up some of the drama episodes the last few weeks which they have never ever done before – so I wonder if you are right in that they have no new shows to air. wonder if it is a money problem or not enough people to try and get things moving?

    KBS just keeps coming up with new shows all the time I loved their station.

  81. 81 : HEN Says:

    Yeah it seems they are adding more episodes for no good reason. This could have wrapped up quite a while ago.

    I still see YaYa as a mixed-up personality. She grew up without her parents in a society that considers that a social defect. In culture where it seems children are suppose to live for their parents ideals, she never had that experience.

    She became devoted to her only relative, her brother, so she was totally thrown when he married–meaning [to her] that his devotion to her was not 100%. Ergo, she hated and tormented her S-I-L.

    I think she fantasized about the only people who seem to show her unconditonal love–Hwa Um’s family. She remembered her crush on him, probably because he was the oldest.

    Now she finds out that Hwa Um claims to have feelings for her. In the midst of her finding the truth about her mother and her brother’s death, Hwa Um’s attention and confession feeds her need for someone to replace her brother’s devotion as well as the fantasy and crush she had.

    I think Hwa Um’s feelings stem from his childhood fantasy as well. He never had time or inclination to date–however, when the family began to prod him to make that move, he safely fell back on his fantasy of YaYa as a child, who had suddenly re-appeared and was in need of help.

    His affection materialized in the things she had missed as a “child”. He thought he could pick up where they left off as children. He was clueless to the life that had made her the woman she really was. That’s why he was really floored with his friend, the Writer’s obvious current and true insight about YaYa.

    Hwa Um had almost convinced her that they would definitely work, until Sun Ji gave her an earful of reality, by reminding her that his family was still totally against it. The only “parents” she had really known and respected were about to disapprove of her so, she decided to back off of a relationship with him, to not incur their disapproval.

    Instead she has resurrected the old YaYa by forging a relationship of convenience with the writer, telling Hyo Kyung the truth about her mother, and thus destroying her mother’s happiness as well as any chance her mother had of taking Junso.

  82. 82 : mml Says:

    I have stop watching this drama, this is a failure drama , whereby,it can’t bring any hope any happiness and without any sense of enjoyment when I started to continue watching every episode . Thus I have finally give up to watch this drama. The problem is Ya Ya has refused to forgive her mother and therefore making me feel that every episode is a torture to me and it’s a waste of my precious time to watch such a drama to torture viewers.

    I will continue to watch Iron Lady Cha this drama as this drama is much more meaningful and more interesting than Apguyeong Midnight Sun.

  83. 83 : Hen Says:



  84. 84 : Rose Says:

    Oh My God — what is going on with these Korean stations?????

    Hen — where did you see the notice???

    KBS changes stations or whatever and now MBC will NO LONGER do Eng Subs.

    Most of the MBC shows are not Eng Subbed, I think only the dramas are and several times a few of the dramas were not. Can’t Lose which is on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon is not Eng Sub’d. Miss Ripley and Say You Love Me was not sub’d either.

    I am surprised as when I went to that event at MBC a lot of American people were there, actually more than Korean. I stopped by there last summer asking why the programs were not Eng subbed and she said “it is handled in New York, and it is all about the money.” So… forget it. I am really disappointed by both stations. If they are trying to get more invested in the American market, both MBC and KBS just screwed everything up.

    I am so not happy about this news.

    Thanks for the info though.


    On another note I don’t feel YaYa’s mother should take Junso away fro his mother. It is Ya Ya’s brother’s baby with his wife and his wife should continue to raise Junso. Even if she marries Sun Jong, it is obvious he loves the baby and is willing to raise him, so they should raise the baby together.

  85. 85 : Rose Says:

    I feel bad for Kyo Kyung. It’s like she is a piece of trash because her husband died and left her with a baby. To me it is not the end of the world. But then I am not Korean.

    Wow — Sun Ji is a big shot now. All dressed up in suits and the driver. She tells Kyo Kyung to move out and leave her brother, then tells her to make something to eat for her, and she only drinks “drip coffee.” Oh really who cares.

    Ya Ya is one mixed up girl I don’t think she knows what she wants. She is one unhappy person.

