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Title: 백년의 유산 / 100 Year Legacy
Chinese Title: 百年的遺產
Also known as: One Hundred Year’s Legacy / A Hundred Year’s Inheritance
Previouly Known as: 삼대째 국수집 / Third Generation Noodle House
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 50
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2013-Jan-05 to 2013-June-23
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:50


A drama about a household that’s been running a noodle house for three generations.

Min Chae Won (Eugene) is the eldest granddaughter of a noodle family, who comes back to the family business after a divorce. She eventually turns the small mom-and-pop operation into a “designer noodle company”. Lee Se Yoon (Lee Jung Jin) is a guy who seems cold and prickly on the outside but is actually warm and cuddly on the inside.


Main Cast

Lee Jung Jin as Lee Se Yoon
Eugene as Min Chae Won
Jang Seo Hee as Min Chae Won (child)
Choi Won Young as as Kim Chul Goo
Yoon Ah Jung as Kim Joo Ri

People around Chae Won

Shin Goo as Uhm Pyung Dal
Jung Hye Sun as Kim Kkeut Soon
Jung Bo Suk as Min Hyo Dong
Jun In Hwa as Yang Choon Hee
Sun Woo Sunas Uhm Ki Ok

Uhm Ki Moon’s family

Kim Myung Soo as Uhm Ki Moon
Park Joon Geum as Do Do Hee
Seo Young Hoon (서영훈) as Uhm Seul Hong

Uhm Ki Choon’s family

Kwon Oh Joong as Uhm Ki Choon
Kim Hee Jung as Gong Kang Sook
Lee Tae Woo as Uhm Bo Reum

People around Se Yoon

Cha Hwa Yun as Baek Sul Joo
Ha Eun Jin as Baek Sul Joo (young)
Nam Myung Ryul as Lee Dong Kyu

People around Chul Kyu

Park Won Sook as Bang Young Ja
Shim Yi Young as Ma Hong Joo

Other People

Park Young Kyu as Kang Jin
Gong Jung Hwan as Se Yoon’s senior
Hwang Sun Hee as Eun Sul
Seo Kwon Soon as Ma Hong Joo’s mother
Jun Sung Ae (전성애) as Mrs. Park
Baek Bo Ram as Moo Dang
Min Joon Hyun as Chairman Bang’s reporter
Lee Sook as matchmaker (cameo)
Jung Kyung Ho as clerk (cameo)
Go Myung Hwan as “I Like Trot” MC (cameo)

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Lee Chang Sub
Director: Joo Sung Woo
Screenwriter: Ku Hyun Sook


