Park Joon Geum

Park Joon Geum is an actress who started her acting career later in her life. However, this seems to have worked in her favor. Since she began her acting career in 2006, she has played roles in some of the biggest and most popular television series. It seems certain that Joo Geum will continue to be an influential and beloved actress.

Her first acting role was on the television series Love and Ambition. During the next three years, she continued to act in small roles on numerous television shows, including Sunok, Green Coach, and Don’t Be Swayed. At the end of 2009, she got a part in the series Smile, You. The show told the story of a wealthy family who must suddenly learn how to live like regular people when their wealth is gone. The fun premise of the show attracted many viewers.

The year 2010 saw her acting on the show The Secret Garden, which had a science fiction premise but was also filled with romance and comedy. Next, in 2011, she made appearances on two shows, including the popular Ojakgyo Brothers. The year 2012 also brought two new shows for her. One was a sitcom called Standby, and the other was Rooftop Prince, an exciting fantasy in modern times.

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Park Joon Geum Facts

Native Name: 박준금

Birth Name: Joon Geum Park

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: July 29, 1962

Gender: Female

Zodiac Sign: Leo

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