  86. 86 : HEN Says:

    Rose, No I agree that YaYa’s mother should not get Junso. She just wants to satisfy the G-Ma gene. [Some people think they can make up for their parenting mistakes through the Grandma role] I don’t think that Sun Jong would allow it anyway. I think he really loves Junso. They are married, but his mother made them hold off registering the marriage for 3-yrs.
    Ha! Will she wait 3-yrs to marry NaDan’s father after she breaks up his marriage?

    Hwa Un is really getting on my nerves–what a waste of time–he has now insisted on playdates with YsYa until his designated deadline of May30th for their break up. What the…? They used an episode to show them at “playing”.

    On a more disturbing note:

    I turned on the AM drama Stormy Woman Monday morning, and it was no longer subbed…This drama still has subs…Lady Cha still has subs–so far….The drama HWAJUNG started Monday with no subs.

    I was watching that Masked Singer show Sunday–which I had not watched before. Something told me to watch till the end and there it was, at the end of a promo for MBC. “Please be advised…”. I hit the rewind to make sure of what I saw.

    I sent an email to MBC, to see if I can get any details. I haven’t heard back yet.

    I won’t continue to pay for the station if they are going to remove all the subs from the dramas….you can see non-subbed on the web. I guess they don’t want our money or patronage.

    I am reminded…Did you watch the AZN channel? This is how I started with the Korean Dramas. AZN went off the air April 2006 or 2007. It was mass hysteria among those of us who had become hooked on the KDrama. I found a lot of K Addicts online, which led me to the websites. Oh well, I guess, here we go again.

  87. 87 : Rose Says:

    Hen = No I never heard of AZN channel. I originally was watching Ariang and saw the K-dramas on there and a few Entertainment shows. I don’t know how I found MBC and KBS.

    I don’t know why they are making all these changes to their TV stations???? I am not happy about it though to say the least. I was planning on sending an email to KBS in CA, but have not done that yet.

    I have 2 episodes left of Love and Secrets and about 7 episodes of Only You My Love to catch up on. While I am happy for the websites, for some reason it was easier for me to watch the shows on TV. On the computer I tend to end up checking other sites and then got behind on the 2 mentioned shows. Plus I miss all the other shows I was watching on KBS. Sorry to have lost that station, their line up was great all day.


    On Ep 105 which just aired where I live, I thought the scenes where the acting crew for Hwa Um’s new show got together with the new girl that is to be in the show was absolutely boring boring. I thought Hwa Um was trying to show his feelings for Ya Ya when the girl kept on him and he kept changing the subject, and the B-day cake and flowers was a nice touch

  88. 88 :  rr Says:

    huh? 149 episodes ??? make it exact 150 … Hopeless drama ..this drama will make to the last ranking poll close.

  89. 89 : Rose Says:

    Little James is a cute boy. The Korean children the get to play in these dramas are so cute.

    The show started with 129 episodes.

  90. 90 : Rose Says:

    Little James is a cute boy. The Korean children the get to play in these dramas are so cute.

    The show started with 129 episodes and now its up to 149.

    That Sonji is getting on my nerves. If she didn’t marry into Moo Um’s family, she would still be painting in her brother’s studio. Now she is putting on all kinds of rich airs. Oh please, get real.

    Hi Hen: Did you get a reply from MBC about the English Subs??

  91. 91 : tagalog salita Says:


  92. 92 : Rose Says:

    Oops, I made a mistake – wrong show, little James is on Iron Lady Cha.

  93. 93 : HEN Says:

    WED 5/6/2015: MIDWEST/UVERSE
    NOTE: Promo aired 5/6/15 – 1min 30secs prior to Stormy Woman Episode #128
    [It seems to air just before the Stormy Woman drama]

    1) Hwajung
    2) Make a Woman Cry

    1) Stormy Woman–No Subs beginning MON 4/27/Current EP#129
    2) Iron Lady Cha–No Subs this week – (TUES 5/5) EP#71
    3) Apgujeong Midnight Sun-No Subs this week-(TUES 5/5) EP#128
    4) Angry Mom–No Sub beginning EP#11

    ? HAD SUBS 5/3
    1) Flower of the Queen—EP#12

  94. 94 : Freeman Baker Says:

    This drams makes no sense what-so-ever, first of all I dislike the charters especially Park Ha Na and Kang Eun Tak, out of all the charters in this drams I only like Geum Dan Bi and Lee Joo Hyun they seem like the only couple that has something going for them, other than that my major complaint is for MBC, episodes 1-120 had English sub titles, then to make a boring drama disliked even more, the writer added 30 more episodes, 121-150 are NOT English sub titled, what is with that, anyway I will be glad when this drama is over.

