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Another Miss Oh

Another Miss Oh 03

Title: 또 오해영 / Another Miss Oh
Chinese Title: 又,吳海英
Also Known as: Another Oh Hae Young / Oh Hae Young Again
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 18 + 2 Special
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2016-May-02 to 2016-June-28
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 23:00


A romantic drama about two women with the same name of Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin & Jun Hye Bin) and a man, Park Do Kyung (Eric) who has the ability to see the future.


Main Cast

Eric as Park Do Kyung
Jung Ji Hoon as Park Do Kyung (child)
Seo Hyun Jin as Oh Hae Young I
Jun Hye Bin as Oh Hae Young II

People around Park Do Kyung

Ye Ji Won as Park Soo Kyung
Kim Ji Suk as Lee Jin Sang
Heo Jung Min as Park Hoon
Nam Ki Ae as Huh Ji Ya (Do Kyung’s mother)

People around Oh Hae Young

Lee Jae Yoon as Han Tae Jin
Lee Han Wie as Oh Kyung Soo
Kim Mi Kyung as Hwang Duk Yi
Ha Shi Eun as Kim Hee Ran
Lee Hye Eun as Jung Sook
Kim Seo Ra as Hae Young’s mother
Yun Mi Joo as Jang Han Goo’s daughter


Heo Young Ji as Yoon Ahn Na
Kang Nam Gil as Chairman Jang
Choi Byung Mo as Park Soon Taek
Kwon Min as Sung Jin
Shin Woo Kyum as Ji Hoon
Lee Ga Hyun as Shim Ye Jin
Yoo Se Rye
Kim Ki Doo as Ki Tae
Jo Hyun Shik as Sang Suk
Choi Joon Ho as Lee Joon
Kwon Soo Hyun
Ko Kyu Pil as Chinese restaurant delivery man
Kim Kyung Jin as scenario writer
Park Myung Hoon as Lee Chan Soo
Kim Hee Jin


Ahn Il Kwon as movie director (ep.1)
Lee Hyun Jin as man on blind date (ep.1)
Yoon Jong Hoon as Choi Noo Ri (ep.2-3)
Yun Woo Jin as Kong Ki Tae (ep.7)
Im Ha Ryong as himself (ep.9)
Lee Yoo Ri as Heo Ji Ya (young) (ep.10)
Lee Pil Mo as Park Do Kyung’s father (young ) (ep.10)
Lee Byung Joon as counselor (ep.11-18)
Kim Shin Young as herself (ep.12)
Lee Sun Bin as Jin Sang’s Monday girlfriend (ep.14)
Seo Ye Ji as Seo Hee (ep.15)
Woo Hyun as psychiatrist (ep.15-18)
Suh Joon Young as man on blind date (ep.15)
Oh Man Suk as Oh Man Seok (ep.18)

Production Credits

Director: Song Hyun Wook
ScriptWriter: Park Hae Young


Kim Ah Joong and Choi Kang Hee was first offered the lead female role, but declined.


2017 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Actress (TV Section) – Seo Hyun Jin (Another Miss Oh)
2016 tvN10 Awards: Content Award (Drama)
2016 tvN10 Awards: Made in tvN (Drama, Actress) – Seo Hyun Jin (Oh Hae Young Again)
2016 tvN10 Awards: Romantic-Comedy King – Eric Moon (Oh Hae Young Again)
2016 tvN10 Awards: Romantic-Comedy Queen – Seo Hyun Jin (Oh Hae Young Again)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode AGB TNmS
2016-05-02 1 2.059 1.8
2016-05-03 2 2.981 2.6
2016-05-09 3 2.996 3.9
2016-05-10 4 4.253 4.7
2016-05-16 5 5.031 4.9
2016-05-17 6 6.068 5.4
2016-05-23 7 6.604 6.7
2016-05-24 8 7.798 6.7
2016-05-30 9 7.990 7.1
2016-05-31 10 8.425 7.2
2016-06-06 11 9.022 7.9
2016-06-07 12 9.353 7.8
2016-06-13 13 8.507 6.9
2016-06-14 14 8.836 8.1
2016-06-20 15 7.929 7.4
2016-06-21 16 8.027 7.7
2016-06-27 17 8.028 7.0
2016-06-28 18 9.991 8.1
2016-07-04 sp1 3.480 2.4
2016-07-05 sp2 2.892 2.3

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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  1. 1 : Gelisa Says:

    ERIC!! Oh yeag! Finally <3


    Lots of kisses!

