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All About My Mom 03

Title: 부탁해요 엄마 / All About My Mom
Chinese Title: 拜託了,媽媽
Previously Known as: 산옥씨네 삼남매 / San Ok’s Three Children
Genre: Melodrama, Family
Episodes: 50+4
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2015-Aug-15 to 2016-Feb-14
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 19:55


A story about the tiring but sad love and hatred between a mother and her daughters. Lee Jin Ae (Eugene Kim) has a love and hate relationship with her mother, Im San Ok (Go Doo Shim). She dreams of becoming independent from her family and especially from her mother. Jin Ae falls in love with Kang Hoon Jae (Lee Sang Woo) and marries to him. Meanwhile, what awaits for Jin Ae is her new mother-in-law, Hwang Young Sun (Kim Mi Sook). While experiencing difficult times with her mother-in-law, Jin Ae begins to understand her mother San Ok for the first time.


Main Cast

Eugene Kim as Lee Jin Ae
Heo Jung Eun as Lee Jin Ae (young)
Lee Sang Woo as Kang Hoon Jae

Lee Jin Ae’s family

Go Doo Shim as Im San Ok (Jin Ae’s mother)
Kim Kap Soo as Lee Dong Chul (Jin Ae’s father)
Oh Min Suk as Lee Hyung Kyu (Jin Ae’s older brother)
Choi Tae Joon as Lee Hyung Soon (Jin Ae’s younger brother)

Kang Hoon Jae’s Family

Kim Mi Sook as Hwang Young Sun (Hong Jae’s Mother)
Hwang Jung Min as Yum Nan Sook

Jang Chul Ong’s family

Song Seung Hwan as Jang Chul Woong
Jo Bo Ah as Jang Chae Ri
Kim Young Ok as Song Ki Nam (Chul Woong’s mother)

Sun Hye Joo’s family

Son Yeo Eun as Sun Hye Joo
Nam Ki Ae as Hong Yoo Ja (Hye Joo’s mother)
Kil Jung Woo as Kim San (Hye Joo’s son)


Song Jong Ho as Yoon Sang Hyuk
Chae So Young as Shin Yoo Hee
Tae Hang Ho as Park Gye Tae
Min Ji Ah as Son Yoo Kyung
Kwon Min Ah as Go Aeng Du
Jo Mi Ryung as Han Eun Ok (Aeng Du’s mother)
Park Eun Ji as Choi Seo Hyun
Cha Jung Won as Eun Ha
Noh Susanna
Jang In Sub
Song Joon Hee
So Hee Jung
Kim Ji Eun
Lee Yeon Kyung
Park Young Soo
Jung Eun Pyo
Lee Jin Kwon
Kim Eung Soo
Kang Dong Yup
Hong Seo Joon

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Jung Sung Hyo
Director: Lee Gun Joon
Screenwriter: Yoon Kyung Ah


Kim Young Ae left the show for health reasons and the cast for Im San Ok will be replaced by Go Doo Shim.