  95. 95 : HEN Says:

    Freeman Baker–I totally agree with you about those four characters…and the dragging on of this drama–NOW WITHOUT SUBS.

    See my posts at #83 and #93 about the missing subs.

  96. 96 : Genesis Says:

    I read a posting on MBC America Facebook page, posted on 5/4/2015 telling people that what the show, it was a policy change because a vast many of their consumers wanted to see the shows at the same time they air in South Korea. Giving into the demand, meant no English subtitles will be offered….unless, you transfer your cable subscription to Verizon w/Korean Package (cost more), Direct TV w/Korean Package (cost more) or Time Warner cable who will carry MBC America starting August and you will see English subtitles.

    This makes MBC America’s claim of satisfying the many consumers wanting to see episodes as they are in South Korea nothing but a lie. I also emailed MBC America about this and have received no response. I can hardly believe they’d stop offering English subtitles to satisfy a certain segment of population’s demands. Those that speak Korean, shouldn’t care about the subtitles, and what’s a 1-2 day delay in a show. Those demands have effectively cut jobs for those that do the translations, and is going to cost they cable channel subscribers that get it from other providers like Charter, ATT U-Verse, Suddenlink, etc.

    I’m with ATT U-Verse, and they claimed to know nothing about this issue. I asked them that one great draw of the channel was the English Subtitles, shouldn’t they offer a discount on the channel lowering it’s cost from $13 to $7 since the English ears can no longer understand without subtitles and because they as a cable provider failed to give their consumers a prior warning of this.

    I will be cancelling the channel….because it’s a waste to look at something I love but don’t understand. We can’t help it, we’re only taught one language in American schools…ENGLISH!

  97. 97 : Genesis Says:

    I had years to learn this language. Just like anyone who what a native language….so watching, I’ve picked up some phases, words, expressions…but not enough to get through an entire episode by ear.

    All I can say is MBC America is killing itself. They are going to lose subscribers on the cable side. I can’t see anyone liking Korean dramas enough to transfer cable companies and pay more for International packages they say you can get the subtitles with…scratch a lie, find a thief!!! It’s all about the money because off of the cable providers they recommended again, cost a helluva lot more that ATT U-Verse.

    Oh well!!!

  98. 98 : Freeman Baker Says:

    Genesis (I love that name because My car is a Hyundai Genesis and I love my car) I agree with you 100%, and I will stop or not watch ANY Korean drama that is NOT English sub-titled, I have DirecTV and I subscribe to the Korean International channel and I believe I pay $29.99 per month and I believe that much per month should entitle me to English sub-titled, but then again this is just my opinion.

  99. 99 : phoenix Says:

    MBC shouldn’t be allowed to call themselves MBC “America”. Americans speak ENGLISH! When in Rome …you know what mean. AND it is not free viewing . I pay $30 per month for a Korean package. Also, I’m not sure if the others (KBS & SBS) will follow suit. KBS HAS NOT subtitled their Mon/Tues, Wed/Thurs or weekend dramas. What’s up with that?

    All in all, this has left and extremely bad taste in my mouth for Kdrama. I’ve been watching them for about 15 years, and ALL the stories are basically the same with just a few twists here and there. I’m exhausted from it.

    Good riddance..and am cancelling my subscription to Korean TV! 🙁

  100. 100 : Rose Says:

    @ Phoenix — Oh Wow — I lost KBS in the Chicago area where I live in Mid=March and really miss that station. Now they are not doing subs for their shows either??? What the heck. They will lose a lot of American people that are watching their shows. I loved watching the Korean shows. It is a shame and just plain stupid. Some idiot administrator came up with this idea to save money.

  101. 101 : Rose Says:

    Here is the info posted on MBC America Facebook on May 4, 2015 on their reasoning.
    If you check on the sight, you will see what people on posting.