2013 MBC Drama Awards: Golden Actor Acting Awards – Jung Bo Suk (A Hundred Years’ Inheritance)
2013 MBC Drama Awards: Writer of the Year – Goo Hyun Sook (A Hundred Years’ Inheritance)
2013 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor (Soap Opera): Lee Jung Jin (A Hundred Years’ Inheritance)
2013 MBC Drama Awards: Drama of the Year
2013 Korea Drama Festival Award 2013 – Top Excellence Actor: Lee Jung Jin (A Hundred Year’s Inheritance)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-01-05 1 14.9 (6th) 16.6 (4th) 13.8 (6th) 14.3 (4th)
2013-01-06 2 15.6 (5th) 17.8 (5th) 13.0 (9th) 12.6 (8th)
2013-01-12 3 15.4 (3rd) 17.2 (4th) 15.5 (3rd) 16.6 (3rd)
2013-01-13 4 16.2 (4th) 18.2 (4th) 15.5 (4th) 17.0 (4th)
2013-01-19 5 15.6 (3rd) 17.4 (3rd) 15.0 (4th) 16.0 (4th)
2013-01-20 6 15.3 (5th) 17.6 (4th) 13.9 (8th) 14.8 (7th)
2013-01-26 7 18.6 (2nd) 21.3 (2nd) 18.8 (2nd) 20.3 (2nd)
2013-01-27 8 18.7 (3rd) 20.9 (3rd) 17.5 (3rd) 18.5 (4th)
2013-02-02 9 18.4 (2nd) 20.8 (2nd) 20.4 (2nd) 21.2 (2nd)
2013-02-03 10 20.5 (2nd) 23.6 (2nd) 20.4 (2nd) 21.9 (2nd)
2013-02-09 11 17.9 (2nd) 19.1 (2nd) 17.1 (2nd) 17.9 (2nd)
2013-02-10 12 16.1 (3rd) 18.4 (3rd) 14.4 (3rd) 15.1 (3rd)
2013-02-16 13 20.8 (2nd) 23.6 (2nd) 18.8 (2nd) 19.5 (2nd)
2013-02-17 14 20.7 (2nd) 23.2 (2nd) 19.0 (3rd) 19.7 (3rd)
2013-02-23 15 21.7 (2nd) 24.3 (2nd) 20.8 (2nd) 21.8 (2nd)
2013-02-24 16 20.1 (2nd) 22.8 (2nd) 20.1 (2nd) 21.8 (2nd)
2013-03-02 17 19.8 (2nd) 21.9 (2nd) 20.3 (2nd) 21.9 (2nd)
2013-03-03 18 19.0 (3rd) 21.6 (3rd) 19.8 (3rd) 21.2 (2nd)
2013-03-09 19 22.5 (2nd) 26.2 (2nd) 22.5 (1st) 24.5 (1st)
2013-03-10 20 21.0 (2nd) 24.3 (2nd) 20.1 (2nd) 21.6 (2nd)
2013-03-16 21 21.5 (2nd) 24.0 (1st) 20.9 (2nd) 23.0 (1st)
2013-03-17 22 20.1 (2nd) 23.6 (2nd) 20.8 (2nd) 22.6 (2nd)
2013-03-23 23 21.1 (2nd) 24.7 (1st) 20.2 (2nd) 21.3 (2nd)
2013-03-24 24 20.1 (2nd) 23.3 (2nd) 19.6 (2nd) 20.7 (2nd)
2013-03-30 25 21.6 (2nd) 25.8 (2nd) 20.8 (2nd) 22.6 (2nd)
2013-03-31 26 21.7 (2nd) 25.0 (2nd) 20.5 (2nd) 21.9 (2nd)
2013-04-06 27 21.6 (2nd) 24.9 (2nd) 21.5 (2nd) 22.9 (2nd)
2013-04-07 28 23.3 (2nd) 27.1 (2nd) 22.6 (2nd) 23.9 (2nd)
2013-04-13 29 23.1 (2nd) 27.1 (1st) 22.4 (2nd) 23.7 (2nd)
2013-04-14 30 23.4 (2nd) 27.5 (1st) 22.8 (2nd) 24.1 (2nd)
2013-04-20 31 23.1 (2nd) 27.1 (1st) 23.5 (2nd) 25.8 (2nd)
2013-04-21 32 21.3 (2nd) 24.4 (2nd) 21.9 (2nd) 22.9 (2nd)
2013-04-27 33 24.9 (1st) 28.6 (1st) 26.5 (1st) 28.5 (1st)
2013-04-28 34 24.4 (2nd) 26.5 (2nd) 26.1 (2nd) 27.3 (2nd)
2013-05-04 35 26.4 (1st) 31.6 (1st) 26.8 (1st) 29.4 (1st)
2013-05-05 36 25.4 (2nd) 29.4 (1st) 28.0 (1st) 30.3 (1st)
2013-05-11 37 24.6 (1st) 28.2 (1st) 26.2 (1st) 29.1 (1st)
2013-05-12 38 27.7 (1st) 32.3 (1st) 30.3 (1st) 32.9 (1st)
2013-05-18 39 27.1 (1st) 31.7 (1st) 25.9 (1st) 27.6 (1st)
2013-05-19 40 25.6 (2nd) 29.9 (1st) 28.5 (2nd) 31.0 (2nd)
2013-05-25 41 27.1 (1st) 31.2 (1st) 28.6 (1st) 31.5 (1st)
2013-05-26 42 26.4 (2nd) 30.9 (1st) 27.5 (2nd) 30.3 (2nd)
2013-06-01 43 25.9 (1st) 30.7 (1st) 28.4 (1st) 32.3 (1st)
2013-06-02 44 26.3 (2nd) 31.0 (1st) 27.8 (2nd) 30.2 (2nd)
2013-06-08 45 25.7 (1st) 27.3 (1st) 25.8 (1st) 27.5 (1st)
2013-06-09 46 25.1 (2nd) 28.0 (1st) 26.2 (2nd) 27.4 (2nd)
2013-06-15 47 26.1 (1st) 30.2 (1st) 28.3 (1st) 30.9 (1st)
2013-06-16 48 25.9 (1st) 30.2 (1st) 28.6 (1st) 31.2 (1st)
2013-06-22 49 27.4 (1st) 32.5 (1st) 28.6 (1st) 32.3 (1st)
2013-06-23 50 29.9 (1st) 35.0 (1st) 30.3 (1st) 32.6 (1st)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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1,464 Responses to “100 Year Legacy”