    Hope this will be goood stuff! 😉

    A new drug for me appeared!

  2. 2 : ms Says:

    seems interesting to me 🙂

  3. 3 : Gura Says:


  4. 4 : Khunn Says:

    Handsome ajusshi hwaiting! Can’t wait for this!!!

  5. 5 : Rinz Says:

    OMG Eric I miss him <3 waiting for this!

  6. 6 : Gidy Says:

    Oh my he’s come back!! ❤

  7. 7 : ammie Says:

    he’s comeback, i miss u eric oppa ><
    i'll be waiting this drama for u oppa

  8. 8 : Seffy Says:

    Ericccc oppaaaa you’re so handsome in the trailer

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  10. 10 : sabrina Says:


  11. 11 : mony Says:

    This drama is really cool! watched 2 episodes a bit of fantasy, drama, comic relief, it has everything required to call it a good drama!

  12. 12 : Maria Says:

    Light but endearing😍Watch it!!

  13. 13 : Dy.K Says:

    Just watch ep 1 n 2 and I luv it!! I hope the cast and crew can keep up the good work until the last eps.
    All the cast fit in with their character, and i love how the director make all those scenes especially when our two lead cast meet simply beautiful…

  14. 14 : Rainy Says:

    The next must watch drama after signal
    Tvn jjang<3

  15. 15 : Monic Says:

    I love the back song they used so suitable. I already into this drama. Loveeeeee it!!!!

  16. 16 : nzul Says:

    Woa, great. This show is so interesting to me. First two episodes are captivating, so funny yet so sad. Good job.

  17. 17 : ally Says:

    I really like the main actress, she makes the drama so lively!! Fighting!! Looking forward for a good story!!

  18. 18 : Dy.K Says:

    This is totally one of rom com drama that u cannot miss!
    So many funny scene in ep 3…when Oh Hae Yong parent’s hide while holding security bar or when Park Do Kyung jumping inside Oh Hae Yong room’s..good way to enter LOL.

  19. 19 : Daine Says:

    I really love when do kyung save hae young from jajamyun deliver. Romantic, cute and funny at the same time. Do kyung face too cute to missed out!! I was replying this part 3 times!!

  20. 20 : nzul Says:

    The main actress expression is miserably good. She portraits those unfortunate events, the misery, sooo well 😀

  21. 21 : suti Says:

    watching ep.1-4 and so far i really enjoy it…
    the female lead (‘just’ oh hae young) may not as pretty as ‘pretty’ oh hae young but she’s really fun to be with, she’s full of energy and honest “i am well aware of the fact that i’m miserable and pitiful…” she said that confidently :)) i like her…

  22. 22 : Marissa Says:

    Very nice story. Makes you cry, be sad, giddy and laugh.

  23. 23 : Minty Says:

    Can’t wait for next episode!!! My heart raced too when so kyung hold onto oh hae young hug. And realy can’t hold my scream when saw do kyung laugh freely in next episode preview!!

  24. 24 : Dy.K Says:

    Totally agree about how good Seo Hyun Jin act as “Just” Oh Hae Young…And she has a good chemistry with Eric too.
    And other cast also steal my attention. OHY family’s n PDK siblings..especialy Hae Young mom’s and Do Kyoung sister’s they just never failed make me laugh. That drinking scene together LOL..can’t wait for next eps!!!

  25. 25 : Ain Says:

    How dillema park do kyung if he falling in love with oh hae young,, really good drama,, i hope its not a boring and easy predictable storyline drama,, and i think hot scene of yoon an-ha and park hoon didnt needed cause the atmosphere of the drama is really good and romantic,, overall cant wait to see next episode..

  26. 26 : aznative Says:

    In episode 1, the guy Oh Tae-young had a blind date with, he reminded me of Shin Dong-wook. His last drama was “Stars Falling from the Sky” 2010, and “Soulmate” from 2006.