    MBC would like to make a formal apology to the fans concerned with the subtitle situation (or lack of) that began this month. MBC has received a large amount of feedback regarding a new policy instilled this month eliminating subtitles on our programming.
    The reason for this is due to a grand majority of customers requesting our content be aired as quickly as it does in Korea. This makes it impossible to accommodate making these subtitles and still air our programming in a timely manner.
    We are not without solutions however. One of the ways you can enjoy subtitles for our content is by subscribing to the Verizon Korean Package which includes MBC HD and includes subtitles on everything we offer.
    We will offer the same package on DIRECTV beginning August.
    We also have MBCD, a free over the air channel that transmits in LA, Chicago, Atlanta, and San Francisco. Time Warner cable offers this channel in both LA and NY.
    We hope that this remedies some of the distress caused by this policy change. We did not come to this decision without a great deal of consideration and we are sorry if it has been an inconvenience to all those involved.
    We hope that we can be of better service to all our customers in the future. – MBC America

  102. 102 : Hen Says:

    What a joke. Sounds like a lie.

    “…grand majority of customers”? Numbers, please.

    News flash, MBC…America is 50 states, not just a few big cities.

  103. 103 : Rose Says:

    Why don’t Ya Ya and Hua Um just get married and get it over with and live somewhere by themselves.

  104. 104 : Nina Says:

    HuaUm is a BULLY, the way he beat the writer ….Yaya should think twice before getting involved with him, that could happen to her. He seems like a wife beater to me.

  105. 105 : HEN Says:

    Nina, Hwa Um does seem more than a little like a psycho to me. He never even apologized for attacking the guy.

    The non-subs are up to EP148, and Hwa Um and YaYa will get together–and she is pregnant already.(yawn). Possibly with the “girl” baby that his family wants at any cost. (yawn2).

    Just wish I had the subs when the two daugher-in-laws clashed.

  106. 106 : sherry Says:

    thank you, Rose for providing a translation to facebook pg of comments from MBC. i subscribe to MBC via Verizon fios company. i do have MBCHD as a whole pkg deal. however MBCHD is mostly showing reruns from previous shows that have aired on MBC. so if i’m reading their comment correctly or infering from what they are saying am i safe in saying that when this drama and others that are not subbed will be subbed in the future on MBCHD?

  107. 107 : Dramafan12 Says:

    This drama should be named “endless heartbreak”. It’s what Yaya is doing to Hwaom. I lost count how many times she kicked him to the curb but his love for her is unwavered. That and the disturbing imaginary sequences aside, I really like this drama. Lots of plot turns and twists without any evil psycho wreaking havoc.

  108. 108 : tagalog salita Says:

    buti naman natapos din hay sobrang walang kwentA.

  109. 109 : tagalog salita Says:


  110. 110 : Rose Says:

    When Ya Ya broke up with Hwaom, why did she have to use Samhee? He got beat up for nothing then he lets Hwaom help him move into his new place and they drink together. Then Ya Ya decides to go along with Hwaom’s plan of still going out for a short time Like how stupid is all of this?? Like really – what is this???

    I think Samhee is a nice guy, slightly different, but OK. Does Samhee like Jia? Or no one?

  111. 111 : HEN Says:

    This drama has ended [for me] because I skipped over to the last episode on DRAMASTYLE…and yes the ending sucked.

    No subs, so Jia and Samhee seemed unclear.

  112. 112 : Rose Says:

    Can’t that Ji Ah ever leave Samhee alone?? Geez — she is constantly calling him or following him around. She is like a leach.

  113. 113 : Rose Says:

    Check this out — about the writer = Im Sung-han

    This is the last show she is writing – she is quitting her profession of writing.

    Sunji — is her niece.

    If you put her name in the search area – several items come up about this situation.

    Princess Aurora (TV series) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Princess Aurora (Hangul: 오로라 … This was reportedly writer Im Sung-han’s decision; the actors had previously expressed their concerns to her about the …
    Plot ·
    Cast ·
    Controversy ·
    Awards and nominations

  114. 114 : Rose Says:

    Here is some of the info —

    Princess Aurora (2013) was about the romance between the youngest daughter (Jeon So-min) of a wealthy family who owns a food conglomerate, and an irritable novelist (Oh Chang-seok).[11] But the show gained notoriety when Im abruptly killed off 12 characters and was accused of nepotism.[12]

    This was followed by Apgujeong Midnight Sun (2014-2015), about four people (and their families) whose lives intersect while working at a cable TV station. But the series received scrutiny from the Korea Communications Standards Commission for a revenge storyline that the review board deemed too “violent” and “unethical.”[13]

    On April 23, 2015, MBC released a statement that the network would no longer work with Im in future projects; Im responded by announcing her retirement, saying she had intended to quit the TV industry after writing 10 dramas

  115. 115 : jon chapnam Says:

    I love Im Sung-han’s writing.It is so different and unpredictable and a bizarre since of humor.