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  1. 1
    K_Holic Says:


  2. 2
    FtIsland Says:


  3. 3
    bella Says:

    waiting in vain…. lol

  4. 4
    daryl Says:

    i’m looking forward for this cuase its eugene….

  5. 5
    Angelia's Says:

    Min chae won like moon chae won

  6. 6
    Jennie Says:

    Nice OTP and Jung Jin seems to have gained some weight here 😀

  7. 7
    ance Says:

    wow another eugene drama…can’t wait for this!!!!

  8. 8
    Karen Says:

    I like Eugene since i watch her in Wonderful Life with Kim Jae Won

  9. 9
    Micc Says:

    What a sick twisted mother-in-law! Can’t wait for Eugene to get that divorce! (In the drama that is)

  10. 10
    Micc Says:

    Wow, she is the most sinister MIL I’ve ever seen in the history ( my history) of kdramas!

  11. 11
    zhao Says:

    Eugene is Back to the TV Show!

    How Excited I am! I like Her Since Baker King!


    Fighting Noona!

  12. 12
    Mystisith Says:

    In tone, this drama is very close to May Queen: Script is overboard, evil people are EVIL!!! Girl is abused in every manner possible. We also have the funny random sequences which make the whole thing tolerable. The cast is great: So many familiar faces for the secondary characters (Dad from CYHMH, Kim Joo-won’s Mom…). If you watch this like a soap-opera, without taking it seriously, it’s pretty entertaining.

  13. 13
    helen Says:

    i haven’t start watching. is this good??

  14. 14
    Mimi Says:

    Where is the ratings chart??????

  15. 15
    Tere Says:

    I’ve watched the first episode, so far so good! I love eugene!

  16. 16
    Tere Says:

    Welcome back eugene!

  17. 17
    Autumn Grace Says:

    @ #16

    Yeah, welcome back Eugene!! It’s so delightful to see you again in the screen…. We luv you. 🙂

  18. 18
    raqzie Says:

    OMG! this willl be my ultimate OTP this year! eugene is one of the best actress nxt hAji won..:)

  19. 19
    hunee Says:

    Wow I like this drama, the actors and actress great, but dramacrazy is
    messed up whats up. Can I watch it somewhere else???

  20. 20
    irilight Says:


  21. 21
    redwine Says:

    welcome back Eugene…..
    finally I see your acting, yay!!

  22. 22
    Ttuk Says:

    Ok, well episode #1 was going along nicely till Eugene gets thrown into a mental home without a attending doctor to sign her in. All 3 or 4 staff members run the risk of losing their jobs and possibly incarceration for their part in the conspiracy, so why would they do it? Doesn’t make any sense at all. And if there were authorization to admit our heroine — it wasn’t shown — that doctor will likely lose their license to practise and face jail time. Does it make any sense at all? No!

    I’m thinking this is going the same route as Five Fingers a show I abandoned as well. Oh how I wish the writer would just do the right thing. How hard is it to just have the doctor standing there. They don’t even have to say anything. Then give us one of those flashbacks where he ends up blackmailed by the evil mother-outlaw.

    That ruined it for me and I was looking forward to seeing Eugene in this drama.

  23. 23
    mml Says:

    @ Helen #13,
    this is a good to watch drama ,in episode 1 when you watched you will understand that Eugene was actually a kind hearted devoted wife ,but in view of evil mother in law full of jealousy that she married to Choi Won Young , she plot and planned set traps to make Eugene divorce……..

