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Apgujeong Midnight Sun 02

Title: 압구정 백야 / Apgujeong Midnight Sun
Chinese Title: 狎鸥亭白夜
Also Known as: Night in Apgujeong
Previously Known as: 손짓
Genre: Romance, Family
Episodes: 149
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2014-Oct-06 to 2015-May-15
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:55


This is the drama about four families based in the Entertainment Industry.


Hwa Um’s family

Kang Eun Tak as Jang Hwa Um
Song Won Geun as Jang Moo Um (Hwa Um’s brother)
Im Chae Moo as Jang Choo Jang (Hwa Um’s father)
Park Hye Sook as Moon Jung Ae (Choo Jang’s wife)
Jung Hye Sun as Ok Dan Shil (Choo Jang’s mother)

Baek Ya’s family

Park Ha Na as Baek Ya / Baek Sun Jong
Shim Hyung Tak as Baek Young Joon (Baek Ya’s brother)
Geum Dan Bi as Kim Hyo Kyung (Young Joon’s wife)

Sun Ji’s family

Baek Ok Dam as Yook Sun Ji (Baek Ya’s friend)
Lee Joo Hyun as Yook Sun Jong (Sun Ji’s brother)
Kim Young Ran as Oh Dal Ran (Sun Ji’s mother)

Na Dan’s family

Kim Min Soo as Jo Na Dan
Hwang Jung Seo (황정서) as Jo Ji Ah (Na Dan’s sister)
Han Jin Hee as Jo Jang Hoon (Na Dan’s father)
Lee Bo Hee as Seo Eun Sa (Na Dan’s mother)


Lee Ga Ryung as An Susanna
Han Ki Woong as Kang Ho
Won Jong Rye as Hwang Yoo Ra
Kim Ik Tae as Do Byeong Man
Lee Hyo Young (이효영) as Jung Sam Hee
Kim Se Min as Sa Jin Hong
Kim Yool Ho as Assistant Manager Song
Yoo Seung Ok as Yoo Re Ka
Kang Sung Mi as Oh Soo Won


Kim Eun Jung as Ga Young
Kim Jung Kyoon as driver
Park Choong Sun as fortune teller
Choi Soo Rin as Mo Narija
Hong Jin Ho as Jeon Jin Ho
Noh Joo Hyun as Maeng Gyu Sik
Yoon Hae Young as Do Min Goo

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Oh Hyun Chan
Producer: Kim Ho Young
Director: Bae Han Chun, Choi Joon


2015 MBC Drama Awards: Best New Actress (Daily/Soap Opera): Park Ha Na (Apgujeong Midnight Sun)
2015 MBC Drama Awards: Best New Actor (Daily/Soap Opera): Kang Eun Tak (Apgujeong Midnight Sun)
2015 MBC Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actress (Daily/Soap Opera): Lee Bo Hee (Apgujeong Midnight Sun)


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126 Responses to “Apgujeong Midnight Sun”

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  1. 101
    Rose Says:

    Here is the info posted on MBC America Facebook on May 4, 2015 on their reasoning.
    If you check on the sight, you will see what people on posting.

    MBC would like to make a formal apology to the fans concerned with the subtitle situation (or lack of) that began this month. MBC has received a large amount of feedback regarding a new policy instilled this month eliminating subtitles on our programming.
    The reason for this is due to a grand majority of customers requesting our content be aired as quickly as it does in Korea. This makes it impossible to accommodate making these subtitles and still air our programming in a timely manner.
    We are not without solutions however. One of the ways you can enjoy subtitles for our content is by subscribing to the Verizon Korean Package which includes MBC HD and includes subtitles on everything we offer.
    We will offer the same package on DIRECTV beginning August.
    We also have MBCD, a free over the air channel that transmits in LA, Chicago, Atlanta, and San Francisco. Time Warner cable offers this channel in both LA and NY.
    We hope that this remedies some of the distress caused by this policy change. We did not come to this decision without a great deal of consideration and we are sorry if it has been an inconvenience to all those involved.
    We hope that we can be of better service to all our customers in the future. – MBC America

  2. 102
    Hen Says:

    What a joke. Sounds like a lie.

