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A Business Proposal

Title: 사내 맞선 / A Business Proposal
Also known as: The Office Blind Date
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2022-Feb-28 to 2022-April-05
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00


This drama is based on the webtoon “사내 맞선 / The Office Blind Date” by “해화 / Hae Hwa” which was published from 2017-August-3 to 2018-November-21 via KakaoPage.

It’s about employees of a company hiding who they are to go on blind dates with the CEO.


Main Cast

Ahn Hyo Seop as Kang Tae Moo
Kim Se Jung as Shin Ha Ri
Kim Min Gyu as Cha Sung Hoon
Sul In Ah as Jin Young Seo

People around Tae Moo

Lee Duk Hwa as President Kang (Tae Moo’s grandfather)

People around Ha Ri

Bae Woo Hee as Ko Yoo Ra (Ha Ri’s best friend)
Choi Byung Chan as Shin Ha Min (Ha Ri’s younger brother)
Jung Young Joo as Han Mi Mo (Ha Ri & Ha Min’s mother)
Kim Kwang Gyu as Shin Joong Hae (Ha Ri & Ha Min’s father)
Song Won Suk as Lee Min Woo


Kim Hyun Sook

Production Credits

Production Companies: Kakao Entertainment, Studio S, Kross Pictures
Director: Park Sun Ho
Screenwriters: Han Seol Hee, Hong Bo Hee


The female lead character of Shin Ha Ri was first offered to actress Jo Bo Ah, but she declined the role.

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2022-02-28 1 4.9 - 4.9 (17th) 5.4 (15th)
2022-03-01 2 6.1 - 6.5 (12th) 7.2 (11th)
2022-03-07 3 5.9 - 8.1 (6th) 8.2 (5th)
2022-03-08 4 6.9 - 8.7 (4th) 8.9 (4th)
2022-03-14 5 7.6 - 8.1 (6th) 8.6 (4th)
2022-03-15 6 8.5 - 10.1 (4th) 10.5 (3rd)
2022-03-21 7 9.1 - 9.9 (4th) 10.7 (4th)
2022-03-22 8 9.2 - 10.8 (3rd) 11.6 (3rd)
2022-03-28 9 8.7 - 11.6 (4th) 12.4 (4th)
2022-03-29 10 9.8 - 11.6 (3rd) 12.1 (3rd)
2022-04-04 11 9.2 - 10.6 (4th) 11.0 (4th)
2022-04-05 12 9.7 - 11.4 (4th) 11.9 (3rd)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea


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  1. 1 : hotpie Says:

    Sounds sweet. CEO going on a blind date? Staff trying to date their CEO on his blind dates? Oh heavens !

    Oh grandma … no words from you. I know what you gonna say …

  2. 2 : Rach Says:

    The friend Jin Young Seo is the better looking of the two friends.
    Reasonably paced romcom and to my taste.

  3. 3 : Rach Says:

    Se Jung as Ha Ri is hilarious, but the comedy can’t last if it is to remain centred on her fake identity. Once she comes clean with who she is or is found out, she won’t have anything to overreact about.

  4. 4 : annmasae Says:

    Big fan of both Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Se Jung. Fun, well acted drama. My current favorite kdrama. Glad ratings are good.

  5. 5 : Monday Lover Says:

    Because of this K Drama I love Monday :)) first time can’t wait for Monday 😅😃

  6. 6 : hotpie Says:

    Hahaha … can’t stop laughing, Monday Lover. Mondays wont be the bad boys of the week anymore !!

    You deserve smacks on the back Dr Ko style (Ghost Doctor). Hehe !

    Have a fabulous weekend !! 😁

  7. 7 : OK OK OK Says:

    Very funny & entertaining drama.
    Ahn Hyo Seop acted as a very smart guy but couldn’t recognize the lead actress on many occasions are unbelievable…..
    Ahn’s grandma is very cute. Haha

  8. 8 : minrakyu Says:

    baguuuussss,,, dramanya bikin nagih,,,
    uwaaaa g sabar nunggu episode 5 nya,,,

  9. 9 : Thitiporn G VanDenBrink Says:

    I really enjoy the femail lead. Never heard of her. And I like it more than Jo Bo Ah acting for sure. Main lead couples got it right.

  10. 10 : Autumn Peach Says:

    Can’t wait for the next episodes. Very exciting and thrilling. My heart is full every Monday and Tuesday… 🙂

  11. 11 : Stranger Says:

    i just love sat.sun.mon.tue……cant wait !!!!

  12. 12 : Frankie Says:

    Entertaining but as Ok Ok Ok said, Tae Moo, a Harvard graduate couldn’t recognise that Hari is Geum Hui when she didn’t disguise herself much except for a pair of spectacles. Come on PD & the drama’s Writer, make the characters more realistic and don’t make them dumb please.

  13. 13 : Misu Says:

    Love this drama and the cast like Ahn Hyo Seop, Kim Se Jung and the other two main cast. Good job to all the cast and the writer.

  14. 14 : OK OK OK Says:

    Business Proposal, this drama is better because both leads will end up together 🙂
    Not like 25, 21 which i have watched to the final episodes already which you think will end up together but NO 🙁

  15. 15 : hotpie Says:

    #10 Autumn Peach

    Hahahaha … dont stop at only Monday and Tuesday ! How about going on to Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday ??!!

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 🥰

  16. 16 : tigerb Says:

    tonight’s episode will be the last

  17. 17 : Rach Says:

    Yep. Nice ending all around.

  18. 18 : Wee Says:

    Anyone know the sunglasses brand that When wore in episode 6

  19. 19 : MaxT Says:

    I just finished watching the last episode and IMHO this was the most funniest K-drama to date. Every episode was so hilarious…

  20. 20 : KDramaFAN Says:

    love this drama! light hearted and makes you happy, lots of funny moments!

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