    In episode 2, Eugene was very smart, she found ways to escape from mental hospital and came to know Lee Jung Jin……

    Those who not yet watch this drama, should start watching , really worth watching……..

  24. 24
    Sina Says:

    Eugene is one of my favorite actress. That is why I am watching this drama. So far I am into the story except for the mother-in-law. I hope they do away with her soon. I can’t stand her and what she is doing.

  25. 25
    Charlie Says:

    Love the drama. Very dramatic.

  26. 26
    naomi Says:

    In love once again 🙂 I can’t wait to see what happens next!!!!!

  27. 27
    Asian dramas and psychology Chapter 1: Phobias. « mystisith Says:

    […] But you know what? It actually happened! In the brand new week-end’s drama of MBC: “A Hundred Year’s Inheritance“. Should I start writing dramas or become a fortune-teller? Maybe a fortune-teller who writes […]

  28. 28
    stellar Says:

    solid lead cast! will certainly watch this!

  29. 29
    meyi Says:

    sombody plz upload tis drama in youtube. plzzzzzz……

  30. 30
    Tere Says:

    Pls upload this drama on youtube with english subtitle! A million thanks!

  31. 31
    Emily Says:

    The MIL is so disgusting in the sense of how evil she is. Urg she makes me sick. I am really enjoying this drama and for those that are looking for a good site I recommend Viki just google it and if you have an andriod phone or Iphone I recommend you download the app Viki as well. It runs so smoothly and the quality is great! This site/App is so great you can watch movies, tv shows, music and they even have news. It’s really amazingly good!


  32. 32
    OK OK OK Says:


  33. 33
    mml Says:

    @ Tere,
    at the moment you will not be able to watch Hundred Year’s Inheritance 백년의 유산 this drama from youtube

    I will suggest if you understand Korean language same as me without subtitles you can watch at http://azdrama.net/korean-drama/1119-a-hundred-years-inheritance/

    or go to mbc drama website and watch, you will be able to watch without subtitlem this is really a mystery drama…… nice to watch…….

  34. 34
    dtkng Says:

    go to http://www.dramacrazy.net

  35. 35
    Tere Says:

    @emily: i cant open the 4 episodes at viki.com.

  36. 36
    Ttuk Says:

    I read the synopsis but I can’t connect what is happening to our heroine with the 100 year’s of inherited what appears to be a thing for being the victim. I know, I know, it’s the noodle business she will inherit, but how is these 4 episodes relevant to noodles? I’m struggling with it.

    I think I got the general drift from the first few scenes in episode 1 that she has really karma delivered to her in the form of a wicked mother-inlaw. Sorry.. that’s not it at all.. Iḿ to feel really sorry for her. Yes, yes, I do, I do feel sorry for her. But if this drama keeps repeating that single message — like Iḿ really dumb — I’m not going to feel sorry, I’ll just get pissed off. Then I’ll stop watching…maybe.

    Gonna eat noodles while I finish watching ep4. I hope it gets better.

  37. 37
    Kimchi Says:

    at ttuk what do you mean..? i know such a sad episode. http://koreandramaseries.net/a-hundred-years-inheritance-ep-04/

  38. 38
    Ttuk Says:

    correction: “really karma” should read “really bad karma”

  39. 39
    Sina Says:

    I like the main actor and actress. I hate it when the writer makes the main actress pitiful.

  40. 40
    mml Says:

    @Ttuk #36,
    now i realised that you showed your impatient when watching this drama, the writer is trying to let viewers know that Eugene has a grandfather who is running a generation noodle house business, in later episodes after Eugene divorced with Choi Won Young she went back to stay with his father and also the grandparents.
    To occupy her free time and to forget her sad sufferings she has gone through, she used her free time to help and assist her grandfather noodle business, oneday she met Lee Jung Jin again where Lee Jung Jin’s family business may have some connections with Eugene’s grandfather noodle house business…..

    This is an interesting mystery drama, is a good drama to watch……..