    “…grand majority of customers”? Numbers, please.

    News flash, MBC…America is 50 states, not just a few big cities.

  3. 103
    Rose Says:

    Why don’t Ya Ya and Hua Um just get married and get it over with and live somewhere by themselves.

  4. 104
    Nina Says:

    HuaUm is a BULLY, the way he beat the writer ….Yaya should think twice before getting involved with him, that could happen to her. He seems like a wife beater to me.

  5. 105
    HEN Says:

    Nina, Hwa Um does seem more than a little like a psycho to me. He never even apologized for attacking the guy.

    The non-subs are up to EP148, and Hwa Um and YaYa will get together–and she is pregnant already.(yawn). Possibly with the “girl” baby that his family wants at any cost. (yawn2).

    Just wish I had the subs when the two daugher-in-laws clashed.

  6. 106
    sherry Says:

    thank you, Rose for providing a translation to facebook pg of comments from MBC. i subscribe to MBC via Verizon fios company. i do have MBCHD as a whole pkg deal. however MBCHD is mostly showing reruns from previous shows that have aired on MBC. so if i’m reading their comment correctly or infering from what they are saying am i safe in saying that when this drama and others that are not subbed will be subbed in the future on MBCHD?

  7. 107
    Dramafan12 Says:

    This drama should be named “endless heartbreak”. It’s what Yaya is doing to Hwaom. I lost count how many times she kicked him to the curb but his love for her is unwavered. That and the disturbing imaginary sequences aside, I really like this drama. Lots of plot turns and twists without any evil psycho wreaking havoc.

  8. 108
    tagalog salita Says:

    buti naman natapos din hay sobrang walang kwentA.

  9. 109
    tagalog salita Says:


  10. 110
    Rose Says:

    When Ya Ya broke up with Hwaom, why did she have to use Samhee? He got beat up for nothing then he lets Hwaom help him move into his new place and they drink together. Then Ya Ya decides to go along with Hwaom’s plan of still going out for a short time Like how stupid is all of this?? Like really – what is this???

    I think Samhee is a nice guy, slightly different, but OK. Does Samhee like Jia? Or no one?

  11. 111
    HEN Says:

    This drama has ended [for me] because I skipped over to the last episode on DRAMASTYLE…and yes the ending sucked.

    No subs, so Jia and Samhee seemed unclear.

  12. 112
    Rose Says:

    Can’t that Ji Ah ever leave Samhee alone?? Geez — she is constantly calling him or following him around. She is like a leach.

  13. 113
    Rose Says:

    Check this out — about the writer = Im Sung-han

    This is the last show she is writing – she is quitting her profession of writing.

    Sunji — is her niece.

    If you put her name in the search area – several items come up about this situation.

    Princess Aurora (TV series) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Princess Aurora (Hangul: 오로라 … This was reportedly writer Im Sung-han’s decision; the actors had previously expressed their concerns to her about the …
    Plot ·
    Cast ·
    Controversy ·
    Awards and nominations

  14. 114
    Rose Says:

    Here is some of the info —

    Princess Aurora (2013) was about the romance between the youngest daughter (Jeon So-min) of a wealthy family who owns a food conglomerate, and an irritable novelist (Oh Chang-seok).[11] But the show gained notoriety when Im abruptly killed off 12 characters and was accused of nepotism.[12]

    This was followed by Apgujeong Midnight Sun (2014-2015), about four people (and their families) whose lives intersect while working at a cable TV station. But the series received scrutiny from the Korea Communications Standards Commission for a revenge storyline that the review board deemed too “violent” and “unethical.”[13]

    On April 23, 2015, MBC released a statement that the network would no longer work with Im in future projects; Im responded by announcing her retirement, saying she had intended to quit the TV industry after writing 10 dramas

  15. 115
    jon chapnam Says:

    I love Im Sung-han’s writing.It is so different and unpredictable and a bizarre since of humor.