  27. 27 : Akmama Says:

    Love it!!! SHJ and Eric both excellent! And very funny supporting cast. Must see. 🙂

  28. 28 : Luthfa Says:


  29. 29 : yly Says:

    I am totally into this drama <3 <3 <3
    TVN never failed Us …

  30. 30 : Sarah Says:

    I hope Lee Jae Yoon will come out soon in ep 6 , it will make the story more interesting..

  31. 31 : Rainy Says:

    Oh my god…
    I’m falling in such a deep love with this drama
    How perfect to see seo hyun jin and eric together
    Next week, please comeeee
    I want to see oh hae young

  32. 32 : maida Says:

    I heard bubblegum was mentioned ? would anyone tell me what was the context plz?
    thank you

  33. 33 : OK OK OK Says:

    just started yesterday and I was hooked.
    The story is so nice and interesting…… 😛

  34. 34 : Erin Yusrina Says:

    I didn’t expect this drama to be so good. But it is.
    Not boring.
    Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  35. 35 : Jongkie Says:

    The Next Big Hits from TVN.

  36. 36 : cnbluegt Says:

    First i will watch this drama until the end but the comments from netizens made me feel curious. So i watched it and … feels happy. One of all best drama from tvN. Daebak !

  37. 37 : Moon Says:

    Totallyyyyyy loveeee this drama!!! No other word, DAEBAAAK!

  38. 38 : Dy Says:

    OMG..first scene in ep 5. It makes me wonder how can THAT THING jump out just like that! 😀 But i just put blind believe that it really could happened to “Just” Oh Hae Young in person. Its so sweet seeing how DK m HY2 relationship develope.

  39. 39 : Heolheolcrap Says:

    Reply 88, signal, and now oh hae young again’s turn to make me smiling all day like an idiot

    Rating oh rating, please rising more

  40. 40 : ally Says:

    Love love love the drama.. please don’t ruin the story line!!

  41. 41 : Jongkie Says:

    Damn… I watch this drama again and again while waiting for the next episode. The story, the cast, soundtrack just truly awesome. I don’t know why I prefer to watch drama with non-halyu superstars like TVN produced than SBS/KBS drama with halyu superstar like LeeMinHo/The Heirs and JongKi/Descendants. After Reply Series, Let’s Eat Series, Married Not Dating, Oh My Ghost, Misaeng, Signal and now Another Oh Hae Young, TVN never fails to impress me.

  42. 42 : suti Says:

    does anyone know the song that JOHY sing while riding her bike?

  43. 43 : Minimai Says:

    Whats wrong with the rating????this is an awsome drama!!!noomuuu tjoaaaaaaaaa!!!!!💞💞💞💞💞💝👍
    Best drama in 2016

  44. 44 : dadah Says:

    I really love this drama… can’t wait for watching ep 8… keep fight !

  45. 45 : DAEBAK Says:


  46. 46 : busangga Says:

    @Minimai @DAEBAK the rating is so high because this is TV cable drama. For a drama airing on tv cable like tvN, getting 2% is considered high, so 6% is awesome. Getting 6% is like getting 20% in sbs, kbs2, mbc.I hope it will surpass 10%. This drama is so hillarious

  47. 47 : anisa Says:

    can’t wait ep 8.. deabak deabak …

  48. 48 : anisa Says:

    *ep 9 …

  49. 49 : rhaniiy Says:

    proud tvN drama…. never dissapoint me… love love the storyline from another miss Oh…

  50. 50 : Ricy Says:


  51. 51 : aenieonni Says:

    love this drama..daebakkkk

  52. 52 : aenieonni Says:

    ericcc oppa.sarangheyo ^_^

  53. 53 : Putri Says:

    Yes I agree with all of the comment. I totally recommended for this drama, this drama is like you’ll getting Argh or sad or really happy in every episode , coollll !!! I like it so muchhh 😍

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  55. 55 : Dy.K Says:

    Extended 2 episode, yeaaay!! And now Han Tae Jin is back..Do Kyung start to feel uneasy. And Just Oh Hae Young..like your atitude girl!
    Hoping the writer-nim give a best ending. And i hope the premonition and Hae Young wishes in ep 8 just the way to make the viewer can’t hardly wait for next eps.

  56. 56 : Gonjeng Says:

    Seriously ,,… being drunk on the street don’t make you cute . You may get harmed or cause trouble to others .