  41. 41
    wild@ Says:

    go to http://www.gooddrama.net

  42. 42
    hunee Says:

    How many episodes for this drama??? I hope its not long. I hope they don’t
    drag it out. Cuz its gets boring after a while. I luv the casts. I hate the
    mother in law and the husband. They r both evil. omgosssh, she needs
    to get away. I hope she regains her memory asap!! Pleezzz don’t drag that
    out. She needs to get going and take over the noodle business for the
    dear old dad or grandpa. Its that her daddy and mommy or the grandparents??? She looks so helpless, that dude thats helpin her. His clueless himself, mean as hell. I hope she will be tough when shes gets her memory back and take over the world…. Keep up the good work writers, director, producer, the whole nine yards.

  43. 43
    Ippy Says:

    @mml #40 I appreciate your comment, but I’m just going to give this one a miss for now and check back when its completed.

  44. 44
    mml Says:

    @Ippy #43,
    am glad that you appreciate my comment, let’s not pay attention on how many total episodes, let’s pay attention on how the writer is going to attract us to like to watch the drama…..

    In episode 1, an introduction on Eugene married to rich family where a formation of cunning wicked mother in law, lack of understanding husband, sister in law also not very nice, Eugene’s family background , her sufferings and torture after being married, introduce Lee Jung Jin how he lost his lover…..,

    In episode 2, how Eugene trying to escape from the hospital….

    In episode 3, wicked mother in law made Eugene framed of having an affair with …..

    In episode 4 , Lee Jung Jin given a strong hint to Eugene trying to help her recover her memory….

    Temptation of wife korea drama got 129 episodes ,
    white lies korea drama got 159 episodes,
    yellow boots korea drama got 108 episodes,
    Hundred Year’s Inheritance 백년의 유산 how many total episodes will not bother me, what bothers me is how to attract us to watch, once all of us like to watch we will automatically continue without fail want to watch….

    Just like me , am the fans of Eugene Kim, Eugene from singer i followed her closely now she is actress, i got the chance to hear her singing, i got the chance to watch her drama….

    Be patient all viewers are smart viewers, nice to watch drama they will continue , if not nice they willl switch and watch other dramas, anyway this is a mystery drama to me, nice to continue to watch……

  45. 45
    Gesti Says:

    Buat penonton Indonesia,

    Kalo menurut saya nich, drama ini sama kayak sinetron2 Indonesia yang sedih banget geetooo dan kejam geetoo. Ceritanya tentang mertua yang jahat sama mantunya, mantunya yang harus tahan dengan penderitaannya selama 3 thn, akhirnya mencoba memberontak tetapi ternyata mertuanya lebih pintar, dengan memasukkan mantu perempuannya itu ke RS Jiwa supaya kehidupan keluarganya tidak jadi hancur lebur. Sampai dengan episode 4 sich ceritanya masih seputar itu.
    Kalo menurut saya sich ceritanya udah pasti panjang dan membosankan geetoo. tapi ga tau buat pecinta drama2 mallow alias melodrama. Dan herannya rating drama ini kok tinggi ya ? padahal ceritanya standar, mungkin yg nonton diKorea banyakan ibu2 kayak sinetron di Indonesia.
    Mohon maaf buat pecinta drama ini, mudah2an ga terlalu sebel sama pendapat saya.
    Terima kasih.

  46. 46
    dorie Says:

    Finally, I missed Eugene in Kdramas. She’s the first Korean actress that I liked. I am going to watch this.

  47. 47
    andreea Says:

    this drama is too much for me..lol…that mother in law is certainly a possesive ,mad,disgusting bitch…without any doubt…wtf…i don’t think in reality someone like her exisits…and who would stand all her bitchiness…you must be really stupid to not take any action against her …i wanted something else from this drama…i’m disappointed

  48. 48
    Harry-Potter Says:

    @andreea : you crack me up.. LOL

    just reading your comment gave me a quick view of what type of drama is this.. i’ll wait for your next update, once it is positive then i’ll check this out. 🙂

  49. 49
    Harry-Potter Says:

    @andreea : BTW, have you checked School 2013? It is about highschoolers (which made it ignore before hand) but after watching few episodes, it is surprisingly ineresting.. you must give it a try.

  50. 50
    suppledexplorer Says:

    How can they confine her i a mental institution right away..Stupid!!!!nurse and doctor…they should conduct a series of tests first!!

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