  16. 116
    Rose Says:

    Lee Bo-Hee (Seo Eun Sa’s wife in this drama) will be in Great First Wives drama which starts after Iron Lady Cha ends.

  17. 117
    Rose Says:

    Ya Ya’s mother spoke to soon, she didn’t think her husband would give her a divorce. She screwed herself but good.

    Ya Ya told Na Dan and Jia about what happened to their real mother. I still feel bad that Na Dan had to die.

    Guess you could say Ya Ya finally got her revenge.

    And Ya Ya finally got Hua Um.

    Oh happy day.

  18. 118
    Rose Says:

    Sun Ji was made that Ya Ya got a 5 carat ring which is bigger than her’s and that Hua Um’s mother and grandmother are paying so much attention to YaYa, after they found out she didn’t drown herself.

    And Ya Ya’s mother told Hua Um’s mother and grandmother in front of Sun Ji what her husband was up to with Sun Ji’s mother and that he asked for the divorce. Sun Ji was embarrassed and upset.

    I like the young guy who works with Samhee and movie crew – he is always smiling, upbeat and happy.

  19. 119
    Rose Says:

    I thought I would summarize the last few episodes just in case someone would check in.

    Ep 139

    Hwa Um’s mother and grandmother told Ya Ya to go overseas for a year so Hwa Um could get over her. That they would pay her expenses and she could go to college, they were to send people with her so she would not be alone. YaYa said “how can I live without seeing Jinso?” They said “they would send her sister-in-law and Jinso out to visit her.” Ya Ya decided to pretend that she committed suicide by jumping into the ocean. She had some one she knew to say he saw her. Then the gm and mother were sick over what they did to Ya Ya and that it was their fault. They put Hwa Um under sedation in a hospital due to the shock. Crazy people. She told her sister-in-law what she was doing. She left a letter for her mother and one for Hwa Um. She said she “had been depressed and it she missed her brother and Na Dan.”

    Her sister-in-law finally called Ya Ya at the monastery she was staying at that she better come home, the Hwa Um was taking it pretty bad and had been hospitalized and wanted to jump in the water where she did. She told Hwa Um’s gm and mother that she did that because if she went overseas Hwa Um would go looking for her until he found her. Everyone was happy.

  20. 120
    Rose Says:

    Ya Ya and Hwa Um’s wedding was very nice and they said very pretty wedding vows.

    Ep 147
    When Samhee and Gia were walking in the park, he bought breakfast for them, he asked her if “she wanted to date with the premise to get married. The down side was if she wants to then he doesn’t want her in the main role of the new drama he is doing. He doesn’t want anyone to think he is favoring her as they would be dating. She wants both and said they could work together and not tell anyone. I didn’t like Gia at the beginning but she changed as time went on and I think is more down to earth now. Gia’s step mom is not happy and does not want Gia to date him or marry him. She told Ya Ya to talk Gia out of it. She is not happy that he would not have the means to take care of her and she doesn’t like his arrogance – he is too curt. YaYa said that Samhee could take care of Gia and that he has changed. They plan to get married after 3 years of dating.

    When YaYa and Hwa Um came back from their honey moon and went to visit her mother and step dad, the dad asked them “to move in there as she has a big empty room and it is lonely without her.” They do have the room there and Ya Ya could be her own boss.

    Ya Ya was going to ask Hwa Um’s mother and gm if Seo Eun Sa – Ya Ya’s mother = if she could stay in their Sam Dong House and Sonji immediately started talking negatively of Eun Sa “saying “she pressures people to buy her paintings and the news reporters say “if you spend one hour with Eun Sa you will fall in love, and that the should keep their distance from her, etc etc.” Her mouth was going a mile that they should not let her stay at the house. Later in bed she told Moo Um to tell his mother not to let Eun Sa move into the Sam Dong House as some day she wants to move in there.” Moo Um agreed.

    Also Sun Ji is giving Ya Ya a hard time in the kitchen when they are making the meals. Sun Ji is telling her what to do, how to do it, that she is not making it right, the family does not like it the way Ya Ya is making it so she tells her to wash the dishes. Ya Ya is not happy but she keeps her mouth shut. When Ya Ya made a meat dish, she criticized it at the dinner table.