  57. 57 : TWZentika Says:

    love this drama, finally, TVN get better after cheese in the trap ruin it. haha

  58. 58 : Hyunbyung Says:

    Gossh! I wanna watch this drama. Saranghaeyo, Eric oppaaaa <3

  59. 59 : nzul Says:

    Could monday come faster?

  60. 60 : maine Says:

    Good drama, every episode is awesome! Just enjoy the drama…eric moon love u

  61. 61 : Another Oh Hae Young Catchy and Memorable OST and BGM (ongoing) | my30uplife Says:

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  62. 62 : OK OK OK Says:

    I love TVN for quality drama with great stories 😛

  63. 63 : Ghaida Says:

    this drama is becoming my favorite drama so far, the story is getting more interesting can’t wait for Ep10

  64. 64 : rda549 Says:

    i think i’m fallin in love 😍😍
    eric oppa 😘😘

  65. 65 : Yaya Says:

    Must watch drama

  66. 66 : ally Says:

    I feel touched with the scene that Hae Young was crying all the way home to her mother & father after she knew the reason of why her ex-bf dumping her… Hae Young’s acting is so real & true… love it!!

    Love the couple and the chemistry!! Struggling for them in my heart!!

    Fighting!! PLEASE PLEASE GOOD STORY LINE ALL THE WAY!! Don’t waste the good acting!!

  67. 67 : ally Says:

    Oh yeah!! the kiss & Eric eye’s contact!! melting my heart!!

  68. 68 : Jyenie Says:

    Is Eric going to die in the accident?

  69. 69 : Ghaida Says:

    @Jyenie it seems so, but now that they have revealed what’s going to happen i think the ending will change and he will not die because if he did i’m gonna hate this drama

  70. 70 : silverswan Says:

    This is one of the best drama this year so far. The story line were fantastic and main actor and actress were both fantastic, full of emotions and love.
    Even though I had seen up to Episode 10 only and am sure it will have a good ending . A very touching drama all throughout. Hope it will be on top list this year.
    Director: Song Hyun Wook
    ScriptWriter: Park Hae Young
    You all did a good job for this drama and also you had chosen the right actor and actress in fact. Do not miss this drama if you have not watch yet

  71. 71 : Rozmary Says:

    Addicted to this drama. Perfect acting!

  72. 72 : fannie Says:

    love the show!the lead actor and actress are amazing. the storyline is great. am really enjoying the show so much. can’t wait for the next episode.

  73. 73 : renna Says:

    what a wonderful drama.. love it so much….

  74. 74 : jongkie Says:

    Now I’m playing OST from this drama over and over again. Especially from Roy Kim.

  75. 75 : nadya Says:

    i love this drama so much…. eric acting so great… love his style
    now i tell iam eric big fans…. eric love u !!!! daebak

  76. 76 : Rainy Says:

    Do kyung’s smile and that kissing scenes = melt my heart >< kyaaa
    I love everything about this drama but a bit worry about the ending.. There are 8 episodes left and I don't wanna expect too much

    Seo hyun jin, eric! You two and sure all of the crew are the best! Keep up the work! And please make this story have a great happy ending, jebal~

  77. 77 : Peyutnduy Says:

    I don’t like the ending of “cheese in the trap” but I hope that ending will happen to this “another oh hae young”.

  78. 78 : sunshine Says:

    At first, I thought the drama will be just like any other Korean drama. So I don’t really have any high expectation on it and never planned on watching it. Nevertheless, I gave it a try and I have to admit that the drama is so good T.T I’m glad I made the decision to watched it. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode TTTTTTT_TTTTTTT

  79. 79 : Sandy Says:

    Totally obsessed about this drama, with each and every character, music and above everything else totally in love with Eric Mun. I watched him performed in another drama just recently and I fell in love with his performance. But, on AMO he totally nailed his character. His kissing out of this world!!! Female leading actress love her. I recommend this drama 110% to all romantic Korean drama lovers out there!!