2015 KBS Drama Awards: Popular Actress – Seolhyun (Orange Marmalade) & Jo Bo Ah (All About My Mom)
2015 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actress (Long Series): Eugene (All About My Mom)
2015 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Long Series): Kim Tae Woo (Jingbirok) & Kim Kab Soo (All About My Mom)
2015 KBS Drama Awards: Daesang – Kim Soo Hyun (Producer) & Go Doo Shim (All About My Mom)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2015-08-15 1 14.1 (5th) 13.2 (5th) 14.9 (4th) 15.7 (4th)
2015-08-16 2 22.7 (2nd) 22.3 (2nd) 24.3 (1st) 24.5 (2nd)
2015-08-22 3 17.0 (3rd) 16.2 (4th) 17.3 (4th) 16.8 (4th)
2015-08-23 4 19.5 (2nd) 18.2 (3rd) 20.5 (2nd) 20.5 (2nd)
2015-08-29 5 19.8 (2nd) 18.6 (4th) 19.9 (3rd) 20.4 (3rd)
2015-08-30 6 21.3 (2nd) 20.6 (3rd) 22.5 (2nd) 22.8 (3rd)
2015-09-05 7 21.0 (1st) 20.1 (1st) 21.9 (1st) 21.9 (1st)
2015-09-06 8 24.0 (1st) 23.0 (1st) 26.5 (1st) 26.8 (1st)
2015-09-12 9 21.7 (1st) 20.3 (1st) 22.2 (1st) 21.7 (1st)
2015-09-13 10 25.7 (1st) 23.7 (1st) 26.6 (1st) 26.2 (1st)
2015-09-19 11 21.5 (1st) 20.2 (1st) 22.5 (1st) 22.5 (1st)
2015-09-20 12 26.2 (1st) 25.7 (1st) 27.0 (1st) 27.6 (1st)
2015-09-26 13 19.5 (1st) 18.3 (2nd) 20.1 (1st) 21.0 (1st)
2015-09-27 14 20.3 (1st) 18.9 (1st) 20.6 (1st) 20.4 (1st)
2015-10-03 15 22.0 (1st) 19.9 (1st) 23.2 (1st) 23.6 (1st)
2015-10-04 16 26.4 (1st) 24.1 (1st) 28.3 (1st) 29.0 (1st)
2015-10-10 17 23.5 (1st) 21.7 (1st) 24.2 (1st) 24.1 (1st)
2015-10-11 18 23.5 (1st) 23.2 (1st) 26.3 (1st) 27.2 (1st)
2015-10-17 19 23.3 (1st) 22.4 (2nd) 24.0 (1st) 23.9 (1st)
2015-10-18 20 27.9 (1st) 26.2 (1st) 29.4 (1st) 29.4 (1st)
2015-10-24 21 24.3 (1st) 23.7 (1st) 26.7 (1st) 27.9 (1st)
2015-10-25 22 28.2 (1st) 28.1 (1st) 30.3 (1st) 31.7 (1st)
2015-10-31 23 24.9 (1st) 23.5 (1st) 24.5 (1st) 24.6 (1st)
2015-11-01 24 28.0 (1st) 26.8 (1st) 29.2 (1st) 30.3 (1st)
2015-11-07 25 24.2 (1st) 22.3 (1st) 27.0 (1st) 26.7 (1st)
2015-11-08 26 27.3 (1st) 25.5 (1st) 31.1 (1st) 31.3 (1st)
2015-11-14 27 22.7 (1st) 21.4 (2nd) 23.7 (2nd) 24.1 (2nd)
2015-11-15 28 27.3 (1st) 24.8 (1st) 29.5 (1st) 29.6 (1st)
2015-11-21 29 19.4 (2nd) 18.0 (3rd) 22.4 (2nd) 23.2 (2nd)
2015-11-22 30 29.1 (1st) 28.4 (1st) 30.7 (1st) 31.3 (1st)
2015-11-28 31 21.4 (1st) 20.5 (2nd) 24.7 (2nd) 25.1 (2nd)
2015-11-29 32 27.2 (1st) 26.4 (1st) 30.9 (1st) 31.7 (1st)
2015-12-05 33 22.0 (1st) 21.0 (2nd) 25.2 (1st) 26.0 (2nd)
2015-12-06 34 28.2 (1st) 28.1 (1st) 31.7 (1st) 33.3 (1st)
2015-12-12 35 22.0 (1st) 20.3 (2nd) 24.2 (2nd) 24.3 (2nd)
2015-12-13 36 27.7 (1st) 25.5 (1st) 32.1 (1st) 26.0 (2nd)
2015-12-19 37 21.3 (2nd) 19.8 (2nd) 25.7 (2nd) 25.9 (2nd)
2015-12-20 38 26.7 (1st) 25.5 (1st) 32.4 (1st) 33.4 (1st)
2015-12-26 39 22.9 (1st) 20.6 (2nd) 26.2 (2nd) 27.6 (2nd)
2015-12-27 40 26.2 (1st) 24.5 (2nd) 32.1 (1st) 32.8 (2nd)
2016-01-02 41 25.2 (1st) 22.8 (2nd) 27.6 (2nd) 28.1 (2nd)
2016-01-03 42 28.2 (1st) 26.1 (2nd) 33.3 (1st) 34.1 (1st)
2016-01-09 43 25.8 (2nd) 23.1 (2nd) 27.3 (2nd) 28.5 (2nd)
2016-01-10 44 32.6 (1st) 30.2 (2nd) 33.8 (1st) 34.8 (1st)
2016-01-16 45 27.6 (2nd) 25.4 (2nd) 28.0 (2nd) 28.5 (2nd)
2016-01-17 46 35.6 (1st) 33.6 (1st) 35.8 (1st) 36.0 (1st)
2016-01-23 47 31.9 (1st) 29.2 (1st) 32.4 (1st) 34.0 (1st)
2016-01-24 48 37.1 (1st) 33.3 (1st) 36.9 (1st) 38.0 (1st)
2016-01-30 49 32.9 (2nd) 29.1 (2nd) 33.4 (2nd) 34.0 (2nd)
2016-01-31 50 35.9 (1st) 32.8 (2nd) 36.3 (1st) 37.7 (1st)
2016-02-06 51 33.3 (1st) 29.6 (2nd) 33.2 (1st) 33.2 (2nd)
2016-02-07 52 33.5 (1st) 31.8 (1st) 31.1 (1st) 31.1 (1st)
2016-02-13 53 34.3 (2nd) 31.8 (2nd) 35.5 (1st) 35.6 (2nd)
2016-02-14 54 39.1 (1st) 36.6 (1st) 38.2 (1st) 39.0 (1st)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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126 Responses to “All About My Mom”

