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Director: Kim Jae Hong

Screenwriter: Kim Soo Jin

Total Episodes: 0

Year: 2015

Country: South Korea

Native Title: 유스

Content Rating: 15+ – Teens 15 or older

Alternative Titles: Blue Sky, Yuseu, Peureun Haneul, 푸른 하늘

Genre: Drama, Friendship, Life, Music, Youth


“Youth” contains the stories of 7 boys, who carry their own pain and secrets. They sympathize with each other and support each other during their trials and tribulations.

Kim Seok Jin is the son of a National Assembly member. He lives his life according to his father’s plan. He seems perfect, with good looks and coming from a distinguished family, but Kim Seok Jin is not good at expressing his feelings. Hetransfers to a new school. There, he meets new people that will become important to him. He also changes during this time.

Min Yoon Gi doesn’t talk much, but he has a warm personality. Vicious rumors follow him, including that he set his house on fire and he terminated his own mother. His mother actually meant the world to Min Yoon Gi. The only place where Min Yoon Gi is able to find solace is by playing the piano. Due to his friend following him without prejudice, he is able to cure his pain from his insecure childhood days.

Jung Ho Seok loves dancing. He has a positive personality, but he was once abandoned at an amusement park. Despite that horrible experience, he carries more bright energy than anyone else.

Kim Nam Joon has a strong sense of responsibility. He comes from a poor family background, which led him to become an adult earlier than he should have been. He works part-time, but he is able to have the best academic scores.

Park Ji Min is a boy with a bright smile. He is confused about who he is because of trauma from his childhood. He was overprotected by his family and told lies.

Kim Tae Hyung lives with an alcoholic father. His father was a kind father and often played with him, but his father changed after his mother left them. Kim Tae Hyung still believes that his father will become the father he once was.

Jeon Jung Kook is insensitive to life and death. This is because he has lived with an insecure family. He helps his friend Min Yoon Gi, by being his friend and not judging him.

(Source: Asianwiki)

~~ Adapted from the webtoon “Save me”. The series is inspired by BU (BTS Universe). It expand on the storyline fans have seen throughout BTS’ music videos and Save Me webtoon.


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