  80. 80 : nzul Says:

    The type of kdrama that you’ll love over and over. Guys you all are so rock, the casts and the crew are doin a great job. Please give us a happy ending. My reality, in the real life is just cruel enough 😀 , please let us have a happy watching and make Hae Young and Do Kyung live a happy life together as a happy couple:)

  81. 81 : nzul Says:

    It seems that hae young with long hair always make Hae Young’s life in trouble. When I watched do kyung cant down on his kneel for hae young, I feel aaagh, he doesnt love her that much. But in the end of ep. 11, I know the reason. But who won’t die do kyung-aaa? And our leading female, assistant manager Oh Hae Young is just too nice, in the ep 12 preview she still wishes do kyung a happiness T_T

  82. 82 : anisa Says:

    the sad episode 11

  83. 83 : Snow Says:

    This drama is okay. The best part of today’s episode was seeing the ex-fiance beat the crap out of the male lead, DK. DK deserved every kick, punch and stomp that he received.

    Not liking the lead at all in this drama.

  84. 84 : NovaKarlin Says:

    the storyline is sooo refreshing and super hilarious yet heartbreaking..
    Its imposible to not fall in love with ERIC oppa~♡ while watching this drama
    A must to watch drama definetely !!
    Keep it up RATING!!
    make itu double digit because all CAST, PDnim and Writer-nim’re all deserved it all as long as they didn’t ruined this show like CITT!!

  85. 85 : ally Says:

    Do Kyung is really superly selfish guy!! He really ruined Hae Young & Tae Jin’s life completely and yet he is waiting to die & leaving the disaster that he had done!! Unbelievable!!

    Hae Young should go back to Tae Jin and stay as what it should be before!!

  86. 86 : Reyn Says:


  87. 87 : renna Says:

    @85 Ally : yeah i am agree with you, it Hae Young should back to tae jin ..a good man not a heartless guy with a bunch of pride like Do Kyung.

  88. 88 : ally Says:

    Suddenly the drama’s direction change from simple to revenge!! Hard to digest!!

    Like peeling off onion layer by layer.. the end not Do Kyung’s fault!! Dizzy now!!

  89. 89 : suti Says:

    never thought the story will be this sad, ep.11 and 12 were tearful…
    so many twists and surprises… DK was not the bad guy
    it was CEO Jang! and this time he’s going to use TJ to ruin DK wow…
    it’s getting more and more interesting… 6 more episodes to go, really curious what will happen next, how and where the story goes…
    really good written story so far as no one can predict what happen next…
    oooohhh it’s gonna be a loooong wait till next week :((
    writer-nim, no matter how far or how twist the story is going to be, please make sure to have a happy ending for everyone who deserves happiness for all the hurt and pain they’ve been thru…

  90. 90 : Nncy Says:

    I LOVE THIS DRAMA! Can’t wait to watch another ep. I hope the ending will be great, not disappointed like cheese in the trap. I love the ost. And all of the scene are sweet. Thumbs up for this drama!

  91. 91 : Dy.K Says:

    Omooooo…this might be, could be the best drama of 2016. Usually when a drama reach eps 8 above the story start to become dragging. But this one still make me laugh and succeed to make my heart break for DK n (Just)HY in eps 11 n 12.
    Love the DK pack’s that following him around when he was heartbroken and that ill fated meet at the beach with a random girl with the same name as Oh Hae Young 😀
    And the twist in eps 12 where it revealed the true reason why HTJ was in prison. So i hope it just a twist of fate that our writer-nim made with a happy ending for our hardship couple DK n (Just)HY…

  92. 92 : ahnah Says:


  93. 93 : hanrena Says:

    It’s a bit surprise that this drama same as Reply 1988, Reply 1994, and Misaeng in terms of ratings. It has such good charm in this drama. This drama remembers me of “Marriage Not Dating.” Not because have same story, because the director and writer are same also for camera angle.

    It’s a relief that the two first actress declined this drama because it won’t be suitable for them. Seo Hyun Jin has her own beautiful charm. Also, the story is funny but sometimes a bit teary.

  94. 94 : YAYA Says:

    Hanrena, I totally agreed with you.

  95. 95 : Dy.K Says:

    When i watched the last scene at the hospital and heard PDK monologue, i was just like “Omooo..Park Do Kyuuuuung!!!”. Thumbs up for the writer who made that line and Eric-ssi who made great job with that line. And that cute momment when DK said to his Nunna “I’ll be good to you from now on” when his on to something. 🙂
    Agree with #93 Hanrena, it is the best that Seo Hyun Jin that played OHY, she did well as villain in Feast Of God. The chemistry between her n Eric is daebak!