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  1. 101
    Loveonly Says:

    That’s why he will be the only son who will regret and will not forgive himself because of his selfishness who only thinks about himself. He will carry the guilt for the rest of his life

  2. 102
    Scorpio23 Says:

    Whoa !!! They extended this to 4 more episodes ???

  3. 103
    OK OK OK Says:

    ep 47

    Wow, the eldest son speak to his mother in law with soft voice, humble face but when speaking to his own mother, he behaves like a gangster, “challenging” style ….

    Ep 48 will be very exciting….

  4. 104
    OK OK OK Says:

    ep 48
    family problems start to rise for the eldest son, his wife, his step son, his mom-in-law.
    At least he will know that his own mother treat him the best. Don’t just take things for granted.

  5. 105
    kathlyn Says:

    highest rating this year. good job.!!!!

  6. 106
    ariani Says:

    I always cried after the mother being sick.. so touching.. what a drama.. best drama ever.. i love all the cast.. they all played well.. so i can feel the love, hate, pain, angry, disappoited in each episode.. ahh its nearly the end.. hiks.. my tears cant stop from falling..

  7. 107
    Mike Says:

    I hope they find a cure for Sanok’s disease. She is a pain just like the oldest son but this IS all cultural. Each mom complains about her mother in law YET SHE is just as bad as her. Chaeri’s dad could fix that loser BF of hers by giving him a job.

  8. 108
    Sue Says:

    E52 entire weekend was about selfish eldest son. Such over the top acting. Mom is ill but its still about him. These 3 points which formed 80% of drama really put me off this weekend viewing of this drama.
    End scene was heartwarming and great natural acting by Ku Doo Shim, Lee Sang Woo, Eugene and Kim Kap Soo. Though most times of this drama Eugene was merely executing the script but she was really good at the end scene.

  9. 109
    Ana U. Says:

    This drama is almost ending and I can’t wait for next week’s episodes to come! I hope it’s a happy ending for both Mom and Jin-Ae.