  116. 116 : Rose Says:

    Lee Bo-Hee (Seo Eun Sa’s wife in this drama) will be in Great First Wives drama which starts after Iron Lady Cha ends.

  117. 117 : Rose Says:

    Ya Ya’s mother spoke to soon, she didn’t think her husband would give her a divorce. She screwed herself but good.

    Ya Ya told Na Dan and Jia about what happened to their real mother. I still feel bad that Na Dan had to die.

    Guess you could say Ya Ya finally got her revenge.

    And Ya Ya finally got Hua Um.

    Oh happy day.

  118. 118 : Rose Says:

    Sun Ji was made that Ya Ya got a 5 carat ring which is bigger than her’s and that Hua Um’s mother and grandmother are paying so much attention to YaYa, after they found out she didn’t drown herself.

    And Ya Ya’s mother told Hua Um’s mother and grandmother in front of Sun Ji what her husband was up to with Sun Ji’s mother and that he asked for the divorce. Sun Ji was embarrassed and upset.

    I like the young guy who works with Samhee and movie crew – he is always smiling, upbeat and happy.

  119. 119 : Rose Says:

    I thought I would summarize the last few episodes just in case someone would check in.

    Ep 139

    Hwa Um’s mother and grandmother told Ya Ya to go overseas for a year so Hwa Um could get over her. That they would pay her expenses and she could go to college, they were to send people with her so she would not be alone. YaYa said “how can I live without seeing Jinso?” They said “they would send her sister-in-law and Jinso out to visit her.” Ya Ya decided to pretend that she committed suicide by jumping into the ocean. She had some one she knew to say he saw her. Then the gm and mother were sick over what they did to Ya Ya and that it was their fault. They put Hwa Um under sedation in a hospital due to the shock. Crazy people. She told her sister-in-law what she was doing. She left a letter for her mother and one for Hwa Um. She said she “had been depressed and it she missed her brother and Na Dan.”

    Her sister-in-law finally called Ya Ya at the monastery she was staying at that she better come home, the Hwa Um was taking it pretty bad and had been hospitalized and wanted to jump in the water where she did. She told Hwa Um’s gm and mother that she did that because if she went overseas Hwa Um would go looking for her until he found her. Everyone was happy.

  120. 120 : Rose Says:

    Ya Ya and Hwa Um’s wedding was very nice and they said very pretty wedding vows.

    Ep 147
    When Samhee and Gia were walking in the park, he bought breakfast for them, he asked her if “she wanted to date with the premise to get married. The down side was if she wants to then he doesn’t want her in the main role of the new drama he is doing. He doesn’t want anyone to think he is favoring her as they would be dating. She wants both and said they could work together and not tell anyone. I didn’t like Gia at the beginning but she changed as time went on and I think is more down to earth now. Gia’s step mom is not happy and does not want Gia to date him or marry him. She told Ya Ya to talk Gia out of it. She is not happy that he would not have the means to take care of her and she doesn’t like his arrogance – he is too curt. YaYa said that Samhee could take care of Gia and that he has changed. They plan to get married after 3 years of dating.

    When YaYa and Hwa Um came back from their honey moon and went to visit her mother and step dad, the dad asked them “to move in there as she has a big empty room and it is lonely without her.” They do have the room there and Ya Ya could be her own boss.

    Ya Ya was going to ask Hwa Um’s mother and gm if Seo Eun Sa – Ya Ya’s mother = if she could stay in their Sam Dong House and Sonji immediately started talking negatively of Eun Sa “saying “she pressures people to buy her paintings and the news reporters say “if you spend one hour with Eun Sa you will fall in love, and that the should keep their distance from her, etc etc.” Her mouth was going a mile that they should not let her stay at the house. Later in bed she told Moo Um to tell his mother not to let Eun Sa move into the Sam Dong House as some day she wants to move in there.” Moo Um agreed.