  96. 96 : Polo Says:

    Park Do Kyung should have die lol.
    Cause I don’t really like happy ending sometimes.
    I think this drama will be great with sad ending!

  97. 97 : Mhdh Salma Says:

    i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this story !!! their acting & everything <3

  98. 98 : miyehhh Says:

    Too much love story, 16 episodes is just nice, not necessary to add another extra 2 more episodes.

  99. 99 : namtae Says:

    I think I’m going crazy. For the first time I love someone with age like that. Eric oppa saranghae😍

  100. 100 : Haenayoon Says:

    Well, this drama is in the spotlight because of the main cast and story.
    I thought it’s a relief that nor Kim Ah Joong and Choi Kang Hee take this role. Not
    to mention they have bad acting. They’re good, but i thought casting director took Seo Hyun Jin and Jeon Hye Bin as the main beside Eric.

    Let those who refused get some lessons or else. Btw, love the story and OST. Feels so fresh and bubbly. Fighting for last two episodes.


  101. 101 : phoenix Says:

    nice story, makes me laugh.. so many

  102. 102 : TaeHyung-ah~ Says:

    I LOVE this drama !!! ♥♥♥ It’s my first time watching a drama where the 2 leads originally debuted as idols. This is probably the best rom-com drama I’ve watched so far! The love scenes are so sweet and adorable they make me squeal in delight in the middle of the night hehehe ♥♥♥

    ♪ sarangi mwonde mwonde
    nae mami wae irae irae ♪

  103. 103 : Little Bo Peep Says:

    This Miss Oh, must be alcoholic, I never seen so many Korean women drinks in the show… This girl is awful always drunk.

  104. 104 : Lclarakl Says:

    Sadly, this is one drama I forget to watch. I don’t like the male lead’s character–I felt really sorry for the good looking fiance. Not only that, this drama is airing when there some other really good dramas. It’s just okay for me,…..female lead got on my nerves too. In reality, I don’t know how many women would have liked a man like him.

  105. 105 : Schumi Says:

    Lclarakl, why are you sad?) When there are “some other really good dramas”)). As for me it is the only interesting drama nowadays, moreover it has been the most interesting romantic drama for a long time since Oh my ghost I guess. And wow, finding a real fan of creepy HTJ is a big suprise) Axiom – tastes really differ.

  106. 106 : rete Says:

    sweet romance, i like it

  107. 107 : renna Says:

    i’m not a fans both main lead, but i hv watched this drama from the start. some how until 11 ep i found my self caught in this drama.. but 12 up when i thing all over again i just feel pity about HTJ. doctors caught me better than this one… somehow it is just a drama full of passion, lingering one another.. not special at all.

  108. 108 : soo Says:

    This drama is very nice. Do not be misled by the title. Recommended!

  109. 109 : Jeong, Hae Young Says:

    my name is Hae young too. so, when eric says ‘Hae young’ or ‘i love you Hae Young’, i feel so.. um.. weird. because i’m a man.. but i really love this drama yeah.. whatever~ (^^;;

  110. 110 : rossel Says:

    I am extremely hooked up with this drama. THose tight embraces,passionate kisses and long locked gazes to each other give me goosebumps and made my heart flutters too..Gosh their chemistry is just so satisfying in the highest level..I am so happy I have watched this drama! so sad it’s gonna finished soon..

  111. 111 : sa_grant Says:

    This drama is very nice! nice story! i like it!

  112. 112 : choopatiu Says:

    love..love..love it

  113. 113 : soo Says:

    I want to comment again. This drama is fantastic! It make you feel fulfilled after watching. At first looking at the title, i am not very excited about watching this drama. But after reading all the good comments, i gave it a try and really enjoying the show. Damn good show. Any good drama to recommend after this drama? Currently it seems like there’s no good one..

  114. 114 : Jongkie Says:

    The storyline, the cast, the soundtrack, and the ending just perfecto. I have no more to say except, very very very recomended KDrama in 2016 (one of the best). Congrats and thank you to all crew for making this beautiful drama.

  115. 115 : ally Says:

    I will miss the mother of Hae Young. I am a mother, I will give the same support to my lovely daughter!!

  116. 116 : Rosemary Says:

    Pefect! Adore!!!!!!!!