  21. 121
    Rose Says:

    Ep 148
    As soon as Eun Sa moved out, Jo Jung called Dal Ran, then went out to dinner. As life goes Sun Ji and her husband came into the same restaurant. Sun Ji saw them and was not happy, she stormed out. When Dal Ran came home Sun Ji was waiting for her mom in her room. Sun Ji said “not to date him or see him and that she embarrassed her in front of her husband.” Dal Ran said “you have your life and I have mine.”

    Ya Ya is pregnant – every one is happy, maybe not so much Sun Ji. When YaYa was laying down, SunJi came in and told her to “get up and help her make dinner.” YaYa said “she was tired”. Sun Ji then goes into her tirade – ” I helped mother make dinner when I was pregnant and so can you, you are not the same person you changed.” I said this early on when Sun Ji married Moo Um, she is the one that changed – she was acting like she was better than any one else, and acting like a Princess, that is my opinion. Now she is trying to say Ya Ya changed, I don’t feel Ya Ya changed, she is just being put down by Sun Ji. Then Ya Ya said “I was keeping it in but you don’t let me do anything in the kitchen, you keep saying I am not doing it right, you embarrassed me in front of the maids,” etc etc, Sun Ji told her “she does not know how to cook,” Yaya – your mother taught me,” Sun Ji – “you only had a few lessons, and you should watch me so you learn how to cook and clean house, ” Ya Ya – “you are acting like you are my older sister,” Sun Ji ” just follow me and watch me so that when I move out you will know how to do everything.” Neither of them were giving in. The mother and gm came in and heard all this and the gm opened the door and said “how dare you.” The episode ended – not sure if she was saying that to Ya Ya or Sun Ji but I think maybe Sun Ji.

    I don’t know what happened to the gallery. Who is running it as it appears Eun Sa has no money. She tried to get a loan for a house, but couldn’t. She is living in a Korean County building. I would think she could stay afloat with the gallery. Very strange if you ask me. Like did the gallery just leave town!!!!

    The younger man who is an artist, Eun Sa thought she could marry him, but when he called her to meet, while he was telling her how beautiful she was, and what lovely hands she has, she was eating it up and thought he was in a hurry to marry her, but he is in love with a younger girl and wanted some advice from her.

  22. 122
    Rose Says:

    Ep 149 —
    The grandmother really let Sun Ji have it about criticizing Ya Ya. She stuck up for Ya Ya all the way.

    Ya Ya, Hua Um, his parents and grandmother took a short trip out of town. Ya Ya started having birth pains, went to a near by hospital, had a baby girl. Everyone happy.

    Ya Ya’s mother was working at the hospital, she was told to go to Ya Ya’s room to check on patient and finds Ya Ya and whole family. Mother got embarrassed, started to walk out and Ya Ya called her “mom,” and told everyone she was her mother.

    End of show, everyone on a Merry-Go-Round, Sun Joong and Hyo Gyeong also with baby. Jang Hoon was on the horse and Seo Eun Ha was sitting on the bench behind him on the Merry-Go-Round and Jang Hoon was acting goofy and trying to make Eun Ha laugh.

    Unfortunately for Dae Rae – she ended up alone and didn’t get Jang Hoon.

    It was a happy ending.

  23. 123
    압구정 백야 | Picture This – Say Kimchee Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=36622 […]

  24. 124
    Haroula Says:

    Love this drama.I hated when yaya dismissed hwaom.I understand him.I hate sonji too.But still good ending.

  25. 125
    Suzanna Bragg Says:

    I just want to say that I love a lot of Im Sung-han’s work. The quirky sense of humor, the unpredictable twist and turns. So may people complain about her work but I must say that I do like a lot of her work. My favorite’s are Apgujeong Midnight Sun and Family Gem.

  26. 126
    sylvia Says:

    i hope to see the couple of kang eun tak and park ha na in another drama their chemistry so goood….

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