  10. 110
    Ana U. Says:

    Only two episodes left and I can’t wait to watch how it ends! I hope it’s a happy ending for everybody especially Hoon Jae, Jin-Ae and her Mom!

  11. 111
    OK OK OK Says:

    Episode 52
    All so sad. Last one to know about mom’s condition is Jin Ae (Eugene)….. 🙁

  12. 112
    Melon Says:

    Isn’t it obvious? Mom dies on the last episode. Same ending as What happen to my family. Instead of father they changed it to mother. I stop watching after finding out mom has terminal illness.

  13. 113
    OK OK OK Says:

    Finally manage to finish all the episodes.
    Thank you very much for putting up a good drama. I enjoyed it very much. 🙂

    Last episode, San Ok has 4 grandchildren.
    Eugene – baby girl
    Youngest son + Chae Ri = a baby boy
    Eldest son = twins (a boy and a girl)

  14. 114
    DramaPrincess01 Says:

    With a sad ending, having lost one of the major character, Nevertheless, the whole drama is a beautiful, realistic drama of family/lives. Enjoyed all the episodes: cried, laughed and at times got angry. Kudos to all the actors/actresses and the scriptwriters.

  15. 115
    Nuna Says:

    Daebaakkk…..touching drama and deserves a high rating … I will miss them. And i like cute couple hyon soo and chae ri… sarangheyo…😚

  16. 116
    Mike Says:

    Ending was NOT what I wanted. BUT thats the way it goes. Good Drama.

  17. 117
    RR Says:

    nice rating till the end wonderful

  18. 118
    LuvK Sin Gal Says:

    Tho I love Sang Woo, I lost interest after Ep 20. Just seemed usual boring stuff compared to Venus and now Descendants.
    Also tired of Eugene, I suppose. Quite boring to watch her.

  19. 119
    miaka Says:

    AAMM is highest ratings this year compared to DOTS.

  20. 120
    ss Says:

    love this drama

  21. 121
    sskbirain Says:

    I hate the characters of lee dong chul and lee hyung soon. both father and son are ridiculously naive that they allowed the mother and daughter tandem of Eun OK and aeng Du to abuse their goodness. I could not stand the scenes that i end up skipping those parts.
    i pity chae ri who gave up her luxurious life but end up being last in LHS priorities.
    Hooray for chairman Jang and hoon Jae’s mom. they are cute couple

  22. 122
    shkbirain Says:

    San ok is generally a good person but a protective mother in particular. Her deep wounds however brought about by early loss of her parents and the sufferings she received from her mother in law made her became bitter. She pities herself and becomes jealous of things that she did not receive from her children oftentimes comparing and anxious that the children can give to the in laws but not to her. Her great expectations causes her disappointments. the hatred she’sbeen harboring for so long i think is one of the causes of her tumor. I enjoy how she cares for Chae ri in the end.

  23. 123
    shkbirain Says:

    Hye joo looks so nice and naive but in reality she is greedy, she manipulated her jerk husband who only knows how to protect the wife but forgets his family’s concern when he got married. how come he has lots of patience in dealing with the mother in law and step son but flares up at the slightest instance towards his mother.

  24. 124
    shkbirain Says:

    Just finished the last four tear jerking episodes. it made my eyes really swollen but it made me understand each character’s feelings. Over all its a happy ending even if the mother who is the center of the story died. In the end she fulfilled her dreams of having a happy family for all the children.

    i don’t have the nerve to start with another drama; afraid it will not match the enjoyment i had with “all about my mom”.

  25. 125
    Leoniflor Says:

    This is really a super good drama. Highly recommended. I’m still on my 43rd ep. And i’m really worried what will gonna happen to San Ok ommeoni, can somebody tell me if she’ll going to live? :3

  26. 126
    Long Series Kdrama Review All about My Mum | Drama and Show Reviews & Recommendations Says:

    […] All about my Mum (2015) 拜託了,媽媽 […]

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