  117. 117 : nzul Says:

    I watched this drama by accident, I dont mean anything but I didnt prepare myself to watched it, but after first episode it was like whoaa it’s really good!! And then hooked up for two months. Beyond it, all the casts are perfect in their characters, they tell you story just as it is but in the beautiful way, I find my self caught up in tears or laugh every episode, and the osts match every scene. At least for me this drama makes me want to do something different with my life, a better one, a passionate one, just like oh hae young, do kyung, and all of the casts, it feels like they boost me to give it a try in everything, haha.
    The crews are great, i got a very nice watching, it’s not 89%, I 100% love this show!!

  118. 118 : mei Says:

    Will there be a special episode? I saw a comment somewhere. Is that true?

  119. 119 : minnieBell Says:

    Just finished watching. Overall i love it. The best thing in this drama is Eric & Seo Hyun jin chemistry. I love every of their scenes. Meanwhile other casts are so funny. Worth watching.

  120. 120 : sa_grant Says:

    Thanks for the beautiful show! miss this drama so much…

  121. 121 : Oh Hae Young me!!! Says:

    Huhuhu, i love this drama so much, i love do kyung and the another oh hae young..great drama soo far, every episode is worth watching!! ERIC MOON FIGHTHING! Im gonna find my Do Kyung Too

  122. 122 : Angela Says:

    Very good drama! Love everything about it.

  123. 123 : dallilla Says:

    Thank you for giving us a very interesting drama Song Hyun Wook PD. And thank you Park Hae Young script writer for writing beautiful story. Eric oppa i love you.

  124. 124 : Snow Says:

    Unlike the others on this thread, I didn’t really care for this drama and dropped it at ep 14; I truly didn’t like Eric’s character. I thought he was a hypocrite. He rams his car into her ex-finace’s car because the ex-fiance told her that he hates the way she eats in order to break up with her. He told her that because he knew that unless he made her hate him, she was going to waste her life waiting years for him to get out of prison. So he wanted her to hate him in order to move on. At this point in the drama, Eric’s character has all this righteous anger at the ex-fiance, but what about him and what he did? So when he ex-fiance beat the crap out of him, I loved it. I loved it each time he beat Eric’s character up. However, worst of all, I just didn’t like the female taking with Eric’s character was dishing out to easily.

    Any way, I wish I could have enjoyed it as much as the people on this thread, but I just couldn’t.

  125. 125 : Schumi Says:

    2 Snow – you should write to Lclarakl – you both can be good friends bcs you are like twins in your thoughts. Almost identical)

  126. 126 : scorpio23 Says:

    This drama was ok. So glad that 2 previous actresses had turned down the role. Choi Kang Hee does not fit in any of the roles & would not be a good match with Eric. I saw her in Glamorous Temptation, acting was so so. The 2 actresses in this Drama were perfect for their role. At least the rating was not that bad. As I said it was just ok.

  127. 127 : Dy.K Says:

    The best drama of 2016! Hoping the next project of this PD…and the next collaboration with the writer-nim. Thanks for such a good story and perfectly delivered.

  128. 128 : OK OK OK Says:

    Seo Hyun Jin is a very good actress. She portray this role’s character perfectly.

    I enjoy this drama very much. If its not her acting, I don’t know I have this same enjoyment or not. 😛

    Thank you writer nim for the good ending too.

  129. 129 : agata Says:

    eric num the best!!!

  130. 130 : bigeye Says:

    nice and wonderful drama.thank you fighting.

  131. 131 : jenny Says:

    last esp. no ending story… i wonder Park Do kyung dead or alive?

  132. 132 : YennyJenny Says:

    Daebak…great storyline. Amazing chemestry between Eric and SHJ. More melted to see Eric. Fighting for Eric and SHJ, hope be a real couple in real life…..

  133. 133 : Jane Says:

    This drama is superb. Cheers to the writer-simple but so courageously honest with their love.
    Cheers to the directors for good directing and for being open to all suggestions.
    Cheers to the crew who did it so well to make the drama turn out so dizzy well
    Cheers to all actors for went all in without holding back especially in love scenes. You’re all so Great!