    Also Sun Ji is giving Ya Ya a hard time in the kitchen when they are making the meals. Sun Ji is telling her what to do, how to do it, that she is not making it right, the family does not like it the way Ya Ya is making it so she tells her to wash the dishes. Ya Ya is not happy but she keeps her mouth shut. When Ya Ya made a meat dish, she criticized it at the dinner table.

  121. 121 : Rose Says:

    Ep 148
    As soon as Eun Sa moved out, Jo Jung called Dal Ran, then went out to dinner. As life goes Sun Ji and her husband came into the same restaurant. Sun Ji saw them and was not happy, she stormed out. When Dal Ran came home Sun Ji was waiting for her mom in her room. Sun Ji said “not to date him or see him and that she embarrassed her in front of her husband.” Dal Ran said “you have your life and I have mine.”

    Ya Ya is pregnant – every one is happy, maybe not so much Sun Ji. When YaYa was laying down, SunJi came in and told her to “get up and help her make dinner.” YaYa said “she was tired”. Sun Ji then goes into her tirade – ” I helped mother make dinner when I was pregnant and so can you, you are not the same person you changed.” I said this early on when Sun Ji married Moo Um, she is the one that changed – she was acting like she was better than any one else, and acting like a Princess, that is my opinion. Now she is trying to say Ya Ya changed, I don’t feel Ya Ya changed, she is just being put down by Sun Ji. Then Ya Ya said “I was keeping it in but you don’t let me do anything in the kitchen, you keep saying I am not doing it right, you embarrassed me in front of the maids,” etc etc, Sun Ji told her “she does not know how to cook,” Yaya – your mother taught me,” Sun Ji – “you only had a few lessons, and you should watch me so you learn how to cook and clean house, ” Ya Ya – “you are acting like you are my older sister,” Sun Ji ” just follow me and watch me so that when I move out you will know how to do everything.” Neither of them were giving in. The mother and gm came in and heard all this and the gm opened the door and said “how dare you.” The episode ended – not sure if she was saying that to Ya Ya or Sun Ji but I think maybe Sun Ji.

    I don’t know what happened to the gallery. Who is running it as it appears Eun Sa has no money. She tried to get a loan for a house, but couldn’t. She is living in a Korean County building. I would think she could stay afloat with the gallery. Very strange if you ask me. Like did the gallery just leave town!!!!

    The younger man who is an artist, Eun Sa thought she could marry him, but when he called her to meet, while he was telling her how beautiful she was, and what lovely hands she has, she was eating it up and thought he was in a hurry to marry her, but he is in love with a younger girl and wanted some advice from her.

  122. 122 : Rose Says:

    Ep 149 —
    The grandmother really let Sun Ji have it about criticizing Ya Ya. She stuck up for Ya Ya all the way.

    Ya Ya, Hua Um, his parents and grandmother took a short trip out of town. Ya Ya started having birth pains, went to a near by hospital, had a baby girl. Everyone happy.

    Ya Ya’s mother was working at the hospital, she was told to go to Ya Ya’s room to check on patient and finds Ya Ya and whole family. Mother got embarrassed, started to walk out and Ya Ya called her “mom,” and told everyone she was her mother.

    End of show, everyone on a Merry-Go-Round, Sun Joong and Hyo Gyeong also with baby. Jang Hoon was on the horse and Seo Eun Ha was sitting on the bench behind him on the Merry-Go-Round and Jang Hoon was acting goofy and trying to make Eun Ha laugh.

    Unfortunately for Dae Rae – she ended up alone and didn’t get Jang Hoon.

    It was a happy ending.

  123. 123 : 압구정 백야 | Picture This – Say Kimchee Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=36622 […]

  124. 124 : Haroula Says:

    Love this drama.I hated when yaya dismissed hwaom.I understand him.I hate sonji too.But still good ending.

  125. 125 : Suzanna Bragg Says:

    I just want to say that I love a lot of Im Sung-han’s work. The quirky sense of humor, the unpredictable twist and turns. So may people complain about her work but I must say that I do like a lot of her work. My favorite’s are Apgujeong Midnight Sun and Family Gem.

  126. 126 : sylvia Says:

    i hope to see the couple of kang eun tak and park ha na in another drama their chemistry so goood….

  127. 127 : Chau Nguyen Says:

    I love this drama, the story, and the main couple kang eun tak and park ha.

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