  134. 134 : sixtyeight Says:

    so lovely drama..! love Eric so much^^

  135. 135 : Coffeeprincestarteditall Says:

    It’s a good drama. Though there are few episodes that got me bored. My favorite character here is park soo kyung unni. She makes me laugh everytime i see her. She’s a natural comedian with a beautiful face. Eric is hot as always, but don’t like his character. The female lead is good, i can almost feel her pain. Well, this is a good drama worth watching. I give this 7/10 ☺️

  136. 136 : Joi Says:

    I love this drama… Great drama ! Every episode is worth watching !! Does anyone know tittle a song that Seo Hyun Jin sing in episode 7, when she ride a bike ? I am so curious. That is a beautiful song…

  137. 137 : Joi Says:

    Unfortunately, this drama has ended. I love this drama so much, every episode has a good story… Great drama ! Does anyone know tittle a song that Seo Hyun Jin sing in episode 7, when she ride a bike ? I am so curious. That is a beautiful song…

  138. 138 : Shivvy_L Says:

    Wow, this drama is simply amazing!!!

  139. 139 : devyyant Says:

    I love this drama! makes me laugh so loud and cry so much. both of main character, Hyun Jin & Eric, their chemistry so good. I love the part when they met in hospital, what Eric said was so touched me, when he said that he was so sick when he can’t hug her. :'(
    So far this drama is the best in 2016 for me..

  140. 140 : themis Says:

    This drama is the best K.drama in 2016

  141. 141 : Judy Colwrll Says:

    Loved this Drama. It was delightful. Loved Eric Mun and Seo Hyun-jin. Favorite couple of 2016.

  142. 142 : Vene Says:

    I can’t understand why the rating of this drama very low. I watched a lot of korean drama but This is the best drama ever. I cried and laughed a lot when i watch this drama. I learned that revenge is not a good idea , you have to learned to forgive others. Also everyone has good reason for all they have done. so don’t judge people easily. You just live once so be wise with your time and don’t hesitate to give your love to others. The best dramaa i’ve ever seen.

  143. 143 : Veronica T Says:

    Is faboulus, funny, dramatic, emotive. Simply the Best in 2016

  144. 144 : Iya27 Says:

    This drama made my heart feels like a roller coaster. The chemistry between two leads were awesome! They also gave a deep real passionated kiss that made my heart beat faster and faster, I felt like living in their story. I remember, one day I tend to rewatch some of my favorite scenes but because its so many so I ended up rewatch the whole episodes and I still love it! Totally recommended for kdrama lovers!

  145. 145 : Gugu Says:

    Am at epi 8 and am loving this drama. One thing about completed dramas is, I have a habit of wanting to watch the last episode. But am refraining myself for this as its too exciting from one episode to another episode.

  146. 146 : Amy Says:

    I’m so happy when they finally married. Really a happy ending. Love you Eric. Great drama.

  147. 147 : Guber Says:

    Seo Hyun Jin carried this drama. Eric was a deadbeat, as usual.

  148. 148 : Liezl Mae Divinagracia Says:

    For me this is one of the most interesting drama. It’s very realistic. I love the male lead and i can feel the sadness of the character in his eyes. His eyes are sad..and he’s inlove. The female lead’s character is very happy. Anyway i still have 3 more episodes to go..i wish this ends with tears of joy for me.

  149. 149 : Sadie Says:

    Love this drama so much. I don’t know how to describe Eric, he makes my heart melted. His deep voice makes him soo sexy. Seo hyun jin is sweet women in real life…i love her. Both are adorable. I watch the drama twice and never get bored yet.

  150. 150 : Ahmad Kenan Says:

    i love the soundtrack, always sound in my head after watch episode 9 verry late to know this is the good drama, good job for all the cast

  151. 151 : Taquisha Says:

    I love this drama…. 😍😍😍. Both female and male leading actor are awesome.

  152. 152 : Laura Says:

    Lets talk about the ms oh character.. Why she so easy when eric did everything as he liked, no pride! Thats not good for a girl like that, he kissed and he leave her.. She want sleep in motel first time they was dating, she show how she,’s feeling again n again… Being stupid on friends office situation… Drink to much… Talk to much… Embrace her self… And i think its not fare about the fiance.. He is not wrong poor of him

  153. 153 : Kay Says:

    Another Miss Oh was an interesting drama. I didn’t always love the main couple, but they were very entertaining, and the story was pretty unique.

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